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#eddie brock
lucenorthstar2 days ago
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marsoid2 days ago
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huffle-puff-ego2 days ago
A customer at a restaurant in San Francisco, watching as a sweaty man in a grey jacket got in the lobster tank and is now eating one of them:
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cowmaida day ago
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they mean sooo much to me
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gargar-binks2 days ago
Eddie: I will let you eat EVERYBODY!
Eddie: I PROMISE!!
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cyberdelpha day ago
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by rrremu
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petitcroca day ago
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charnelhouse10 hours ago
I am begging for you to let them fuck me in a scare maze
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A/N: Venom/Eddie Brock x F!Reader. rough sex. throat touching. cum licking. semi-public sex. venom being a baby.
鈥淚 will eat your liver, you ugly little beast,鈥 Venom hisses as he wraps his claws into the squirming teenager's shirt.
鈥淰enom!鈥 you chastise - pressing your palm to the swell of his upper arm. 鈥淧ut him down.鈥
鈥淗e attacked you!鈥
鈥淚t鈥檚 a haunted maze and he didn鈥檛 touch me,鈥 you snap as you take both of your hands and try to wrench his huge wrist to the side. You offer the teenager an apologetic smile. 鈥淪orry - sorry - he鈥檚 a bit protective.鈥
Venom releases him with a grunt. The boy crumples to the floor, moaning and shaking and then promptly running back behind the curtain.
鈥淲e鈥檙e gonna get kicked out,鈥 you groan as you step deeper into the maze, tugging Venom along with you.
鈥淚 do not understand why you would choose to be scared on purpose.鈥
鈥淚t鈥檚 exciting. It鈥檚 like an adrenaline rush.鈥
鈥淒oesn鈥檛 seem very exciting,鈥漢e growls just as a clown with macabre white and red makeup and blood-slick teeth bursts out of the side of the wall.
Venom shrieks and swats at the head which goes bouncing off. Your stomach drops - hands flying to your mouth as you mutter: 鈥淥h Venom - what鈥檇 you do鈥︹
But you realize there isn鈥檛 any spurting blood or bone fragments. Just stuffing. A dummy.
Thank Fuck.
Venom quickly slips back into Eddie. It鈥檚 always smooth - like water rushing over stone. Everything is distorted momentarily before Eddie鈥檚 face crystalizes through the black, oily texture of Venom.
鈥淲as Venom too scared?鈥 you tease - letting Eddie tug you against his side as you stroll down another abandoned hallway. Lights sizzle and flash. There鈥檚 some background noise - screams and howls and creaking floorboards. It鈥檚 all very fun.
Eddie pinches your ass. 鈥淗e didn鈥檛 like that. He said he鈥檚 just taking a break.鈥
There are more dummies. More doors that open up to reveal blood-damp demons and white-faced brides with carving knives and mascara soaking their cheeks.
鈥淵ou wanna makeout?鈥 Eddie asks. 鈥淲e鈥檇 fit right in.鈥
The whole park had been filled with hormonal teenagers kissing and dry humping and not giving a fuck. The air was aching with the scents of deep autumn: bubbling cider, buttery popcorn, funnel cakes and the earthy insides of pumpkin. The wind snapped and sent leaves crunching beneath your boots. It felt good. It felt normal to have gorgeous Eddie Brock in a sweatshirt toss his arm around you and guide you through the rides and the mazes and buy you too many sweets.
It was actual date.
You tilt your chin up as you study his face. He鈥檚 unbearably good looking: the soft fall of his dark hair, the pillowy lips, the pond water eyes that have a tendency to appear sleepy.
鈥淵eah,鈥 you grin. 鈥淟et鈥檚 find somewhere private.鈥
It鈥檚 totally dangerous. It鈥檚 totally possible that you鈥檒l both get caught, but who could care. You鈥檇 spend a night in jail for public indecency if it meant Eddie Brock could finger fuck you within an inch of your life in a haunted maze.
There was no one else around and the park was at closing time. It was practically two am and you were so tired you almost felt drunk. Your inhibitions had dissipated with each scrape of Eddie鈥檚 teeth across your skin.
鈥淔uck,鈥 he rasps as he presses his thumb beneath your jaw - the pulse of your heart ringing through your veins. He sucks at your throat - mumbling between kisses: 鈥淵ou taste so fucking good.鈥
He鈥檚 probing and teasing and then there鈥檚 Venom slipping out of him - the tendrils unbutton your jeans and travel down the front of your panties. He runs the tip of a tentacle through your folds - flicking the crest of your sex as he hums beneath Eddie.
鈥淭ender,鈥 Venom practically sings. 鈥淭ender and wet and ours.鈥
He pushes down and then inside you - spearing your cunt and making you choke against Eddie鈥檚 tongue.
The lights glow red. The dummies and baby dolls and fake corpses all watching as Eddie and Venom pull you apart with such precision. They know exactly what to do - how to make you cum in seconds. Eddie tears himself away from your mouth and he looks hungry - his lids heavy and his pupils blown out and his lips glistening with spit. He grips your hips before twisting you around, shoving your front hard against the wall. Your cheek is wet with whatever the wall is painted in. There鈥檚 the smell of plastic and corn syrup and you buck up against Eddie when he grinds into your ass. He鈥檚 got one hand clasped around your throat - fingers digging into your jaw and the soft yielding flesh of your face. He plants the heel of his other hand against your clit and rubs in time with each diligent thrust of Venom鈥檚 tentacle that is taking you from behind.
Your thighs tremble with it. There鈥檚 a knot of pleasure in your core slowly tightening up - threatening to burst and blow and you moan - all desperate and weepy.
鈥淗ear that,鈥 Venom or Eddie or both of them together whisper into your ear. Venom speeds up his pace - the piece of him inside you begins to swell and thicken - stretching you impossibly open as your body sucks him deeper. 鈥淟ook how wet your pussy is - dripping - how well you take us, little one. All tight and ready and frantic for us - wants us to take her in a dirty maze where everyone could see.鈥
You whimper - fingertips scrambling at the walls - cunt clenching as your pleasure starts to rise higher - flooding your belly, then your chest and then climbing all the way up your throat. If you screamed now - it would surely spill across the floor - wave after wave of it.
You feel more tendrils - more tiny sucking mouths across your tits. They rise beneath the cotton shirt - yank at your bra until they settle over your nipples and latch. Eddie鈥檚 touch has not left your clit - his tongue hot against your shoulder before he sucks marks into the nape of your neck. He rutting himself against you - the bulge of his cock nudging your ass, but he doesn鈥檛 use it. He doesn鈥檛 shove himself in there with Venom. He just plays your cunt with his fingers and your skin with his mouth and oh - an orgasm sneaks up on you and makes your walls flutter around Venom鈥檚 thrusting tentacle.
鈥淭hat鈥檚 our girl,鈥 Eddie rumbles because you鈥檙e sure he felt how tight and hot you got just then. Venom and him share the same body - Eddie feels what Venom feels and so on and so forth and you reach behind you to grab at him - to graze his cock and he inhales sharply: 鈥淲e don鈥檛 have time, baby.鈥
鈥淵es we do,鈥 you say - hoarse and wrecked. You turn around swiftly, Venom falling out of you and you nearly clench again at the sight of that black tentacle glistening beneath the sizzling apple-red lights with your cum. You rip your jeans down as Eddie unzips himself and then he鈥檚 inside you before you blink.
He lifts you in his arms - burying you into the wall. Your cunt is still tender and pulsing from your last orgasm - still gaping from Venom鈥檚 thickness. Eddie fills you to the brim. It鈥檚 all fucking worth it, too. You see his expression go slack when his cock breaches you - his mouth parting before you capture it with your own.
鈥淕o hard,鈥 you urge as your tongue strokes his.
He doesn鈥檛 respond, but rather makes a deep, animalistic snarl from somewhere in the center of his chest. He fixes his grip beneath your thighs, drawing his cock all the way back - head nearly popping out of you before slamming forward. It stings in a way - hurts because you鈥檙e still raw and shaky, but then it blooms into true pleasure. It breaks you open and makes you cry out with each snap of his hips. You can feel Venom squirming inside him - feel him invigorating and guiding Eddie - swelling hot beneath his skin and then you feel something nip at your clit before fully sucking it and you convulse. You entirely fall apart with the surprise of your own climax shuddering through your body. Eddie isn鈥檛 far behind - spurred on by the sound of your soaked cunt taking him to the hilt over and over again - the muddled noise of his balls smacking against your flesh. It鈥檚 dirty. It鈥檚 feral and wrong, but it works. It鈥檚 you and Eddie and Venom turning an innocent date night at a Halloween festival into a filthy fuck in a maze.
Eddie sinks his teeth into your shoulder when he cums.
鈥淔uck,鈥 he heaves. 鈥淔uck fuck Christ fuck.鈥
鈥淵eah,鈥 you murmur - hoarse. 鈥淒itto.鈥
You can feel Eddie鈥檚 seed already dripping - sliding out of you as he sets you on your feet.
鈥淪hit,鈥 you pant - still trying to find your head and your equilibrium because your heart has left your rib cage. 鈥淚t鈥檚 - fuck - I need something to wipe it.鈥
Eddie offers you his shirt, which is adorable, before suddenly turning back into His symbiote. Eddie鈥檚 lopsided - fucked out grin just sputters away to enormous - hulking Venom. You watch his pink-red tongue unfurl from his jaws before he gently pins you to the wall.
鈥淟et me,鈥 he coos.
His tongue drags over your thighs - licking away the stickiness of Eddie. The salt of him and you. Venom hums in contentment. But he also doesn鈥檛 stop and that tongue slithers higher before he pushes it inside you - making you squeak. Your knees nearly buckle, but he holds you up with his gigantic claws - his tongue careful and soft as it wiggles deep.
鈥淲e - we need to go, Venom,鈥 you stammer - your gut spasming at the sensation of him thoroughly licking you out - fucking you deep with his tongue.
鈥淣o,鈥 he says. 鈥淲e will go after I鈥檝e had my fill of you.鈥
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megthemushroom13 hours ago
If one of the two doesn鈥檛 think the other is dead at least once the ship can鈥檛 possibly interest me
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skaleeee2 days ago
Sometimes a family is just you, your fianc茅, your ex鈥檚 cat, your ex, your ex鈥檚 boyfriend (who is also an alien), your ex鈥檚 bf鈥檚 2 chickens, and the old Chinese lady who owns the corner shop.
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bridoesotherjunka day ago
Venom: Eddie, we should dress up for Halloween!
Eddie: Babe, I hate to tell you this, but you could just come out and literally be my costume.
Venom: .........
But I wanted to be a princess.
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spid3yarta day ago
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spoiler? maybe
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cyberdelph15 hours ago
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