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Chocolate dragon🐉
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Gilded Cage
Hello hello! The Pantalone/Reader piece, as promised. Not really edited because I'm too excited to post this one, and posting without proofreading seems to be a trend on this blog anyway fghhfjsdgehegr
Summary: Pantalone saves you from Dottore's clutches, but really you're just moving from one cage into another- and a gilded cage is a cage all the same.
Pairing(s): Pantalone/Reader, Dottore/Reader(previous)
Word Count: 1.2k
CW: Implied/referenced drugging(mild), kidnapping/captivity, body horror(brief), mild gore, mild dehumanization.
This isn’t the freedom you’d envisioned. It isn’t really freedom at all, actually, but looking back, Pantalone never promised you freedom.
Dottore was like a riptide: calm waters luring you in before dragging you out to sea. You were drowning. You were desperate. Pantalone offered you a lifeline.
“I can protect you from him, you know.” 
It was casual, an offer thrown in passing, spoken just low enough so your captor standing on the other side of the room wouldn’t hear. Gloved fingers clasped your shoulder, breath fanning over the nape of your neck. You could hear the smile in his voice. “I can save you.”
No, he never did mention freeing you, did he? 
But you were desperate, wanting to get away from the monster that made your shadow its home, from the constant prick of needles, the easy glide of scalpels across skin, the pervasive stench of bleach and copper. 
Pantalone helped secret you away from the doctor, masked servants guiding you into the snow under the cover of night, leading you from one cage into another. 
And what a gilded cage it was. Personally tailored outfits, lavish mansions, fine silks and dainty jewelry… opulence so sickly-sweet it made your teeth ache. A cage all the same. 
Your days are spent in freezing halls, kept atop the highest shelf like a prized doll; in the spotlight but always beyond reach. 
Pantalone treats you like a prized possession. It's impersonal and invasive at the same time. Every outfit you wear is handpicked by him, every meal prepared by chefs you never see; foods you could never afford and would never order regardless. 
He lives in exorbitance, too. Tables set for ten, seating only you and him on opposite ends, in a cold and empty dining hall. Sometimes you don't get that luxury, either, and he'll have you sit in his lap and let him feed you. Usually when he doesn't feel you're eating enough, or you're not eating what he wants you to eat from the dizzying selection of food placed on the table. 
Your outfits are much of the same: worn once and then never seen again. All of them tailored to fit you perfectly but undoubtedly still belonging to him, so that you can't escape his reach, whether he's in the room with you or not. 
He’s not like Dottore. He doesn’t sedate you, lay you down on a cold exam table and carve you open. He doesn’t have servants (or in Dottore’s case, often it was his clones) follow you like a shadow, and he certainly doesn’t do it himself. 
But he doesn’t need to. You don’t need the constant reminder of his presence in the breath fanning down your neck when the clothes you wear compliment his own, when the perfume you wear smells like him, when the constant weight of whatever hangs around your neck– be it a literal collar or a dazzling, lavish choker– reminds you of him. 
And when you're a little too unwilling, a little too ungrateful, Pantalone threatens to send you back. Back to Dottore, to constant experiments, to the poking and prodding and constant prying.
It's better here. Not much, not significantly, but the cold, dispassionate halls, the empty stares, the frigid hands that encircle your waist… It's better, you tell yourself, than him.
Dottore comes looking for you, sometimes. A servant might come barging into Pantalone’s office, not sparing you a glance, and you’ll be gently ushered to hide under the desk. Like now.
“You have a penchant for taking things that don’t belong to you.” 
“Oh? Is this about your misplaced pet? Terribly sorry, dear doctor, but I don’t-”
“Where are they?” You can practically see the wide-eyed murder in Dottore’s eyes, even when your only view is the wood grain of the desk and Pantalone’s crossed legs. You hear Dottore say your name, like one would call a pet. Your blood turns to ice.
He doesn’t know. He doesn’t know. He doesn’t. He can’t. You repeat this to yourself like a mantra, trying to stave off the frost crawling through your veins, a heavy pit of dread pooling in your gut.
You remember the first nights you spent here, head fuzzy and painkillers buzzing through your system as servants dug out the trackers Dottore had placed in you and destroyed them in the hearth next to where you sleep. 
…They didn’t miss one, did they? They couldn’t have. Dottore would have dragged you back kicking and screaming by now if they did-
“I’m afraid I don’t know, doctor.” Pantalone’s bemused lilt cuts through your spiraling thoughts. 
“I know you have them.”
“Do you?” The space under the desk darkens as Pantalone leans forward, caging you in further under the desk. “Pray tell, what proof do you have?” 
When Dottore doesn’t respond for a tense beat, Pantalone continues, voice dripping saccharine poison, “You don’t have any, do you?” He leans back once more, light filtering into the cramped space once more, and you chance a peek up at him. His smile is condescending, but more strained than the ones he gives you, “Then, until you do… They aren’t here.” 
There’s a long stretch of silence that has you sweating despite the cold. You can hear Pantalone drumming his fingers slowly against the desk, the large grandfather clock ticking in the corner, the storm howling outside… 
It drags on for so long that the next time Dottore speaks, you startle. “Very well,” His voice is ice, colder than you’ve ever heard it, rivaling the uninhabitable wasteland beyond the tall, arching windows, “Keep them, then. While you can.” 
You hear clack of stiff boots against cold tile, and then he’s gone. 
Pantalone waits for several minutes more before scooting away from the desk, and you take your que to crawl into his lap as he beckons you up from the ground. You’re shivering, but admittedly less so from the cold than from the icy terror slowly pulling its claws from your skin. 
He doesn’t seem to care, though, just tucking you against his side as he always does whenever you complain about the cold while sat on his lap, his warmth as hollow of a comfort as everything else he does for you. 
But you prefer the cold. It’s easier to weather than the white-hot pain, fire lapping at your nerves, the constant synthetic warmth of clones or of Dottore himself. 
Pantalone wants to hollow you out so you’re just as empty as he is, desensitizing you to greed and avarice, taking everything you begrudgingly give and then taking more, more, more. Until there’s nothing left to take. Until you’re just as hollow as a porcelain doll, pristine and lifeless, sat in a glass cage; to be admired but never touched. Not by anyone but him, that is. 
Dottore wants to hollow you out to crawl inside you. He’d said as much himself, once, elbow-deep in your abdomen. The sight of your blood staining his shirt, of the bloodied tools, the red gleam of his eye– all seared into memory. You may have been numbed (thankfully), but you could still feel it: the dull sensation of pressure, of heat, of his hand pressing something (one of the trackers, you think), past your ribs. 
So you don’t resist when Pantalone grabs you by the jaw and guides you to face him. You close your eyes when cool lips press against your own, trying hard to block out the resurfacing memories of sterile rooms and sharp-toothed smiles. 
This is better, you tell yourself, and you try just as hard to believe it.  
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Dorm leaders reaction to the reader doing the: "So take off all your clothes trend." pt.2
[ pt.1, pt.3 ]
[ Kalim, Vil, Idia x gn! reader ]
Tumblr media
"Ace, what is it?" You groaned out with a tired huff, Ace who looks extremely happy and was basically jumping all over the place, Deuce was beside him with an apologetic smile. "I'm sorry, [y/n]-san but please just go with Ace's antics this time, he's been ranting about it for three days straight and I'm losing some sleep." You look at Deuce worriedly before smacking Ace at the back of his head, "So? What is it about?" Ace rub the back of his forehead, a pained sound left his lips before he sprung back up and shove his phone onto your face. Trying to catch his phone from falling, you saw a girl wearing a brown jacket and dancing to the song, raising your brows at him. "And what will I get in return?"
Ace nodded before he motioned his fingers into dollar signs, sighing as Grim finally look alive with that notion, Grim shook you hard. "Come on! My henchmen, we've been short on money! I need my tuna!" At that statement, you can say no to Ace anymore.
But what you didn't expect is for the video to go viral.
Tumblr media
Kalim Al-sim:
Kalim's the one doing the advertising for your video, Jamil get headaches every time Kalim pulled a student to the side of the hallways to just show him the video of you dancing, the pomefiore student was startled as the dorm leader of scarabia pulled him aside from the hallways, "u-um, hello Kalim-san is there anything you need?" At that question, Kalim grinned brightly like the sun and showed him the TikTok video. "Here! Watch this, you're gonna love it!" Jamil sighed before pulling Kalim away from the student. "I'm sorry for the inconvenience but we will be going now." Kalim pouted, "Why'd you do that Jamil?"
"Please don't do that again, just make another account and share it."
"Wait, you can do that?!"
You got another set of 100 followers the next day, You gape at the usernames of the new hundred followers as you let out a tired sigh, the next day you find yourself in front of the scarabia's dorm leader who was none other than Kalim.
"Kalim, please, I'm begging you. Stop making new accounts everyday."
"Wait, how'd you find out?!"
"Your usernames has Al-sim in all of them with different numbers."
Vil Schoenheit:
He found your video through his fans, his phone was buzzing up like no other, well his notifications were like that every day but it was out of the ordinary with how many tags or mentions he's getting per second. Vil click at a notification as his tags led him to an edited video. An edit of me? Vil lightly blush as your dancing figure went up in bright colors on his phone screen.
The edit was nicely done, it accentuates your dance moves more than the original video, Vil smiled to himself before liking the video and saving it into his phone for later, Vil was always shiningly beautiful but it seems to double more today.
"Roi de poison, your beauty shines even brighter today, what gives?" Vil raises his brow and looks towards your direction, "I always shine brighter than ever Rook, now move on to your classes, I'm gonna be talking to my potato for a minute."
"Oh, Vil? Do you need anything?"
"Come, to my dorm later potato."
"What why?"
"We need to make you even beautiful for your next video, I will support you all the way."
Idia Shroud:
One of the few people that found your video the second you posted it other than Cater and Kalim, watch your video as his daily dosage of serotonin, "Brother? You're watching that again? This was the 30th time this week."
"O-ortho!" Ortho laughs before going out of his big brother's room, Idia's hair goes up in flames with it turning a slight pinkish color, Idia mumbled out inaudible words, your video was playing on loop on his big screen. A knock on his door startled him, he flinch as his eyes came upon the sight of you who was at the entrance of his doorway, your face undiscernible as you continued to watch your video that was on his screen.
You smirk before looking at Idia with a teasing grin on your smug face, "Like what you see?"
Idia's hair burst out into big and bright flames, least to say that at least the dorm was saved before the fire got even worse.
"Didn't know that you miss my face this much. Just tell me a word and I'll dance for you only." You teasingly wink at him as he flush a crimson tint and so do his hair.
"I- p-please stop [y/n]."
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Looking for a Place to Happen
Warnings: non-consent sex and rape (series), age gap, general stupidity.
This is dark!biker!Sam Wilson x reader and explicit. 18+ only.  Your media consumption is your own responsibility. Warnings have been given. DO NOT PROCEED if these matters upset you.
Series Synopsis: There’s lots happening in Birch and you find it all too amusing.
Sister series to Smalltown Bringdown, When the Weight Comes Down, Little Bones, and Fully Completely
Note: We’re starting Sam’s installment but this weekend I’ll probably only be catching up on my headcanons and drabbles because I’ve been a lazy bitch and I’m sorry to those who have been waiting.
Thanks to everyone for their patience and feedback. :)
I really hope you enjoy. 💋
<3 Let me know what you think with a like or reblog or reply or an ask! Love ya!
Tumblr media
Chapter 1: I've got a job, I explore
The sleepy town of Birch was awake. 
In those last weeks, the arrival of outsiders had roused the attention of many once passive residents of the timeless territory. Those brick buildings unchanged by the tick of the clock inlaid into the old tower above the library that chimed every hour on the hour. They still stood with only chips in the mortar but the air tasted different. The frost was more bitter and the sky more grim. An omen of something no one could predict.
It was the perfect setting for a screenplay. The isolated town with its unsavoury secrets and the visitors who threatened to bring them to the surface. It was inspiring to you, to imagine what was hidden behind the stern wrinkled faces of the town elders and under the jackets of those men who wore the cut of the local club. The bikers ruled the town covertly but everyone knew that Bucky Barnes’ palm was lined with the map of Birch.
As a bystander, an unnoticed observer, just another ant in the hill, you watched from the side and amused yourself with the drama of others. It was like a soap opera or another HBO hype machine. Those things you aspired to when you could be free of this ho-hum town.
The snows added to the natural gloom of the place. The deep heaps smothered the noise and harkened back to those days of colonial settlement. Forgotten, desolate, fearful. 
You ventured down in your heavy boots that stretched to your knees and pushed your chin down into your scarf. As a child, you ran and jumped in those piles, now you were out of breath just trying to walk past them.
You stopped in the bakery that doubled as the only café, a place where the owner, Babs, tried to to intimidate the last caffeinated trends. She was always a few seasons behind but you didn’t mind so much. 
You ordered the salted caramel mocha and waited patiently as the quiet woman fought with the steaming machines. She was older than you but you’d work with her for one summer during high school, only five years ago. She had the eyes of a child still, but there was something worn in her. As if she’d been exposed to far too much in her three or so decades in that place. She was a harbinger of what you didn’t want to become.
You thanked her for your drink and set out once more into the billowing winds. Birch winters were never kind but this one was crueler than most. Your teeth chattered as you blew the steam away from the lid and hugged it with your mittened hands.
You stopped short as you heard the familiar ding of the diner door across the street. You recognised the mechanic who kept to herself and once growled at you in the grocery store. She stormed across the street, followed closely and quickly by a black-haired man you’d only seen once before. He was one of those outsiders who came to deal with the club men.
You sped up as you sensed chaos brewing and pulled out your phone as you balanced your paper cup in your other hand. You flicked your camera on just as you got to the front of the shop and the man grabbed the mechanic. You let out an ‘oop’ as she turned on him and you aimed the lens at the couple as they fell into the snow, the man’s shoes giving little traction to his steps. 
You moved closer, stunned by the scene, and kept your cell phone rolling as you found a better angle around the snowy walks. As she choked him on the ground he elbowed her and she coughed as she rolled away. She snarled as he clamoured to his feet, slipping and sliding as he marched away.
You killed the recording and watched the man cross the street again, nearly wiping out as he did and when you looked back to the mechanic, she was gone behind the clattering door. You chuckled to yourself and tucked away your cell. It was prime footage for TikTok; with a bit of editing, it would be comedy gold.
You stomped up the steps of your grandmother’s house, this time through the front door as you heard her chair rocking in the front room. You usually took the stairs in the back as you paid her to live on the upper floor of the duplex. You checked in with her daily, she didn’t get out much more than the occasional trip to the grocery store when you couldn’t or you dragged her out to join you for a tea at Babs’.
“You’re late,” she grumbled as you set your cup down and unzipped your coat.
“For what?” you scoffed.
“It’s after noon and you don’t even come down to say hello? A ‘good morning, nan’,” she harrumphed.
You chuckled and hung your coat before shoving your boots over on the mat. You grabbed your mocha and leaned on the doorway as you watched her crocheting in her chair, reruns of some court show playing from the boxy television.
“I was working,” you said, “sent in some stuff for review. Hopefully not much work to be done.”
“I don’t know how you make money on that interweb,” she bemoaned, “I don’t trust it.”
“Maybe you’d trust it more if you used the Netflix subscription I got you,” you crossed your arms, “then you wouldn’t have to watch trash daytime TV.”
She shrugged and muttered under her breath. She could be crotchety but you liked her sense of humour. Your aunts and uncles never came around because they just took it as spite. You were the only one who knew how to handle the jaded old lady.
“Maybe you coulda looked out the window,” you snickered, “quite a show going on in town.”
“Hmm, what’s that?” she stilled her needles and reached for her tea stained cup.
“Just a fight. You wouldn’t believe it, that lady mechanic beat the shit--”
“Language,” she huffed.
“Anyway, she had this guy in a chokehold. It was awesome.”
“What guy?” she squinted at you over her glasses.
“I dunno. Some out of towner. Remember I told you about that burly dude hanging around the library?”
“There’s more?” she sucked on her teeth, “those bikers have never been good news and now they’re bringing in more.”
“Yeah, well, what’re you gonna do?” you sniffed as you took out your phone and rewatched the scuffle with the volume down. You shook your head and opened up your TikTok. 
“I don’t understand why you’re always on your dang phone,” your grandmother pestered.
“I’m not always on my phone,” you smiled at her smugly, “there are those time when I’m listening to you prattle on or you know, making you tea, oh, and cooking you dinner. What was it I did last week? Oh that’s right, I got Pippin out of the crawlspace.”
“I’m too old to be chasin’ that cat all around,” she huffed, “where is he anyway?”
“He’s your cat, I don’t know? Last time I saw him, I sent him back out the window for shredding my charger.”
“He knows you need to give it a rest,” she laughed to herself, “got your nose to that screen too much.”
“And what do you do, old lady? Crocheting doilies to put where exactly?”
She gave you that dry smile, the one that said watch it but carried a hint of humour still. You hit post and put your phone away as you waved off her irritation.
“Well, you know what, I sit all day at my computer, doing who knows what and you know what it got me?” you taunted, “a large mocha!” you sipped as you sat on the sofa and grabbed the remote, “and it’s paying my rent and putting bullet points on my resume.”
“Mhmm,” she scowled, “just remember, real life ain’t online. Those videos you’re always laughing at like hyena, that’s not reality. You forget it and it’ll come back and bit you. ‘Specially with those bikers.”
“Oh, nan, you know too well, don’t you? Didn’t you have a fling with one back in your hippie phase?”
“Two, actually,” she raised her brows, “I was young and stupid. Not like you, but still.”
“I love you too,” you chirped and sipped from your cup, flicking the station to Jerry Springer, “that’s more like it.”
Your usual TikToks were sarcastic and dull complaints about your small town life. The response was less than pleasing but it gave you an outlet to vent. You liked to goof around and document the very specific type of weirdos that resided in Birch. But the video of the fight in the snow blew up your phone and made it difficult to ignore the buzzing as you went back up to your room to eke out the last of your captions for the ad agency.
When at last you could call your day hard-earned, you logged off and sent in your hours to the agency. Social media promotion was easy enough but the working gigs for a thousand different companies was tedious. You hoped you could build your portfolio enough to manage a single corporate page as you continued to chip away at your creative outlets.
You picked up your phone as you waited for Netflix to load on your tiny smart tv and flopped onto your bed, not two feet from your desk. You hit the icon in the upper panel of your phone and scrolled through the notifications, pausing to turn on another episode of the cable sitcom from ten years before. You snorted as you read each comment but the number under the video made your eyes round. The thing was bound to go viral.
As usual, you went down to help with supper. Pippin, the orange tabby, returned to cry at his dish and you fed him too. Your nan peered through her glasses at a crossword as she tasted the tangy pasta sauce. 
“More basil,” she snipped.
“Well, I asked if you wanted to help,” you muttered, “I think it’s good.”
“Hmmp, I need milk,” she jutted her chin out, “for my after-dinner tea.”
“You couldn’t say something like three hours ago?” you blinked.
“I could have but I didn’t,” she snickered. You rolled your eyes and she took another forkful of penne and filled in another line on her puzzle, “ah, no hurry, girlie, you know I’m patient.”
“Patient? You?” you chuckled as you took your plate and shoved it in the microwave to keep it warm. The ancient thing had a dial and the door stuck, “I’ll just go get it over with.”
“Don’t forget your mitts,” she called after you as you tramped into the front room, “it’s cold.”
You pulled on your knitted cap and matching mitts. You zipped up your parka and shoved your feet into the deep boots. You grabbed your wallet and buried it in the spacious pocket. You bounced out the front door and down the steps as the sky sent down another coat of powder for the night.
You went up White Forge Street and through the short path behind the diner that led to the main road. You glanced over at The Asp, the beacon of the dull town, and turned towards the grocer. Like anywhere in Birch, the store was outdated and stuffy. It felt like stepping into another time with the paper bags and chunky tills.
You went down the center aisle and stopped at the fridge to search through the frosted glass. Your nan only drank whole milk and the last time you carelessly grabbed skim, she whined that even Pippin wouldn’t drink it. She was particular but that was just her nature. You couldn’t say you were any less fussy in some instances.
You grabbed a jug and the door slapped closed against the worn rubber seal. You headed up the candy aisle and brushed your woolly thumb over your chin as you considered gummy bears or Reeses’ Pieces.
“Hard choice?” The deep voice jolted you.
You snatched the box of chocolate and looked over at the man in leather, his chin tucked down behind the collar as snow dusted his shoulders.
“Sure,” you said as you brushed past him.
The cut of the leather told you he was better not entertained. While you thought the men amusing, you weren’t stupid enough to engage with them. You rarely listened to your grandmother but she was wise in her own way. 
You knew a girl in highschool, she was fucking around with one of the club men in her junior year, she ended up with a baby and no support. You didn’t think he was into you that way but he could hardly have innocent intentions.
“How’s the old lady?” Clayton asked as he rung in your order at the end of the belt, you moved along with the groceries and pulled out your wallet.
“The usual, you know? She’s tryna quit again. Don’t know how long it’ll last.”
“Oh yeah? I’ll keep a carton aside for her,” he kidded as you felt your phone vibing in your back pocket.
“Don’t encourage her,” you swiped your card and punched in your pin, “although I don’t know what’s worse; the smoke or her sucking on those mints all the time.”
“Oh, it’s not the bitchin’?” he laughed.
“That, too,” you scooped up the paper bag and put your wallet away, “have a good one.”
As you came to the end of the first counter, you were nearly cut off by the club member as he swept around from till two. His own purchase of a car magazine and jerky was tucked under his arm.
“Ah, sorry,” he smiled, a sparkling smile, almost charming.
“No worries,” you continued on and he followed close behind.
“Those mitts look real warm. ‘Specially in this weather,” he said as you pushed open the door.
“Uh huh,” you kept on as your boots crunched out into the snow.
“You know where I can get a pair. Leather isn’t exactly thermal, you know?”
“These? My nan made ‘em. I’m sure Clayton got some hung up back there,” you looked across the street as you stepped up onto the ledge of snow between the sidewalk and the road.
“Am I bothering you?” he asked.
You looked at him dumbly and almost laughed in his face. You glanced back across the street then down towards The Asp.
“Sorta,” you answered.
“Make you a deal. Leave ya alone for your name.”
You eyed him. He was older than you like many of the Commandos. At least a decade, likely more than that. You chewed on your hesitation and cradled the bag more firmly against your side. His eyes strayed as he tried to see through the thick layer of your coat.
“Nah, I’m not s’posed to talk to strangers,” you said and hopped off onto the road.
You heard him behind you as he struggled to follow and as you came up to the other side, he came parallel with you and kept stride with you easily.
“I know you’re young but you’re not a kid,” he intoned, “what’s the harm in a name?”
“It’s a small town,” you stopped short of the end of White Forge, “I think I know enough about you to avoid you.”
“Oh ho, is that it? Well, I’m Sam, I’m not a stranger now, am I?”
“Not interested, Sam. Sure there’s women your own age over at the bar,” you nodded behind him.
“You wanna come see? Maybe have a drink?” he gave a crooked grin.
“You don’t give up, do you?” you shook your head, put off by his forwardness.
“Not tonight, Sam,” you turned around and headed down White Forge.
“Then what night?” he asked but you didn’t answer and he didn’t follow.
You turned down onto your street and refused to look back in case. It would be best not to mention the run-in to your nan, she was paranoid enough as it was. Besides, you’d forget about it by the end of next week.
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a-casual-kpopfan · 2 months ago
Our Twilight - Chapter 2
Tumblr media
A/N: Hello boos, it's me again with my fellow ghost writer here, posting up the next Haseul chapter in this series. (:
Just want to thank @ifeelsounsure0 and @gangplanksorenji for the edits and looking over <3
A few days later…
With their hectic Queendom schedule, Haseul has been constantly training over the past few days. Today is her first day off, and her first chance to find out who this mysterious MJ is. And to do that, she requires the help of a few people
Haseul is sitting in the living room with Hyunjin and Jinsol. Haseul stares intently at Hyunjin while the girl makes a phone call, and Jinsol just messes around with her laptop.
“Mhmm, mhmm, thanks unnie! Sorry for bothering you on your day off!” With that, Hyunjin hung up the call and turned towards Haseul “You were lucky unnie! Apparently, there was a ‘MJ’ as a trainee in Polaris back then!” “Really?” Haseul looks at Hyunjin, her face practically screams ‘tell me more’, which is quite adorable.
“Mhmm! He joined a year after our debut as Loona 1/3, and according to instructor unnie, he really had the talent to be an idol. In a few short months, he got the support of almost all the instructors after all.”
“How is there a trainee like that, are you sure you didn’t hear it wrong?” Jinsol chimes in on the side, seemingly unconvinced of the story. “Unnie! I swear I didn’t hear it wrong! You must have seen it firsthand at the show, right? His vocals were amazing!” “…...I didn’t pay that much attention…” Jinsol mumbles to herself.
“Hyunjin-ah! Get back to the topic please! If he was so talented, why didn’t he debut?” Haseul quickly steers the conversation back to the main topic, prompting Hyunjin to continue: “He would have debuted as a soloist the same time we fully debut as ‘Loona’, but suddenly, he decided to quit.”
“Quit?” Both Haseul and Jinsol ask at the same time.
“Yeah, according to instructor unnie, he said he ‘lost the spirit and motivation’ and decided to quit that very day, not to be seen again.” Hyunjin frowns slightly as she recalls the conversation, “Such a shame, he could have been as famous as us, maybe even more. Just look at how he’s trending right now!”
Hyunjin isn’t wrong, after that episode was broadcasted, social media exploded with posts about the mysterious ex- trainee MJ, some even made a poll voting to make him an idol. But like every mystery, he disappeared without a trace… Until now.
“Well, I don’t know how he did it, but that guy didn’t even register with his real name! just ‘MJ’ and that he worked at a library? Oh yeah, they did mention in the show that he’s a librarian right?” Hyunjin scratches her head, looking at Haseul and Jinsol.
“Pfft, just a library, how hard can it be to find a library in Seoul?” Jinsol says as she googles on her laptop. ‘300+ searches found’
“Oh….it might be hard to find a library in Seoul… Ehe” Jinsol says with a cheeky smile as she scratches her cheek, earning a glare from Haseul.
“Anyways, thanks for your help, Hyunjin-ah, as promised, I’ve already ordered bread for you” “Thank you unnie!” Hyunjin gives you a big hug before moving to her room, humming happily.
“Now…we should probably get started on finding that library?” Haseul looks at Jinsol “Oh no, you’re the only one looking for it, I’m just here to offer you moral support!” Jinsol replies almost instantly with a bright smile, leaving Haseul flabbergasted. “…. Didn’t you promise to help me?”
“Well, this is your journey to find your Prince Charming, so it’s more suitable if you search for him, correct? Besides, I already got mine~” Just as Jinsol says that her phone starts to ring with a “Hubby <3” ID. “Speak of the dev-” Before Jinsol can grab her phone, Haseul reaches for it instantly and answers the call.
“Oh, hi oppa, Jinsol is currently busy with helping me right now, so she’ll call you later, have a good day oppa!” And with that, Haseul hangs up and returns Jinsol’s phone to her with a mischievous grin. “Yah! What if it was something important?!” Jinsol angrily pouts, which honestly looks more cute than angry, only to see Haseul focus back on the laptop. “If it was important, he’ll ring the doorbell.”
And so, start the journey of Haseul and Jinsol into the depths of Google, exploring every nook and cranny of the map as they search for whatever hint they have about that mysterious library. Meanwhile, the Loona dorm is as lively as always…
“YAH, LEE GUNGJEON, DON’T YOU DARE RUN! GIVE ME BACK MY SNACK OR ELSE YOU’RE SLEEPING ON THE COUCH TONIGHT!” Sooyoung’s voice booms through the hallway of the dorm, showing her might as a vocalist although for an entirely different reason.
“IF GUNGJEON OPPA IS SLEEPING ON THE COUCH TONIGHT, CAN I SLEEP WITH YOU UNNIE???” Haseul doesn’t even need to look up to know whose voice it is. Only one person can be that daring in this dorm.
“W-wait! I was just kidding!” Of course, Gungjeon quickly voices his complaint and tries to give Sooyoung her snack back, but Sooyoung has already wrapped her arms around the younger member, puffs her cheek and scoffs at him.
“Too late, I’m sleeping with Jiwoo tonight. Have fun with no pillows and blankets.” And walks away with Jiwoo while the younger giggles in delight. Leaving Gungjeon standing there, looking like a lost puppy with a bag of snacks in his hand.
“He should have known not to mess with her snack, not to mention Jiwoo.” Jinsol can only offer sympathetic words before going back to helping Haseul.
Ding Dong
The sound of the doorbell breaks the concentration of both Jinsol and Haseul. Both turn to the door so fast, almost causing them to have whiplash from how fast they turned. Sweat starts to form on Haseul’s forehead as she remembers her previous words about Jinsol’s boyfriend as Jinsol herself glares at Haseul, preparing to stand up.
“Oh! It must be my bread!” Hyunjin bolts straight out of her room to the front door, like a predator chasing its prey, but in this case it’s bread.
After heading out for the delivery, Hyunjin enters with a piece of bread already in her mouth, and an opened pack of bread in her hand, only to be met with her two unnies’ stares. “Ish sumthin wron unni?” (Is something wrong unnie?) “Nothing Hyunjin, nothing at all…”
As Jinsol says that she glances at Haseul, who is looking up the ceiling in order to avoid Jinsol’s glare, then back down at the laptop, feigning ignorance. “Sorry, you were saying?” Jinsol only scoffs before turning her attention back to the laptop, leaving Hyunjin standing there, confused, but very happy to have her bread. 
Haseul and Jinsol research tirelessly through the night. Mostly Haseul, Jinsol is still pretty salty about how Haseul didn’t let her call her boyfriend.
“Yah, Haseul! It’s already late!” Jinsol points to the clock on her phone, which clearly stated 11pm. “You can head to bed first Jinsol, I’m just going to look a bit more….” Haseul only spares a glance at her phone, then back to the laptop.
“Why are you doing this Haseul? There’s no need for you to go that far, just for a guy who you never met” Jinsol pouts slightly, worrying about her leader’s health as it’s been a while since she has seen Haseul this serious about something. “I-… I honestly don’t know, Jinsol-ah. When I look at him, I feel like…” Haseul stops a bit, trying to find the right word. “I feel like he can make me… Whole again.”
“Huh, what do you mean?”
“Ever since I joined you girls as Loona, it’s been the best time of my life, but somehow, it doesn’t feel… Complete to me, like something is missing, forgotten, and that guy might know about it.” Haseul hesitates as she sees Jinsol’s confusion clearly on her face “I know what I’m saying doesn’t make sense, Jinsol-ah, but I can’t ignore it, otherwise it will keep gnawing away my mind-”
Jinsol interrupts her with a gentle hug as she envelops her leader in her embrace, her arms hugging Haseul’s back and soothing it with gentle strokes. “It’s okay Haseul…. You don’t need to say anymore, I understand you….”
“Y-you do?”
“I do, because it’s the same for me and Daewon,” Jinsol smiles softly at Haseul. “The girls might be family, but I can’t imagine my life without him. I will never be the best version of myself without him by my side~” Haseul can see a warm gaze in Jinsol’s eyes when she talks about him. Her eyes look soft, incredibly soft, combined with the passionate love that she has for him, and a touch of longing.
“I’m sorry that I didn’t allow you to answer him earlier, I was too focused on my own things…” “It’s okay Haseul-ah, I promised to help, so I will, but probably another day, ok? It’s late now, and we need rest.”
“O…kay?” Haseul glances briefly back to the laptop in defeat, but right then her eyes catch a social media post: ‘Anyone know this librarian? I want to express my gratitude to him for helping me. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to catch his nametag, only a glimpse of his armband.’ 
Attached to the post was a picture of a young man, seemingly running away in a hurry. His back was turned to the camera, so his face couldn’t be seen but Haseul knew.
It’s him.
Jinsol, observing Haseul’s face ever since her eyes got glued on the screen, makes a comment “Are you sure that it’s him?” Only to be met with a firm nod from Haseul. “So, where does he work?” A quick stroll down the comments gave them the answer. “Silent Haven? It does sound like a library” Jinsol giggles at the name, but the same can’t be said for Haseul.
Her head starts to ache as if someone is pounding a hammer relentlessly against her skull. She suddenly remembers something….
A flashback plays out inside her mind, of a young boy and girl at a sitting area of a library.
“Yah, stop reading! Go out and play with me!”“… But I like reading….”“Pfft, you’re such an old man M̸̠̊̈̑į̴̥̈́̈́n̸̜̖͕̳͛̋́̃-̶̬̹͌̚J̷͈͂́͗͠o̵̡̢̰̐̽͌͛o̸̮̰̮̹͛̏n̶̛̦͈̈̀̾. Are you going to work here when you grow up?”“Maybe….? I like quiet places.”“You’re boring! C’mon, let’s go get some ice cream!”
And with that Haseul suddenly snaps back to reality, with her hands still clutching her head, and Jinsol looking at her with worry. 
That girl… Was I… Then what about that boy??? Haseul starts to analyze what she just saw remembered . Could it be? Haseul is deep in her thought when Jinsol snaps her out of it “Haseul, I think that’s enough for today, we have schedules for tomorrow” 
“Yeah, you’re right, we should get some rest….” Seemingly satisfied with that answer, Jinsol slams the laptop shut before pushing Haseul towards the bedroom, making sure that both will get some rest. Although for one of them, sleep might not come anytime soon…
“I will find you, and I will find out what is wrong with me.”
To Be Continued.
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spn-season-16-chronicles · a year ago
16th March 2021
Multiple Misha's Cameo and Creation Conventions vids are published.
Chaos unleashed. Misha says that:
He is not allowed to talk from Cas' POV
The confession was important for him, was a good ending to that character arc
His Cas voice is rusty
He would love to make a movie, miniseries, podcast with whole cast
And address Cas' confession in there (and for Dean to address it) because it remained unexplored
Cas, in his opinion, will probably never retire, will continue doing good
Cas, in his opinion, is now playing ping pong in heaven, recuperating, like Forest Gump
Doubles down on ping pong
He thinks that most authentic tight hug would be best Deancas reunion
"Heller Friends"
"[...]Destiel kiss [...]" ("what would perfect Destiel Kiss be like? Actually I haven't thought about it")
"Still beautiful, still Dean Winchester"
"Hello Dean"
Fandom plans raiding Warner Brothers headquarters (this is a joke (for legal reasons)). Audio in record speed getts edited into confession scene. @stevebeyonce you talented as HELL.
Spn trends on tumblr hellsite dot com and across twitter in different countries.
What will happen tomorrow?
And now weather
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mettywiththenotes · 9 months ago
A “Justifiable” Killing
Hello I’ve made some quite frankly scary conclusions between S&S and Hawks
They both kill/attempt to kill out of sight
Hawks targeted Twice in that room at the mansion. He showed his true colors in that room and that was pretty terrifying
Tumblr media
He killed Twice away from the prying eyes of other Heroes. He did it on a balcony, in the middle of a Raid, where surely nobody was paying attention to him
Tumblr media Tumblr media
In the chaos of it all, nobody else saw Twice get stabbed. Nobody was there except for a Villain and a Hero with blood on his hands
Hawks took Twice out and the word of a Villain and his footage was what they relied on. If it hadn’t been for the footage, would anybody have believed Hawks killed Twice? Would anyone have ever known?
Later, when Hawks is being interviewed over the murder, he says this
Tumblr media
And then it is (so far) never brought up again. The public let that go really easy
Why? Because it was a justifiable killing
“His quirk was really dangerous” “I had to. There was no other way”
Hawks killed Twice for “the greater good”. He would do anything to achieve peace and justice
And people let that go because, well, “there was no other choice”. A Hero knows best, right? He killed because it was necessary. We can trust him, right? He did what was best for our society, for our country!
I would have let this go as a “bnha citizens are fucked up” thing, if it weren’t for this recent chapter
S&S and Tomura are in the middle of the ocean
Tumblr media
Up in the air, above the clouds
Tumblr media
They are away from prying eyes. Sure, Endeavor could probably join them at any moment, but we are focusing on this chapter and what happens in it at the moment
Tumblr media
The only ones there are herself, Tomura and 8 pilots. 8 pilots which, if they were to witness S&S killing Tomura, I should imagine they would be willing to accept that it was “for the greater good”
And the thing is
Tumblr media
She was about to kill him
These are almost the exact same conditions of Twice and Hawks confrontation
What’s my point in all of this? We’ve had 2 Heroes now who have taken Villains away and killed them, then turned around and called it “justified”
Hawks did it. He killed Twice away from other Heroes and said there was no other way to avoid it. I know everyone kind of has a lot of different perspectives on Hawks and Twice’s confrontation, but personally (and lets remember that this is just my opinion)
Tumblr media
This face? Gives me bad vibes. It’s kind of an ominous expression. I don’t see any remorse or any sign of peace in his face. He’s tired but he’s not really showing anything to suggest he’s glad or sad that he killed Twice. The fact that he has a blank expression here just kind of gives me the impression that he has no feelings towards what he did. (does he feel guilt in what he did? a sense of regret? I wish this was expanded upon more, and that Hori would show us any evidence of his feelings)
S&S was about to do it. Idk whether she succeeded (likely not), but that look in her eyes
Tumblr media
Tells me everything I need to know about how she views Tomura. She sees her Rule as justified, and there would be no one to argue her point. If she didn’t think she was right to kill him, why would she trap Tomura and look at him with such a soulless expression?
So far, it’s brushed under the rug. So far, nobody makes a big deal out of it. So far, it’s seen as “justified” and “for the greater good”
This is becoming quite a worrying trend. Killing is one thing, but actively taking the Villain away from witnesses, trapping them and choosing to murder them? Actually going out of their way to end a life?
The fact that these two who have authority are making conscious decisions to do this? It’s very scary
Thank you for reading
I’m aware that this is only with the recent chapter just coming out, and we don’t know what will happen with Stars And Stripes, but when I saw that panel of her declaring her Rule, it reminded me all too much of Hawks
Edit: I know I said “taken away” but I meant “trapped”. Sorry, my bad on that part
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quackisinnit · a year ago
Quackity x Reader
Request: Can i get a clingy quackity bf while streaming and everyone is teasing him about it and he keeps blushing really hard?? Thank you😁 idk like kisses and stuff nothing too extreme ( also can u add the reader calling him nicknames in spanish which makes him blush a lot ) i use she/they pronouns btw!
Pronouns: She/They
Note: i used google to translate this stuff so sorry if some words arent right xkzhks. if there's anything that translated wrong or the meaning is different, please tell me. i need to think of better titles too lol
Warnings: mild swearig lol
Tumblr media
Alex was streaming while you were sitting right next to him, out of frame. Now, your relationship was known to the public so if you were seen, they wouldn't mind.
These past few days Alex has been burned out. All the videos he had to edit, all the emails he had to answer, and so much more.
This lead to him being clingy and in need of touch from his partner. He gets a bit stressed? Cuddles. He's tired? Cuddles. If he felt any unpleasant feelings, he would immeadiatley go to you.
Alex was streaming Jackbox with Karl, Sapnap, Dream, George, and Tommy. It was going pretty well.
All of a sudden Alex felt touch starved. He wanted to just get up and cuddle with you, or even just a simple kiss or hug would satisfy him.
As he was about to get up, he looked over to his other moniter and realized that he was still streaming. He couldn't tell his fans and friends that something came up and he'll be back in a few minutes. It seemed selfish of him to take a break for a few minutes just because he wanted some affection.
So he frowned a bit and slightly pouted realizing this.
But you knew him well. You knew that if he was felling down or in a bad mood, he'd be pouty and frowny.
Lightly tapping him on his knee, he looks at you direction. "Are you okay babe? You seem tense" you whisper so that they wouldn't notice your presence. He blushes slighty to the nickname. He mutes his mic and says, "I'm alright, just wanting some cuddles or hugs." he laughs at how absurd it sounded.
To him, he thought he was being annoying and clingy. But to you, he was just in need of affection.
"Oh" you blink for a few seconds and stare at him. "Well, can hug you baby? Right now?" you ask hesitantly, not wanting him to be uncomfortable. Alex was stunned and shy once more at the nickname you used. He thinks about for a few seconds before nodding and stretching his arms out for a hug.
You sit on his lap and wrap your hands around his neck. Alex brings you into a tight hug while burying his face in the crook of your neck. You feel him melt into your touch and relax.
You soon pull away and grab his face with both of your hands. Starting from his forehead, you sprinkle him with kisses all the way down to his mouth. During this, Alex rolled his chair out of the frame to avoid getting banned from twitch, fearing that he was breaking the terms of service. All the fans could see now were both of you legs.
You pull away from the kiss look into his eyes lovingly. He leaned in for another one, but before he could, he felt his ears ring with a familiar british boy, screaming and laughing into the mic. "Big Q! Are you alright? I pulled up the stream and all I see are legs! Sheild my poor innocent eyes." Everyone laughs and agrees with him, pulling up the stream as well.
Alex laughed along and looked at his chat, they were spamming '#Y/NHUGS' 'Y/NCUDDLES' and lots of 'simp'
"Guys I'm not a simp! I fucking a swear!" no one believed him. Sapnap speaks up, "It's trending on twitter."
Alex goes back into the frame, with you still sitting on his lap. He pulls up twitter while you look at the chat. You looks directly at the camera and start waving. You mouth the words, "Hello everyone!" you smile and see the chat fill up with 'HELLO' and 'POG'
You look back at the moniter and see the trending hastag,
Variety streamer Quackity ,is attcked with cuddles by his partner, Y/n and fans are quick to notice.
2,007 Tweets
"I mean, no shit. I literally hugged you while you were streaming." you retaliated. Alex let out a laugh before kissing your forehead and going back to playing Jackbox again.
☆ Taglist ☆
@fivxss @book-of-anarchy @speedymaximoff @glitter-night
Masterlist, Rules, Taglist, Anons
Reblogs are appreciated<3
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lilysdaydreams · a year ago
Praise Bingus (No fucking way)
Tumblr media
→  I do not claim to know corpse- therefore please don't think that this is what he would actually act like, or that any details about his life are actually true. this is fiction.
→ Pairing: Corpse Husband X Fem!Reader
→ Genre: Angst and fluff. (FLUFF IS COMING I SWEAR)
→ Words: 3.9k
→ In a world where everyone is born with a mark on their wrist, two souls come together over the power of bingus.
→ (this isnt crack lol)
→ Warnings: Lots of swearing, um self-depreciation? rejection (kinda) and negative thoughts overall. Sorry im new to warnings.
→ Authors Note: this is the first time im doing like angst so please tell me if I did well? Um also, I’ve already started on the part 2 so keep your eyes out for that. If you wanna be tagged for part two please comment and lemme know. Also check out my other fics if you want!
→ Buy me a coffee
Part two  →    
Soulmates were a phenomenon. They'd been there for ages, drawn into the Egyptian tomb paintings, seen in the cave paintings from millions of years ago, talked about in stories passed down from generation to generation. They could be matching drawings, first words, names; all black before the soulmates met and turning gold the moment they talked to each other. There wasn't a scientist in the world who could explain the phenomenon.
You'd received your mark at birth just like everyone else, a sentence running around your wrist,
"No fucking way."
Your parents weren't that happy when you asked at the age of 4 what "fucking" meant but it wasn't that bad. You were happy that you had something unique, something other than the "Hi," or "Excuse me," that was on every other arm.
When you were 13, a little girl on the train pointed to your wrist and asked her mom what it meant. Ever since then, you'd taken to wearing bracelets over it. This had turned out to be a good idea because a few years later you started making Youtube videos. At the age of 16, you started a Youtube channel where you focused on a variety of things; makeup, fashion, games, art, skits and a whole lot more.
At the age of 20, you had a steady following of a little more than a million subscribers, and you had moved to LA to be closer to all your Youtube friends. You hadn't just grown on Youtube, you'd also started a lot of side projects. You were known for the art that you did on the side, along with the makeup palette you'd come out with a year ago. Soon you were planning to release a merch collection, one that you had been working on for a whole year now.
You hadn't met your soulmate at this point but honestly, you didn't really mind. Balancing Youtube and study (along with all your other side projects) was hard. There was no need to add the struggle of love into it... Or that's what you told yourself anyways.
There were days though, days where you wished you had someone to hug, someone to cuddle in bed with, someone to go on long walks with. You didn't let yourself wallow on it that long though. Crying about it was gonna do absolutely nothing.
It started on a rainy day. The story of you and him. You were editing your soon to be uploaded video, an e-girl outfits lookbook, which had been requested by your followers. Your personal style was all over the place and your previous soft girl and cottage care look books had done well, so you decided to continue the series.
You eyes blurred as you looked at the same point of the video, and you sighed, removing your glasses and rubbing your eyes. Your editor was sick and had let you know that they wouldn't be able to edit it by the deadline so here you were, editing it yourself. You stretched in your chair letting out a yawn. You were contemplating on whether to make coffee or not when your phone pinged.
"Nooooo" you whined when you noticed it was on the coffee table that was just a little out of your reach. Stretching your foot out, you tried to grab it between your toes and then sighed when the phone fell.
"I have zero luck, I swear" you muttered to yourself, bending to pick up the phone.
The text was from Rae, asking you to join a game of Among Us. You and Rae had been friends for a bit now, which all started when she came across your art and decided to order something from you. You had chatted and clicked immediately, immediately becoming fast friends. Ever since the lockdown started, she often asked you to join in on Among us games and your friendship had really grown over these past few months.
You sent a quick "sure!" and then went to your table, waiting for the PC to turn on. Quickly tweeting out that you were streaming, you opened up Youtube and turned on the stream, saying a quick hello and letting them know what you'd be doing.
"Rae just invited me guys, I don't really know who's there," you mumbled, replying to a comment asking you who you were playing with.
You squinted your eyes, joining the voice chat and then opening your phone camera to quickly check that you didn't look horrible. Sure you didn't really care about how you looked but it was always good to check that you didn't have anything stuck between your teeth before you turned on the camera.
There was already a conversation going on, between who you thought was Corpse and Sykkuno, judging by their voices.
"Yeah I could totally do that. Get a cat and name it Bingus. I wonder if th-"
You gasped when you heard what they were talking about and unmuted yourself immediately yelling "PRAISE LORD BINGUS" and effectively shocking everyone in the chat.
A moment of silence and then Rae yelled: "OH MY FUCKING GOD Y/N, YOU SCARED THE CRAP OUT OF ME."
You giggled as everyone groaned and whined, saying hi as they realised who it was. You had played with Sykkuno and the others a few times before but you'd never met Corpse before. You'd heard his voice though, as he was trending on twitter constantly over the past few weeks. Once they all quietened down, you realised Corpse hadn't said anything. Since you knew everyone else in the lobby, you introduced yourself, wondering if you'd scared him a bit too hard.
"Hey Corpse, I'm Y/N from Y/C/N, its so nice to finally meet you," you said gritting your teeth at you awkward introduction. For a second there was no response and then three words were said that made your jaw drop to the floor.
"No fucking way"
He had whispered it, obviously still in shock, and your eyes widened in surprise as a tingle spread all over your body. So this was what everyone meant by "you'll just know," when you asked them about how you would recognize your soulmate.
"Holy shit" you thought frozen in your seat.
Never had you been more glad that you hadn't turned the camera on yet.
"Uhhhh-" you started, but stopped now knowing what to say.
What the fuck were you supposed to do now.
"Wha- Whats wrong?" Rae asked after a moment passed.
Corpse cleared his throat and started "Its um, shes my -" and you cut him off, heart beating in your chest.
"Nothing. Its nothing." you said talking over him. "Who else are we waiting for Rae?" you asked joining the lobby quickly and choosing red as your colour.
"Uh one more person," she said slowly, still a bit confused.
"Oh awesome!" you said fake enthusiasm prevalent in your voice. "So Sykkuno," you started, wanting to keep the conversation going. "How's Bimbus doing?"
Sykkuno launched into a story of Bimbus and you blew out a sigh of relief, mind still numb over the revelation.
Corpse was your soulmate.
The guy who had literally went viral the past few weeks was your soulmate.
You'd finally found him.
You heard Rae cut Sykkuno off, telling everyone she was starting the game and muttered a "Thank god" when the words "CREWMATE" appeared on your screen. You would not have been able to play imposter at the moment, your mind pretty much stuck on the fact that Corpse was your fucking soulmate.
Heading down to admin, you realised you hadn't said anything yet to the stream so you quickly turned on your cam, saying a quick sorry to the viewers.
"Sorry guys, I forgot to put the camera on," you smiled focusing on card swipe.
"I hope everyone's been okay, I know this was quite sudden, but Rae invited me and I was like why not you know," you said rambling as you moved to comms and did the task there.
Lights were called and you moved to electrical, arriving there just as Leslie fixed them. You moved into the back of electrical doing the three tasks you had there when Sykkuno suddenly came in and went straight to standing on top of the vent.
You giggled already knowing his trick.
"Okay guys," you mumbled watching Sykkuno wiggle on the vent. "do we trust Sykkuno or not?"
"You know what," you said making a split second decision. "Its the first game, we might as well."
Joining him on the vent, you stilled for a second and then breathed a sigh of relief when he didn't automatically kill you.
"See, what did I tell you guys huh?" you question smiling straight at the camera. "I knew Sykkuno could be trusted."
You decided to follow Sykkuno going into reactor with him and starting 'Simon says' and just as you were on the last part, a body was found making you let a whine out.
"Guysss," you whined to the camera as Rae started talking about how she had found Daves body in admin.
"Um, I havent been in admin since the start of the game," you said, "also I can clear Sykkuno, for the last part of the round, he's been with me since lights went out."
Sykkuno confirmed it, "Yup that's right, also I can hard clear Y/N cuz guess what? She stood on the vent with me and none of us died."
Everyone chuckled as he said "Thats good enough for me."
"Uh, I was in navigation mostly." said Lily.
"Poki, can I just ask what you were doing?" said Sean, an undercurrent of mirth present.
"Me?" asked Poki speaking for the first time. "What was I doing?"
"You weren't doing any tasks, you were literally just walking from one side of medbay to the other when I peeked in."
Poki started laughing, trying to get her words out at the same time.
"Okay so-" a giggle. "okay okay- I was just, I was trying to um do the beep test," she said finally breaking down and making everyone else laugh as well.
"What the fuck?" you said, laughing at the image in your mind.
"My chat told me to do it last game so I decided to do it now, I was literally just playing around," she said finally, adding "I swear I'm not imposter" at the end.
"Hmmm," you hummed, bringing a hand up to stroke your chin. "Are you sure it was last game Poki... hm...."
Giggling at Poki indignant "YES it was last game", you quickly skipped voting like everyone else as the timer went into the last ten seconds.
Humming a tune under your breath, you went back to reactor, taking a minute to carefully do Simon says and then moved to the other task counting out one two three as you pressed on the numbers. Humming, you moved out of reactor, only to come face to face with Corpse. You paused for a second, and then moved ahead, refusing to show anything on camera. For some reason he followed you as you went to storage, looking at you while you did the trash.
"Why is he just staring?" you mumbled, biting your lip. God, you really didn't wanna think of him right now. You started walking to shields, him still walking with you when lights were called and not a second later a body was reported.
Suddenly there was screaming your ears as Toast and Rae both started accusing each other.
"Wait- Wait WAIT" yelled Poki trying to get them to stop. "What happened?"
"I'll explain" declared Rae, not letting toast get a word in. "We were in navigation okay, me, Toast and Leslie. Lights went out, and suddenly a report buttons there. It's either Toast or someone came in just as lights went out and killed but that doesn't seem likely because I didn't see anyone anywhere near us at all. Anyways I'm fucking telling the truth guys, its Toast, he's the one who did it."
"Toast, do you have anything to say for yourself?" asked Corpse, his voice making your insides shiver.
"Holy shit, this is my soulmate", you thought for the fiftieth time.
"Uh yeah," replied toast. "I didn't do it."
Everyone laughed as he continued.
"Like seriously, I wouldn't do anything like this because it'd be a stupid move from my own part, and I think Raes smart enough to not do this as well. I think someone else came in just as lights went down and killed immediately, which to be honest, was pretty smart of them."
"Okay so I can clear Corpse," you cut in noticing the timer was close. "he was with me in weapons when it happened, he wouldn't have had time to go all the way up, or even vent there because we were literally walking in."
"Yup that's right," confirmed corpse.
"I'm in cafeteria" said Poki.
"Yeah, I saw her on my way to weapons," said Sykkuno, "and I'm in weapons right now,"
"I'm in lower engine" said Sean, and Lily said she was in reactor.
"I think it's Toast," you mumbled and then rose your voice to talk over everyone. "Look okay fine, maybe he said it was a stupid move and he wouldn't do it but maybe he did it for that exact reason. He thought he could get away with it because no one would expect him to do something like that."
As the timer started going down by 10, you voted for Toast and it turned out 3 had skipped the vote while five had voted for him.
"Guys you actually voted for him?" you said in a high voice, re-enacting one of Sykkunos most said lines.
You heard a "oh for gods sake" from Rae before everyone went silent and you giggled as you moved back down to weapons to do your tasks.
You finished all your tasks and decided to go to security to check where everyone is. Humming as you moved through the electrical hallway, you narrowed your eyes as Corpse came out of electrical and went towards storage. Quickly ducking in you didn't see a body so you headed back out, going into cams and gasping as you saw the body. Reporting immediately you were shocked to see the four kills that had happened. Now only you, Corpse, Sean and Rae were left.
"Oh my god," you mumbled confused. Either there were still two imposters, and Toast wasn't the imposter or the imposter literally killed and did nothing else. Now either that could mean that its definitely Rae if Toast wasn't the imposter, or that it was Corpse as the only imposter left. That was a bit weird though becuase he could have totally killed you at the start of the game. You didn't suspect Sean at all.
"What the fuck?" mumbled Corpse, and Rae made her animal noises expressing her shock.
"Okay," you said taking charge and relaying the kill and your theory to everyone. "So either it was Toast and there's only one other imposter, who is Corpse. Or Toast wasn't an imposter and there's two of them left. I-" you took a deep breath in at the end, very confused. " I don't know anymore,"
"I think its Corpse as well,"
Corpse who hadn't said anything up till this moment suddenly started stammering out "hey-hey uh let-lets not gang up on me okay. It's not-"
"No, wait, its because Y/N said you came out of electrical right, and I saw you in upper engine literally a bit ago and you went down. I went towards cafeteria so I don't know exactly where you went but its totally possible that you killed."
You voted form him after that, convinced it was Corpse, and the other followed quickly.
"Guys what the fuck, at least give me a chance to explain my self" he whined when his body was thrown off the ship seconds later. You cheered when the "VICTORY" sign was displayed across the screen, bringing up your chat and laughing at Toast as he pretended to be angry at me.
"That was a great round, good work Y/N"
"Thankyou" you mumbled staring at your chat. You were confused when you saw the absolute influx of messages on there, and you were barely able to read them because they were going so fast. You scrolled up, and read through the few of the messages;
"You've made corpse sad."
"Corpse has literally been so quite since you came in, can you leave."
"Omg stop with the hate messages, its not her fault if corpse isn't talking to you"
"are you his ex or something? What was that reaction at the start?"
"what did you do? Corpse literally hasn't said a word since you came in."
Corpse POV
Corpses heart stopped for a minute, his breath catching. The words on his wrist glowed gold, and he stared at the little red character standing there.
This person was the reason that he had "PRAISE BINGUS" stretched across his wrist.
They were the only reason that he had searched "Bingus" on google for all of his life. The only reason Corpse knew about the meme before anyone else was because he was constantly monitoring the word online. Ever since March, he had been waiting with bated breath, anxious that he could meet his soulmate at any moment. and here you were.
For some reason, he had never expected that he would meet you in among us, or while he was on stream. He always thought it'd be someone outside. It was a bit stupid in hindsight as all he did nowadays was play among us.
He heard you introduce yourself to him but the only thing that came out of his mouth was “No fucking way”.
Immediately after he wanted to slap himself.
“Idiot” he thought to himself. “At least try to make a good impression.”
When Rae asked what was wrong, heat sprung to his cheeks as he started revealing that they were soulmates, but Y/N cut him off, saying that it was nothing.
Corpse’s heart sank a little then.
'Maybe she’s just a private person,' he reasoned with himself.
'I shouldn’t have tried to say it on stream either. God, I’m a fucking idiot, if I said it, literally everyone would know and not only would I have hated the attention, she probabaly would have as well.'
Convincing himself that she was right, he reassured himself that it wasn’t because of him. She wasn’t revealing it because she probably didn't want all the attention.
For some reason though, his heart sank even more when Y/N didnt talk to him, instead talking to sykkuno about his dog. Like sure he could understand not wanting to reveal they were soulmates but shouldn’t she at least wanna talk to him? At this point he wouldn’t even mind if she talked about his voice like everyone else.
He groaned when the word "Imposter" came across his screen, his and Toasts character standing together. He was not in the right mindset right now to be able to be a good imposter. Breathing in deeply he continued in the game, with the first round passing by quick. The second round, he saw Y/N and stood with her for a bit wondering if he should kill her. Her red character moved to weapons and he sighed moving the mouse over the kill button. Just as he was thinking of clicking a body was found. Corpse swore as Toast flew off the ship. Deciding he needed to speed it up he killed four people in the round, hissing when the meeting was called. The moment Y/N accused him, he knew it was over. He didn't even bother defending himself much, just hoping the game would end soon.
When they were in the lobby, he quickly told everyone that he was going to leave because his internet was acting up. Turning off the stream after saying a quick thank you to everyone, he leaned back in his seat breathing through his nose.
What the fuck was his life.
Even his soulmate didnt want him. Honestly, he should have expected this. Abandoned at 12 with no one around him, why did his expect his soulmate to even give a fuck about him. Tears pricked his eyes and he blinked trying to get rid of them. He breathed in deeply, grabbing the water on the table and taking a big gulp. He had never hated himself more than he did right now. Why couldnt he have an easier life.
“Why cant I just fucking be NORMAL” he yelled throwing the empty bottle of water at the wall.
Throwing himself into bed, he scrunched up his eyes, hoping that sleep would come today, not noticing as his phone lit up with a single message.
Your POV
You stayed for another game and then ducked out apologizing and making an excuse up.
"Sorry it was such a short stream, everyone," you said pouting at the camera. "It was fun though so hopefully I get to do it again." Waving goodbye, you turned off the camera and leaned your head back staring at the ceiling.
What the actual fuck.
Grabbing your phone, you stared at it for a bit. Everything that you had pushed to the back of your mind in the game, was suddenly in the forefront.
The only thing you knew about Corpse was that he had a really deep voice, he narrated horror movies, and he maybe did music?
'Rae mentioned that once right?' you thought to yourself.
You unlocked the phone and then locked it again, too scared to actually do anything.
"Oh get a grip," you muttered to yourself, opening the phone and sending a text to Rae.
‘Hey Rae, do you have corpses number? Do you mind sending it to me, I need to tell him something.’
A reply came in a minute,
‘umm, why. he's pretty private so idk i don't rlly wanna give his number if he doesn't want someone to have it’
You sighed, and decided you might as well tell her. You knew Rae wouldn't betray your trust.
‘He's my soulmate’
Immediately a ‘AHDJHAKJKAGDAK’ came as a reply and you giggled at the string of emojis after it.
‘Don't tell anyone,’ you sent quickly, trying to calm her down.
Biting your lip you added Corpse into your contacts hesitating before putting a small black heart next to his name.
"Already simping," you mumbled under your breath, hands hovering over the keyboard as you struggled to think of what to write.
You finally decided on 'Hey, its Y/N, can I call?' thinking that something short would be the best way to go. Hand hovering over the send button, you sucked in a breath and pressed it, waiting with bated breath.
A minute passed.
And then five.
And then, without you even you realising, it'd been half an hour of you just looking at your phone.
An hour later, you were slumped on your desk, eyes closed and snoring lightly, the phone still open, the message you sent lighting up the screen.
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Part Ten. Faces
warnings: swearing, hate comments word count: 4.1k (not including pics)
behind the screen (irl dream x f!reader) series masterlist ultimate masterlist
A/N: sorry its late!!!! this feels rushed but i was just too excited to get to some parts!!! also i have had some parts written out for SO long that they dont even feel cute to me anymore so im literally praying to every deity rn that you guys think its cute lmao anyway enjoy!!!!
It had been about a week since Karl's slip up but everything was already more normal than Y/n had expected it to be. Of course, George, Sapnap and Quackity were all very understanding and gave her space while simultaneously reassuring her that she was safe with them. She fully believed it too, she knew she was safe with them and they weren't going to tell anyone her name.
The one unusual thing was now she had a heavy guilt, like someone dropped another sandbag in her stomach, every time Dream texted her. If the others knew, it was only fair that she tell him her name too, right? I mean, it's Dream. Dream! The boy who had quickly slipped his way into her life and, though she wouldn't admit it to Karl or Naomi, her heart.
But how? Does she just come right out and say it or wait until it gets brought up? She hadn't practiced telling anyone her name because she wasn't planning on doing it any time soon. Though, maybe she should have been seeing as she was going to see them all in person in a little over a month.
Regardless of the guilt, Y/n had other things to worry about today; Quackity was coming to visit. Karl had picked him up from the airport and the two of them spent all day catching up and doing who knows what but Y/n still hadn't met him. She was scared. She wasn't scared of Quackity, but scared because it was the first time one of her online friends would be able to put a face to her name and voice.
Y/n shuffled across her living room rug and reached for her phone on the coffee table, looking for some sort of distraction while she waited for them to arrive.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Y/n rolled her eyes but smiled, shaking her head as she threw her phone on the couch. Okay, he's right. It's gonna be fine. It's gonna be great. It's just Quackity. If he said anything rude or annoying or anything she could literally just step on him like a bug.
A sharp knock on the front door of her apartment snapped her back into reality. She shook her limbs of nervousness as she made her way to the door, two familiar voices begging to be acknowledged from the other side.
"Let us iiinnn!! Y/nnn!!!!" Karl whined.
After countless times asking the same question, she finally convinced Karl that she was okay with him using her real name in front of Quackity. He clearly still felt guilty about telling the boys her name, asking her multiple times in different ways whether he should call her Y/n or Bugsy in front of the guest. She finally got it through his head that she didn't mind either way.
"Hold on!" she yelled back. She unlocked the door and swung it open to see Karl and Quackity. "So impatient."
"Holy shit, you are tall! Goddammit, I thought that was a joke!"
Y/n laughed shyly at the greeting, looking at Quackity like he was crazy. "Hello to you too. Tried to warn you, dude."
"Yeah but, damn! You're tall and attractive, what the hell?"
"Dude," she said with a warning in her voice. She thought the flirting on Twitter was funny, but in real life she got embarrassed easier and wasn't a fan. "I'm about to kick you out of my house before I even let you in."
This was weird, meeting Quackity before meeting some of her other friends. She loved Quackity, but she had known George much longer and Sapnap even before that. There was no problem with meeting Quackity, she just had no idea how to act since she felt like she hardly knew him.
"Am I allowed to tell people that you're hot?" he asked as he fell on her couch, Karl following right after.
"Quackity!" Y/n yelled, her face heating up at a compliment. "Seriously?"
Karl cackled and shoved Quackity. "Shut up, Alex! No, you're not allowed!"
"Sorry, is that compliment reserved for Dream?" He cackled at his own joke and Y/n's face heated up even more.
"I seriously will kick you out of my house."
"You wanna be flirty on main but not in real life?" Quackity scoffed.
"I'm not flirty on main, you are!" she laughed. "Seriously, don't."
"Okay, sorry, I'll stop," Quackity promised with a laugh in his words.
The three of them fell into easy conversation, mostly because Karl and Quackity were already comfortable around each other at this point. They eventually decided to go to the mall, just to mess around and do something.
*reminder: covid doesn't exist in this fic bc we only want happy things so ignore their masks :P*
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Y/n frowned as she unlocked her front door, staring at her phone. She had been so happy with all the fans freaking out about the meetup so she looked at the trending list, expecting to see a flood of keyboard smashes and happiness, but that's not all she ended up seeing. BUGKARLITY was trending, so she scrolled through the tweets and was upset to see not all of them were positive. In fact, when she typed her name in the search bar, lots of the tweets using her name were rather mean.
A few that stuck in her head called her an attention whore and said that her friends only flirted with her because she paid them too. Who on earth would even do that? Some hurt way more than others but she tried to push them aside. It wasn't like this was the first time she had seen comments like this, but they had only gotten worse since her Minecraft date with Dream. She was worried it was cause more hate for her friends and the last thing she wanted was to be the cause of their own hate.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
She typed several different messages to Dream, deleting them all after she reread them. She felt like she had to request the same thing from him in a different way. Maybe because she felt like his words meant more, even if he really was just joking like the rest of them. She decided to call him instead of texting.
"Hi!" he chirped happily from the other end.
"Hi, Dream," she said as her chest filled with something warm at the sound of his voice. "How are you doing?"
"Good," he dragged out the word. "How are you?"
"Just okay? What's up?"
"Um," she started, immediately forgetting the words she decided she'd use. "I just... would you mind, uh, not flirting with me so much on, like, Twitter and streams and stuff like that?"
There was a silence before Dream's frantically apologetic words came through. "Yes, of course, oh my gosh. I'm so sorry. If I had known I was making you uncomfortable, I wouldn't have—"
"Wait, no," she interrupted but he must not have heard.
"—said things like... oh gosh. Bug, I'm really sorry—"
"Dream!" she raised her voice, getting him to stop ranting. "You don't make me uncomfortable."
"Oh. Really?"
"Of course not. I actually think it's really..." Cute? Adorable? Endearing? "funny," she decided.
"Oh. Then why...?"
She sighed heavily and explained what she told the others. "So, yeah. I just don't want you guys getting hate because of me so I figure if you stop then... you know."
"Bug..." he said gently. "I'm really sorry. I promise you that I don't—none of us think those things about you."
"I know."
"No, seriously," he said, clearly not believing her. "You need to understand that I..." he paused. "I mean what I say. Always."
Always? she thought. There's a few things he's said that certainly he didn't really mean... like calling her cute?
"I don't joke around like that unless I want to. I wouldn't say things like I say to you unless I really, really, genuinely considered you a close friend and felt comfortable around you. And I do."
Her heart swelled. "Thanks, Dream. I just... maybe don't do it so much for right now? Online, at least," she clarified, not wanting to deprive herself completely of Dream's flirting.
"Yeah, if that's what you want, of course."
"Well, I don't want you to stop flirting with me but, yeah."
He chuckled. "Oh, you do like when I flirt with you?"
She hummed and changed the subject. "Did I interrupt you doing anything?"
"No," his teasing voice dropped and was back to his regular self. "I'm just editing the video we filmed the other day."
"Oh, the 'Minecraft, but you can't touch the floor'?" she asked.
"Oh," she said, not meaning to sound disappointed. "I'll let you get back to it—"
"No. I mean, you can stay on the phone. Unless you're busy."
She smiled and put her phone on speaker and set it next to her foot on the floor. "I was just gonna paint. So I can stay."
Before she knew it, almost two hours had passed of them sitting in comfortable silence, occasionally speaking to share something with the other before going back to their tasks. It was comforting knowing she didn’t need to speak constantly and could just hang out with Dream.
Y/n's phone rested on the floor next to her, Dream on speakerphone on the other end, only the sounds of his keyboard clicking letting her know he hadn't fallen asleep or hung up. She wasn't sure when they started doing this, staying on the phone even when they had nothing to talk about, but they had done it a few times before. They had talked on the phone and Discord many times but it was usually always with purpose, not usually this silently-enjoying-each-others-presence nonsense. Who was she kidding calling it nonsense, she enjoyed it an embarrassingly insane amount.
She repositioned so she was laying on her stomach as she finished sketching an image that was in her mind.
"Hey, you still there?" Dream asked softly.
"Yeah. Sorry, am I taking away from your sitting in silence time with George?" she joked.
Dream chuckled lightly. "Nah, you're more fun. I was just seeing if you ditched me for Karl yet."
"Nah, you're more fun," she mimed truthfully. "But I'm very focused on this drawing."
"Can I see it when you're done?"
"Don't expect too much. It looks bad."
"If you don't tell me what it is, I can't know how accurate or inaccurate it is."
"Very true..." she trailed off, holding the canvas further away to examine it all at once. She wanted the sketch to be perfect before she made permanent choices with paint. She enjoyed the serenity they maintained even when talking, voices low and delicate like they were keeping secrets but not quite whispering. "Are you almost done editing your video from the other day?"
"Sorta. I'm at the part where you and Sapnap almost died laughing because a ghast knocked George into lava and then Sapnap laughed so hard he fell into lava."
She chuckled, remembering the situation vividly. "That was so funny. The way George screams is so funny."
"Let Naomi know that," he mumbled, causing Y/n to gasp.
"Dream!" she laughed loudly and he joined.
"Sorry, sorry, sorry. It's true though."
A distant voice sounded on the other end and she assumed it was Sapnap. "What do you want for dinner?"
Dream responded with a soft, "Nothing, I'm good."
"Are you talking to Bugsy?"
He must have responded physically because the next sound was Sapnap's very clear, much more lively voice speaking directly into the phone. "Hi, Bugsy!"
"Hi, Sapnap!"
"Can you tell Dream to eat some damn food? This man literally hasn't eaten a single thing all goddamn day."
"Dream," Y/n scolded slowly. "Please eat."
"I'm not hungry."
"I'm not showing you my painting until you eat."
A door closed on the other end and she took that as a sign that Sapnap had left.
"I don't wanna see it anyway. It's probably trash."
"Take that back!" she gasped lightly. She looked at the canvas as she grabbed the first paint color and laughed. It was only a sketch and it was already trash. "Fine, then I won't go on the trip if you don't eat in the next ten minutes."
"That's punishing yourself too though."
"Who says I want to see you?" she asked.
"I never said anything about not seeing me being the punishment."
She had been caught. "It was implied."
"Sure it was."
"It's true though. Who says I wanna see your stupid face?"
He didn't say anything, but an incoming FaceTime call lit up Y/n's phone. A FaceTime call from him.
Her smile dropped. "Clay?"
"Answer it," his voice was lower and her heart started beating faster. Was he really about to show her his face to prove a point? Reveal his biggest secret that only a few close friends knew? To her of all people? She made sure she couldn't be seen in the small window and pressed accept, the voice call ending and the FaceTime call starting.
To her surprise, what came into view wasn't his face, but the logo of the hoodie he was wearing, the simple smile of his merch taunting her. She laughed, the anxiety slowly fading away as it was replaced with a heavy feeling in her stomach. Was she disappointed? Maybe a little, but he teased her into believing she would see him.
"Oh, wow! Dream face reveal! He looks just like his icon, no way!!!"
His chest moved up and down as he laughed, not moving the camera away. "You heard it here first, guys! You've known my face all along, the logo is actually my face!"
She laughed and returned to painting, not paying any more attention to her phone since he was now also showing his ceiling, a small corner of his monitor in frame but nothing else. "I mean it though, if you don't eat, I'm going to be so mad I won't even want to be friends anymore. Or you'll die from malnourishment before we get the chance to meet."
"I doubt it. I'm just not hungry."
"Oh, hey, so you met Quackity today. How was it?"
"Very scary."
"Yeah?" he asked sympathetically, urging her to explain if she wanted.
"Yeah. But it turned out okay! He didn't act any different so it was fine. It was mostly just awkward. He's also so freaking loud. You would not believe how much louder he and Karl get when they're together."
"I can imagine. Aren't they doing a stream right now or something?"
"Yeah, I think so. I don't wanna watch though, I've had enough of them for the month."
Dream laughed. "How will you deal with them together for New Years'? It'll be for like two weeks."
"Who knows if I'll actually go?"
"Wait, what?" he asked abruptly, not even bothering to hide the disappointment in his voice. His keyboard stopped clicking and she could picture him staring at his phone as if looking at her. "Of course you're going."
"Not if you don't eat food! You have, like, 3 minutes to eat something until I officially am busy doing other things whenever the trip is."
Dream groaned and clicked a few things on his computer before the image on the screen became blurry as he walked through the house, still pointing it at the ceiling. She looked away again and kept painting.
"Quackity's really funny though," she continued. "It was super awkward at first but it was fun to have someone else to help me make fun of Karl."
"Wait, Bug," Dream called out over the sound of wrappers crinkling.
"Hm?" She hummed, continuing to paint.
"Bug," his voice was much softer and he sounded nervous.
She looked at her screen and dropped the paintbrush as she focused on what she saw, grabbing her phone and holding it closer to her face so she could see, still making sure she wasn't in view. All the anxiety from the beginning of the FaceTime suddenly came back and hit her like a truck. Sitting on her screen, waiting to be seen, was Dream. His hood was up, tufts of blonde hair sticking out, and he was standing with his back towards a dark room, the dim light from his pantry making his face just visible.
He held up a cookie in front of his actual, real face. "Are you watching?"
"Y-yea... I... Yeah. I'm watching. Is that really you?"
He nodded once before shoving the cookie in his mouth. "There, I consumed food," he announced, his voice muffled by the cookie. "Now you're legally obligated to come."
"I—What? CLAY! WHAT?"
"What?" he asked innocently as he chewed, walking back to his room and still holding the phone up to show his face. His room light was on, making his face much more visible. If Y/n thought he was attractive in the harsh pantry light, he must have looked like a god in his room lighting, even as pixelated as he was due to the quality of FaceTime. He fell on his bed and Y/n could only gape at his features. He slumped against his headboard, surrounded by roughly a thousand pillows, sporting a small, shy smile as he stared at the screen. "Bug, what?"
She opened her mouth but no words came out. Needless to say, he was unbelievably handsome. Part of the speechlessness was from the shock that he showed his face out of the blue, but obviously, the majority of it was that he was pretty much the most attractive person she'd ever seen. It should be illegal for someone to look that good in a hoodie, especially when pixelated.
"Hmm," he hummed thoughtfully. "Wanna take back what you said earlier?" He bit into another cookie.
"W-what did I say earlier?" Why was she stuttering???
"You said you don't wanna see me and that I'm ugly," he teased.
She paused for too many seconds too long before finally muttering, "you arrogant son of a bitch." He laughed loudly at that.
His eyes crinkled and he threw his head back. So that's what he looks like when he wheezes, she thought to herself, pretty.
Dream shuffled his position on his bed and rested his head on one of his hands. He looked so comfy. "Why are you so quiet, weirdo?" he mumbled.
She set her phone back down and touched her cheeks with her hands and looked away for a moment, grounding herself to the real world for a second. She couldn't process her thoughts when she was staring at a man as gorgeous as Clay. "I don't know, maybe because you gave me no warning before showing me your face? Or because you failed to mention that you're incredibly hot?"
She was so glad she had looked back at her phone or else she would have missed the glorious sight of his cheeks turning bright red before he turned the camera back to his ceiling. "Oh my gosh."
"Aw cute, I made you blush."
"Shut up," he mumbled. "You threatened to not come if I didn't eat something!"
"You didn't have to—you showed me your freaking face just to prove you ate a cookie!! DREAM! I would have believed you if you just said you ate something!" she laughed breathlessly, staring at the phone now for a chance to see him again. "I was joking anyway!"
"Sure you were."
"I was."
"Well, oh well. You deserved to see me anyway."
"Oh, I deserve to see you?" She laughed. "How big is your ego?"
"You know what I meant," he groaned. "You got doxxed by Karl and you met Quackity in person. And you've clearly had a bad day because of all the hate and stuff. You've done a lot of stressful things recently and you deserved to be let in on a secret too."
He was so sweet. Like, tooth-rotting, Halloween candy stash hidden under a kid's bed, upset tummy sweet. She also couldn't get over the fact that he was a million times cuter when he was shy like he was being now, his voice soft and unsure. It contrasted vastly with the confident, loud-mouthed Dream everyone usually saw, though she liked that Dream too. She wished he could show his face for just one more second to see what he looked like shy. Probably sickeningly adorable.
This was it, wasn't it? The chance she had been waiting for to tell him her name? He just let her in on his biggest secret, now he was the one deserving to be let in.
"Y/n," she said with a confident, but soft voice.
There was a long pause. "W-what?"
He understood the second time immediately. "Y/n..." he tested, the smile in his voice clear as day. "I like it."
"Yeah, well, I guess you deserved to know the secret too."
"I would have been content never knowing."
"Really?" She didn't believe him. He seemed like the type to never be satisfied, always looking for something better. Not in a greedy way, but in a motivational, goal-oriented big achiever way.
"Really," he hummed. "I already feel like you're too good to be true so I wouldn't be surprised if you weren't a real person."
It was silent as she tried to collect her thoughts.
"Bug? You okay?"
"Yeah, I... it's just a lot."
"No, it's not you. Well... I don't know. I just don't know what I'm supposed to say when you say things like that," she admitted.
He paused. "I think you always have the perfect responses when I say things like that."
"What do I usually say?" She smiled shyly, pulling her hoodie up to her lips.
"You usually call me a nerd or say you can't stand me. 'Oh my gosh I cannot stand you'," he mimicked before laughing.
"What? How is that the perfect response to you saying you can't believe I'm real?"
He hummed and she could practically hear him shrugging. "Because it's a classic Bug response. It's a hundred perfect you. So yeah, it's perfect."
She was silent, trying to compose herself before she exploded.
"By the way, check Twitter."
"Why, are you bragging about me calling you hot?" she teased, hoping to make him blush like she had earlier. It worked.
"Oh my gosh, no. Just look."
She clicked her home button and navigated to the app, her feed instantly flooding with the same similar messages.
"Oh, my gosh," she muttered, her fingers flying away as she typed out her own tweet in response to the love.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Dream chuckled from the other end and when she asked him why, he vaguely said that George texted him but didn't explain further.
"Um, I have to go," she said mournfully. "Karl and Quackity are coming over again."
"Booooo," he pouted.
"Sorry, you aren't the only man in my life," she teased before instantly regretting her choice of words. Too flirty, Y/n, she thought to herself.
"Hm, shame. Am I at least at the top of the list?"
She bit her lips, wanting desperately to repeat what she had told him on their Minecraft date. In the end, she gave in. "I always mean what I say too," she started. "You're my main bitch, baby."
Dream made some sort of sound, a mix of a scoff and a whine but Y/n didn't comment on it, just glowing with heat in her cheeks.
"Leave before I don't let you," he said softly and the heat only grew.
"Goodnight, Dream," she pressed, the tone in her voice letting him know he was being a tease. "Thanks for... thanks for your tweet. And for everything you said earlier."
"Of course. Sorry that you have to see those kinds of things a lot."
"It's okay when I have people like you."
"People like me? What does that mean?"
"Just.... people like you." Cute, sweet, kind, genuine people who make her heart flutter.
She could hear his smile in his words and she figured he knew the unspoken words in her thoughts, the ones she was saying without saying. "Okay. Goodnight, Y/n."
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harrys-lilfreak · a year ago
tiktok compilation
this is y/n trying tiktok trends on harry
there will be lots of dialogue in this so...
also it’s definitely not edited so just ignore the mistakes!
getting up while you guys are cuddling.
It was one of those nights harry was home earlier that usual and you guys were able to eat dinner and watch a movie on the couch afterwards. You guys were close to being half way through the movie and you guys were cuddling the entire time. It was a windy, rainy night and he’d kept you warm the entire time.
You stand up from the main couch and start walking towards a chair to left of the couch. “Baby, what are you doing?” he looked a little sad.
“I don’t wanna cuddle anymore.” You say nonchalantly as you make your way to the chair.
“But lovey I thought you said you were cold...” he sounded confused and disappointed.
“Now you’ve made me hot.” You casually say as you sit on the chair.
Harry goes quiet for near 10 minutes, and then not so secretly tries to get up to sit next to you on the chair with a pouty face.
You look at him, “Aww. My baby it was just a prank, always wanna cuddle with you.” You kiss his pouty lips. Once you guys pull back you point to your phone which say on the coffee table.
“I was so confused because you were so excited earlier for me to get home early. and then you do this.” Faux anger on his face.
You kiss his lips once more, “I’m still excited now let’s get comfy and finish this movie?” Harry nods in return.
coming out in a weird outfit.
You loved wearing his clothes, and he loved seeing you in his clothes. You decided that you wanted to see what he would say if you styled his clothes in the most hideous outfit to see what he would say.
“Hi baby!” You said in your ugly outfit. You were wearing a black button up, with a green tube top over it, some orange mom jeans and a purple skirt over them, and some neon green sandals. You were also wearing a white handbag and some sunglasses. To say the least you were not looking too hot. “Are you ready to go, we might be late for brunch?”
Harry looked back at the doorway you had just emerged from, shocked, “Woah! Hello to you too!”
It took everything in you to not laugh right then and there, “Do you like my outfit, I thought we could color coordinate, but i couldn’t choose which color so I incorporated all of them!”
“You always look beautiful my love, but this outfit doesn’t seem appropriate for the place we’re going to. I think you’re a little overdressed. How about we go back upstairs and I’ll help you choose an outfit.” He say wholeheartedly.
“Oh my gosh! I love you so much!” You chuckled. Harry was stood confused. “Babe I was just pranking you for tiktok, but thank god you shut this outfit down.” You grabbed his face and kissed him all over.
not saying i love you when he leaves.
No matter how big of a rush Harry was in to leave the house he never left without saying ‘I love you’ and a goodbye kiss.
You were sitting in the living on the couch with one of your guys cats and Harry was in the mud room getting his shoes on. He comes over to the couch and leans in to give you a super quick peck on the lips, which you gladly accepted.
As he was walking back towards the door he shouts, “I love you!” with the door knob in his hand he waits for you to say it back. When he gets no response his face falls, walking back to the couch with slumped shoulders.
“Did I do something to upset you?” He says in a hushed tone. “No babe, what are you talking about?” You reply with a little enthusiasm.
“Oh okay!” He says happily, as he walks back towards the door shouting, “I love you!” Once again he got nothing back.
Once again confused, he runs back towards you, “Why won’t you say, I love you back? Clearly I’ve upset you can you just tell me so we can be good, and I can leave and I won’t be late.”
You look up to him, with a confused look on your face, “Baby what are you on about?”
“Every time Ive said I loved you you didn’t say it back. You know I can’t leave without saying I love you.”
It felt cruel to continue so you leaned up grabbed his cheeks and kissed him deeply repeatedly saying ‘I love you’ when you pull your hands away from his face he had wide smile on his face.
“My baby, it was just a prank for tiktok!” You say pointing at the coffee table with your phone facing the two of you.
pretending not to notice your bfs haircut.
You were going to surprise him by picking him up today. He’d been at set while you landed mid afternoon and you were so excited to see him, you had seen all the paparazzi pictures of his new hair cut and named every excuse in the book, so you didn’t have to facetime him the day before you left to see him.
You saw Harry walking out of his trailer. He didn’t spot you right away so you rolled down your window to get his attention.
“Harry!” You shouted lightly at him, he turned his head back towards you and you see his face physically light up.
He runs towards your car and hops in, “What the heck baby!” He grabs your face and kisses you a bunch. “I wasn’t expecting you!” You guys greet each other a little more and then you decided it was time to go before anyone saw the two of you.
Harry sat back and cleared his throat as you started the car, “notice anything different?” He smirks at you. You look at him and then back at the road. “Did you get new shoes or something because I love them!”
Harry sighs lightly, “nope, not new shoes, thanks though!” You take another glance at him at him, and he sees so he subtly motions to his hair by fixing it. “A new shirt, I don’t know lovey I’m stumped.”
Harry shifts a bit in his sit so he wasn’t sitting as close to anymore as before. “Well it’s definitely new and I guess this means you don’t like it.” He said his tone falling. “The shirt, I love that shirt, what are you talking about?”
Harry was so fed up, “no! I got a haircut, y/n!” You laughed once he’d said that. “Of course I know you got a haircut baby! It’s so handsome I was just pranking you for tiktok!” You said pointing at your phone in the holder under the handle.
calling your bf weird ‘pet’ names.
Harry was sat at the kitchen island as you approached him. “what are you eating, perfume bottle?” You said sweetly
“Perfume bottle, babe what?” He said confusion full evident. You tried your hardest not to laugh, “I said what are you eating perfume bottle?” in the same tone holding back your laugh.
“umm, I’m having a bagel, you weirdo?” he said still confused. “ooh can i have a bite,my little sugar straw!”
Harry, once again confused, held out his plate for you to grab some of his bagel. You walk closer to him and grab it to take a bite, once you’ve put it back on the plate you walk over to him and kiss his cheek.
Harry was at the sink in your guys en suite brushing his teeth when you came up to him and asked “Can you hand me my face wash, flat screen?” in a hushed tone.
“Babe where are these nicknames coming from?” He said clearly confused. “They’re cute aren’t they?” You reply slyly. He doesn’t say anything so you walk away.
Harry was downstairs finishing up something’s for his song while you were upstairs waiting for him. After a little while you called out for him. “Makeup wipes!” You didn’t hear any sign of him so you called out again.
“Makeup wipes!” you shouted again. That’s when you heard Harrys little feet padding up the stairs. He walks into your shared room and heads straight for the en suite. You hear a little crinkling and that’s when he comes back with your makeup wipes.
“I don’t know why you didn’t get them yourself, but that’s ok I don’t mind.” He says handing you the wipes. You take them and set them down. “I missed you makeup wipes! You know I can’t got to sleep without you next to me.”
Harry finally piecing it together, “I’m makeup wipes? What’s going on, why can’t you just go back to babe, baby, or lovely?” You ignore him and open your arms out wide for him.
“I’m not giving you cuddles till you tell me what’s going on.” Harry says firmly. You start giggling which visibly upsets him.
“Lovely it’s just for tiktok!” You exclaim pointing behind you at your phone on the bedside table. Arms still open Harry crawls in them with a smile on his face.
yelling at ur sister over the phone in front of ur bf.
You stomped into the room phone in clutch, “You’re such an idiot Renée, I wish we weren’t related you’re so embarrassing!” You screamed into your phone, pretending to be on the phone with your sister. Harry runs into the room your camped out in to see you aggressively ‘hanging up’ the phone.
“Y/n.” He said clearly anger, you were getting scared because Harry never uses your name like that. “Why the fuck are you speaking to your little sister on the phone like that, she’s just a kid.”
“Harry, she’s old enough to know and she was acting like an idiot.” You state matter of factly, Harry takes a breath to recollect. “ I shouldn’t have yelled, Im sorry about that. I just want you to do one thing for me.”
You look up at him faux anger easing. “And what’s that?” Harry grabs your arm and points to the tattoo right below your inner elbow. “What does that say?”
“It says ‘Peace & Love...” You say defeatedly. “Exactly so I want you to call your sister back and apologize before there is no peace or love. What you said was hurtful and even if you didn’t mean it, it still will eat at the both of you.” Harry kisses you on the forehead, grabs your phone and hands it to you before he leaves.
⚡️ ⚡️ ⚡️ ⚡️ ⚡️ ⚡️ ⚡️ ⚡️ ⚡️ ⚡️ ⚡️ ⚡️
i don’t really write but i thought it would be fun to do something like this
anyway enjoy ! <3
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alluringjae · a year ago
all yours - jjh
Tumblr media
all yours | it’s a royal order
⤑ summary: just how long will you remain stubborn to your feelings over your bodyguard?
⤑ pairing: jaehyun x female reader
⤑ word count: 2.7k
⤑ genre: romance, fluff, mini angst, suggestive (soft dom jaehyun aww) | bodyguard!jaehyun, princess!reader, slight enemies to lovers!au, modern royal!au (where south korea remains under monarchial power)
⤑ warnings: mentions of family problems, explicit language
⤑ author’s note: recently, i rewatched the princess diaries and it just sparked me to write this! this story is a prequel to it’s a royal order (which hit 500+ notes btw like OMG THANK YOU!!) though they can be read independently! honestly though, who wouldn’t feel week for bodyguard!jaehyun?? oh btw, i’ll be uploading my masterlist tmrw!!
anyways, enjoy!!
this is semi-edited hehe
⤑ leave me some feedback or hellos!
Tumblr media
Parties held by the kingdom weren’t new. In fact, you’ve been trained for them all your life.
Proper etiquette, learning the waltz, and staying in trend with fashion, you’d say you’re a pro at it. That was until your rebellious ways got the best of you, and so you ditched attending them to be with your peers at the club.
Not your best phase frankly.
This upcoming ball, your presence was mandatory. It was your father’s birthday, and it’s been years since he held a huge party for it. The last being with your mother months before her accident. He also figured that since you’re in the midst of fixing your public image, you must show up to this event and socialize again with everyone. Fix old feuds, too.
If he requested you to this before your rebellious phase stopped, you would’ve flat out rejected it with explanations as to how much you despise the kingdom. However, ever since he assigned Jeong Jaehyun as your bodyguard, you’d give it a shot. Once a tough pill to swallow, but Jaehyun truly aided you in getting your act together again.
Yes, he had drastic measures since he worked with your father in the past. But after more time spent with each other, you could say that you’d entrust him with your life. Unlike your past gullible bodyguards, Jaehyun didn’t fall for any of your tricks, keeping it professional at all times.
You respected his views on life the way he respected your personal space. Often, you’d drop the formalities. After all, the age gap between you two wasn’t so wide. Within the boundaries of professionalism and friendship, there was a turning point where you’ve sheltered these peeping feelings for him from his vicinity.
Although you viewed him initially as your bodyguard, you’ve fallen for him as a man over time.
Even attempting to deny it when your childhood best friend Hyejin called you out on it, you’ve eventually accepted it that, indeed, you were enamored by him. It’s tricky, and you’re aware that he may turn you down, so you kept it within yourself. You wanted him by your side for however long, by and behind the public eye.
Enough about him, you’re about to step down the stairs that will lead you to the entrance of the main ballroom with the help of your maids. The nerves from last night haven’t ended, and you’re frightened to make a fool of yourself. You were seconds away from backing out if it weren’t for Jaehyun stepping in between the bedroom door of your father and you.
“He’s done so much for you, (Y/N). Don’t do this now.”
“I’m going to be verbally attacked by everyone, and I’m scared shitless, Jaehyun.” As your hand almost turned the knob open, Jaehyun pulled it away rather harshly.
“You have so many people to prove wrong, (Y/N).” He toughly stated, his captivating brown eyes directly looking at yours. Deep down, Jaehyun believed that you’re absolutely capable of anything and he’ll do his best to bring out the best in you. “You’re not going to be a failure like they expected.”
Almost like magic, if he asked you anything with those pretty orbs, you’ll just do it. It’s things like this when you’re infatuated one-sidedly. “Will you be there to watch over me?”
He chuckled, releasing your hand. “Of course, your highness. I am your bodyguard and friend, so I’ll always be there for you.”
Jaehyun, alongside the other bodyguards of your brothers, were inside already. Secretly, you longed for his presence after your father made an additional and sudden request. It was for you to be his first partner during his birthday waltz, meaning you’re also entering the venue together.
In a white and gold tule gown custom made by the kingdom seamstress, the gold crown pinned on your hair felt as heavy as your role. With a pair of designer high heels saved for these events, you tolerated the mild discomfort for the sake of your father. Meeting him in front of the main doors, the amusement in the emphasized beauty you glowed with enlarged his heart.
You were his only daughter and the youngest child in his family. It’s a hidden given, but he has the softest spot for you as you are the remaining identical piece of his beloved wife. Even if he advised you those strict rules, he was doing what he can to protect your family.
“Shall we?” He stretched out his arm for you, which you unhesitatingly took.
“I’m ready when you are, Father.”
On cue, the giant doors in front opened and the huge audience inside turned their way to pay attention to you two. From royals, influential figures, working staff, to those personally invited by the king, none of them could take their eyes of the both of you, though mostly you. Most of them chattered quietly amongst their groups, fawning over your bloom and how much more you resembled the late queen.
The music from the small orchestra played as soon as you paraded inside with poise, sharing a pure smile with everyone. This was your tiny way of reestablishing your image of innocence and revamped empowerment, not letting anyone harm you in any way ever again.
Curtseying in front of your father, you breezily waltzed with him on the main floor. With authentic bliss that even the audience could sense, you only recalled stepping on top of his feet when you were a young girl, still learning the ropes of the kingdom. Now, you’d say you’re capable of the basics and anticipate what’s to come. Whatever ruckus your grandmother queen attempted to throw at you, you’ll fight your way through them. She never liked you from the start, and painful to accept at first, you could care less now.
By the sinister glimpse she gave from her throne, you only bowed back with a carefree smirk as your father danced with another royal figure.
You are the bright future of the kingdom, while she’s part of the problematic present of it that you’re trying to redo with your brothers and people.
From the back with the other guards, Jaehyun marveled at your formal and sophisticated appearance. Even if this wasn’t the first time he’s seen you dressed up like this, it’s the elegance and respect you freely gave to the audience. He’s always found your beauty unmatched by others, but now, he’s undeniably whipped for you. From your jokes to your kind-spirited nature, he reminded him of the youth he missed out on.
It’s not like he’s strict because he wanted to, but he had to be the strong one capable of it all. But if it weren’t for your pep talk telling him that it’s okay to be emotional and weak, he loosened up. That’s how you two dropped the formal talk in private, going as far as roasting the awful royals and sneaking out to the city with disguises.
He knew he had a mission with you, but doing those kinds of activities was in his process.
Youth simply comes and goes, never to return.
Yuta, his close friend within the security department, wasn’t sluggish to the concealed liking of his friend for you, his elbow nudging him on his side. “Go dance with her, she’s getting shy there.”
During nights like this, Jaehyun reverted to his professional stance. Surveying the surroundings, especially when you’re within the vicinity, he lets his logic and physical skills take charge. He stood his ground, nudging back at his friend. “Shut up, we’re on duty right now.”
“If you’re going to continue hiding those feelings, you’re going to lose her.”
“I don’t have a clue about what you’re talking about.”
Training his eyes more clearly, no one dared danced with you yet. It started to feel uncomfortable, rubbing your palms together. These kinds of events, everyone would absolutely do anything to dance with you. Yet, no one bothered. Perhaps, it was intentional by the grandmother queen as you noticed the sides of her mouth quirk into a menacing grin. She just thrived on making your life hell.
But no, you’re not going to let her win again. You’re not the same problematic teenager she messed around with emotionally. As if the heavens heard your plead, a recognizable figure strolled between the crowds to reach the front. With his dimpled smile, you beamed calmly. No matter what situation you’re in, he always found his way to you. You’ve been accustomed to all sorts of his attires, formal and informal, but it’s the handsome way he looked with his hair pushed back and his black suit hugging his figure just right.
Indeed, you’re quite lucky to have someone like him.
The grandmother queen fumed in her seat, but that didn’t matter.
As Jaehyun courteously bowed, you gracefully curtsied in return. Coming closer, he straightened his posture as he planted a hand on your back, while one of yours on his shoulder. Colliding your remaining hands together, he led you first by leaning forward. For someone who said he never danced in his life, he did know direction and passion.
“I thought waltzes weren’t your thing.”
“Spending time with you is, though.”
The butterflies in your stomach raged inside, affecting the normal pace of your heart. Especially with his dearest gaze on you and his fingers grazing behind you, you could only wish he felt the same way.
Yuta had a blunt way with his words, successful in urging Jaehyun to rescue you from the pressure of the grandmother queen. Knowing all too well your hatred for her, he reassured you to always save you from it. But honestly, he’s been dying for a dance with you. He chose to end his stubbornness this time.
Screw the nosy eyes of the audience, wherein some disliked your current joy. The both of you brightened the room from especially the eyes of your father and brothers, watching innocently at your dancing.
He spun you a bit, landing on his chest with a fit of giggles. Deemed improper because you could drop your crown, but whatever. It’s been so long since you’ve felt on top of the world like this.
More people decided to join the floor, fond of the lovely music. Unknown to you, Jaehyun had other plans. Now or never, he thought. As the space started to enclose around you, he sustained eye contact with you. With a trusting glint, he held onto your hands and brought you out of the busy dance floor.
The balcony was more private, vacant even since everyone inside was either dancing, socializing, or drinking endless rounds of champagne. The fountain in the backyard worked actively, with some lights wrapped around some vines of plants in the garden down there, the night sky complimented everything. You’ve had your share of late-night talks here, but the fully lit garden made everything more remarkable.
Pausing to gape the scenic area, Jaehyun stood by your side and glancing at your visage. He’s been so hard-headed about his feelings, afraid to lose what you have. But also, if he never told you, he’ll lose his mind. He’ll only pray for the best, preparing himself for the worst.
How can one look effortlessly beautiful just by examining the garden, his body leaning over the rails? Not to mention how a singular curl fell in front of his forehead, you mentally geared yourself for what you’re doing next. As the night sky twinkled the evening with the breathtaking stars, so did your infatuation for him.
“Why did you come after me?” You questioned by his side, making him turn his head at you. The loss of count you’ve had for the times he mentioned that he didn’t enjoy the ambiance of these kinds of parties. So many fake and snobbish personalities, he’d comment every time.
“I’m quite sure you needed saving from the grandmother queen, plus I overheard from Yuta that she bribed most men not to dance with you tonight.” He responded truthfully, pitying how you had to cope with the treacherous leadership of the grandmother queen at a very young age. “I only did what I must as your bodyguard, Your Highness.”
“But what if that’s not what I want you to be?” You mustered your strength as you met his stare, his eyes filled with confusion as he scrunched his brows.
“What else do you want me to be then? I am your bodyguard, as ordered by your father and I don’t want to work with anyone else besi-”
An overthinker who rambled on and on, something in you snapped and couldn’t take it anymore. He was dumbfounded as your lips sweetly captured him for a delicate kiss, cutting him off entirely. Scarily enough, you anticipated him to push you off right away if it weren’t for his hand snaking around the nape of your neck. Luring you in deeper, your eyes shuttered by instinct and your soft hands tugged on the collars of his blazer.
Your mind was in frenzy, in disbelief of such an action. Could it be?
For you to make the first move so drastically, it only ended Jaehyun’s fears. There was nowhere else he’d want to be in the party as long as you’re by his side. Having you around his arms like this, the relief washed him over like the raging sea.
Literally enough, fireworks from the garden blasted to the sky for that extra bang of your father’s birthday like the emotions intensifying the both of you. From the loudness, it shocked your ears, halting your intimate moves first. Your eyes widened, strands of your hair untightened from the hairpins, and your knuckles reddened. At least your crown remained intact, not wanting the royal stylist to blame you.
Jaehyun attentively gazed as you wiped your lips, lost of its added pink complexion from your lipstick. As his fingers dabbing on his lips, he’s thankful not to find a patch of it or else questions would arise about it from the security team. It’s definitely not the first time a guard gets scolded for unprofessional behavior with elite guests.
In terms of those rules, he crossed beyond it. But nothing could overpower this delight. Without a single word yet, the feelings he contained were returned.
Eye to eye, you two smiled with endearment as the familiar warmth on your cheeks grew. Of all the men in the past you’ve stupidly entangled yourself with, never did you bother to strike the first piece of the board. Yet Jaehyun broke the norms you’ve established, and there’s nothing you could protest about it.
Right as Jaehyun pulled you in by your waist, craving another kiss like the first, groups of people begun to exit the ballroom to watch the fireworks show. Taking his hands, the two of you skipped away before anyone caught you and headed downstairs to the private open patio. The rush of excitement livened your bodies even if you could trip on your heels at any moment.
The music from the orchestra was still audible, hearing the oohs and aahs of the audience above. But now, you’re too spellbound by the dominant romance Jaehyun presented in his succeeding kiss. Cornered against the wall, you’ve let down your crown and let him have his way with you. An animalistic moan was released from your precious lips as he raked his hands through your sides and back, while yours removed his black blazer down to the cemented floor.
“No way this is happening.” You gasped through kisses, undoing a few buttons of his formal white top.
“It is, (Y/N).” Jaehyun peppered your neck with supple pecks, giving you all the admiration you wholeheartedly deserved. “It’s only you that I’ve ever wanted to be with.”
You sighed with gratitude, your index finger leveling his chin to come face to face with you again. Even when you’ve been doing so much naughty things, he still managed to look effortlessly like a god. This moment was beyond all you’ve wished for, and if the kingdom wasn’t going to have it, you’ll do what it takes to fight for it.
“I’m all yours, Jaehyun.”
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kitkatpancakestack · 8 months ago
For @prettyboyandthekid who requested Eddie's interior design process for the holiday season. This is so late, but at least now it's . . . seasonal? Timely? I'm so sorry.
Read this and the rest of the Interior Designer!Eddie series on ao3!
A little after six in the morning on November first, Buck’s phone dings with a message from Eddie. No words, just a link to an article:
17 Trends On the Rise for Interior Design This Holiday Season
He blinks at the article as he rolls over in bed, still not awake enough to process the words in any meaningful way, or to comprehend the reason for Eddie's caller ID popping up on the screen. He considers sending him to voicemail, but Eddie rarely calls at the crack of dawn, so he puts the phone to his ear. “Hello?”
“Do you know where that box of Christmas lights went?”
“Yes, Eddie, good morning to you, too. What was I doing before you called, you ask? Why, I was sleeping! Because it’s still the ass crack of dawn!”
The eye roll is palpable through the phone. “You’re a comedian. Do you know where the box is?”
“I threw it away, Eddie.”
“You what?”
He slides out of bed and pads down the steps of his loft to the kitchen. This is a conversation that requires coffee. “Yeah, like, eighty percent of the lights were burnt out.”
Shuffling on the other end, and then, “Why didn’t you tell me?”
“I didn’t think it was a big deal, sorry. I forgot.” He starts the coffee maker and leans against the counter. “Hey, are you getting all weird and keyed up about this? I can feel you getting all weird and keyed up about this.”
“I’m not.”
“Jesus. I swear, Buck.”
It’s a lie. Eddie does, in fact, get all weird and keyed up about it.
Because, days later, he’s standing with his arms crossed in front of the throw pillow section at Target. Buck hovers with Christopher a safe distance away. They are three hours deep into what is feeling more and more like an all-day event. The ice cream shop is closed for the season, so all Buck and Christopher could do to pass the time was take a lap up and down the shopping strip and spitball increasingly more disgusting ice cream flavors back and forth.
“Why does he always get like this?” Christopher asks, swaying side to side as he leans heavily on his crutches.
Buck shrugs. “I don’t know, buddy.”
“Do you think he’s gonna make me write a letter to Santa this year? I already know he’s not real.”
“If you put it off long enough he’ll probably write it for you.”
That pulls a chuckle out of Christopher. “He’s so weird.”
“Yeah, he really is.” He watches Eddie pick up two throw pillows, expect them quite thoroughly, nod to himself, and then walk over.
“These are the ones,” he says.
Finally. “Great. So can we go now?”
“Almost.” His gaze scans the surrounding aisles, until they land on the limited edition scented candles. “Just gotta make one more stop, first.”
Buck groans. “We’ll be in the car.”
Eddie gets a certain way around Christmas. Buck knows this intimately, and yet it feels like a novel experience every time. He’s not unfamiliar with the behavior; he grew up with Maddie, after all, and she was a Christmas aficionado before Doug. But Eddie is . . . intense. Focused. He attacks holiday prep like he would one of Christopher’s more complicated math problems, or a difficult call at work.
By the time mid-November rolls around, Christmas is bleeding through all the crevices of the Diaz household. The theme is still very much Autumn, and it’s visible in the burnt orange color scheme and the decorative gourds and the Leaf Your Worries Behind doormat. But every time Buck goes over, there’s another box shoved into the corner of the living room, or a scribbled list on the kitchen counter, or Eddie’s white binder splayed open to the Christmas section. The quiet intensity ramps up and up and up, and then several days before the first of December, Buck gets another middle-of-the-night phone call.
“Eddie? What’s going on?”
Quiet, and then, “Do you have flashlights?”
“Flashlights? Why do you need flashlights?”
Because he blew a fuse, it turns out, and in all his interior design madness, he cannot locate anything remotely functional, like a flashlight. And he’s eighty years old, so he didn’t even think to use the light on his phone. Because Buck is too exhausted to fight through a nonsensical and vaguely technophobic conversation over the phone, he throws some survival gear in a bag and hauls himself over to the Diaz household. Even Christopher is awake, when he gets there, rubbing at his eyes.
“Chris? Shouldn’t you be in bed?”
A long-suffering look crosses his face. “I heard loud noises, and then Dad made a weird sound. I thought someone was breaking in.”
They make a miserable-looking pair, Eddie avoiding eye contact and Christopher with his pajamas and glasses askew. “Okay, well, obviously everything is fine. Eddie, why don’t you start dealing with . . . this, and I’ll tuck Christopher in and help you in a second, okay?”
His shoulders slump. “Copy that.”
Buck gets Christopher back into bed. He goes down easily, half-heartedly roasting his father while his eyelids droop. Buck runs his fingers through the boy’s mass of curly hair, unable to stop the smile that spreads across his face, and leaves the bedroom door open a crack. He runs into Eddie on his way out.
“Just had to reset the breaker,” he mutters, offering the flashlight back to Buck.
“You should keep it,” Buck says instead, brushing by him en route to the living room. “You’ll probably need it again.”
“That’s not funny.”
“It’s a little funny, Ed.” He settles down on the couch, and then notices the toppled stepladder, and like the dots instantly connect, he watches Eddie wince and doesn’t miss the aborted movement of his hand toward his head.
He narrows his eyes. “What’d you do?”
Eddie folds up the stepladder and leans it against the wall. “What are you talking about?”
“I’m talking about whatever you did to your head. C’mere.”
He makes some garbled approximation of a protest, but still collapses onto the adjacent couch cushion. Buck twists around so he’s facing him and probes gently at his skull through the hair. He gets to the area near his temple when Eddie hisses through his teeth and recoils.
“Ah,” Buck says, grinning triumphantly. “Found it.”
“Edmuno, your child is down the hall, watch your mouth.” He receives a pillow chucked at his face for that one, and stumbles into the kitchen laughing. He grabs a bag of frozen peas and wraps it in a dish towel. Eddie has his head flopped over the back of the couch and his eyes track Buck as he crosses the room.
“For the head,” he says, but instead of handing it over like a normal person, he slings his arm over the back of the couch and presses the ice pack to Eddie’s temple himself. It’s definitely a weird thing to do, and a weird position to hold, because Eddie’s head is all but resting in the crook of his arm, and it’s way more intimate than it has any business being. But Buck doesn’t rectify the poor decision. And Eddie doesn’t pull away.
They sit in silence for a few beats. Buck uncrosses his ankles, re-crosses them. “Why do you get so obsessed about Christmas, anyway?”
The reply is a slightly defensive, “Dunno.”
“Eddie. C’mon.”
A sigh, long-suffering, just like his son. “I don’t know what you want me to say here, Buck. It was just . . . it felt like the only time my family got along. Like, the only time of the year when they didn’t bite my head off or tell me I was doing everything wrong.”
And, Buck can understand that. The feeling of happiness, even if it is superficial, even if it is only a band-aid over a gaping wound.
“I guess it just . . . stuck,” he continues, shifting. Buck shifts with him, keeping the ice pressed against his head. “I don’t know. I like Christmas. It feels like all the bad shit can’t touch you. It’s stupid, I guess.”
“It’s not stupid, Eddie.” Their eyes connect, and it’s a lot, too much for the delicate balancing act they have going on. He clears his throat. “Anyway. What’s your inspiration this year? I know you’re dying to show me your Pinterest board.”
Eddie mutters something under his breath but willfully snags his phone out of his pocket. If Buck shuffles closer, so their thighs are lined together, it’s to better see the tiny screen, and for no other reason.
They scroll through his endless board of pins, and he watches Eddie light up telling him about things he read online, or ideas that came to him while he was in the shower. He listens to him talk about how neon signage and vintage ornaments are in, and his face screws up in disgust while reflecting on an exposé he read about dried floral wreaths. He thinks he could listen to Eddie describe the weirdness of dried floral wreaths for the rest of his life.
So, really, it’s not his fault his brain to mouth filter is broken, and he ends up blurting out, “It looks good on you.”
Eddies stops short, one eyebrow crooking up. “What does?”
“Christmas,” he continues, face warming. “Happiness. I want . . . you shouldn’t complicate this for yourself. You like decorating, so you should decorate.”
Eddie blinks at him for a moment. “Even if it means spending three hours choosing new decor for the kitchen?”
“Are you trying to subtly break our Saturday plans to me?”
“Then, yes, Eddie. Even then.”
“Wow. A Christmas Miracle.”
Buck rolls his eyes and tips his own head back, staring up at the ceiling. “I just want you to be happy,” he murmures, softly, quiet enough he wouldn’t be surprised if Eddie didn’t hear it.
But then Eddie’s head turns, hair tickling his arm, and his lips whisper a secret against the inside of Buck’s wrist. “I am happy,” he says.
Buck smiles, and his heart skips a beat, and his insides feel like melted chocolate. “Good.”
“I would be happier with new kitchen decor, though.”
He smacks the side of Eddie’s head with the ice, and they dissolve into hushed laughter. “Get fucked, Diaz.”
“Merry Christmas, Buckley.”
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pockyandme · 8 months ago
hiding something from him | l.juyeon
Tumblr media
full series masterlist: what’s trending?
pairing: tbz juyeon x reader
genre: fluff, comedy
warnings: mentions of food
wc: 0.75k
network(s): @kflixnet
listened to: roses by finn askew
not proofread
// my 200 days with tbz special
Tumblr media
first of all, sorry for the long introduction that you’re about to read but if you’ve read my other works, i like to build the story before getting to the actual point. i just felt like it needed to be addressed in juyeon’s fic particularly! :(
# now playing juyeon’s ver ! 𑁋 hiding something from him
juyeon would trust you a lot so if you did this to him, he wouldn’t think that you were cheating on him
he’s quite innocent so he might think you prepared something for him
like presents (or hello kitty merchandise)
it was around 8 in the evening but the two of you had yet to eat dinner. the rice cooker broke down when the two of you were about to cook together, leaving you with no choice but to order in.
“it’s okay, baby, i can just get it repaired tomorrow,” he said, patting your head to comfort you. the two of you were leaning against the counter, your arms folded and your face pulled into a frown. “why did it have to malfunction right now,” you cupped your face in your hands, internally groaning at the trouble caused.
“don’t worry, okay? how about i go get some chinese takeout? i’m getting hungry,” he said, bending down to your level so that you would directly be looking at him. your boyfriend’s visuals honestly never ceased to amaze you. you simply nodded and offered to come along but he asked you to stay at home. “i’ll do everything, just sit there and look pretty like you always do,” he chuckled, guiding you to the living room so you could watch the television as he left the apartment after kissing you goodbye.
about ten minutes after watching a show, the doorbell rang and you thought that it was juyeon who had forgotten something but you were met face to face with the mailman. he obviously had made quite an effort to bring up your parcel due to the sweat dripping down his forehead. “sign here, please,” he said, catching his breath. you did just as he said, finally understanding why he was so tired.
it wasn’t exactly easy carrying an almost 6ft parcel up four flights of stairs...
˚◞♡ ⃗*ೃ༄
the sound of the front door swung open just as you put the said unopened parcel in the closet. juyeon walked into the room, seeing that you weren’t in the kitchen nor living room and that was when you slammed the closet door shut, scaring juyeon at the loud noise. “what are you doing?” he let out a laugh at your panicked state instead of being angry. “nothing!” you muttered, guarding the closet door.
he started to walk towards you and eventually wrapped his arms around your waist, “why? did you get me something? it is my birthday soon..” he wondered what you were trying so hard to guard. did you get him the latest special edition of the hello kitty figurine? he was dying to know what you were hiding so he came up with a plan.
“anyways, i bought the food already, it’s on the dining table, let’s go,” he pulled you by the hand and released you as you reached the kitchen before bolting back into the room, alarming you. “no, no, juyeon, don’t open that!” you shouted, trying to stop him but he wouldn’t reply.
you came rushing into the room and saw your boyfriend gaping at the jaehyun cardboard cut-out that you had bought and received from the mailman earlier. you stood by the door, scratching your head, awaiting his reaction. “why the hell do you have a cardboard cut-out of someone else.. he’s not even from the boyz!”
he was very much in shock since it wasn’t something he was expecting
it became a joke for the two of you guys
because.. how long do you think you could’ve hidden a whole cardboard cut-out...
“so that’s why i saw the mailman struggling to carry something up the stairs! it was you!”
permanent taglist: @stealanity @yengyangyo @jaerisdiction @zwiehe @heojangmi @paralumanniluna @luvrbin @odxrilove @ryuflix <3
(fill the google form in series masterlist to be added to series taglist)
i know i strayed a bit from the tiktok trend but i think this would be better than actually not hiding anything??? i hope you guys get it (っ◞‸◟ c)
love, leona!
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kmgoogiemin · 4 months ago
Hi Georgia! Thank god all those tkkrs and antis come to your blog, they opened my eyes, I was so wrong about life but they fixed my misconseptions!
1. Turns out, IG is the only proof of life, at least since 02Dec.2021. As I don't post shit there my personal life in particular is a mysery and in general I'm dead, hello from the other side! That's obviously the only reason jm posts sth once in a while too as much as he don't like it, just to let the world know he's still alive.
2. Celebrities get into relationships based on opinions of internet anons who ship them. I bet that's how tomdaya got together, their agents told them they're being shipped. I can totally see that convo bw jk and tae:
jk: hey, tae, many shippers believe we look good together, so lets have sex and get married!
tae: great news, jk, I feel like I already am pssionately in love with u! Wait, what if I'm not gay?
jk: well u are if ppl say so, hurry up and take ur pants off, ppl on twt say IG selcas mean we f*cked!
3. Twitter trends obviously also prove which ships are real. Like, the more ppl want sb to be together, the bigger the chance those 2 will be together cuz 1) see par.2 and 2) the sheer power of thought, if ur wish is strong enough it comes true, especially if you keep repeating it like a prayer. Jikook trending doesn't count though cuz apparently fanservice, duh.
4. Jikook is definitely a fanservice cuz all we know abt them happened ON cameras, that's how we know anything at all and so their relationship is all fake. Tkk is real cuz all their meaningful moments happen OFF cameras and no one has literally zero proof those moments happened which means they definitely happened, thank god there are smart shippers who could figure that out of thin air. In general this should mean everything all ships do on cameras is fake tkk including and I'm confused but that's probably just cuz I'm not smart enough to understand that.
5. Everybody hates jm, how could I not realise that?! Like, I thought I loved him but that big warm feeling I have towards him must be, in fact, hate (thanks to your anons I know now)! So what if he's been trending on Twitter almost daily for years with thousands of 'jm we love u, u'r amazing thank god u exist' posts, it's simply impossible someone could love him for real! I bet it's all his own manipulations, that's why he barely comes online, he's too f*cking busy juggling multiple accounts writing posts abt himself, he overdone it so much he got his own name muted but that cunning little ass still manages to trend daily with half a dozen other names! Thank god Yoongy his bf sleeps all the time he's off work otherwise their relationship wouldn't last cuz jm barely has time for anything else. Srsly, let this poor guy go already, all those men and women all over the world falling for him don't exist, it's all a big fat lie! And that model who screamed 'jm marry me!' was totally paid by jm.
6. South Korea is apparently a gay paradise with fairies and unicorns, just like in those BL webtoons one can find online where every man is hot and gay and women only exist if they're gay too, I mean, Korean artists drew that so they must be telling the truth, right? Homophobia doesn't exist there, that's why BH covers the real gay couple with the fake gay couple, the only reason celebs don't rush to come out is cuz their nasty companies want them to play straight to milk all those naive female fans who dream of marrying them one day or believe celebs are all saints who gave chastity vows. Actually, homophobia doesn't exist anywhere, so taekook (proven couple cuz see par.2-4) will definitely officially come out very soon (again cuz they took a habit of coming out every week since they got IG, ahh the power of that SM!) you just wait and see. And other ships will follow suit cuz BTS is obviously one big gay circus, see utube edits and wattpad/ao3 ffcs for proof, they're obviously all documentaries.
Phew, I'm sure I missed sth, I mean I'm going through fundamental changes in my head u know so it's easy to forget sth but I'm looking fwd to the new revelations, my life will not be the same!
seeing it all written there kinda is just crazy
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spn-season-16-chronicles · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
I posted 992 times in 2021
433 posts created (44%)
559 posts reblogged (56%)
For every post I created, I reblogged 1.3 posts.
I added 2846 tags in 2021
#spn - 627 posts
#supernatural - 625 posts
#spn season 16 - 414 posts
#spnews - 355 posts
#destiel - 230 posts
#misha collins - 191 posts
#nov 5th - 115 posts
#jensen ackles - 110 posts
#castiel - 99 posts
#dean winchester - 80 posts
Longest Tag: 133 characters
#i mean. destiel shippers are definitely unhappy but i heard that wincest shippers are too? so yeah. that says a lot about the prequel
My Top Posts in 2021
Tumblr media
770 notes • Posted 2021-03-01 20:41:45 GMT
16th March 2021
Multiple Misha's Cameo and Creation Conventions vids are published.
Chaos unleashed. Misha says that:
He is not allowed to talk from Cas' POV
The confession was important for him, was a good ending to that character arc
His Cas voice is rusty
He would love to make a movie, miniseries, podcast with whole cast
And address Cas' confession in there (and for Dean to address it) because it remained unexplored
Cas, in his opinion, will probably never retire, will continue doing good
Cas, in his opinion, is now playing ping pong in heaven, recuperating, like Forest Gump
Doubles down on ping pong
He thinks that most authentic tight hug would be best Deancas reunion
"Heller Friends"
"[...]Destiel kiss [...]" ("what would perfect Destiel Kiss be like? Actually I haven't thought about it")
"Still beautiful, still Dean Winchester"
"Hello Dean"
Fandom plans raiding Warner Brothers headquarters (this is a joke (for legal reasons)). Audio in record speed getts edited into confession scene. @stevebeyonce you talented as HELL.
Spn trends on tumblr hellsite dot com and across twitter in different countries.
What will happen tomorrow?
And now weather
1083 notes • Posted 2021-03-16 23:01:03 GMT
So, let's play "find the difference", shall we?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
1727 notes • Posted 2021-01-12 08:55:27 GMT
26th June 2021
Kripke tweets apology, says he thought Jared already knew, deletes all his tweets mentioning the prequel (not unlikely most of the people answered with "just talk with each other on normal gc").
Fandom full of respect for Jensen's aunt, who was furiously commenting under Jared's "don't harass anyone" tweet condemning his behavior, and behavior of his stans.
Jensen confuses fandom by tweeting 2 (!) times in one day. Then changes his twitter bio and header and bails. First one is a quotetweet of article listing all the hopes for the prequel. Jenesn's reply suggests that there will be no retconning, series is supposed to be canon-compliant. Second tweet is containing a link to yet another article about the series with short description (in which jensen says he's gonna log off for today).
Bio got changed from "Supernatural hunter. On T. V. and in real life." to "just soldiering on". Fandom sad, devastated, gutted, but mostly annoyed by the timing.
A group gathering spn scripts releases a script for 12x15 "Between Heaven and Hell". Script contains changed/cut line in which Crowley says "Trust me love, it can always get weirder" to Dean. Edit: the group released script for 12x16 "Ladies Drink Free" as well
Misha publishes a video to encourage people to take part in GISH summer hunt. In the video he sits in the bathtub shirtless, with not-his dog, that decided to take a bath with him.
What will happen tomorrow?
And now weather
2140 notes • Posted 2021-06-26 23:38:48 GMT
Dunno man, supernatural NOT trending next to US presidential inauguration feels wrong
2411 notes • Posted 2021-01-20 17:34:43 GMT
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romansleftshoulderpad · 6 months ago
The Happiest Place (in Our Apartment)
Ships: Platonic logince
Genre: Fluff
Warnings: mentions of quarantine, some suggestive humor, food, joking death threats, and Roman getting jumpscared.
If you like this fic, please reblog ! and maybe, buy me a ko-fi?
Logan stabilized the camera and double-checked that everything was in order before pressing record. It was quarantine which really didn’t help when you make your living from vlogs. He took a deep breath. “Hello, faithful viewers, I hope you’re all doing well. I’ve noticed a trend on Twitter where pass holders have recreated- in a sense- their favorite rides from the parks.” He sneakily grabbed a pen from his desk, just to have something to fiddle with. Intros were always the worst part of recording, in his humble opinion, there was nothing to do other than state facts that viewers would already know from the title! “Now as I happen to live with an actual cast member, Disney never fully leaves my house.” He made a mental note to show off Roman’s many displays while editing. “So, I’ve decided to take this challenge to the next step and have my roommate rate these rides.”
Roman waited an appropriate amount of time before coughing into his arm, “Nerd.”
Logan turned off the camera and threw him a mock glare. “This was half your idea.”
“I sent one video to you and Virgil, I hardly think that counts as an idea.”
“Yeah, well, you agreed to help, which makes this your fault,” Logan teased. “Now, obviously I can’t use your assistance in making these homages, but I will need every fake bird you own.”
Logan shouldn’t have been surprised at how many cheap leis they owned. They kept them all in a box and Roman refused to get rid of any (in addition to the ones they got from their other friends). Nonetheless, he at least found use for them.
He could hear Roman from outside the door, “Logan told me to record some stuff. I’ve never been much of a vlogger, but it’s always fun to help. Plus, I want to see if I can get any hints to what he’s doing through the door.”
“Not a chance!” Logan yelled, accidentally knocking over his step stool in the process.
“Carousel of Progress!"
He finally got all the leis on the birds and connected the speaker. He turned off the lights and prepared the press play on his phone. The camera was recording, he opened the door a tiny crack and whispered, “Are you ready, big boy?”
Roman rolled his eyes. He stepped inside and froze as the lights came on. “Oh no.”
“Welcome to Disney World,” Logan teased, as he pressed play on his phone and “In the Tiki Room” blasted from multiple speakers.
“You are insufferable!” he yelled. “Zero out of ten stars!”
“You officially owe me one,” Roman said, digging into a homemade dole whip.
“You live in my house, I think we’re about even.”
Roman ate another bite of dole whip. “Right.”
“But I might be inclined to let you play pretend work,” he added.
Roman smiled. “I’m turning you into a Disney princess.”
“I assume nothing less. Do I at least get a choice of which princess?”
He smirked through another scoop of ice cream. “Depends on how the rest of your vlog goes.”
“Logan, do I want to know what this next attraction is?”
“Nope, it’ll ruin the surprise.”
“Can you at least tell me why I’m blindfolded?”
“Also no,” Logan said, glancing back at the camera. He held Roman tightly in his arms. “But do you remember when Jungle Cruise sank earlier this year?”
“Yeah, Roman?” Logan asked.
“What the fuck are you- DON’T YOU DARE-“ There was a large splash as Roman was dropped into the tub. He ripped off his blindfold and glared.
Logan put a Santa hat on his head. “Now it’s Jingle Cruise.”
“I hate you, you’re the worst roommate in the world, and I never want to see your face ever again,” Roman said. He couldn’t continue to hold back his laughter as he faced the camera. “Six out of ten stars.”
“Is that so?”
“Plus a bonus for holiday overlay. Seven out of ten.”
“Thank you, Roman.”
“Now, this last attraction has cost me, to say the least,” Logan said, holding the camera in one hand and gesturing to the door behind him with the other. “The others were fairly simple- and if you enjoyed them please do consider leaving a like and a comment, as well as clicking ‘subscribe’ if you’re so inclined- I hope to do another one of these videos with, perhaps, a different park. I hear Universal shall be reopening soon, perhaps I will take some inspiration from them.” He glanced up at the clock. “I sent Roman out while I set this up, but he should be back any minute now. Depending on the wait, I may have to edit this later, though I’d hate to shut off the camera.”
He later found himself editing nearly five minutes of rambling to himself out of the video before Roman arrived, tired and sweaty.
“It’s really hot out there,” was all Roman could justify before taking a massive gulp of water.
“Well, we are recreating outdoor ride queues in central Florida,” Logan teased. “It wouldn’t be accurate if you weren’t dying a little.”
“I hate you.”
“This ride has a gift shop at the end of it! And by that I do mean a box of all your things I had to borrow for the Tiki Room.”
“I’m going to kill you.”
“Oh, a wonderful start by Roman at guessing what this last attraction is,” Logan said to the camera.
“I can’t believe it,” Roman deadpanned. “You’re the little dead girl from Tower of Terror.”
Logan rolled his eyes. “Oh, be smart, Roman. I’ve been consistent with my park for this long, would I give up now?”
He pushed open the door, revealing the room to be lit only by flickering (fake) candles. Virgil’s voice could be heard through a speaker. “When hinges creak in doorless chambers...”
Roman let out a tiny gasp as projections started around him of familiar paintings (though he knew he was only seeing parts of them). He smiled as Virgil’s recording continued, “When candlelights flicker where the air is deathly still- that is the time when ghosts are present, practicing their terror with ghoulish delight.”
“How much did you have to pay him for this?” Roman asked.
“Not much, just five bucks,” Logan said. He mumbled under his breath, “multiplied by ten.”
The projections began to move, revealing more of the paintings at a speed that felt far too slow to be noticeable. “Welcome, foolish mortals, to the Haunted Mansion. I am your host, your ghost host....”
“You know, these shouldn’t be moving yet,” Roman teased.
Logan groaned. “I know, it’s killing me.”
“Here you see paintings of some of our guests as they appeared in their corruptible, mortal state. Kindly step all the way in, please, and make room for everyone.” Virgil’s voice lowered, “There’s no turning back now.”
Roman froze. “Is it just me or did he sound... very in character on that line?”
“You are aware that Virgil will likely see this video, yes?”
“If Disney doesn’t sue your ass over using their monologue in this video, let me know.”
“I’d honestly be surprised if they shut me down but continued to let ride through- oh you’re... you’re joking. That was a joke. I see.”
Roman gave Logan a gentle nudge and they both shared a smile.
“And consider this dismaying observation: this chamber has no windows and no doors, which offers you this chilling challenge: to find a way out!” He let out a laugh and Logan tried not to draw attention to Roman’s slight blush. “Of course,” his voice dipped low again, “there’s always my way.” Logan quickly pulled at a string and a plastic skeleton fell- hanging from a noose- to the air in front of them Roman fell back with a scream.
“That is not part of it!”
“You and I seem to have different ideas of the ride then,” Logan teased.
“Oh, I didn’t mean to frighten you pre-maturely . The real chills come later. Now, as they say, ‘look alive,’ and Logan will continue your little tour.” There was a clicking noise as the audio ended.
Roman gave him a quizzical glance but Logan only smirked and led him into the next room. Logan’s bookshelf- which was usually organized perfectly- was now messy with fake cobwebs and books falling diagonally and laying on their sides. “Our library is well stocked with priceless first editions- only ghost stories of course,” Logan said, straining his voice in an attempt to lower it like Virgil had done.
“Your Paul Frees impression is awful.”
Logan responded with a gesture off camera. “And marble busts-” he gestured to various Funko POP!s as he spoke “-of the greatest ghost writers the literary world has ever known. They have all retired here, to the Haunted Mansion.” He pointed a laser at a picture taped to the wall of the mansion in question. He then picked up a purple book- one Roman had seen in the shelves of gift stores around the properties- and continued, “We actually have nine hundred and ninety nine happy haunts here. But there’s room for a thousand. Any volunteers?” He laughed loudly, tossing his head back as he did so. Roman pushed back an uncomfortable feeling.
“Maybe your impression isn’t terrible.”
Logan winked. “If you should decide to join us, final arrangements may be made at the end of the tour.”
Roman blinked back to reality and continued looking around the room. Desks were lined with paper coffins and bats. Logan continued the monologue, but Roman found it easy to tune out something he had heard so often before. Logan’s ipad sat on his desk, showing a video of the famous clock just before the seance.
Logan opened a closet door to reveal a black table with playing cards (apparently tarot cards were unavailable) and one of those kids’ hairstyling dolls with a blue wig. Logan turned on another speaker and a blue light. Leota’s speech came playing and Roman could see Logan rubbing at his throat. He made a note to make sure he drank water after the video. Maybe even tea with honey. He started to wonder why Logan had committed so much. Sure, YouTube was his job, but he wasn’t so desperate for views as to trash his own apartment. However, Roman was not granted much more time to wonder due to the looping speech being very short and extremely annoying to hear more than twice in a row.
They walked silently across the living room towards the bathroom. “Forgetting something, Logan?” Roman teased.
“This is my own personal alternative universe headcanon where the ghost host doesn’t fuck off after the seance.”
“Do you know what half those words mean?” he asked. “Specifically in the order and context that you’ve said them in?”
“Of course, I learned them from the tumblr and the interwebs.”
“You’re worse than Patton.”
“Agree to disagree, my fanatic friend.”
“You stopped,” Roman said.
“Yes, I have. Go on, open the door, Roman. You’re a big boy.”
“The ghost host isn't even supposed to be here.”
“Fine, but I still don’t trust-” Roman let out a loud scream. Logan focused the camera in on the sight- a cardboard cutout of a nun from a horror movie with a printed out picture of a hatchet taped to her. She stood in the shower next to the opened and “bloodied” (it was a mix of dyed water and cornstarch) curtains.
“Don’t have a heart attack, sixer. You’re not ninety three yet.”
Logan laughed- nothing like his previous evil cackle- he laughed with bubbles and snorted as he clutched his stomach. Roman considered his roommate to be the biggest nerd in Florida.
“I’m going to kill you,” he warned.
“I’ll make it up to you, don’t worry.”
He grabbed Roman’s hand and helped pull him off of the floor, leading him to the kitchen where a tiny graveyard had been glued to cardboard. It was a perfect (though still) match of the ending to the ride, as if someone had taken a screenshot and printed out life.
“And there’s one thing I forgot to mention,” Logan said. He switched back to his (not great) impression, “Beware of Hitchhiking Ghosts.” He pulled a box out from under the counter and put it in front of Roman. He had stopped recording.
“Logan, what is this?”
“That, Roman, is the fiftieth anniversary edition metallic Target exclusive Hitchhiking Ghost Funko POP! set.”
“I can see that.”
“I told you this ride had a gift store.”
“No way-”
“Thank you, Logan, really, but... you didn’t have to do this.”
“I’m aware, that’s what makes it a gift.”
“So... why did you?” he asked, holding the box close to his chest.
“I wanted to do something nice for you.”
“You’ve done plenty of nice things for me and-”
“Roman,” he said sternly. “You’re my friend. I must be honest in saying that I had a motivation, I had noticed a slight decline in your mental health and believed this would be beneficial towards you.”
“The- uh- the figurines, I mean.”
Roman gave him a soft smile. “Thanks, Logan.”
“We both know how much I’ve done for you, but I don’t think you know why.”
“What a cryptic thing to say,” he joked.
He let his gaze fall to the ground. “I know.”
“You don’t.” Logan gently lifted up his chin and they locked eyes. “But that’s okay. Now help me clean up before we film the outro.”
“Thank you for watching,” Logan said, giving a signature smile. Not too wide, no teeth, keeping a professional aura. Roman wondered how much time he spent in the bathroom just practicing it. “Please do leave a comment or contact me on Twitter if you have any requests for video ideas. We are all going through a lot right now, please remember to take care of your mental health and seek resources if and when you need them.”
Roman kept watching him on the monitor. He still had that professional aura to him, but something soft and understanding in his eyes. No matter who you were or where you were, he seemed to be talking to you. He seemed to care about you. Roman smiled at the monitor, knowing first hand what that meant.
“Roman, would you like to comment?” Logan asked, snapping him back into reality.
“Oh, uh, gay rights!” he said to the camera, trying to shake off any distractions. The last thing he needed was Logan’s fans questioning him on Twitter . Again.
“Well said, Roman. Gay rights, dear viewers. I’ll be returning next week.” He turned off the camera. And smiled.
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