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Why he broke up with you
Rob Pattinson character dump
✨ Cedric Diggory, Neil, Edward Cullen, and Bruce Wayne
✨this is just filler. I have a spicy mcu! May Parker fic coming up (gender neutral reader!) but I'm writing this at Harris teeter lmao. I've gotten some GOOD ASS requests and I'm so excited to write them all! For now, here is this Rob Pattinson character thing
✨masterlist | requests are open for fics and for ships, but only for one more day!!! Send any in if you have them! My rules and fandoms list are here
Tumblr media
Cedric broke up with you because his father. His father didn't like you because your father and paternal side of the family were death eaters. Your mother managed to get away with you and any of your siblings.
If you're a Slytherin then that makes it a little bit worse. Amos is truly a good man. It's not so much that he doesn't like you as much as it's the fact your father was a death eater. Your father was an active death eater.
Cedric always loved you, even after the break up he remained close to you. He insisted yoh tei could be friends. You were the one taken into the lake. "I'm just his friend," you told the headmaster meekly as you agreed to be apart of the task.
Dumbledore's just sent you a little look over his crescent glasses. He didn't press the matter but hell, even he knew that you and Cedric would never be "just friends."
Cedric took you to the Yule ball as a friend. He stole kisses from you, but as a friend. Before he went into the final task of the tournament he swore to you he'd win you back. He'd make it all up to you. He didn't care what his father thought. "Just wait here. Watch me win. I'm not doing this for anyone else but you."
After Cedric dies, Amos takes it out on you.
Cedric's mother keeps in touch with you, on the down low. She sends you some of his things. A few of his sweaters and one of his house ties.
If you're a Hufflepuff (hufflepuff pride runs in my blood) then you wear his tie every day with your uniform. If you're another house, you wear his tie like an accessory, or you cuddle with it at night.
It hurts to know that when Cedric died, he wasn't your boyfriend.
Especially when you're older. As an adult, meeting for lunch with Cedric's mom, she tells you that Cedric swore up and down he would marry you. Cedric never paid mind to his father's quarrels with you. It was always Cedric's intention to go back after you, despite breaking up.
Tumblr media
"What's happened's happened."
That's generally the philosophy Neil goes by.
But you were the one person he was willing to break all the rules for.
You were dead. You died, pregnant with his child, all because of your relationship with Neil.
Neil, who typically was so logical and strict, defied everything he stood for and he went back to make a different choice. Not even Protague could stop him.
It was hard work. And it didn't pay off. Fixing that one mistake didn't save your life. What he thought was over happened again, and you died, and your child died.
So he did it again.
And he did it four more times after that.
And finally he realized there was one more option; the last resort.
He stopped himself from ever pursuing you.
Your relationship was done. It had never happened. You were just some person apart of Tenent. Only Protague knew about why could have been; what had been. It pained Neil to watch you work without even realizing he had been the love of your life.
You talked to him and regarded him as strange because he always looked at you with weird grief.
It hurts to watch you live your life. You were ever ignorant of the very person you had to work side by side with.
Tumblr media
^ @robpattinsongifs
Edward Cullen
Jasper almost killed your mother.
A close call. Very close.
You and Edward sat down that night as Carlisle tended to her wounds. You asked Edward how to proceed from there. How could you keep the Volturi away from your dear mother? Now two humans knew the secrets of Forks, and the Volturi wouldn't take kindly to that.
"What can we do?" You pressed as you squeezed Edward's hand. "Maybe there's a vampire that can actually use that kind control. That compulsion. It's a myth for a reason, right? Some vampire can likely just make her forget it ever happened?"
Edward told you he would take care of it.
And of course that meant he was leaving town. Leaving the entire country.
Saying goodbye to you was hard, because you knew what he was doing. You didn't belive any of the "I don't love you anymore" bullshit Edward tried to pull.
But you ultimately couldn't stop him from leaving town. It hurts to know that, in spite of the disasterous split, Edward still loves you too.
Tumblr media
Bruce Wayne
A continuation...
As his career as Batman progresses, he fades away. His entire life has been consumed by the devil; his other half had once been you. Now it's the Bat.
He will always love you. You will always be the one for him. But he's no longer living a regular life. Bruce Wayne isn't even his real self; the millionaire ceo is the real facade.
Batman doesn't make for a good lover. He can't love you right. He's afraid that he'll drag you down with him.
Similar to Edward, he says things to hurt you in an effort to really get the job done. And you belive them.
"I'll never marry you. I'll never want to marry you. I don't want a life with you. I don't want to have your children. I just want to be alone for once."
It hurts to watch the heartbreak in your eyes. Your spirit was snuffed out like a candlelight and you went numb. You quietly left his life; and he was, from then in, truly alone.
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Mrs. Cullen
Pairing: Edward Cullen x Fem! Human! Reader
Summary: @twilightlover2007​: One of the Cullen boys, I'm open to whomever visiting their human gf and she's a teacher so the kids are ALL over her when he comes to visit. His reaction to it would make my heart swell! ❤
Word count: 0.9k 
Warning/s: none, just fluff and love all over 
A/N: I absolutely loved this and I hope you do too!
GIF is not mine! Credits to the owner! (can I just say I am in LOVE with this gif?!)
Tumblr media
“Okay, now who would like to tell me at least three parts of a plant?” You asked brightly with a smile, leaning on the teacher’s table looking at all the young faces of your students.
Not too long ago you’ve always had the dream of teaching kids to show them the world worked, how you adored them especially the way their eyes lit up when you began talking. Now you’re here, teaching in one of the many classrooms in a primary school in Forks.
“Hmm? No one?” You asked as students began raising their hand up.
“Yes, Elijah?” Stretching your hand out and ushering the boy to stand up to answer.
He shots up, “Uhm the stem, flower...”
You hid a small laugh and nodded, “Correct, go on..”
“And leaf!”
“Correct! That’s amazing Elijah!” You congratulated the kid. You proceeded to ask more questions as the students seemed to want to have a turn of their own in answering, it made your heart melt and a thought of you with kids suddenly flashed in your mind. You simply glanced at the time, and you realized it was nearing dismissal.
“Good job everyone! And that ends our class for today, don’t forget the things you’ll be bringing on Thursday, okay?” You reminded again which you got responses that consisted of ‘Yes miss’ ‘Will do!’ and so on. You reached over and opened the door for them and went back to your place.
Standing up straight, you watched as the students packed their bags ready to head home. But before they do, all of them quickly rushed over to you to give you a hug, well, it looked more like they were hugging your knees, but it doesn’t fail to make you feel happy, you can’t even remember the first time they did that but it filled you greatly with warmth and surprise. They were muttering quick goodbye’s and see you tomorrows.
Though all of them seemed to stop all at once as a knock on the door was heard. You furrowed your eyebrows and you decided to take a glance up by the door as your hands rested upon a student’s shoulders.
The feelings you had now seemed to be amplified by a ton.
Your face lit up as a smile graced your features “Edward...”
“Good afternoon,” His American accent thick as his eyes glance around the kids surrounding you before travelling back to yours “You seem busy.”
You shake your head at him and noticed how his face contorted into different emotions as his mind was overrun by the thoughts of the children around both of you, but one emotion settled across his features: happiness. You turned your head sideways to avoid his loving gaze in order to compose yourself in front of the kids and you were successful, surprisingly.
You devised a plan to go over to him, yet your students didn’t budge. “Miss, who’s that?” One of the kids asked, all the students looking back and forth over you and Edward. You tried to think of an explanation.
“Well… he’s m-“ Before you get to speak, your student blurted one question aloud.
“Why does he look funny?”
You had to stop yourself from bursting out of laughter while Edward looked slightly offended but he shook his head.
“Class,” You started, Edward walked inside the classroom and looked around. The bright lights alone rivaled the paleness of his face. “Please welcome Edward, my significant other.” You announce with the spike of your heartbeat. It was a silly thing; you were just introducing him to a bunch of kids, but it held some kind of a deeper meaning within you.
“That’s a nice name.”
“He’s so pale!”  
“Hello Mr. Edward.”
“Your eyes are cool mister!”
You looked at him as the kids turned their attention to Edward. “Hey guys.” He managed to let out, seemingly overwhelmed by the voices he’s hearing within.
“Time’s running kids, you guys should be out by now, your parents are probably waiting for you all outside.” You reminded with a gentle voice and each of them gave you a hug as they left. As the room was left between Edward and you, he slowly placed his hands on yours and tugged you close. You happily obliged, placing your hands against his lean chest as he stared down at you.
“They love you.” He spoke lowly with a smile once again forming on his face. You tilted your head. “You should’ve heard what they were thinking, it’s amazing honestly.” “And what would that be?” You questioned.
“They’re thinking of how Mrs. (L/N) is such a great teacher; some even aspire to be like you one day.” Edward answers with a hopeful tint lacing his voice. You looked to the side in thought of your students teaching one day, it made your heart swell with pride. Edward looks at you, placing his index finger and thumb under your chin and making you look back up at him.
“You’re going to be an amazing mother someday.” He suddenly blurts out which you froze at. You’ve never really given it much thought but you and Edward getting married and having a family of your own? Doesn’t seem to be that bad, for one it was almost like a dream come true to you if that day ever comes to reality. For now, you were taking your time enjoying what life had to offer.
“Oh, stop it.” You said, wrapping your arms around him tightly as he did the same. Pulling away after a few minutes he still had that smile stuck to his face.
“Whatever you say, Mrs. Cullen.”
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infictionalwonderland · 4 months ago
Can you please write a headcannon of dating the twilight characters you write for ❤️
sure thing love <3
Tumblr media
Dating the twilight characters headcanons !
warnings : fluffff, mentions of blood death etc etc, swearing
characters included : jasper, rosalie, emmett, alice, carlisle, edward
Jasper Hale —
i am so in love with this man
he’d be really cautious at first
he doesn’t trust himself at all and with something as precious and fragile as you he was even more anxious at harming you
i feel like he would feel better if he initiated all of your touches when your relationship with him becomes more romantic & intense
pls respect my baby’s boundaries
but when the trust between the two of you strengthens
he’s willing to let you be the one to initiate contact and such things
when this happens.. pda will be a regular occurrence tbh
when he gets used to your touch, he’ll find comfort in it
hand holding :))
head buried into your neck, and you silently cheering him on as he overcomes his blood lust
but that’s just what his love for you does.
it overpowers his desire for blood
is his nickname for you
& in that accent
overall the cutest couple ngl.
Rosalie Hale —
you’re the only one who she’s just soft with.
that’s a major flex tbh
she loves when you run your hands through her hair, brush her hair, style her hair just anything like that
it’s so soothing for her
she’s so protective of you
arm around your waist at all times and glaring at anyone who looks over to youse
forehead kisses >>>
she’s big spoon 😁
she secretly loves your cuddles and cuddling with you
no matter how much she jokingly complains
loyalty is also a very serious thing for her so if you betray her trust in any kinda way
.. let’s just say she won’t be pleased
you two the typa couple to dance around to absolutely no music
& to run around in the rain
we all know bae wants kids
so.. yh prepare to adopt
bye bye your sanity :)
Emmett Cullen —
underrated hottie
you two are the LIFE of the parties
one of youse is always ‘misbehaving’ as esme says
mama cullen even suggested a naughty step
but like she loves you both, you’re her children, so it’s okay :))))
constant laughter
constant teasing
constant sexual comments
and to outsiders you two have the most confusing dynamic
one second you’ll be having a ‘fight’ and the next you’re literally jumping into his arms and he’s swinging you around happily
he loves to just kiss ALL over your face for no reason over than your laughter, his favourite sound
and you tend to just randomly jump into his arms or onto his back & he has to catch you
sometimes he purposely just lets you fall and laughs at you
what an ass 🙄 I know
Alice Cullen —
ALICE 💗💝💕💖
she’s so giddy and happy and UGH i love her
you’re basically her protector, not that she needs it, you just adore your bubbly fairy-like gf and never wanna see her in harms way
alice’s fav
can always catch the two of you cuddling wherever
constant adoring gazes
a lot of touching
lot of mushy-ness & soppy shit but it’s okay bc it’s alice
so so many compliments
she picks out your outfits for you sometimes and makes them match/coordinate with her own
best friends & lovers in one
she never fails to impress you
and you never fail to have her in sheer awe of you
cutest gfs
Carlisle Cullen —
okay im a dom
but this man 👀
anyway moving on
sorry sweetheart but you’re now the official mother of unstable dead bitches :)
have fun with that xoxo
i don’t really see a lot of pda with him
cuz idk i don’t think he’s the type
BUT i do however see him as the possessive type .. just me? mkay
he doesn’t really ‘mark’ you like in sexual way, cuz youse like with his kinda kids and they’d never let him live that down
but he does insist you wear his clothing, he’ll sometimes give you jewellery and perhaps even a ring with his initials
im here for it
lot of pet names
‘my love’
lemme catch my breath
Edward Cullen —
i kinda have mixed ish feelings bout him but let me just proceed with this
lives to tease
idc what youse say
this man IS a tease
hand on thigh
tracing your arms & figure ‘n shit
cheeky fucker just winks and/or grins at you
he likes you reading to him
he’ll have his head in your lap and you can just read to him, it’s peaceful
also outdoor adventures are another thing he likes
now that really ain’t for me, i don’t ever leave my house unless im forced but if that’s what you like then .. so does he 😶
he finds silence peaceful
like you two can be in bed, you’re sleeping on his chest ( if your human ) and he’s just looking down at you so in love, feeling peaceful and happy
in a non creepy way..
let’s hope 😃
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plus-size-reader · 6 months ago
Normal Family
Tumblr media
Edward Cullen x Plus size!reader
Word Count: 2800 words
Warnings: none
Summary: Edward taking the reader to meet his family for the very first time. 
"They're going to love you" Edward reminded, catching you fiddling with the necklace around your neck again.
It was an anxious habit you'd picked up over the years, and while he understood why you could be nervous given the plan for today, he wished you would relax.
Your thoughts were so loud, and you really were getting yourself worked up over nothing.
His family was as casual as could be, as far as a group of timeless vampires was concerned, and they weren’t nearly as intimidating as you seemed to think they were.
It was going to be fine.
Edward had every confidence that they were going to love you, just as much as he did, but you weren't so easily convinced.
It didn't matter that he'd repeated himself four times since you'd gotten out of the car.
You couldn't help it.
There was a lot riding on this going well.
Of course, deep down you knew that of all the things you should have been worried about when it came to meeting Edward's nuclear family, what they thought of you shouldn't have even cracked the top ten.
It was just that knowing that didn’t really take any of the stress away.
That didn't mean that you didn’t have anything to worry about or that it hadn't been on your mind since he suggested you do this.
These were the people that knew him better than anyone, and they’d been in his life a long, long time.
You just didn't want them to think poorly of you.
Besides, what would happen if they thought you weren't good enough? If they thought that he had made some kind of mistake when he let you in?
You weren't sure you could handle being with him if the people who knew him best in the world couldn't imagine you two together.
What chance would you have of making it if they didn't think you could? Surely, they would know if you two were compatible or not.
...and you knew that you weren't the only one who'd have a hard time, even if he wouldn't admit it to you.
It was no secret that Edward was really traditional and if he didn't get some kind of blessing from them, you were sure he'd struggle continuing on too.
Of course it was freaking you out.
"You can't promise that, you know?" you grumbled back, not letting your fingers fall from the chain hanging around your neck even when you caught him looking. 
You knew that it was probably going to be fine.
There was no reason it wouldn't go well, you just couldn't let yourself relax until it was over and you knew that they approved.
After that, everything would be fine and you could let loose a little.
"I wouldn't have given you that if I knew you'd do this with it" he teased, gesturing to the jewelry still mangled under your nervous touching, which he'd given you a few months back for your birthday.
You'd made him promise not to get you something and while you had been upset that he didn't listen at first, you hadn't taken it off since you'd gotten it.
Which made it the perfect outlet to get your nervous energy out right now.
"I can't help it. I just feel like I'm walking into the lion's den" you countered, forcing yourself to drop your hand finally, tucking it into the front pocket of your pants to keep it at bay.
You were here, at the Cullen family home, and it was even more intimidating up close than you could have imagined before now.
It was huge, but that wasn't the most confronting thing about it.
That remained the vampires dwelling inside that you were sure were now waiting on your arrival. 
Edward had made a whole scene out of telling you how excited they were to meet you, and you knew he meant it.
He'd been alone for a long time, something he told you up front, and before you, he wasn't really accustomed to letting people in at all.
It was too close, too personal, but you had managed to capture his heart anyway and for that, the Cullen's were thrilled.
They just couldn't wait to meet this mysterious partner they'd heard so much about.
"They aren't nearly what you're expecting. I can promise that" Edward grinned, taking your hand from where you'd exiled it before leading you up to the house, with as much ease as ever.
This wasn't nearly as nerve-wracking for him as it was for you.
In fact, if he was being honest, Edward was about as excited to introduce you to the others as they were to meet you.
He knew that once you relaxed, you would all get along swimmingly, and while the rest of his family could be embarrassing sometimes, he knew that you were going to like them too.
"Just remember, they aren't really a normal family" came his final warning as the door swung open, giving way to the open entryway and the awaiting Cullen family members.
They had heard everything of course, and even if they hadn't heard you talking about how nervous you were for this evening, they definitely could read it given the speeding of your heartbeat but they didn't care.
It could certainly be intimidating.
After all, it wasn't everyday that one got an opportunity to meet their partner's family and it was even fewer that one got the chance to meet their vampire other half's vampire family.
Naturally, you had no idea what was to come.
...and they wouldn't have expected any less.
You did your best to smile, keeping yourself as calm as possible as you focused on his words. 
Of course, that meant Edward got to hear them over and over again in your thoughts but he didn't mind too much.
If it made you feel better, he would have heard it a million times over.
They aren't a normal family.
They're going to love you.
This is just another thing people do, and you can handle this.
You just kept going, reminding yourself of all the things you needed to keep in mind as you tried to make this okay, following Edward into the house where his entire family was waiting.
Of course, it was terrifying but you weren't completely unprepared either. You knew that you had to give yourself some credit because you paid attention.
Edward cared a lot about his family and he talked about them a lot. Because of that, you almost felt like you knew them yourself, even though you'd technically never met most of them.
"There you are. We were starting to get worried" Carlisle hummed, a small teasing smile on his face as he addressed you.
He was the only member of this family you'd had the privilege of knowing before today, as he'd been your physician for as long as you could remember.
Knowing that he recognized you did serve to take some of the edge off.
"Sorry about that, we stopped to get some food" Edward chimed in, gingerly rubbing your lower back when he caught the uptick in your heartbeat again.
You had to calm down.
It was like he'd told you, his family wasn't like most families. They had all come together from their own journeys, spanning several lifetimes each.
The last thing they would worry about was the two of you being an hour late for a meeting.
It wasn't like any of them had bedtimes to get too, after all.
"It's not a problem at all" a second voice assured, a petite brunette coming to rest at Carlisle's side, her hand resting comfortably on his upper arm.
You had no way to know for sure but everything in your being told you this must have been Edward's mother.
There was just something so loving and maternal in her air, even if she wasn't technically related to any of the children she called her own.
"You must be Y/N, I'm Esme" she hummed, turning her attention away from the man at her side to smile at you, the softness of her gaze filling you with warmth.
All you could do was nod, a timid smile on your own face as you tried to find any words to say.
What were you supposed to say to your boyfriend's vampire parents?
Nice to meet you just didn't feel like it was going to cut it.
“I’ve heard a lot about you” you allowed, thinking back to all the times Edward had mentioned his ‘parents’ doing things together, or family get-togethers planned almost entirely by Alice and the woman in front of you.
You really did feel like you knew her already.
...and she wasn’t the only one.
From behind you came the most adorable little squeal of excitement you’d ever heard in your entire life as Edward’s eclectic little sister made her entrance through the patio window.
Of course, she had perfect timing.
Alice knew better than anyone that Edward had stopped to get you something to eat on the drive over, because she’d seen it, and thus, she knew this was the perfect time to introduce herself to you.
You two were going to be besties, after all, and she knew that while you might not be too comfortable right now, you’d get there soon enough.
“Oh my goodness, look at you two” she cooed, approaching you both with a small skip in her step. 
Alice knew that you were sure to be adorable if you caught Edward’s eye but she couldn’t have prepared herself for this.
You two were so cute, standing close to one another in the entryway.
It was everything she could have wanted.
“I couldn’t wait to meet you” she grinned, taking your hands in her own, giving them a small squeeze as she kept you close, trying to be as friendly as she knew how to be without taking into account how overwhelming this could be.
Though, Edward did.
He always paid attention to that stuff, especially where you were concerned.
“You’re Alice, aren’t you?” you deduced, a slight laugh falling from your lips as you thought about all the times Edward had told you about his strangest sibling, and all the things that she always got herself into.
She seemed heavily convinced that you two would be great friends and at this point, you weren’t sure that you’d argue with her where that was concerned.
She was definitely a character.
...and once again, she wasn’t the only one.
You should have known that where Alice was, Jasper would be.
Edward had made it pretty clear to you that the two of them never really went anywhere without the other, but that didn’t prepare you for when he came out of nowhere.
In fact, it wasn’t until you found yourself feeling suddenly calm and at ease that you realized Jasper had made an appearance as well, shocking you at his close proximity.
“It’s okay to be nervous Y/N, but you don’t have to be. You’re going to fit in just fine” she hummed, not even hesitating to step in on Jasper’s behalf.
She knew that he was trying to help but she didn’t want to freak you out too bad.
This is going to take some getting used to and you needed some time to adjust, time to accept what was happening.
You heard Edward sigh, clearly finding this a lot more difficult to get through than he’d been initially expecting. In all these years, he’d never invited anyone to meet his family before and he was starting to think that was the right call.
This entire time, you were worried about them not liking you but he was just trying to figure out how you hadn’t walked out yet.
They weren’t exactly making it easy on you.
“Alright, I think that’s enough” he decided, finally having had enough of this exchange. It was bad enough that Alice didn’t respect any boundaries ever but now Jasper was messing with your feelings.
That definitely crossed some kind of line.
Still, it did seem to work a little bit because you were definitely more relaxed now than you’d been when you first walked in.
At least you weren’t repeating those words in your head like a prayer anymore.
“It’s okay, they’re sweet” you shrugged, making sure to let your boyfriend know that you were okay. He had always gotten really overprotective of you but you knew that Alice had a point too.
They definitely didn’t pose any kind of threat to you, other than crossing some personal space boundaries.
It really wasn’t that big of a deal after all.
“I was just worried you guys wouldn’t like me” you shrugged, doing your best to fill in the surrounding members of the Cullen family without giving too much information away. You didn’t want them to think you were crazy.
You just also didn’t want to leave them in the dark.
“Wouldn’t like who?” came a third unknown member of the family from around the corner, having followed the unfamiliar smell of human blood and the sound of your heart beating in your chest to the front room.
It was Emmett.
You knew it was.
There was only one brother unaccounted for and as soon as you turned around to see him standing there, his whole frame taking up most of the doorway, you knew just how right you’d been.
He and Rosalie had come out of nowhere, but you didn’t mind. You had come here to meet Edward’s family after all and you couldn’t exactly do that without the two of them.
They were the last of the Cullen’s on your checklist.
“Emmett, Rosalie, this is Y/N” Edward stepped up, spinning you around so that the two of them could actually look you in the face. 
They didn’t have a habit of having human’s in their house but it wasn’t entirely out of the question.
Even Rose had to agree that she was glad her brother had found someone to spend his time with, after all this time.
It wasn’t good to be alone as often as he was, after all these years.
Carlisle had known plenty of vampires like that, vampires that didn’t do anything in their spare time, that went into every meaningless day just as tired and empty as the day before. It wasn’t an existence for anything.
Much less a human being.
“She’s real? I was starting to think you were making the whole thing up” Emmett grinned, razing his brother as he’d been known to do. 
He was happy that the two of you had finally made it here, since Edward had been talking about it for so long.
He was always going on and on about you, going on and on about the things you did together and all the things that you liked to do but Emmett couldn’t help but be shocked you’d come here.
It took a special kind of person to wander into a vampire’s home intentionally, and then to hear that you were actually worried about them not liking you? It was crazy.
If anything, they should have been the ones watching their Ps and Qs.
There was a lot riding on you liking them too, for Edward and for the rest of the Cullen’s, with the world the way it was, they couldn’t turn down any allies they could get.
Having more people that knew their secret made blending in that much easier.
“Yeah, she’s real, and we really should be going” Edward sighed, actually hoping that you’d let him get to the tour part of this evening. 
You’d already talked to the six of them more than enough and now that Emmett was involved, he was ready to go.
It was a lot.
A lot at once and while his goofy banter and silly antics would grow to be endearing, right now, it was reading a little too immature for Edward’s liking.
“I’m sure I’ll see you all a little later, it was lovely to meet you” you grinned, following your boyfriend’s lead out of the room.
It wasn’t really what you were expecting but as far as meeting your boyfriends’ undead vampire family went, it was much better than you’d been expecting.
You would even go as far as to say that it had gone well.
...and it was only the beginning.
You had a feeling that your relationship to all of the Cullen’s was only going to grow stronger and better as time went on. 
You just knew that eventually, it would all work out and you’d be able to make them just as much your family as they were Edwards.
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shoot-the-oneshot · 2 months ago
Undercover edited*
Requested @arielaloves​ “you’re never going to let that go are you?” “I don’t believe you”
Paul Lahote x Reader
Tumblr media
“I said leave me alone!” You yelled, emphasizing your point by letting the door slam shut behind you. Storming into Emily’s house with an equally annoyed wolf on your tail wasn’t how you had pictured your day turning out but here we are. You could practically feel Pauls huffs on the back of your neck as if he was standing right behind you. which he would’ve been if his brothers hadn’t been holding him back as he shook violently, "You're not going and that's final, I don’t care if you don’t agree with my decisions but you will not go off the Res!” Paul snarled,
you knew he wouldn’t like it but you don’t have to just stand there and sit pretty, "once again, not the boss of me." you sang not looking back as you threw some clothes you had here into your duffle bag. Now if there was a threat you'd understand, even listen to him, but a baby. they turn into wolves the size of a car and a baby is the main antagonist, okay sure. "Y/n what's going on?" Emily asked, standing in the doorway you suspect she's as equally curious as she was sent to calm you down while her wolf worked to do the same to your imprinter that you could hear yelling and growling from downstairs. pausing from hazardously zipping the bag, feeling your eyes well up, "it's a baby Em," you sighed continuing when you see her brows scrunch up like Pauls’ did when you said it to him. "What if Paul and I have kids or you and Sam, and someone thinks they're a monster? can I not fight or have an opinion because I'm not a supernatural or whatever we are calling this?" when you mention your future children Pauls snarls got even louder to the point it drowned out the orders Sam was giving,  Emily flinched at the commotion, no doubt imagining the absolute wreck her living room will be after two wolves go at it. but you could see in her eyes that while she would never side against Sam, she saw your point, and you were never one to turn away from a fight. another thing you and paul had in common. shouldering your bag you took a second to collect yourself before going back downstairs, Emily softly reached for your arm, "Are you sure about this?"  her shoulders rose and fell with a sigh at the determination she saw on your face, "Just be careful." with a wordless nod you started down the steps, everyone was in the yard now, you'd have to go past them to get to your car. the pack surrounded Paul practically making a wall between you both, not that it stopped him. "After everything I've done to protect you, you're just going to walk right into the bloodsuckers' house!" Paul yelled, storming towards you, being the second strongest wolf there with Jake gone, it would take the entire pack to hold him back if he lunged if they could. At this point you were steps away from your car, you paused not turning to look back. "Uh Huh," you knew the one word answer would piss him off, even more, you can't lie and say you didn't do it on purpose. and with that, you got in your car slamming the door behind you. you couldn’t help but peek in the rearview mirror seeing a grey wolf explode and start to chase after the car, but get tackled by a shifted Sam before he could catch up.
once out of view you allowed yourself a chance to breathe everything hitting you square in the chest, sure you’ve fought with Paul before, over what movie to watch that night or who loved who more not like this, not when you could feel his anger and pain just as strong as you could feel yours. you pulled your shaking hand off the steering wheel to wipe away the tears that leaked through. you refused to be that girl, the one that wouldn’t stand up for her beliefs because her boyfriend didn’t agree. you were stronger than that.
pulling up to the Cullen house, thank god Leah still had her phone and you were close enough to share each other's locations or you’d have no clue where you were going. you were astounded by the sheer size of the place. before you could even turn the car off you had almost the full Cullen coven minus a few in the yard. swallowing the lump in your throat being surrounded by vampires, the only comfort you had was that they were supposed vegans,  the two wolves that wouldn’t let anything happen to you making an appearance didn’t hurt. the blonde was the first to approach, "if you think we'll let you walk in here because your human you are strongly mistaken!" she snaps, holding your hand up in surrender. "I'm here to help not to hurt anyone." you whispered, being slightly overwhelmed, another voice spoke up behind the girl, "stop, she's telling the truth." the man that spoke quickly came up next to the blonde and locked eyes with you, "I'm Edward, don't mind Rosalie, shes always hostile," he said holding a hand out to shake yours, you hate that you hesitated and flinched from the cold, used to Pauls warmth. "I'll take you to Bella," he turned to guide you through the huge house, stopping at the group of people standing around a couch, tensing at all the eyes on you again. the small pixie-looking one was looking like she was trying to read you and it made you uncomfortable, Leah came up behind you grabbing your hand for support, you and her have always been close so the contact wasn’t new only difference was Paul wasn’t there to get jealous. Edward gave you a sad look when he read your thoughts, nodding his head to Alice to knock it off, he saw the fight you had with your wolf counterpart and if you were willing to do that, it was good enough for him to trust you. Jakes eye widen seeing you there half expecting Paul to burst through the window. you assume to be the acting parents moved aside from Bella allowing you to see her. you hope the gasp you let out was restrained, she looked like a living corpse, was it already too late. the older woman softly brushed the arm Leah didn’t have a hold of, the act would’ve felt almost motherly if a shiver hadn't run through you, "let me know if you get hungry dear." you mumbled a thanks not able to take your eyes off Bella, you had both met after she slapped Paul, for which you gave her a high five for, you loved the guy, but sometimes he asked for it. that girl you met was a far cry from the one that lays before you. taking a seat on the glass coffee table in front of the couch trying your best to give a comforting smile you hoped didn't resemble a grimace, "where the hell have you been loca?" Bella and Jacob snickered or the best Bella could do at the remark. "You're never going to let that go are you?" jake sighed he said it once and you wouldn’t stop using it at every chance you had. "Not anytime soon." your eyes shot to the wolfs before meeting Bellas again, her boney hand reached out to take yours, "I'm glad to see you." was all she was able to say before Edward brought her a cup of something, seeing the red in the straw you quickly stood and made your way to the three wolves in the corner while she was distracted. "Surprised to see you here." Jake side-eyed you while you both looked over the yard, "Long story" you sighed,
Back in La Push, there was a whole other situation unraveling, the remaining pack members gathered at Emilys like always but instead of in a rage Paul was in panic mode, "I should’ve never let her go this whole plan was insane!" he shouted continuing to pace the length of the room. "It was a good plan Paul, you know Seth, and Leah, won't let anything happen to her." Sam sighed, not helping ease Pauls mind, he wouldn’t be calm again until you were back in his arms. he fell in love with your brain it only makes sense it’s what would get him killed.
the pack was sitting around the table trying to come up with a way to deal with the vampire child the Cullens made, they already lost Jacob, Seth, and Leah. while it wasn’t ideal they could still take action if needed against them. the boys were throwing ideas back and forth while their imprints lingered in the back, you watched as Paul rubbed his eyes for the fourth time in as many minutes, a motion he only does when he's stressed, it killed you that you couldn’t help and by the look of the others they felt the same way, giving the girls a look you wordlessly nodded to the boys and collectively made you way over to your collective wolves. The tension in Pauls shoulders dropped when you walked up behind him rubbed them, he shot you a smile that barely reached his eyes his cheek fell to meet your hand on his shoulder nuzzling into it. the conversation pausing momentarily as the wolves soaked up the attention from their imprints, once everyone had a few moments and talks picked back up you brought up the idea that's been going around in your head. "All your plans are reactions to actions you can't have a good plan that way, you need someone on the inside telling you what's happening as it does." Pauls head shot up off your hand as you spoke, "I doubt Jake would spill anything about his precious Bella," Embry jokes, being ignored by the older wolves. "If we did somehow have someone there, the Cullens have powers they would see right through it" Sam explained, but you could see he was working out a way for it to work. "Unless we worked around it." Paul was starting not to like the direction this was going, he didn’t know what you had in mind but with as smart as you were he knew it would be a good idea but not likely one he'd agree with. "Explain?"  Sam asked leaning his arms on the table to take in your plan. "Bella said the one the can see the future can't see past the wolves so there's already a blank space of operation," you paused to make sure everyone was following, "And the mind reader we just have to trick." "And how would we do that?" Emily asked behind Sam, "If we make a big enough scene that will be the for front of my thoughts so that will be the only thing he sees or reads whatever they call it." you shrugged a little confused on that last part but your point still stands. when your words registered with Paul he shot out of his chair, that flung out with his sudden movement. "Absolutely not!" "What kind of scene?" Paul and Sam spoke simultaneously, the former almost growled at the older wolf for entertaining this idea of putting you in danger. "It would have to be an emotional one to overpower everything else." Paul only got angrier as you both ignored him. "I said no, I'm not letting you go in there!" everyone went silent at his outburst while they were all used to his hotheadedness they weren’t used to it being directed at you, you nodded your head pointing to the seething wolf. "Yeah like that." and then it was decided you'd all go through this elaborate plan to tick the vampires so you could be essentially an undercover spy, and Paul hated every second, "I don't believe you, I can’t believe you're making me do this," he whined following behind you as you walked through the woods behind Emilys house. giving your big pup a smile before leaning into his chest, who stubbornly refused to wrap his arms around you like he normally would, showing his displeasure with all this "I deal with you on a daily I'll be fine," you joked lightening the mood you knew he couldn't stay mad at you. with a sigh he pulled you tighter against him, his eyes staring into your soul, his hands framing your face, "I don't care what the stakes are, you feel off or in danger you call for me, scream yell anything I'll hear you." he promises, which you already knew. pushing up on your toes to brush your lips against his. "Remember, get angry." pulling out of his arms and storming towards the house you heard his growl at the teasing. and action. The only thing that kept Paul from storming the house was taking all the patrol shifts surrounding the Cullens house needing to be as close to his imprint as possible and being near in case of danger. Just hoping to catch a glimpse of you through the window like he would before you knew you were his soulmate just spending every possible second watching over you from the woods.
The next few days were fairly routine, Carlisle would run out to town so more blood supply, how the town hasn't run out yet was beyond you. Edward, Jake, and Rosile were never more than two feet away from Bella, you and the wolves kept to yourselves mostly, Leah and Seth traded patrol shifts with the other Vampires, the big one that likes games and the lanky one that apparently has an issue with humans, great. you'd help Esme cook, it helped to be able to taste the food you're making. Which made you miss Emily. not thinking about Paul was hard but you forced yourself to replay the fight over and over when you started to slip, you figured Edward was focusing on other things than your thoughts. one thing you'd give the Cullens, they could pick a house. you were staring out at the back yard catching a glimpse at Leahs' fur breeze by in the dark it almost resembled Paul, which sent a stabbing pain through your chest, fleeting when your name was called. looking back over your shoulder seeing Carlisle by the stairs. "I was going to check on Bella and thought another human might be helpful." he had started with only checking vitals, It amplified to a full ER in one of their spare rooms that she's more in than out of. taking a spot on the other side of the table from the doctor, smiling at Bella when she looked up at you, you did care if she lived or died but it was hard to watch her wither away in front of your eyes, you couldn't imagine how they all felt. "How are you feeling today Bella," she shrugged with a sigh, "Fine" none of you believed her but the doctor nodded along, Bella started telling you names she was thinking of, you watched Carslile out of your peripheral vision, tapping away and reading the ultrasound, she didn’t flinch at the cold gel he used but she was probably used to it, while she ignored it you and Jake locked eyes when Carlisle sighed. "What's wrong?" at Jacobs worry Bella, tunes in. "The fetus isn't compatible with your body it's too strong," He paused, looking as if it pained him to continue "It's crushing you from the inside out your heart will give out before you can deliver." at the news Jake stormed out of the room closing the door with a bang. "What, what's that mean?" The doctor took a moment to find his words, "It means it's going to kill you." Giving Bellas, hand one last squeeze, when you noticed the newcomer enter the room, passing Edward on your way out. flinching at the arguing you could already hear from downstairs. Leah ran up to you when you passed the last step looking as stressed as you’ve ever seen her, "Sam is here," oh this is bad "Paul is with him." oh that's much worse. she and Seth ran out the front meeting Jake where he stood against the two men. and no doubt wolves hiding in the woods as backup. it was harder than you thought not to go out there just to see him ease his mind that you were okay. But the rational part of you knew that Sam had told him every time you checked in. Leah didn't even know about this plan you had going on so you couldn't vent to anyone, but you suppose that's what you signed up for. Not noticing when you moved to the large window until your eyes met Pauls, watching as his entire body language changed, he moved as if to take a step towards the house, towards you, but Sam wrapped up the talk with Jake and pulled him away. "What happened?" you practically begged when they came back inside, Jake ran upstairs no doubt to fill in the Cullens, "Sam's still convinced killing her is the best option," Leah shook her head with a subtle growl, "Seth and I are going to check the border make sure they're gone." she turned to leave but stopped suddenly with a humorless chuckle and looked back over he shoulder. "Can you believe he asked how you were? maybe if he wasn't such an asshole you wouldn't have left." "Yeah what an ass." you half-heartedly mumble. they have been changing shifts throughout the night when the wolves took a break the Cullens were right there to take over just in case the pack tried anything, you as the only healthy human has been stuck on the couch with a now cold cup of hot chocolate for hours, you didn't notice you had company until he spoke making you jump in shock. "It was a good plan." Edward was standing by the arm of the couch not making eye contact. "You were good at hiding your thoughts, the wolf, however." the cat's out of the bag, now what? at least he didn't seem mad. "Why haven't you kicked me out or told anyone?" his lips pulled up and he tilted to look at you, "Well, even though you came here under a lie, I can tell you don't want anyone to get hurt, that's what matters to me." before you could respond his eyes widened and he disappeared, "Bella!" you ran to follow the sound of Jacobs yells Edward catching her just before her head hit the ground and rushed her to the personal doctors' office. Rose wasn't far behind us as we chased after them, the sounds of bones breaking making you want to throw up. Jake started yelling for Carlisle. “He's out getting more blood," Rose explained, Edward started yelling about cutting it out of her so you ran to grab towels and whatever else you thought would be needed, everyones movements were frantic as we all worked around each other, there was so much blood, Edward was busy trying to get the baby out while you were trying to hook up the heart monitor by the bed, as you saw Carlisle do many times before, releasing a breath when a steady but rapid beeping filled the air. Everyone let out a breath of relief when Edward stood holding a crying baby showing it to his wife. We did it, you were close to tears at the moment it’s not a demon or a monster she’s a normal baby, all the stress was for nothing in the end. And then as quickly as you won, you lost. “Bella, Bella!” Jake yelled noticing the stillness she took Rose quickly grabbed the baby and took it out of the room, you all were practically on top of her you and Jacob were taking shifts of compressions trying to spread the venom Edward was injecting into her system. “Come on, come on.” Jacobs hands slowly fell off the bed as he growled. “I’m not gonna kill you for this that’s to easy you get to live with this.” You could see his words weighed heavily on Edwards shoulders but he just started at Bellas unmoving bloody body. you backed out of the room not wanting to watch Edward morn in front of you, swallowing the lump in your throat felt impossible. staring at the blood covering your shaking hands going down your arms your body slid down the wall next to the door. you felt as if the shaking took over your entire body, running your soaked hands through your hair holding your ears as you heard Edward begging for Bella to wake up and the sound of teeth biting through flesh. somehow you felt growls, air catching in your chest, "Paul." you whispered, pushing yourself off the wall leaving a bloody handprint in your wake, “stop wait.” Edward rushed to hold you back as you fought his grip. “Its going to be a fight just wait here.” He spoke running through the open front door. You couldn’t hear them speaking but you could when the fighting started. Flinching at the snarls from the pack you knew Paul could handle himself but that didn’t stop you from worrying. You picked your head up when footfalls passed by and followed Jake outside. Stopping one the porch at the sight of the angry wolf pack you knew they wouldn’thurt you but you didn’t know how quickly they would notice it was you if you got to close. Your eyes immediately found Paul and looked him over for any injuries. “Stop it’s over!” He yelled facing off with a shifted Sam, “if you kill her you kill me!”Sam lunged to get past him Jake shifted midair landing behind the wall made up of Cullens the wolves suddenly stopped their steady approach to the line drawn in the yard and Edward stumbled back. “He imprinted, they can’t hurt her it’s their most absolute law.” Of course you knew this and now that the fight was done you really just needed your wolf.
"Paul!" you cried, looking back he would swear his heart stopped seeing you covered in blood around a bunch of bloodsuckers and crying for him, fight be dammed you were objective number one. Of course he had eyes on you the second you stepped out of the house he was glad you stayed back out of harm he didn’t want you this close when the pack was pissed off and unpredictable. Sam was yelling at him in his head when he moved to get passed the cullens to your side being met with a snarling Leah who kept him back. He used to be glad you got along with his pack mates now her loyalty to you pissed him off but when the fight was over and his name reached his ears he lunged over Emmett, who had to duck to avoid the large wolf. He shifted the moment his paws hit the ground in front of you and crushed you to his chest one arm around your waist keeping you close and the other tangled in your hair holding your head securely in his neck while his face was buried in your hair taking lungfuls of your scent ignoring the tinge of blood that no doubt covers the back of his neck from your grip. If he wasn’t a wolf you’d be worried you were going to break it with the tight hold you had on him, not that it compares to the strength he was holding you with. “Are you okay, what happened? Where’s the blood coming from.” His words were frantic as he pulled away just enough to scan you for injuries running his hands over your body to find the source of all the blood. If he was in his right mind he would be able to smell that it wasn’t yours. “Paul, Paul it’s not mine, it’s not my blood,” your voice cracked as you spoke his eyes flashed with realization. He didn’t know how he should react, they were there to kill her now she’s dead, but her daughter is an imprint, regardless of his feelings you were clearly upset so comforting you is what matters to him. Without further ado he scooped you up in his arms and carried you deeper into the woods back to the Res, he’s been without his imprint for long enough the pack and Cullens can figure out their issues without you two there. Not long after you two left the pack caught up. Flanking you on your walk. “Y/n I mean this is the best possible way, but you smell horrible.” Embry jokes making an exaggerated motion of waving your scent away. Paul’s grip on you tightens as he growled. Placing a hand of his rumbling chest to get him to calm down, you knew Embry was joking but Paul was to high strung to think of anything but getting you home and showering the leach off you would be a plus not that he’d admit it. “Yeah well you pull a baby out of a body and tell me how you smell.” You meant it as a joke but then the weight of the situation hit you again. Paul sighed his breath fanning the side of your head as kissed your hair hoping to comfort you. The rest of the walk was quiet just the crunch of branches under their feet. You hummed cuddling further into his chest if it was even possible. You missed the heat he radiated just being near you. While the vampires had a nice house and lived multiple lifetimes together. You wouldn’t trade anything for the one you had with Paul
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A/N: just a reminder that my twilight book campaign is still live - you can order a book which will have these headcanon lists rewritten in short fiction format, all profit will be donated to Move to Higher Ground for the Quiluete tribe (see disclaimer) and you can get the book here!
Part 1 Here! / Part 2 Here! / Part 3 Here! / Part 4 Here! / Part 5 Here! / Part 6 Here! / Part 7 Here! / Part 8 Here! / Part 9 Here! / Part 10 Here! / Part 11 Here! / Part 12 Here! / Part 13 Here! / Part 14 Here! / Part 15 Here! / Part 16 Here! / Part 17 Here! / Part 18 Here! / Part 19 Here!/ Part 20 Here! His POV Part 1! Here /  His POV Part 2 Here!  / Part 21 Here! / Part 22 Here! / Random Headcanons / Part 23 Here! / Part 24 Here! <This is Part 25!>
* You fell the warmth of the sun soak into your skin, the golden glow spreading throughout your body, so warm you start to wonder if maybe there’s light inside you too
* This must be the closest you’ve ever felt to peace
* “Is something going on with you and Edward?” Angela asks
* And just like that the illusions is shattered
* You open your eyes slowly, blinking the orange blue away from your vision
* “I mean we’re dating so…”
* Angela shakes her head, and you raise an eyebrow
* “We just don’t see you guys together anymore.” Jessica says, her teeth digging into the soft flesh of her lip. “Are you guys fighting or something?”
* You almost want to snort, you can’t think of the last time you fought with Edward, other than maybe play fighting on the piano
* Though that was mostly sexual tension evidently
* You tilt your head back towards the sun, sighing as the sunlight warms your face once more.
* “He’s just been busy,” this isn’t a lie, you’re sure Edward has been very busy constructing the lab underneath your barn and finding sources for the lab equipment. “College is just around the corner after all.” You add for extra measure.
* Jessica raises and eyebrow, and Angela seems equally unconvinced.
* “What? It’s not like ‘loving (Y/N)’ is a full time job.” The words fall out of your mouth carelssly. Honestly, even if you both weren’t planning to overthrow an entire government it’s not like you don’t have separate interests and ambitions. He has his world, and you have yours, abs occasionally the two meet so you can spend time together.
* Your thoughts don’t align with Jessica’s because her mouth hangs open.
* “He told you he loved you?”
* You don’t share her excitement, honestly the two of you are well past puppy love at this point.
* But when you see their eager expression you simply nod.
* They squeal in response and despite yourself you find a smile arching into your mouth.
* Well, what’s more human than gushing over your boyfriend with your best friends?
* “How did it happen?” Angela asks, and you shrug
* “It was just - super causal you know? He said he’s loved me for a long time.” Well actually he said ‘consider my unrequited love a hobby’ but you figure that’s not as interesting.
* “I don’t think I said it back though.” You muse.
* “So you’re not fighting then?” Jessica asks, and you shake your head. “Good then can go shopping with us for prom outfits.”
* You hadn’t even thought about prom
* “I think I’ll wear a suit, I’m kind of over dresses.” Angela says
* “Well I want one that makes my boobs look good.” Jessica says
* “Are you guys going with anyone?” Things are so different from the book timeline now, you’re not quite sure how this will play out.
* “Angela’s going with Conner.”
* You raise any eyebrow at that
* “Why would you do that to yourself?” Angela only shrugs
* “I read this poem ‘the bus feminist’ and I thought maybe someone should teach Conner about respecting women, for the good of the community.” You muffle a laugh behind your hand
* “He’s also pretty when he’s not talking.”
* “Fair enough, what about you Jessica?”
* “Bella and I are going alone, together as friends.”
* You’re not sure how two people can be going to an event “alone” but also “together” but you just nod.
* “So outfit shopping?”
* “We’re going to Port A Friday after school, you’re obviously coming too, I’m sure Edward is planning some big public prom proposal.”
* You snort.
* You’re sure prom is the last thing on Edward’s mind right now.
* But at their heated stares you find yourself nodding
* What could be more human than going to an event you don’t want to go to because of peer pressure.
* “Of course.”
* “And would you speak of the devil-“ You follow Angela’s line of sight.
* Jessica grins shaking your shoulder, gathering her things
* “We’ll see you tomorrow.” Angela says
* “Don’t plan on skipping out on prom shopping either, we’re watching you!” You muffle a laugh.
* You nod as they walk away, staying perched on the picnic bench, closing your eyes and focusing on the arm th of the sunlight
* You hear Edward’s steps grow louder as draws nearer to you, a sigh whistling pst your lips as you open your eyes once more
* “I know you’re adequately covered, but you really shouldn’t sit out in the sun like that.”
* You feel a smile curl onto your lips
* “Why, worried I might blind someone with my beauty?”
* You expect a dry chuckle, but when your turn your head Edward is looking at you with a heated gaze
* “Something like that.” He murmurs, moving a strand of your hair behind your ear. You feel yourself gulping at the feel of his fingertips brushing against your neck, the scent of argon and rosemary invading your senses
* Your eyes meet his, gold meeting gold, his fingers curling around your face, caressing your cheek
* “So are you expecting a big public prom-postal, or something more intimate and quiet?” You snort in response
* “I don’t think it counts if you tell me beforehand.” You laugh
* “Managing expectations is an important part of any relationship.” He grins, his hand sliding down from your face, tangling his fingers through yours.
* You’re almost embarrassed at the butterflies that erupt in your stomach when you hear him say the word ‘relationship’.
* God you’re such a simp for him
* Thought you can’t feel like it’s wrong when you see that boyish smile curl onto his mouth
* You squeeze his hand, mouth quirked on one side
* “I don’t need anything fancy, just being around you is enough.” You squeeze his hand and he squeezes back
* “So I don’t get to embarrass you in front of the entire student body? Where’s the fun in that?”
* You roll your eyes, budging him slightly with your shoulder.
* “Ready to go home? I really need help on that trig homework.” He smiles as you lace your fingers through his.
* “It would be more surprising if you didn’t need help.” He teases
* He barks a chuckle when you lightly shove him, wrapping his arm around your shoulders.
* You hear a wolf whistle, grinning when you turn to Emmett who gives you a toothy grin and Rosalie who shows you her crumpled expression
* “Could you guys try not to be this disgustingly affectionate at school,” she scowls. “It’s embarrassing.”
* “It’s either this or the brooding Rosalie, pick your poison.” Edward shouts, earning snickers of laughter from you and Emmett and a long drawn out sigh from Rosalie.
* “You’re incorrigible you know that?” She shouts, only earning more laughter from you both.
* When you get to your car he slides your backpack off of you shoulders
* “Are you going on a run today?” He murmurs.
* “I might.” You whisper back, your eyes searching his.
* “There’s a nice spot a few miles away from our house, next to the waterfall,” you gulp. “You should try going there sometime.”
* You nod, watching as he carefully places you backpack in the backseat.
* “Is it better in the evening or at night?”
* “I would say around three in the morning tomorrow.”
* You nod, you give him a slight smile before sliding into the drivers side.
* “So you’re going to help me with this trig homework right? Because seriously I don’t know anything about what’s going on in that class.”
* “And you think I do?”
* “Edward, don’t you have like a phd in mathematics?”
* “I have a PHD in statistics.”
* “What’s the difference?”
* “A phd in statistics is actually useful.”
* “Now that’s just mean”
* You stay up late with Edward, with his help the trig homework goes by fairly smoothly
* You laugh and joke with the rest of the Cullen’s downstairs, even indulging them in a game of their monstrous monopoly
* “(Y/N), why are you on Alice and Rosalie’s team?”
* “Because it’s just more fun being on a team with pretty girls Edward.”
* “What Edward and I aren’t pretty enough for you?” Emmett teases and you look to Rosalie
* “Am I supposed to lie right now?”
* “He’s expecting it yes.” Alice whispers back
* “You and Edward are more than pretty enough for me.”
* Afterwards you all excuse yourselves and you and Edward retire to your room, anxiously staring at the clock.
* It’s already one in the morning.
* “Only a few more hours now.” You whisper and he nods.
* “Do you want to play the piano a bit?” He asks and you find yourself smiling as you nod.
* You play Gymnopedie number 1, and Edward silently accompanies you, sprinkling lighter notes under the thoughtful tune.
* “Have I ever told you that I love the way you play the piano?” You fingers stutter at the comment, looking to him.
* “I mean, I always figured you enjoyed it.” It’s something you both share in common after all, and he shakes his head
* “It’s not like anyone else’s playing”
* You snort
* “You’re just saying that.” You mumble, resume your playing.
* His finger brush against your chin, gently tilting your face to meet his.
* “I’m not just saying it, you play with so much emotion, no one else in the world plays like you.” You feel your breath catch in your throat. “We could be separated for entire lifetimes, but as long as I hear you play I could still recognize you anywhere.”
* His thumb caresses the side of your face, eyes peering into your own, and you close them, pressing your face into his hand.
* You feel his lips press against your forehead, and you sigh at the content, further relaxing into him.
* When you open your eyes you see it’s a quarter to three, your eyes flick from the clock to Edward, your lips twitching into a smile.
* “I guess it’s time for me to go.”
* He smiles back, wordlessly getting your jacket as you tug on your running shoes
* He slides the windbreaker on you, rubbing your shoulders
* You turn to face him one last time, offering him a smile before making your way to your window
* “(Y/N).” You turn, and he looks at you with almost watery eyes, swallowing hard. “Don’t be scared.”
* You offer him a gentle smile in return.
* “Now Edward, when have I ever been known to be afraid?” He offers a hushed laugh and you give him your bravest smile before climbing out your window and onto the ground
* The trip is relatively easy, two mountains over, past the meadow, then the clearing after the lake, you feet finally slowing once you hear the familiar rush of the waterfall.
* You take in a deep breath as you near, seeing a familiar black robe.
* The crimson of the belt sparkles under the moonlight, and from the sound of your footsteps they slowly turn around.
* For a second you feel a smile tug at your lips, your arms instinctively moving to pull them into a hug, only to stop short
* No, Jane’s much shorter than that.
* Your eyebrows thread together
* Maybe it’s Alec?
* It’s only when their pale hands come into view, the hood of the robe sliding off, do your eyes widen in realization
* “Hello, I don’t think we’ve officially met,” his voice is deep and it reverberates in your ears, as does the sad depth of his crimson eyes.
* If you had a heart it would be racing a mile a minute.
* “I am Marcus of the Volturi. It’s an honor to finally meet you, (Y/N) of Denali.”
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yandere-romanticaa · 7 months ago
Some of you encouraged me to write this, so I'll try with Edward Cullen! Definitely the easiest pick out of the nasty trio, at least for me! Apologies if this sucks, I tried my best! It sucks so bad lmaooo
𝐌𝐨𝐫��𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐝𝐞𝐰.
yandere! Edward Cullen x Fem! s/o
Tumblr media
The quiet pattering of the gentle rain on the school window had slowly started to take its toll on you. Nature's sweet lullaby was being sung right next to you, the sound of the white chalk being pressed against the old blackboard and the voice of the clearly tired teacher was more than enough for your eyes to get droopy. With an arm pressed against your cheek, you blankly stared at the front of the classroom, barely faking any interest in the lesson. Truth be told you had forgotten in what class you were in, let alone what lesson you were supposed to be learning. All you could think about was how badly you wanted to sleep and that you couldn't wait until you got home. You couldn't wait for the bell to ring, to finally be released from this prison. The welcoming darkness had slowly started to embrace you, lulling you into a sense of the familiar comfort of sleep, only for the hairs at the back of your neck to stand up straight, forcing you to blow your eyes open.
A strange sense of unease washed over you, promptly forcing you to look around the classroom. Much like yourself, all of your peers were lost in their own world, just praying for the darn bell to ring already. Letting out a shaky sigh of relief, you once again turned your head to the front of the class, remaining totally oblivious to the young man at the back of the class.
You were really cute when you were trying to concentrate, did you know that? He'd never tell you that to your face though. He was surprised to see that you didn't manage to catch him in the act, as he would often stare at you. He couldn't help himself, you tempted him with every breath you took. He could smell your sweet blood from the other side of the classroom, he could practically feel your soft lips against his own but he resisted. You two lived in two totally different worlds and he was okay with that. For now, he was just going to settle with watching you from afar, his feelings forever growing in his never changing heart.
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little-diable · 8 months ago
Care for her - Edward Cullen drabble
Requested by anon. This is just a small drabble, since I barely write stuff like this. Hope this is what you had in mind sweet anon. Enjoy my loves. xxx
Summary: Edward cares for the reader as she suffers from her period cramps.
Warnings: just fluff, mentions bad period pain
Pairing: Edward Cullen x fem!reader (800 words)
Tumblr media
Jasper couldn’t keep his eyes off (y/n), how she was pressing her head against the cold tabletop, hands placed against her belly as another wave of pain shot through her. She had tried to stay away from Edward and most of the Cullen’s, not wanting them to freak out over her current state. But as Jasper was staring at her, Edward was reading her thoughts, the endless whimpers that shot through her mind.
Forcefully she rose from her chair, following the stream of students to her next class. (Y/n) tried to keep calm, to breathe through her nose as another cramp began to stretch itself through her body. Edward was instantly by her side, arm slung around her waist to press her burning up body against his cold one.
“I’m taking you to see Carlisle,” his stern voice drowned out the sound of the other students roaring through the halls, momentarily making her forget about her biting pain. She shook her head no, didn’t want to see Carlisle just because of her period pain, knowing that he had something more important going on.
But Edward didn’t listen to the protest that clawed through her, body struggling to keep her balance as he tugged her down the hall, straight to his expensive car. The second she slumped down in the carseat another moan left her, lungs struggling to keep on breathing as her insides began to churn.
“Hold my hand,” Edward tried to offer her his cold hand, wanting to give her something she could hold onto and grasp as her cramps rocked through her. But just seconds before she could squeeze his hand, her pain began to let go of her, allowing (y/n) to catch her breath for a few moments.
“I don’t think I need to see Carlisle, it’s just my cramps, Edward.” Her eyes found his golden ones, pain was clear in his glance, he felt helpless, hating to see her like this and not being able to offer her his guiding hand. Both felt lost, though for completely different reasons.
(Y/n) felt lost in her cloud of pain, her head was fuzzy, just like her body, not able to work like it normally would. All she wanted was to hide away in her bed, to watch a few movies with Edward by her side. Her body trembled, tired and exhausted from the past hours, running on only a few hours of sleep.
“Wait, I’ll carry you.” Gentle as one could be Edward helped (y/n) out of his car, cradling her in his embrace like a baby, scared that she’d hurt herself on the short walk. With fast steps he carried her up the stairs, straight towards Carlisle’s office.
The blonde haired doctor was waiting for them, patiently watching Edward place (y/n) down on his couch, supporting her head with his arm. Carlisle couldn’t stop his lips from turning into a smile, proud of his son for the way he cared for his mate, the human girl he had fallen for months ago.
“I don’t think there’s much I can do for you, (y/n). I’d advise you to take a hot bath, rest and take two of these,” Carlisle placed two pills in her palm, squeezing her hand as she smiled at him with tiredness laced in her glance. She had suspected that Carlisle couldn’t just take away her pain with the snap of his fingers, hoping that her cramps would fade away soon enough for her to finally rest.
Neither (y/n) nor Edward spoke a word as he helped her back up and carried her into his bathroom, set on making her feel as relaxed as possible. Her heartbeat raced in his ears, blood rushing through her warmed up body, sounds that tried to distract him from his task at hand.
“Will you sit in the tub with me?” Her whispers ran up his spine, dancing around him, forcing him to nod his head. Edward had planned to stick around anyways, not wanting to let her out of his sight, scared that another wave of pain would strike her without him near.
“Of course, here, let me.” Carefully he undid the buttons of her shirt, kissing her shoulders, making her forehead fall against his cold chest. The scent of roses filled the bathroom, bubbles filled the tub, waiting for the two lovers to disappear beneath the surface of the hot water.
“I love you,” (y/n) pressed a kiss against the spot of his chest, hoping that he knew how much she appreciated him and the way he cared for her. Wordlessly he tilted her chin upwards, lips meeting hers as he repeated the words she had just spoken.
Their naked bodies found one another in the warm water, fronts pressed together, legs tangled. Her soft breaths met his cold skin, grateful for the soothing touch of his, how he ran his hands up and down her spine, massaging her tight muscles. Soft moans left her whenever he’d dig his fingertips into an aching spot, relieving the tension her body was struggling with.
Edward would go to the ends of the world for her, to make sure that she was safe and comfortable, he would relive forever for the woman he intended to marry.
Tumblr media
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glitterquadricorn · 4 months ago
Happier - Edward Cullen (Day 1)
Tumblr media
Summary: She comes to Forks to be a witness, and sees that Edward is happier and so is she. Pairing: Edward Cullen x Reader Word Count: 1,400 Warning(s): angst, bella bashing(?), etc. If I'm missing something, let me know.
Song Inspiration: Happier by Olivia Rodrigo
"I hope you're happy I wish you all the best really."
A/N: This is part two of Traitor. Read part one here. ---
Dear Y/n,
I can’t say that I blame you for leaving because I know I would've done the same if it were Emmett. I think all of us knew you were getting ready to leave, except Edward, of course. He was too busy with the human to see what was going on with you. Speaking of him, two weeks after you left, he started dating that human. It’s honestly pathetic how much he talks about her. It’s Bella this, Bella that. Bella, Bella, Bella.
She would not sit there and say she wasn’t hurt by the fact that he moved on so quickly. If she knew him well enough, and she did, then there’s no possibility that he could’ve fallen in love with her in two weeks.
But fair warning, Edward couldn’t stand the smell of her without wanting to kill her, so he left and is heading to Denali. So, I suggest you leave before he gets there. Oh! Don’t forget to call once in a while.
‘Of course, he is,’ she mumbled under her breath.
“What's wrong?” y/n looked up and saw Kate standing behind her.
“Edward. That’s what’s wrong,” she said, setting the letter down on the coffee table in front of her. “Now he’s on his way here because he can’t stand the smell of the human, he is seeing without wanting to kill her.”
“Edward is dating a human? Does he know what risks come with that?” Carmen entered the living room where they were, joining the conversation.
“Yeah, of course he does. He’s not stupid. An idiot, maybe, but not stupid.” She sighed, “Listen, I can’t stay here if he’s coming. I got to go while I still can.”
Tanya put her hands on y/n’s shoulders. “You’re always welcomed here.”
“Where will you go?” Irina asked.
“I got friends whom I haven’t seen in decades. I think it's about time for a visit.”
The first person who came to mind about who she wanted to visit was Siobhan. She met the red-haired woman in 1919 when she, Carlisle and Edward were traveling about, going from one place to another. It also would be nice to see Maggie again. She considered the young girl a sister. So off to Ireland it was. When traveling, she forgot how hard it was to be inconspicuous. She was sure she drew some attention to her pale skin and quiet nature. But she didn’t have time to deal with them as her flight was boarding.
Seventeen long hours later, she arrived in Ireland. If there was something about Ireland y/n loved was the wide-open spaces with nothing but the green grass and tall cliffs with castle like structures at the top.
“Hello?” a smooth, rich Irish accent answered.
“How much do you love me, Siobhan?” she asked.
“What did you do?”
“Why must you assume I did something?”
“Knowing you? You did something that warrants a phone call. So, what did you do?”
“I left Edward and Forks, and I may or may not be in Ireland currently.”
“Which means you are. Stay where you are, I’m going to get you.”
Y/n didn't have time to say bye before Siobhan hung up. A short time later, a car rolled up to the curb of the airport. Siobhan sped off as she got in the car.
Siobhan turned towards her friend, “So why did you leave Edward?”
“There was a new girl, a human of all people, and he was just infatuated with her. She was all he ever talked about, completely ignoring me. Made me feel like I wasn’t important. Did our vows mean nothing to him?”
“It’ll be okay.” Siobhan reassured her, ignoring the fact that y/n said Edward was with a human.
“I sure hope so.”
Y/n stayed with the Irish coven for a year and a half before moving on to doing charity work in New York. And from what she’s learned in the many phone calls to Rosalie, they were in New York as well after Bella’s eighteenth birthday party because Edward up and decided they needed to leave. So, any free time she had, she’d spend it with Rosalie and Alice. However, she only spent a small amount of time in New York before leaving again and going to Canada. Little did she know that her time in Canada would change her life.
While hiking during a beautiful Canadian sunset, she heard a twig snap behind her. Y/n wasn’t scared for her life. She was very much capable of defending herself. Her head snapped up in the noise's direction and saw no one. ‘Maybe it's just me imagining things,’ she thought to herself. Just then, a figure zoomed past her to stand in front of her.
“Who are you?” the figure said. He stood tall, unusually pale skin (a telltale sign to her he was a vampire), brown hair and pitch-black eyes.
“Who are you?"
"I asked you first."
"I asked you second."
The two exchanged silent looks. "Why do you look familiar?"
"Do you know Carlisle Cullen?" She asked. The man across from her recognized the name and grinned.
"I do. Are you one of his?"
"You can say that. Y/n."
The pair became inseparable as the months turned into years. They traveled all over the world, taking in everything it offered. Coming across Randall was one of the best things to happen to her. He made her feel special. Like she was important. He was her mate, her true mate.
One cold, winter night in Alaska, she and Randall were on a rooftop of a building, talking about their hunt earlier in the day when from behind them they heard someone clear their throat.
“Rose? Emmett? What are you doing here?”
Rosalie let go of Emmett’s hand, taking a couple of steps forward. “We need your help. The family needs your help.”
Rosalie explained everything that happened with Edward and Bella, and now her niece, Renesmee, and how she was a vampire hybrid. Her eyes widened in shock. She didn’t think it was possible. Regardless of what happened with Edward, she knew she had to help. It was her family, and family was always there for each other, no matter what.
It didn’t take them long to get to Forks. It's been years since she’s been to the house, and it's nice to see that it hasn’t changed.
“Y/n?” She turned to see Esme. “Y/n! It’s nice to see you!”
“It’s nice to see you too, Esme. I wish it was under different circumstances.”
“Yeah. Who's your friend?”
“That’s Randall. My mate.”
While the two of them talked, she walked into the house. “Y/n? I’m surprised you’re here.”
“Listen Edward. I’m not here for you, and I'm certainly ain't here for Bella. I’m here because Renesmee is an innocent child who doesn’t deserve any of this.”
“I’m glad you came. We need all the witnesses we can get.” Edward said. “Would you like to meet Reneesme?”
Y/n nodded her head yes, and a little girl, who was a perfect mixture of Edward and Bella, stood in front of her. She could hear a heart beating and the blood pumping through Reneesme’s body.
She bent down to Reneesme’s level. “I’m Y/n. Aren’t you a cute little thing.”
Renesmee stretched her hand out and caressed her face without saying a word. The thoughts and memories from Renesmee from when she conceived to her traumatic birth to now flashed through y/n's mind. Amazed, she gazed up at Edward.
“When’s they coming?” she asked.
“Alice said when the snow sticks to the ground.” Bella replied.
“Listen, I want to apologize.”
“Y/n, you don’t-”
“No, Bella. I want to. I should’ve known that as soon as Alice started seeing you in her visions, that Edward was going to leave me for you. I was just- I was incensed. How could he throw away sixty-six years together for a human that posed a great threat to us, our kind? Yeah, it hurt for a while, but with time, I got over him and I found my true mate. You didn’t deserve any of the hateful comments I said about you. I hope you're happy. I wish you all the best, really."
“That means a lot, Y/n."
Finally posted day one.
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humans4vampires · 8 months ago
Can I request an imagine where the reader is a vampire and runs into Edward in the woods and they've never met before but Edward and the reader have a mind-melding moment where he recognizes a lot of himself in her and he questions what he has with Bella?
In Another Life
A light wind whipped your cold cheek, spilling your hair across your face as you watched the sun glint its last beam above the mountain range before you. Your skin glittered back in response. The sky melded brilliant shades of magenta and lavender - and that new color you’d never known before your new life that couldn’t be given a name.
You were lost for awhile, grounded by the gravity of the beauty around you. You stood at the cliff face long after the sun had departed and the night had illuminated the sky with its galaxy of stars. The full moon left you feeling hollow somehow and the longing made you restless again.
You took a few gentle steps forward allowing gravity to pull you back to the Earth. You felt, just for a moment, like you were a part of the night’s sky. You launched yourself into a sprint, enjoying the caress of dirt on your bare feet. Your mind flooded with each detail of the forest as you moved through it without a trace. You wondered then if you were real at all.
The thought was nearly distracting enough for you to miss the instinct to defend yourself - just nearly.
You suddenly felt the presence of another predator and froze in place. You poised yourself involuntarily. You thought in that moment how strange it was that your body was not always your own.
The footfall approached you quickly, with even more speed than you had anticipated. You calibrated the movements and sounds easily and in an instant knew you were being met with another of your kind. Your body tensed more firmly, though the vampire slowed their pace as they closed in on you. Strange, you thought, that they would slow themselves to a mortal pace.
You waited impatiently as you stared through the thick of the trees until you saw him for the very first time.
His stature was strong and confident, but unimposing. His reddish hair was apparent, even in the moonlight that filtered through the ancient pines. His bright, golden eyes struck you in a way you couldn’t explain. You felt as though your heart had suddenly began to beat again. You brought a hand to your chest and parted your lips to speak, but his smile stopped your words. A short breath escaped you and oddly, you felt a sensation you knew only in your mortal life. The vulnerability you felt was not composed of fear, but of faith.
He had stopped a good distance from you, his pensive eyes locked on yours. He seemed deep in thought, raptured the same way you seemed to be. The curiosity burned you.
“Hello,” he said gently. His words felt like velvet caressing your skin. He was careful to keep his distance and continued to move in slight, humanlike ways.
You studied him silently for a moment, before replying a breathy, “Hello.”
“I apologize,” he said, sheepishly, running a hand through his already tousled hair. “I didn’t expect to run into anyone here. My family and myself haven’t come across another of our kind in quite some time.”
“Your family?” You questioned.
He nodded, smiling a crooked, gentle smile. “Yes,” he replied. “My wife, father, and a few others make up our coven here.”
You mulled his words over in your mind. There was something in the words he spoke that made you feel another lost emotion. You couldn’t quite remember what the pang you felt was called. How strange, you thought, that you could forget something with your perfect mind.
He waited patiently, but broke the silence again. “Are you passing through?”
His tone was polite to conceal concern. You smiled gently, but you weren’t sure why you had the urge to comfort him. “I am,” you said. “I’ll be on my way. I apologize for the interruption.”
You wanted to move, to begin your exit, but you weren’t in control of yourself; your feet refused to carry you away. Your eyes were fixated on his. You caught a glimmer of sadness in his eyes, too, as he studied you.
“You’re welcome here,” he said softly. “No need to apologize.” He moved closer to you then, removing some of the distance between you. As he approached he said, “I’m Edward Cullen.”
“Cullen,” you laughed lightly, “Carlisle. I should have guessed.”
Edward seemed surprised, “You know my father?”
“Your father,” you matched his crooked-smile. “I’ve not met him myself. Though my creator has spoken of him fondly, and in jest.”
You thought of the stories you’d heard of Carlisle, the vampire with an insatiable desire to cure himself and those around him of temptation. You thought it sounded rather like a cult.
Edward chuckled, seemingly in response, “I suppose Carlisle is a bit strange to our kind, but then we all are.” Edward shrugged, gesturing toward himself. His golden eyes illuminated with a new glimmer.
“You’re out here hunting then,” you surmised, smelling the fresh blood of an animal. “Alone?”
Edward nodded, taking another half step as a human would in conversation. It made you want to fidget, yourself. You brushed hair from your face.
“Strange,” he said. “I know.”
You shrugged, “I’ve not tried it myself. Though, I could see why you’d want to.”
His eyebrow arched, “You do?”
You nodded. “I’m quite new to this life,” you looked down at your feet. “So I feel rather close to my humanity in a sense. Feeling closer every day.”
“I’ve found our kind feels quite the opposite in the beginning,” Edward sounded surprised again. “Perhaps more related to God than man.”
You shrugged and brought your gaze back to his. “Perhaps I’ve never felt like either.”
He stood, silently searching for something in your eyes. It made you feel another pang of humanity. Had your heart begun to beat again? Your hand was at your chest again. Neither of you broke your gaze.
“Edward?” you breathed.
The sound of his name on your lips seemed to startle him.
“Yes?” He replied.
“Are you closer to God or man?” Your words were above a whisper. You moved closer to Edward, your body still not your own.
He looked pensive, still firmly studying you. He didn’t answer, but something in his expression made you believe he was whatever you were.
As if you had spoken your sentiment aloud, Edward froze, acting like a vampire for the first time since your meeting. His body was rigid and you felt the need to apologize again, but for what, you weren’t sure.
“My family is waiting for my return,” he said, his eyes pained.
You nodded, fixed in place. “Goodbye, Edward.”
Edward turned slowly, humanly, toward the exit of the clearing. You watched him walk away and caught yourself wanting to follow.
He turned back to you quickly, his eyes boring into yours one last time as he spoke your name with grit and regret.
Your endless future rolled out in front of you as he disappeared into the night. How tortuous, you thought, that all that time had passed before you and how many things you had lost in it.
Had you told him your name?
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imaginingmanyfandoms · 11 months ago
Hello! If it's not much to ask could I pls have a hc for the cullen family members playing minecraft with their s/o? Thank you! ♡♡♡♡
YES!!!! headcanons that aren't the volturi ...... still twilight tho
minecraft is one of the few games you would like playing with alice
because she can't beat you at it
instead you work together and build something fun
since you guys have a lot of time on your hands you make extravagant builds
he just wants to make you happy
the point game would probably confuse him tbh but he would feel the joy coming off of you when you sat down to play together
and that would be enough for him
doesn't wanna do it
thinks it's stupid and a waste of time
however, she loves you and she'll play your little game
because whenever she is out working on her cars, you're always right there... sitting nearby keeping her company and handing her tools
after you introduce minecraft to him, he wants to play it all the time, like all the time
he likes to run around and cause trouble
doesn't really care about building or crafting
will show up at your house with something "really important, babe. it's like super important"
and then will drop a single flower on your floor
she's not much of a participant, she's a watcher, we know this
she would rather sit beside you and read a book while you play minecraft
of course, she would join you sometimes
have no idea what she's doing but she would try
wouldn't want to at first
but then he would actually appreciate the simple pleasure of it
he would make intricate builds that are perfect replicas of some of the coolest places he's lived and seen
he would be more excited to show you than anything
i don't care what anyone says carlisle would love minecraft
his life is so busy and full of bullshit
and he would love just sitting on the couch, flush against you, building a house
if you made a house that you loved, he would build it for you in real life
she would also love this freaking game
she's literally an architect, she could be found on the couch all the time
at night, when everyone is busy, when she's bored
she would want you to build houses and let her decorate them inside
i think she'd like to put her head on your lap and just enjoy an afternoon playing minecraft
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pctterscars · 7 months ago
headcannons, e. cullen
gif is mine, so if using please give credit!
Tumblr media
pairing: n/a
summary: just what i’d think everyone’s favorite self-loathing vampire (the non-toxic version because yk) would be like
warnings: not any that i know of
a/n: i really wanted to add to the edward cullen tag because there’s barely anything there so yeah
i feel like he’d definitely like cats. like, he’s definitely one to enjoy time by himself (but not like all the time, just periodically) and i feel like dogs are too energetic for him. but, with a cat, they would just need his company and they would be satisfied and he’d feel a lot more calm around them.
also, imagine edwardo cuddling with a cat 🦋🦋🦋🦋
moving on, so we know that edward keeps a journal (which i kinda find hot, but anyway) and i definitely think he brings it with him anywhere, and he definitely is one of those guys who writes down everything he observes and once he gets a partner, all his entries are now just about them and everything they do and like and he’d just smile while writing about them.
i feel like he’d love the color black or grey
totally not because he thinks those are the colors his nonexistent soul represents
but, no really, i think he’d like it because it is just so blunt and out there and isn’t viewed as traditionally beautiful but the truth it ignites in him is very special
that just made no sense but i’m too lazy to reword it
anyway, he also makes a weekly trip to the nearest library and makes a day for himself there getting new books and it’s like a tradition for him
it’s also the only time he likes himself
he’d be worried if he ever made his significant other mad because they low key scare him and he feels like they’d be capable of murdering him even though he’s a supernatural being
he finds rain to be peaceful and serene and he likes the petrichor afterward
i know that a lot of people believe that alice is his favorite sibling, but he definitely is more comfortable with emmett despite their raging difference in personalities
his love language is touch and emotional connection
he watches the sunrise and sunset every morning and evening to find solace away from the chaos of his life.
he’d teach his lover how to play the piano and they’d compose songs together that would just be between the two of them.
he rarely gets nervous (and rarely shows it too) but when he does, he fiddles with his fingers and wrings then together but very rapidly so as to not cause any suspicion to the cullens’ image of perfection.
his favorite flowers are lavenders because they remind him of his birth mom, elizabeth (who also loved lavenders).
he talks to himself a lot to make decisions.
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multifandom-imgns · 9 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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tonesplash · a year ago
its thanksgiving get nasty (18+)
pairing: edward cullen x reader
summary: you get bored at thanksgiving dinner. unfortunately for edward you wore sandals
warnings: smut,brief footjob, thanksgiving dinner, edward kind of chokes on corn, reader doesn’t like their family, mild injury, fingering, innappropriate use of vampire speed, technically exhibitionism and public sex?? bad dirty talk, and cousin-shaming, reader is afab and might be described as female im not sure
a/n: i wrote this in 24 hours so any sloppiness is not my fault
(c/n)= cousins name
Tumblr media
When you told him thanksgiving with your family would be boring, you’d meant it’d be for him, looking forward to his reaction to being on the receiving end of your bloodlines ridiculousness while you’d get dinner and a show. But, as it turns out, your family just so happens to get along with Edward much better than they do with you.
The seating situation is a little unconventional, since because your boyfriend-snatching cousin stole the open seat next to Edward before you even made it back from the bathroom, leaving your only viable option directly opposite of him. On the bright side, you had the option of kicking his leg when he’d said something to embarrass you.
 Bless his soul, he’d done his best to bring you into the conversation but apparently, anything you had to say about your relationship had been relayed verbatim to the family group chat you weren't even in by your mother. So, after the third time you’re talked over by the aforementioned horny cousin or some other nosy relative on you’re bored out of your mind.
Everyone had gotten over your piss poor table manners years ago, or were just completely ignoring you at this point because there were no protests when they’d brought the turkey out and you’d stayed slumped low in your seat like a child in church.
Twitter had stopped refreshing ten minutes ago, and when you finally resigned yourself to tuning back into the conversation, your mother was showing Edward your baby pictures again. Idly swinging one bare foot under the table, your bare toe grazes the drape of his dress slacks under the table when you get an idea.
 You’d lost a sandal earlier after Edward had pinned it under his shoe in a vain attempt to stop your pinching and dirtying of his slacks with your filthy soles. You scoot a little further forward in your seat to reach out and press your arch flat against his shin.
Edward doesn’t visibly react, just shifts his leg away, leaving yours to slip to the floor until you reach up again to plant your heel on the seat of the chair. The conversation lulls for a moment as everyone says grace, and he uses the opportunity to grab your ankle and send you a warning glare over the top of your phone.
You meet his gaze and boorishly eat a spoon of mashed potatoes, shrugging as if he couldn’t read in your mind exactly what you were about to do. 
Your cousin asks about his mom car again and when you roll your eyes Edward flicks the outside of your fibula, sure to bruise, and you crinkle your nose, pinching his marble thigh between your toes as best you can through the material.
“Well my father thought it was necessary for my siblings and I to-” 
While he talks, he's soothing the spot he flicked, playing in the stubble leftover from your shoddy shave job this morning, and the absent affection gives you the final motivation to further push your luck. You tease the seam of his left leg with the very tips of your toes, coaxing the unnatural heat of the venom to build in the crotch of his pants, the coolness of the rest of him making it seem even hotter in comparison.
He inhales on a forkful of corn, almost taking it down the wrong pipe, and you fight a smile around the bowl of the spoon as he flawlessly recovers and finishes the thought. You idly wonder if you could be that smooth someday. For now, you press further, pressing a toe against the seam over his cock, stroking up and down as slowly and consistently as you can while stretched under a table because who would’ve thought that footjobs are kind of an athletic feat. 
Edward taps insistently at your leg, harder than he normally would, and you have to hold back a laugh at the idea of him splitting the table because he can’t take a little footsie action. You press forward again, arch encompassing his hardness through the fabric, toes curling against his pubic bone when-
“Ho-oly shit!” Searing pain shoots up from your ankle, and you double over, using everything in you not to shout, Edwards dawning mortification going unnoticed as everyone at the table turns to you at your unexpected outburst.  
“(Y/n)?” Your mother doesn’t seem that happy to have dinner interrupted, and you clutch your stomach as a quick cover.
“Uh, my bad.” You snicker nervously at the sudden attention, bravado gone. Your face feels red-hot. “I actually need to use the bathroom, I think,” you lick your lips and slide out of your chair. “Lady problems.”
The table erupts in a cacophony of gags and groans as the notion of a menstrual cycle is brought up in casual conversation, and it gives you the perfect cover to retreat to the upstairs bathroom. It takes you a minute to make it up the stairs without causing a scene, and just as soon as you close and lock the door behind you and settle down to weep in peace, he’s there, jiggling the doorknob like it’s a drug bust.
“Let me in.”
You’re apparently taking too long because as soon as your injured foot touches the floor, he forces the lock and slips in, shutting the door a little too fast to pass as human. 
“Jesus! Edward, are you trying to lose our deposit?” You lean around him to check for a handprint but he doesn’t respond, wordlessly setting you up on the counter, kneeling to examine your injured ankle, cool fingers soothing to the sore skin. You sit in silence, idly swinging your other leg to distract yourself.
“How'd you make it out?” You can't imagine they’d let the guest of honor go so easily.
“You forgot your bag, I told them I’d just bringing it up to you.” He places your bag next to you as evidence. “Maybe you should start carrying menstrual products for when you actually need them.”
Of course, he breaks your foot and wants to lecture you on responsible uterus care. Edward sighs, taking your foot with the gentlest touch and whispering a kiss into the skin. “It’s only a sprain, but I’m still sorry.” 
“S’Okay.” Your face burns, not expecting his guilt. “Serves me right, huh?” You titter, poking his side with your uninjured foot. He swipes it up before you can start again, halfheartedly laughing with you. 
“Let me wrap it before you get any more ideas.” You hand him the compression wrap from the medicine cabinet, and he gets to work. The wince you give at the pressure is more reflex than anything, but the anxious expression on his face tells you he wasn't going to let this go easily. 
“Y’know…” You poke at him again. The playful contempt in his golden eyes gives you the go-ahead to make your case. “If you’re really feeling torn up about it, seeing you wow my family like that got me a little riled up.”
“Really.” Edward kisses the secured wrapping and releases you, standing to frame you against the counter.
“I’m serious, impressing them isn’t easy, (C/n) is probably shaving in the guest room to steal you from me right now, just thinking about it has got me a little hot under the collar.” You run your hands over his back and through his hair, nuzzling into the crook of his throat.
“You’re laying it on pretty thick, don’t you think?” His hands smooth over your exposed thighs sending a shiver up your spine. You think you've got him, but he's such a tease sometimes you can never really be sure.
“Depends. Is it working?” You still, bracing for some line about ‘responsibility’ and ‘your family waiting for you.’
But then his hands are under your skirt, hooking into the sides of your underwear and pulling them down your thighs, leaving them to free-fall to your feet. You clutch his auburn hair in your fingers at the shock of open-air against your cunt.
“Do you think I could let you go back to that table smelling like this?” His sweet breath washes against your ear as he huffs a soft laugh. “I’d rather not go downstairs and pretend to care about football when I know you’re here, hot and ready for me.”
You can’t resist him any longer, pulling him close and kissing him with the desperation of a woman who needs to be back downstairs before dessert. His thumb teases over your cunt at first, swirling over your swelling clit and teasing your hole before he finds a focus, using the thumb of his free hand to hold your hood back as his slicked fingers grind the bud into a frenzy while he sucks your tongue into his mouth.
It’s all you can do to hold your breath while he touches you, cool fingers building a knot in your belly, smooth and steady as they batter you up into a frenzy. He adjusts his hand, his ring finger pressing into you and bringing a low ache from rushed preparation, but you welcome it, thighs shaking with the effort to stay open for him as your mouth falls open in a shaky gasp. Edward breaks the kiss to let you breathe , seemingly unbothered until- 
“(C/n) is coming.” 
“Wha-” A particularly deep stroke has you biting your lip as you struggle to concentrate. “What the fuck does she want?”
“She’s going to ask you where I am.” His expression doesn’t match his words, still completely concentrated on ruining you despite the obvious issue.
“And what am I supposed to tell her?!” You hiss back right as she reaches the door. His mouth closes over your pulse point and you don't think you've clenched that hard before in your life.
“Hey (Y/n)? Have you seen Edward?” Her voice is enough of a mood killer that you have to shove your face into his throat to ground yourself in the moment. He adds a second finger, gaining speed, and you pray and hope to any god listening to this that she can't hear the squelches through the door.
“N-no.” You rack your mind for an excuse. His scent is making it harder to concentrate. “I think he went out for a smoke?” Nice one.
“Really? I didn't smell anything on him...” If all your blood flow hadn't been centralized below the waist at this point you'd’ve asked how the hell she knows what he smells like. He's fully abandoned your clit now, leaving it to pulse in the open air while three of his fingers push and pull at your pelvic floor.
“That's cause he unh-” You slap a hand over your mouth to stop the moan before it can be recognized for what it is.“-he vapes!” Edward pulls back from your throat to look at you incredulously, but it's a little hard to be ashamed when he's nearly wrist deep inside you.
“Oh… Well, let him know if you see him that they’re playing charades and I need a partner. You know how it is.”
You forget to reply, too enthralled watching him spit onto his unoccupied fingers and mash the coolness against your clit, causing you to nearly spasm off the counter, losing the sensation as he silently laughs at having to hold you steady. She seemed to have taken your silence as an admission, as you can hear the door at the stoop of the stairs swinging shut after her. Thank God.
“Rub your spot, Sweet, come on, we have to be quick.” He kisses your temple and laughs a bit maniacally at the little whimper that escapes when you bring a hand down to your clit. “Surprisingly, she’s having trouble picturing me in a vape shop.”
You whine around a bitten lip, too far gone to listen to his ribbing. You’re building up to overstimulation with the sloppy way you’re rubbing yourself, and he must feel it too, because in the next second, his fingers are vibrating.
“Come on, (Y/n), don't you want to finish up here and mop the floor with them?” You hadn’t even realized how hazy your vision had gotten until he grabs your chin and levels your lidded eyes with his and says your name again. You nod sluggishly for him, not hearing a word. He laughs again, smiles wide. His teeth are pretty. 
“If you cum right now;” The buzzing grows stronger, your free arm spasming under you as you support yourself. “I’ll rub you raw after on the ride home. You just need to come right now and win charades with me.” 
The buzzing inside grows too strong, and your vision goes white, pulsing in long pulls around his fingers as hot waves of sensation spread from your head to your toes.
Edward kisses you, soft and slow, swallowing any whimpers tempted to escape as you come down, abandoning the counter to clutch his sleeve as the twitching reduces to a tremor.
“Oh my god.“ You laugh, planting your face into his collar as you catch your breath. “I can't believe you used charades to make me come, I'm never gonna forgive you.” 
“I heard the top prize is a ten dollar gift card to…” He squints and checks again. “The Google Play Store.”
“Ew, what could you even do with tha-”
“(Y/N) come help with plates!” Your mother shouts up the stairwell, totally fucking up any release you just had.
“I guess I should run down to the corner store;” Edward smiles, helping you to stand on wobbly legs and smoothing your skirt down. “Don't want to blow your cover.” 
“(Y/N)! Plates!”
“Oh my god;” Your eyes may never return from the back of your skull. “Meet you downstairs?”
He kisses you sweetly one last time, pulling you close and wiping the sheen of sweat off of your face.
With that, he heaves himself out of the narrow sill, and you busy yourself cleaning up as fast as you can.
You just catch him hopping off the roof, and coming around to the front yard. He'll hear you no matter the volume, but you still shout the warning;
“Stay away from my cousin!” 
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starfirette · 2 months ago
how they kiss you | rob pattinson character dump
🌸 because I'm so happy that Batman came out, and I've loved this guy since I was seven and saw the midnight premiere of twilight with my mom 😣
🌸 featuring Cedric Diggory, Neil, Edward Cullen, and Bruce Wayne. More to come if this does well! masterlist
Cedric Diggory
Tumblr media
SO SOFT. He loves kissing you constantly.
He kisses you on top of the head in the morning. You wait for each other in the common room before breakfast, and typically always eat together!
He chastely kisses you on the mouth before leaving for your separate classes.
His favorite kisses are the "good luck" ones, which you always give him before a quidditch game. This kiss typically involves him sticking his tongue down your throat like a feral man. But it's for good luck, so it's okay. Besides, he's a really good kisser.
Kiss rating: He's a solid 10/10.
Tumblr media
Neil is pretty good about not kissing you in public or around others. He's a 'professional' and that can be annoying. Sometimes people don't realize you two are even together because he's so 'professional,' but this doesn't mean that he's not affectionate. When you're alone he's very much all over you. Neil doesn't simply kiss, Neil makes out and he's damn good at it.
He kisses you on the hand as a sign of affection. Of you're making food or sitting at the computer doing work, he'll come behind you and kiss along your neck.
Kiss rating: 8/10 kisser, in fact I'm super tempted to give him a 9/10.
Edward Cullen
Tumblr media
Super chaste and polite, so kisses in public are brief. Chaste ones on the corner of the mouth, or on your forehead, if you're shorter than him and he has easy access.
In private he's actually sort of feral and I KNOW he's horny as fuck. Deep and emotional kisses; sometimes you just want to make out for fun but he always gets philosophical.
Kiss rating: His kisses are 7/10, he'd be pretty good if he could shut the hell up.
Bruce Wayne
Tumblr media
He might cry when he makes out with you.
But his kissing technique is overall...not good. He needs practice and you know what, that's okay. Kisses are not often, so make the most of it when he initiates.
When he's really stressed about "work" he'll kiss you before he goes out, and by this I mean really deep, passionate ones.
On days when his anxiety or ptsd is particularly bad, he juggt leave lingering kisses on your face. Sometimes he's awkward--in the sense that he'd rather have you initiate the physical affection. nine times out of ten, he'll reciprocate so don't be shy!
Kiss rating: I love him but he's a 4/10.
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bubbleteaimagines · a year ago
First Time with the Vampires
Twilight Headcanon
Tumblr media
Is so nervous
Will read your mind to see if he’s doing it right
Probably super romantic
Has planned it out
You got candles, flowers, the whole nine yards
Cooks you breakfast afterwards
Will crack jokes to make you more comfortable
Super excited
Is actually so sweet
Asks if you’re okay 1.000 times
Takes you out to eat afterwards
Then takes you to beautiful waterfall to relax
Uses his powers to calm himself down
You trust him 1.000 percent
“It’s okay Jas, you won’t hurt me,”
Is slow and passionate
Savors your touch
You miss breakfast cause you’re too busy cuddling afterwards
Knows what he’s doing
You’re so relaxed with him
He makes the night all about you
Whispers sweet nothings constantly
He’ll probably take you to paris
And the next morning you’ll have breakfast on the balcony while you grin at each other
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superhero--imagines · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Part 1 Here! / Part 2 Here! / Part 3 Here! / Part 4 Here! / Part 5 Here! / Part 6 Here! / Part 7 Here! / Part 8 Here! / Part 9 Here! / Part 10 Here! / Part 11 Here! / Part 12 Here! / Part 13 Here! / Part 14 Here! / Part 15 Here! / Part 16 Here! / Part 17 Here! / Part 18 Here! / Part 19 Here!/ Part 20 Here! His POV Part 1! Here /  His POV Part 2 Here!  / Part 21 Here! / Part 22 Here! / Random Headcanons / Part 23 Here! / Part 24 Here! / Part 25 Here! Part 26 Here ! <This is Part 27!>
A/N: Okay I think this is one of my favorite parts. Didyme’ story has been just living in the back of my head for years lol. And of course Twilight book campaign is open until 6/11 we are about 20 orders away from unlocking the first stretch goal so if you’re on the fence get it now!! I’d also love to unlock the second so you can see some extra stories like what if (Y/N) wasn’t a vampire, etc.
* By all accounts Didyme was the most beautiful girl in all of Thebes
* “But she wasn’t just a pretty face, she was the brightest person of her generation.”
* Astrology, cartography, calligraphy, art, strategy, mathematics - Didyme excelled at all of them.
* “But even in Ancient Greece, even then, the world was not kind to women who attempted to rise above their station.”
* If Didyme solved an unsolvable problem, she was told it wasn’t unsolvable at all. If she pointed an error in someone’s work, she was scolded and told that an error never existed to begin with. If Didyme created an invention, a man would get the credit.
* “And so the girl from Thebes realized there was no ‘good’ future in sight, she would be married off for some cattle and a higher social standing to man twice her senior. She’d give him a handful of children, one of which would be his heir, and then once her beauty faded away, she would be discarded entirely.”
* And you’re there too, watching the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen, with gold ringlets of hair and deep chocolate brown eyes realize there are no happy endings in life, at least not for her.
* “But the story doesn’t end there.” You ask, and Marcus shakes his head.
* “No, the story doesn’t end there.”
* “Aro loved Didyme, in his own way. Even though the world might deny her intelligence, no one knew of it better than Aro.”
* And so, the night before her wedding, Aro appeared before her, almost carrying an otherworldly attractiveness, with crimson eyes and extended his hand.
* And so the girl who tried to fight fate and failed, grasped the hand offered to her, and dreamt of a world where she might be allowed to exist as she was.
* “Did Aro do it because he thought she might show an extraordinary gift?” You ask, and a smile twitches on Marcus’s face
* “This isn’t about Aro, this is about the girl from Thebes.” He reminds you
* The girl from Thebes possessed no extraordinary power, her beauty remained untouched, with the softness of a mortal.
* “The venom only makes us look how we choose,” Marcus says. “For most it means some form of subjective enhancement, but the girl from Thebes was happy as she was.”
* “I thought Didyme possessed the power to make people happy.” You say and Marcus nods
* “She did, but it wasn’t the result of a gift,” he stops, looking to his hands as a soft smile creeps onto his face. “She was just exceptionally kind, to humans and vampires alike.”
* She created water purification systems for the people of Volterra, conspired and taught girls how to read and write in the corner of the castle garden, drive away any rogue vampires from the city of Volterra, but worst of all-
* “The cheeky thing used my name to do all those things!” He tells you with a grin and laugh. You find yourself smiling as well. “They call it Saint Marcus day in Volterra, but really it should be Saint Didyme day.”
* “And you were opposed to it?”
* “At first I was.” He admits, still smiling. “At first I just saw her as Aro’s bratty younger sister. You must understand, at the time she acted nothing like a lady, at least not one I had ever met.” You laugh at his baffled expression, smiling when that soft smile reappears once more.
* “She was like nothing I had ever seen, she was…” he trails off, thinking of the right words to say
* “An original piece?” You supply, and Marcus smiles
* “An original piece, no one else like her in the entire world.”
* They spent centuries together, the girl from Thebes and the vampire who served as her brothers general, and he watched in awe as bit by bit she made the world a better place.
* “She had her own code of ethics, only feeding from criminals and the occasional goat. Her eyes were always mismatched, one gold and the other red.”
* But he loved that about her too.
* A long, morose sigh heaves through his chest.
* “If it were up to me, we would have stayed there for an eternity, in that pale yellow shade of happiness.”
* But the girl from Thebes has dreams of her own.
* “She grew wary of this existence, she had taken the only road she knew as a form of survival, but she still clasped her humanity with both hands.”
* “Staying human for so long comes with its own trials.” You murmur, and Marcus nods.
* “It’s a bit like love, you have to always try and remember what holds you to it.” He looks to the twinkling stars, sighing once more. “The girl from Thebes realized she had traded one hell for another, and desired for the humanity she’d so recklessly shed all those years ago.”
* “When I asked why, the world was still so patriarchal in nature, she said ‘Marcus I want to change the world with my own hands, with my own power, not through someone else’s name or the power passed on to me from someone else.’”
* And so she began researching a cure for vampirism, and Marcus reluctantly helped her.
* “If it was her, I think she might have even accomplished it, but then-“
* But then she was killed
* “But then Aro murdered her.” You flinch at Marcus’s blunt words, they leave his mouth without a tremor. “And Caius helped him, and then they locked their wives away in a tower.”
* “And the girl from Thebes became a memory.”
* You gulp, speechless.
* So he knew all along that the girl he loved was killed by her own brother.
* What must it have been like, knowing the person you loved so much was taken by the leader you were forced to serve?
* What must it have been like to feel the weight of that immovable loyalty on his shoulders for years while his body crumbled under the despair of loss
* You feel so grateful for your power it might make you stand up, but it’s the reason you’re safe as well
* You watch as the sky turns to a light shade of lilac, the stars disappearing one by one.
* “I’m sure you have many questions,” Marcus says. “About time, and how two versions of yourself can exist, about why Aro and Caisus’s wives were really locked away, and how any of this is possible.”
* “But we’re out of time.” You say, staring at the moon, and feeling a pang of loneliness. Marcus nods.
* “For now take this,” Marcus holds out a bundle of yellow paper to you, all mismatched shades, written in varying colors of ink, tied together with a string.
* “(Y/N) of Denali, I entrust you you the girl from Thebes final research.” You take the bundle with both hands, swallowing hard. You feel your eyes burn as the venom lines your waterline.
* He takes two steps, before you call out to him.
* You have so many questions, like why Marcus of all people? Or has this all happened before? Are you doomed to fail before you even try?
* But there’s one question, a clumsy foolish thing that burns in the back of your mind.
* And you can figure the rest out for yourself, but not this one.
* “Did she love you?” You ask, and he turns around. You swallow hard. “Didyme, did she love you?” You clarify.
* You wonder if he’ll be upset or shocked
* But instead he grins
* “The girl from Thebes didn’t belong to anyone, she only belonged to herself.”
* The words are sad, but his mouth stays in the wide grin.
* You clutch the papers against your chest and smile back, watching until he disappears and the sky turns a pale orange.
* You look down to the papers in your hand, holding them a little closer to your chest.
* Your mouth opens and closes, you close your eyes and remember what Edward told you before you left.
* “Don’t be scared.”
* It’s only now that you understand what he really meant
* “Don’t be scared, because you’re not alone.”
* How many have come before you, you wonder
* How many Didyme’s, and Marcus’s, and Carlilse’s, and Edward’s, and Jane’s have discovered this path, each one walking just a bit further than the last, so that the path might be a bit more well treaded, a little more stable for you to walk on.
* “Thank you.” You whisper
* Because you are not alone.
* You pass the clearing by the lake, then the meadow - the pale flowers crunching under your feet, climb the first mountain, watching the sky burn from orange to deep purple, and then the second as the purple transforms into lavender.
* By the time you grasp the windowsill of your room, it’s golden hour.
* “You’re back I was so worried! How - “ you cut Edward off midsentance, throwing your arms around him and burying your face in his chest.
* His arms feel warm as he wraps them around your shoulders, a whistle of a breath tousling your hair.
* “I love you.” You feel your mouth wobble as the words pas your lips. Even though you know how he feels, it still feels embarrassing to say it first.
* But Edward doesn’t let you feel embarrassed for long, because when you tilt your chin up to meet his eyes, he’s grinning ear to ear
* If you didn’t know any better you might think he’s only a minute away from a blush
* “I love you too”
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thepenwrites · 10 months ago
Meadow (Edward Cullen x reader)
Tumblr media
You and your boyfriend Edward were lying across your flowery field, completely at peace.
With a graceful, brown hand draped across your stomach, the other behind your head, your eyes slowly drifted shut.
Your mind was cast back to the first time you met, all those months ago. His golden, fluorescent orbs drawn across the hall; to your own dark coloured ones.
Like two magnets, you graviated towards one another, like a planet orbits around the life-giving sun.
"I'm Edward Cullen" he charmingly introduced himself. "And you are?"
"Y/n. Y/n Y/LN" You responded, nervously twirling a curly strand of hair around your finger tip.
"Well Y/n" he began, leaning in close- close enough to smell his alluring scent. " I can tell we will get along just fine..."
".../n? Y/n" your man's deep yet smooth voice brought you back to the present.
The stillness of the forest and the distant bird sound could be felt and heard all around you.
Pulling away slowly, you opened your eyes, finding yourself once again lost in his smouldering gaze.
As you were about to respond, cool lips pressed against your puffy ones in a chaste kiss.
Smooth, brown skin against his perfect alabaster tone, melding together like inseperable ying and yang.
You couldn't even tell where he began and you ended.
Just him and you, in your small put perfect piece of forever.
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little-diable · 9 months ago
Nightmare - Edward Cullen (smut)
Requested by anon. Enjoy my loves. xxx
Summary: Edward distracts the reader from her nightmare.
Warnings: 18, smut, unprotected sex, mentions nightmares and a panicked state
Pairing: Edward Cullen x fem!reader
Tumblr media
She woke to her heart racing in fear, beating too fast for her blood to keep on pumping, for her lungs to keep on breathing and for her eyes to stop her tears from flooding.
(Y/n) wasn’t one to struggle with nightmares, would sleep safe and soundly through most nights, but ever since a certain vampire had entered her life she couldn’t stop her mind from hurling her into one nightmare after another. And he was always right there, staring at her as she was lying by his feet, rasping his name as life let go of her.
Before (y/n) could reach for her phone, to check the time on the all too bright screen, Edward had entered her room. Panicked eyes met her glassy ones, he lunged himself into her embrace, cradling her like a baby.
“I’m here, you’re okay, you’re okay.” Edward kept on repeating the words, maybe to calm her down or simply to remind himself that she was still alive and breathing, not struggling like she had done in her nightmare. He would always rip himself right out of his nightly routine as the first dream would crash through her mind, taking over her system like a burning piece of wood, ready to start the inferno.
“I’m sorry.” The whimper she allowed to bleed from her lips filled the room, followed by the feeling of his lips meeting hers, swallowing any uncalled for apologies that could leave her. She had done nothing wrong, there was nothing to feel sorry for, he was the one that should apologise, the one that kept on unleashing chaos.
“Don’t, please, (y/n).” An almost pained huff left Edward, flipping her around so that he was hovering over her, stroking a strand of her slightly tangled hair behind her ear. Her skin was growing warmer, burning against his ice cold palm.
(Y/n) chased his lips, kissing him again to leave the nightmare behind, to distract herself from the ever growing fear that simmered inside of her, ready to take over her body’s every cell. Her fingers were still slightly numb from her tight grip on her pillow, trying to grasp his chin, keeping him as close as humanly possible.
“Distract me, show me something, anything to take away this.” She didn’t need to voice out what she was feeling, her thoughts allowed him to see everything she had dreamt of, every blood curdling cry that had left her, every accelerating beat of her heart, every death she had lived and dreamt through.
“I’m here.” He repeated the words he had spoken minutes ago, kissing down her throat, the spots he had kissed numerous times before. It had taken him months to be able to touch her, but now - as he had tasted the forbidden fruit - Edward felt addicted, addicted to the taste and smell of her, guided by something even more powerful than his bloodlust.
Her legs weaved their way around his waist, hands tugging on the black sweater he had thrown on before rushing out of his house. Edward grasped her hands, pushing them down to the mattress, a silent gesture that told her enough. Tonight he would take care of her, tonight he would take away the ache in her chest, tonight he would be the one to indemnify his mistakes.
(Y/n)’s fingers danced across his cold chest, the naked skin that reminded her of a better world, a world where nightmares wouldn’t hide in the back of her head, waiting to strike her down. Edward didn’t give her any time to overthink her dream, the feeling of his hands cupping her breasts ripped her back into reality, lips formed into an o-shape.
His thumbs flickered her nipples, squeezing the hardening numb through the thin fabric of her shirt. She cried his name, arching herself into his touch, hoping that he would rip her top right off her body. But Edward stayed put, she wasn’t sure if he was teasing her or simply taking his time to admire her body, vulnerable and unprotected, ready for him to touch every inch.
“Need you, please don’t tease me.” The finger he pressed against her lips was supposed to shut her up, but (y/n) simply opened her mouth, wrapping her tongue around the digits. His gaze snapped back up to admire her, the grin she shot his way seemed to put his worries to rest, allowing him to finally undress her, ripping every piece of clothing off her frame.
“Look at you, you’re so ready for me. Relax, I’ll take care of you.” Edward’s soothing voice danced along her body, tickling the softest spots it could find on her exposed skin. Both were tangled, limbs and hearts, beating or not, in that moment it didn’t truly matter if their veins were filled with blood or darkness.
(Y/n)’s breath hitched in her chest as Edward’s mouth latched onto her clit, sucking on the bundle of nerves. Instantly her hands reached for his brown hair, burying her fingers in it, holding onto him as he brought pure heaven upon her. She didn’t get the time to wonder how a being like him could make her feel this ethereal and worshipped, his tongue worked her like the devil was chasing after him, the devil she had seen in her dream.
“Oh, fuck. Ed-” she threw her head back, teeth pierced into her lower lip. Soon she would give in, too worked up to drag out the moment. But he didn’t seem to care, threw her over the edge without saying a single word, he watched her boat fall and crash, guided by her cries of pleasure, overpowering the bolts of electricity that rumbled through her.
Edward didn’t let go of her, not even as he undressed himself. She was laying there so peacefully and relaxed, smiling at him with her lips showing her bite marks. He guided himself close to her entrance, eyes hooked on hers, silently asking for her consent, wondering if he could take it any further. The smile that tugged on her lips gave him the push he needed, cock sheath by her walls.
Both allowed themselves to adjust, not in any hurry, hoping to make the night last.
“Hold onto me, I got you, I will always protect you.” Each word he spoke got followed by a kiss, pressed against her neck, her breasts and lastly her lips. Slowly he began moving out of her, pushing right back in, over and over again. He made love to her, in every sense of the words.
She moaned for him, legs trembling and quivering, struggling to hold on as his movements sped up, skin slapping against hers. The moment was intimate, not rushed though urged on by their desires. Both were ready to let go in the mist of the night, darkness couldn’t harm them, could only protect the lovers from the creeping danger that lurked in the forest.
“You belong to me, forever. Till the end of,” a groan interrupted him, powerful and animalistic as (y/n) began to clench her walls. Her body was teasing him, making him feel as lost in his pleasures as she was, pulling him along with the growing current.
“I love you,” (y/n) murmured against his lips, kissing him while her arms wrapped themselves around his neck. His body met hers, length ripping her clenching walls apart with every thrust. Edward watched her carefully, knowing when her body began to focus on the growing tension that took over her system.
The threat was about to snap, about to send her into another state of euphoria, with him following her right into the depth of it. They came together, creating something so powerful that it felt as if the ground was shaking, drowned out by their moans.
Lazy thrust kept them connected, staying close together, waiting for their blissful state to set in. Edward pulled out of her, kissing her sweaty forehead before he began cleaning them up, making sure that she wasn’t hurt. Tonight he would cradle her in his arms, would protect her from her nightmares, till the morning would arrive.
Tumblr media
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glitterquadricorn · 5 months ago
Traitor - Edward Cullen (Day 2)
Tumblr media
Summary: Edward becomes obsessed with Bella, totally forgetting about y/n. Pairing: Edward Cullen x Reader Word Count: 415 Warning(s): angst, heartbreak(?), etc. if i missed something, let me know.
Song Inspiration: Traitor- Olivia Rodrigo
"Guess you didn't cheat, but you're still a traitor"
Y/n knew Edward was lying to her whenever she asked him about whether or not he was talking to Bella. She wasn’t stupid. She saw how he looked at her. It was the same way he looked at her when they first got married back in 1942. Did she ever think Edward would stoop so low as to cheat on her? No. He wouldn’t do that to her. She still loved him regardless, so she didn’t say anything.
But then Bella nearly got hit by Tyler’s car. Edward said he was right by her the whole time, but he wasn’t because he was standing next to her by Rosalie’s car. Seeing this proved that he really didn’t love her as much as said he did. This was the straw that broke the camel’s back, and she knew at that moment she had to break up with Edward and leave Forks.
When the family went on a hunting trip, she decided not to go, claiming she wasn’t as thirsty as the others. Once they left and were a good enough distance away, she pulled out some paper and pen.
Dear Edward,
I feel betrayed. Did the last sixty-six years mean anything to you? Do you even feel sorry for what you’ve done? I’m hurt. Hurt because even though you were with me, you still talked to Bella. Do you remember when I brought her up the first time and what did you tell me? You said you were just friends, and that I was paranoid. I had every right to be paranoid because you clearly love her. Anyone with a set of eyes can see that you do.
God, I wish I could see into the future because If I could, I ‘d know you do this, and I wouldn’t have even bothered to marry you. Yeah, I guess you didn’t cheat, but you’re still a traitor. I hope she was worth it.
Ps: By the time you read this, I’ll be long gone, so don’t look for me. I’ll be fine.
She folded the paper up and set the pen down next to the letter. Taking one last look around, she sighed. Out of all the houses they’ve lived in, this one was her favorite. Y/n wasn’t sure where she was going to go. Maybe she’ll visit their cousins in Denali for a bit. She hasn’t seen them in a while. All she knew was that she needed to leave.
TOMORROW IS CHRISTMAS! Merry Christmas and happy holidays. Have a safe and healthy new year!
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