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I was originally just trying to mark which eggs had been soft boiled so my roommates don’t try to scramble them in the morning for breakfast. And then I took a second look and it occurred to me that this is a fantastic way to use eggs for witchcraft.

Low spoons? Boil eggs in advance on a good day and draw sigils for energy/sleep/pain etc and eat them on the low spoon days.

You could also use them for a fertility type spell (cause ya know….eggs) or even for relieving period symptoms.

Cursing even??? You can write someone’s name or angry words on the shell and then smash it into a million pieces. Make it into egg salad bc waste not want not and maybe that helps seal the spell. (Plus everything ends up in the toilet sooner or later which is also oddly fitting)

……I am so doing this more often. (Also I’m just really proud that I’ve perfected the soft boiled egg because my poor mother used to boil them until they went gray on the inside. No egg deserves that.)

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Imagine you’re a teenage chicken and your mother hen is like,

“Did you sleep with the cockerel?”

And you’re like, “no, ma!! I swear I didn’t!”

And she takes your egg and cracks it open and a half formed chicken foetus falls out and you’re like,

“That’s not my egg, it’s Susie’s!”

But your momma’s already packing your bags and kicking you out the coop and I just realised I still don’t know how chickens know the difference between a fertilised egg and a devourable egg

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