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#eddie 911
vampirebuck · 2 days ago
i'm thinking of eddie and how he's struggling to accept his emotions completely and openly. like we all know our boy has some serious repression going on, not to mention probably abandonment issues from shannon and also his ptsd, so can you imagine eddie having his oh moment and being so fucking terrified?
like he finally understands that he wants buck as more than a best friend, that they're already more than best friends but they just need to take a step over that invisible line they've drawn. and he's so scared and he already thinks his life is a mess but now everything got more complicated and he just sits there in the kitchen with buck in front of him. ‘it’s you. why does it have to be you. but how could it ever be anyone else?’ and buck is just completely oblivious to eddie's internal freak out, laughing and drinking beer.
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stypidwthluv · 2 days ago
How I feel the scene from 5x05 should have done (SPOILERS).
Buck: I’ve decided to put in for a transfer.
Bobby: Last time I checked I’m still the boss you’re not transferring.
Buck: I couldn't stop Chimney from leaving and I made things bad again.
Hen: It’s not your fault Chim left, Buck. You couldn't have stopped him anyway.
Buck: Don’t worry Ravi will replace me perfectly fine.
Eddie: Yeah, no you're not leaving.
Buck: You make a compelling argument. I’ll stay.
Tumblr media
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egguin · 18 days ago
My conclusion is that the gayest names (at least in media) are:
- Michael (first place): I know over 4 characters who are canonically queer called Michael (although most are minor characters), two others who are in conversion camp movies that are supposed to be anti-gay but very clearly repressed gays themselves, and another queer-coded characters named Michael.
- Simon (second place): Love, Simon and Young Royals and Simon Snow book series
- Eddie (third place): It, Venom and 911 (not canonically but very obviously queer-coded).
- Richard: Rich from Be More Chill is bi and Richie Tozier (book version) is bi coded.
Another bonus:
- Variations of the name William: Will Byers (queer coded), Willhelm from Young Royals (canonically queer), Willie from JATP and Liam from Diary of a Future President (not confirmed but hinted at being bi), Bill from IT (popular bi headcanon).
Thank you for your time.
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theawesomedashing · 4 months ago
"Find someone who looks at you, the same way my boyfriend looks at his best friend. I wish I could." - Ana Flores
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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darksongfire · 4 months ago
So Buck went through a tsunami and Eddie almost drowned in a well...
Kind of ironic that water almost took out two firefighters...
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heartbrokenliar · 24 days ago
The way that Eddie had a panic attack seeing what's her name being like a mom to Christopher. He never reacts that way with Buck.
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shitsndgiggles03 · 8 months ago
thinking of the parallel between buck saying the universe is screaming at eddie and buck screaming for eddie in eddie begins 🙅‍♀️ just sayin 🥰
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ccyoka · 7 months ago
can’t believe we’re getting buck moving into eddie’s tomorrow
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idontexistforcontext · 3 months ago
I just realised that Alec Benjamin’ most recent single “The Way You Felt” really suits Buck from 911, specifically season 2 Buck where they were picking up from where Abby left.
“The way you felt in my arms
Our chemistry was sacred
Oh, I fell for your charm
I was so infatuated
But you left me in the dark
And my heart completely vacant
Now I don't know~”
These two lines in particular stick out to me: “I was so infatuated” and “But you left me in the dark, and my heart completely vacant”
Abby leaving and constantly ghosting Buck, although he was still “so infatuated” with her because he felt like he loved her and she loved him back and nothing would end their relationship, that this was the the relationship. For the sake of the gods, he was still living in her apartment nearly halfway through season 2. He remained so loyal to her even despite their lack of communication and that she didn’t give him anything in return, no letters or texts, not even bothering to tell him “hey, I’m not into you anymore, we’re over. I am not your girlfriend and you are not my boyfriend anymore” - hence the “my heart complete vacant” parallel.
“How you could look me in the eye
And tell me that you love me
When you knew it was a lie
I was headed for Kentucky
When you called to say goodbye
How did I not see it coming?
Now I don't know~”
“How could you look me in the eye and tell me that you love me” - now I genuinely cannot remember if the words ‘I love you’ was said by Abby to Buck, or vice-versa because I have a really shitty memory, but if they weren’t it probably unsaid. I definitely feel like this is like, Buck’s initial feelings right after he fully accepted that he and Abby were practically over the moment she stepped into the airport because I believe that the whole reason he stayed so faithful to her was because he felt like he genuinely loved her and she loved him. I mean, if I were him, I would see it as betrayal and that is exactly what these lyrics are saying. Also the “how did I not see it coming?”, that’s full Buck to me. Like, I feel like with a personality like his, he’d probably be going how did I not see this coming, why didn’t I see it coming? because he probably really deep down knew that their relationship ending was inevitable, and he knew that literally everyone else knew that it was over for them, and that he was the only one not accepting it.
Did I really need to explain all of this and post it for literally all of tumblr to be able to find and disagree with me? No, but I did it anyways and none of y’all can change my mind. I’m just gonna leave it at this, there’s probably a couple more bits I can piece together and delve into but I’m too lazy and only wanted to get this little bit written down before I forget it.
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stypidwthluv · 22 days ago
So I saw this gif on Tumblr:
Tumblr media
And it made me think about my blocking class at school last week (I’m a Video Production major).
I just wanna check. Did anyone else notice Ana’s placement in this shot? Hell in this whole scene? Legit, AS SOON as Buck touches Chris Ana is placed directly between them and Eddie. As if her presence literally gets in the way of the three of them being together.
Tumblr media
I mean, I can’t get over how fuckin HAPPY Eddie looks when he sees Buck with Chris. But that blocking CANNOT be an accident.
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parker417k · 8 months ago
9-1-1 Fanfic Idea- Albert and Buck Babysitting Their Niece
Ok so I just had this idea pop into my head where after Maddie and Chimney's baby/daughter is born, they want to spend time alone together since they haven't in forever since they've been taking care of the baby, so Buck and Albert volunteer to babysit and it's basically just a comedic fic where they babysit their niece-- that's basically all I have but I'm sure someone can write it and make it better. So pls write this. (I don't know if they could go to Eddie's but maybe they could ask him for help too and they could all three babysit-- I don't know if Christopher would be there or if he would be somewhere else somehow but whatever).
Extra Idea/Continuation:
Buck and Albert compete to try to see who the Cooler Uncle is.
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theawesomedashing · 8 months ago
At the end of the crossover
TK : It was nice to meet you, man!
Buck : We made such a great team!
TK : We keep in touch ? Can I have your phone number?
Buck : Absolutely-
Eddie and Carlos, from outta nowhere : - NOT!
Carlos : *Locks TK in his arms*
Eddie : *Takes Buck in the truck*
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whtevertho · a month ago
The new pic they posted of Eddie on insta 😩
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heartbrokenliar · 5 months ago
okay I never even considered buddie a thing but now you guys have sold me!!!! I am on board and this episode hurt much worse knowing he could die ! Would they really do that to us though?
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thewitchyoucantburn · 5 months ago
i'd die for this man, no questions asked
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breezeybuckley · 9 months ago
I just realized in this scene, Eddie says “pivot” in the background...
And their moving a couch... which reminds me of...
Tumblr media
I see what they did there 🤣🤣
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ccyoka · 8 months ago
the only latino in 911 calling his son christopher will never not be funny
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