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my favorite thing about the Venom movie is how differently Eddie Brock looks there than he does in the comics. Like Tom Hardy is 5'10 and Comic Eddie is a 6'3 bodybuilder. They don’t even try to make Tom taller. just here’s this small sweaty man who stutters sometimes. Comic Eddie spouts poetry and metaphors and SAT words on a whim. It’s his default style. However…

Both are assholes and we love them

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Adjusting to cohabitating in his own body with a bossy, possessive alien would be difficult enough if his life wasn’t a mess, but Eddie’s still trying to get his shit together after the last time everything blew up in his face. And to make matters worse, now there’s some asshole out there killing innocent people in his—their—city.

Written by @griffonfarm, this fic hooked me from the start! It has action and mystery as well as deeper exploration of the bond between two beings that share *everything*. In short it’s an incredible story and I seriously recommend it even though it is currently in progress. Read it at AO3!

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“Knull” means “fuck” in Swedish. As a noun, to be precise. It’s not the verb form, as I’ve seen some incorrectly claim. (Even Swedes who ought to know better.)

You might say “I had a nice knull last night.” However, you wouldn’t say “I’m going to knull this evening.” The verb form has an A in it: ”knulla.”

And now you know!

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Venom appreciation post (because I just rewatched it)

  • Fantastic cast! Tom hardy, Jenny slate, Riz Ahmed- all excellent (and the range)
  • Has one of my 2 favorite car chase scenes (perfectly paced AND funny) the other is batman:the dark night
  • The story is complex enough to be interesting and worth watching more than once without feeling insincere or underdeveloped
  • The relationships are realistic, interesting, and lack the meaningless interpersonal drama that most action/superhero movies have (aka cramped and unrealistic love story)
  • The respect Eddie (and venom?) Had for Dan and annie was unreal and really refreshing to see in a movie
  • That weird eddie/venom/annie kiss
  • Actual drama queen venom (“stick with me and you might survive” *ten mins later* “I am a loser, like you”)
  • The meditation storyline with mrs. Chen was sweet and gave insight to eddie as a character
  • The fact that eddie was a disaster, physically and emotionally - makes him 100% more relatable
  • The final fight was beautiful and well directed- definitely one of my favorites ever
  • The score was amazing and complemented the scenes/story (especially when venom “died”)
  • The ending

There is so much more, but I just wanted to say my piece

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I spent way too fucking long trying to draw the Venom symbol. I am not experienced with pixel art.


(Note the tiny wings on the back of Stricklers jacket. Also my character is named Merlin, but he’s not named after That Merlin) 

Let me know if you use any of these!!! I would love to see screenshots! 

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It occurs to me that Maximum Carnage could’ve been a much better story if Spidey had been a parent and if the story had made family it’s central theme.

Consider that the story already contains 3 distinct and broken/dysfunctional family units.

The Osborns: Harry’s madness and consequent death traumatized his wife and child.

Venom and Carnage: As Mike Costa, Donny Cates and others have pointed out, Brock and his symbiote are functionally a romantic relationship, through that lens Carnage is their child and there is a mutual disdain between them. Appropriately given Brock’s moniker, they are a toxic family dynamic.

Team Carnage: Carnage and Shriek form a twisted couple and act as ‘parents’ to Doppelganger, Carrion and arguably Demogoblin (I guess you could call him an ‘uncle’). Collectively they form a warped parody of the traditional American nuclear family (and likely an attempt to evoke the Manson Family). 

Of course Carnage and Shriek can be abusive to one another and Carnage eventually kills Doppelganger.Of course another element in this story was Peter’s parents. Whilst they were later revealed as imposters as originally written in Maximum Carnage they were the bona fide articles.

By making Peter a father and tweaking the role his parents play Spidey becomes a potential reflection of the above three families.

If you emphasized the distance and differing ideologies between his parents and himself he becomes a reflection of Carnage and his relationship with Venom and Brock.

He is already something of a reflection of Normie because like him he lost a father at a young age, whether you are talking about Richard or Ben.

If you made him a father then in being Spidey he runs the risk of subjecting MJ and their child to pain and loss just as Harry did to Liz and Normie. A different kind of pain and loss sure, but pain and loss all the same.

And by being a father the Parker family, whilst far from perfect, stands in opposition to Team Carnage’s perverse parody of the ‘all-American nuclear family’. The tension then coming from Peter’s act of being Spidey to fight Carnage risks tearing his family apart. But the story would obviously demonstrate their family as strong enough to weather the storm.

I’m not saying this would fix all the problems with the story automatically. But I see the seeds of what could’ve been if you removed unnecessary stuff, added in this one element and placed the focus in a different place.

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