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(because he’s a soft lil bean under all that rock)

<<Contains fluff and wholesome content>>


Originally posted by hanae-ichihara

  • Will smother you in cuddles, murmuring words of appraisal while his arm snakes around your waste and pulls you in to a warm spooning embrace (obviously he’s big spoon), the rising and falling of your chests syncing to a slow rhythm of content.
  • Definitely has a bottle of soothing lotion or aloe vera on hand, gently rubbing your rear in small circular motions to cover the area generously.
  • Ghosts his lips over your neck, admiring the swollen fang imprints decorating your skin that travel to various areas of your body. Satisfied with his level of branding, he smoothly traces his tongue along all the passionate wounds, his saliva and peppered kisses numbing the sore after ache.
  • Kiri will ask several times if there is anything he can do for you. Thirsty? He’ll get you something to drink, patting your head carefully like your a porcelain doll he’s fearful of shattering - all the while telling you how much of a good girl you are. Cold after a post orgasm high? You bet he’ll cocoon you in covers and blankets to your hearts content, gleefully sharing the heat together in a soothing act of intimacy. Hungry? Damn right he’ll fetch you something from the kitchen, giggling like a goof while feeding it to one another and curling your tongue around each others fingers to swipe away the excess, savouring the taste of one another’s skin as if it was the last time you’d both get a taste.
  • After-care baths with Kiri are heavenly I can tell you that much. He’ll sweep you off the bed and carry you to the tub so cautiously you’re surprised he didn’t envelop you in bubble wrap - easing you into the tub with an assiduous motion. Plonking in after you, a faint blush dusts his cheeks as if he were still a nervous high-school boy, just as entranced by your body and presence as the first time you met. Sitting there in blissful silence, legs intertwined around your waists to pull you closer between the suds scattered around the steamed water, gazing at one another longingly full of love as if you’ve just experienced your first time all over again. Being the dork he is, will definitely splash some suds your way, blowing chunks of foam from his palm and watch as it floats into the strands of your hair. This generally lasts for quite a while, either sitting in quiet and simply enjoying one another’s company, basking in the mellow atmosphere. Or, making peaceful conversation that puts you both at ease, talking about topics as simple as what to have for breakfast tomorrow, to as deep and thought provoking things as fate and soulmates - coming to the conclusion that if they are true, you two must be a prime example of this notion. 10/10 Would recommend an after care bath with Kirishima.
  • Don’t feel like sitting down and prefer to opt for a closer bodily embrace? Well this man has you covered, shower times with Kiri, especially post-sex is an experience to remember. He’ll wrap his arms around your slippery waist, fixated on the way the showers droplets trickle down your spine and onto the curves of your now soothed ass. Twirling you around, he’ll squeeze some shampoo into your palm and allow it to pool, before doing the same to his and massaging his fingertips against your scalp in smooth, fluid motions with you lovingly following suit, staring into one another’s eyes with large affectionate smiles plastered permanently against your cheeks. After, Kiri will be the first to grab a bar of soap and caress it along all the curves of your body, being so gentle on the abused areas with such adoration it’s enough to wash all your worries down the drain, your mind only registering the overwhelming amounts of love he has for you. Spending a long time on this with you washing one another, he’ll then turn off the shower and step out, picking up a towel and opening it wide for you, insisting you step in so he can wrap it around you with a giant bear hug, swaying you side to side with his cheek pressed against yours in a toothy grin. after you’re both dried up, he’ll once again carry you to the bedroom where you decide on how to spend the rest of your evening together, not that he minds - as long as it’s with you.

Thank you @roseyful​ for suggesting this! <3

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I live for cutesy stuff like this man.. I hope you love this~! -Calamari


Originally posted by deku-smash

You sat in the comfort of Eijiro’s lap, curled up into a little ball, your eyes staring widely at him as he retold the stories of his younger days to you. Mostly, of how frequently he got bullied or ridiculed. At every frown or sad gesture he made, you’d frown with him, gripping onto his arm.

“..I just never thought I’d amount to much.” Ei sighed. He turned his head to look at you and almost instantly, his melancholic demeanor melted into a calmer one. His crimson orb softened and he ran a gentle hand through your hair.

It was amazing how a man with a rock quirk could be so gentle with you.

“Ei, it’s so not fair that all that stuff happened to you!” You narrowed your brows. “I wouldn’t have let anyone talk to you that way I.. I would’ve fought them!”

Eijiro’s face scrunched up as he fought back giggles but the moment he saw you squint at him, he couldn’t help but let it all out, his entire body shaking as he rocked back and forth with laughter.

“Hey, I’m serious!” You insisted, and yet, you couldn’t fight off the smile forming on your face just from seeing him laugh.

“I-I’m sorry, angel, I just.. you’re not very intimidating.” He pressed an endearing kiss on your temple. “I still appreciate that you’d try, though..”

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Yas! Thanks for the request!


Katsuki Bakugo

Types of movie he likes: Serial Killer & Old cult movie (Silence of the Lamb/The Shining)
Types of movie he doesn’t like: Monsters movie & all the stuff with high school girls screaming.

- You’ll be the one initiating the horror movie session, first, he’s not a huge fan of horror movies in the strict sens of it, second, if it’s during the day, he has better things to do than sitting and watch poorly played movie, if it’s during the evening, guys, we’re talking about a man who’s already asleep at 10p.m.

- If you insist enough, he’ll eventually accept, because he can’t resist when you ask him things with your big shiny eyes, so he will huff, turn his head to the side with his signature frown that will cost him a lot of wrinkles when he’ll get older.

- So here you were, sitting a bit too excitedly on his bed the remote in your hand [at 9p.m which is already too late for him because you fought for an hour to find a movie that could please you both]

- «Fine, but I swear to god we’re NOT going to sleep with the light on. AGAIN.»

- In the end, he capitulated and let you choose. *internalconversation What poor taste you can have sometimes and stop smiling stupidly like that *pinkonhischeeks


- He has to admit one thing, even if he won’t going to voice it out loud, having you moving so close to him for some comfort and sticking to his body like that, he could be used to that kind of stuff, so…why not doing that again?

- «Katsu’? Katsuuu, are you asleep?*shakinghimawake *grunt * Can we turn the light on?»

- Nope. Forget about it.


Izuku Midoriya

Types of movie he likes: ø
Types of movie he doesn’t like: All? Exorcism

- It’s one thing Midoriya was happy with when he became a young adult, the fact you have the right to decide what you want and don’t.
Aaaah it was so great to not eat some shirako anymore, to not fold your shirt as soon as you pull it off, as it was great to not flog yourself with scary videos that would prevent you from sleeping.

- Oh Boi. If it wasn’t for your cute smile and excited behaviour, he would have refused it right away, but maybe, he would have the chance to hold your hand and reassured you?

- He would try to play it cool because he was super embarassed, but the truth is, he was already anxious before the movie even started, and in addition, you decided to watch it ALL LIGHTS OFF? Really?

- By the end of the movie, he had bite all of his nails.

- Pop corn was flying everywhere everytime you screamed, he was so tensed it made him jumpy.

-  He spent the whole movie, curled up on himself, his head on his knees, his eyes shut closed hoping you won’t saw him in such a weak state.

- Happy with the movie when it ended, you decided to not make any comment about the lack of colors on Midoriya’s face.
You just hugged him tight instead, promising him that you won’t bring that kind of movie again as he nodded against your hair.

- After that, he’s reassured to have the little All Might collector’s edition glowing figures just above your heads..until his mind wandered into dark places and he began to imagine shadows moving on his ceiling.

- He will keep his eyes tightly shut, trying to rationalize every single sound he thought he heard.

- Will definitely wrap both of you in the blanket not letting a toe outside even if he’s sweating like a sinner in a church.. it will get worse when you’ll wiggle against him in your sleep.


Eijiro Kirishima

Type of movies he likes: Zombies and classic monsters (1920/50’s movies)
Type of movies he doesn’t like: Ghosts

- It became a tradition somehow, you find yourself in Kirishima’s room every friday night for a movie or two and he’s so excited to be that time of the week again.

- MOST IMPORTANT THING, it’s probably just after his shower and before going to sleep so.. HAIR FREAKIN’ DOWN!

- One week it’s him who chose, the next one you’re the one who bring a movie, the other has to pay for the snacks

- And to be honest, better bring the movie rather than the snacks because he’s a bottomless pit and will even slip his hands without shame into your bowl of popcorns/chocolates when his own is empty

- He’s more amused than scared by those, and he can’t keep his mouth shut, always bringing his theories or comments about his favorite scenes (when it comes to classic movies he knows by heart)

- When it comes to more jumpy movies with screamers, he waits in the dark watching you intently when you’re focused on the screen and grabs your side with a ‘Roar to make you scream… and he’s damn proud of it!

- When it comes to more «relax» horror movie, he would be lying down on the bed, his head on your laps hummming slightly as you play with his hair.

- He’ll probably take the opportunity to put his hand around you while stretching casually, and even if you’re not scared, please, let him play the tough guy and cuddle in his arms.

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I’m cry, I love him so much <3



Ah, shit, even in the middle of a crazy battle, why’s she gotta be so damn cute?! Like, seriously. Not only is his S/O an incredible fighter with a strong Quirk who wants to keep her friends safe, she’s one step ahead of him with strategies. God, he is just so in love with her. Of course, this is a dangerous fight, so he’s gotta look alive. He manages to keep his cool even when he feels as if his love for her has knocked him flat on his ass. It’s her idea, so it has to be a good one, and he follows her lead without hesitation; activating his Quirk before wrapping his arms tightly around her waist. He doesn’t want to hurt her, leading to his skin not being quite as hardened where it meets hers, but he knows she’s expecting him to give his all just like she is, and anyway, a man always gives 110%. So… despite his being careful, she might have a few bruises when this is all over. Once the fight ends, hopefully neither of them are too banged up. Regardless, as soon as he’s able to, Eijiro crawls into bed with her and holds her close and tells her what a great job she did and how awesome of a team they make and how much he loves her and dammit he’s crying!!!

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a/n: hi!! tysm hun <3! gahh this is so cuteee i haven’t written a lot for kiri so i apologize if he seems ooc

summary: a flash of orange and white fur stops kirishima in the common room. he notices your cat has escaped and decides to return it to you.

key: (y/n) - your name / (f/n) - first name / (l/n) - last name / (e/c) - eye color / (h/c) - hair color / (y/q) - your quirk / Milo - your cat’s name (or pick a name! you decide!!)

warnings: swearing, fluff

wordcount: 1.2k

»»————- ★ ————-««


»»————- ★ ————-««

It was nearing curfew for most students, though that never stopped some people from staying up. Kirishima was fixing to head to bed but he stopped when he saw a flash of orange and white dart across the common room.

At first, he just thought he was seeing something until he heard a faint ‘meow’ come from under one of the sofas.

“Could it be a stray?” Kirishima questioned, carefully approaching. He bent down and peeked under the couch, the realization hitting him.

“Milo! What are you doing out here bud?” Kirishima spoke to the cat, familiar with his crush’s pet.

Milo squeezed out from under the couch and jumped into Kirishima’s arms, purring as he laid against Kiri’s chest.

“Let’s get you back to (Y/n).” Kirishima patted Milo on his head, a smile on his lips as he watched the cat seemingly smile back at him.

It didn’t take long for Kirishima to return to your dorm room, Milo curled up and now fast asleep in his arms.

Careful not to wake the sleeping kitty, Kirishima knocked on your dorm door.

You rose from your position of looking under your bed for your furry friend, hoping that he was done throwing his tantrum and would come out from wherever he was hiding.

You pulled back the door and immediately felt your heart skip a beat. Not only was Milo found, but Kirishima was holding him, and Milo was sound asleep in his arms. How cute. 

I think he might’ve got loose, I found him in the commons.” Kirishima chuckled quietly. Your cheeks turned red, whether from embarrassment of fluster, you were unsure.

“Thank you. I had to throw away his favorite toy because it got broken, and he wasn’t exactly happy about it.” You say softly, admiring the sleeping kitty in Kirishima’s arms.

“You can bring him inside, set him down wherever, he’ll sleep on almost anything.” You giggle, taking a seat on your bed, you let out a sigh and finally let yourself relax.

“I take it you were looking for him.” Kirishima points out how your room is a little disheveled.

“He’s a good cat, he just doesn’t always want to stay in my room. I love him a lot, but I can’t just have him running around the commons, especially if someone has an allergy-”

“I could help you take care of him!” Kirishima chimes in. You lift your head and smile.

“You would do that for me?” You question softly. Kirishima cheeks begin to match the shade of crimson he used to dye his hair.

“Y-Yeah! That’s like totally manly! Cats are awesome!” Kirishima shoots you his usual toothy grin and joins you on your bed. He looks around your room and an idea pops into his head.

“We could get him a cat tree! Something he could climb and exercise in so maybe he wouldn’t need to leave the room!” Kirishima suggested, pointing to a bland corner in your room. 

“That’s an amazing idea! Thank you so much!” You hug Kirishima, wrapping your arms around him tightly as he does the same.

You can feel your face heating up again, your heart beat quickening. You pull away, but you hesitate. You stare into Kirishima’s eyes, just a little longer before you fully pull away.

You’d admired Kirishima the day he walked into class. He was strong, but humble in a way. He was funny, and smart, and he knew how to be there for his friends. He was also insanely cute.

Kirishima was thinking just like you. His mind was racing with the things he liked about you. Your smile, to the way your hair framed your face. Everything about you was beautiful to Kirishima.

“Well it’s getting late, I don’t want you to not get enough sleep-”

“Y-Yeah. I’ll come up with something for the cat tree! Get some good sleep!” Kirishima stands and waves, before striding over to your door and leaving.

“Goodnight.” You whisper back, feeling a little sad that he couldn’t stay longer.

You glance over at Milo who is now awake and staring at you with an evil glint in his eyes.

“I can see you judging me.”

Milo didn’t reply. You hadn’t expected him too. He just kept on staring.

“Are you the master of talking to boys? Cute boys? I didn’t think so mister.” You stick your tongue out at Milo and snuggle up under your covers.

Milo stretches and finds his way over to your bed, resting on your stomach as you slept.

- - -

Over the next few days, Kirishima had helped you find a good cat tree, and with what you had been saving up money-wise, you were able to buy a nice cat tree.

Assembling it was quite fun. And that was an adventure in it of itself.

“Kiri! I don’t think it goes there.” You laugh, holding a spare part of the tree in your hand as Kirishima tightens a bolt on the cat tree.

“What? It looks right.” Kirishima takes a step backs and stares at the creation. It definitely didn’t look like the box.

“Okay maybe it doesn’t go there.” Kirishima chuckles and takes the piece off.

After finally assembling the cat tree, you and Kirishima were worn out. But Milo was having the time of his life. You rested your head on Kirishima’s chest, a happy sigh leaving past your lips.

“I think he likes it.” You whisper to Kirishima.

If Milo could talk, he would’ve said the same about Kirishima, whose cheeks were a bright shade of pink, a goofy smile on his lips as his fingers played with the ends of your hair.

“Yeah.” Kirishima spoke. You turned your head to look up at him and bit your bottom lip.

You were so close to him, you were laying on him. His lips looked so kissable. The amount of times you’d almost kissed each other was far too many and it was now or-

Kirishima pressed his lips to yours, no longer wanting to waste any time thinking about kissing you. He wanted to kiss you. For real.

It brought you out of your thoughts and you melted into the kiss. It was sweet, and genuine. It was a soft kiss from someone you’d fallen in love with. And Kirishima could say the same.

He pulled away and his bright smile returned.

“Sorry I-”

“Please don’t apologize. It was nice.” You reassure him. You place a quick peck on his lips just to solidify your statement.

- - -

A week after your kiss, you’d shared exactly six more kisses after that. And you were pretty sure Kirishima was going to ask you out soon, or you hoped he would.

It was almost seven at night, and there was a knocking at your door.

“Coming!” You yelled, coming to the door. You opened it and saw Kirishima, his back turned to you.

“Hey is everything okay?” You asked, your hand going to touch his shoulder.

“Surprise!” Kirishima smiled and turned around, a kitten in his hands. You smiled and admired the little ball of fluff in his hands. Kirishima handed the kitten over to you gently.

“Now Milo has a friend!” Kirishima and you walked back into your room and took a seat on the floor.

“Oh and, I got you this.”

Kirishima pulled you into a kiss, a hand resting under your chin. You blushed and kissed him back, not expecting him to be so forward.

“Will you go out with me?”


Not only was Milo happy to have a new friends, but you and Kirishima were both happy that you had each other now.

»»————- ★ ————-««


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a/n: of course hun! thank you for the request, i aplogize for it coming out so late! 

headcanon: them with a s/o on their period

key: (y/n) - your name / (f/n) - first name / (l/n) - last name / (e/c) - eye color / (h/c) - hair color / (y/q) - your quirk

warnings: fluff, swearing

»»————- ★ ————-««

katsuki bakugou


»»————- ★ ————-««

  • When Bakugou finds out you’re on your period, he’s a whole different person.
  • At least to you he is.
  • Will 100% still blast Kaminari’s ass to space if he tries to make you angry just to see you get mad.
  • Will cuddle and watch movies if that’s what you want to do.
  • Who needs a heating pad when you have Bakugou’s hands? 
  • Just lay between his legs and have both of his hands rest where the cramps are. 
  • Soft kisses.
  • “Suki?” You’re tired from just waking up from a nap, and you can tell Bakugou is too.
  • “Hm?” He hums, opening his eyes to look at you. You place a small kiss on his lips, before resting your head in the crook of his neck.
  • “Hey wait, I want another kiss.” Bakugou speaks softly, a hand coming to lift your chin back up to kiss you again.
  • It’s sweet and simple, nothing rough or demanding.
  • Cooks for you because let’s be honest this man can throw down in the kitchen.
  • Even if you don’t want a big lavish meal of some sort, he’ll bring you your favorite snack or dessert and hug you close.
  • And if you don’t want to be held, he’ll gladly give you your space, but he’ll throw a bit of a fit until you put on his sweater since he can’t hold you close.
  • “You’ve gotta stay warm somehow dumbass!”
  • “Suki!”
  • “Sorry.” He mumbles an apology.
  • You ruffle his hair and place a kiss on his cheek, letting him know that you still love him.

»»————- ★ ————-««

eijiro kirishima


»»————- ★ ————-««

  • This man has got this shit down to a t.
  • He’s ready at your door with snacks, movies, blankets, a heating pad if you need one, whatever it is you need, this man has got twenty of them.
  • Despite his quirk, Kirishima is the comfiest to lay and cuddle with.
  • He’s warm, and will just hold you close.
  • Kisses your neck just to kiss you if he can’t reach your lips. 
  • “Kiri! That tickles!” You giggle as his breath hits your neck.
  • “Sorry!” He apologizes, placing yet another little kiss to your neck.
  • You shift in your position, finding a comfy position to lay so you can face him, and kiss his lips.
  • “Are you comfy like that-”
  • He’s cut off by your lips to his. It’s gentle, and he knows not to get too rough with his kisses.
  • Or at least now isn’t the right time for it.
  • Kirishima’s hands are holding you lightly, but strongly. Doesn’t want to hurt you, or increase the pain of your cramps, so he’s careful with his touches, and always, always asks if you’re comfortable, or if he’s hurting you.
  • “Are you okay? I’m not hurting you am I?”
  • “No, you’re fine Kiri.” You smile and cuddle into him, resting your head on his chest. Kirishima likes to play with your hair, long or short.
  • He will find a way to tangle his fingers into it, playing with it until your softly snoring.
  • If you don’t want to be held, Kirishima is giving you your space. Will politely ask if there’s anything he can do, always making sure to be gentle.
  • “Do you need anything? Water? A pain killer? A snack?”
  • “Could I have one of your shirts?” You smile, a blush on your cheeks.
  • Kirishima quickly digs out your favorite shirt of his and hands it to you, turning away while you put it on. 
  • He can’t lie, you look amazing in it.
  • “Alright let’s watch this movie!”
  • You’re asleep on him halfway through it, and he’s asleep not long after.

»»————- ★ ————-««


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Bakugou: *listening to Kirishima talk about his dream to becoming a pro hero*

Kirishima: man, i just know that it’s gonna happen before i couldn’t even think all this now here i am-

Bakugou: you’re gonna become a great hero one day and i just know you’re gonna become one of the tops. if anyone tries to get between that i’ll blow their brains out.

Kirishima: *blushing* wow phew oh woah Bakugou wait *has completely broken because he’s not use to Bakugou’s sudden kindness*

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“meetin’ your family” with kirishima

i might make another one with another character but idk which 💀



Originally posted by deku-smash

♡ lowkey his ass nervous asf cuz of all yo stories about yo fam wildin

♡ ((and them stories of your mom beating yo ass))

♡ so he def unprepared to meet your family at a function or sumn

♡ but he ain’t no punk so he ain’t finna back out of this so he just suck it up and go

♡ just know when you knock on that door yo mom open the door and greet you, she gon look at kirishima up and down and say sumn like “so this ya little boyfriend?”

♡ that make him get even more nervous n’ start getting shaky

♡ but you already led your mom’s mind off of him by starting a whole conversation and after a min she let yall in

♡ once yall get in you lowkey get jumped by yo lil cousins and aunties

♡ yo aunties also tryna check and make sure kirishima ain’t shady, but your lil cousins?

♡ they already hanging off his arm wit they lil kid selves and he already feeling like he fit in

♡ you prolly over there hanging out with ya favorite cousin or sumn cuz he gotta learn how to be around the fam himself

♡ don’t even get us started on the food. girl, oh, the food. he tryna sneak some out to bring back to dorms cuz cookout food is the SHIT

♡ this dude is munching on them baked beans and ribs like he ain’t ate nothin that good before

♡ cuz he AIN’T ate nothing that compares to the food we got and that’s on what? periodt.

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a/n: of course! i think the maximum amount of characters i’ll write a request is 4-5, but for my own sanity, they may be a bit short.  tysm love <3!!

headcanon: 7 minutes in heaven

key: (y/n) - your name / (f/n) - first name / (l/n) - last name / (h/c) - hair color / (e/c) - eye color / (y/q) - your quirk

warnings: swearing, fluff, 16+ nothing smutty just hints of things leading to stuff

»»————- ★ ————-««

izuku midoriya


»»————- ★ ————-«« 

  • Soft boy uwu
  • He’s totally shy to go into the closet with you at first, but I could see him get really into it.
  • Especially if like there’s accidental touching involved- he’s holding his breath hoping you’ll do it again, but on purpose this time.
  • Eventually, I could see him taking initiative, leading your hands to touch him.
  • He’s eager to kiss you, and eager in general to get impossibly closer.
  • He’s pulling you onto his lap while you kiss him, your hands roaming all over him, circling over his shoulders, biceps, and neck.
  • I also feel like Midoriya is really loud/vocal so you guys we’ll be making out and there will just be snickering or banging on the door telling Midoriya to ‘get it’ or just a bunch of whistles for him finally getting to kiss you.
  • We all know this boy has the biggest crush on you.
  • And he’s as red as a tomato when he finds out all his friends can hear him.
  • Overall, he’s super sweet, and will ask you out before the seven minutes is up if you aren’t already dating.
  • After this game, I’m sure he’d be willing to play again, with you of course, but he’d probably rather be alone with you in his room where the possibility of being walked in on is slim to none.

»»————- ★ ————-««

shoto todoroki


»»————- ★ ————-««

  • Todoroki, in the nicest way possible, is oblivious to what is supposed to happen in seven minutes in heaven. I’m not saying he doesn’t know that teenagers get smushed in a closet and make out because they’re feeling like it, but he’s definitely unaware of the name of the game when it’s brought up for him to play.
  • Once inside the closet with you, he’ll probably understand. Body language or just speaking in general will clear up any confusion. 
  • “Todoroki stop asking questions and just kiss me.”
  • “But-”
  • Your lips are on his before he can finish talking.
  • Lots of kissing and touching.
  • His cold hand cooling down the blush that had crept across your cheeks from being so close to him.
  • Todoroki is flustered for a few seconds before he finally understands that you want this as much as he does.
  • Todoroki seems like a switch to me, so I could see him taking the lead a for a few kisses, or being completely submissive to you. 
  • Run your fingers through his hair. PLEASE
  • He’s super sweet with you, and is fully aware of how much you like him now. It only took him being shoved in a closet with you to understand.
  • Asks you out later if you aren’t already together, totally down to play seven minutes in heaven again but only if he’s put with you.

»»————- ★ ————-««

eijiro kirishima


»»————- ★ ————-««

  • Kirishima knows what seven minutes in heaven is and he’s excited to play.
  • Is probably super flustered when he’s put in the closet with you, because he’s got the biggest crush on you if the two of you aren’t already dating.
  • He probably makes the first move, eager to finally have a bit of time alone with you, even though he knows the whole point of this game is to get the two people to kiss or something.
  • Pulls away almost immediately after kissing you in fear that you don’t like him or don’t share the same feelings.
  • You reassure him by pressing your lips on his this time, showing him that you do like him.
  • Kisses turn to making out, and his hands holding yours turn to his hands holding your waist, pulling you into his lap.
  • You two get caught- it’s bound to happen.
  • In the middle of a make out or more, that door swings open and you go red-faced, much like the color of his hair.
  • The door slams shuts about as fast as it was opened, earning a giggle from your friends.
  • You come out shortly after that, a little embarrassed, but happy nonetheless.
  • Kirishima is down to play again, but only if it’s with you, or else he’d much rather just hang out with you alone.

»»————- ★ ————-««


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I’m actually kinda happy with this X_X Took forever to do because my stupid peanut brain decided a writers block was what i needed during quarantine …

Anyway! Short and Sweet, Might do a follow up? I say that a lot though don’t i … T_T

Alright, Hope you all enjoy! Sending love and good luck to everyone!


Paper laid strewn about on the fluffy comforter of your bed, your fingers threaded through your hair in frustration as you stared down at the notebook within your lap. A frustrated groan left your lips as you fell back onto your pillows; your hands slowly sliding from their spots in your hair to rub your temples in annoyance.

“I’ll never finish this …”

As you took a deep breath you attempted to ease the aching pain in your hand from the hours of scribbling away in your notebook, the joints releasing a rather loud, satisfying *pop*, as you went from one finger to the next.

Sitting up you stared at the mess you had created over the past few hours and winced, you didn’t realize it was that bad.

As you hopped off the bed and began picking up the crumbled and loose paper off the floor, your phone buzzed: going against you’re better judgement you toss what trash you had within your grasp into the bin near your desk and swiped your phone from your side table.

It was from Mina.

Her text simply asked you to go to the common room, a small kiss emoji at the end.

Picking up what trash was left on the floor you toss it in the bin and begin making your way to the common room, instant regret washed over your system as the sounds of loud, howling laughter echoed within the halls. Stepping into the common-room you’re met with Bakugo chasing after a shirtless Kaminari, a rather annoyed looking Iida following close behind.

Your eyes followed the trio for a while until you’re pulled from your stare.

“Hey there Hotstuff! I knew you’d come down here!”  Mina’s excited voice rang in your ear, a smile formed on your lips as her arms locked around you.

“Well I wasn’t doing anything too important … So, may I ask why-”

“Its better not too … I don’t even know why he’s shirtless.”

You too began conversing as you walked to the couches and you noticed a good amount of your classmates were seated in a circle, some sat on the couches that were pushed a bit further out to fit everyone else.

Your eyebrows lifted in confusion as you turned to glance at the woman next to you. “Uh … What’s going on?”

“Well, it was my idea of course … Spin the bottle!” A large grin on her lips as she pulled you towards the group. “Well take a seat!”

“I … How bout no?”

Her loud groan of annoyance caused some of the people in the circle to turn, excited smiles on their lips as they caught sight of you but; one sharp, toothy grin, took all of your attention.

“Y/N! Hey! Come join us!” His arm flew up and his hand waved you over, a rather innocent gesture most of the time but at the moment you had to look away in fear of staring for too long.

There stood Kirishima, a tall, tanned wonder; a large grin on his lips, and completely shirtless.

The heat that settled within your cheeks only grew in intensity as his loud gravely laugh rang through the air, swallowing the lump in your throat you glance towards Kirishima.

“S-So, uh mind telling me why … you’re shirtless Kiri?”

Sure it was kinda usual for his top half to be barren, especially during training but something just felt different. His smile grew and his head threw back as he laughed even harder, you and Mina were able to find comfortable spots within the circle of your classmates before he was able to respond to your question. Him being the only reason you sat down to play anyway …

“Well, Kaminari and I actually lost a bet!”

Your eyebrow cocked up in concern but, before you were able to question, Bakugo walks back into the common-room followed by a sweaty Kaminari and an annoyed looking Iida. Everyone busts out into fits of laughter as the Trio sit down within the circle, and after everyone’s laughter calms down to quiet giggles, Jiro offers to spin the bottle only for Mina to cut in.

“How about Y/N? They just joined in so we should give them the first spin, right guys?” Her voice saying a lot more than her words let on, everyone smiles and she hands the bottle to you.

“Alright, whoever the bottle stops on you have to kiss.”

Your nerves made your hands shake as you sat the bottle down, and as you spun the bottle on the floor you felt a pair of eyes bore into your skull. Glancing up you caught Kirishima’s eyes, his quickly flicked from you to the bottle and his cheeks reddened but; they grew darker as the sound of the bottle’s spin slowly stopped.

What a coincidence, It landed on Kirishima.

Mina was the first to start howling with laughter, as you and Kirishima shared wide-eyed stares Bakugo huffed in annoyance. His elbow connected with Kirishima’s side, he grumbled something to him and flicked his head towards you; Kirishima jumped up from his spot on the floor, with a heavy blush on his cheeks and a small grin, he made his way over to you. He stopped right behind you and extended his hand in which you shakily accepted; keeping a rather good hold on his hand as you stood you felt the word fall still as his hand squeezed yours.

The moment felt so much longer than it actually was, the kiss being too short for your own liking but with the state of your racing heart you didn’t think you’d stay on your feet if it lasted any longer. The tips of his ears down to his shoulders was covered in a deep blush as he quickly scurried away from you, a large absolutely stupid grin on his lips as he sat a bit further away from the group; but you, were still standing there. Absolutely gone inside of your own little world, but you felt stares digging into your form so you quickly found a spot on the floor.

As the night flew by you had watched your friends stand and retreat to their rooms for the night, and as you began to do the same your eyes caught sight of Kirishima once again. His spikey red hair stuck out from near the kitchen counter, as he stood and caught your gaze you both spun around, you retreated to your room and Kirishima stuck his head in the freezer in a bad attempt to cool off his rising body heat.

You had ran back to your room, your back hit the door and you slid to the floor; hands covering your face as you stared at the floor.

Just thinking of the red haired hero-to-be made your cheeks glow with a soft red hue and your body to begin rising in heat. As your thoughts began running around franticly trying to toss some sort of sense into your sudden change of view of your friend, all you could really think of was his smile.

Until your thoughts are interrupted by a soft Knock from your door.

Jumping from the floor and throwing a hand to the handle you slowly crack open the door and your eyes meet a familiar set of Crimson Orbs.

“H-Hey! Didn’t think y-you’d answer so quickly um …” His hand flew to the side of his neck, his knuckles already growing white with the tensing of his fingers. Pulling the door open further you send him a nervous smile as he stumbles over his words.

“I actually stopped by to see if y-you’d be free Friday evening …?” His cheeks flushed as your eyes widened at his question, before you could reply to his offer you heard faint chuckling from the hallway but, before you could lean forward and look around Kirishima had threw his arm up and blocked your vision.

“Kiri what the hell was-” He cut you off with a loud cough.

“That was um … just some rats ya know? Yeah they better run away-” His eyes flickered from you to the side and his lips  curled into a small frown. “Before I get them.”

His gaze flickers back to you and his frown quickly forms into a large toothy grin, the sight making your nerves calm and your own smile to widen. It wasn’t till then that you noticed how incredibly handsome he was, sure you already knew he was handsome but the way he looked at you and the smile he gave you just made your heart flutter; your cheeks began to flush as you stumbled over your response.

“U-Uh yeah, so F-Friday? Right?” His smile seemed to grow and his cheeks began to glow a bright red, his excited chuckle at your response made you both begin to laugh, the energy surrounding the both of you quickly turned from its previous awkward feeling to a comfortable one; one that made the twisting nervous feeling in your stomachs subside. Which gave Kirishima a rather large boost of confidence.

His hand that was previously rubbing his neck had long since fallen to his side, and as your laughter begin to subside he stepped closer to you, raising his hand to cup your cheek. His eyes searched your face for any resistant, any hesitance, but there wasn’t any. His lips pressed against yours softly, the feeling of his lips against yours made you smile into the kiss. Pulling away a bit too soon, you both stared at each other, your cheeks were flushed and your lips curved into a smile.

“S-So .. That was -”

“Awesome” You both said in unison, which made your faces flush into a dark red. Before he dropped dead from pure nervous stomach twisting, he gave you a small bow.

“I’ll see you Friday then! U-Uh, Goodnight..”

He turned away and began walking off, you were still standing in your door way thinking over what had happened - for the second time that night - and you were glad to say, you actually looked forward to finishing out the week.

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a/n: thank you so much! you’re so sweet! i hope you are staying safe! 🥺❤️ i don’t know which type of doctor you are referring to so i’ll just try my best to be general


Originally posted by deku-smash

ProHero! Kirishima x Doctor! S/O

  • he really admires your care for other people
  • since you both have very time consuming jobs, you would think that it would be difficult to spend time with each other
  • which actually isn’t true!
  • you guys both spend so much time together when you’re not working because he doesnt want to put a strain on your relationship
  • he will always come to you when he feels icky because he knows you will take care if him
  • as for him being a pro hero, he gets injured a lot and you help fix him up the best you can (depending on what time of doctor you are)
  • he just really loves your job and how you are there for the better of people around you
  • it makes him go 🥺
  • and if you’re a pediatrician, his heart does a hffbdbhfhjdmd for a second
  • it’s just generally great
  • and you love his job too because it’s for the same purpose
  • and yall are rich omg
  • like maybe just rich to me bc im broke asf oops
  • but you guys lives in such a nice house with a pool in the backyard since you both get BANK
  • you both are honestly just such a power couple
  • and everyone wants what you have

a/n: sorry if it’s a little short!

requests for hc’s are open :)

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a/n: hii!! of course hun! i used to want to be a ballerina when i grew up when i was younger bruv, i had a build-a-bear bunny that had a ballerina dress on and i lived for that shit.

headcanon: them with a ballerina s/o

key: (y/n) - your name / (f/n) - first name / (l/n) - last name / (e/c) - eye color / (h/c) - hair color / (y/q) - your quirk

warnings: swearing, fluff

»»————- ★ ————-««

katsuki bakugou


»»————- ★ ————-«« 

  • You are Bakugou’s calm. 
  • I love Bakugou but this man could be going absolute apeshit and just take one glance at you and be like ‘oh shit okay chill composure? we love her.’
  • I could totally see Bakugou trying out ballet once or twice. 
  • Like you ask him if he’d like to learn a move or two.
  • And at first, he’s iffy about it but he genuinely knows how much it means to you and how much of an art it is and he’s sold from that moment on.
  • He won’t actively dance, but he enjoys watching you.
  • You’re so graceful and honestly, it’s so mesmerizing to watch you spin, or dance on your tiptoes.
  • Bakugou is concerned at first because he’s like doesn’t that shit hurt? But you educate him.
  • “It’s all in the posture, and shoes.” You smile as you look at him, showing him a pretty basic stance.
  • Will 100% go to any dances/recitals/plays you’re in.
  • Supports you wholeheartedly and will defend you to the very end.
  • I feel like Bakugou reincarnated is that one John Mulaney segment where he’s talking about his wife like Bakugou is totally saying ‘yeah that’s my fucking girlfriend, and I love her so much.’
  • Brings you the biggest bouquet of flowers after a performance.
  • You’ve suddenly got this boy hooked on all sorts of ballet music. He’s saved so many songs that you’ve danced to.
  • You’re constantly asking what one of your shows is his favorite but he can never pick one because he loves them all. 
  • Bakugou enjoys seeing you use your ballet to your advantage, much like Mina, dancing has become very evident in your fighting style.
  • Bakugou has also picked up on ballet language, and has unironically found himself using it.
  • Example A: in a fight between some villains, he shouted at you to ‘pirouette.’
  • And sure enough, after you had done just that, you whooped some villain ass.
  • Overall I think Bakugou is very supportive of you, and is very amazed by your talent.

»»————- ★ ————-««

eijiro kirishima


»»————- ★ ————-««

  • He is 110% down to learn how to do ballet.
  • You’re gonna look at me and tell me I’m wrong?
  • Not only is he super in love with your dancing and ballet skills, but he is also so eager to learn more. He wants to support you in every possible way and will definitely slip on some tights and pointe shoes.
  • Babey boy is learning how to dance with you and it is amazing.
  • Goes to all of your shows, and even if you aren’t the main cast or dancing the lead role, he is bringing you the biggest bouquet of flowers and treating you like the queen you are.
  • Shows off his new dancing skills to Mina who is honestly so in love with the idea of you and Kiri doing ballet.
  • Okay, but can we have a moment where you both have a dance or recital and you play the leads and it’s so beautiful and amazing and the whole class shows up to support you and it’s so cute and amazing?
  • Even if it’s the only show Kiri ever dances in, he’s cherishing that moment forever.
  • Will always love sharing the floor with you, even if all he does is walk on it to give you a hug at the end of a show.
  • Will undoubtedly use ballet moves in battle.
  • Also enjoys ballet music, has every song you’ve ever danced to save to a special playlist called ‘my ballet baby’
  • The two of you go as ballerinas for Halloween one year and it’s iconic. Kiri in a tutu is something we never knew we needed.
  • “Ballet is manly!”
  • “Yes. Yes, it is.” You kiss him with a smile on your lips.
  • He’s your biggest fan, dancer, or hero.
  • I can totally see Kirishima inviting the entirety of the Bakusquad to one of your dance classes and surprising you with them.
  • You’re so happy to see Kirishima so invested in something you’re in love with and it’s honestly so heartwarming.
  • You support Kirishima so much, and to see him doing the same for you is so wholesome.

»»————- ★ ————-««


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