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Edits of my abuser. First one was unrelated, the second one is matched with mine (I made them both from pictures on my phone

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I can’t give enough thanks to the lovely @tmntspidergirl for making this


My dear i-

My heart is-

I don’t have words I’m-

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I can save today. You can save the world. I wish we had more time.

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wallpapers anthony cirelli + various styles

Requested by anon

Credits of the wallpapers’ elements and style go to their respective owners. I only assembled them to make the wallpapers.

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On her new Marvel show ‘Wandavison’: “The show is like a blank slate for them,” Olsen tells me over Zoom, her light brown fringe a departure from Wanda’s red waves. The Scarlet Witch’s doleful glare is also long gone; in its place, Olsen’s eyes are wide with excitement. “Wanda and Vision’s journey to this point is a story of pure, innocent love and deep connection with another person,” she explains. “It was also very traumatizing. Tragedy has always been their story. In our show, we kind of wipe that clean and start fresh” - Elizabeth Olsen photographed by Amar Daved for ELLE US, 2021

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Marilyn attends a Press Conference for Let’s Make Love in January 1960.

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