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sunseteyes · a year ago
characters: denki kaminari, eijirou kirishima
requested by: @xblazeheartx
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rv: this is a little bit short than intended but i hope i pulled it through! i’ve got no idea if the words below are understandable but if they are lmao that’s a good thing xjdjsj
Tumblr media
infj’s are known for being intuitive and having a good sense of imagination
first of all, denki would be so surprised that you’re even with him
because! infj’s like you always seek for deep and personal relationships and it just makes him feel so special you make me feel special! for being your other half
and also because you’re just so strong of a character, even if you don’t speak up much. denki just knows how you have such a strength hidden inside of you
and when you do speak up, denki over here will be so supportive of you
actually your friends, especially denki’s—the bakusquad, would be teasing him a lot because he just always seem to lean for you and let you decide a lot of things
like your dates; where would you go eat, where would you like to go and so on. 
but in all actuality, it’s denki’s way of helping you practice speaking out of your thought, if you aren’t already doing so
aside from all of those god i totally forgot about a vital information since you’re an artist, he’d maybe take you to places where you could see a good scenery and get inspired.
denki wouldn’t know much about art but he sure will research his way out of it and make sure to give you his all
just pls do check if his wallet is getting empty because he keeps on buying you art materials or so this boy might get hungry if you don’t
Tumblr media
ever since the first time he met you, eijirou was amazed at how you could create what you could create
he fully knows that each of us have our own strengths and he truly acknowledges yours
he also praises you alot
“wow, (y/n) these are great!” “maybe you should join a contest or so, what do you think, babe?” “have you tried posting these on social media? they’re so good!”
he’d encourage you to show and share it to others, especially if you’re just shy to do so. he’s gonna want you to be confident yknow
but if you don’t want to for personal reasons, it’s totally fine. he’d feel special that you’re showing it to him among others
he’s just so supportive. also, he does have this inner voice that he doesn’t say often a lot and he’d be so proud of you that you speak up yours whenever you think there’s something wrong
he’s just gonna be your no. 1 fan and it’s just so sweet of kiri to do so
you’re also going to be his inspiration when he thinks his confidence is kinda crumbling down yknow
like whenever he hesitates on saying his opinion, then he’ll think of you and how you say that everyone has a say in their own, it just so happens that it depends on others if they believe in it too
Tumblr media
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ayakashikami · 3 years ago
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I know it’s late, but this was meant for best bois birthday two days ago. But since I’m out of practice I needet way more time I expected. But! I am satisfied, with how it turned out. <3
Happy Birthday, Kirishima, even when I’m late. <3
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eijirc · 4 years ago
bnheadcanon #2
kirishima is a HUGE anime nerd. he can recognise characters from almost any anime and likes listening to the english dubs, saying they make the characters sound "even more manly". he's open about his obsession to his close circle of friends but not to anyone outside due to his insecurities. his personal favourites are naruto, kekkai sensen and koe no katachi, although he also praises the less popular anime.
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ilovethefuckinganime · 5 years ago
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Kacchan it’s life!  (ง˘ω˘ ).
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sunseteyes · a year ago
Tumblr media
requested by @xblazeheartx
link to sfw alphabet | S= Safeguard | W= Wish | X= X-ray
Tumblr media
S= Safeguard (Are they protective? How so?)
of course, especially to the villains
eijirou has had regrets before and he would hate himself if he fails to protect that one person who became special to him.
well, since he’s a hero, he’d do his best not to let you be attacked by the bad guys, but i think not to the point he’d pretend you’re not lovers (if you’re not aiming to be a pro hero too).
W= Wish (What is the one thing they wish they could give you?)
i think eijirou’s still not that confident of himself so i’m answering with; more
he wishes he could give more to you—the very best you deserve, whatever it is.
X= X-ray (What will be that one thing they will have a problem in saying to you?)
“i love you so damn much and i’d risk everything, even my life to protect you.”
those are just simple words that i can imagine eijirou saying but he would still have a difficult time doing so. why? because he knows you’d just say that his life is just as precious as he places yours to be
but he’d still say it. i believe he will.
i don’t think eijirou’s someone who would keep something from his s/o unless it involves his s/o’s life.
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