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#edward midford

Absolutely! First time I’ve written for Cheslock, so I hope I did him justice!!




  • So I feel Edward would be a bit more subdued than Cheslock
  • Not in a bad/uninterested way, just that he’d be a little quieter/less charismatic about the whole thing
  • Like people would know the two of you are in love, but he’s not the type to scream it from the rooftops
  • He would definitely be affectionate though
  • But again more subtly
  • I think a lot of hand holding would be the main thing with Edward, or linking arms, him putting his arm out a little so you can rest your hand in the crook of his elbow
  • He’s very much a bow and then kiss your knuckles/back of your hand type person, quite the gentleman in every way you can think of
  • When it comes to PDA, he’s certainly comfortable with all of the above
  • But really not much more than that
  • He might give you a goodnight/goodbye parting kiss on your cheek or your forehead if you’re out in public, but only a brief one (might need to persuade him with puppy eyes)
  • That said, if a situation unfolds whereby you are threatened, uncomfortable or otherwise in some sort of danger, all of the above goes out of the window
  • Gone is the quiet, well spoken person you’re so used to and that you have come to love
  • He is replaced immediately by someone who would give his life if it meant saving yours, who will do anything to protect your honour and integrity
  • Edward is incredibly protective when it comes to your safety and well being, so god help anyone who threatens that
  • If it were a physical threat, he would immediately have a sword to hand with his other arm held out to the side, keeping you firmly behind him where he knows you are safe
  • If words are being used as weapons, he can take part in a battle of wits as skillfully as he can fight with any blade
  • He wouldn’t be possessive, but he would want to protect you in absolutely everything, and he will not tolerate anything negative being said about you
  • He won’t tolerate you being negative towards yourself either
  • Of course he makes sure you know you can talk to him about anything at all, however silly or unimportant you think it is, but he will be firm with you if it turns out you’re upset with how you look or some other aspect of who you are
  • He will tel you why that part of yourself is as beautiful as every other, not letting you believe for one second that there is anything at all wrong with you
  • He loves you dearly and thinks you’re perfect in every way; he won’t let you put yourself down like that


  • I feel like for you to be in a relationship with Cheslock, you’d have to be something more of a wild child yourself
  • I think Edward would be with someone a touch more refined, but Cheslock is there for pretty much any type of person who knows how to have fun
  • You’re part of a rock band? So was he at one point, let’s make a new one
  • You want to learn a new instrument? He’s probably already mastered that one, and he is more than willing to teach you (he’s better than any professional teacher, trust me)
  • You’re female but you don’t want to wear dresses or you’re male and you do? Your preferences are entirely yours, he will literally never judge you
  • That’s kind of a recurring theme with Cheslock - it doesn’t matter what you wear, how you act or anything else, he won’t ever judge you
  • That said, if somebody else is doing they judging, they are very quickly going to regret
  • He is not beyond starting a bar fight style brawl for the sake of protecting you from someone else’s horrible words, make no mistake
  • He can do the whole battle of words thing, but he’d rather just have an actual fight, win it, then be done with the whole thing
  • When it comes to PDA, he probably has less boundaries than you do
  • Not embarrassed in the slightest about anything
  • And arm slung around your waist to keep you close to him, you tucked into his side under his heavy winter coat when it gets cold, passionate kisses with people watching
  • He welcomes all of it
  • I think he likes/would seek out physical contact more often than Edward
  • He’s not touch starved or anything like that, he just enjoys the closeness, as well as knowing that you enjoy it too
  • If on the other hand, you happen to be touch starved, you won’t be for very long
  • The two of you would probably share a lot of kisses, arms hanging over shoulders and the like in a way of displaying more casual less ‘pretentious’ as he’d call it affection
  • Also, despite the tough exterior that so many people get put off by or are nervous of, I get the feeling he really likes hugs (I have nothing to base that on other than the vibe I get)
  • Like Edward, he wouldn’t become possessive of you
  • He trusts you deeply, but more importantly than that, you are perfectly capable of being independent and making your own decisions, which is something he is definitely not going to stand in the way of
  • Anyways, he is a very affectionate partner to have, and is very supportive in everything you do
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Real Ciel surviving to have a family? For practical purposes, I will say zero. He’s already dead.

Even if Undertaker tries to shove our earl’s soul into real Ciel’s body, I doubt it would end well.

The best chance for their bloodline to continue at all is through the Midford children. But the Phantomhive name would be no more… and, honestly, that might be a good thing.

Besides… Frances might have inherited the strongest/most “traits”. 👀

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kuro modern fashion headcanons

idk just thinking alright allow me to wonder about character design. but anyway these are just random unfixed approximations. I actually have no idea what clothing looks like btw.

Grell: mostly form fitting, though I could imagine some sort of design where the top is loose and puffy in the chest area. could be a mix of formal wear and “classy”(ruffles, buttons and such) or just very wild and “alternative”. heels. there will be chains. red, obviously, some black/silver, doesn’t matter where. a loose trench coat would be a classic touch. and when the occation is right it shall be shiny red form fitting dress with a “mermaid trail” or whatever its called. and mini skulls are just her thing. makeup always.

Sebastian: form fitting, black, everything black. maybe there’ll be some white thing, maybe even some splash of red idk a red shirt once in a life time but nah, it’s all black. wouldn’t put it above him to wear eyeliner or eyeshadow sometime. probably has some keychain with a knife on it or smth cause it looks edgy idk. need big pockets, need to fit cats. one day he’ll just come in wearing heals it’s not really predictable.

Ciel: preferably loose or casual fitted, I’m not sure what exactly would be worn but it depends on the situation; whether or not he wants to be taken as a serious adult. though there’s probably some shirt with edgy emo words on it somewhere. regardless, I imagine a nuetral/dark color scheme. plaid doesn’t seem farfetched to me- but not the red type red is a no no. hightops and/or wheelies don’t lie to me.

lizzy: bro idk she can wear anything any style works and don’t get me started on her color scheme WHAT IS IT is that a perk of being blond with green eyes someone explain. but anyway, frills, button downs- maybe, skirts though I can imagine overalls once in a while. ☆sparkly☆, jewlery and/or ribbons… as stylish as they are, I can’t help but imagine sneakers when it’s her own choice. I’m pretty sure she could break into a sprint at any moment.

Edward: preppy rich kid wears school uniform to Sunday mass and p o l o s h i r t s next

Mr. & Mrs. midford: look up “perfect married couple” I’m too lazy to.

Mr. & Mrs. Phantomhive: diddo^. though they most likely have one of those couple shirts with those puns on them or the “if lost return to blank” “I am blank”. and Vincent has a words best dad shirt, or mug.

sienglinde(I didn’t spell that right): button downs, sweater vest maybe, black skirts, big pockets for like everything you’ll ever need. neutral and green color scheme… shoes are tricky. assuming she would still be in her current situation she would be a wheel chair all the time. unless people are fine with her walking around with spider legs. but regardless, I would say black lace up heals up to the ankle. that’s oddly specific ik.

usually this is the type of thing I would draw but eh this is just some random weird night thought keep scrolling friend bye.

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Baby Lizzie












credit: coharingo/usausausa1201/kohakustyle_usagi/usakichi2020/pitapoteto/littlepets.usagi/himawari.5423/hinatakun0220/maron_bunny/black.forest.lops/… on instagram

other parts

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Cheslock: That was the worst gig in the history of music.
Edward: It wasn't that bad. They just weren't ready for us, Cheslock.
Cheslock: Do you think we'll ever be allowed back into London?
Edward: Of course we will, we're pioneers! Give them a bit of time to catch up to what we're about. Then they'll welcome us back.
Cheslock: Have you seen this review?
Edward: Cheslock, we do not need the words of reviewers to tell us what we're about.
Cheslock: That's lucky, because there're no words in this one. It's just a picture of some sick with our names underneath it.
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  • Im Mod Hannah and i write for almost all the character’s (with a couple exceptions) English is my second language my first is  German. (i was born in the us but my family mostly speak in  German) so apologies for any incorrect spelling
  • i have watched up to the book of circus and watched all of the original anime
  • i write matchups headcannons oneshots and imagine’s im fine with girl x girl boy x boy ect ect. i am also totally up for writing poly relationships. im fine with things like the reader being mute and stuff but it wont be the best because i have very little knowledge of the struggles(my older sister is mute and thats the only general thing i know ). im also fine with writing nsfw but i probably wont write it much
  • i wont write character x character(unless its platonic this may change) underage ships (ex ciel x adult!reader.) and by extention i wont write nsfw stuff with underage characters. im willing to hint at stuff like sexual assault. rape ect (at any age) BUT only for the sake of Y/n’s backstory and it will only be hinted or said but i wont write it happening because. No. 
  • I refer to grell/grelle as a female. but sometimes i acidentally call her a male because up in till recently i thought she was just a flamboyant gay male. even now im still not 100% sure about her gender but i will refer to her as she/her. i know people might get mad if i dont clear it up
  • thats all i will add more rules as i go along 
  • My favourite character’s are the following 

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  • i love most of them but these are my personnel favourites at the moment
  • oh one more thing
  • Schönen Tag!
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His Butler Cemetery, Chapter 3: The Problem of the Nights

Fandom: Black Butler | Kuroshitsuji (manga)

Fic Summary: Four visits to the cemetery, each growing in emotional intensity, and spanning backwards in time. (Spoilers for the manga!!)

(I’ll put the links to chapters 1 & 2 in a reblog!!)

Chapter Summary: “Young Master, Edward. If something you held most dear suddenly shattered one day…What would you do?“

"Dear, God. What a terrible ordeal you’ve tasked my sister with….”

Character Focus: Edward and Lizzie Midford

Notes: Eyyy remember this fic? The one I planned to finish in October 2018? Hehe…Yeah…

I never forgot about this fic… life just kinda got in the way and I moved on to other things. I have so many fics on my computer that I just can’t seem to figure out how to finish, and this chapter was one of them. Lately I’ve been trying to go through some of them and either just slap an ending on them, or split them into multiple chapters so it’s more manageable, haha. So I just picked a way to end it, even if I’m not entirely satisfied XD

I actually really really like Edward as a character, and was kind of inspired by the quote above to write this. I was excited to write for him for this fic, and really really liked this chapter, so I couldn’t go without posting it at some point!!I hope people still like it, even though it’s been so long…I’d deeply appreciate it if you could leave a comment to let me know!!

By the way, I am NOT caught up on the manga, so please don’t spoil anything from the recent chapters for me!!

Chapter 3, the Problem of the Nights:

Edward never could win against her.

Father would laugh and say that the Midford women had always been strong, and it was no cause for shame.

Still, there’s something particularly humiliating about getting your ass kicked by a cute little girl….Especially when she’s your younger sister.

The world would coo over her: her pretty shoes, her curly blonde hair, her frilly dresses, and sigh in awe that someone so cute could be so skilled with the sword.

And, if he was perfectly honest, she was incredible. He would never deny that, never say the praise was undeserved. Often he was her biggest fan, her loudest cheerleader, and if anyone dare lay a finger on her, or say a single syllable of slander, they’d certainly have a sword to answer to.

And, he supposed, her proficiency was good for him too, in a way, because it pushed him to work harder.

But no matter how many days he spent waking up early to wave his sword at empty air, no matter how much mastery he had compared to his classmates, he could never catch up to her. Sometimes it felt like the race was rigged, and he wasn’t moving at all.

He applauded her, admired her.

But sometimes he would throw his sword into the wall and demand that it listen to him. That he, a thirteen-year-old boy could and should be better at swordplay, than a ten-year-old girl who decorated her world in pink plushies and bonnets.

When the other nobles chatted with Lizzie, and about Lizzie, and then turned to him to ask what he’d been doing, sure he had a story to top hers…

Keep reading

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Okay sorry for the late reply I had dinner ówò

Edward gives me soft aro/ace (Can’t tell which, I’m leaning towards ace tho) vibes. He’s a nerd who wants to be one of the “cool kids” but the kid attempted a push up once in 5th grade, fell on his wrist and fucking broke it. Now he hangs out at the local McDonald’s with nothing but 20 piece nuggets and updates his Instagram for the first time since 2015. “These nuggets are refreshing : ) I have honey with my nuggets” he posts as he has flashbacks to all the cool football kids laughing as fifth grade him broke his wrist. He does not plan to post again till the ripe year of 2025. He is thinking about starting an emo scene, but there’s this one creepy generic frat boy who does nothing but dramatically stare off into space and he doesn’t want to be associated with that. He is considering becoming a cryptid

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