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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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Discussions I have with my father (who is also the director of my thesis) about my thesis;


Me: so would it have to be movable?

Him: Noooo. You don’t get it.

Me: So then it’s how I said it.

Him: No. You dismount it and then put it in some other place.

Me: So it is movable

Him: yes, ofcourse

Me: ….


Me: we could have the transmission directly onto the wheels instead of to the structure

Him: Well yeah but I’m not sure about that

*a few days later*

Him: I’ve been thinking, and I’m thinking we could have the transmission go directly onto the wheels instead of the structure

Me: Are you stealing my ideas or did you forget I already said this?

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Last week one of my best friend welcomed the most precious gift anyone could receive, a beautiful healthy perfect baby boy! As I cannot wait to watch him grow up and spoil him with everything I got. I am reminded that one day he will grow up to be a young black man. This baby doesn’t know hate or what it is to be seen as less than or judge by the color of his skin or his by sexual identity. He only knows love! He only knows that people want the best for him! He doesn’t yet know that some people might judge him solely based on the person he loves or the color of his skin. I hope he NEVER has to learn anything different. I hope he is free to go where ever he wants, love whoever he wants, and is afford all the same privileges of being human. Babies aren’t born with hate in their heart. Hate is something that is taught and learned. My hope is people get educated. My hope is people rasie their children to love others unconditionally. My hope is that kind wins. My hope is to treat humans as humans. My hope is that this precious baby grows up in a different world and he knows the people who love him the most did everything to help change that.

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hi everyone! i have a bit of free time while the baby is napping today so i’ve decided to do some research on an idea i had. black students and students of color face an overwhelming disadvantage in america. because of gentrification, school districts that are majority poc are extremely underfunded & teachers often have to pay for school supplies, etc. out of their own pockets (many teachers in all areas do, but these teachers especially).

i’d like to make a masterpost of links to donate to teachers and classrooms of black and poc students. i will be doing my own research and reblogging with links. if anyone has suggestions of places to donate to, please reblog and add them to this post! signal boosts are appreciated!

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Bloop bloop open eyes

When are we gonna realise

That our biggest problems are in our minds

That the things society values aren’t all that wise.

True growth only comes when you’re past self dies and you live in Christ

The pressure to fit in ruins lives

Fake smiles don’t change lives only holds back cries, fake smiles real lies

Wrong relationships are difficult to realise

Girls looking for Romeo using the wrong methods

Party,adultry,leaves you next, outcome of impatience

Just saying , it’s tempting but the lifestyle is real capricious

They keep no feelings they just keep it lurking

Sometimes the secret to finding is to stop searching

Keep love purging, infactuation is masking to the calling we ignoring

The Lord’s calling , Angel’s honor’s him

Keep he’s name high and don’t stop following

Societies got us living life to be useless, just a nuisance.

Ratata you were here and now you’re you’re past tense, this makes no sense

I feel like worse is yet to come

The world be done

Worse is that I don’t know if I’ll be one

Of the raptured taken straight, into my own star

I know that this must seem kinda dumb

But I don’t care the world’s ending and I’m worrisome

My soul’s numb

Have fun, they say you’re going to hell anyway like everyone

See evil I gun run

I see signs of the end of days

Myself embrace

The only thing that I think is grace

Amazing grace

Sweet sound, hellish race


#throughchristalone #jesuschrist #Blessgo

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In 1945, Ellen Wilkinson MP chaired the UK Labour Party Conference.  At that time, it was resolved that Labour would not support a continuation of the wartime coalition government led by Winston Churchill, and under the calm leadership of Clement Attlee, Labour went  on to win the general election later that summer in a landslide.

Labour campaigned effectively on their cradle-to-grave Welfare State manifesto, including universal health care, and invoked memories of  widespread pre-war unemployment and poverty.  Lord Peter Carrington, who later served as Foreign secretary in the first Thatcher administration, but was then in the army, said;

“…I don’t think any member of my squadron voted conservative…The very simple reason from their point of view was unemployment…A lot of them had been unemployed before the war.  They blamed the pre-war (National) government which they thought was basically a conservative government, it was a simple as that…”

Not everyone was surprised by the Labour victory.  Even Winston Churchill’s wife, Clementine, detected ominous signs during the campaign, as their daughter, Lady Soames, later recalled;

“…Of course he (Churchill)  had reason to feel optimistic.  During the course of the election campaign, he did these great tours in open cars, and great crowds assembled; rushing, cheering and surrounding him.  But my mother, she had noticed, in the crowds, that quite often, four or five rows back, there were people not cheering, or quite watchful, with hostile faces…”

Ellen Wilkinson, an independently spirited champion of human rights and against poverty and unemployment, served in Clement Attlee’s government as Education Minister, but died in 1947.

Winston Churchill led the Tories back into power in 1951, but many of Labour’s economic and social initiatives would remain in place, in what became known as the Post-War Consensus.

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1961: First human in space

1969: First human on the moon

2000: First human long-term stay aboard the ISS

2020: First SpaceX flight with humans on-board

Tomorrow (May 27) a new chapter of human space exploration begins.

Good Luck and Godspeed to @elonmusk, @SpaceX & @NASA teams.

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1/100 days of studying for my entry test

Hello everyone! Today I’ve realized that 100 days are missing until I’ll (re)take the test in order to attend the university of vet medicine and so I’ve decided to start this challenge. There are two main reasons for this: 1)in this way I’ll be more productive 2)i wanted to post more on this blog so here we are
( of course I’m studying for this since months already)
  • Btw today I’ve revised some molecular biology and done a lot of quizzes on it.
  • Bonus pic: my cat who loves tanning on the rooftop
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R. H. Tawney
One of the main truths of all education is that if the young are not always right, the old are always wrong.
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