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#edit: yes it got fuck!!!
I'm so frustrated with news media culture
Tumblr media
This CBS article showed up in my newsfeed. I normally don't click on articles like these, but I read the headlines. My instinctive response to this headline was "what a tepid, noncommittal response from an uncaring administration." Mainly because that's the mental framework that media & social media has taught me to use.
Then I clicked the article:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
What Biden actually said was that these laws are an atrocity (they are). He literally called them "Jim Crow in the 21st Century" (completely true). He made a sweeping condemnation, taking a far stronger stance than the headline implied--stronger than the media has taught me to expect. A much more accurate headline would have been "Biden condemns Georgia election laws" or "Biden calls Georgia election laws an "atrocity"".
As a progressive, I have enough complaints about the Biden administration without media companies purposely trying to mislead me with this shit. Keep in mind the vast majority of people who read the headline will not click on the article. That is just how headlines work. And this is just one of dozens of small but incredibly harmful journalistic practices. Too many U.S. media companies consistently twist words & highlight the wrong information in order to drive wedges between liberal voting blocs while unifying the far right and I am sick of it.
Always read critically, and hold your news sources accountable.
#reminder of the extreme importance of supporting independent news sources#especially nonprofits like Mother Jones#but always always always examine word choices and tone#it's become second nature to me to rewrite and rephrase news articles as I'm reading them#i go into mental 'editing' mode.#just rephrasing sentences a different way as an experiment can do a LOT to quickly uncover invisible bias#for every phrase there are two synonyms that could have been used instead. and the writer made the choice they did for a REASON#anyways. TONE POLICE MEDIA COMPANIES NOT MINORITIES#serious post#not a shitpost#no I'm not a fan of the Biden administration#but falling for shit like this is ultimately why we got that orange fucker instead of clinton#Christ think about how much better the last year alone would have been if we'd had Clinton#again not a clinton fan but we would have had a functional center for disease control for one thing#would have had a center for disease control in the midst of a global pandemic#remember the CDC? the thing Trump got rid of along with 100 other essential government services#well putting children in cages is expensive I guess. Walls don't pay for themselves#anyway. vote as a form of harm reduction#yes the system should probably be torn down and built from fucking scratch#but until you figure out a way to do that will you please just fucking vote to reduce harm#wow. this was such a small thing but apparently I was set to go off I guess#I am possibly just beginning to process the last 4 years of social trauma.
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howdydowdy3 months ago
i bet jiang cheng, like, studied for the cloud recesses salute ceremony. this earnest little teen sect heir who just wants his daddy to love him was probably like, "i am going to get a good grade in saying hello to lan-xiansheng, something that is both normal to want and possible to achieve," and i bet he practiced what he was going to say in front of a mirror, complete with choreography, for fucking weeks before they came to gusu. and then after all that hard work, what happens during the actual salute ceremony? he goes last, and who should stroll in just when he's getting started but wen fucking chao, who immediately steals the spotlight, insults his shige, and provokes everyone to draw their swords, in a hall of learning, on the first day of school. like some kind of hooligan! then after lan xichen calms everybody down with his sword-charming, does jiang cheng get to resume his salute? no he does not! wen qing jumps in with her own salute and gift, after which lan xichen declares the ceremony over. but jiang cheng never got a turn! nobody accepted his gift!! how is he supposed to know if authority figures approve of him if the other children don't let him show off the authority-figure-pleasing skills he has worked so hard to acquire???
#we never even got to see the jiang clan gift :( i would like to see it :(((#i fucking LOVE that wwx is like 'hey. you interrupted my shidi. what's your fucking problem?' like HELLOOOOOOOOOO#you messed with jiang cheng when he was in the middle of something important to him and made him and our sect lose face hdy#it is the only time in the entire series that wwx uses the word 'shidi' for jiang cheng and it's a great moment for that one 'shidi'#but anyway i noticed that jiang cheng never even gets to give his gift over and i was very mad on his behalf about it#idk maybe they continued after the wens left? maybe lan xichen just meant 'wen qing completed the ceremony'?#but the scene ends there so the fact remains we never see jiang cheng get to do the ceremony#and therefore i have decided he doesn't get to do it because that fits very well into my view of his character and you can't stop me#the untamed#jiang cheng#cql watch#my posts#f#the funny thing is that getting a good grade in saying hello to lan-xiansheng IS a normal thing to want and a possible thing to achieve#but because we're talking jiang 'i'm gonna stop in the middle of the street in caiyi to sternly remind my disciples to be on their best#behavior because everything they do reflects on yunmeng jiang' cheng here just ratchet it all up to 11#EDIT: wait i forgot wwx does use 'shidi' for jc another time...when they're kids and he's first come to live at lotus pier#and he's knocking on the door like shidi let me innnnnn and jc is like who are you calling shidi#but i think maybe this is the only time he says 'my shidi' when talking about jc to someone else?#yes i checked my notes and this is correct#in guanyin temple jgy refers to jc as wwx's shidi but then wwx immediately refers to jc as something way more formal#jiang-zongzhu i think#like ouchhh#but that's for another day#that's a DIFFERENT way for jc to get his lil heart stomped on
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onlyfangz2 months ago
i love when people on tumblr get weirdly intense about shit that doesn't matter. like this whole prev tags nonsense. there was a post saying it came over from twitter and that it's that crowd that are starting to do this. another separate post was made about how fucking dumb that is because tags don't work on twitter that way, so it couldnt have been them. i think, and bare with me, that prev tags sucks, and it specifically sucks because we're tumblr users and anything that changes within how tumblr operates is immediately rejected. there's a Tradition here, and you need to respect it. tumblr is like owning a really old laptop with a frayed charger that might set on fire at any moment. like, as long as you hold it at a ninety degree angle on your lap and don't move it as you simultaneously twist the charger downwards in a serpentine motion it won't break. it works fine this way, we don't want a new laptop, stop trying to replace our fucking shitty charger.
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whythinktoomucha year ago
Three Sheets to the Wind & Back Again聽
Lena sighed. 鈥淚鈥檓 fine.鈥澛
鈥淵ou were falling,鈥 Supergirl corrected.聽
鈥淵es, and I would have been perfectly fine with that as well,鈥 Lena said.聽
鈥淎re you sure?鈥澛
鈥淥f course, I鈥檓 sure, and frankly鈥斺澛
Lena pitched forward the moment Supergirl disengaged. It was only through the grace of god and super-speed鈥攁 swift hand snagging the back of her coat at the last split second鈥攖hat Lena was spared a face full of cold concrete.聽
a.k.a. that fic where Lena is grumpy & drunk and Kara is Supergirl
a.k.a. my contribution to the @supercorpzine鈥 (:聽
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raschelna year ago
Tumblr media
鈥淚 don鈥檛 know, man. I haven鈥檛 been to a party since Nancy broke up with me.鈥 鈥淎ll the more reason to come with me. We鈥檒l get drunk, get high. Find a corner to make out in.鈥
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thedarkreborna month ago
Okay so. It鈥檚 not that I鈥檓 surprised that sad mean angry gatekeeper boys are losing their minds over Disney 鈥渞enaming鈥 the Slave I. I鈥檓 just annoyed that I keep clicking the links to articles about it thinking that they鈥檝e finally actually told us what the new name is and no, it鈥檚 just the same articles about things being labeled 鈥淏oba Fett鈥檚 starship鈥 and 鈥淔irespray鈥 instead. That is not the ship鈥檚 new name that is not a name. That is just a label on a product. Folks, come on, stop telling me there鈥檚 a 鈥渘ew canon name鈥 for the ship until there is a new canon name for the ship.
(Also do remember there were years there where we only had 鈥淗ammerhead鈥 and so on as names because the Expanded Universe hadn鈥檛 invented proper names yet and we were just using the labels they slapped on the action figures, right? It鈥檚 just that again. It鈥檚 not a new name it鈥檚 just a product label. Stop lying to me and making me think they鈥檝e actually released their choice of its new name when they haven鈥檛 yet!)
Anyway. I'd honestly like to see them rename it as "Vessel One" or "Ship One" or even "Firespray One" (although the latter is my least favorite of the choices because it sounds too flowery for Fett tbh even though it鈥檚 just the ship type). All names that don't just keep the pragmatic, disposable vibe of the original (you don't bother to name something "One" if you aren't expecting/prepared to eventually have a "Two," right?) but are in fact even less sentimental in their complete lack of acknowledgement as the vehicle as anything unique or precious.
It's a tool, nothing more and nothing less.
That seems like a very in-character naming choice for Boba Fett tbh. At least, the old school "this is my face" practical man that I grew up knowing as Boba Fett. Disney does seem disappointingly (but unsurprisingly) determined to turn him into something else, but I'm just telling myself that this honor-code guy with an inexplicable interest in running Jabba's old palace is Spar or some other clone who thinks he's Boba Fett, because the barve I know would never.
Seriously though it would be nice to have his ship named something that I could actually put on a T-shirt (or vanity license plate! I spent almost a year when I was a small teen dreaming of getting a vanity license plate for my car and putting the name of Boba Fett鈥檚 ship on it until I realized that would be terrible! omg!!!!), though, so I'm totally in for dropping "Slave" as long as they replace it with something fittingly cold and not some sentimental osik. That would be great, actually, please?
#boba fett#star wars#and believe me i am a Classic Fett fan#we're talking old school original jaster mereel barve like that kast-killing guild-destroying cold-space-lubricant-for-blood BOBA FETT#mister ''i remove my helmet for no one this is my face'' boba fett#i was the kid in the audience for the special edition release going what the FIERFEK are you DOING#when they had him tweak rystall's chin like that what the FUCK#i had a ''she's one of his informants and that weird flirty thing was a cover so people wouldn't suspect'' headcanon before i even got home#reading all this modern shit with him being all woobie sentimental over dead jango and CRINGING what are you DOING#boba fett is not sentimental he is RUTHLESSLY practical and pragmatic don't even#yes of course when he's a wee child it makes sense he would be devastated at his dad's death OBVIOUSLY#but by the time we meet grown-ass fett in the OT he has excised emotional imperfections from himself#and the sintas/ailyn/mirta retcon actually works WONDERFULLY and cleans up so much (he was young and desperate to please a dead man sure)#of his continuity mess i can live with that and YES ''ship one'' or ''vessel one'' would be a perfect name for the TOOL he flies#and i am not spouting random ''pc'' nonsense here folks i know what i'm talking about#i KNOW classic fett i CHERISH classic fett#there is nobody who knows and cherishes the original version of him more i assure you#not dala not shysa NOBODY#so do not AT me with your fascist white supremacist fake geek boy BULLSHIT
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