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#edit: hey i was making fun of her thought process
lemonlushff · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Do you want to play a game?
You do? Good.
You know how these games work if you’ve ever seen one of Clearwillow’s...but game rules are HERE since it’s slightly different! I hope this is fun for people...that was my goal! And I hope you catch the “Easter Eggs” in it. I’m curious how many people will find them all. 
I’ll post everything once it’s done on FFN and AO3, and you can catch what I’m doing for @clearwillow‘s game early on my Patreon HERE! (It might be more smut...It might be fluff. WHO KNOWS! It will be OLR related...and it will go up as soon as it’s finished!)
Special thanks to @underwater0phelia​ for kink help and @clearwillow​ for additional edits...and the IYFF BC for brainstorming! Art by @clearwillow​ for @eringobroke​ - used and edited with permission. 
And now without further ado... The first treat (aka, the “freebie”).
Starting Fires
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters from the Inuyasha universe.
"Inuyasha, stop," Kagome giggled, trying to wriggle out of his hold as he pressed wet kisses up her neck. "I don't want to burn your bacon…"
"It's just bacon," he reasoned, his hands sliding up under her shirt. Or should he say his shirt? Fuck...there wasn't a better sight in the world than his best friend...his best girl...Kagome...Wearing his shirt in their kitchen in their house. Now that he had her again, he weren't never letting go of her. "I don't mind eating something else for breakfast."
"You will when your stomach is rumbling later," she blushed, grabbing his hands and pulling them down, his fingers grazing over the lace fabric of her panties. "Behave yourself and go grab a cup of coffee."
"I'd rather grab your—"
Tumblr media
She reprimanded, flipping the bacon in the pan. He placed a gentle nip to the side of her neck before moving away from her, a disappointed pout on his lips.
"Fine. But let it be known that I'm doing it under protest," he grumbled, moving to his cabinet to pull out a mug.
"Your protest has been duly noted, Sir," she teased, turning away from the stove to pick up her own cup of coffee. She brought it to her lips, sipping from it as she watched Inuyasha pour himself some. Their life together felt so surreal still. It felt strange to wake up in their house and cook them breakfast.
But it was a good kind of surreal.
The kind where she found herself pinching her arm to make sure it wasn't all some crazy dream. This was their life. And...she loved it.
"Mmm," he moaned, taking a sip from his cup. "As good as ever, Kags," he grinned toothily, and she risked entering his personal space to press another kiss to his lips.
"Glad you like it," she replied, running away from him again when he moved to squeeze her ass. She removed their bacon and eggs from the pan as a text message chimed on both of their phones, and Inuyasha raised a brow in curiosity. She watched him slide his thumb across the screen, before muttering out a low "Huh" as he read the text.
"What is it?" she asked, picking up their plates and placing them onto the island.
"See for yourself," he shrugged, placing the phone down next to her plate. "It's from Sango."
That already piqued her curiosity. Kagome picked up the phone, leaning over the countertop as she read it.
"Hey Guys!" She began aloud. "Miroku and I decided to throw a Halloween party this year. We know it's a bit last minute, but we were hoping you guys could come since you aren't heading back out to California like you thought. Let us know if you can make it! Trying to plan in terms of food. Love you!"
"Love you too," he grinned, and she couldn't stop the shy smile even if she wanted to. She didn't think she would ever get tired of hearing that again from him. The words were like a balm to her soul.
"What do you think?" Kagome asked, handing him his phone back as he began digging his fork into his eggs.
"Up to you," he shrugged. He really didn't care either way. He was just glad he didn't have to go out to California with her. Though, to tell the truth, he wouldn't have minded. They could have had a night in...just the two of them...And he was always a fan of nights in with her. But..."We can go. I know you wanna…"
It was true too. He had seen the way her eyes lit up when she was reading that message. The way she was practically bouncing on the balls of her feet. Kagome didn't want to spend the night in. She wanted to spend her first Halloween back in Montana at a party with old friends.
He shrugged.
"Don't matter either way. I'm fine going. I'm fine staying home and fucking ya seven ways from Sunday."
"What! It's tha truth," he replied with a smirk. "And you can't tell me ya don't like the sound of it," he continued, running his tongue over his fangs. The cute little blush he pulled from her was worth it.
"Well...How about a compromise?"
He paused, lifting his brow in curiosity.
"Go on…"
"What if we went to the party...Just for an hour or two...and then afterward we can come home and have sex? Oh! We can even wear couple's costumes again!"
The phrase couples costume made his butt clench so tight he could probably twist off a beer cap with his cheeks.
"I'll agree to go to the party...but not the couple's costume."
"But Yash," she whined, coming around the island to take his hands. "That's part of the fun…"
"I'll wear something slutty?"
"N—" He began, ready to tell her no again when his brain processed her offer. "Keep talking."
"I'll wear something slutty and sexy?"
"...Uh-huh...And what else?"
"...And you get to take it off of me?"
He almost said yes...but he was a greedy fucker. He was probably gonna take it off of her even if she hadn't offered that.
"Do I get to do more than that?"
"You mean other than wear a matching outfit?"
"I do."
"Well," she began, tilting her head to the side and pursing her lips in thought. "I'm assuming that sex is a given…"
"But you can say it anyway, and make it interesting," he shrugged. If he was going to get roped into this...because he was going to say yes, because he loved her...then he wanted to squeeze as much as he could out of this.
"Ok...If you do it, sex is on the table...and I'll also add you picking the place and position," she decided, causing his eyes to light up.
Place and position huh?
"Well...In that case Darling, you've got yourself a deal!"
Her childlike squeal and the way she giddily clapped her hands, bouncing up and down on the balls of her feet, made him feel like he made the right decision.
"Now let's talk costumes…"
He groaned, shaking his head and digging his fork into the eggs on his plate.
Then again...Maybe not…
He let her prattle on for a while, running different ideas past him...But he knew that it ultimately wouldn't matter. He was going to give in to whatever she wanted. If she wanted him to go as a hot dog, and she was going to be a bottle of mustard? That was what was going to happen. Wasn't sure how she could make it sexy...but sure. Her call. Prince and Princess? No fighting it. Batman and Catwoman…
It had piqued his interest, but she almost instantly changed her mind. The cowl would be uncomfortable for his ears.
So, she decided on a fireman and a dalmatian. He looked over at her phone when she held up a picture of the costume she had found for him and sighed.
"That's what you want?"
It didn't look too bad. And it looked like he could maybe get away with just wearing the pants. He was going to have to be sneaky about it though...He could do just a t-shirt and those pants.
"Please?" she beseeched, batting her long lashes at him. "It will be so cute! And you'll look so good!"
He tilted his head to the side, and she chewed the inside of his lip as she watched him roll her suggestion around in his head. She really liked the fireman outfit. She thought it would be fun! And he would look good in it too...She could already picture him slowly taking off the jacket to reveal his bare torso...the suspenders holding up his pants hanging limply at the sides as he slowly peeled himself out of—
"—What are you thinking about Kagome?"
She looked up at his face and saw him looking at her, a smirk stretching his lips as he limply held the phone, leaning down across the island.
"N-nothing," she blushed, swiping out to grab the phone from him, but he pulled it away from her at the last second.
"Nu-uh. I can smell it when you're lying…and I can smell it when you're—"
She insisted, grabbing the phone from him this time, and his grin turned predatory.
"Ain't nothing, or you wouldn't be smelling like that," he countered cheekily before his gaze began to darken. "Ya know...You don't have to keep that bottled up…"
"Inuyasha," she warned as he straightened, running his carefully filed and declawed fingers along the island countertop as he slowly came around to her side.
He was ignoring her, however.
"Kagome," he replied, closing in on her in just a few short strides. "Were you thinking about me in that fireman outfit?"
Sometimes she swore he could read her mind.
"Liar," he purred, placing his hands onto the granite top on either side of her hips. He had effectively trapped her...and he was looking at her like prey.
It made her swallow because her mouth was suddenly dry. And made her lower abdomen heat. The intensity and desire in his gaze...the slight glint of fang in the morning light…
Fucking hell...She wanted to be his prey. Wanted to be captured and eaten and...eaten…
He inhaled deeply, his eyes rolling to the back of his head as he lowly moaned, "Fuck Kags…"
"W-what," she swallowed, and his smirk widened into a fangy grin before his lips crashed into hers.
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wooteena · 8 months ago
technoblade speedrunning adopting ranboo (high school edition): the fanfic
also on ao3!
hey remember this post? well i got so attatched and impatient that i wrote over 1k words for a pilot type chapter for it <3
chapter one: officer in my defense i punched that guy because he deserves it
Techno Blade-Minecraft would call himself smart. He got good grades without trying, learned second, then third languages with ease, read textbooks for fun, etcetera etcetera. Wisdom without experience was a rare thing to possess, especially in a high school senior but techno had it tight in his grasp, easily making him a ‘Model Student’. He understood he got unneeded attention from that, which sucked, but it was an easy trade-off to be the automatic teacher’s favourite.
But Techno was a man of wisdom, not a man of sense. So naturally, he remembered a fact about baby birds he learnt when he was six years old:
‘Classical "imprinting", as seen with for example, ducks or geese, means that the animal's instinctive programming says "the first big animal you see after hatching is your mom, follow them and look to her for food, warmth, love and learning’
Actually, Techno decided he was the man of Most Sense because at that very moment, the tallest, yet somehow weakest looking freshmen he’d ever seen was being cornered by a group of hefty looking seniors.
And the baby bird, with its innocent, scared eyes was looking right at him.
He looked around the hallway, a desperate scan for other students he could push his growing parental responsibility on to. It was a ghost town, as empty as the remakes of towns from the old west he saw on childhood school excursions.
Technoblade took a deep breath in through his nose, then released it out of his mouth like if he breathed hard enough, his empathy could be taken away with the non existent wind in the soul-crushing grey hallways. It obviously didn’t work because Jesus Christ that kid looked helpless.
As quickly as one could without compromising a freshmen’s still intact nose, Techno examined the seniors. They all wore the school football team’s letterman jacket (‘what is this, Heathers?’), a classic pointer for internalized insecurity, toxic masculinity and most importantly unrightfully self diagnosed Strong Guy syndrome, which meant that they definitely were only beating up a freshmen because that was the most they could actually fight. One point to Technoblade. They also were all at least a solid five inches shorter than him, which Techno would have laughed at if the situation wasn’t so dire. Point two for Technoblade.
Catching himself before letting his wandering mind think up a full five paragraph M.L.A sighted essay to why he could crush these nerds, he decided that two points was enough leverage to still crush these nerds, but with slightly less confidence.
With as much patience as he could, he slowly walked up to the group like a silent lion hunting his soon to be, very dead* (maybe not dead, *slightly bruised) prey. The baby bird, trapped in one of his prey’s chokehold, stared at him like he was a madman. Techno’s objective changed: knock out the dickhead choking a kid.
They stood in a corner, the choker in the middle, the other two blocking off the only escapes and laughing cruelly at the baby bird. Completely distracted.
Techno curled his fist, aiming to punch that asshole’s teeth in or at least break his nose. He starts to run, about five feet away from his target and oh god this is a terrible idea he does fencing not hand to ha-
Choker’s nose made a resounding crack and fell back onto the jock on the left. Probably because it’d be ‘too gay’, or whatever, the guy sidesteps and lets a knocked out, nose broken, probably popular kid by comparing his ego to the size of his dick, fall onto the ground
The two awake bullies look between their knocked out friend, then at Techno, then at each other.
Techno knew they’d call a teacher because they’re cowards but really? Nihachu?
That lady is TERRIFYING what did he do to deserve this.
He let out a long, disappointed ‘bruh’ before with a jolt, remembering the whole reason he punched that jock in the first.
The child.
He doesn’t bother trying to pick up him up because holy hell he’s tall, but pulls one of the kid’s arms over his shoulder, and with his other arm holds their waist and sprints as fast as he can down the hall.
“What the…” murmurs the half dead lump on his back, and while Techno’s surprised his vocal chords aren’t dead? Not even a ‘thank you’? Techno thinks he should start doing charity work at this point.
He continues to run though, because he’s a generous soul, until slowing to open a door that opens the blinding sunlight of the free world outside their prison.
Despite himself, Techno lets his mouth slip into a big enough smile that actually shows his teeth because he just did that. His celebratory moment is cut off though, because the weight on his back suddenly felt even heavier and-
Oh my God the baby bird just fell asleep on me.
Am I a father now?
What do I tell Phil? Does this make him a grandfather?
I can’t just take him home.
What’s stopping you?
Oh my God, I’m a genius.
Techno may be a proclaimed genius, but he is not immune to the inherent propaganda of cute children, so he sets down the kid on the least grimey part of a battered metal bench to get his first proper look at the sleeping giant.
Apart from his injuries (a bleeding nose, bruises forming on his arms, a black eye and a red handprint on his neck) the kid looked… Weird. Techno had subconsciously noticed it while carrying him, but only now the complete oddity of him. His skin from the jaw down was a uniform, warm, dark brown, which was decidedly normal, but his face was… different. Not ugly, no, he looked average, if not perpetually awkward, even in his sleep. The right side of his face was a similar, if not slightly darker tone than the rest of his skin, but where it got weird weird was from the middle of his face and leftward, his face was pale. As pale as Techno, which is saying something because Techno himself has albinism; he has no melanin in his skin.
He found himself sympathizing for the kid again. Techno himself got bullied for his reddish eyes - a symptom of his albinism, and his naturally stark-white skin and hair. It got to the point that he dyed his hair pink, which decidedly made it worse because a guy dying his hair pink ? apparently high school treason to both students and the school rules. His bullies had a colourful range of insults, at least; Techno’s personal favourites being from after he died his hair: homophobic slurs. The teachers had constant complaints and even a couple suspensions, which didn’t stop Techno, obviously. What a wonder public school is.
So yes, Techno understood the baby bird, because despite Techno’s only weakness being himself (and apparently non-threatening freshmen?) as of now, it wasn’t like he came out of the womb a scary pink haired senior. He knew bullying like the hair dye aisle at his local department store.
He knew that helping the kid would make him more attached to the point of no return, but he’d accepted it. It felt like feeding a wild animal more food after making the mistake the first time, it’s not like it’ll get less annoying to have it following you around.
The moment Techno processed his own thought, his face blanched - somehow getting whiter despite literally being the textbook definition of a white boy.
He’d fallen into the ‘senior adopting a defenseless freshmen’ trap.
Even more embarrassingly, this didn't deter Techno from pulling his first aid kit, for once his anxious over-packing doing some good.
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waitimcomingtoo · 9 months ago
Plank All Over Me - 72 Questions With Vogue Edition
Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader
Plank All Over Me Series Masterlist
Regular Masterlist
Tumblr media
“Hi. I’m here from Vogue. Mind if I ask you a few questions?”
“Oh, hey. Didn’t see you there.” You flirtatiously flipped your perfectly curled hair over your shoulder and winked at the camera. “Come on in.”
You walked inside your house, and gestured for the camera man to follow. In preparation for the interview, you and Tom had gotten out every award you’d ever won and strategically placed them around the house. You smiled at the camera and rubbed your hand over your growing baby bump.
“Welcome to my crib. Sorry it’s such a mess.” You rolled your eyes and faked a laugh, knowing the house was far from being a mess. You kept walking and saw Tom in the living room, polishing on of his awards with a feather duster.
“Oh my stars.” You feigned a gasp once you spotted Tom. “Is that my husband, the critically acclaimed movie star and Lip-sync battle winner, Tom Holland? I had no idea he was home.” You winked at the camera again.
“Oh, hello.” Tom stopped dusting and posed with a smile. “Don’t mind me. I was just cleaning this.”
“Might want to give that a dusting too.” You pointed to one of your awards before sending the camera another huge smile.
“Are you guys ready to answer some questions?” The camera guy asked.
“I was born ready.” Tom concurred with a smile.
“You were a C section baby.” You reminded him. “You weren’t even born.”
“I was removed ready.” He kept the same tone in his voice.
“Where did you meet?” The camera man asked as you and Tom began to walk towards your backyard.
“We met at BBC Radio 1 while doing the Plank All Over Me challenge.” Tom answered.
“Where was your first date?”
“Cracker Barrel.” You winked at the camera as you opened your back door. Tom laughed and shook his head at your joke.
“It was not. We got milkshakes at an Ice Cream Shop in Soho.” He corrected you.
“Who made the first move?”
“Why, he did.” You touched a hand to your heart. “He found me after the planking challenge, both our arms sore and aching, and asked me out on a date. We’ve been together ever since.”
“When you did you move in together?”
“About six months into the relationship when I realized she had a bigger bathroom than me.” Tom answered as he took a seat in one of your decorative deck chairs.
“How long have you been together?”
“Since September 29, 2019 at precisely 6:33 p.m.” You responded.
“Wow. Just a year?”
“Realistically, we’ve been together for a few years, but that’s when this series was first posted.” You shrugged. Tom and the camera blinked in confusion for a few minutes as they processed what you said.
“Moving on.” The camera man cleared his throat. “Tom, how did you pick an engagement ring?”
“I went into the shop and I said “which is the least expensive because I’m trying to buy a Porsche” and that’s how she ended up with this bad boy.” Tom smirked as he held up your hand to show off your engagement ring.
“I can’t wait to tell our baby that story.” You played along as you rubbed your baby bump.
“When did you know you wanted to propose?”
“As soon as she started whining because the planking was hurting her arms, I knew she was the one.” Tom joked.
“Did you know he was going to propose?”
“Surprisingly, no.” You laughed. “It’s the one secret he’s ever kept.
“I nearly got an ulcer from trying to keep it from her.” Tom blew out a breath.
“Who planned the majority of the wedding?”
“I did.” You declared. “I had to text Tom the morning of the wedding to remind him where the venue was.”
“Did either of you cry?”
“As soon as I mentioned the yoga challenge in my vows, the whole room was sobbing.” Tom teased.
“How big was the reception?”
“Let’s just say, we had all the Avengers there.” Tom nodded.
“All the important ones, anyway.” You joked. “Mackie couldn’t make it.”
“How did you spend your honeymoon?”
“We went to Bali and didn’t see any of it.” Tom smirked, earning a playful smack on the arm from you.
“What’s been your favorite video together?”
“I loved the prank with Josh.” You answered with a smile.
“I didn’t.” Tom shook his head. “I nearly threw hands with a ginger that day. I quite liked the friendship test.”
“What video gave you the fondest memories?”
“Spill your Guts, for sure. That’s when I learned about the existence of this one.” Tom beamed as he rubbed your baby bump.
“What was your least favorite video to film?”
“We already know Tom’s answer.” You chuckled.
“Prank interview.” He stated. “To this day, I hate it.”
“Did you see yourself getting married when you first met?”
“All I saw were the nose hairs in Tom’s nostrils when we first met.” You laughed. “After all, he did plank on me for six and a half minutes.”
“I had a feeling we would.” Tom smiled shyly. “Or a hope, at least.”
You pouted at his sincerity and leaned forward to kiss him, which his happily accepted.
“Have you thought of baby names?”
“Josh.” You answered immediately and Tom groaned.
“I’m kidding.” You rolled your eyes. “I really like the name Ryan Reynolds though.”
”What are you hoping for?”
“An oscar.” Tom answered at the same time you said “A divorce.”
“You already want a divorce?” The camera man laughed.
“Oh, not a divorce from Tom.” You assured him. “I want Ryan Reynolds to divorce Blake Lively so he can marry me instead.” You explained as Tom nodded along.
“And I want to die every time she says that.” He cracked a smile.
“Let’s get back to the baby questions.” The camera man said as you began to move around the yard. “Do you know the gender?”
“We do.” Tom said deviously. “But we’re not telling.”
“Do you think the baby will be more like their mother or their father?”
“Definitely me.” You stated.
“Why are you so sure?”
“Because Tom’s not the father.” You smiled sweetly. Tom stared at the camera with an unamused expression and shook his head.
“Who’s going to be the fun parent?”
“Considering I’m the parent who can swing from buildings, I say me.” Tom boasted.
“Who’s going to teach the baby how to read?”
“I am. And after the baby learns, they can teach Tom.” You smiled as you patted Tom’s shoulder.
“Do you think the baby will like to plank?”
“If they’re anything like their mommy, no.” Tom poked fun at you.
“And if they’re anything like their daddy, they’ll grow up to play the Green Lantern.” You shot back.
“Hahahah. She’s so funny.” Tom forced a laugh at your joke.
“Do you think the baby will develop your senses of humor?”
“Wait, you have a sense of humor?” You asked Tom. “You didn’t tell me that.”
“She loves me so much, it’s crazy.” Tom deadpanned towards the camera.
“Do you want the baby to grow up to be an actor or actress like you guys?”
“I just want the baby to be happy.” Tom gave a serious answer. “Every thing else will fall into place on its own.”
“That’s a great answer. Do you think you’ll post about the baby a lot of keep them out of the spotlight for the first few years of their life?”
“I think we’ll wait until they’re at least 4 months old until we exploit them for our own financial gain.” You said and Tom nodded along.
“Have you picked out the godparents yet?”
“Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal.” You joked. “They’re so excited. Jake said he would take the baby fishing.”
“He’s taken me fishing a few times.” Tom said as he stared off.
“How have you been preparing for the baby?”
“Well, I personally stopped sleeping, changed my whole diet, started lactating, and my pelvic bone separated in the middle so that I could push the baby out. Tom, what did you do?” You tilted your head at him.
“I bought the car seat.” Tom said proudly. “My wife picked it out, though.”
“I also drove him there.” You glared at the camera for a moment, cracking a smile after your joke.
“What are you most looking forward to after the baby is born?”
“Laying on my stomach.” You laughed as you looked down at your protruding bump.
“I also miss laying on her stomach.” Tom pouted as he rubbed the bump. “That was my favorite cuddle position.”
“Aw. I’m sorry we can’t cuddle the way you want to anymore because I’m growing your child inside my body.” You said sarcastically, making Tom laugh.
“Thank you for growing our child inside your body. I don’t say it enough.” Tom praised as he leaned in for a kiss.
“You’re welcome.” You smiled at him before turning to the camera man. “Anything else you want to know?”
“Actually, I have a question.” Tom stated as he looked at the camera.
“What’s that?” The camera man asked. You and Tom looked at each other and exchanged a smile before turning back the the camera.
“Are you excited to meet our baby girl?”
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leossmoonn · 4 months ago
No Weakness [Spencer Reid]
pairing - spencer reid x gn!reader
type - fluff, lil angst 
request / note -  “where the reader is new to BAU and they see dead body first time, and it kinda bothers them. and spencer noticed it, even when the reader tries they best no show it (bc they’re scared it makes the look like they’re weak) so when they’re just two of them spencer tries to make them feel better and tells them its okay and it does not make them weak.” this was so fun to write, ahhh! thank you @avrilstaro for requesting <3 *not edited lol oops*
summary - you’re embarrassed after freaking out from seeing a dead body, but spencer assures you that it’s okay
warnings / includes - descriptions of mutilated body, small description of case (child kidnapper case for this fic), crying, anxiety, nausea, little fighting, food mention. you and spencer are dating in this  
*gif isn’t mine*
Tumblr media
“I can’t believe I didn’t get to sleep in,” you mumbled, throwing your purse down on your desk rather roughly. 
“Not like you would’ve anyways. Ariel was meowing for you five minutes before we got called in,” Spencer stated. 
“So? I would’ve fallen back asleep after,” you shrugged. “You would’ve stayed up all morning playing with her, babe,” Spencer chuckled. 
You rolled your eyes. “You don’t know that.” 
“I do! You’ve done it every morning since we got her,” Spencer argued. 
You scoffed, shaking your head at your boyfriend. You trudged over to the coffee machine, getting out a mug the size of a bowl and filling it to the brim. It was already your third cup of the day, and while it was probably unhealthy drinking that much coffee, you needed it. It was your first week on the job and you still weren’t used to waking up at five in the morning for a surprise case. This was your second case, though, so you weren’t very surprised that you were still tired. You knew you would get used to it as time went on, but you wished that your body and mind would adapt faster. 
“You’re coming on the field today.” Emily nudged your arm with a file. 
Your eyes widened and you sputtered out coffee, coughing to try and clear your throat. Emily chuckled, patting your back gently to help you. You set your coffee down, wiping your mouth with the back of your hand once you got control of your breathing.  
“W-What?” You asked, the words Emily said not processing in your brain. 
“I said you’re coming onto the field today,” she repeated. 
“B-But…” your trailed off, trying to find a reasonable explanation. “I-I wasn't supposed to be on the field for another week. I’m still technically in training.” 
“Well, part of the training is going on the field. You’re an amazing agent in the office, L/n, but you'd be even better on the field. You’re able to sympathise with the unsubs and solve the puzzles faster than most of us can, sometimes faster than your boyfriend. You’ll help us a lot better out there than in here.” 
You chuckled nervously, heat crawling up the back of your neck. “Thanks, Emily, but I’m not ready.” 
Emily rolled her eyes. “That’s what all the new agents say. You need to just get out there, and there’s no better time to do that then early in the game.”
“I guess,” you muttered, lifting your coffee cup and taking a sip. 
“You’ll be fine, Y/n. I have no doubts,” Emily smiled. 
“Thanks.” You have her a small smile. “No problem. And hey, don’t tell Spencer I said you’re better at the job than him,” she winked. 
You laughed and nodded, “I won’t, I promise.” 
She walked away, leaving you to lean against the counter and to drink the rest of your coffee before going to the briefing room. 
“So, I heard that Newbie is finally coming along with us today!” Luke exclaimed. 
“Newbie is your nickname, Newbie,” Penelope narrowed her eyes at Luke. Luke rolled his eyes, “Yeah, yeah. Anyways, you excited?”
You sat down in one of the chairs between to Luke and Matt. “Not really, if I”m being honest.” 
“Oh, why? You’ll be great!” Matt smiled. “So everyone says,” you sighed. 
“Hey, I heard you’re coming with us today. Can’t wait to have you on the field.” Spencer smiled as he walked past you. 
“Yeah, I’m excited to outsmart you, too,” you smirked. 
“Oh, Reid, looks like you have some competition!” Luke teased. 
Spencer shook his head and looked at you through his lashes. You gave him a challenging look, leaning on the table. 
“May the best agent win, Reid,” you dared. 
“Alright,” he shrugged. “Better have no weaknesses, L/n.” 
“Oh, I have none,” you smirked. Spencer replied to you with a hum, giving you an excited smile before paying attention to the case.  
Penelope and Emily delivered the case to you six, then leaving you all to pack up your things as you were going on the jet. You got out the small duffle bag of clothes you had in your car for traveling on cases, also grabbing your phone charger and the case files. You walked up onto the jet, placing your bags up over the overhead storage area. You got seated across from Tara and next to Spencer. 
You all talked about your plans to catch the unsub and where you all were assigned to. Tara, you, and Spencer were going to go to the crime scene to scope out the area. Emily and JJ would stay at the police station and work there, while Matt and Luke did witness and suspect interviews. 
You were sitting back in your chair, looking out the window and admiring the sky as the jet flew through the clouds. You still had an hour before you landed. Everyone was either sleeping or listening to music. You had thought about going back to sleep, but it seems as though the three cups of coffee you had finally kicked in.  
You regretted drinking so much coffee because now, your heart was racing and your hands were shaking. You weren’t sure if it was totally because of the caffeine or that you were nervous about being on the field for the first time, but you assumed it was a little bit of both. 
Spencer, who was seated next to you, noticed your jitteriness. He closed his book softly, setting it down on the floor next to his seat, turning to you and taking your hands in his. 
Your head snapped to him quickly, your eyes landing on his. He gave you a soft smile, beginning to rub his thumb over your knuckles. 
“You’ll do great out there, alright?” He assured. 
You sighed, turning away from the window and to him. “What if the lead I find doesn’t work? What if I can’t figure out where the unsub has the kids? O-Or what if I embarrass myself in front of the police chief?”
Spencer chuckled softly at your concerns, making you frown. 
“Don’t laugh! Hey, I bet you had all these concerns when you first joined.” 
“I did,” he admitted. “But, I learned that I worked with a team. It’s not just me doing the work, just like it’s not just you. You have seven people working with you on this. Try and relax, baby, alright? You do amazing work at the office. This won’t be any different.” 
You scoffed, “Please. It’s like, a million times different.” 
“Just try and relax,” he instructed, putting your hand up to his lips. 
You smiled widely, your heart fluttering as he kissed your hand. 
“Plus, even if it was just you working the case, I have no doubt you would figure it out quickly.” 
“Thanks, babe,” you smiled and leaned your head against the headrest. 
“Of course. I love you,” he said, leaning in and pressing a chaste kiss to your lips. 
“Oh, gross. You guys know I just became newly single,” Tara scoffed. 
You laughed and turned to her. “That was like, nine months ago.” 
Tara raised her brows, looking at Matt and Spencer, and back at you. “You weren’t even here back then. How do you know this?” 
“I just know things,” you winked. “Yeah, well I’m betting someone blabbed,” Tara grumbled. 
“We would never,” Matt disagreed. “Mhm,” Tara hummed, going back onto her phone. 
You smiled at you teammates and looked back at Spencer and putting your head on his shoulder. You closed your eyes for a few moments, opening your eyes again. You blinked rapidly, yawning and rubbing the sleep out of your eyes. You rolled your head around, your eyes settling onto Spencer who was back to reading his book. You turned your head back to the window, furrowing your brows as you noticed you weren’t up in the sky anymore. 
“Oh, good. You’re up,” Spencer spoke, putting his book away. 
“Are we here already?” You asked, your voice croaky and hoarse. 
“Yep,” he nodded. “We landed about ten minutes ago.” 
“Oh,” you frowned, sitting up and getting out of your seat. You stretched your limbs, yawning once more as you held your hand up above your head. “Why didn’t you wake me up?” You sighed. 
“You’re just so peaceful when you sleep. I couldn’t,” he explained. 
You smiled and went to get your luggage. “Thanks, Spence. But everyone is probably waiting for me now.” 
“No, it’s alright. We can’t go and see the crime scene yet anyways.” 
“How come?” You asked. “Not prepped for us,” Spencer answered. 
“Since when does a crime scene need to be prepped for the FBI?” You snorted. 
“You’d be surprised,” Spencer let out a breathy chuckle. 
You put your duffle bag over your shoulders and handing Spencer his, holding your hand out for Spencer to take. “Join me down the stairs?” 
“Of course,” he grinned, standing up and taking your hand into his and his bag.
You two walked off the jet, going over to the SUV. Spencer drove you two to the hotel where you dropped off your things, immediately going to the police station. 
“ ‘Bout time!” Matt exclaimed, seeing you two walking through the doors. 
You chuckled, “Sorry. Looks like the coffee wore off and I finally crashed.” 
“It’s alright. I think the scene is ready for you guys to look at now,” he said. 
“Great,” you smiled. 
You and Spencer found Tara, going into the SUV once again, driving to the house where the parents were killed and children taken. 
“Wow, I’ve never seen this much yellow tape in my life,” you chuckled. “Yeah. It’s definitely not an eye sore,” Tara chortled, stepping over the caution tape. 
You and Spencer followed her, going up to the police offers that were talking at the front door. 
“Hi, we’re FBI agent with the BAU. I’m Doctor Tara Lewis, this is Doctor Spencer Reid, and Agent Y/n L/n,” Tara introduced you all. 
You smiled and shook the two officer’s hand. “Nice to meet you two.” 
“Likewise. I’m Officer Santiago and this is Officer Reynolds. The parents were killed in two different places. The father in the bedroom, mother in the oldest child’s room.” 
“Lovely. Can’t wait to see,” Tara smiled sarcastically. 
“Oh, I bet. Go ahead and go in, let us know if you find anything, please,” Reynolds said. 
You nodded and stepped into the house, cringing at the heavy smell of bleach. 
“God. It’s like a hospital in here, but twenty times worse!” You held your nose. “I should’ve told Emily I needed to stay back with Penelope.” 
“Oh, this is nothing,” Spencer smirked. “Wait until you see where they all got killed.” 
“Ew, Spence!” You shrieked. “You’re supposed to protect me from all that.” 
He chuckled, “All part of the job, baby.” 
You nodded and sighed, knowing that he was right. As always. You three walked up the stairs, looking at where the father was killed. There was an enormous amount of blood of the bedsheets and some on the corner of the right nightstand, some splatters that were below on the floor. 
“So,” you started. “We’re looking at a team, right? I mean, there’s no way that the unsub could kill the father without the mom noticing.” 
“Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking’,” Tara nodded. “Well, I could be possible,” Spencer contradicted.
You and Tara looked at each other, confused. 
“Yeah, how?” You asked.
 “Well,” Spencer said, walking over to the bed. “The unsub could’ve choked or suffocated the father in his sleep. I mean, there were ligature marks around his neck, right?” 
“True. And the mom was saying goodnight to her children, so she obviously didn’t see her husband get killed,” Tara added on. 
You furrowed your brows, stepped out of the parents’s bedroom, going to the child’s. 
“Yeah, but, what about the kid? I mean, wouldn’t it have screamed and fought and ran out of the house?” You asked. 
Tara looked to you, eyes widening in surprise. “Yeah, that is a good thought. So… unsub number one is killing the father while unsub number two is kidnapping the mom slash killing the child…” 
“No, that wouldn't work. Maybe it’s a group of three?” Spencer suggested. 
“Maybe,” Tara shrugged. 
You stepped into the child’s bedroom, scrunching your nose as a foul smell wafted under your nose. You walked around, covering your nose with your sleeve. You saw the blood on the bedsheets and nightstand table. 
“Looks like the unsubs all have the same MO’s,” you muttered. 
You opened the closet, seeing nothing but toys, clothes, and shoes. You closed the doors, looking around the walls, your heart sinking as you saw all the finger pantings and pictures of family and friends. You walked up to the wall, losing your balance as you tripped on a a long, soft object. 
You let out a yelp, falling on your shoulder. You groaned in pain, turning on your back while holding your injured side. You looked around for the object you tripped on, frowning as you couldn’t find it. Something pale caught the corner of your eyes. You raised your brow, getting up on your knees and moving closer. 
“What the —” You muttered, your voice getting caught in your throat as you realised it was an arm sticking out under the bed. “Oh, my —” You gasped, peering under the bed, seeing the dead body of one of the children. “Oh, my God!” You shouted, scooting back, your back hitting the wall as you stared at the lifeless body. Tears welled up in your eyes and you put your hand to your mouth, loud and broken sobs escaping your throat. 
The boy couldn’t have been more than a few days old, yet it was still lying there. You could see the lifelessness in his eyes, and still the fear. There was a slit across his throat and cheek, his upper chest red with with green and purple bruises. You felt nauseas and cold, your heart sinking all the way down past your stomach. Your body was shaking and you couldn’t tear your eyes off of the body, no matter how hard you tried. 
You heard the footsteps of your colleagues, their voices calling your name. 
“Y/n, where are — O-Oh, my God.” Spencer’s eyes widened as he saw you crying on the floor. He immediately dropped down to his knees, taking you into his arms. “What happened.” 
You were unable to move, your eyes staring wide at the body. Spencer followed your gaze, his own heart dropping down to his chest. 
“Oh, man. Um,” Spencer said, looking away from the body and to you. His heart broke as he saw you so horrified. He put his hand on your cheek gently, turning your face so you were no longer looking at the body. “Let’s get you to out of here, alright?” 
You nodded slowly, your breaths becoming laboured as you tried to calm yourself down in Spencer’s arms. He got up, taking you with him. He walked you out of the room, coming face-to-face with Tara. 
“What happened?” Tara gasped. 
“Looks like the unsubs left the older boy. Tell the police officers, I need to get Y/n out of here,” Spencer said. 
Tara looked at you, nodding without hesitation. She let you two go, Spencer walking you down the stairs slowly. You exited the house, still taking heavy breathes as the image of the boy haunted your thoughts. Spencer gently got you seated into the car, buckling you in. He went to the driver’s seat, getting in and starting to drive. 
You two sat in the silence for thirty minutes while Spencer drove around. You looked at the window the whole time, your eyes glossy and strained from crying and keeping them open. Whenever you closed your eyes, even to just blink, flashes of the dead boy raced through your mind. Spencer waited patiently for you to speak, understanding how shocked and horrified you were. 
He parked in a Burger King parking lot, sighing and looking at you. He gingerly put his hand on your shoulder, only for you to shrug him away. 
“Y/n,” he sighed. 
“No,” you grumbled. “Take me back.” 
“I think it would be smart if you took the day off. Seeing a dead body, especially a child’s and one you had no idea exited, can really throw you off. The first time I saw a dead body…. Man, I-I was sick to my stomach. I—” 
“Shut up!” You exclaimed, waving your hands in the hair. You looked at him, your chest heaving up and down. Your brows were furrowed and mouth open, your eyes glaring at him.  “Just shut up, Spencer!” 
His mouth went agape, hurt flashing though his eyes. He didn’t let your outburst  dampen his spirits, though. He knew you were embarrassed and still horrified, and that you didn’t like to feel belittled. So he gave you a small, comforting smile, taking your hands into his. You didn’t move away this time, but you avoided any and all eye contact. 
“I know how you feel, babe,” he sympathised. “Yeah, I bet,” you muttered, your voice hoarse and dry. 
He frowned and unbuckled, leaning closer to you. He put his hand on your chin, turning your head with strength and force. You eventually met his eyes, his smile dropping as he saw tears rolling down your cheeks once again, your lips pulled into a pout. 
“Hey, it’s okay,” he assured, cupping your cheek and wiping your tears away with his thumb. 
“N-No, it’s not,” you sobbed, shaking your head. “I-I’m so weak. I should’ve been ready. This is what I’ve been tra-trainging for and I suddenly turn into a freaking wuss? I-I… I… It’s so embarrassing!” You shoulders racked with sobs as you hung your head down to cry. 
“Oh, baby,” Spencer sighed, taking your head in both of his hands. He held your head up again, bringing his face close to yours. He put his forehead against yours, kissing the tip of your nose lightly. “It’s no embarrassing, alright? Your reaction was a perfectly normal reaction to seeing a dead child’s body. Honestly, if you didn’t cry and freak out, I would be worried,” he chuckled. 
You gave him a watery smile, laughing with him. “Y-Yeah, I s-suppose,” you sniffled. “B-But,” you started. “I-It makes me look weak. And I don’t want to look weak, Spence. A-All my life I’ve been told —” 
He smiled widely, leaning back so he could look you in the eyes. “You’re not weak, Y/n. You never could be, even if you tried. You’re just human, and that’s fine. It’s amazing, honestly. You know, I am so proud of you, babe.”
You frowned, “Why?”
“Because today was your first day out on the field, and you did fantastic. It can only get better from here.” 
“Y-You really think so?” You sniffed, wiping your nose with your sleeve. 
“I know so,” he nodded confidently. “And it’s okay to show weakness, Y/n. No weakness is the real weakness.” 
“Such wise words,” you laughed. He laughed with you and he shrugged. “I try.” 
You laid your head back on the headrest, looking a him through tired eyes. “Thanks, Spencer. It really means a lot.” 
He nodded with a smile. “Of course, honey. Now, why don’t you say we get something to eat, then go back to the precinct?” 
“Yeah,” you nodded, “Sounds great.” 
He nodded and buckled himself back in, putting his hand on the gearshift and looking to you. 
“I’m proud of you, you know that?”
You smiled shyly, heat scorching your cheeks. “Yeah, I know. You’ve already told me.” 
“Just making sure you know, baby.” 
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theje0ngs · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
summary :: twenties are the best years of someone’s life.
pairing :: sungchan x reader
genre :: angst, slight romance, smut
word count :: 2.9k
warnings :: profanity, age difference (3 years), oral (f receiving), fingering, overstimulation (f receiving), protected sex (reader is on the pill !), face sitting, slight dom!sungchan, kind of toxic relationship
gela says :: well, i tried my best anon! i hope this went up to your expectations. it’s my first time writing a scenario this long and IT’S SMUT. ngl, i was pretty much surprised by how far i got lol also, if there are any offensive or wrong parts, please let me know! i’ll immediately edit them or delete the part. thank you and enjoy!
Tumblr media
they say, your twenties are the most memorable decade of your life. you will experience a lot in your twenties such as heartbreak, finishing university, start working, and finding yourself.
you love your work as an infirmary nurse in a private university. it offers much more salary than your first job as a nurse in the local hospital. sometimes, when a professor from the college of nursing couldn't attend one of his classes, he'd let you sub in. it was fun and a nice experience. every time you sub in a class, you're always thinking about taking your master's to be able to teach. nursing students refer to you as the 'fun sub-prof' even though all you do is watch them do their work and collect at the end of the class.
“maybe they call you fun sub-prof because of your age? i mean, the majority of the class you're 'teaching' are twenty year olds! and what, you're twenty three. you can relate to them.” said your best friend since nursing school. you were video calling her since there wasn't much work to do as of the moment.
“i don't know, maybe. but right now, i'm having fun teaching them. it helps me remember all the things we've been studying in nursing school back then. i'm even thinking of taking up a master's, what do you think?”
“a master's? you really want to teach college students?”
“why not just, you know? make a career as a professor at the college of nursing?”
“seriously, how bad do you want to do it?” she chuckles, “y/n, i've told you this before and i'm telling it to you again. don't make decisions when you're happy, don't rush yourself into something so big. have you talked to your parents about this?”
“you're right, jess. i'll think of it again,” you say. the wind chime attached on top of the door rings, followed by a bunch of students quarrelling. “i have to go, i have a patient. take care!”
after exchanging goodbyes to your best friend, you ended the call and shoved your phone back to your pockets. you saw the soccer team, probably four to five players surrounded on one of the beds as the other one whines in pain.
“okay, can someone explain to me what happened?” you ask, the other two boys who stood next to the bed got out of your way and let you examine the patient.
“he slipped during practice. we thought it was only a cramp, but it looks so much worse than that.” answered one of the players, “will he be ok?”
“i don't have any definite answer right now, because i haven't examined him yet.” you replied, “but from what it looks like, he won't be able to play for a few weeks.”
“what? i have a big game coming next week!” he freaked out, “god! out of all people, out of all these dickheads, why me!”
“sungchan, calm down.”
“shut the fuck up, jeno! how the fuck am i supposed to calm down in this situation? fuck, coach is gonna kill me.” he sighs.
you weren't a nurse just to help people cure injuries and illnesses, but you were good at handling situations like this. makes you wonder why you didn't want to work at a hospital and stuck with working as a university nurse.
“alright, uhm, players, if it's okay with you.. go ahead and return to your practice. i'm sure your coach wouldn't like it if you stayed here for so long. i'll handle him” you say, heading to the door and opening it for them.
“are you sure though? he's a handful.” said the boy jeno.
“mhmm, i can handle patients like him. go ahead.”
and the moment they left, all you could hear was the sound of the air-conditioner's soft noises as you walked back to your table to grab the first aid kit. you were good at handling ankle fractures, especially during ball game seasons at the university. the amount of injured players who came into your office was insane!
“um, sorry for yelling earlier. i- uh, didn't like the fact that i won't be able to play this season.” he apologizes.
“it's alright, i understand why you reacted like that. you're a star player, right?” you say, reaching a pillow from another bed to put it behind his head.
“how did you know that?” he asks, causing you to chuckle.
“i work here. i've been here for two years now.”
“hold on, you really work here? you're not some… intern?”
you raised an eyebrow, was that supposed to be a compliment or what? “what made you think i'm only an intern?”
“you look like you're only a student. aren't you twenty years old?”
you chuckle, “i'm twenty three. but thanks for thinking i'm years younger than my real age.”
you leave his side and return back to your table, filling up some form for sungchan to give to his coach later as well as some paperworks in case he wants to be sent to the hospital. you were working peacefully, while sungchan was still processing the information you told him. i really thought she's only my age… turns out she's three years older than me. he thought.
and since sungchan really couldn't play for a few weeks, he had to watch his teammates from the bench. though a lot of people thought they'd lose this season, his team was doing a bit good without him. even his coach who thought the team wouldn't do well, was shocked that the whole team could work better even without the star player. (it would've been so much better if sungchan was playing.)
sometimes when his friends are out in practice, he spends his time at the infirmary. though you have told him that he’s doing fine and he has to continue wearing a cast in order for his ankle to heal, he prefers to stay inside and entertain you. he’d ask basic questions about you, like where you finished your bachelor’s degree, what are your plans for the future etc. you didn’t feel any awkwardness, he managed to make you feel comfortable around him. he’d even bring a cup of coffee and some pastries to your office.
“oh god, now that you’ve asked me about my ex boyfriend - there’s this guy i dated in university, he-”
“do you want to go out with me sometime?” he blurts out, causing you to stop chewing the croissant he brought earlier. “i- um, sorry. continue.”
“wait, what… why do you want to ask me out?” you ask
“i don’t know… i, i like you okay? why do you think i’m always here even though my ankle is already healed?”
sungchan likes you. yes, you’ve heard that right. you weren’t dreaming or what, this guy - who is 3 years younger than you, likes you. you didn’t know what to feel. because you were a twenty-four year old woman, who works as the university nurse. you’ve never had someone confess to you, and most certainly, you weren’t expecting it to be someone like sungchan. sungchan, so far, the past few weeks you’ve spent with him… you know there’s someone who deserves him better than you.
“sungchan, i get that you, um, like me. but, i’m sorry.” you apologize, “dating isn’t really part of my plate right now.”
“is it because i’m younger than you?”
“no! god no!” you sighed, “it’s just… i really don’t want to risk losing my job.”
“well, if i show you that i’m sincere enough, will you accept my feelings?” he asks, gently grabbing your hand and started caressing his thumb on your supple skin.
you sigh, well, nothing bad will happen… right? you thought, “alright.”
Tumblr media
you’ve been secretly dating sungchan for over 10 months now. though only you, him and a few of his friends like jeno, shotaro and donghyuck were the only ones who knew what’s between the two of you, you managed to make this relationship work. you wouldn’t deny the fact that it kind of hurts that you can’t tell the world about him, you can’t tell your friends about him, you can’t tell your coworkers about your relationship with him as there is a possibility that you may lose your job. while sungchan, is also having a hard time. you’ve been so distant lately, and he thinks it’s stress. fights were also present in your relationship. in fact, it happens most of the time.
the very first, big fight you two encountered happened during the university’s festival. you were set up in a ‘marriage booth’ with one of the professors at the engineering department. sungchan was watching from afar. he hated the fact that he couldn’t tell the world about you, about your relationship. all he wanted was to hold your hand in public, to be able to kiss you, to bring you out on cute dates.
aside from keeping your relationship a secret to everybody, you still have one, big secret. you were offered a job at your auntie’s workplace. the problem is, it’s abroad. you’ve considered rejecting it, you didn’t want to leave sungchan nor did you want a long distance relationship. when the day arrived that you promised yourself that you were going to reject your aunt’s offer, happens to be the day that you and sungchan fought. you ended up accepting the offer.
“never make decisions when you’re happy, never make decisions when you’re angry.” something your best friend always told you back in college.
your scheduled flight abroad will be next week, and you still haven’t told sungchan. you were scared, but no matter how much you deny reality, you will eventually tell him the truth. you were woken up from your thoughts when you heard the doorbell rang. you’ve decided to tell him today. if he wants to break up, then it’s alright. it’s your fault for not telling him earlier. if he wants to try long distance, then it’s also fine. most of those work… right?
“hey, you sounded too upset on the phone. are you okay?” he asks, his soft voice sent shivers on your spine.
“i have to tell you something. it’s pretty big and, um, can cause problems in our relationship.”
“you’re making me nervous, what is it?”
you can do this, y/n. deep breaths and everything will be alright. you say to yourself, “remember when we had our big fight two months ago? the one where you got jealous of jaehyun?” you start, earning a scoff from him. “well, after our fight, i was pretty mad at you. so bad that i.. accepted a job abroad.”
it was like the whole world stopped for a moment. sungchan did not know what to feel. should he feel angry? sad? happy? his emotions were mixing up as he tried to process everything you just said. it was all happening so fast.
“you accepted a job without consulting me first?” he said, trying to remain calm.
“sungchan, it’s my dream job! it’s something that i’ve always wanted to do!”
“i know! but shouldn’t you have consulted me first about it? why make a decision this big without talking to me about it?” he yells, “i thought you were different! we promised to tell each other everything!”
“well, i’m sorry! i’m not most girls and frankly, this is why i didn’t want to date someone younger than me!” you fought back, “i’m an adult, sungchan. and so are you. we should be able to act mature when it comes to relationships. this isn’t high school, or bullshit, we’re not in a teenage movie! stop acting like a fucking child!”
“it’s just so selfish y/n! you’re selfish! you only think about yourself, you make decisions only for yourself! what the fuck am i to you then?”
mean words and a lot of profanity were thrown at each other that night. like said earlier, everything was happening at a fast pace. one minute you’re yelling at each other, the next you’re in your bed, naked and putting purple love bites on each other’s bodies. sungchan is only three years younger than you, but his sexual drive is insane. you took note of that the moment sex was present in your relationship.
“bad girl. so fucking bad.” he growls, latching his lips on your nipple. “no one, and i mean no one will fuck you the way i do when you leave for abroad.”
sungchan sat up and started to unbuckle his belt and pants, the tent that was growing behind his boxer shorts were visible. the moment his last piece of clothes were off and he was fully naked, he started to undress you as well. instead of removing your clothes, he tore them from your body. those were my favorite pair of pajamas. you thought, but it did not matter anymore. you were rather impatient, sitting up and pulling sungchan from the nape and attaching his lips to yours.
your kiss had a lot of meaning. love. lust. apology. while you were making wonders on his lips, sungchan focused on making you feel good using his fingers. you can feel yourself wetter and wetter the more he puts pressure on your clit. you moaned into his mouth when you felt his fingers slowly enter your sweet hole, “fuck, sungchan.” was all you could say the moment his lips left yours.
in your previous intercourses, sungchan was sweet and slow. all he focused on was your own pleasure and not his. he makes sure he’s making you feel good. he makes sure you feel every inch of him. but today wasn’t one of those days. sungchan was too rough tonight and you know once you wake up in the morning, you’re all sore.
sungchan adjusted himself on the bed, he was lying down with pillows supporting his head. he positioned you on his stomach, both of your legs were on the side of his waist and feeling your wet pussy on his skin. “sit on my face.” he commands, “now.”
you did what he said. holding onto the headboard as if your life depends on it. his hands immediately go to the back of your thighs the moment you kneel and position yourself on top of his face. you let out a loud moan when you felt him suck the sensitive bud. he made sure he’s holding on your thighs tightly that you’re not able to move. the mixture of his saliva and your wetness, and the way his mouth was making erotic sounds made you closer to your orgasm.
“sungchan,” you murmur
he lets go of your thighs, letting you fall on the soft bed. you were still shivering from the orgasm you just had, but your boyfriend has other plans. make this night memorable and he might make you change your mind at the last minute. your eyes were closed, still gathering strength and air when you felt him spread your legs.
“hold on, let me catch my-” before you could even finish your sentence, sungchan rubs the tip of his cock on your slit. the sensation makes you feel wet once again. “fuck.”
sungchan’s lips made contact with your skin, biting and placing soft yet lustful kisses on them before slipping his dick inside of you. his low grunts sent shivers down your spine. fuck, he’s right. nobody else has made you feel this good before, not even your ex boyfriend or the people you’ve been with for only one night. sungchan was different from everybody else.
your moans were music to his ears; he considers them as a compliment while he makes you feel good. “‘m gonna fuck you so good you’re not gonna leave for that fucking job.” he whispered to your ears before nibbling.
the more he thrusts inside of you, the more you feel the knot in your stomach tighter. your fingers were gripping tightly on your sheets. “i’m cumming!” you cried, your body started to feel sensitive.
“cum then.” he replied, “cum with me.”
with one last, loud moan, the two of you reached your highs. you feel so weak the moment he pulls out, you feel so sore and you were tired. with sungchan on your side, spooning you, you didn’t even realize that you drifted off to dreamland. the following day, you were woken up by the rays of the sun shining through the curtain. you could still feel sungchan’s arms resting on your waist. you stood up, removing his grasp on you and grabbed a clean shirt before heading off to the bathroom to clean yourself.
the memories of last night came flooding back. all the fighting, the yelling, the blaming. it was no longer healthy to continue, especially if your partner thinks you’re too selfish. well, you were selfish. you hid a huge secret from him and dropped the bomb a week before you leave. you understood the points he made last night - he was right. everything must come to an end, and so does your relationship with him.
that morning ended with the two of you, sitting down in your living room. apologizing for all the mean things you’ve said to each other out of anger last night. you apologized to him for not being a great girlfriend he wanted, he apologized for not being able to tell the world about you. though it was only a short amount of time that you and sungchan dated, he’s thankful that you’re part of his twenties. his first real girlfriend, his first real heartbreak.
© for-sungchan. 2021.
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🔥You Are Human, And Damn It, You Are An Important One!🔥
Tumblr media
A/N: Hey everyone! I’m back! It looks like my tags finally decided to sort themselves out so I wanted to (finally) post a new story! I’m still working on requests though, so don’t worry, those are coming soon! I just wanted to post this in the mean time while I edit those and test if my tags are really fixed on one of my originals so that any requested fics will actually be seen later should an error occur. Thank you so much for your continued support and patience, you guys are so amazing! I hope this makes up for my temporary hiatus! This one actually has a bit of a heavier tone to it but I think I’m finally happy with it! Thanks again for the support, and don’t be afraid to talk to me! Shoot me a message or just spew random bullshit and I’ll still respond 😂. Enjoy!
(Warning: themes of non-con & abuse. This is set in a brothel, but there’s nothing explicit, it’s just mentioned or implied. Just wanted to put it out there! Viewer discretion advised!)
🐉Song Recommendation: “The Gardener” By: Sarah Sparks 🐉
Word Count: ~7k
It was that time of year. The time of year that Levi hated the most. The Underground Market Festival. It was the time of year in which merchants from all around would come down to the Underground City, away from the prying eyes of the Military Police, and sell anything and everything to the nobles who weren’t exactly looking for orthodox materials. The normally filthy, mostly empty streets would be filled with members of the wealthy, dripping in jewelry, cash, and lavish clothing as they paraded around the sorry excuse for a city, boasting of their wealth and privilege as they bought enough food and luxurious goods to feed three times the number of people in the Underground while sharing none of it.
The days were starting to blur together. Levi honestly couldn’t tell if it had been a day, a week, or a month as the drugs in his system continued to work just like the brothel owners wanted them to, rendering him practically inoperative and perfect for use. His head pounded, swimming with confused thoughts. His gaze was unfocused, warped, and his whole body felt suffocatingly hot despite his lack of cover, his legs shifting as his body instinctively searched for a relief he didn’t even want. But that was exactly how they wanted him.
The sound of his door being unlocked made him look up slowly, his eyes taking a few seconds to fully focus on the man standing in the entrance of his room, a wide, malicious grin on his face. Levi couldn’t help but wrinkle his nose in disgust. The man smelled of sweat and stale alcohol, and his unkempt appearance made Levi itch, even when drugged out of his mind.
“Oh, Levi…” the man cooed, making Levi shudder. “I have another customer for you.”
Even though Levi had been through this time and time again, even though he had been trapped in his filthy room since he was caught stealing from a merchant friend of the brothel owner at age twenty, even though the drugs in his system were making his body scream for what this new customer could give him, he still couldn’t help the wave of dread that washed through him, the fear. Levi didn’t fear much, having grown up on the streets of the Underground alone since he was abandoned by Kenny at the age of ten, but this? This he was scared of.
He thought back to the wretched old man that had abandoned him as a small child and wondered what he would think of him now. Would he be disgusted? Unsurprised? Angry? Not that it mattered. Levi knew he would never see him again. But even so, his brain couldn’t help itself from going down those roads, asking questions of “what if?” no matter how many times he reminded himself that it didn’t matter. He was just some bastard thug turned whore in the Underground. Nobody was going to even remember him, let alone care about who he was or who he may be in the future.
Levi was once again brought out of his daze when the pig in the doorway moved to the side, letting a noble woman saunter into the room. She had a wicked grin on her face as she approached him, ignoring the brothel owner as he slammed the door shut behind her, giving them some privacy. She was covered in glittering jewelry, and although the dress she wore was extravagant, it was very tight fitting and low cut, barely considered decent, her large breasts one breath away from spilling out over the top. Her hair was pinned up in a lavish braided style, twisting and coiling tightly, and held together with real gold pins that Levi knew must’ve cost a fortune.
“~Well, hello sexy,” the woman purred as she approached the raven-haired man.
Levi had to force himself not to grimace, even with the effect of the drugs, when she slithered her way over his thighs, her hands reaching up to cup his face. The smell of whatever custard perfume she had on was overwhelming, making his eyes water and his throat close up. Her hands felt clammy from all of the lotions and creams she had slathered over her skin to make it look shinier, making them feel like dead fish rubbing against his cheeks.
“Well? Aren’t you going to ask my name?” The woman demanded in a sickly sweet voice, making Levi close his eyes in barely suppressed agony.
“What is your name?” Levi asked in a low voice. He felt the woman preen above him at the sound of his voice, knowing she thought his deep tone was for setting the mood rather than the effect of his despair.
“My name is Lady Clarissa! What’s your name, hmmm?”
“Levi,” He said quietly.
“Oooh, Leevviiii, I like that,” Lady Clarissa practically moaned. “Say, Levi, you were quite expensive. That must mean you're really good at what you do. I can already tell that you fulfill my personal tastes in terms of appearance, so why don’t you convince me of the rest and give me a good time. Don’t make me regret spending my good money on you. Don’t make me punish you.”
Levi gritted his teeth when she ground her hips into him, trying his hardest not to fight back. He knew it would be difficult, the drugs making his movements and mental processes much slower, but at that moment, all he wanted to do was shove her off of him. Swallowing the bile in his throat, Levi reached for her as she leaned down to force her tongue into his mouth.
Tumblr media
It was that time of year. The time of year that (Y/N) hated the most. The Underground Market Festival. It took everything in her to avoid groaning in annoyance as the people she was expected to call her friends dragged her down into the filthy Underground City for a day of “fun”. (Y/N) would much rather be back at home, reading a book in the library, or relaxing with the horses in the barn, or secretly practicing her sword fighting skills with the guards of their estate. But her father had forced her to go when her friends had shown up at the house, begging for her to come with them. He claimed she needed to get her priorities straight and actually present herself, show the honor and pride that came with being part of the (L/N) family. (Y/N) thought there was very little honor and pride in parading their wealth around like they owned the world, especially in front of people who constantly struggled to survive on a daily basis.
(Y/N) walked slowly down the worn cobblestone streets, suppressing the urge to gag at the sight of other nobles walking around, looking and acting as if they were rulers of the walls. She barely looked at anything, only stopping to occasionally buy food when she noticed the hungry children hanging around, looking for a scrap to steal. She could tell they were wary of her, but she never stopped trying, always offering them the food in some way, even if it meant leaving it in a secluded space for them to find later.
Her friends constantly tried to get her to engage, running up to her with crystal jewelry, silk clothing, and delectable foods, attempting to entice her, only to get pushed away. (Y/N) wanted no part in any of it. Even her attire spoke volumes about how little she wanted to be there. She knew that to the people of the Underground, the dress she wore would be considered something of utmost value, but when compared to the nobles around her, she looked underdressed and plain. She wore nothing more than a subtle red dress covered with a black leather jacket, paired with black combat boots and matching gloves, no jewelry to be found except for the simple white earrings she wore in her lobes.
Her father had been less than pleased with her appearance, but stopped arguing when she announced she was leaving, the lord just happy she had at least agreed to go to the festival. She knew he was disappointed in her, annoyed that she wasn’t like the other noble ladies who loved to flaunt their luxurious lifestyles and bend to the every whim of the lords around them, looking to marry early for money and power. (Y/N) wouldn’t be surprised if the entire reason her father wanted her here was so she could possibly win over the affections of a single lord milling about, one that was rich and influential. It was for that possibility alone that (Y/N) had originally thought to wear something that made her look underdressed, having to swallow the bile that rose in her throat at the prospect of catching some snobby noble’s attention.
“Yeah, her name is (Y/N)! She’s the one right over there, I think she could use a good time.”
(Y/N)’s head snapped up when she heard her name, her eyes shooting over to where her friends were standing in a group in front of a large building. All of them were looking at her, covering their faces with their hands to hide their giggles. Dread filled her to the brim when she saw the sign in front of the building, her face paling in horror.
“That one, eh? I think we can arrange something like that,” the brothel owner said, a smug smile on his lips as he stared at her, his grin only widening as her cheeks flushed a brilliant red. “Don’t worry, I’ve got one in particular that could give you a good ride. He’s expensive since he’s my most popular, but he’s worth it.”
(Y/N) opened her mouth to argue, her cheeks on fire as her brain fought to think of something, anything to get her out of this situation. She didn’t want to fuck some random stranger for no reason, but she especially didn’t want to have sex in a brothel. She found them vulgar, repulsive, and horrible. The way they treated their “workers” was appalling. Just as the words finally reached the tip of her tongue, one of the girls she had come to the festival with cut off her impending argument.
“Damn, I’m jealous! If he’s that good I’m almost tempted to take him myself. But she needs this. She hasn’t loosened up the entire time we’ve been here and I think this might help. She’ll take him.”
The greasy man smiled and wrote her name down, happily accepting the roll of cash her friend handed him before getting up, supposedly to let the man know that he had another customer on the way. (Y/N) tried to escape when she could, but her friends rushed up and caught her before she could slip into the shadows, dragging her over to the brothel and shoving her towards an open door where the brothel owner stood, a creepy smile still plastered on his face.
“Guys! I don’t want this!” (Y/N) whispered frantically as she was dragged towards her doom.
“It doesn’t matter if you want it or not, you need it!” One of her friends said with a laugh. “Besides, you’re going to have a fun time. Don’t make us regret spending that money for you!”
(Y/N) was practically thrown into the room, stumbling as she fought to catch her balance, before the door was slammed shut behind her, the loud sound of the lock being latched reverberating around the room with the finality of a death toll. Huffing in anger, (Y/N) stood and brushed herself off, smoothing out her dress and straightening back up to her full height, fighting off the panic slithering up her spine.
A low groan of pain coming from behind her made her whirl around in surprise, her eyes landing on a shorter, pale skinned man with stunning silver eyes and raven black hair. Gods he looked pathetic. She could definitely tell he was attractive, it made sense now as to why he was a popular choice, but he looked sickly, his cheeks hollowed out, dark circles under his eyes, and a muscled yet neglected body starting to wear thin from years of hunger and constant overuse. The sight made her want to be sick. How could anybody be cruel enough to force themselves onto this obviously abused man? How could anyone willingly pay money to fuck him rather than help him?
“Um, hello,” (Y/N) said quietly. “W-What’s your name?”
The man raised an eyebrow, not used to the soft, kind, almost shy way she asked for his name. The women and occasional men he dealt with most of the time were demanding, controlling, and sadistic, knowing they paid for a man they could use, and their voices usually projected that. Yet, this woman looked as if she had been forced to do this, further supported by the way she had been nearly thrown into the room by whom he assumed was her friends.
“Levi,” he said quietly, waiting for the usual routine to start, no matter how much his gut twisted in disgust at the thought.
“Hi, Levi, I’m (Y/N).”
“(Y/N)...” Levi murmured softly, training himself to memorize it despite his swimming brain, knowing she would want him to scream it out later. Whether in pain or in pleasure, he wasn’t sure yet.
“Um…” (Y/N) was about to speak, her mind scrambling for something to say when her eye caught sight of a large bruise on his neck. Her eyes widened and suddenly started scanning his entire body, her stomach roiling more and more the longer she stared. Now that she was really paying attention, (Y/N) could see painful bites, hickeys, and splotchy bruises littering his neck, jaw, chest, and thighs. Her eyes narrowed on the long, bloody scratches running down the length of his chest and back, and she noticed blooming red patches of skin all over him that were raw and aching from being slapped hard and rough over and over again. 
He was wearing a loose pair of worn boxers as his only cover, and (Y/N) could only imagine what other horrors the thin cloth was hiding. Glancing down, she saw him shift uncomfortably, his boxers tented by his arousal. The sight made her growl in anger, knowing that to keep him going after he had already had so many customers for the day, a drug was being used to make him insatiable, forcing him past the point of pain and probably clouding his judgement and mental process as well. It made her want to go cut up the brothel owner and serve him to a pig.
Without thinking, (Y/N) rushed to him, reaching out to him, only to freeze when he flinched. She heard him curse at the involuntary movement, knowing it was his job to appear as unaffected and sexually appealing as possible, and it made her heart clench even harder, her hatred for this place and the people who ran it increasing tenfold.
Taking a deep breath, (Y/N) immediately slowed her movements, trying to appear as calm and unhurried as possible. Her gaze softened and glazed with unshed tears when he closed his eyes, his arms reaching out as he prepared for her to sit on his lap and have her way with him like she knew every other man and woman who used him did. Gritting her teeth against the fury she felt, she carefully slid her way across his thighs. She felt him force himself to relax under her as he leaned forward to let her kiss him.
When he felt nothing, and heard something click, Levi cracked open his eyes in curiosity, only to have them fly open all the way when he felt something cool and wet against his neck. Looking down at the woman in his arms, his lips parted in shock, watching in confused awe as she leaned back and soaked a small cloth in some water from a bottle, rinsing the fresh blood from the fabric. Looking to the side, he saw a small first aid kit by her feet, the container open to reveal a variety of medical tools inside.
(Y/N) leaned forward again, raising the towel to his neck to dab at his abrasions, washing them carefully, reverently, almost... lovingly. Levi opened and closed his mouth but no words came out as she continued to work on him, delicately cleaning his jaw and neck before carefully moving on to his chest. Was this some kind of strange ritual she always performed during sex? Did she just find him dirty and want to clean him up before putting her lips or her pussy on his skin? His mind was running a million miles a minute as she worked on him in silence, only pausing when he hissed quietly at the feeling of his gashes being washed.
(Y/N) frowned as she gently swiped the cloth along the red gouges in his skin. They were deep, most likely caused by the long, sharp nail extensions some ladies liked to wear, or the dull blade of a man with violent tendencies. It didn’t surprise her, a lot of the men and women who used people like this did have sadistic qualities, but it didn’t help to quell the now roaring fire in her blood, wanting nothing more than to fight against the injustice of this man.
“W-What are you doing?” Levi finally managed to ask.
“Cleaning your wounds.”
“Why? Is this some kind of-”
“Preparation? No. We aren’t going to do anything. I just want to help your injuries heal.”
Levi felt like his brain was full of static, like his mouth was stuffed with cotton. He wasn’t complaining, far from it, but he couldn’t get a reading on this woman. Why would she, a noble from the surface, want to help him, a hopeless whore from the Underground?
“Before you ask what my intentions are, I’m just going to tell you that I didn’t even want to do this. I was forced to come to this festival because my father wants me to become more of a proper noble woman. But since I wasn’t too thrilled about having to be here, the people I came with thought I could use an opportunity to loosen up, and paid for me to do this with you in the hopes that I’d start having fun with them afterwards. But I have no intention of doing any of that. I hate how everyone in the Underground is treated like shit, and the last thing I want to do is take advantage of someone who obviously isn’t in control of his situation. I just want to help.”
Levi closed his mouth, all of his protests dying on his tongue. He still had questions, a lot of them, but he decided those could wait, her explanation making him feel surprisingly relaxed for someone who had trained himself to never take the word of a noble at face value. He had never met anyone like her. Even before he was forced to whore himself out, all he had ever known of nobles was their complete lack of humility and egotistical sense of self-importance. 
It was silent for a moment, but this time, the silence was more comfortable, both of them starting to relax a little as (Y/N) continued to patch him up. Levi felt himself loosen up a bit, his muscles unwinding as his hands settled on her waist, keeping her securely balanced on his lap as she worked. Pride swirled in (Y/N)’s chest as she felt his tense muscles soften, her eyes sparkling as she started to work her way towards earning his trust.
“What’s your happiest memory?” (Y/N) asked suddenly.
Levi quirked an eyebrow in suspicion, “Why should I tell you, brat?”
“You don’t have to if you don’t want to,” (Y/N) said, shaking her head and stifling a giggle at the nickname. “I only asked because I figured we may as well talk while we do this. Not only that, I feel like you could use some happiness right now. But I don’t want to make you uncomfortable, so if you don’t want to talk to me, you don’t have to.”
Levi was silent for a minute, the cogs in his mind turning as he tried to make what he believed to be the right decision despite the fog clouding his judgement. Just as she had promised, (Y/N) waited patiently, not pressuring him to answer, or even bringing up another question. She merely sat in silence, her clear (e/c) eyes narrowed on his injuries as she worked to make him feel better.
“There was a time when I was with my friend Farlan, a few years back. We were doing a job, trying to get rid of a troublesome merchant for a client of ours when we found out the merchant had a cat. We were hiding around the corner, waiting to strike when that damn cat jumped up onto Farlan’s lap. I’m fine with cats, but that was the day we found out Farlan had some kind of allergy to them. He was trying to hold back his sneezes but finally lost control right when the merchant came around the corner, and Farlan ended up sneezing really violently in his face. That merchant got so scared he must’ve jumped at least three feet in the air, and even managed to piss himself before he took off. We still had to finish him off later, but in that moment, when Farlan was mortified and our target was running for the hills because of a cat induced sneeze, I couldn’t help but laugh a little.”
(Y/N) had paused in her work to listen to him, and couldn’t help but smile when he finished his story. Going back to work, (Y/N) didn’t ask what happened to Farlan, not wanting to drag him back down after she had finally gotten him to talk to her, about something so personal no less.
“What about you?” Levi asked.
“Hmm, I think I’d have to say when I got my horse for my birthday,” (Y/N) said. “I was never around the horses, wasn’t allowed to be in the barn because it wasn’t “proper for a lady”. But I loved them, loved seeing them on the streets when other nobles would come visit my father or when the soldiers from the Survey Corps would come back from a mission. I couldn’t stay away, so no matter how much my father tried to squash my love of them, it just wouldn’t happen. My mother eventually convinced him to let it go, and surprised me with a little chestnut filly that I named Sashay when I was about sixteen years old. Now, she’s my best friend. We’ve been through everything together, and she’s the only one who doesn’t try to force me to be something I’m not. Aside from the royal guards, I guess. They learned a long time ago to stop trying to get me to sit still and look pretty when I beat all of them in the sword fighting ring.”
Levi’s brows shot up into his hair at that, his lips parting in surprise. “You know how to sword fight?”
(Y/N) chuckled. “Yeah, not what you were expecting, huh?”
“No,” Levi said. “I’ve never heard of a noble woman who could fight, let alone with a blade. Are you any good?”
“I tend to think so, but that all depends on who I’m up against,” (Y/N) said with a cheeky smile.
For some reason, Levi couldn’t help but smile back for the first time in years. His lips felt chapped and strained from disuse, but it felt good, a light feeling flooding his chest with warmth. “You said earlier that your horse’s name is Sashay,” Levi said, suddenly changing the topic.
“Mm hm.”
“That’s weird.”
(Y/N) giggled at his bluntness, making another fluttering feeling swirl in his chest. He had never met anyone other than Farlan who saw his language as something other than rude.
“Yeah, I suppose so,” (Y/N) said. “But I named her that because she is a sassy chestnut mare. I like to imagine that if she were human, she’d be someone you wouldn’t want to mess with, someone who wouldn’t take shit from anyone, but would do so with a spicy attitude. So I named her accordingly.”
Levi huffed a laugh at her response but almost immediately regretted it when the movement of his chest caused the rough gauze at her fingertips to brush against his injuries a little harder than before, the stinging sensation making him hiss in pain.
“Sorry!” (Y/N) said, quickly retracting her hands and holding them up, waiting for him to give her the signal to continue.
“Not your fault,” Levi mumbled, motioning that it was alright for her to get back to work. “Thank you, by the way. I don’t think I said that before.”
(Y/N) shook her head. “You don’t have to thank me. I want to do this.”
Levi wanted to ask her why but remembered what she had told him at the start of this and decided to trust her word, swallowing the question and instead changing topics. “Why do you even have this? Do you always just carry a first aid kit around?”
“Only when I come to the Underground. I want to have it available for those who really need it.”
“You do know that at least half of the people down here would kill you without a second thought to get to that medicine. Or they’d kill you if they thought you were pitying them.”
“I know, but I’d like to think I can handle myself a bit more than the average person. Even so, I usually keep it hidden unless I really want or need to use it on someone, and it’s only for quick patch-ups anyway. I can’t really fix anything major.”
(Y/N) finally finished with his front and carefully slid off of his thighs, moving slowly to begin working on his back. She made sure he was okay with everything she was doing before settling herself down onto the edge of the bed behind him, her hands reaching up to start her work once more.
Levi wanted to know more about her. He felt as if he could talk to her for hours, as if he had known her for years. He wanted to know what made her laugh, what made her cry, what her vision was for the future. It was insane, so much so that Levi idly wondered if he’d fallen off the deep end. But he couldn’t deny it. She was just too intriguing, so surprisingly kind, so genuine.
What was your childhood like? What are your favorite things to do? Do you come down here often? When will I see you again?
The questions continued to rattle around in Levi’s head as they once again lapsed into a comfortable silence but he forced all of them back, not wanting to seem either too desperate to get to know her, or be seen as coming on too strong.
After debating with himself for a while, Levi finally settled on, “You’ve mentioned your father a lot, and how he doesn’t want you to be yourself.”
(Y/N) tensed a little, her face twisted in a grimace behind Levi’s back. “Yeah… he used to be better about it, but ever since my mother died, he’s been like a tyrant. He’s upset he didn’t get a son in the first place, but now that he’s stuck with me for a daughter, he’s even more disappointed that I’m not someone he can easily make profits off of by marrying me off to someone. Not only have I been adamant about not allowing it, but no nobleman wants a woman who can think for herself. A woman who can ride a horse, go toe to toe with her soldiers, has an opinion, and is knowledgeable about current conflicts. They want someone who will dress up all pretty for them and be in bed, ready to satisfy them when they get home from gambling and drinking all day while sitting on their parents’ money.”
Levi scoffed and (Y/N) huffed in agreement. “I’m just not that kind of person. Every suitor that has ever met me has run away from my casual attire and sailor’s mouth.”
“Your father wasn’t like this when your mother was alive?” Levi asked.
“He was, but he wasn’t as bad. My parents were in an arranged marriage, but they got along alright. At least my father loved my mother enough to listen to her most of the time when she told him to lay off of me. I honestly think she’s the reason why I have such a strong fighting spirit.”
“I’m sorry she’s gone,” Levi said awkwardly, not used to providing words of comfort.
“Thanks,” (Y/N) said genuinely, a warm smile gracing her beautiful features.
“I didn’t know my mother that well,” Levi said haltingly, still unsure why he felt comfortable telling her about things he hadn’t even talked to Farlan about. “She died of a disease when I was four years old. She was a prostitute, like me, so I never knew my father. When she died, I was picked up by a man named Kenny, who I thought might’ve been my father for a short while, but as I grew older, I realized he wasn’t. I don’t have any proof, I just know. When he abandoned me at ten, I was alone for a few years before I met Farlan.”
“So… you didn’t get stuck doing this because of your mother?” (Y/N) asked carefully, almost afraid to ask in case it made him shy away from her.
“No,” Levi said slowly. “I was twenty years old when I was caught stealing from a rich friend of this brothel owner. I had made a mistake and there was no way out. He figured out who I was, a thug who was known at the time for carrying out favors for people, whether that meant stealing or killing depended on how much they were willing to pay. Unfortunately, this led them to Farlan, and he gave me a choice. Me, or my best and only friend.”
“And you chose to save your friend at the expense of yourself,” (Y/N) finished for him in a hoarse whisper, filled with horror and unbridled fury at what this man had been through. She figured she should’ve been alarmed, he had just admitted that he had blood on his hands. He was a thief, a thug, a criminal, a murderer. But (Y/N) knew those things were nearly requirements for living in the Underground and no matter how she thought about it, she couldn’t think of anything that would make this man deserve what he was going through.
(Y/N) opened her mouth to say something just as she put the last bandage in place when a loud pounding on the door startled them both. “Time’s up, you two!” The brothel owner shouted through the door.
(Y/N) shot up from the bed and rushed around to where the water and first aid kit sat, quickly packing up the little box of supplies and splashing her face with water, trying to make herself look sweaty enough to look convincing. Once everything had been packed away, (Y/N) stood and shrugged off her leather jacket, throwing it to him.
“Here, take this, it’ll keep your boss from seeing the bandages and trying to get rid of them. It’ll also give your injuries a little more protection from the bacteria in this room.”
Levi wanted to refuse, tell her he couldn’t accept a gift like this, even if it was temporary, but no words would come out as he watched the beautiful woman in front of him mess up her hair and swipe her fingers across her lips, trying to make herself look as wrecked as possible. When she finally looked the part enough to seem convincing, (Y/N) made her way to the door, turning one last time before she opened it to throw him a wink and a sweet smile.
“~Goodbye Levi, I hope we can see each other again soon.”
The lilt in her voice was fake, an act for anyone who may be listening on the other side of the door, meant to be taken as a sickly promise of more sexual endeavors to come, but he could feel the genuine emotion in her statement.
“I hope so too,” Levi said quietly after she had already left, the once comforting quiet of his room now making him feel lonely and empty.
Tumblr media
The sound of pounding on his door woke Levi abruptly, making the raven-haired man growl in anger and annoyance. It was rare that the poor man got to sleep, not only because customers could come in at almost any time, day or night, but also because of the horrible insomnia that often plagued him. It made him even more irritable to be woken up, his body sore and his mind groggy as another round of pounding roused him further and prompted him to swing his legs over the side of the small cot he was provided when not busy fucking, and make his way to the door.
“What?” Levi snapped when he swung open the door, genuinely surprised that the pig who owned him hadn’t just burst into his room like he always did, raving about yet another customer for Levi.
“Get your shit, you’re going to the surface.”
Levi blinked. This had to be some kind of joke. The brothel owner never let anyone under his foot leave the brothel, let alone the Underground. Even the highest class noble women couldn’t request for him to come to them, the old man not trusting his prostitutes to be sent back. Especially Levi.
“Oi, your ears gone to shit now? Grab your pathetic bullshit and get out of my sight,” the man snarled, his small, watery eyes narrowed on Levi like he was the scum of the world.
Shaking himself out of it, Levi didn’t hesitate for another moment, rushing back into his room to grab the pitifully few things he had with him, including the leather jacket he had gotten from (Y/N), draping it over his shoulders to hide his healing injuries just in case it was a trick. The festival was still going on afterall, this could just be some ruse the old man set up to make the experience more interesting for the men and women who paid for him.
When Levi returned, the man pulled a gun from his jacket pocket and jerked his head, signaling Levi to follow him. Levi knew better than to risk running. In his full health he could’ve easily escaped from the man’s clutches, but with little more than a half hour of rest, his injured body, weak muscles, and the remnants of the drugs still working through his system, Levi didn’t trust himself to outrun a bullet, and knew the pig wouldn’t hesitate to fire, no matter how valuable Levi was to him. 
Even though Levi kept expecting the brothel owner to turn down a secluded street and lead him right into an ambush or trick of some sort, he never did, leading Levi right to the stairs exiting the Underground. When they reached the guards at the base of the stairs, the man took two slips of paper from the inner pocket of his worn brown coat and showed it to the guard. When he was cleared to continue on, the brothel owner turned and motioned for Levi to stay close as he stomped his way up the stairs, grumbling incoherently to himself all the while.
Breaching the surface, Levi brought an arm to his face, shielding his eyes from the intensity of the sun as it attacked his face with warm, bright light. He eventually got used to it, slowly lowering his arm and rushing to catch up with his boss, who was impatiently grunting for him to hurry up.
Passing through what appeared to be a busy market square, Levi followed the brothel owner along the lively cobblestone streets until they reached a quieter part of the town, stopping along the edge of a beautiful flower field, the grassy meadow filled with colorful blossoms that secretly took Levi’s breath away.
The sound of horse hooves caught his attention, and Levi looked up only to have the air fly from his lungs when (Y/N)’s bright face came into view, the stunning woman seated astride whom he assumed to be Sashay and flanked by two armed men.
“Right on time,” the brothel owner grumbled, his little pig eyes narrowing when he saw her passive aggressive smile.
“Of course I’m on time, this is my deal, remember?”
“Yeah, yeah,” the man growled. “Are you sure you want this one? He’s my most popular, I’d hate to lose him.”
“Yes, he’s the one I want. Besides, I believe the money I’ve paid you has far exceeded the profit you have earned from having him around. I’m sure you will be able to manage.”
The man sneered at her but didn’t respond, using the muzzle of the gun to push Levi forward and digging in his pocket to fish out the same pieces of paper he had shown the guards on the stairs, handing them to (Y/N).
“Thank you, sir. I believe we are done here.”
The brothel owner slunk off, casting dark looks at her but refusing to argue as he hunkered off to head back down to the Underground, where he would continue to rot like the rat he was. Levi watched him go before turning to (Y/N), surprised by the bright smile she flashed him when he met her gaze.
“(Y/N)? What’s going on?”
(Y/N) smiled even wider and held up the pieces of paper she had been handed. One of them was the file labeling him as a slave to the brothel owner, keeping him from escaping, and the other was a bill of sale. His eyes widened when he saw her signature on the bottom of both pages, officially registering her as his new owner. He opened his mouth, about to speak when she took both pages in her hands and ripped them in half, letting the torn pages float onto the street below, forgotten, useless.
“There, you’re free now.”
Levi was at a loss for words, his mouth gaping open. “(Y/N)? What-”
“Before you ask me what my intentions are, I’m just going to tell you that I couldn’t stop thinking about you. I couldn’t stop thinking about your life, your sacrifice, your pain, and I decided I could do something about it. You are human, and damn it, you are an important one! I couldn’t just leave you there. Now, you won’t have to work for anyone but yourself. You won’t have to cater to anyone else’s needs and you can fulfill whatever dreams you have.”
“But, that must’ve cost you a fortune, to cover more than the amount of money he’s made off of using me? What about-”
“You don’t have to worry about me, Levi. I want to use my funds for good, put them towards the people who need it the most. That includes you. Especially you. I couldn’t bear the thought of you having to stay in that shit hole for even a second longer than necessary.”
“What do I do now, then?” Levi asked, trying to focus on keeping his voice steady.
“Well, you can do whatever you want now. You’re a free man, you can find a house and settle down somewhere, or you can go back to the Underground and pick up your life where you left off. You can join the military, or you can start a small business here in the square. It’s anything you want. You get to choose your life now.”
“And what if I don’t want to do any of those things?”
(Y/N) couldn’t help the smile that flashed across her face then, her heart filling with warmth. “Like I said, it’s your choice, you can do whatever you want, carve your own path, but if you want to come with me, you’re always welcome to.”
Levi’s lip twitched and he took a step forward, reaching up to pat Sashay’s muzzle as he got closer. “Alright, I’ll follow you.”
(Y/N) beamed before turning around to nod at each one of her guards, dismissing them. When they had left, presumably returning to (Y/N)’s family estate, she reached down for him, her hand extended for him to take. Placing his rough palm into her warm hand, he allowed her to help him up into the saddle behind her, his arms wrapping around her waist to keep himself secure as (Y/N) kicked Sashay into an easy canter. Sighing blissfully, Levi let himself relax, his chin coming down to rest on (Y/N)’s shoulder as they made their way home, together.
Levi had never expected to see the day when he would willingly go with a noble, but then again, he never thought he’d ever meet a noble like (Y/N). Now, as he felt her warmth soak into his chest, he knew he’d made the right decision.
Levi finally felt the remnant effects of the drugs in his system fade away as the sun beams broke through the fluffy clouds in the sky, leaving his mind clear. He was making this decision all on his own, nothing left to impair his judgement, and no matter what, he knew he would never regret the path he chose to take just so long as (Y/N) stayed by his side.
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Releasing Tensions
Pairing: Wanda Maximoff x Reader 
Requested by @imnotasuperhero​ aka Boo! <3 x
“SMUTTY REQUEST! SMUTTY REQUEST!✨ SMUUUTTY TIIMEEE ✨Reader decides to go out by herself to disconnect from the ugly month she had at work with the hopes to release some stress by the end of the night. Insert civilian!Wanda and smut and hdjahdhHDKSHSJA LET THE MAGIC HAPPEN! 😂😂😂”
Warning: 18+ NSFW Smut Smut Smut!
A/N: Thank you to my gals @onceuponamadz​ and @missmonsters2​ for helping me edit this piece of rubbish!  😂 <3
Gif owner - @darthvadear​
Tumblr media
Releasing Tensions 
The room is filled with the successfully rich, who carry champagne flutes in hand as the music plays loud throughout the large room. The top of Stark Tower has been known for its lavish parties, especially after a win for the Avengers team, which leads you to wonder why you are even here in the first place. Sure, you were friends with Sam way before he became the Falcon and have still continued to stay in touch even after his new superhero status, but this environment was way out of your comfort zone, preferring to drink a couple of beers down at the crappy bar downtown and throwing some darts for a few betting bucks. 
You stand wrapping your arms around yourself as you watch the scene in front of you play out by the lift entrance, your eyes searching out for your friend. You had spoken to Sam earlier on in the day when he stopped by the coffee shop you work at. 
“You make the best coffee, Y/N,” he would always say. You would roll your eyes at his dramatic antics, knowing that Stark Tower probably had the best coffee shop in the world on the ground floor. 
You smile, thinking about your friend and his concern for you once he spotted the dark circles underneath your eyes as he took in your tired state. His funny demeanour changed into concern as he asked how you were. You had ended up answering him honestly after he gave you that look, which left no room for arguments; the man has had veterans tell him their deepest secrets before, and you were no exception to that look. Work had become stressful, your shifts had gotten longer, and you had deadlines for college due in, and the money you were earning was just barely getting you by. He had offered you his old place since he still had it under his name after moving into the tower, but you had declined his offer, for now, not wanting to invade his private home, which he still uses when he needs a break from his new life. 
“Y/N!” that familiar voice that calls your name makes you flush with embarrassment as you spot Sam waving over at you from his spot at the pool table. Steve sheepishly smiles over as he notices your embarrassment from Sam yelling your name halfway across the room, gaining attention from many party-goers. You weave through the crowd making your way over to the pair. Sam meets you in the middle and squeezes you tight to him. 
“I’m glad you decided to join the party, Squirt.” he greets, wrapping his arm around your shoulder as he guides you over to Steve and his mysterious friend, who remains quiet just off the side of the pool table. 
‘This must be Bucky,’ you summarised, remembering the many times Sam had moaned on about the guy. 
Sam helps you out of your coat as Steve passes you a beer, giving you a brief hug in greeting before introducing you to Bucky, who smiles in acknowledgment. You take a quick sip of the cold liquid and try to relax as you start up a conversation with Sam and his soldier friends. Natasha joins sometime after offering you all tequila shots, which you glare at her for. You had grown fond of the Russian who is usually known for her cold and calculated nature; that is if you haven’t gotten drunk in a tiny apartment with her while playing Russian roulette before. The stress of the month seems to slowly fade into the background as you enjoy the company of the supers, laughing at their back and forth banter and enjoying Bucky’s company, who seems to have loosened up as the night went on as he roasts Sam once more. 
“Watch it, Winter Bunny,” Sam warns before taking a shot aiming to shoot the 8ball into the socket. You laugh at his grumpy state before shivering slightly as a weird feeling of electricity tingles down your spine as if sensing a powerful presence. You frown and look around subtly as you feel eyes on you but shrug the feeling off when you can’t seem to find the source of that feeling, continuing with your conversation with Natasha beside you. 
“Well if it isn’t the best coffee maker around,” Clint’s voice booms as he saunters over with Bruce in tow. You turn at the nickname you’ve been given by the team and freeze when you feel that same electricity again, your eyes seeking out the woman that stands slightly behind Clint, her eyes already fixated on your form. Clint moves to hug you close as you pat his back, smiling at the older archer. 
“Hey Hawkeye, Bruce.” you nod and smile at the doctor, knowing his boundaries when it comes to physical touch. Your attention turns to the auburn-haired woman next to Clint, who has a deep smirk graced upon her lips. 
“Hi, I’m Wanda. You must be Y/N, I’ve heard a lot about you and your coffee,” she teases, holding her hand out for you to hold. You laugh at that, reaching across to hold her hand. That familiar sensation erupts again across your body as your skin makes contact with hers, the witch’s thumb brushing softly against your hand, making you resist the urge to shiver. 
“It’s nice to finally meet you, Wanda,” you mutter, feeling suddenly shy in her presence, watching as her eyes sparkle with delight. 
This is going to be fun. 
The night continues on as the rest of the Avengers move over towards the pool table area, enjoy the party as it continues below. You grin as Wanda speaks close to you, your heads an inch away from each other as you listen to her stories over the thudding music. 
“So, I’ve never seen you at these parties before. If I had I‘m sure I would have remembered you,” she flirts lightly, smiling at your blushing state. 
“It’s not really my scene, Sam kinda dragged me out here tonight. He says it would be a good stress reliever,” you explain, rolling your eyes in good nature about your friend as Wanda nods in agreement. 
“It does help relax you. I’ve learnt to enjoy these small moments, we’re always fighting evil… it’s nice to do something so-” 
“American I was going to say,” she jokes, making you laugh out loud at her comment. The tempo of the music changes into something slow and sensual as Sam and Clint decide to show off their ‘Magic Mike’ moves on the dancefloor below. You watch from the couch you are sat on in amusement, as Wanda grins next to you, a soft hand touches your bicep, gaining your attention. 
“Dancing is also a great way to relieve stress,” she hints, a mischievous sparkle in her eyes. You go to protest, but her wide eyes and pout make you sigh in defeat at your expression. Wanda beams at her small win and stands, pulling you up from the sofa and leading you towards the dancefloor. The tempo slows again as the lights dim into a deep blue making Wanda’s eyes stand out as small wisps of red swirls around her iris. 
“Do you trust me?” The question seems so silly after only meeting a few hours ago, but your head nods before you can process any further. Wanda places her hands against your hips spinning you around on the spot allowing your back to brush softly against her front; her lips press close to your ear. 
“Relax, Sladost (sweetness). Allow the music to guide you,” she whispers. Her warm breath grazes against your skin as your eyes begin to flutter shut. The vibrations under your feet awaken your entire body, allowing you to loosen up, swaying your hips in time with the beat, the light pressure of Wanda’s hands against your hips giving you the only physical awareness outside of your trance. 
“That’s a good girl,” she praises, pulling you in closer to her. Hands move from your hips to graze along your forearm and towards your hand, gently guiding them to wrap around her neck as her lips draw closer towards your neck. Her lips barely touch the salty skin as her fingers trail down the arm wrapped loosely around Wanda. Your hips sway as you descend down the length of Wanda’s front before ascending up, turning your face to view her darkened expression. Even with the high volume music, you can hear her rapid breathing as if struggling within the intoxicating air that you’ve created around yourselves. Fully turning to face her, you allow your forehead to press against hers. A bead of sweat pours near your temple as the room becomes warmer with the growing number of bodies on the dance floor. You fight the urge to gasp as you watch Wanda’s eyes glow a deep red, a powerful contrast to the dim dark blue lights that cover the dancefloor area. 
“Are you feeling more relaxed now, Detka?” her native tongue drawls close to your lips; overwhelmed with arousal, you can only nod in return licking your lips as she grins wickedly at you. 
“I’ve heard orgasms do wonders for stress,” you blurt out before you can think, your eyes widening at your thoughtless words. Wanda’s eyes sparkle with glee as she smiles a predator-like smile. 
“Oh my darling dove, you have no idea,” she murmurs, amusement mixed with arousal evident within her voice. You shiver at the term of endearment before biting your lip playfully. 
“Take me to bed.” 
Without another word, Wanda pulls you flush against her side as she weaves through the crowd of people that are too drunk to realize the tension that surrounds them. Just as the elevator doors open to allow you in, the faint sound of Sam's voice reaches your ears, making you both turn to find the bewildered Falcon, his eyes taking in your close proximity with the witch before shaking his head as if riding a thought. 
“Were you just going to leave and go home alone?” He asks, worried. You flush as you go to respond, but Wanda steps forward, still keeping a protective arm around your waist. 
“Don’t worry Sam, I’ll look after her.” her double meaning goes unnoticed by your friend as he nods, looking relieved before becoming distracted by an arm-wrestling competition between Clint and Natasha. 
The elevator door closes, filtering out the party music as Wanda turns towards you forcing your back flush against the elevator mirror. 
“Now where were we?” she mutters, her lips brushing softly against your own. 
Rushed hands feel for soft warm skin as you both fight for dominance, tangled in a passionate kiss as Wanda guides you through into her bedroom. Her fingers itch to rid the only piece of material that’s preventing her access to your body as you attempt to do the same, the witch makes quick work at removing your clothing leaving you bare with only your panties left on show the cold air hitting your skin making you shiver. Her hands land onto your hips as she gently pushes you towards the bed landing softly on top of the mattress with a small bounce, her dark eyes take in your form beneath her as she hovers above you, her auburn hair framing her face. 
“Lie back sweet girl,” she instructs, her voice soft and laced with arousal. You silently obey her instructions and move further up the bed relaxing into the satin covers. 
Eyes lock with one another as Wanda slowly removes the remaining pieces of clothing from her frame. Watching as her nipples perk from the coldness of the room, as she proceeds to crawl towards you her skin barely brushing against your own from above. As she ascends further up towards your face, warm lips press light kisses onto your stomach and towards your sternum, her teasing breath blowing gently onto your breasts making you gasp at the new sensation before finally capturing your lips with her own. Her teeth capture your bottom lip making you gasp slightly granting her access to trace her tongue along your own, tangling and fighting for dominance. You moan at the feel of her skin against your own as you continue to explore each other’s mouths before becoming distracted by the soft touch of Wanda’s fingers tracing every inch of skin she can get a hold of and what she can’t touch with her fingers her lips find instead. Her fingers trace southwards as she pulls your panties to the side and circles your sweet spot with the pad of her index finger, moaning in unison as she curves a finger into your entrance, rubbing against your walls coaxing your arousal to build. 
“Wanda!” You whimper, half-heartedly. Making her chuckle breathlessly before moving her mouth moves towards your sensitive nipple, swirling her tongue around the swollen nub. Your hands thread through her auburn hair, keeping her head close to your breasts as she continues to pump her fingers into your needing heat, stroking at your sweet spot making you cry out. Bring her face towards your own with two hands you kiss her roughly while she slows down her movements, dragging out your pleasure. You watch in astonishment as her eyes turn a blood red but before you could question the change in colour, a strong wave of pleasure hits your core making you cry out. The waves of sensation hitting one after the other, faint sparks of red surrounding you both..
Her head travels south, leaving wet trails of kisses along your glistening body as she drags your panties down your legs throwing them to the floor before finally flickering the tips of her tongue against your swollen clit, making you jolt at the electricity of desire that causes low within your navel. Leaning your head against the headboard, you surrender yourself to your pleasure allowing her mouth and fingers to work their magic on your responsive body. The tension builds low within your stomach making you clench harder around her fingers, your legs squeezing slightly against either side of her head making her chuckle softly against your clit, the vibrations along with her magic increases the buildup of arousal soaring through your body. Your mouth gapes wide at your silent cry of pleasure as you reach your peak, sagging heavily against the headboard as Wanda continues to drag out your orgasm making sure to take every ounce of pleasure from you. She cooed gently against your glistening pussy pressing a kiss on either inner thigh before crawling back up your body and kissing you softly allowing you to taste yourself from her tongue. 
“Are you feeling more relaxed, Detka?” she asks, her body still hovering over you as her hands hold tightly to the headboard behind you. You grin still in a daze before nodding in reply, the Scarlet Witch chuckles lightly at your muted response. While you have her distracted you quickly loop your arm around her waist and turn her onto her back positioning yourself above her taking in her shocked face, grinning smugly. 
“Now it’s time to return the favour,” 
Her lips crashing with your own is the only reply. 
“I dunno Sam, they looked pretty close on the dancefloor last night," Bucky teases, sharing an amused look with Steve in the communal kitchen of Avengers tower. Steve stands by the coffee machine with his arms crossed as he observes his friend. Sam sits tensed at the table as he glares at Bucky.
"Shut up, man," he grumbles, before taking a bite of his scrambled eggs. Nat remains silent throughout the exchange knowing that the elevator arrow lit upwards heading for the Avengers private quarters rather than down to the lobby last night as Wanda escorted you out of the party.
"Y/N is Wanda's type," Clint jumps in, chuckling as Sam throws an orange in his direction narrowly missing the Archer's head.
"Steve tell them man, Y/N isn't into-"
"Girls?" Bucky questions, cutting Sam off from his sentence. 
"No! Superheroes, mutants, that kinda thing. Her last girlfriend was so ordinary and dull, honestly she can do much better," he explains, grabbing his glass of orange juice from the table. 
"Hey Wanda, I wasn't sure if this was the right-" you freeze, in place as you take in the small group of Avengers that stand before you as Sam who seems to have spilt the entire content of Orange Juice down his shirt, chokes. 
"Y/N!" He exclaims, his wide eyes taking in your appearance. You slowly follow his visual trail gaping as you take in Wanda's long shirt suddenly realising the audience that seems to be getting a nice view of your bare legs. 
"I uh- I can explain?" 
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joonscypher · 3 months ago
That’s All She Wrote | KNJ
Tumblr media
ლ Summary: It’s been nearly 5 years since Namjoon left you behind to pursue his dreams and he’s thought about you every day since. When his now-famous band goes on their first world tour, he finds himself at your doorstep. Only now you have another man in your life that isn’t him, but Namjoon’s still very much in love with you. He’s got the fame and the fortune, but more than anything, he wishes he also had you.
ლ Pairing: Rockstar!Namjoon x Female!Reader
ლ Rating: PG-13
ლ Genre: Angst, childhood lovers to exes au, rockband!au
ლ Warnings: Profanity (and a very sad Namjoon 😭)
ლ Words: 8.3k
ლ A/N: This was written for the Not a Phase collab! Thank you to Mo @suhdays​ for hosting the collab! I had a lot of fun choosing a song from my childhood lol. The song that inspired this is “She’s Got a Boyfriend Now” by Boys Like Girls.
Also thank you to Mo for making this amazing banner! She literally chose the perfect Namjoon that my brain was envisioning for this. And thank you soooo much to @justasparkwritings​ for being my magnificent beta! I couldn’t have made it make sense with you Louise!! 🖤
ლ Tagging: @imanerdychubbyqueen​ @secretlycrazyhummingbird​ @stigmaluvr​ @tae2litty @moonlitmyg​ @betysotelo18​ @bobbyboops​ @afangirllikeme-blog​ @kwanisms​ @uwu-yifan​ @xiaokoo​ @xxluckydreamsxx​ @silveyes​ @bang-woolssi​ @rooo-tah​ @jalexad​ @jungkookforpresident​ @hodginss​ @oopsthi​ @minyg-agd2 @limited-edition-teddy-bear​ @sugamonster22​ @i-am-invisible-for-you​ @lochness-butmakeitsexy​ @introambition​ @ggukkieland​ @milk-and-moni​
“Class, say hello to our new exchange student, Y/n.” The homeroom teacher motioned to the new girl at the front of the class, and Namjoon couldn’t take his eyes off you. It was halfway into the first year of high school, so a new student was a surprise. Namjoon’s best friend Hoseok commented something of the like from next to him, but that’s not why Namjoon was staring at you.
“Hi, I’m Y/n. My parents just moved here from the United States.”
“Wow! Your Korean is so good!” The teacher complimented, impressed by your fluency. Your round cheeks heated up as you smiled back at her bashfully.
“I took it as a language in my old school for a few years.”
“Impressive! Well, you can go ahead and take a seat next to…” the teacher trailed off as her eyes scanned the room before they landed on Namjoon. “Namjoon! Kim Namjoon, raise your hand!”
Sheepishly, Namjoon stuck his hand in the air, and he watched as you walked over and slid into the seat next to him.
“Okay, Namjoon, you can put your hand down,” The teacher said, making everyone in the room laugh. His hand shot down to his side, not even having realized he left it up. A small smile played on your lips as you made eye contact with him. He returned the smile, dimples on full display.
Namjoon spent the rest of the morning sneaking glances at you every chance he got. He observed the way you wrote, the way you spoke, and the way you carried yourself. He made mental notes of every little thing you did and psyched himself up, so that come lunchtime, he could ask you to eat with him and his friends.
When the lunch bell rang, and everyone rushed to pack up and leave the classroom, you lagged, not having any lunch plans to get to and no idea where to even go.
“Hey, uh, Y/n?” Namjoon’s voice from next to you had you flushing as you forced yourself to look at him. He was the type of handsome that had you hyper-aware of everything you did around him.
“Do you want to come to have lunch with my friends and me? You can say no if you don’t want to!” A blush spread across his cheeks, looking away as he anticipated you'd turn him down.
“Okay.” You squeaked back after taking a few seconds to process his words. You both stared at each other, almost nervous about making a move.
Hoseok calling Namjoon’s name from the hallway broke the silence between you. You gathered your lunchbox and fell in step beside Namjoon as you met Hoseok and two of their older friends, Yoongi and Seokjin. The five of you headed outside to eat, you and Namjoon still feel shy, but he was hopeful he could get over that and get to know you much better.
Tumblr media
“Holy shit, I’m exhausted!” Jimin huffs, throwing himself onto the green room couch. The rest of the band files in, finding various spots in the room to sit. Tonight’s show was incredibly tiring, with them performing four encore songs instead of the typical two.
“I’m ready for bed,” Jungkook yawns, drumsticks still in hand.
“No sleep yet, boys! I’ve got news!” Hoseok’s boisterous voice cuts through the fatigued room.
“Hoseok, it’s nearly midnight. You’re way too excited, even for you.” Yoongi grumbles from the spot he’s decided to occupy on the floor.
“Oh, you’re gonna be excited when you hear this!” Hoseok, their best friend and band manager, makes a show of standing in the middle of the room and clearing his throat. “While you guys were up on stage, I was on the phone with the label’s tour manager, right.”
“And?” Seokjin asks as he wipes down his guitar.
“We have our first-ever world tour!”
“What?!” The band asks in unison.
“You heard me! We leave in two weeks! I’m talking about Japan, France, the U.K, and North America! I’ll have the full list of where we’re going in the morning, but this is it!” The room’s mood changes instantly from one of tiredness to an electric excitement all seven men share. They’ve done plenty of shows in South Korea, a few in Japan, and some scattered small things in the U.S., but never an entire world tour.
When Beyond the Scene took off six years ago, they were just a bunch of boys who worked to make it in the pop-rock scene instead of going to college. Instead of studying for entrance exams, they practiced their songs and made up scenarios for when they’d make it big. Their big break came from YouTube when one of their music videos just so happened to take off, and people talked about it on every social media platform.
From there, an indie label signed them, then a few years later, a more prominent label picked them up. This resulted in music festivals and brand deals. The band had even flown to America two years ago to be featured in a magazine and do a photoshoot, but a world tour was the opportunity most of them had been yearning for, and now it’s here.
Even though the excitement and the satisfaction with this next milestone, Namjoon’s mind immediately goes to you. He knows where you go to school - thanks to social media and the occasional text conversation - but he’s never had the chance to take the time to see you since he lost you. Until what seems like now, that is. He just needs to build the courage to do it.
Tumblr media
“So, Hoseok is our manager, I play rhythm guitar and rap, Seokjin-hyung plays lead guitar, and Yoongi-hyung plays keyboard. Taehyung plays the bass and also does backing vocals, Jungkook plays drums and does vocals and Jiminie here is our lead singer!” Namjoon ruffled Jimin’s hair, then quickly flashed you a smile.
You’ve been friends with Namjoon for a few months and were just now meeting his band as a whole. You’ve hung out with him, Hoseok, Yoongi, and Seokjin plenty, but since the other three boys are younger, you didn’t see them as often. They’ve all mentioned their band around you in passing, and you were already impressed with how organized they were for a group of high school and middle school boys.
“Well play me a song already!” You bounced excitedly on the bench you were occupying. Seokjin’s parents were powerful (and wealthy) enough to get the school administration to let the boys practice in the school gym a few days after classes were over.
“We can do that for you.” Namjoon nodded. The band chatted amongst themselves for a bit before taking their places at their instruments. Hoseok came over and plopped on the bench next to you.
“They’re going to do a song Namjoon wrote.” He told you and you turned to give all your attention to the band.
Jungkook counted off the beat with his drumsticks before he began playing, eyes slipping closed as he found his rhythm. Yoongi’s fingers flew across the keyboard next, then Seokjin and Namjoon came in with their guitars, followed by Taehyung. Jimin opened his mouth and began to sing as your eyes widened each second of the way.
You weren't sure what exactly you expected, but the song immediately had you tapping your foot and nodding along. The way each boy poured their all into their instruments was noticeable, and Jimin’s voice sounded perfect to be the lead singer. This was the first you were ever hearing this song, but you already loved it and could tell how talented they were.
The song ended with a very impressive guitar solo by Seokjin and once he was done, the room was silent only for a second before you were on your feet, applauding them so hard your hands hurt.
“What’s your band name again?”
“Beyond The Scene,” Taehyung answered you.
“Well, consider me Beyond the Scene’s first fan! And my first action as your fan is to start a fan club! You guys are obviously going to be famous so I need it to be known that I was first.” The boys all laughed at your enthusiasm, while Namjoon began the descent of falling in love with you, clear as day. He’d been enamored with you since the day he met you, and the blooming he felt in his chest told him that his feelings were becoming so much more.
Tumblr media
“This is happening! We’re going to go play a sold-out show in an arena in America right now,” Jungkook says for what feels like the fifth time in the last four hours. The band is only a handful of hours into their flight to Los Angeles, and everyone is antsy. Jungkook, Jimin, Taehyung, and Hoseok sit next to each other in the plane’s middle row. Seokjin was lucky enough to have his two-seater on the right side of the plane to himself, the man already sprawled out on both seats and sleeping. Namjoon and Yoongi share the two seats on the other side as the former tries to read.
This proves to be useless, as the only thing his mind has been focused on the last month is you. Since the night Hoseok announced their world tour, Namjoon wanted to text you so badly, but he couldn’t bring himself to do so, and still can’t. The last time you spoke with him was almost four months ago, and it was you asking him if his parents still lived at the same address because you wanted to send his mom a birthday present. He confirmed the address, and you sent him back a smiley face emoji and a thank you in response, and he let the conversation die from there.
With this being the first time in a while the band has time to do a few things they want while being in America, he wants to see you so bad, but what if you don’t want to see him? What if you’re no longer friends and more acquaintances than anything? He doesn’t even know precisely where you live-only the name of your college. There’s no way he can just show up and find you without that seeming incredibly creepy. What if-
“So are you going to talk about what’s wrong finally?” Yoongi interrupts his thoughts from beside him.
“What? I thought you were sleeping.”
“Yeah, I was trying to sleep, but you’re thinking so loud it’s keeping me awake. Talk to me. You’ve been off for a while, so spill.”
Namjoon hesitates only for a second before he quite literally spills to Yoongi about how you’ve been on his mind, not only for the last month but since the day you left for school six years ago. He talks about how you’ve spoken to him on and off for years, but nothing like the way it used to be, and that sometimes he regrets choosing the band over you. He admits that he wants to ask you to hang out when you get to L.A. but he’s terrified that you’ll turn him down and he doesn’t know if he can handle that kind of rejection.
Yoongi listens to him talk and when he’s finally done, Yoongi says, “Text her.”
“You heard me. You’re doing that thing that you do where you overthink and overanalyze. She’s not going to reject you. She’s going to tell you where to meet her and she’ll want to see you.”
“How can you be so sure?”
“Are you forgetting that I went to school with her too? I know, Y/n. It was obvious how much the two of you loved each other. The way you left things with her hurt you both, but she’s going to want to see you, I’m telling you. And it’s okay to feel what you feel. First loves don’t just go away, but don’t you dare dodge her while we’re there. You’ll regret it more than letting her go the first time.”
Tumblr media
“Y/n, you’re not gonna believe this!” Namjoon burst through your front door, kicking his shoes off quickly.
“Good news?”
“The best!”
“I have news too, but you go first.” You followed him into the living room and sat across from him on the couch. He gripped his phone so tightly his knuckles were turning white.
“We got an offer from a label!” He practically screamed. “It’s a small indie label called Big Hit, but Y/n, they love us! They saw the videos we put on YouTube and they want to sign us as soon as possible.”
You smiled at him, but it didn’t quite reach your eyes. “Joon, that’s amazing.”
“I know, right?! They want us to record an EP already and will let us use our own stuff. Yoongi and I have so many songs ready. And you know how Seokjin’s dad is a lawyer? Well, he said he’ll help us with all the legal stuff and we have a meeting set up for two days to start talking. Y/n, we’re going to start the real work and graduation is only a few months away. This is the best day of my life.” Namjoon was about ready to bounce off of the walls, his good mood filling the entire room. It didn’t hit you though as you clutched the envelope in your hand.
“I’m so happy for you, Joon. Really.”
“It’s all thanks to you, you know.” Namjoon rested his hand on your knee, squeezing you “Okay, okay. Enough about me. You have news?”
Eyeing the envelope, you nodded. “I got accepted into the University of California in Los Angeles. Full ride scholarship and everything.”
“Babe, that’s amazing!” Namjoon pulled you into a hug which you did your best to return. You didn’t say anything else and tried to telepathically make the realization hit him.
It seemed like it did at that moment as he pulled back, hands limply falling to his side.
You applied to all the same colleges together, mostly because Namjoon needed a backup plan in case Beyond The Scene didn’t take off the way they all wanted. But now that the dream was becoming a reality, it was clear he couldn’t leave Korea - not when the band finally reached what they’d been working for.
“What do you want me to do?” He asked after enough time had gone by for the tension to fill your lungs.
“What do you mean? You just told me you’re going to sign to a label. That’s what you’re doing.”
“And you’re going to California?”
“Well, yeah, I need this. I don’t have any sort of plan b lined up.”
“But, I mean I still have my UCLA acceptance at home. I can just-”
“No. You’re not going to pass this opportunity up for me.” You scooched forward on the couch and took Namjoon’s hands in yours. “This is your dream. You and the guys have wanted this for so long and it’s finally here. You’re not going to walk away from this to move across the world with me.”
“But I love you. So much.”
“And I love you, but I’m not going to stand in the way of this.” Your voice cracked at the end of your sentence and Namjoon was quick to scoop you into his arms. The two of you stayed like that for what seemed like hours. You knew you only had a few months left like this, a few months left of being together, holed up on the couch, in each other's arms. You needed to savor it.
Tumblr media
Yoongi was right, as he usually is. When the plane landed in Los Angeles it was late at night, but Namjoon sent you a text message anyway. He told you the band was in town for tour and that if you wanted to, he could meet up with you tomorrow. He waited for almost an hour before you texted him back with an okay and your address.
After a restless night in a different time zone where all he thought about was you, he’s at your door, knocking and holding his breath.
He nearly loses his nerve when you swing the door open, a smile that melts his heart etched onto your face. You are as gorgeous as you were when he saw you off to the airport all those years ago, and Namjoon nearly forgets how to breathe at the sight of you.
“Namjoon,” you whisper, a beat of silence between the two of you before you’re practically throwing yourself into his arms. He catches you effortlessly, his strong arms wrapping around your waist as you cling to his neck. “I can’t believe you’re here,” you mumble into his neck.
“I can’t believe I’m here either.” He really can’t. He’s thought about the way your skin feels against his and the way you smell for far too long.
Namjoon isn’t sure who pulls away first, but eventually, you do. You step back onto your stoop, taking him in. “Wow. This is really Kim Namjoon in the flesh standing in front of me.” You admire the way his broad chest fills out his white t-shirt and notice how tightly the leather of his jacket clings to his thick arms. “This is the same boy with the bowl cut and glasses that kissed me at the movies when we were 15, huh?” You reach out, running your fingers through his dyed blonde hair, and marvel at how things have changed.
“Sure is. And this is the same nerdy girl that cried when she dropped her ice cream on our first date.” He chuckles, admiring the shape and the curves of your body that weren’t there when you were teenagers.
“Hey, I was nervous and that was a new dress! Do you know how hard it was to get the chocolate stain out of it!” You cross your arms, playfully sticking your tongue out at him. Namjoon’s heart soars at this moment, the banter between you natural and as endearing as it always was.
“Babe?! Who’s at the door?” A voice calls, seconds before a man with brunette hair pokes his head out of the building behind you. Upon seeing Namjoon, his eyes widen and he practically trips over his own feet to step outside, running into you, and gaping at him. “Kim Namjoon?!”
“Joon, this is my boyfriend Vernon. Vernon, this is my friend Namjoon.”
The word boyfriend cuts Namjoon deep, a heavy pang hitting the pit of his stomach. He’s seen you post a few photos on Instagram with your boyfriend before, but he hasn’t seen any pictures of the two of you in a while, so he hoped you’d have broken up with him at some point.
Clearly, this is not the case.
“Wow. When you said you were friends with Kim Namjoon, I only half-believed you, but here he is.” Vernon gives you a glance before focusing on Namjoon again. “I’m a huge fan! I’ve been following Beyond The Scene for a few years! When I heard you were finally having a world tour, I tried super hard to get tickets, but they sold out quicker than I could buy them.”
“Want to come tonight?” Namjoon blurts in response, you and Vernon both surprised.
“Seriously?” Vernon gapes.
“Yeah. You can meet the rest of the guys too. And I know they want to see you again, Y/n.”
“Holy shit, thank you!” Vernon launches into a story about how he tried to see them the last time they were in the U.S. for a Korean festival they were asked to perform at, but Namjoon mostly tunes him out. His attention is on you as you seem to zone out as well. He’d probably have to beg Hoseok a little to get you and Vernon inside tonight, but he didn’t want to pass up the chance to spend more time with you.
“Damn, I gotta head out to class, babe.” Vernon finally finishes his story and dashes back into the apartment. He’s out seconds later with a backpack and kisses you on the cheek. “I’ll see you later for the show! And thank you again, bro.” He claps Namjoon on the shoulder as you both watch him jog down the street and hop onto a bus that just pulled up to a stop.
“So,” Namjoon starts once Vernon and the bus have gone off. “I have a couple of hours before I need to go to the arena for soundcheck. Wanna go grab something to eat?”
You don’t hesitate to accept, running back inside for your purse and keys. “We can head to a cafe around the corner. It’s my favorite local place and their pancakes are to die for.”
Namjoon nods, not caring where you go as long as he can still spend time with you.
Tumblr media
It only takes an hour together before you and Namjoon fall back into conversation just like old times. The first few minutes of brunch are silent as you wait for your food to arrive, but at some point, that silence is broken and things are normal again. Namjoon makes you tell him about grad school, which you hate, but you’re determined to get your masters.
You tell him that you’ve lived in your current apartment since your second year of school, having left campus after your freshman year. You’ll likely stay there until you finish grad school next year, and after that, you see yourself staying in the city, just moving elsewhere. Namjoon takes the opportunity to ask the question he’s been holding onto for months.
“What about Vernon? When did you guys get together?” An unreadable expression flashes across your features for a second in response and Namjoon takes note of it.
“Well, we’ve been together for two years. He’s working towards his masters too, and we met in our public speaking class. We were partners on a project and he asked me out after a few study sessions together. Last year, my two roommates moved out after they finished their four years, so then he moved in with me.” You shrug and wave him off as he opens his mouth to ask another question about your boyfriend. “Anyway, enough about me and my boring life.  What about you, Mr. Rockstar? What’s it like to finally be living your dream?”
Namjoon wants to say how much he’s been missing you and how his dream doesn’t feel complete without you. He wants to admit that at times he wishes he had turned the label down all those years ago to stay with you and how sometimes he even wishes he could trade his career to have you again. He doesn’t say any of that though. He doesn’t want to ruin the time you’re spending together right now and risk you getting mad or feeling guilty all over again.
“It’s a lot to handle. I feel like we went from this modest band playing a few home showcases to this big thing almost overnight. It doesn’t feel real sometimes.” He admits. The smile you offer him is genuine and loving and Namjoon can feel your sincerity radiate from across the table.
“Well, you deserve it, Joon. Everything you’ve gotten you and the guys worked so hard for. You deserve to be rewarded and I’m so proud of you.” Namjoon’s heart nearly bursts out of his chest when you lay your hand over his. The warm feeling of you spreads through his entire body, only serving to make him want you more.
He keeps this all to himself for the remainder of his time with you, tucking this away in the part of him that only thinks about you.
Tumblr media
As anticipated, Namjoon has to beg Hoseok to get you and your boyfriend inside. He goes on a rant over the phone about fire codes and rules, but when he’s done he gives in and says you and Vernon can be in the pit and that he’ll let security know to come and get you at the end night.
After brunch, Namjoon walks you the short distance back to your apartment and you leave him after another hug and a whisper of “See you later” which has him giddy for the rest of the afternoon.
The boys all poke fun at him throughout soundcheck up until they’re about to go on, but he doesn’t care. He watches through the curtains as security brings you and Vernon in to stand against the barricade. He observes as you dance along to the music of the opening bands, eyes wide and smile bright. Before the lights start shining too bright, he sees the way your entire face lights up when Beyond The Scene takes the stage.
Knowing you’re in the audience, in front of him right now lights a fire under him that he hasn’t had since their first few shows. He plays his parts with a renewed sense of vigor, taking note of the thousands of cheers and screams around him. As the night wears on, he tosses nearly all of his guitar picks into the audience, but makes sure to save the last for you. When the encore is finished, he goes over to the edge of the stage and stretches his hand out to you. You quickly mimic him, fingers grazing his as you take the pick with a megawatt smile.
After Yoongi ushers him off the stage, Namjoon quickly changes into a less sweaty shirt just in time for you and Vernon to come around the corner, following a security guard.
“Hi-” You go to speak, but Vernon cuts you off, butting in and gushing about the show and how badass the band looked. Namjoon steps off to the side, with you following while Vernon fanboys over the rest of the band.
“How’d you like the show?” He’s almost nervous to ask. This is your first time seeing them up on a stage bigger than the high school talent show.
“Joon, that was amazing. I don’t even have words to explain how phenomenal that was. Seeing you guys up on that stage, surrounded by all those people who love you, I’m just so proud of you.” There are tears in your eyes as you speak, and Namjoon moves to pull you into him, but you wave him off. “No, no I’m okay. I’m just genuinely happy for you.” You wipe a tear that almost falls and Namjoon has the urge to kiss it away.
Before he can act on this impulse, you’re suddenly swept off of your feet by Jungkook who pulls you into a side hug.
“My favorite Noona!” He exclaims as you turn in his hold to properly hug him.
“When the hell did you get so tall?!” You joke, reaching up to ruffle his blonde locks.
“At the same time, I did!” Jimin chimes in, rushing over to pull you into a hug of his own when Jungkook puts you down. Namjoon glances over at Yoongi and Seokjin who are still being held in conversation with Vernon. Yoongi sends Namjoon a look that is clearly asking for help. Namjoon nudges you in the middle of your conversation with the now present Taehyung and you follow his gaze to your boyfriend.
“Uh hey, babe?” You call Vernon who looks at you.
“Wanna come listen to the story Taehyung is telling me?” Vernon doesn’t hesitate to join you and attentively listens as Taehyung tells a story about the last time they were in L.A. for a photo shoot.
You slip away to greet Yoongi and Seokjin, who thank you, and for the next half an hour you catch up as best as you can with the boys until Hoseok, begrudgingly, has to call it a night.
It almost pains Namjoon to say goodbye to you, but he does and makes you promise to see him tomorrow morning before the second show.
“I would love to! I can’t have you leave without bugging you again.” You hug him, the urge to never let you go is strong, but he does and he watches you walk away holding the hand of another man that isn’t him.
Tumblr media
“I can’t believe you!” You yelled at him.
“What?! I said I was sorry!” Namjoon defended himself, switching his phone to the other ear. He was on his bike going back home after band practice and just wanted to sleep, not argue with you.
“Yeah you did, but that doesn’t change what happened now does it?! Ugh, you just don’t get it. Seeing her all over you was hard to watch and you didn’t even do anything to stop her!” You were referring to earlier in the day during gym class. Beyond The Scene had become well known in school and more and more girls were doing their best to woo Namjoon, even though they all knew you and he had been dating for nearly two years now.
“Y/n, you know I only love you right?” You grumbled in response. “What did you say?”
“I said I know!” You huffed. Namjoon listened as you shift on the other line, most likely getting ready to go to bed. “I just get so mad when I see these groupies trying to get in your pants. You’re mine.”
“Aww, someone’s jealous.” He teased, finally arriving home.
“Yeah, well so are you! Remember that guy in the class next door who picked my book up when it fell? You were ready to beat his ass right then and there.”
Namjoon laughed, trying to keep his voice down knowing his parents were asleep.
“I can’t help it. I’m just so in love with you. Seeing you around another guy tears me up inside.”
“I know,” you sighed, but he could hear you smiling through the phone. “And I’m so in love with you, my protector.”
“Damn straight I am!” He whisper-yelled making you break into a fit of giggles.
“Alright, well I’m going to sleep, so try not to fight any boys in my dreams.”
“Then don’t dream about any boys except me.”
“Mmhmm. Night Joonie. I love you.”
“Love you too, Y/n. Goodnight, love.”
Tumblr media
Namjoon: I’m seeing you today right? Y/n: Duh I said you would. I know you don’t have a ton of time to spend with me, but we should at least spend a little time at the beach while you’re here! Namjoon: Sooo this means I get to see you in a bathing suit? 👀 Y/n: Joon you’ve seen me in one plenty of times 😂 Namjoon: Yeah, but not when you look the way you do now 😏
“Hmm.” The sound of Yoongi’s voice behind Namjoon startles him, nearly causing him to drop his phone.
“What? What’s ‘hmm’?” Yoongi is walking past him in their shared hotel room as Namjoon sits on the edge of his bed, texting you before he’ll leave to meet you.
“Nothing. I’ve just noticed since yesterday, your texts with Y/n have been pretty flirty.”
“No, they haven’t.” Yoongi looks up from his phone, fixing Namjoon with a hard look.
“Really? So you’re telling me you didn’t text her last night after she left that you can’t wait to come back to LA to see more of her and include the winky emoji?”
“It’s just an emoji!”
“Mmhmm. Whatever you say.”
Namjoon huffs and gets off the bed to grab his bag. “And anyway,” he says after a few seconds. “Even if I was flirting with her, she hasn’t said I’m making her uncomfortable or anything.”
“Okay, so what’s your plan here?”
“What do you mean?”
Yoongi shrugs. “I mean it's obvious you two are getting closer, again. We’re leaving tomorrow for Texas to continue with the tour we’re going to be on for the next 3 months. Are you going to keep talking to her every day?”
“If she wants to.”
“Okay. Just remember, she has a boyfriend.”
“Yeah, I know. But, he also seems like an asshole if you ask me.”
“Because you’re jealous?”
“What? No. He just does!”
“Okay.” That is all Yoongi says. He doesn’t make any other commentary, but he doesn’t need to. Namjoon has been friends with him long enough to know what his short answers and silences mean in most situations.
Namjoon is well aware of your relationship status and what this could look like, but as long as he can still talk to you and see you, he doesn’t care. Besides, Vernon truly does seem like kind of an asshole, with how he cut you off constantly yesterday and the way you always redirected the conversation away from your relationship whenever it strayed there. Perceiving the dynamic of your relationship, Namjoon doesn't feel bad that he knowingly flirts with you via text.
It’s also why when he finally gets to your apartment to pick you up and sees you come outside in a form-fitting tank top and jeans, he shamelessly checks you until you climb into the car next to him. Even then, his eyes still dart over to you as you buckle your seatbelt and tell the driver where you’re going.
“This is so fancy,” you comment, looking around the backseat of the sleek black car.
“Yeah, Hoseok insisted on renting drivers if we’re going to be out and about to make sure we all get to the arena on time.”
“I’m so impressed. You have drivers now. My little Joonie who only rode his bike everywhere for as long as I’ve known him.” You giggle at him, making him flush at your teasing. He doesn’t respond and instead enjoys listening to you launch into a memory of the time the two of you tried to pile onto Namjoon’s single-seat bike, only to crash into a trashcan and get scraped up. Knowing that you also hold these memories close and remember them as easily as he does has butterflies fluttering in the pit of his stomach. What if you miss him in the same way he misses you? When you said you missed him yesterday, he assumed you meant just talking to him and knowing him, but what if you still think about him how he does you?
He decides to try his luck when you get to the beach. You find a spot for the two of you to be further away from the crowds and lay out the blanket you brought. Once it’s spread out, he watches as you shimmy out of your jeans, revealing that your tank top is actually a bathing suit. He eyes the cut-outs in the swimsuit sides and admires how soft your skin looks and how well the color compliments you.
Namjoon makes a comment that’s in line with his thoughts about you in the swimsuit and doesn’t miss how flustered you get.
As the day wears on, he compliments you as much as he can, watching you get nervous and trip over your words each time. At one point, he reminds you that you need to wear sunscreen and offers to put it on for you. You shakily accept his offer and he can feel the way you shudder underneath his touch.
When he isn’t trying to get a reaction out of you, the rest of the morning into the afternoon feels nostalgic. Spending time with you, laughing at stupid jokes, and talking about life is reminiscent of the time you spent together in high school and it only serves for his feelings for you to grow even stronger.
When the driver reminds him that it’s time to go and they drop you off at home, Namjoon makes the impulse decision to ask you to come to the show again tonight.
“Really? Again?”
“Yeah, why not? It’s our last show in town on the tour so you get the full experience. Plus we get to see each other again.” Namjoon looks away, suddenly feeling extremely nervous.
“Sure, okay. I’d be silly to turn down a free show by one of my favorite bands. Vernon has to work tonight though, so it’d just be me.”
“That’s fine!” He answers quicker than he means to, but thankfully, you just laugh in response.
“See you tonight, Joon!” You send him a wave and he waits until you’re inside before he’s off to the arena.
Tumblr media
Tonight’s show is similar to the one before, but Namjoon has even more energy, knowing that you and only you are in the audience watching him. Hoseok and the rest of the band gave him shit for inviting you to the show again, but he barely paid them any attention (including the obvious looks Yoongi was giving him). The applause seems louder and the air is hotter, but he’s running on nothing but adrenaline all show long.
When you make your way backstage, he’s still buzzing with energy. He pulls you into a tight hug as soon as you round the corner.
“You guys were as amazing as you were last night!” You mumble into his chest where he still keeps you pressed.
“Knowing you were out there watching helped. I’m so glad you got to see us again. ”
You finally pry yourself out of his embrace with a laugh. “Aw Joonie. Even without me, you’d be just as talented. I mean you made it this far didn’t you?”
“Yeah, but it’s not the same. I miss y-”
“Noona! How did we do tonight?!” Jimin’s voice cuts Namjoon’s words off as he appears, draping his arm over your shoulder.
“Jiminie, it was magnificent! Thank you for letting me watch, twice.”
“Thank Hyung,” he says, pointing at Namjoon. “He begged Hoseok-hyung to let you come. He even said he’d clean everyone’s hotel rooms when we leave the next five cities.”
“Yah!” Namjoon shoves Jimin away, the tips of his ears turning red. You and Jimin share a laugh 𑁋 at Namjoon’s expense of course.
“Anyway,” Jimin starts. “We’re going to have a little party back at the hotel we’re staying at. You’re coming right?” He gives you his best puppy-dog eyes, but you shake your head.
“I can’t, sorry Jimin. I have work tomorrow morning. I just wanted to tell you all how good you were, then I have to head out.”
Jimin whines and you ignore him, asking Namjoon to walk you out. He doesn’t object, even though he wants to get down on his knees and beg you to stay. He watches you say your goodbyes to the guys, all of them scooping you into hugs and telling you how much they miss you.
The short walk to the back of the venue is silent, words swirling through Namjoon’s mind as he decides what he wants to say next if anything.
Once at the door, you both turn to each other and share a shy smile. Namjoon’s thoughts become jumbled when he looks into your eyes, admiring how bright they shine when you look at him and how much they remind him of the past. Things were different then, but he had you and at the time, it was the most important thing to him.
His eyes dart to your lips, and he swears you smile just a little sweeter at him.
Before he can talk himself out of it, he’s leaning forward, capturing your lips with his own. He anticipates that you’ll fall into his arms and lean into the kiss.
Unfortunately, that’s not the reaction you have.
“Namjoon, what the fuck?!” You blurt after you shove him away from you.
“Shit, Y/n, I’m sorry! I just… I couldn’t help it, okay? I miss you so much. I miss kissing you and holding you and being with you. I never stopped loving you. Every day that went by, whether we were in the studio recording or on the road, I still thought about you and what you may be doing and if you were thinking of me. I still love you, Y/n.”
The look you give him in response cuts him deep. “Namjoon, you can't kiss me out of nowhere and think I’m going to just fall for you all over again. We ended things 5 years ago when you left, remember?”
“You said you supported me? You told me to choose music over you!”
“Yes, I did! And I did support you - I still do - but I also wasn’t about to be the selfish girlfriend that holds you back from your dreams. That’s not a life I want to live and I know you wouldn’t have wanted that either.”
You’re right and he knows it. He loves you and has done nothing but think about you, but the idea of never getting to experience the life he has up until now is one he can’t wrap his mind around. More than anything he just wants both. He wants to live the life he has, but he also wants you again. He wants to bring you into this life with him like he couldn’t do all those years ago. You’re both adults now. Things have changed and it’s not too late. Not to him.
When he voices this out loud, you shake your head, eyes misting. “Joon, I care about you a lot, I really do. I love you even, but you’re my friend now. I have a life here and I have a boyfriend now-”
“A boyfriend that you don’t even seem to like.” Namjoon cuts in.
You fix him with a hard look in response. “Vernon and I have our own personal issues and I will only ask you once not to bring that up again. Now, I’m going home. Please don’t try to push this further.”
Namjoon opens his mouth to say something, but no words come to mind. You force a smile, a sniffle escaping you, and you turn away from him. Wordlessly, Namjoon watches you walk out of the door to the parking lot and away from him for a second time.
Tumblr media
“So what are you gonna do when you become rich and famous?” You asked, turning to look up at Namjoon. You were laying in the grass, looking up at the stars as the question popped into your head.
“I’m gonna buy us a huge house. A mansion. It’ll have like 10 bedrooms and just as many bathrooms. There’ll be a room for me to work on my music and a huge room for band practice.”
“Do I get a room for my crocheting?
“You can have as many rooms for your crochet masterpieces as you want.”
“And as many dogs as I want?”
Namjoon chuckled and pulled you closer into him. “Yeah sure. Anything for my number one fan.”
You giggled, wrapping your arms tighter around his waist. “You’re damn right! I was your first fan and your best fan so I expect all of the riches you can offer me… and our kids of course.”
Sputtering, Namjoon looked down at you. “K-kids?” He had every intention of marrying you of course, and sure he’d thought about children, but he was too afraid to say it. You were still in high school and he was worried you’d say no.
“Duh. Maybe two or three. We’ll see how I feel after the first one. My mom always tells me she stopped at one because she couldn’t handle another.” You shrugged and looked up at him again. “Is that cool with you?”
“I love you so much you can have anything you want,” he said in response. You smiled back and cuddled into him once more, your heart swelling at his words and the prospect of a future with him.
Tumblr media
The next morning, Namjoon asks to go to your place, to talk to you one more time and make things right. Yoongi spent the entire night giving him shit about what he did. He knew Namjoon still cared about you, but he didn’t think his best friend would be so bold as to act on it, knowing you’re in a relationship.
Namjoon knows he needs to talk to you about it as soon as you left the venue, but when you didn’t answer his calls or texts all night, the only thing that he had left was to go to you in person. Yoongi doubled down on this, as did the rest of the band. It turns out they also were well aware of Namjoon’s lingering feelings for you but had thought that they’d taper off eventually.
The band spent the night piled together in Namjoon and Yoongi’s hotel room, both comforting their friend and talking him through showing up on your doorstep before they’re off for the remainder of the tour. They all echoed the same sentiments of worrying about his all-around health if he continues to pine over you with no closure.
He agrees and it’s why on their way to the airport the next morning, the van they rented stops in front of your apartment building. They all watch as Namjoon steps out and takes one, two, three, four nervous steps to your stairs and up the stoop.
Hand raised, he’s about to ring the bell, but you throw open the door first, jumping at the sight of him.
“Oh. Hi.” The awkward tone you take stings like hell, but he ignores it.
“Y/n, can we talk please?”
“I have to go to work right now so I don’t have time.” You gesture to your formal-looking outfit and glance at your watch.
“Okay, well just listen to me then. You don’t have to talk.” You heave a heavy sigh in return, but stay where you are. “Yesterday, I was completely out of line, I know that and I’m sorry. All I thought about last night was how I fucked up and how scared I was that I’d lost you for good, and for a second time at that.” He pauses and you nod for him to continue.
“When you left, I regretted a lot of things. I regretted not stopping you and asking you to choose me. I also regretted not choosing you and running to America with you and choosing a different path. I wish more than anything that I could’ve had both you and what I have now. But I couldn’t then, and I can’t now. I have to accept that. It’ll be hard; falling out of love with someone you weren’t ever able to get over, but I’ll do it. All I ask is that you don’t leave my life. I can live with you as my friend, but don’t leave for good. Please.”
The silence between the two of you is almost deafening as Namjoon waits for your response. You blink a few times before your eyes close as you take a deep breath.
“Namjoon, you’re not the only one that still yearned for our relationship, you know. I wondered every day what would’ve happened if I stayed in Korea and stayed with you, but I didn’t and I had to move on with that decision. It sounds like you still need time to process that, which I can understand.” You step forward, hand coming up to graze his arm. “I won’t leave your life, but you have to promise me you’ll start to heal. Don’t stay hung up on me. You have this amazing life now, so live it. Please.”
“Y/n…” Namjoon moves his hand up to settle over yours and it’s silent again, but this time it doesn’t hurt. It’s a good silence. A silence that means there’s nothing left to say, but that’s okay.
“I have to go.” You take your hand away and Namjoon watches as you lock your front door and step closer to him. Before he can process it, you’re reaching forward and pulling him into a hug. He’s caught off guard, but he reacts quickly, wrapping you in his arms and holding you close.
You don’t let it linger and pull back too soon for his liking, but he reminds himself that you need to pull away because he knows he wouldn’t have.
“Promise me you’ll see me again? Maybe on your next world tour?” You offer him a genuine smile; one full of hope.
“Of course I will. As long as you come back to Korea soon.”
“Promise.” With a final smile, you turn away and head down the sidewalk. With a wave to the van idling at the curb, which you know houses the rest of the band, you keep going down the street until Namjoon watches you disappear around the corner.
Once seated back in the van, the band offers him murmurs of encouragement and support, but don’t press him on the conversation. Namjoon needs time and they know this, so they’ll give him all the space he needs.
As hard as he wills himself, Namjoon still can’t take his mind off of you and the future that you won’t have together. It’s silly, he thinks, to truly expect that he’d just be able to show up out of the blue after all this time away and be able to sweep you off of your feet again.
In a perfect world, you would’ve jumped into his arms when you first opened the door and told him how much you’ve missed being his. You would’ve gotten back together and ran off with him on the rest of the tour, and eventually gone back to Korea with him to live happily ever after.
In reality, Namjoon has to accept that’s not the way your story ends. You’ve got your own life and a boyfriend that isn’t him. He’s spent more than six years giving you his heart and it’ll probably take double that for him to take it back, but he’ll do it to keep you with him any way you’ll have him. It’s not the way he wished for, but he’s learned that he can’t have it all.
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littlemessyjessi · 4 months ago
Baron Helmut Zemo Headcanons:  Plus Size Goth GF: PS Reader
Tumblr media
Helmut Zemo Imagine/Headcanons Commissioned: Commission preferred to have her tag remain anon but did say I could put her name.  So thank you Chelsea and I hope you enjoy these! Commissioned notes:  "Hey, Kenny. I'd like headcanons for Zemo with a ps goth gf. Some details you can choose from if you need inspiration: I like horror novels, movies, anything really.  I'm addicted to tea and candy.  I love my makeup and doing fun colors every day.  I also love visiting graveyards. The rest is up to you and you totally don't have to use any of those if you don't want! Love your work and I'm so glad you're writing for Marvel again! Thanks!" ------
Headcanons for Baron Helmut Zemo with a plus size goth gf:
Firstly, he thinks you are the most stunning creature in existence
He simps.  
Extremely so.
Also, on a sweeter note he loves that you go to cemataries and decorate for people even though you don't know them
That pureness of heart makes him fall for you over and over again
So when the two of you do visit the Sokovian memorial and you bring nice things to lay there for his late father, wife and child- it's a huge deal to him
He loves you so much for that kindness and for being so understanding
He obviously thinks you're beautiful but it's that heart of gold that really locked it in for Helmut
Speaking of beauty
He thinks you are gorgeous with or without your makeup
You're his own personal goddess
However, he does find it very interesting to watch you do your makeup everyday
It's like a little dance you do with your products and he enjoys watching the transformation and seeing what colors you'll choose that day
He likes watching the little ritual
Like, for example, if you liked to watch him shave.
It's the fascination of the meticulous ritual.
Often times, he'll make tea and watch as you get ready in the morning before you'll go and watch him shave and the both of you have your second cup of the day
Speaking of tea
You share this obsession
Helmut loves tea
He does favor his cherry blossom tea, of course, but he's not opposed to other kinds
he often really enjoyed trying out different flavors with you
It is no uncommon at all for him to spoil you with such things as a new tea or gourmet creams, sugars and honeys.
You are his love and he will be damned if he doesn't pamper you a little
In the same realm, if he ever find out of a new makeup product that you are interested in or in a line you like...just expect it in the mail soon because it's coming
Or you'll just walk up to your vanity one day and there's a brand spankin new eyeshadow pallette that technically hasn't even been released yet
He has the money and the connections and he's not above using them
Has 100% let you put makeup on him before
He doesn't particularly care for it
But he adores the way you giggle and fawn over him when you're applying highlighter to his GODLIKE cheekbones.
He loves to read with you
The two of you spend a lot of evenings reading together
Sometimes you'll read to each other, with him sometimes accidentally switching into his native tongue
But you never say shit because it's magnificent
He'll eventually realize and he's like... 'Apologies, my love.  Let me read that again.'  
But you're just like, "no, no, just keep reading it the way you were."
Needless to say he catches on to this fairly quickly and will 1000% use his native language against you when he wants something
cause you weak for it bitch but it's ok.  we all are.
The same as for the makeup, he'll spoil you with books and collector's editions.  
"Helmut, I already have Dracula.  You didn't need to get me this."
"Yes, but you don't have this edition.  It's very different.  Let me show you."
The only difference is one page that has some artwork in it.
Doesn't matter.
Helmut gets his baby whatever she likes
He'll find out about horror centric events and off the two of you go to whatever it is
Horrorcon? "I've had the tickets for months, my love."
New movie? Somehow you're watching it with the actual cast
He definitely delights in your shared love of candy
Turkish delight parties for the win
There's a well stocked selection of candies at any given moment
He never fails to bring home candies if you're ever apart
Though truthfully that's not often
Although he worries about the way his world can sometimes be, he won't be away from you for too long
He deals with a lot of anxiety given the way everything happened with his family and he loves you with all his heart
So he's never far and if he has to travel out of the country, you're just going with him or he's not going
Simple as that
On the topic of travelling, you two do a fair bit of that actually
He has a private jet which lends itself to comfort and privacy in many ways
Oeznik loves you, of course, because he hasn't seen Helmut this happy in quite some time
You also bring such a fresh new energy to the situation and he enjoys watching as you excited press against the glass when you near the location
And finds it endearing how Helmut watches you with utter adoration
He's good at su surprising you as well
He's woken you up in the middle of the night so that you watch a sunrise over the pyramids in Egypt
He'd collected you in the middle of the day to dash off to tour the catacombs in Paris
You can be sitting there watching tv and he sees a special costume party and reading of classic at the Jekyll & Hyde resteraunt in New York.  
Next thing you know, he's made two phone calls and packed the suitcases and there's a car on the way as you literally sit there in your pjs trying to process what he's doing
Careful with your words though, lol.
Because as mentioned, if he sees that something has sparked your interest, the next thing you know it's either in front of you or you're about to visit
Case in point: The time you mentioned that you'd never visited Salem, Massechusetts. The next thing you know, he's informing you that the two of you are going to stay for a couple of weeks and he's taking you on a shopping spree
Helmut just loves making you happy.
You don't require much and you never ask for it but he just loves it.
Whether it's giving you a piece of candy or taking you shopping
He just loves watching the childlike excitement in your eyes
Also, if you dye your hair either jet black or fun colors, he will immediately try a few avenues.
He will either A, try to insist that he get you a hairstylist. B, try and help you himself if you refuse.  or C, just happily watch you while you meticulously do it yourself.
If it is the last of the two options, you will never run out of your favorite shade of black or he will get you a whole rainbow of choices from good brands.
He loves the way you look and how you express yourself
So whether it's hair dye and makeup or wigs and accessories all the way to clothes and big platform boots
He loves it all.
He finds it very creative and incredibly attractive and has told you so on many occasions
Definitely loves taking you shopping at your favorite stores
whether they be labeled 'Alt Shops' or just anywhere
He loves sitting there and watching as you come out and 'model' it for him
It's one of his favorite things
Be warned though, he'll go with you and follow you around like a lost puppy.
So if you pick something up and then put it back because you don't think it's worth the money... he will put it back in the cart when you're not looking and buy it anyway
That's exactly the reason why you own six pairs of black strappy platform boots that essentially all look the same
He also loves luxury and thinks you should have it to
So he will buy you designer items but he just makes sure that they are in your style
And when you insist they cost too much he pouts because he knows you can't resist it
and if that doesn't work, he just throws some of that native Sokovian language in there and you're done for
But it's not all monetary ways that he spoils you although he does love to do that
the trips are special because he pays attention and as mentioned he likes to make you happy
but it's more than that
It's that he can spend time with you
It's that you feel comfortable enough to share your passions with him
It's those moments when you're absolutely giddy over something and look like a complete dork
the fact that he can illicit that behavior is just magical to him
And Helmut loves to feel needed.
He needs it actually. Craves it.
this allows him to do this
But things are just as special when you are home, lounging around sipping tea and eating treats
Reading in silence and just enjoying one another's company
It's when your hands are shaking and he helps you do the winged liner
It's when he's having a bad day himself and you help him shave
It's when the memories of his past torture him and he feels safe within your arms
You may feel like he's the strong one and the one who has all the power and strength
But it's not like that for Helmut
He has experience in the military and status and wealth
But you give him something that no one else can
you give him love and peace.
He feels safe and adored by you
You give him acceptance
And in Helmut's eyes there is no amount of things that he could ever buy you that would equate to the feelings you give him
------ Hello my loves! I hope you enjoyed these Zemo headcanons! I got a little carried away but that seems to be the thing with me for commissions, lol.   Anyway, I would love to hear your thoughts! Chelsea, thank you again and I hope you enjoyed it! I look forward to discussing it with you in our messages!
Love, Kenny
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Also, just a reminder that I am open for commissions!
Additionally, the only tag list I have is my permanent tag list but if you ever want to be added all you have to do is just go to the ask box and request to be added! It’s that simple and you’re in!
I love you all!
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seraphictrash · 7 months ago
Concept: Game night had become a recurring activity between you and the Mikaelson siblings since you began dating Klaus. One thing though: he’s a rotten cheater.
Requested: No
Warnings: Like a tiny bit of swearing, this one is just sweet :)
Word count: 3247
Tumblr media
The highlight of your week never failed to be game night at the Mikaelsons’ Mystic Falls house where you’d been staying in your most recent days. Once a member of the group that everyone knew, the one consisting of the Salvatores, the Gilberts, Caroline, Bonnie, you know the ones who I’m on about, you’d soon after their arrival to Mystic Falls found yourself around them than not. Tensions had become high as soon as the group knew of your newfound friendship with the Originals as they couldn’t see past the front they put up and past the stigma they’d built up in their own imaginations, not even stopping to consider that half of the things that the Mikaelsons had done that were ‘so bad’ were things that your own friends had done before and hadn’t once batted an eyelid at but, for some reason, when it came to Klaus or Elijah, even Rebekah, it was perceives as the worst thing humanly possible. They also didn’t seem to consider that there was reasoning behind their actions; each one of the members had as horrible and dark a history as the other but nobody gave that a second thought. The hypocrisy really shone through with that mindset as, when it came to Damon, many of his justifications were that he’d had bad things happen to him but, if that were enough to justify him when he’d kill someone or do something to harm someone else, why was it not enough for the Mikaelsons?
Despite their warnings to stay away as soon as they’d noticed that you definitely were not feeling the negative opinions of the family as much as everyone else, you were never one to be told what to do and you’d continued to build your friendships with the rest and even the tight-knit bond with the supposed devil incarnate, Klaus, which really was just the highlight. He made you feel alive in a way that you hadn’t in a long, long time and you spent every moment in your physical capability in his presence because he was like a magnet, pulling you, reeling you in. From this sparked the most passionate and fiery of relationships that you’d ever known; it was like a constant firework show, always popping up with new, glimmering opportunities that the two of you seized together, filling your life with brand new, unforgettable memories that you treasured with every ounce of your being. Falling in love with Klaus was the best decision of your life no matter the lack of support from your friends.
Now, it wasn’t like the group had pulled you aside and forced you to pick but, subconsciously, you were making your decision already in the way that various activities that you would do with them were things that you were still doing but, instead, you were now doing them with the Mikaelsons. It wasn’t like you looked to replace them or decided that they were better, it was just that every meeting and every situation that was just meant to be a bit of fun with them would always descend into their disapproval of you and the Mikaelsons and, more often than not, your closeness with Klaus; though, they didn’t know you were dating him until a lot later as you knew that would absolutely crumble the friendships you had. Such examples of this were shopping, an action that you used to always do with Caroline as your staple, shared activity but, when Damon and Elena had seen you with Rebekah, laughing away with her and seemingly having a lot more fun than you ever had before, they knew that they were losing you. They acted to each other as if it was a tragedy, as if you were evil for it but, to be fair, they made absolutely no attempt to mend your breaking relationships, simply trying to coerce you into abandoning ship with the Mikaelsons which you weren’t about.
That brought you about to then, the first Monopoly edition of game night that the group of you were playing. For most, it was relaxing, a nice way to unwind after the stresses and inconveniences of the day before it but, for you, that one specific night had you practically pulling your hair out with irritation. The family’s eyes fell on you every time you did anything as it was becoming more than apparent that you had absolutely no clue how it was that Monopoly worked - the concept seemed easy enough but, when it came to it, among all the houses, the hotels, mortgaging, what properties to buy and anything of the likes, it took you a lot longer to wrap your head around than everyone else seemed to. It was humorous to everyone to watch the cogs in your mind turn every time you had to do something to do with it.
Elijah’s turn had just finished and he sat back in his arm chair, feeling the corners of his lips tug upwards at the fact next up was you. He watched as you, on your stomach with your legs bend and crossed over each other, breathed a sigh, grabbing the dice and preparing to roll them. Everyone else had sets of cards and had properties with houses and hotels whereas you glanced at your cards, simply owning two oranges, a green, a train station and a pink, all of which had no buildings on them.
The dice finished their tumble, landing on a total of 7 and you took your little, metal figurine, Klaus letting out a silenced chuckle as he watched you ensure you tapped the base of it on every square on your way. As you came to a stop, you couldn’t help but notice the property you’d landed on, its pretty, dark blue colour causing you to grimace in annoyance. You also noticed the 3 little houses, carefully lined up on the the square - that was your doing, of course, you being the one to move Elijah and Klaus’ things as they’d both refused to sit on the floor with you, Kol and Rebekah - and you let out an audible groan, throwing your head back in annoyance. Elijah’s face was broken out into a large grin, sitting forward, readying himself to collect payment from you, one which he knew full well you were too broke for, simply owning $1270 while you needed $1400.
“Ooh,” Klaus hissed inwards amusedly, trying to hold back the laugh that was threatening to escape, “Pockets looking a little shallow there, Love.” He taunted and you looked up and behind you on your left side where Klaus sat on the couch, leaning forward to watch you while you made your decision. 
“Carry on and the next anyone will see of you will be your face on the side of a milk carton.” You grumbled at him, narrowing your eyes threateningly but in a manner that he found adorable paired with your subconscious pout.
“Hey, I’m simply making an observation. Are you going to pull out of the game?” He asked, voice shifting in tone to one of mock suspense.
You pursed your lips for a moment before turning your attention back to the board and, more importantly, the cards you had in front of you. One thing you were not was a quitter and, though that mentality normally applied to being kidnapped or something, you still had it, even in an activity as trivial as Monopoly. The last thing you wanted was to have to back out now and sit there whilst everyone else continued on the fun. So, you took your only option and picked up your Oxford Street card, reading over the mortgage price for it, which was $150, deciding that that was your only option to remain in the game, even if the decision would leave you with just $20. Your next turn would have you passing GO anyway so you weren’t completely without hope.
“What kind of bullshit-...? Why is it so cheap... How the fuck do you even mortgage in this game?” You muttered almost silently to yourself, speaking under your breath in hopes that none of them would hear your confusions to something so simple but they all did, stifling their chuckles as they listened to your irritated mumbles.
Flipping the card, you felt a pang in your heart and you clutched it, mocking your sadness at how painfully badly you were losing at this game. Normally, you were the one to leave everyone else in the dust but, this time, you were not only being left in the dust but the ground was swallowing you in the process. Carefully, your fingers sifted through the box nearby you, picking out a $100 and a $50, turning to pick up the remainder of your money which was sitting on the couch behind you, out of Kol’s mischievous reach. Your hands shuffled the money around just to make it harder for Elijah to sort and handed it over, his hands offering you two measly $10 notes in return, causing your face to scrunch in distaste. How you’d gotten to that point, you weren’t quite sure. Bit by bit, you seemed to have lost money to god knows what but you simply put it down to your desperation to not leave the game meaning that you were throwing your money around carelessly which was something you needed to stop yourself from doing.
It was Klaus’ turn and you did the honours of the dice roll and moving of his little figurine to the spot where he needed to end up. He’d ended up on Park Street, the other blue card which he wanted for the sole purpose of annoying Elijah and not allowing him to have it.
“I’d like to buy it.” He said, counting through his money and pulling out the appropriate notes. “Oh, if only I had another $10 to stop me from breaking into this $100...” His speaking caused your head to turn and look at him, watching him revel in the fact he had money, trying to push your buttons and, by god, was it working. “I think I’ll just...” He trailed off, hand reaching to the right of him where your money was, fingers pinching one of your notes and adding them to his collection.
Your jaw dropped slightly and you scowled at him soon after due to the way his face contorted to one of pure merriment at the way you looked up at him, “Um, get your thieving, little paws off of my money, Mikaelson.” You threatened, pointing an angry finger at him and he flinched mockingly, causing your blood to boil.
“Oh, so now you’re bothered by it? You seemed unfazed by the last $600 I’ve taken from you.” He replied with the most triumphant grin you’d ever seen him bare, your eyes widening and your jaw slackening in shock.
He couldn’t supress the laugh that was clawing at his throat and, at the fact he finally fessed up, the rest of the Mikaelsons broke out into fits of giggles, even Elijah letting out a hearty laugh which you didn’t get to hear all that often. They’d all noticed Klaus doing it but wanted to see how long the antics could continue before you’d noticed anything. Your eyes never once left his face as your face hardened, pressing your lips together as you glared.
There was a short pause before you simply said, “Run.” 
Klaus’ giggles raised in strength as he pushed himself off of the couch, turning and making a dash for the hallway which lead down to your bedroom, not using his vamp-speed but clearly having the speed to outrun you either way, not that there was far for him to go. Whilst he did that, you were busy pushing your body up and trying to haul yourself forward, narrowly avoiding Rebekah’s howling body, doubled over on the floor, clutching at her stomach. Your feet found place on the floor as you took off after him, disappearing from the sight of the rest of the family as you reached the door that had just been closed. His breathing was audible from the other side, even with your human hearing, and you could practically hear his smile beaming despite the lack of visual. Hand pounding on the door, you called out for him to allow you entrance but no movement came.
“Truce?” He called through the door and you scoffed at the idea, hand holding the door knob as you rammed your shoulder into it once more, trying to get it to budge with all your strength that could be mustered.
“Open up, Mikaelson!” You called out, banging against the door and trying your hardest to force yourself through.
“Promise me a truce, (L/N)!” Was his response and you stopped for a moment, stepping back to aid you in what you were about to do.
Nonchalantly, you replied with, “Fine. Whatever,” grumbling as you did so as to make it as believable as you could.
With no more than another word, the door cracked open and Klaus’ beautifully amused face peered through the crack at you. Your hands found place against the door, pushing it open harshly as you barged into the room, Klaus’ incessant laughing returning as he backed up from you.
“You promised!” He heaved out as you moved toward him, hauling him back onto the bed. Truth be told, your force was so little that it could have gone unnoticed provided he didn’t look at you but he let himself fall back anyway, giving you the satisfaction.
“I did nothing of the like! Now-” You began, crawling on the bed, climbing on top of his body as his arms grabbed yours with enough force to hold them but not enough to hurt you in the slightest.
The two of you descended into wrestling one another, you attempting you get your hands on him and himself wriggling beneath you and holding you up, dodging your attempts to do so. Within an instant, after allowing that to continue for around 30 seconds, he’d flipped you over so that your back was pressed against the soft fabric of the bed, Klaus hands pinning your arms beside your head as he gazed down on you, pausing for a few moments to admire how gorgeous you looked in that moment. Before he knew it though, you’d began to writhe below him, fighting you put yourself back at the advantage but, within seconds, his hands had trailed down your arms, finding themselves at your sides as he began to let them playfully jab at you.
With his fingers tickling you, you couldn’t supress the laughs that were escaping as you squirmed around, attempting to avoid the feeling as your body erupted into tingles and shocks at the feeling of it. You hauled out words to beg for him to release you but they were drowned out by the sound of your incessant laughter mixed in with his. It wasn’t too often that you got to see Klaus like this and you knew it was a night that you’d never let slip from your mind. Your eyes scrunched shut as the sensations overwhelmed your body and Klaus was aware that your breaking point was being drawn nearer and nearer by the second, causing him to go harsher with his tickling, earning a squeal to emit from your mouth as your flailing beneath him grew even stronger.
“Promise me a truce, (Y/N)!” He called out over your laughter and you knew you couldn’t bear anymore of this form of torture.
“I p- I pro-” You choked out, unable to formulate a sentence due to the movements of your body and the way your mind was continuously directed to the sensations erupting from your sides. “I promise!” You finally cried.
Within a few seconds, the tickling died down and Klaus threw his body to the side as it crashed into the bed beside you, your panting audible over all as he lay on his back, looking at you with a gleaming smile on your face, radiating happiness and joy at that moment in time. He loved to see you like this, so laid back and enjoying yourself as he often found that, though you were no doubt one of the most fun people he’d had the pleasure of knowing, you’d recently been down due to the lack of contact from your friends. Your body heaved as you tried to calm down, turning your head to look at Klaus who gazed upon you with a soft but amused look. The two of you rolled onto your sides at the same time, both sharing an eye contact that showed complete and utter bliss in that moment. Good god, you loved that man so much. You just wished everyone got to see this angelic side to him.
After a long few moments, his hand raised to rake through your hair gently, his face softening as he lost himself in a trance as he did so, not that you were complaining. One of the best feelings in the world was having Klaus tangle his fingers in your hair as you lost yourself into the calming sensation. Your eyes closed as you savoured it, welcoming the feeling with open arms as he continued, tangling a lock of it around his finger and letting the coil slip away slowly, back to its original style. You were the centre of his world, living for moments like these where he got to pretend that everything else on the outside didn’t exist, only the two of you, locked in the moment, enjoying each other’s presence no matter what you were doing.
“I love you, (Y/N) (L/N).” He said as soft as can be, voice like smooth honey yet you supressed the smile threatening to break out onto your face, wanting to tease him a little in return for the Monopoly stunt. When you didn’t respond, he said, “Oh, come on... I’m sorry I took your Monopoly money... If it’s any consolation, you can take this game night as another win in your book.” He attempted to appease you, hand caressing your face and you couldn’t help your smile widening at the feeling of his soft touch on your face.
“I love you too, Klaus Mikaelson. More than anything.” You grinned back, hands taking place at either side of his face as he grinned, teeth displaying in the process and his face moved closer to yours, closing the distance between you.
The two of your lips met in a soft embrace, moving against each other in the most loving of way possible. A thousand words were conveyed in the single action, the kiss making your bodies feel electrified with life, an emanating joy surging through you at the contact, feeling like a burning flame climbing higher and higher. His lips melted with yours was a sensation that felt like home, like that is exactly where you belonged in life. And it was. The two of you seemed designed with each other in mind and you fit together like the missing two pieces of the puzzles that were your lives. The happiness that the two of you gave each other was otherworldly and one you knew that many would never find in their lifetime and you two would never be able to find again in any other person.
He was your home and you were his.
Little bit of fluff to neutralise my morbid masterlist. I thought this was cute :) Hope you enjoyed!
NOT proofread. 
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wholesomemendes · a year ago
Top of the List
Summary: You’re a junior in college who spends almost all of your time stuck in either your dorm room or the library until you’re forced to go to a frat party where you meet Shawn, who immediately changes your whole college experience. 
Author’s Note: I’m backkkkkk. I am so so excited about this one. This was based off a request I got in like May or something like that basically so insanely long ago and I never got to it because I knew it was going to be long. I kinda went off track with the request too a little bit, but I hope you love it as much as I do. It’s my baby so please be kind (also it’s my birthday so please don’t hurt my feelings too much lol). As always, I love hearing any type of feedback and I love you all x
Word Count: 12.2k
Tumblr media
The door of your dorm room slammed open as your roommate rushed inside, frantically throwing her bag onto her bed and rummaging through her closet. You peered over the top of your laptop where you were busy editing an essay you had just finished for a class, watching her distressed state with curious eyes. “What’s going on?”
“What do you mean?” Natalie asked almost breathlessly, settling on a silk, light pink top with a plunging v-neck and a short black skirt.
“Why are you rushing so much? Where are you going?”
You would’ve thought you had grown three heads by the way she looked at you and the way she rolled her eyes when she noticed you were being dead serious made you slightly cave in on yourself in disappointment. “How do you not know what’s going on tonight? Sigma Alpha Epsilon is throwing another one of their huge parties, it’s all everyone has been talking about for the past two weeks.”
“I don’t know, must’ve just gone over my head,” you mumbled, feeling a little self-conscious about your lack of knowledge on what was going on in the social life of your campus. Ninety-nine percent of the time your head was stuck in a book or hunched over your laptop doing homework in the library so it really shouldn’t have been a surprise that this party was nowhere on your radar.
“Well now you know, so you’re going with me. Chop chop you’ve got to get dressed.”
“HA, you think I’m going to a party?”
She raised an eyebrow at you, silently challenging you to disagree with her, “Um, yes you are. Connor invited me which means I’m inviting you because he invites like 20 girls and I don’t want to be stuck alone all night.”
“You’re not going to be alone all night,” you sighed, closing your laptop before swinging your legs off the side of the bed, “You’re popular enough on campus that you’ll be able to find someone to hang out there with if I’m not there.”
“I know, but it’d be more fun if you were there with me. Pleaseeeeeee.” Natalie pulled out her best puppy dog eyes on you, her bottom lip jutting out to make her face look more innocent, “I’ll even do your makeup and hair for you….and you can borrow some of my clothes!”
“What, are my clothes not good enough or something?”
“They are! They’re just a little too, what’s the word I’m looking for, conservative for a party. You need something a little bit scandalous, you know? Gotta give the boys a little something something.” She wiggled her eyebrows at you before letting out a huff of annoyance and getting up to grab your hand to pull you off of the bed, “Come on, no excuses. Let’s get you ready for tonight.”
This wasn’t your scene. Natalie had left you to go play beer pong about thirty minutes after you stepped foot into the loud, alcohol-stenched frat house, but you soon lost sight of her when Connor whisked her away after their team won against two other frat boys to what you could only assume would be his bedroom. You didn’t mind that she left you, you’d rather have one of you enjoying yourself then have her be miserable trying to entertain you. The tight shirt and skirt Natalie forced you into didn’t seem like such a bad idea when you were staring at yourself in the mirror of your dorm (to be honest the way she did your hair and makeup gave you a newfound confidence you hadn’t had in years), but now as you stood in the corner of the kitchen quietly nursing your drink while your eyes scanned the crowd of sweaty college students, you couldn’t feel more insecure and self-conscious. Your arms wrapped around your center, desperately trying to cover up what little skin was to be seen and you wished that Natalie would come down those stairs any second to go back to your dorm with you. You were so lost in your thoughts you hardly noticed the stench of beer get stronger around you or the heat of another body on your shoulder until the unknown person was up against you. “Hey,” the boy who you recognized from one of your writing classes and were pretty sure was a part of another fraternity on campus slurred, “You wanna come dance with me, sexy?”
“Um, no I’m ok, thanks though.” You tried to turn and walk away from him, but were stopped abruptly by his hand gripping your wrist and pulling you closer to him again.
“Come on, it’ll be fun,” he breathed into your ear, hot breath fanning across your face in the process making you cringe inward on yourself, “I’d love to feel that ass of yours up against me.”
“I said no, I don’t want to dance with you.” You could feel the panic rising in your throat, causing your words to come out broken and weak, and you desperately wished someone would see the fear in your eyes and come help you. His grip on you tightened the more you resisted and in that moment you wished you had never been stupid enough to listen to Natale about how fun this party was going to be.
“And I said you should come dance with me. So why don’t you-” HIs hand was pried off your wrist in seconds and you rubbed the spot where it had left, holding it close to your chest in fear.
“I think she already said no, buddy.” Your savior came in the form of a curly, brown haired boy that stood at least a couple inches over your unwanted dance partner. A scowl was evident on his face, his brown eyes hard and dark, “Now you should probably get out before I ban you from ever stepping foot in this place again.”  The other boy left, but not before rudely shoulder checking the person you believed was your hero, which only earned him a scoff in return. “God, can’t stand people like that. They have no common decency for anyone.” He made eye contact with you for the first time that night and your heart skipped a beat, your body feeling somewhat small compared to his tall height. He saw the fearful look in your eyes and placed a comforting hand on your shoulder before looking you up and down for any signs of damage from the previous encounter, “Are you ok?”
“Yeah, I am now that you saved me,” you mumbled slightly, lowering your gaze to your cup in order to avoid his worried look, “Thank you, I don’t know what I would’ve done if you hadn’t stepped in.”
“Well I’m glad I could help. I’m Shawn, by the way, I don’t think we’ve ever met.” Sticking his hand out for you to shake, he gave you a dazzling smile and you immediately recognized him as the president of the fraternity, the one your roommate was constantly talking about trying to get into his pants. Seeing him up close for the first time, you couldn’t help but understand why all the girls wanted to get with him and why a lot of those girls did get with him. There was a blue bandana wrapped around his head pushing back the beautiful curls that adorned his head and his chiseled jaw and bright eyes entranced you, making it hard to look away. His black t-shirt was frayed at the top near the buttons, allowing his few chest hairs to peak out, and his muscles practically bulged out of the short sleeves. You noticed a few tattoos along his arms, one being the one all of the hockey players got after they won their championship, as you shook his hand, but his strong grip broke you out of your thoughts and forced you to look at him again.
“I’m Y/n.”
“It’s nice to meet you. Do you need another drink? I know where all of the good alcohol is if you want it,” he winked at you, a smug smirk on his lips as he held his hand up to his face as if he was telling you something top secret.
You looked at the almost empty beer in your hand sadly, but the thought of getting another drink absolutely disgusted you at the moment, “No thank you. I think I’m going to head out actually, I’m a little shaken up to be honest.”
“Don’t go because of that!” Shawn’s voice sounded rushed as if he desperately wanted you to stay, though you pushed the thought aside, knowing that he couldn’t care less about what you did. “If you want you can stay by me for the rest of the night or if you came with someone you can always use my name, I’ve learned it can get you a long way sometimes.”
Your eyes met his once again and you tried to push the butterflies that you were feeling down your throat. “I’m just here with my roommate, but I think she went up with one of your friends,” you admitted bashfully, rubbing your hand up and down your arm nervously, “I haven’t seen her in awhile. Parties aren’t exactly my thing, I’m only here because she forced me to come, so I think I’m just going to text her and then head out.”
“You’re going to walk home alone? Do you really think that’s a good idea?”
“I don’t have any better ones right now.”
“Easy. I’ll walk you home.” He leaned against one of the walls comfortably as he spoke, a large smile on his face the entire time. There wasn’t a look of regret on his face, but you still questioned his motives. Why would he want to go out of his way to make sure you got home safe? Was he just trying to get you in bed with him? But if he was then why was he so adamant about getting that guy off of you?
“Don’t worry about it Shawn, really, I’ll be ok.”
“It’s either that or you’re staying in my room tonight so you don’t have to walk home alone.” There was a confident look in his eyes and he knew he had you beat, causing you to roll your eyes before walking past him towards the door.
His eyes followed you curiously as you walked away, watching as you turned around and beckoned him forward, “Come on then, I want to be asleep before 4,” leaving him to trail behind you like a puppy at your feet. __________________________
The two of you walked to your dorms in a mix of comfortable silence and easy conversation that sparked in the 10 minutes it took to get you home. It was surprising how little awkward tension there was for two people on completely different sides of the spectrum who had never met before today, but you wouldn’t trade it for the world. You learned he was majoring in music, something that his parents weren’t one hundred percent confident with, though they still supported him nonetheless he assured you, and that he had been playing hockey since he was 6. The moment you got to the door of your building you stopped, ready to thank him for walking with you and move on with the rest of your night, preferably reading your essay one more time before heading to bed, but Shawn had other plans. “Why’d you stop? Did you forget your key or something?”
“No,” you looked at him with furrowed brows, “I think I can walk up to my dorm myself.”
He crossed his arms defensively with a stern look on his face, “Oh I get it, you don’t want me to know which room you’re in. I saved you from some creep and you still think I’m just like him don’t you."
“It’s not that, I just don’t feel comfortable bringing you up to my dorm after we just met.”
“Which is a big deal because…”
“Isn’t me saying that it makes me uncomfortable enough of a reason?” you asked him, mimicking his position as a tiny bit of anger grew inside of you.
Shawn scoffed, rolling his eyes at your words, “Honey, if I wanted to get you in my bed, you’d already be in there by now. There’s no reason to worry about me doing anything to you if you let me walk you up there.”
“Excuse me? Just because you’ve gotten with the entire cheerleading team…”
“Not true...”
“And at least half of the sorority girls…”
“Half is pushing it a little bit…”
“Doesn’t mean that you’d be able to get with me. I don’t have time for a relationship right now and I don’t do random hookups, thank you very much. So thank you for saving me at the party and thank you for walking me home, but that will be all. Good night, Shawn.” With that you turned on your heels, using your key card before slamming the door in his face and heading up the stairs to your dorm. You couldn’t believe it. Right when you thought you were forming a type of friendship or a least mutual respect for someone that wasn’t your roommate it all fell apart like it always did. What were you thinking when Shawn Mendes was the definition of a frat boy? Why would he want to be friends with someone like you? You couldn’t even lie and say that it didn’t hurt a little when he said he would’ve already tried to get you in bed if he wanted to. Were you really that ugly that the boy who practically got with any female that wanted to didn’t want to get with you? Not that you would sleep with him if he had asked you, you did have an unspoken rule with yourself that you didn’t want to do hookups in college, but at least knowing that he found you attractive would have given you a slight confidence boost. You already hated how you had never been asked out by the boys in college, even though you weren’t exactly looking for a guy or putting yourself out there to be asked on a date, and how every girl seemed to sneer at you when you walked past. So that night you cuddled yourself under the covers, vowing to never step foot in another frat house again no matter how much Natalie begged. __________________________
“What are you doing tonight?” Natalie launched herself onto your bed, causing you to let out a groan when she landed on you.
You pushed her off of you while she laughed, making you roll your eyes, “Probably just binge watching some Netflix honestly. Why?”
“Really? That wasn’t what I thought you’d say at all.”
“What’d you think I was going to say?” you laughed as she sat up and leaned against your wall.
“Oh, something along the lines of ‘I have to study for a test that I’ve already taken and rewrite my essay for the thirtieth time’”, she said in a high pitched voice you soon realized was her impression of you.
“Hey, I do not sound like that! And besides, laugh all you want about it, but I’m at the top of the class so I don’t see anything wrong with that.”
“There’s nothing wrong with that, I’m just surprised you’re giving yourself a break.”
“I am,” you told her with a smile, “I have no homework to finish tonight or tests coming up or essays that need to be turned in, so I’m finally letting myself have a night off.”
You raised an eyebrow at her, “Or what.”
“Or you could come to the hockey game tonight with me so I’m not alone.”
“Oh hell no, Nat, I’m not doing this again.” You grabbed your laptop off of your side table, already ready to pop open your tv series for the night.
“What do you mean you’re not doing this again? It’ll be fun!”
“Last time you convinced me to go somewhere I almost got harassed by a drunk frat boy and then I got into an argument with another frat boy while you were busy hooking up with a different one.”
“Come on, it wasn’t that bad,” she scoffed, climbing off the bed, “Besides, you’ve never been to a hockey game before and you’re a junior. No offense, but do you know how pathetic that sounds. Our school is literally known for hockey! Just once and then I’ll never ask you to go again.” You gave her a stern look, one that threatened her to ask again, but when she flashed her eyes at you, you immediately gave in, rolling your eyes at yourself and already hating yourself for agreeing.
“Fine, but you can’t leave my side the entire night.”
“I promise I won’t! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” She brought you into a bone crushing hug before releasing you in favor of searching through her closet for something for the both of you to wear. __________________________
You couldn’t lie and say you weren’t enjoying yourself a little bit. Opposed to last time Natalie was still sitting by your side and you had managed to convince her to let you wear one of your school hoodies and a pair of leggings to keep warm instead of the (as she phrased it) ‘hot ass’ outfit she had picked out for you. It was the final 10 minutes of the game and your team was ahead by four points, something everyone had been assured was an easy win from the start. Still, you could tell why everyone liked going to the games, it was energetic and loud and everything you thought a college game would be, but not as overwhelming. Even though Natalie had decided to sit next to Connor and they were relentlessly flirting and managing to have physical contact with one another the entire time, you were so focused on the game that it wasn’t bothering you as much as you imagined it would when you first sat down. You were entranced by the way the players skated across the ice, your eyes immediately drawing to one player in particular that seemed so comfortable on the ice. The moment you saw the back of his jersey though, MENDES written in bright white lettering, your heart dropped a little bit, not wanting to watch him as much as you were. Though it was hard not to when there was a clear reason he was made captain, so you were left to shamelessly follow his fast, steady movements across the ice.
The game soon ended with a win as expected and you were forced to follow Natalie and Connor deeper into the crowd of students to congratulate the team after they came out of their locker room. The crowd was cheering, adrenaline pumping through the air as you walked down the halls until you reached a large open space. Not long after all of the boys were making their way out, Shawn leading the pack like a true captain. A large portion of the girls (mostly puck bunnies or sorority girls or even some that just wanted some attention from the star himself) immediately crowded along Shawn and you could tell by the look on his face that he was enjoying every last second of it. His eyes scanned the crowd for a brief moment before landing on yours and you swore you could see his smile falter until it became even brighter than before. He excused himself from the hoard of girls as he headed your way, making your heart stop. Was he really coming to see you? What were you going to say? “Good job”? No, you don’t want to congratulate him, he was rude to you the other night. Don’t let him know how you couldn’t stop watching him the entire game, he doesn’t need another boost to his already huge ego. Is he gonna say something first? What if he…
“Hey man, how’d it look from the crowd?” Shawn asked as he bro-hugged Connor. Your heart dropped. Of course he was coming over here to talk to one of his best friends, why would you think he was coming for you? But you could’ve sworn the two of you had made eye contact. Were you really that stupid?
“Great as always, they were easy today anyways.”
“Yeah we went a little easy on them. Last time we absolutely creamed them and then I got threats from their team about how ‘we were gonna pay for embarrassing them like that,’” Shawn scoffed, “Like we were the ones who embarrassed them.” He turned his head, sending a bright smile your way before finally acknowledging you for the first time tonight, “I’ve never seen you at a game before, do you always leave right after it ends?”
You cleared your throat awkwardly, wondering if you should just lie or admit how antisocial you truly were, “No, um this is actually my first hockey game.” Ok, admitting how antisocial you are it is.
“Your first hockey game? What year are you?”
“I’m a junior…”
“You’re a junior and this is your first hockey game?”
“Oh calm down, it’s not that big of a deal,” Natalie chimed in, sensing your discomfort at the situation at hand.
“Wait, don’t tell me.” Shawn rubbed his forehead as if he was thinking before snapping his fingers in Natalie’s direction, “You must be Natalie, right? Y/n was telling me all about you the other night.”
“The other night?”
“Yeah, I walked her home after the party last week. She didn’t tell you?”
Her eyes went wide, looking in your direction with her mouth hanging open while you caved in on yourself, “No, she failed to mention that you were the one to walk her home.”
“Damn, you were that ashamed of me, eh?” Shawn let out a light chuckle before slinging an arm around you to pull you closer to him.
“Wasn’t exactly my proudest moment,” you mumbled, trying your hardest not to lean into his body that seemed so tempting. You didn’t know what body wash he used in his shower, the shower was evident by the slightly wet hair on his head that made him look absolutely breathtaking, but it was extremely inviting and you wanted nothing more than to snuggle your head into his chest and breathe it through your senses.
“Anyways, are you two coming to the party tonight?”
“I mean…” Natalie started, but you cut her off immediately.
“No, we’re heading back after this,” you gave a pointed look in her direction, “Right, Nat?”
“Yeah, I guess.”
“Oh come on, don’t be such a party pooper Y/n,” Shawn whined, ruffling your hair and laughing as you swatted his arm away.
“I’m not a party pooper, I’m just,” you stuttered for a second trying to find a decent excuse, “Just not quite dressed appropriately for a party, don’t you think?”
“Nonsense, I think you look great. But if it’s that big of a deal you can borrow my practice jersey and you’ll be all set.” Before you could protest Shawn was already reaching down into his duffle bag and producing a bright blue jersey with his name on the back. It was clear that this wasn’t just some jersey you’d buy in the school spirit shop, it looked as professional as it could, except the different design and tattered edges showed that it was made for practice.
“I’m not putting that on.”
“Why not? I promise it doesn’t smell and besides, don’t you want to let Nat have some fun?” He waved the jersey in front of you with a teasing smile on your face, causing you to roll your eyes before you snatched it out of his grip and pulled it over your sweatshirt. “That’s what I thought,” Shawn smirked as he put his arm back around your shoulders, “Now come on, I’ll drive, Y/n can be shot gun.” __________________________
No more than ten minutes later you were parked back at the same frat house you had been at the week prior and the mere thought of it made you sick. However, you didn’t know how much longer you could stay in Shawn’s jeep where he was stealing glances at you every five seconds and trying to annoy you in every way possible. He’d find every way possible to try and touch you in some way, whether it was a poke in the face or moving a strand of hair behind your ear, and constantly make comments that you wanted to laugh at, but wouldn’t be caught dead showing him that. So the second he parked you were already out of the car, breathing in a deep breath of clean air to make sure the scent of Shawn that was so heavy in his jeep would leave your senses. “Wow, was the drive that bad that you’re so eager to leave?”
You were praying with every ounce of your body that Shawn couldn’t see the blush on your face when he made eye contact on with you that teasing smile on his face, but the way Natalie snickered as she got out of the back of the jeep told you that she definitely knew. “No, I just get claustrophobic easily, that’s all.”
“Mhm.” Shawn looked at you, obviously not believing your excuse, but still motioning you towards the front door nonetheless. There was already a fair amount of people inside, at least enough to make you cringe at the thought of being there. Shawn had a light hold on your arm before leaning into your ear to make sure that you heard him, “I’m going to go get us some drinks. What do you want?”
“I don’t care, you can pick. Just please no shots of anything.”
“Ok, I’ll be back.”
Natalie and Connor were already god knows where, so you were left standing in the main foyer of the frat house, holding your arms around yourself while you looked around awkwardly, waiting for Shawn to return. You felt the familiar feeling of nervousness creeping up your throat and you forced yourself to focus on the smell of Shawn’s jersey and how warm it felt around you as a way to calm your rapid beating heart. He had only been gone a few minutes before someone else was approaching you, making your heart drop when you remembered what went down the last time you were here. “Hey, you wanna come dance with me?”
Hearing those words made you want to throw up, but you tried to keep your head up and your gaze unbothered while you prayed for Shawn to come back. “No thank you.”
“Well, can I go get you a drink then?”
“No, someone’s already…”
The feeling of an arm wrapping around you caused you to freeze until your nose caught onto the scent you had been unintentionally enjoying all night and you allowed yourself to relax into him. “I already got it for her. I think she’s all set, buddy.” The other guy got the hint quickly and backed away into the crowd until he was no more than a mere drop in a pool of people. “Damn, can’t even leave you alone for two seconds before you got some guy hitting on you,” Shawn laughed, but quickly stopped once he noticed the terrified look on your face. “Hey,” he placed a hand on your face to bring your eyes to his, “Did he touch you? Or hurt you?”
“No, no he didn’t, I’m still just a little shaken up from last time I guess,” you mumbled, bringing your gaze down to where your hands were engulfed in the fabric of your sweatshirt, “I’m sorry you have to keep saving me.”
“That’s understandable, it’s never a pleasant experience. And you never need to thank me, it’s just common decency.” You refused to meet his eyes again, but you heard his sigh before he gently grabbed your hand in his and handed you your drink. Your heart fluttered when he took your other hand in his grasp, the feeling of his rough calluses overwhelming your senses. “What do you say we go dance? Get your mind off of things for a little bit, let loose.”
“I don’t know Shawn, I’m not the greatest dancer…”
“You don’t have to be. I promise it will be fun.”
You knew there was a ninety-nine percent chance that you were going to embarrass yourself completely in front of him, but the way he was staring at you like it would break his heart if you said no made up your mind for you in a second. “Ok, let’s go.”
A wide smile broke out on Shawn’s face before he dragged you into the crowd, finding a spot he deemed fit for the two of you to dance in. It started out with just a simple step touch as you started to feel the rhythm of the music and allow yourself to relax as much as possible while sipping on the drink he got you. He tried to make small talk with you even over the loud music, resulting in him having to brush his lips against your ear as he spoke to you. Your heart fluttered with each movement and the alcohol you were consuming wasn’t making it any easier when he’d laugh at something you said, his bright brown eyes crinkling from his cheeks. As the night got longer and your cup became emptier, the distance between the two of you became smaller and smaller until your chest was pressed right against his. His free hand came up to naturally grasp your waist, but not in a way that made you uncomfortable. On the contrary, it made your stomach do flips that you couldn’t control even if you wanted to. His face was getting close, too close for your muddled brain to do anything rational about it. You didn’t know exactly what was put in the drink (it was delicious though and you knew he would tell you if you asked), but as a light weight you were definitely feeling the effects of it, so just as his nose touched the tip of yours you pulled away, muttering in his ear about how you had to use the bathroom before running off away from the crowd.
After winding through the halls of the house and passing multiple people making out against the walls, you finally reached the bathroom where you shut the door in a hurry, allowing yourself to take a deep breath as you leaned against the counter. Your eyes lifted up to stare at your reflection in the mirror, your brain struggling to process what had just happened. Was he going to kiss you? Was this his plan all along, to get you comfortable enough around him to have you wrapped around his finger? No, that couldn’t have been it. He was so easy to talk to and seemed genuinely interested in what you had to say and what you were doing. He wouldn’t do that just to get with you, would he? Your thoughts are interrupted by a series of knocks on the door, followed by a worried voice, “Y/n? Are you ok in there?”
“Yeah! I’ll, um, I’ll be right out!” You splashed some water onto your face in an effort to calm yourself down to a degree before opening the door to be met with Shawn’s concerned face.
“I’m sorry if I rushed you. You just ran out of there so quick I was worried something happened.”
Your heart swelled at how much he seemed to care about you and you willed the heat to leave your face, “No, I’m ok. I did feel a little crowded in there, but I’m ok now, thanks.”
“Yeah, of course. What do you say we go to the kitchen for a little bit to talk in there? It usually isn’t too crowded this far into the party.” You allowed him to take your hand and lead you into the kitchen where, like he said, was completely empty besides a few people every now and then that would come to refill their glass. Most of the alcohol had been moved into various places of the house so there was no fear of a bunch of hammered students coming in and ruining the place. There was a comforting silence between the two of you for a moment, the only sound being the music that could be heard from the main room as you both leaned against the counter next to one another. “I’m glad you came to the game tonight,” Shawn broke the silence, looking at you with a sincere look in his eye, “And thanks for letting me drag you to this party.”
“I don’t think I could’ve said no to the party, you’re pretty convincing,” you admitted, downing the last sip of your drink, “You were really good tonight, too. I never told you earlier, but I couldn’t stop watching you as you played. It’s obvious why you were chosen as captain.”
Shawn let out a nervous chuckle, his own cheeks showing a hint of pink to them, “Thanks, it means a lot. Do you want another drink?”
“No, I’m ok. I get drunk easily so I think I should stop before it gets worse.” You easily learned that you were an extremely honest drunk and if the words you were saying to Shawn were any indicator, you definitely shouldn’t drink anything more.
“That’s a shame, I have a feeling that you’re fun when you’re absolutely plastered.”
“What makes you think that?”
“Well, you’re already fun as it is, but it takes a while for you to open up. I think I’d get to see you at your fullest, you know what I mean? But that’s just off of my first couple impressions of you, so what do I know.” He finished off his statement by grabbing a beer from the fridge, returning to a spot much closer to you, so close that your shoulders were right up against one another. “Do I make you uncomfortable?”
“No, I’m very comfortable around you,” you whispered, eyes falling down to his smooth, red lips.
He caught the motion of your eyes and let his do the same, his face coming just that extra inch closer to yours, “Do you think it would be ok if…”
“Y/n! We’re going home!” Natalie came barging into the kitchen, grabbing your arm and dragging you to the door.
“What? What’s going on?” you asked her, trying to tug your arm away, but her grip was strong and she was dead set on ordering an uber to get out of here as soon as possible.
“I’ll tell you when we get back.”
Your heart dropped as you looked at Shawn who looked just as confused and saddened as you. “Bye Shawn, thanks for bringing us.”
“Wait,” he muttered to himself, running towards the door before Natalie could get you out of it, “Give me your phone really quick.”
“Just trust me.” You unlocked your phone for him and watched as he added his number into your messages, even including a silly picture of him as his contact photo that you knew you’d be laughing at later. “Text me when you’re back at your dorm, eh? Wanna make sure you get home safe.”
Looking into his eyes you saw a completely different man than the one you had yelled at on the first night you met. This one seemed vulnerable as he stared at you, as though he was putting himself bare in front of you and showing you the real him. You nodded your head, taking your phone from his hand before Natalie was pulling you towards the uber. “I promise I’ll text you.”
“Bye Y/n.” __________________________
“What was that for?!” you demanded, staring down your roommate as she fell onto her bed.
“Connor and I got into a fight.”
“I didn’t know the two of you were dating.”
“That’s the thing...we’re not.” She sighed, propping herself up against the wall, “See the thing is...we’re talking I guess, but it’s not exclusive. It’s more like a ‘talking’ so we can hook up if we want to sort of thing.”
“So what does that have to do with you dragging me out of the party.”
“Well I was making out with Tim…”
“Why were you making out with Tim?”
“Because he’s hot and I’m drunk so it was a great idea. That was until Connor saw and got all pissed because apparently I’m not allowed to do that, but he’s all over girls all the time still so I don’t see the big deal! And because I’m so drunk I was over fighting with him for the night and I’m mad so therefore we had to leave.”
“Great,” you muttered, “I was finally having a good time at a party and then you and your hook up had to mess it up.”
“Y/n, I’m sorry. I truly am. If there was a way to make it up to you I’d do it. But preferably when I’m sober.”
“It’s fine, it’s not that big of a deal anyways,” you mumbled before you began to change into some more comfortable clothes for the night. You noticed you were still wearing Shawn’s jersey that you would ultimately have to give him back for the game, but you couldn’t help but think that you could worry about getting it to him tomorrow and maybe that would be your chance to make up for the time you lost tonight. __________________________
The light streamed in through the window of your dorm and you groaned, pushing yourself out of bed to turn off your alarm. You sighed to yourself as you got yourself up and moving for the day, even going as far as making sure that Natalie was still alive and breathing after she came home late last night from a bar before grabbing your bag to head to class. You hated your 8am class, but it was the only slot available that worked with your schedule so you simply had to man up and accept your fate. You were about halfway to your class when you heard a distant voice call out to you and you whipped your head around to meet a smiling curly haired boy running your way. “Y/n, hey,” Shawn smiled at you after finally catching up to you, “Long time no see.”
“Hey, Shawn, how have you been?” You hadn’t seen him since you had dropped his practice jersey off at the doorstep of the frat a few weeks back, but you couldn’t lie and say a part of you was hoping that you’d run into him again.
“Good, miss seeing you at the hockey games though.”
His comment made you blush and you brought your gaze to the floor so he couldn’t see your heated cheeks. “I never really went before so I wasn’t exactly planning on going anytime soon again.”
“You didn’t have a good time?” he asked with a feigned offense, big puppy dog eyes on display as he walked next to you.
“I promise I did, I just prefer to stay in my dorm and study if we’re being honest.”
“I understand,” he nodded thoughtfully, “So where are you headed?”
“English Literature, how about you?”
“Calculus, which if we’re being honest here is not my strong suit. If I don’t get at least a B on this next test they could pull me from the game. I swear I’m not dumb, I just don’t get it I guess.”
“Well, I don’t know if it means anything to you, but I had an A in that class last semester. I could help you out if you want.”
“You’d do that for me?” he asked with wide eyes, bringing you both to a halt in front of your lecture hall. “Of course I would, when’s your test?”
“Next Tuesday, could we meet on Thursday after practice?”
“Sounds perfect. Just text me the time and place.”
“I owe you a bunch.” Shawn leaned in to press a kiss to the top of your temple that left your heart fluttering before making his way over to his own class. __________________________
Thursday felt like it would never come, but there you were sitting alone inside the library at eight thirty at night, waiting for Shawn to arrive from his practice. A million thoughts were swirling through your head the longer you waited and you desperately wished he would show up to give you a distraction from your mind. You were constantly worried that he wouldn’t show up, had planned on ditching you from the start as some kind of sick joke, but that fear was diminished when he stumbled through the doors. “I’m sorry I’m late,” he breathed out, “Practice went later than expected.” A series of students shushed him for being too loud, causing a sheepish expression to grace his face, “Sorry.”
He sat his bag down next to you, sliding in close enough that you would be able to see what the other was doing while still maintaining a safe distance. “Sooo,” you broke the silence as he got his books out, “What do you want to start with?”
The rest of the time was spent discussing Shawn’s upcoming test and explaining what each concept was to the best of your ability. You could tell that he was smart, he just needed a little bit of help, so he was very easy to work with. Besides how hard it was for you to concentrate around him that was. Whenever he leaned in to peer over your work a little more, your heart beat increased rapidly and you held your breath until he moved away again. You couldn’t tell if he was aware of your behaviors, but he seemed extremely unfazed, always dazzling you a bright smile after something made sense to him. It was adorable to you when his eyes would furrow a little bit while he was working and the proud glow on his face when he got a problem right.
Time seemed to go by quick with all the little jokes he was making and soon enough it was eleven at night and the library was beginning to close down. “Guess we should be heading out then,” Shawn laughed, “Unless you plan on sleeping in here tonight.”
“No, not exactly. Was kind of looking forward to my bed if I’m being honest.” A chuckle of your own escaped your lips as you packed up your bag alongside him.
“Did you drive here?”
“No, my car isn’t on campus. I just walked.”
“Well I hope you weren’t planning on walking back too.”
“What other choice do I have?”
Shawn raised an eyebrow at you, “Seriously? You’re going to ask that when I’m literally right here.”
“I’m not going to ask you to drive me home, Shawn.”
“Good thing you’re not asking me, I’m telling you. Now come on, my jeep is right out here.” You didn’t protest this time, knowing he wouldn’t back down from his offer, and instead followed him out to that black jeep you vividly remember from your last trip in it.
The ride back to your dorm was significantly quieter than what your previous encounters with Shawn had been besides the quiet music playing in the background. By the time he had pulled in front of your building, there were hardly any cars to be seen around and all of the students were already inside. Shawn turned his body to face you, “Thanks for the help tonight, I really appreciate it.”
“My pleasure. Good luck on your test next week, I know you’ll do great, but you can still text me if you want to meet up again.”
“I’ll keep that in mind.” He gave you a kind smile when you thanked him for the ride before you opened the door to the brisk night air. “Y/n wait…”
“I know you’re not really into parties but…,” his words trailed off as he rubbed the back of his neck nervously, “There’s this movie night thing at the frat Saturday night and all of the guys are expected to bring a date. Do you maybe wanna come with me?”
You looked at him with wide eyes, “You want me to be your date?”
“Yeah, if you want to be.” Even in the darkness you could see the way his cheeks reddened and he failed to look you in the eye.
“I’d love to go,” you told him truthfully and you couldn’t help but smile with him when his face lit up at your words.
“Really?! That’s, that’s great! You’re supposed to wear your pajamas by the way so I hope that’s ok with you.”
“Perfectly fine with me. Just text me the time later.”
“I will. Bye, Y/n.”
“Bye, Shawn.” He watched you walk into your building with a giddy smile on his face before he drove back to his frat for a sleep that he hoped included dreams of you. __________________________
“What are you getting all dolled up for?”
You look over from where you’re doing your hair to see Natalie laying on her bed staring at you with curious eyes. “I’m going to movie night with Shawn.”
“You’re going to movie night with Shawn?!” Natalie exclaimed, her eyes practically bursting out of her head.
“Yeah, he asked me to go with him as his date.” You tried to keep your calm in front of her and not show how excited you truly were, but your smile was fighting to break free on your face.
“Is he picking you up?”
“No, I’m probably just going to walk or maybe get an uber.”
“Walk? Honey, no. Connor is picking me up, I’ll just text him and ask if he can drive you, too.”
“You don’t need to do that…”
“Nonsense, there’s no reason for you to walk when I’m literally driving to the same place.” Natalie quickly grabbed her phone to text something to Connor before getting up out of bed to walk over and fluff your finally curled hair.
“What’s going on with you and Connor anyways?”
“Oh, we’re just friends with benefits for now,” Natalie said dreamly, her hands separating your curls to make them more natural as she spoke, “But we decided that we’re going to be exclusive. No more arguments about that I guess.” You nodded your head thoughtfully, carefully examining your appearance in the mirror. “Why are you getting ready so early? We don’t have to leave for another two hours.”
“I know, but I thought you’d have to use the curler and mirror, too, so I figured I’d get done early so you could have enough room to do everything.”
“You’re the sweetest ever,” she told you, kissing the top of your head making you scrunch your nose. “Do you want me to do your makeup for you?”
“I’m not sure, I just want to do something natural.” You examined your face with much criticism, trying to decide what you wanted to do to hopefully make you look more appealing to Shawn. You didn’t just think that did you? You’re not really trying to impress Shawn tonight, right? The butterflies in your stomach told you otherwise and you cursed yourself for the thoughts that were taking over your head.
“I can do that,” Nat responded quickly, “Easy. Now what I’m concerned about is what you’re wearing tonight.”
“I was planning on wearing some sweatpants and a tank top or maybe one of my patching pajama tops and bottoms. I wasn’t sure yet.”
“See this is where we’re going to have an issue. Don’t you want to wear something a bit more revealing? Want to impress Shawn a little bit? I have a slip you can borrow if you want or…”
“No, I’m all set, I just want to be comfortable. I appreciate the concern, but you know it’s not me to wear something like that out in public. It makes me uneasy.”
“I know, I know. Let’s just focus on getting your makeup looking absolutely perfect just like you.” __________________________
Connor pulled up to the frat house before unlocking the car door for you and slinging an arm around Natalie’s seat to look back at you, “Why don’t you go in and meet up with Shawn, we’ll be in in one second.” You gave him a forced smile and a small thank you as Natalie giggled and you rolled your eyes the second you got out, happy to finally be away from their never ending teasing of one another. You made your way up to the door of the frat and knocked loud enough to be heard, transferring your weight back and forth out of nervousness. The door opened not long after revealing your date for the night looking as cozy as ever in a pair of grey sweatpants and a cotton white t-shirt. His eyes subtly looked you up and down with a smile on his face. “Hi.”
“Hi,” you breathed out, letting yourself admire him the way he was you.
“You look beautiful.”
“Thank you, you look extremely comfy and nice as well.”
“Why thank you, I like the plaid.” You looked down at your plaid sleep pants and tighter fitted grey long sleeve you had on top, your cheeks blushing red at his comment.
“I know I probably am not dressed up like a lot of the other girls, but I just wanted to be comfortable…”
“Stop it, I think you look amazing. Now come inside, I already have a spot for us.” You followed him through the frat house until you came into the kitchen that looked a little different now that it wasn’t filled to the brim with alcohol. “Do you want any hot chocolate? Or tea?”
“I’ll have hot chocolate please.”
“Good choice, good choice,” he chuckled, pouring some of the boiling water into two mugs. “You know, I’m kinda surprised Natalie didn’t force you to wear some form of lingerie like a lot of the girls are.”
“She tried to convince me to, but I didn’t want to. I’m just as surprised as you are though that she let me get away with this.”
“Well, I think it’s better that you came here comfortable rather than wearing any of that.” He handed you your cup, warning you of how hot it was. “Speaking of Natalie, where are her and Connor?”
“Still in the car, they kicked me out right when we got here.”
“Typical,” Shawn snorted before making his way into the living room with you trailing behind him. The room was already about half the way full with couples, if you could even call them that, and the room had a much cozier vibe than what you had previously seen it as. There were blankets everywhere and snacks piled up onto all of the tables. There were a few guys and girls that were obviously not too interested in their date and were mingling with other people instead and some that were extremely interested in their date to the point where it was almost obnoxious. “I got us the seat in the corner by the table. You can put your mug there if you want and those blankets that are there are ours, too. I’m just going to run to the bathroom quickly so you can wait there until I come back or you can go somewhere else.” He kissed your cheek lightly, leaving you with a heated face before he left you alone in the room. You swore you could feel the hard stares of the breathtaking girls around you and you sank yourself down into the couch, desperately wishing Shawn hadn’t left you here by yourself.
You sat there for almost ten minutes before you had decided that you were finished being the target for the judgemental looks and whispers from those around you, peeling yourself out of your spot before heading towards what you were praying was the bathrooms in hopes of running into Shawn on the way. Just as you rounded the corner you could faintly make out a female voice and you snuck your head around only to be met with a sight that made your heart drop. There she was, the drop dead gorgeous head cheerleader you knew had been in Shawn’s sheets multiple times before, with her hand on your date’s chest, that mischievous glint in her eyes that was laced with lust. Shawn’s hands were wrapped around her wrists and although you couldn’t hear their words, you couldn’t help but feel betrayed at the whole situation. Here you are, being made a fool of in front of all of these people who have always seemed to despise you from the start. You finally started letting your guard down for Shawn and what do you get in return? A stabbing pain in your heart. Tears began prickling in your eyes before you turned straight on your heels to head out of the frat without a second thought in your mind.
Just as you were about to reach the door, it opened for you, Natalie and Connor entering with giddy smiles on their faces. But at the sight of you, Natalie’s smile dropped, “Hun, what happened?”
“Nothing, I think I might head out.”
“What?” She made a signal to Connor so that he’d leave the two of you alone and he agreed, whispering something in her ear before moving past you. “Ok, now tell me what happened. You were so happy about coming tonight!” With tears threatening to fall down your face, you told her exactly what you saw from the moment you stepped into the house and before you knew it, you were encased in her arms, her hands rubbing comforting circles on your back. “I’m so sorry, baby. He doesn’t deserve you if he’s going to let her get away with that.”
“Am I stupid to be so affected by this?”
“No, that was a dick move on his part and you are allowed to feel upset about it. What we’re not going to do though is leave, you hear me? Two can play at this game.”
“What do you mean?”
“I meannn, let’s give him a taste of his own medicine. Come on, follow me.” She wiped underneath your eyes before leading you back into the living room towards the couch on the opposite side. Two guys you recognized from the frat were sitting there alone and when you noticed Natalie walking over to them confidently, your heart stopped.
“Nat, what are we doing?”
“Just trust me on this...Hey guys!” The two guys looked up at the sound of her voice, a heavy smirk on both of their lips. “You got any extra room for a little bit?”
“Be my guest,” the blonde one responded and Natalie wasted no time in pushing you to sit next to them.
You stumbled slightly onto the couch, but recovered quickly, sending a light wave to the guys, “Hi.”
They both greeted you back with a smile, leaving Natalie to be quite satisfied as she whispered in your ear, “Be back soon,” and then she was gone.
You weren’t close enough to the guys that it would be considered dangerous to you, but you were definitely closer than you would usually be with some strangers that you had literally just met. The conversation flowed easily between the three of you, not as easily as it did between you and Shawn though, and you found yourself constantly glancing towards the entryway in case he decided to make an appearance. Just as one of the frat members announced that the movie was starting in five minutes Shawn made his way into the living room, his eyes spotting you immediately. You could see his jaw clench from the corner of your eye and the way his eyes hardened was not easy to miss. This only made you up the antics a little more, with a hand moving to the shoulder of the guy closest to you before the sound of your name being called from across the room caught your attention, as well as everyone else’s in the room. You looked over to see Shawn staring at you coldly, his head nodding at the seat he had for you as a signal for you to come back. “Thanks for the seat boys, but I better be heading back,” you told them with a cheeky smile that they returned to you before heading over towards Shawn. You could feel the strong gaze of the other couples and you desperately wished that you could curl in on yourself and disappear. Once you were close enough to him he pulled you down harshly into his lap, wrapping his arms around you and whispering in your ear, “What the hell were you doing over there?”
You wriggled out of his arms, but still laid next to him, allowing him to bring the blanket up and over you with his arm around you. “I was making some new friends to keep me company since you were so busy with Vanessa when you were supposed to be just using the bathroom.”
“Fuck,” he said under his breath, “Listen, I don’t know what you saw, but…”
“I don’t want to hear it Shawn, I just want to watch the movie and leave.”
“No, I want you to listen to me because I can see how you might have taken this the wrong way.”
“Was there a right way to take it?” you whispered back angrily, feeling his arm tighten around you so that he could bring his mouth closer to your ear.
“Not from your point of view, but I swear I didn't mean to hurt you. I haven’t been answering her texts for the last two months and threatened to block her last week and she was all butthurt about it, saying that she wanted things to go back to when she could call me for a booty call whenever she felt like it. And I don’t want that anymore. I’ve got my eye on someone right now and I wouldn’t mess up my chance with her like that.”
“If you have your eye on someone then why didn’t you bring her tonight?”
“I did.” You looked up at him as the lights were turned off and you caught a glimpse of his eyes before he was facing the screen and pulling you closer to his chest. You snuggled into him and wrapped your arm around his body too, leaving the both of you with graceful smiles on your faces. __________________________
Of course the guys had picked a scary movie for the night, causing you to squeeze Shawn a little tighter at every jump scare. He didn’t mind though, it only gave him an excuse to pull you closer to him and press light, comforting kisses into your hair. Somewhere between the halfway point of the movie when you tucked your head into Shawn’s chest at a particularly frightening scene and the end of the movie, you found yourself dozing off, eventually falling into a light slumber cuddled up against him. The even beating of his heart lulled you to sleep until you felt him shaking you softly, whispering your name into your ear. “Hey, the movie’s over.”
“Oh,” you sat up and tried to comb back your slightly messed up hair, seeing the other couples retreat to their respective rooms, “I’m sorry I fell asleep.”
“Don’t be, you look cute when you’re comfy.” His words caused your cheeks to heat up and you situated yourself to try and hide your face from him. “Are you ready to go back to sleep?”
“Yeah, I should probably head out.”
“What are you talking about?”
“I’m ready to fall back asleep...which means that I need to go home so I can go to sleep in my bed.” You looked back at him with furrowed brows that matched his.
“Y/n, it’s two in the morning, why don’t you just stay here. No one else is leaving.”
“You don’t have a spare room though…”
“You can sleep in my room, I’ll sleep on the floor if you feel too uncomfortable.”
“No Shawn, I’m not kicking you out of your own bed. If you’re so adamant about me staying then we might as well share it.”
“Are you sure you’re ok with that?”
“I’m a big girl, Shawn, I think I can handle sleeping in a bed with you for one night.”
Shawn let out a laugh that was music to your ears before extending a hand to you that you gladly accepted. His hand engulfed yours perfectly and you stumbled as he pulled you up off the couch because you were too busy trying to memorize the feeling of his hand in yours. “Careful there, honey,” his sweet voice drawed out, “You’re even more tired than I thought. Can hardly stand on two feet.” He escorted you hand in hand to his bedroom, which was much cleaner than you would have imagined. There were a couple guitars on stands, a piano in the corner, some hockey gear half stuffed into a bag on the floor, all things that perfectly described Shawn to you. He slid into his bed, adjusting himself under the covers before looking at you with a boyish grin and beckoning you towards him. You sat down next to him, playing with your hands awkwardly. “You ok?” You nodded your head. “I can put up a pillow barrier if you want, I have to admit I tend to be a cuddler.”
You giggled, imagining you waking up to find him snuggled up against a pillow between the two of you. “It’s ok, I don’t think we need a pillow barrier.”
“Suit yourself.” He turned off the light, getting even more comfortable in his bed and turning towards the wall. “Goodnight, Y/n.”
“Goodnight, Shawn.” __________________________
The deep scent of oak and cinnamon should have woken you up. The heavy weight slung across your stomach should have woken you up. The unusual heat that was spreading across your back should have woken you up. But instead, they all just kept you in a peaceful slumber as the morning light streamed in through the window.
Shawn was the first to awake. Breathing in your comforting scent, he squeezed you a little tighter, not quite realizing what he was doing. The moment you pushed back into him in an effort to get impossibly closer to him his senses became wide awake, suddenly making him on high alert to how close you were to him. He couldn’t imagine how you’d feel if you woke up to find the two of you like this, but when he tried to untangle himself from you and you subconsciously gripped his arm tighter, pulling him back to you, he gave up the fight and let himself get lost in the moment. Against his better judgment he placed his lips to your hair, leaving feathery kisses in their wake. Your body began to move slowly as you came to a consciousness, but Shawn continued to kiss down your neck until he finished with a soft one on your shoulder. “Good morning,” he rasped, looking at you through his lashes.
“Good morning.” The second you came to a full realization of what was happening your body froze, not quite able to process the exact situation. The immense heat that was radiating off of him was too soothing for you to resist though and soon your body fell slack against his just as it was while you were asleep.
“How’d you sleep?” Shawn asked, tracing his finger across your cheek bone.
“Like a baby.”
“Good to hear.” His stomach rumbled, making a laugh escape out of him, “And that is good to hear too, I guess. You want to go get some breakfast.”
Deep inside you wanted to say no and selfishly keep him close to you all morning long, “That sounds perfect.”
Your body became cold the second he left your side and you shivered slightly from the temperature change. “You ok?”
“Yeah I’m fine,” you lied, grabbing his hand to help you out of bed. He pulled your body close to his, looking at you deeply with those gorgeous brown eyes of his.
“Were you uncomfortable this morning?”
“No,” you stuttered, feeling small as he towered over you even if you didn’t find him intimidating, if anything the words coming out of his mouth were more intimidating than him.
“Why not?”
His body came closer to you with each word until you were backed up against the wall, his chest pressing against yours. “What?”
“I asked you why you weren’t uncomfortable.” His face was so close to you that you could see every last detail of his skin, including a scar on his cheek that you didn’t happen to notice before, but made him look all the more endearing to you.
“Because I trust you.”
“Is that all?”
You could tell by the way that his eyebrow quirked up that he didn’t believe your wavering voice, “Are you telling me the truth? Because I want to know if you feel the same way about me that I do.”
“What do you mean?”
“I thought I made it quite obvious,” he chuckled, “I really, really like you, Y/n. I was hoping maybe this morning was a sign that you felt the same way…”
“It was,” you breathed out quickly, not wanting this moment to fade away. “I like you too, Shawn.”
His lips fanned over yours and your breath hitched in your throat, desperately waiting for him to move the final inch. “I’m not going to kiss you,” he told you, watching the light in your eyes dim and cast down to the ground, “Hey, look at me.” Shawn grabbed your chin gently, pulling your eyes back up to his, “It’s not because I don’t want to, it’s because it feels wrong to do it without going on a date first. You understand?” You nodded your head sadly, making him let out a quiet laugh, “But I would like to take you out on a date if you’d let me.”
“I’d love to go on a date with you.”
“Perfect,” he leaned in to kiss the tip of your nose, “Now let’s go down and eat breakfast. I’m absolutely starving.” __________________________
Are you free Tuesday night? Sorry, I just couldn’t wait to ask you
The message came through the second you stepped through the door to your dorm room. Natalie and Connor had woken up later than you and Shawn, so Shawn had offered to drive you home instead. You looked out your small window that happened to be facing the street and were met with his jeep still parked next to the curb. His eyes met yours causing the two of you to smile and you could practically hear his laugh from three floors up.
I’m free all night
Perfect, see you then I’ll pick you up x
Can’t wait x __________________________
The rest of the weekend seemed to drag on until your classes came again on Monday to distract your mind from the next day. It didn’t help that you and Shawn were texting almost every second of the day since you two had parted, only adding to your anticipation.
After seeming as though it would never arrive, Tuesday night came upon you, bringing you back to the same chair this all started with. Natalie was over the moon when you told her about your date, immediately wanting to know everything about it and what outfit you were planning on wearing. She had you propped up in what she called her “makeup chair” making sure your makeup and hair were the best they had ever looked. You had chosen a simple sweater and leggings, hoping that you looked nice enough while still managing to stay warm and comfortable. Shawn hadn’t told you where you were going yet, stating that it had to be kept a surprise, so you worked with what you had in order to have an appropriate outfit.
At six o’clock sharp Shawn was waiting outside, leaning against his jeep on his phone was a bouquet of flowers in one hand. His eyes flickered to the door anytime he heard a noise, but at the sight of you he stood up straight, hands pocketing his phone before he was headed straight towards you. “Hey, you look beautiful.”
“And you look as handsome as always.”
A blush formed on his cheeks at your words and he handed you the flowers bashfully, ducking his head down to avoid your gaze. “These are for you.”
“They’re gorgeous, thank you.” He sent you a bright smile as he took your hand to lead you around the car, opening the door for you to slide inside.
“Will you tell me where we’re going now?” you asked as soon as he slid into the driver's seat.
“Not yet, gotta keep the suspense up,” he teased, his hand coming up to lace his fingers with yours on the center console. “I hope you’re hungry though.”
“If we’re being honest I’m always hungry.”
“Then this is going to work out great.” The ride was short and before you knew it you were turning into a parking lot of a small old-fashioned diner a few minutes off of campus. Shawn parked the car, running around the jeep quickly to open the door for you. You smiled at his kind gesture and took his outstretched hand for you to walk inside together.
The two of you were sat inside of a booth across from each other as you scanned the menus. Shawn hardly looked at his before he was nodding his head and leaning back in his seat to look at you, “Got any idea of what you’re getting?”
“Um, not really. Have you been here before?”
“More times than I can remember. I usually go here after practice late at night because it’s open until like three in the morning.”
“Any suggestions?”
“Well I always get the cheeseburger with no tomato, a chocolate milkshake, and extra fries…”
“Extra fries? You eat that many fries?”
Shawn laughed, a wide smile forming on his face, “Most of the time yes, but if I don’t I just bring them back to the frat house. They’re always gone a couple seconds after I set them down.”
“Hmm, I can't decide if I want a chocolate shake like you or an oreo one. What do you think?”
“I think you should get an oreo one and then we can share them both.” You looked over your menu at him with a small smile, watching his eyes light up as he returned your expression.
“Then that’s what I’ll do.” The waitress came over and you ordered the same thing as Shawn, except with tomatoes, different shake, and of course, no extra fries. Once your milkshakes came out, he requested two extra straws, winking at you as he slid them in.
“So,” he began, sipping on his chocolate milkshake, “Do you think you’re going to come to more hockey games this season?”
“I’m not sure, I guess I’d need a good reason to go,” you smirked at him, taking a sip of yours as well.
“I’m pretty sure I could give you a good reason.” He looked around to make sure no one was looking, but fortunately you two were the only ones in there besides another couple on the other side. Shawn grabbed your hand and leaned forward, his nose brushing against yours. Your heart started beating faster until his lips were right against yours, but you faltered when he froze. The look in his eyes was pleading with you to let him continue so you took control instead, closing the small gap between the two of you. His free hand cradled your cheek as his lips moved with yours, keeping you close to him. It was short and innocent, but it was enough to leave your head spinning and heart pounding. Your lips chased his once he moved back, desperately wanting to feel the softness of them on yours once again, causing him to laugh with a smile before giving you a peck to satisfy you. “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that.”
“I doubt it was that long,” you mumbled, eyes focusing on where his thumb was rubbing the top of your hand.
“What makes you say that?”
“No guy has ever really been into me before.”
“I think that’s a lie. Besides, I’ve wanted that since the moment I laid eyes on you.”
“Mhm.” He brought your hand to his lips to leave a lingering kiss on it, “You would’ve noticed if your head wasn’t stuck in a book.”
“Didn’t know it was bad to try to be at the top of my class.”
“It isn’t. I think it’s great that you’re at the top of the class list. Now you’re on the top of two lists.”
“Two lists?” you asked, watching as he smiled and leaned forward to try to steal another kiss.
“Yeah, the school’s and mine.”
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candiedbonemarrow · 5 months ago
Analyzing Karkat’s feelings for Eridan through Summerteen Romance Take Two: They Didn’t Let Me Edit The Original Post
Original title under Analyzing Karkat’s feelings for Eridan through Summerteen Romance: A completely Useless and Redundant activity (unless you’re me)
So, I admittedly did not read Summerteen Romance until two days ago (nor have I read any of the other Paradox Space comics except for the ancestor one which is exceptionally bland, unfortunately,) HOWEVER, what I did find while reading was that, while there were romantic undertones that I did not care for regarding DaveKat (sorry folks,) there was some... interesting symbolism and contextual evidence suggesting some underlying, complicated feelings, regardless of how you view Eridan and Karkat’s relationship. Let’s take a look, and I’ll let you decide for yourself what is (and, what isn’t,) there. Keep Reading for long ass post, I apologize
Part One: Establishing Why The Fuck Any Of This Matters To Karkat, Or Why It Should Matter To You:
First of all, for those of you who do NOT know what Summerteen Romance is, both Karkat and Dave sum it up fairly decently in this panel:
Tumblr media
For those who are having trouble reading the text on screen (me too,) here’s the takeaway: Karkat has written what is essentially an Alternate Universe Friend Fiction, where all of his friends are going to summer camp together and having an experience that changes their lives, presumably for the better, during their very impactful adolescent years. While I think this is COMPLETELY out of character for Karkat (especially as a creepy violation of privacy with the potential to make a mockery of his dead friends, given he writes them wrong or simplifies them into grotesque shadows of themselves,) this is a good look into what’s going on in his head. As he says here, after Dave gives some stupid comment about his worldbuilding regarding his brother (which Jesus Fuck, Karkat, maybe don’t write his abusive brother into a fanfiction HE’S going to be reading,)
Tumblr media
Caption: Hey, this is an Alternate Universe, remember? I can write the characters however I want. (Maybe just be happy your stupid bro has a role in my opus in the FIRST place!)
And then when he gives him even more shit for it (understandably,)
Tumblr media
Caption: Oh, I see how it is. I don’t get control over any universe I make, huh? Not even when it’s fucking imaginary.
he doubles down, of course. He wants control. He can write his friends HOWEVER he’d like, regardless of whether or not they’re really like that. And, look, okay, they’re not all that in-character. Take a look at this panel where Kanaya says some overly stiff shit that would be better utilized as sarcasm for her:
Tumblr media
Caption for Kanaya’s quote: I would reiterate that we should follow our counselor’s example and be in bed sleeping. I am pretty sure having fun without adult supervision makes one a delinquent.
Since this is more of a reflection of Karkat’s view of Kanaya, as he’s writing this, we can assume he thinks she’s more of an overly-responsible rules stickler, regardless of her behavior otherwise (he does not think she’s put together if we’re analyzing the whole comic, FYI, which is good, since Kanaya is a lesbian goth mess and I love her for it.) There’s also a fair chunk of the ending pages where one of the SBAHJ characters rides Equius like a horse and he just lets them but I’m not going to show those pictures to you because Equius would not let anyone but Nepeta do that and Equius deserves better than that anyway, so. 
Let’s just establish that these characters, especially Karkat, as you’ll find out later, are, well, out-of-character, partially on purpose, but maybe on accident, but mostly on purpose. Why does it matter if they’re all partially out of character, then?
Well, because they’re not. Not all of them, anyway. And I think it’s apparent from Vriska and Terezi’s shenanigans in the top part of the panel, but to be honest, they didn’t add much to the comic for me at all (as I do not care for their dynamic, even if I love Terezi,) so I don’t really care if they’re in character if all they’re going to fucking do is talk to each other and rarely talk to anyone else (also Terezi didn’t even stick up for Nepeta when Vriska kicked her out of the bottom bunk what the fuck??? This is unrealistic Terezi why)
No, they’re not all out of character, and it’s important to note who IS in character, because as Karkat said, he can make anything he wants to have happen, HAPPEN, here. And he does! Karkat rights Terezi’s wrongs, making it so that Terezi doesn’t stab Vriska in the back, and so that Equius manages to have the spine to do shit for Nepeta, and Nepeta tears her attacker apart, and Gamzee doens’t attack at all, and Tavros actually manages to get Vriska off his back (which we’ll discuss later as well because honestly I have issues with this.) He’s trying to write good things in for his friends, and to fix shit, right? And LOOK, this is pretty important to him. Accurate portrayals are important to him. It’s why he says THIS in regards to Dave skipping out on the script some:
Tumblr media
Caption: You can’t just skip lines like that, Dave! My screenplay is a DELICATE MACHINE and every sentence is essential. You just RUINED Nepeta’s entire character arc you piece of human TRASH.
Bit of critique, Karkat; if Nepeta’s entire character arc is ruined because of some passing comment she made in the beginning, maybe you shouldn’t be writing Nepeta that intimately. That’s your friend, dude. Just a thought. At least this goes to show that he wants character development for his friends, regardless of whether it never happened in the first place or not. Great! Take some artistic liberties, do whatever you want! Largely unnecessary commentary but hey if you want it feel free to read the strikethrough
Why does Karkat care so much about some trash friend fiction that he really only wants like, two people to read, one of them being someone who couldn’t give less of a shit about half of the characters, because they don’t know them? Karkat’s a jackass and sometimes he can be a control freak (though he doesn’t mean harm,) but this? He literally writes in SBAHJ for fucking funsies and gives Dave the opportunity to freestyle rap. It’s not like he cares for this ‘delicate machine’ to make sense, at the end of the day.
Only, he does. This isn’t an ordinary piece of friend fiction where you get to live out your epic adventures with your friends. No, half of Karkat’s friends died in the timespan of a single day, three years ago, and Karkat STILL can’t process his feelings regarding what happened, why it did, WHO he lost, how he lost them, and what he could have done better. Karkat needs a safe place to explore his feelings, gain closure, and give himself the opportunity to accept what happened and move on.
... which he doesn’t do. The processing loss and closure, anyway. No, he processes the situation and his feelings surrounding it, but not the loss, instead using this as an opportunity to give people what he thinks they wanted, righting their wrongs, righting the world’s wrongs against them, and, most of all, righting what he thinks HE did wrong, all while revealing through context clues what feelings linger for each of his friends.
I will also use this opportunity to emphasize, this is an exploration of his feelings. Everything he writes into this has meaning, whether the author of this Paradox Space comic actually meant for that or not.
These events are basically palatable mirrors of the events leading up to the meteor, so, before Shit Happened, and then when Shit Happened with some other bullshit sprinkled in. Here’s the thing though: Karkat completely wrote out Gamzee being possessed by Lord English and hurting their friends. Like, he doesn’t even let Gamzee get angry. That part where Nepeta and Equius are supposed to face Gamzee down? Nah, that’s just BearJack. Kanaya is a glowing vampire before everything happens. Aradia isn’t even IN this except for to warn people of coming danger, even though she’s like, also dead.
So why, then, doesn’t he write out Eridan’s betrayal? Why of ALL people does Eridan get proper character representation (unlike a few of their other friends like Sollux, who barely talks at all, and Equius,) AND a happy ending, without killing people, but STILL become the villain and going through his arc, and getting to redeem himself? And why is Eridan’s character representation STILL better than both Terezi and Vriska’s, despite their rep being more visible, and despite him not being in the Summerteen story as much, while arguably being more influential?
Part Two: Hey, Uh, Karkat, Your Characterization Of Eridan Is So Good, That’s Pretty Fucking Sus My Dude:
I had a character analysis post for Eridan SOMEWHERE before I completely destroyed my old blog and had to remake, so I don’t actually have the original post. However, allow me to find a properly intact reblog of it where you can still read it, in its shitty, hastily-written glory. Props to everyone who contributed on that post, by the way. It’s optional reading, but it DOES give you more insight on just how close Karkat and Eridan are, and how it’s kind of scary that Karkat can actually write both his pronounced outer layers and subtle inner layers without messing with his internal motives. Let’s start with something everyone knows intimately; the way Eridan talks like a rich, racist asshole, regardless of whether or not he actually FEELS or IS that way:
Tumblr media
Image caption, without crossouts: I’m too wwealthy for this place. Wwhat wwas my dad thinking, sending me here?
Image caption, with crossouts: I’m too high in the blood caste wwealthy for this place. Wwhat wwas my lusus dad thinking, sending me here somehow, despite being a literal seahorse?
Tumblr media
Eridan’s dialogue, without crossouts: This dump’s got nothin’ on MY log cabin.
Eridan’s dialogue, with crossouts: This dump’s got nothin’ on MY hivve log cabin.
Don’t worry about those color swatches right now. They’re actually very relevant later but like, not right now, since we’re taking a look at his dialogue
Those cross-outs are because of this, by the way:
Tumblr media
Image caption: THAT’S NOT ALL! The version of the script you’re holding has been PAINSTACKINGLY adapted for HUMAN AUDIENCES. Like 90% of the references to TROLL CULTURE have been replaced with HUMAN BULLSHIT. I had to slog through HUNDREDS of hours of terrible earth movies for this, Dave, so maybe don’t act like the TWO SECONDS it takes to read ONE LINE are a HUGE FUCKING CHORE.
(Sorry for more color swatches, they really are fucking important, I fucking promise you I swear)
Eridan sounds properly like the douchebag he’s SUPPOSED to be, right? You’re already into like, page two or three of his weird fanfiction and there’s no doubt that that’s Eridan, or that he’ll continue to talk like Eridan. You’ll see his dialogue as we go along as well, but I mean, that’s like THE moment he starts talking in this friend fiction, so they’re his first impression lines, and I mean, fuck, idk, they work pretty well for first impressions, especially considering this perception of him conveyed through this dialogue has made a lasting effect on the fandom and played into both his proper characterizations and mischaracterizations.
But look, that’s the easy part- Karkat does a decently good job of writing dialogue, AS HE SHOULD, since they’re all his friends, and he can pull from conversations they’ve had. Where’s his quadrant shit that he was supposedly OBSESSED with, and what most people think he’s primarily motivated by?
Well, it’s more complicated than just ‘he has them and he pursues them’ because, uh, in this one... he doesn’t. BUT, that’s actually more accurate to his character anyway! In the comic proper, if you pay special attention, he tries to keep his feelings to himself, for the most part, and is flighty when pushed:
Tumblr media
(Note, his panic message is sent after fellow, not lady, and I thought it was pretty obvious that was Karkat, but like it’s actually whatever. Sorry for no caption but I am literally not writing out a whole damn pesterlog rn, this shit is way too long as it is)
Just like in the comic, Eridan doesn’t express his feelings to Feferi until after she comes clean about her own, which is, to say, that in this friend fiction,
he doesn’t at all. Like, not even a little bit. NOT THAT HE DOESN’T EXPRESS SOME SORT OF LIKE, grumpiness at other people having her attention, but like, he really does not give too much of a shit. THIS, right here, is the extent of what he has to say on the matter:
Tumblr media
His entire commentary, as Feferi is admiring Bro (blegh, by the way,) boils down to “WWHAT?!” and “JUST BURY ME. JUST BURY MY WWHOLE FACE.” AND THAT’S IT. That’s it for the ENTIRETY of this friend fiction, they don’t even have conflict otherwise, he LITERALLY stays out of her hair and everything. I think this is a critically overlooked and underdiscussed thing for his character, because between the time Feferi dumps him, up until Eridan wants to go join Jack Noir in the comic, Eridan doesn’t talk to Feferi. At all. He leaves her alone and his offer when he DOES talk to her again is not to even be FRIENDS, it’s to say ‘hey, like, wwe’re gonna die an’ evverythin’ but like, I dunno, t’savve my owwn hide I’m gonna go over there wwith ol’ man bitey barkbeast, wwould y’like t’also not die’. The only reason that even escalates, by the way, is Sollux; I’m sure if she’d said a simple no, Eridan would have left, considering how easily he’s shut down here:
Tumblr media
(and apologetic. Mind you, everyone seems to think he’s some sort of heartless monster or hairbrained idiot who just doesn’t get it or want to get it, when he’s actually literally so sorry for everything that he does that he’ll immediately backtrack when someone’s like ‘hey dude! Don’t, maybe?’)
This is MORE than proper representation for Eridan regarding feelings, I think, and look, people think he’s demanding with the people he cares about, but in reality, he’s looking for acceptance (which, they don’t have to give, but considering Vriska abuses the shit out of Tavros, kills Aradia indirectly, and blinds Terezi, all before entering the game, and Equius is generally accepted, despite being just as openly racist regardless of whether he means it or not, I think maybe they could give that to him a little bit, if he’s really their friend.)
Which leads me to the portrayal of Eridan’s betrayal:
Tumblr media
Eridan doesn’t give up this easily- at least, not under normal circumstances. After all, he was busting ASS on his planet to get shit done, from the way people talked about it, literally BARRELLED through for his friends despite their complete and utter disregard for him, despite them constantly putting him down, despite being pushed out of their circle. Even FEFERI dumping him didn’t lead Eridan to completely go apeshit (REMEMBER, THERE WAS AN ENTIRE CHUNK OF TIME INBETWEEN WHERE ERIDAN WAS ON HIS PLANET DOING SHIT AND TRYING TO HELP THE HUMANS.) All the same, it’s obvious why Camp Sburb won him over:
They made him feel important, seen, and wanted.
Ultimately, Eridan would have stayed, I think, if it weren’t for Karkat’s fatal flaw and role in him going, or lack thereof in staying (which I believe he recognizes here, but we also have to get to that later.) In the friend fiction’s adaptation of the events that unfolded on the meteor that day, This happens right before:
Tumblr media
Quick synopsis, Dave disses everyone, though poorly (there were also a few panels before this,) but ends up ‘flirting’ with Eridan instead. While I don’t understand why Karkat chose flirting in PARTICULAR over other things, since Eridan actually seems to be more friendship motivated in general, even if quadrants are a huge motivator for him (trust me, that comes into play later as well,) 
Tumblr media
it’s apparent why Dave chose to exploit the part of him that wants to be noticed, because it gets Eridan to look back. I mean, literally, how can a two word comment that could easily be taken as a diss if said in a different tone get anyone, let alone ERIDAN, to think twice about things?
Tumblr media
(No one is sharing that bunk with him, Aradia is dead before Summerteen even begins so there’s not 12 trolls)
Tumblr media
(more color swatching, I apologize)
Hm, wait, right. I forgot. Not even his quadrants want him to stick around, so it’s understandable that in his vulnerable state of being constantly excluded from shit and being put down, one nice comment is going to make his head turn. That, and ‘we could use someone like you’ is enough, in this situation, to turn him over, all because of some building exclusion that was probably getting heavy on Eridan’s shoulders. It’s rough to be excluded in a group that’s supposed to at the very least keep you around for shits and giggles, like they do with Gamzee (unfortunately because he’s more than just some fucking stoner and I’m still mad about it.)
(The red text on this post ties in with the text on the top bit of the panel where Feferi and Kanaya are burying him in the sand, by the way. ‘His quads don’t even care or want him around... except for when they’re using him’, like when Feferi needed someone to feed her lusus, which Eridan would have probably done regardless of quadrant status, and when Vriska wanted someone to FLARP with her because no one else would do it anymore, because it was too dangerous)
I mean the buildup isn’t the final reason he decides to turn over in either case but like whatever. That’s still to come
Color swatch time.
Part Three: Hey, Karkat, What Are Those Funky Color Inconsistencies You’ve Got There, Dude, Did You Have Something You Wanted To Tell Us, Or Are We Reading Too Much Into Things:
Color is so important when it comes to troll identity.
Racial coding, class status, personal and quadrant identity, you name it; trolls and color go together like peanut butter and jelly (says someone who is ironically allergic to peanuts.) So it’s only natural that you have to have consistent color symbolism when it comes to, well, accents and quadrant colors on trolls, regardless of the amount of flexibility you can have with it! Right? We all agree that established quadrants can have their specific blood color added to their quadrantmate’s wardrobe, and that while trolls are allowed to wear other colors, quadrant colors in particular are unique and special. We ALSO agree that similar colors are still visibly different from each other, no matter how analogous they may seem.
So let me ask you something.
Tumblr media
What, pray tell, is this?
Now, in this panel, Gamzee and Eridan have similar color schemes, and arguably, some colors on Karkat’s backpack are more similar to Gamzee’s than Eridan’s. From farther away, it SEEMS like Gamzee’s color scheme is more similar to his pack. Kanaya’s purple on her backpack is more similar to Gamzee’s purple in the comic, but Kanaya is known to wear purple as a standalone accent, and since Gamzee is more violet here, it’s no problem, right? That’s Gamzee’s purple on his bag.
Tumblr media
,,, oh boy. Alright. So we have to talk about this now.
Those red arrows are for placement of characters (we’ll talk about that more towards the end,) but why is ERIDAN’S violet the MORE SIMILAR COLOR SWATCH TO KARKAT’S BAG, HERE. Karkat has a lot of purple in the comic proper, but that’s because he’s Gamzee’s moirail. The purple in the comic, however, looks like this:
Tumblr media
I mean, LOOK. That’s PURPLE. That’s not NEARLY as red toned as the stuff Karkat’s wearing on his back in that picture. It’s not even CLOSE to Eridan’s violet, which is pretty damn similar to his Summerteen violet (I wouldn’t say a perfect swatch, but just about.) You could make the point that a lot of troll tech is the color purple, but that might also refer to the grade of quality it is. Here’s Tavros’ recuperation pod, which is red, which disproves that all recuperation pods are of the same make and grade, and his laptop is teal, which also disproves that all shit that trolls own need to be color coordinated or whatever, BUT, considering Karkat has absolutely NO color in his room except for a select few pieces, and those pieces are overwhelmingly purple, and happen to be his most expensive items, and also, he’s a mutant, so he’s probably not registered by the government and doesn’t get his allocated funds (holy shit I sound fucking whack rn,) I’m assuming Gamzee gifted him these items (even though they’re a basic human right but like that’s probably why they’re all purple. Anyway)
What’s even more confusing is that Eridan and Gamzee have similar color schemes (in SUMMERTEEN,) that seem to switch around a bit, almost a little too much. And under any other circumstance, I’d be like “whatever, it’s just color, who the fuck cares.” This is Homestuck. Summerteen has WhatPumpkin’s name on it. When you’re an official part of the Homestuck bullshit (canon or not,) , despite the official shit being bullshit as well, it’s still official, and you can’t be too flexible, or else it gets out of hand. That also means it’s worth looking at if SPECIFIC colors happen to be flexible, when others are not.
But just to be sure it’s not JUST a color artist’s issue with inconsistent swatches, and that the purple-violet swapping shit actually means anything, if it happens often throughout Summerteen, let’s compare how cohesive Nepeta and Equius’ colors are:
Tumblr media
Our original reference panel for them, just so we can see how similar they are. They’re not perfect, but they’re clearly meant to relate to each other, and Equius’ blue on both Nepeta and Equius should at LEAST contrast Vriska’s blue when compared to it, which does change a bit throughout this whole thing:
Tumblr media
(Sorry for swatching Vriska’s blue on her skin, I thought the contrast would make it more obvious.)
Oh. So it DOES hold up, fairly well. It’s not like it’s COMPLETELY obvious with Nepeta’s hat and tail, always, but Vriska’s blue is arguably more green toned than Equius’, and that stays consistent even in lighting changes. I would ALSO argue that even with lighting changes, that green Nepeta is wearing is DEFINITELY meant to be the green on Equius’ hat. The two are connected, no doubts about it. But like, even in other panels, how does it hold up?
Tumblr media
Alright, here’s one where we can TRULY compare colors! Gamzee’s more of a purple than violet colored, Eridan’s violet is a true toned violet, his scarf and shorts are more of Vriska’s blue tone, and Equius’s blue and Nepeta’s green are literally almost dupes. Clear, cut colors!
Tumblr media
There’s even a part at the end where the lighting changes and, lo and behold, Nepeta’s green and Equius’ blue are similar!
Tumblr media
AND EVEN DIFFERENT THAN THE BLUE OF ERIDAN’S SCARF AND VRISKA’S SHIRT! I cropped this because I do not like the events unfolding in the corner, sorry, I just wanted the color swatches. There’s a bigger version of this panel later that proves he’s off to the corner and Vriska is wearing her blue, I promise.
Now we’re gonna go back to Eridan and Gamzee. Surely, they’re more clear cut, right? A WHATPUMPKIN approved artwork isn’t going to completely disregard one of the most important constants of troll, EVERYTHING, and make the difference between a more blue toned purple and true toned violet ambiguious, ESPECIALLY if all of the other colors are discernable from each other. That would just be fucking ridiculous.
Tumblr media
Oh, cool, that text box looks fairly purple, though a little violet. Eridan’s should look more red tinted, then. While their colors in this panel are, similar, I wonder what the swatch on the textbox turned up is, when compared to Erida
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
,,,,,,,,, okay well if the text box is literally like the same color but Gamzee’s looks more violet and Eridan’s looks more purple and their colors match sometimes I mean there’s gotta be SOME panels where they appear together where their colors are different enough to clearly distinguish the difference betwe
Tumblr media
Oh no
Tumblr media
Okay, there’s a whole panel for this, WITH Eridan and Gamzee on it. We can get a clearer picture of WHO’S connection that board is supposed to represent, since they’re both together, so Eridan’s violet should be more fuchsia toned if that’s meant to represent Ga
Tumblr media
,,, oh, oh dear. Okay. So they took away our ability to tell the fucking difference by taking Eridan out of the lighting but considering this is somehow the SAME lighting from the beginning... No, they can’t be that similar. Right? There’s no fucking way that they would muddy up THEIR colors and keep everyone else’s clearly divided, there’s GOT to be some explanation for the weird color, shifts, despite, all other quadrands being discernable at,,, all, times,,,,,,,
Since this is supposed to be a visualization of Karkat’s writing and interpretation, I don’t think the color flexibility is a mistake, not here.
Even in the canon comic, Karkat and Eridan were way too close for comfort, and I mean, consider the way Dave and Karkat talk. Think for a moment. Think about how ANYONE talks to Karkat in the comic, and how he talks to them.
Now look at this actual canon dialogue that Karkat and Eridan have together:
Tumblr media
Hm. Cool. Thought I should just bring that up. He clearly distinguishes the way he talks to Eridan and the way he talks to other people, IN THIS PANEL. In this CANON dialogue.
Look, even the couch represents this shit, okay? Not to be an english teacher bitch, but,
Tumblr media
That goes from more red, to more blue, and it’s a v e r y mushy fade. Like, I literally don’t care what this comic was aiming for, one shoulder vs. the other shoulder, one troll vs. the other troll. I dunno. Maybe I’m reaching. Color is stupid anyway! The artists totally got tired of swatch comparing and the purple and violet mixup is just a lazy mistake, and it doesn’t even matter, artistic liberties. I’m reaching.
I’m not reaching with this last part.
Part Four: Happy Endings, Or Hey, Karkat, Why Can’t You Also Let Yourself Have Good Things, Even If You Understand Where You, Personally, Went Wrong:
So, in the original comic, Eridan knocks Sollux out, kills Feferi, kills Kanaya, destroys the matriorb, and then leaves Karkat alone in a room full of bodies (leaves him unscathed, might I add, which, look. Given what happens earlier, only goes to show how much Eridan cares for him, but that’s something everyone overlooks but we’ll get to that in like two minutes I swear.) This is after he’s already decided to betray everyone, not before, and like, we all know he dies, it’s whatever. Why bring that up now?
Well, since this is Karkat processing the events on the meteor through friend fiction,
Tumblr media
Here’s our representation of the room where it happened. We have Feferi, we have Karkat, we have Kanaya, we have Aradia (as a ghost because she’s dead.) Sollux comes in there a bit later to diffuse the bomb his coding created (haha symbolism.) Who we DON’T have, yet, is Eridan. That bomb represents Eridan and what he’s about to do to everyone in the comic proper when he shows up. It’s not necessarily that Sollux created the buildup, by the way. The buildup (bomb) was already there. It’s just Sollux who knows how to push the right buttons (or knows the code language it uses to detonate) to get Eridan to fight with him in the first place, and initiate grimdarkness (which Feferi was totally also a part of but like that is for a Different Post)
So what happens in this one to make it different?
Tumblr media
That happens.
Look, Eridan doesn’t come into the reactor room with the attitude that people can convince him to stay, or that anyone will take him back for his actions. He’s well aware of how he’s about to be received, especially when people never wanted him around, anyway. Eridan also knows he’s talking into the air, and that Feferi will probably turn away from him, and he’ll go off without her, but he made the offer anyway. He talks about what happened when he went to Camp Sburb anyway, in hopes that when he reaches out over that impossibly thick wall his friends have built, someone will reach back.
And you KNOW. You KNOW he would have taken it all back if someone had done what Karkat did here, and Karkat ACKNOWLEDGES, through this panel, that Eridan knew that he felt like the team didn’t really need him, or want him, and that he’d be better off elsewhere. In the comic proper, Eridan hasn’t joined Jack, and he knows he would have regretted it had he made it that far, if he turned back to find all of his friends had failed and been hurt. And they would have been hurt! Karkat knows that if Eridan had actually gone over there, he would have been a powerful ally to Jack, and someone who was, arguably, USEFUL, and that would at the very least give him some sort of fulfillment, even if it wasn’t the friendship he needed. It’s why Dave tries to recruit him in this one. This is a crucial moment where Eridan needed someone to just ask him to STAY and help, after everyone has already rejected his help and presence.
Karkat shows him compassion, here. It’s something small, it’s something cheesy. It’s two overused shit lines, for Christ’s sake. But it’s forgiveness, and it’s care, and it’s asking him to be there. It’s what Eridan wanted all along, and he finally got it in this adaptation. All he needed was one person, and yeah, it might have actually needed to be Karkat, specifically (we’re getting closer to why that is I SWEAR I SWEAR)
Tumblr media
... AND, then, if he’d been given a reason to stay, when faced with the temptation of giving into Sollux’s taunting and constant shit-talking...
Tumblr media
... he would have resisted, and stayed to help. He would have been reliable. He wouldn’t have let anything happen to him if Karkat had just, said something. Stepped in. He was IN THE ROOM. He wasn’t SAYING ANYTHING. And here’s the thing! In Summerteen, Eridan caused a lot of this conflict with the camps! We don’t get to see the plot develop, but he MIGHT ALSO be the reason for the bomb! But Karkat, three years later, STILL thinks that Eridan would have been reliable, is reliable enough that he’ll fix it. Gamzee is supposed to be his moirail, but what’s Gamzee doing this WHOLE time?
Uh, nothing.
Nothing at all for pretty much the entirety of the Summerteen Friend Fiction, actually. These are literally all his lines of dialogue:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
That’s it. That’s IT. In every other place, he’s just sitting in the background! There was a bomb about to go off in the cabin and Gamzee was literally just chilling outside. I love Gamzee to pieces, and this was more a reflection of Karkat’s perception and feelings towards the whole situation than anything else, and that’s important to note, but yeah, he wasn’t there, and he wouldn’t have been there to be able to fix it. He hasn’t been a part of any of this conflict, hasn’t done anything in this fic at ALL to push it forward, and them blowing up his sand castle was his most climatic moment. In the comic proper, Gamzee had already been possessed by Lord English and had killed Nepeta and Equius already, when they were in the reactor room, but in the parts before, where Karkat also makes him a background character in Summerteen, doing whatever he pleases... he was probably busy battling his drug addiction withdrawals, alone, doing his best to tough it out without his moirail’s help, since he knew Karkat was busy (which is probably when Lord English got him.) It’s not Gamzee’s fault for not being there, but one thing’s for sure: Karkat can rely on Eridan more than Gamzee to fix problems, even when Eridan was the one who started them.
So what DID Karkat do wrong?
Tumblr media
Right after Eridan attacks everyone (but Karkat) in the reactor room, proper, instead of actually messaging current Eridan, he messages past Eridan, and thus, creates what is probably Eridan’s biggest breaking point. EVERYONE had pushed him away up until now, except for Karkat, and then he gets this message, and he finds out even Karkat (who didn’t even say this to Vriska and Gamzee after they murdered his friends, by the way,) doesn’t want him around anymore, so like, why NOT go to Jack? Karkat created the problem before it even started, all because he decided to go write off an Eridan who hadn’t done anything yet, instead of telling Eridan what he did in the future so he could have reflected on it and prevented it before he ever thought of it. 
THIS is why he turns over. THIS is why there’s no going back, THIS is why the reactor room happens. Karkat, the one friend he though he had left, finally turns his back on him, and he can’t take toughing out for people who only wish he was gone.
You know, Eridan would have probably told Karkat he was thinking of joining Jack and Karkat could have told him not to and it would have been just fine, had he NOT, sent this. Everything would have been fine.
,,, well, it wouldn’t have been (and this ask was sent after the first publication of this post,) but like, you know. That’s for them to sort out when Eridan isn’t dead.
Okay, okay. Now that we’ve finally hit that, we can now address the end of this shitshow friend fic. Karkat gives everyone a happy ending in Summerteen, right? So like, what is it?
Tumblr media
(Sorry for accidentally painting over Eridan’s face I am a disgrace)
Ah. He barely fixed anything. He CLEARLY has a grudge against Aradia for being alive when so many of his friends aren’t, since he fucking keeps her dead, and subjects her to ghost Bearjack, who might just double kill her. I don’t think Aradia deserves that, but okay. The other endings. What about those?
It’s mostly just ‘hey, my friends didn’t die, and that’s cool.’ Fucking hell, Sollux doesn’t even get something for HIMSELF. And despite Sollux’s happy ending mostly being for Karkat, PRESUMABLY, at least,
Tumblr media
Karkat’s not in it with them. He’s an observer, only there to stop menial conflicts. Throughout the ENTIRETY of Summerteen Romance, Karkat barely says ANYTHING, and when he does do stuff, he does stuff like this:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Mere one-liners, barely talking at all, a bland, uninteresting protagonist whose only traits are handsomeness and Stoic Leader, who only ever says good things about his friends, always believes in them, is well received, and...
Nothing like himself, at all.
This friend fiction isn’t to fix their friend issues that they all have (for the most part,) it’s to fix his issues, and let his friends sort it out themselves. These moments, and the moment where he says something to Eridan, are the only times he talks in the entirety of Summerteen Romance. Karkat, who is arguably the main character of his own story, and one of the bigger main characters in Homestuck, who ALWAYS makes himself heard, who gets his word in even when he’s spewing nonsense, who tells everyone how to fix their shit or will end up fixing it for them, and who we stated was a bit of a control freak (at times,) at the beginning ...
... put himself to the side in favor of making the narrative about his friends, and, even moreso, took him out of their happy ending, and decided that instead of meddling in everyone’s shit, like he TRIED to do, he’d shut up and only talk for one, crucial moment, and make other bullshit passing comments otherwise. And there’s the second mistake he thinks he made:
Not shutting his goddamn mouth, ever. Less talking, more doing, and less doing. Just letting his friends work it out, without him.
Tumblr media
Karkat was thinking of writing himself out from the very beginning of Summerteen Romance.
Even in the PROPER INTRODUCTORY PAGE of this entire thing, Karkat’s just a faceless character in the front showing no trait of endearment, and the people he feels he betrayed most, who betrayed him most, and, arguably, two of the people he CARES about the most, are put at the very back, so far separated from Karkat, because he feels like he hasn’t done anything to deserve their closeness. And look at TAVROS’ placement. While in Summerteen, his happy ending for Tavros is that he stuck up for himself, it’s clear that Karkat understands that’s not the problem.
Tumblr media
He KNOWS what happened to Tavros. He feels GUILTY. He knew exactly the kind of shit Vriska would do to him, even if he dumbed it down for this stupid fic, and he shows that they all just turned their heads and let it happen. Tavros actually totally stuck up for himself here. He did everything people tell you to do, to voice your needs and concerns, and he did it in a respectful way, but Tavros is in a situation where he needs outside help. Karkat knows that if he had put his foot down and done something for Tavros,
if he had been there for Gamzee, if he had been there for Eridan,
He could have at least made things better for them, even if it’s not perfect. And the end of Summerteen isn’t perfect, because it’s not like Tavros still has his legs, and it’s not like none of this conflict ever happened, it’s just. Fixing the parts that killed his friends. Tavros is an abuse survivor in Summerteen. He’s someone who died from his abuser in the comic proper.
Karkat only changes one of those narratives by himself. 
Karkat makes two mistakes that he wants to fix with his own actions, and if one is talking too much, and one is what happened with Eridan, I think that shows where his biggest regret lies, and that’s a fucking big oof for Gamzee, and an even bigger oof for Tavros, who died at the hands of Vriska, and who really could have used Karkat’s help just as much as the other two could have.
But hold on. He still makes them happy at the end. It’s not a PERFECT ending, but it’s supposed to be happy. And if this is a fix-it fic, and they all got their one thing they needed, Karkat fixes his biggest regret with Eridan by being there for him, right?
Tumblr media
So why does Eridan get two things in his, when he never really needed to find love in the first place and it didn’t fix anything,
Tumblr media
WHY is the person he found love with the one with Karkat’s color plastered on him, even if they’re kind of a meme character,
Tumblr media
And why does that person, in this panel, have the same ambiguous fluctuating purple-violet on them that Karkat has had throughout this entire Summerteen Romance bullshit?
This is a romance. This is a ROMANCE. It has it in the NAME. It’s not like this was a fucking romantic era inspired piece so it HAS to be the genre! But only ONE person ended up in a romantic relationship at the end, and it was Eridan.
It was Eridan.
So if this is a fix it fic, where Karkat fixes his mistakes and his REGRETS about what happened that day, Eridan related or not, and presumably, one of his biggest regrets is what happens with Eridan, and everyone’s happy ending includes those regrets...
Like it’s just me but if I was a knight I would hide all of my most sensitive and vulnerable wants and needs behind layers of memes and irony and convoluted symbolism bullshit so that no one could openly interpret it and poke holes at all my softest pieces to hurt and exploit me while also being able to express it out in the open so that I’m not completely bottling it all up until I eventually burst and maybe like die or something
But like you know, I mean, none of this matters anyway and there’s no way the author actually thought about any of this symbolism, and I’m literally talking out of my ass, probably, but there you go, take from that what you will, maybe I sound like a crazy conspiracy theorist but that was fun and I don’t care and this is important to me and fuck, why not?
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momocedro · 4 months ago
I Only Swim Free: Chapter 2
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bela Dimitrescu x (Fem!)Reader
Summary: You’ve done swimming all your life. You’ve gotten to your dream college on a scholarship for your outstanding freestyle technique back in high school. Relationships never crossed your mind however, that was before you met your swim team captain: Bela Dimitrescu.
Warning: Alcohol/Drinking, Introverted-ness (At Parties), jealousy/slight-heartbreak
A/N: Rather than having this be a one chapter story, I decided to make this thing a whole series!
“This Photo assignment is due next class, make sure there is no slacking off,” Your Photo professor announces, “Now, that will be all for today, I can’t wait to see what you students will come up with.”
As you finish up your last class of the day, you grab a quick bite to eat before you headed off to the sports facility for practice.
The Assignment: You are to create a collage of photos taken on your DSLR camera. However, they need to be edited in some way. The theme and the way of editing is entirely up to students. 
You go down the list of options in your head as you get yourself changed into your new swimsuit. You feel a slight tap on your shoulder, making you lose your train of thought.
“Hey y/n,” Bela smiles, “I just want to apologize for not letting you finish yesterday. My boyfriend he’s- the worst at timing. What was it that you wanted to ask me yesterday?”
A date... I want to ask you on a date Bela...
“Oh don’t worry about it,” You lie, “It was nothing important anyway.”
“Okay,” She says, “Hey do you have any plans tomorrow night?” 
“No, don’t think so... Why?” You ask
“My boyfriend’s fraternity house is throwing some huge party and I was wondering if you would like to show up... With me,” Bela explains
“Wouldn’t that be a question for your boyfriend?” You ask out of pure curiosity
“He’s apart if the fraternity silly,” Bela giggles, “I don’t want to be showing up alone. so, how about it?”
She’s going to be the one leaving you alone for her boyfriend... Won’t she?
“Okay,” You answer unconsciously
“Great,” she smiles, “I’ll pick you up around six tomorrow.”
You watch her walk up to the coach and you follow the rest of the girls to begin practice. 
After practice that evening, you only rinsed out your hair in hopes to avoid Bela. However, once you had just gotten out of the shower, you realized you unconsciously did your “post-swim shower routine”. So you didn’t rush out of there.
“You okay y/n?” Bela asks
She was wearing her undergarments that time so you were slightly thankful.
“Yeah-yeah,” You sigh
“Are you sure?” She asks
“Yeah, practice is different from high school,” You say, changing the subject, hoping Bela wouldn’t notice how you felt about yesterday
“Oh- I just remembered,” Bela says, reaching into her bag
You look over and notice that your hoodie is in her hands. You had too many already... 
“Keep it,” You say, “You make it look good better than me anyway.”
“Even if my name isn’t on here?” She asks
“Definitely,” You smile, holding the locker room door open for her, “Besides, doing indoor percussion for almost nine years now gets you to own too many hoodies.”
“Nine years?!” Bela asks
You nod, “Fun fact, after high school swim season for the girls’ team, I’d turn to music and participate in indoor percussion.”
“Do you still do it? Indoor Percussion?” Bela asks
“Yeah,” You say, “I currently have a contract with a top tier world class percussion ensemble for this coming season.”
“That’s awesome y/n,” Bela smiles, “I’ve never been to one of those kinds of shows.”
“Well, I juts might bring you along,” You suggest, “It’s fun to watch.”
“I’ll take your word for it,” She smiles
Her boyfriend yet again pulls up to the both of you. You watch her drive off with him as your heart sinks again. 
Why are you feeling this way when you clearly know she has a boyfriend? Grow up kid...
You walk to your car once more and decide to treat yourself out for something to eat.
Once you got back to your studio apartment, you felt your phone vibrate. When you open it up you see a text message from an unsaved number.
Hey, it’s Bela. This is y/n’s number right?
Hey, yeah. That’s my number.
Despite knowing she has a boyfriend, you enjoy talking to her. Like friends. Right?
The next day you focused on school work however, putting off the photo assignment as you haven’t gotten a clue on what to do. However, you see your phone’s screen light up again and see a message from Bela.
Hey, just a reminder, just dress like you’re going to the club.
Okay, got it.
You stand up from your couch, declaring that was enough homework for the rest of the night, you go through your closet and spot an outfit; red crop tank top/lace bralette combo, ripped skinny jeans, dr. martens and a leather jacket to top it all off. 
Perfect. Wait until Bela sees you.
When you finally put on your leather jacket, you decided to put on some dark red lipstick to give more ‘oomf’ to your look. When you had finished applying it, you hear your phone ring. You look over and see Bela’s icon on the screen. You unlock your phone and hold it up to your ear.
“Hey I’m here,” Bela says from the other end of your phone
“Great, I’ll be down in a second,” You say, hanging up the phone
You exit the bathroom and grab your apartment keys and exit your apartment; locking your door. You almost rush down the stairs when you see Bela’s cark park out front. You weren’t sure how Bela reacted to you when you stepped out of the apartment door however, when you got into the passenger seat, Bela was looking at you.
“Take a damn picture if you’re going to stare,” You flirt
She takes out her phone and snaps a photo. You didn’t think she’d actually do it. But, you weren’t complaining though.
“You-oh wow,” Bela say, breathlessly, “Since-since when do you dress like that?”
“Whenever I decide to look like a hot lesbian,” You say, sitting back into the passenger seat
The both of you didn’t really say much after then as Bela was focused on driving. When the both of you arrived, You get out first, just to open the door for her.
“A lesbian and a gentleman,” Bela flirts
You follow close behind her as you enter the fraternity house Bela talked about the evening before. You didn’t expect it to be packed. By the time you had fully processed a college party, Bela was no longer in front of you. Instead, in the arms of her boyfriend. 
“You look like you could use a drink,” One of the fraternity boys tries to flirt with you
“No thanks,” You brush him off immediately
You begin walking away, hoping to find a spot in the party to just think. 
What did we tell you kid? Now you’re alone... At a college party. You should have just lied kid...
By the time you decided to step outside it was packed too. You turned your heel and began to walk right back into the house. You had decided to avoid the party entirely now that Bela had left you for her boyfriend, yet she showed up with you, took a photo of you and flirts with you, you found a closet. 
You shut the door and take a seat. Luckily you brought your own kind of music to listen to when you want to feel isolated. You weren’t sure how long you sat with your knees up to your face. But you sure as hell wanted to stand up because you could no longer feel your arse. Feeling slightly confident, you decided to go back downstairs where the main party was happening, hoping you could have some time with Bela. You didn’t see any of your swim teammates, so she was the only one you felt that you could talk to. 
You were only halfway down the stairs when you spotted Bela’s hair in the bright light. Lips locked with her boyfriends’.
Aaaaaand we are going back up the stairs.
You had never went back up a set of stairs so fast in your life. However, you didn’t want Bela to see you looking heartbroken. You were easily seeable from the part of the stairs you were standing on. You rushed back into the same closet. Once you leaned against the wall, you realize it wasn’t a wall. It was a ladder. You took the opportunity to limb onto the roof. You were sure it wasn’t allowed but it would be better to be banned rather than watching your now crush making out with her boyfriend. You open the hatch and inhale the fresh, crisp scent of the evening air. Once you found a suitable spot along the rooftop, you scroll through your phone. 
Ahhh, This is the song to listen to when all you want to do is fall apart.... Or stargaze, or both.
“All the Stars” - Kendrick Lamar/SZA
A Classic. 
Although you had a whole playlist just for moments such as this one, All the Stars gave you a mixed vibe when all you want to do is to fall apart and stargaze. You turn up your music, shutting out the rest of the world. You didn’t care, you had your thoughts, your music and the whole night sky to yourself.
Bela’s POV She didn’t realize how much time went by until she looked out the window.
Oh shit it’s getting late. I have to find y/n...
“Hey babe, I’m going to look for y/n,” She says
“I’m sure the kid’s fine,” He says, drunk, “Stay baby. Please. Your boyfriend needs your attention.”
“Your boys can take care of you for now,” She says, standing up
Before she could depart from him, he forcefully grabs her wrist. In a panicked state, she draws her hand back.
“Not. Here.” Bela growls, turning her heel and leaving her boyfriend by his lonesome
She walks into the kitchen, seeing some party-goers playing beer pong.
“Have you guys seen a girl wearing a red crop top, leather jacket?” She asks
They all shake their head ‘no’. Bela rushes into the gaming area. The same response from them as well. Panicking, she checks nearly every area there was in that house. However, when she reached the top of the stairs, she barely heard anyone there. So, she checks each room to see if you were in any of them. To her dismay, no luck. 
“Where did you go y/n?” she sighs, “I shouldn’t have left you alone...”
Genuinely feeling guilty, Bela picks up her phone and speed dials your number.
Y/n’s POV You groan in annoyance when your music suddenly stopped playing. However, when you looked at your phone, you freaked. Bela’s name and icon showed up. Not knowing what to do, you panic and let it go to voicemail. Hoping she would give up, you just go back into your vibe.
“Isn’t she persistent,” You talk to yourself, seeing her name and icon once more
You, again let it go to voicemail.
Bela’s POV Bela was pacing along the second floor, trying to get you to pick up but each time leading to voicemail. She was beginning to get to the point that she thought you had left. However, when she looks over to an open door, a faint light shining down. She walks into the closet and noticed the ladder leading up to the roof. She decides to check the roof as the last place to see if you were there. As soon as she poked her head through the open hatch she gasps as she sees you lying down.
Y/n’s POV You were too focused on the stars in the sky however was now blurred. As your eyes adjusted to the new darkness, you could hear Bela.
“There you are y/n I was looking for you,” She says, “You will not believe what- hey, are you okay?”
Still having your music on loud blast, you turn your head towards the horizon line; where the land meets the sky. You didn’t want her to see you like this, you had nothing to be jealous of... But here you are; jealous of Bela’s own boyfriend.
“Hey, y/n look at me,” Bela says calmly
You began feeling like melted butter as soon as Bela’s fingers gently caressed your jawline and cheek. You let her turn your head to look at her.
“What’s wrong?” She asks
You don’t say anything but you only take out one of your earbuds and hand it to her. You couldn’t find the words to tell her how you were feeling. A new song had popped on.
“Too Afraid” - MARINA
She puts in the earbud just as the song begins. One of her hands wraps around your neck while the other lingers on your cheek. You gently put your forehead against Bela’s as the both of you listen to the song together. Your hands hold onto Bela’s forearms as it hit the chorus line. 
The both of you were up on the roof listening to your music for god knows how long. The both of you were lying down at that point; Your leather jacket wrapped around her, her resting against your shoulder, stargazing with you, still listening to your music together. 
She’s the first one to actually listen to music with you... 
“Hey, Bela,” You finally say, breaking the silence
She perches herself on her elbow, looking down at you, “Yeah?”
“Won’t your boyfriend be suspicious?” You ask, “I’d hate to see something happen to you if he-”
She places her finger against your mouth.
“Forget about him right now,” She says, “What matters more is that I need to make it up to you for leaving you alone.”
“Bela- you don’t need to do that,” You say sitting up to meet her face
“No, I want to,” She says, “That reminds me, have you eaten at all?”
You both hear your stomach gurgling from the lack of nutrient consumption.
“Guess that answers your question,” You chuckle
“I know a great 24/7 diner, wanna go?” She asks
“I’d like that Bela,” You smile
You finally had the courage to walk back into the fraternity house. Bela’s boyfriend was nowhere in sight. However, Bela doesn’t seem phased at the fact as she drags your arse out of the party and back to her car. 
When the two of you arrive there, you sit in a booth near the window.
“Now would you want to tell me why you were basically gone almost all of the party?” Bela asks
“I don’t know,” You lie, but it was also the truth, “I’m not very much a party person... Especially with a bunch of strangers.”
“Then why didn’t you say so? We could have done something else,” Bela says
“I didn’t want you to have to leave your mans just to make time with me,” You sigh, sipping on your milkshake, “Besides, you looked like you are the life of the party. I.. I also can’t say no to you.”
You didn’t realize how upset you sounded when you told her how you ‘didn’t want to interrupt her time with her boyfriend just to make time for you’ bit.
“What’s your ideal ‘party’?” She asks out of the blue
“Oh? well, just having three to four friends over, we just drink, eat junk food, play super smash brothers, watch a movie watch youtubers or all three. Not in that particular order though,” You ramble on, “That’s pretty much it. Nothing special.”
“When was the last time you’ve had one of those?” She asks
“Too long,” You answer, “Why?” Are you going to do something like that one of these days?”
“Something like that yeah,” She says
After the two of you had diner food she drops you off back at your apartment.
“Thanks Bela,” You say, opening the car door
Before you could step out of the car, you could feel her hand coil around your wrist and you felt her other hand turn your face towards hers and your lips meet each other halfway. She pulls away for you to process the fact, however, you lean forward even further and your lips meet hers once more. 
“Goodnight Bela,” You whisper when you pull your lips away
“Goodnight y/n,” She replies
You finally step out of her car. You don’t fully process what happened until you got into your apartment. 
You just fucking kissed Bela Dimitrescu...
Chapter 3
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deans-ch-ch-cherrypie · 4 months ago
Fast Times At Kattegat High (Chapter 1)
Tumblr media
sparkly moodboard by this sweet thing who indulges me too much! @punkrocknpearls 🥰 not sure this sub-par story deserves such a pretty edit, but here we are 🥲
pairing: ubbe x hvitserk x plus size!reader
type: multi-chapter
summary: You're a known loner in high school who gets regularly humiliated by resident bully Magnus. But one day, Ubbe puts him in place and he develops an interest in you. And the Lothbroks, especially Hvitserk, decide to befriend you and protect you.
overall series warnings: bullying, fat-shaming, insecurities, some pretty blunt threats of violence, heaps of sexual tension (with no actual smut in sight), cloyingly sweet fluffy fluff, polyamorous negotiations, a few patches of angst, frequent cursing, platonic romance, underage characters, slow burn, sappy shit
ao3: amyponders || spotify playlist
chapter word count: 1822
a/n: gosh, this is cheesy... expect nothing but corny high school tropes (😅), pointless scenes, and an odd shallow plot bc honestly I can’t be bothered with that shit. interactions between characters are my jam, the rest? eh, not so much. and lastly, a word of advice: ubbe x reader is *technically* the main pairing but as the story progressed, I found it increasingly hard to deny my sweet honey bun... and so hvits took over 💘 like listen, y'all should know by now that I'm weak! I can never resist him; if he wants to dominate my story imma let him 😂
taglist: @ritual-unions-gotme, @xbellaxcarolinax , @flowers-in-your-hayr , @solinarimoon, @flokisdaughter, @alexhandersen-marcoilsoe-fandom, @punkrocknpearls, @pieces-by-me , @grimeundglow
Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7
The loud slam of flesh against cold metal wasn’t exactly a foreign noise to your ears. What was strange however was not feeling sore immediately after. That is until you realized it hadn’t been you on the receiving end this time.
You opened an eye hesitantly; someone else had grabbed your bully’s body by the neck and was currently pinning him harshly against the locker doors. It was Ubbe Lothbrok, the new student in school. Out of all the people you expected to see, he was definitely the last.
“Listen carefully because I don’t like to repeat myself… If I ever see you bothering her again, you will no longer have a tongue to speak with. I will cut it out and nail it to that post over there.”
His black leather jacket flapped as he grabbed Magnus by the throat and his long braided ponytail, which fell down to the middle of his back, whipped to the side. It was such a strange haircut for a man nowadays but it somehow made him look manlier as if he rolled around with a biker gang of Vikings after class. His grip was unrelenting, but judging by the size of his arms, he was letting him get away easy.
His brothers - whose names you hadn’t bothered to learn yet, but you knew they were all new students as well - were standing by the corner of the hallway carefully watching as he put him in his place. When they saw how Magnus was thrashing violently to Ubbe’s scolding they started inching closer to the three of you.
The lithe blond one reached you first and stood a few steps away with a cold sneer on his face.
Shortly after, the black-haired one stomped his crutch on the ground one last time before stopping altogether, a menacing look in his luminous blue eyes.
There was a fourth brother, also blond and even bigger than these three who merely stayed back reclining against the wall, hands inside his pockets as he observed the scene unfolding impassively.
The crowd around you was slowing to a halt.
Seeing how your tormentor wouldn’t stop fighting back, the blond boy poured over his head the iced contents of the cup he’d been slurping from until now, which only made Magnus angrier.
A loud “oooh” passed through the crowd of gathered faces.
Magnus tried to lurch forward at him but Ubbe shoved him back and held him there even more forcefully than before while his brother spoke.
“Listen, fuckface. You’d do well to stay out of our way.” His voice was soft and decidedly unconcerned.
“Or what? Who the fuck do you think you are, huh?” Magnus spat.
“Me? Name’s Hvitserk.” He smiled a bright goofy smile. “A mouthful, I know. The people I like get to call me Serk ‘cause it’s easier but you won’t be calling me anything ‘cause this is the last time we’ll ever speak. Unless of course, you’re looking for a beating.” His dark green eyes narrowed at the corners when he smiled cordially.
Hvitserk dried the sugary liquid that coated his stained fingers on his expensive-looking shirt with the carelessness of someone who has enough money to buy new designer clothes every week. He dressed like a conceited stylish musician, with his long pretty hair carefully tied in a bun. And still, there was something enigmatic about him which told you he was likely vicious in ways yet to be revealed.
Out of all the times you’d been harassed by that big lump of an idiot, nobody had ever stepped in to help you. He stole your things, cut in front of you during lunch, made fun of your weight and your clothes, followed you around the hallways hurling insults, and just plain intimidated you.
And now you had, not one, but three very handsome, very obviously rich boys defending you.
Magnus growled lowly. “I know your names! You think just ‘cuz your daddy owns half the town and you’re the new guys in school you can waltz in here and make up new rules? This is my territory. And in my territory, I can do whatever the hell I want.”
“I suggest you rethink that.” The raven-haired boy spoke at last. “My name’s Ivar, by the way.” He touched his free hand to his chest as if he were humbled to meet him.
“I said I know! You’re the crippled brother. Surprised you can walk at all...” Magnus scoffed.
“Yes, that’s me.” He answered casually, clearly not bothered by Magnus’s sharp words. “Just being polite.” Ivar overstated. “And you shouldn’t so easily dismiss my kindness.”
Ivar stomped one step closer and his steel grey hoodie slid off his back-slicked hair to reveal the shaved sides of his head.
You noticed how he moved his free hand to the back of his black jeans surreptitiously. With a hint of surprise, you realized why he’d gotten so close to him.
He had stealthily removed a knife from his back pocket and was holding it close to Magnus’ throat in such a crafty way that it would be impossible to tell from a few feet distance what he was holding in his hand.
But you, being so close to them, could see the gleam of the thin cold blade.
You realized with horror that Hvitserk had an amused smile spread across his lips, which on second thought almost verged on eagerness. It was as if he wanted to see his brother in action.
In less than five minutes, you’d understood that the Lothbroks were not to be messed with and you were starting to wonder whether they’d been kicked out of their last school for making a scene like this.
Ivar, for example, didn’t seem like your average rebellious teenager delinquent. But his extremely calm and crafty demeanor gave away how dangerous he truly was, there was no question about that. Who else would have the balls to carry a knife to school, let alone pull it out in front of everyone?
You were willing to bet that if provoked, he would definitely stab Magnus and then go for a burger and milkshake as if nothing had happened.
“Are you fucking kidding me? Why are you interested in this fat fuck? She’s nobody! Just some ugly little piglet. Who cares?!” Magnus said derisively.
“I care.” Ubbe responded. “And I’m not afraid to show you just how far I’d go for what I care about.” He finished saying through gritted teeth.
You felt stuck inside a parallel dimension where you weren’t a resigned loner and the coolest guys in school had your back and it was so bizarre.
“See, my brother Ubbe here throws a mean right hook. I, however, am a little more… I guess you could say creative. And you wouldn’t wanna get on my bad side so soon, now would you?” In response, Magnus opened his mouth to protest but before he could say anything, Ivar repeated his question and pressed the tip of his knife pointedly against his throat. “Would… you?”
It seems like feeling the blade graze against his skin was what he needed to finally submit. “N-no.” He mumbled.
“Good.” Ubbe punctuated and forced a smile. He removed his hand from its place against Magnus’s sternum but instead of letting him go, he knocked the wind out of him by connecting his fist to his stomach in a very painful low blow, judging by the way that Magnus grunted and started coughing violently. “A little reminder. Just so you don’t start getting any ideas.”
As you watched your tormentor pathetically limp away, probably to the nurse’s office, Ubbe turned around to face you and his whole attitude changed in an instant.
His eyes softened a great deal and so did his posture. “Are you okay?” Ubbe asked you in a surprisingly tender voice.
“Why did you help me?” The words dripped from your mouth and you couldn’t help it.
“Y’know, some people just say ‘thank you.’” Hvitserk commented lightly before turning to Ivar to pass an arm around his neck and they strolled away. “Come on, brother. We’re late for History.”
“I don’t like men like him.” Ubbe shrugged it off.
“Well, thank you.” You said at last and blinked a few times, still trying to process what your eyes had seen.
The blaring bell resonated through the halls, breaking the crowd into smaller chunks as they started heading towards their classrooms.
You both stood there for long seconds; you, sort of incredulously gripping your books tight to your chest, and Ubbe waiting for the bell to stop chiming so he could speak again.
“Hey, are you okay?” Ubbe insisted.
“Uh-huh.” You shot back a bit disoriented.
Ubbe smiled at the face you made. His cerulean eyes were like two luminaries posed on you. “I’ll walk you to your class.”
Before you could protest he posed an arm on the small of your back to gently guide you forward and you went along with it. The path to your classroom was not long, but it somehow felt eternal in the charged silence of your walk.
When you stopped abruptly in front of the science classroom, he took his hand off you and searched for your gaze.
“Um, thank you again, Ubbe. That was... very kind of you. And your brothers. And I don’t think I could ever repay you.” You were a bashful mess.
“What’s your name?
“Y/N, listen, love, you don’t have to repay me but if you truly want to thank me I just… I guess there’s something you could do for me.” He gave you a boyish smile and rocked back and forth a little.
“W-what is it?” You stammered again, but this time it was because of his proximity and the fact that a handsome boy like him was speaking to you in public and giving you his full undivided attention.
You could feel the eyes of all the popular girls inside the room - Freydis, Torvi, Margrethe, Gunnhild - posed on you both as the door opened and closed with each student who transited.
“Have lunch with us today… It’s uh… strategic more than anything. We’re still on the first days of school but I know how this goes already.” Ubbe gestured to the hallways with a circular motion of his finger. “I’m a senior now and I’ve seen how the jungles of high school work... It’s ‘eat or get eaten’.” He added trying to convince you.
You peeled your eyes off his face to glance hesitantly to the side.
“I’m not so sure that asshole got the message and I bet there are a few more people like him around here. Am I right?” He asked you and you nodded quickly, looking up at him through your curly lashes. “Well...” Ubbe smiled. “My brothers and I wanna make sure that people know you’re not alone.”
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odnanerf · 7 months ago
Hi dear! Love your work, could I request an x reader with Peter where he and the reader indulge in Halloween shenanigans? Something super fluffy and cute, pretty please.
Hi, thank you so much! Sorry it took a while, but here you go :)
Happy Halloweenie
Description: Connected to Brioche Buns, Peter and reader hang out on Halloween, eat s’mores, and watch a very “scary” movie together. Doesn’t strictly follow the Wandavision episode because there was a TON of actual MCU exposition, and this is just fluff.
Tumblr media
Peter tossed the candy bag up and down, excited to end his shift today. There was no way he wouldn't be excited, tomorrow was Halloween. Sure, he was probably too old to really be trick or treating, but he always had his special tradition with you. Every year since you guys were twelve, you would go over to the Maximoff house and bake “spooky s'mores”, which wasn’t so scary as it was deeply, diabetically sweet. 
Then you would proceed to go trick or treating, with Peter running ahead of Wanda in their constant twin competition. He would also grab your hand and take you along for the ride, which was always fun, but you had to remind him not to go that fast or you would probably barf.
Of course, even if Peter acted like it was a contest on who got the most candy first, he would always split it evenly and fairly with you and Wanda. He wasn’t a particularly greedy person, he just liked teasing you guys about how slow you were.
When you got back to their place, you would turn on the TV, watch some not so scary Halloween cartoons, like “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” and gorge yourselves on the candy you collected, as well as the very calorie dense s'mores. 
Graham crackers laden with white and milk chocolate, mini chocolate chip cookies, and extra large limited edition Halloween orange marshmallows, was all you guys needed. You might have fallen asleep every time for the past few years after eating so much, but Peter didn’t really mind that. It was hard to say you minded when your middle school, high school, and adult crush fell asleep on you. 
This year, everything was different though. Not only was it the first Halloween since Peter had come back to Westview, but it was also the first time that you would celebrate as not just best friends. Because as Peter would so smugly put it, you were finally his girlfriend, after years of pent up, mutual pining. And you had confessed first, much to the joy of the speedster.
As Peter ate some candy (he wrote it off, no big deal), he felt like a kid again. He was so ecstatic to be back, but not just that. He felt happy to be with you. He just had to end this shift already and hell, it was taking its sweet time. Every time he stared at the clock, it was still a solid hour until he was done. To be fair, with super speed, an hour really feels like two or three, with how constant you can check.
He was just cashing out an elderly man when you popped in through the doors unexpectedly. 
“So yeah, the total comes to-”
“...Eh? What does it come to?”
Peter was used to seeing you for years (except for that gap where he was gone), but when he looked at you and remembered that you were his girlfriend, all the thoughts in his mind disappeared. 
Agh. Still as cute as ever. Peter thought, as you didn’t even look at him. You had headphones in, no doubt listening to cheesy music on your MP3 player. You hummed along to some tune as you walked through the aisles. 
The elderly man turned to see what Peter was staring so hard at, and then immediately understood. “She sure is cute, son, but you should really finish your work before you start fun.” He grinned.
“Oh. That’s actually my girlfriend.” Peter grinned back. “I’m just always excited to see her.”
As you gathered the multitudes of chocolate and orange marshmallows you would need for smores tomorrow, you were sure that tomorrow you guys were probably going to pass out. It’s not like you were as young as you used to be, eating sugar and then being hyper for a bit and then passing out. 
Although Peter is probably an exception. He’s always hyper.
As you turned to go into the next aisle, looking for graham crackers, you bumped right into Peter.
“Ohhhh nooooo I’m so scared! What ever will I do?” You began to pretend to faint. Peter caught you and giggled. 
“What are you doing here? My shift doesn’t end for another hour.”
“Well, for starters, not everything is about you.” You laughed as he pouted. “I’m buying the ingredients for our spooky s’mores, remember?”
“Oh, right. I loved those!” Peter ruffled your hair. “I’m just warning you, though. This place might be cursed. You should probably run when you can.”
“The grocery store?”
“Yeah. I’m telling you, Y/n, every time I check the time, it’s still 4:02.”
“Maybe it would help if you didn’t glance at the time every other millisecond.”
Peter groaned, knowing that you were completely right when you said that. It honestly wasn’t fair that he was the only one working today.
“I can’t help it, Y/n. Too excited for-”
“That, and seeing you.” Peter smiled fondly. You grasped his hand.
“You are seeing me right now, you know.” You replied, trying your best to distract Peter from the time.
“I guess, but I’d rather see you in a place where I don’t have to work.”
“Speaking of which, you left the cash register unattended.” You threw the box of graham crackers into your basket.
“Damn it, I guess I’ll just get fired and then go home early.” He cackled when you shoved him. “Okay, okay, I get it. Maybe you’re more responsible than me. Hey, if you worked here then I’m sure the time would fly by!”
“Peter, we both know you would use it as an excuse to just talk the whole time.”
“Who said anything about talking?”
You snickered but accompanied him towards the front of the store, where he proceeded to scan your items.
“I missed the s’mores a lot.” Peter suddenly said.
“What, you didn’t know how to make them outside of Westview?” You retorted.
“No, there was just something missing, like it didn’t taste as good. I guess it was you guys…?” He rolled his eyes. “Sorry, that was too sappy even for me.”
“Oh, no worries, Peter.” You paid for your items as he bagged them. “I like when you’re sappy because it reminds me that I’m not the only one with feelings here.”
“You mean like when you thought that I only liked you as a friend, while you were confessing, because some pretty blonde lady came on to me-”
“Stop it!” You furrowed your eyebrows jokingly, as Peter guffawed and handed the grocery bag to you.
You tippy toed, leaned in, and kissed him on the cheek, as he paused. It’s not that it was that unexpected, Peter was just used to initiating that kind of thing. And the rush of being kissed by someone who was your best friend was something that would never get old to him. You just knew everything about each other already.
As Peter stood frozen in place, turning a little pink, probably processing what just happened, you took the chance to lean onto the counter really quick, so you had a bit more leverage to his face. Before he could say a word, you kissed him for real, kind of passionately as you held his face, so he wouldn’t pull away in surprise. You let it last all of a couple minutes before you let go and proceeded to walk away.
“Check the time!” You called out, as you went through the swinging door.
Peter groaned but he was smiling. It was 4:55. 
It was finally Halloween. Except Peter Maximoff wouldn't know that, because after he had gotten home from work, he had spent a good amount of time playing Final Fantasy 7. It wasn't his fault that those JRPGs were so addicting. 
He had fallen asleep at 3 am, and wouldn't you know it, by the time he had been woken up by Billy and Tommy, it was 4 pm. 
He rushed over to the store with Tommy, buying a last minute "FastGold" costume, and Wanda had decided to let him chaperone the kids with her. A poor decision, really, but something had happened between her and Vision, and Peter wasn’t one to let her down.
Peter had begged her to at least do the usual tradition that you guys did, and sure enough, she relented. 
"I do miss Y/n a whole lot, we used to hang out more back then." She reminisced, remembering that even though you were Peter's best friend, you had also been pretty close with her. She always found your empathy towards her to be great, because it really meant she wasn't as weird as she thought. 
Even though you did your best to come see her every other weekend, she was often really busy with her kids, and with Vision. If you did see her, it was always a very fast catch up, where you would ask how she was feeling and if you could do anything for her. But Wanda didn’t want to burden your friendship like that.
"Exactly! That's why I'm bringing her along today. It should be great. We haven't done this in years-" 
"Oh but Peter," Wanda interjected. "I wouldn't want to be a third wheel. It was fine back then, but now, you guys are so sweet and close. It'd be the same if you were constantly with me and Vision."
"But isn't that already kind of true?" Peter retorted, knowing that he literally lived in the same house as them. 
"Fair enough." Wanda decided she could spare a few hours chilling with you guys. 
"Okay, perfect! I know Y/n has been looking forward to seeing you. Honestly, it's been a bit of a buzzkill. Why she would want to see someone so annoying, I'll never know." Peter hugged Wanda in an annoying, brotherly kind of way, where he messed up her perfectly made up Sokovian-fortune-teller hair, and ran off to visit you at your house. 
Ah, I just want to see her sooner than 8 pm. I hope I'm not bugging her… Peter thought as he sped across the neighborhood.
When Peter knocked at your door, (you always knew it was Peter because it sounded like a woodpecker instead of a human hand) you were just finishing up your makeup. You smudged the purple eye shadow around your eyes with precision, making sure that it looked messed up, but still only around your eyes. 
As you opened the door, Peter's smile went from huge to just… mildly lost. Then he smiled even more than he had in the beginning. 
"Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!" Peter hooted, immediately lifting you up and swinging you inside your house. You yelped in surprise, and he brought you back down. 
"Sorry. That costume is absolutely incredible, I had to react in a way it deserves."
"Well, I'm the ghost with the most, babe." You cackled in a raspy Beetlejuice kind of voice, and Peter fell over as he died laughing.
You looked like Beetlejuice in that you were wearing a black and white suit, and you had painted your skin white, your lips red, and hair green, but you still looked like yourself. It was honestly making Peter kind of confused when he looked at you, and you could tell. 
"Well, this makes my costume look boring as heck. Why'd you have to go and make everyone else look boring, Y/n?" Peter sighed, placing his head on your shoulder.
You giggled. "You bought it last minute, didn't you? I think it suits you just fine. Totally matches the whole 'fast' thing you got going on." You said warmly, squeezing his hand. 
"Thanks, Y/n. I gotta go chaperone now, but I'll see you later?" 
"Of course." And Peter kissed your hand so he wouldn't mess up your makeup, which was very thoughtful of him. 
As you strolled over to the Maximoff house, you could hear a bunch of screeching going on inside. Not Wanda or Peter or Vision, but definitely the younger boys. You could just make out something about tootsie rolls, and mars bars, but it was getting away from you. 
You knocked on the door and Billy opened it, yelling at presumably Tommy about a bet of some sort. He turned to you.
"Hey- AHHHHH!" He let out a blood curdling scream at the sight of you, hands shaking.
"Billy! Billy it's just me, Y/n." You reassured him, placing your hand on his. The boy shut his eyes and breathed in carefully.
"O-oh. You look nothing like yourself! That was so scary!" Billy shuddered, but let you in. 
"That's what Halloween is for." As you looked forward, you noticed Tommy was sitting at the dinner table, stuffing his face with mars bars and tootsie rolls. Billy went back to egging him on, insisting that he could do more and more. Tommy began to strain and he had to chew and swallow in the end, contributing to your grossed out reaction. 
"You guys could've choked!" You scolded them, but they just grinned at you. Oh well. It's not like you and Wanda and Peter hadn't done similar things as kids. 
Speaking of Peter, he whizzed past you, grabbing the bag full of s'mores ingredients. You barely blinked and he was already assembling them, loading at least a dozen into the oven, and he picked you up, bridal style, and headed to the basement. 
Wanda was sitting on the pullout couch, smiling at her brother's antics, when he dropped you next to her. She tapped your arm excitedly.
“What just happened-"
“Hi, Y/n!” She hugged you.
“Wanda!!” You basically jumped on her as Peter rolled his eyes. He was obviously the better twin, right? At least the one you cared about the most, that much he was sure. But he couldn’t help but beam as he saw his two best friends squeeze each other to death. It was like life was coming back together.
“How are you?” She held your hand. “I love your costume, by the way. It’s definitely very Y/n.”
Peter began to push in a VHS tape into the player, hoping that the movie would still load after he had rerun it with superspeed.
“Oh, thank you! I love the Sokovian outfit you have on.” You giggled. “I’ve been fine, I was just kind of surprised from how fast Peter came and grabbed me.”
"Peter was too excited to see you again, Y/n," Wanda teased. "He was down here panicking about how he's supposed to spend Halloween with you again-"
"SHHHH!" Peter heavily shushed both of you, as according to tradition. "Movie's starting."
In the past, you three would've stared wide eyed at the television, stuffing candy into your mouths, trying to keep Halloween going for as long as possible. When you’re a kid, bedtime seems to roll around earlier than ever on special days, especially because you go to sleep by 9 pm anyways. And it was never fair, because you knew you could stay up the whole night (Or so you thought, because you always ended up falling asleep on Peter’s shoulder around 11 pm).
But this year, you could already feel some adult exhaustion setting in early. You leaned on Peter’s shoulder as the credits began to roll, having eaten your s’more and a lollipop. Wanda took this as a sign to start going upstairs, but not before she winked at you, and shut the door with her magic.
You sat up straight, sheepishness of almost falling asleep waking you up again. And whatever it was that Wanda was insinuating by leaving like that. You rubbed your face, but Peter gasped. 
“Y/n, your makeup!” He pulled your hands off your face. Sure enough, the purple eyeshadow had mixed into the white, and he sighed. “You goof. Beetlejuice is dead now.”
“He was already dead!” You giggled. “Really, Peter. It doesn’t matter that much, Halloween is basically over.”
“Oh really? It’s only 10:30 and you were already falling over. I didn’t realize I was dating a geriatric.” He played with the lapel of your suit, as you began to stretch your arms a little. 
“Hey, we’re literally the same age.”
“Okay, old lady.” Peter whispered in your ear. “If your makeup is already messed up, then this doesn’t matter…”
He pulled your face upwards by the lapels of your coat, and began to heavily kiss you, without even pausing to take a breath. You could tell he felt heated because he just would not let go, even when you began to stumble and had to grab onto his neck. His lips were a little rough because of how intensely he was pushing them against yours.
When you finally, finally pulled away, you were both breathless. Peter’s eyes twinkled with exhilaration, as he kept smiling bigger and bigger. You burst out laughing at the sight of his face, his massive beaming smile covered in red and white makeup. 
“Peter, you look like the Joker!” You cracked up. He did a menacing laugh, but you tickled him and he started giggling for real. 
“It was worth it! I’ve been waiting since you kissed me yesterday.” He lamented. “How could you leave so coldly after that?”
“We literally kiss all the time.” You leaned on his shoulder again.
“Yeah, but not nearly enough. I have to make up for like fifteen years worth of feelings here.” He looked down at you, and you nodded, but you were beginning to fall asleep again. Your eyes were shutting, and Peter felt content with the fact that he could fall asleep with you. 
As you nodded off, Peter laid down on the couch, and then carefully placed you on top of him, while also pulling up a blanket. He kissed your forehead, and you smiled in your sleep, pushing your face into his neck. 
No doubt tomorrow Peter would have to wash his face and neck, but he didn’t care.
“Good night, Y/n…” He whispered. 
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the-mystical-phoenix · 6 months ago
Hallo! Tis I, the-mystical-phoenix, and since it is the weekend, I have decided to write another chapter. It's still inconvient for me unfortunately, and please don't get mad for any spelling mistakes, the device I'm using won't let me make edits after I post the story. Sorry if the paragraphs are short as well, the device has a way different format so it's a lot more scrunched up. I'm also writing this at like 2:15 in the morning because for some reason that's just when motivation strikes. But I digress, let's get into it.
Human Strangeness
Chapter Five: Not Paying Attention and Making People Uncomfortable
Michael hated ship meetings. They were always so boring. They never even concerned him or his post, which didn't fit his likes or activities he considered fun. He supposed he should listen anyway, or he would get in trouble later on. He didn't have to like it, though.
"Based on our recent statistics, it looks like we are going to be arriving at our destination earlier than on schedule," his captain droned on, "and we should keep our cargo ready to be moved." Michael wished he had the inventory records job. He would get to check everything they had, get to move stuff, get to order people to move stuff, and it would be much more enjoyable. He gazed over at Hosswell, the inventory director, and decided he was going to ask the captain to at least help with the job after the meeting was over. Michael thought about his old job, one which catered to his likes and was generally thrilling to go to. He wondered about his family, and whether they were happy with their jobs...of course they were, they never said anything bad about them. He was just switching over to thinking about his mother's food when he felt vaguely aware of someone shaking his shoulder, as well as saying his name.
Michael snapped back to reality and realized he was staring at Hosswell, who looked extremely unnerved. He looked around and saw all eyes were on him, and even the ones without eyes were turned in his direction. "Michael," Mystique said, with her hand on his shoulder, "focus." "Sorry, I zoned out for a second." "I can understand that." she replied, leaning back in her chair. Every other human was nodding and making faces that said that they could also get that. Everyone else was apparently not satisfied, as with much confusion in xis voice his captain asked, "What do you mean you 'zoned out'?" "I just kinda lost focus." he replied, thinking that would be the end of it.
"You were staring at Hosswell, though," his captain continued, "so what were you doing?" Michael huffed, knowing this would be another thing he would have to explain. "Sometimes humans lose focus on what they're doing, and even though they see what's going on, they just don't process it because their minds are thinking about something else." Michael said. "It can happen anywhere," he continued, "even in important places or while having important conversations. You could be thinking about something random, like a band from 20 years ago, and then you'll realize you're driving. You were still seeing, but it just wasn't being processed." he finished.
The captain and the non-human crewmates were silent. "That sounds like it could be dangerous." his captain remarked. "Ya, not being aware can lead to someone consquences, but usually it's just, at most, annoying or unsettling." Michael said. "Sometimes we zone out while looking at someone, and they think that we're staring at them, but it can be fixed with a simple communication. Anyways, I'll try better to pay attention. What was it that you need?" he finished, leaning back in his chair, looking at the captain, waiting for xer to answer. "Oh...right. Yes, of course. I was asking you if there was another position you had in mind that you could do, as your current one is not faring well under your guidance." xe answered. Michael couldn't believe his ears. This was going to be a very fun meeting.
Hey everyone! That's it for now, sorry if it's not much, I am extremely tired. I hope to post again next weekend, when I will have time to work on my current device. Stay safe and be nice to each other! See you next time!
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isthisthingeven0n · 9 months ago
looking at her : d.d
as soon as the perfume ad was released, you couldn’t be happier for your boyfriend. but when everyone started to ship him and charlotte together, you couldn’t help but feel insecure about your secret relationship. (1.3k)
requested: yes by an anon - thanks for the idea love! warnings: some angst
all my links
(everything on my blog is my own writing. if it is shared on another page or website know it hasn’t been approved me unless specified. all rights reserved. - i have to start doing this as I had some shit on my other blog with plagiarism)
Tumblr media
Like everyone, you couldn’t wait for the Perfume line to launch. It was something David had been working on for the best part of eighteen months and it was so close to being released. You had seen it from a mere concept to trying out different scents to advertising and marketing the perfumes.
After all this hard work and determination from your boyfriend, today was the day.
As the advert dropped and the promotional videos were uploaded on social media, you like the rest of the squad shared their support. Yet, you could only share your support as David’s friend, since the news of you dating had not yet been broken to the public.
It was a decision you both made when your relationship became more serious. Everyone already knew you as part of the squad, as one of David’s close friends. Why ruin their perception of what you have when you could enjoy the private moments, knowing they’d be private.
Yet, as you were sitting in your own bedroom, scrolling through Twitter more and more tweets mentioning David filled your timeline. You anticipated seeing David mentioned more, the squad being tagged in an attempt for David to see messages of support and excitement- but what you didn’t expect was to see fan edits of David and Charlotte.
Your eyes glanced over various edits from the advert, clips playing in a montage of the pair as a happy couple, young and in love. If you were an outsider, you’d understand why it’s believable and clearly, fans adore the concept of them being a couple.
‘omg charlotte and david?! power couple’ ‘do you see the way he looks at her???’ ‘she likes him it’s so obvious’ ‘damn, i thought david was single but this says otherwise, huh’
Covering your eyes, you groan quietly to yourself as your phone begins to ring beside you.
“Hey,” You answer, trying to force back any self-doubt as laughter echoes in the background.
“Hey! Well, what’d you think?” David asks, full of excitement as always whilst you curl into yourself, nodding along.
“It was amazing,” You tell him, knowing it’s true. “you and Charlotte did a great job.” A light laugh leaves your lips involuntarily, and David pauses on the other end of the line.
“Is everything okay?” His voice softens as you hear a door close behind him.
“Me? I’m fine.” You lie, but today isn’t the day to focus on your own insecurities, it’s David’s day to celebrate.  “You delivering the PR packages today?” You quickly swerve the topic elsewhere, and it seems to work just fine.
“Yeah, Natalie’s packing up the car now so we’ll be coming to yours later.” David explains as you nod to yourself. “I erm, I better go.” He adds quietly, not quite ready to drop your early remark about the advert. “I love you.”
Taking a steady breath away from your phone, you force yourself to remain composed as you smile to yourself. “I love you too, have fun.” With that, you hang up the phone and bury your face back into your pillow, screaming into it as the sound remains muffled.
“Okay, next one up.” David rubs his hands together as he grabs the PR package with your name on it.
Natalie glances over as she pulls up outside of your house, watching as David focuses on your name. “Everything okay with you two?” Natalie speaks up, forcing David from his trance as he hesitantly nods. “Okay, what happened?” She asks, turning the engine off as she gives him her full attention.
David shrugs. “I’m not sure, we were fine yesterday but something happened today and she seemed kinda off.” David rubs his face, having been thinking about you for hours as he delivered various packages to his friends.
“I’m not going to say I know what it is, but I’ve got an idea.” Natalie suggests, and David raises a brow. “Well, a lot of people online think you and Charlotte are dating.” Natalie explains, and David laughs bluntly.
“Wait, seriously?” He pauses, and Natalie nods. “Oh, fuck.” David groans, burying his head in his hands. “Don’t they know we were acting?”
“I’m not a teenager, David. Fans see what they wanna see and to them, you’re a single guy.” Natalie comments. “Can see where they’re coming from.”
“Fuck.” David exhales. “Makes sense now,” He mutters to himself as he looks out from the car window to your front door. “I gotta talk to her for a bit. You wanna do the next drop?”
Natalie nods. “I’ll be back soon.” She salutes David as he climbs out of the car, closing the door behind him as he walks up to your driveway, his palms clamming up.
Wiping his hands across his jeans, David reaches up for your doorbell, listening to the light-hearted chime and the faint sound of you rushing to your front door.
As you open it, your smile remains bright. “Wait, where’s the PR?” You chuckle, noting David’s empty hands and the lack of Natalie behind him.
“I sent Nat to Stassi’s place first, wanted to have a chat with you.” David explains, watching as your smile falters. “It’s not a bad thing! Sorry, I erm, I just wanted to talk.” David quickly adds as you remain quiet, moving aside as he steps into your house, tension hanging thick in the air.
“So,” You speak up as you close your front door, feeling your heart lodging in your throat. “what’s up?”
Keeping distance between you both, David sighs quietly. “I love you, Y/n.” He starts, taking you by surprise as you cross your arms over your chest. “And I only have my eyes on you, no one else- including Charlotte.” David states, watching as your hands drop to your sides.
“I know that,” You start. “but, just seeing you in the advert and the promotional photos you just,” A long sigh escapes your lips. “I don’t know if you’ve ever looked at me like that before.” The quiet confession hangs between you both as David processes what you’ve admitted, his heart begins to ache.
“Baby,” David coos as he steps forward. “it isn’t about the way I look at you that means I am in love with you. It’s the way I hold you close in my sleep or the fact you give me your leftovers or the inside jokes we have. The fact you make me laugh like no one else or make me smile when I’m struggling.” David knows the list is almost indefinite. “And those are to name a few.” He chuckles, reaching out for your hand.
Squeezing his hand lightly, you lower your head. “I just, I don’t know.” You mutter. “You looked so happy with her.” You comment, but David pulls on your hand, bringing you closer to him as he rests his other hand on your lower back.
“No one makes me as happy as you do, Y/n.” David mutters into your lips. “Never forget that, okay?” He whispers, closing the gap between you both.
“Hey, guys!” Cutting you off before you could kiss him, you whip your head around to see Natalie looking through the front window. “We got a schedule to keep to, glad you made up, but there are another thirty houses to visit.” Natalie calls out, pointing to her watch as David groans into your neck.
“Go on, Dave.” You giggle as he kisses your neck gently. “I’ll still be here later.”
Pulling away from your embrace, David walks towards your front door. “You promise?” He asks, letting his hand slip out of yours.
“I promise.” You smile to him as he opens the front door, slipping out as he and Natalie rush back to the car, carrying on with their PR trip.
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cinnachuu · 11 months ago
dating Mary Saotome headcanons
warnings/genre: fluff headcanons, some mentions of angst, mild violence, harassment, dating headcanons, implied female reader
a/n: my favorite girl!! I’m going to be doing a lot of female characters x female readers, and then male characters x male readers, but I still have tons of gender neutral fics being written and edited rn!! planning a very wordy one for obey me soon >:)) enjoy!
Tumblr media
•the most likely way for you guys to meet is by Yumeko
•I can’t really see her being able to swoon over anyone who bested her or lost to her, so you’re probably a member of the Yumeko gang! :D
•Mary is very confident and takes a lot of charge in her relationships
•she isn’t very romantic tho, she’s more casual and just enjoys your company. She doesn’t like being super open about how she feels, but she really does love you.
•it’s just difficult for her to express it in the traditional sense :((
•but!! She does express it her own special ways
•her confidence and pride? now shared with you!
•she’s your number one hypeman when gambling, loves watching you destroy your opponents
•she orders around housepets to be footrests for you. Only the best backs, they can’t be too bony.
•if you’re not the best at gambling, she’s willing to teach you, but she’s not exactly the best at mentoring someone
•she expects u to learn the material and learn it fast
•but she will throw hands with whoever beats you in battle, she doesn’t mind consequences
•okay yes she does, she’ll throw multiple snarky remarks.
•one time someone tried lifting your skirt and she dove in really quick with a few very not safe for school words :))
•if you’re not from a wealthy family, she’s extremely protective of you as she knows exactly what it’s like to be considered prey
•she never wants you to face the humiliation she did
•if you’re from a wealthy family, she really won’t care but she’ll make some teasing remarks about your wealth. it’s just in her nature, nothing too serious.
•hmmm I feel like as a girlfriend she’ll honestly be kinda toxic at first as she tends to brush off other people’s feelings
•in all honesty, if you’re more of an emotional person you really would have to be close to Mary to date her, as she’s just too nonchalant about other people’s feelings
•her difficulty expressing how she feels is also trouble in relationships :))
•u rlly do have to be patient with her.
•however that’s sad and lame let’s get onto some happier stuff!!
•cuddling with her is rare
•she just isn’t touchy feely, it’s not her style, but she likes being little spoon.
•pls accompany her to gamble it’s a fun sight to see her get all sadistic and cruel
•even better when you join in!!
•only if u want to, she’d never actually pressure u to gamble unlike Yumeko
•she understands that not a lot of people enjoy the risk factor. Some are doing it to survive, she gets that.
•but if you genuinely enjoy gambling u two are a power couple
•honestly i could imagine her being a girlfriend who loves showing off her partner
•she won’t do it in front of you, but Yumeko will always gush about how much she talks about you
•she loves doing your hair
•she did matching pigtails with you once, it was so cute!!
•honestly I can see her as being very possessive and jealous
•but she also doesn’t wanna say anything because she doesn’t control you, you’re her equal
•when she’s upset it’s better if you take charge and talk to her about it
•she loves positive affirmations that she’s a good girlfriend because she feels like she rlly isn’t
•gets you flowers every now and then
•writes u letters that aren’t romantic at all, probably saying stuff like “ur cute I like you,” or “ur dumb. come kiss me in the library.”
•she rlly doesn’t like PDA pls don’t no PDA
•it’s not that your affection isn’t welcome, she just rather have her reputation upheld than kisses
•ofc if u went to the school you’d understand,,
•honestly, she’ll hold you like a trophy at most.
•showing you off during gambling.
•”this is my girlfriend, see? and she may be an idiot, but this idiot outsmarted you!”
•she’s not the kindest tbh she prefers showing her affection through gifts
•gets all flustered when you get her gifts
•don’t get her anything extravagant she’ll cry
•often the ordeal between you is trading sticky notes or personalized poker cards with little writings on them
•will shame u if u don’t have good music taste
•doesn’t like seeing you cry tho so she’ll never insult u that seriously
•honestly her insults are childish, you fight the urge to laugh everytime she tries to insult your pride
•if Yumeko gets touchy with you she’ll get very upset and kinda annoyed
•admittedly Yumeko knocks her confidence down to a 7/10 when it used to be a 1000/10.
•it’s kinda like seeing your girlfriend run away with the idea person
•”oh she can gamble,,she’s rich,,,she’s prettier than me, she’s nicer, god...”
•rambles and mutters to herself when she’s frustrated which is a tell tale sign of jealousy
•to comfort her u rlly just have to reassure her u only have eyes for her, and she’s the only girl for you.
•she is, she’s a sweetheart :)
•dates aren’t often. They usually are gambling sessions or getting coffee
•she never really goes all out with dates, as long as you’re with her, it’s a date.
•ok this part is very female-reader heavy so pls stop reading if that makes you uncomfy!!
•ok so this school is bat shit crazy and there’s gonna be a couple folks with very mean ideals
•for example, a few dudes pulled your hair and called you mean names and Mary wasn’t there
•you were walking with Ryota and just trying to enjoy a normal day when they grabbed you and started yelling rlly mean insults
•ryota is HECCING useless so he just watched and tried yelling
•of course his pleas for them to stop were drowned out by many homophobic statements calling u very mean things and shaming u for dating a girl but it’s the thought that counts
•Mary came in with Ririka, looking like she was about to burn the school down
•Ririka was wearing her mask as well so it rlly sold the effect
•started yelling sharp insults and degrading the guys as much as possible
•”you want to talk to my girlfriend like that? huh? talking to her with that house pet tag? Who do you think you are?!”
•ryota had to hold her back while Ririka silently handed you a handkerchief
•Mary was very upset for the rest of the day, not at you, but just evidently ticked off
•”hey Mary?” She kinda just blinked at you and sighed, still very moody.
•”I love you.”
•took her a second to process that
•nearly had a stroke
•her brain cell was bouncing around her head as she looked at you, her expression softening.
•holy shit you were adorable
•”I love you more.”
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steamberrystudio · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
12/04/2021 Devlog
Hey everyone!
Welcome to the bi-weekly update for Gilded Shadows! Sorry it's coming a bit late. I keep thinking today is Saturday! LoL
Finished editing Jack's route
Edited up to Maggie Chapter 7
Fully play tested Ari's route
Implemented fixes suggested by alpha testers
Set up Jack's chapter screens
Line edited up to and scripted up to Jack Chapter 7
Minor flow chart redesigns
Implemented typo fixes to Caleb's route from when it was alpha tested
One new BG
One new BG sketch
Finished a new Lance CG
Changed the in-game font (again). 
The Ramble:
This was a busy week. For the first time in a long time, there's a long list of STUFF instead of just "I wrote stuff."
It's so refreshing!
SO let us break it down!
I have spent a lot of time alternating between doing a structural edit of Magnus' route and scripting Jack's route. I have about 425,000 words scripted now!
Magnus' route is about half edited. I've had to make a lot of changes and fixes since I did write his route fairly fast so there are places it's a bit rough. His is a fairly plot-heavy route and also remains the longest of the six original routes. I've been trying to cut it down but so luck. It's remained about the same length.
When I first wrote it I was worried there wasn't enough romantic development and that Morgan/Magnus didn't spend enough time together. I'm relieved that, in my edit, I'm not finding that to be as much a concern as I initially thought it would be.
There were a lot of evolutions in plot and character motivation as I wrote the route so I'm trying to resolve some contradictions there and get things into better alignment.
Usually on edits I try to add in more branching variations and the like but Maggie's route is already so long that I'm really not wanting to add to the word count. And it has a decent amount of branching already so I'm not too worried about that.
As I said, I'm also scripting Jack's route now that I'm finished with the structural edit. Scripting always involves a line edit then importing the script in. Line edit focuses more on grammar, sentence structure, trying to get repeated phrases out, etc. And I like to do that before I import the script.
Beyond that, I fully play tested Ari's route (woo!) and have sent it out to some alpha testers. I realised at this time that I never implemented all the fixes suggested by alpha testers for Caleb's route so I did that. And I've also started making fixes to Ari's route as well. For the most part this is all really small stuff (a lot of sentences that just have missing words. I have no idea how or why this happened! LoL)
A few other minor changes - I have been working with someone on some changes to how the flowcharts are set up and designed in the hopes of streamlining the process for me on the coding side of things. This same person wrote a small script that lets me count the words within individual routes in renpy - something that isn't a native renpy function. It's SO helpful to see the coded word count for the routes (coded word counts and "true" word counts are often *quite* different. Sometimes the true word count is as much as 5000 words shorter. Know the true word count gives me a much better idea of routes I may need to adjust so there's a bit more consistency across length). So useful! 
I changed the in-game font again. Though the new font doesn't match the UI and "theme", I think it will be a bit more "readable" for people, which is more important. For instance, the capital I and lower case l are now different in the font, something I've read increases the readability of games.
Art wise, I set up Jack's chapter splash pages (though they aren't coded yet) and finished one of Lance's CGs (which I can't really show off because it has a spoiler in it).
I also received one new BG and a BG sketch (which is the last one from this newest batch. 
It was fun to set writing aside for a while and work on art but I've also enjoyed working on coding and play testing things. 
Sneak Peeks and Previews:
One day there will be sprites in this scene. And a CG. And Morgan won’t be in her underwear. ONE DAY. (screen cap from the alpha version of Ari’s route)
Tumblr media
Upcoming Week:
I definitely want to try to finish editing Magnus and Jack - and get Jack's route fully scripted. 
Beyond that, I'm not 100% sure what I'll be working on. Maybe more art - I might try to get some of the simpler CGs out of the way now. Nearly every route has at least one CG of "the guy" by himself. And some of the bad ending ones also involve just one character. Those tend to be easier than CGs that involve character interaction.
So I may start sketching them out and getting them prepped for completion. 
Not really feeling like doing sprite work but I may surprise myself and start getting some of the side character sprites drawn. 
We shall see!
Tumblr media
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