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theaceofarrows · 2 days ago
Hunter: [growls at Eberwolf]
Eberwolf: [growls louder to establish dominance]
Edric: [starts shirking at the top of his lungs]
Darius: [rubbing his temples] I'll go stop them
Alador: [grabbing Darius' shoulder] Wait, I want to see where this goes
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ryn-lock · a day ago
Tumblr media
I couldn’t sleep last night so here is autistic Blight family
(Words in text under the cut)
(Arrow pointed at alador “is constantly asking if he’s being annoying” arrow pointed at Darius “has been listening for two hours completely content”
Arrows pointed at amity “special interest in books (fiction usually)” and “Good Witch Azura hyper fixation” she says: “hewo?”
Arrow pointed at Emira “texture issues”. Darius saying “YOU DONT HAVE TO EAT IT!! IF YOU DONT WANT TO EAT THAT ITS OK!!”
Arrow it amity “needs space or is overstimulated, rocking” arrow to edric ���noise sensitivity” arrow to emira reads: “ ‘uncomfortable’ positions” arrow to Alador “fidgeting” side bubble on the right: Darius: “Hunter..” arrow to hunter reads “ ‘Tism haver.” Hunter is saying: “*pop* *pop* *pop*”
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rae-arts777 · a day ago
Darius: I see you and the Blight boy are close
Hunter: we’re just friends
Darius: what do bees make?
Hunter: honey.
Edric: Yes dear?
Hunter: !!!
Darius: never lie to my face again.
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originalwinnercheesecake · 20 hours ago
Wholesome Random Headcannons for The Owl House Characters, because I don't know what else to post about.
Luz's favorite princess is Areil, Amity's is Tiana, Hunter likes Bell.
Lilith and Eda's middle initials are the inverse of each others first. Making their respective initials L.E.C and E.L.C.
Luz loves to get those hardback books that have those 2-3 pages in the back, because she uses them to write continuation epilouges for minor characters who she feels deserved more page time.
She thinks about making a fanfiction account online and posting some of her stories, but is ultimately to nervous about people not liking her work.
Hooty favorite game to play it dress up, and the largest closet in the Owl house is full of Hooty's costume collection. Anyone who so much as touches the door will find themselves stuck playing dress up with Hooty for minimum of 2 hours... it's actually pretty fun...ssshhh
King is actually French and his little bunny buddy has the same name as his Titan Dad. King subconsciously remembered hearing the name at some point and liked it.
"Mike Socks", Lilith's palisman, is named after a bard tailor who invented white no-stain fabric for making into tank tops, socks, and undergarments. Lilith bought a biography on him as a teen, and for weeks he was all she wanted to talk about.
Eda found this really boring and would beg Lilith to drop it and talk to her about anything else...after meeting Raine Eda stole the book from Lilith and started quoting it whenever, to try and impress them. Lilith would have been angry, if she hadn't found the whole thing so hilarious.
Gus's first "Human artifact" was an unopened pack of cartoon stickers Perry bought from Eda. Gus is as enthusiastic about stickers as Mabel was and if the two ever met they would race to see who could cover a room with them the fastest.
Eberwolf's fur is actually as soft as it is fluffy. Only Darius knows this. His secret reason for "letting Eber force him into carrying him around" is that feeling Eber's fur is relaxing to him.
Willow's favorite plants are actually different types of ferns, vines, and constrictor plants. She finds flowers kinda basic/uninteresting (similar to Isabella Madrigal). But after adopting Clover she turned a corner of her yard into a flower garden for her, and tries to fill it with more exotic blossoms.
Palisman are notorious gossips, and will totally meet up to laugh over all the silly things their witches do.
Emira Blight is really talented at Math, and plays chess. Edric is skilled at science and cards.
After the events of the Day Of Unity, and his and Odalia's divorce, Alador insists he and the kids start getting up on Saturdays and going to the flea market as a way to spend time together. All three Blight kids expect it to be incredibly boring. All three of them are pleasantly surprised when they actually have fun, and find some cool stuff.
Edric eventually adopts two more bats, whom he names Batira and Battins.
Steve and Mattholomule used to sit at their table and work on crafts or draw together before Steve left for the Emperor's Coven.
Now that he is away so much the pair stay in touch by sometimes sending each other pic's of things they made over pentagram. Steve's uses the pictures Matt sends him to decorate his walls.
Hunter sadly doesn't get the dolls he left at the castle back. But between Darius's lessons and tutorials he finds on Penstagram he learns how to sew dolls. He remakes his old toys, and then he starts making then for his friends too.
King tells him that " the Titan has big plans for you to make him the greatest stuffed animal army in all the world." Hunter is not sure what exactly that means, but hey, if that's the titans plan.
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glimpse of us
Tumblr media
sypnosis: you and hunter have been dating for three months now, but it still seems he's not over his ex.
hunter sighed as he flipped through the textbook. he was studying for his potions test, and was having trouble focusing.
he slammed the textbook shut and groaned. he put his head down, grateful for the cool wood of his desk.
his eyes rested on the bracelet on his wrist, his team bracelet.
it had been the captain's idea. he recalled how her eyes were lit with excitement as she had suggested the team come over to make them.
he had stayed later than everyone else, helping clean up. and because he was hoping that they could—
"hey hunter, you in there?"
he jolted up, quickly coming to open the door.
you stood there with a grin, giving him a peck on the lips in greeting.
"you said you have a potions test, right? i thought i could come help you study!"
he thanked you, and ushered you in. he had you, he need to forget about her.
she'd take the world off my shoulders, if it was ever hard to move
hunter quickly landed and got off his palisman, beginning to grow more angry at himself.
he sat down on the dirt, putting his head in his hands.
you sat down next to him, and put a hand on his shoulder.
hunter put his head on your shoulder and sighed. you wrapped an arm around him, "hunter it's ok, you said the move was complicated. let's take a break and we'll try again, ok?"
"but, the game is in three days! i don't want to let," he faltered, the captain running through his mind. "the team down."
"and you won't," you said, as you squeezed his shoulder.
"come on," you stood up, extending a hand to help him up. "i'm starving! do you think darius has any good snacks?"
he rolled his eyes, but took your hand. flapjack and your palisman quickly followed after you two.
but as he looked back at the makeshift field, he couldn't help but think of the captain.
she'd turn the rain into a rainbow, when i was living in the blue
you and hunter laughed as you watched some dumb show on the crystal ball in front of you.
you turned to him and gave him a big smile. intertwining your fingers, you leaned into him and turned back to the show.
both of you burst into laughter as some character managed to make a big mess of everything.
but as your laughter died down, he wished that he could laugh about this with willow.
perfect don't mean that it's working, so what can i do?
you laughed with luz, amity, and willow as hunter and gus argued about if their palisman got into a fight who would win.
"as fun as this has been," you said while whiping away tears of laughter, "i said i'd meet up with viney and edric so we could work on our project for beastkeeping. hunter, we're still on for tonight, right? "
hunter looked toward willow quickly, before nodding at you.
"ok, i'll see you guys later!"
the group waved good-bye to you as you walked away.
"we'd better go too," luz said looking at amity and willow. "we've gotta pick up the shirts for tommorow's game!"
"i'm so excited to see how they turned out," willow squealed.
hunter smiled at her enthusiasm.
"see you two at practice," willow exclaimed, running after luz and amity.
"so," gus drawled. "seems like you and y/n are doing pretty good."
"huh? oh yeah, we're doing great, we have a date tonight."
"you know, i thought you were going to be sad forever after—well, you get the idea! it's really awesome that you and y/n are together!"
the bell rung throughout the halls of hexsides hall.
hunter quickly stood up, "we'd better get to class!"
"alright! see you at practice hunter!"
'awesome, huh? '
why then, if she is so perfect do i still wish that it was you?
hunter shook his head, as he berated himself.
'what is wrong with you, you have an awesome girlfriend! willow—'
hunter jolted, as if something had shocked him. he ran downstairs, where you stood with a big grin.
he felt his jaw drop. you looked gorgeous.
"is it too much," smile beginning to dim. "i know i shouldn't—"
"no," he exclaimed, feeling his face flush. "you look... perfect."
"alright lovebirds," darius said rolling his eyes. "i've got some work to do, so if you two don't mind...?"
"bye darius," hunter sighed.
he opened the door for you, quickly calling for flapjack.
tonight he wasn't going to even think about her, tonight would be amazing.
you deserved that.
when you're out of sight in my mind
you and hunter walked along hand in hand through the streets of bonesborrough, talking about everything that had been happening this week.
something caught your eye.
"hunter look," you pointed at a jewelry stall. "let's go!"
you pulled him along, as he laughed at your excitement.
"wow! everything is so pretty!"
"seems, you have a good eye miss," the merchant noted.
hunter looked at the seller.
oh titan. he had been here.
with willow.
he began praying to whatever god was out there, that the merchant say nothing.
"this one's gorgeous! how much," you said looking at a necklace with a magenta colored stone.
"300 snails."
you looked at it sadly. "sorry, it's very beautiful! but i'll have too—"
"here," hunter slammed a bag of gold on the counter.
"hunter! no! i couldn't possibly—"
"y/n," hunter gave you a smile. "please, i want too."
he nodded towards the merchant, who thankfully didn't recognize him.
"thank you for your purchase!"
"here let me put it on you," hunter said.
you touched the stone, it was cool to the fingertips. you moved to hug hunter, who quickly wrapped his arms around you.
"thank you," you whispered into his chest.
but as hunter looked at you, all he could think about was when he came here with willow.
cause sometimes i look in her eyes and that's where i find a glimpse of us
you heard the sound of soft music and an idea formed in your head.
"hunter, let's go this way!"
you began tugging him along until you were faced with tons of couples dancing to the sound of the music.
"no way."
"please hunter! just one dance, and then we'll go," you pleaded.
he groaned, but reluctantly agreed.
the two of you walked into the crowd. hunter placed a hand on your waist, sending a shiver down your spine. you placed a hand on his shoulder, and placed the other into his.
you began to sway to the beat of the melancholy song. you smiled at hunter, as you placed your head onto his shoulder.
but even though all you could think about was him, hunter's mind went elsewhere.
and i try to fall for her touch, but i'm thinking of the way it was
hunter opened the front door quietly, he had already dropped you off at home.
"jeez, darius! don't do that! you could have given me—what's that thing that luz says? a heart attack," hunter exclaimed as he turned on the lights.
darius chuckled, "sorry, i didn't mean to scare you." his face become more serious.
"is something wrong?"
"you tell me, little prince?"
hunter sighed, as he turned his . "i hate when you're being cryptic!"
"are you really over willow?"
hunter jumped. "o-of course i am!"
"are you? you can lie to yourself as much as you want, but i see it in your face when your looking at—"
"i'm tired," hunter said through gritted teeth, moving towards the stairs.
"hunter! if you're not over her that's fine, but break it off with y/n. because if you keep stringing y/n along, you're going to end up hurting a lot of people. including yourself."
hunter didn't even look back as he said, "the flyer derby game is tommorow. i should get some rest."
said i'm fine and said i moved on
you anxiously searched for somewhere to sit, you would have gotten to the field earlier but viney had insisted your group get the project for beastkeeping done today, that way she didn't have to worry about that on top of the game.
you thankfully found somewhere to sit.
"hi darius!"
"ah y/n."
"hope you don't mind that i'm sitting here!"
"not at all."
he seemed nervous, but you didn't think about it that much. hunter was his son, so you tallied it up that.
"hey mind if we sit with you guys?"
you turned to see edric and emira.
"of course not," you replied. emira settled in between you and darius, which darius was grateful for. while edric took your right.
darius looked around, "wait is—"
"alright, i got the—oh! darius."
"oh boy," emira sighed.
"looks like someone is excited for the game," edric teased.
you felt your face grow hot.
"come on he is my boyfriend! i just want him to know that i support him."
"hey nice necklace," emira said.
"thanks! hunter actually—"
but you were cut off as the announcer started.
throughout the game you were on the edge of your seat. but the emerald entrails prevailed.
you shouted with everyone else, as you beamed with pride. you looked toward the team, as you watched your boyfriend overflow with excitement and adrenaline.
"we should—" emira began but she never finished.
and then you felt your heart break into pieces.
because you watched along with everyone else as hunter kissed willow.
i'm only here passing time in her arms
hexside's stands went quiet.
and when they separated, hunter looked to his team, and saw the shock on their faces.
what had he done?
and as he looked up at the stands to find you, he saw the confused faces of his classmates. the anger on edric and emira's faces. the shock so clearly written on luz's face. disgust overflowing in amity's. dissapointment painted on darius' face.
and he saw you.
he saw the tears spill from your eyes. he saw you run away.
from him.
but before he could chase after you, he felt something hit him.
"what the fuck dude," she screamed at him, her fist still clenched.
but he didn't have time to think, he jumped on flapjack and flew after you.
hoping i'll find
you were surrounded by edric, emira, luz, amity, and even darius.
emira and edric seemed ready to hex him out of existence, but you tore away from the group. luz and amity squeezed your shoulders for support. and as you walked towards him you looked at the ground.
you took his hand, and for a minute he had some hope.
until he felt you press something cool into his palm. he looked at it.
the necklace.
"i think you should give it to her," your voice barely coming a whisper.
"bye hunter," you said as more tears spilled from your eyes.
and you let edric, emira, luz and amity pull you away.
away from him.
darius sighed, "i warned you hunter. there's nothing to do now."
and hunter was left alone.
he felt someone touch his shoulder.
but this time when he looked at her, he saw you.
a glimpse of us
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glitter-lisp · a month ago
Love that when faced with the same problem Amity tried to talk to and reason with their parents, while the twins went straight for arson and grand theft auto
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yardsards · a month ago
the owl house really said "familial love is stored in a gifted garment"
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
EDIT: forgot one! thanks @cat-eared-exam-taker
Tumblr media
#eliot posts#toh#the owl house#i was on the fence abt including either of the examples w amity and the twins#(esp the concealment stones bc idk if they even count as garments)#but i figured in both cases helping her be gay and do crimes is very much a form of affection from them even if less soft than the others#eda clawthorne#luz noceda#emira blight#edric blight#amity blight#darius toh#hunter toh#king clawthorne#alador blight#i want dadrius to get hunter a new cloak SO BAD#ive mentioned it before but i always go wild when stuff like this happens in fiction#bc i've always loved lending my jackets/shawls/scarves/hats/gloves to my irl friends#makes me feel like im protecting them and keeping them safe#and i knit and sometimes sew so p much all of my irl friends have AT LEAST gotten a hat#but i made of of them a long forest green cloak which he loved#it always makes me feel SO WARM INSIDE when i see someone wearing something i made them#but even seeing them wear things like friendship bracelets kinda makes me feel that way#i like having kinda made my mark on them even when not keeping them warm/covering them#not in a possessive ''show everyone that you're mine!'' way. none of it visibly ties back to me#(except in hs when i'd lend them my letterman's jacket w my surname on it)#but i know it's from me and they know it's from me and they chose to put that onto themself#my love language is acts of service and that's what i'm doing when i make someth handmade or lend em someth practical#but they can recieve it as gift-giving or a stand-in for physical affection. which both VERY MUCH do not come naturally to me
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whirligiga · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Haha more text posts cause y’all. REALLY liked that
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smokestarrules · a month ago
Tumblr media
This scene is so important, actually. 
The Blight kids really have grown so much since their initial dynamic in Lost in Language, which was... unhealthy to say the least. Here, Amity is obviously freaking out. She’s scared and her last option to contact Luz is gone, she’s clearly working herself into a panic. The twins, on the other hand, aren’t exactly okay, but they’re better off right now than she is, because they’ve always had each other to lean on. 
Tumblr media
So they ask themselves, what’s capable of cheering Amity up even now? And the answer, of course, is Luz. What would Luz think? What would she say, if she were here right now? They know how much of a calming effect Luz can have on Amity, and that’s how they’re able to try and have her take a breath. 
Tumblr media Tumblr media
And it works. 
Amity is able to bring herself back from the panic and focus on what Luz would say to her. How she’d comfort her. Look how happy the twins are, and they’re happy because Amity is calming down. She’s always been one to whip herself into a frenzy, but they’ve found a countermeasure that works. 
(And then, of course, Edric and Emira see that Luz herself is now here, so they peace out like good older siblings and let their baby sister have her first kiss.)
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theaceofarrows · an hour ago
It just feels right⬇
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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randombook4idk · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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cookiee127 · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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allmyworkig · a month ago
Don't think about
don't think about Alador not knowing where any of his kids are
don't think about Edric and Emira gripping onto each other as their world falls apart around them with no idea where the rest of their family is, if they're even safe
don't think about the fact they might not even be together
don't think about Darius feeling the pain of the draining spell but all he can think about is the sixteen-year-old kid he cares about despite himself feeling the same pain
don't think about all the other children with coven sigils, in so so much pain as the man everyone trusts betrays them
don't think of Gus' dad learning no one knows where his twelve-year-old son is
don't think of people running for cover as their world falls apart and rebuilds around them
don't think about the ones who couldn't get away in time
don't think of King, so young and so scared, alone with the collector
don't think about Willow's dads patiently waiting for their daughter to come home and their bone-deep grief when she doesn't
don't think about the twins screaming and wailing when Alador tells them he doesn't know where Amity is and the last time he saw her, she was going to fight Belos, the most dangerous man on the Isle
don't think about Eda realizing that despite her best efforts in the end she couldn't protect either of her kids
don't think about Eda reuniting with Lilith and both of their faces falling realizing the other doesn't have the kids
don't think about Camila opening the doors and being so relieved to see her daughter but so worried when she sees how tired and sad all the kids huddled together at her front door are
don't think about the kids quietly but surely patching each other up, older and much more exhausted than they should be
don't think about the fact none of them are going to be to get a good night's sleep for a while
don't think about the kids huddled together mourning people that may be alive because they just don't know
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moistbread · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
happy pride month! here’s the toh squad with queer headcanons and canons!
edit: changed eda’s flag to the bi flag bc i was informed that she’s canonically bi 💖💜💙
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evies20dollars · a month ago
Tumblr media
God this episode really was such a good critique of capitalism and how it's literally destroying our planet, but those with power don't care so long as they turn a profit. When Amity said this line, it hit so hard for me and the metaphor only kept going from there. 
Tumblr media
This right here is a feeling that I think a lot of gen z and millennials feel. We’ve been protesting for years and of course we shouldn’t stop raising our voices, but it seems like no matter how much we do, even the world leaders who pretend to care won’t lift a finger if it means they don’t continue to get the political donations and profits they want.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
In terms of the capitalism critique as well we have Odalia shown to exploit her workers (as well as abuse her husband) and threaten to force their children into child labor as well if he does not comply with her demands (and tbh we've already seen towards the start of season 2 that she forces Amity already to demonstrate for Blight Industries).
Tumblr media
The shipment imagery of a tired Kikimora picking things up draws comparisons in my mind to Amazon warehouses and the haste in which things must be shipped to people, always to the harm of the workers in the factory.
Also, to drive the point home further, we have Odalia using the word ‘business’ constantly, even when not literally talking about Blight Industries.
Tumblr media
And of course, we can’t forget the way companies wipe their hands of any responsibility for how their products might be used, drawing a huge comparison in my mind to the U.S. military industrial complex, for instance how the U.S. companies (Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Boeing, etc.) and the U.S. government itself routinely sell arms weapons to other countries, frequently in support of genocides like what is occurring in the show (Bangladesh is one example off the top of my head, but there are many others).
Tumblr media
The U.S. military also happens to be one of the biggest carbon emitters in the world (see here and here), bringing the climate crisis metaphor full circle. 
This episode was so fucking good and I really appreciate everything the team did here-- they really went all out this episode to criticize capitalism and on the platform of Disney, a notoriously capitalistic and monopolizing company no less? Fucking iconic.
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thyphrog · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
has this been done yet
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jess-the-vampire · a month ago
Tumblr media
the biggest plot twist for the show really is the fact that THIS has a decent likelihood of actually happening now.
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missbearisland · 11 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
we love supportive siblings in this house 💚💜💚
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ideologyofone · a month ago
Tumblr media
Principal Bump really said, “I’m Rollin’ With The LGBT”
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thegirlalmightysswords · a month ago
Thanks for the serotonin TOH crew
Tumblr media
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