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#edits by cinematicnomad
tattooedsiren · 6 months ago
tagged by the lovely @cinematicnomad​
five songs I’ve been listening to on repeat lately: march march - the chicks time - hootie & the blowfish you sang to me - march anthony hate on me - glee cast (amber riley) shape of my heart - josh groban & leslie odom jr
last movie I watched: I rewatched broken arrow, and am about to watch love & monsters
currently watching: I just watched the producers reunion on stars in the house and now I wanna rewatch the movie lol. they didn’t read my donation but i did see my name at the bottom of the screen so that was fun.
currently reading: bridgerton book idek lol
tagging: @crazyassmurdererwall​ . @soseverus​ . @crashlaanding​ . @emisfritish​ . @machtaholic​ . and anyone else who wants to :)
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tayorswift · a month ago
Tumblr media
Hey everyone! Here’s this weeks (september 12 - september 19) addition to my Creator Shoutout Series! For info about the series, I explained it in the first post here, but generally, it’s to show appreciate to editors and their creations that i love from the past week. To track this series or look at previous shoutouts, please check out the tag on my blog *creatorshoutouts. Have a great week everyone!
taylor swift: era art by @ijustthinkthatyouarewhatyoulove
olivia rodrigo performing at the VMAs gifset by @choledecker
schitt’s creek david x patrick gifset by @danieljradcliffe
taylor swift: willow gifset by @janackermns
paramore graphic by @arcadiums
normal people 1.08 gifset by @sallysimpsons
taylor swift gifset by @hermionegrangcr
schitt’s creek david x patrick gifset by @roseapothecary
new girl gifset by @inejghafta
taylor swift: era artwork by @rachelhanke27
only murders in the building: selena gomez as mabel mora + outfits gifset by @selenaigomez
glass animals: i don’t wanna talk (i just wanna dance) music video gifset by @canesshuga
taylor swift: hoax graphic by @cruellesummer
olivia rodrigo prints by @sadsocietypress
pride & prejudice gifset by @arthurpendragonns
taylor swift gifset by @glorious-sunrise
courtney cox as monica geller in friends gifset by @gregory-peck
only murders in the building gifset by @withered-rose-with-thorns
taylor swift: the lakes gifset by @userobiwan
maisie peters: you signed up for this gifset by @thatwasthenightthingschanged
normal people gifset by @gownegirl
taylor swift: seven graphic by @sparksflys
taylor swift: red gifset by @userobiwan
brooklyn nine nine gifset by @amystiago
taylor swift gifset by @sadbeautiifultragic​
euphoria gifset by @mybodywakesup
lorde discography prints by @sadsocietypress
taylor swift: reputation + references to gold gifset by @calmfolklore
brooklyn nine nine gifset by @spookys
lil nas x: montero features gifset by @tina-snow
taylor swift gifset by @dancearoundallalone
succession gifset by @cinematicnomad
brooklyn nine nine gifset by @jonahsimms
taylor swift: wildest dreams gifset by @jennifersbod​
brooklyn nine nine gifset by @nessa007​
taylor swift: purple + black gifset by @tswift
anya taylor-joy for vogue mexico gifset by @thesoldiersminute​​
taylor swift: wildest dreams (taylor’s version) edit by @londonsboy
brooklyn nine nine: rosa diaz in season 8 gifset by @andtosaturn​
taylor swift: wildest dreams graphic by @dyingday​
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buckbuckley · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Buckbuckley’s birthday & 1k celebration!
Happy birthday to me!!! And happy almost 1k milestone!
I haven’t been in a fandom in a while before coming here, and I couldn’t ask for a better welcome back. As the months passed i met some of the most beautiful and talented people, some of them I get to even to call my friends!
To celebrate the almost milestone and my birthday, I want to give something back to all these lovely people!
Send me:
 🖌️ + your edit tag and I’ll reblog something you made
🎬 + a scene and I’ll make a gif for you (mutuals only)
📖 + a character or a ship and I’ll rec a fic for you!
💌 and you’ll get one of my silly chaotic asks (It’s a surprise!)
Now a little shoutout under the cut
I’m not one for a big public thank you, cause i always feel like I’m missing something, but as those who know me know I’m not afraid to tell anyone privately how I feel. So for now just a thank-you tag for everyone who’s making my stay here the best time ever!
@karenwilson @mistmarauder @tulipintulle @skylessnights @justapoet @princessfbi @buddie-buddie @sometimesimfandomtrash @maddieandchimney @fireladybuckley @sainteddie @firemedicdiaz @floralbuckleys @liesoverthec @a-beautiful-struggle-of-life @lesbiandiaz @jooleah @djdangerlove @madneyfiles @serendipitouscontaminant @eddie-diass @redtooblack @mellaithwen @jddryder @evcndiaz @cinematicnomad @paranoidbean @diazboys @buttercupbuck @buckactuallys @christopherismybuddie @lovebuck @buckleys-diaz @dearbuck @firefighter-diaz @buckleystrand @118hasmyback 
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nymika-arts · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
first of all, thank you guys so so much for following me! it’s amazing that this many of you want to hang around to see the shit i post, but i’m glad you’re here and i appreciate you all so much 💖which is why i decided to do a little celebration for this milestone! 
we’re gonna do a few things:
first, i wanted to do a couple gifset series that you guys get to vote on! you’re going to choose your top ten movies, and top ten animated movies, from a list of my faves. pick up to ten movies from each list, and once the voting period is over, i’ll tally up the results and start giffing ✨voting will be open for 1 week!
top ten movies form is here
top ten animated movies form is here
next, some ask games so i can shower you all with love:
send me a 💌and i’ll tell you something i love about you, and i will doodle a small frog in a hat for you (mutuals only)
send me a ✨+ your art/edits/creations tag and i’ll choose a couple of my faves from your recent work, and tell you why i love them
pls reblog to boost, and thank you guys so much again for all your support!! tagging a few of my beloved mutuals below the cut 💖
@grcywvren​ @deareddie​ @herodiaz​ @from-nova​ @zeethebooknerd​ @dearbuck​ @buttercupbuck​ @buckleys-diaz​ @tylerhunklin​ @ace-diaz​ @renecdote​ @paranoidbean​ @kelly-severide​ @herochimney​ @buckactuallys​ @lovebuck​ @b-atman​ @firefighter-diaz​ @malikjavaddzayn​ @herobuck​ @astronautdiaz​ @grumpycakes​ @strandtk​ @bilosan​ @jaameskirk​ @maddieandchimney​ @h-isforhome @cinematicnomad @blulimitless​ 
okay i’m sure i forgot some people so if i left you out i’m sorry i still love you loads! you guys are all so wonderful and talented and ily 💕
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ellelans · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I was tagged by @iressails (thank you❤️)  to do a gif meme: ‘From your creations, choose 4-6 gifs and do a split of before and after adding your colouring!’’ 
I don’t do gifs I do edits only - so this is an edits version.I rarely keep the psds (and when I do I never use them lol) or the files I am starting with,so it took me over an hour searching all over to dig out a few Before and After examples.I pay a lot of attention to coloring,sometimes I recolor EVERYTHING to look decent (like that shot of Eddie from LS crossover?which was a nightmare to color)-but tbh coloring is my biggest fun in doing edits so I enjoy challenges.
tagging: @captain-flint @lukearnold @runqings @bilosan @buckleys-diaz  @cinematicnomad  @sunflowrer and @kiwimidnight
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diazchristopher · 5 months ago
gif maker appreciation tag
Rules: Answer the first half of the questions with gifsets of your own, then answer the second half by tagging gif makers you love! Thank you @iridescentides for making this!
Tagged by: @miriammaisel @molinareggie @julielukes @flynncarter@malikjavaddzayn and @madeline-kahn! thank you all for tagging me!!
Link a gifset you’re really proud of: this flynn & julie gifset i did for jatpwomen week! i was really proud of how the colors and typography turned out!!
Link a gifset where you tried something new: this luke patterson + the five love languages gifset! it was my first time experimenting with colors and multiple gifs within one!
Link a gifset that features your favorite character or celebrity: this gifset i did for julie! (i don't really gif celebrities lol)
Link a gifset that you want more people to see: this one i did for luke appreciation week!
Link a gifset that you had fun making: this buddie + 'girl crush' lyric edit that was requested for anon!
Link a gifset that you created as part of a meme, challenge, or series: hm, i don't think i've ever done anything like that tbh
Link a gifset of yours that makes you smile: this julie + edge of great gifset i did recently for jatpwomen! i just love julie + pink!
Tag someone who inspired you to start making gifs: oh, there are so many talented gifmakers who inspired me, plus in all of my old fandoms, there's no way i could list all of them Tag someone who makes great vibrant gifs: @dani-clayton @flynncarter @vulcaan and @eoinmacken y'all are so so talented!
Tag someone who makes great pale/pastel gifs: @buckleys-diaz, hands down!
Tag someone who gifs for a fandom you love: @malikjavaddzayn for jatp and 911, @julielukes for jatp!
Tag someone who uses text/typography really well in their gifsets: @juliesmolinas annd @dani-clayton are soo good with typography!
Tag someone who motivates you to step up your game: @alinastarksov @flynncarter @evaneddie
Tag someone who you have taken inspiration from: oh i can't even begin to count the number of people i've taken inspiration from lol!
Tag gif makers who you admire and appreciate! everyone above is def included, as well as some others: @diazalex @cinematicnomad @buttercupbuck @from-nova @purpledirtycandy @rockyblue @emeraldphantoms @owenmercers @thereigning-lorelai @bilosan @firefighter-diaz @kelly-severide @eddiediaz @seance @spdermen and so many others that i've undoubtedly forgotten!
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woodchoc-magnum · 28 days ago
How did you manage to post TWO amazing fics this weekend? How do you find the time to write them, let alone edit them? That's insane! Kudos!!!
Well I wrote some things are meant to be over a week? So the week before last.
And then I sent it to Kat (@cinematicnomad) before 5x01 aired, thinking I would post it on Friday (the 24th) - but then after 5x01 I was inspired to write an Eddie fic, so I wrote underneath my scars in a fever over like... two days? And then I asked Kat to read it before the Songs fic so I could post it on Friday in advance of 5x02.
As to how I get the time... I write at work because I hate my job and I don't have a lot on at the moment! I always do an edit before I send them to Kat, and then she gives me her notes and I go back through and do another edit.
These last two fics didn't need much editing/rewriting, so that worked out well! 😊
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911edit · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
We wanted to do a little something during this hiatus as a show of appreciation to all the content creators who provide us with gifs, edits etc. on a daily basis & keep the fandom running. This is just a small token of thanks as we already have something in the works for the next hiatus! More info here.
gifset by @cinematicnomad​
gifset by @evan-buckleys​
gifset by @bucksbvckley​
gifset by @barncsbucky​
gifset by @danispowell​
gifset by @beckylynch​
gifset by @juliesdahlia​
fanvid by @sunflowrer
gifset by @ninahzenik​
gifset by @strandtk​
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evanbukley · 10 days ago
congrats on your milestone!!! totally deserved. 🦄 + #edits by cinematicnomad
kat! thank you!!! i already have your recent stuff that i can find in the 911edit tag in my queue!! loving all your gifs so much!! <3
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buckleys-diaz · 8 months ago
✨ + tagged/edits by cinematicnomad
kat hi!!! first of all i just wanna say that all of your gifs are so wonderful and i love seeing them on my dash, even if they’re for fandoms i’m not in!! i actually couldn’t pick 5 bc i’m a libra and indecisive but i love all of these
ok so i specifically went looking for this buddie gifset  when i saw your ask because i love!! it!! so!! much!! i remember seeing it for the first time and just. taking a minute. because the quote is so perfect for them and i love all the shots you picked for it of eddie just being. in love. also the coloring is wonderful
i also looked for this henren gifset!! once again, i just love that quote for them so much and i love that you specifically picked scenes where they’re on the same page (as you said in the tags) i don’t know, i just think that’s such a lovely detail 🤧
THIS EDDIE AND CHRIS GIFSET. oh??? my god??? i don’t remember seeing this one??? but i just teared up???? this is the softest thing i’ve ever seen i love it so much
this buck gifset! like. um. ow. this is like in which u use ur talent of quote + scene selection to cause me pain and i love it <3 the last shot of almost disbelief when eddie and chris come back after the tsunami?? b y e.
this set for your fic so show me (family) !! i love this fic so much and the scenes you picked for the gif set??? just help bring it to life SO well, im completely in love w it
ok and some honorable mentions bc i can’t help myself: this eddie gifset - i just love the tones so much. BUCK AND KIDS. i haven’t watched spn in so many years but i remember you posting this dean/cas set and it just made me very ~*~emotional~*~. i also just love this merlin gifset even though i’ve never watched bc the coloring and shots you picked are soooo pretty.
creators: send me ✨ + your creations tag & I’ll answer with my top five favorite edits of yours!
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himbo-buckley · a year ago
Buck and eddie, do you think they know their bi or pan or maybe one does, ie buck knows he's bi but then we have eddie working out his sexuality
Hello friend 🥰
Okay, I know I just talked with someone about this but I cannot remember who or I would tag them because this is informing my writing here :(
Anyhoo, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Buck most definitely experimented in College and while I am not sure if he has ever had romantic feelings for a man before (I mean, 2.05 implied that he also never really was in a relationship with a woman before either so there is that) and I would say Buck 1.0 was the type who said: fuck labels, sometimes I wanna suck a dick and that’s valid of me - but Buck 2.0 definitely likes labels, so I would say if they reveal him as bi or pan than he knows?
(I mean, even if he isn’t bi / pan, Buck has messed around with a guy at least once because he believes in trying everything at least once and ya’ll know it)
I don’t wanna say anything wrong here, but considering Eddie’s cultural background and just being from Texas (I have never been though I had a friend in Austin and she was very progressive but she also made me think that was not the norm as did everything else I know about Texas) I could see him be somewhat aware of his attraction to men but either just ignoring it or actively repressing it because internalised homophobia? Like even if he doesn’t care about other people he definitely cares when it comes to himself?
I’d love for them to do a ark like that maybe in the veins of what @marvelingjules did with The Evolution of Buddie?
(I mean, I think even if he probably wouldn’t be to thrilled about it, I do think Ryan would nail that storyline)
I do feel like Eddie would be more realistic in being the one unaware though a working through something like that feels more like a Buck storyline if that makes sense?
I mean, I think once Eddie has accepted his sexuality he will be definitely okay with everything while I could see Buck be completely fine with the sexual part but struggling a bit at the actual relationship with a man, like he did a little with Abby in the beginning as well because he might feel like the rules should be different when dating a guy to dating a woman and he tries to figure that out while Eddie is all: eh, a relationship is a relationship, all that matters is communication
Idk, I am rambling and that is so not what you asked about but I guess what I was trying to say is:
I think Buck would be aware while Eddie might have to figure it out and either way I would love if they did something like that because again? GROUNDBREAKING AND LEGEND-MAKING TELEVISION, Timbo, my m8!
But like, I would also be completely fine if they never addressed that part and were just like: yeah, we are both bi / pan, what, ya’ll did not know this?
(I KNOW I HAD THIS CONVERSATION WITH @buckleysbabe the other day were we were like: how funny would it be if Buck just went on a date with a dude and no one would address it as new information except Chim who’d be all like: wait you’re bi? Did we know this? and everyone else is like: duh?! Yes? Have you not been watching / listening? and Chim is like: noooo? Obviously I haven’t?)
Anyways, these are my thoughts
Edit: it was probably @cinematicnomad unless Elisa wants to disagree and say both convos were with her?
(and also I had part of the first conversation with @chimbuckleys as well but at this point, we all already knew that, right? If you talk to me and it’s not personal ... some of it will be relayed to the babe, I am sorry, I don’t make the rules here, I just need to hear her opinion on everything!)
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hennwilson · 8 months ago
cherie!! congrats on the 1k!! you totally deserve it, i am obsessed with your blog and your high quality gif skills. if you're still doing them, can i get a 🌟? (my edit tag is: #edits by cinematicnomad). congrats again!!! 🥰🥰
Tysm Kat! You’re absolutely too kind. That’s such a huge compliment coming from you!!!
Eddie/Buck parallel - I just love this. I can’t explain it. It’s just so good. I love that you remembered this and giffed it!
Buddie - Your scene choices are so perfect. I love them so much. They’re so perfect.
Merlin - I ADORE your colouring on this set. It’s just so aesthetically pleasing.
Rachel Zane - LOOK AT HER! QUEEN! I love your colouring of this set so much. It’s been so long since I’ve even thought about this show but ahhh I miss her.
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daily911 · a year ago
i'm in a giffing mood lately apparently cinematicnomad[.]tumblr[.]com/post/621009112541626368/bobby-buck-overprotective
It has been added to the queue. I don’t know why, but this particular post isn’t currently showing up in the 911edit tag, so thanks for sending it. Also, jsyk, your other posts that are in the tag have already been queued.
To any other content creators, if your post isn’t showing up in the tags or you feel like I might have missed it, feel free to send me an ask or a PM with the post! PLEASE, just keep in mind that this blog’s queue has over 100 posts so your edit might not have posted yet.
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nymika-arts · 4 months ago
congrats!!! my edit tag is #edits by cinematicnomad 😊
thank you so much!! i love your edits so much so this'll be tough but heres a few of my faves:
this eddie set ! i literally just stared at this set for a while he looks so damn good it's not fair
this maddie and buck set !!! the colouring on this is so so beautiful and i love the scenes you chose 💕
this taylor set bc askdbjhfb she is so pretty and i love that character growth 😌and i always love your parallel sets!
and it was hard to choose so also this buddie set bc aahahah fucking ow
4k celebration
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woodchoc-magnum · a month ago
Hey, just wanted to say how much I appreciate how consistent you are with posting your chapters (I assume you write everything before you start posting) but it's nice to get a chapter every day rather than once a week or every two weeks. I always stop what I'm doing to read the next chapter when I get the email alert!
Thank you!
I have this fear that if I don't finish something completely - if I start something and post chapter by chapter - that I won't ever finish it? So I have to make sure the fics are done by the time I start posting them 😅
I also send all my stuff to Kat (@cinematicnomad) before I post - she gets a full, completed draft and gives me her notes, and then I work back through and re-edit again from start to finish. It takes me a little longer to post fics but I prefer to work this way. 😊
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911edit · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
We wanted to do a little something during this hiatus as a show of appreciation to all the content creators who provide us with gifs, edits etc. on a daily basis & keep the fandom running. This is just a small token of thanks as we already have something in the works for the next hiatus! More info here.
gifset by @cinematicnomad
gifset by @buckleysbegins​
gifset by @buckleys-diaz
gifset by @bucksbvckley​
gifset by @winterfrosted​
gifset by @captain-flint
gifset by @nymika-arts
gifset by @juliesdahlia
gifset by @bilosan
gifset by @mjxlnir​
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