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siir-poesia · 7 hours ago
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We are the beginning and the end, we can never go backwards, that is why we are prisoners of the present, which is the only thing that exists.
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Somos el principio y final, nunca podemos ir hacia atrás, por eso somos presos del presente que es lo único que existe.
siir-poesia ©
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poetry-siir · 6 hours ago
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Only sometimes do I want to run away from my impulses, my ignorance and my fears.
poetry-siir ©
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Solo a veces quisiera huir de mis impulsos, de mi ignorancia y de mis miedos.
poetry-siir ©
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n0rtist · 14 hours ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It's been 3 months since I last drew my tardigrade mon. Not much changed here as I just redrew this design to fit my new template.
Here's the blurb on tardigrades I used last time.
Tardigrades, also called water bears, are known for being one of the sturdiest animals. When in harsh conditions, they dehydrate themselves and enter a dormant state, waking up when they are safe again. While they are called indestructible, they have an active life span of a few months to about 2 years depending on the species.
Tardinaut (Bug/Water): Although Tardinauts do not naturally live in space, they have been shown to be able to survive such conditions. When things get tough for a Tardinaut, they dry themselves and curl up inside their shell.
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tentacion1999 · 23 hours ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
 These massive structures were built by the Germans during WW2 and were/are part of many conspiracies theories, aliens, UFOs, secret nazi wonder weapons (wunderwaffe) ...
Edit: This was built during the planing of Operation Barbarossa, when Finland was aligned with Nazi Germany, and the plan was an eventual invasion of Soviet Union.
The secretism associated with the area started when the Soviets took over the site in October 1944. The harbor became a base for the Red Fleet and a base for submarines was built nearby.
The concrete rings are located near the village of Liinakhamari—in the region of Murmansk Oblast, Russia, next to Finland—and were used as fortifications for artillery pieces. Essentialy, they are old concrete bases for rotating artillery pieces.
Tumblr media
Understandably, people without knowledge and a certain knack for idealism would see these rings and their imagination would be stimulated (most often than not, they are actually paid to write silly stories for the masses...)
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teachmoments · 23 hours ago
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My latest for Ohio Schools Magazine.
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jurist-academia · 7 hours ago
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ɪᴛ ʜᴀᴅ ᴍᴀɴʏ ғᴀᴄᴇs﹐ᴍᴀɴʏ ᴅᴇʟɪᴄᴀᴛᴇ﹐ᴛᴇʀʀɪʙʟᴇ ᴠᴇɪʟs. ɪᴛ sᴘᴏᴋᴇ ᴏғ ᴍɪʀᴀᴄʟᴇs ᴀɴᴅ ᴅɪsᴛᴀɴᴄᴇs; ɪғ ɪᴛ ᴄᴏᴜʟᴅ ᴄᴏᴜʀᴛ﹐ɪᴛ ᴄᴏᴜʟᴅ ᴀʟsᴏ ᴋɪʟʟ.
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kleptonancydrew · 7 hours ago
Nancy Drew and Education
So apparently the Clue Crew is full of teachers? Who knew. Well, as a former homeschooled student, current teacher, and (hopefully) future homeschooling parent/teacher I have been planning on integrating the games into lessons for a long time. Below the cut I have just a few of my many ideas (some more fleshed out than others). Feel free to use, adapt, or add your own! 
-        Braille
o   How blind/vision impaired people navigate the world
§  How we can make it more accessible for them
o   How do braille books and printers work
-        ASL
o   Memorizing the alphabet and basic signs
§  Build up fluency
o   How HOH/deaf people navigate the world
§  How we can make it more accessible for them  
o   Connections of ASL to other signed languages
§  French Sign Language versus British Sign Language
-        Dangers of gas leaks
o   What to do if you smell or hear gas
-        Inequalities between mens and womens sporting opportunities
o   See Women’s Soccer
-        What are performance enhancing drugs
o   What is the difference between #steroids and the steroids your doctor might prescribe
-        How drug running is a gateway crime
-        Why blackmailing people isn’t good
-        More reasons to never move to Florida
-        Why you shouldn’t go to an actual high school part one
-        Television in NYC
o   Soap Operas
o   How television sets work
o   Role of director
o   Teleprompters
o   Props
o   Agents
-        Theatre in NY
o   Broadway
§  Learn a show
o   Carnegie Hall
-        Dangers in the ways we obsess over celebrities
o   Paparazzi
o   Stalkers
o   Respecting privacy
-        NY taxi system
-        NY regional accents
-        NY as a center for immigration – salad bowl
o   Ellis Island
-        History of NYC
o   Geography of NYC
-        Typewriters
-        Towers of Hanoi
-        Encoding  
-        How to make chocolates (with or without poison)
-        Read along:
o   New York the Novel (Edward Rutherford)
o   The Power Broker
o   All of a Kind Family
-        San Francisco Gold Rush
-        Earthquake and Fires in San Fran
-        Golden Gate Bridge
-        Angel Island
o   Asian (Chinese) Immigration to the USA
-        Chinese Zodiac
-        Fortune telling (and why it’s not okay)
-        Bed and Breakfasts
-        San Francisco today
o   Technology boom
o   Overpriced everything
§  How this hurts established residents
§  Homelessness in San Fran
-        Bandits in the American West
-        Hauntings in American buildings
-        How to remove and install tile
-        Renovations – refurbish something
-        Antiques
o   Visit an antique shop
-        Importance of fire safety
-        How to install lighting fixtures properly
-        How to fix a dumbwaiter
o   How not to be a dumb waiter
-        Tangrams
-        What is the Victorian period
o   Significance of Queen Victoria
-        Read Along:
o   Little Brother
o   Paper Son: Lee’s Journey to America
o   Angel Island Gateway to Golden Mountain
-        The French Revolution
o   Marie Antoinette
o   Women and the French Revolution
o   Worldwide effects of the Revolution
o   Historians of the French Revolution
-        Writing history
o   How we can focus on different events in history, how we can be sympathetic to certain people, how we can fulfill different spaces in the historical narrative, criticism of history as a field, entering history as a field
-        Wisconsin Dairy industry
-        Alarm systems and how they work
-        Fingerprinting
-        Elevator safety
-        Ski lifts
o   Skiing
-        Vandalism
-        Taking care of libraries
-        Latitude and longitude
-        Keeping records of good events and bad events
o   Nothing you do will ever stop me from loving you
-        Some people keep different sleep schedules
-        Journalism
-        Making translations  
-        Why France has different holidays – to keep the ski lodges from getting too full
-        History of theatre spaces
-        Use of film at theatres
-        Magicians
o   Houdini
o   Learn a ‘magic’ trick
-        Library of Congress
-        Demolition – wrecking balls
o   What’s involved
-        Plaster casts
-        Historic register of buildings
o   Visit a local historic building
-        Price of concessions and movie tickets today
-        Nickelodeons
-        Celebrity stunts for attention from press
o   Celebrity endorsements
-        Jazz music
o   Dancing
-        Kidnapping stories
o   What to do if someone tries to grab you
-        Rubber vs. electricity
-        Art/artists of the 20s
-        Numbering systems (particularly ones not based on 10)
-        Cultures of South America
o   Maya
§  Cultural understandings
§  Connections to what appears at Beech Hill
o   Aztec
o   Inca
-        Myths of lesser civilizations because of European preconceptions
-        Why do countries have consulates/embassies in other countries
-        What is amnesia and other medical memory issues
-        Provenance and why its important part one
-        Roles and responsibilities within a museum
o   Visit a museum
o   How to be critical of a museum and how knowledge is presented to you
-        Modern art
o   Make your own
o   Visit a modern art museum
-        Periodic Table of Elements
-        Positive and negative molds for casting
-        Prohibition
o   Speakeasys
o   Amendments to constitution
o   Drinking age restrictions
§  Comparison of USA to European countries  
o   Connections to modern drug policies
-        Recognizing and photographing local birds
-        Dangers in the forest – ticks and other pests
-        Why water sources are important
o   Flint water crisis
-        Visit a state park
o   Importance of maintaining public land
-        Alcatraz
-        How to care for dogs
-        Noise pollution
o   Light pollution
-        History of carousels
o   Visit a carousel
-        Lathes
-        Harmonicas
-        Band organs
-        Writing messages with lemon juice and other hidden inks
-        How to iron
o   How not to iron
-        How to make a sundae
-        How amusement park rides are designed
-        Soldering
-        What is parole
o   Welcoming those who have been in prison back to society
o   Problems with the American prison system
§  How it disproportionately affects minority groups
o   What can be done in prison reform
o   Abuses in prison
o   Making mental and spiritual help and guidance more available
o   Making sanitary products available
o   Prison for profit hurts everybody except the prison owner
o   Educational opportunities for those in prison
o   More half-way help
o   Juvenile sentencing reform – more out of system help
o   Respecting humanity of prisoners
o   Ending the death penalty  
-        Depression
o   How to get help
o   How to help others
o   Dealing with loss
-        Native peoples of the Pacific Northwest
-        Orcas and other whales
o   Whaling industry in Northwest and Northeast
o   Things whale products were used for
o   Visit natural history museum with whale exhibition
-        Visit an aquarium with a good reputation
o   Problems with places that do not take care of their sea life – particularly large sea life like whales
-        What is a chowder and how is it made
o   Try or make chowder
-        Crabs
o   Restrictions on different types of crabs – what type is local
o   Try a crab dish
-        Importance of different knots  
o   Get some rope and learn how to tie different knots
-        Know the NATO alphabet and letter flags
-        Boating knowledge
o   Go on a boating trip – know the port and starboard sides
-        Learn how to kayak
-        Try to learn how to skip rocks
-        Visit a lighthouse
o   Importance and histories of lighthouses
-        Smuggling – what is it and why does it happen
-        Shanghaiing
-        Chess
-        The continuous oppression and mistreatment of Native Americans
o   From Mayflower to Pocahontas to Trail of Tears to Dakota to DAPL to Reservations to food deserts to voting rights to much much more
§  How to support current Native voices and concerns
o   Why Native Americans are not a costume
o   “Possession” of Native American objects and land
§  Arrowheads and native jewelry
o   Broad overview of regional Native American groups – using their own voices
§  Special focus on local Native American groups
·       Is there a local museum/educational resource that is either Native created or known for respecting Native voices
o   Current Native Americans of note (ex: politicians, activists, artists)
o   While the previous focuses on Native Americans in the modern day USA – also discuss First Nations from Canada and Native Groups from more southern areas
-        Why temperature and pan matters when baking (show what happens in the oven when it goes wrong)
-        Magnets and how different metals react differently to magnets
-        How to take care of a horse and other farm animals
o   Visit a local farm
o   Try horse-riding
-        Dangers of rattle snakes and scorpions
-        Lassos and how to use them
-        Legends of outlaws in the American West
-        Ghost towns  
-        Flower stitches when knitting/crocheting
-        Petrified wood
-        How to make a campfire
-        Picking fruits and veggies when they are ready
-        Flower language
-        Read Along:
o   Native American folk tales  
o   Motorcycles and Sweetgrass
o   Gone Away Lake
o   Black Beauty?
-        Where are the moors
-        Different regional accents within the United Kingdom
-        British foods
-        Latin
o   Learn fun phrases and prayers
-        Ancestry and genealogy
o   Map your own family tree and recognize family crests
o   How adoption has historically been a binding and irrefutable concept for lineage
o   Find places your family lived
o   Leaving a history for your descendants
§  Write a story book for them
o   British Royal Family
§  Why incest is bad
-        Parrots and their intelligence
-        Secret passages in old buildings
-        Alchemy
o   Connections to modern understandings of science  
o   Historical understandings of elements
-        Astrological signs
-        Witch trials
-        Legends of lycanthropy and other monsters
-        Importance of not taking other peoples medicines
-        Runic alphabet
-        Feeding your pets a healthy diet
-        Typing practice
-        How to embrace the idea that home taught students are evil geniuses
-        Forges and melting points of different metals
-        Carnivorous plants
-        Succulents
-        Constellations in different places  
-        Read Along:
o   The Secret Garden
o   The London Eye Mystery
o   Beastly
-        Great Depression
o   Causes and effects
o   Who was hurt
o   Who was not hurt
o   Areas of America
§  Dust bowl
o   Famous people and literature
o   Homelessness and poverty
§  Bread lines
§  Soup kitchens
§  Anti-homelessness architecture
§  Connections to mental illness and veterans
§  How we can help those who do not have homes today
-        Early Telephones
-        Shakespeare
-        History of Nancy Drew
o   Mildred Wirt Benson
o   Edward Stratemeyer  
-        Fishing – why different fish respond to different bait
-        Orphanages in the early 20th century
-        Gas prices and accessibility of cars through time
-        How to make pie
-        What is jurisdiction and what is significant about crossing state lines
-        How do banks work
o   Safety deposit boxes
-        Identify theft
-        How to use a sewing machine
o   Sew an item of clothing
-        Mini golf – why and what
-        Mirrors and their usefulness
-        Stamp collections
-        Radios and call signs
o   Comparison to modern internet forms
-        Telegrams
-        Read along:
o   Shakespeare
§  Midsummer Night’s Dream
§  Others
o   Pollyanna
o   Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm
o   The Grapes of Wrath
-        Trains
o   Steam trains
o   Visit a train museum
o   Take a train ride (if not a normal event)
o   Importance of transcontinental railway
o   Trains around the USA today
o   Trains around the world (TGV, bullet train)
-        Abraham Lincoln
-        Mark Twain
-        How to make a good burger (you leave off the PB&J)
-        Slugs
-        Periodic Table of Elements – abbreviations
-        Gemstones
-        History of Mining
o   England (Newcastle upon Tyne)
o   American West
o   Appalachia
o   Company Store
o   Health issues for miners
o   Danger of mines
o   Current issues for mining
-        Dancing the Hurley Burley
-        People who collect creepy dolls
o   History of porcelain dolls
-        Embroidery
o   How to
o   Patterns/symbols
-        General Stores in the American West
o   Sears
-        How to make taffy
-        Find a well maintained and beautiful tomb and research who is entombed
-        Focusing light through a magnifying glass can start a fire
-        Read Along:
o   Murder on the Orient Express
o   Mark Twain books
-        All lessons in French
-        How using different ingredients and different amounts of ingredients can affect the outcome of your cookies
-        Paris métro
o   History
o   How to read/follow a métro map
o   RER
-        Montmartre and other Parisian neighbourhoods
-        History of Île de la France and Square de Vert Galant Parc and Pont Neuf
-        WWII and the French Resistance
o   Cross of Lorraine
o   Vichy France
o   Abuses of the French gov’t in this period
-        Paris and the fashion world
-        Beauty standards and the rejection of natural beauty by society
o   Dangers of weight and figure standards
o   You are beautiful as you are
-        Catacombs of Paris
-        Famous French Dishes (from this region)
o   Or Bretagne since I know and like them better
-        The French Café
-        Moulin in France
-        Tea and how hot leaf water can taste so bad but still be good for you
-        Buildings of Baron Haussmann
-        Paris History  
-        Decoders
-        Importance of vitraux historically, culturally, and religiously
-        Read Along:
o   Little Kids
§  Madeline
§  Babar
§  Petit Ours
§  Plume
o   High School
§  Hunchback of Notre Dame
§  Les Mis
§  Dale Van Kley
-        History of Hawai’i and her native people
o   How the USA screwed them over and continues to do so
§  Land colonizing today
o   Listen to voices from Native Peoples
-        Pearl Harbor
o   USS Arizona
-        Native myths and legends
-        Local flora and fauna
-        Surfing
-        How to make bead necklaces
-        Snorkeling
-        Entomology
o   Find some local bugs and identify and observe them
-        Horticulture
o   See if you can graft something
o   Watch a carnation placed in water with food dye
o   Regrow a fruit or veggie from the leftovers
-        Go looking for seashells – see how many complete shells you can find
-        Be aware of pesticides and the dangers they offer
o   Dangers of organic food too
-        Make something with pineapple in it
-        Fishing – different kinds of native fish
-        Volcanos
-        Hula  
-        Wolf sanctuaries – respecting wildlife and their place in the wild and not the domestic
o   What to do if you see a wolf in the real world
-        Fur trapping in Canada history
-        Regions and Capitols of Canada
o   Visit Canada?
-        How the Canadian government works
-        Use of French language in Canada    
o   Unique features of Canadian French  
-        Ice fishing
-        How to cook omelets, salmon, etc.
o   How to not add paprika cause like ew
-        Fossils
-        Radiation
o   Marie Curie
-        How to be a good maid
-        Snowballs/ice balls
-        Ice skating
-        Winter weather safety
-        Avalanches  
-        Saunas
-        Birthmarks
-        Fax machines
-        How to not lie about bird watching
-        Frozen water safety  
-        Modern offenses against First Nations by Canadian Government
-        Culture of the Arawak and Caraïbe
o   Voodoo
-        Mardi Gras in New Orleans
-        Hurricane Katrina and aftermath
-        French Influence
-        Eyes and their parts and functions
-        Teeth and their parts and functions
-        Alligators in the Southern USA and how they are dangerous pests  
-        Graveyards/cemeteries and how to be comfortable in them
o   Modern burial practices
o   Why are they above ground in Louisiana?
o   Places where they are running out of space for the dead
o   Historic violations of final resting places
-        Ventriloquism
-        Lizards and how to care for them
-        Rube Goldberg machines
-        Curio shops
-        Crystal Skulls  
-        International crime
-        Organized crime
-        Scopa
-        Italian basics
o   Learn an Italian aria
-        Italian food
o   Not just spaghetti
-        History of Venice
o   Current issues in Venice
-        Carrier pigeons
-        Micro-dots
-        “Observing the architecture”
-        Try to make gelato (or just get gelato, either way you get gelato)
-        Disguising yourself – put on an outfit and try to get me to not recognize you
-        Picking locks
-        Secret codes
-        Solfege
o   With hand signs
o   Learn a song in solfege
-        Carnivale
-        Learn how the sausage gets made
o   How to deal with food poisoning
-        How to secure your living space against burglars
o   Glass breaks, motion sensors, keypads, magnets, and more
-        Read Along:
o   Heist Society
o   The Prince
o   Merchant of Venice
-        Irish lessons (as much of this in Irish as possible)
o   Why the Irish language is important
-        Geography of Ireland
o   Provinces and counties
-        Irish names
-        Why Ireland has disliked and should dislike the UK
o   Historically
o   Famine
§  Emmigration
o   Easter Rising
o   Troubles
o   Present-Day
-        Importance of alcohol in Ireland
o   Uisce beatha
o   Guinness
§  Guinness world records
-        Irish music
o   Irish instruments
o   Learn some Rebel songs
-        Ogham runes
-        Irish foods
o   Something with lamb, who cares what
-        Don’t use friends for land development
-        Bogs
-        Chemical Reactions
-        Rockets
-        Inventions and secrecy during WWII
-        Religion in Ireland
o   Pagan traditions
o   Christianity
o   Catholic/Protestant tensions
-        Irish wedding traditions
-        How printing presses work
-        Irish castles
-        Sheep sheering/raising sheep
-        Irish legends
o   Fae
o   Leprechauns
-        Don’t drive and talk on the phone
-        Why blackface is problematic? (the fact that this needs to be said is problematic in and of itself)
-        Scuba diving
-        Sailing
-        Bermuda Triangle
-        Bats
-        Primates and their intelligence
o   Problems with animal research
o   Koko
o   Jane Goodall
-        Island resort culture
-        Metal detectors
-        Pirates
o   And the Caribbean
o   Their abuses
o   Different kinds
o   Modern day pirates  
-        How do walkie-talkies work
-        US mistreatment of island territories
-        Read Along:
o   Bloody Jack (Meyer)
-        Edgar Allan Poe
o   Stories
o   Baltimore
-        Piano
-        Victorian Dining traditions
o   How to set a place for fancy dining
o   How to fold napkins
o   Table manners
o   How to serve someone at a fancy dinner
o   How courses might work
o   How to use your silverware  
-        Why you shouldn’t go to an actual high school part two
o   Just fyi – that’s not how uniforms work
§  Have a school inspired dress code for a week
-        Bullying and why you absolutely will not be a bully
o   How to respond to bullying
o   Importance of talking to adults and counseling
-        Logic puzzles
-        Research the founding of a local school
-        Stringed Instruments
-        Plagiarism
o   Turnitin
-        Making sandwiches – like a good deli style sandwich
-        Photography scavenger hunt – make a digital (or physical) yearbook
-        Squirrels
-        Orthographic projection
-        DNA/RNA
-        Saving every major project on three different thumb drives
-        Getting along with roommates
-        States and Capitals
o   Countries and capitals of the world  
-        Tornados
o   Technology used to observe tornados
-        Meteorology
-        Prairie dogs
-        Life on the great plains
-        Great Plains Native Americans
-        Small towns in the Midwest honestly be like that
-        Defensive driving
-        Make a disaster kit
-        Know what to do in various natural emergency situations
o   What is the local alert protocol
o   What do local authorities recommend
-        How to maintain and fix a car
-        How to fix a broken device
-        What is tenure
-        How to budget
o   Go to the grocery store on a strict budget (however much you come in under budget is your candy budget)
-        Read Along:
o   Little House
-        Basic Japanese phrases
o   Learn to count
o   Writing in Japanese
-        Sudoku, nonograms, renograms
-        Japanese ghost legends
-        Japanese culture
o   Tourism
§  Ryokans
o   Space – everything small
o   Politeness/formalities
o   Hot springs/baths
o   Tatami and paper walls
-        Japanese cultural dress
o   Kimonos
o   Lolita? Fashion
-        Japanese names
o   Last name first
o   How to address others in Japan
-        Martial Arts
o   Ninjutsu
§  Traditional tools
-        Japanese tea ceremony
-        Schools in Japan
-        Teaching English as a foreign language
-        Japanese subway/train system
-        Pachinko and Japanese gaming
-        Japanese vending machines
-        Robotic animals
-        Bento
-        Japanese foods
-        Origami
-        How to fake a haunting
-        Basic German phrases
o   How to make a German word
o   Connections of German to English
-        German food favourites
o   Especially cakes
-        Storytelling as a cultural entity
o   How memory has worked differently in different times
-        Glass blowing
-        How castles provided for the local community
-        Bavaria in Germany
o   Cultural dress
-        Glockenspiel
-        How to make board games
-        Monster stories of central Europe
-        How to monitor security camera remotely
-        Read Along:
o   Heidi
-        Arson
o   Watching how different accelerants burn a piece of paper
-        All politicians are at least somewhat self-serving
o   But write a letter to a local politician anyway
§  Different ways to contact elected officials, and why some don’t work
-        How to make ice cream
-        How a police investigation works
o   Problems with police departments around the world – specifically USA
o   Ways that police work unfairly targets minorities
§  If Nancy is innocent how many others are
-        How to use matches and lighters safely
-        Why you should not return to the scene of a crime – particularly a fire
-        Making sure smoke detectors work properly and the system is connected
o   We might not go to school but fire drills are still important
-        What is a mass spectrometer
-        Who to call if you’ve been arrested
-        What to do if you get pulled over
-        How the media can skew the truth and make their own narratives
-        Sound mixing
-        Be careful with what you say/post/record
o   Keep receipts and clarify when possible
-        What not to do at an archaeological site
-        Ancient Egyptian History
o   Pantheon, notable figures, relevant events
o   Pyramids, sphinx
o   Pharaohs
-        Modern Egypt
o   Arabic alphabet
-        History of archaeological digs in Egypt
o   Why they’ve been problematic
-        Dangers of the tombs
-        Mummys
o   How they are put together
-        Tomb raiders
-        Importance of water in the desert
-        How to piece together a broken artifact
-        How to gently brush off an artifact
-        There is no such thing as a dictionary for ancient Egyptian
-        Aliens did not build the pyramids
-        Senet
-        Desert life safety
-        How mirrors can be used to light a room
-        Read Along
o   Rick Riordan
-        Nikola Tesla
o   All his fun stuff
o   Tesla Coils
-        3-D printing
-        Gummy fingerprints
-        Faraday Cage
-        Basic electric concepts
o   How to build a circuit board
-        Chemical safety
-        How a lab might work
-        Valuing different skills within academia
-        Ultraviolet light
-        How motorcycles work
-        Freelance photography
-        How to use academic databases
-        Slavery in the United States
o   Origins
o   ‘End’
o   Civil War
o   The connection to “southern culture”
o   Continued abuses of Black people in America
§  Importance of recognizing Black voices and what they are saying
§  Listening even when it’s uncomfortable
§  Checking privilege when you have it
o   Jim Crow Laws
-        Plantations
-        Gone With the Wind
o   The good and the bad
-        Civil War spies – female
-        Carbon monoxide poisoning
-        Burned out houses are not a safe space
-        Do not go digging through people’s coffins – rest in PEACE
-        Understanding that your family can be flawed
-        If you don’t want to get married, if you’re not happy in a relationship, end it
-        When a member of your family is sick you take care of them
-        Make a will, just in case your cousin kills you
-        Bachelor and bachelorette parties should feature activities that everyone is comfortable with
-        Read Along:
o   My Last Skirt: The Story of Jennie Hodgers, Union Soldier
-        Scotland and their identity
o   Celtic Nations
o   Independent Scotland
o   Call a Scottish person
-        Unicorns and other mythical creatures in Scotland
-        Scottish food
o   The appetizing parts
-        History of spies
-        Biowarfare
o   Code Orange
o   Other teenage stories dealing with anthrax
o   Current events and concerns
o   Historical biowarfare (smallpox blankets)
-        Ziplining
-        Archery
-        How to bug someone
-        Tartans and plaids
o   Kilts
-        Augmented Reality Glasses
-        Record players
-        How to reset a circuit breaker
-        Read Along:
o   Gallagher Girls
o   Code Orange
o   Little House (Martha)
o   Little Brother (Doctorow)
-        Don’t meet your heroes
-        New Zealand
o   Maori culture
-        Survivor style game shows and realism
-        I’m not saying Aliens can’t exist, I’m saying they def aren’t involved here
-        Kayaking
-        Submarines and what they can do
-        Turtles
-        Earthquakes
-        Be careful with rope bridges
-        Provenance and why it’s important part two  
-        Greek art and how it was originally painted vibrantly
o   Abuses of Greek art through the ages
-        The British Museum and the issues with that
-        Greek pantheon
o   Legends and notable figures
o   Religious traditions  
-        Iliad and Odyssey
-        Art forgery
-        How to fire clay pots and pottery
-        Memorizing lines for a play
o   Staging for a play
o   Role of a director
-        Theatre
o   Lights
o   Curtains
o   Fly system
o   Sound
-        Greek alphabet
-        Historical importance of the Greek language and culture
o   Alexander the Great and Hellenization
-        Olympics
o   Historic and modern
-        Greece and the European Union  
-        Make something with pomegranates
-        Read Along:
o   Iliad
o   Odyssey
o   The Thief
o   Percy Jackson  
-        Iceland
o   Culture
§  Naming traditions
o   Language
o   Music
o   Food
-        Shipbuilding
o   Historic and modern ships
-        Ice caving
-        Northern Lights
-        Tides
-        Snowmobiling
-        Poetry
-        What is xenophobia
-        Some games just shouldn’t be made
-        American witch trials
o   What actually went down
o   Misconceptions
-        Treating people with albinism as real people
-        Arson is bad
-        Herbal remedies and how they can interfere with modern medicine
-        Witchcraft and how not to
-        Salem MA
-        Ignorance promotes fear and hatred so we do our best to learn about others
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poetry-siir · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
When you are young, new in all aspects, you think you know how to love, but you don't. We love at that moment with all the forces of our being concentrated in our heart, a heart that beats with restlessness, but in search of a north.
poetry-siir ©
Tumblr media
Cuando se es joven, nuevo en todos los aspectos, uno cree saber amar, pero no es así.  Amamos en ese momento con todas las fuerzas de nuestro ser concentradas en nuestro corazón, un corazón que late con inquietud, pero en busca de un norte.
poetry-siir ©
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siir-poesia · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I suffer the dogmatic fallacy that portends that his caresses, his kisses hurt me  if he looks at me so closely ...
siir-poesia ©
Tumblr media
Sufro la dogmática falacia que presagia que me duelan sus caricias, sus besos, y si me mira tan de cerca…
siir-poesia ©
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tentacion1999 · 22 hours ago
"Never escalate a situation by pulling a gun. It is better a bruised pride than an armed confrontation"
This is part of a brazilian educational video.
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buglem-k · 3 days ago
Yaz akşamı serinliğinde nereye olduğu bilinmeyen rotasız yürümelere, en mutsuz anlarda aniden gelen dost sarılmalarına ilkbaharda yağan yağmurlara, aşina şehirlerin en kuytularında kaybolmalara, bir çiçeği narince koklamanın hazzına ve en çok sana, Sadece sana🍀
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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poetry-siir · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Every book you read is a step closer to the mental liberation that society insanely implants in us.
poetry-siir ©
Tumblr media
Cada libro que lees, es un escalón más cerca de la liberación mental que nos implanta insanamente la sociedad.
poetry-siir ©
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siir-poesia · a day ago
Tumblr media
Let me show you today all the sutures of my amputated soul.
siir-poesia ©
Tumblr media
Déjame que hoy pueda mostrarte todas las suturas de mi alma amputada.
siir-poesia ©
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jurist-academia · a day ago
Tumblr media
just a friendly reminder you can read whatever the fuck you want to read, the filthiest dark romance book or the sweetest romance novel, don’t let other people make you feel bad for what you enjoy :)
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