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eerna · a day ago
Y are Christians so weird???
Wait lemme pull out my theology degree here
Akhem. The answer is, shit's wild bro
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eerna · 2 days ago
Do you think Father is homophobic?
I think he's every sort of -phobic and -ist that exists, but he isn't aware of it, he's convinced he's the best ally in the world. He just has that vibe
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eerna · 17 hours ago
"Explaining a fictional religion" makes me think you'd spend 20 minutes explaining Yatoism
20 minutes to cover the Yaboku-Yato legend and everything that it entails??!!??!?!?!? I would need an hour at the MINIMUM
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eerna · a day ago
Who’s your favorite TLC friendship? I just drew Iko and Cinder and it’s missing them hours <3
AWWW MISSING MY GIRLSS~~~ The one that makes me fragment into a thousand little pieces is Cinder/Thorne, but I love p much every combination presented in the books. It's just that those two were the backbone of the story and it stayed in my heart
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eerna · 18 hours ago
Hi just wanted to say your religion is valid and sorry about that anon. Also I love your tlc art
Hiii! You're too sweet, I wasn't offended, more just baffled that someone would ask me a thing like that when I legit never talk about religion on here lol
And thank you for the complimentttt~
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eerna · a day ago
Liyue in Genshin is Shu Han aesthetics with Ketterdam values
I KNOWWWWW when they started talking about how commerce and contracts are law and how it's a city ruled by the god of contracts I was vividly fantasizing about the Crows
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eerna · 11 months ago
okey im from croatia and i NEVER IN MY LIFE saw toothpaste in those buckets lmao since when is that a thing????
K I promised myself I will give up once a message like this arrived, so here goes:  
T h e r e   i s   n o  t  o o t h p a s t e   b u c k e t
Yeah you read that right. I use tube toothpaste like everyone else. There is no family toothpaste sharing ritual. That was photoshop. Ina never dipped her toothbrush into a nest of my family mouth bacteria. She sent that post to me asking if it was true and I couldn’t resist playing along. BUT I am so happy it turned into a wholesome event of sharing your own experiences from your homeland, it is so cool to see where everyone is from and how stuff is different from around the globe~~
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eerna · 7 months ago
based of the jesper-college-dropout-thing: more people need to acknowledged that half the crows are farm boys (from three different countries)
The comedic potential of Kaz walking around saying shit like “My mother is Ketterdam, she birthed me in the harbor” but also inexplicably making farming references that Jesper and Matthias catch and go all sus is immense. Country boyssss we love youuuuuu
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eerna · 2 months ago
Whats shifting?
Here's a vid by someone making fun of it. In reality, it's tiktokers destroying each others' mental health with cultlike behavior, maladaptive daydreaming and lucid dreaming. In theory, it's transporting your mind into fictional worlds because if there are infinite universes, fiction is real in some of them and you just gotta learn how to get there with the power of meditation. And for some reason everyone decided to utilize this incredible superpower to go to Hogwarts and date Draco Malfoy
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eerna · a month ago
I finished season 1! 😄
And I gotta say, Yato's open jacket does something for me 😳🤔
Well, he didn't win Sexiest Anime Man 2014 for nothing!!!
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eerna · 3 months ago
hol up what's the deal with darling in the franxx 😳
It's an anime from 2018 that's about kids piloting giant robots to fight monsters with the power of..... well I have no idea what, but it's tied to sexuality. It's controversial bc it perpetuates outdated sexual teachings and stereotypes, and also the writing sucks ass. I could talk for days on the subject of why it sucks bc it's honestly one of the worst shows I've seen in my life jdskbajkvjkkj
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eerna · a month ago
Look, I am yatori shipper first, but damn Yatoma is such a good flavor. It's the sheer pure drama that it would invoke. It gives me the mental image of Kazuma and Hiyori fighting in a parking lot of a Denny's at 3am with two loaves of bread.
Oh don't worry I totally get it! It's that Takeyato is my Idiot Ship TM, Yatoma makes me too sad vjdmsmsnw
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eerna · 2 months ago
Today I found out that omegaverse is an actual book genre not just a fanfiction thing.
Oh yes my dear. On of my middle school best friends was super into it so I got front seats to seeing just how many stories abt it exist.
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eerna · 2 months ago
Noragami au where both Nora and Yato meet Sakura at the same time so they both hate father with all their guts therebefore his plans never proceed.
Cut to them living normally except the constant ocurrence of their father coming from time to time to try to convince them to live with him again plz. Father is the villain of the week every week. Team Rocket Style.
Every time Hiyori and/or Yukine ask about him they given them different answers so they stop asking. "I putted icecream on his shoes the other day so he's trying to get revenge" "he is obssesed with me bcs he's an old fan from my idol days" "A fortune teller told him he has to rescue a homeless sweaty guy to become rich" etc.
Eventually Ebisu, Kofuku and Take get rid of him by accident and decide to never tell anyone to avoid social judgement
Tumblr media
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eerna · 4 months ago
Pre-Calamity ZeLink fics? I HIGHLY recommend "Roots" by ClaraAeri! It is so amazingly written, the characters are so well developed too! I read it tons already! By far my absolute favorite fanfic ever!
Other super amazing one's are;
"The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" - By TheZedofAges (Super long and slow burn tho)
"One Last Year" - By Crazygurlmadness
"Calm Waters run deep" - By MaryDragon
"The Undertow" - By ClaraAeri (Still ongoing, but really good so far! This author is seriously one of the best writers!)
((Here are One shots))
"Light Reading" - By OmegaZeta5
"Shifting Sands" - By Jenseits_der_sterne (This one is way too cute! I enjoyed it too much lol)
"Under the Surface" - By Jenseits_der_sterne
"Asymmetry" - By Jenseits_der_sterne (Not Pre Calamity but REALLY cute!)
"Piove" - By OmegaZeta5 (Also post Calamity, but man its sooo good)
"Anonymity" - By socksock (Warning though; Masquerade ball and lots of heavy kissing. Nothing super explicit though)
All of these are on Ao3! I have read all of these a TON and I think they're some of the best out there!
Bless you, what a list!!! Those first 3 are the most recommended ones, and I read the first 2 so I know they are so for a reason. Thanks ~
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eerna · 3 months ago
Do you have any tips about adapting book scenes into comics?
I adore doing it, so here's a collection of things I've learned about it, using my already existing book comics:
this may be dorky but works for me: act out the scene to get a sense of movement and body language that won't be mentioned in the text
cut lines you don’t need. Books need to be more descriptive and detailed for the purpose of setting a mood, but in comics you should locate only the stuff that's absolutely necessary to keep in, or the page will get too wordy. You can even cut out dialogue that doesn’t fit the bill. Example: here, the book describes Inej spending 3 paragraphs playing around with things at hand and describing Kaz's actions. I reduced it to her messing with the papers as she secretly focuses on his hands because they were the only actions that I found important, and it fit in only half a page.
turn some of the inner monologues into visual representations to avoid too much narration on what the characters are supposed to be feeling. Example: here, Percy is supposed to explain how his Achilles’ spot relates to Annabeth, but I replaced it with panels of her pulling him out of the river and stylized panels showing how the touch relates to it. It’s prettier and more effective than just saying “he can trust her”
Sometimes there’s a block of text you can’t cut down, but if you leave it as is, it would just be people standing around doing nothing. When this happens, I like to do flashbacks that are a nice background tied to what is being said. Example: here, Cress goes on several paragraphs of a monologue about the history of her feelings, so I threw in a scene of her at the very beginning of the story followed by a focused shot of her current self to reflect it and make it more dynamic.
tone setting descriptions of places can translate very well if you need them. Example: here, the silence of the second half of the comic is described in the book by focusing on describing the sails, the moon, the lines, and you can see I took the same path by drawing small panels of those items instead of just showing the characters standing around in silence. Not every panel needs to hold action to be effective.
replicate tonal cues and onomatopoeia with text formatting. If someone is "speaking slowly", separate parts of the sentence into multiple speech bubbles. If someone is “screaming”, up the size and make the speech bubble jagged. If the wind is howling, include it on the page. All of it works as mood setters in text, and it would be a shame to miss them!
Hope this helps, have fun~
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eerna · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
So. I was chilling, opened tumblr to see your art on the 'radar' section and now I feel blessed aaaaah
AYYYYYY THANK YOUU~ It's Wild Bruh....
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eerna · 20 days ago
I hate that in so many period dramas women are wearing corsets. Corsets are horrible, back in the day, they could even kill women. Corsets are a tool of the patriarchy and I am sick of seeing them on-screen, stop killing actresses! Thoughts?
Honestly, hard disagree. This has been a point of discussion for fashion historians online ever since the Beauty and the Beast remake, but corsets were mostly used as bras are today- sorta uncomfy, but manageable. Sure, there were instances of stuff you've described, but it wasn't that numerous or intense, as it mostly happened among noble born women contorting to fit the ideal of a perfect woman, one that regular girls wearing some padded fabric to keep their boobs from flying around didn't care about. Plus, I've seen actresses saying they like wearing those costumes and try to get such roles often, so I am guessing Hollywood mostly uses those non-threatening corsets and not the waist death traps.
But I'm talking outta my ass, I recommend you search "corsets history" or something similar on Youtube and watch some of the vids going more in-depth on it!
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eerna · 2 months ago
Wait wait. How about you give us a face reveal under a keep reading thingy. Like a spoiler tag sorta? I forget what it's called it says keep reading and if you click on it it shows you the rest of the post. Anyway that way only those of us who want the face reveal get it, others don't have to click
Ha HA a compromise, I like it!! Here it is, I look super grim and grainy but it's the only recent selfie I have so I had to crop it. No smiles we hide our overlarge front teeth that make us look like infants like the insecure women we are
Tumblr media
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eerna · 3 months ago
When I first played botw back in 2017, I was actually scared that once you reached the castle and beat ganon, Zelda would also be a ghost like the champions, this idea was so heartbreaking to me, and I also kept thinking what it would mean for Link being the only survivor, his only connection to his past and memories, the voice that first guided him to his journey, and his only hope at the end of his difficult adventure to have been gone all along...I always felt while playing that Link must have been so ecstatic and nervous at the idea of meeting the girl of his memories, having remember bits and pieces of her personality and their relationship all along his journey through Hyrule, like an Ariadne's thread and even if he doesn't remember everything, she's the only alive person that can understand his grief, about losing their friends, their families and their kingdom as they knew it, their whole roles and lives have been turned upside down, living out of their time. And she's probably the only one that can provide him some answers about his past.
But the sad truth too is the fact that the calamity causing the downfall of the kingdom and its pressure, and the loss of their "officials" positions as the Princess and as the Hero, is possibly one of the only ways they can actually be truly free and happy, I mean both Link and Zelda were suffering pre-calamity, Link stopping to express himself completely and Zelda taking out her frustration, buckling under all this pressure and expectations, I'm glad that in the end they could share their burdens together and support each other before the calamity hit, sorry I lost track a little bit but as you can see I have a lot of thoughts about these sweets children haha...
Anyway, considering all of this, this supposed ending would have been heartbreaking for Zelda, struggling so hard to reach her powers almost all her life, facing so much pressure, being forbidden to pursue her research on sheikah tech the only thing she enjoys and feel good at, and then losing everyone, betrayed by the very technology she studied, and it took almost losing Link for her powers to manifest, then right after, having to reach all alone the castle while crossing through the devastated Hyrule and Castle town, and then fighting and being stuck with a demon for an hundred years, she's honestly so strong ! Please this girl deserves an happy ending ! And just imagining Link who wrote inside his journal how much he wants to see her smile again and who listened to Kass' song, being so ecstatic to finally meet her in person after hearing so much about her, ending up all alone...
Of course he met friends throughout his journey and made connections, but he also had to remember everything that he has lost, he had to remember his friends, then going into the divines beasts with an once of hope only to find them already dead, and he also had to face everything that he doesn't remember and the fact that he must have felt grief without understanding where it came from at first and having a really big responsability uppon his shoulder as soon as he woke up...
And I think it's also part of the beauty of botw, this game make you truly enjoy the beauty of the wild, of liberty, and of life in general, a journey of rediscovering life and travelling the country, meeting and helping peoples as best as you can while also having fun shield surfing from time to time but it's also bittersweet, because this liberty is also the result of loss, and it's a constant throughout the game... The bright happiness and joyfullness is underlain with deep sadness and sorrow... And the music of the game is perfect for conveying these feelings, I just think it's truly beautiful ! Honestly if anyone tell me botw lack story, I will come for them, because the story is everywhere if you think and search enough, I don't know if it's just me but throughout the game I always imagined how Link would feel and react to everything, dialogues, memories and such, but anyway back to my first point, I was so scared to finish the game for this very reason, and I was holding my breath during the last cutscene, I'm very glad this didn't happen haha ! Zelda and Link deserve everything honestly, please Nintendo let them be happy during the sequel !
Anon, you said it all so well!!!! BotW is the epitome of contradiction. The beauty of the nature is the result of the apocalypse which caused the green to retake the carved stone. The freedom is caused by everyone who would care about titles or roles being dead. I too was terrified Zelda was going to be dead- heck, that shot in the end when she appears shrouded in light almost stopped my heart haha. They deserve to be happy and I love them and this game so much
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