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#eddie diaz fic
extasiswings · a day ago
Thinking about Him (Stage 4 Eddie Diaz)...
They’re in the locker room when it happens.  Eddie’s just finished changing out of his uniform, only half paying attention to the quiet conversations around him.  It’s been a long shift and he’s exhausted, looking forward to going home, but just as he shuts the locker door—
“How’s Taylor?”  Hen asks, and Eddie can’t quite help himself from going still.  
“Good,” Buck says after a faint pause.  He clears his throat, shifts his weight—Eddie looks over just in time to see Buck rub at the back of his neck.  “She, uh—she told me she loved me.  Before Christmas, actually.”
“That was weeks ago.”  Eddie doesn’t mean to say it, doesn’t actually want to involve himself in this conversation at all.  But it slips out before he can even think, accusing and sharp.
Buck glances over, his brow furrowing.  He only meets Eddie’s eyes for a moment before he looks down at the floor.  “Yeah, well...there’s been a lot going on.”
“That’s kind of a big deal though,” Eddie shoots back.  There’s something black and vicious slithering through his insides, hissing and spitting poison.  And logically, he knows that’s ridiculous—why shouldn’t Taylor be in love with Buck?  Of course she should be.  She couldn’t do better than him, no one could.  Eddie dares anyone not to fall—
Buck’s avoiding his eyes though.  And the sick feeling in his gut gets worse.  Because it was one thing when Buck didn’t sound like he cared, when he was complaining about the inevitability of their relationship ending but didn’t exactly seem torn up about it.  But Eddie also knows Buck, knows how much he’s wanted this, how much he’s thought he needed it, which is why he hardly even needs the confirmation when he says—
“Did you say it back?” His voice is brittle to his own ears.
Buck still doesn’t look at him.  “Of course I said it back,” he replied.  “What else are you supposed to say?  I wasn’t going to leave her out on that limb alone.”
Why not? Something in him snarls.  You left me there alone.
Of course, he hadn’t said it in so many words.  He just gave Buck his son.  Apparently that wasn’t enough.
“So you lied instead?”  
“Eddie—”  Hen says quietly as Buck’s jaw clenches.
“I didn’t—it wasn’t—”  Buck starts, but Eddie interrupts.
“Do you?  Love her?”
He’s lying on asphalt bleeding out, going numb, cold.  He blinks and he’s back in the locker room.  He’s staring a hole through the side of Buck’s head.
Look at me, he thinks.  Look at me, look at me, look at me—
Buck doesn’t look.  He doesn’t answer the question either.  Not that Eddie really needed him to.
Eddie rakes a hand through his hair and lets out a quiet, bitter laugh.
“Right.  Okay.”  There are a lot of things that he could say.  A lot.  That’s part of the problem with knowing someone so well—you also know exactly what to say to cut the deepest.  
But Eddie doesn’t quite have it in him to turn his tongue into a razor blade.  He’s so fucking tired.
Too tired.
If you wanted someone to love you, I’m right here.
Look at me.
See me.
Buck swallows.  Then turns his back and pulls his undershirt over his head.
And Eddie walks away.
There’s still a shout trapped behind his teeth days later when he goes for a run to try and work off some of the restless energy inside of him.  Buck’s voice plays on a loop in his head—of course I said it back—and jealousy hooks its claws into his chest and drags them until he feels flayed open.  
He’s been obvious, is the thing.  At least he’s felt obvious.  He’s felt love bleeding out of his pores every time he’s looked at Buck for—god, months? At least.  But either he really hasn’t been or Buck just doesn’t care.
Then again, Buck hasn’t been looking back lately.
Eddie almost trips from how abruptly he stops when he sees the barbershop.  He stares at the sign, at the empty chairs inside, and suddenly he can’t think of anything else.  He can’t control anything else right now, anything that he’s feeling, but he can do one thing.
The stylist handling walk-ins is a short woman who barely comes up to his bicep, with a wickedly short, bleached pixie cut and shaved sides, and a full sleeve of brightly colored tattoos down one arm.  
“So, what are we doing today?”  She asks when he falls into the chair, combing her fingers through his hair.  “Just a clean-up?”
Eddie stares at himself in the mirror.  He looks...clean.  Nice.  Dependable.  Soft.  The kind of guy women take home to their mothers.  Attractive in a boring, traditional way.
He doesn’t want nice.  He doesn’t want soft.  He wants—
He wants Buck to look at him and not be able to look away.
He wants to make him look.
“No,” he says quietly.  “No, I’m looking for something different.”
He glances over his shoulder.  
“I want to be noticed.  Can we do that?”
The stylist smiles and ghosts her fingers over her clippers while tipping her head thoughtfully.
“Yeah,” she says.  “I think I can work with that.”
Eddie is lighter when he gets out of the chair.  His spine feels straighter, shot through with steel, and his jaw looks sharper when he catches his reflection in profile.  He looks...good.  He looks—
Sexy.  Confident.  
A little dangerous.
He likes it.  He likes it a lot.
Eddie walks into the station the next day and Hen’s eyebrows shoot up as she drags her gaze over him.  She lets out a low whistle.
“What’s the occasion?” She asks.
He shrugs.  “Just felt like a change.”
She huffs a laugh.  “Uh huh, sure. look good.”
A choked noise comes from the doorway and Eddie’s head turns.
There’s color high in Buck’s cheeks as he stands there frozen, his eyes darting over Eddie, taking him in.
Hen’s lips quirk.  “What do you think, Buck?” she calls over.  “Doesn’t Eddie look good?”
Buck’s eyes meet Eddie’s, wide and blue.
The dark, bitter, jealous piece of him purrs in satisfaction.
Don’t look away, he thinks.
And Buck doesn’t.  
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mellaithwen · a month ago
I didn't want to hijack @extasiswings 's post but I also started thinking about Eddie not being around when that man's being dug out, aaand I couldn't stop... [ edit: on ao3 ]
Eddie looks down at his phone in surprise.
Buck’s calling him. His caller ID is grinning up at him from the screen; the picture of carefree moment in the park on a sunny day from a few weeks ago, with Christopher draped over Buck’s shoulders mid-piggy-back, frozen, mid-reach as they tried to drag Eddie towards them. They’d been laughing so loudly that Eddie can practically hear the sound of his kid’s laughter through the photograph.
But Eddie frowns. He might not be working this Halloween, but Buck’s certainly supposed to be, and if he was just bored in the station house he'd normally FaceTime, or send Eddie a litany of texts about his latest internet deep-dive (the great Canadian maple syrup heist was his current obsession; “3,000 tonnes, Eddie, they stole 3,000 tonnes of Maple syrup!”) —but a phone call?
“Hey man, what's up?”
Buck doesn't immediately respond to the greeting, but Eddie hears the shuddering inhale down the line all the same, and now he's really concerned.
“Buck?” Eddie calls out, just as he notices his son looking over to him from across the room. He gives Christopher a reassuring smile while he waits for an answer from Buck, and he nods to his aunt that he's stepping out for a moment—gesturing over to the front door when he still doesn't get a reply.
“Buck?” he tries again, closing the door behind him with a soft click, and trying not to shiver at the change in temperature now that he’s outside. “Buck, come on, I'm here, okay? What’s going on? What’s wrong?”
“I just…” Buck starts, and stops, his voice faltering for a moment. He clears his throat. Takes another second. “I just needed to hear your voice.”
Buck sounds... shattered, honestly. Haunted by something so much deeper than just exhaustion, and the hairs on the back of Eddie's neck stand on end.
“Talk to me. Did something happen on a call? Are you hurt?” He wonders if he should text one of the others; ask Bobby or Hen if everything’s alright because his nerves can’t handle the aching chasm that stretches out between Buck’s quiet admissions.
“No—we're fine,” Buck says finally. “I'm fine,” he insists, but his voice is still barely above a whisper and Eddie's not convinced.
Eddie waits.
Buck sighs.
“There was... we got a call that this man was.... Eddie, he was buried alive—”
This time when Eddie shivers it’s got nothing to do with the weather.
“—and dispatch tracked his phone but they couldn't get a precise location, and we were searching and calling out his name, and then by the time we started to dig things weren't looking good—”
Buck's voice is shaking, but now that he's started speaking he can't seem to stop, and his words are like an avalanche, gaining fervour as he goes on. Eddie can feel his own grip on his phone getting tighter and tighter until finally he has to sit himself down on the steps of the front porch just to try and catch his breath. He knows where Buck's head is at—he can't help but go there too.
“—a-a-and I just...I couldn't stop thinking about the well collapse, and dispatch said the guy wasn't answering and I started thinking about how we were trying to get a hold of you on the radio but all we got was static, and suddenly I wasn't looking for the vic anymore, I was looking for you. I was back there in the rain and I was clawing at the ground, and it felt like there was this vice around my chest and—”
—there’s a rumbling like thunder overhead. The ground shakes and Eddie tries to grab a hold of the rocky wall at his side but he can’t. He can’t get a good hold as the tunnel collapses all around him. The shaft’s filling up with wet earth and debris, and every breath he takes feels like it’s coated with dirt and mud as he suffocates under the onslaught—
“Breathe, Buck,” Eddie interrupts a little desperately at the memories echoing around in his own mind in response to the fear in Buck's voice.
“Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth,” he says as he tries to follow his own advice. “Take a deep breath, come on, do it with me; in for four, hold it—and breathe out for eight, and again…”
For a little while there's nothing but a stream of huffed breaths down the phone from the two of them, until finally a long steady exhale is followed by a stuttered apology; “I‘m sorry, I shouldn't have—”
“No, don’t be stupid, you can always—”
The siren rings out loud and shrill down the other end of the phone as it interrupts their conversation, and Eddie jumps to his feet out of habit before he remembers that he's not actually on shift.
“I've gotta go,” Buck mumbles, a little reluctantly to Eddie’s ears, and he can hear the rustling movements as the other firefighter hurries over to the trucks. He still hasn’t ended the call, seemingly unwilling to break the connection just yet.
“Yeah of course,” Eddie says, though he makes no move to end the call either—feeling a similar urge to stay present, to remain tethered to Buck for as long as possible. He starts talking again before his brain has a chance to second guess himself. “Come over after your shift in the morning, we can go out for breakfast with Chris.”
There's another exhale down the phone, but this one sounds lighter, happier, like it's being chased by a smile, and Eddie feels his own tight chest loosen considerably at the image he's just conjured in his mind.
“Yeah, that'd be great.” Buck says, “I'll see you then.”
“Perfect. It's a date.” Eddie replies, before hanging up.
(His own words don't register for another thirty minutes, but by then Buck's already sent a smiley-face emoji over text, and Eddie can't find it within himself to regret anything.)
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hotchsbabygirl · 2 months ago
Crazy In Love
Tumblr media
Eddie Diaz x Reader 
Warnings: mentions of injuries, Eddie can’t do math or cook for shit, friends to lovers :))) 
Category: Fluff
Word Count: 2.1k
Author’s Note: takes place after Stuck (2x04) when abuela breaks her hip. Also, this was supposed to be for 911 readers week but I didn’t finish it in time sooooo just take it now instead :) 
The phone rang, your arm stretched over the pile of dishes on the counter. “Hello ?” you answered, putting it on speaker and setting it back down.
Eddie’s voice rang through the speaker, echoing through the empty apartment. “Hey, can you do me a huge favour ?”
“If you're gonna ask me to bake a cake, I have literally no time, honey. I’m really sorry but I need to finish this order-” Eddie sounds like he cut himself off before saying something as you explain that you’re busy.
“Eds? Are you there ?”
“Yeah- yeah, I'm here.”
“What’s up?”
“You’re busy, I don’t want to bother you.”
You can’t help but roll your eyes because no matter how busy you are, you always made time for Eddie. He sighs heavily, so much so that you can hear him thinking.
“Eddie, what is it ?”
“Can you pick Chris up from school ? I know you’re busy but if you can’t, that’s ok-” “of course I can pick him up!”
The sound of a breath being released before a feminine voice called out for him. “I gotta go, Abuela needs me but he’s off at 3. Thank you, y/n - really.”
“You don’t have to thank me, Eddie.”
He mumbles something before hanging up. You glance at the phone screen - 2:24. You had enough time to change and shove the dishes in the dishwasher before having to head out so you did just that.
You had picked up Christopher from school a million times. His teachers knew you well enough that Eddie no longer had to call and let them know he wouldn't be picking up Chris but that you would be.
Standing outside of the school, the PTA parents were gossiping within their little bubbles, talking about the other members behind their backs but smiling in their faces. You bit back a smile before walking towards the gate. The students were lined up by the door, waiting for the bell to ring.
The moment it does, the students come running out with their teacher a few feet behind them in an attempt to keep up with them. One by one, their teacher lets them out, Christopher finally spotting you and this teacher waves hello as they open the gate for him.
“Y/n! What are you doing here!?” his little face lights up with a smile.
“Your dad asked me to come get you, he's with abuela.”
The two of you start making your way back to the car when Christopher asks you what his plans for the afternoon were. Soon you realized that Eddie didn’t give you any explanation as to where to go or what to do after you picked up Chris.
“How does ice cream and then abuela’s sound ?”
“Can we take some for her and dad too?” Chris asks as you help him into the car.
“Of course we can.”
Christopher was lugging his backpack over his shoulder when you knocked on the door, two containers of ice cream in hand. Eddie opens the door, grinning at his son whose face matches his father’s.
“Hey kiddo” Eddie kneels, wrapping the boy in his arms. Christopher’s arms extend around his father, “hi dad, we bought ice cream” he points out the obvious.
Eddie glances up at you, the ice cream tucked under your arm - he flashes you a smile.
“Oh yeah?” he lets go of Chris. “Did you have any?”
“No,” he shakes his head, his hair flopping around as he snickers. Eddie pushes the hair from Christopher’s forehead. “So what’s this on your face?” swiping his finger on Chris’s chin, a little smudge of brown on his finger from the leftover ice cream.
“Paint.” Chris smiles at his father sweetly.
“Uh huh, paint.” he chuckles, stepping aside for Chris to come further into the house.
“Thanks for picking him up,” he leans on the door frame, stretching and his arms lift above his head as he does. You can’t help but glance down at the area of exposed skin - eyes glued to the man in front of you.
“Y/n?” Eddie’s waving his hands in front of you, eyes raising from their previous spot to his face - the blush was creeping up on your face whilst that stupid smug smile of his was on his.
“Would you like to come in?”
“Oh, I don’t want to intrude.”
“You won’t be.”
“Are you sure?”
Stepping in, you take in the house. You had been by Isabel’s once or twice before but you had never come inside the house. The walls were painted a warm yellow colour, the furniture was spotless as was the rest of the house. Isabel sat on the couch with Chris beside her as he told her about his day at school.
“Chris, did you wash your hands?” Eddie calls, the door shutting. Chris doesn't answer which is an answer in itself. “Go now, please.” Eddie’s voice sounds closer, glancing behind you to see him beside you.
Chris grumbles but gets up, Isabel turns her attention to you and Eddie. “How are you feeling ?”
“As well as someone can with a broken hip” she gives you a smile.
“I’m glad you’re okay, you gave Eddie a scare” giving him a playful shove. “We got ice cream, vanilla and toffee. Chris said toffee was your favourite” handing her the small container. “It is, thank you. That’s so sweet of you.” she smiles, pulling the top off.
“No need to thank me, it was Christopher’s idea.”
“Ah, well I'll thank him when he comes back out.” she says smiling, “Eddie, a spoon please ?” she glances at the man beside you. He hums, stepping away for a moment to get her a spoon.
Chris comes running back in after washing his hands. “Dad! Can we stay over? Abuela said it was okay” he’s beside his father now, looking up at him with his big brown eyes that were practically begging him to let him.
You, Eddie and Isabel all knew that Christopher had his father wrapped around his finger and would ultimately get his way but Eddie had to give him a fatherly response and say no, they should go home. Isabel doesn't usually butt in but this time she did.
“Mijo, stay. I could use the company.” She says, patting the spot beside her and Chris makes his way over to sit beside her.
Eddie sighs, if he had a soft spot, it was for the two people on the couch. “Fine, just tonight then.”
Isabel smiles, satisfied with his answer. “y/n, stay for dinner darling. Eddie’s cooking” “Yea- who said I was cooking?” Eddie butts in, shocked at the assumption. “I did, mijo. Don’t worry, I'll tell you what to do.”
“Buddy, why don’t you finish up your homework so you can relax for the rest of the night ?” Eddie calls out to Chris, who again groans. He loved school but despised homework - as did most kids.
“I have math, I need help so I can’t do it because you’re busy.” Chris says plainly, thinking his statement will get him out of his math work because Eddie can’t do math for shit.
“I can help.”
“Y/n, you don't have to-” “no, it’s fine. C’mon kiddo” Chris grumbles, making his way to the dining room table, the two of you taking a seat when Eddie helps Isabel up and to the kitchen.
You can hear them talking and her telling Eddie to cut things a certain way or not to put too much of something into the pot. It only took 20 minutes for Christopher to finish his math homework, he brought it into the kitchen to show his dad.
“Look! I’m done! Math’s easy when you understand it.” that last bit was a little dig at Eddie and his math skills. You ruffled Chris’s hair as he walked back into the living room.
“Did he just-” Eddie watches his son make his way to the couch.
You hold back a laugh,“Mhm hm” Eddie shakes his head, chuckling. “Here, taste this.” he picks up some sauce from the pot, holding the spoon over his hand before handing it to Isabel.
Her face twists when she tastes it, “Eddie, I love you honey, but that’s terrible.” you press your lips together, holding back a chuckle.
“What?” he pouts, sighing. “I swear it tasted fine ten minutes ago.” sitting beside Isabel in defeat.
You pick up another spoon and taste some for yourself, your expression matching Isabel’s from moments ago. Eddie had remembered to put everything in, except the paprika and the salt, you add a bit of both and stir the pot. Taking the spoon from Eddie, you pick up a bit of the sauce and hand it back to Isabel.
“Ah, that’s better.” she hums, making you smile as she hands you back the spoon. Eddie sighs, letting you know that he was still there.
"Why don’t you go see if Christopher wants to watch something or if he wants a snack ?” his grandmother nudged him, a signal for him to leave the kitchen. “y/n can take over for you”
“Abuela, you can’t invite them in and have them work for their dinner.” he says, making her laugh.
“It’s okay Eds,” waving him off. “I don’t mind, really.”
Eddie left the kitchen and made his way over to the couch, listening as Chris told him about his day. He glanced back to see if everything was alright but he noticed that the two of you were laughing as you told Isabel something. Eddie would be lying if his heart didn’t skip a beat.
He stopped seeking his parents’ approval of who he dated- for a matter of fact, it went out the window when he brought Shannon home the first time but seeing you with an abuela made him so warm and happy, he couldn't help but smile.
Eddie’s hand slipped onto your hip, his chest against your back. “Can I help you, Eddie?” you mumble, your eyes on the dishes in front of you.
He hums, hands coming around and arms now wrapped around your waist. Eddie felt your wet hands pull his hands off of you, “Isabel and Chris are in the other room, stop it”
His head tilted, that innocent look on his face, “stop what?”
“Eddie,” turning to face him, “shh I don’t want to hear it” he cuts you off, hands back on your waist.
“I don’t think I've ever loved someone the way I love you.” His words come off so sweet and loving but hit you like a ton of bricks.
You loved Eddie, more than anything but you had never actually told him nor did you ever feel the need too. It was always implied that as friends, you loved and cared about each other.
Eddie always knew he loved you, there was never any question about that but something about you, seeing you with an abuela and how great you were with Christopher (as you always were) just pushed him over the edge.
He had to tell you.
“Y/n, you know I love you- and before you say anything, I know I’ve never actually said it to you but I didn’t feel like I had too, you knew I did.”
“I know.”
You were still gathering your thoughts, trying to come up with the words to tell him you loved him too but Eddie’s expression changed. His brows furrowed, eyes studying your face - the worry had set in.
What if you didn’t feel the same way ? God, he’d feel so stupid if he embarrassed himself like that.
The years of friendship were enough for you to realize how he was feeling. You were lacking words and you know what they say, actions speak louder than words.
Your hands reach for his face, now cupping his cheeks. Your lips meet his, he pulls you closer to him- if that's even possible. It was a few moments before you pulled away.
Eddie smiles lovingly at you and you’re sure you have the same expression plastered on your face. “Um- I think that says it.” you hum, smiling at him.
“Doesn't mean you can't say it,” he pokes fun at you, making you roll your eyes playfully.
“I love you.”
taglist: @advicefromnixxxx @spencersendgame @keenmarvellover @beth-winchester21​ @fernandaweasley2​ @yikesyikesyikes95​ @hotchsdarling​ @duhbar1975​ @wowitsel​ @mrspeacem1nusone​ @jillys-feral-fandoms​ @alexandrianicolegrey-oc​ @hailsstormthings @averyhotchner​ @captainxholmes​ @mrs-dr-reid​ @aficwhore​
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buckleyx · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Author’s note: I loved this idea!! I changed it a little bit but i hope you like it!! THANK YOU FOR REQUESTING!!
Requested: Yes by @autumntheblogger : Can i ask for a eddie Diaz imagines telling eddie and chris that y/n is pregnant
Warnings: a tinyyyyyyy bit of angst but a fluffy ending
"Eddie?" You asked softly, closing the door behind you as you kicked of your shoes. A tired Diaz mumbled his responds out from behind the couch. You noticed his tired posture as he lazily watched the sitcom that was playing on the large tv in front of him.
You cleared your throat, nervously taking place next to him. "Are you okay?" He asked, pausing the tv as he noticed your worried expression.
"I'm fine." You breathed out. "Just...," You paused, trying to find the right words to start this conversation without scaring him off, "I just got back from the doctors.
"Yeah, for that stomach flu, right?"
You nodded, not sure how to tell him.
You loved Eddie, you really did. You knew he would never leave you, he made sure to remind you of that every day but you still couldn't help but feel nervous. Dropping the bombshell sentence: "Im pregnant." wasn't something you thought would come this early.
You don't mind the baby, you really didn't. You're just afraid what Eddie's gonna say, especially with his late wife and Christopher.
Is it too soon?
Is he gonna leave you?
What if he doesn't want more children?
The questions kept popping up, making you more terrified then you already were.
C'mon Y/n, just do it. You thought.
"He gave me this." Your hands trembled slightly as you gave him a white envelope. The doctors name was carefully printed on the right side of the card while your name and family name was messily scribbled in the middle. The envelope had already been opened in your car, so the edges were a bit ripped off but Eddie didn't mind.
"What's this?" Eddie smiled lightly, trying to lighten the nervous tension that hanged in the air.
He carefully took out the letter, tossing the envelop back on the table. His eyes scanned the paper, reading evey word precisely until he suddenly stopped.
You shifted, nervously biting your nails until Eddie looked up.
"You're pregnant?" He asked, clearing his throat. You nodded, feeling your eyes water at his lack of reaction.
Was he happy?
"Y/n-," Eddie started but you quickly cut him off. "I'm sorry." You breathed out. "I should have been more careful."
You both knew damm well this wasn't your fault but you didn't know what else to say and at that moment you would have said anything to break the akward and nerve wrecking silence.
"What are you sorry for?" The diaz asked, making you look up with a confused expression. "I'm happy." Eddie smiled. "I really am. Aren't you? I was just a bit thrown of guard because i thought you were seriously ill or something."
The genuine twinkle in his eyes replaced your once broken tears with happy ones.
How could you be so stupid to doubt this man?
He really was happy.
"Thank you." You cried, smiling as you hugged him tightly. "And I am happy. I was just scared for your reaction because maybe you thought it was too soon or maybe you didn't want a baby." You rambled but Eddie interrupted your rant with a soft kiss.
"You got nothing to worry about."
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blueathens · 2 months ago
Dating Eddie Would Include
Tumblr media
Warnings: Mentions of Smut
Masterlist//Dusk Till Dawn Masterlist//Agape Masterlist
First of all your relationship will start of slow and in secret due to him having a kid and being cautious of who he’s bringing into his and Christopher’s life
However it’s different with you as you’re one of Eddie’s best friends from the 118, and Christopher already loves you
But this is different as you’re not just his best friend anymore you’re his lover...after ages from just loving you from the distance
You two got together due to Eddie being scared that he nearly lost you on a call, and he was scared he never got to tell you how he felt so when you got back he blew up on you whilst confessing his love for you, resulting in you kissing him to shut him up and the relationship went from there
Christopher was over the moon when he found out you and his dad was dating, he knew about Eddie’s love for you - hell everyone did but you, but it doesn’t matter now as you two were finally very happy to be together
Eddie loves speaking Spanish to you and teaching it to you if you don’t know much
And when he first heard you speak full on Spanish to you he felt like he was going to die from happiness and love, knowing that you took your time to learn it for him
Mi Amor is a popular nickname he says to you along with darling, baby, sweetheart, Carino, Gorgeous, my girl and some teasing nicknames whether their in the moment of making love or to annoy you with weird nicknames
But you call him weird nicknames too, so it evens out. 
You love calling him babe, baby, my love and handsome also with the occasionally Eds...but you adore his name so much that you call him by that a lot too...but you’re used to it as you both have to use formal names when working together.
Loads of family trips together, any breaks is spent together with Christopher
Carla adores you and you love her just as much, always grateful for what she does for the Diaz’s and she is glad that Eddie finally confessed his love for you
Loads of hugs and cuddles along with kisses, you two are obsessed with one another, and work it’s kind of hard to have any alone time together
Eddie loves teasing you at work, knowing that you two can’t do anything there but he loves seeing you blush and whine for him to come to the bathrooms with you...(or just steal a fire truck like Buck did)...he laughed and told you no for that one not wanting to risk both of you loosing the jobs you love so much
Sex is amazing with the pair of you, constant loving and teasing with each other, just pleasuring each other
Eddie loves patting your arse whenever he can, love the small glares you give him whenever he does it, just grinning and winking back at you
Many deep conversations with you laying on his chest, fingers running up and down his chest as you talk about your future
Eddie defiantly wants to make you Mrs Diaz and have some kids of your own, he knows it every time he sees your sweet interactions with Christopher, constantly making sure he was cared and loved for, treating him as if he was your own
Going to many school events with Eddie, Buck (sometimes 118) and Carla to support Christopher in whatever he does
Christopher loves making pictures for you
Hand holding is a must, along with him swinging them and bringing them up to his lips to kiss the knuckles.
Always wanting Eddie to grow his hair longer like you first met him because you want to actually tug and play with it “Maybe sweets.” was always his response with a small smile
A playful relationship because you were still best friends rolled into lovers
Many movies night
Never caring when Buck was round (after Eddie asked you to move in with him) as Buck was both of you’re best friends, yours first though...
When Eddie wasn’t on a call once, you accidently wore his fire jacket causing a lot of mistakes of the team calling you Diaz when they caught sight with the jacket quickly correcting themselves with L/n, but you loved it when they said Diaz, winking at Bobby when he told you off saying “I’m just getting you all used to it as I’ll be Mrs Diaz soon enough.”
Eddie was grinning like a little boy when he found out
Helping Eddie out with anything to do with Christopher even before you and him got together
Before you dated, when you two accidently ate brownies that had drugs in it along with Hen and Buck, you both just constantly flirted with each other, but you both kind of forgot that it happened as it was all a blur to each other
Loving to wear his clothes
Giving each other massages after a tough call, always being each other support system
Cooking together, learning to be better at it together with the help of Bobby, Buck (who was learning from the Captain), Carla.
Dancing in the kitchen
Playing video games with Christopher
Both finding it sort of funny when Eddie turns into dad mode...but it really turns you on when you see him like that
Eddie and your relationship is just full of love as you both be a power couple and power parents whilst falling more in love with one another each day
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shelby-love · 10 months ago
Tips and Tricks
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Requested: yes [x]
Prompts: none [my prompt list]
Warning(s): angst in the beginning, ends very adorably
Word count: 2.6k
Author's note: Eddie my man! Hopefully you guys will like it! 
Tumblr media
"9-1-1, what's your emergency?"
"It's you…"
"Y/N what happened? Why are you calling 9-1-1?"
"Because I need you..."
She sighed, preparing herself to hear a teasing remark on her account. "What happened?"
You didn't know what to tell her because you didn't know what happened. One minute, you were sitting on the train, listening to music while gazing out to the city of Los Angeles when another, you had been thrown out of your seat and all hell broke loose. Your head was buzzing, and you had no feeling in your body save for your bloody fingers with which you had typed in 911.
Back at the call center, Maddie turned her head ever so slightly and saw that several dispatchers had huddled in front of the TV, looking pale and shaky as they saw what had happened only minutes ago.
Mentally, they were all preparing themselves to receive calls from all sides. Some a dead end and other simply full of pain and anxiety. Maddie had received one without even realizing - from her sister of all people.
"Y/N are you on the train?"
Tears gathered in your eyes, "I was late for work…"
Realization washed over your sister's face, "Where are you hurt?"
"Everywhere," you croaked out, glancing at your broken leg from which scarlet blood seemed so flow out without a mean to stop. You laid weirdly on your back and hip, holding a bloody palm to the gash and controlling your cracked phone with the other. Having heard the sadness in her voice brought out an onset of tears, though the real cause of them were the bodies sprawled all around you. Some didn't move, but other twitched ever so slightly. "I-"
"Y/N?" Maddie whispered, sobs threatening to shake her body. "Where does it hurt?"
And that's when you lost the battle of consciousness and the line went dead.
Maddie cried right after.
Through the whole ride Evan kept tapping his foot against the floor of the vehicle, constantly doing something with his body in a nervous fidget like matter.
"What's up with him?" Asked Eddie, stealing a glance at his friend who looked like he could snap at any minute.
"His sister's in there," replied Hen, feeling as anxious as Buck.
She shook her head, "Y/N."
"How come I never met her?" Eddie wondered out loud, remembering all the times he and Maddie had encountered before.
"She just moved here," she explained, brushing a rogue tear with the side of her index finger, sniffling. "Buck was late for work so she couldn't catch a ride."
"And so, she took the train…"
Hen nodded, "Look after him, okay?"
"Cap I can't get through to her!" His voice was distant, but so full of worry. You couldn't bare to open your eyes no matter how much you wanted.
"I'm tired…"
You couldn't see it, but his eyes widened in alarm, "No, no, no, no! Y/N stay awake!"
"So tired…"
"Cap I need the jaws now!"
"There's no time!" A voice interrupted; one you didn't recognize. "I can get her out. I'm closer to her."
"I don't think-"
"She'll lose her leg otherwise."
No one said anything for a while, your rigid breathing being the only sound that followed the metallic thuds of the crooked train. "Hi Y/N. Didn't know Buck had a sister."
You opened your eyes to look at a man you never saw in your life, "Who are you?"
A brow lifted at your words, "I see he didn't tell you much about me."
"He didn't tell me anything," you mumbled quietly, wincing when you felt the firefighter plot around your leg. He was devilishly handsome, and incredibly strong too. The seat that had infiltrated your leg was pushed away with raw strength you didn't have.
"Well, I'm Eddie," he continued, his dark eyes glancing at you, "I'll get you out in no time. Can you keep your eyes open for me?"
For him I'd do anything, you thought.
"I'm here too you know?"
Unshed tears escaped at the sound of your brother's voice, "Buck?"
"I'm here Y/N," he reassured you. "I'm right here."
You blacked out after that, only this time you weren't alone.
You had made quite the ordeal in order to get to Station 118. Having been dropped off by Maddie on her way to work, you had a plan and agenda to fulfill. Only you didn't realize how many stairs it would take for it to be done.
The whole station seemed empty as you looked around, save for a few buzzing staff that had politely informed you of your brother's absence even though you realized that by just seeing the missing fire trucks. Instead of sending you off they directed you upstairs with their extended arms as if you'd have no problem in getting there. Perhaps they didn't see the cast.
You stopped in your tracks and narrowed your eyes at the space. "Who said that?"
A childlike giggle entered your ears, sending cheerful echoes throughout the empty station. Your eyes swept across the railing until they fell on a small boy that was leaning against it, watching you struggle up the stairs. Noticing a pair of crutches next to his body had your face twist in confusion, "How did you get up there?"
"My dad helped me," he stated proudly.
"Who's your dad?" You wondered, continuing to trek up toward him.
"My…dad," he replied, undertone of confusion behind the words.
You chuckled, jumping on the next step with your healthy leg. "I mean… What's his name?"
By the time the question left your mouth, you were officially on the top. "Edmundo, but his friends call him Eddie."
Nodding in understatement, you continued to walk toward the couch, gripping your crutches until your upper body started to hurt horribly. "Yeah, well…My brother's name is Evan, but everyone calls him Buck."
The boy's face lit up, "Buck is your brother?"
"I'm sorry too."
His laugh was so innocent and carefree it deleted all the week's tragedies from your mind, allowing you to mimic it with the same joy. You hadn't smiled in days.
It felt good to smile.
You watched as he took his own crutches, and with incredible speed marched to the couch to join you. "Wow. You're fast. What's your name?"
"Well Christopher," you started, on instinct leaning toward the armchair to grab the crutches he handed to you and place them next to your much bigger ones. "Are you by any chance named after saint Christopher?"
The boy nodded eagerly, "I am. What's your name?"
"It's prettier than Buck's." Christopher said, a massive bubble of laughter escaping his lips right after.
You laughed with him, ignoring the slight throbbing in your chest the actions gave you. "Tell me Christopher…Do you have any funny stories about Buck?"
Christopher was more of a helper than you were.
He was quick on his supports, and far more active on them than you were.
The angel was curious and polite, and he kept you busy while you waited for the firefighters to come back.
"They're here!" Said Christopher, reaching for his crutches immediately. "Dad! Buck!"
You giggled at the boy, watching him fight balance on his crutches, his excitement overpowering. A glance at your useless leg had your face falling into a frown.
"Buck, your sister is here!" The boy yelled from where he stood, tipping his head over the railing to look down on the firefighters.
You rolled your eyes dramatically when Christopher turned to look at you, laughing like a mad man.
"Chris be careful!"
You dared yourself to say that your heart jumped a little at his voice. Too sad to even let your siblings visit you, the man to whom you owe your life didn't even see you since the crash. The only way he could learn about your condition was through your brother.
That is, if he even wondered how you were.
"Have you heard from your sister?" Asked Eddie after he made himself comfortable in the truck. "How's she doing?"
Buck gave him an odd look, "Why?"
Eddie rolled his eyes, "The last I remember her life was on the line. I just wanna know how she's doing."
"That's all?" Your brother asked, looking at his friend as if he was lying.
"What's more to it?"
"I don't know," Buck admitted, regret jumping into his body at the question. He shouldn't have listened to Hen; she said something along the lines of love at first sight. Maybe Eddie was invested into your condition because you were purely his best friend's sister.
"How is she Buck?"
"Oh, right," he laughed, forgetting what he had been asked in the first place. "She's fine. Her leg is in a cast, but I don't think she's there yet if you know what I mean?"
"Trauma," Eddie agreed with a cool nod, remembering the state they had found you in.
"Yeah," Buck mumbled, "She won't talk to us."
"Give her some time."  
Your brother nodded lightly, shoulders slumping at the thought of you and what you went through because he couldn't give you a ride.
"She's going to be fine Buck."
Eddie believed his words wholeheartedly, despite having never officially met you. There was something in your eyes that made him so sure in himself. That made Eddie feel like he had known you for years.
Maybe Hen was right after all.
"No Buck! Y/N's here!"
You watched as your brother ran up the stairs with ease, feeling jealousy creep into your veins. Moving your crutches out of the way, you allowed his muscular body to leap into your arms on the couch.
"What are you doing here?" Buck asked you, pulling away and sitting on the edge of the coffee table.
"I thought I'd surprise you," You said with a smile, your words sounding light and cheerful for the first time in weeks.
"You look…" He started.
"I was going to say happy," Buck laughed.
"That's because of him," you pointed to Christopher who was currently being spung around in his father's arms, giggling all over.
"He tends to have that effect on people."
"He's just so," you found yourself struggling for words. "Innocent."
Smiling, Buck swooped in and kissed your cheek swiftly. You swatted him away with your hand when he pressed his knuckles against your cast in a knock-knock matter. He disappeared into the kitchen right after.
"Bobby's going to make sandwiches," Christopher tells you smiling, making you turn your head to look at him. He held his crutches tightly while looking back and forth between the kitchen and you, his handsome father right behind him. "You want some?"
You pretended to think for a moment before a matching smile drew on your face, "You think he'll make me some?"
"He has to!" The boy exclaimed, "He's Bobby!"
Christopher was gone by the time he finished his sentence, leaving both you and Eddie laughing after him.
It died down after a while, your laughter, and not knowing what to do and how to react you did what you would've done if your brother decided to stick around.
You moved your leg off the pillows Christopher had helped you stack underneath. "Oh, no you don't have to."
He wasn't quick, "It's too late now."
You patted the free space next to you.
"Let's give them some space to talk," Hen could be heard behind you. Both you and Eddie furrowed your brows, tilting your heads until you had a clear view into who was behind you.
"No buts Buck let's go." She dragged a whiny Buck from the table, away from both of you with a smirk that could reach the sky if physically possible.
Eddie sat down next to you, eyes more focused on your face than your leg. You were appreciative, to say the least. The only side effect was your red neck and the heat that threatened to invade your cheeks.
You placed your hand on your mouth, ignoring the fact that both of you spoke at the same time the best in your ability.
Eddie chuckled, watching you carefully from the corner of his eye. "So… How are you feeling?"
His attractive features were what made you forget about the fact that he was your firefighter savior. "Good."
You stole a glance at Christopher, "I'll be great when I master crutches."
He listened to you, smiling when you continued to praise his boy, "He's a great kid. You're doing a great job with him."
Eddie smiled in gratitude, "Thanks."
"He told me about your wife," you mentioned quietly. "I'm sorry."
You watched as he brushed it off, almost as if it were a casual thing. You both knew it wasn't. "He's been giving tips?"
"Oh yes," you replied dramatically, "Loads of tips… And tricks."
The two of you continued to converse lightly, finding loads of subjects to talk about while waiting for the food. Christopher's name was mentioned quite a lot, and Eddie loved the fact that his son had left such an impression on you.
He found quite a lot of himself in you too, and after a while he realized that Buck had been keeping you from meeting him for that exact reason.
"Dad, Y/N food's ready!" Christopher voiced from the kitchen, eyes wide with admiration for the food Bobby decided to cook up.
Eddie clasped his hands against his thighs, standing up energetically and extending his hands toward you. "You're not serious right?"
He chuckled, making grabby hands. "It's not like I do it every day."
"Yeah but," you fought, "He's your 8-year-old son. I'm a grown woman!"
"You're younger than Buck."
"What's that supposed to mean?"
From the kitchen, Hen and Buck watched you carefully. "They're perfect."
Buck's eyes narrowed, "Wha—? How?"
Chimney chuckled beside him, slapping his back teasingly. "You'll see."
Christopher soon occupied the older Buckley, and while your brother wasn't looking, Chimney and Hen exchanged glances.
"I want to change my bet." Chimney mouthed.
Hen shook her head as a no in return.
You allowed Eddie to grab your hands and raise you up from the couch. He was incredibly careful, you noted, acting as if you were the most precious thing on earth.
Your heart skipped a beat.
"You ready?" Eddie asked, sounding excited.
You felt dread consume you, "One…Two…Three."
Yelping, you prepared yourself for pain but found yourself against something else entirely. Looking up, your eyes widened upon meeting a dark brown pair. Eddie's cologne was still very much present on his body despite having just returned from an hour long call.
That's how close you were.
"Just a heads up," You whispered, daring yourself to not glance at his lips. "The cast is very heavy."
"I do lifts," he informed you, his voice a mere whisper too. "I think I'll manage."
And he did, manage.
Leaning down, he placed an arm under your thighs, and the other one behind your back, scooping you up into an easy princess-carry.
Carrying you to the table wasn't hard either, though you dreaded moving while Eddie walked with you in his arms in the fear of brushing against him in a way that would flush you in embarrassment. Placing you in a chair he pulled out with his own foot, Eddie's hand stayed on your back a moment longer than it was originally supposed to.
The lack of his body against yours had you feeling rather cold.
"See Y/N? My dad's so strong he can carry you too!"
"Hey! What about me?"
"Not everything is about you Buckaroo."
Tumblr media
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Prompt: "Just please, don't leave me." <changed slightly to fit better into context and dialogue. Requested by: @spuffyfan394
Pairing: Eddie Diaz x Gen!Neutral Reader
Triggers: Arguing, mentions of fighting, a little blood/injuries.
Words: 1.6k
General Taglist: @criminaly-supernatural and @caswinchester2000
*Spoiler to Season 3: This takes place in the show when Eddie is in a secret fighting ring.
Tumblr media
You watched Christopher for a moment, making sure he was really asleep before you quietly shutting his bedroom door. Heading to the kitchen to finish cleaning up the mess from dinner you looked at the clock. Eddie was late, again. He promise he would be back before Christopher went to sleep. You even let him stay up for an extra half hour waiting for him.
He had been acting weird for the last few weeks. Asking you to watch Christopher on the nights no one else could. Coming home later or leaving randomly. At first you thought it had to do with Buck's attempted lawsuit against the city, but you could tell now that it was more than that. He was hiding something from you.
You and Eddie had grown close, you weren't exactly in a relationship, but you knew that you both had feelings for each other. And you thought that it would become more, you had both gotten close a few times, but nothing more than lingering touches happened between you. There was less of that since Eddie started to pull away. You cared so much for him and so much for Christopher, but you weren't sure how many more lies you could take.
As you tossed a dirty paper towel in the trash, your eyes caught on something. You recognized blood when you saw it. Grabbing a fork and reaching into the trash, you pulled out the small white cloth. It was a disinfectant wipe, medical grade, covered in blood. Looking back into the trash you spotted some bandage wrappers as well.
You knew Christopher had no injuries, and Eddie had none that you could see. Feeling your gut clench with anxiety, you looked to the front door as it opened up.
Eddie stepped inside and set down his bag before he rounding the corner. His eyes landed on you before they moved to the bloody wipe in your hands. Then his eyes met yours.
You glared at him "What the hell is going on Eddie?"
"What?" he chuckled out, trying to feign innocence "I just cut my hand on a knife the other day."
"Show me the cut." You said quickly.
Eddie rolled his eyes "I don't need to show you the cut Y/n, this is stupid, you don't need to be so paranoid."
"I wouldn't be paranoid if you would stop acting so weird and disappearing all the time. Even Christopher is starting to notice something is going on with you." There was clear anger in your voice as you through the bloody towelette back into the trash and stared Eddie down.
Eddies eyes flicked quickly to Christopher's door at the mention of his name. Looking back at you he walked up to you "Look, I don't need you to interrogate me about something you have nothing to do with okay?" He said harshly.
You scoffed as you walked around the kitchen counter and stepped in front of Eddie "I do have something to do with it, ever since I started lying to Christopher about where you've been. He misses you Eddie, you've barely been around the last week."
"It's none of your business Y/n, drop it!" his voice became louder as he glared at you.
You let out another scoff as you shook your head at him. Hearing a door creak open you both look over as Christopher poked his head out "Dad? What's going on?"
Eddie changed his demeanor and lowered his voice "Nothing, sorry buddy. Get back into bed I'll be there in a minute to say goodnight okay?"
"Okay." Christopher said before looking at you "Will you be back tomorrow Y/n?"
You smiled at Christopher but shook your head "No, I wont. I wont be back for a while. But I'm sure your dad will find someone else to look after you." You looked at Eddie out of the corner of your eye as you moved to grab your bag "Goodnight Christopher." You said before you headed towards the door.
"Wh- wait!" Eddie said to you, before looking back to Christopher "Go on to bed!" After Christopher closed his door Eddie followed you, grabbing the door before you could leave "I thought you said you could watch him tomorrow."
"Well I'm not going to Eddie. Not anymore. Because I have nothing to do with whatever the hell is going on right? It's none of my business?" You repeated his words back to him.
Eddie felt a twinge of guilt rocket through him as he saw the anger in your eyes "Whatever it is you've got going on Eddie, is changing you, and not for the better. You're angry, quick tempered, mean." You added on the last word and saw as his eyes widened slightly.
As he opened his mouth to speak you cut him off "I'm not going to keep lying to your son about why you aren't here to tuck him in every night like you promised. I- We-" You let out a frustrated sigh "You know Eddie. I thought we had something, here" you motioned between the two of you "You trusted me before, you told me everything, you were kind and trustworthy and you never lied, and we were close. But now.." You shook your head "Now you're hiding things, lying, to me and your son. And now you are telling me that whatever is going on with you, is none of my business. And since that's the way it is. I'm leaving. And I'm not coming back until you get your head out of your ass and figure out that the only reason I'm pushing you is because I care about you." You poked your finger into his chest "And I see something going on in here, and I thought we were close enough for you to open up to me. To let me help, to trust me...But I thought wrong."
You grabbed the door and pulled it open, quickly walking out, but you stopped when Eddies hand grabbed your wrist. You turned back to him and saw his eyes filled with so much emotion is made your gut clench.
"Okay" He started "Okay, you're right. I'm sorry. There is something going on...I just...It's complicated. But, I'll tell you if you don't leave." His hand moved from your wrist to your hand "Just please, don't leave."
You looked down at his hand as it gripped your own and you closed your eyes, letting out a breath. Opening your eyes again you looked up and met his gaze. Turning back fully towards him you met his eyes "I'll stay, but only if you tell me everything. Everything, Eddie."
He nodded his head as he let go of your hand and moved for you to go back into the house. Walking past him, Eddie watched you and sighed in relief before feeling a growing anxiety of telling you what he had been up to.
- - - - -
"Illegal fights Eddie really?!" You whispered aggressively as you punched him in the arm "Are you crazy?!"
Eddie sighed "Look, it's good money, and we need it!" he excused.
"Did you miss the part where it's illegal?" You asked incredulously as you leaned back on the couch and stared up at the ceiling letting out a groan.
"I know. I know" Eddie admitted "It's also...just a good way to get the frustration out." He said as he looked down at his hands.
You leaned forward and rested your elbows on your knees "Eddie, it's not a good idea. You are risking too much. Plus there are a hundred other ways to get out your frustration."
"Yeah but none of them pay." You looked at Eddie with a glare and he shrugged his shoulders "What, it's true!"
You smiled and shook your head "You can't do it anymore Eddie."
"I know." He admitted "And look...I'm sorry for yelling at you. You didn't deserve for me to take it out on you, I know you were confronting me out, for me, and Christopher."
You let out a chuckle "I'm pretty sure the phrase is doing it out of love. Not care. "
Eddie's eyes quickly flicked to yours as you stood up and grabbed your bag "It's late, I should leave." You began to walk past him and towards the door.
Eddie stood "It's a long drive, maybe you should-" you turned back to him and he faltered for a second, but quickly recovered "Maybe you should stay. I'm sure you're tired." He smiled almost shyly.
"He's right Y/n."
You and Eddie spun around, seeing Christopher standing at the edge of the room. "Christopher, what are you doing up?"
"You said you'd come tuck me in and never did. I wanted to come see what was happening." Christopher said as he leaned against the door before looking at you "I don't know what you guys were talking about, but I'm glad you aren't fighting anymore."
You and Eddie shared a look "We were never fighting, just ...disagreeing on something." You said.
"Oh." Christopher smiled "Are you going to stay the night?"
"Uhm, I don't think-"
"We could all have breakfast in the morning! Together!" Christopher said with excitement.
Eddie chuckled as he looked back at you and shrugged "It would be nice."
You felt heat rise up your neck as both of them stared at you expectantly. "Fine, I'll stay."
"Yay!"Christopher cheered quietly.
You and Eddie both laughed. Eddie walked over to Christopher "Okay, buddy lets go get into bed now." As they started to walk away you could here Eddie asking him what he wanted for breakfast in the morning, your smile widened as you watched them.
xx End xx
I wasn't really sure how to end this and it just kind of kept going so I just stopped myself lol.
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homerforsure · 19 days ago
“We got out,” Eddie says, loud enough to draw the attention of nearby diners. “Both of us. Nobody got shot. The bad guy's dead. I don’t know what else you want me to say.”
Bad guy. Like he’s explaining it to a goddamn kid. 
“Nothing. I’m glad you’re okay. Then we can just… move on.”
“It’s what I do.”
Bullshit. Eddie’s never moved on from anything in his entire life and Buck wants to shake him. He’s staring at him right now and Eddie looks haunted. He looks exhausted, like he could sleep for a hundred years, and there’s a wildness in the depths of his eyes as he talks about moving on that betrays how desperately he wants it to be true and how much of a lie it really is. Eddie looks the way Buck’s sure he looks right now and if Eddie would just say that he’s not okay, Buck might feel a little less alone. A little less crazy. A little less broken. 
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mydiazboys · 22 days ago
“So, do you plan on getting threatened with a gun often or is that just going to be special occasions?”
Buck spluttered as they found the blonde female in the living area, a cup of ginger tea on the coffee table in front of her. The TV was on the news channel, and it took him a moment to realise she had been watching the call they were just on.
“Cause if it’s often, I’m gonna rethink letting you be my baby’s uncle,” she said, and Hen and Chim were laughing out as they passed, sympathetically rubbing Buck’s shoulder.
“Aw, c’mon. I saved your baby daddy from being the one to go down,” he pointed out, gesturing to the ex-medic who was passing them.
“Yeah, I’m not helping you with this battle, Buck.”
Leah was now at the point of her pregnancy where she was beginning to have sudden, dramatic mood swings. And a lot of them, as the team had found out, were directed at Buck. They were grateful for the free entertainment. But sometimes they were reminded that Buck just didn’t know how to speak to pregnant women.
“Oh, you’re a part of this battle too, Eddie. Why weren’t you the one who went down? You’ve dealt with guns before.”
“Leah,” he sighed, setting his hands on his hips. Eddie also wasn’t the best at dealing with pregnancy, seeing as he had missed out on most of Shannon’s because he had enlisted. “You know how we work, we rock-paper-scissors and whoever wins gets to go down. And, we didn’t even know she was armed.”
Leah was sitting up, slowly, and lifting up her cup of tea. “Choose your next words wisely, Diaz.”
“Leah, is chicken a good smell or a bad smell for you?” Bobby asked, as he entered the kitchen. He was flicking through ingredients to work out what to cook up for the team lunch. Lunch instead of dinner, as Bobby had plans that night with Athena’s family.
“Is it the Chinese chicken you make?” She asked, her attention now on the Captain, easily distracted by food.
“Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking of making,” he said, turning to look at her, brow raised.
“That’s a good smell. The curry chicken is the bad one.”
“Which makes no sense, because that’s your favourite,” Buck snorted as he sat down at the island.
“Blame Baby Sterling-Diaz,” she shrugged her shoulders, rubbing her stomach. She didn’t have a bump yet. There was a slight curve to her stomach, but she was definitely blaming that on the constipation. “They do really enjoy Bobby’s cooking though, which is a given.”
“When’s your next scan? When do we get to find out if it’s a boy or a girl?” Buck asked, as he was eating some grapes.
“Next week is the next scan,” Eddie informed him, as he was making himself a cup of coffee. An apologetic look being sent in the direction of Leah, who had grabbed her snack of peanut butter and apple. “The gender-reveal scan is at 20 weeks, but Leah doesn’t want to find out.”
“Are you guys both off for it?” Bobby asked, referring to the next booked scan.
“Yeah, it’s Wednesday. We’re coming in afterwards,” she reminded him, looking down at the recipe he was looking at. “Oh, that sounds good,” she pointed at a few of the ingredients. “Eddie’s taking Chris to school, then picking me up.”
“You guys are so domesticated, it’s hilarious,” Chimney snorted, shaking his head. “Buck’s been whining that he can’t go out anymore, because he’s lost his wingwoman.”
“I told him I’ll go out with him,” Leah pointed out, before she ate a bite of her peanut butter smothered apple.
“But we aren’t going to do that, are we, Ladybug? Because one of us is pregnant and will whine that they can’t drink.” The smile on Buck’s face was sickly sweet, and it was clear the duo had had this conversation more than twice.
“Remind me, why did you get knocked up?” Was the teasing reply from the female, and Buck was pulling her into a headlock.
“Hey! Careful with the mother of my kid,” Eddie said, pointing at the pair with his brows raised.
And that was the first time any of them had really heard him be protective over the unborn baby and it’s mother. He usually just sat back, watched them from a distance. Stewing in his own thoughts, as Chim had teased him many times about.
“Thanks for picking me up,” Leah said as they walked into the medical centre, approaching the front desk.
“Anytime,” he replied, his hands shoved deep into his pockets.
“Buck doesn’t think it is safe for me to ride my bike now that I’m all knocked up, but it does mean I get free lifts around the city.” She grinned brightly at him, before she was giving her details over to the receptionist and then heading to the waiting room.
“I feel better knowing that you aren’t riding your bike,” he admitted, as he sat down next to her, rubbing his thighs.
“This is weird, right?” She looked over at him. “I’m pregnant with your kid, my best friend is crashing at my place. You’re fucking your wife, who just re-entered your life-”
“Wait, you know about that?” Eddie’s brow was furrowed together as he looked over at her. “Did Buck tell you? He promised-”
“I was in the locker room when you told him,” she explained, pulling a face. Before shrugging her shoulders as she took her phone out, scrolling through her instagram feed.
“Leah, I didn’t know how to tell you,” he started, but she was shaking her head.
“You don’t have to tell me anything. We aren’t together, we just had a one-night stand.” She reminded him, patting him on the knee gently. “But, you might have to tell her because, I don’t think I’ll be able to hide away this kid forever. Might come out looking like a little Eddie clone,” she teased him, laughing. He snorted, nudging her side.
“Leah Sterling?” A nurse called out, and then they were getting up and following her to the room.
Eddie made a few little teasing remarks, as the blonde was sitting down on the seat and laying back, lifting up her shirt. This was Eddie’s first scan he would be attending, and his first time seeing their baby when it wasn’t through a picture. He was nervous, of course. He had missed out on this with Shannon, with her pregnancy. Leah had warned him that she would be having more frequent ultrasounds compared to a ‘normal’ pregnancy, due to her family history.
“Alright, mom and dad?” The doctor said, as she entered the room, smiling at the pair. “I didn’t meet you last time, Mr…?”
“Diaz, uh, Eddie,” he nodded his head, shaking the hand of the woman.
“Alright, well, it’s a simple procedure. Same as last time, Leah, alright? Cold, cold gel and then we can take a look at your baby’s health and development.”
“Sounds great to me, Doc,” Leah grinned, leaning back. Her fingers subconsciously reached out, gripping his fingers tightly as they watched the gel being applied and then the wand rub across her lower stomach. Their eyes moved to the screen, as their baby appeared.
“Oh, wow,” Eddie breathed out, his fingers squeezing hers gently. And, as promised, he was already getting teary. Because for Eddie, who wasn’t experiencing all the symptoms and was mostly watching from afar, this was making it all real for him.
“Your little one is looking healthy, I’m really happy with their development. Looking exactly how we expect them to look at this stage.” The doctor was explaining to them. “I know, Leah, that your career is very heavy and hard work-”
“She’s not going out on calls,” Eddie cut in, his eyes not leaving the screen.
“I go out on the medical calls,” she reminded him, smirking because she knew he still wasn’t happy about that.
“Against better judgement,” he looked down at her, and his words weren’t malicious at all. He had the softest look on his face, mixed with the watery eyes.
“I’m staying safe, Doc. No worries there,” she promised, squeezing his hand gently.
“You two work together?” The doctor asked, smiling as she adjusted the wand against her stomach.
“Yeah, he’s our new probie,” Leah said, looking up at him. “Not that I knew that when this happened,” she snorted, and he shook his head.
“You’re ridiculous.”
“This is very clearly your ‘Welcome to the Team’ present, Eds.”
He snorted, shaking his head as he looked down at her. If he was honest, there were way worse people he could be experiencing this with. In this exact scenario. He personally thought that Leah was definitely the best possible scenario.
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softboiidiaz · a month ago
the love we found
Hen was the one who suggested they celebrate the boys’ birthdays together this year. They were all so close in dates, so she figured why not kill three birds with one stone. Already knowing how excited Christopher would be when he told him, Eddie agreed. Athena suggested they do it at a laser tag range, having added a comment about Harry bugging her to take him to one for months now.
That’s how they ended up in a laser tag range a few weeks later, renting out a party room so the boys and some of their friends could enjoy themselves. Normally it wouldn’t have been in Eddie’s budget to indulge Chris with something like this, but it helped having divided the cost with Hen and Athena.
Currently, all the players were being put into teams by one of the workers. Buck and Hen were put in one group, Eddie and Chim in another, which Buck wasn’t very happy about. They were the only adults playing, having made a bet to see who could last the longest in the game out of the four. The rest of their friends refused to participate, stating they would much prefer to sit and watch the live feed on the T.V inside the room.
“I hope you know that being on different teams is a mistake.” Buck remarked, bumping his shoulder with Eddie as he passed him. “I’m not only going to make sure I’m the last one standing, I’m going to make sure I win the game for my team. You're going down.” he smirked, walking backwards as he gave him a wink. “At any cost!'' he called behind him, disappearing around a corner.
“Wouldn’t get my hopes up if I were you, Buckley.” Eddie called out after him, trying to avoid Chimney’s pointed gaze. He joined his side just as the starting bell rang, both running off in the opposite direction as Buck.
“Would you two just get a room already?” Chim teased, looking over at him after tagging a kid out with a smirk. “You know full well that it isn’t just playful flirting.”
Eddie looked over at him, rolling his eyes, “...That’s just the nature of our friendship, Chim.” he shrugged, tagging out two kids he recognized as Chris’ classmates. “Flirty banter and that’s all.”
“Yeah, sure and I’m not gonna be a dad in a few weeks.” Chim murmured to himself, watching Eddie run off after a kid.
Eddie sighed, turning the corner and trying to see through the poorly lit room. He could barely make out any shadows moving around, but he still managed to tag a few other kids out, one of them being Denny. He knew Chim and Hen meant well, their teasing wasn’t malicious and if Eddie asked them to stop, they would. But Eddie would be lying if he said he didn’t feel discouraged at times. He knew Buck wasn’t into him like he was, after all, Eddie had only ever seen him dating girls.
So the mutual flirty remarks they shared between each other was nothing more than friendly flirting.
On the other side of the room, Buck and Hen were hiding behind a foam wall. They were tagging kids out as they came near their hiding spot, figuring they should let the kids do all the work. Buck had already gotten Harry and a few of his friends, Hen got a couple of Denny’s friends and now their goal was to find Eddie. They figured he would be the hardest to get for obvious reasons and for that reason, decided he needed to be tagged out first.
“Buck..can you see dad?” Christopher asked, leaning against him as he held the laser gun as best he could.
“No, bud. Apparently he’s good at hiding..” Buck murmured, looking down at him with a smile. Buck had taken it upon himself to make sure Chris stayed in the game longer than any of the other kids.
“Buck, look, there’s only five of us still in the game.” Hen whispered, looking over at him from her seat on a crate. It was hot and she was tired from all the running, she needed a little break. “Look at the scoreboard, only two on their team.” she said, standing up and dusting herself off.
“Must be Eddie and Chimney” Buck muttered, “How about we go find your dad, bud.” he grinned, looking down at Christopher before turning around to lead the way.
They had all been so engrossed into their conversation, they didn’t notice Chim nor Eddie sneaking towards them.
“I told you not to get your hopes up, didn’t I?” Eddie called, hiding behind a pillar and sticking his head out to gloat at Buck. “Shouldn’t have opened that big mouth of yours.”
Buck, Christopher, and Hen looked at them like deer caught in headlights, scrambling to safety when they noticed they were hiding. Buck and Chris ducked behind a wall, Hen crouched behind the crate she had been sitting on and scoffed.
“Chris, cover your ears please.” Buck whispered, making sure he did before answering. “How do you know it’s big?! You haven’t even seen its potential.” leaning his head against the wall,“ wanna take it for a test drive?” He grinned.
Eddie choked on air, making Chim laugh, letting out a low whistle. “Sounds like an invitation to me.” he smirked at him, poking his side with his laser gun, “Now’s your chance, Diaz.”
Eddie glared at him, “Shut up..” he hissed, but there wasn’t any real heat behind it. “I’ve seen you scarf down half a burger in one bite, Buck, I’m pretty sure I can get an idea from that!”
Buck scoffed, “That doesn’t even begin to cover the things I can do with my mouth...let alone my tongue!”
If he was being honest with himself, he would’ve accepted Buck's offer in a heartbeat. How many months had he spent pining over him? Thinking about what it would feel like to have Buck’s mouth wrapped around him, feel his breath against his face as his lips hovered over his, their hands roaming each other's bodies. Eddie had spent so many nights having to bring himself over the edge with images of Buck playing in his mind and his name rolling off his tongue. So yes, Eddie very much wanted to see what Buck could do with his mouth and frankly, everything else.
“You’ve been quiet for a while now, Eds...maybe you’re ready to take me up on my offer?” Buck called, dragging Eddie out of his thoughts.
Eddie looked at Chim, who gave him a look that he knew all too well, and nodded. “Now or never..” he murmured to himself, “How about tomorrow at your place? I’ll buy the pizza.” he called, popping his head out from behind the pillar.
Buck smiled, slowly turning into a wide grin as he shut his eyes, letting Eddie's words sink in. “Wasn’t planning on that response..” he chuckled nervously, looking over at a smirking Hen.
All the months he spent flirting with Eddie were Buck’s way of coping with the crush he had on him. He thought maybe if he flirted with Eddie, it would somehow satiate his feelings and his thoughts towards him—he was wrong. It only intensified them. His thoughts about Eddie ran rampant in his mind, going a mile a minute every time he thought of him and what he could do to him. All along he was hiding his crush on Eddie with playful flirting and now, he realized so was Eddie. It took him months to realize that.
“Sure, be prepared to stay the night.” he grinned, looking around to find Christopher and Hen missing. “What the..” Buck muttered, realizing what she was doing as he watched Chim recede the same way he came from. At least they were alone now.
Buck came out of his hiding spot, holding his hands up in feign surrender as he approached Eddie. He watched Eddie lower his guard, letting his arms fall to his sides as he stepped closer to him. “You really mean it? We're not just messing around anymore, no more playful flirting?” Eddie questioned once Buck stood before him.
“Only if you mean it too.” Buck smiled softly, “Do you know how long I have wanted this? I knew I had some sort of feelings for you the day we did the bomb extract on that guy's leg.” Buck grinned, blush creeping up his neck and washing over his face. “The day we took Christopher to get his pictures with Santa, I was certain I had feelings for you and everyday after that.”
Eddie looked at him, letting his words sink in, “You’ve liked me for two years?” he breathed. “Why didn’t you say anything?” he asked, searching his eyes.
“Why didn’t you?” Buck countered, giving him a small smirk. “You could have said something too, but you didn’t.” he remarked, looking away for a moment. “I personally couldn’t say anything because of Shannon, you were still married and I didn’t want to get in the way of that. Then she…” He trailed off, “..and there was never really a right time after that.” he shrugged.
He wasn’t lying, technically. There really never was a right time for Buck to speak up about his feelings towards Eddie. Something was always going wrong, always getting in the way of them and after a while, Buck thought it best to leave things as they were.
“When you asked me to help you with Maddie’s things, I thought you were setting me up with some girl. Then you introduced me to Carla and I think I fell in love with you a little bit. You made me feel like I had a support system, you made me feel welcomed—I don’t think I ever got to tell you how much I truly appreciated that.” Eddie said truthfully, a gentle smile playing on his lips as he leaned against the wall.
“Then Shannon came back and all the unresolved feelings came flooding back, I had to try and figure those out. I owed myself and Chris that much to at least try and work that out.” Eddie recalled, “Frankly, I thought you wouldn’t want anything with me. I always thought you were straight.” Eddie chuckled honestly, looking at him.
“Oh, Eddie, I am anything but straight.” Buck let out a breathy laugh, “I had my first experience with a guy in college and then plenty of them while I was working as a bartender overseas.”
Both of them laughed, Buck leaning against the wall for support. Eddie smirked when he caught a glimpse of the scoreboard, they were the only players left in the game. He looked back towards Buck, smiling softly, an idea popping into his head.
“…so, do you want to give me a preview of what that mouth can do?” Eddie asked, looking at him with a small smirk. Buck grinned, stepping closer to him, hand cupping his cheek as he slowly pressed him against the wall. They watched each other for a moment, eyes searching each other’s face, lingering on their lips. Buck dipped his head towards him, capturing Eddie’s lips.
It was a passionate kiss, the kind of kiss that took your breath away. One that made them melt under each other’s touch, silently begging their lungs to forget about air for a second longer. They both had been longing for this and they weren’t planning on pulling away any time soon, not until they really needed to.
It almost made Eddie forget about his plan.
Slowly, Eddie brought his laser gun up between them and shot Buck. The sound coming from Buck’s vest indicating that he lost made him pull away, a small smile on his lips as he looked at Eddie. “Well played.” He laughed, stepping back so Eddie could move.
“What can I say, I’ve been trained for these situations.” Eddie shrugged, an amused look on his face as he watched Buck mock him.
“I hope you know you’re gonna pay for that.” Buck murmured, lips hovering over Eddie’s.
“I can’t wait.”
In the party room, everyone was watching the live feed with mixed emotions. Some were laughing, others in disbelief, while Chim and Hen argued about who won the bet.
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I wish you would write a fic with Eddie x Reader’s first date
Eddie Diaz x Reader ㅡ request
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
♡ Title: This Is The Start (Of Something Beautiful)
♡ Word Count: 1,112 words.
♡ Relationship: Eddie Diaz x Reader (Gender Neutral!)
♡ Rating: General Audiences
♡ Warning: Not Applicable
♡ Summary: Tonight's the night; you and Eddie are going on your first official date together as a new couple. After waiting through your worries and insecurities, Eddie's presence reminds you that relationships don't have to be perfect for your partner to be perfect for you.
♡ Beta: Not Beta Read 
♡ Notes: Requested by the lovely @lonely-writer, we hope you enjoy this little one shot!
Tumblr media
You nervously paced the room upon receiving a text from Eddie that he was coming to pick you up at 7 p.m.; in fifteen minutes.
You gave yourself a once over in the mirror by your front door, nervously worrying your lip between your teeth, unsure if you looked good enough. You thought you looked okay, but for your first date with Eddie, you wanted to look better than just okay.
You snapped a photo of yourself in the mirror with your phone and texted the photo to Buck;
At 6:46 p.m.: Does this look okay? Eddie and I are going out tonight. First date.
Buck at 6:46 p.m.: Right, how could I forget, you and Eddie have only brought it up to me like 15 thousand times, Y/N.
He sent a laughing and a wink emoji so you knew he was only teasing.
Buck at 6:47 p.m.: You look amazing. But Eddie likes YOU not your clothes. Have fun!
You smiled at the texts from Buck and sighed, pocketing your phone and continued to look yourself over in the mirror. You still worried it was too casual, or not casual enough; you didn't know where Eddie was planning on taking you. He'd wanted it to be a surprise.
Your phone chimed and you fished it out, surprised to see a photo attachment of Carla sitting with Christopher on the couch. She'd written a message, as well:
Carla at 6:50 p.m.: Have fun tonight!
Carla had sent a crazy amount of kissing and wink emojis which made you chuckle to yourself. Your heart swelled at the cheesy grin Christopher wore (and what looked like a smudge of pasta sauce on his chin; adorable). You were so attached to him and Eddie already.
You sent Carla a quick Thank you! before resting your phone on your thigh after sitting by the front door; not the classiest of positions to wait for your date in, but you were a bundle of nerves and excitement.
Soon enough, there was a knock at the door and you stumbled to your feet in less than two seconds; you peaked out through your peephole and sure enough, there was Eddie standing outside your door. You swallowed your nerves and took a deep inhale through your nose before opening the door.
Upon seeing you, Eddie’s face split into a grin. “God, Y/N,” he said, his voice full of fondness for you (and that alone was enough to make you blush; Eddie was fond of you!). “You look... Wow.” He bit his lip and chuckled nervously.
“You look pretty ‘wow’ yourself, Diaz.” You giggled, allowing him to step past your door frame before leaning forward to meet his lips in a kiss. His arms snaked around your middle, he held you close and squeezed you gently before pulling his lips away to lean his head back and look you over while holding you in his arms.
“I have never in my life seen someone as breathtaking as you.” He whispered and you blushed a deep shade of red. “Shut up,” you mumbled embarrassedly. “I must look like a tomato.”
You went to pull yourself away and out of his arms, but he held on firmly and gently at the same time. “Well then you are the best looking tomato I’ve ever seen.”
“That’s cheesy.” You teased, laughing and leaning forward to peck his lips before pulling away (this time he let you go) and rocking on the balls of your feet. “So where are we going? Am I dressed appropriately?”
“Didn’t Buck already tell you you look fine?”
“How did you-” You stopped upon realizing that Buck must’ve told Eddie you were nervously asking for his fashion advice. “That traitor.” You said light-heartedly. Eddie laughed.
“So Buck knows...?” You asked. “Knows where you’re taking us, I mean.”
“Well somebody had to help me pick some place nice enough to take you; I’m shit at planning these things.”
“Eddie, you know you could have taken us to McDonald’s and I would have been over the moon the entire time.”
The man rolled his eyes. “This is our first official date as a couple; I want it to be special, Y/N. I don’t date casually, and I haven’t even dated at all since Shannon-”
He cut himself off, a shadow falling over his eyes that’d been bright when he’d walked through your door. He swiped his tongue across his bottom lip, clearing his throat, and he cast his eyes down at the carpet.
“Hey.” You said softly, reaching out and lightly touching his arm over his shirt sleeve. He didn’t look up. You frowned.
“Eddie,” you said, more firmly this time. He looked up then. “I know how hard this probably is for you,” you began, taking both his hands in your own. “You know I’m not here to rush you. We’ll take this at your pace. But I need you to know how deeply I care for you and Christopher; I’d never do anything to hurt either of you. You’ve been hurt enough, both of you.” You said the last part quietly.
Eddie bit his lip and swallowed, trying to look away again but you caught his chin gently before he could do just that. He let out a shaky sigh and he nodded.
Slowly, you wrapped your arms around his waist and rested your chin atop his shoulder, squeezing him against you gently. “You deserve good things, too, Eddie.”
At that, you felt a tremor go through his body and felt him nod while his head rested against your own.
You pulled back only slightly to look him in the eyes. You lifted a brow, “Care to share where you’re taking us now?”
At once, his bright smile was back on his face and your heart skipped a bit. He chuckled and nodded. “Fine, fine. We’re going to Massilia in Santa Monica. I made the reservations, and we should probably get going if we want to get there at least a bit earlier than the reservation’s time.”
You squeezed his hands in yours. “Okay. Let me lock up and I’ll meet you in your truck.” You said.
He kissed your temple and headed out the door. You punched in the digits for the alarm before you grabbed your keys and a denim jacket in case the temperature dropped after dinner and you both decided to go for a walk.
You locked your door and hurried outside to where Eddie waited by the passenger’s side, door open. You blushed a little and shyly smiled at him before hopping inside.
Tumblr media
We hope you enjoyed, @lonely-writer!
Please reblog and/or leave a comment/review letting us know how you all liked this piece :)
Thank you for reading!
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mellaithwen · a month ago
Spoilers for 5x06 Brawl in Cell Block 9-1-1. While they wait for news in the hospital, Eddie tends to Buck's head wound.
“You don’t have to do this, I’m fine,” Buck says, so very quietly, like it’s a rumour that he’s not sure he believes just yet. And Eddie, not for the first time, finds himself wanting to rage and scream at anyone who ever made Buck feel less than—like he didn’t deserve the tenderness that came with being taken care of. Like he deserved to hurt. And Eddie understands that feeling more than most. A lot more. And he hates it.
He rests his fingers under Buck’s chin, and gently tilts his head upwards to face him; to make eye contact to drive the point home.
“You ever think that maybe I might be doing this for me too?” Eddie asks.
Buck looks a little broken at that, the way his face seems to almost collapse in on itself, and the breath he lets out is shaky and a little surprised.
But it’s true. Eddie needs this. He needs to convince himself that he’s safe, that Buck’s safe, that Christopher’s safe. He needs the quiet ministrations to calm him down—he needs to slip into the familiar motions of giving care until his heart rate slows and finally the last of the adrenaline can ebb away.
He lets his thumb brush at Buck’s cheek, his hand still cradling his jaw. The moment seems to stretch and breathe and they stay there for a while, tethered by touch, until finally Buck gives a little nod of acceptance as he lets Eddie continue with his work.
Keep reading on ao3
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hotchsbabygirl · 6 months ago
also. 15+16 with eddie fluff/comfort including chris because he’s adorable
You Feel Like Home
Tumblr media
Eddie Diaz x Reader
Warnings: fem!reader, mentions of alcohol
Prompts: #15: “Did you let yourself in?” // #16: “How did you get in my house?”
Category: fluff
Word Count: 2.1k
Author’s Note: here’s a lil something because I haven’t posted a x reader in so long. Also I didn’t check for errors cause I'm lazy so ignore any mistakes :) 
It’s raining, the streets were drenching with water and muck which you found yourself staring at as you sat in your car at the intersection.
You had left your job, more like you were fired for something you didn’t do but you hated your job, 100 and 10% despited it and everyone there- needless to say, you didn’t mind not being there anymore.
The shitty weather on top of the idea of having to find a new job was putting more than damper on your day. So here you were in the middle of the day driving to your best friend’s house. He doesn't like to admit that he’s your best friend but he is and you both knew that.
The driveway was empty and the house was dark, at least from what you could see. Hopping out of the car, you make your way to the front door, the rain drenching your clothing. The key to his house hanging from the bunch you held in your hand, you let yourself in.
“Anyone home?” shouting into the dark house, slipping off your shoes.
There was no answer, you assumed Eddie was at work and Chris was still at school which made sense considering it was 2:30 on a Friday afternoon.
A puddle of water trialed behind you on your way to the bathroom, stopping to get a towel from the cupboard. The wet clothes get stripped off and tossed into the tub, making a mental note to come back and put them in the dryer after you get something to wear.
The towel now wrapped around you, you find your way down the hallway and into Eddie’s bedroom. There was a basket of folded laundry on the bed, deciding that it’s probably better to get something from the basket than to tumble through his drawers.
Just as you go to drop the towel, you hear the front door open and then a woman’s voice.
“Shit shit shit” you mumble to yourself and look around the room frantically- there’s no way you could get dressed before the person gets to the room, you have no choice but you stay the way you are.
The footsteps approaching the room, a knock on the door before it opens, Carla sticks her head in the room and you let out a breath of relief.
“Jesus, it’s just you” sitting on the bed, you smile at her and she laughs softly.
“Who’d you think it was hun?”
“I thought Eddie had come home, with a woman. That would have been hard to explain- ya know, a woman in a towel in his bedroom while he’s not home.”
“Mhm hm,” Carla has one of her famous mischievous looks on her face. “Sure, because it’s normal for you to be half naked in his bedroom when he isn't home.” She laughs.
“Were you waiting for him?” she teased, your face twists and you groan.
“Carla! No, god. I had a shitty day and I wanted to hang out. It was raining cats and dogs when I got here and my clothes got wet.” you explain what happened and she gives you a hum, stepping back out and leaving you to change.
You can hear laughter coming from the bedroom down the hall, you make your way there. Chris sat on his bed, looking out his window while he was on the phone.
“Love you too dad, bye” the phone is set beside him on the bed, you knock on the door and Chris looks back, his face lighting up when he sees you.
“Hey kiddo” smiling at the boy who’s now making his way over to you, you step into the room and meet him halfway.
“Hi! What are you doing here?” he asks you, hugging you.
“Came by to see your dad but he wasn’t home. I’m better now because you’re free” looking down at him, Christopher laughs and holds your hand as the two of you walk down the hallway to the living room. Carla brings him a snack and joins the two of you in the living room, Christopher telling you both about his day at school.
Eddie runs to the front door from his truck, the rain had been pouring all day.
“I’m home!” he shouts, as he steps in only for Carla to shush him from the kitchen.
His face screws and he makes his way down the hallway to Christopher’s room but he wasn't in there. Carla sat in the kitchen reading her book, she smiles when he steps in the kitchen.
“Hey, where’s Chris ?” he asks, washing his hands and pulling a pot out of the cupboard.
“Shower,” shutting the book, she slips it into her bag. “You’re going ?” Eddie glances over his shoulder, pouting slightly. Carla always helps him with dinner and truthfully, she’s the better cook out of the two.
“I’ve got myself a hot date tonight” She tells him, giving him a smile before making her way to the front door.
Eddie follows her, “what? really? But who’s going to keep me company while Chris does his homework ?” his hand coming up to his chest as he sighs dramatically.
Carla’s hand meets his, patting his chest. “Chris is done with his work, he had help” nodding towards the couch, Eddie follows her gesture to see you sleep on the couch.
“When did- are those my clothes ?” his mouth hung in disbelief.
Why were you asleep on his couch in his clothes ? He wasn't even home, how the hell did you get in ?
“Mhm hm” Carla hums, a soft laugh slipping past her lips. “Have fun sugar, I'll be back in the morning. Tell lil man I said bye” She steps out, pulling the door shut behind her.
The pattering of feet pulled Eddie’s attention away from a sleeping you on the couch.
“Dad!” Chris’s smile lit up the room, Eddie found himself smiling at his son.
“Hey buddy” he kneeled to hug him, holding him close after a long day at work.
“How was work ?” Christopher asks his father as the two make their way to the kitchen.  
“It was a fine, normal day of us saving the city” Eddie chuckled, smiling at his son who was sitting at the table now. “Hey bud?”
“Mhm hm ?”
“When did y/n get here?”
“I don’t know, she was here when me and Carla got home” he shrugs, turning his attention back to something Eddie had left out on the table.
Eddie is half way into the fridge and it was down to its bare bones. A carton of milk, two eggs left in a tray and a half used stick of butter - guess he had forgotten to go grocery shopping yesterday.
“How does pizza for dinner sound?” Eddie turns to Chris who’s nodding eagerly. Pizza was the way to that kid’s heart.
dinner was short, the boys talked about their day. Chris told his father all about his day at school and how they learned about the atmosphere and space in science class and Eddie told him about a resume they had today - the safe for work details of course, he always left out the gruesome parts.
“So Carla told me y/n helped with your homework ?”
“Yeah, I only had math work to do. It was easy”
Eddie hums, it was still relatively early and a Friday afternoon, he thought why not have a movie night.
“Here’s the plan for tonight, you tidy up your room real quick and then we can build a fort and have movie night. How does that sound ?”
“Like a plan!” he smiles at Eddie before getting up. Eddie sits at the table watching Chris make his way into the hallway and towards the bathroom.
The sound of a snore brought him back to reality, he remembered you were still on the couch asleep. He quietly got up and made his way over, crouching in front of the couch.
You looked at peace, which was strange to him because the two of you are always bickering or poking each other about something. The only times he had seen you smile was if someone made fun of him or if you were with Chris - he had never actually seen you relaxed.
“Take a picture and leave or I'm filing a restraining order” you mumble sleepily. Eddie laughed, you were always teasing him about his stare.
Eddie stands, lifting your legs and sitting before dropping them down onto his lap. “How did you get in my house? Did you let yourself in?”
“I used the key” rolling onto your jacket, you shift upwards slightly. The disapproval on Eddie’s face was very much visible.
“I gave you that key for emergencies!”
“It was an emergency!”
Eddie sighs, his hand rubbing the piece of bare skin showing from the rolled up pants. The room is quick, the sound of the rain pouring echoed through the house.
“What’s on your mind ? I can practically see the wrinkles forming on your face”
“Hey!” you nudged him with your foot while he laughed. “Nothing,” sitting up to face him properly. “I just had a shitty day and wanted to see my bes- my friend.”
A small smile appeared on his face. “Your what ?” “Shut up Eddie”
“No no, say it” he grabs your foot, his fingers reaching to the sole of your foot. Your eyes widen, shaking your head. “Don’t you dare.”
“Oh but I do” he smirks before tickling the bottom of your foot. You try to pull your foot away but you’re laughing and wiggling around on the couch so much that you end up rolling off but your foot is still on Eddie’s lap.
There you were lying diagonally off the couch with your feet on his lap. He shifts to the floor, now sitting beside you. The two of you have your backs up against the couch.
“Seriously, talk to me. What’s up ?”
“Just wanted some company. Work was shitty and I- I don’t know. I didn’t know where to go. There’s nothing waiting for me at my place, the weather’s kinda depressing so I didn’t want to go drinking because it would just make me sad” you chuckle, turning your head to face him.
“I got in the car and just drove and I ended up here. This is home, you know? ” you admit. Humming, he smiles.
“I’m glad you felt like you could come here.”
“Well I know you couldn’t kick me out. You love me and my puppy face too much” you pout playfully making his laugh before nudging you with his shoulder.
Eddie’s arm is now over your shoulder, pulling you into his side. “You’re welcomed here anytime.” he presses a kiss to the top of your head.
Tilting your head from his shoulder, you're now face to face with him. There had always been unspoken feelings between the two of you, everyone could see that - even the two of you.
He leans in, a hand cupping your cheek like it was chiseled to fit the curve of your structure perfectly.
The palm of your hand wraps around his wrist, leaning closer to him.
This was the moment you were waiting for.
“DAD!” Chris shouts, causing Eddie to pull away. Not that either of you minded but there does that moment.
“Yeah ?” His hand was still cupping your cheek. “Can we watch a movie now?”
“Of course, pick one out.” He moves his hand to give the remote to Chris, you cheek cold from the loss of touch.
The 3 of you settle into the couch, Christopher between the two of you. The boy settled on Space Jam though he had seen it a million times.
Eddie’s arm is stretched over the back of the couch. It was bent at an awkward position, his fingers barely grazing your cheek, letting you know that he’s right there.
The two of you shared stolen glances all night, watching each other more than the movie. Eventually Chris fell asleep between the two of you.
You felt safe, peaceful, home.
This felt like home.
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no-moremusic · 2 months ago
Rating: No Archive Warnings Apply
Pairing: Evan “Buck” Buckley/Eddie Diaz (9-1-1 TV)
Words: 1.5k
So he’s in here for god knows how long; until the power comes back on, or he plummets to his death, or Buck…
(No. No one is coming to save you.)
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blueathens · 24 days ago
Tumblr media
Summary: Based on the line ‘I know when I’m not wanted so I’m just gonna go.’ Y/n no longer feels this ‘relationship’ with Eddie is going to go anywhere.
Song: Anger by Sleeping At Last Quote: “I know when I’m not wanted so I’m just gonna go.”
Masterlist//Dusk Till Dawn Masterlist//Agape Masterlist
She wasn’t anyone to him anymore.
She wasn’t anyone to Eddie since Shannon came back.
She was pushed away from him the moment she came back, and it was like what her and Eddie had going on was non-existent that none of it ever happened.
It was like he didn’t even know who she was anymore.
“I know when I’m not wanted so I’m just gonna go.” Y/n told him on one of the nights he invited her round only for her to watch in pain of him and Shannon being together, sharing kisses of love to each other’s lips and pretended as if she was just a ghost. “I don’t even know why you invited me here.”
“Because you’re my friend.” Eddie told her as he tried to stop her from leaving when Shannon left to read a book to Christopher in his bedroom. “You’re my friend so I-”
“Are we really friends Eddie?” She questioned as she put her arms through her green jacket, pulling it up one arm at a time as she watched the confusion overtake the firefighter’s face. “Why isn’t the rest of the team here? Their your friends right? But no, it’s just me here watching you and Shannon love one another despite what we had!”
“Shannon and I wasn’t meant to happen-”
“Bullshit.” Y/n cut him off. “Absolute bullshit.” She rubbed her thumb under her eyebrow as she thought for a second. “You wouldn’t choose me…” she tilted her head as she muttered, “well you proved that already.”
“You wouldn’t Eddie, so cut the bullshit.” Y/n swiped her tongue over her lips as she looked at him. “If you had the choice between me or Shannon who would you pick?”
Eddie hesitated.
“Shannon she’s Christopher’s mum and-”
“Are you happy with her?” Y/n asked. “Maybe Christopher is happy to have his mum back in his life, but are you happy being with her again? You don’t need to repay her for anything, and you don’t need to be with her for her to be in Chris’ life…you need to be selfish sometimes Eddie and choose your happiness.” Y/n walked backwards towards the front door. “But I know you wouldn’t…she’s your wife right? So she should make you very happy. Happier than I ever could make you.” She pulled down the handle and opened the door.
“You don’t want me Eddie.” She stepped out through the door. “It’s okay.” She whispered. “I’ll see you at work.”
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shelby-love · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Requested: yes [x]
Prompt(s): none [my prompt list]
Warnings: nightmare kinda angst
Word count: around 940 (let's pretend it's 1k)
Author’s note: There is literally not a single gif on this planet that can portray what this fic brings so guess WHAT? I'M BRINGING A YOU A RANDOM EDDIE GIF :))))
Tumblr media
The house was silent, stripped off any signs of life as you entered it. Of course, the feeling didn’t come from an actual break in, where your boyfriend and his son were dead in bed. Actually, both of them were sleeping, quite deeply too, as they didn’t hear the dramatic falling of your keys.
The metallic thud reasoned through the hallway, and you cringed, listening to the vibration of your key meeting the floor.
A few seconds later, your features eased, and you heaved a relieved sigh. Knowing no further damage was done, you kicked off your shoes and slipped into your slippers, feeling the ease instantly. After a day of constant buzzing in a busy hospital, making sure everyone and everything was in order, you were done for.
You didn’t try to tidy up the mass of gadgets that were scattered around the living room. It was obvious that the boys had a few friends over, as chips and joysticks were miss matched across the table. You did turn off the glowing TV, shaking your head at them in amusement as you did so.
After dropping your bag on the kitchen counter and flicking off the remains of the glowing lights, you padded across the house, stopping in front of Christopher’s door. The door was wide open, and you found yourself leaning against the door frame to watch him adoringly. With a soft smile against your features, you watched him sprawled over his bed like a starfish, with fists curled like he was ready to fight someone. He was snoring lightly, showcasing just how dead asleep he was. You walked into the room and turned off his bedside lamp, letting the darkness swallow the room whole.
You emerged into the dimly lit hallway a second later, excited about the fact that Eddie’s warm embrace was a minute away. The door of the bedroom was slightly opened and moonlight seeped through. Pushing the door open, you walked into the room and stopped in your tracks, your heart in your throat.
Sprawled across the bed, with sheets pooled at the feet, was your boyfriend. Sweat was covering his body and he trashed around every few seconds. He looked trapped. Trapped in his own mind, where his thoughts troubled him. It was a matter of seconds before you bolted toward him, jumped on the bed and scooted over. You shook him lightly, once or twice, feeling his sweaty arms under your palms. Eddie was breathing heavily, murmuring words you could barely catch on to. At one moment you could have sworn to yourself that what coated his face wasn’t sweat, but tears.
“Baby, wake up,” you said urgently, feeling as if cotton was clogged in your throat. You blinked back tears twice before he finally woke up. Your heart didn’t stop spinning in your chest.
It took his some time to get used to the liberty, but when he did, you exhaled in relief. A flood of soft, quiet reassignments escaped your lips when you brought his shaking head to your chest. You hugged him tightly, scooting over until you were almost in his lap.
Eddie’s hands were digging into your hips, holding onto you like you were his lifeline.
In a sense, you were.
“You’re okay, baby,” you whispered, kissing his head continuously. “You’re okay…”
Eventually, you lost count of how long it passed since you first found him.
But the longer he was in your arms, the better he seemed to get. “I love you.”
“I love you too, baby. So much.”
“You feeling better now?”
You looked him over as he leaned across the counter from you, a cold, iced drink in hands. After he took a shower and changed into a clean pair of PJs, Eddie looked somewhat okay. You doubted he would go to sleep after what had happened, even though he needed the rest more than anything.
Your boyfriend nodded, taking a large swig of water. Before he even noticed that he finished the glass, you ducked down into the freezer and pulled out several cold cubes. Your fingers burned under the ice, but you didn’t reflect on it as you took the tall glass from his hand and refilled it. With your front to the sink and your back toward him, you asked, “Mind telling me what dream had the audacity to scare you like that?”
You could see his shoulders roll, even with your back to him. Then a second later, two pairs of strong, muscular arms traveled around your waist. He hooked himself onto you like a koala, yet careful not to put too much weight on you. His embrace was so comfortable that you almost fell asleep.
“Life sucks,” Eddie told you solemnly, sounding convinced.
“No it doesn’t.”
The commanding voice that left no further room for arguments didn’t belong to you. It sounded two decades younger, and boyish. A voice that would belong to a boy for a short slice of his childhood, before his beard started to grow and his voice deepened.
Eddie detached himself only halfway, as a hand was still glued to your stomach even when the other one wasn’t. He looked at his son with adoration. “Oh yeah?”
Christopher nodded, padding across the floor of the kitchen. Eddie grabbed him wholly and almost threw him in the air. Laughter echoed in the room and the atmosphere felt light again.
Deciding then and there that you weren’t going to push Eddie’s bad dreams further, you leaned into the conversation, forgetting how tired and worn out you were.
“Hey Chris, what do you think about dream catchers?”
Tumblr media
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morganayenneferburnham · 5 months ago
I am asking for help…
I need new eddie diaz x reader or evan buckley x reader fics to read
Tumblr media
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starlightbuckleys · 28 days ago
you can hear it in the silence (2)
so eddie recovers, and buck works around shifts with carla to take care of chris, and he visits eddie in the hospital and- they don’t talk. and that’s fine, eddie’s recovering from having almost died and buck- buck has a lot of thinking to do, some thoughts and feelings that he needs to explore before he voices them. then eddie asks him to pick him up the day he gets discharged, and buck walks in and eddie looks-
well, eddie looks good.
scratch that, eddie always looked good but something was different. he looked almost like he’d made peace, made his mind up about something- about what, buck didn’t know, but it was definitely a good look on him. then eddie sat him down and told buck about the will and it made buck freeze, because no one had ever, ever had that much trust in him, that much faith in him. eddie brings up the fact that buck mentioned that he thought it’d be better if he was the one who got shot, instead of eddie, and the words you act like you’re expendable but you’re wrong take root in his heart and blossom, much like a flower in spring.
[continue reading on ao3]
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mydiazboys · 11 days ago
we found love (in a hopeless place)
[insp] 2 3
Glaring around the room he was standing in, he dumped his bag on the floor. Nothing stood out in particular, it was exactly what he was used to when it came to group homes. An older man was coming forward from somewhere in the back, where the kid who had answered the door disappeared too. He looked friendly enough, but they always looked friendly, in his opinion.
“You must be Edmundo?” The man asked, walking up to him.
“It’s Eddie,” he retorted, sucking on his teeth as he looked around.
“Right, Eddie. I’m Bobby, this is my house,” the man introduced, gesturing around. “You’ll be staying here with a selection of young men and women in situations like yourself,” he explained, tucking his hands into his pockets. “We have Hen, Chimney, Maddie and Buck.”
“Where am I sleeping?” He cut in, looking around pointedly.
“Before we get into that Eddie, there’s some ground rules you’re gonna have to follow to stay here,” Bobby explained to him, shaking his head. “This is a welcoming environment, I do not tolerate any homophobic behaviour or language under my roof, do you understand?” Eddie nodded his head firmly, as he looked at the older man. “I also don’t tolerate any violence or drug abuse.” Another nod from the roughed-up teen. “Every night I expect you home for dinner,” Bobby continued, before explaining. “I cook up a meal every night, it is the only meal I expect everyone to be together for. You may go out before and after dinner, unless it's your night to clean the dishes. Curfew is at 11pm, I am reasonable about that.”
Eddie’s golden brown eyes caught Bobby’s chestnut ones, and he didn’t dare argue with the older man. Instead he was picking up his bag, which barely weighed anything anymore. Bobby gestured for him to follow when he was certain the teenager understood his rules clearly, before showing him upstairs.
“I’m down the hall, in the middle room on the right. The girls, Hen and Maddie are in that room right down there. And this is where you’ll be sleeping with Chimney and Buck.”
Eddie stepped into the room, glancing around. There was a bed pushed against the furthest wall opposite the door, with various band posters scattered across the walls it touched. None of the names screamed out at him, and he was sure he wouldn’t recognise any of their songs if he heard one. The bed was made, and the person who slept here clearly cared about their belongings. On the bedside table stood a lamp, with an alarm clock and a well-read magazine.
Behind the door was a bunk bed, with a desk tucked under. The desk was a complete mess, with various school books thrown around on the wood. Papers filled with messy handwriting in the centre of the mess, quite clearly some abandoned piece of homework. On the bed above, it was untidily made. This person was in a rush this morning, with their pyjamas thrown into the corner. And like the other bed, this one was surrounded by posters. From what Eddie could see, they were mostly science and space-related.
Then his eyes fell on the last bed in the room. It was pushed in the far corner, the duvet was rolled on the mattress with two pillows. The bedding folded up on the end, waiting to be put on. The walls were absent of any character, naked.
“This mine?” He asked, his finger pointing lazily at the naked bed. A glance back at Bobby, who nodded his head. Eddie stepped forward and dumped his bag on the bed, sitting down as he turned to look up at the older man, bringing his foot up so he could retie the lace on his boot. “So, what? I have you watching over my shoulder every minute of my day?”
“I don’t quite know how your previous group homes worked, Eddie,” Bobby started, leaning his shoulder against the bunk bed. “But here, I trust that you’ll follow the rules I’ve set in place. I trust that you’ll do good when out in the world. I trust that you will come to me if you need help.” Eddie scoffed, his eyes rolling in the back of his head. “Why don’t you unpack and make your bed, then come downstairs and I’ll introduce you to the others?”
Eddie watched as the elder walked out of the bedroom, listened as the footsteps descended and then he was unzipping his bag. He didn’t own much anymore, mostly a few t-shirts, a couple pairs of jeans and some underwear and socks. So it didn’t take him long to throw all his stuff into the drawer that had been left open with ‘Edmundo’ written on a sticker on the outside. It actually took him longer to get the bedsheet on his mattress, and he was growing more frustrated as the opposite corner was popping off when he managed to get on the other one.
Eventually it was made, and he was descending down the stairs and following the noise that appeared to be coming from the kitchen. Stepping through the archway, he brushed his fingers through his hair as he took a glance at the group of people. They were chatting away about something, laughing even. Bobby was standing over the oven, a frying pan in front of him. There were two girls sitting opposite him, one had a shaved head and the other had long brunette hair. At the table behind there were two boys, who appeared to be in a disagreement. One with curly-dark blond hair and the other had a very obvious pink scar on his forehead.
“Ah, Eddie! You’re just in time.” Bobby had clocked his appearance now, turning down the heat on his frying pan before he was catching the other kids' attention. “Alright, guys. This is Eddie, he’s going to be staying with us for a while.” There was a chorus of ‘hellos’ from the teens, who were barely interested.
“I thought his name was Edmundo,” the curly-dark blond boy teased, and Eddie saw him get an elbow to the side from the scarred boy.
“Buck, we respect people’s chosen names here, remember?” Bobby’s tone was authoritative but it also sounded like he had had a similar conversation with the boy before. “Okay, so, Eddie. At the table, you have your roommates. Buck on the right and Chimney on the left, they’re both harmless enough-”
“I’ll take you in a back alley!” Buck yelled out, but he was shrinking down at the look he received from his guardian.
“And right here we have Hen and Maddie. Maddie is Buck’s older sister, they’re a two-for-one package deal.”
“Hey, Eddie,” Maddie greeted, smiling as she waved over at him. He gave a little two-finger wave in return.
“Bobby, can Karen come over later?” Hen asked, not looking up from the phone in her hands.
And then Eddie was tuning out the conversation, moving around the kitchen before he was sitting himself in a seat opposite the two boys. His legs spread, one foot resting against the leg of the chair.
“So, where you from, Eddie?” The scarred boy, Chimney, asked.
“Texas,” he replied, looking down at his hands where he was tugging on a piece of loose skin on his thumb.
“Oh, no shit? Where in Texas?”
“El Paso.” His answers were short, his voice was rough. He didn’t like talking about his life before. He didn’t like talking about himself in general.
“How did you end up out here?” Chimney continued his line of questioning, almost like he didn’t hear the tone.
“Stole a car, drove it out here. Got prosecuted out here. Ended up in juvie. Got out this morning.” His tone was dry, and the chatter from the girls and Bobby had stopped as they looked over at Eddie. Only Bobby knew the story, so it was up to the other teens to work out if he was telling the truth or not.
“Guys, you know the rules,” Bobby’s tone was warning.
“Sorry, Bobby.”
“Sorry, Cap.”
“Alright, if you guys want breakfast, I’m serving up soon. But if not, I’ll see you guys here at four-thirty, not a second later.” And then there was movement all around him, as the teens were getting up from their seats and heading out. And then Eddie and Bobby were left alone in the kitchen.
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softboiidiaz · 6 months ago
slowly fading into nothing
560 words | Eddie x Buck
It all happened so fast.
One moment, he’s searching his surroundings, trying to figure out why he suddenly feels like he’s being watched. It’s not the usual feeling he gets when he’s on a call and there are bystanders gawking at him, no. This feels almost as if he’s being preyed upon. The sudden chill rolling down his spine, the hairs standing up at the back of his neck. He feels like a target.
Eddie hears it before he feels it. The same loud noise he’d memorized in the desert way back when, echoing off the surrounding buildings and piercing right through his shoulder. It takes his brain a moment to catch up with what just happened but when it does, his first instinct is to look towards Buck. He wants to make sure he’s okay, that he wasn’t hurt but when he looks at him, all Eddie sees is red—it wasn’t Buck who was hurt, it was him. The burning sensation kicks in, overwhelming his senses and he loses his balance.
He hears the commotion around him, people running and screaming to get to safety. Not Buck though. He’s frozen in place, staring at Eddie in shock and then he’s being pushed to the ground. Were his eyes they always this blue? Eddie can’t remember correctly. Maybe it was just the blood staining his features that was making them stand out.
“Firefighter down..I repeat, firefighter is down!”
“Shots fired!”
Eddie’s ears are ringing and he can hear his heartbeat through his ears which doesn’t help. He can hear it start slowing, thump..thump..thump as he stares at Buck and he can’t seem to breathe properly. It’s like his lungs are fighting him, refusing to make room for air. He feels light headed, but maybe that has to do more with all the blood he’s lost than his breathing—maybe it’s both, he’s not sure.
“Just be sure to follow your heart.”
Carla’s words echo through Eddie’s mind as he stares at Buck. He reaches for him, almost hesitantly. He knows it’s a little selfish to want to tell Buck he loves him while he’s bleeding out on the street, but he thinks Buck deserves to know that he has never been a second choice. He’s always been Eddie’s first choice, no matter what, and if he survives this, maybe they can give it a try.
Eddie can’t think straight, he’s lost too much blood and can’t stay focused anymore. Everything’s starting to slow down. He’s been staring at Buck the entire time, Buck makes him feel safe and Eddie has always been on his own in near death experiences...this time he has Buck, only it’s not close enough.
Eddie knows he might not make it this time, he’s escaped death twice—he’s probably not lucky enough to do it a third time. His head is pounding, he knows he’ll pass out soon so he stares at Buck one last time. Eddie wants to take in his features just in case it’s the last thing he sees—he’s the only familiar face around him and it makes death seem a little less scary when you’re staring into pools of blue sky that resemble heaven’s home.
...and as darkness replaces the warm blue skies he’d been staring into, Eddie’s left to wonder if he’ll see them again.
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