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Tumblr paired up with Humans of New York to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief.

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Bold What Applies

stolen from @goldendorito

Killed Someone Under Orders | Had Someone Killed On Their Orders | Spared Someone’s Life | Invented Something | Been Hungover | Kissed Someone | Slow-Danced | Been In A Long-Term Relationship | Had Sex | Had Sex And Regretted It | Had A One-Night Stand | Had A Threesome | Experimented With Their Sexuality | Had A Kid | Wanted To Have A Family With Someone | Done Something On Drunken Impulse They Regretted | Gone Traveling | Had A Bounty Put On Them | Eaten An Insect | Been Groped By A Stranger| Been Dumped | Dumped Someone | Smoked | Gotten High | Flirted With Someone To Get Free Drinks | Put Someone In A Headlock | Won A Bet | Lost A Bet | Forgiven Someone Who Wronged Them| Indulged In Petty Revenge | Hallucinated | Has A Noticeable Physical Defect | Gotten A Noticeable Scar | Been Permanently Disfigured Through Injury | Kneed Someone In The Groin | Had An Unattainable Crush | Laughed Themself To The Point Of Tears | Been Kidnapped | Been Brainwashed/Hypnotised (and done it to others) | Had A Recurring Nightmare | Been Bullied  | Bullied Someone | Experienced Survivor’s Guilt | Been Tied/Chained Up | Given Someone A Massage |Received A Massage | Been Backed Up Against A Wall| Shot Someone | Stabbed Someone | Saved Someone’s Life | Cheated On Someone | Been Cheated On | Been In An Open Relationship | Had A Friendship With Benefits | Been In A Queerplatonic Relationship (in one verse) | Had A Stalker Stalked Someone | Been Betrayed | Been A Traitor | Been Possessed | Been In A Bar Fight | Been Thrown Out Of A Bar | Been Arrested | Broken Out Of Jail | Been To A Funeral | Been To A Brothel | Had Surgery | Broken Someone’s Trust | Broken Someone’s Heart | Had Their Heart Broken | Broken/Damaged Something Out Of Anger | Broken/Damaged Something Out Of Spite | Gotten A Piercing | Gotten A Tattoo | Used A Fake Name | Been Tortured/Tortured Others | Been Abused | Been Blackmailed | Gotten Away With A Crime | Shared A Bed Platonically | Been In Love |  Suffered From Sleep Paralysis | Been Forced To Flee Their Home | Learned A New Language| Joined A Rebellion | Fought On The Losing Side Of A War | Fought On The Winning Side Of A War | Become A Godparent | Become An Aunt/Uncle |

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The Soldier - Canterbury - 2016

To link in to the commercial shoot for Five Star Jafar I borrowed a few of their toys and actions figures to make them feel more human and alive. Adults love their childhood toys and as they grow their toys become older with them. Taking on their humans personalities in a strange inanimate way.
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I had an oil change scheduled for 10:00 today for the car. There’s still quite a bit of flooding, but I decided that I would go ahead and go for it. I would just go early. That way, I could grab a coffee and something small to eat beforehand too!

I figured “hey, if I take the truck, I will be more than fine!” So… I took the truck. All the way out of my waterlogged little subdivision, and successfully made it through the water.

Not quite halfway to base at a stoplight, while I was enjoying the wonderfulness that is the interior of the truck and the lumbar support it offers, and how quiet the A/C is, it suddenly hit me.

I’m driving the TRUCK, to get an oil change for the CAR.

Needless to say, I was NOT early enough to grab that food I wanted. 

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Tattoos are beautiful, both aesthetically and mentally/emotionally. Sometimes, they represent different aspects of someone’s life (names more than likely) or they simply like the design of the tattoo and want it on their skin.

I see the skin as another canvas to paint. Tattoos are only one type of medium to use; emotions, clothing, sharpies, and several other objects and nifty little things are mediums. However, I like tattoos because they are permanent (they don’t have to be, but they can be) and can commemorate specific moments in life.

I also like to point out that tattoos have been used in some tribes (I don’t remember which ones and I don’t know if all tribes [of any ethnicity] used tattoos) to show that people were warriors and were officially part of adulthood. I don’t know about you, but that’s pretty fucking rad.

Now that I’m thinking about it, tattoos can be used for protection spells, because they are on your body for basically all of eternity (unless you chose to remove said tattoo), and can be very dear to one’s person. Maybe they can also be used to show who your familiars (if you have any) are and to keep them close to you spiritually. I also see, more and more often, that sigils are also created into tattoos, which is useful, since you can charge your intent without having to redraw the sigil itself!

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“he’s one of those where everything is a problem. overanalyzing things that aren’t overanalyzable… he was complaining about how some girl was tryna sell him things on twitter. like he sent it to her. they’re trying to make money… like if you went to that country you’d bind with that culture, y’know? society, somethin somethin, over there… like it’s the same thing! so I don’t understand. so people aren’t supposed to sell things and make money…capitalism…”

-girl sitting next to me in the computer lab talking on the phone

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Hori: It's nice of your old school to let us try out our acting skills on some of the students.
Kashima: While they're actually pretty excited. I'm their most famous alum. If you don't count the serial killer who ate all those prostitutes.
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Also text post wise it would be something like "here's to the bad idea of listening to emotional music at 2 am while petting my cat" or "this is the third time I've set my stove on fire in 3 weeks" all while tagging it crepes n stuff

yeah, that sounds about right tbh lol

ay don’t dis crepes n stuff isabelle’s personal tag is abt rocks mine can be abt crepes (jk rly)

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Lauren Bacall
A [person’s] illness is [their] private territory and, no matter how much [they] loves you and how close you are, you stay an outsider. You are healthy.
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It is a popular anti-semitic myth that Jews control the world/your country/ fill-in-the-blank, or are plotting to at the earliest opportunity. Needless to say, it takes quite a lot of foresight on our part to get the governments we run to sanction our own pogroms!

Unless you live in Israel, your life is not controlled by Jews. Even in the United States, which has the highest proportion of Jews after Israel, we’re only two percent of the population. To argue that we secretly rule the world is honestly giving us far too much credit!

It’s very easy for goyim to say that whatever’s going wrong with the world isn’t their fault. They want, very badly, to be oppressed.  There’s absolutely no power structures keeping them down, so they make up ludicrous claims or statistics and then believe them, because it can’t be their fault, can it, that their lives aren’t perfect. If they can believe that being part of the dominant culture is in any way a hindrance to their lives, it’s us to blame for their failures, not them.

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