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Went to the doctor today and there was this older man and he was watching and staring at me ALL THE TIME it made me feel so uncomfortable

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Hi there! It’s so exciting that you’re interested in starting to RP! 

There are three main types of roleplay that follow different rules, so the answer is different for each type!

The first is roleplay groups. These are private groups that you apply to join, and you’ll essentially be developing one specific story with one specific group of people. You can join as many groups as you want but they’re distinctly separate universes, like watching two completely different TV shows. Whether you can only play one character or several is up to the admin of each group! Some allow you to play more than one and some don’t, and they’ll specify what’s allowed on their rules page.  

Tags you can use to find roleplay groups on Tumblr: 

  • #new rp — for groups that are just starting out.
  • #oc rp — for original character roleplays, meaning you create your own character from scratch.
  • #skeleton rp — admins will create character ‘skeletons’ (for example: a kindergarten teacher who’s secretly a centuries-old vampire) and you can create a more developed character that fits the template. 
  • #[fandom name] rp — for example, #star wars rp or #harry potter rp, for groups set in pre-existing universes. You might be able to play canon characters (e.g. Luke Skywalker) or original characters tailored to the universe (e.g. a Hufflepuff student) depending on the rules of each group. 

The second is 1x1 roleplay. This is a private arrangement between two people to roleplay a specific plot. You can have as many 1x1 partners as you want, and you can have more than one plot with each partner, but each plot is distinctly separate. You’ll typically create a new blog (or at least a sideblog) for every new plot if you’re roleplaying on Tumblr. Traditionally, you play one character each in a 1x1 plot, but it’s up to you whether you play the same character in all plots, create a new character for every new plot, or have a roster of characters to pick from. 

Tags you can use to find 1x1 partners on Tumblr:

  • #1x1 rp 
  • #1x1 roleplay

The third is independent roleplay, often shortened to ‘indie.’ This is when you create a public account and interact with other public accounts. You might find indie accounts that call themselves private but this just means you have to be mutuals (following each other) to interact, not that there’s any kind of application process or exclusivity like with groups. In indie, you have the freedom to explore as many characters as you want, and as many plots as you want, with as many people as you want, all on one account. It might be a little confusing for someone who’s brand new to roleplaying, honestly, but if this is the roleplaying style that most appeals to you, it’s not impossible to jump right into indie!

Tags you can use to find indie accounts on Tumblr:

  • #indie rp
  • #independent rp
  • #indie [fandom name] rp — for example, #indie star wars rp.

And here are some more resources that can help you get started!

I hope this was helpful! Please feel free to send in any more questions you have. 

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dicks out lads this is D&D always say yes to the stupid plan lets goooooo

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oh noooooooooo…

yall this is bad. I’ve been ~coping~ with some extra stress recently by dissociating a whole lot more than usual, mainly daydreaming about Majima. this is fine. the problem is my brain is so deep in this fiction that when I was playing yakuza 4 and something bad happened to Majima I became physically ill.

I am not joking. my face flushed, my whole body went tense, and I got this awful pit in my stomach. I’m still nauseous. my brain no longer sees Majima as a fictional character. he is real to me now, and while this is very fun for daydreaming, it becomes a problem when something in a video game triggers an incredibly strong reaction as if it were reality

…anyway, selfshipping is great, but I think my brain is taking it a little too far

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new witch hat for me to read when I get home from work!!

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i don’t know if it’s just me but like even while i was watching sdr2 for the first time, when i had never considered komahina as a ship, i never got the sense that hinata hated komaeda skdbskjdkd

like clearly he wasn’t willing to be super buddy buddy with him after ch1, but i always read his annoyance as frustration with komaeda not making sense rather than him not liking komaeda as a person, yknow?

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Top 10 wolves in media

10. Balto.

I know, hes a wolfDOG but hes on the list because despite endless torment from the town sled dogs or the distain humans give him, he still went out of his way in the movie (not actual legend), to deliver anti toxin to the towns dying children despite the odds or elements are against him. Plus, eventually he came to accept what he is during that wicked howl scene! He teaches those to accept who you are no matter who says otherwise.

9. Ame and Yuki from Wolf Children

Ame and Yuki were born the last of the wolf people of japan. They have the ability to morph into wolves whenever they please, even if they cause their caring mother a little bit of mischief. God i love these two. And how both come of age, one staying human, while the other, runs free as a wolf up in the Fuji mountain.

8. Two Socks, Dances with Wolves

Two Socks was simply a metaphore in the film. However Im not sure what, but he follows the settler, Jon Dunbarr, after he settles in the abandoned fort. I love every scene of both man and wolf growing trust in each other. His death cut me deep. 😭

7. Raksha from Jungle Book

It doesnt matter which adaptation, I LOVE Raksha! She takes a man cub in as her own despite the fact humans can kill her kind. Shes fierce, motherly, loving and will protect her cubs from anyone who dares to threaten them.

6. Remus Lupin

This wizard werewolf was a good mentor for Harry. He taught a third year wizard child to conjure a powerful and difficult spell to ward off any Dementor who crosses his path and was friends with Harrys bully of a father.

5. Wolves in Princess Mononoke

No words. They are just cool af to look at. Gigantic spirits of the woods fighting humans to save both their families and their homes from destruction. Plus, those dire wolves from Game of the Thrones look more like tiny coyotes by comparison!

4. Lilly from Alpha and Omega

Despite bad writing, bad character development, poor info on how wolf pack rankings work and crappy sequels, Lilly makes up for it all with her white fur, timid nature and a gentle cute voice to match her design.

3. Gmork from a Neverending Story

This beast is just badass. A badass voice, his presence made 80’s kids wet their pants and hes actually spoken truths about how man can be controlled if he loses all hope and his dreams.

2. Mebh from Wolfwalkers

Mebh is so freakin cute. Shes wild. Shes reckless. Shes energetic. She growls, she becomes a wolf in her sleep and her friendship with Robyn is so sweet despite scaring the absolute bejeebus out of the poor girl. Her hair is like a literral ball when shes bouncing around as a human. She can heal, she can summon her pack, she can climb and jump so high, she can stop traps, she can use magic to move vines away into her den, and she loves her mammy to bits. Its terrifying when you know she doesnt understand that her descisions to attack the town to save her mother will only get her captured or shot. But shes a child, kids arent usually the best at descisions in situations like that.

1. Woe from Chirin no Suzu

Woe/Wolf is the main antagonist in this japanese adaptation of the book Ringing Bell. When he attacks a sheep paddock, he ends up killing a lambs mother in front of it and leaves. But is soon followed by the vengeful, hurting lamb, is demanded to train him to be strong and…winds up training him to do just that! Woe trains Chirin brutally to near killing him. However his ability to take down large bears is rather impressive and his design is chilling. No pupils, and a scar over one eye.

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going on another ntx binging spree

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In this guide, I’ll be talking to you about how to make your Tumblr Support Tickets actually helpful in encouraging change. This is focused on contacting Tumblr Support about updates you don’t like, not things like bugs or rule violations. Please like or reblog if you find this helpful!

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Post 8 sentences of your WIP and tag 8 people.

Tagged by: @mouffetard Thank you, Elle! I really appreciate this! You don’t know how happy I am right now ^_^

Well, this is from my Narnia Harry Potter!AU WIP and is a very short conversation between Peter Pevensie and my OC, Eva Skye Bellamy. 

It’s part of a prompts list I’ve been doing and hopefully I get to finish this for real. Haven’t got a title yet and this is subject to change but…let’s see.

“So…,” Peter drawled. “Oliver Wood, huh?”

Eva Skye looked up from her book and faced him. Was there a hint of jealous in his voice or was she just wishful thinking? “What’s it to you?”

“Nothing.” He shook his head. “Nothing at all.”

Was that 8 sentences or less? I’m honestly not sure if I counted it correctly, hehe. (If anyone is interested in learning more about Eva Skye…or not. Hahaha.)

Tagging: @angel-cap @nocturnalherb16 @feral-pixie…oh my god, I don’t have friends, lol. (no pressure, guys!)

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TFW “check engine” light starts blinking on your dashboard couple of day after you got a bonus at work…

It’s good I didn’t spend all those money then ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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i’m so deep in the destiel brainworms that there’s shit going on with the spider-man movie title or something and i don’t give two shits

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