#eh? eh? ;P
Luisa: The reason why I can't midwife or anything: baby comes out, I look at it and go "yep, needs more time in the oven" and I stick it back in.
Mirabel: LUISA, NO!
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poorlydrawnmcyt · 8 months ago
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faenova · 4 months ago
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buffbo real
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booasaur · 26 days ago
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The Expanse - 6x03 - One Ship: Win or Lose
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nim-lock · 4 months ago
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Bobadin week personal roundup <:-)
+ one fic by me + one fic by @kazhan
it’s been a very nice time with y’all :> Cheers
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spa-gogy · 4 months ago
Wilbur on Shubble’s stream explaining why he hasn’t changed his Minecraft skin :]
Shubble: Are you gonna change your skin tomorrow, or are you gonna be wearing your sweater?
Wilbur: I.. I am going to be wearing my sweater, for the sole reason that it’s got my ribbon for Technoblade on it.
Shubble: Okay, then I will be wearing-
Wilbur: And I’m going to be honest with you, I don’t know how to change skin. I don’t know how to like edit skins.
Shubble: Is that why you’ve just never done it?
Wilbur: No, I have never done it because I think it’s bad luck.
Shubble: Ohh
Wilbur: But, I made an exception with the ribbon for Technoblade, cause he’s like one of my best friends.
Shubble: Aww
Wilbur: And I don’t want to take it off. I don’t want to lose it, so I’m gonna keep it on
Shubble: You can’t lose the ribbon!
Wilbur: Well I don’t have it saved anymore, and I don’t know how to get it back if I lose it.
Ranboo: No, wait no! If you added it onto your skins, it’s automatically saved as a preset as well.
Shubble: Oh, wait! Do you want to know how you can get it right now?
Wilbur: How??
Shubble [typing on keyboard]: You go to, ‘NeedCoolShoes.com’, you type in the name, ‘Wilbur Soot’, and download. There’s your skin.
Wilbur: Oh! I still want to-
Shubble: That’s how I steal other peoples skins that I need.
Wilbur: I still want to raise awareness.
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thegrinningkitten · 4 months ago
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Inspired by the many times Alaina was asked about MCQ versions of Dream and Nightmare, I present to you WorldView-style bios for the twins + Killer. Obviously, not canon, but they were fun to make!
Dream and Nightmare belong to Joku.
Killer belongs to @rahafwabas
MommaCQ and WorldView belong to @alainaprana
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catzgam3rz · 4 months ago
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Decided to colour the Empires style swap I sketched for the Flower Husbands a little bit ago since I finally finished Scott's ref lmao
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literalite · a month ago
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every member of my gang is like family to me, and they all feel the same way. whatever happens, the gang will face it together - both the highs and the lows
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bluechocowitz · 10 months ago
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animated blueberry for something i’m working on ahaha
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anniviech · 9 months ago
So, this set from The Doctor Dances, with the scene where Nine tells Rose about Jack being flexible in his 'dancing' ("so many species, so little time") popped up on my dash - with these fabulous tags from @chiaroscuroverse under it:
#all I can see is how tickled he is about it #'you humans sure do love to get it on with aliens don't you rose haha jk unless...'
It basically called for a mini comic x)
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batshit-birds · 8 months ago
The Bats as Troubled Birds
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biazerod · 22 days ago
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Some old Fantasy AU doodles (from 2018)
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apfel-strudelz · a month ago
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I was so surprised how many ppl were happy to see ResJ fanart so I made some more
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arystocrat · a year ago
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Rumor Mill: The Hauntings of Hyrule
Volume 3: Fallen
Traysi’s Recommendation: ★★☆☆☆ [2 stars]  
vol 1 | vol 2 | vol 4
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hewwwwkayyyy · a month ago
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crescent-moon-tea · 9 months ago
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keqinxx · 2 months ago
Goodnight, Love.
"Goodnight, Love."
Characters : Albedo
Genre : Fluff
AU : Modern AU
Style : Drabble
Word Count : 96
Note : This feels too short but I like it. It's self indulgent and based on my brainrot. I wrote it in like 5-10 mins ehe
Fic UTC!
You were getting tired after studying late into the night. Albedo was in the other room, doing the same thing as you. But as the clock struck 1:00AM, you started feeling a little drowsy. ‘A short nap wouldn’t hurt, right?’ you thought, drifting asleep on your desk.
After some time, Albedo decided he was done for the night, so he came to check on you. When he saw your sleeping figure down the hall, he smiled to himself before walking over and pressing a kiss to your forehead. ‘Goodnight, love.’ he whispered, tucking you in.
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toadstoolillustrations · a month ago
Everyone who says maya and miles friendship real and then doesn't acknowledge the development they could go through together and the actual conversations about siblings and parents and trauma they could have are weak and won't survive the winter/lh
Like seriously I do think Maya doesn't resent Miles for that first trial but she does deserve to be a bit angry and process her sister's death properly. And I think maybe post-farewell my turnabout Miles should apologize and they should talk about DL-6. And they should talk about Mia, and Gregory, and maybe loving a family member who's dead that you miss so much and don't really blame for leaving you but maybe a little bit.
So yes, steel samurai nerd friendship real and transgender but oh i am thinking about the feys and edgeworths tonight,,,
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catte-kins · a month ago
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⠀⠀ ⠀🍚 . . ★ く♡ __ @ ~
requested by @ikisseula!
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