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buckspooked · 20 hours ago
all of us going into this ep
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maddiebuckleyhan · 18 hours ago
Buck: Hey, what was with that doctor on the way in? Why is she asking if you're all right?
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lindzhatesithere · 18 hours ago
the fact that ana corrected the guy about being chris’s mom and saying that she was just a friend
buck saying thank you to the elf who said he and chris + eddie were a cute family
WE ARE WINNINGGGGGG. that was 100% intentional
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incorrectbuddie · 2 days ago
Bobby: Buck, we can’t let you do that.
Buck, suiting up: And how exactly do you plan on stopping me?
Hen: We’ll call your husband
Buck: *gasps*
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tylerhunklin · 5 hours ago
i just feel where eddie’s at right now so much. it’s so easy to look at the people you love and say “yes of COURSE you should feel your feelings, of COURSE you should ask for help, of COURSE i’m here to support you no matter what always.” but it is SO so goddamn hard to turn that same grace on yourself. because then you have to make the decisions, you have to do the digging to figure out what’s going on in your head, and it’s scary and uncomfortable and much harder than having someone else telling you how to help.
and especially for someone like eddie, the cool guy, the levelheaded guy, who always has it together. because he knows he doesn’t — he’s said as much that he’s felt like a failure more often than not. but it’s been easy to ignore, for the most part, until now — until he’s on the ground and he can’t breathe because he doesn’t know what his life has turned into or how to get it back on track.
and even then it’s hard to him to admit!! there are three people in the hospital room that want to help him and want him to be okay but he can’t face that!! because then everything he’d been trying to convince himself of for the past weeks or months or years is wrong, and he has to start all over. go back into that dark, messy place in his brain and try to figure out what’s still breaking everything and face it head on
anyway i’m very excited to see how this all plays out, how eddie finally decides to open up and help HIMSELF like he helps chris and buck and everyone else, and i’ve literally never wanted to hug a fictional character more in my life i swear
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swiftiebuck · 14 hours ago
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Tumblr media
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ohmygodwerebackagain · 17 hours ago
Eddie and A*a are not on same page. They are not even in the same book. Hell, not even the same library.
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221bsunsettowers · a day ago
Hey all, I’m looking for a Buddie fanfiction I’m really hoping I didn’t imagine existed.
I remember loving it, and some general details: total AU, Buddie don’t know each other yet). Eddie (who has gone missing) is a sort of spirit/ghost and Buck is the only one who can see him and talk to him. It turns out Eddie is bleeding out somewhere, not dead yet, and Buck is able to find him and save his life.
If anyone can help, I would be so grateful! I would love to read this one again.
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booktrashme · 2 days ago
Okay so I’m currently re-watching 4x14 in preparation for S5 (and seriously procrastinating uni) and honestly there are a lot of subtle comments made by characters toward Buck that I literally can’t comprehend outside of a Buddie lens. Hear me out:
“Buck snores loud.” -> “Oh, that’s also good to know.”
Why is that good to know, Carla? Perhaps so she can warn a certain someone *coughs* before he gets into a relationship? After all, isn’t this why couples practice living together before making it permanent?
“Can you really blame him, Cap?”
I cannot see any reason for Chim to make this comment exclusively through a platonic lens. Why? Because it doesn’t work. There is so much to read into the subtext here, beginning with the fact that Buck is literally putting himself in harm’s way (if-you-die-I-die) after Eddie was shot. Let’s scale it back for a moment: when your friend is shot, you’re supportive. Caring. This is not that. This is motivation. Vengeance. Emotion. All of which are driven by love. I don’t know what a general audience derives from this comment but it’s certainly beyond the capacity of platonic friendship. Buck isn’t up there because his boyfriend was injured. He’s up there because there’s something he can do. Some action he can take. The 118 knows it, and we know it too. Let’s also not forget how soft Chim’s tone is when he makes this comment, and how exasperated Bobby and Hen’s responses are in comparison (“yeah”, “Buck’s gonna Buck”)
“I know whatever actions you take, no matter how dangerous or impulsive they may be, they come from your heart because you care.”
Buck has a history of making impulsive rescues for the people he loves more than general patients. Let’s review: (1) working endlessly during the tsunami and dismissing his own health issues because he was so focused on saving Chris, (2) risking his life outside of an unstable train carriage just because the man was Abby’s fiancé and he made a promise, (3) crawling under the fire truck and risking his life in the sniper’s line of fire just to pull Eddie to safety [and by extension, begging to go down when the well collapsed on top of Eddie, with Hen making the comment “so we can end up with two cut lines?”], (4) breaking hospital protocols and nearly getting arrested so he can access Chim’s phone and find Maddie, (5) risking getting blown up by a grenade so Eddie didn’t have to do it alone, (6) I’d even argue that Buck Begins is the turning point where Buck finally begins learning to love himself and by refusing to leave the sanitiser factory, he’s trying to save himself for once (self-love, which definitely counts), etc. Therefore, Bobby acknowledging the motivation behind Buck’s actions is ultimately revealing Buck’s love language while also proving that Eddie is one of the people he cares most about in the world.
There’s more but these are the ones I can think of right now. Even without interpreting these scenes through a Buddie lens, I would 100% believe these two are a genuine couple.
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lindzhatesithere · 18 hours ago
i will simply never be over the look that hen and chim gave to wach other when eddie and buck walked off. they fucking knows whats up
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incorrectbuddie · a day ago
Maddie: How did you finally ask Eddie out?
Buck: Well, you know me. I was suave and romantic.
*3 weeks ago*
Buck: *sends Eddie a selfie with rows of empty seats in the background*
Buck, texting: Look at all these people wanting to date you.
Eddie: Hilarious, Buck. Also, you're in the fucking picture, dumbass.
Buck: I know 😉.
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tylerhunklin · a day ago
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westallen-sharpwin · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
They come back tonight! I can’t wait!!
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