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#eda the owl mom
novelist-becca · 2 days ago
Agony of a Witch summarized
Eda: That's my kid!
Lilith: *kidnaps Luz*
Eda: No, my kid!
Luz: Mother help
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ito-itonomen · 2 days ago
I'm out of hibernation!!!
Update tiiiiime!
@casualfunchaos , it's been a while, so I'm sure you're just as excited as me to sound the alarm!
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scarlett-ink · 4 months ago
This week on the Owl House:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Are these resident evil village references intentional or is my bisexual self just projecting?
I mean Ethan loses a hand and pops it back on like nothing and Eda does the same
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gotanywhiskey · 2 months ago
Raine: Don’t kill me, I have a wife!
Kikimora: You think I care about that?
Raine: No, this isn’t a plea for mercy. It’s a warning.
Kikimora: Wha-
Eda, kicking down the door: ARE YOU READY TO DIE?!
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ito-itonomen · 2 months ago
cute concept that came to me while I was at work.
Human AU where Eda's 'curse' is actually some kind of health condition that comes with chronic pain. Maybe she calls it 'the beast' as a joke whenever she has a particularly bad pain day to keep people from worrying.
Tumblr media
She's married to Raine and owns 'the Owl House vintage shop' and lives in the large apartment above the shop with Raine and their kids. Eda has a raptor handlers licence to care for Owlbert who can't fly very well due to an old injury maybe from getting hit by a car in his youth. Owlbert lives in Eda's shop and likes to hang out mostly on his perch on the window or at the Register. Eda would fight God in a Denny's parking lot for him.
Luz is either be adopted when she was a baby or Raine and Eda's bio kid, but king was adopted by them as a baby and is known along with his sister as the tiny terrors of the town where they all live.
Lilith was either a cop or enlisted in the army right out of high school but either way eventually either quit her job or finished her service and moved on to become a lawer in the next city over and lives in a small apartment with her adopted son Hunter.
Raine is a high school orchestra and band teacher at the human version of Hexside. They also occasional perform at parties and special occasions at the request of their coworkers or neighbors, though they don't like to perform at large events. They are VERY protective of the kids in a sharp contrast to Eda's own laid back parenting style. The BATTS are their students whom Raine kept contact with even after they graduated. Eda often jokes she should have her sister draw up adoption forms for thise three as they hang around her shop so often just to spend time with Raine after their college classes. Luz fondly calls them her older siblings.
Luz is the star player of the soccer team there, just like her mama before her. Bump puts up with A LOT for the sake of keeping the 'mini Eda' on the team and kicking Glandus high butt every game.
Hooty calls himself the kid's uncle's, but honestly he's more like a distant cousin from Eda's great-grandmother's side of the family, he works with Eda at the Owl House and generally just hangs around to cause chaos. Eda applauds herself for not adding homicide to her criminal record every time her cousin shows up unnanounced in her house.
Gwendolyn has a strained relationship with both her children as Eda dropped out of school and ran away from home at 17 when her health condition started to get worse and Gwen was constantly making important medical decisions FOR Eda without ever asking what she wanted as well as completly neglecting Lilith. Gwen never went to Lilith's high school graduation or her college graduation OR the party Eda held to celebrate Lilith starting her own law firm with Kikimora as her business partner whom she has the oddest love/hate relationship with.
Feel free to add to this, or use this idea for a fic, I just needed to get it out of my system haha!
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shieldagent93 · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Eda’s become such a mom and she knows it. 🥺
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phyrric-victory2427 · 3 months ago
Its the fact that The Owl House is so well researched on ACTUAL withcraft for me.
Different types of witches?
Tumblr media
Accurate considering that there are MANY types of witches. While a witch's path in reality is not based off a Coven. These covens are based on ACTUAL denominations witches take or things they do.
Bard Coven: Music Witches
Plant Coven: Green Witches
Illusion Coven: Illusion Magic
Oracle Coven: Divination work
Beastkeeping Coven: Familiar Magic/Animal work
Construction Coven: (Possibly) Hedge Witches
Healing Coven: Healing work (could be reiki or even energy)
Abomination Coven: My best bet is Shadow Work
Potions Coven: Actual potions and spell jars
Luz's Choice to study everything?
Tumblr media
Ecclectic Witchcraft.
Luz's "Gylphs"?
Tumblr media
Sigils. They are sigils. (Disclaimer. Please DO NOT go off using any sigil you find on the internet without knowing where it came from. This is DANGEROUS as it might be a sigil for summoning an entity that you might not be acquainted with. If you are curious about Sigils and Sigil spells. There are lots of information on how to do a sigil of your own.)
Tumblr media
The concept of King
Tumblr media
Demonolatry for once. Withces that specilize in working with demons. Additionally, his name might have been derived from King Paimon. He has been attribuited to giving many magical gifts and powers to magicians. (Also. Disclaimer: Demons are not "Evil" they are also not "Good". They simply do not live with tags and through the same regulations we humans do. They are mostly neutral. But are primordial, and extremely powerful and as such should be RESPECTED. Also, please do not SUMMON a demon. Just because they are not "evil" doesnt mean that you should be forcibly calling shit to you to prove a point. If they dont fuck with you. Dont fuck with them.)
Tumblr media
Also, gotta LOVE the little nibbles at mythology
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(Disclaimer: Dont get in a "witches duel" with the LITERAL Queen of Witches, unless you want to have your ass handed to you. Just dont get in a witches duel with any deities)
Even the history of the Boiling Isles is rooted in mythos.
The Titan:
Tumblr media
Ymir The Giant
Tumblr media
"Ymir was both male and female, and gave birth to a male and female from the pits of his arms, and his legs together begat a six-headed being. The sons of Búri, the gods Odin, Vili and Vé fashioned the Earth (elsewhere personified as a goddess; Jörð) from his flesh, from his blood the ocean, from his bones the mountains, from his hair the trees, from his brains the clouds, from his skull the heavens, and from his eyebrows the middle realm in which mankind lives, Midgard"
The best part of this to me was the little witchlings asking Luz in "Hunting Palismen" if according to Boscha "Can you even do magic there (the human realm)?"
When the answer is: Yes. Yes you can.
Honestly, all I want is a human witch doing some Astral Projection to the Boiling Isles and setting fire to everyone's concept of human witches.
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tigerwolfdemon21 · 4 months ago
Raine: So you have two kids?
Eda: legally yes. Emotionally I lost count after five.
Tumblr media
(However long it takes for Camila to show up)
Camila: So you two have two kids?
Eda&Raine: Legally yes. But Emotionally we lost count after six
Camila: (looks at these two idiots and the twelve kids/teens in the living room) Would you like to give them another parent?
Raine: please
Eda: we don't know what we're doing
Raine: I don't even know where half of them came from
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