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Umm, uh, hey, writers. I see what you’re trying to do here, so please stop it.

Look, Chloe’s a good character and she’s developing well, but character development should never come with the expense of another character losing their own development for the sake of another. I respect Chloe a lot, but she should’ve ever be seen as the more “empathetic” one between her and Ash. Yes, she’s a good person, but Ash’s experience in everything revolving around Pokemon is literally in a million degrees above hers. This is the same guy who took in Charizard, Infernape, Pignite, and Gengar when their past trainers proved to be complete jerks. In fact, Ash should be the one TEACHING HER these kind of things.

So please anipoke, don’t suddenly paint Ash as incredibly OOC stupid and incompetent just to give Chloe or Goh better lights. They can just easily development and define themselves on their own. THAT’S proper character development.

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I have over 400 eevee candies and have walked almost 55km with this little dude and I can’t evolve him for some reason. Idk what’s going on. ; -;

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Nearly all people expect the so called “Eeveelutions” to be quite small just like Eevee. Their faces when their pokémon evolves and gets almost 4 times it’s original size is honestly priceless.

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The one thing I, Emily, love more than anything else, is finding Pokemon who think they’re hot shit and saying “No” straight to their faces.

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You step into a train station just as a train arrives. You step on, thinking nothing of it, before seeing a sign just as the door closes labeling this as “The Train to Nowhere”. You look around, seeing a group of Pokemon sitting at the far end of the railroad car, a Nickit, Fennekin, Woobat, and another one you don’t recognize.

Will you ask them a question?

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Sylveon is the best eeveeloution and I will not be taking criticism

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I have been looking for an eevee for so long it’s not even funny at this point, It’s been hours send help

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🧡❤️Eevee Gacha❤️🧡

€18 for a roll and €25 to pick one!

You get one extra free reroll if you do not like the first one you rolled! DM me if you would like one!

I had a ton of fun designing these so I hope you all like these too!

Availability under the cut!

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To be fair, I would add anything to my team if it was dressed up like an eevee. Do you realize how adorable eevee costumes are?

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She’s throwing shade.

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