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Düstere Gegenwart vs farbenfrohe Zukunft?

Manchmal sieht unser Ausgangslage düster aus. Keine Farbe, keine Freude und der steinige Weg führt scheinbar nach irgendwo ins Nirgendwo. Das innere Navi leer.

Aber weiten wir den Blick, ändern wir den Fokus, sehen wir einen farbigen, kräftigen Baum woran wir uns stützen und halten können. So stelle ich mir einen guten Freund und/oder einen guten Coach vor. Ich kann mich bei ihm anlehnen & sammeln.

Er zeigt mir “meine” bunten Ballone und den blauen Himmel. Der Himmel steht mir plötzlich offen, denn ich brauche nur einen der Ballone zu besteigen.

Nicht alle werden an den selben Ort fliegen. Der eine mag am Boden bleiben, der andere erlebt vielleicht eine wilde Fahrt und der dritte erweitert meinen Horizont. Diese Erfahrung & Skills werden mich weiterbringen.

Was wird Dich weiterbringen?

Eine Möglichkeit ist eine persönliches Coaching. Eine andere Möglichkeit ist eine Investition in Deine persönliche Weiterbildung.

Was erachtest Du persönlich als wichtiger? Ein kompetentes Coaching, eine solide Weiterbildung oder sogar ein Modell, wo Du beides miteinander kombinieren könntest?

Deine Meinung interessiert mich sehr!

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Internship! Internship! Internship!


RM Marketing gives an opportunity to the interns to perfectly utilised their time and potential.

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Don’t stigmatise pregnant schools girls- police

via @PerilOfAfrica Following the announcement by UNEB, allowing pregnant girls in candidate classes to register for their final exams, police has warned teachers, parents, fellow students and the public (including neighborhoods), against acts of discrimination and stigmatization of these pregnant girls.

“You are all aware the Covid-19 period has been burdensome for girls more than boys especially in unsupervised/uncontrolled settings,” said CP Enanga Fred, Police Spokesperson.

As a result girls were vulnerable to sexual abuse, pregnancy and even child marriages.

Even with the new developments, girls with early pregnancies are still faced challenges of returning to school which included, fear of being ridiculed with discriminated against, shyness, low self-esteem, fear of being frowned at and labeled young mothers, harassment from peers.

In addition some of the parental attitudes and the insensitive school environments and other public space may work against the furtherance of education for these pregnant girls. 

“Already on social media, we can see people making fun and mockery of pregnant pupils.”

“Instead of discriminating against them, we need to let the girls know the prospects of returning to school, and that they have the potential to excel and overcome the challenges they are facing.”

Police has called upon all Head teachers, Parents, Guardians, LCs and other stakeholders to ensure students who are with early pregnancies, are protected and continue to participate in class and extracurricular activities. 

For these in advanced pregnancies reasonable adjustments in the learning environment and allow time for missed work in their homes.

A pregnant student has the same education rights as every other girl student.

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SEBI Grade A exam dates have been released by the Securities And Exchange Board of India on its official website.


The phase-1 online exam is scheduled for the 17th January 2021 and the phase-2 online exam for 27th February 2021. The admit card for the same will be released in December 2020.

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Today I completed my first class in graduate school within 3 weeks!

Now I’m really diving into our Foundations of Education class. This unit is about the different influences on education throughout history.

I’m still learning to take effective, organized notes. I worry that I’ll forget a small piece of information, so I end up writing paragraphs of notes. Trying out just standard headings with bullets of key points.

Do you follow a certain note taking method, or have your own style?

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Overuse injury or strain involving the Achilles tendon, which binds the calf muscle to the heel bone, is called ACHILLES TENDINITIS.

You will begin to feel pain in the heel and tendon areas while walking and running.


Repeated or intense strain on the tendon of Achilles.

Uphill running & intensive sports training.

Flat foot and wrong foot wear


Proper rest, Heel support & Select right sized footwear.

Put the ice packs on the tendon of Achilles.

Calf reinforcement exercises prescribed by physiotherapists.

Our expert physiotherapists can guide you through your rehabilitation process at Physiotherapy.

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