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itsplantbased · a year ago
Plants love starch, so if u have cooked pasta or boiled potatoes save the water, let it cool and give it to ur plants. DO NOT GIVE THEM BOILING WATER THEY WILL DIE, I REPEAT THEY WILL DIE. I add a bowl under the pot with the holes (I forgot the name of it but you know what i mean). Then I put it in the refrigerator to cool and water my plants with it once its cold.
Plants loves coffee grounds. My friend gave her aloe plant coffee grounds and it grew like crazy.
Eggshells are a natural fertilizer. Wash out the slimy stuff from the eggshell and then ground it up into a fine powder, you'll know its ready when it look like fresh crack you can snort (please dont snort the eggshells). You can use a food processor if that helps. Sprinkle the powder on the soil.
Banana peels are a natural fertilizer too. Sun dry the banana peel, you can cut it up into smaller pieces for it to dry quicker. Its ready when its looks like bethany's heat damaged hair: crunchy. When the peels are crunchy, crush it up into a powder. Sprinkle the powder on your soil.
Talk to your plants. It actually helps them grow. Talk to them bout random shit, my plants are literally my therapist.
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octopus-defence-squad · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
“Grind ‘em up or just go ‘crunch’... Eggshells... They’re good for you”
-The Rivendell Department of Health
(context thanks to @lioncrown)
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beautifulbizarremagazine · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Well, this is the craziest "3 Eggs and Ham" I have ever come across! 3 Eggs and Ham is an incredible series of sculptures by @srhlee, each faring at only 10 x 9 x 7 inches. The scales made of quail and chicken eggshells, which Sarah painstakingly uses - isn't the effect amazing?! ... posted on Instagram -
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helpfulblackwitch · 4 months ago
My partner and I as well as our friends have been going through some psychic and spiritual attack's from various people, I’m jumping our protection up and wanted to let you know some good ways to go about doing that.
One way is to wear a cross, one on you or have a few in in your home
Buy an evil eye to wear or draw one, there are also candles you can buy with the symbol evil eye, the evil eye does the opposite of its name, it protects you from evil intentions and sends it back
a good thing to have outside the house is windchimes! you can buy these from just about anywhere
you can crush eggshells or buy cascarilla from a bruja , they are usually very well priced (I believe original botanica online store has some) I usually crush up eggshells myself
if you know who is attacking you, doing a reversal spell or even lighting a reversal candle is a great way to send it back without having to try to Hex them then go through the whole cleansing routine afterwards (magical herb goddess website has some reverse and double action reverse candles for low prices right now)
protection candles, or black candles in general with carved intentions to return the energy or ask your spirits to protect you (You can buy cheap black candles just about anywhere this may be the cheapest and fastest alternative)
if you have an ancestral altar, let your ancestors know, even though they may already know please talk to them and let them know how you are felling about the situation, they will know to surround you with protection 10x, make sure to leave them offerings so that they have the strength to protect you from your attackers
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silvirub · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Rebirth, renewal, and resurrection as we prepare to cope with life after lockdown. Happy Easter!
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courtttaaney · 4 months ago
if you feel the need to walk on eggshells around the person you love, then they aren’t the one for you
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taifunu · 2 months ago
putting the pieces back together
putting the pieces back together by auntneecey Via Flickr: Playing along with Macro Monday today, the theme is "iSpy" AEIOU. I pulled out my eggshells after I couldn't see anything obvious in my surroundings. My eggshell mosaic never was completed because it was too hard on my hands, I couldn't do the detail work without experiencing pain. I haven't discarded them because you never know when you need a photo subject. This is to all of the people who have had their lives shattered in some way and are still working on putting the pieces back together.
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star-maiden · a month ago
This is a venting post about a minor inconvenience, so please ignore if you prefer not to see it. 💕
I had to venture out into the Wild Beyond today (I.e the grocery store) because we were literally out of everything. I know that’s a normal person thing to need to do, but with Covid cases rising so steeply in my area again I’ve been absolutely terrified to leave the house. I already have health anxiety and it’s been tough. Let me tell you, I’ve been a hot mess between the news and my crazy relatives bombarding me with their interpretation of the news. 😒
Regardless, I managed to pull myself together enough to go into town. I armed myself with hand sanitizer, my mask and some Clorox wipes and away I went. It all went fine and dandy until I got to the checkout line. Unbeknownst to me, the nice trainee helping to bag my groceries put the eggs on the bottom of the bag. Sideways. 😩 Of course, I didn’t notice until I got home. (I should have noticed but I have the situational awareness and observation skills of a fruit fly). When I opened the bag, all two dozen eggs were smashed at the bottom and there was yolk everywhere. It was all over the cheese, in the produce bags, covering the blueberries….I was so upset! Maybe I should have called to ask for some replacement items, but I didn’t want the hassle or to drive all the way back to town. I live in a slightly remote area (about 30 miles to the nearest store).
I ended up just washing everything with hot water and soap. Hopefully none of the fruits or veggies are ruined. I don’t want to accidentally make someone sick because there were raw eggs on something. I don’t really want to throw them out but now I’m worried. 😣 What a waste of eggs as well! I did save the shells, so maybe I can clean them and crush them for spell components. Does anyone have any good uses for eggshells? Most of them have been smashed into tiny pieces already. There has to be some good that can come from this.
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askwhatsforlunch · 4 months ago
Growing and Gardening Tip: Eggshell Ferteliser
Tumblr media
Eggshells are full of minerals that make them an excellent (intended!) natural ferteliser, both for house plants and in the Kitchen Garden.
Whether you’re making, Poached Eggs, an Omelette, a Zabaglione or baking a Cake, keep and rinse the eggshells under cold water. Let them dry completely, and grind finely. And there you go, you have a completely natural ferteliser. 
Tumblr media
For house plants, sprinke a teaspoonful of Eggshell Ferteliser at the feet of your plants once in a while (I reckon once every to   months, depending on how well your plant is growing). Water as you would normally do!
Tumblr media
And let the Eggshell Fertiliser works its magic and make your house plants, here a Calathea and Fatsica Japonica, beautifully luscious and green!
In the Kitchen Garden, wait until your seedlings have grown at least  10cm/4″ and sprinkle all over. Water as you would normally do.
Another and quicker way to gain the same benefits, is to keep the water you have cooked your Soft-Boiled Eggs or Devilled Eggs in; let it cool completely and use it to water your plants and Veg Patch.
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julieschulerart · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Witch Sailed Away in the Eggshell. Eggshells must be thoroughly broken after an egg is eaten or a witch might commandeer the eggshell for a sailing vessel. Prints available.
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shiningwizard · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Eggshells (Tobe Hooper, 1969)
young people sharing a house, talking about and doing the things young people in 1969 talked about and did, while an unknown force pushes them into short experimental movies. A lot of those shorts are pretty darn good, blowing apart any expectation i had of Hooper as a filmmaker. But then again it doesn’t feel surprising at all. The most impressive was a stop motion exploration of the house that beat Ito Takashi by about a decade. Aimless, useless but for its experimentations and capturing of time and place, I liked this. An extra point for being one of the only tolerable hippie movies.
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2057 · 27 days ago
Tumblr media
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bisexualised · 3 months ago
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Warding Oil
I don’t know about you guys but a big part of my warding involves painting a sigil on the doors and window sills of my house. Moon water works but occasionally I need something stronger. Today I came up with this oil recipe and figured I would share it.
Black salt
Sage infused oil (don’t worry I grew the sage myself)
Cleanse your space and prepare your sigil. I like to use one specifically for warding and layer it with one for sealing. Grind up the salt and lavender together then add the eggshells and grind as well. Add the oil and mix well. Paint your sigils and enjoy! I saved my leftover oil in a jar for the next time I feel the need to ward.
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bambuita · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Grinding eggshells 🥚
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