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pixielike · 2 months ago
smeyer: Jessica Stanley is EVIL, she is a two-faced bitch and a pervert!
Jessica, a literal normal average teenage girl:
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supermassivebutthole · 4 months ago
Something that really bothers me about the popular fanon and also canon conception of Edythe: It seems like most people imagine her as ginger Rosalie?? Which is absolutely wild to me because they grew up in different times and have wildly different personalities, they would not have similar style. Edythe should be as different from Rosalie as Rosalie is from Alice.
This character is still Edward, just AFAB. So, we need her to be tall, rigid, with an intimidating jaw line and hair that looks like she can't stop playing with it. Her hair probably should be short, because she was gaining autonomy over her personal style during wartime (WW1). Women were expected to do more work, more physical work, and the hairstyles of the time reflect that. Considering the time, and her upper middle class upbringing, her hair would be short, slightly waving, and unfussy.
Edward has prominent, dark, expressive eyebrows. So would Edythe. I don't know why every illustration, moodboard, description of her is this little whisp of a girl with tiny ginger brows. Edythe is MELODRAMA! She's ANGST! She's not high femme ginger girl next door??
Obviously this is just my personal opinion, but I feel like the sweeping peacoat, dark eyebrows, short messy hair look is just?? Better. The only reason Edythe isn't like this in canon is because Stephanie clings to gender roles like her life depends on them.
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opinionatedtwihard · 2 months ago
Edythe Cullen or something idk I didn't read Life and Death
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rosaliesbigtiddygothgf · 6 months ago
this is what life & death looks like to me
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rosaalee · 9 months ago
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bella x edythe
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twilightinanotherlife · a month ago
Merging my face claims for Edythe, Jessamine and Earnest and movie Edward, Jasper and Esme to create the ultimate Edythe, Jessamine and Earnest.
Holland Roden + Edward Cullen = Edythe Cullen
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Lily James + Jasper Hale = Jessamine Hale
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Matt Bomer + Esme Cullen = Earnest Cullen
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thecarnivorousmuffinmeta · 17 days ago
Sooo what happens if this edythe meets bella as in canon (she somehow miraculously stuck with the cullens until then)? What does alice say to get her not to eat her? Assuming she still wants bella to be her best friend. On you whether edythe's attracted to women or not (thinking I've walked right into the bella gets eaten trap)
Previous post on what if Edward was Edythe.
Caveat also that I haven't read Life and Death, I am dimly aware that supposedly Edythe is a very toned-down Edward (considering I spend my days arguing that Edward is not a toned-down Edward with you people, I'm not sure how much I believe that). Regardless, what I'm getting at is we're assuming that Edythe here is Edward in a female socialization wig. And apparently still attracted to the same team but deeply in the closet.
Alright, we good with the backdrop here? Great.
What Does Alice Say?
She tells Edythe that Bella Swan is her very platonic soulmate. They're going to be best friends, closer than sisters, two halves of the same coin. In a, ah, very non-sexual manner.
Well, much like Edward, Edythe buys this hook, line, and sinker. Edythe rushes over to Bella's room in denial and lo and behold, she sees perfect friendship in Bella Swan.
Yes, friendship in how not-plain Bella is and how not-delicious she smells and how much Edythe admires the kind of woman that Bella is (no makeup, no interest in a boyfriend, very kind, very studious, etc.)
Edythe proceeds to be Edward except that neither she nor Bella realize they're dating and instead think this is just what best friends do.
The trouble is that Edythe won't think to marry Bella. There's no marriage to slow Bella down from turning. Edythe can try to bargain turning Bella herself over her head if, say, Bella goes to college as a human and lives a human life and...
But time is limited, and Edythe will quickly realize this.
As a result, I imagine Bella will one day be eaten, though she could be turned and Edythe would spend the rest of their time together thinking she's ruined Bella and destroyed her soul.
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bellasredchevy · 10 months ago
Edwards should have been edythe like in life and death but no one else gender bent. I think i would've been more interesting to explore, esp if bella had been what made edythe realise her sexuality therefore she had to battle with her conflictions due to the time period she is from. This wouldve been more interesting that the "woe is me im a monster" vibe
agreed. realizing she’s a lesbian after a century of thinking she’s asexual? peak cinema
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sethclearwatermybeloved · 3 months ago
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i don’t have a cool caption but take yet another edythe moodboard
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twilightsagafemslash · 6 months ago
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BellaxEdythe ♡
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edythesbella · a year ago
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Twilight's iconic meadow scene but make it gay ✨
Happy Pride Month 💖
Reblogging is always appreciated. Don't repost. Dm me for commissions :)
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pixielike · 4 months ago
Twilight except it's edythe and bella, everything else is the same, and edward's moping from the original of being “such a horrible monster” is now an analogy for lesbophobia
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supermassivebutthole · 4 months ago
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murderous edythe cullen moodboard
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opinionatedtwihard · 2 months ago
At that moment, the bell rang loudly, making me jump, and Edythe Cullen was out of her seat. She moved like a dancer, every perfect line of her slim body in harmony with all the others, her back to me, and she was out the door before anyone else was out of their seat.
I sat frozen in my seat, staring blankly after her. She was so harsh. I began gathering up my things slowly, trying to block out the confusion and guilt that filled me. Why should I feel guilty? I hadn’t done anything wrong. How could I have? I hadn’t actually even met her.
At that moment, the bell rang loudly, making me jump, and Edward Cullen was out of his seat. Fluidly he rose - he was much taller than I'd thought - his back to me, and he was out the door before anyone else was out of their seat.
I sat frozen in my seat, staring blankly after him. He was so mean. It wasn't fair. I began gathering up my things slowly, trying to block the anger that filled me, for fear my eyes would tear up. For some reason, my temper was hardwired to my tear ducts. I usually cried when I was angry, a humiliating tendency.
This is so bonkers guys. Neutral phrases in black, unchanged phrases crossed out, gendered phrases in pink (womanly) and blue (manly). She spells out exactly what actions in her characters she chalks up to gender. Smeyer really said "delete the part about crying, ew, this story is about a boy." Also Edward is mean and unfair, which victimizes Bella. Edythe is described as harsh, which plays on the catty female narrative we saw in the demonization of Jessica in the original version.
The only true way to make a point about gender flexibility would have been changing ONLY names and pronouns. Instead, she played herself!!! She highlighted EXACTLY how tied up with stereotypical femininity Bella's actions are in smeyer's brain. And don't even argue it was changed to keep it fresh. Telling boys to be less emotional and cry less is the oldest (dangerous, scummy, toxic) trick in the book. Also, hot girl = slim, hot boy = tall.
Nowhere else in the history of popular fiction have we had a PUBLISHED RECORD OF GENDER BIAS. I will nerd out over this exploration of Smeyer's psychological bias until the day I die. How did she not see this from a mile away????
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alternatexworlds · 2 months ago
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rosaalee · 4 months ago
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edythe i wish we could have experienced youthfulness together elizabeth cullen
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twilightinanotherlife · 10 months ago
Edythe: Bella this is Rosalie. Rosalie this is my girlfriend, Bella.
Bella: Hi.
Rosalie: Seriously? You couldn't have found someone better?
Edythe: Don't say that. I love her!
Rosalie: Shut up, I was talking to Bella.
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cowboydave · 10 days ago
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the main girls
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I think I'm going to get a tipex pen, or at least I need to not do it sat on my bed
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renegadepack · 3 months ago
when we were alone
for Bella/Edythe
Ever since that first day, the day that decided everything for them, they came to the meadow often. It was their place, a spot few others knew about and even fewer were willing to venture to. The perfect place, where they could be alone. Edythe’s mind, far from anyone she could hear, finally quiet. They liked to sit, to stretch out, to read or talk or draw; anything to be together.
Bella sat on the edge of their picnic blanket, studying and sketching the wildflowers that tickled her bare legs. Edythe lay next to her, her head resting against Bella’s thigh, holding her book above her face as she read its contents. Absent-mindedly, Bella played with a lock of Edythe’s hair as she examined her sketches, trying to determine what was missing. Edythe closed her book with a sigh, having reached the end of it. She sat up and kissed Bella’s cheek before resting her head on her shoulder to look at the sketchbook.
“Pretty flowers,” Edythe comments, first looking at the real thing and then the replicas on the page.
“Thanks, love,” Bella said, adding a few more lines. “How’s your book?”
“It was good. Quick read. How’s your drawing?”
Bella sighed. “It’s missing something.” She shrugged, erasing the lines she had just drawn.
“Maybe it just needs some color?” Edythe suggested, noting the pinks and purples in the flowers around them. She reached for the pack of colored pencils Bella never came here without.
“No, I think I want to keep the one in grayscale,” she said, lost in the flowers. They fell silent for a while, both studying the myriad of blossoms at their feet.
“Oh! Did you get this one here?” Edythe asked, taking Bella’s hand and pointing to a tiny flower. It was missing a few petals and had gone brown around the center.
“That one? No. It’s… got all those missing pieces. And flaws. It’s ugly. It wouldn’t look right next to the fuller ones,” Bella said as she shrugged, adding a bit more shading to the empty space on the page. Edythe heard something else in her voice.
“It’s not ugly, it’s interesting. Look at the torn petal here; all those patterns.” She turned Bella’s face to look at her, tucking a lock of hair behind her ear. Bella leaned in closer to her, and Edythe kissed her forehead. “The imperfections complete the artwork.”
Bella smiled. “Why do you always have to be right?”
“Gotta give you a reason to keep me around,” Edythe said, laughing.
“I have plenty of those.” Bella kissed her, then grabbed her pencil again and worked on adding the flower Edythe had pointed out. Edythe watched her for a few moments, then laid back down, closing her eyes as she felt the sun on her face. She began to hum a melody Bella would recognize. She smiled when she did; a song Edythe had written for her.
“You know, there’s no one else I’d rather be here with,” Bella said.
Edythe smiled. “I know. I loved you, too.”
Bella watched her for a moment, then turned back to her drawing, adding a few finishing touches before flipping the page and beginning another of Edythe. 
more fic // request fic
“things you said” prompts
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