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#eddie and buck
incorrectbuddie · 2 days ago
Bobby: Buck, we can’t let you do that.
Buck, suiting up: And how exactly do you plan on stopping me?
Hen: We’ll call your husband
Buck: *gasps*
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incorrect118buddie · 2 days ago
Congratulations on 200 followers my friend!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉✨✨✨✨✨
You sweet soul, your blog single-handedly makes me laugh when the hiatus-sadness sets in♥️😅
💗💗I’d like to request an incorrect with the Buckley-Diaz Fam, maybe plus Abuela? Something about Abuela and Chris parent-trapping Buddie? Something sweet and wholesome? You decide, my friend, but the dynamic is ✨👌💯
IM SO SORRY FOR BEING SO LATE FORGIVE ME ?🌹 this is the best I could come up with !
* door bell rings*
Eddie finds a random note taped to the fridge with his name on it :
Will you go on a date with me?
Eddie calls Buck: Hey I got your note Buck , of course I’ll go on a date with you .
Buck: Ummm I didn’t write a note , but okay when and where ?!
Eddie: You didn’t write a note ?
Buck : ….
Christopher laughing into the phone lurking around the corner: We did it Abuela !!
Abuela cheers: Those idiots
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incorrectbuddie118 · 2 months ago
Chimney: Why are you naked?! Bobby wants us at the fire house in 10 minutes!
Buck: I uh...don’t have any clothes.
Chimney, opens his closet: What are you talking about? You have shirts, shorts, hey Eddie, shoes-wait.
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ryanreynoldposts · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Bro, lets be honest, we all though about it. 
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jellyfishinc · 4 days ago
Eddie's just brought Buck home from getting his wisdom teeth removed.
Buck: Eddie, I'm hungry. I'm a hungry hungry hippoooooo!
Eddie: We're not supposed to feed you right now.
Buck: Can you make me a lasagna, Eddie?
Eddie: *laughs* Imagine? *putting hands on Buck's neck* No, I think we rest this little voice, cause you have been chatting ever since the dentist's office.
Buck: *tries to touch Eddie's face, loopy* Why are you so handsome?
Eddie: I mean unless you wanna keep talking, in which case that works as well.
Buck: *stroking Eddie's face* Look at your skin, it's like...perfect.
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Ana is standing in the doorway and she's just like, "oh" I'm not apart of this family.
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liittlemars · 5 days ago
Okay, so I just have something to get off my head before I go to sleep or I won't be able to.
I finished watching 9-1-1 a month ago and it quickly became the Obsession of the Moment™, and before I was done with it I didn't join the fandom here on Tumblr. I was convinced I was the only one picking up gay vibes™ from Eddie and Buck and I am so used to disappointment [hello there, Destiel] that I don't hope for it anymore, you know?
And then I joined the fandom and I've found this amazing family of people that just genuinely enjoy the show and you know what? I realized that I don't really care about Buck and Eddie being endgame.
Now, this might sound controversial, I know. I ship those two idiots, they're most likely to become my OTP and, as a queer person myself, I'd appreciate the representation. But then I realized that the reason why I love them so much it's exactly because they've been written as they are. I wouldn't change a thing about this show or about the relationship between Buck and Eddie. They're perfect as they are, for me.
And yes, I'd love them to be canon, and have a family of their own with Christopher and all of that, but still – I'd be okay if that won't happen. I'd be okay if they continued to be friends. Because, let's be honest, Buck and Eddie's friendship is one of the best male friendships I've ever seen on screen.
So yes, this is what I've been dying to clarify. If you see me shipping them and reblogging analysis, theories or whatever, just keep in mind that yes, I ship them, but I'm happy with them anyway – canon or not.
An honestly, I love this show entirely, every single character, their interactions, the themes they approach – this show means a whole lot to me and I'll take is as it comes.
Thank you for reading this, I guess. Now I'm going to sleep, hopefully
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incorrectbuddie · a day ago
Maddie: How did you finally ask Eddie out?
Buck: Well, you know me. I was suave and romantic.
*3 weeks ago*
Buck: *sends Eddie a selfie with rows of empty seats in the background*
Buck, texting: Look at all these people wanting to date you.
Eddie: Hilarious, Buck. Also, you're in the fucking picture, dumbass.
Buck: I know 😉.
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incorrect118buddie · 23 days ago
Hen: Is having a penis fun?
Chim: It has its ups and downs.
Eddie: Sometimes it’s a little hard.
Buck : It’s a pain in the ass.
Bobby: Oh, Jesus, fuck, guys, come on.
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deluweil · 3 months ago
So this is a way Way overdue prompt that I got ages ago, but didn't have the time or muse-cooperation to write.
But I finally managed to write it!!
The prompt was given to me by the lovely @coffeeflavoredcookies : Chris all snuggled up to Buck as he tells him bedtime stories with Eddie standing at the door looking at them fondly.
This is fluff all the way, hope you like it ❣
The house was dimly lit when he got back, at this point Christopher would have usually already been in bed - post bedtime story.
But Buck has been staying the last few days with them after getting hurt on a call. Nothing too bad, mild concussion, some bruised ribs and a now relocated shoulder still stuck in a sling, so things aren't exactly on the normal side.
Buck had trouble understanding Eddie’s insistence that he stays with them, not wanting to be a burden (earning him an eye-roll from Eddie) and reminded him that he shouldn’t have to look after a grown-ass man while having an actual child of his own to take care of, (which resulted in Eddie calling Christopher and asking him, on speaker, what he thought of Buck staying with them for the next few days. Christopher cheered and Buck glared at Eddie, mouthing ‘traitor’ at him.)
The thing is, Buck seems to be unable to understand that whenever he’s hurt, physically or emotionally or just generally off-balance, Eddie is thrown to a loop right with him. Eddie would rather have him near and safe than wonder how he is, if he’s sleeping, eating - taking care of himself.
Back when his leg was crushed, so close to losing Shannon, Eddie was very close to saying to hell with Ali and then Maddie and just take him over to their place.
But Buck wasn't his to keep back then, and to be honest he's not his now, but Ali is long gone and Maddie is super pregnant, giving Eddie the best excuse to bundle him into his truck and take him home.
Sore and tired, Buck mostly slept, crashing on the couch, no matter how many times Eddie tried to get him to crash in the master bedroom, at least during the day.
Eddie got used to returning home from work to find Christopher sitting in the living room either doing his homework or playing or watching TV while Buck slept on the couch. Sometimes Christopher could be found nestled to Buck's side as they both nodded off watching some nature documentary.
Eddie has an album in his phone containing multiple pictures of his boys together. He will never get tired of snapping pictures of them, moments frozen in time, forever.
Eddie took his shoes off at the door and dropped his bag next to them. He showered at the station so he wouldn't waste time with Christopher in favor of washing the day off, he quickly rinsed his hands with soup, a habit left from crazed Covid days, then went in search of his boys.
The house was quiet, and the normally occupied couch was empty. Eddie made his way to Christopher’s room, already recognizing Buck’s low gravel voice, reading what sounded like “I Had Trouble in Getting to Solla Sollew”, Buck got Christopher the book a couple of weeks prior to his injury.
He told Christopher that Maddie used to read it to him when he was younger. They read it so many times, that both of them knew it by heart at one point. This is the first time he got to read it to him, if Eddie is not mistaken.
Eddie quietly made his way to the bedroom and stopped to lean on the door frame, taking in the sight in front of him. Christopher was lying in bed snuggled up against Buck’s uninjured side, he was already fast asleep, but Buck kept reading quietly leaning against the headboard.
“Then I dreamed I was sleeping on billowy billows
Of soft silk and satin marshmallow-stuffed pillows.
I dreamed I was sleeping in Solla Sollew,
On the banks of the beautiful River Wah-Hoo,
Where they never have troubles. At least very few.”
Eddie was so caught up in the cute picture presented before him, that he hadn't noticed Buck’s stopped reading and turned welcoming eyes on him, “Hey Eds.” he greeted with a soft smile.
“Hey Buck.” Eddie greeted back with a smile, slowly making his way inside, gently detangling Christopher from Buck to lay him properly on the pillow, and freeing Buck to rise and stretch carefully.
The blonde nodded gratefully at his friend, with a last look down at Christopher, he smiled and left Eddie to tuck Christopher in safely and say goodnight. Eddie’s eyes followed Buck as he left the room, making sure he’s steady on his feet and also because he couldn’t really look away.
When Buck was out and on his way to the living room Eddie turned around, pressed a kiss to Christopher’s forehead, turned on the nightlight and left the room, closing the door behind him.
Eddie noted Buck’s absence in the living room and followed the sounds to the kitchen, standing at the door, he inquired “Should you be without your sling?”
"Honestly, no." Buck admitted with a sheepish smile, "But my neck is killing me and doing everything one handed is driving me crazy." He complained, handing Eddie a beer and leaned back against the counter while drinking the Gatorade he started earlier.
“At least you’re not drinking beer.” Eddie rolled his eyes. Buck scoffed “I wanted to, Christopher said no.” he smiled at Eddie’s laugh.
“Sounds about right.” Eddie nodded. “Did Carla make dinner?”
Buck shook his head, “No, she had to leave early, I told her I got this.”
“Tell me you ordered dinner.” Eddie demanded.
“There are waffles and Eggs in the microwave for you.” Was Buck’s sole reply.
“You’re supposed to be resting.” Eddie protested with an exasperated look.
“I have been resting, Edmundo!” Buck rolled his eyes, “And I’ll go back to resting now that your kid is fed, ready for his day tomorrow and has fallen asleep in his own bed for a change.” Buck retorted and was about to move past Eddie when the latter grabbed the wrist of his good arm and turned him around, bringing him flush against Eddie’s body.
Faces a hairbreadth away from each other, Buck met Eddie’s eyes with a curious look, “You gonna teach me to dance Eds?”
“I thought you already knew how to dance, Ev.” Eddie replied with a soft smirk, voice barely beyond a murmur.
“Hmm.. So wha..” Buck didn’t finish the rest of the sentence because Eddie’s lips were on his, and the finally in his head was so loud, it took him a second to sigh contentedly and kiss back.
Eddie’s hands strayed to Buck’s waist bringing him even closer as he maneuvered them carefully out of the kitchen and into the living room, stopping when the back of his knees hit the couch, his palms framing Buck’s face with one last kiss before breaking apart, chuckling at Buck’s protesting whine.
“What was that for?” Buck asked as Eddie rearranged the pillows on the couch before situating himself with his back to one side and reached to gently pull Buck down so he could lie back on Eddie’s broad chest, framed between his stretched forward legs.
Buck went pretty easily, not even questioning Eddie’s tactile display, it’s been known to happen, it just didn’t usually start with a kiss. Buck turned his head to one side looking up to meet Eddie’s eyes, Eddie’s brown eyes were soft and fond, Buck couldn’t help but smile back at him when Eddie offered him a grin.
Before Buck could open his mouth and ask again what’s going on, Eddie wrapped a long arm across Buck’s broad chest and threaded the fingers of his other hand with Buck’s, resting them on Buck’s stomach. “I’m done overlooking the pink elephant in the room.”
“Is that a veiled reference of your dislike for that shirt?” Buck quipped, squeezing Eddie’s hand reassuringly.
“That too.” Eddie played along, he really did hate that shirt, but Buck kept insisting it defined his muscles, which it did, but literally most of his size-down shirts already did that. “But also because coming home to the sight of you and Christopher every night, was pretty much wearing me down.”
Buck’s face broke into a smile that was a complicated mix of self-consciousness and contentedness, which Eddie found adorable, “So what broke you tonight?” Buck asked, bringing Eddie out of his reverie “I mean, it was a pretty standard evening in the Diaz household.” He pointed out with a teasing smile.
“You made sure Christopher fell asleep in his own bed.” Eddie said, chin resting on the top of Buck’s head gently.
“Well, It felt like some normalcy was needed.” Buck replied, his voice soft. “Both of us injured and out of commission in the short span of five months seemed to be taking a toll.”
“And the fact that you’re the one who managed to find a way to stir him back into the right direction is what broke me, I guess.” Eddie admired quietly, “That, and the cute picture you two presented when I got into the room.” He smiled, pressing a kiss to Buck’s temple who was blushing endearingly.
The moment was broken by an exhausted yawn from Buck, “Sorry, been a long day, and you’re too comfortable.” he accused jokingly.
“Bed?” Eddie suggested.
“You sure?” Buck asked, it’s not like they haven’t shared a bed before but this was semi-new territory. “I've already bonded with the couch, I’m good sleeping out here until we figure this out.”
Eddie rolled his eyes, “Bed.” he determined with a growl.
Buck chuckled amusedly as he rose carefully to his feet along with Eddie, “Caveman.” he teased.
Eddie shook his head with a laugh, “brat.” he retorted, pecking Buck’s lips before taking his hand and leading him to the master-bedroom.
That's it :) I hope you like it!! 💖💖
ps. That book Buck is reading to Christopher is a story my dad used to read to me and my sisters when we were youngers, we all know it by heart, to this very day. 🤗💕
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ryanreynoldposts · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Bro! Is buddie actually happening ??
911 season 4 episode 13
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im-pressionism · 4 months ago
no but Buck being like "Friends. Great" because he knows that's not how friends behave so he can later realize that you know who he hasn't been really acting like just friends either? EDDIE. EDDIE DIAZ
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charliewrites99 · 6 months ago
Say what you will about Buddie, but there is something about the couples that the writers didn't plan on, that just hit different. The ones that were forged just because the actors had such bomb ass chemistry.
Like Monica & Chandler, Fallon & Liam, Cameron & Chase, Barney & Robin, Zero & Jude (I am not sure if they did plan on them from the beginning or not but I love them).
All of these are great and I sure hope I will be able to add Buddie to the list soon.
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4utubing · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
‘Well—it’s kinda like this: I write ‘em as I see ‘em—even if everybody else on the planet sees ‘em together.’
‘What? Y’all still riding that Buddie train? Ain’t gonna happen, suckers; don’t say I didn’t warn y’all.’
‘Buck & Eddie will not end up getting together? I mean, I…don’t…think so—but I’m all for it.’
‘Look, mates—I’ve told you people a million times—we don’t know what’s going to happen. But I’m all for it. Now leave me the fuck alone, or I’ll cancel my Costco Membership.’
Tumblr media
‘Oh, yeah—Buck & Eddie absolutely should be a couple. While we focus on manifesting that—can somebody get rid of Ana Kelly & Taylor Flores or whatever the Hell their names are?’
Well—you heard Jennifer…let’s get to work, fandom.
No…not actual quotes, but close; just poking fun with the Cocoa Brown + Ana/Taylor + Costco thing; also replaced quotation marks w/soft quotes.
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en-theheights · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
(Also Oliver is the finest man ever wtf-)
Gif cred @//whattarush
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bby01boi · 6 months ago
Buck, setting down a card: Ace of spades.
Eddie, pulling out an Uno card: + 4.
Chimney, pulling out a Pokémon card: Jolteon, I choose you.
Hen, trembling: What are we playing???
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