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jurist-academia · a day ago
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“Sometimes I think that’s the trouble with the world: too many people in high places who are stone-cold dead.” ──Kurt Vonnegut, Cat’s Cradle.
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teachmoments · 2 days ago
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boyjumps · a day ago
99% of information is useless.
When you really want to do something about your problems and suffering, you start to sort through the information. Wisdom emerges from this, and a sense of meaning for life is developed.
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When looking at your own problems, you will need to be educated. In this context, the term "education" is not the same as simply acquiring information or knowledge.
Why do we need to be educated?
It is to have a "world view" when thinking about problems. What kind of place is this world for you? What is my relationship to the world? Without a world view, you cannot see it. And the only way to do that is to be informed and educated.
First of all, 99% of the information in the world today doesn't need to be there. At most, only 1% of the information you need will be relevant to you.
The 1% selected is called "knowledge". When you can integrate that knowledge into your own life and use it, it becomes "wisdom". But if you don't have your own view of the world, you can't extract the 1% you need from the flood of information.
In other words, information > knowledge > wisdom > education > worldview is a loop.
So how can we have a world view and education?
The first step is not to run away from your problems, but to be troubled and worried about them thoroughly.
You only start to learn when you are able to acknowledge your troubles and problems and when you really want to do something about the situation. That's when you start to sort through the information. Of course, things don't change immediately from there. But as we repeatedly practice using the information and solving the problem, the loop from information to worldview starts to turn.
The speed may be slow. And if you fail to identify the problem, you may find yourself stuck in a loop.
Nevertheless, the loop keeps turning, slowly. And that rotation will certainly develop your world view.
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miss-mollys-ballet-blog · 12 hours ago
People who are more outraged over children wearing masks in school than they are about their children getting shot in schools are garbage who shouldn’t be allowed to be anywhere near children.
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sara-carpenter · 2 days ago
Walter Wick: The Man Behind I Spy
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Wick’s creations are currently on display at the New Britain Museum of Art until December 31st.
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noaasanctuaries · a day ago
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Today for Corals Week we are focusing in on education!
We have developed a Deep Coral Communities Curriculum which takes students into the deep sea to identify the soft corals, hard corals, invertebrates and fish found in these communities and to investigate the unique biology of deep-sea corals.
Check out our page to learn more:
(Photo: Greg McFall/NOAA. Image Description: Live bottom reef teaming with life at Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary.)
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randomreasonstolive · a day ago
Reason to Live #6547
  To learn to sail one day.– Guest Submission
(Please don't add negative comments to these posts.)
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arianaadorable · 2 days ago
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nanoland · 2 days ago
hello international friends! <3 here are some good south african charities you can donate to this holiday season *thumbs up*
Gift of the Givers 
The Desmond Tutu Health Foundation 
The Children’s Hospital Trust 
Feed SA 
UNICEF South Africa 
Angels’ Care 
Tears Animal Rescue 
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tentacion1999 · a month ago
In the equator, when the sun forms a right angle with the earth, the tree and its shadow.
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luulapants · 2 months ago
Story time:
In middle school biology, we did an experiment. We were given yams, which we would sprout in cups of water. We then had to make hypotheses about how the yams would grow, based on descriptions of yam plants in our books, and make notes of our observations as they grew.
Here’s what was supposed to happen: we were supposed to see that the actual growth of the plant did not resemble our hypotheses. We were then supposed to figure out that these were, in fact, sweet potatoes.
What actually happened was that every single student in every single class lied in their notes so that their observations perfectly matched their hypotheses. See, everyone assumed the mismatch meant they had done something wrong in the process of growing the plant or that they had misunderstood the dichotomous key or the plant identification terminology. And, thanks to the wonders of a public school education, everyone assumed the wrong results would get us a failing grade. We were trying to pass. We didn’t want to get bitched out by the teacher. Curiosity, learning, science - that had nothing to do with why we were sitting in that classroom. So we all lied.
The teacher was furious. She tried to fail every student, but the administration stepped in and told her she wasn’t allowed to because a 100% fail rate is recognized as a failure of the teacher, not the class. It wasn’t even her fault, really, though her being a notorious hard-ass didn’t help. It was a failure of the entire educational system.
So whenever I see crap like Elizabeth Holmes’s blood test scam or pharmaceutical trials which are unable to be replicated or industry-funded research that reaches wildly unscientific conclusions, I just remember those fucking sweet potatoes. I remember that curiosity dies when people are just trying to give their superiors the “right” answers, so they can get the grade, get the job, get the paycheck. It’s not about truth when it’s about paying rent. There’s no scientific integrity if you can’t control for human desperation.
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deathtoskinnyjeans · 3 months ago
A Twitter Thread from David Bowles:
[Text transcript at the end of the screenshots]
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I'll let you in on a secret. I have a doctorate in education, but the field’s basically just a 100 years old. We don’t really know what we’re doing. Our scholarly understanding of how learning happens is like astronomy 2000 years ago.
Most classroom practice is astrology.
Before the late 19th century, no human society had ever attempted to formally educate the entire populace. It was either aristocracy, meritocracy, or a blend. And always male.
We’re still smack-dab in the middle of the largest experiment on children ever done.
Most teachers perpetuate the “banking” model (Freire) used on them by their teachers, who likewise inherited it from theirs, etc.
Thus the elite “Lyceum” style of instruction continues even though it’s ineffectual with most kids.
What’s worse, the key strategies we’ve discovered, driven by cognitive science & child psychology, are quite regularly dismissed by pencil-pushing, test-driven administrators. Much like Trump ignores science, the majority of principals & superintendents I’ve known flout research.
Some definitions:
Banking model --> kids are like piggy banks: empty till you fill them with knowledge that you're the expert in.
Lyceum --> originally Aristotle's school, where the sons of land-owning citizens learned through lectures and research.
Things we (scholars) DO know:
-Homework doesn't really help, especially younger kids.
-Students don't learn a thing from testing. Most teachers don't either (it's supposed to help them tweak instruction, but that rarely happens).
-Spending too much time on weak subjects HURTS.
Do you want kids to learn? Here's something we've discovered: kids learn things that matter to them, either because the knowledge and skills are "cool," or because .... they give the kids tools to liberate themselves and their communities.
Maintaining the status quo? Nope.
Kids are acutely aware of injustice and by nature rebellious against the systems of authority that keep autonomy away from them.
If you're perpetuating those systems, teachers, you've already freaking lost.
They won't be learning much from you. Except what not to become. Sure, you can wear them down. That's what happened to most of you, isn't it? You saw the hideous flaw in the world and wanted to heal it. But year after numbing year, they made you learn their dogma by rote.
And now many of you are breaking the souls of children, too.
For what?
It's all smoke and mirrors. All the carefully crafted objectives, units and exams.
We barely understand the physical mechanisms behind MEMORY. But we DO know kids aren't empty piggy banks. They are BRIMMING with thought.
The last and most disgusting reality? The thing I hear in classroom after freaking classroom?
Education is all about capitalism.
"You need to learn these skills to get a good job." To be a good laborer. To help the wealthy generate more wealth, while you get scraps.
THAT is why modern education is a failure.
Its basic premise is monstrous.
"Why should I learn to read, Dr. Bowles?"
Because reading is magical. It makes life worth living. And being able to read, you can decode the strategies of your oppressors & stop them w/ their own words.
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