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#egyptian paganism

Hi there! As starting point, I’d say fresh, cold water, bread and incense, since are offerings that were commonly offered in the past and safe for all the Netjeru without distinction.

Anyways, here you have a little list of  historically accurate offerings that are safe for all Deities. I’d personally suggest offering higher-quality goods for especial circumstances. Those are:


Bread, dates, honey, grains, beans, vegetables, fruits, beef.


Water, beer, milk, wine.

Cosmetic goods and incenses

Incense, linen, frankincense, myrrh, perfumed oils, natron, flowers.

Votive items, jewelry and figurines

Was scepter, Ankh, faience amulets, papyri scepters, jewelry, Wadjet Eye, Djed pillar, Ib heart amulet, ostrich feathers, Ma’at statuettes or amulets.

Goods should be safe, so please, don’t offer the Gods anything you wouldn’t use, eat or drink.

Thank you for asking me. May you be in favor with the Netjeru!

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Looking for info on Anubis!

Hey everyone! Sorry for disappearing, uni is keeping me super busy. Here in Spain we are having a pretty hard time with the virus situation so I’ve been doing more witchy things in my free time. After a long year trying to find another god/goddess to work and resonate with, I think I’ve been getting a lot of signals from Anubis. The thing is, I finally feel content with him and willing to start getting closer to a new god but I’ve never worked with his pantheon and I don’t have much knowledge on him so I’m looking for more info and resources. If you know any blogs, books, posts… I’d love to check it out!

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Hymn to Min

I worship Min,

I extol the arm-rising Horus:

Hail to You, Min in His procession!

Tall-plumed, son of Osiris,

born of Divine Isis.

Great in Senut, Mighty in Panopolis,

You of Koptos, Horus Strong-armed,

Lord of Awe Who silences pride,

Sovereign of all the Gods!

Fragrance laden when He comes from the Medja-land,

Awe inspiring in Kush

You of Utent, Hail and Praise!

From Lichtheim M., Ancient Egyptian Literature Vol. I, Sobek-Iry stela, C-30 Louvre, XII Dinasty (1980-1790 BCE)

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I wanted to talk a bit about offerings, because I see a lot of the same questions posted different places, and I’ve met some people who are unsure about how this should work.

How I do offerings and how frequently I do them has changed a lot over my practice.

When I first started, I felt that I always had to be giving the deities something, so I would do offerings every single day. As time went on I found this to be a bit excessive, so I switched to a system of offering once every weekend with other occasional offerings thrown in during the week if needed.

Originally an offering ritual, for me, consisted of inviting the deity/deities in, lighting incense for them, and presenting any other offerings that I had. My routine has changed up somewhat and I do a little bit more now. I still usually offer up incense, but also spend time talking with my deities, thanking them for their help, meditating with them, and sometimes performing divination if they seem up for it.

I think that there are a lot of ways to do offerings for the Egyptian pantheon, so I don’t think you should feel boxed in to follow a specific format. I think the overall guiding factors should be coming from a place of respect, doing what you are comfortable with, and communicating with your deities to see if there are things they are interested in. One size does not necessarily fit all, both for the practitioners and the deities. 

I have also offered things that are not on the traditional list of Kemetic offerings, but I asked beforehand and they were okay with it. I have shared some of my favorite foods with them, and they went over quite well.

The biggest thing when doing offerings it to listen to your intuition and to talk with your deities.

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Any Egyptian Pagans? Please help me!

A few days ago, I left a honey cake as an offering to Sobek for the protection and happiness of all crocodilians around the world. It was outside in my gardenia bed, in front of my garden guardian gator.

I took my dog for a walk today, and she ate it!

Will Sobek be angry? Will He understand? Typically outdoor offerings end up eaten by wildlife, so I don’t know? I feel like my usual Gods, the Chthonic Greek Gods, wouldn’t be offended because of Cerberus, but when I did research into Sobek, I didn’t see anything about a dog eating His offerings.

I made a smoke bowl and prayed to Him for forgiveness for my dog. I asked, if He was offended, to visit His wrath on me instead of my dog. She’s a good girl, and didn’t mean anything by it. She smelled snacks and did what a dog would do.

Do you have any advice? Anything I can do to appease Sobek? I need my dog safe. I love her so much.

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So here’s that page 3.5 of my #Egyptian #sampler I was talking about.

#egyptianmythology is pretty interesting for a lot of reasons but one is that they perceived the earth as a male deity, as opposed to many others that viewed it as female. In addition. Geb, the earth, and Nut, the sky, are lovers, and the children of Shu, who is depicted here and Tefnut WHO GOT SHAFTED

Shu and Tefnut are the two deities that make up the space between land and sky. And I know what you’re thinking. That’s just air. And Shu is the God of the gas form of air. Tefnut, however, represents the moisture in the air, the humidity.

I’m sure cloudsfactory made the choice to cut Tefnut out because, well, you can’t put every God on this sampler and, well maybe we’ll just get a part two with some other important Gods who are missing on this sampler like Ma'at and Sehkmet and Hathor.

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Bastet, can be seen as a fierce warrior, fighting for the Sun, she obtained the title of Eye of the Moon, starting off as a fierce warrior, with time she became the depiction of a gentler facet, becoming them represented and representative of cats, as a strong power that has decided to be domestic.  

She is a goddess of fertility, protection, love, felines, beauty, fragrances, childbirth and dance.

🍑  Valentine’s Day Witchcraft Services 🍑


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Wrath Guides My Right Hand

“You want my advice?

Let go of that pathetic look of anguish, and let some other emotions bubble to the surface. Let rage rattle your bones and fuel your steps forward. Acts of wrath are not uncommon, why fight what works?

I can smell your deep craving for emancipation. Absolute destruction of the old in order to make room for the new. You’re a demon child, girl, do not waste that gift. You may dream of endless flower fields, but for now your hand wishes to conjure absolute chaos.”

- Written past midnight, the Goddess Isis came to me as a black cat

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