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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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#edit: yes it got fuck!!!

did brainwave walk all the way to the zarick house in the middle of the night in his fucking chanel boots like this picture of johnny cash or did he call an uber and mind control them into not asking for payment because his suit doesn’t have pockets and also he will never pay anyone for anything ever. 

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Hiya hiya I got tagged for this by Ria (@minyardays); thanks! :D

rules: tag 10 blogs you want to get to know better

name: Zoe

gender: girl by convenience?

height: 5′2″ unfortunately

sexuality: More or less lesbian but theres a question mark in there ya know

favorite animal: uuuuuhhh my favorite bony fish is the ocean sunfish. I like opossums and also think sifaka lemurs are neat (like, the genus, not the species, P. perrieri is great).


(not a single braincell in this image)

average hours of sleep: like six or seven

dog or cat: I have a cat, but I like both a lot!

current time: 10:50pm

dream job: not sure yet! I’m working towards a physiology/evolutionary anthropology double degree and I really want to be able to study bone development and environmental/health impact in some capacity. Alternately, beekeeper

when i made this blog: probably like a month and a half ago?

why i made this blog: was spamming everyone on my main and i dont think the podcast people were a fan of all the sudden mafia sports yelling

reason for url: I Just Think She’s Neat

tagging (and pls feel free to ignore): @allforthecourtt@dangerousanddisquieting@king-fluffikins@neiljostenroastedme​ and?? anyone else who is interested tbh, this is just for fun so if you want to do it, do it!

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Bro dark academia is literally not that deep a bunch of people were like “old books and soft lighting and Oscar Wilde quotes are pretty let’s look at those things to make us happy” and now a bunch of people are like that’s classism? My man poor people can like argyle and brick buildings we all know that actual academia has major issues it’s literally just an aesthetic relax

#Source im fucking poor dude I just like old books, #Edit I think people also point out racism and sexism in classic lit as reasons why da is bad and if they don't they should, #But like here's the thing, #We aren't stupid. We know that writers from a hundred years ago were racist and sexist, #Writers now are racist and sexist, #We read it critically to learn if we're doing it correctly, #Like if you're in to Da enough to be reading the books and shit you should also be reading critically, #My favorite playwright is Oscar Wilde, #I think the way he uses timing and dialog is excellent I think his humor is hilarious and I think I can try my best to use him to make, #Myself a better writer, #Was he antisemitic? Yes. He wasn't a nazi or anything but most people then were and he's no exception, #NOT AN EXCUSE IT'S STILL BAD, #I can say 'Oscar Wilde was a good playwright' and 'Oscar Wilde was not a good person' in the same breath that's not a contradiction, #I'm reading critically. I'm understanding the things that were bad. I'm using his work to learn about his time, #If we never look at works that aren't perfect art won't exist anymore, #And if we don't understand that otherwise good seeming people can be hateful, #That people can be complicated, #That being gay or an artist or working on women's magazines doesn't stop someone from being antisemitic, #Then we develop a black and white view of the world that let's evil take over because it's hiding itself, #I got way off topic, #Most folks with da blogs don't care this much they just like the brick buildings with gray filters and good for them they're fucking pretty
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#im fjfhfkcjfvfhf im really just not vibing lately, #like with anything i just wsnt to lay in bed and not try to do anything bc everything i become passionate about ends in me failing, #have i cried every night before bed for the past week because i thought i was so pathetic? yes. will that end tonight? apparently not, #rrrfhffhfdhgd god im so tired of keeping up my gisnt facade of a life and pretending like im not just actually going haywire, #actually jay i was just, #sobbing my eyes out before this zoom meeting haha <3 sorry professor i admire u too much to see how awful i am, #anyways actually im upset because i didnt win a scholarship i thought i was going to win, #and my friend got it and im like . happy for her but im also pissed off because when i talked to her about it beforehand she said, #she was gping to just bullshit the essay and i put so much effort and thought into mine, #i had spend an entire day writing it becayse i was so fucking depressed i could barely write a paragraph without feeling like i was dying, #and she got it from just . bullshitting kt, #imo i think the staff member who decided the winner does not actually like me so jm pissed off about that too, #this got a lot longer than i intended but i feel like im decaying and wanted to put this somewhere, #edit the tags got fucked up im fkfbfjfh, #re: my professor named jay, #he said he thinks i have a good handle on my mental health, #and i was just like LMAO in my head but was just like oh hehe yeah i guess :) over zoom
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Torchwood fanfic ask thing

no need for someone to send you any asks or tag you or anything, just respond any way you want if you wanna answer them. I’m just bored and wanna see people’s responses. Also this is for both reading and writing fanfic! 

1: favourite tropes?

2: favourite pairings?

3: favourite friendships?

4: favourite side characters? 

5: favourite setting (time/place)?

6: favourite episode (pre/post/rewrite)?

7: fixits? what specifically?

8: favourite character to project on?

9: AUs? what kind?

10: which post-season? TYTNW? post-s2 or post-CoE? post Miracle Day?

11: song that goes well with a fic/could inspire a fic?

12: favourite line you’ve read/written?

13: something that just really stood out to you in a fic you’ve read/written

14: favourite fic(s)?

15: post-big finish audio (one you have read/want to see)?

bonus: just other fanfic thing you like in general

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