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genshin-latte · 8 months ago
Hi there! Nice blog! Hmm, if you're still up for requests, how would Diluc and Kaeya react to an s/o who's jealous of a person flirting with the boys? I always see writings the other way around but let's not forget these two are popular among Monds hehe. Thank you!
THIS!!! Kaeya is top candidate for grandson-in-law and Diluc has nobles lining up for his hand in marriage, welp. I’m sorry this took so long I had childe brrrainworm bbrrr
Tumblr media
It happens everytime he goes drinking at the tavern. You know how his older drinking buddies constantly tries to set him up with their grandchildren. Sometimes, it also happens during the day when he’s exchanging small talks with the ederly.
Even during the times when you’re with him. People just don’t seem to get it. Perhaps they think you’re just another of his knight acquaintances given his position and all. Everytime he’d laugh off their statements, while you sigh in the background.
However, he immediately realizes that you’re upset. “Aw, are you jealous?” He’d laugh, perhaps teasing you in the process. He thinks it’s rather adorable that you’re jealous.
Though, he doesn’t spare a second to reassure you that he’s yours and yours alone. Quickly brushing aside whatever or whoever made you jealous.
If you’re in public he doesn’t hestitate to place his arm around your shoulder or waist, anything to show that he’s only interested in you. He doesn’t bother trying to hide it. In fact he might take the chance to show you off a little.
Would shower you with kisses if you’re in private, especially if you’re the grumpy kind of jealous. He really can’t resist that pout of yours, he can’t help but comply to your wishes.
“Stop taking it so lightly.” You huff in annoyance. “Okay, babe.” He chuckles, wrapping his arms around you. “Promise?” “Promise.”
The next time someone tries to match him up, he’ll casually pull you close, “I apologize, I’ve already met the love of my life.” He smiles, purposely using his choice of words to fluster you. He wants to make it clear to you and to everyone, that he solely belongs to you.
Tumblr media
Another banquet, another marriage proposal. You could only gaze in silence as nobles after nobles tried to match him up with their children, even after he states that he wasn’t interested. Furthermore, it wasn’t rare for him to get letters concerning marriage. Even among commoners, he’s rather popular.
Perhaps you should be grateful that your lover seems to be on a lot of people’s ‘top boyfriend candidate’ list. But you can’t help the unpleasant feelings bubbling inside you.
He’s a bit slower to realize that you’re jealous. Why do you look so upset? He’d frown, he doesn’t like seeing you troubled. But he does eventually understand.
Still confused™️ He’d try to find out what he did wrong, was he being too friendly to his guests? Was his customers getting too close? He might start pondering. Whatever it is, he doesn’t think it’s worth if it makes you upset.
He might be a little reserved with his affections, often choosing to be intimate when you’re alone. Considering how he is, he’d rather keep your relationship lowkey. But he never wants to make you feel neglected.
Might buy you gifts in order to get you to communicate with him. He doesn’t handle feelings very well and he feels really bad for making you upset. You rarely see him so... helpless. You won’t be able to resist his attempts. He’s trying his best.
He was relieved when you told him the problem. Indulges you in cuddle sessions afterwards. He may not show it very well but he loves you deeply.
He can get slightly more affectionate in public, holding your hand more often, calling you pet names like ‘love’ or ‘beloved’, anything to assure you that he only has eyes for you.
Tumblr media
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vintageitalia · 7 years ago
Tumblr media
Arnold Schwarzenegger
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devilish-yandere · 2 years ago
my first yandere boy !
you can ask him whatever you want !
his emoji is: 🔪
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
kasper kui odin harkensen
yandere type:
obsessive, lucid
machoistic, sensitive, extremely touch starved. he’s quiet and reserved, and never went to school so he has social anxiety and doesn’t know how to interact well with others. this is also a result of him never leaving his house when he was younger. he’s a terrible drawer and singer. this boy has absolutely no talent with ANYTHING basically, but that doesn’t mean we lov him any less. he also has only a basic knowledge of “school smarts”. he picks up on things extremely quickly however and has a large emotional understanding. he’s not stupid, but he also doesn’t know how to spell most things.
his parents raised him in a two bedroom apartment in new york, and never sent him to school. they claimed that he was homeschooled, but never bothered to help him with his studies. his mother and farther severely neglected him, leaving him with commitment issues. they never even bothered to look at him. the only time he ever got any attention is when they physically hurt him. they hit him, burnt him, and choked him. he loved the attention and the touching, and realized that that was the only way anyone would ever stand to touch him, was by inflicting pain on him. so naturally he came to love the pain, because it meant they were paying attention to him.
when he was 15 his parents died in a crash. the bus they were on got hijacked, and no one survived that incident. social services sent him to a foster home, and he quickly got lost in the system. a rich ederly couple soon adopted him when he was 17 and he went to live with them. they were always too busy to have children when they were younger and regretted never having any in their lives. he hated living with them. he loved the house. it was a huge house in the south that laid on 60 acres. convenient. the old man had a stroke just a week after bringing kasper home, and the old lady had a heart attack out of shock immediately but was okay. she then had another from heartbreak a year later. now 18, kasper inherited everything. all the land, the cars, the staff, the house, and the tons of fucking money.
things to know:
his favorite color is red
his full name is kasper kui odin harkensen (the second last name is the old couples)
animals love him
he loves animals
once he discovers sexual stuff he will become sex crazy, he needs the affection and the touch, he needs the high it gives him
he never leaves the estate, his darling will probably be a maid that works for him
he self harms almost daily
he’s a cry baby
he’s soft
he likes being tied up and choked, anything rough or brutal goes for him
extremely affectionate
just wants to be loved, will fall for anyone who gives him the affection he craves
Tumblr media
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minjoonalist · a year ago
Better Than Before. | KSJ 18+
Tumblr media
pairing: Ex!Seokjin x Reader
genre: smut, BDE!Jin, a pinch of Angst., what is Humor?
words: 3.1K
warnings: none :)
summary: why is that everytime you attmept to be a social butterfly your ex-kim seokjin appears and you’re suddenly a raging alcoholic. AKA- seokjin is on a persistent mission to get you alone again.
song inspiration: “Always” by Arin Ray
*** ***
You’ve never been the type of person to attend big celebration or even stay afterwards for further socializing. But you either had to choose between another Saturday spent watching re-runs of old sitcoms or actually going out to do something with your life and seeing as you were a full fledged nurse with barely enough time to take a piss… yeah it was probably time to interact with others.
The soft spot for your closest coworker had took it place once she asked for your assistance as a bridesmaid. An unfortunate event of one her friends getting extremely sick due to a spreading Flu had only ended with the poor thing being short just one person. Little did you know the sweet natured girl had actually considered you to be another close pal of her own and couldn't think of any other to put above asking you next. Originally you had planned to miss the event all in itself , even when you were just a guest. Practicing in your mirror to give the sweet girl a stern ‘hell no’, but it's Fairly obvious to see by now that, that didn't go as planned.
The air felt hot, you were sure your dress had a huge sweat stain on the back and you couldn't control the throbbing need that was slowly making you delirious by the second.
“You may now kiss the bride” the words spoken by the elderly priest that stood only a feet away from you. You looked to him. a firm smile placed on his slightly chapped lips that had everyone cheering, including the beautiful couple who were currently leaning into each other to seal their vows of commitment. It was perfect to say nonetheless, all white spreading throughout the pure rustic styled garden and the sun was shining throughout the clear blue skies showcasing the Event in all it’s beauty . You wanted to bask in it and soak up the rare moment you were apart of , but there was no use .
No, Not when there's a pair of dark occupied eyes staring your body down throughout the entire celebration.
“ I dont know whats more messed up. You- attending the same wedding as me or the fact that the next time I ever see you it's when you're in the same wedding as me” the undeniably gorgeous man that you’ve known as your Ex- Kim Seokjin- or well Jin pressed you into his side tighter just as you were following the groom and bride down flower filled path.
Wild light brown hair, pouty plump lips, and mischievous black eyes- If there was anything that made you regret going along with this decision, it was certainly him.
“Seokjin. Let. me. Go.” the venomous words slid through your teeth just as you waved towards the ederly woman in one of the rows and whom you could only assume was the groom’s grandmother.
“sheesh , still bitter I see” He glances down at you, a firm smirk still in its place when he does not-so-exactly as you wished. His long arm that was pressing you rather possessively into his waist loosened its hold and only came to grab your soft empty hand. It gave everyone the simple illusion that you two were a perfect couple when really you were anything but.
It was a couple of years ago in a situation similar to this one, you’d ended up attending a special occasion for an old colleague. It was a birthday party that your classmates happened to be throwing for seokjin and you’d reluctantly allowed your roommates to drag you there. There wasn't really much else to it since you could barely remember, you caved into downing 5 shots as you tried to drown out your boredom and completely blacked out. The only thing you could recall after that mysterious night , was waking up naked and sore next to the birthday boy himself. You’ve both only dated for a couple of months, when rumors of the popular boy’s conquests arose and you were in no mood to deal with them.
In other words- you dumped him.
“Shot of whiskey and make it dark please” you smiled innocently towards the cute dimpled bartender who busied himself cleaning cups. He nods back at you, his blonde hair falling forward as he momentarily slid his eyes over you and you vice versa. He then rolls up his crisp white button up to lean towards you, your eyes running quickly over his name tag that read ‘namjoon’ on it. “Sure thing miss” he sends you a wink , just before turning to prepare the requested drink.
“I wonder. are you going to keep batting your lashes at Virgin- juice boy over here or are you going to keep downing shots until I convince you to let me fuck you somewhere private? Preferably the latter but without the convincing part.” Seokjin’s velvety voice mumbles shamelessly into your ear making you shudder.
“As if that’ll ever happen” you scoff , just as the bartender namjoon hands you the small glass making sure to flash you his dimpled smile one last time. You raise the liquid towards your mouth, downing it in one go. Already the calming sensation spreading up from your legs and throughout your body, making the annoying Ass next you a bit more bearable . Only when you finally notice the long and intimidating gaze he has set on you. You decide to go in for more “ Another please.”
Seokjin’s nearly evil smirk never falters “ If I do recall and I truly do. Pretty little y/n downed 5 of my birthday shots and let me lay between her legs” he says way too loud for your liking. Your cheeks blushed and not from the fact that he just aired your sexual history in front of namjoon (who was handing you your next shot), but that the man had just called you pretty. Even more so that the simple compliment actually had you pressing your thighs together.
“I think we both can agree that years ago pretty little y/n made a huge mistake”
“You’re right about that” he chuckles with a nod. In return you roll your eyes, reaching for the next shot in front of you and downing that one as well. You make eye contact with namjoon once again, his soft eyes connecting with the empty glass in your possession “just one more please” you sheepishly smile and he bites his lip, silently laughing at your cuteness.
Once again a shot glass is slid your way. It was then that you noticed seokjin had moved significantly closer towards, the smell of his intoxicating cologne running up your nostrils and a large flat palm resting on the small of your back. When the hell did he put it there?
“ g-good so we agree. Maybe now you’ll finally leave me the hell alone” you attempt to ease away from him. The familiarity of the situation , bringing lost memories of how you once tried to resist the highly convincing man before.
“I never said that I agreed with what you said y/n…” he says , voice becoming husky and soft. You hated to admit it, but it was pulling you in just like the sensual gaze he never failed to keep on you. You didnt know whether to blame it on the alcohol or that you just havnt had sex about 2 seasons of big bang theory ago.
“Bu-but you just did-”
You were reaching for what was going to be your last shot , when seokjin comes in and snatches it from your grasp. You pout in return , not wanting to have to ask the dimpled boy for another. “I said you were right, only because you did make a mistake. You broke up with me when all I ever did was make you happy. Even worse, you did it right before we graduated and then you blocked me ” the slight sadness in his voice would have had you wanting to console the man had it not been for the fact that he was the one who messed up.
“Seokjin, you cheated on me. Did you really think I was going to stay with you after finding that out?” you sputtered out.
He was midway through downing your shot, when your words had caused him to gasp and choke on the harsh drink. Immediately his cool is lost, the poor man doubling over to hack his lungs out before he oddly finishes it anyway. “I did not cheat on you. Where the hell did you get that stupid Idea?” he frowns rather disappointedly at you.
“Oh please you're just saying that so I’ll let you slip your excited little hands up my dress” you shake your head but a small part of you just can't get over the sincerity that was in his stare. A silent second passes by and seokjin’s trance is broken before he asks you “how did you find out?”.
Your heart skips a beat. His soft voice riddled with no such guilt but he wanted to know how you discovered his unfaithfulness. In his eyes , he now seemed a bit curious more than concerned and it made an unsettling feeling appear in your stomach “I was told.” you swallowed “by some sorority girl - actually she was at your party” you then confessed.
“Blonde hair? Pouty lips.. And a permanent bitch face right?” he lists easily and the description matches the exact culprit who informed you of all his hidden lies. You guessed he must’ve gone off the way your eyes had wavered with uncertainty because seokjin had then let out an incredulous huff of disbelief. He hangs his head , his shoulders shaking from the small laugh that escapes his mouth “y/n. That was my ex” he says finally.
You gasped.
“You let my ex-girlfriend get into your head. If there's one thing I remember about her, its that she’s very manipulative, but also bitter and anyone with common sense knows thats not a good combination” he looks to you, only to see the disheartened look on your face. Your eyes full of guilty sadness now that you easily pieced two and two together.
“I-I dont know what to say-....I’m sorry seokjin” you managed out.
Sure you felt bad but your relationship was years ago. In-fact you’ve barely thought about him since honestly. He smiles tenderly towards you, the warmth from his brown eyes seeping slowly through your guarded shield but only now , you almost don't mind to let it down a bit.
“ Its fine, to be honest I should've known she would try something like that. You were probably too innocent for me anyways- I could’ve ruined you” he jokes though you don't laugh, your mind staying stuck on the innocent part.
“Remember I'm the girl who stole your shots and took you back to her dorm” you say catching both him and yourself completely off guard. Your eyes then widen from the risky remark, heart hammering in your chest when seokjin quirks a teasing brow at you.
You then turn back towards the bar, the dimpled blonde smiling your way when you tap the empty space in front of you “ a double would be great” you say but then for the first time seokjin acknowledges him as well. “Trust me. No it wouldn't.” he smiles a bit too sweet at the poor boy and you notice namjoon’s own smile falter from the slight animosity. Seokjin then grabs at your hand, his thumb slightly stroking the inside of you palm as the other finds its place again on your back. The intimate actions bringing your attention fully back to him when he speaks again.
“Now that the convincing part is done. Lets go somewhere a bit more private”
Tumblr media
Honestly if you were shocked by the fact that you’ve once again allowed seokjin slip under your skin...well…that would be perfectly okay. It didn't take a second thought for you to let seokjin lead you to what looked like tiny shed, the both of you slipping in easily unnoticed as everyone else focused on the beautiful couple dancing away into their new marriage.
You're bent over slightly, Seokjin’s hands coming towards your hips to pick them up and raise your ass towards him. Immediately he groans in his spot. the delicious sight of your pussy lips glistening with your arousal reminds him just why he was so fucking whipped for you back then. You were gorgeous...everywhere and his mouth was watering just to get a taste of you again.
A finger swipes gently at your exposed slit, sending a cold shiver down your back from the subtle friction.
“You were always so sensitive for me weren't you baby?” He whispers, but by the way he confidently pushes the Long calloused finger into your unsuspecting hole, his own question is already answered.
“-J-jin…” you grunt out the broken moan in appreciation. His finger is pulling away and pushing right back in , causing you squirm and whimper from the much needed pleasure. “I can't wait to fill you up” a tiny squelch is heard as another finger is added to his torturing movements. His body coming forward onto your bare back and you could honestly melt just from the way it arched perfectly into him.
The tight knot in your stomach begins to loosen as you try your hardest hide your loud whimpers from any outsiders. Your legs trembling and you so badly want him to just fuck you already.
“P-please…” was all you could manage.
Seokjin’s fingers that were once pumping into you at a moderate pace turns to a more vicious route and you can't help but to squeal when the two lengthy digits forces your quivering pussy into its first orgasm in months. It leaves you breathless, weak and you were just about ready to collapse onto the neat shed’s floor.
“ Tsk, You haven't gone soft on me have you?” Seokjin chuckles down at you, a wicked glint prominent in his midnight eyes and when you shake your head in return. you could only shiver as the smile drops and the tiny space goes cold with his next words
“I’m not done with you yet Pretty girl…”
Next thing you knew you were being flipped onto your back and seokjin’s. strong hands had reached greedily for your underwear only to slide them completely off.
He then meets you on the ground, his body leaning back just a bit to unbuckle his black slacks. A noticeable swallow from your end driving the man a bit more mad with lust and he would swear he could cum right then and there just from that cute innocent gaze you were giving just when he pulls himself free.
“O-h…” you could barely say, your mouth completely dry. Your watched anxiously, a bead of precum already oozing out through the thick red Mushroom head of what you could definitely remember was his above average cock. The hard veiny muscle not having any shame to rub said cum swiftly down your exposed slit.
“You’re so fucking pretty baby, did you know long I’ve held this for you?” He growls out, deep carnal lust stuck in his voice as he inches closer above you. You weren't given the chance to answer him because as soon as you could , his fingers had wrapped within your once neat bun to pull your head back even further.
You could only then let out what sounded like a breathy moan. Your lungs almost giving up on you when you feel the head of his cock prying it’s way into you. His mouth laying open mouth kisses onto your exposed neck ,making his way up to towards your chin and finally landing on your mouth.
As much as you wanted to resist his kiss, the way Seokjin’s tongue had begun to dip swirl onto yours had your toes curling just from the passion of it and your entire body melting in pure bliss.
Your legs are spread out a bit wider for him, his hands latching onto the back of your knees to do so. “So cute. So good for me” he whispers out his praises into your ear, his hips jerking forward to shove his member deep into you and you nearly scream from the intrusion. Instantly you feel full, your body humming with pleasure as seokjin finds his paced rhythm. His hips slamming down onto yours with such a force that it has your eyes rolling to the back of your head.
“ so good! Yes just like that!” You exclaim out to him when the change of his angle only ends with your g-spot getting rammed into over and over.
“Look at pretty y/n. taking Daddy’s big cock like a good girl” he says, each sweet thrust matching his words. It was at this point where seokjin’s hand had ended up slipping from under one of your knees only to drop one of your legs. During the slight mishap seokjin was mid-thrust into you when you yelped and jerked your hips from the even more intense pleasure.
“Oh? Did that feel good baby? Maybe I should make you feel like that some more hmm?” He chuckles when you shake your head. Ignoring your response to switch you on your right side and sit himself on top of your right thigh, your left thigh being pushed against you as he proceeds with his wreckening.
What once was a difficult task had become impossible to withhold your loud moans. The new position allowing him to fuck further into your walls, burying himself to the hilt and maybe even deeper than he probably should be. It has your body jumping, your hands instantly bracing themselves on his highly active hips as tears started to leak from your eyes.
“So fucking cute. Pretty y/n don't ever run from me again - let daddy take care of you.” He pleads and praises you in your ear as he leans forward. “O-Ok-kay!” You unthinkingly gasped trying to catch your lost breath, his surged strokes turning your mind to mush and you could feel your orgasm climbing terrifyingly fast.
“Angh! Jin! Im go-ing to c-cum!”
You didn't have to tell him for him to know. Seokjin could feel his balls tightening with every brutal squeeze of your core- it was like you were trying to milk the man’s dick. He chuckled from the thought, his harsh grunts being masked by an unbelievably deep sexy laugh “thats right baby, milk me. Make me cum S-so I can fill that pretty pussy of yours.”
As if on cue your body gives out. Sweet burning pleasure pushing up throughout your entire body while you thrashed uncontrollably under Seokjin’s relentless thrusts.
“Mmmm!” You screamed, but your mouth is immediately muffled under one of his hands. The grip of it suddenly becoming unbearably tight once seokjin finds his own release in you.
You hold your breath, his body collapsing next to you once he slips out with a satisfied sigh.
“That was....even better than before”
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photographybyronterner · 9 years ago
Tumblr media
Photography by Ron Terner
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laslloronas · 3 years ago
A fucking dumbass: dumb and alone were bad episodes how can ppl think they were good a child commits ederly abuse and kills his father and alone was boring n creepy
Me, a fucking intellectual: You Fool. The episode alone was beautiful and profound, it showed a new side to the characters and explored how women and sex, sexual abuse, rape, and reproduction rights are treated in moralton. And in dumb mr. Secondopinionson was a pedophile and a liar and 100% had it coming. It showed the effect csa has on a person and how being intelligent should be less important, its compassion that matters
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