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#eddie diaz honestly omg
himbo-buckley · a year ago
That the thing with eddie strut and interrupting buck, they cant even try to be say oh.. eddie was was interested in her because we know he was still waiting form shannon. Then with abbey, he tried to storm off but couldn't instead it was a jealous/tense awkward climb
Hello friend 🥰
Yeah, we see Eddie’s reactions to two of Buck’s lady friends (for lack of a better word) and each time he acts weirdly jealous
Just like when he learns that Buck slept with his therapist
And Buck isn’t really much better with the way he acts about Shannon coming to the firehouse and the way he’s so gleeful about Eddie messing up with Ana in 3.12
It’s a pattern and I really hope, if they keep Ryan on, they can keep the dynamic alive and Tim comes through and all of this leads to somewhere
Because it’s been 2 Seasons and it’s supported by text and having two macho dudes being mlm would be groundbreaking
Give me positive bi/pan rep 😭
Edit: just saw my phone turned having into sexing and honestly: #mood
(Obviously I changed it out)
(And now I’ll stop editing)
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jackles-coded · 16 days ago
Babe, I think I’m gonna cry.
im so new to tumblr and don’t really know how to work it yet. And then I ended up in the wrong side of tumblr. And people are literally trying to manifest Eddie’s death and are calling Ryan’s acting sh*t and it’s. I’m not gonna go there again, but I’m just- I’m digging myself into a really bad hole, cause I’m already in a bad place mentally right now.
I mean, I know it’s not in the job description but can you… I don’t know. Is there any way to comfort me a little?🥺
Omg Nonnie, I'm coming!!!! Please don't cry!!!!
Tumblr media
First of all, how dare people try to manifest Eddie's death? That's truly horrible. I hope they don't mind me manifesting my foot kicking them where the sun don't shine because that's about to happen if I see any of that crap anywhere on this hellsite.
Secondly, while it's their opinion of Ryan's supposed "shitty acting" I beg to differ:
Tumblr media
Above is Eddie's non-heart eyes, a somewhat restrained smile though he's attentive to what Ana is saying and politely engaged, but he obviously has something on his mind (even if we didn't know what was coming)
Tumblr media
Above is Eddie's performative smile, wide but tight in some areas, still slightly restrained
Tumblr media
Above is Eddie's sneaky (or thinks he's being sneaky anyway) heart eyes
Tumblr media
Above is Eddie's unrestrained, happy and full of enjoyment smile (hard to see from the side but it's there) as he laughs
Tumblr media
Above is where Chim's words hit Eddie and he realizes this may be the end for Shannon (this to me is one of my favorite scenes of Ryan's in season 2 - he absolutely did this beautifully, you can see the tears increasing in his eyes, it was that good)
And all of these examples are Ryan. This is his performance as Eddie Diaz. He said it himself, he understands the character. I'll admit that before I saw the show, I didn't know anything really about Ryan's career. I had only seen him in The Boy Next Door with Jennifer Lopez and if I'm being honest, I wasn't impressed. That's why I figured I never heard of him again in any more mainstream movies. But then when I watched this show, he absolutely took me by surprise and blew me away. I not only fell in love with the character but also his portrayal of the character. My opinion of his acting abilities only grew the more and more layers I saw that he was bringing to Eddie. Not only that but he seemed to understand Eddie in a way that made me appreciate him as an actor and wanting to see him in other roles. (same for Oliver who I had never heard of before until I saw 911, same for Aisha Hinds and Kenneth Choi and Peter Krause) Ryan has the acting chops. He may not be in an Oscar worthy role at the moment, breaking ground and starving himself to drop 50 pounds (or stuffing himself to gain them) to have this big transformation onscreen that we've seen other actors do over the years, but that doesn't take away from the role he performs or the job he does every single day on set, and does it well. Same goes for Oliver.
So for anyone to sit there and crap on Ryan's acting, again, it's their prerogative but they're wrong in saying that the man can't act. He very clearly can.
Honestly, Nonnie, I think what you came across, if I had to guess, is more of the Ryan hate that's been going around since last year. (other nonnies and I discussed this and how some people on here perceive Ryan and his views on Buddie further here & here) That it has more to do with their dislike of him based on what he said a year ago than it is his acting or the character/his story itself. I had no idea what occurred last year since I wasn't in the fandom then, but when I did finally hear of it this year, I was shocked to discover that people demanded his firing and even started petitions to have Eddie recast (which obviously didn't go anywhere). And all I could think was, I get why people are pissed, I really do, but #1) people make mistakes and they often forget to include the context of him reacting to people sending death threats to his pregnant wife at the time (not excusing what he said but like any other case, we have to take all the facts into consideration), #2) he did apologize at some point after being called out publicly by his co-workers including Oliver (so that definitely means there was a conversation between him and his people and the network/show), and #3) that recasting would be an absolute mistake and it would ring the death knell for the show. I'm not saying 911 is all about Buddie, it's definitely not, it's an ensemble cast, but if anyone thinks that one of the main draws for people to continue watching every week isn't Buddie, then they're only kidding themselves. But thankfully, the network/show seems to have worked it out. And I will say this, after 4x14, I don't see them killing Eddie off. I think if Ryan ever left the show, of his own volition or not, killing Eddie would also ring one death knell for the show. While a lot of people love Buck and Chim and the other characters, a lot of people do love Eddie's character and Christopher. Even if Buck took over as legal guardian for Christopher (to keep him in the show), whether Eddie left or died, there would always be a negative space in the scenes of Buck and Christopher, meaning no matter how hard the show might try to draw the audience's attention away from that, it wouldn't work. Who is missing from that scenario would be too loud. And Tim isn't an idiot, he knows this. So, Nonnie, don't worry. I don't see Eddie being killed off and those chuckleheads on the wrong side of Tumblr can manifest all they want, it's not happening. The only time the show could have gotten away with it (and I say this loosely and hypothetically) was when Eddie was shot in 4x13. And the show chose not to do that. Because it doesn't make sense to the story they're telling, just as a general rule of good story telling. So good luck manifesting that, idiots.
As far as Tumblr goes, I've been right where you are and I too am still trying to learn the ropes here. I've been very fortunate that 96% of my asks have been very positive and I've found some amazing and supportive mutuals on here for all of my main fandoms I've been in and out of. If I can give you some advice, Nonnie, one thing I've definitely learned, though, is you need to curate your experience as best as you can. Meaning, if you need to block a blog, do it. Don't feel bad and don't worry about that blogger might think. I can't tell you how liberal I've been with the block button lately. Anything that is going to upset you or not make you feel good, when you come on here to enjoy the things you love, block it. If you don't want to see something specific in the tags, go to your account settings:
Tumblr media
Then scroll down to the filters part:
Tumblr media
You can see some tags in both screenshots I've added here. Click on the edit button:
Tumblr media
And just add things like "anti eddie diaz" or "anti ryan guzman" or "ryan guzman hate" or anything you don't want to see. Tumblr will filter it for you. And as you move through the site more and find some blogs to follow, you'll see posts pop up on your dash that will be greyed out and will tell you that's it blocked due to the filter and you can still see it if you want to but they won't show it to you unless you click on it.
And one thing I definitely recommend that I tend to do 98% of my time on this site is scroll right past the stuff I don't want to see. For example, one of my tags is anti Buddie but when I go into the Eddie Diaz tag I always saw posts that hated on the ship and its shippers and was pro Eddie/Ana (until recently anyways). I just kind of rolled my eyes and scrolled past all that bs. Even when they brought it into my inbox, I just laughed it off and was like "sure, Jan, sure". (and I'm not showing you that to bring more negativity to your doorstep, that's the last thing you or anyone needs, but to show you that this is just some of the ridiculousness you'll come across on this site and you just kind of have to go "okay, sure, right", give them the one finger salute, and then go hunt down the content you're looking for) There will always be that special brand of fucknut negativity on here but the good thing, the positive usually outweighs the bad. For example, I love Destiel and Dean. That fandom experience, to me, was one of the harshest and still continues to be. Not so much that I got hit with a lot of hate myself, but I watched other people get hit with it and I really learned from how they handled themselves. They didn't stop posting what they wanted and basically took the attitude of "I'm gonna love Destiel and Dean harder". And thanks to them, I was able to curate my own experience in the Destiel and Dean tags, find my mutuals to follow, and navigate the fandom. I knew not to go into the "Sam" tag for example, not because I don't love Sam, but a lot of the hate tends to reside in that tag. But the mutuals I followed do post Sam content from time to time and so it's a win-win for me.
I don't know if any of this helps you, Nonnie. I hope it does and I hope I was able to bring you a little bit of comfort. I know what it was like starting out on this site and a lot of it was frankly overwhelming. But now I enjoy my experience with it and all of my different fandom travels. And I only hope you will start to have that soon, too. I think doing the filter blockage will definitely help. =) And I'm sorry, Nonnie, I've been there and the last thing you need is any kind of negativity or seeing things that upset you. So only look at things that make you feel happy and that you truly enjoy. I wish I could give you a hug, Nonnie, but for now this will have to do: 🫂 And if you need any recs on positive blogs to follow or some cheering up in the future for anything you come across that may be negative in nature, hit me up. I'm always here, Nonnie, and I will always provide comfort where I can. =) Sending you kisses, love, and all the good thoughts I can!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3
Tumblr media
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matan4il · 4 months ago
So after a day of having fun in the canyon, playing in the creek with my nephews and grandkids and having a picnic; on the ride home Devils Don't Fly by Natalia Kills came on and all I could think about is Eddie after being honorably discharged and struggling to fit back into civilian life, becoming a single father to Christopher, fitting into the 118 and the fight club phase. Like he's trying so hard but he still feels like he's still not good enough. Then there's Buck always nearby, Eddie's guardian angel for him and Chris, and perhaps he just might be enough for him. Buck wouldn't flinch or turn away if Eddie falls.
Hi lovely! First off, that sounds like such a wonderful day, I'm so happy you got to have that quality time with the little ones! *hugs* Second, all I can say is... sdfkjhsdfkhsajdfs YES. Yes to all of this and clearly I need to listen to this song and just drown in my feels. As if that's not what's happening to me just reading your ask... Thank you so much for sharing this with me! Sending tons of hugs and love your (and your family's) way! xoxox
Hi Alice! I hope you’re doing okay and your vertigo improves real soon 🧡 I have some Thoughts about the finale and would love to hear yours! So Eddie’s welcome home party... 1) am I the only one who thought it was weird af for Taylor to be there? Like I know they all did the treasure hunt together but last I heard, they weren’t friends. And only Eddie’s closest fam/friends were there. She looked so out of place! That felt uncomfy and I hated it. 2) do we think Ana had met Abuela and Pepa before this party, or do we think this is their first time meeting? 3) not about the party but about when Buck got Eddie into the ambulance. When I first watched this scene I was allllllll heart eyes over Eddie being worried about Buck when he asked “are you hurt?”. Like are you kidding me! 🥺 But knowing what we know now, Eddie was worried about what will happen to Chris. Because who will take after Chris if they’re both dead! So to be honest, I hope we get a hurt Buck in season 5... because if we do get a pining, jealous Eddie, I would love to see Buck as the primary focus of Eddie’s concern (more than just background hand holding while they rescue him, I want WORDS, worrying, doting, Eddie trying to cook for Buck, ROOMMATES, TEARS...). Because I feel like we would finally get to see Eddie’s carefully constructed walls come down (listen idk... a crying, vulnerable Eddie just does it for me 🤷🏼‍♀️) and I would sell my soul for that to happen lmao Thank you for letting me word vomit on you 🙃🧡
Thank you so much for the kindness, Nonnie! Especially regarding the vertigo. I have physiotherapy again today. It's been over a year and I'm gonna have to talk to her about whether there's a chance for it to pass, or I'm just being delusional when I still hope that it would. :(
I def agree that it was weird that Taylor was there. Her and Eddie have never been shown to have any meaningful interaction that would justify having her there. She was clearly at the party because of Buck, except she was there when he wasn't, even though she has basically even less of a connection to any of the characters waiting at the Diaz household than she does to Eddie. And she's not yet officially Buck's girlfriend as far as we know, they only now kissed. Wouldn't it make more sense for her to either arrive with him, arrive later or just... not be there? But she is there, waiting for Eddie, which I think says something about how much the show sees Buck as integrated into the Diaz family, that nobody stopped and doubted having someone external to the family being there simply because of a connection to Buck... Evan Buckley is Basically a Diaz, part 19837.
OMG, if that was Abuela and Pepa's first time meeting Ana AND Taylor, just imagine the amount of awkward small talk that was happening while they were waiting for Buck and Eddie to arrive. XD We have no indication if they'd met Ana before and honestly, that's another reminder of how little the show has invested in Ana, because meeting your partner's family (not just their kid) does matter. That we didn't see it, whether it was at the party or before, is such a clear signal that the show thinks of Ana as little more than a cardboard cutout that has "Eddie's s4 girlfriend" scribbled across it.
Honestly, I would love Eddie showing his love and concern for Buck in whatever way we got it, I loved all the soft looks and focus on Buck's well being in s4, and I would love acts of service in s5. I'm just here for all of it. As @loveyourownsmiilee says (one of the best tags on Tumblr, period) - give me Buddie or give me hell. I'll even take the hell of watching those two pine endlessly for each other, doting on each other and yelling at my TV in frustration for them to get a clue already. Because they're the best thing that the other one could ever have and I'm just hear to cry about that forever.
Nonnie, this was a superb ask! Thank you so much for sharing it with me! I hope you're having a great day... xoxox
And I am still slowly catching with my asks, yes. But I am making some progress, so I hope you all are enjoying the replies. If you think you might have missed a response to your ask, you can always check that on my ask or my Buddie meta tag. xoxox
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claire-nyc · 8 months ago
Buddie thoughts 4x02 🚨 spoilers 🚨
- alone together -
Remember how last week I was like gold star for those of you who read my long ass post ? Well... my loves here I go again and this is about to be a real long winded one, so I apologize in advance 🤷🏼‍♀️
First of all, they got Eddie off the damn roof, he was with the crew and he had lines, and he was shown a very normal amount so we’re wining fam ! Also Ryan is in the next episodes, he isn’t dying in the crossover, he was filming yesterday, Eddie is featured again in the 911 social media, I think it’s time to chill on that front my loves.
Okay can we talk about Buck and Eddie turning around to leave after Bobby makes up the teams at 5:00 at the exact same time? Can we ? Synchronized husbands at it again ? Yes we do love to see it ! I love the fact that they both leave together and Hen and Chim have their little « punishment for bad jokes moment » I feel like it underlines the real partnerships even if they’re split up on this one.
Also I’m gonna need things to go back to normal and Buck and Eddie to go back to working as partners all the time, thank you very much. Especially since they’re going to get split up on the crossover (yes it makes sense but I’m hoping after these first few eps we go back to the og partners).
Listen I’m not gonna lie, Buck being paired up with Chim clearly was done to further Chim’s storyline regarding his Covid fears and I did love it. Buck really is done having Chim on his couch and he isn’t backing down but he’s still such a good friend and 100% supportive and I adore him for it.
« Or maybe they just got separated » okay maybe it’s just me but when Buck said that line talking about the baby and his parents ? My brain went straight up to the tsunami. Like it really felt like a throwback to him and Chris in the Tsunami 🥺
Eddie still looks like he’s done with life and he honestly had me cackling with the guy in the mud. Like boy wants this day to be over, he just spent a long ass time on that roof, he wants a nap. He does not want to be hiking up anywhere, much less to the fallen Hollywood sign, and I love him for it. « Hey you can’t drown in quick sand [...] but, the more you struggle... » he’s like buddy chill, he’s so done omg 😂
What was that rope scene? What was that? Like excuse me sirs, why are you like this? Don’t mind Eddie setting everything up and then just securing Buck’s harness for absolutely no reason. And casually getting the damn axe out his belt and handing it to him, looking at him like that. It’s like they just can’t help it, at this point it’s the way they are, they just have this partnership and that’s the way they function.
Also at this point it’s canon that they always work together when it’s a rope rescue and Eddie is running the pulley while Buck is on the ropes. Look at how many times it’s happened now, this has clearly become a thing.
Now can we please talk about what’s going on with Buck and Eddie ? Because something is going on. I’m not saying it’s romantic, I’m not saying it’s not, I don’t know what happened but something did. They’re clearly still the work husbands we know them to be. They’re naturally in sync, they have the same working flow they’ve always had, they still don’t know what personal space is, but something is different. It really does feel like something happened at some point during the time jump. I don’t know what but there are clearly weird vibes between them.
CHRISTOPHER MY SUNSHINE CHILD !!! Omg people if I tell you I screamed? I really did scream when he appeared on screen. I’ve missed him so much. He’s the cutest little bean and that scene with the boys cuddling in bed and falling asleep while Carla is reading them a story about « invisible strings connecting people who love each other » was my undoing. It was all I wanted for tonight and my little marshmallow heart melted. 💕
Okay while I really enjoyed the mirrored zoom with Maddie and Chim x Buck and Albert I’m just gonna say it : Albert needs to find an apartment. Like why do people keep crashing with Buck when he literally has a tiny ass loft. The only wall in there is for the bathroom, Buck doesn’t have an actual bedroom. I guarantee you unless he’s doing his therapy sessions in the bathroom with the water running everyone would be able to hear what he’s saying. People have been invading his space for a while now and he’s the nicest guy out there, of course he’s not going to say no. I really hope therapy helps him with that because I think he deserves personal space and intimacy too, as much as I love Albert.
« Good morning Evan, how are you ? » okay so we knew he’s been seeing a therapist, we knew. But when she came on I went like heck yes. You know why ? Because Dr Copeland has a comforting smile and reassuring presence and I’m here for him finally seeing a competent professional. « I’ve been thinking a lot about what you said in our last session » Tim was right, he is ready to commit to this, he’s made this choice for himself and he’s actually working on it and thinking about it between sessions and I love that for him. « How I hide my true feelings from others, I’m starting to think you might be right » okay so I don’t know what he was talking about, it could be a lot of things, it could be buddie related, it could be family related, it could be friends related but I think most importantly he’s starting to realize it might be a generalized issue for him and that’s amazing.
I will say I still have questions, like I want to know where Chris was when Eddie wasn’t with him and I want to know who stays with Chris during the day since he’s clearly not seeing Carla?
Now let’s talk about that promo for next week’s crossover because wow we got so much in those little promos and I cannot wait for next week 🤩
Please, please, please give me Judd and Eddie being friends, like I don’t let myself get carried away often, but I headcanon this so hard and I need it in my life.
« Watchu waiting for Hollywood » excuse me, this is your friendly neighborhood Buddie hoe talking here but can we talk about Buck’s face in the back ?? Baby boy is not having it, his face literally screams yo who tf you calling Hollywood? Cause I know it’s not my husband?!
« You think it’s gonna be weird? Fighting fires with other departments? » naw I love this because Buck clearly does think it’s gonna be weird and he isn’t really known for playing nice when he’s suddenly thrown in with new people. Also excuse me boys, why are you standing so close? What was the reason? They really said fuck personal space, we don’t know her and she can’t sit with us.
Their faces when Hen says it’s gonna be fun and that she’s never been to Texas, I just love seeing them interacting like that !
Things I’m looking forward to:
Buck confiding in Maddie next episode and going into more details about what he was thinking about talking to the therapist.
Hopefully more Chris scenes and details about what’s been happening in Eddie’s life.
Buck/Chris scenes because we still haven’t had that and I trust Oli so like plz give us the scenes ?? Also I really want one Buckley-Diaz family scene
The team dealing with a bomb threat
The boys getting ready to go down to Texas and Buddie interactions
The crossover because I know we’ll have some Buddie moments even if they’re subtle and I can’t wait for it! 💕
Okay this time that’s it loves, I’m sorry for how long this one got 🤦🏼‍♀️ what did you think of Buddie this ep?
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us-buddie · 4 months ago
What are your top 10 9-1-1 episodes (in no particular order) and why? Feel free to tag other blogs in your answer and ask them the same question. I’d love to see everyone discussing this 😊
Omg nonnie thanks so much for sending this to me and with that note, I was tagged by lovelies @on-maars and @a-beautiful-struggle-of-life thank you so much I love you ❣❣
Wow it's really hard to pick up the top 10 episodes but I'll try..
1. 1x07- that was kind of the first silly episode that everyone in firefarm involved and just trying to get through the shift smoothly as possible. Honestly I may not remember that correctly ..
2. 2x01- besides the what a man moment and besides the Athena and Bobby's relationship reveal. When I first saw Ryan and Gavin I literally jumped out of my place and that was one of the things that kept me with the show. Plus the fact that he playing a role as a father of kid with disability is really interesting and refreshing to me.
3. 2x06- I didn't know that Ryan could play some comedy stuff so it was very funny to Eddie and Buck got high 🤣.
4. 2x09- I really love Hen's story and I really admire the fact she is so strong woman and she stood up for herself. I can still remember her speech.
5. 2x13- Buck is trying to save his sister Maddie and Eddie is trying to comfort him ... this is everything to me.
6. 3x03- and I don't think I need to explain more. The photograph is literally explaining this better.
7. 3x12 - I already said it before and I will say it again. Fools is the episode for me. Whenever I need to feel hopeful for my future or for my self confidence I go and watch this episode.
8. 4x03- Eddie being paranoid from hidey is so damn funny.
9. 4x12- seriously I really had dilemma between this and the jinx episode. But I don't like A*a so... also Eddie being jealous was so hot
10. 4x14- I'm still not over it and yet it's just pure perfection.
Tagging : @deluweil @shannon-diaz @outrunningthedark @sainteddie @luifairesaigner @buddiextarlos @justsmilestuffhappens @matan4il @cynefinhome @hmslusitania @i-am-irondad @sometimesimfandomtrash @sonseulsoleil @loveyourownsmiilee @classicful @eddiediazisascorpio @buckbuckley @mellaithwen @lesbianlizzie @lesbiandiaz @ravens-words @bitchy-witchy-post-mortem and you. Please consider me tagging YOU.
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celery-elliry · 11 days ago
Day 11 of Prompt List: Shadow
Fandom: 9-1-1
Pairing: Evan Buckley/Eddie DIaz
Note: HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAMMMM!!!! WOOO HERE'S YOUR PROMPT! anyway, so it's just about how Chris has a nightmare and Buck helps him, and Eddie has a little bit of pining at the end lmao
Tagging: @useless-fanfictions
Buck wakes up startled, not really sure what awoke him until he hears it again. Christopher’s crying. He jumps up from the couch where he was sleeping—there’s no way he could’ve slept in Eddie’s room—and rushes into Christopher’s room. he’s curled up near the top of his bed, the covers are thrown above him, and he’s crying into his pillow.
“Hey, buddy,” Buck murmurs as he walks closer, turning his bedside lamp on, “What’s wrong?”
“I-I saw something,” Christopher sobs. Buck reaches for the blankets, but they pull against his hand because Christopher tightened his hold.
“What did it look like?” Buck asks, unsure of how to approach the situation. He looks around the room and doesn’t see anything, he assumes it was just a nightmare Chris was having, so he went at it the way he thought best.
“It was b-big and scary, but it just looked like a shadow,” the blankets shift a bit.
“Mm. Well, there’s no one else here Chris, unless you count me.”
“You’re not scary Buck,” Christopher giggles a little bit, peeking out from under the blankets and quickly looking around.
Buck puts a hand to his chest and makes a shocked face, “really?” he gasps.
Christopher giggles again, and Buck wipes his tear-stained cheeks.
“But really, there isn’t anything in your room,” Buck says.
“Are you sure?” Christopher asks, looking around once more, even though he doesn’t have his glasses so he can’t see that much of the room around him.
“I’m sure,” Buck smiles at him, and slowly Chris smiles back.
“Okay,” Christopher sighs. Buck stands up and walks over to the door.
“Goodnight, Chris.”
“Wait, you’re leaving?” Chris asks.
“We both need to go to sleep,” Buck says softly. He wants to go, but he really can’t when Chris gives him the most innocent, puppy dog face, so he walks back over and sits down.
“Will you read me a story?” He asks, pointing to his bookshelf. It’s the book that Buck had been reading him for the last few times he’s spent the night, so he gets up and grabs it before sitting back down.
“Okay, but only one chapter,” Buck adds, and Christopher nods.
Eddie steps out of his truck, grabbing his bag in the passenger seat in the process. He passes Buck’s jeep in the driveway and unlocks the door quietly as to not wake anyone up. The clock he passes reads 4:28 am, he had an entire 24-hour shift and so Buck was babysitting Chris for him. He’s been picking up some extra shifts here and there because he wants to get some more cash to take Christopher—and Buck—He looks over at the couch expecting to see a sprawled out already asleep Buck, but it’s empty. The bed is made, just empty. He sets his bag down in the hallway and decides to go check on Chris, so he opens the door slowly and almost gushes at the sight. Christopher’s still under the covers, but Buck is wrapped around him, a book discarded at the end of the bed.
Eddie walks closer, gives Christopher a forehead kiss, and gently rests his hand on Buck’s cheek. If only, he thinks, this is what I came to every day when I got home.
He plans to go take a shower and climb into his own bed, but he’s already here, and there’s enough room for him to slide right behind Buck and spoon him, so he does. He snuggles up against Buck, breathing in his scent and sighing in content. He swears that for a second, he feels Buck stiffen, but it’s gone so fast that Eddie thinks he probably was just imagining it. He’s exhausted and doesn’t want to go all the way to the room, or at least that’s the excuse he’ll use in the morning.
AAAA This was so fun honestly omg it's so soft and pining!Eddie my beloved. thanks for reading and if you saw any spelling or grammar mistakes, um, no you didn't <3
ps: I'm going to start a series thing on ao3 called "my best spook work" and it's going to be in my opinion my best little drabbles I've made lol, okay thank you
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judsonryder · 4 months ago
I know you're not feeling too good and already have a lot of messages, so do not feel pressured to answer this right away!!!! (or at all if you want to stay away from discourse!)
All the so called "proof" that Eddie & Ana are doomed are purely headcannons made to villianize her. Like, she doesn't like Buck? Who was keeping Buck updated on Eddie throughout 4×14? Who did she call after he woke up? Buck. I've already touched on the Christopher not liking Ana one, so I'll skip that one. Ana is overbearing & insertive? If anything, she seems a bit shy. Eddie's the one that called her for a date and she stood back and let him & Christopher reunite with Carla. She's also the one that suggested a break! She's not sticking around long so the writers don't give a shit about her (& her relationship with Eddie)? Nah, thats just bc they're both poc. I love them, but just look at how much bucktaylor we got in s4 (it's bc they're both white). Eddie doesn't trust her with Christopher?? Eddie doesn't really like her bc he didn't put her in his will like Buck (who he's worked with for FOUR YEARS & saved Chris during the tsunami) & bc Buck is the one that drove him home from the hospital??? Eddie doesn't like to be called 'Edmundo' so she's a bad person for still calling him that? Uh no, go back and watch 2×01, he says he doesn't like to be called 'DIAZ'.
Ooh, that got long, sorry. It's just I've been seeing tons of Ana hate lately (mixed in with the Eddie bashing, ugh).
oh thank you for that, dear! getting your message actually just gave me the push to open my inbox finally 😂💛
lmaao omg duuude literally all of this message is exactly what i’ve been thinking this whole time, honestly?! like it just reminds me of this morning when i was reading buddie fics, i found one that had an interesting summary but in the tags the author wrote something like they hated ana, they’re anti-ana, she’s basically the devil etc and i gave it a shot anyway, thinking MAYBE they would just exclude her from the fic if they hated her so much but.. nope. and they went so far out of their way to villainize her in their story that it was sooo out of character like literally everything they wrote her doing was like.. some evil bitch that hates christopher and hates buck and straight up wrote her in asking who buck even was like lskdjflsdlskd are you guys kidding me? if you don’t like her that’s fine, whatever, but just don’t go out of  your way and write her in the stories to bash on her and quit acting like she’s really this person who she is legitimately not? this behavior is sadly the reason the actress gets so much hate, too, and it just... ugh. it pisses me off so much!!
so like basically idgi with fandom - they want the two guys to be canon but pointedly hate on the poc woman that’s “in the way of the ship” who also doesn’t get nearly as much screen time (??) and turn everything she does into something it’s absolutely 100% not but they’ll ignore taylor (the white woman that’s “in the way” and also gets a looot more screen time) and just act like she doesn’t exist if it suits them.. idgi. it makes me so angry but also simultaneously makes me love ana more bc she definitely deserves the positive attention!  
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katierosefun · 4 months ago
omg i saw you're the seven husbands of evelyn hugo aaah !!! what do you think i mean you already said you think it's great but !!! who's your favorite (or least hated) husband so far if you have one :o
OHOHOHOOOOO yes okay i'm like halfway through (so i just started the section about rex, and yes, my brain blanked out because rex?), but like...i don't think i have a least hated husband so far? i know that evelyn marries harry cameron at one point, which i'm honestly looking forward to the most just because i adore their friendship and also um i don't want to spoil anything for the readers but like,,,,you and i both know that them getting married is probably the best idea out there.
(but then again, idk if harry might disappoint me too. i really hope not! i like his character too much. true friends who tell each other everything...please don't disappoint me harry i despise all the men in this book except for you--)
but if we're talking about the husbands i've read about so far, then i guess...maybe eddie diaz? like, idk i kind of despise him considering that evelyn was like "yeah i'm pretty sure he knew i was underage", but like...i think compared to folks like don adler (the way i was happy and then the chapter ended with that line and i was like "oh god") and mick riva (i know taylor jenkins reid has mick riva cameo her other books and i'm just like ma'am i love interconnectedness in books but why this slimeball), i mean................eddie diaz was just some gullible dude who at least got evelyn to california and divorced her when she requested it, you know? like. okay. you're a lil' creepy. but at least you cut it off when evelyn said she wanted to cut it off, you know?
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the-wardrobeintocamelot · 7 months ago
911 - Breaking Point - Live-blogging Pt. II
Eww, why is this math homework thing so sexual? Stooopppp. Ana, why are you trying to seduce the man while he’s trying to do fricken math problems and why are you doing that stupid thing with your hands!? Fuck. This is an embarrassment to teachers everywhere. I am ashamed for my profession. Thank you.
Oh great. And now the detention talk. 🤮 if anyone ever tried this on me, I would karate chop them in the fucking throat.
I’m sorry WHAT!? Edmundo Diaz would NOT make that fucking face or use that tone about tucking his son into bed. Christopher is his fucking pride and joy.
Oliver is so fucking cute. Honestly.
Okay but bedtime with Buck is everything to me and it’s almost enough for me to forgive the last scene. Almost. The way that Buck looks so happy and so fucking at home with his Diaz boys and knows all about the bedtime routine. Eddie calling him a miracle worker. KILL ME. 😭
A cautionary tale about a kid in a rotisserie!? Jesus Buck 😂
Chris. Trying to be sneaky to get information out of his dad. Bless. Whatta cutie. #OnBrand
This roommate situation is OUT. OF. HAND. You two need to lay down some fucking rules. Also Albert why the heck would you not assume Buck was coming home at some point after babysitting? Unless he usually stays over at the Diaz household... 😏
OMG is this baby actually going to come out. I’m pretty sure it’s been more than nine months.
Chim could deliver the baby... I mean it’s not like it would be the first time he’s delivered a baby. Oh. Yes. See Maddie. Hive-mind.
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ordinaryxgirl · 10 months ago
My favorite Buddie headcannons!!
Eddie has a possessive streak. I mean, we’ve seen on the show how badly he reacts when anything Abby related comes up, how wierd he acted when Taylor flirted with Buck... I don’t even think it has something to do with his insecurities, it’s just the territorial part of him screaming that there’s someone trying to steal what’s his.
Eddie’s parents are actually very nice people and very supportive of their relationship. I mean, I know we’ve seen their mistakes on the show before, but I like to believe they just want what’s best for Eddie and acted the wrong way because of it, I like to believe that deep down they would respect Eddie’s choice.
They’re the loves of each other’s lives. I mean, you obviously can love more than one person in your life, but I believe that since they’re healthier and stronger now, their bond is better and they allowed themselves to feel things like they never did before.
Christopher is also slightly possessive of Buck. We know that Buck adores children, but since his bond with Chris is obviously different from the rest, I can see Chris feeling wierd when Buck gets too close to other kids (and we have the whole ‘his Buck’ thing on the show, so...)
Buck’s the little spoon. I don’t make the rules guys, it’s just true. Eddie loves to have Buck in his arms, warm and safe and Buck loves the way it makes him feel embraced and cared for.
Buck absolutely adores when Eddie speaks Spanish. It’s not even a fetishing thing, it’s just that Eddie looks so confident and comfortable, he loves to see that part of him (and it’s also obviously hot, who can blame him).
They absolutely love to spend time with each other. This one’s basically canon since they are best friends after all, but I just know they have so much fun together and always look forward to try something new and tell each other about their day.
Eddie would ask for Bobby’s blessing before he proposed. We all know that Bobby treats Buck like his kid and Eddie has a traditional heart deep down, so it just makes sense (and there’s also the fact that the two of them are close, and Eddie values Bobby’s opinion and approval)
I honestly have so many more of those... let me know your favorites if you have any
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woodchoc-magnum · 7 months ago
911:Lone Star 2x06 Hate Watch
I finally watched it! Just in time for tomorrow’s boring ass episode.
Also I typed this as I was watching it so it is literally my stream of consciousness during the episode, apologies in advance.
Eddie to cleanse:
Tumblr media
Disclaimer: I hate this show, if you love this show, that’s cool! You do you boo
Hate under the cut:
This show is SO GROSS
They're not that close, wow
I mean yeah I would get so fucking sick of having someone attached to my head for sure
This show is the grossest
Naw they're friends again
Aw baby TK is learning how to drive the big boy truck what a good widdle boy
EXCUSE ME how did the guy in OG 911 drive the fire truck if it's this hard to start one?!
"Mom and Dad are having a BABY and they're ANCIENT"
I’m just throwing it out there, this baby ain't gonna be born
Judd is the best
They have to do laundry; why have I never considered this before?
Omg I have seen the lady who plays Paul's mother in so many things!
Oh the sister is straight up transphobic isn't she
I never met a Naomi I liked, just saying
(apologies to any Naomi's on my Tumblr, I'm sure you're great)
Are they going on a road trip in the middle of a pandemic?
Oh wait the pandemic doesn't exist in Lone Star does it
They do know they can't drive to the South Pole right, like you can't actually drive from Central America to South America
Oh no they have to replace zombie Tim
I miss zombie Tim
Remember when Tim got absolutely fucking annihilated by the lava rock that was so funny
The lady in the red sweater is Carla Gallo, she has been in a shit ton of things – but I will always remember her from Carnivale
Omg she headbutted that dude, they should hire her
Ooh potential new paramedic is hot but in a serial killer way?
In that he kinda looks like a serial killer
Some people have serial killer face I don't make the rules
Speaking of serial killer face, here's TK
"I am going to be a father" BITCH
I mean I hate them both BUT STILL
Naomi says Texas is a little dull for her – that's just the Lone Star filter
Yo I watch these YouTubers and they have videos in Texas and there's like, no brown filter? And the sky is blue? But I thought the sky in Texas was blue with a layer of brown over the top?!
Oh biiiitch "you of all people do not get to play the gender card" BITCH
What's your fucking problem Naomi
Uh oh, oh no
Now they're making me feel bad for her
Rob Lowe "he's been a little chilly"
Cyanide poisoning
Did the new paramedic… give her the cyanide? No okay it was the flowers, still I am suspicious
See we've got this scene with these two kids and if you'll notice, they're standing outside with a blue sky above them – now my YouTubers tell me that the Texan sky is blue, not a shitty shade of brown
And honestly I’m inclined to trust my YouTubers, they seem like nice people
Oh no are these two kids gonna get shot
Is the guy with the gun gonna get blown up
Why is Rob Lowe going into a minefield?
Oh this paramedic doesn't want to walk into a minefield wooow what a LOSER
I mean… I also wouldn't walk into a minefield
"I can do this" he says blandly
I hope TK blows up
How the actual fuck are they going to do this
What I love is that everyone else just stands around and watches them, no masks, no social distancing
Because there's no pandemic
I'd really like Rob Lowe to get blown up
Disappointed that Rob Lowe and TK did not get blown up
Wow TK what a hero
This week in 911: Rob Lowe, Rob Lowe navigates a literal minefield!
Serial killer paramedic is gonna quit
Wow they know about union reps in Austin (that was just a little OG lawsuit-arc burn there)
"A cowboy culture" okay dude
The dude you replaced DID get hit by a lava bomb, it was great
Oh his name is Pearce, why am I only just learning this now
Is Carlos in this show anymore or no?
Oh wow he goes to the hospital and he's WEARING A MASK
The sister has MS???
Someone should have told him
Okay we don't need to compete with each other's traumas now
Wow she got over the transphobia quickly
I mean can he have a storyline that isn't about transphobia
Wow TK is applying to be a paramedic WHO DIDN'T SEE THAT COMING
TK is getting even with Dad BY NOT WORKING WITH HIM ANYMORE that'll show you Dad
No Carlos?
Ooooooh Rob Lowe is a petty bitch
"Want to tell me what's going on with you?" "Well Dad you kinda act like me being your son doesn't fucking matter so that's why"
"TK is this really what you want?" yeah I get him not wanting to work with you
"Emotional reaction" TK has emotions?
This guy can't act
Someone needs to tell him that he can't act
"I don't think it's weird you're having another kid at your age" MATE I THINK IT'S WEIRD
Ugh god this is supposed to be emotional isn't it
Let's face it, this baby ain't gonna live
And if it does live I'll be shocked
It's nice that Paul's mother is so accepting of him though, she's so great. I pretty much love this actress anytime I see her in something
Oh they're having a boy wooow
That baby ain't gonna live
UGH "hey little brother I'll see you soon" I AM ROLLING MY EYES FOREVER
Overall verdict:
2/10 BUT a dude did blow up in a minefield and it was great so + 1000 for that makes it 1002/10, specifically - AND ONLY - for that one scene where that dude blew up
Tumblr media
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himbo-buckley · a year ago
With only eddie knowing where bucks from cause he would know, I'm now just imaging buck and eddie being bored little shits during their shift and deciding to see what the most outlandish thing they can say about buck past and have the team believe them.
Okay, let’s be honest: Buck “crime is hard” is way to straightforward for this, he’ll just keep confusing stuff or always doing too much or too little like Winston from New girl
But Eddie “sth to remember it by” Diaz and Maddie “not everything needs to be shared with the 118” Buckley?
Like just imagine the 118 is eating family Dinner:
Bobby: Buck, slow down, you’ll make yourself sick!
Chimney: Yeah, what? Were you raised by wolves?
Eddie *raising his fork to point*: actually Buck lived with wolves for a week when he was 5! Right, Buck?
Buck *mouth completely full but also mentally miles away with whatever topic he spent the night researching but always taking Eddie’s side anyways*: wha - um, I mean, yeah, sure, I did!
Maddie *randomnly popping in*: Yes, they named the reservoir after him because of this! God, Mom and Dad were so glad you ate your twin in the womb! Imagine two of him! *sighs dramatically *
Eddie *nods consolingly*: they’d have killed each other
Buck *popping back into the conversation, mouthing to Maddie*: I had a twin???
Bobby, Chim and Hen: *confused noises*
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loveyourownsmiilee · 5 months ago
Taylor hiding behind a tree so she doesnt get caught 😂, plus that why then they continue the treasure hunt. Tbh I feel like taylor was there eddie would look more jealous like why did you invite her and not me
Haha omg I love this!! I can totally see her doing that or hiding behind Buck to avoid the wrath of Eddie Diaz (kidding but can u imagine?) Honestly tho I lowkey wish she was there bc I would love nothing more than to get jealous Eddie in that scene. I want him to be like “umm wtf is going on here Buck? You sleeping with her again?” Like just give me something dammit. I mean I guess we’re gonna have to wait and see but this episode looks like it’s gonna be a fun one!
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zeethebooknerd · a year ago
9-1-1: Season 3 Episode 15 Live Blog
I’ve tagged this like 3 times for spoilers so don’t come for me lmao
Forgot to liveblog part of it lmao.
Wow I hear that spite in Shannon’s voice. honestly can’t blame her BUT also kinda can?
The necklace 😭
Why does Ryan have to force himself to act with his female love interests. What is going on.
Maybe I’m projecting LMAO
Buck my little baby
Eddie looks so fondly at Buck literally wtf is Ryan talking about
Evan Buckley is incapable of looking at Eddie Diaz with anything less that pure unadulterated love and I stand by that.
Hell if they just HELD HANDS, I would be more than happy.
Christopher is the light of my life omg
Those flashbacks, the slight dimming of Eddie’s smile...😭😭😭
Buck 😂😂😂😂
This baby :( Hayden :(((
Eddie is literally so sad maybe I love him a lot.
I’m here for Eddie taking the lead dear LORD he’s adorable
Defending Jacob! OH IT’S THAT PROMO
“Christopher’s a priority so you should stay home with him” okay but here’s the thing
Eddie holding a young Christopher 😭😭😭
She left him crying!
“You’re not the only one that feels alone.” my baby :((((
Not saying Shannon was wrong, but people really do not understand the horrors soldiers see...
30 minutes that I’m gonna die in
Eddie cutting the line completely! That’s definitely me but HOW ARE THEY GONNA GET DOWN THERE NOW. EDDIE.
he really cut the cord twice in one episode, huh?
The 118 looking like their world just shattered and honestly? Same.
Buck’s expression of pure panic :/ watch me turn this into pure whump LMAO
Him kissing that locket I’m...
and naturally there’s another song. Why can’t they just let us enjoy it.
they turned it into a stereotypical thing again. naturally. Why can’t we catch a break already.
But eh. It’s fine. It’s fine
Was he the leader? Literally everyone keeps calling for him.
maybe I’m crying so hard
3 bullets, BROKEN BONE, dislocated shoulder
That acting :(
Hands down one of my favourite scenes of Eddie ever.
“Daddy can be a hero in the kitchen.” 😂😂😂
There’s that huge adjustment period, and we can see it in Eddie’s behaviour, which is amazing on Ryan’s part.
Grant’s Christopher looks exactly like a younger Gavin’s Christopher
CHIMNEY AND EDDIE YES! That’s another Dynamic Duo I’d love to see more of tbh.
Oliver is an AMAZING, UNDERRATED actor, and you can see that in that scene because he’s not concerned about appearances. He genuinely flips out, first one off the ground because the love of his life his best friend is stuck down there. 
Buck would NEVER give up on Eddie. EVER.
We got so fed tonight omg.
Eddie’s parents...I just :( I understand it but :(
Oh it’s that jean jacket!
What three jobs do he be working?
“I miss you all the time” - the light of my life
No, no no. Don’t do this. If this show does this, I’m literally going to...
All these flashbacks of Buck and Christopher? I just...
Okay don’t come for me. but literally 70% of those flashbacks were of Buck and Christopher
It Tim Minear does this to me I’m literally going to commit a crime I can’t come back from.
Buck looks like two seconds away from losing it entirely
“Won’t be easy” and then Buck just running for him? YES.
Buck is smiling so hard with relief at seeing Eddie and I-
Eddie literally does everything for his son and I can’t breathe.
I wish we’d gotten a scene of Eddie getting back home and just...desperately hugging Chris tight. but since we didn’t I’m gonna write it lmao
Ryan did PHENOMENAL in this episode. Especially that scene with in the makeshift hospital!
Kudos to all the actors but special mentions to Ryan, Gavin and Oliver honestly. 
That’s a family right there (Eddie, Chris and Buck)
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claire-nyc · 9 months ago
Buddie thoughts 4x01🚨spoilers🚨
-The new abnormal-
So I already did a post with my thoughts on the episode but I just had to get my buddie thoughts out here because I’m a buddie hoe so here we are my loves !
That opening scene with the zoom ? Had me laughing so hard I woke up my dog at 4am. Buck looks so done with life, like all he wants is for Chim to get out of his appartement and go the fuck home and I can’t even imagine how the past two months have been lol. Probably a lot of shenanigans.
“Eddie and Hen went back to their kids months ago” okay - so there is a possibility that at one point Buddie did quarantine together. Did they all bunk at Buck’s tiny ass apartment ? (don’t come for me, I know it’s big for LA trust me I live in Paris, but like not big enough for all of them to not murder each other) - Also where was Chris ? Who did he stay with ? Because I don’t think Carla would take him home and Abuela is at risk too, so I’m very curious about that !
“Shouldn’t you be upstairs talking to your new Covid crush” - “She had to go, and it’s not like that with us” “what’s your secret ??” “No, I don’t have a secret, okay?” Okay so honestly the second I saw that scene I was absolutely convinced it’s not a love interest. Buck clearly hasn’t had any privacy for a long time - too long - and they’re all up in his business which he clearly doesn’t want to share. Letting them run around in circles seems to be working, even if he does try to deny it but is clearly trying to get out of the conversation. It could be a therapist, or a group support, or anything really but for me it’s not a love interest and it has something to do with Buck begins. Also the fact that Tim teased that “it’s not what people think it is” cemented it for me. The general public will definitely think it’s a love interest.
Eddie my love, finally! Did I squeal when Eddie finally came in 13:45 minutes ? Yes. Yes I absolutely did. He LOOKS SO GOOD and oh my lord, I’ve missed him SO MUCH. Listen, he is looking bomb, he is coming up to lean right next to Buck, he is looking at Buck’s phone screen. They still don’t know what personal space is, they’re still acting like husbands, I am a happy camper.
Elevators scene ? Yes, yes please. Buck is still researching all those natural disasters facts on his phone, Eddie’s still humoring him, I’m loving every second of it.
“Hey, at least it’s not a Tsunami, right?” So Eddie is trying to be the comedy relief, and he waited to be alone with Buck to do it. It’s also pretty dark humor, I’m not surprised because well, I think it’s in character for Eddie. But he does look like he’s done with life already in that scene. Like he’s trying to take Bucks mind off things maybe but his heart isn’t really in it. Bucks facial expressions were great, he really looked at him like “are you for real??”
So that’s why Eddie wasn’t in the promo pics, he’s on the roof. It does make sense because we’re clearly getting a pattern of Eddie being on the roof when he’s doing a rope rescue with Buck. Although I’ll be real my first reaction really was: not Eddie being on the roof for the whole damn episode 🙄 I would have expected banter from them on the roof but the way it was filmed and cut, there really wasn’t time for any of it. I feel like none of the characters got any of their usual banter/talk/quips this episode, except for Chim, so I wouldn’t say it was a buddie problem.
Eddie being done on the roof. Can we talk about that ? Because Eddie looks so done, like boy wants to be anywhere, but here. He looks annoyed, he’s even short with Bobby which is out of character for him. Like he just wants to go home and take a damn nap. Now I’ve seen people saying it’s because of everything that happened with Ryan. But listen, he was literally alone on the roof. Ryan didn’t go all weird alone on the roof when he was fine in the first scene when he walked in, and the directors wouldn’t have let him act like that. They’re all professionals so that’s not it. So my question is, what the hell is up with Eddie ? I’m hoping we get to see more about that in the second half of the ep. Maybe he’s just having a bad day, who knows.
Also yes, I didn’t pay attention to it the first time but my babe @loveyourownsmiilee absolutely did and yes. Eddie called out to Buck on the radio. When he had been talking to Bobby right before and he doesn’t know what’s happening down there. They’re the best partners and I love to see it.
It was a weird episode in general, I wasn’t a fan of it at all, and I felt buddie deprived by the end of it. We didn’t get enough time with any of the characters or any of their usual interactions. Eddie was weird af but I think that’s on purpose (and omg @perfectlynervousbeard had the BEST theory, listen yes I might be clowning here but I love this theory and it makes sense.) Also Carla and Chris are meant to be in the next ep, thank god, because I need my sunshine child. ☀️
Things I’m looking forward to :
Chris and Carla in the next ep !!
Those stills of Buck and Eddie in the crossover omg !! Eddie with Marjan and Judd ?? Eddie in paramedic mode ?? Eddie smiling ??? Hell yes.
Buck and Chris scenes (yes I do expect it to be Buckley-Diaz scenes, thank you very much)
Also fox stopped pretending Eddie is dead so can we get a round of applause for that ?
Okay that’s it for this one (if you read all that, I don’t know how you did it, but gold star for you my love !) As usual, if you want to talk about anything my asks/inbox are open 💕
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thisissirius · a year ago
Do you believe Eddie would ever be abusive? I read a fic where he was and I don’t want to believe it but I trust your interpretation of Eddie.
oh man so @hearteyesforbuck told me about this fic this morning and honestly, fic is there for a reason. if you wanna write it, i am not gonna police you.
that said, do i agree with it? NO.
not even during street fighting (which is where this fic is set.) would I, personally, read it? NO.
listen, this author worked hard on this fic and they deserve praise for tackling what is and always will be a tough subject. i’m not sure i could ever do it justice.
BUT. having experienced abuse of one description, no, i would NEVER trust my abuser to change. if buck doesn’t steal chris and run for the hills, well.
and that’s without talking about Eddie. EDMUNDO DIAZ who would NEVER. EVER. lay a hand on Evan Buckley. did he step into buck’s space and get angry during the supermarket scene? yes. was he angry? hell yes.
what did he do when he was angry?
take himself out of whatever situation he was in, go street fighting and take it out on someone else. was this wise? lol no. am i justifying this? FUCK NO.
WHY DID HE DO THIS? because he LOST HIS WIFE. COULDNT TALK TO HIS BEST FRIEND. THOUGHT. HE. WASNT. ENOUGH. FOR ANYONE. and even buck, HIS BEST FRIEND, was suing the department and thus, by extension, eddie. and revealing things to his lawyer that eddie, who trusts once in a blue moon, had confided in him.
the INSTANT he realised just how he was threatening his life and his family? HE GOT FUCKING HELP.
I’m gonna say my opinion here and you can leave or stay it’s your choice ❤️; if you want buck hurt or suffering (which we all do! we love our faves to be hurt so we can put them back together; i do it with Eddie!) BUT if you want that for buck and you demonise eddie to do it? then I don’t think you get buck at all. buck would NEVER stand for half the shit some of this fandom is convinced Eddie would do or IS. Eddie Diaz, the guy who would burn the world for Christopher. Who cried because he thought his own upbringing and mentality would ruin his kid. WHO HAS LOST HIS WIFE, STRUGGLED TO RAISE A KID BY HIMSELF, and does his fucking best every fucking day?
that guy would never lay a hand on buck. would never throw shit in front of buck. isn’t an angry ball of rage just waiting to explode.
he’s the guy who knows what he’s feeling, just can’t talk about it. IS AWARE HE SUCKED AS A DAD and did dirty by Shannon. Who wanted buck, who had never met Shannon, to know she wasn’t a bad person. who helps his friends when they need him, and is so so fucking grateful for buck.
idek how anyone could think dirty of eddie diaz.
it’s like some of you took shit from eddie begins and decided he was shitty. which, he’s done some fucked up shit but guess what? he is a human being. he’s had an upbringing (and don’t think i haven’t seen some of y’all out here like “his parents were justified!” um no.) and he’s doing his best to make sure christopher knows it’s okay to be weak sometimes, and sad, and to tell eddie whatever he’s feeling.
eddie is doing his best and no, he would never, ever do ANYTHING that would constitute abuse.
author; this is not an attack against you. you write what you want!!! i applaud you tackling this, but this is just not for me because it makes something of eddie that i don’t think is there.
FINALLY; this is my opinion. feel free to disagree. in fact, if some of you didn’t, we wouldn’t be a free people! but i just need to say it out loud; this space, my fics? they will never be a place where eddie is an angry ball of rage, where he would ever hurt buck (unless it’s accidentally and he’s like OMG NO WAIT) because that’s to be human. it will also never be a place where he is anything less than eddie diaz, emotional disaster because THAT is who eddie diaz is. a kind, loving, doing-his-best guy who loves with every inch of him.
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bilesandthesourwolf · a year ago
I finally watched this week's episode of 911 and listen! I can't say that I'm upset about the idea of Buck and Josh! Like, I know they won't happen, but if they did, I'd be here for it! That being said, omg poor Josh! My heart absolutely broke for him! I'm glad he's got Maddie and I hope she and Chim and Buck hang out more with Josh while he works through this. Ugh. Those fucking assholes.
Ok. Now. Buddie. Oh, Buddie. Did I ever expect them to actually be canon? No, sadly, no I did not. Did I still have hope? Sure. But, I honestly don't think the writers have the courage to go through with it. I do, however, find it extremely interesting how they juxtaposed the "singleness" in this episode with the found family aspect of Eddie, Chris, and Buck. Like, 100% guaranteed that Buck is the one who found the special skateboard for Chris. And Eddie's "we do new things together" including Buck (and Carla thank!). It's just very interesting how much Buck is ingrained in the Diaz family in a way that screams "more than friends". And look. If (and that's a big IF) Buddie did happen, wouldn't it make sense to have them date other people a bit first? Which is interesting at this point that they focused on romantic relationships this episode, while introducing someone new for Eddie. Add to this that we know Abby is coming back and it's just very coincidental....
So, all this being said, can we please all calm the eff down?! I lived through this shit in other fandoms and it's so embarrassing and exhausting. (I know asking that isn't going to change anything cause it never does, there are always diehards that insist on bringing ships to the actors and hassling them but still, worth a shot.)
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elisela · a year ago
any bts for the ninja warrior fic?
Sure! Um, the idea came from the buddie discord and honestly I don’t remember who suggested it first--it might have been me, because half my ideas in the prompts channel go like this me: someone should write this! but not me someone else: THATS GREAT WRITE IT me: ... I’m writing it. So honestly, who knows. 
ANYWAY. I’m kinda obsessed with American Ninja Warrior, ESPECIALLY GRANT, okay, I have like 5 Island Ninja pieces of clothing. SO. Obviously I was going to write the stupid thing. 
I decided to make it pretty Chris-centric because I fucking LOVE CHRISTOPHER DIAZ, I mean I did make up the Christopher Diaz is a National Treasure tag YOU ARE WELCOME FANDOM, so this was really Christopher’s time to shine. Who else would nominate Buck? With his past trauma and everything there’s no way he wouldn't be chosen.
Ummm I don’t know what else to talk about. A lot of people commented on the narrative style of that one and I don’t really know why I chose to write it that way, I just thought it was funnier and allowed me to add some extra commentary that I would have a difficult time putting in otherwise. I’m actually using the same style in my idiot husbands fic and it’s fun to write, but if I switch between stories I have to re-read the whole thing over again just to get back into that mindset, which is frustrating.
So last thing--I am writing a sequel to the Ninja fic where Buck does get a ninja nickname and I’m pretty sure it was @missjmelville that came up with it when we were talking about abuela head canons ... my own abuela calls her younger neighbor bombón (like he’s eye candy, cálmate abuela okay) so it’s my head canon that Eddie’s abuela uses that as a nickname for Buck to all her friends. I mentioned that in the chat, Jess said “omg bombón bombero” and then @the-wardrobeintocamelot and @thisissirius basically told me we wouldn’t be friends anymore if that wasn’t Buck’s ninja name.
Eddie’s getting the shirts made.
ask me to do a ‘director’s commentary’ on one of my fics or send me a ⭐️ and I’ll ramble on about whatever I come up with! ALSO AM OPEN TO YOU TELLING ME WHAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE IN THE SEQUEL OKAY.
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