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treadongay · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Probably not gay.
Wouldn't put it past them.
Tumblr media
Not that it matters to the plot. But Vinira and Jerbic will always have a place in my heart. 👌🏾
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Tumblr media
“Oh, and one more thing before I leave... please be nice to your sister, okay? I know you guys can be pretty cool, but what you did at the library was taking things way too far , and if you ever actually hurt Amity with something you do, I’m going to stop being friends with you.”
“Yeah, yeah, got it.”
“Hear that, Mittens? She’s super protective of you! That’s adorable,” Edric teased Amity, winking at his little sister.
Amity could feel her cheeks heat up even more.
“I said shut it.” She sighed. “Sorry about that. Anyway... Luz, I’m... really going to miss you.”
There was an instant change in the tone when Amity said Luz’s name, switching from her being annoyed at her siblings to an incredibly soft voice in a matter of seconds.
Luz pulled her into a bear hug.
“Me too. I’ll miss you so much, Lemon Drop. Especially our book club.”
Amity just melted into the hug and never wanted to let go of her friend again. Her cheeks turned a light shade of pink at the new nickname that Luz had just blurted out without thinking much about it.
Meanwhile, everyone around them was exchanging weird looks.
“Did- did Luz just call Mittens ‘Lemon Drop’?” Emira whispered to her twin brother.
Edric nodded.
“And Mittens didn’t even kill her.”
“Luz, listen, I-” Amity swallowed hard. “There’s something that I need to tell you before you go.”
~Excerpt from Locked Out chapter one
This lovely piece of art is by shadowspd that a fan of mine commissioned! Definitely go check out their other art!
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cartoonfangirl1218 · 20 hours ago
The Owl House zodiac signs
I decided to match zodiac signs with TOH characters because why not. Info from
Luz: Libra
Strengths: Cooperative, diplomatic, gracious, fair-minded, social Weaknesses: Indecisive, avoids confrontations, will carry a grudge, self-pity
Likes: Harmony, gentleness, sharing with others, the outdoors Dislikes: Violence, injustice, loudmouths, conformity
They are in a constant chase for justice and equality, realizing through life that the only thing that should be truly important to themselves in their own inner core of personality. They will be inspired by good books, insurmountable discussions and people who have a lot to say. ibra representatives are highly social and put their friends in the limelight, but sometimes raise their expectation bars too high, but will often help others understand the other side of their personal conflicts and trouble with other people.
She enjoys being taught about new things and enjoys talking about herself and her personal interests, just as much as she likes sinking deep into her partner’s life. She is charming, intelligent, and finds solutions to problems that arise along the way with certain ease.
Eda: Sagittarius or Aries.
Strengths: Generous, idealistic, great sense of humor Weaknesses: Promises more than can deliver, very impatient, will say anything no matter how undiplomatic
Likes: Freedom, travel, philosophy, being outdoors
Dislikes: Clingy people, being constrained, off-the-wall theories, details Freedom is their greatest treasure, because only then they can freely travel and explore different cultures and philosophies. Because of their honesty, Sagittarius-born are often impatient and tactless. The fun-loving Sagittarius enjoys making and spending money.
Strengths: Courageous, determined, confident, enthusiastic, optimistic, honest, passionate
Weaknesses: Impatient, moody, short-tempered, impulsive, aggressive
Likes: Comfortable clothes, taking on leadership roles, physical challenges, individual sports
Dislikes: Inactivity, delays, work that does not use one's talents
Aries rules the head and leads with the head, often literally walking head first, leaning forwards for speed and focus. Its representatives are naturally brave and rarely afraid of trial and risk. They possess youthful strength and energy, regardless of their age and quickly perform any given tasks. They are continuously looking for dynamic, speed and competition, always being the first in everything - from work to social gatherings.  They are tolerant of people they come in contact with, respectful of different personalities and the openness they can provoke with simple presence. Their circle of friends needs a wide range of strange individuals.
Independent and ambitious, an Aries often knows where they want to go at a young age, separating from their family a bit early. They will take on family obligations when they need to be taken care of, never refusing more work as if their pool of energy is infinite. They live in the present and aren't that focused on the future, and this can make them irrational and hasty when it comes to financial decisions. Still, they seem to always find a way to earn money and compensate for what they have spent.
King: Leo
Strengths: Creative, passionate, generous, warm-hearted, cheerful, humorous
Weaknesses: Arrogant, stubborn, self-centered, lazy, inflexible
Likes: Theater, taking holidays, being admired, expensive things, bright colors, fun with friends
Dislikes: Being ignored, facing difficult reality, not being treated like a king or queen
Aware of their desires and personality, they can easily ask for everything they need, but could just as easily unconsciously neglect the needs of other people in their chase for personal gain or status. Leo is generous, faithful and a truly loyal friend, born with a certain dignity and commitment to individual values. Tuned to themselves for the most part, they tend to become independent as soon as possible. Still, a Leo will do anything to protect their loved ones.
Willow: Taurus
Strengths: Reliable, patient, practical, devoted, responsible, stable
Weaknesses: Stubborn, possessive, uncompromising
Taurus likes: Gardening, cooking, music, romance, high quality clothes, working with hands
Taurus dislikes: Sudden changes, complications, insecurity of any kind, synthetic fabrics
They are loyal and don't like sudden changes, criticism or the chase of guilt people are often prone to, being somewhat dependable on other people and emotions they seem to be unable to let go of. Still, no matter their potential emotional challenge, these individuals have the ability to bring a practical voice of reason in any chaotic and unhealthy situation. People born in this sign are loyal and always willing to lend a hand of friendship, although they can be closed up for the outer world before they build trust for new social contacts they make. Many of their friendships begin in childhood with a tendency to last them a lifetime.
Gus: Gemini Strengths: Gentle, affectionate, curious, adaptable, ability to learn quickly and exchange ideas
Weaknesses: Nervous, inconsistent, indecisive
Gemini likes: Music, books, magazines, chats with nearly anyone, short trips around the town
Gemini dislikes: Being alone, being confined, repetition and routine
They are fascinated with the world itself, extremely curious, with a constant feeling that there is not enough time to experience everything they want to see. Gemini's changeable and open mind makes them excellent artists, especially writers and journalists.
Lilith: Virgo
Strengths: Loyal, analytical, kind, hardworking, practical
Weaknesses: Shyness, worry, overly critical of self and others, all work and no play
Virgo likes: Animals, healthy food, books, nature, cleanliness
Virgo dislikes: Rudeness, asking for help, taking center stage
This is a sign often misunderstood, not because they lack the ability to express, but because they won’t accept their feelings as valid, true, or even relevant when opposed to reason. Their goals and dreams still have strictly defined borders in their mind. People born with their Sun in Virgo are very dedicated to their family and attentive to elderly and sick people. They understand tradition and the importance of responsibility, proud of their upbringing and everything that made their mind be as dominant as it is.
Amity: Scorpio or Capricorn
Strengths: Resourceful, brave, passionate, stubborn, a true friend
Weaknesses: Distrusting, jealous, secretive, violent
Scorpio likes: Truth, facts, being right, longtime friends, teasing, a grand passion
Scorpio dislikes: Dishonesty, revealing secrets, passive people
They are excellent leaders because they are very dedicated to what they do. Scorpios hate dishonesty and they can be very jealous and suspicious, so they need to learn how to adapt more easily to different human behaviors.
Strengths: Responsible, disciplined, self-control, good managers
Weaknesses: Know-it-all, unforgiving, condescending, expecting the worst
Capricorn likes: Family, tradition, music, understated status, quality craftsmanship
Capricorn dislikes: Almost everything at some point
Capricorn speaks of each natural chain reaction of fear, Immersed in their secrecy, they face the world just as they are – brave enough to never run away, but constantly afraid of their inner monsters. Capricorn women are ambitious, persistent, responsible and reliable. She only wants to find someone to make her smile, and can’t wait to open up and feel the real pull of emotion that makes her warm up to the possibilities that lie in the future. It will take some time for her to lower her guard and feel safe and comfortable enough to show just how sensitive and caring she can be when she is in love.
Edric and Emira: Aquarius
Strengths: Progressive, original, independent, humanitarian
Weaknesses: Runs from emotional expression, temperamental, uncompromising, aloof
Likes: Fun with friends, helping others, fighting for causes, intellectual conversation, a good listener
Dislikes: Limitations, broken promises, being lonely, dull or boring situations, people who disagree with them
Aquarius-born have a reputation for being cold and insensitive persons, but this is just their defence mechanism against premature intimacy. They need to learn to trust others and express their emotions in a healthy way.
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kprapture · a day ago
There’s a theory of Owl Mask being related to the Blight’s as Alador’s brother or something, right?
Cause I like the idea of his possible redemption being he truly loves Amity and the Twins and would rather betray Belos to protect them unlike their actual parents and be full Uncle Aaron/The Prowler’s version from Into the Spiderverse or Sirius Black. (Give or take the dying part)
Tumblr media
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starsfic · a day ago
At about two in the morning, Edric snuck out of his room down to his father’s study. Creeping in, he found his target exactly where he figured it would be. Alador’s coin purse was on his desk. Edric tiptoed over to it and popped the purse open; with how wealthy their family was, it did not shock him how his parent carried so many snails daily. He knew he should only grab a handful and return to his room, but he was tempted to shove the purse in his pants and then head back.
He mentally slapped himself. No, he only needed a certain number of snails.
Carefully, holding his breath, Edric counted out the number. Once it was the right number, he moved to close the purse. He paused, once again running the thought of just taking it through his head. Once again, he mentally slapped himself.
He ran upstairs and hid in bed.
When the manor came alive, Alador found that some of his snails were missing. The Blights escaped to Hexside.
Later, Amity would find enough snails in her pocket to buy Luz a new glyph journal.
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tedturneriscrazy · a day ago
I just came to the realization that Emira and Edric would absolutely have one of those shitty prank YouTube channels, and now I've made myself mad.
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jay-zzz87 · a day ago
Prompt: Belos adopts Luz part 4
I know how long its been. I have been trying to get the ao3 up but i don't know how it works so just bare with me. I might just put it on wattpad but idk. Part 3 in source.
Luz found it difficult to get out. In every corner, there were guards. Not to mention the one that was at the door. The window was barred and even if she made it past the bars, the drop was at least 30 feet. Her only options was the door. She tapped the guard on the shoulder.
Luz: Hey. Would you mind letting me out of here for like 10 minutes.
Guard: Sorry but due to the emperors orders, you are not allowed out of this room.
Luz had to think of a way to get the guard to let her out. She tried to think of bribes, but her room didn't carry anything special. Or did it? Luz went to her bed and pulled something from underneath the mattress. It was a few snails. She kept some incase she ever went into the outside world. She tapped the guard again, but he didn't turn towards her. She tapped harder but nothing happened. She hit the guard in the head and he jolted foward.
Guard: WHAT
Luz held out the snails.
Luz: Let me out. Please
The guard looked at the snails. He shoved her hand away and scoffed.
Guard: You think I could be so easily bribed. You'll have to do better than that. You should just give up. Nothing will make me leave this postion.
Luz: Oh wow. Look at Mr. Stubborn here. Who will do whatever it takes to keep me in this hellhole
Guard: Are you mocking me?
Luz: What. No. I'm just practicing my impersonations.
Guard: Out of all humans, why did it have to be you.
Luz: HEY
Luz walked to the other side of the room. Her arms crossed and facing toward the window.
Luz: Talk all you want but I'm not listening.
Luz looked out the window. She could see other witches lining up to enter the castle. A few witches caught her eye. There was one who looked shy. She had green/blue hair, round glasses, and the signature uniform with pink sleeves. She looked very nevous. A boy with light blue sleeves went up to her and patted her back. Luz could only assume it was for reassurance. In front of the line was a girl with green hair, and behind her were other witchlings. Luz stared at the girl with green hair. Somthing about her stood out. Luz wanted to see them even more. She looked at the guard who still at the door. She tapped the guards shoulder, but was given no response. She thought about hitting him again until she heard something. Is that snoring. The guard was asleep. Luz saw this as an opportunity. She tried to look for anything that would help open the door. She saw an item shining from the side of the guard. Its was a pair of keys. Bingo. Luz grab a long stick she had. She would use it to practice using a staff, but now it came even more in handy. Luz grabbed the keys with the stick with extra caution as to not wake the guard, which proved to be extremely difficult. She managed to grab the keys with her hand and unlock the door. She was out. Now she needed to find out where the others were. She ran to the end but stopped at her tracks when she saw a guard. Well that's a problem. She looked around for a disguise. She found a bush which she dived behind. Aa she looked on she saw the guards move to the sound of Kikimora.
Kikimora: And here is another corridor that leads many rooms. But there are busy workers here so we shall skip ahead.
Kid 1: Ms. Kikimora, what's in that room.
The kid pointed to Luz's room. Kikimora looked at the room with the guard next to it.
Kikimora: That room holds something very precious.
The children gasped and began speculating what could be behind the door.
Kikimora: Unfortunately I cannot show you.
The children let out 'aww's as they were disappointed. Kikimora signalled for the children to continue walking. Luz snuck into another bush. She was close to the girl with glasses. She looked closer at her. Suddenly a branched snapped.
Luz: Shit
The girl walked closer to the pot with the bush.
Luz: Uh oh
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shuinxxii · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Meet Cyrus
Another oc? Not very surprising. He’s the second Hexside age oc, and, is the boyfriend of Edric. I hope to draw more of him in the future!
Please don’t trace, repost, or use.
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notgeorgelucas · a day ago
Ohana means family. Family means “we gotta dump this body somewhere fast”.
Warning--major character death and evidence of physical violence.
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drabbles-of-writing · 2 days ago
Can we get more stuff about the cryptid au?
if it aint the time for those meddling kids
they have a van where they keep like. all the video equipment and also drives them to haunted places. Em and Ed take turns driving but neither of them have a license. Luz insists that they paint it to look like the van from Scooby Doo. Willow is the only one stopping her by reason of the van would be easy to spot if they needed to make a quick getaway
Amity’s threatened multiple times that she is NOT afraid biting someone. she ended up biting Matt and,,,hung on. the aftermath was a little horrifying
Ed and Em have war flashbacks to when the Twilight movies were first released. Em was suffering for the obvious “oh god all this vampire stuff is false as hell” and Ed was suffering because he wasn’t emo enough to act like one of those vampire kids at the time and get to torment the girls who were obsessed w edgy goth vampire boys by being gay and therefore Unattainable™ Amity was also suffering through it but hers was lessened by way of being a werelion and could pretend she had no part in it
the gang sees a bug in the studio or the van and they grab Gus and hold him out like those people with chameleons and egg him on to eat it and free them of the Menace
the twins have absolutely played the Circle of Life scene and smeared ketchup on Amity’s forehead going “Simba...” before hoisting her in the air. they did it all the time when Amity was teeny tiny and they could raise her in lion form into the air but shes too big now so instead they have started to transition to Hakuna Matata 
Willow can and has on multiple occasions Blended In to the surrounding swamps and marshes whenever they get near them and before they figured out she was a swamp monster hybrid of sorts they could never figure out how. it was like a running gag that if your ANYWHERE near a swamp you will lose Willow and you need to plan accordingly with the loss of the primary braincell holder. Luz and Gus can survive pretty well in a swamp since they’re a moth and lizard respectively, but the Blights are suffering the whole time they Hate it
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mittcnsblight · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
“Why are you wearing my shirt? You have your own shirts.” Emira frowned as Edric was laughing in the background of this whole conversation. 
Tumblr media
👻⊱ Ever since she was little Amity didn’t like being ‘told what to do by either of the twins. She couldn’t exactly pull the innocent little sister puppy pout anymore, well she could she just didn’t want to. She looked Emira straight in their matching golden, gleaming, eyes keeping her nerve. 
“1. I think it looks better on me any way. 2. I have not seen you wear this shirt in decades. 3. It was laundry day I needed something to wear while my clothes are being cleaned. How’s that?” 
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johnnysfire · 3 days ago
A Wedding for the Ages (Married Lumity Part 50!!!)
special thanks to @lumityfan1 for reminding me that I have not done the wedding yet lol. I wanted to get this right and it has a ton of words.
Luz popped open her eyes. The weather was gorgeous and the sun left a warm glowing light that shined through the windows of the owl house. It was a beautiful day to get married. The human slowly rose up from her old bed and stretched with a small yawn. She sighed in content and made her way downstairs. Today, she was going to marry the love of her life: Amity Blight. Luz and Amity decided to go with the old-school human tradition of not seeing each other before the wedding. Neither of them stayed in their shared house that they built together after becoming engaged. Amity stayed at her sister’s house while Luz stayed at the infamous owl house. She wanted to share this one last moment before she started this big milestone in her life. It was still pretty early to be starting anything with the old gang. It was a quarter past six to be exact. Luz decided to write a little message out to the love of her life before seeing her later. She knew Amity was probably still sleeping and would most likely freak out the majority of the day so Luz decided to send her some form of assurance. That way, she could be there when she’s really not.
To the human’s surprise, every resident of the owl house was up. There sat King, Lilith, and Eda by the kitchen table, waiting for the bride to come downstairs. Luz walked in a little bit more Once they noticed her, Eda raced up to her former student and swatted her hard on the back. “There’s the bride! Just remember that this is your last couple of hours of freedom before being tied down forever.” Luz playfully shoved Eda off, but Eda held Luz’s shoulders. “Kid, before you go into this I need to know, is this what you want?” Lilith glanced over at her sister and scoffed. “Edalyn! Leave her alone. Just because you don’t want her to leave, doesn't mean you can make her nervous on her wedding day!” Luz laughed as she took her mentor’s hands off her shoulders. “Yes, I am sure of this Eda. I’ve never been so sure of anything in my life.” the human gushed. Eda gave a look of disgust. “Ugh! Save the mushiness for the wedding. I don’t want to see it now.” Eda left before anything else that was gross with affection could be said. Lilith walked up to Luz. She said nothing as she gave a smile and pat the human on the head. Right as she was leaving, the witch turned her head. “You still have another two hours before you have to get dressed.” As Lilith was leaving, King jumped onto Luz with an excited expression in his eyes. “LUZ! WE HAVE TO DO ONE MORE COMEDY HOUR BEFORE YOU GET MARRIED! IT’S FOR GOOD LUCK!” the little demon practically cried out. “HELL YEAH, WE DO!” Luz screeched back. Two groans could be heard from the other room.
Amity woke up to nothing laying next to her. The witch grazed her hand out expecting Luz to be there but she wasn’t. Amity’s eyes flew open with panic surging through her body. Then she remembered that she was in Em’s room because she was getting married today. Amity stopped dead in her tracks. She was getting married… Luz. All of the bridesmaids (plus Gus and Edric) had decided to sleep over the oldest Blight’s house to help Amity get ready for the wedding. No one in the house was ready for Amity falling down the stairs in excitement. “I’M GETTING MARRIED TODAY!” the witch exclaimed while racing around the house. Amity realized what she had said and frozen again. “I’m getting, TITAN!” The witch’s exciting running had turned into frantic pacing. It was around eight and everyone made sure to wake up before Amity, and thank Titan they did. Amity was starting to freak out about today. For her, this was the most important day of her life that she cannot mess up. “Ami, why don’t you just sit for a little and eat some breakfast,” Willow suggested nice and calmly. They didn’t want to make her panic even more. Amity sighed and sat down to eat. She pulled out her scroll and noticed a text message from Luz.
Luz (6:32am): Good morning princess! I can’t believe today is our wedding day! I can’t wait to kiss your beautiful face and tell you how stunning you are. I bet you probably already started stressing out. Please take it easy today. Remember, it doesn’t need to be perfect as long as we’re getting married to each other. I love you with all my heart. See you very soon ;)
Amity smiled at the little message Luz sent over. It actually helped her calm down a little. Ed put out a cup of apple blood for the bride, which she happily accepted. She sent out a quick text before sipping her drink.
Luz finished taking her shower and was putting on some regular clothes. She decided to get dressed at their little location. Amity and Luz decided to tie the knot under the famous tree that brought them closer together. Their grom tree. They both had people from the construction coven create some indoor rooms for the two brides to get changed in and do their makeup. Everyone in the owl house was all dressed up and ready to go. Eda and Lilith were arriving now with Camila. While waiting, Luz noticed a text from Amity. She opened with a dopey smile on her face.
Amity (8:40am): Good morning love! Thank you for my little text message, it really helped me calm down. Though I am a little panicky, I cannot wait to smother your adorable face with kisses and slow dance with you. We’re going to start heading over to the tree at around 9:30 so I can get ready. See you there ;)
Luz checked the time. It was nine forty-five. Amity was already there getting dressed. The wedding didn’t start until eleven. Luz heard the portal door and saw her Mami all dressed up. Camila practically flung herself onto her daughter. “I can’t believe my bebe is getting married today! Where did all the years go?” Camila tried holding her tears to the best of her ability. There were still some stray tears that managed to roll down her cheeks. Luz was still able to keep in her tears, but her mom wasn’t helping. “Hi, mom. Are you ready to go ‘cause Amity is already there getting ready and I still gotta get dressed?.” Camila snickered. “I was hoping you weren’t going to get married in that,” she said, pointing to the casual clothes Luz had on. Once Eda, Lilith, and King were ready, they all headed out. “Ooooo, a little birdie told me that sooomeone is getting marrrrried.” sang Hooty. Eda flicked Hooty, causing him to screech. “Scram Hooty! You’re on house watch in case anyone tries to break in.” Eda said. “OKAY!” Hooty once again screeched. They all managed to get past him while he was distracted.
Amity felt her heart pounding in her chest. It was all happening too fast for her. Her hair, makeup, the dress. It was like she couldn’t keep up with Edric and Emira noticed that Amity was stressing again. They tried to crack light jokes, but it still wasn’t helping. Boscha, Skara, and Willow tried to ask Amity what was wrong, but Amity had completely zoned out.
Why is everything moving so fast?
What if she’s not ready to marry me?
What if it’s not perfect?
She was spiraling into perfection again. The witch began to hyperventilate and couldn’t breathe. Boscha and Skara began rubbing Amity’s back while Ed tried to calm her down. Emira and Willow were fixing her hair and makeup, while Gus made sure everything was in order. “Amity! You need to snap out of it! This is supposed to be the happiest day of your life! Try to relax.” Ed reassured his sister. Amity felt the tears run down her eyes. She felt like she was ruining the day for Luz.
Why should she marry someone like me?
Emira gasped and tried to get as many makeup wipes as possible. “Amity! You need to stop crying! Your makeup is messing up! We only have forty-five minutes to get you ready and you don’t even have your dress on!” Amity couldn’t stop panicking. She needs everything to be perfect. She needs her Luz. “Please!” she begged. “Let me see her! I can’t do this.” Everyone’s eyes widen at the bride’s sobs. Amity was having a full-blown panic attack. Boscha and Skara tried even harder to console her, but nothing was soothing the witch. Ed came up with the genius idea. “Okay. You wanna see her? I’ll go get her!” he said with full-blown confidence. Emira hissed and started yelling at her brother. “What are you doing? They’re not supposed to see each other before the wedding starts!” Ed just laughed. “I know what I’m doing sis. They won’t technically “see” each other. Just have her dress on and meet out here in ten minutes. I’ll be right back mittens.” Ed smiled and ran off. Amity stopped crying and felt her heart sink. “What is it?” Willow said, noticing Amity’s sick face. “I need to get ready before I see Luz.” Everyone got back to finishing Amity up.
Luz straightened the tie on her tux. She took the comb that was next to the mirror and fixed her gelled back hair. She placed her flower crown on her head. It was something they had both decided on, that way they can match. It had an array of different colored purple roses. Luz even had a small purple rose to match in her suit pocket. Once Luz was finished, she took a step back. Camila and Eda had tears in their eyes. They both said nothing as they gave Luz a proud look. Luz smiled and let a single tear roll down her face. “Dammit guys, I really thought I wasn’t gonna cry. I hope my makeup isn’t ruined.” she giggled while fixing her mascara. Eda went outside as Luz fixed herself and came back three shots of apple blood. Eda smiled and raised her glass. “To new beginnings.” The witch said. All three of them clinked their glasses and downed the apple blood. Camila’s face cringed. She’s never had anything like this taste before. Eda noticed Camila struggling. “First time with apple blood? Luz had to get used to it too.” Camila was choking a little bit on the taste but managed a thumbs up. They both noticed Luz became silent and was staring off into the mirror. “What’s wrong Mija?” Camila asked her daughter. Luz snapped out of it and turned around with an uneasy smile. “I’m just a little nervous, that’s all.” Luz wouldn’t admit it, but she was starting to freak out a little. She knew this day meant so much to Amity and she didn’t want to mess it up. Before anyone could say anything, Ed came bursting through the door. “Hey Luz, you look pretty, but Amity’s in total freakout mode right now. She needs to see you.” Luz frowned. “But we didn’t want to see each oth-” “Yeah, yeah, I know. I have a plan so that you two won’t see each other. Come on!” He interjected. Luz looked at Camila and Eda who just nodded at her. Luz followed her soon-to-be brother-in-law.
Once Amity finished up, she looked at herself in the mirror. Her dress was long and elegant, pure white with lace sleeves. A flower crown that similarly resembled Luz's was on her head. She still didn’t think she could do this. She sighed and turned around to see everyone looking at her with tears in their eyes. Em walked up to her baby sister and gave her a hug. “You look beautiful, Am.” Amity smiled at her sister. Before she could say anything else, Ed barged in. “Okay guys, I got her and it’s all set up. You can see her.” Amity gave Ed a little smile as he escorted her out of her dressing room.
Amity noticed a wall that wasn’t there before with a chair by the edge of said wall. “Ed what-”
“Just sit in the chair.”
Amity said nothing as she carefully sat in the chair. She felt something grab her hand. “Hey princess.” It was Luz’s soft voice. Amity felt herself relax. Luz was on the other side of the wall. They couldn’t see each other but they could hear each other. This was a genius idea from Ed. Amity gently squeezed her hand. “Hi, love.” She felt Luz reciprocate the squeeze. “I heard you were freaking out about this. Wanna talk about it?” Luz asked as if they had all the time in the world. Amity knew if they ran out of time, Luz would do everything in her power to make the time. Amity sighed. “I don’t think I can do this, Luz. I’m spiraling into “perfect mode” again." She heard Luz’s soft chuckle as the human played with her fingers. “You’re not the only one. I started to panic in my room a little. But I calmed down. Wanna know why?” Amity said nothing as she squeezed Luz’s hand again. “Because I realized that I’m gonna marry the most beautiful, smart, loving girl I know.” Amity felt a little bit better. “But what if something goes wrong?” Amity asked. She heard that little giggle from Luz that just makes her fall in love with her all over again. “Knowing me, something is always bound to go wrong, but we always manage a way to get past it. If something does happen, you bet your sweet ass we’re going to fix it as soon as possible.” Amity laughed at that. The witch began to rub Luz’s hand. “Do you feel any better babe?” Luz asked. Amity took a moment to think if she really did feel better. “Yeah...yeah, I do.” Luz smiled. “Now, Let’s get married,” she said. For the last time, they both squeezed each other’s hands as they got up.
As Amity was walking back, she heard a throat clear. There stood Odalia and Alador Blight. Amity nervously went over to her parents, fearful that they might ridicule her on the way the wedding looked. Sure, they were patching things up, but that didn't mean Amity was terrified of them reverting back. She looked down at the floor, too afraid to make eye contact. Odalia noticed her daughter's hesitation and quickly wrapped her daughter in a warm embrace. "You look absolutely stunning, darling." Odalia has the sincerest look in her eyes, making Amity relax a little bit. Amity looked over at her father to see that he had watery eyes. "Aww dad, don't cry." Amity hugged him also, keeping her own tears at bay. She smiled. This is what a home should feel like. But she felt her heartbreak a little at the question she was about to ask. She gently let go of her father and let out a nervous sigh. "Are you mad that Ed and Em are walking me down the aisle?" Alador and Odalia exchanged a worried glance but soon turned back to their daughter. Alador smiled and put his hands on Amity's shoulders. "They've been there for you more time than I ever have. I know you're trying your best to put this family back together, but you don't need to stress about this. It's fine." He said, trying his best to reassure his daughter. Amity knew for a fact that he was lying through his teeth. She saw the heartbreak in his golden eyes. She really wanted everything to be alright between them, but it wasn't still all okay. Ed and Em deserved this more than he ever will. Amity let out a fake sigh of relief and hugged her parents again. She nervously left to go find her siblings to walk her down.
Camila fixed a piece of Luz's hair as Luz linked arms with her. Right as she was about to walk down, she noticed something was missing. Eda, who was about to walk to her seat, was abruptly interrupted by Luz grabbing her arm. The witch looked up at her former apprentice confused. "What? You seriously thought you weren't gonna walk me down the aisle? C'mon Eda!" It took every ounce of Eda's strength not to cry. Nonetheless, the tears were still prominent on her cheeks. "It would be an honor, kid." As demonic instruments began to play, Eda and Camila walked their Luz down. The weather outside was gorgeous, it was warm with a subtle breeze. The Sun was shining and there wasn't a cloud in sight. The grass had been covered with elegant white chairs and a similar white carpet on the floor to match, where the brides would walk down. The floor was covered in red roses and pale pink lilies. As each step they walked, Luz took it all in. She was getting married and there was nothing wrong. Belos was defeated and the human realm was safe. Luz let out a content sigh. She didn't even realize they were at the makeshift arch until she felt Eda and her mother squeeze her arms. Luz let go as both Eda and Camila simultaneously placed kisses on Luz's cheeks. Lilith was at the front to ordain the marriage since the witch was certified from being in the former Emperor's Coven. They went back to their seats as Luz stood near the Grom tree. Everyone began to walk down. First, Gus and Willow linked arm and arm together. They walked down with the biggest smiles on their face. Once Willow made eye contact with the human, she gave a little wink of encouragement. Next was Skara and Boscha, walking out one by one. They both sported genuine smiles, even Boscha. Although the two never see eye to eye on any matter, Luz knows that deep down she cares in her own, twisted way. Luz felt her heart speed up and she began to feel the anxiety skyrocket and start shaking a little bit.
What if something did go wrong?
Will she still love my quirks after twenty years of being together?
What if I am not good enough for her?
Once Gus noticed this, he placed a comforting hand on her shoulder and squeezed it. It reminded Luz of squeezing Amity's hand when they were behind each side of the wall together. Luz let out a shaky sigh as everyone began to rise. Amity held on to Ed and Em for dear life. Her grip on their arms was so tight as if there was no tomorrow. Her breathing began to become uneven as they saw the tree on the horizon. Ed and Em squeezed her arms. "Ready Mittens?" Ed asked while placing a kiss on her cheek. Amity nodded. As she walked down the aisle, she noticed how everything looked. It was...perfect. Not in the crazy way she would always perceive things, but as in it was a wedding made for her and Luz. Luz… Amity looked up to see the love of her life-giving a dopey smile at her, to which she reciprocated back.
Luz's heart completely stopped when Amity came on the horizon. She looked absolutely gorgeous. Her laced-up dress hugged her body so perfectly and her hair was down and slightly curled. The flower crowns were a great touch. She was just so… beautiful. Luz couldn't help but tear up at the sight of her soon-to-be wife. They had been through hell and back together and this moment right here made it all worth it. Once Amity and the twins made their way to the front, they kissed Amity's forehead and let her go to be with Luz by the tree. Luz and Amity joined hands as Lilith began to speak. "You" Luz blabbered out, leaving the witch giggling. "You look beautiful, love," Amity said as they both looked deep into each other's eyes taking in each other's presence. The way the light hit each other's faces left a golden hue as petals from the Grom tree slowly drifted by the slight breeze.
Luz and Amity were too enamored with each other to even pay attention to Lilith's words. They only looked up when Lilith mentioned rings and vows. The couple turned to see King run up with his little legs to present them with their rings in a soft pillow. Vows and rings weren't part of a traditional Boiling Isles wedding, but the two lovers decided to combine little parts of their own knowledge of a wedding into a beautiful mixture of human/witch culture. Luz smiled as she took a ring from the little demon with a bowtie on. The demon and human have a little quick high five and Luz stood up to begin first. She looked up at the love of her life and began her vows. "I'd never think I would ever be the one up here to get married. Sure, I believed in love as a kid. But I never thought anyone was ever capable of loving me. Then I met you, Amity Blight. Although we didn't get off to the best start, I loved that we got to slowly fall in love with each other. Each day, I'm more helplessly in love with you. You are the kindest, smartest, most loving person I know. I cannot wait to spend the rest of our lives together. I'll love you forever, Hermosa." Luz slipped the golden band across Amity's slender, dainty finger. Luz looked up and wiped the tears away from Amity's eyes. Amity smiled and took her ring from King. She took a deep breath and looked up into those deep chocolate brown eyes. "Luz. That name just gives me butterflies in my stomach when I even say it. What more can I say about you? Luz Noceda, you saved me. I used to be a stuck-up brat who thought lowly of others until you came crashing into my life. I was in a dark place until you pulled me into the light. You are quite literally the light of my life. You taught me how to be brave, kind, and loving towards all things. There won't be a day where I think I'll ever stop loving you. You are my fearless champion. You are the most amazing person I know. Never change who you are. I love you with all my heart." Amity slipped on Luz's ring. Lilith continued to speak. "Now does anyone here obje-". Eda stands up abruptly, with her staff and Owlbert in her hand. "NO ONE TRY ANY SHIT!" The witch screamed out. Luz and Amity giggled at Eda's shenanigans. "EDALYN CLAWTHORNE! SIT DOWN AT ONCE!" Lilith screamed back. Eda huffed and sat back in her seat. Lilith cleared her throat and continued. She drew a small spell circle that made the two brides' hands glow as they held onto each other. "Luz Noceda, do you seal your love onto Amity Blight, to intertwine your soul into the Titan's seal of everlasting love?" Luz looked into those golden eyes that leave her mesmerized every time she looks into them. "I, Luz Noceda, offer my lover's seal." Luz gave Amity a little wink, causing the witch to giggle. Lilith turned to Amity. "Amity Blight, do you seal your love onto Luz Noceda, to intertwine your soul into the Titan's seal of everlasting love by taking the Noceda last name?" Amity felt tears in her eyes as she looked up at her Luz. "I, Amity Blight, offer my lover's seal." The seal emitted a beautiful pinkish glow. Lilith smiled and tried not to get choked up herself. "By the power bestowed upon me, your everlasting seal of love has been set. I pronounce you wives. You may kiss your bride." Luz and Amity wasted no time rushing towards each other and crashing their lips as if they had been apart for eternity. Everyone cheered as Amity's arms wrapped around Luz's neck and Luz's arms were wrapped around Amity's waist. The breeze let even more petals from the grom tree fly away. Once they pulled away, Amity looked up at Luz, whose flower crown slanted a little. She pressed a kiss on her cheek and fixed it. Luz smiled and took Amity's hand. The now newlywed wives walked back down together.
Everyone settled down outside. Behind the Grom tree, there was an arrangement of tables, food both accustomed to humans and witches, and a makeshift dance floor. Everyone stood around, laughing and having a good time. Luz and Amity thanked everyone for coming. Gus was MCing for the wedding, which both wives had totally agreed to. He stood up by his little booth to make an announcement. It was time for speeches. First up was Ed and Em. They both stood and practically raced to the front. Luz cheered them on as Amity huffed and slid further into her seat. They were sure to embarrass her.
The twins faked an exaggerated cough as they began their speech. Em started off.
"Today we are here to celebrate the union of our two favorite people, Luz-"
Ed jumped in to finish her sentence. "And our dear little Mittens!" There were chuckles from the audience. Luz with a wide grin, poked at Amity who was flushed red. It definitely was going to be embarrassing. Ed continued. "You see Mittens had always had a bit of a crush on this human right here. She would come home all lovey-dovey. At first, we thought someone drugged her." More laughs came from the crowd. Ed handed the mic back to Em. "But then we started to realize they were actually in love." There were small "awws" from the crowd and Luz smiled. Amity still didn't trust where they were going with this one bit. Em kept going. "Luz, here are five things you should know about Mittens that we've learned in the twenty-four years we've known her." They finished one after the other.
"She can be grumpy."
"She can be uptight."
"She could be bossy."
"She could be demanding."
"And she can be a goody-two-shoes."
Luz's smile dissipated as Amity was close to jumping on the table to beat them up. It was quiet in the room for a second. Why would they just say that about Amity? Ed and Em's smiles grew bigger as they continued their speech. "But there are five, even more, important things you need to know about her. Especially if you're going to be married to her forever." Em said, eyeing her little sister. Amity closed her eyes and waited for even worse things to be said about her.
"She's always brave."
"She's loyal."
"She's one of the kindest people you will meet."
"She believes that good will always overcome the bad."
"She'll love you forever."
Amity looked up at her brother and sister, who had the sincerest look on their faces. Em, with tears in her eyes, kept going.
"Amity, words can't describe how much you mean to us." Her voice was shaky as the paper in her hand rattled. "You are the best little sister we could ever ask for. I-" she couldn't finish as the tears rolled down her face. Amity also feels tears escape her eyes. Ed, who noticed his sister struggling, took the paper and continued for her.
"I miss our sister playdates, where we would kick Ed out of our beauty salon. I miss the times where you would stay up late at night and gush about Luz to me. I would always pretend I didn't care, but inside my mind, I was so happy that you had found someone to complete you." Ed stopped and looked at his older sister, who was still crying. He rubbed her shoulder and kept going. "You deserve all the happiness in the world. Don't ever change yourself. Me and Ed will never stop loving you."
Amity was full-on sobbing along with Emira. There was more to their speech that Ed was about to say, but Em was quick enough to steal the microphone back. "I'm doing your speech because I wrote this dammit and I wanna read it!" She said a little too loudly into the microphone. Luz and Amity softly chucked at the little banter. Em wiped her tears as she said Ed's scripted part.
"Luz, we've known you since you were fourteen years old. There's no one out there even like you. You are one of a kind, Luz Noceda. You got us to change who we were. We became better siblings to Amity and found a new appreciation for her. But what's most important is how you changed Mittens. You brought back the Amity that we loved and adored. So much had happened that we thought we lost her for good. All we can say is, thank you, Luz. We can't wait to be officially in-laws now."
Luz kissed Amity's cheek as they finished. There wasn't a dry eye in the audience, even the Blight parents. Alador and Odalia looked at each other, guiltily. It should've been them up there saying a speech. It was their baby's wedding. But instead, they screwed up their children's childhoods and forced them all to be something they're not. Amity was gracious enough to even invite them but sat them in the back. The Blight parents were terrible to their children and they deserved a lot worse. Odalia began to sob and Alador held onto her. It wasn't right. They shouldn't even be here.
Next up for speeches was Camila and Eda. Luz was surprised to see them both come up. Camila and Eda usually bumped heads when it came to raising Luz, which would make Luz feel terrible sometimes. It would make her feel like she had to choose between them. But the two set their differences aside for Luz's sake. Now, they came together to celebrate the girl who changed both their lives.
"Quiet down everyone!" Eda shouted. Once it quieted down, the two shared a glance over to Luz and smiled. Camila started off.
"Luz, you have been my baby for twenty-four years now. I can't believe I've watched you grow into this incredible young lady. I'll admit, I was worried that your creativity was holding you back, but how wrong was I? Those two years you went missing, broke me. I thought I had lost the best thing in my life. When you came back, you had matured so much. But you never lost yourself. You were still the same brave, caring, and loving daughter I always knew and loved. The best thing to ever happen to you was walking through that portal door. You had made new friends, discovered magic, and took down a mighty Emperor who corrupted this place. Words will never describe how proud I am of you. The best part of Luz coming home is that I got to have another daughter too. Amity, thank you for loving our Luz. You are the best daughter-in-law a mother could ask for. Even better than my own daughter Luz."
Some laughs emitted from the crowds once again.
"Just remember you will always have a home, here in the Boiling Isles, or in the human realm with me. I love you both so much."
The crowd cheered as Camila finished. Next up was Eda. Luz noticed Eda had a rather odd expression on her face. Eds turned to Luz and gave her a small smile with a wink. She coughed a little bit before starting.
"Luz I remember when you first came here to the Boiling Isles. You were so young and naive. Looking back at you now, you're still naive and slightly older. Luz… you are the daughter I never got to have."
Luz looked at her mentor with a soft smile. She knows the reason why Eda looked weird. She was giving a heartfelt speech. The tears in Luz's eyes were sure to become.
"And for that, I just want to say thank you. I got the chance to help raise this amazing young woman before me. Even if I did try to get her to rob things for me, heh. I may not have been there for the first fourteen years of your life, but I got to experience some of your firsts. Your first glyph, your first Grom, your first date, and even when you came up to me saying you wanted to propose to Little Miss Perfect. I'm sure as hell staying by your side for the rest of my life."
Luz had the biggest grin on her face with tears pouring down. Amity held her hand close and squeezed it. They both noticed Eda began to tremble a little bit before saying this next part.
"Every time you would hug me or even told me you loved me, I would always brush it off like it was nothing. The reason was I was scared. I was scared that if I loved you back or enjoy the hug that I would lose you forever. Now I know that I'll never lose you. You are the best thing that ever happened to me Luz Noceda. I love you so much kiddo. And to Shorty sitting next to her, you complement Luz so much. You are always there to pull Luz away when she gets way too over her head. You love her with all your heart and cherish her. You've accomplished so much Amity. I'm just as proud of you as I am of Luz."
Eds raised her glass along with everyone else.
"To new beginnings. I love you both so much!"
Everyone raised their glasses at the toast, except for Luz. She ran to them both and wrapped herself in a tight hug. And this time, Eda smiled and hugged her tightly back. Gus took the mic back from Eds. "Alright ladies and gentlemen, and demons alike! We are now going to have our two lovely wives share their first dance!"
Luz smiled and stuck out a hand for Amity to take. Amity graciously accepted the hand. The Nocedas made their way to the dance floor. Soft music played as Amity leaned into Luz's chest. They slowly swayed their way around. Everyone just watched them in pure adoration. There was only love in the atmosphere. It had been rough under Belos' ruling, but they had managed to succeed in ending his rule. Luz noticed Amity sniffled and gently lifted her chin. "What's wrong love?" Amity just looked up and smiled as Luz wiped away her tears. "I'm just so happy." Luz smiled and pressed a gentle kiss to her lips. As the song came to an end, Luz dipped Amity as the witch kept her arms wrapped around Luz's neck. They shared another kiss with cheers and clapping surrounding their ears.
Gus walked back to the mic. "Give it up for the lovely couple everyone. Now, for one of the events, I found during my human research, we are going to be having Amity turn around and throw her bouquet of flowers. Whoever catches them is next to get hitched."
A bunch of people piled behind Amity, eager to catch those flowers. As Amity closed her eyes, Luz helped her toss it. The flowers went flying in the air until they landed in a pair of hands. They ended up landing in the arms of Willow. She cheered and sent the wives a wink. Luz and Amity smirked back. Willow may or may not have used her plant magic to send the bouquet of flowers directly to her.
Dinner was great. Everyone drank and ate until they couldn't even take another bite. Up next was a fun little game Gus had researched in his search for human wedding stuff. "Everyone, I would like to invite our brides to the two seats on the dance floor." Luz and Amity looked confused at the two chairs that were facing away from the other. Nonetheless, they sat opposite each other.
"I'd like to introduce a human wedding game. It's a "Whose more likely to" type of game. Take a shoe off and hand it to the other!" Luz took off her shoe and handed it to Amity as Amity took off her heel and did the same.
"Now, you guys will raise you or your wife's shoe if they are more likely to do this! Your shoe corresponds to you and the other is your wife. Now, are we ready to play!" Luz and Amity chuckled and got their shoes ready.
"Okay. Who's more grumpy in the morning?"
With no hesitation, Luz and Amity lifted the heel with a chuckle. The crowd also shared a laugh.
"Who laughs the hardest?"
Luz raised the heel, but Amity raised the shoe. "Ooh, it looks like there are some differences here. Looks like you guys are gonna have to have a talk about that!"
"Who wastes the most money?"
Both their hands fly up with the shoe, giggling. Luz would always come home with the stupidest purchases. Amity once came home to a pile of boxes of stuff Luz bought from the market.
"Who is the better kisser?"
Luz and Amity raised their own shoes up, causing everyone to laugh hard.
"Who works out more?"
Both of them raised up Luz's shoe simultaneously. In order to keep any threats at bay, Luz needed to be in perfect physical shape. Plus the Boiling Isles is a lot crazier to run around than the human realm, so Luz always stays fit. Amity didn't mind that one bit.
"Final question, ladies. Who's always right?"
Luz stood no chance and just tossed her shoe to the floor, flinging the heel in the air. Amity giggled and also threw the heel in the air. The crowd roared out with laughter. They both knew one thing, even when they first started dating: Amity was always right.
After the game, it was time to have the cake. It was a three-tiered cake that consisted of Boiling Isles ingredients. After the couple had taken some photos with the cake, Luz decided to be cheeky and smeared some onto Amity's face. Amity chuckled and wiped a bit off her face. She put her finger onto the icing of the cake and put some on Luz's face. They giggled as they got into a little cake fight with each other.
The rest of the night went by with everyone dancing and having a good time. It was over before everyone knew it. Luz and Amity said their goodbyes as waves of people left. Eda had offered to take Camila back home to the human realm. Luz hugged them both. "Bye guys! I'll miss you when I'm away!" The newlywed Nocedas had decided to go on a trip through both around the human realm and the Boiling Isles. Eda ruffled Luz's hair and smiled at her. "Have fun kiddo! Make sure you and Tiny over there enjoy yourselves." She gave Luz a wink, causing the human to turn red. Ed and Em were still partying it up, admittedly drunk. There were still people left, but the majority of them were gone. Luz and Amity decided that it was their cue to leave. Gus and Willow had graciously offered to clean up after the party, giving the wives time for themselves.
As they were leaving, Amity noticed her parents walking up to her. Alador and Odalia smiled at them but still felt terrible about the way they treated their kids.
"Amity…" Alador started. "We're so proud of you."
"And we love you so much, both of you. Luz, we'd be honored to have you as our daughter-in-law." Odalia looked between the both of them. To Alador and Odalia, it was their pathetic way of giving a speech. But to Amity and Luz, it meant the entire world to them. The newlyweds gave them both hugs, which surprised the two witches. Alador and Odalia smiled and promptly left. What Amity and Luz didn't see were the tears that fell off the Blight parents' cheeks as they were leaving.
Amity and Luz had stopped by the Grom tree on their walk home. Their tree. The two lovers never really noticed how big the tree was. It was fully blooming, with delicate petals gently swifting away with each breeze. Amity laughed. Luz gave a quizzical look to her wife. "What's so funny?" Amity looked down at her ring, twisting and turning it. "I can't believe we're actually married." Luz smiled and looked down at her own ring. They've been together for almost ten years now. "We've come a long way, Am. I love you so much." Amity leaned into Luz. "I love you too." Luz and Amity gave a quick kiss and held onto each other to stare at their tree. It was a reminder of their love. It was beautiful, graceful, and strong as ever. They shared one last glance before walking off.
Hand in hand, they traveled through the forest into their shared home, where they would build a life as wives now. Luz scooped Amity up bridal style as they walked into their house, now both known as Nocedas. Amity giggled as Luz placed her down. Luz looked up at the clock. It was 10:30. "Well, it looks like we still got time. Our flight doesn't depart until 1 tomorrow. What should we do now, Mrs. Noceda?" Luz had an innocent face, but Amity knew what that really meant. The witch walked to her wife slowly, with a smirking face. She tugged at Luz's tie. "I could think of a couple of things, Mrs. Noceda…" The couple had made their way upstairs to properly celebrate their marriage.
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Sneak peek at my piece for the @tohfamilyzine, which will release sometime in late May based on our current schedule :)) Be sure to follow the zine on here or twitter for updates!
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TOH Theories - Part 2
I believe Dana or someone who works for the show mentioned there being parental conflict in the next season. My theory on this, which is quite vague, is that Amity will have to decide between Luz and her parents. 
Generally, I think Amity and the twins will have to oppose Alador and Odalia at some point, whether that’s soon or far in the future.
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