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The Secret History by Donna Tartt
‘And if beauty is terror,’ said Julian, 'then what is desire? We think we have many desires, but in fact we have only one. What is it?’
'To live,’ said Camilla.
'To live forever,’ said Bunny, chin cupped in palm.
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And oh boy do I have some feelings

But more than that I’m really into theology and religious imagery and themes so-


“I stood up again when it was time for communion , but Camilla caught my arm and hastily pulled me back. The three of us stayed in our seats as the pews emptied and the long, shuffling line started twords the alter again”

Catholic’s will usually stay seated for communion if they’ve not participated in the Church or confessed recently.

BUT they are also taught that they absolute must not take communion if they have a mortal sin that hasn’t been confessed.

Want to take a stab at what some of the ‘mortal’ sins might be?

-well murder, yea (probably shouldn’t tell your priest about that one, huh?)

-but also ~”homosexual behavior”~

It’s interesting that from the wording we can picture Camilla sitting because of her involvement in 2 murders, Francis for the same reasons-and maybe despite feeling no particular qualms about it - also that he’s gay.

They’re both aware of what they’ve done and they sit without thinking about it.

But Richard?, he GETS UP, Richard’s going to take communion and it’s only Camilla stoping him that holds him back.

I feel like what she’s done in this passage is bring him back to the fact that what they’ve done is terrible.

I don’t doubt that Richard knows that, only that Henry might have been right: as far as emotions go, Richard doesn’t feel deeply and may often forget the consequences, weight or ‘sin’ of the horror of the events he was witness to.

Also as a Lutheran with a Catholic mother I get a little snort out of Bunny’s reply since it comes off as so careless and blunt but when you really get down to it, the Catholic hierarchy of sins vs the Lutheran idea of sin can be experienced in such different ways that what Bunny is saying is almost profoundly true/ if misleading.

For Lutherans, at its core, sin is sin; murder is certainly worst than lying, but the spiritual remedy for both is belief, penance, and self improvement. So he’s not wrong, it’s that simply and so there’s no need to ponder much more than that on the concept of sin.


He went with Francis and Camilla since they wanted to go so this may actually just be a matter of him not being a Catholic and thus not being allowed to take communion in a Catholic Church

It still speaks, though, to the same theme and group dynamic we experience all throughout the book from Richard’s perspective; which is, “you’re with us but that doesn’t mean you’re one of us”


Catholicism man.


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can u explain your nb bunny headcanon?

what’s there to explain?? i’m not of a binary gender and i kind of see bunny as that too 

seriously though, i don’t know what there is to explain? this is how i think and feel about it: i know bunny is like very tall in the book, but my bunny is this shorter fat person with strawberry blonde hair, glasses and brown eyes who’s just a fucking chaotic mess when it comes to dressing (salmon pink is his best colour, check out my tumblr tag if you want more of my interpretation of his fashion sense) he is fine with being he/him pronouns and being called a guy, but it feels slightly off sometimes. most of the days it is fine but he just??? gender???
(francis defined bunny’s gender as “nb idiot”)

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