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#egg custard

I made a wonderful egg custard pie tonight. It’s a pie I only had once as a child before I learned how to make it. It is a nostalgic soul food for me and takes me back to a place in my life that would seem foreign had I not lived in it for a bit.

It turned out perfect and that makes me kinda happy.

These past few months have been rocking me the wrong way. It has been hard to get out of the bed on my days off.

Work has been so stressful and will continue to get more chaotic as the virus makes its way through the population. Working in healthcare is no joke. There is so much that I can’t really put into words right now because I refuse to think about work that much when I am not there.

Working at all while this pandemic is going on is no joke. If you recieve any services during times like these, thank the human being and tip if you can- even if it’s a pick up order of food.

I am hoping that the stores have been stocked tomorrow and that the hoarders have already filled their homes with food that will probably get freezer burn before it is touched. 🤣

I am thinking about making some chilli and chicken and pastry to freeze so I will have something easy and healthy for when I am on my “work hangover.”

It’s almost as if the world’s gears are slowing down and grinding. I plan to use the time for myself and do some serious grounding and cleansing. Those are just my ramblings for today.

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strawberry pastel de nata! really, I prefer just a classic pastel de nata, no strawberry, but I thought I’d give it a go for fun. Cafe de Nata is my favourite place to go for custard tarts in London and the strawberry was quite nice, it had a lining of a strawberry jam almost, inside. I would still go for a classic though, nothing beats it.

I love this place because they are baked all throughout the day so whenever I get one it’s always warm. I just love custard tarts, my favourite.

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2 eggs
6 ½ eggshells water
¼ tsp salt

milk eggs and salt in shallow bowl, then mix in water
steam 10 mins
garnish with sesame oil, soy sauce, spring onions

sweet version:
125ml milk
sachet sweetener
steam 7 minutes

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Shredded roast chicken sautéed with baby peas and anchovies, over steamed egg custard made with chicken bone broth.

The good thing about having roast chicken on Sunday is that leftovers make for many more meals. (Bone broth! <3)

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