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#reluctant Hawkins team dads
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it’s gonna be absolutely soul crushing when (inevitably) one of the main characters dies in vol 2. but imagine one of them actually dies the same way vecna’s other victims did.
it’s going to be so gruesome to watch. absolutely traumatizing. seeing a character we love so much die in such a brutal way.
but what’s going to be even worse is seeing the other people’s reactions. we’re watching a beloved character die like that. but they’re watching their friend, their family, get murdered in such a cruel fashion. and it’s going to be absolutely heartbreaking.
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their dynamic 😍
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New Eddie and Dustin from Stranger Things
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New fruity four bts clips!
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ronance and steddie doodles
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pairing: eddie munson x reader
warnings: dom!eddie, teasing, cockwarming, eddie’s cock gives reader a tummy bulge, daddy kink, mentions of a safe word (not used), rough unprotected sex, use of a vibrator, choking, overstimulation, multiple orgasms, fluff ofc, reader is over the age of 18!!
synopsis: y/n is stressed about her final exams before graduation and eddie thinks of the perfect way to distract her.
Tumblr media
it had passed 2am at this point, but i’d lost track of time. i was hunched over at my desk cramming in as much study before my final exams to ensure my graduation was a possibility. poor eddie had been here the whole time watching me, playing his guitar softly for some background noise. he knew it helped with my concentration.
after about 4 hours of consecutive study, my brain finally snapped. i wasn’t able to write a single coherent sentence anymore. i whined and threw my pencil down on my desk in annoyance.
“what’s wrong, babydoll?” eddie asks, immediately placing his guitar down and approaching me. placing his hand on my shoulder which immediately unraveled some of the stress my body was enduring.
“nothing i’m writing is even making sense,” i look up at him as i speak. “my brain just stopped working.”
eddie looked down at me with an upset expression. without saying a word, he lifted me up and sat down on my seat, placing me back down on his lap. i rested my back against his chest, melting into him. his touches always helped me de-stress, and nothing hurt him more than seeing me in a state like this. lost in self doubt and mentally exhausted.
“baby, you need to take a break. besides you’re a straight A student, i don’t get why you’re stressed over these stupid exams,” he moved my hair away from my neck, nuzzling his nose into the skin under my ear before pacing soft kisses there. my eyes fluttered shut at the intimate action.
“because i’m a perfectionist, eddie,” i say, sighing deeply and leaning more into his kisses.
“i know, that’s why you’re with me.” i felt him smile against my skin. i chuckled and shook my head, i carefully flip myself over to straddle him. his hands instantly wrapped around me to hold me close.
“i just need you close to me right now,” i say, looking into his pretty brown eyes. he leaned in and pressed a delicate kiss to my lips, and then another one. “as close as possible.” i move a little closer to him, my torso pressing firmly against his own. i could see him begin to think, causing me to raise my brow in suspicion.
“what’s with the thinking face, munson?” i joke, curious as to what he was suddenly thinking about. it didn’t take me long to put two-and-two together as i felt his bulge hardening against my core.
“i think i have an idea, babydoll. do you trust me?” he asks, moving his hands down to my thighs. i nod my head.
“of course i do, ed’s” i assure, my mind and heart begin to race as the anticipation begins to set in.
“stand up for me for a second,” i obey and move off his lap, standing nervously as i awaited his next move. he hooked his fingers into my skirt and underwear, pulling both down in one go. stepping out of them once they hit the floor and kicking them to the side. leaving me in only my shirt. he let out a deep groan at the sight, the groan that eddie only let’s out when i know i’m in for a wild night. dom eddie had awoken. i swallowed nervously, biting my lip.
he moved his hands down to his own crotch, undoing his belt and unzipping his pants. my mouth began to water as he pulled out his already rock hard erection, pre cum oozing from the tip and all i could think about was getting onto my knees and licking it up. but that’s not what eddie wanted from me.
“on my lap, doll. now.” he said, his tone was stern and assertive. i didn’t think twice and hopped back onto his lap. placing my hands onto his shoulders for balance.
“have you ever heard of cockwarming, sweetheart?” he asked, his hands affectionately brushing my hair away from my face as he spoke. i shook my head innocently, causing him to smile.
“do you want me to show you?” he asks, pressing a gentle kiss to my lips. causing me to melt in his arms once again.
“yes please,” i say, but he didn’t look satisfied. i knew exactly why.
“yes please what?”
“yes please, daddy,” a satisfied smile adorned his face at the name he’d never get tired of hearing from me. he used his strong hands to lift my hips and position my entrance at the tip of his cock, pulling me down slowly until he was fully inside me. i moaned at the feeling of being so full. no matter how many times we had sex, i could never seem to get used to how big he was. he let out a grunt as my walls tightened around him in an attempt to get used to him inside of me.
“now, stay still. don’t move at all, ok?” i whined and looked at him pathetically, which made his heart swoon. there was nothing he loved more than to see me under his spell, willing to do anything for him no matter how hard it’d be for me to handle. he lifted my top off and threw it to the floor, my now completely naked body pressed against eddie’s torso.
he kept me there for what felt like hours, my head resting against his shoulder as he mindlessly traced his fingers down my bare spine. every time i ever so slightly moved, he’d use his hand to slap my thigh. every slap became harder each time i disobeyed his wishes. it was getting to a point where i couldn’t handle it anymore and he knew that. i wanted to disobey him, because i knew what it lead to. mind blowing sex that left my throat sore for days from screaming and legs that threatened to give out every time i attempted to walk.
i pushed my hips forward with no hesitation, hearing the hiss escape his lips at my disobedience. his hand came down hard on my thigh again and i cried out, the skin now red from multiple slaps.
“daddy, please…” i whimper as i repeat the action, his cock brushing against my g-spot causing me to shiver. “have your way with me now…” was all it took for him to snap. he stood up quickly, carrying me in his arms while he remained inside me. i wrapped my legs around his waist momentarily, but he then aggressively threw me down on the bed.
this wasn’t going to be a gentle fuck, which had been obvious since the start. he peered down at me from above, biting his lip as he kept his eyes locked on my naked body. “if it ever becomes too much for you to handle, say “flower”, got it?”
flower, the perfect metaphor. something so delicate and soft used in such a dark and disgusting form. he thought of it when we started trying new things in the bedroom and he was so proud of himself when he did.
i nodded my head in response, biting my lip as he began to strip off his own clothes. trying to resist the strong urge to touch myself as i watched. once he was naked, he climbed on top of me and instantly pulled me into a rough kiss. his tongue immediately dominated mine. his hand came up to my throat and gripped it tightly, desperate whines escaping my lungs. he pulled away from the kiss and grabbed one of his pillows, placing it under my hips. he always did this because he’d heard it made it more pleasurable for the girl, and it did. my pleasure was always his priority.
once he positioned the pillow at the right place, he grabbed his hard cock and lined it up against my dripping entrance. sliding it inside of my tight walls with no remorse. the roughness made me scream, torso pressing against eddie’s as my back arched off the bed.
“look at you, so pathetic and desperate for me,” he groaned, thrusting his cock inside my cunt with brutal force. i was a blabbering whiny mess within seconds. when i didn’t respond, he brought his hand back to my throat. squeezing the sides tightly. not haltering his fast pace in the slightest
“mhm… always s-so desperate… for daddy…” i stuttered, cock brushing against the sensitive spots inside me with every thrust. he moved his lips to my neck, biting and sucking to leave as many marks as he possibly could.
i loved when he marked me, ensuring every around me knew who i belonged to. i wore his love marks with confidence, and he loved it. i was so proud to be his and everyone knew it.
he must’ve felt that i was getting close, because as i felt the knots inside me begin to unravel, he completely stopped. disappointed whines fell from my lips, causing him to smirk. “oh, please. you didn’t think i was gonna go that easy on you. did you?” he asked in a smug tone. he reached behind me and grabbed my vibrator, the one that i thought was hidden well. but no, it wasn’t. he showed me the device, a smirk on his face.
“how did you?-” i began to ask, before he cut me off. “found it under your pillow while you were studying, doll. should look for a better hiding place next time.” he said before switching the device on and immediately pressing it to my clit. his cock still buried inside me. i cried out as the strong vibrations came into contact with my sensitive spot.
with his free hand, he placed it on my lower stomach where a bulge was prominent and pushed down. another scream falling from my lips at the sensation.
“can see myself inside you, baby. right here,” he says, pushing down a little bit harder. i wasn’t able to think about anything else besides the intense pleasure my body was enduring. feeling tears stream down the sides of my face as my eyes fluttered shut.
“aw, sweetheart? what’s wrong?” he asked in an innocent tone, taking in every whimper and whine. “keep your eyes on me,” i opened my eyes, looking into his eyes and just like that, the pleasure became too much. my body quivered and shook uncontrollably as i came, eddie moaning as my walls clenched tightly around him. the feeling of the vibrator against me quickly became uncomfortable as my high subsided and my body attempted to move away, but eddie’s hands quickly stopped that possibility.
“uh uh uh. i’m not done with you yet,” he said, keeping the vibrator at my clit. i was crying out so loud i was sure the neighbours probably figured i was getting murdered. it wasn’t long before i was sent over the edge again, and again… and again. after 4 intense orgasms, i was crying hysterically at this point. my body was so overstimulated i could barely move, my legs cramping due to being spread for so long. he remained inside of me the whole time. eddie has turned to his dark sadistic side tonight and i loved it.
the vibrator was still attached to my clit, somehow feeling another orgasm begin to approach. but then suddenly, the device was shut off by eddie. i opened my tear filled eyes as he threw it down on the bed, beginning to pound into me once again without any warning. i screamed for the 100th time that night as he kept a brutal and hard pace, my body prepared to see euphoria once again.
“e…ed…daddy… can’t h-hold…it…” i eventually muttered out, and in a soft tone he said, “let go baby, just one more time for me.” his words instantly sent me over the edge for the 5th time, my loud moan and clenched walls pushed eddie over the edge too, feeling his warm cum spill inside of me with a deep prolonged grunt.
once we had both recovered from our highs, eddie pressed a gentle kiss to my lips. “you did so well for me, sweetheart. i’m so proud of you for handling it,” he says, his tone sweet and loving.
“i love you, eddie. so so much,” i say tiredly.
“i love you more, sweetheart,” he kisses me once more, holding me tightly in his arms.
tag list: @michaelsbigreddick @twentyfirstcenturyfox @pinkywidow321 @theeternalersi @stinamarie-sunshine @omenhel @fanxxtasygirl @starstar1012 @st4steve @babybluepunch @michivrse @emeraldwitches @iwannagotospaceforever @lady-ziggy-stardust @eddiemvnsonss @uselessqueergirl @samkiszkasbass @endercherries @matya4 @iraot @resident-gay-bitch @jaeminie-cricket @erosso @eddiebun (let me know if you’d like to be added!)
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eddie munson and his ✨rings✨
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Even MORE useless Stranger Things headcanons with @dawg3i and some stolen from TikTok thank you
Steve and Robin cannot spell restaurant. They will spend hours trying to figure it out. Do NOT make them spell receipt
Mike is terrified by butterflies. HE HATES THEM!!!!
Steve puts his shoes on the wrong feet sometimes and he never notices
Modern Stranger Things AU where Holly likes to watch Miraculous Ladybug and Mike hates it because the main villain Hawkmoth literally is themed after a butterfly and uses butterflies to attack people
Nancy pulls up a picture of that one Spongebob episode with the butterfly (yk the image) and chases Mike around with it
He's screaming and crying and throwing up
All Lucas has is a pollen allergy and a girly sneeze against the world
Eddie is terrified of dogs. Even if it's tinniest dog in the world Eddie will still call it bloodthirsty and out to get him
Erica has chased Eddie on multiple occasions with the intent to kill
Robin has no idea how to swim and if she was left alone she would drown in three feet of water. Steve tries to teach her how to swim and it never works.
Steve Harrington caught teaching a graduated band kid how to swim in a crowded ass pool in the middle of July
Robin: Steve you gotta go. It’s too deep. I’m drowning. Save yourself
Steve: Rob it’s 3ft deep
At the end of the day Steve gives up and gets her those arm floaties
But imagine how scary that would be for Robin at Lover's Lake
The feeling of losing all the air in your lungs and your body slowly going into panic mode cause oh no you can't breathe you can't breathe
and then she feels a hand grab her arm and pull her into the Upside Down and it was Nancy
Anyways Robin and Steve pretending to be siblings when someone’s like “So… how long have y’all been together ;)" is fucking gold. They don’t hold back. They get offended. They ruin friendships.
"We just ended a relationship"
"points at a bickering couple theirs"
Steve can't play any instrument If he touches it it will fall apart
Eddie will NEVER live to the day he lets Steve touch his guitar
Steve touches it and it blows up like a pipebomb
Jonathan is a cryptid. Will goes into the kitchen at 3 AM for a glass of water and finds Jonathan hunched over a bag of shredded cheese with nothing but the open fridge light illuminating his face
Sometimes Will joins him
El is just concerned
Then she goes back to befriending the wolf spider in their house
Nancy plays tennis and is very competitive about it
Robin bites string cheese
Steve still counts on his fingers
Will has drank from his paint water cup on accident several times
Max chews her nails
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eddie being a good friend and fucking you in bed
part 1 || part 2
it was nearing two in the morning when you and eddie thought it’d be a good idea to call it quits and head to bed.
he’d always sleep next you when he spent the night. it was never weird or uncomfortable, he was your best friend, but this time it felt a bit different.
you start to feel your body inch it’s way closer to the edge of the bed, for some reason his presence alone made you nervous.
“you’re taking up all the blanket,” he whines trying to take ahold of the sheet your body grasped underneath you.
you move your hips, allowing the sheet to slide out from under your frame, your body turned away from him as you stared at your bedroom door.
“ah,” he breathes out, his arm coming around to hold your waist, “isn’t this nice?” he smiles into your back.
it wasn’t unusual for either of you to spoon each other whenever you had sleepovers. it was nice and comforting, but after this little game of truth or dare you started to dissect all the little things that supposedly made you the best of ‘friends.’
he notices your lack of quips at his words, “what’s wrong with you?” he moves up a little trying to get a good look at your face in the dark of your room, “hm?” his finger flicking playfully at your nose, his long hair tickling the sides of your face.
“nothing,” you say quietly, eyebrows furrowed in thought as your gaze continues on the white of your door.
“did we go too far?” he chuckles.
you turn your head to look at him, your gaze completely fixed on his beautiful brown eyes. even in the dark his eyes were bright and warm, “did you mean what you said when you said ‘we should do this again’?” you question intently, referring to his statement hours ago.
his gaze falls from yours. he’s thinking, but all he does is give you a shrug for an answer.
“eddie,” you breathe out. you want him to be up front with you.
“do you want to?” he questions back at you, his hand gripping your hip just a tad bit firmer under the coziness of your sheets.
“what are we?” your eyes stark with curiosity. you’d be lying if you said you never wanted his hands to wander around your body, but you also loved him as your best friend. truth is you didn’t know what these feelings were, and neither did he. the convenience of the game made you both do something you never would’ve thought to do outside of a sleepover.
“friends,” he nods to you, “we’re friends who may be attracted to each other,” he softly laughs as you lightly punch at his arm with a smile.
you pull the sheets down from your body enough to grab his hand from your hip, playing with his rings he forgot to take off before bed, “eddie,” you quietly say, looking down at your nervous fingers fiddling with the metal of his rings, “I was wondering if, uhm-”
“you want me to fuck you?” he questions plainly.
you stop, looking at him with wide eyes, “why would you say that?” you stammer out embarrassed.
he cocks his head to the side, his hand placed softly in place where your fingers where playing at moments ago, “I’m your best friend,” he states, “if there anything I know, it’s when you’re horny. you can’t hide it for shit.”
you scoff, rolling your eyes, “whatever,” you push his hand off of you, turning back to your door.
you feel his hand move to the side of your waist, slowly going down to lift the hem of your shorts, “just say what you mean,” his breath close against your ear, nose snuggling past the stray hairs that stick to your neck, “I don’t know why you always beat around the bush,” he kisses at the lobe of your ear as his hand moves the loose fabric of your shorts aside, your panties now exposed.
“eddie,” you quietly whimper out, your hand making its way to hold his stationed on your ass.
“can I?” he asks softly against your neck.
you nod into him, your leg moving over yourself to grant him more access to your clothed cunt.
you feel his hand drop from you for a moment, his fingers making it’s way to his sweats, pulling them down enough for his already hardened cock to spring out.
you feel him move his aching tip against the fabric of your underwear, sliding up and down, “I don’t care what we call this,” he says lowly, “I just want you,” he finally moves your wet panties aside, his cock pushing its way through your wet folds and into your cunt.
you gasp at the sensation, your hand making its way to slap over you mouth.
“quiet,” he chuckles against the back of your ear, his hand moving your hips back against himself.
“I’m trying to,” you pant out, your hand gripping at his forearm, one eye squeezing shut as the other tries to make sure your parents don’t come through the door.
he bucks his hips into the meat of your ass, his hand coming up from your hip to your jaw, tilting it back and to the side so he can kiss at your lips messily, “you like that?” he slurs in between kisses, “you like it when I fuck you when your parents are down the hall?” his thumb slips in the corner of your mouth, your tongue covering it with saliva.
“yes,” you whimper, “I like it,” your eyebrows furrow with pleasure, your lips sucking on the taste of his thumb. his eyes are lustful looking at your expression in the dark.
your hand moves to the back of his head, pulling at his hair as his pace fastens inside of you.
the muffled sound of your skin slapping together under the sheets makes you push further back into him. he grunts, his grip on your jaw tightening with delight, “fuck me,” you kiss eagerly at his lips, “fuck me, eddie,” you roll your hips into him. his position on the bed moves so he can pump into you more against your mattress.
“god, you feel so good around me,” he moans against your lips, praising your cunt, “I’m gonna- cum,” gulping at the dryness of his throat due to his pretty lips being parted from ecstasy, you feel his hips start to stutter against you.
“it’s okay,” you quickly breathe out, “cum in me,” your hand dropping from his hair to his ass, pulling him closer to you.
“no I-”
“do it, I know you want to,” you assure him, trying to kiss into the sweat of his neck.
he groans, his fingers now gripping around the mound of your breast through your thin shirt as he releases into you.
you pant into his fair neck, his forehead lightly rubbing against your own, “you okay?” he smiles softly into your hair.
“yeah I’m good.”
reminder: this is just the taglist for this chapter: idk if I’ll make a 4th part just yet. — @niiight-dreamerrrr @cupcakebrisblog @tillkummer @strangerthings64 @eddiemvnsongf @winchester-angel @2spock @kaleshima @eddiemunsonswife36 @grace20232 @zucchinimalfoy @jaeminie-cricket @stitch3s @shlutnutt @mcueveryday @shortstoriesbyher @taylorslov3rrr @dead-pcets @vixorell @violet-19999 @ourheartsofsteel @thewitchofthewilds140 @leahwastaken123
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Tumblr media
bc Eddie wearing Chrissy's green ribbon/scrunchie can be so personal 💚
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punkzcakes · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
So apparently men's crop tops were a thing during the 80s...
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𝐧𝐨𝐭 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐭𝐲𝐩𝐞 | 𝐞𝐝𝐝𝐢𝐞 𝐦𝐮𝐧𝐬𝐨𝐧 𝐱 𝐟𝐞𝐦!𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲 | eddie is not the type of boy that parents tend to like, and after a disastrous evening with your parents, you find a way to make it up to him. 𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 | eddie munson (stranger things, 2022) x fem!reader 𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 | smut! (minors dni) — blowjob, fingering, p in v sex, unprotected sex, breathplay, daddy kink, degredation (if you squint), praise kink 𝐚𝐮𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐫’𝐬 𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞 | here's another eddie smut! this was fun to write too hehe enjoy!
Tumblr media
You could tell, just by looking at Eddie, that he was nervous. He was tapping his fingers hard against his thigh and looking around at everything that made a noise, and you quickly reached over and took his hand. “They’re gonna love you,” you told him, and Eddie scoffed. 
“Right,” he said. “Because all parents everywhere adore me.”
“Ed, try to be optimistic,” you said. “C’mon, what won’t they like?” 
“My tats,” Eddie said swiftly, as if he had the answer prepared, and his hand subconsciously went to press over the bats on his arm. It wasn’t like you could even see them in the first place; Eddie had dressed strategically, a long-sleeve blue button down and khakis, hiding all of his tattoos, except for the small stick-and-poke on his hand, which he had covered with a band-aid. 
You had gone to his place and helped him get ready, and you had watched as your boyfriend stressed over which shirt to wear and exactly how to do his hair. He told you that he had taken a shower and washed his hair three times, and the smell of his cheap cologne was heavy, to cover the smell of weed that always persisted with him. He even wore deodorant, which was big for him, four passes of it before you took it from his hand and insisted he stop. In the end, you had managed to get him to sit down and stop fretting for long enough to blow dry his hair for him, and you could tell that he hated how fluffy it was. 
“Okay, your tattoos,” you acquiesced; your parents were pretty straight-laced, and they didn’t like the idea of tattoos or piercings too much. “But they won’t see them. What else?” 
Eddie sighed, glancing out the window of his van to look at your house. “I’m just worried they’ll hate me,” he said. “Because I’m not good enough for you.” 
“Oh, baby,” you cooed with a frown. You hated to see him so self conscious, and you smoothed down his hair comfortingly. “You’re exactly what I want, Eddie. I wouldn’t be with you if I didn’t want you, okay? And fuck it if my parents don’t think you’re ‘good enough’, because I do. Put that out of your mind, okay? Everything will be fine.” 
Eddie started to protest, but you leaned over the center console to press a kiss to his mouth. Instead of cigarettes, his lips tasted like mint from his toothpaste (he had brushed his teeth twice in preparation) and the lip balm that he had borrowed from your purse. He so badly wanted— no, needed— everything to be perfect. “But what you want versus what your parents want for you…” he started. “I don’t have a stellar track record with parents, not even my own.” 
“My mom will be okay,” you insisted. “She’s pretty open-minded.” 
“Yeah, it’s your dad that scares the shit out of me,” Eddie grumbled. “What if he thinks I’m not good enough for his little princess?” 
“Then, we’ll deal with it,” you told him. “And it’s not like you’re gonna be battling this alone. I’m here for you, baby, alright?” 
Eddie stared hard down at his lap for a minute, and he finally reached up to you and pressed his palm to your cheek. “Thanks, sweetheart,” he said, and he tugged you back into the kiss. It felt nice to kiss Eddie, his freshly-shaved face all smooth against your skin, and you smiled into the kiss as Eddie’s free hand inched to your thigh. 
“C’mon, we should be heading inside,” you whispered into Eddie’s mouth, and he groaned lightly, as jokingly as he could manage. 
Eddie pocketed his keys as he stepped out of the van, and he put his hand on the small of your back as you rummaged in your purse for your house keys. Your house was so nice, in a good neighborhood of Hawkins, one of those types with two floors and a little porch and a garage. It was so much nicer than what Eddie knew, his little trailer that he shared with his uncle, and instantly, that ugly feeling began to creep into his throat. He could almost hear your father berating him, calling him trash and scum and saying that he would never be good enough for you. 
The front door was situated on a little porch, a rocking chair and flowers flanking the door, and Eddie’s face went cold. “Fuck, should I have brought your mom flowers?” he mumbled, and you frowned. 
“Eddie, baby, it’s fine,” you told him as you shoved your key into the lock. “Take a deep breath for me, okay? Everything will be fine.” 
You pushed open the door and called to your parents, “Mom, Daddy, we’re home!”. Eddie followed you in, cowering behind you like a little puppy, but he visibly softened when your mother poked her head out of the kitchen. 
“Hi there!” your mother said. “Baby, can you help me, I can’t reach the top shelf and your father—“ 
“Oh,” Eddie said quickly. “I can help you.” 
You caught the smile that spread across your mother’s face, and she said, “You must be Edward.” 
“Eddie, please,” he said. “Umm, what do you need help with?” 
“I just can’t reach something on the top shelf…” your mother started, and you watched Eddie disappear into the kitchen with her. Chuckling to yourself, you went to the TV room, where you were sure your father was, and you found him in his easy chair, watching some baseball game. 
“Daddy?” you said gently. “Eddie’s here.” 
“Alright,” your father sighed. “Let me meet this boy, I guess.” 
You found Eddie and your mother back in the kitchen, already smiling and laughing, and Eddie’s smile grew when he saw you. “There you are,” your mother said. “Eddie was just telling me about how you make dinner for him most nights; that’s sweet.” 
“Yeah, well, Eddie’s not great with the stove,” you said, and Eddie jokingly rolled his eyes. 
“You burn Spaghettios once and never live it down,” he said, shaking his head, and your mother wrinkled her nose. 
“Spaghettios?“ she repeated. “No, a growing boy like you needs more than that! Thank goodness for her, right?” 
“Exactly,” Eddie smiled, his eyes flicking to you. “Thank goodness for her.” 
Your cheeks went hot under your mother and boyfriend’s shared gaze, but the moment ended quickly, with the sound of your father clearing his throat from the dining room. “Where is this boy?” he asked, and you watched as Eddie’s warm face fell pale. 
“Eddie,” you started, and you reached out for Eddie. His hand filled yours just in time for your father to step into the doorway, and Eddie swallowed thickly. “This is my dad. Daddy, this is—“ 
“Your hair,” your father said immediately, not even pausing to let you finish the introduction, eyeing Eddie up and down. “Why does it look like that?” 
“O-Oh,” Eddie started. His eyes shifted to you, then to your father, and he said, “Um, Y/N did it for me.” 
“Why not cut it?” your father asked. 
“I-I like it like this,” Eddie stuttered. 
You could tell he was floundering, his anxiety getting the better of him, and you quickly jumped in. “I like it like this too,” you told Eddie. “I like braiding it up and everything. Oh, Mom, you should see Eddie when I braid his hair, he’s so handsome.” 
Dinner went mostly like that. Your father was condescending towards Eddie— he called him Edward all night, even after you corrected him— and Eddie, to his credit, kept himself in check and took your father’s comments in stride. Your father asked what Eddie did for a living, and your boyfriend was understandably hesitant to answer. “I’m still in high school,” Eddie answered finally.
“I thought she said you were 20,” your father said, looking to you for confirmation, and Eddie nodded slowly.
“I— There were— I had some personal setbacks,” Eddie admitted, his face turning red. “B-But I’m graduating in May.” 
You could tell that Eddie was feeling suffocated, his cheeks turning redder and redder with every question your father sent his way, and you finally had enough of it towards the end of the meal. Eddie had been doing everything right, not that he exactly needed to, and still your father was being a right bitch to him. “Daddy,” you said as Eddie helped your mother clear the table. “Why’re you being so mean to Eddie?” 
“He’s not good for you,” your father told you. “He looks like a deviant, he doesn’t have a job, he can’t provide for you—”
“Provide for me?” you scoffed. “Dad, I’m eighteen, it’s not like I’m marrying him! And he looks exactly how he wants to. He’s trying so hard to impress you and you aren’t even giving him a chance. Isn’t it enough that I like him? Don’t you trust me enough to choose someone who I think is good for me?”
Eddie came back into the room then, and you sighed and stood from your place at the table. “Ed, c’mon,” you started, putting a smile on your face as you took his hand. “I wanna show you my room.” 
“Really?” Eddie chuckled. “I get to see the princess’s room, do I?” 
“Shut up,” you said with a giggle. Eddie was known for sneaking in at night, but, as far as your parents knew, he had never stepped foot in the house before. “C’mon, I just wanna— C’mon!”
Your bedroom was upstairs, and Eddie smiled widely at the pink walls as you tugged him in and closed the door behind you. “Jesus,” Eddie mumbled. “Your dad… He’s kinda a dick, isn’t he?” His hands went to your waist, gently tugging you closer, and your fingers played with his fluffy bangs, hanging on his forehead.
“Oh, he is,” you agreed. “I thought he might try to be nicer to you, but… Fuck, I’m sorry, Ed. I really thought this was gonna go better than it did.” 
“That’s okay,” Eddie insisted. “Hey, look at me—” His finger tucked under your chin and lifted your head to face him, and he put a gentle kiss on your lips. “I’m not upset, okay? I-I mean, it would have been nice if they did like me, but I’m not upset that they don’t. Parents don’t tend to like me, it’s pretty typical.”
“My mom likes you, at least,” you offered, and Eddie nodded. 
“Yeah,” he said with a laugh. “She might try to steal me away from you.” 
“I won’t let her,” you smiled. “You’re mine.”
Eddie kissed you again, and you stepped into his body’s warmth, wrapping your arms around his waist as he deepened the kiss. His head turned slightly and his tongue prodded at your lips, and you opened your mouth for him. Eddie’s kisses were always fantastic, and he broke the kiss with a faint smile. “I’m yours, am I?” he asked with a laugh. “Feeling possessive, are you?” 
“Feeling like I love you,” you corrected him, and you lightly played with the collar of his blue shirt. 
“Well, if that’s all it takes,” Eddie said, and his hands went to your ass. His grip was tight as he pulled you close, slotting his knee between yours, and he added, “You’re mine, princess. You’re mine, forever and ever…” 
“I like the sound of that,” you told him, and you tugged at his shirt. “Is it too much to ask you to fuck me right now?”
“Now?” Eddie asked, his dark eyes widening for a moment. “Jesus, your parents are downstairs. I think your dad’s right, I’m a bad influence on you.”
“Okay, fine,” you sighed, rolling your eyes. “We don’t have to fuck right now—”
“Did you hear me saying no?” Eddie asked. “I was just listing the reasons it’s a bad idea, but, baby, I’m not known for making good decisions.” His hands on your ass lifted and situated on your hips, and he pushed you down to your bed. You slept in the bed every night and Eddie had made it a habit to sneak in once your parents fell asleep, but something about the bed felt different as Eddie knelt between your legs and kissed you. It felt just a little more taboo than usual, knowing that your parents now knew that Eddie was up here with you. It felt almost like they knew what was happening. 
But Eddie distracted you from your line of thinking quickly, pushing your dress up your legs to reach your panties. “Aw, babe,” he chuckled. “Pink panties. You’re adorable.”
“Well, you are in the princess room, after all,” you chuckled. You tugged him down to you, pressing a hard kiss to his mouth, and Eddie took no time to swipe his tongue into your mouth. You had to push down your moans to make sure that you weren’t too loud, and you giggled when Eddie’s hands danced at the hem of your panties, threatening to dip in and feel you. 
Eddie broke the kiss quickly, and he looked at you with a quirked eyebrow. “By the way,” he said. “Daddy?” 
“I’ve always called him that,” you sighed. 
Eddie smiled, and he moved his kiss to your neck as he handled your thighs around his waist. You could feel him through his pants, already half hard, and Eddie gently bit into your neck. “I thought you only called me that,” he whispered, pressing his tongue to the marks his teeth made. “You had me thinking I was special or some shit.”
“You are,” you assured him. “Can we stop talking about my dad, though?”
“Sure,” Eddie said easily, and he bit at your neck again as he jutted his hips down onto yours. His hands shoved your dress higher until he was nearly tugging your dress off, and you helped him shuck it over your head with a giggle. 
“Need to see your tats,” you mumbled, your fingers fumbling at the buttons on his shirt, and he quickly tugged it up over his head and off, letting it fall limply to the bedroom floor. Finally, there in all their glory, were Eddie’s tattoos, littering his arms and chest. Even just the sight of them was enough for your pussy to throb, and you tugged him by his hair down into a kiss. 
Eddie’s big hands smoothed down your body, feeling every inch of skin that he could, and his tongue pushed its way back into your mouth as he held you close. His hands finally settled on your thighs, and he tugged them tight around his waist as he rocked his hips into yours. You couldn’t help the moan that left you, and Eddie broke the kiss to gently hush you. “Don’t want mean ole Daddy hearing you,” he said with a light giggle. He pressed his mouth into your neck and hummed as he kissed over a sensitive spot, in time with you stifling a moan. “I know, princess, it just feels so good, hmm?”
“Eddie—” you whimpered, and his hand carefully snaked up, grasping you lightly by your throat. 
“Don’t call me that,” he whispered, and your skin thrummed with life at his request. 
You nodded as his fingers tightened for just a moment, just long enough for you to catch your breath, and you said, “Daddy… I wanna suck you off.” 
“Oh, yeah?” Eddie chuckled with a quirked eyebrow. He seemed amused at the prospect, although hopeful. 
“I wanna try to make tonight worth something,” you uttered softly. “Apologize or whatever, y’know? That, and I just want your cock in my mouth.” 
Eddie nodded, and he released your throat from his grip. Before he could fully remove himself from you, though, you were already starting in on his pants, undoing his belt and button to shove those dumb khakis down his thighs. He rolled off of you and helped you in your pursuit of undressing him, kicking off his shoes and fully pulling off his pants and boxers, and you instantly knelt on the floor in front of him, facing his hard cock. You took a moment to admire Eddie, his thick thighs spread on your bed, the small stick-and-poke on his upper left thigh, his cock straining against his stomach. It all amounted to one hell of a man, and you didn’t waste anymore time before you pressed your lips to his cock. 
“God, baby,” Eddie sighed, his hand drifting down and lightly playing with your hair. His small whisper urged you forward, and you opened your mouth and took the head of Eddie’s cock in your mouth. He was already leaking salty precum, and you greedily suckled at the tip of his cock. That got him to fully take a fistful of your hair, and he whispered, “Fuck, princess. C’mon, take more, I know you can.” 
You did as he asked of you, swallowing down more and more of him, your lips stretching around his thickness, and you lifted your hand to join your mouth. You quickly stroked what you couldn’t fit in your mouth as your head bobbed on his cock, the wet noises of it lewd and almost worryingly loud. But Eddie just fisted at your hair and let his head fall back, enjoying every second of it. 
“Good girl,” he told you, tugging on your hair and urging his cock further into your mouth. “M’gonna fuck your mouth, okay?” 
You nodded, still sucking him, and you groaned softly as Eddie began to set the pace, thrusting into your mouth. He threatened the back of your throat with every fuck, and your hands went up to grasp his thighs, digging your fingernails into his skin. You knew that Eddie loved when you scratched up his back, and you figured he probably wouldn’t mind if you did the same to his thighs, and, thankfully, you were right. 
“Fuck, feels good,” Eddie whispered. “Fuck, baby, your mouth… Feels like heaven.”
You couldn’t help the proud warmth that spread through you at his praise, and you relaxed your jaw as Eddie’s thrusts became faster and harder. He was chasing his orgasm, you could tell, and you felt his thigh twitch under your hands. He was already so close, and you loved knowing that you had caused that reaction from him.
“Fuck this,” Eddie suddenly said, and he pulled himself out of your mouth, earning him a gasp and a sputtering as you struggled to keep the mix of spit and precum from falling out of your mouth. “Get on your back, princess, Daddy wants to cum inside you.” 
You climbed back up on your bed and urged him forward towards you, and you opened your legs wide for him to fit between. He slotted himself there in an instant, pressing a new kiss to your lips, and his strong hands repositioned on your inner thighs, lightly scratching his fingernails up and down, coming closer and closer to your pussy. Then, without much of a warning other than a chaste kiss on your mouth, Eddie pressed a finger into you. 
You moaned instantly at the feeling, but your hand quickly slapped over your mouth. Eddie chuckled, low in his chest, as he began to fuck you on his finger, and he pressed a kiss to your neck as he whispered, “Don’t want your parents hearing you being a nasty whore.”
Quickly, he added a second finger, and his pace in you was enough to make the lewd sounds of him fucking your wet warmth bounce off the walls. You truly worried if your parents could hear it, but you squeezed your eyes shut and cried behind your hand when Eddie cocked his fingers inside you, driving home in that spot. Your legs instinctively snapped shut, trapping Eddie’s hand between your thighs, and Eddie laughed at you. 
“Oh, so pathetic,” he said with a teasing frown, curling up his fingers again and making you jerk with the satisfaction of it. “Can’t even handle my fingers without getting all worked up, how am I supposed to fuck you right?”
Your hand lowered from your mouth and wrapped around his wrist, his hand still snug around your neck, and you gasped as his fingers tightened for a moment, just long enough for your blood to thrum in your ears. “Daddy,” you gasped. “F-Fuck me, Daddy, please, I’ll be so good for you, I promise, I-I can take it. Please, Ed, I want you so bad.” 
Eddie gave you one last hit to that special nerve inside you, your back arching in time with his fingers, and he pulled his fingers from you slowly, an almost agonizing speed. “I’ve got you, princess,” he told you, and his glistening fingers came up to lightly prod at his own lips. You watched him greedily as he licked up your wetness from himself, and he nodded slowly. “God, you taste good, baby. You wanna taste yourself?” 
You opened your mouth obediently, not even stopping to consider the offer, and Eddie pressed his fingers past your lips and into your mouth. You dutifully sucked his fingers, cleaning up your slick from his thick fingers, and you saw Eddie’s cock twitch in response. “So fucking dirty,” Eddie laughed. “Look at you, sucking on my fingers like that. God, I need to be inside you.”
You protested the loss of his fingers with a whine, but his hands on your thighs, spreading your legs wide open, was enough to get you to forget it. You bit on your bottom lip as you watched Eddie line himself up at your leaking entrance, and he pressed the head of himself just into you, hardly giving you anything. You squirmed under his weight, trying to stay as quiet as possible, and Eddie shushed you, his thumb rubbing a soft circle just under your chin, where his hand had steady stayed, testing your breathing. 
“I know,” Eddie said softly, almost patronizing. “I’m not giving you enough, I know. But, baby, you just gotta wait. Waiting makes it better.” 
“Daddy,” you whimpered out, and his owlish brown eyes widened with glee at your pathetic state. “Please just fuck me, please.” 
“That’s what I like to hear,” Eddie said with a devious half-smile, and he snapped his hips forward, fully burying himself inside you. Your moan was wrecked with surprise, a small hint of pain ebbing away at your edges, and Eddie seemed to catch the hint and thoroughly enjoy it. “Good girl.”
His hand still rested on your throat as he began to shallowly fuck you, moving slow so that the springs in your old mattress didn’t squeak too loudly. You whined softly at the feeling of his cock, hard and ridged, gliding in and out of you, and your hands went to his hair, still all fluffy, and you tugged him down into a kiss. His tongue invaded your mouth instantly, claiming you in a way that nobody else ever had, and he started up at a quicker pace. You could feel him throb inside of you with every thrust, and you squeaked every time his cock nestled into that nerve. 
Your breaths came in gasps as he fucked you, and you worked quick to tighten your legs around his waist. Your heel dug into his back on a particularly hard thrust, and your heart nearly stopped when you heard the firm hit of your headboard against the wall. “Eddie!” you gasped, your eyes growing wide. “Jesus Christ, you’re gonna get us in trouble—”
“No, I won’t, princess,” Eddie smirked. “Don’t worry your pretty little head, I’ve got it. Just keep those legs open for me and let me worry about the rest. Okay?” 
You nodded, even though you were certain that the rest of the house had heard it, and Eddie pressed a gentle kiss to your cheek as he started up his pace again. You had to keep your moans quiet— you were certainly already on thin ice, and you didn’t want your mother (or, God forbid, your father) hearing you— so you pressed yourself tight to Eddie and nestled your lips just over his ear. He gave a choked little sound when you moaned softly in his ear, just for him to hear, and he whispered, “Damn, baby, sound so good… You feel good too, fuck.”
Your hands grabbed at his shoulders as he began to speed up, chasing the orgasm that had been forgotten from his blowjob, and each huff of breath gave you new sentiments from him: “So good, baby”, “Fuck, yes”, “God, you’re perfect”. The hot wash of arousal spread across you every single time, and you whimpered as Eddie’s cruel hand drifted down from your throat to your clit. He began to rub at you, hard and fast, not giving you a moment to adjust, and your thighs quivered around his waist as shocks of white hot electricity rocked your body. 
“Fuck!” you whined high in your throat, and Eddie attacked your neck with kisses and bites. His heavy breathing made him sound almost feral, and it shouldn’t have turned you on the way it did, but you found your pussy clenching around his cock. 
“You close, baby?” Eddie huffed into your neck, and you nodded quickly. Your fingers dug into his shoulders, holding him close to you, and you rocked your hips up to meet his thrusts. Even though pain shocked itself in your core at how deep inside you he was, you loved every second of it. 
“Fuck, Daddy,” you mewled, your body curving up to meet his. “Y-You’re gonna make me cum!”
“Aw,” Eddie chuckled. “Using your words, how cute. Guess I haven’t fucked you dumb yet.” 
“N-Next time,” you stammered. “I-I need to be able to leave the house.”
“Right,” Eddie nodded, and he kissed your neck again. “Oh, fuck me, I made a mark.” 
“Eddie!” you whined. “My fucking parents—”
“I know, princess, I’m sorry,” Eddie told you, and you saw his eyes sparkle as he lifted himself from your neck. The cheeky bastard wasn’t sorry at all; he was pleased with himself. “You can give me one, if you want.” 
You shook your head and you pulled him into a kiss, his lips slick with spit. “Just make me cum,” you told him. “I’ll forgive you.” 
“No problem, baby,” Eddie chuckled. “I’ll make you cum.”
With that, he started up his punishing rhythm, hard and fast. He was so gorgeous like this, his forehead dotted with sweat, his bangs curling a bit with it, and you smiled at the sight of his flushed cheeks. “I love you,” you whispered, and Eddie’s face melted into a smile. 
“I love you too,” Eddie whispered back, and he kissed you once more, sweeter and softer than anything before. “God, baby, you’re so perfect.” 
Even hearing those words was enough for the knot inside you to tighten threateningly, and you stammered out, “Ed, fuck, I’m gonna cum.”
“Cum for me, baby,” Eddie told you. His fingers on your clit sped up along with his hips, and the obscene wet noises from before returned as he fucked you hard, hard, hard, drawing you to your finish as quickly as he could. “Cum all on my cock, make a mess, princess.” 
Your back arched up into him as his hands, so strong and sure, repositioned to your hips, and he held you down as you writhed and whimpered. You were so close, you could taste your orgasm, and you watched Eddie’s stomach tremble with his own impending orgasm. “Cum inside me, Daddy,” you whispered in his ear, and he gave an odd choking sound, like he was gasping and swallowing at the same time. “Are you gonna make a mess too, Daddy?” 
“Fuck, woman,” Eddie whispered. “You’re too much for me.” 
“Oh, hush,” you giggled, and you pressed your forehead against his. “I’m just perfect for you.” 
“You’re just perfect,” Eddie told you, and he held your hips tight as he fucked into you once more. He moaned, louder than before, and he gnashed his teeth as he came. The feel of being filled so wonderfully by him was beautiful, and you couldn’t help but release as well. 
“Eddie, I’m cumming!” you cried, and his strong arms wrapped around you and held you so tenderly and lovingly as you came as well, the white hot electricity ravaging your whole body, from head to toe. You didn’t feel like you even inhabited your body anymore as your back arched, and your vision went just a little hazy. “Fuck!” 
“Just like that,” Eddie whispered soothingly, holding you tightly. “Yes, princess, good girl, I love you so much.”
“L-Love you too,” you stammered. Your breaths came quickly, as did Eddie’s, and he rolled you over your side as he held you. His cock had gone soft inside you, and you whined when he slowly pulled out. 
“You okay?” Eddie asked, and you nodded. “Good, good girl… Come here, I wanna hold you.”
“We can’t,” you told him. “My parents are downstairs, they’re probably waiting for us.” 
Eddie rolled his eyes jokingly, and he sighed. “Fine,” he said. “I’ll just have to sneak in and cuddle later tonight.” 
“Sounds like a plan,” you told him and you kissed him once more. “Just as long as my mom doesn’t sense your presence.” 
“Jesus,” Eddie laughed. “Well, she’ll have a hell of a hard time stealing me from you. I’ve only got eyes for one girl.”
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luveline · 15 hours ago
Baby blurb of reader and Eddie where reader sleeps with her teddy when she has anxiety and it’s all soft and fluffy lol. Yes I have just turned 20 and still sleep with my teddy and I am not ashamed 😤💖
i love him 😭 so much 😭
A hand on your forehead. 
You blink awake. It takes you a second to realise what you're seeing. Eddie, your boyfriend, handsome and frowning across from you.
"Are you okay?" you whisper, voice thick with sleep.
"Me?" he asks. He turns his hand. His knuckles skip over your cheek, down to under your chin where he rubs a small line, back and forth. "You're sleeping with Mr. Bear?" 
"Oh…" That's the soft weight on your chest. 
Eddie kneels beside your bed. Where his right hand is soothing at your chin, the left strokes over Mr. Bear's worn tummy. 
You feel instantly embarrassed, the kind of shame that makes your face white hot. 
"Are you doing okay, sweet thing?" he asks. The sweet thing isn't strictly sincere. He says it with a smile, like he's hoping you'll laugh. 
You try your best. "I'm okay." 
His touch is so soft. Feather-light. The kiss of a butterfly's wing to your chin. His eyes are distracted by somewhere on your cheek and his mouth is still worried. Pulled down at the corners. 
"Move over?" he asks eventually. 
You nod obligingly and shuffle aside. Eddie shakes out of his jacket and climbs into bed next to you, your shoulders kissing, your eyes on the ceiling. 
"You can tell me anything," he says. His voice is gruff like he's a little abashed to say it, but sincere. 
You sigh. "I know." 
Eddie hums before taking Mr. Bear into careful hands, waving one of Mr. Bear's small arms at you. "Do you tell him what's wrong?" he asks, holding your bear in front of his mouth. 
Eddie brings Mr. Bear's mouth to his ear. "Oh," he says thoughtfully. "Gotcha." 
You roll your eyes as Eddie sets the stuffie back over your chest, positioning him to be comfortable. 
"What did he tell you?" you ask, curious.
Eddie glares at you theatrically. "Is nothing sacred?" 
"He's my bear." 
"And you won't award him any privacy? You cruel woman." 
You huff, equally theatrical, and let your head loll back to the ceiling. Eddie cups your neck, his hand hot to your skin. He tilts your head towards him again very slowly. 
You break character when he presses his nose to yours, laughing under your breath as he says, "Let me be your confidante, babe. I'm as good a listener as that dude and twice as cuddly." 
"Twice," you laugh. 
"I have better hair." 
You reach out to stroke his dark curls. He really does.
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his-name-is-ed · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Joseph Quinn as Eddie Munson in STRANGER THINGS 4, VOL 1
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eddiemunnson · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
STRANGER THINGS — eddie "the freak" munson being an absolute monster.
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two1nthep1nk · 2 days ago
“hah you can’t say you like eddie munson cause if a real metalhead came up to you you’d-“
eddie munson is charming, funny and nice and wouldn’t turn his nose up at me because i don’t know the circumference of ozzy osbournes rectum. he is also very, very attractive.
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loveronlineee · 2 days ago
Off Limits Part 3 (Eddie Munson x Reader)
Tumblr media
Masterlist   Part 1   Part 2
Eddie Munson x Henderson! Reader (She/Her)
Warnings: None
Synopsis: Y/N decides to make Eddie lunch, but how would she do it without her protective little brother finding out?
Heyooooo it’s Willow! I’m enjoying this writing this series but I’m not sure where to take it from here? So if you want more, gimmie suggestions in my inbox! Also YES I’m working on part 2 of The Metalhead and the Material girl it’s just taking me a while cuz I wanna do it right.
Okie update over! Enjoy part 3!
DM me if you wanna be on the Eddie tag list!:)
Dustin glared at his sister from the dining room table as she cooked. The siblings were eerily quiet. Just the sounds of the water bubbling as it cooked the pasta and the occasional bump of the wooden spoon hitting the side of the pot as Y/N stirred.
“You still having your lil temper tantrum?” Y/N asked, feeling his eyes burning into the back of her head.
“No.” Dustin sulked, arms folded. Y/N sighed and put down her wooden spoon, turning around to face him.
“I still don’t get what you’re so mad about.”
“Out of everyone at the school?? Eddie Munson???” Dustin stood up. “I just don’t get it.”
“What? He’s sweet, what can I say.” Y/N turned back around, adding some spices to her pasta sauce.
“Sweet?” Dustin repeated in disbelief. “Eddie is anything but sweet to me.”
“Yeah well you’re not a pretty girl.” Y/N joked.
“Ugh gross shut up.” Dustin huffed, getting fed up. He slumped back down into his chair.
“Okay okay okay. How bout I order us pizza for dinner instead? Will that cheer you up?”
“What about your pasta?” Y/N shrugged.
“I can just have it for lunch tomorrow. And you can have the leftovers from tonight. How’s that sound?” Dustin didn’t want to give in but his love of pizza seemed to outweigh his annoyance at his sister.
“Okay FINE.” Y/N smiled and went over to their phone, dialling the number she knew all too well. Dustin walked to the bathroom to wash his hands. She grinned.
Her plan was a success.
Dustin stared daggers at Eddie the next day at lunch, only receiving an innocent smile back.
“Dustin I told you nothing happened.” Eddie reassured him once again. The younger boy continued to glare, unconvinced. He took an aggressive bite out of his pizza slice which made Eddie chuckle. He looked over to Mike who had his eyes wide, trying to get his attention. He frowned in confusion. Mike darted his eyes behind him to the rest of the lunch hall.
The metalhead looked around at the others before spotting Y/N half hiding in the entrance. She was staring at him and becoming him to come over.
Eddie’s eyes moved to Dustin on his left. He had gone back to his pizza, angrily munching away. Mike began to distract him.
“Uh hey Dustin, did you understand that physics class? Cause I didn’t get any of it.” Dustin rolled his eyes and looked up at his friend, back now to Eddie.
“Seriously Mike? It was not that hard.” As Dustin began to explain, Eddie slipped away. As he headed towards Y/N, she dipped around the corner.
He turned the corner to find her smiling at him. She turned and began walking down the hallway. Eddie grinned and followed her.
“I thought you were banned from seeing me.” Eddie joked.
“Yeah I am. Why d’you think I was staring at you from across the room like a creep instead of coming over?” The two chuckled.
“So uh, what’s up?”
“What are you having for lunch?” Y/N asked.
“Wrong!” Y/N stopped and shoved a container into Eddie’s hands. Eddie opened the lid to find a creamy tomato pasta with chicken.
“Did… did you make this for me?” Eddie smiled in shock.
“Don’t flatter yourself Munson. I just had some leftover.” Y/N joked, holding up an identical container. “You should eat. It’s important.” She added, becoming more serious.
“No ones ever made me a meal before.” Eddie mumbled. “No ones ever cared that I wasn’t eating. I don’t know what to say.”
“How bout, let’s eat?” Y/N held his hand and led him into the empty music room. “I think we’ll be safe from my brother in here.”
She sat on the floor by the back wall. Eddie came and sat beside her, shoulders touching. She handed him a fork from her bag and the two began eating. Eddie’s eyes widened.
“This is the best thing I’ve ever eaten.” Y/N giggled at the exageration.
“Glad you like it. I can keep making you lunches if you want.”
“What? Like everyday?”
“If you want.” Y/N shrugged. “I cook for myself anyways, it’s just a bigger portion now.” Eddie looked down at his food, feeling slightly guilty.
“I-I don’t know Y/N that’s a lot of extra work just for me-“
“I’d like to do it actually.” Y/N pushed. “No ones liked my food before. You make me feel appreciated.” She smiled softly. Eddie couldn’t help but smile back.
“Yeah okay then Henderson. You’re my personal chef now.” Y/N leaned into him before going back to her food. The two sat in comfortable silence, having their lunch.
They could just about hear the students walking and talking in the hallway. They heard two pairs of feet running frantically down.
It could be Dustin looking for them, with Mike close behind. Or maybe not. They didn’t care in that moment.
They were just enjoying their lunch and each other’s company.
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