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#edmundo diaz
buddiepornasks · 2 days ago
Eddie: We need to talk--
Buck: Are you breaking up with me?
Eddie: --about your socks.
Buck: *sighs with relief* Okay, I'm listening.
Eddie: Christopher is picking up your habit of wearing odd socks.
Buck: ☺
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swiftiediaz · a day ago
chapter three is posted!
He swallows thickly, lets out a strangled breath and crosses the room slowly.
"Evan," he says again, like a prayer. Buck is now looking at him with wide eyes and unshed tears, like he can't quite believe that Eddie is real.
And then it's like something breaks inside of him.
"Eddie." He whimpers. "I didn't give up. I didn't give up." He sobs and Eddie is hugging him before he can process that he moved. They're holding onto each other as if they were each other's lifelines. "I fought, Eds. I swear. I fought to come home to you." His voice sounds wrecked and hoarse as he'd been screaming but Eddie doesn't care. Buck is back in his arms again, alive.
"I know you did, Buck. You did so good. You didn't give up." Eddie whispers over and over again. He closes his eyes and holds Buck tighter, feeling his husband hug him back. Eddie feels warm and so painfully safe like he hasn't felt since Buck left.
Buck comes back home.
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pocky-pandas91 · a day ago
You know who needs more screen time!? Buck’s curls! They should be respected, dammit*ugly cries*. I need a 5+1 fic or something of the 118 reacting to those glorious locks for the first time. Especially Eddie.
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thebuckleysalexmanes · a month ago
Eddie was going to work side-by-side with Hen and she went 🤨
Eddie, people who aren't Buck, like space when they work
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evaneddiediaz · 2 months ago
Bobby when he hired Eddie: He would be a perfect partner for Buck. He’s a veteran, an army medic. He’s serious, collected and wouldn’t let Buck jump into danger without thinking about the consequences.
Buck & Eddie on their first task together: *blow up the ambulance*
Bobby: I take all my words back. I think I made a mistake. Now I have two idiots to look after.
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ordinaryxgirl · a month ago
Eddie: Chris, if you don’t finish your homework, there’s no ice cream for dinner
Buck: But we still love you
Eddie: …. why do you say that every time I’m reprimanding him?
Buck: I-
Eddie: You know what, don’t answer that, you’ll end up saying something really sad and I’ll end up with the urge to kill your parents
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theawesomedashing · 25 days ago
Eddie held hostage
by a gun :
Tumblr media
by heterosexuality :
Tumblr media
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incorrectbuddie · 2 days ago
Eddie: Look, Buck, I appreciate you're trying to deal with this in a healthy way, but creating a montage of all the times you've been hurt set to "It's a Hard Knock Life" may not be the best way to do that.
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buddiepornasks · 2 days ago
Buck: *watching Eddie work out*
Hen: Thirsty, Buck?
Buck: *holds up water bottle*
Hen: Not the kind of thirst I'm talking about. 😏
Buck: 👀
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swiftiediaz · 2 days ago
chapter two is posted.
He still wears the ring, too. His wedding ring hangs on a chain around his neck, he can't let go of it. He hopes for the day that Buck will come home and Eddie would tell him "I knew you'd make it. See? I've waited for you. I never gave up on you. I never gave up on us." 
That dream seems to be farther and farther away the more time passes. Eddie still hopes. 
Eddie is barely hanging on and Buck is still trying to find a way to escape.
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matan4il · 21 hours ago
Different anon, but on your last question would love it if you could elaborate something on Eddie repression. Because I was remembering those moments the anon mentioned and I cant rewatch yet. However when Shannon died I thought Eddies soft moment was with Cap after the fight ring thing. Then you have Cap reminding Eddie that Buck has them (after Eddies toxic masculinity suck it up thing).
And so like that was Eddies tipping point character change a bit? Because that lead to his tough love, tsunami stuff, trust you more than anyone, onto reaching for Buck as he thought he was dying. It seems since that moment Eddie has only been open to his emotions with Buck. I dont know maybe I am overthinking but based on how closely you followed the arc do you think thats the moment they made a decision on where to go?
Because they could have written Anna and Taylor better but they purposely didn't. Anna was a caricature of what Eddie thought was perfect. Taylor is quite honestly the perfect beard for a bisexual man. Like neither landed and that has to mean something to me. I gave up shipping them when they were introduced TBH. Even back to Taylor walking into the station and Eddie jumps up, I thought they were gonna make it a jealous bro moment. But no, it was establishing he clearly doesnt approve of her.
Hi Nonnie! Thank you for this ask. Sorry it took me a moment to be able to read it (vertigo is not fun), but I love it! TBH, none of us can know for sure when (or if) the show decided to go for canon Buddie. I think they always meant to have us entertain the possibility, which means the showrunners did too, but making the decision to go for canon Buddie? If we believe Tim, it did not happen before the end of s3. And assuming the shooting we saw at the end of s4 was decided on before they even started filming for that season, and if we're right that by the time they made the choice to use such a quintessential lovers moment with Eddie reaching out for Buck they had decided to make Buddie canon, then... logically, they made the decision during the hiatus between seasons 3 and 4. Which would mean we're in the stage of slowly turning things in that direction. Eddie's repression would def need to be addressed in that case and everything we've seen in season 4 and 5 so far matches that exactly. And yes, in 206 Eddie was all up in arms, disliking Taylor going anywhere near Buck, but I think even more significantly, he also didn't seem to approve of her in 412, which is bound to come into play at some point after B/T has started. In this context, I might add that the show has somehow avoided Eddie commenting about her to Buck so far by keeping Taylor mostly in Buck's apartment or in an ep where Eddie wasn't featured, so these two have been kept completely separate. It would be interesting to see how Eddie reacts to her once they are in the same space again for the first time in s5, and with Eddie's inhibitions lower than ever, as evidenced in 508... I really hope this helps, kind Nonnie! Have a good day! xoxox To anyone else who sent me an ask, I am going through all of them, thank you so much for your patience! If you wanna check whether I've replied to yours yet, you can have a look at my ask tag. xoxox
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ordinaryxgirl · 6 months ago
Okay but-
Buck freezing completely when it happened.
Buck being splashed with Eddie’s blood.
Buck would’ve literally been shot if he wasn’t tackled to the ground, that’s how paralyzed with fear he felt.
Eddie’s eyes losing all focus while Buck’s got filled with terror.
Eddie trying to reach for Buck even tho he could barely move.
The fact they kept staring at each other.
Buck probably having to tell Christopher what happened.
Guys I’m having a nervous breakdown
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honestlydarkprincess · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
quantity over quality memes part 14/?
part one | part two | part three | part four | part five | part six | part seven | part eight | part nine | part ten | part eleven | part twelve | part thirteen
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kuckie · a month ago
Bobby after Buck and Eddie start dating (because HE KNOWS Buck)
Tumblr media
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