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Except he didn’t use it to sell socks, he even specifically liked a comment about it when someone saying he didn’t when people accused him, and the non-canon egos were given fan weeks, he doesn’t ignore them and will sometimes even reblog them, but in this case this was story-driven so it was canon egos only. So yes, it was fun. :) Sorry ya thought it wasn’t tho!

(He also didn’t hijack it, given that he just loved the idea so much it gave him an idea to do his own)

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@basket-full-of-septics‘s Septicart Event, Week 6, Day 5 - non-canons & “Emergency shelter”

Character(s): S34N, Bing, Angus

Words: 1k

Warning(s): None

The rain was falling heavily from the sky, soaking S43N’s ripped up clothes and mixing up with the blue blood covering his hands and chest. He was running, for the first time in his life. He could hear cars somewhere behind him and he wanted to speed up, but he knew he couldn’t go any faster. And so, all he could do was making turns, running through tight alleys and taking any paths the cars couldn’t follow. But the people driving them were smart and they somehow always could catch up to him. He knew for a fact that he had no tracker, so he assumed they were just lucky.

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@basket-full-of-septics‘s Septicart Event, Week 5, Day 2 - JJ & “Cup of tea”.

Character(s): JJ, (???)

Words: ~600

Warning(s): None

Jameson slowly walked along the side of the road, tapping his fingers behind his back. He always did that during his walks, it helped him to relax and he thought that it was fun, so why not? And just as he was getting close to his home, he suddenly heard loud footsteps behind him as someone called his name.

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