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#eh nani sore
doodleniella · 7 months ago
i’m not mad just a little disappointed - kenma
....a little disappointed.......—huh? What? OwO;;
*narrows her eyes* ...w-wait a sec... b-but... you still h-haven’t ...forgiven me yet... r-right? 🤔
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doodleniella · 7 months ago
ella your awake🥺 i missed you - kenma
(・・?) Eh? Wha— I-I missed you, too... why...? Eh??
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doodleniella · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Wha...? 👉👈
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Huh? 👀
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doodleniella · 7 months ago
Nah.. thanks for inviting tho ken -rin
*blink blink* ?
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doodleniella · 7 months ago
what happened yesterday? - aone
Oh! *bows* A-aone-san, hello! Nice to see you here, my big guy~
Eh? What happened yesterday? W-why... why d’you asked? (°▽°);
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doodleniella · 7 months ago
Sunatorus Rex, is now asleep. You can now freely enter my blog. :)✌
*chokes in her spit* ...w-wha—???
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doodleniella · 7 months ago
Ella, i fell asleep and i come back to this 😳😳
????? OwO
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doodleniella · 7 months ago
If you see me posting a fic please don't read it. You'll be thanking me later for this, Peace out✌
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doodleniella · 7 months ago
btw kenma since you won wanna be my bf 🥴🥴🥴 nah jk hes all yours ella nutellaaa
(c" ತ,_ತ)
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skruttet · 2 months ago
Lyrics below taken from Maasumichan122 on Twitter and translated using Google & systran:
マンハッタンダイナマイト Manhattandainamaito Manhattan Dynamite
マンハッタンダイナマイト Manhattandainamaito Manhattan Dynamite
みんな自由が欲しけりゃ俺らについて来い Min'na jiyū ga hoshikerya orera ni tsuite koi If everyone wants freedom, follow us
(マンハッタンダイナマイト Manhattandainamaito Manhattan Dynamite)
みんな自由が欲しけりゃこいつを飲めばいい Min'na jiyū ga hoshikerya koitsu o nomeba ī If everyone wants freedom, just drink this
(マンハッタンダイナマイト Manhattandainamaito Manhattan Dynamite)
ーロ飲んだら嫌なこと忘れて Hitokuchi nondara iyana koto wasurete When you drink one mouthful you forget what you don't like
ニロ飲んだらほら元気になって Futakuchi nondara hora genki ni natte When you drink two mouthfuls, you'll feel better
三口飲んだら自由がやってくる Sankuchi nondara jiyū ga yattekuru Freedom comes when you drink three mouthfuls
みんな自由が欲しけりゃ僕らについて来い Min'na jiyū ga hoshikerya bokura ni tsuite koi If everyone wants freedom, follow us
(マンハッタンダイナマイト Manhattandainamaito Manhattan Dynamite)
みんな自由が欲しけりゃこいつを飲めばいい Min'na jiyū ga hoshikerya koitsu o nomeba ī If everyone wants freedom, just drink this
(マンハッタンダイナマイト Manhattandainamaito Manhattan Dynamite)
ー口飲んだら美味しさあふれて Hitokuchi nondara oishi-sa afurete When you drink one mouthful, it’s full of deliciousness
ニロ飲んだらほら嬉しくなって Futakuchi nondara hora ureshiku natte When you drink two mouthfuls, you'll be happy
口飲んだら自由がやってくる Sankuchi nondara jiyū ga yattekuru Freedom comes when you drink three mouthfuls
マンハッタンダイナマイト Manhattandainamaito Manhattan Dynamite
そう簡単だ行かないと Sō kantanda ikanaito It’s so easy that you have to go
マンハッタンダイナマイト Manhattandainamaito Manhattan Dynamite
そう簡単だ飲まないと Sō kantanda nomanaito It's so easy that you have to drink
それがマンハッタンダイナマイト Sore ga manhattandainamaito That’s Manhattan Dynamite
ハハハ〜 えっ? なに? いやいやいやっ- ワタシは- いやそんな- ワタシはムリだよ- Hahaha〜 e? nani? iya iya iya- wwatashi wa- Iya son'na-  Watashi wa muridayo- Hahaha~ Eh? What? No no no- I am- No such- I don’t know how to do it-
みんな自由が欲しけりゃ私について来い Min'na jiyū ga hoshikerya watashi ni tsuite koi If everyone wants freedom, follow me
(マンハッタンダイナマイト Manhattandainamaito Manhattan Dynamite)
みんな自由が欲しけりゃこいつを飲めばいい Min'na jiyū ga hoshikerya koitsu o nomeba ī If everyone wants freedom, just drink this
(マンハッタンダイナマイト Manhattandainamaito Manhattan Dynamite)
ーロ飲んだら笑顔があふれて Hitokuchi nondara egao ga afurete When you drink one mouthful, your smile overflows
ニロ飲んだらほら楽しくなって Futakuchi nondara hora tanoshiku natte When you drink two mouthfuls, you’ll be happy
三口飲んだら自由がやってくる Sankuchi nondara jiyū ga yattekuru Freedom comes when you drink three mouthfuls
マンハッタンダイナマイト Manhattandainamaito Manhattan Dynamite
そう簡単だ行かないと Sō kantanda ikanaito It’s so easy that you have to go
マンハッタンダイナマイト Manhattandainamaito Manhattan Dynamite
そう簡単だ飲まないと Sō kantanda nomanaito It's so easy that you have to drink
それがマンハッタンダイナマイト Sore ga manhattandainamaito That’s Manhattan Dynamite
マンハッタンダイナマイト Manhattandainamaito Manhattan Dynamite
そう簡単だ歌わないと Sō kantanda utawanaito It's so easy that you have to sing
マンハッタンダイナマイト Manhattandainamaito Manhattan Dynamite
そう簡単だ踊らないと Sō kantanda odoranaito It’s so easy that you have to dance
それがマンハッタンダイナマイト Sore ga manhattandainamaito That’s Manhattan Dynamite
それがマンハッタンダイナマイト Sore ga manhattandainamaito That’s Manhattan Dynamite
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graglithans-library · 5 months ago
Welcome to Paris Fur-ance Ch 14: The Hurt, The Hunter, and The Hunted
... I have no real excuse besides holidays.
Shirou explains the situation to the Dupain-Cheng parents, The Akuma does some damage, and the Heroes get ready for a fight.
Shirou, once downstairs, found a seat at one of the tables and waited patiently. Tom, for his part, looked surprised at the sight of a tall white-haired man coming down the stairs, but quickly shifted to an angry frown when he noticed how serious his wife looked.
It was one of those few moments that he was thankful that his bakery was empty for the time being.
Once they were all seated, Sabine steepled her fingers in a way that made Shirou think of Barbara. “So, would you care to introduce yourself?”
“Shirou Oogami.” He gave her a polite nod before continuing. “I work for the Mayor of Anima City.”
Tom frowned as he crossed his arms. “I’ve never heard of a place called A-”
Michiru rushed down the stairs and took a moment to catch her breath before sitting next to him. Shirou had to take a moment to stare at her with a raised eyebrow before she shrugged. “Nani? Nani ga okotte iru no kamo shiritai nodesu.”
Sighing, Shirou pinched the bridge of his nose. “Watashi wa nochini anata o kinyū shimasu” Looking back at Tom, Shirou continued. “As I was saying.”
For the next few minutes, Shirou filled Sabine and Tom in on what he saw, watching as their faces morphed from anger to shock, and finally horror. Michiru’s expression was similar as she was told in kind.
Sabine was holding onto Tom’s hand with a terrifying grip. “How... how could she? In front of her own daughter?”
Tom took a breath to steady himself before looking to Shirou. “Is this the reason you brought her here?”
Shirou gave a small nod. “From what I can tell, Mlle. Bourgeois is going to need somewhere she can hide. When I asked her who she could trust, she brought us here to your home.” He looked over at the baking supplies that littered the kitchen and frowned. “I know this will likely cause you problems due to the reasons she can’t be seen in public. One of which in particular may affect your business regardless if she’s discovered or not.”
Tom and Sabine shared a glance with each other. “What do you mean?”
Shirou looked at Michiru and nodded. “Hitsuyōniōjite shifuto dekimasu. Setsumei ni yakudachimasu.”
Michiru perked up a bit and shifted back to her tanuki form. “Ā〜 sore wa totemo kibungaīdesu!”
Turning back to the Dupain-Chengs, Shirou hid a smirk at their shocked expressions. “As with most people from Anima City, Michiru and I are beastmen. We have the ability to shift between our natural forms and a human disguise at will.”
“What?” Sabine reached over and hesitated before Michiru let her feel her hand. “It’s real...” Michiru blushed a bit and gently pulled her hand away, giving an awkward smile.
Shirou’s face darkened slightly more after he gave Michiru a nod, and she shifted back to her human form with a whine. “However, Michiru was once human, like you and your husband. It was after an incident that she and Nazuna accidentally were turned into beastmen.”
Sharing a look with her husband, Sabine frowned. “Why are you telling us this?”
Sighing for a moment, Shirou paused before looking to the stairs. “The reason this applies to the situation with Mlle. Bourgeois, is that the individual that brought us here managed to purposefully cause the same changes that accidentally occurred to Michiru and Nazuna.”
Sabine gasped as she put her hands to her mouth. “You mean that she’s-!?” Shirou nodded solemnly, and she turned to Tom. “What do we do?”
“I don’t know.” He grimaced and looked around in thought. “The guest room?”
“We can’t let her stay here. There’s the risk of the food getting hair in it,” Sabine bit her lip slightly and worriedly looked towards the stairs. “But she needs help too.”
Shirou stood up and got their attention. “If it comes to it, I can bring her with me to the residence that we are being allowed to stay in.”
Both Tom and Sabine looked concerned as they thought over the situation. “Will they be alright with that?”
“If not, I’ll figure something-” An explosion rang out across the city, making Shirou’s head snap towards the windows.
Sharing a glance, the two bakers ran to the back of the counter and reached underneath. Tom slammed his hand down on a button, making metal shutters slide down over the windows.
Shirou gave the defenses a once over. They weren’t much, but it was at least something. He looked at Michiru and knew his next words would be ignored. “Michiru, koko ni ite.”
Michiru let out an indignant huff, reaching an arm out to grab on to him. “Daga-!” Before he let her finish, he was out the door and out of sight. Michiru let her arm fall, and her face did the same. “Watashi wa tasukeru koto ga dekiru...”
The police cruisers were scattered in the street from the force of the explosion. The one that had been destroyed rested in the center of the road, flames dancing as they entirely consumed the vehicle. From the flames' depths, a shadowy silhouette could be seen standing before it jumped into the air and out of the flames. When they landed, a man with red skin, dressed like a Viking berserker, landed with enough force to shatter the concrete below.
Slowly, he stood up and cracked his neck and adjusted the wolfskin cloak that rested on his shoulders. Pulling the hood over his head again, shadows hid the upper half of his face. There was a gold piercing in the wolf head’s ear that glittered in the light. Looking at the sword he now held in his hand, he chuckled and looked down the road, where he could see more police headed his way. “Aw, the calvary. It’s an honor to have them called for little old me.”
He raised his blade and brought it down in a blinding swing, sending a shockwave that rushed down the road, slicing one of the cruisers in half. The remains of the vehicle crashed to either side of him, and a severed hand landed at his feet. “Damn, missed.” The officer's screams could be heard from one half of the cruiser until they suddenly came to a gurgling halt. “That’s better.”
The other officers hid behind riot shields and their car doors. “Stay right where you are!”
Wolf Hunter shrugged and smiled. “I’m not the one you should be worried about.” The officer looked confused for a moment before dark jaws snapped down over his arm and pulled him into the shadowy depths of his cruiser. More officers were grabbed and pulled into the shadows that unnaturally filled their vehicles until nothing was left. Wolf Hunter looked down at his side as his shadow slunk back over to him and returned to where it was meant to be. “Enjoy your meal?” The shadow turned and twisted to show a fanged grin and glowing eyes. “Good boy.”
The shadow stretched up from his feet, forming a large shadow of a werewolf. “Now, let’s go find us a wolf, eh? Maybe some rare jewelry while we’re at it.”
The explosion that rang through the city rattled the walls. Marinette jumped to her feet as soon as the shaking stopped and looked at Chloé, “An Akuma? Now!?” Chloé just looked confused for a moment as Marinette started to run for the door. “Where are you going?”
“I, uh,” Marinette stammered for a moment before smiling awkwardly. “I need to go take care of a last-minute assignment! You remember how Mme. Mendeleiev gets.” Looking confused more than anything, Chloé just stared at her for a moment before noticing how Marinette’s hand was about to pull the door closed. “So, I’m just going to let you have your privacy.”
Standing up, Chloé started to march for the door. “Dupain-Cheng, don’t you dare-!” Before the door could shut, a shadowy mass rose from the floor and loomed over Chloé. Marinette’s grip on the door was lost as she and Chloé fell back, staring in shock. Chloé tried to shuffle away, even as the shadow loomed closer. Taking a tentative sniff of the girl, the shadow growled a bit before it lunged forward, and Chloé screamed.
“Chloé!” Marinette reached out for her, only for the shadow to vanish back into the floor, leaving the room empty. “No...” Another scream behind her made Marinette turn around and see Nazuna getting grabbed by claws coming from the darkness under her coffee table. Grabbing a chair, Marinette hefted it over her head and slammed it down on the table, making the shadow screech and retract.
Nazuna looked thankful before her eyes moved to something behind Marinette. Quickly, she shoved Marinette away, only to be tackled to the ground by another shadow. It grabbed her by the arms and was pinned her to the floor before snarling in Nazuna’s face. Scowling, Nazuna began to spark with pink light as she shifted back into her fox form. Pulling one arm free, it grew into a gorilla fist as she punched the shadow in the face as hard as she could.
Only for her fist to sink into the shadow, as a twisted smile formed on it’s partially disturbed face. Nazuna let out a surprised scream as she was pulled inside, disappearing entirely.
Marinette stood there, frozen for a moment as the shadow looked at her curiously before turning away and diving into the shadows. Not a moment later, Michiru and her parents burst into the room from the stairs, looking around before their eyes landed on Marinette.
Sabine rushed over and hugged her daughter. “What happened?”
Michiru looked around before seeing one of Nazuna’s shoes on the ground. Slowly she picked it up and looked at Marinette. “Nazuna wa doko?”
Sabine shared a glance between the two before putting her hands on Marinette’s shoulders. “Marinette, where did Nazuna go?”
“It... it took them.” Michiru suddenly ran upstairs, bolting up into Marinette’s room. Marinette started going after her shortly after her. “Michiru, Wait!” When she got up into her room, she spotted Michiru standing on the balcony. There was a flash of blue light, and Marinette’s jaw dropped as her arms were replaced with bird wings.
“Marinette!” She spun around and saw her mother coming in after her. Sabine quickly pulled Marinette into a hug. “Please, promise me you’ll stay in your room.” Panic rushed through Marinette for a moment. If she stayed, then Paris would still be in danger. “I know you’re probably scared for your friends, but we can’t rush out as they did. We don’t have superpowers to keep ourselves safe.”
Guilt crept up Marinette’s spine as she hugged her mother back. “Okay.”
As soon as her mother and father went back downstairs, Marinette turned to the window, eyes narrowed into a determined glare. “Tikki, Spots on.”
Shirou ran down the street, shifting into his wolf form for more speed. He skids around a corner and saw some cars piled in a traffic jam before using one of them to vault himself up to the rooftops and keep going.
A black figure started to catch up to him, and he glanced over his shoulder to see Chat Noir hot on his trail. “Shouldn’t you be investigating or something?”
“I was.” Shirou and Chat leaped over a gap between two buildings. “These Akumas are only going to get in the way if I’m going to help find Hawkmoth.” He snarled as a thought came to mind. “And with what happened earlier, I have a fairly certain idea of who got Akumatized.”
“Oh, care to share?” Chat vaulted over a chimney to keep up.
“One of the men who were arrested at City Hall earlier today.”
Chat’s face fell into a confused frown. “What?”
“I take it you haven’t seen the news.” Shirou hopped down from the roofs, Chat following him until they came to a street corner. There were two halves of a police cruiser resting against a light post, and Shirou scowled as he inhaled. “He’s close.”
Chat looked down the road at the trail of destruction. “I’ve never seen an Akuma be this destructive before.” He looked down in thought and grimaced. “The closest I can think of is Stormy Weather, but she was quite the force of nature.”
Shirou walked closer to one of the destroyed cruisers and knelt down to examine the interior. His eyes went wide for a moment before he snarled. “Now isn’t the time for jokes.”
A growl got his attention before Shirou had to quickly lean back to avoid a pair of jaws snapping down on his neck. He rolled away and quickly sprung to his feet, where the shadow creature pulled itself from the interior of the vehicle and stalked forward.
Chat narrowed his eyes and readied his staff. “A Sentimonster too?”
It looked up for a moment before leaping out of the way of Ladybug’s yo-yo slamming into the ground where it had been. “Sorry I’m late.”
“Just in time, Bugaboo.” Chat smirked before turning to the Sentimonster with a grin. “Now, let’s put this puppy to bed.”
Shirou put an arm in front of Chat, earning a glare. “Hold it, something’s not right.”
“Clever wolf.” The three turned around and saw Wolf Hunter clapping his hands as he walked up to them, sword at his hip. “I expected nothing less from the man who took down some of the world’s most wanted single-handedly.” He looked over at Chat and smiled wider. “And you brought the cat too! This just made my hunt all the easier.”
“Hey, no need to get your fur ruffled.” Chat taunted as he redirected his stance to Wolf Hunter. “Now, why don’t you be a good boy and hand over the Akuma and Amok.”
Wolf Hunter raised a finger and tutted. “Now, there’s no need to be hasty. After all,” he waved his hand, and two more shadow beasts rose from the ground before Nazuna and Chloé were pushed out of their depths. “I’ve got a few little friends of yours-” Wolf Hunter’s monologue was cut short when he looked over and saw Chloé. His attention snapped to the shadow that had released her, and he snarled. “You idiot! You were supposed to get the Tanuki girl!” The shadow whimpered and reeled back a touch before Wolf Hunter looked at Chloé with a slowly forming smile. When Chloé tried to run, he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her back. “Though, with you, I could keep in my boss’s good graces.”
Chat’s jaw had dropped at the sight of Chloé. “Is that...?”
Ladybug nodded solemnly. “It is.”
Shirou's eyes narrowed for a moment. How would she know that? The only location that I brought here was-
Wolf Hunter tossed Chloé back to the shadow and frowned. “Put her in the Tanuki’s place for now.” The shadows both nodded and moved to a broken storefront, placing themselves over the window and enveloping the interior in darkness.
Shirou growled and stood straighter. “What do you want?”
Wolf Hunter shrugged and grabbed his sword, idly swinging it in his hand. “Oh, you know, the usual spiel. Give me your miraculous, I’ll let you fulfill your desires, yada yada yada.” He raised his blade towards Shirou and had a manic glee in his eyes. “That second part being my desire to put your head on a pike.” Taking a moment to shrug, he rolled his eyes. “Shadowmoth also wants your little beast-girl duo for some reason. Guess he’s mad they made a fool of him last time he did anything.”
“Shadowmoth?” Ladybug whispered to herself before gasping and looking at Chat. “Hawkmoth must have unified the Butterfly and Peacock.”
Chat grimaced and risked a glance at her. “I don’t suppose you have any spares on you by chance?”
“Unfortunately not.” Ladybug readied her yo-yo and narrowed her eyes. The shadows that had Nazuna and Chloé trapped were writhing in her peripheral, and a look of determination formed on her face. “We’ll have to figure out how to get those two out of there first.”
Before much else could happen, a scream of rage pierced through the air. Wolf Hunter looked up and quickly jumped back, and Michiru dive-bombed where he’d been standing. Her gorilla fist was embedded into the concrete as she stared daggers at the Wolf Hunter. “Kanojo wa doko?”
Ladybug could already tell this was going to be a long fight.
Spinning in his chair, a scientist was idly humming. He kept it up until the doors behind him opened, and a woman clad in a suit walked in. “So, how did it go?”
She gave him a slight bow before looking at a clipboard in her hand. “The experiment was a success, sir. The viral accelerant we created proved entirely capable of shortening the Beast Factor's time to integrate into the subject’s DNA. The samples taken from the zoo helped stabilize the final results as well. As of now, Chloé Bourgeois is a Mink Beastman.”
He paused and blinked a bit before shooting up from his seat. “Wait, it worked already!?” The woman nodded, and he started to pace. “That’s actually a lot faster than I thought. I was expecting, I don’t know, a week? I mean, really, the information we could scrounge together said it took months for the Kagemori girl and her friend to become beastmen. Yet with just a little push, we shortened it down to only...” Checking his watch with a raised eyebrow, he let out a surprised hum. “12 hours? I really have to give it to myself. My expertise is truly astounding!”
The woman put the clipboard under her arm again and nodded. “Technically, the formula worked just under ten hours, sir.” A deeper frown crossed her face as she turned to face where he’d moved to in his ranting. “There is one problem, however.”
He raised an eyebrow as he turned his head to her. “Hm?”
A hiss moved through the air as she glared down at the floor. “Due to Oogami’s interference, the subject has escaped termination.”
With a disinterested wave, the scientist just sat back down in his chair. “Eh, don’t bother.”
The woman was surprised for a moment, looking at him in confusion. “Sir?”
He shrugged and went back to spinning in his chair. “No point, really. The experiment’s over, and I got the information I wanted. With a personality like hers, I have no doubts she’ll be crawling into a hole to hide anyways. No status, no money, and now no humanity? Why wouldn’t she?” He laughed a bit and stopped his chair to face his computer. “I mean, we did set up the situation, but WOW, I did not expect Audrey to plan on skinning her.”
Eyes narrowing dangerously, the woman’s grip on the clipboard tightened. “If you knew already, why have me-”
“By the way, how’s the lion doing?” The scientist interrupted without care.
The woman let out a long-suffering sigh before adjusting her suit’s lapel. “The professor is fine, physically speaking. He has been rather... agitated since the fiasco that moved the Kagemori girl and her friend into Paris.”
Rolling his eyes, the scientist just shrugged. “Oh, pfft. His little toy broke, big whoop. He already has spares.”
A cruel smirk grew onto the woman’s face as she nodded. “Very well. I will be sure to inform him of your opinion, sir.” She pulled out the clipboard again and glanced down at it. “The second event of note, the gambling ring, is likely to end up collapsing soon.”
The scientist was silent for a moment before sighing. “Well damn, there goes a time killer. Eh, that just means I can start on a second test.” He started punching in some numbers, and the machinery around him came to life. “To verify the data and all that.”
The woman’s smirk widened as handed him the clipboard. “Then, my final piece of news may be of interest to you.”
“Oh?” He looked over the notes, and his eyebrows slowly rose.
Moving to the door, the woman’s smile slowly showed the fangs she had hidden under her lips. “Oogami and Kagemori are currently fighting an Akuma, alongside Ladybug and Chat Noir. On top of that, Hiwatashi and the Bourgeois girl are both being held, hostage.”
“You’re right, that is interesting.” He tossed the clipboard over his shoulder, where the woman caught it with ease. The machinery around him whirled, and a syringe was ejected for him to pick up. “And a wonderful opportunity at that.”
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harudokuro-traducciones · 7 months ago
Wrap Wrap (Español)
Tumblr media
Intérprete: THRIVE Kaneshiro Goushi (CV. Toyonaga Toshiyuki), Ashuu Yuuto (CV. Hanae Natsuki), Aizome Kento (CV. Katou Kazuki)
Single: Wrap Wrap
Fecha de lanzamiento: 7 octubre 2020
Wrap Wrap
涙で波立てる Namida de namidateru Las lágrimas se entrecortan
心ざわつくA wonderful day Kokoro zawatsuku A wonderful day Y mi corazón está inquieto, un día maravilloso
Have a good day “Ten un buen día”
って簡単なフレーズ Tte kantan na fureezu Por alguna razón no tengo oportunidad
何故か言えないTimingさ Nazeka ienai Timing sa De decir esa simple frase
もう黒い薔薇もドラゴンだって Mou kuroi bara mo doragon datte Estoy seguro de que realmente existen  
きっと実在する Kitto jitsuzai suru Las rosas negras e incluso los dragones
Perfectな君の存在の方が在りえない Perfect na kimi no sonzai no hou ga arienai Pero no puede haber una existencia tuya que sea perfecta
求める それゆえ焦れる Motomeru sore yue jireru Persiguiendo, y por tanto poniéndome impaciente,
霧の中をただ彷徨う Kiri no naka o tada samayou Simplemente deambulando en la niebla
振り向いて微笑みを Furimuite hohoemi o El darte la vuelta y sonreír
それは甘いTrap Trap Sore wa amai Trap Trap Es una trampa, una dulce trampa,
何だってそう Nandatte sou De cualquier forma
Wrapped in love Envuelto en amor
包んで Tsutsunde Te envuelve
何?どうなってんの? Nani? Dou natten no? ¿Qué? ¿Qué está pasando?
What's wrong? ¿Qué está mal?
え?鍵持ってんの? E? Kaki motten no? ¿Eh? ¿Tienes la llave?
待って 待って Mate matte Espera, espera
何時(いつ)だってもう関係ない Itsu datte mou kankei nai En cualquier momento eso ya no importa
その胸に 幻の花を Uh Sono mune ni maboroshi no hana o Uh Si florece la flor fantasma en tu corazón, Uh
咲かせたら ほどける Sakasetara hodokeru Nada más que
Nothing but Este extraordinario amor
とびきりの愛 Tobikiri no ai Se va a desenvolver
確かめ合うため Tashikameau tame Para asegurarnos del otro
視線を交わす Like the snake Shisen o kawasu Like the snake Intercambiamos miradas como las serpientes
There is no smoke “No hay humo”
って有名なSaying Tte yuumei na Saying Es un dicho famoso
今更わかる気がして Ima sara wakaru ki ga shite Que ahora siento que entiendo un poco más
ねぇ白い闇も第六感も Nee shiroi yami mo dairokkan mo Hey, estoy seguro de que pueden probarse
きっと証明する Kitto shoumei suru La oscuridad blanca e incluso el sexto sentido
Specialな君の人生の方が成し得ない Special na kimi no jinsei no hou ga nashienai Pero no se puede lograr una vida tuya que sea especial
絡まる それでも攻める Karamaru sore demo semeru Enredado pero aún así atacando
引き返せはしないOne way Hikikaese wa shinai One way No puedo dar la vuelta, es unidireccional
手に入れて閉じ込めよう Te ni irete tojikomeyou Vamos a conseguirlo y encerrarlo
これは君のCrime Crime Kore wa kimi no Crime Crime Este es tu crimen, tu crimen
簡単なこと Kantan na koto Tener que amar
Wrapped in love Envuelto en amor
愛がなきゃ Ai ga nakya Las cosas fáciles
やってらんないよ Yatterannai yo No lo haré
How's it going? ¿Cómo te va?
僕なんてどう? Boku nante dou? ¿Qué tal yo?
聞いて 聞いて Kiite kiite Escucha, escucha
どこだってもう問題ない Doko datte mou mondai nai No tengo problemas en ningún lugar
君だけを 追い続けた先 Uh Kimi dake o oitsuzuketa saki Uh ¿Fui el único que cayó en el futuro Uh
僕だけが 堕ちるの? Boku dake ga ochiru no? Que seguía persiguiéndote sólo a ti?
Nothing but Nada más que
やりきれぬHeaven Yarikirenu Heaven Un deslumbrante cielo
Oh, tell me how you feel Oh, dime cómo te sientes
運命を 選べないほど Unmei o erabenai hodo Mírame luchando tanto
もがく僕を Mogaku boku o Que no puedo
見ててくれよ Mitete kure yo Elegir mi destino
愛と踊るよ Ai to odoru yo Bailando con el amor
だってだってNeed you Datte datte Need you Porque, porque te necesito
Wrapped in love Envuelto en amor
包んで Tsusunde Te envuelve
何?どうなってんの? Nani? Dou natten no? ¿Qué? ¿Qué está pasando?
What's wrong? ¿Qué está mal?
え?鍵持ってんの? E? Kagi motten no? ¿Eh? ¿Tienes la llave?
待って 待って Matte matte Espera, espera
何時(いつ)だってもう関係ない Itsu datte mou kankei nai En cualquier momento eso ya no importa
その胸に 幻の花を Uh Sono mune ni maboroshi no hana o Uh Si florece la flor fantasma en tu corazón Uh
咲かせたら ほどける Sakasetara hodokeru Nada más que
Nothing but Este extraordinario amor
とびきりの愛 Tobikiri no ai Se va a desenvolver
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coffig · 11 months ago
こちら、リア充撲松委員会です。This is the Rear Sumomatsu Committee. - Japanese Lyrics/Romaji
こちら、リア充撲松委員会です。 ( This is the Rear Sumomatsu Committee. )
Lyrics/Video: 高生紳士 @takao_shinji  mylist/47148624
MIX: つんぽっぽ @p318nn  mylist/55199656
Picture: どろ @doro_desu
Planning: TAKAO_TOMMY mylist/39342910
Osomatsu  もるでお co342107 @deoxymole
Karamatsu  ムチャ co1505316 @mutyatya240
Choromatsu 無音 co1913713 @Seri_Mune
Ichimatsu  ちゃっぴ co3021809 @ChappyNicoCas
Jyushimatsu  如月ヒビキ co1416405 @hibiki439
Todomatsu  uenohara co1888088 @nora_u_
*Romaji: coffig
*If you find any mistakes, please inform me! (This is the first time i do this)
Japanese Lyrics/Romaji
おそ : なんで俺ら成人してんのに二ートなんだよ それな! チョロ : まー働いてるの僕だけだしね おそ : 俺お前のそうゆうとこちょー嫌い チョロ : なんで!どうしてそうなんの! トド : いや、嫌もー様働いてたんだけど トッティ! トド : やらねーよっ おそ : 今日は日頃のストレスをぶちまけにここまでやって来たのに チョロ : どこにだよ 一 : てか、何すんの? おそ : えっ。。それゃぁ、なぁ? 十四 : 歌う!歌う! カラ : チョロ松、おまえの美声を響かせる時さ! チョロ : えー何で僕なの? 十四 : はい、チョロ松兄さん。マイク。 チョロ : もう、仕方ないなぁ。。。
Oso: nande orera seijin shi tennoni niitona nda yo sore na! Choro: ma hatarai teru no boku dakedashi ne Oso: ore omae no so yuu toko chiyo girai Choro: nande! doshite sona n no! Todo: iya, boku mo ichiyo hatarai teta ndakedo totti! Todo: yara nee yo Oso: kyo wa higoro no sutoresu wo buchimake ni koko made yattekitanoni Choro: dokonida yo Ichi: teka, nani sun no? Oso: eh.. sore ~ya~a, naa? Jyushi: utau! utau! Kara: choromatsu, omae no bisei wo hibikaseru toki sa! Choro: eh nande bokuna no? Jyushi: hai, choromatsu niisan. maiku.
どうしてお前らリマ充なの? このアニメのこと 見てるのに好きなのに 休日の アニメイト わざわざカップルできてるやつ ムカムカするね ねぇ、おかしいと思わない?
doushite omaera rimajunano? kono anime no koto mi terunoni sukinanoni kyuujitsu no animeito wazawaza kappuru de ki teru yatsu mukamukasuru ne nee, okashii to omowanai?
はいはいーい! やぁやぁ待たせたな カラ松 girls&boys お前たちが気になってること凝問に思ってること ぜーんぶ俺たちか教えてやるよ フシ
hai ha ~i! Ya~a ya~a mata seta na karamatsu girls&boys omaetachi ga ki ni natteru koto gyo toi ni shitautsu teru koto zee n bu oretachi ka oshiete yaru yo heh
えー、みなさんは なんでリア充なんですか? 幸せですか? あーそぉお? よかったですねぇー? 僕たち松家六つ子は 皆さんの幸せを壊し そして 脅しまーす
eh, minnasan wa nande riajuuna ndesu ka? shiawasedesuka? ah so ~oo? yokattadesu ne? bokutachi matsuya mutsugo wa minasan no shiawase o kowashi soshite odoshi masu
リア充全員堕落しろ X3 幸せですか? ぶっ殺す リア充全員堕落しろ X3 幸せですか? ぶっ殺す
riajuu zenin daraku shiro X3 shiawase desu ka? bukkorosu riajuu zenin daraku shiro X3 shiawase desu ka? bukkorosu
チョロ : ですから、今すぐ引きこもるように 十四 : みんなの幸せは、僕らの幸せー!(十四まーつ?)え? 一 : クリスマス?バレンタイン?お前ら何してんの? 一 : ぼっちじやないなら。。。。んふふ
Choro: desukara, imasugu hiki komoru yo ni Jyushi: minna no shiawase wa, bokura no shiawase! (Jyushima-tsu? ) e? Ichi: kurisumasu? barentain? omaera nani shi ten no? Ichi: botchi janainara.... n fufu
絞首   斬首   銃殺   釜茹で   溺死   電気 火炙り   生き埋め   虐殺   石打   バツト   貼り付け トド : 好なのを、選んでね
koshu   zanshu   juusatsu   kamayude   dekishi   denki hiaburi   ikiume   gyakusatsu   ishiuchi   batto   haritsukike Todo: sukina no wo, erande ne
おそ: はいはーい! おそ: さあさあみなさんリア充はいなくなりました! おそ: 不安とか不満何ーつないでしよー?(うー) おそ: コワーイ、恐いわぁ、ー幸せすぎて おそ: 恐いわあ おそ: てか、トド松なんでお前モテてんの? おそ: 同じ顔なのに! カラ: そういうお前も好きだぜ トド: えっ?僕が悪いの!? おそ : いや、絶対おかしいよこんなの!かぁ公式さんよ、聞いてる!? 十四:(あははー!ねぇ見てこれ!かたつむりー) チョロ : いやぁ公式って何?おそ松兄さんのネ夕多発言って言うんだよ、知ってる? 一: (何それ?) トド: 僕か悪いっていうより、兄さんたちがダメぎるんじゃないか。。。 おそ&チョロ: 八ァ!? おそ : どうゆうことだよトド松?? おそ : はっきり言いやがれこのトドシコ天六郎 チョロ: 公式での僕の扱いがおかしいだけだから僕自身はまじめだからね? トド: うわっ!え、ちょっ、こわっ!てか、公式って自分で言ってるよチョロ松兄さん おそ: あーでたそれって自分は悪くないですよアピールするやつ、ってえぇ!? 十四 :(これは、エスカルゴ!あははははは~) トド : 助けて!カラ松兄さん! 一 :(いや、それ、ー緒だから) カラ : 兄弟のピンチはおれのピンチ!守ってやるぜトドm
Oso: hai ha ~i! Oso: sa sa minasan riajuu wa inaku narimashita! Oso: fuan toka fuman nan tsunaideshi yo? (uh) Oso: kowai, kowai waa, shiawase sugite Oso: kowaiwa Oso: teka, todomatsu nande omae motetenno? Oso: onaji-gaonanoni! Kara: soiu omae mo sukida ze Todo: ee~? boku ga warui no!? Oso: iya, zettai okashi yo konna no! kaa koshiki-san yo, kii teru!? Jyushi: (ahaha! nee mite kore! katatsumuri) Choro: iyaa koshiki ttenani? osomatsu niisan no ne yuu ta hatsugen tte iunda yo, shitteru? Ichi: (nanisore? ) Todo: boku ka warui tte iu yori, niisan-tachi ga dame giru n janai ka... Oso&Choro: ha!? Oso: do yuu kotoda yo todomatsu? Oso: hakkiri iiya gare kono todoshiko ten rokuro Choro: koshiki de no boku no atsukai ga okashii dakedakara boku jishin wa majimedakara ne? Todo: uwa! e, cho, kowa ~! teka, koshiki tte jibun de itteru yo choromatsu niisan Oso: a deta sore tte jibun wa warukunaidesu yo apiiru suru yatsu, ttee ~e! ? Jyushi: (kore wa, esukarugo! a hahahahaha~) Todo: tasukete! karamatsu niisan! Ichi: (iya, sore, chodakara) Kara: kyodai no pinchi wa ore no pinchi! mamotte yaru ze todom
ホントにみんながリア充なの? どうせお前らも みんなニートみんなニート 親の働けの声に みんなが耳を塞いで ビクビクしてた じゃぁ、後頼んだぜ?トド松?わかってるよな?
honto ni minna ga riajuuna no? dose omaera mo minna niito minna niito oya no hatarake no koe ni minna ga mimi o fusaide bikuboku shi teta ja ~a, ato tanonda ze? todomatsu? wakatteru yo na?
はいはーい! さあさあみなさん死にましたー! 僕らの敵「リア充」は、充にましたー! これでみんな幸せな世界!これもぜーんぶ僕たちのおかげ 感謝しろ!
hai ha ~i! saa saa minasan shinimashita! bokura no teki [riaju] wa, mitsuru nimashita! kore de minna shiawasena sekai! kore mo zenbu bokutachi no okage kansha shiro!
リア充全員堕落しろ X3 幸せですか? ぶっ殺す リア充全員堕落しろ X3 幸せですか? ぶっ殺す
riajuu zenin daraku shiro X3 shiawase desu ka? bukkorosu riajuu zenin daraku shiro X3 shiawase desu ka? bukkorosu
堕落しちゃおうぜ Go to the bad 堕落して リア充全員堕落しろ 堕落。。。んふふふふふ あははは~堕落、堕落~! 堕落しよ♥ リア充ならば 死ね
daraku shi chaou ze Go to the bad darakushite riajuu zenin daraku shiro daraku... nfufufufufu ahahaha~ daraku, daraku~! darakushiyo♥ riajunaraba shine
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