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#eddie diaz
ktinaj · 2 minutes ago
In "Buck Begins," young Buck takes note of how his parents give him attention only when he's hurt and they're worried. He's the "daredevil that he is" because Evan sees that putting himself in danger equals being seen and getting the affection he craves. Adult Buck is aware of how toxic this is and supposedly is working on it in therapy and through talking with his parents.
But "Survivors," Buck puts himself in danger once again, and it's only after taking this risk that Taylor gives him the (romantic) attention he's been seeking from her. Taylor only pursues Buck and takes him out of the friend zone after he's put his life at risk and caused her to worry. And despite whatever progress he's made in therapy, this action must reaffirm his old belief that hurt = affection. (I just know Dr. Copeland is cringing.) It's a terrible way to begin a relationship in general, but for Buck? It's especially not good.
And the same episode, you have Eddie hear Buck vocalize that he wishes he'd been the one to get shot, and Eddie makes the decision to share with Buck about the change of his will. The important difference here is that Eddie made this change a year ago. Putting Buck in his will as the sole person to be responsible for his son, his heart, his entire world is a huge display of affection, regardless of what their relationship is to each other at this point (platonic or romantic). Eddie made this decision a year ago, on his own, never said anything. To receive this gift, this huge display of trust and love, Buck didn't have to do anything except be himself. Eddie didn't make this choice because Buck got hurt. In fact, it emphasizes that he wishes the complete opposite of Buck getting hurt. Isn't the difference so clear? The contrast of Taylor kissing Buck after his stunt versus Eddie's confession of how important Buck is (and has been) to him? Eddie's love for Buck is everything Buck wants and deserves; it's proof that someone can love him for who he is, that he is enough and that putting himself in danger does not have to be the prerequisite for receiving love and affection.
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eddiediazisascorpio · 7 minutes ago
Here’s the second chapter of my meet-cute fic series. In this chapter, Buck is a spy, who runs into Eddie while on a mission. This is the third time I’ve tried to upload this lol so I hope the link works this time? Anyway I hope whoever reads it likes it
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skyjane85 · 24 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Ryan Guzman as Eddie Diaz in 9-1-1 on Fox
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thisissirius · 32 minutes ago
Eddie being very touchy and clingy as a child before he was taught to repress that is something that can be so personal
did anyone ask, anon.
but yes, yes that's EXACTLY how he was.
@capseycartwright please put this in your fic!!!!!
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afleetingindecency · 35 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Your tags K.O.'d me worse than Buck's game character lol 😵
Lmao, did I lie, tho...?
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yellowdaisy2023 · an hour ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: 9-1-1 (TV) Rating: General Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Evan "Buck" Buckley/Eddie Diaz (9-1-1 TV) Characters: Evan "Buck" Buckley, Eddie Diaz (9-1-1 TV) Additional Tags: Jenny trend, Jenny by Studio Killers, First Kiss, Nervous Evan "Buck" Buckley Series: Part 25 of Random One-Shots Summary:
Buck sees the Jenny trend on Instagram and decides to try it out on Eddie.
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I believe Eddie will realize feelings before Buck. I think Buck would have too hard of a time keeping his feelings quiet. He said he quit the Seals when they wanted a robot and he couldn’t do that. Eddie on the other hand can keep a secret - legal guardian - and isn’t great at showing emotion or I guess you could say he is just more guarded with his emotions. See his reaction to Christopher being lost in the Tsunami and even Shannon’s death he kept it together until he was by himself.
Anything could happen tbh. Because the fact that Eddie is more reserved with his feelings could also mean that he doesn’t really realise what he’s feeling since he doesn’t let himself have those feelings; whereas we have seen how Buck is more in tune with his, especially since he has been going to a therapist.
Buck said he didn’t want to be robot, not that he couldn’t be one, because we have also seen him completely shutting off his emotions when Eddie is in danger and he has to keep working. And he has also said that his therapist has told him that he never says what he’s really feeling, so he can definitely not show them if he wants to.
So either way could be possible, I think. Even though right now I also think Eddie has been softer around Buck, which makes me think he’s the one that knows ✨something✨, but we’ll have to wait and see what Tim and the writers have in mind.
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buttercupbuck · an hour ago
daily reminder that if you’re not latinx, stop talking about how much you want eddie to speak spanish. it’s weird
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dottiesficrecs · an hour ago
dream of some epiphany by extasiswings
Rating: Mature
Ships: Buck/Eddie
Warnings: None Apply; loneliness; war trauma (not super graphic)
Word Count: 7k
Summary: Evan Buckley is lost.
It’s happenstance that he wanders into the navy recruiting center—he’s been in San Diego for a few weeks, bartending late nights and weekends, living in a house with three other guys not because he needs the roommates but because he doesn’t want to be alone, and the military is…respectable. Stable. So Buck thinks maybe and opens the door.
Buck leaves ten minutes later with a set of printed instructions for sending his first letter, assured that he can drop it off whenever he’s ready, and a name.
Staff Sergeant Edmundo “Eddie” Diaz.
Notes: I love love love the penpal trope and this one is so wonderfully done. Seeing them come together the way they do, first over letters and through baring their hearts to each other, and then later in person... so good!!!
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amourbleue · an hour ago
eddie diaz had an emo phase
-i can NOT look at this man and think anything other than he definitely listened to my chemical romance religiously at one point 
-isn’t he the epitome of the “it’s not a phase” cliche???
-tried on eyeline one (1) time but his sisters took easily 1,000 photos
-buck finds out and begs the diaz clan to show him said pictures
-he hears a g-note and stares dramatically into the distance
-his favorite album is bullets because i said so
-never got one but he desperately yearned for a studded belt, you know the one
-secretly vibed to afycso by panic! but refused to admit it
-had a crush on pete wentz
-brushed his hair into a classic emo side-bang
(blame @pinkypurse for indulging me)
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matan4il · an hour ago
Hi, I saw your Buddie meta 412, it was interesting. But can I enlighten you with a thought? What if 412 was actually a metaphor for Buddie? After all you talked about in one of your metas that you had to basically find treasure in one of the episode for buddie content. lmao. What if the treasure was Buddie and we were the treasure hunters. In that episode Athena said "You have to do something because people are droping like flies" to the author. What if that was her being the executive producer
Hi Nonnie! Oooh, I like this metaphor! TBH, a part of me is scared you may be more sophisticated than the writers themselves... but who knows, maybe we're not giving them enough credit. Maybe they did poke fun at themselves in this way. They certainly did it with the Mateo/Marvin thing (both being played by the same actor) in the 911/LS crossover, so you might be onto something! Thank you for sharing and I hope you're having a great day! xoxox
Also, just wondering: would there be someone following this blog that wouldn't mind helping me with sorting through my 911/Buddie meta asks? Please feel free to DM me! Thanks in advance! xoxox
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bestillmyirishheart · 2 hours ago
Day 1 Evan Buckley Week 2021
“You look beautiful” + fluff
"Take on the World" on AO3
Buck/Eddie, 2480 words
Buck has an encounter during a call that leads to Eddie taking a much needed and appreciated step.
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Okay! I was out for a couple days and am catching up, clearly missed some Eddie drama 🙄 (could people just stop).
But I am interested in furthering the discussion on potential conflict next season. You said, and I agree, that both Buck and Eddie are in a good place right now. But Tim doesn’t like his characters to be comfortable for very long. So I agree with the anon who feels a conflict is coming. It just feels inevitable with how the storylines ebb and flow. BUT I think it is going to be more of a misunderstanding between the two of them more than I guess a conflict. Almost a stepping stone in their relationship. It would also help with the timeline you had for what their relationship (in my opinion).
I could see Buck stretching himself too thin trying to be there for everyone. Depending on the time jump, he would in theory be balancing a sister with PPD, a new girlfriend, a best friend’s trauma of being shot, hanging out with best friends kids and navigating that relationship knowing he is the legal guardian, and finally dealing with his own trauma of seeing his best friend shot. And while their communication is good, I think Buck doesn’t always listen to what Eddie is telling him. Ex. Eddie calling him Evan (☺️) to get his attention and try to make Buck understand how loved/valued he is. Eddie is very careful with his words when expressing his feelings and I can see Buck not getting it once again and Eddie becoming frustrated as I think he was throughout season 4 (ex. See all soft Eddie Diaz looks towards Buck 👀). Of course all these feeling could be because I just read a great work on AO3 that fell along these same lines. 😂 Now that I’ve written you a novel! What’s you opinion?
As I said many times, yes I do think that after that big change during the last episode of the season, there may be some adjustments and misunderstandings, but I still say it’s not going to be a conflict. Even if Tim loves drama, the Oxford dictionary of the English language defines conflict as:
a situation in which people, groups or countries disagree strongly or are involved in a serious argument
Therefore we have only seen conflicts between:
Athena and Michael during season 1,
Athena and Bobby at the end of season 4,
Bobby and Athena against Buck during the pilot,
Buck and his family (including Maddie) during Buck Begins,
Buck and Bobby to ignite the lawsuit arc and Buck and Bobby to end the lawsuit arc,
Buck and Eddie during the lawsuit arc,
And obviously, Maddie and Doug, although I wouldn’t consider that a conflict and more like abuse towards one person.
As you can see, there haven’t been many conflicts throughout the 4 seasons we have seen and only (1) of them is between Buck and Eddie. Mainly because we have also been shown that their communication skills with each other work perfectly.
So, yeah, I do think there may be some misunderstandings or some mixed feelings especially if they are going down the pining!Eddie road as most of you think, but I still think it’s not going to be a conflict.
However, in those discussions, I don't think Buck not listening to Eddie is going to be a problem, because he always does.
And I mean, having trouble is part of real life, it happens to all of us, so it has nothing to do with dramatics and Tim, it’s just how life is. I get mad about things my friends do all the time, the key to keep being friends and having meaningful relationships is to talk about then and get better.
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djdangerlove · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
9-1-1 what’s your emergency? Cardiac obliteration.
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stationoneeighteen · 5 hours ago
I was rewatching 3x06 and the part where Athena tells Bobby that she’s knows he hasn’t been able to sleep because there are ‘seven different types of baked goods in our kitchen’ got me thinking.... We know Bobby was teaching Buck how to cook, what if this is something that Buck picks up from Bobby - using cooking as a stress reliever. 
Building on this, one morning Eddie and Christopher wake up to find that Buck has cooked a full spread for breakfast, made Christopher’s lunch and already working on dinner. 
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i-am-irondad · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Evan Buckley Week  →  Day 1: Evan + favourite scene ↳ Finding Christopher :  3x03 - The Searchers 
“He was looking for Buck.”
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