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#edwin jarvis

something i find hilarious about the mcu is that in modern times the founders of shield are absolutely worshiped, to the point that jemma simmons freaks out about seeing something that peggy carter once held, and then you watch agent carter and find out that in reality the founders of shield were a gang of rage-filled, PTSD-riddled, disaster-magnet 25-year-olds whose top hits include kidnapping a man using a tranquilizer gun meant for koalas and then convincing him he has malaria, being reticent to help defuse a bomb because he has a souffle in the oven for his wife, literally moving across the country because he mistakenly thought his crush didn’t like him back, attempting to blackmail his only friend with information that wasn’t even true, and nearly accidentally committing mass genocide on the people of new york city because he couldn’t keep it in his pants

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Whumptober 2020 - Day 19

edwin jarvis is one of my all-time fav characters. this includes a few references to my day 3 fic for the ‘held at gunpoint’ prompt!


Prompt: Mourning Loved One
Fandom: Avengers, Agent Carter, MCU
Character(s): Tony Stark, JARVIS (mentioned), Edwin Jarvis (mentioned)
Words: 459

tw: past child abuse

Set not long after Ultron’s first attack in Age Of Ultron.

JARVIS was dead.

That was a fact that the other Avengers seemed to brush over. They told Tony to get over it, he was just an AI, and though they were all upset that he was gone it was nothing to have such a dramatic reaction over. But they didn’t understand.

JARVIS was more than ‘just an AI’. JARVIS was the creation he was proudest of. JARVIS was the one who was always with him at his highs and lows. JARVIS was his assistant when he worked, and was always there to offer a sassy remark whenever Tony needed it (and often when he didn’t, too). JARVIS never judged him or his choices, but still kept him to stay healthy and stopped him from making some very stupid decisions. JARVIS showed concern, something even Tony didn’t think was possible, because he was learning and he was more than an AI.

And JARVIS was the last connection he had to Jarvis. Edwin Jarvis. The very real, very kind human being that was more of a father to Tony than Howard could ever even attempt at being.

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11. Psych 101 “Crying”

While stranded, in the past, Peter crosses paths with a familiar face.

AO3 Link

Following the final battle, which became the ‘resting’ place of Thanos and his children, the world returned to a somewhat, normal state.

A couple of months passed when it became apparent that followers of Thanos, were on the move again, ready to stop at nothing to avenge him.

They were only small squadrons, of brainless beings, that were usually quite easy to take down.

Peter, after weeks of pleading, with Tony and May, was granted permission to tag along, with the team, to help. It gave him peace of mind, being able to watch over Tony, because at least, together, they could keep one another safe.

They managed to direct the fights, to the abandoned site of Sokovia, to make sure no civilians were caught in the crossfire.

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So i finished agent carter and honestly it was pretty good! i enjoyed it..

Overall Peggy’s character was in character, and really enjoyable because she is a badass and very great! I really liked the first season, it had a good over arching story.

I enjoyed the first season a lot more than the second (mostly becasue it ended on a cliffhanger and sense there isnt a third season (i think canceled? i didnt look into it) it just ends with the one guy dying..

I also liked the fist season because you could safely guess who was going to live and who was going to die. Dont get me wrong i love a good twist! Its just my mom and I never trusted Wilkes and I guessed he was going to die, I was wrong…

The first season starts out with mystery, random roommate Peggy’s semi attached to, a gal from the local laundromat she is also friends with, and then boom Howard is in the picture (also Jarvis!).

The story line with the deadly weapons that got stolen, Dotty, the brainwashing guy who is in hookahs with Dotty and then proof that Doctor Zola is alive!!

Also the howling commandos! they were all absolutely great and I love the way that they all respect Peggy in somewhat the same way Howard did, I also enjoyed how they played off of each other and I would have enjoyed a series of purely them after Steve went into the ice.

I would have enjoyed seeing how each of them mourned the death of their new friend, the missions they got after it and see the inner workings of their brain. They are people just like everyone else and seeing how they met the love(s) of their life, how the others react to the finding of the people the love and so on.

Basically what im saying is, the first season of agent Carter is amazing, the second season was a little rough around the edges but overall great, the fact that there wasnt another season and it was left on a cliff hanger and that if they ha made a season or two on the Howling commandos i would eat that shit up SO fast

#the howling commandos, #Captin America, #Steve Rogers, #steve grant rogers, #agent carter, #peggy carter, #marvel, #marvel cinematic universe, #MCU, #edwin jarvis, #Dottie Underwood, #honestly dottie and howard are my favorite, #Daniel Sousa, #is a close second but his character arc through the second season is meh, #at best.. I really liked the howling commandos if saying that the first two times didnt get that across..., #I guess I like them because they have insight on what Steve was actually like, #there is alot more i want to add but now im gon go off on a tangent about steve, #SO- he was dehumanized by everyone, #whether it was on purpose like with the hydra agents that had infiltrated SHEILD, #or on accident like with tony- bruce- everyone else, #seeing as hydra was apart of SHIELD from the very beginning Im going to have to assume that they had a very VERY strong grasp on the group, #and sense these dudes who were actually trying to do good (within SHEILD) they would have prolly had him in therapy, #he's lost everything he loved and everyone he loved, #and its all blank now, #so obviously he is gonna be fucked over by it and sense hydra is there they would prolly want him to be down and stay down, #so dehumanization by calling him cap instead of steve, #along with keeping him away from the outside world and wanting to go out there, #they probably told him that its dangerous or somthing, #that would keep any sane (or sane-ish) person from doing something, #especially with having just lost so much it would make sense to want to trust what soemone says in that situation
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Jarvis: Maybe it's not the worst thing in the world to feel... things.
Peggy: I guess not. It's up there.
Jarvis: Thank you for acknowledging my feelings.
Peggy: Thank you for acknowledging mine.
Jarvis, sobbing: We're both great at this.
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I’m like 4 years late but I just finished binge watching Agent Carter in 2 days and can I just say

I am MAD







anyways I would like to sue marvel for emotional damage after leaving us on a CLIFF HANGER like that.

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