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perikiro · 2 days ago
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batman confidential #26-28 living in my mind rent free at all times
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winterstars21 · 2 days ago
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‘Batman 1972’ concept by francesco francavilla!
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wolfile · 2 days ago
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dressing him up in goofy shirts that fit him bc he is like a barbie doll to me
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waterfire1848 · a day ago
Poison Ivy: Batman, we thought you were dead.
Bruce: Sorry to disappoint. We were undercover.
Harley: We?
[ Robin appears next to Batman after dropping out of the Batplane. ]
The Riddler: Is that a child?!
Bruce: Let’s dance.
Harley: How exactly do you plan on-
Bruce: Robin!
[ Dick attacks Two-Face. ]
The Penguin: Be careful! Having a son has only made him stronger and more unstable!
Bruce: You all should have called for backup.
Catwoman: We should have called child protective services.
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whislvyn · 2 days ago
Backstabbing waltz🫀 (how does tumblr work.)
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shizuka2613 · 2 days ago
🐧 🦈 ❓
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myrivals · 13 hours ago
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selkie au
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imthekingofgotham · a day ago
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zv5x · a day ago
What would Edward do if his darling (after he brings her home) is genuinely scared of him? Like she doesn’t fight him or any, just is in shock and cries because she doesn’t want to get hurt. What would he do to calm her down and transition his darling into ‘Stockholm Syndrome’?
Yan!Riddler • Terrified!Reader
warning for delusional and abusive mindsets, use of the yandere trope, toxic relationships, hostage situations, long term psychological abuse, Stockholm Syndrome/trauma bonding, restraining / "training"
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 ❔In the situation where the object of his obsession shows terror because of him, rather than anger or resentment, the delusions he holds regarding his darling will only worsen. His original idea is that his darling is scared, alone and confused. He believes firmly that they need his love to operate, instead of believing in the reality that the situation highlights quite the opposite. He expects that his darling is just as needy and obsessive as he is, and a darling that is terrified of his image will be labeled as "shy" or "doe-like" rather than what they actually are expressing. The views and opinions of Edward's darling are not looked over, if not completely irrelevant. His nihilistic outlook on Gotham city life completely overtakes his ideas of psychological mercy, and will gladly force his darling into sessions of physical affecion because he believes his darling is scared of the city rather than of himself. In his eyes, you have no reason to be afraid anymore, but he still respects that you're being "careful when faced with someone you don't know". Whether that be because he thinks you're staying loyal for him, your soulmate, or because he thinks you're simply scared around any person who crawls in the city is up for minor debate. 
💚 When it truly solidifies in Edward's mind that you're scared of him, however that realization makes its way past his defensive walls, he'll be disheartened to say the least. Though, he'll put it on his own shoulders to fix you. He'll spend his time scanning newspapers, looking for articles highlighting the worst of Gotham before looking for articles regarding himself or Batman. Helping you is at the forefront of his mind, and Edward will show you the dire situation at hand in the form of his very own presentation. Subway assaults, robbery's, domestic violence commited against women and children, he'll cut out snippets describing such and paste them all in a neatly organized notebook. On the contrary, he'll have stories prepared of how he's helped with the cleaning of this mess. Does the exploitation of women upset you? He's picked off a few politicians who did just that, so that's a few less women who have to worry now. Constantly looking over your shoulder because of robberies or general villains? You must know, he's followed you home ever since he first met you. Anyone who's thought to do something like that to you was completely shooed off or killed on the spot, so you didn't have to risk getting harmed. By the end of the night, he'll expect you to be thanking him in whatever way you see fit. Even staying silent will be enough for him, crying too. You're silent because you're shocked a citygoer could be so kind, or, you're crying tears of complete joy. 
❔As a way to get you used to his company, Edward will force you into cuddle sessions of various types. Holding you in his lap, laying his head in yours, or anything else similar are all on the table for him. He'll give you the sweetest smile he can conjure up, just to see if that'll be enough to comfort you. As touched starved as he assumes you to be, you surely wouldn't mind if he gives you what you've been deprived of for so long right? Of course not. Regardless of whether or not you tremble in his touch, he'll equate it to a mother trying to soothe a crying baby rather than a hostage terrified of the possible concept of their demise. 
The television echoed gently, on the lowest volume possible to allow for a gentle sleep. Your eyes slowly crept over to your side, focusing on one man sound asleep right next to you. He was in more of a sitting position, head laid back with a notebook left open on his stretched out legs. Edward had fallen asleep working again. The chain attached to your ankle rattled as it pulled against the edge of the bed. For a reason you did not yet recognize, you wanted to get closer to him. Immediately at the sound of the chain however, Edward's eyes fluttered open. You frowned at how light of a sleeper he happened to be, now feeling guilt at the fact you seemed to awaken him. 
"Angel?" He yawned, letting his eyes fully adjust to his surroundings. Immediately suspicious considering the chain being what woke him up, Edward squinted at you. "Got somewhere to be?" His tone was laced with suspicion, like a police investigator interrogating a clearly guilty suspect. You shook your head, a genuine response on your end. The only sound was the hum of the television and the occasional light rattling of your chain. It didn't bother you nearly as much as it did when you first came. Now that you were looking at the situation with a clearer head, devoid of the fear you once had, you could see that despite everything he was clearly trying his best. Still, you couldn't help the slight shivers that crept up your spine whenever that man said your name, or anything for that matter. It was still there, there was no doubt about that. However, it was considerably less prominent.
You turned to him, surprising him with a smile. A grin spread across your face was the last thing Edward was expecting, and he couldn't help but smile back at the sight. Was this a sign you were finally coming around? Would the days pinning you against the bed screaming at you to stop struggling against him finally meet their end? He hoped so with every inch of his being, as punishing you for your fear of him wasn't something he wanted to do. From what he's heard however, to train someone you need to correct their behavior immediately. If Edward doesn't wish for you to be afraid of him, then the only reasonable option was for him to reprimand any repulsion or terror you externalize. All those hours poured into the research of such psychology was not wasted thankfully, as you seemed to finally be getting the message he was so desperately trying to give you. 
"I don't think there's any place I'd rather be than here." Was all you said, forever sealing your fate and solidifying you never being able to walk the city streets again.
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coloredsnowo · a day ago
that one cory micheal smith tweet just means ed is now canonically horny. it makes this image all the more insane
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acrylic-kettle · 2 days ago
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Decided to draw my Riddler. Love this guy.
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justrandomtrashes · a day ago
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ninewheels · 2 days ago
Have enough people talked about how gay these 90s Batman movies are yet?
Well if so, too bad, because this is my June monthly short: a miniature video essay on my own queer readings of Batman Forever and Batman & Robin.
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whislvyn · 18 hours ago
Riddles, riddles🍀
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myrivals · 17 hours ago
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selkie au
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primalriddle · 2 days ago
arkhamverse riddler is the guy who gets daily vocab word emails and uses that word in conversation to seem better than who he’s talking to
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66 riddler on the brain rn <3
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He is my beloved......
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dressing up nice to visit her crush at the insane asylum 🥰🥰
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