#edit: forgot to upload the updated panels!
doodleswithangie · 9 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
just a thought i had watching the movie again, with the knowledge that mirabel and camilo are both 15.
[image description: a three panel comic of mirabel, dolores, and camilo madrigal based off a scene from the movie. mirabel calls dolores her favorite older cousin, and dolores points out that she is (technically) her only older cousin. camilo is annoyed in the background and insists on his and mirabel’s six week age  difference.] 
Transcript: Mirabel: (to Dolores) You know how you’re my favorite older cousin? Camilo: (annoyed in the background) What. Dolores: (to Mirabel) I’m your only older cousin. Camilo: (angrily in the background) Um, excuse me? Mirabel: (cheekily) Okay, you got me. Camilo barely counts. Camilo: (shouting in the background) Six weeks is still six weeks!
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nagisawife · 7 months ago
[Update] [Rant]
I was gonna upload this after i do art later but to be honest i just cant do it later i have to get this feeling out of my chest right now , anyways for update SORRY FOR BEING INACTIV ON TUMBLR AND NO ART,,, im busy draw oc and commissions rnn ill do sum fanarts later brrr , although i do stalk some post abt my comfort chara LOLOL -
Anyways,,, i want to rant out abit , lately theres someone thats been giving me bad vibes their styles is almost the same as mine , i honestly dont care if people want to copy my style but lately theyve been doing almost everything the same as me it freaking me out abit bc this is the second time it happened to me , the first time it happened i had a friend who was older then me that could give advice on how to handle them but they are no longer online ,, so i honestly dont know how to handle this situation last time it was someone abit close to me so their advice was useful and i could make that person stop contacting me but now this situation is different ..
First of all i dont care if they have the same aesthetic with me , they stole my carrd asset pagedolls and my Nagisa manga panel edits but to be honest those are free to use so i dont really care ,the problem came when i saw they were making a gacha oc similiar to my oc,,, it has similiar traits ,, it was a pink blonde bunny nurse that cries alot which is the main trait of my oc ?? That when it reminded me of the first incident this happened to me before , that time someone copied my oc too and just slap an eyepatch on it , i just dont like it when my oc are being copied it make me feel idk not unique yk? The one thing that keeps me going is def my oc that i designed myself getting their designs ripped off is just??? Sad ,, i was thinking maybe im just imagining things? Maybe im overreacting after all coincidence happens lol but it definitely ruined my mood it definitely made me go "i just want to delete my oc and go nonexistent" it was really annoying ... Even if i was overreacting i think i have the rights to assumed they copied my oc after using my assets without asking me first because i never really mentioned those were free to use , but idm if people use them , im also assuming they liked Nagisa after meeting me because i never seen them post abt him? I MEAN IM HAPPY PEOPLE ARE LIKING HIM but,,, this is just creepy,,, im scared the same thing is happening again it was tiring enough to handle it the first time idk how to handle it myself ,, i tried to see if my suspicion was right i drewed my sona in a specific pose , my sona painting ill say it is a very specific pose i posted it on my discord server which they're also in ,, and guess what they also did that ,,, they havent posted it on my discord server that art wip,,, but i saw it on their twt i wonder if theyll mention it was inspired or not i dont want people to come up to my dm and ask me if i copied someone,, even tho im not ,last time this happened alot of people were dming me if the eyepatch girl was my oc it was annoying it made me feel annoyed,, i want to cry at this point .. Maybe im just feeling stingy maybe they do mention it was inspired by me? But either way its making me uncomfortable and idk how to tell it to them ,, i really want to delete all my social ever since my "mom friend" hasnt gone online lol idk how to handle things ,,, i just want to be a fanartist at this point maybe with that i wouldnt have to experience this type of trouble again .. I also forgot to mention,,, i was twinning with a friend on twt with a bandori pfp ,, soon after that theyre also twinning with a bandori pfp idk how to feel they also used my twt banner as their twt banner ...
I kinda wished someone would call them out on it but who am i kidding im dead on twt i just rely on my twt follower just so my art have a price on it,,, huehue i want to cry so bad but i think im overreacting after all people get inspired by people alot right ?? Ouch i dont like this any bit this make me want to just punch my wall until my fist cant take it anymore i just feel very angry and disappointed mostly at myself,,, that i just wanna cry huehue maybe switching over to tumblr and delete all my socials sound so nice,, but i need my follower count if i wanna make money ... Im so tired lol xD
Sorry if my english is broken at this rant i just wanna idk idk what i wanna do lol if u see this just pretend you didnt mmm im treating this acc as a private twt acc so it dont matter anyways kithkith ima try and finish my art first ,,, mayb ppl will notice that way? But i have to do a comic too ... Hdh im so tiredd i just wanna play rhythm game all day and play genshin all day lolol ill maybe mention this situation to my friend but idk if theyll have a solution for it i hate to be burden to people
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ginnieschoepf · 6 months ago
July 8 Sims Community Finds
Swedsim Sims 1 Lots - Swedsim, Wall Collections uploaded - all done! http://simscave.mustbedestroyed.org/index.php?board=233.0
TA Sims Sims 1 A Taste of Africa, Build, Bathroom, Bedrooms, Cineserie (China Set) uploaded http://simscave.mustbedestroyed.org/index.php?board=233.0
Sim Fans UK Sims 2 House https://www.simfansuk.com/wp/eland-grange-no-cc/
Vegan-Kaktus         Sims 2 Toybench clutter https://vegan-kaktus.tumblr.com/post/656160430502379520/i-hope-no-one-has-extracted-these-items-before
Garden of Shadows Sims 2 Commercial Zoning and Public Works https://gardenofshadows.org.uk/gardenofshadows/index.php?topic=37397.0
Andreva Sims     Sims 2 Seating https://andrevasims.tumblr.com/post/655927050912333824
DeeDee Sims Sims 2 Clothing https://deedee-sims.tumblr.com/tagged/sims-2-download
The Ninth Wave Sims Sims 2 Windows http://www.theninthwavesims.com/search/label/The%20Sims%202
Rudhira   Sims 2   Hair https://rudhira.tumblr.com/post/656067681368276992/another-one-you-mightve-seen-this-coming-since Beginner’s guide to default replacements https://rudhira-sims.dreamwidth.org/1440.html
Ello-Sims Sims 2 Clothing https://ello-sims.tumblr.com/post/656138080476151809/skater-replaced-with-platinumaspiration-not-a
Suratan-Zir   Sims 2 Panel tiles as default ceilings https://suratan-zir.tumblr.com/post/656066570078109696/panel-tiles-as-default-ceiling-because-im-tired
Janika31 Sims 2 Clothing https://janika31.tumblr.com/post/656066370173272065/3t2-sweetdevilsims-turtle-neck-scarf-combo-hi
Goat Sims 2 Hair https://goatskickin.tumblr.com/post/656062598341607424/back-view-another-request-granted-for-anon-this
Mod the Sims Sims 2 Sim, living room https://modthesims.info/browse.php?gs=1
Sims 3 Strangetown (new site) Strangetown for Sims 3 https://sims3strangetown.blogspot.com/2021/07/strangetown-for-sims-3.html
Life N Pink Sims 3 Deco bouncy house https://lifenpink.tumblr.com/post/656083595319967744/deco-bouncy-house-4kids-found-in-plantsdecor
RolloRolls     Sims 3   Hair https://rollo-rolls.tumblr.com/post/656086313866559488/forgot-to-add-that-hat-is-hat-sliders-compatible Shoes https://rollo-rolls.tumblr.com/post/656087431503855616
dhalsims     Sims 3   Clothing https://dhalsims.tumblr.com/post/656115428052107264/store-mini-surfer-de-zipped-for-the-sims-3-mini
Horusmenhosetix         Sims 3 Skinblend https://horusmenhosetix.tumblr.com/post/656064023971987456/another-skinblend-for-you-all-i-really-loved
Poisonfireleafs Sims 3 Hair https://poisonfireleafs.tumblr.com/post/656088907323211776/grue-daisy-original-meshes-by-gruesim-at
Jooj Converts Sims 3 Diana’s wedding dress https://joojconverts.tumblr.com/post/656066500904583168/4t3-convert-from-batsfromwesteros-dianas
Carvernosims   Sims 3 Hair https://carversims.tumblr.com/archive  
Marta’s SimsBook cc   Sims 3 Bedroom https://martassimsbookcc.tumblr.com/post/656028622107361280/credits-illogicalsims-original-post-here Several items https://martassimsbookcc.tumblr.com/post/656119213235355648/credits-illogicalsims-original-post-here
Faerieland Sims 3 Hair https://faerielandsims.tumblr.com/post/656088321652604928/nightcrawler-night-star-23k-maryjanes-edit
Blams EA Store Content   Sims 3 More items https://blamseastore.tumblr.com/archive Will also post sets here https://blamseastore.blogspot.com/
Mod the Sims Sims 3 Drinkable liquors and accessories, harder romance, better polyamory mods https://modthesims.info/downloads/ts3/38/?showType=1
Wasteland Whisperer   Sims 4 Fallout billboards https://wastelandwhisperer.tumblr.com/post/655699431549747200/fallout-billboards-hi-everyone-this-is-part-one
Kumikya Sims 4 Clothing https://kumikya.tumblr.com/post/655917407919030272/daniel-top-not-much-to-say-just-making-another
Sunivaa   Sims 4   Hair https://sunivaa.tumblr.com/post/654142009577275393/24-ea-swatches-basegame-compatible
Casteru     Sims 4 Clothing https://casteru.tumblr.com/post/654175754411786240/tied-bodycon-tou-info-download-under-the
GlitterberrySims Custom Content       Sims 4 Tiara https://glitterberrysims.tumblr.com/post/655960647102775296/20s-tiara-was-inspired-last-night-to-create-this
Nougatpocket Sims 4 Clothing https://nougatpocket.tumblr.com/post/655988337755226112/celina-dress-i-made-this-back-in-november-but
All4Sims Sims 4 Bedding, seating area, bedroom http://www.all4sims.de/index.php?page=Thread&threadID=16001
Sims on the Rope   Sims 4 Clothing https://simsontherope.tumblr.com/post/655808222041702400/henley-sweater-for-the-sims-4-its-been-a-while
Kbeesims   Sims 4   Hair https://kbeesims.tumblr.com/post/656056925420650496/23-clumsyalienn-hairs-in-the-scientist-palette-28
Ktasims Sims 4 Walls http://www.ktasims.com/
ModernCrafter CC   Sims 4 2019 Tesla Model 3 https://moderncrafter.tumblr.com/post/656111677344006144/the-sims-4-2019-tesla-model-3-made-by-fresh
Sims Hairs Sims 4 Hair https://simshairs.tumblr.com/
Mod the Sims Sims 4 Buildems blocks mod, game posters, radio host hobby http://www.modthesims.info/browse.php?gs=4&f=38&showType=1
Sites for updates:
TerraLuna Sims 1 https://terraluna.space/
Ad-Free Creators United Sims 2, 3, 4 https://adfreecc.tumblr.com/
Liquid Sims Sims 2, 3, 4 https://www.liquidsims.com/
Sims Cave Sims 2 New community updates http://simscave.mustbedestroyed.org/index.php?board=172.0  
Sims Cave Sims 3 New community updates http://simscave.mustbedestroyed.org/index.php?board=173.0  
Sims Cave Sims 4 New community updates http://simscave.mustbedestroyed.org/index.php?board=225.0
Fia’s Finds Sims 2 http://fias-finds-sims2.tumblr.com/
My Sims 2 CC Finds https://mysims2ccfinds.tumblr.com/
Pi’s S3 Update Sims 3 https://pis3update.tumblr.com/
Kreativeplumbob’s S3CC Finds https://kpccfinds.tumblr.com/
My Sims 3 Blog Has updates http://mysims3blog.blogspot.com/
Sims 4 Updates http://sims4updates.net/
MMOutfitters Sims 4 https://mmoutfitters.tumblr.com/
TS4 Build-Buy Reblogs https://thesims4build-buyccreblogs.tumblr.com/
CC Faves Sims 4 https://s4ccfaves.tumblr.com/
My Sims 4 Blog http://mysims4blog.blogspot.com/
Amanda’s Sims 4 Updates http://totallysims4updates.blogspot.com/
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kuchenackerman · a year ago
you're an eremika fan so i figured i'll ask haha. i wrote my first EM fanfic and i'm so apprehensive about actually uploading it. i don't think i'm too bad a writer, but self proofing can only go so far and i'm concerned as to whether it'll actually gain any traction or not. do you know if people still read eremika fanfics/how do you gather the confidence to post your work? :/ also ur rad!
First of all, congrats on writing your first eremika fic! I wonder if by this time you already published it though? You sadly sent me this ask when I was focused on writing and editing an update to my own EM fic, so I probably was reserving my last two adhd braincells to be able to finish it lmao, which is why I didn’t reply in time and then... I forgot to do it and for that I’m very sorry!
If you still don’t publish your fic or you’re still interested on my answer, I’ve seen other people go through a similar struggle, and as a fellow writer I can understand your concern regarding of whether your fic will gain traction or not. When it comes to this last thing, it often depends on many factors, like on how active the fandom is by the time you publish your fic, on what people are looking to read about lately (i.e. fluff, angst and/or smut) and on the ship developments (or lack of it) currently going on in the manga. For example, as far as I remember, after chapter 123 dropped people were writing and reading oneshot fics about the “what am I to you?” flashback, and basically the same happens whenever we get some tasty (?) and especially angsty EM-related scenes in the manga (including chapter 112, lol). Writers get inspired to “fix” or develop these panels further and readers crave that content as well, so they kinda jump on it right after it gets published. In these cases, authors often get a quick and decent amount of feedback in a short span of time, which is amazing. When you are one of these authors with the ability to swiftly pull out a wholesome oneshot related to a fresh eremika scene, I guess you don’t have to worry THAT much about whether it will get at least a bit of attention or not, because people are going to be thirsty for that content and will consume it as soon as it’s available. Most of these readers are going to show appreciation for it in terms of likes, reblogs, kudos, comments, etcetera, without you having to wait too long. 
When we publish fics that aren’t related to the manga current developments and stuff, the first thing to do is to be able to get the reader’s attention with a catchy summary and the proposal of an interesting plot / situation between Eren and Mikasa. To increase the chances of people reading your stuff, it’s also important to make a post with the fic’s link and info here on Tumblr and on other social media platforms like Twitter, always using the eremika tag. 
And yeah, I assure you there’s a lot of people who still read EM fics. There’s even been an interesting influx of new eremika shippers thanks to what’s been going on during the timeskip and in latest chapters. However, between 2013 and early 2015 the SnK fandom overall was way more active and also fic writers got way more feedback. We have to consider that there was a more limited supply of EM fics back then of course, especially in 2013-2014, so I guess the feedback was also way more concentrated while the demand was kinda bigger than nowadays. If you’ve checked old fics mostly on FFnet that were published years ago, you probably already saw and know what I mean. I mention this because it’s important to not compare the amount of feedback that most EM fics receive today with what those older fics got. The reality of the fandom is too different now after the initial hype...
Regarding your question about gathering confidence, well, in my case I don’t have confidence issues in general and less when it comes to fandom. What I do is to just do something I feel like doing, enjoy the process of doing it and then put it out there without further questions. I don’t think I’m the best writer or anything, but I do believe in the value of what I write and of the other things I make. There are a few times when I look at what I’ve written and I’m like “pfft this sucks” and get very critical about it, while at other times I’m like “ohh, that’s some good shit! I really wrote that myself, huh? *pats own back*”, though most of the time I’m mainly conscious about the effort, love and creativity I pour into what I write among the enjoyment (and suffering lmao) I experience when I’m on it, which makes me appreciate it more. In your case, you already wrote something and you know it involved a degree of effort and time, so why not going ahead and sharing it? Even more so when showing it to others was your intent since the very beginning~
I think it’s totally worth it to share what you’ve written rather than never allowing it to see the light of day because of self-doubts. As with many other situations, you take a risk when you put something out there for others to see and dissect, but you also get the chance to receive nice responses that can make your day and, since readers provide you with feedback that help you to be more aware of your strengths and weaknesses, you also get the chance to improve your writing skills.  
We love the same amazing pairing and it deserves way more content and love, so please, give it a try and share your fanfic with the fandom! 
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deliciousyoutharcade · 4 months ago
Filmora Mac Requirements
Tumblr media
Filmora9 for Mac requires registering a user account, or signing in with the existing one to enable export option. Note, if you use the trial version, this is where limitations emerge – all exported files come with a Filmora watermark. Wondershare Filmora (2020) v9.5 Final for MacOS Wondershare Filmora, an easy-to-use video editor with all the video editing tools you need, enables you to create Hollywood-like home movies with titles, effects and transitions from all regular videos, audio and photos. Share instantly with family and friends with easy upload to YouTube, Facebook, etc. Ignite your story Use Filmora video editor.
Filmora 9 Download For Mac
Filmora Editing App
Filmora Video Editor For Mac
Currently, there are two ways to activate Filmora9 after purchase.
I. Activate by a Wondershare ID
What is Wondershare ID?
Tumblr media
It is your Wondershare account. Wondershare ID provides you with an easy way to activate your software, manage your device, access Filmstock (effects store) and more. You can create a Wondershare ID account in the Filmora9 video editor or sign up at filmora.wondershare.com or Filmstock.com.
If you haven't created a Wondershare ID before your payment, the email you used to purchase a Filmora9 license will be your Wondershare ID account. All users should log in to their Wondershare ID first before exporting videos.
Once you updated your old Filmora version to Filmora9 or your Filmora version is 9.0.0 or above, here are the steps to activate Filmora9:
1. Open Filmora9, select Create New Project to enter the editing mode
2. Click the Avatar icon in the top right corner and a login window will pop up
3. Log in with your Wondershare ID account (the email you used to place the order). You can find your Wondershare account and password in your confirmation email after purchase.
4. Once you log in successfully, click the Avatar icon in the top right corner again, to check your account activation status in the pop-up account panel.
Or here is another way to activate Filmora9 by Wondershare ID. You can go to the Help menu – Activate Filmora9.
Then choose 'Activate Filmora9', then you will be directed to log in to your Wondershare ID to activate Filmora9.
After login, it will show your Wondershare ID activation status, including plan type and expires date.
Filmora 9 Download For Mac
II. Activate by a registration code
If you have a registration code(The registration code is sent in the confirmation email after purchase. If you don't know your registration code or forgot it, you can click here to retrieve your registration code.
You can also follow the steps to activate your Filmora9 License:
1. Open Filmora9, select Create New Project to enter the editing mode.
2. Go to Help, and click Activate Filmora9.
3. You will be asked to log in with your Wondershare ID. Please click the 'click here' link, which will open a window to input your License email and registration code.
4. You can copy and paste your licensed email and registration code to the box (Make sure you have entered the right registration code. Please do not leave any spaces; otherwise, it will show your code is invalid.)
5. Finally, it will show your Filmora9 has been activated successfully.
Tips: If you are using a version older than 9.0.0, please follow the steps on the 3rd article How to activate Filmora on an old version (Filmora 8 and 7) under Activation and Account column.
Download Wondershare Filmora for Mac full version program setup free. Filmora for macOS is an easy-to-use yet powerful video-editing app to edit and retouch videos with rich video and photo editing functions and features.
Wondershare Filmora for Mac Review
Wondershare Filmora 9 for Mac empowers you to edit any video in your desired way without any limitation. It enables you to think and imagine anything in video editing and bring it on the screen in very next moments. It features a clear layout, with flexible adaptive interfaces, allowing huge creativity for video, audio and image editors. Its impressive video editing tools allow you to perform various video editing functions such as trimming, cropping, rotating, adding stylish titles, applying filter effects, inserting transition and motion effects, etc.
With its impressive and unique video editing tools, users can delete unwanted parts, change background music and audio, add various titles and effects to make the video more productive, engaging, and interesting. No special video editing or technical skills are required to work on this Mac video editor. A complete series of step by step tutorials of all “How to” is available in its impressive community. Using these tutorials, anyone with basic computer skills can edit and create videos just like a pro. All in all, Filmora 9 for Mac is a must-have program if you really want to edit or create videos just like a pro in no time.
Features of Wondershare Filmora 9.5 for Mac
A professional program for editing/creating the videos professionally
Fully loaded with unique, professional and impressive video editing tools
Comes with clean, attractive and user-friendly interface to boost productivity
Trim, crop, and rotate videos freely & add voiceover and background music
Support importing all popular videos, audios and photos for editing
Save videos to local or portable devices or directly share to YouTube
Technical Details of Wondershare Filmora 9.5 for Mac
Software Name: Filmora 9
Software File Name: Wondershare_Filmora9_9.5.0.30.dmg
File Size: 296 MB
Developer: Wondershare
System Requirements for Wondershare Filmora 9 for Mac
macOS 10.10 or later
500 MB free HDD
Intel Core 2 Duo or higher
Filmora Editing App
Download Wondershare Filmora 9 for Mac Free
Filmora Video Editor For Mac
Click on the button given below to download Filmora macOS X setup free. It is a complete offline setup of Filmora 9.5 macOS X with a single click download link.
Tumblr media
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mobilunity · 5 years ago
Why WP 4.5 Is Generating a Lot of Buzz on the Web
Great news for all the WordPress addicts! WP 4.5 is on its way! The beta version is fresh from the oven, so you are welcome to try it here. While you are trying it out, we offer you to check what to expect from the latest WordPress version. And if you forgot how to reinstall WordPress manually, feel free to check our manual.
WordPress 4.5 Improvements
Theme Logos Support
WP users, rejoice! We all have been waiting for this feature and now it’s officially integrated. Previously one would need to upload a logo via the options panel. But everything’s changed now. It’s worth mentioning that the core logo support really simplifies the customization process for an average user. Now you go to Appearance>Customize>Site Identity and voila!
Visual Editor after the WordPress Update
Adding Links
If you are obsessed with improving your writing productivity and like everything to be user-friendly, then this one is for you. We all use this CTRL+K shortcut to insert links and the pop-up really distracts and even annoys a bit, doesn’t it? With the WordPress update you can stay focused on developing your brilliant idea and add the link at the same time. When you press the above mentioned shortcut, an inline insert link menu appears so that you can type the required URL.
Inline Editing in the Latest WordPress Version
Can’t live without text formatting? Now you can do it so much faster in WordPress 4.5!
Wrapping the word in asterisks will italicize it, using two asterisks will make it bold and adding apostrophes will indicate the code excerpt.
Simplified Comments Moderation
When someone leaves a comment, you are notified immediately via e-mail. Then you go to the moderation screen via the link provided in the message. You approve it. If you are not in the mood, you send it to trash or spam (just joking).
In the enhanced version you can edit comments directly from this screen.
Preview Your Responsive Design in Customizer
To improve UX, developers included this feature so that users were able to check the way their website’s layout looks on multiple devices. You can access it via the customizer panel.
Better Image Size Optimization
Though many of you know how to compress pictures for web, WP team tries to improve your experience. Images are now reduced up to 50 % of their initial size without major loss of quality.
Email Login
Devs really value our time, don’t they? No need to keep all those lengthy logins in memory anymore, simply type in your e-mail and access your admin panel easily.
Developer Features in WP 4.5
Devs were not left unnoticed and there is something they can be excited about as well.
Refresh Customizer Updates Optionally
Every time you made some changes, you had to reload the whole page? No more suffering with a new framework! Make the adjustments, refresh the piece selectively and preview it live.
For example, a partial refresh will enable you to check navigation menu updates. A response followed by an Ajax request will substitute initial menu.
Customize Embed Templates
Lucky you are as from now on you have an opportunity to personalize embed pages. Templates are now divided into parts and can be customized according to a particular theme.
WP_Site Class
A new specific class is introduced to WP. It will be a major improvement for anyone who needs to setup and manage their own multisite network.
Script Loader
Adding inline scripts is now possible with the help of wp_add_inline_script(). No more generation and shipping of wp-admin.min.css and wp-admin-rtl.min.css files. Instead we can now rely on load-styles.php.
Excited about new features same as we are? Feel free to leave a comment and share your thoughts with our team!
WordPress 4.5 Bugs
As users started eagerly testing a new version, it became possible to discover an array of bugs and fix them. Here is a short list to help you out.
Visual Composer
If your website runs the Visual Composer plugin and after the last update suddenly nothing displays in the editor mode, this is most definitely caused by the new version. There are several options you can choose. If you have a stock plugin, simply update it. If you got your theme with a customized VC, there are other ways to fix that:
WP’s updated, everything’s broken, nothing seems to be right anymore? You have to roll back to 4.4.2.
If you waffle and stall with the upgrade, first check for the fresh theme update which is compatible with 4.5.
If neither WP nor your theme is updated, at least do not forget about the recent WordFence upgrade.
Divi Theme
Due to the jQuery problem, it might not work properly. Update it or get in touch with your theme vendor.
MySQL warnings
If you started stumbling upon errors or warnings, this is not caused by the update. This happened as WP stopped hiding them. Basically, they were there all the time, you simply didn’t see them.
If there are any questions or issues concerning WP 4.5, feel free to get in touch with our professional team for extra fast assistance!
from Why WP 4.5 Is Generating a Lot of Buzz on the Web
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