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#eddie brock headcanons

Eddie is the type of man who doesn’t like swearing in front of children so instead of swearing he’ll say something ridiculous like, “You absolute lamp post.”

“You donut.”

“Son of a b- ….” Squints “Burger.”

I would also imagine Eddie doing this well into the kids’ teenage years, to which his kid would probably say, “Dad, just say fuck.”

And Eddie would probably have a heart attack because his kid said the f word, meanwhile Venom finds it absolutely hilarious.

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Do you have any fluff headcanons for Eddie Brock when the reader or Eddie is sad? :"0

I’ve been jotting some ideas down, because I’ve actually had a mental list for ages, I’ve just never posted it!

When Eddie is sad:

  • Doesn’t want to do anything
  • Tries to stay in bed all day
  • Venom can’t even seem to cheer him up
  • Watches romcoms like The Notebook and cries about everything
  • Won’t admit that he was crying
  • Naps 20/7
  • Goes out, but treats it like a chore
  • Doesn’t even want to fight crime anymore tbh
  • Just wants to go home and lay in bed
  • Doesn’t answer anyone’s calls or messages
  • Feels even worse when they come over to check on him
  • If you’re around, you refuse to leave his side until you make him at least crack a smile.
  • You try tickling him,, but Venom gets confused and thinks you’re play wrestling
  • You make a blanket/pillow fort out of everything soft Eddie owns and force him to join you.
  • While he continues to be sad, you try the jealousy method, and you hang out with little blob Venom and feed him oreos.
  • You are constantly telling Eddie bad jokes and it finally breaks him.
  • “What’s a Skeleton’s favorite snack?” “I don’t-” “SPARE RIBS.” “oh my god.” 
  • Wind up falling asleep in the fort after cuddling with Eddie and Venom and watching really bad movies and laughing at them for 4 hours.
  • Sometimes Eddie is open about his feelings, but he’s not always sure how to articulate exactly how he feels.

When Reader is sad:

  • You probably want to be left alone, but seeing as Venom/Eddie no longer have a sense of boundaries… That’s not happening.
  • When you claim that you “just don’t feel good” Venom forces Eddie to go to the store to get your favorite things
  • Venom offers you cookies and attempts to make you feel better by sharing stories about life on his home planet.
  • That just makes you feel worse because he must’ve had it rough there.
  • Eddie forcing you to at least sit in the living room and watch trash tv with him.
  • He starts a food fight after you say, “This show sucks.”
  • You can’t help but laugh at the way Venom gets offended that Eddie is throwing all of his chocolate on the floor because “I worked hard for those, Eddie.”
  • Eddie giving you his favorite grey hoodie and it honestly makes you feel better
  • Finally caving and sitting right next to Eddie and stealing the remote.
  • You finally feel better enough to talk to Eddie about how you felt and why you felt that way.
  • He totally gets it and gives you a big ol hug + Venom trying to join by just winds up looking like a worm tangled around your arm.
  • Falling asleep on the couch with your two great boyfriends.
  • Venom stays around your arm just so you don’t feel alone, or cold.
  • Eddie taking you out for a fun day the next morning, just so you can feel even better
  • You forgot why you were even sad to begin with.
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Sex head canons with Eddie Brock/Venom! 馃枻

- Eddie is the best of both worlds. Give him some affectionate love making when he’s needy and some steamy sex when he’s hungry for you.

- He’s deliciously confident and provocative.

- When he tells you that he’s going to have a shower, but actually starts undressing in the living room , you know you have two options: or you go with him, or he stays with you. Both options lead to a wonderful ending, though.

- You drool just by looking at that perfectly sculpted body, the messy hair, those tattoos….

- Eddie tried to stop venom from stepping in your sexual life, but he couldn’t. Trying to explain things to Venom wasn’t easy. Also, it was kind of intimidating to you at first.

- Eddie had the most skilled tongue you had even known, but that was until you tried Venom’s! The first time he slid it inside you, you rolled your eyes so bad they seemed to be completely white. Venom can reach all the delectable spots no human can. Sometimes he thrusts it so deep inside you that you think it might come off by your mouth at any minute. Venom can do pretty much anything with that tongue. So fast, so wet, so deep.

-Penetration itself is still Eddie’s job, that’s probably the best for everyone. He can get really sweaty and messy, but that’s because he’ll do anything to make each night unforgettable. He’s got a lot of stamina… He’ll delay his orgasm and work on you for hours and hours. Patience and work lead to amazing rewards. All the permanently stained sheets you’ve tossed in the trash speak for themselves.

- Sex on the sofa happens approximately 3 times per week, because once you start, there’s no use in trying to stop him…

- Sometimes Venom tells Eddie he’s hungry, but when Eddie offers him the usual treats he refuses them. “No. We want (Y/N). Such a juicy snack.”

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  • You both met through Lewis. Obviously. 
  • You were applying for a job, but considering Lewis knew you from one of the cases he took on back in his reporter days at your college, you didn’t need to do much- just hand him your portfolio and be on your way 
  • It wasn’t that simple. 
  • Eddie, in all his glorious self, was sprawled on the office chair, feet propped on his boss’ desk, when you went in
  • Lewis introduced you to your new mentor-slash-partner, and immediately you recognized him
  • Squeaking fan noises ensued (“Oh my god you’re internet famous” “I can’t believe I’m meeting you right now, holy shit” “You took down like five corporate companies through your reporting,, dude you’re a legend”)
  • Not long after the ten minute rant about the few pieces Eddie had done on food market conspiracies, you were both oh-so-generously gifted a case where three people had gone missing. 
  • Being investigative reporters, (self-proclaimed but still) the two of you decided to go do some digging
  • You both stayed up all night at the office, neck deep in takeout and case files
  • It continued like this for a few weeks
  • You and Eddie became friends pretty quickly 
  • In the mornings, you were in charge of fuel- you got coffee. Black with three sugars for Eddie, double double for you. Eddie was in charge of sustenance, namely from the doughnut shop he lived extremely close to. 
  • You despised his motorcycle, only because it wasn’t necessarily a two-seater and you were a little extremely paranoid that you’d tumble off the back and be left behind 
  • Nonetheless, that bike was kinda sexy, you weren’t gonna lie 
  • aNYWAYS, 
  • You refused to be in the shots for his actual videos. A few times he insisted and you awkwardly sat there, pen and pad in hand, staring into the lens like a deer in headlights 
  • All the same, it was a literal honour to work alongside him 
  • Conspiracists and skeptics adored him
  • Not that you were one of them, really, you just thought he was badass 
  • That is, until the incident with Carlton Drake 
  • “I don’t understand why we have to pretend like he’s a good guy, Y/N.” “Because we want to keep our jobs.” “But people deserve to know! He’s taking people off the street and killing them. You can’t tell me to act like he’s doing good things for this country.” “Eat your McMuffin and be quiet, I’m not arguing over this.” 
  • You tried your best to convince him to shut up about the missing persons cases that seemed to be linked with Carlton, but Eddie Brock is NOT a quitter and of course, that led to the both of you being dragged out of the Life Foundation
  • Which also led to you both losing your jobs. 
  • He didn’t understand exactly why you had to be let off, cause you kept your mouth shut the entire interview
  • “They didn’t even do anything! Why the fuck are they getting let go? Lewis, c’mon. I understand kicking me off the crew but Y/L/N doesn’t deserve to be dragged down cause of me.” “Eddie, they’re guilty by association. Carlton wants everyone involved laid off. I can’t control that.” 
  • Of course, you mocked him for being such a humanitarian for standing up for you, but you felt terrible about it after seeing Anne give back her ring 
  • The two of you drifted apart. 
  • Skip to six months later,,
  • You’d gotten a new job at a TV newscast place, as an assistant/intern 
  • It wasn’t much, but it paid the rent. 
  • Oddly enough, you ran into Eddie a few months later in Mrs. Chen’s store. It was the closest convenience store to your apartment, but you’d never seen Eddie around there before. 
  • (It was definitely not awkward up in this bitch) 
  • “Hey, Eddie.” “Uh, hey Y/N.” You’d looked at your feet before meeting his eyes once again. “How are you?” You’d asked, with a lot of sympathy, and a touch of pity. He didn’t look like he was doing well, but hey- everyone hits rock bottom, right? “Fine. Fine, yeah- Just searching for another place to work right now, but I’m getting by.” 
  • Your heart was stuck in your throat. Nostalgia was what you were feeling. 
  • Slowly, you two started talking again 
  • Late night movie marathons (that you told yourself were entirely platonic and not at all stay-at-home dates) were your favourite loneliness cures
  • When Dr. Skirth hit him the fuck up, guess who was there to talk him into trying to do good and check it out 
  • Cause if she was lying, and there was literally nothing there, what could it hurt? Carlton already made his job go bye-bye and his fiancee too so there’s not much left to take from him
  • Thanks to you, he literally just went for it 
  • Its was like 4AM when he did 
  • Fuckin hell?? That man does NOT sleep 
  • When it was a decent time for a human being to actually be awake, you called Eddie to see how it went but you were surprised to see the line busy 
  • (At that point he was at home calling Skirth but uh) 
  • He usually prioritized your calls so you decided to go and check things out 
  • Bad idea. 
  • The door was slightly ajar, and it was a fucking meSS
  • “Eddie?” You’d called. He was passed out in the tub. 
  • You tried to shake him awake but he was knocked the fuck out and refused to open his eyes 
  • Whatever the hell happened there, you refused to mess with it
  • You swept up a bit of the tater tot fiasco but you were about to be late for work so you bolted 
  • The next day you were called up by Anne
  • How the raging frick she got your number was an absolute mystery to you 
  • Although she could’ve just called your workplace and squeezed it out of the secretary. Anne is a fucking dominatrix, she can get anything if she demands hard enough 
  • “Y/N?” “That’s me.” “You and Eddie are close, right?” “I guess so?” “Can you come down to the hospital, please?” 
  • You flipped your shit 
  • What kind of trouble did that man get himself into this time 
  • He didn’t, in fact, get himself into anything but the MRI machine, which he proceeded to violently convulse in under your panicked stare 
  • “Get him out of there. DID YOU HEAR ME? I SAID OUT, NOW.” 
  • The whole parasite thing scared the shit out of you but making a big deal of it would probably put Eddie under even more stress. 
  • You took him home
  • And he just flopped on the couch and stayed there 
  • Fast forward to the point where he goes AGAIN to the damn hospital, but instead of Anne being Venom’s prey, it’s you. 
  • Which means the kiss was weirder than it should’ve been but hey,
  • You enjoyed it more than you’d cared to admit
  • Luckily after the incident, when Eddie got hired back to do the show, you got hired back too
  • Which meant you were once again the person behind the camera, and Eddie was the one in front, living his best life 

uwu feel free to add on more in the comments 

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Originally posted by yuushishio

  • The first time you met Eddie was in high school. He was just an acquaintance for the first year or so but then you bumped into him in the halls one day. After that, you started to notice each other around the halls move and more.
  • It was a few weeks later when the two of you really met. You and your friends were having lunch in a diner just down the road from your school. Your friends had to leave you because they had forgotten their homework or something like that. Not wanting to eat alone you when to sit with Eddie, you had noticed he had the same school book and logo as you.
  • The two of you started talking and that was it before you knew it your friends were texting you asking why you had ditched class.


  • He was a shy stuttering mess, and you weren’t much better.
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Originally posted by artisticmaniacwithapen

  • You had been best friends with Eddies since childhood. You can never seem to remember how the two of you became friends, you just sort of clicked one day and the rest was history.  
  • You always have the others back. You also know each other inside and out, even the weird quirks you dont even know you have. Like the way, Eddie hums the F.R.I.E.N.D.S intro in the shower or how he does a little dance when he’s waiting for something to cook.
    • You have lived with one another as roommates, ever since you moved out of your parent’s house after graduation.
  • With Venom it was a little different. Eddie originally tried to hide Venom from you, pushing you out of your friendship one nudge at a time. Unintentionally of course. It was only because you happened to storm back into the building following a particularly nasty fight that you got to see venom. Apparently, he had the same idea as you because when you walked in, he and Eddie were in the middle of an argument.
  • Eddie was over the moon (and honestly a little surprised) that you didn’t leave him when you found out about venom. He was sure you would run screaming, not walk up to the symbiote and pet his head like you would a puppy.
  • You and venom get along like two peas in a pod. You had just about as much impulse control as he did. Maybe even a little less if you were being honest. You really have no idea how Eddie manages to keep up with the both of you, or how he managed to control and calm you.
  • You cook for the two of them as often as you can. hoping that your healthy cooking will help Eddie get into a more healthy diet routine. You also freeze some of the food so they always have something healthy to eat even if you’re not there to make it.


  • You stitch up his wounds when they’re not serious enough to justify venom healing them.
  • You buy bags full of chocolate every time you go grocery shopping.
  • Venom secretly like you more than Eddie.
  • You have movie nights every Saturday evening, rotation between who gets to choose and who gets the snacks.
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  • Always having lots of food in the house.
  • Reading Eddie’s articles before he turns them in, supporting his work.
  • Finding out about Venom after being grabbed at a bar.
  • Cuddles from both Eddie and Venom.
  • “Hi Eddie, hi Venom.”
  • “Hey babe.”
  • “Hello Y/N”
  • Venom helping Eddie pick out gifts for you.
  • Falling asleep against Eddie while doing your work.
  • Soft kisses between you and Eddie.
  • Venom siding with you while you and Eddie argue.
  • “She is right, Eddie.”
  • “I know she’s right, V.”
  • Having movie nights when Eddie has a night off.
  • Making big meals for Venom.
  • Venom covering you and Eddie like a blanket at night.

Requested by: anonymous

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Coming home (Eddie Brock x Sister!reader)


Originally posted by vsnom

(Not my gif)(Requested by anonymous)

(Hope this is what you wanted and hope you enjoy<3)

D~ Eddie and Venom go to visit family that lives outside of his town. When he gets there he notices that his little sister is acting strange.


Eddie knew how his sister acted and this wasn’t it. It had been a few hours since he’d arrived back home to visit his folks and yet he had barely seen you. All he got was a hug, a little conversation and the sight of your hair and back disappearing behind the wall as you made your way to your room.

At first he had thought it was the lack of interaction between you two during the past year or maybe that you were angry that he left you with your parents when he moved in with Anne. He felt bad, he had been away for a while and he expected some awkward interactions and attempts to catch up but this wasn’t normal.

You seemed more reclusive, secretive, and on edge. He thought maybe you were sick, you had been disappearing from the dinner table all night. Maybe you were puking?

He hadn’t heard anything like that though he admitted it was hard to focus when Venom kept asking him questions about everything and anything. He also had to attempt to act normal around your parents as though he wasn’t the host of a annoying parasite.

You were the main reason he came home but now you didn’t seem at all interested in seeing him. He really hoped you weren’t angry with him, he almost didn’t move in with Anne knowing that he would have to leave you with your parents. He wouldn’t be able to live with himself if you held a grudge and hated him for it.

When everyone retired to their rooms Eddie had tried to have a hushed conversation with Venom and answer all the questions the symbiote had but then he noticed your door creaking open. He stopped talking instantly and quieted venom as he listened to you carefully and quietly make your way down the hallway.

He opened his door a crack and stuck his head out to see what you were doing. When he did he panicked for a moment, he could have sworn he saw a black tendril crawl out from under your shirt and move up your neck and down your arm.

He watched you tug on a jacket and quickly ducked out of view when you turned and checked to see that no one noticed you leave. Eddie waited a few moments until he began to secretly follow you.

He was almost sure he was going crazy. It was just his eyes playing tricks on him now that he was aware of the existence of symbiotes. His little sister couldn’t be a host of one, it wouldn’t make sense. How would she even find one? He was almost sure that he was following you for no reason, that is until you started to climb up a building.

He watched as you scaled the structure with ease and had the sickening realization that he wasn’t crazy and that his little baby sister was indeed infected. He was almost disappointed that you didn’t tell him considering how close you two had always been but then again he didn’t blame you.

He stood there watching you, expecting you to climb down but then you jumped. He instantly began to transform into Venom but then he saw the familiar tendrils wrap around you and soon enough you had become engulfed in red and black. He watched you; or whatever symbiote had fused with you, make your way down the building.

Eddie sat stunned watching you turn back to yourself and praise the creature for “saving you” and talking about how you were “so glad that you could trust each other”. He couldn’t stand to hear another word as he began to walk over to you.

“Y/n what the fuck! How long have you had a symbiote?” He exclaimed before quieting himself to ask the next question.

You stood still like a deer caught in the headlights. “Eddie what are you doing here?”

“Cmon y/n don’t give me that. How long?” He asked in a stern voice.

“How long what?” You laughed nervously pretending to not know what he had said.

“How long have you had a symbiote?!” He Growled.

“How do you know what a symbiote is?” You asked defensively.

You watched as a symbiote crawled on the your brothers shoulder. You felt relieved having found out that someone else was experiencing the same thing until you saw his face.

“I’ve had Toxin for a week. I was walking home one night when some guy came up to me and grabbed me and all of a sudden something was happening to me and the guy collapsed.” You watched his face carefully and waited for a response.

When he didn’t say anything you began to talk again. “And then … well I guess you know what happens next. At first it was awful but now we’ve bonded and we’re working together.”

Your brother shook his head before grabbing your arm and pulling you with him. “No. I’m taking you to Anne and her boyfriend right now and they’re going to get rid of it.”

“No! We’re friends, he saved me from dying!” You argued.

“He made you jump and then he caught you because he can’t live if you die! I bet he’s killing you right now, that’s what they do. They use you while they kill you from the inside, you’re just their puppet.” He continued to drag you.

“Is your symbiote killing you?” You pulled yourself from his grip.

“No but-” you interrupted him.

“Then how is mine killing me! I feel perfectly fine and I trust him. I know what I’m doing Eddie!” You reasoned with him.

“No you don’t, you’re gonna get yourself killed! Do you know what symbiotes do? They eat people! They kill things! You won’t be able to handle this life, so just tear off the bandage and get rid of him!” He argued.

“Eddie! I am not a kid anymore! I know perfectly well what this means for me and what my life is going to be like! You can’t dictate my life! I choose this! I choose Toxin and if you can’t handle that then you can go back to your own life with your reporter job and your little apartment away from me!”

“Y/n….” he sighed. “Fine, keep the symbiote but I swear to god if I see you on the news tearing police officers heads off I’m coming back home and tearing that thing off of you.”

You smiled and hugged him. “I promise I won’t eat any police officers if you promise to visit more. We’re parasite pals now.” You joked.

He smiled. “Let’s get you home. It’s getting late.”

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Being Eddie’s neighbor and Venom being protective of you would include~


Originally posted by tanrininprezervatifi

(Not my gif) (Sorry if it sucks)

- You had been Eddies neighbor for a few months before you noticed he had started acting weird

- Stumbling out in the hallway at odd hours, boarding himself up in his apartment more and as much as you didn’t like snooping you could hear some pretty odd conversations through your wall

- Everytime you passed him in the hallway he looked paler and more worse for wear

- For a while you thought he was on something or that the breakup that your other neighbors had gossiped about had really taken a big toll on him

- You figured you would try and do something nice for the man, lift up his spirits a little and make his life a little easier

- One day you cooked some food and packed it up in a container before heading over and knocking on his door

- When he hesitantly opened it a few moments later you put on a cheerful smile and asked if he would like some /insert food here/ because you had “made too much and didn’t want it to go to waste”

- He accepted the food albeit a bit hesitantly but still politely and with a small smile. You spoke with him for a little while, the longer you stood there the more his door opened inch by inch until you could see his full frame rather than just his head

- Finally you said goodbye, your little conversation had made the man seem far less odd and you found yourself defending him whenever your neighbors gossips about his odd behavior

- Everyweek you would cook him atleast one meal, sometimes you would leave some medicine or candy if he seemed more sickly than usual, other times you would leave him sticky notes on his door with little sweet messages and reminders

- As time went on you saw that Eddie was starting to get better, he looked healthier whenever you passed him in the hallways and seemed to be behaving less oddly

- Eddie would leave you flowers and other thoughtful gestures. There wasn’t too much face to face interaction between you guys but Eddie really appreciated your kindness and so did Venom

- The symbiote liked the food of course and seemed to grow quite fond of you, he would often talk to Eddie about you and want to check on you whenever you were out and about

- Eddie has to explain that following people to “protect” them was considering stalking and was illegal on earth although sometimes he couldn’t exactly control the symbiote or would just give in

- Those nights you would either a) “accidentally” run into Eddie or b) feel as though someone was watching you and see some odd shadows in the darkness

- Eddie would coincidentally be walking out just as you were struggling with groceries or walking to a store for something and would offer to help you or go with you

- You found out about Venom because you had walked in on Eddie and another neighbor having a confrontation

- You decided to step in and try to calm them down but the neighbor yelled at you and pushed you back, that’s when Venom came out and attacked the guy

- You sat on the floor in horror/shock as Eddie ate the guy before you stood up and ran into your apartment slamming the door shut and locking it

- Eddie came back and kept knocking on your door trying to get you to open up and talk to him so he could explain

- After half an hour of him promising he wasn’t going to hurt you, you opened the door and soon enough you were getting formally introduced to a space parasite

- You agreed not to call the police as long as he promised not to eat anyone else and after that you saw a lot more of Eddie and Venom

- Venom would try to convince Eddie to let him eat anyone who made you upset or even flirted with you

- You basically have a bodyguard on call, no matter where you are Venom gets there in like two seconds

- Venom doesn’t exactly hide the fact that he’s following you anymore which kind of makes your nights less terrifying

- You have a little routine where you knock on the wall connecting your apartment to see if the other is there or okay

- This whole relationship either ends on a nice lifelong friendship or a cute and sweet confession from an equally cute and sweet man

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apartment headcanons | eddie brock

I was writing a story, most of which takes place within his home. It got me wondering what it’s like. Here’s what I thought were the little pieces of his life, the things that go into making Eddie Brock, Eddie Brock.

  • wow Eddie, bachelor much? his apartment basically screams the word for all to hear. all in all, it’s a mess.
  • boxes, boxes, boxes everywhere. whatever is inside, obviously isn’t essential since he hasn’t seen it in eight months. as he lays in bed and looks at them each night, he thinks about unboxing them, but never gets around to it. 
  • his kitchenette is pretty standard. on the counters there’s more junk mail and random sit-arounds than food, really. he lives off of soup, frozen food, takeout, and leftover takeout. fruit, if his bank account is lookin’ alright. and of course, chocolate, for his insatiable symbiote. 
  • coffee, as well. his keurig is the foundation of his life. one pack of sugar in it, to appease the symbiote who finds the bitter taste appalling and will not quit complaining. he leaves his wallet and his keys next to it in a little dish, also for his lack of memory.
  • a lil’ table for two by the windows which let in light, thankfully. although the view isn’t pretty, it’s not a direct view of another brick wall. perfect for coffee for two in the morning, when he finds that somebody.
  • he has a plant! just a small one he keeps on the windowsill by the door next to the table, so he remembers to water it. 
  • his bedroom is just his bed in the corner of his one-room apartment, separated by a bookshelf that he’s filled with CDs and sit-arounds rather than books. across from it, he’s got his desk filled with more newspapers and his laptop. 
  • speaking of CDs, you know that boy is a fan of rap and rock. he’s probably got the Marshall Mathers LP2, and cause he’s such a fan, Revival. maybe some Foo Fighters. Black Sabbath. his late mother’s old Duran Duran discs
  • his living room: anne let him take the television. after all, he bought it, back when he had a career. loads of newspapers scattered across the coffee table. one of the few who bother buying them. half-empty jars of nuts and plenty of coffee stains from endless nights of researching.
  • he’s not very stylish, all his furniture is solid color, faux leather. looks like it came from a 1980s office building. a comfy couch was a priority, however, since it’s where he spends most his time. working and watching documentaries on netflix to educate venom.
  • eddie’s poor bathroom has yet to recover from venom. he proper broke his shower curtain, it’s just standing upright next to the toilet. candles for when it gets bad.
  • let’s talk about his neighbors now. he only knows three of them. 
  • Ziggy across the hall, the wannabe David Bowie who’s music Venom detests. Mimi, a young girl who lives above him and one over, who is too young and parties too hard. Lilian, who used to be homeless and has never had a bad thing to say towards Eddie. despite all the Venom madness. 
  • a bunch of odd ones out and Eddie is the oddest (but you could never tell looking at him)
  • his living situation isn’t ideal, but he’s not scraping by. with Venom, living expenses have gone up due to his appetite and Eddie’s repulsion to eating people. 
  • it’s odd, but ever since the symbiote, his quality of life has gone up too. he’s no longer lounging about in a constant rut, watching television until three in the morning (only sometimes)
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[Headcanons for Eddie/Venom with a s/o that’s an Avenger please!]

Sooooooo I May have gone a bit overboard because nothing was really specified other than the Avenger thing so I really really hope you like this. 🐱-Mod Kat

Beauty and The Beast

Eddie Brock/Venom

-For a moment all the world was blinding light, and then it was pain. Someone cried and screamed and begged for it to stop, and then Ex-Theta was born as experiment t-608 died. By the time they woke, a monster sat across from them, when they scream and scramble away the monster mimics them; it is nothing but a reflection. Their size had doubled, their arms were unnaturally long, ending in large hands that almost touched the floor as they stood and long, sharp tusks protrude from their lower jaw. They stared at their reflection as a low whimper turned into a scream that tore from their throat and filled the room.

-Experiment T-608 was a study attempting to manipulate the body’s shape to change, it failed in some ways and more than excelled in others. Getting used to this life was hard, but eventually Ex-Theta found their shape-shifting made itself useful. Still they stay away from other people, secluded in a cottage in the forest, though no one looks towards a tusked rat skittering along the street, nor do they look too closely at the cat resting on the hood of the car, keeping an open eye on the city just in case danger finds itself afoot. And that’s when a large, black figure rushed through the alley before morphing into a man.

-”Not a cat,” Venom’s voice rang in Eddie’s ears. The cat ran when he looked at it, and before he knew it he was involved in a chase. Venom took over when it was cornered, the cat began to shift and change in what seemed like agony, standing up straight the beast screamed, and then it ran.

-They ran into him again months later, something was attacking the city and try as they might they couldn’t stay away and ignore it as San Francisco threatened to burn itself to ash. They saw the monster and instead of running they fought alongside it. When the dust settled Eddie stood before the beast with a hand outstretched in solidarity. The birth of a lovely friendship.

-Even after Ex-Theta became an Avenger, they maintained very little contact with other people, seeing as they felt their presence to be far too disturbing to share with others– with on exception– Eddie. Eddie who came by on the weekends to talk with them and bring them take-out food. Eddie who talked about his latest projects. Eddie who insisted that he and Venom enjoyed their company. Venom was also a great comfort, Theta found the two to be quite lovely, and as time passed they became more and more eager for their visits. They ignored it best they could, but a hope for something more bubbled up in their chest.

-One night Eddie asked why they had no mirrors in their house, and the conversation died. Theta meant to avoid the question, instead they chuckled and shot him a look.

-“Look at me, Ed.” No response, he just watched as they continued, “I spent my whole life wishing to be anyone else, and now I can’t even stand to look at myself. So, I don’t. Because who could look at this and feel comfort?”

-”I do.”

-The bond between those three changed after that, and eventually love blossomed. They protected and comforted one another, and coped with their individual pains together. When they had to be apart, they made sure to keep in contact, always ready to run at a minute’s notice should the other need help. Theta helped Eddie and Venom when they were in need of injured too badly, Eddie and Venom did the same. They granted each other solitude when things got too crazy everywhere else.

-One night they sat together, drifting into sleep’s comforting void when Theta got a call. They hung up, disturbed by the news they heard, “I need to leave. Something big is up.” Eddie stopped them, “Let me come with you.” Theta kissed his forehead as a smile crossed their face. “You’ll be needed here, but I’ll be back. I love you.”


-He wishes he’d gone with them. At least he said it back.

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     Headcanon: Instead of Venom having no pheromones, he has a perfume/cologne pheromone naturally that occurs at any time. It smells like Old Spice/Black by Kenneth Cole/Mad Potion by Katy Perry and it’s very strong but not too strong. Eddie would smell it constantly until he realized it was Venom. 

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Headcanons for Eddie with an SO who works at a tattoo and piercing parlor and has the looks too match? Maybe he wanted to check out the tattoo scene in San Fran and Venom literally made him almost break his neck because it turned it head around so fast going "EDDIE! THAT ONE HAS COLORS LIKE YOU AND IS SHINY!" But really, I'll take any idea you'll throw at me. Love your writing btw :)

Aww, thanks!

Hm, okay, let’s see what we got here

  • I think Venom would be a bit more like “Eddie what is that? Does she have one of my kind?”
  • Poor little murder puppy probably hasn’t looked far enough into Eddie’s mind to know what tattoos are yet
  • But he would for sure be so curious about the process
  • Eddie tries to get one, but Venom doesn’t like that
  • “It bit me, Eddie!”
  • Eddie only just manages to keep him from trying to eat the the ink gun
  • That would be awkward to explain to the cute girl he just met
  • So he apologizes profusely and probably pays you anyway to make up for it
  • Venom keeps pestering him to ask you out
  • Finally, he does
  • Awkward, stumbling, and everything good expect from him, but he’s too cute to say no to
  • La de dah, and soon he tells you about Venom
  • That was fun
  • “Fun”
  • Okay, yes, you freaked out a little, but I mean, Venom still hasn’t learned human rules of subtlety and/or “breaking it gently”
  • Once you chill out about everything, you probably start sketching some tattoo designs based off your new killer puppy dog
  • Needless to say, they become your most popular requests and you have a very flattered symbiote on your hands
  • I’d say he definitely likes to watch you work those designs
  • Probably nags and begs for Eddie to take him
  • Neither of you really mind
  • You and Eddie like to be near each other, and both of you like to make Venon happy
  • Sometimes a family is one hot mess, a tattoo artist, and a killer puppy dog
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Venom will protect his young at all costs headcannon.

I have two interpretations of this ask 1. Being you and Eddie/Venom having a child which this list is. BUT the other is you being adopted by Eddie and Venom. (Psst! I’ll think about the alternative.)

Pregnancy and Birth

  • You were warned of Venom’s instincts when you had announced your pregnancy to Eddie.
  • Yes, the Klyntar reproduce asexually, but being bonded to Eddie caused Vemon to inherit romantic and parental protective instincts.
  • You were not allowed to lift a finger, even in the first few weeks of your pregnancy
  • “Morsel!? What are you doing up? Go back to bed!” “Excuse me! I’m only a few weeks pregnant. I can still look after the apartment!”
  • Little disagreements like this continued until you had only given in during your last trimester
  • The day of your labour was defiantly interesting.
  • Venom freaked out when you nearly doubled over in pain from a contraction.
  • After web-slinging to the hospital, Eddie allowed you to crush one of his hands while the other was supporting your back. Venom had been massaging your back in the hopes it would help you relax
  • After a few hours, you brought your baby girl into the world. Chloe Brock.
  • You and Eddie had to hold Venom back from biting the nurses’ heads off when they took her away from you to clean.
  • It was love at first sight and you could see it in his large white eyes as you let him hold your bundle of joy.

As she grows up

  • You and Eddie never explicitly told your daughter about Venom because you were scared that she would become a target to those who were out to get him
  • Venom was pouty about it at first, but he did end up understanding why your hesitations
  • BUT
  • That understanding went out the window when someone started to bully her in school
  • The MOMENT he heard about it, he wanted to rip the kid to shreds
  • Poor little Chloe was so confused when Eddie tried to march out of the room and you, little ole you, was holding you’re already largely built husband back from getting the door
  • “No. No. No. Eddie, No! Chole, go to bed, I gotta talk to your father.” “But bedtime is still an hour away!” “Watch a movie then!” Chloe quickly run off to bed, quietly shutting her door so the movie wouldn’t disturb you two
  • “Both of you. Get to your senses. Venom. Out. Now.” Your dark tone always got the symbiote to show himself, glistening tongue, toothy grin and all. “Yes, my sweet morsel~?” He used this tone when he knew he was in trouble.
  • You grabbed his tongue and tugged him down to your level, earning a small whine from him. “Do not sweet talk me. You are not going to murder a child.”
  • “But they hurt our offspring!”
  • “I do not condone child murder! Trust me, I hate it as well. But I -we- will talk to her teacher and the child’s parents. Just. No. Murder.” Damn, they married you for a reason. It’s a terrifying reason. But a good one.
  • In the end, you and Eddie did talk to the kid’s parents. But Chole later told you that her bully would run away from whenever she entered a room.
  • All you did was glare at Eddie from across the room.

The dreaded teenage years

  • By the age of 15, Chloe knew of Venom completely. She loved her two fathers dearly, to her, they are the greatest heroes of all time.
  • Also by this time, she had come out as Bi to you three, but you welcomed it with open arms. But Venom held back a growl as he realised what this means.
  • The dating game. Having been there with Eddie through many dates and girls, he was scared for the effect it would have on his little one
  • Chole’s first romantic partner was a girl; a quiet, but sweet one with many jokes to tell and made it clear that making Chloe smile was her goal. Her name is Val
  • But Venom was hard to convince; Who could protect his little one more successfully then himself!? “No one!”
  • Not even you could convince the Demon of San Fransisco not to do anything to Val.
  • He had her cornered in an alleyway one night, one of his clawed hands placed on her shoulder, not fazing as she brought out a pocket knife
  • “Listen here, you little vixen. Your joking facade will not fool me! I WILL NOT hesitate to rip limps or bite heads if you dare to hurt MY little one!”
  • “L-Little one? Y-You mean Chloe!?” “Yes. You lie to her and break even the smallest piece of her heart and you’ll be a headless turd on the streets!”
  • “Mr Brock? I’m not going to hurt Chloe! Jesus Christ! I’m not gonna do that to her!
  • “The threat is still on the table!”
  • Venom is Venom; he’s willing to ignore Eddie’s rule when eating to protect his clan; his mate and his offspring. Even if they don’t condone his method

Note for everyone about Headcanons: These may be sparse because I opened them in case I have brain farts while writing imagines. Kind of like a backup. So if I take a while to respond to your ask, that is why.

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Venom movie fics go into some interesting directions with our dynamic duo’s diet, such as:

  • They live off hot pockets, booze, and criminals
  • Picky symbiote rejects any dead meat and any poisons, so Eddie is pretty much a vegetarian teetotaler
  • Eddie stops giving any fucks and will buy live seafood and eat it in public
  • Chocolate on everything
  • Nearby rats and pigeons snatched off the sidewalk by black tendrils as Eddie goes about his business
  • Symbiote takes over while Eddie is asleep and goes to eat whomever it wants
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Here is your friendly reminder that

  • Eggsy Unwin
  • Harry Hart
  • Jaime Lannister
  • Eddie Brock
  • Sam Emerson
  • Peter Parker
  • Miles Morales
  • Gwen Stacy
  • (All spiders from Into the Spider-Verse)
  • Haymitch Abernathy
  • Scott Summers
  • Dipper Pines
  • Stanley Pines
  • Diego Hargreeves
  • Fred Weasley
  • Chandler Bing
  • Flynn Rider
  • Marty McFly
  • Heinz Doofenshmritz
  • Peter Quill

And whoever else you want is trans!!!

Never let anybody take your headcanons away from you! They are just as valid as any other! Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

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