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Go Build That Vocabulary!

Join the beeblio vocabulary builders; you’ll be new friends with the Spelling Bee

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for people who keep harping on the minimum wage issue. please read and inform your self. raising the minimum wage would not affect small businesses as you have been les to believe. so sorry sommany of you are so confused

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Here are our top 3 December ❄️☃️📆 Moments in Class!

Profesora Carolina practices spider 🕷️ and whale 🐳 in a very visual 👀 way. Profesora Maritza let’s her student teach her 👩‍🎓🔀👩‍🏫 , and Profesor César 🤔🤔 is not so sure about his student’s answer 🤣! ☃️❄️🛷📆

Don’t miss the opportunity for your child to take online Spanish immersion classes with one of these amazing 🤩 teachers. Sign ✍️ them up for TWO free trial classes today! They will be speaking Spanish for a 25 full minutes from day 1 of classes 💪.

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Meeting in Umm Al Quwain discusses ship running aground

Meeting in Umm Al Quwain discusses ship running aground

Umm Al Quwain: Major General Sheikh Rashid bin Ahmad Al Mualla, Commander in Chief of Umm Al Quwain Police, presided over an emergency meeting regarding the vessel which ran aground near the Al Bait Mutawahid Walkway in the Emirate of Umm Al Quwain.
He presided over the meeting in his capacity as Head of the Local Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Team of the Emirate of Umm Al Quwain. The…

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Considering the way people perceive a teenager, I haven’t been one (partially temperament, and partially circumstances). However, it would be bold to claim that I didn’t have teenage flings or tendencies. That’s why I consider myself to be eligible to talk of what it’s like to think like a person in adolescence. So I’m going to write about what exactly is the problem with society and traditions. Why do young people always blame society when things end up badly with them or with others? And why does this usually change as they grow up?

The problem is deep and complex and beyond my knowledge. However, I’m attempting to get as close as possible with the tools I have. The youth is known to be the force of change. They are new people with unexhausted energy and a flammable enthusiasm, which could easily turn into resentment. Besides, they (myself included) are in love with abstract ideas, which is something I learned from Dostoevsky and came as an eye-opener. The young, as the adult, notice things that are wrong in the way society functions, which is something any reasonable person would figure out pretty quickly.

Nevertheless, the young assume they’re not a part of the problem. This is because they still haven’t realized the wicked part of them that’s contributing to the nonsense they see. They’re filled with resentment because of their helplessness in the face of what they perceive as outdated, boring lifestyles, which is a reasonable conclusion since they still don’t actually know the true meaning of commitment and responsibility. They hear about freedom and equality, but they really don’t understand the reality and its inherent limitations. Any constraints on their dangerous, wild recklessness is a declaration of war on their abstract, Utopian freedom. When it comes to their imagination and thinking, they’re more capable than adults yet they don’t know how to put any of that into practice because of their minute knowledge of the dynamics of the society.

As teenagers grow up, they become more aware of their limitations. They realize that the ultimate revolution that would eliminate all the ‘ancient’ practices, is merely a product of the naivety of youth. Suddenly, some traditions make sense and, to be fair, some other practices remain nonsensical to them. Here comes the real change; when the new generation carries forward some traditions and leaves others. This is just how it works; change is inevitable. And one of the jobs of adults is the management of that change; not willful blindness that ignores the rush of fresh blood into the society as if it’s a temporary increase in blood pressure that would soon normalize. Frankly, when they do that, the fresh blood doesn’t simply meld in; it turns into foul blood that intoxicate the society slowly and silently. In schools and in homes, the young need to be taught how to focus their energetic enthusiasm on what can actually be changed; not towards submissiveness to whatever the adults see is appropriate.  

To drive my point home, at a young age, people are nothing and everything at the same time. They tend to be annoying because they think they have answers to every question (abstract ideas). There is arrogance and tremendous ignorance which, in turn, leads them to point fingers all the time. As long as we’re not in our fake utopia, I don’t believe this problem will disappear. But we can somehow reduce the friction.


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Teaching and Learning While Grieving: Lifting the curtain on grief to better support educators and students experiencing loss | EdCan Network
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I hope the amount of information I packed into the first panel would please any fans of Beverly Hills 90210 out there.

I was particularly happy with The Blaze headline which’ll mean nothing to folks who have never seen the show.

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“Watch Your Language”

The other half of the fun of teaching is mocking, shaming, and crushing. School IS hell.



Schemantics: A Webcomic Of Intelligent Weirdness

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Sheikh Mohammed retweets Dubai journalist’s story of kindness from a Dubai Metro staff member

Sheikh Mohammed retweets Dubai journalist’s story of kindness from a Dubai Metro staff member

Dubai: His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Prime Minister and Vice President of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai retweeted a story of kindness on Saturday, captioning his post “A true example of a real civil servant…” The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) revealed to Gulf News that the name of the staffer was Abdulla Ali Alqassab. 

The original tweet was posted by a Dubai journalist,…

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