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stormcallart · 18 hours ago
I just found your buff big boy Kirishima, and I love him<3 I was wondering how short the rest if the bakusquad is in comparion? (I'm betting Denki is the shortest)
Tumblr media
forgot I did draw bakugo w/ Kiri in this one! This is their pro hero heights, and Bakugo is the tallest out of the rest of the squad!
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serenevenene · 2 days ago
Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Kirishima Eijiro x Fem!Reader | Minors DNI
Kinktober 2021 - Day 22
How could you not want him to use his hardening quirk in bed? Poor, gentle Kirishima gave in to your masochistic needs after you begged him to.
masochism, con, cunnilingus, fellatio, aged up, established relationship, squirting, granite counter tops cracking, had to change up the specifics of Kirishima's quirk because...this isn't a hemophilia fic
Tumblr media
"I don't think I can do that," Kirishima said, averting his eyes from yours.
"I'm telling you that it's ok," you respond, getting a little frustrated that the pro hero refused to use his quirk in bed. You sat him on the edge of the bed, pulling his pants down to his ankles. Taking his flaccid manhood in your hands, you started your work. You spat in your hand and started pumping his length. You watched his face change expressions from uncertain to lusty.
You licked your lips when he was finally up. You kissed his tip softly before taking it into your mouth, licking around his shaft as you went. You could feel him tensing against you, but his dick was getting harder. You bobbed your head back and forth, storing up your saliva to smear all around the hero's dick. You took a breath before you plopped down again, almost taking his entire length.
Kirishima reflexively grabbed the back of your head. It took all his self-control to stop himself from pushing you down. You wished he would, but your sweet, kind partner could never bring himself to willingly hurt you, even if it was for your pleasure. Nevertheless, you knew he liked it when you took him in deep, so after catching your breath again, you took the plunge. You could hear him gasping as his dick twitched in your mouth. You made short movements using your neck. The way his fingers raked through your hair was your only warning that he'd cum. You wanted to help Kirishima through his orgasm for as long as you could, so you shut your eyes tight, trying to not focus on how your lungs needed oxygen.
Krisihima had more to give you -- you knew he did -- but you felt him pry himself away from you.
"Hey! Are you okay?!" he asked worriedly.
You were coughing as you tried to catch your breath. Once you did, you looked up at him and asked, "Why did you stop? I wanted you to finish inside."
You sighed at his explanation. "Eijiro...please. I love you, but really, I need you to be rougher with me."
You got up from your knees and leaned your body on him to make him fall back against the bed. You nuzzle him at the hollow of his neck so he couldn't see your face. Then you guided his hands to your center.
"I'm not wet enough yet," you said, your voice muffled against his skin, "Don't you want me to feel good too?"
Kirishima turned over so he could look you in the eye. "I couldn't forgive myself if I..."
"I trust you," you interrupted him. You glide a finger gently in the scar on his eyelid. A scar he gave himself when he was young and wasn't able to control his quirk. "You're stronger than you were before."
Kirishima scanned your pleading face for any doubts. When he couldn't find any, he sighed. "We can try. But I really need you to tell me if things get out of hand."
You caressed his cheek. "Eijiro, I will. Do you really think I'm the type of woman who will just let herself get hurt in ways she didn't consent to?"
You both knew you weren't, so he didn't have to answer. He pulled you upwards to center you on the bed more, then spread your legs before him. He pushed his middle and ring fingers inside your heat and started stroking, looking for that rough spot as he curled his fingers. He only fingered you for half a minute, deciding he wanted to taste you instead.
You watched expectantly as Kirishima peppered your inner thighs with kisses. When he finally descended to your pussy, he started by lapping his tongue against your clit. You shivered a bit, enjoying the almost-foreign sensation. He moved downwards some more to stick his tongue into you. You enjoyed the danger that came with him eating you out -- one wrong move from either of you and his sharp teeth would rip through your flesh. But Kirishima was always so careful, and you never had to deal with that problem.
Kirishima looked at you with sad eyes, but understood what you wanted. He activated his quirk, adjusting it so that he was hardened and jagged, but not jagged enough to cut you.
You gasped as his grip around your hips strengthened. If he had put more effort into it, he could definitely break your bones. His tongue hardened too, shifting the sensation of a soft mouth on your cunt to something much more dense and rigid. You swayed your hips against his tongue, liking the sudden firmness (yet still wet) against your clit.
Kirishima could hear your breathing deepen and become uneven. Instead of moving with you, he leaned his head down further, rubbing his stiff tongue down on your swollen bud HARD. Almost immediately after that, he felt you spasm, your legs going limp. He mimicked you, turning off his quirk.
Even as you were catching your breath, you eyed him hungrily. "I'm pretty sure I can take every inch of you now".
Those words echoed in Kirishima's mind, feeding into his lust for you. He wanted to bend you over and fuck you from behind. He tossed you over his shoulder like you were weightless, then carried you off to the bathroom where the counter was about hip-height.
You watched him in the mirror as he bent you over and positioned himself at your entrance.
"...Use your quirk."
Kirishima buried himself inside of you, getting even more turned on when he saw your face writhing in pleasure in the mirror. You had almost forgotten what you asked him to do, when he activated his quirk just as he hit your deepest parts. That alone had you edging - his dick hardened to an inhuman level, the veins that lined his dick protruding more (again, not jagged as to not cut you) against your soft, gummy walls.
Using his quirk when he was already inside of you gave you no adjustment period, and it hurt. It hurt good. "Fuuuuuck," you cursed, your torso falling against your elbows on the counter. Kirishima started thrusting before your insides were ready, but you were getting off on the pain before you finally adjusted to his size and shape.
Your moans were amplified within the bathroom walls. "Eijiro, fuck me harder."
Kirishima lengthened his stokes, putting more and more strength into each one.
"Oh my g--!" your voice was lost to your pleasure, "Hurt me!" His insane stroke game was pushing you into the granite countertop, the rounded edge rutting into your hips. You were literally stuck between a rock and a hard place, and you loved every. second. of. it.
"Y/N!" Kirishima called out to you, grabbing your head with his large hand and pulling it back forcefully, forgetting his quirk was activated. Your lustful eyes hid your pain. They darted to meet his eyes in the mirror. He was close. He lifted your legs up off the floor. His grip stung, and you knew you'd have hand-shaped bruises the next day. You wrapped your legs around his hips as best you could. He pounded into you like that, again and again, until you both scooted forward on the counter. Your head would have hit the mirror had you not brought your arm up to cushion it.
"Fuck! Make me cum! Make me cum!" you beg. He flipped you onto your side, the leg opposite the counter resting against his shoulders. He held it securely against him with one arm, his other arm pushing your other leg down. This position let you feel him deeper. It weren't used to angle, or his quirk-hardened dick. His hold around your leg was tightening as he got closer and closer to the edge and you were scared that he might actually snap a bone.
But that fear was getting you off. He was getting you off. Per your request, he smacked your ass with his hardened hand. Your voice became shrill as you moaned in pleasure, eyes rolling back as his swung his hips towards you, cracking the granite where he made contact with it. He let go of your legs, placing one hand at the small of your back and another hand on your lower abdomen. Then he squeezed. The pressure was so intense that the shape of his dick would forever be burned into you. Yes, you swore that right then and there, you could have sculpted a perfect replica of his dick from memory.
After letting out a scream as you squirted your release all around him and the bathroom floor, he came into you, his quirk slowly fading away just as your consciousness was.
Tumblr media
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wrongmha · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sero: How about this, Katsuki Bakugo is definitely not a manwhore. Midoriya: No. Kirishima: Katsuki Bakugo has not five, but seven Asian friends. Kaminari: Katsuki Bakugo has never solicited a male prostitute. Ashido: Katsuki Bakugo has said the n-word only four times in his entire life. Midoriya: No, no. Ashido: He said it more than that?!
Source: Parks and Recreation ("The Banquet")
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Incorrect BNHA Quote #2
Kirishima: Hey.... I heard you like bad boys....
Bakugou: Um.. I guess??
Kirishima: 'Cuz I'm bad at everything *sobs while doing the fuccboy face*
Bakugou: *sighs*
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scarlettriot · a day ago
Breaking Point - On Ice
Pairing: Hockey Player Eijiro Kirishima x F!Reader
Warnings: Minors DNI, Panic Attacks, Fatfobic Comments, Badgering, Swearing
Contains: Struggles with trauma in the form of panic attacks, fluffy moments thrown in though too! As the pairing suggests, Kiri is a hockey player, reader is also plus size.
Summary: When Kirishima finds out you've never tried ice skating he insists you come to the hockey team's fundraiser at the rink.
Word Count: 4,601
A/N: This is part three in the Breaking Point series. I did make a mistake in the posting of part 2, all main characters are at least sophomores in college, not juniors. Friendly reminder this is a quirkless AU. I hope you enjoy getting some more background here.
Other Parts:
Breaking Point - Part One - Locked Out
Breaking Point - Part Two - Intimacy
Breaking Point - Part ? - Do More (This is just out-of-order smut for the time being)
Eijiro lay on the floor of your bedroom, flat on his stomach, with a pen between his teeth. You were situated on your bed, back against the wall, while textbooks and notepads surrounded you when you heard a thump.
Eijiro's head now atop his own binder, the pages muffling his aggravation, "'M gonna fail!"
"You are not. Don't be so dramatic!"
Over the last month, you really had become friends with the red-headed giant who you'd let use your shower on a whim. Of course, it helped a little that he'd been childhood friends with your roommate and also happened to be the cousin of her boyfriend.
There was also the fact that you had four classes together. Eijiro excelled in your psychology classes, understood the material with ease! It was the core classes that were giving him trouble. English Lit and Calc specifically. Katsuki, his best friend with the shortest temper of anyone you'd ever met, had taken up tutoring him in calculus even if it was for mildly selfish reasons. If his grade slipped any lower, he stood a chance of being benched for the hockey season and Captain Katsuki wasn't standing a chance of their best goalie not being able to play.
That just left English Lit which, you took last semester, and remembered the material pretty well. Enough to help him study and get a decent grade at least. That didn't mean Eijiro liked it though, still struggled despite trying his damndest.
You cleared a path and leaned over the edge of the bed, "Gotta move your head, big guy. I don't have superpowers, can't see through it." Eijiro lifted his head, the page of his textbook clinging to his forehead. "It just wants you to write a synopsis of the last five chapters, 1K minimum. Why are you gonna fail?"
"'Cause for the life of me I can't stay focused on it!" He rolled onto his back. "Don't know how you can read so much and like it." His eyes scanned over the five shelves that made up one of the walls in your bedroom, each filled to the point you had to start stacking piles of books on the floor in front of them. "I think you need another shelf."
You pointed to the box in your closet, already way ahead of him. "It's taller than the others and heavy as hell. I'm just waiting for Suka to get time to help me."
"Hello! You coulda asked me!"
He had a point, you could have, it just hadn't crossed your mind.
"I've got this hockey thing tonight and then practice tomorrow but I could stop by after and help you put it together."
"Sure, thanks! I have- you know, never mind, just come by when it's done."
You were supposed to have a date, nothing series, just a meet-up off an app. Nothing you couldn't reschedule or just cancel if you had to. They wanted you to come to their birthday celebration at a bar anyways... it certainly didn't feel very date-like.
"But, you know you actually have to finish this paper..."
"Yeah, yeah, I know. Gotta reread the chapters first though and hopefully remember enough of it." He started gathering his things, "I'll try again after this thing tonight. Unless you feel like coming to this fundraiser thing tonight with me and we can keep studying there."
You thanked him but, "I can't skate anyways, I don't think adding studying to the mix would be safe."
Eijiro dropped his books, "You what?"
"Yeah, I can't skate."
"You've always just said you didn't wanna go on open skate nights with us! How've I been friends with you this long and not known you couldn't skate!"
You shrugged, "I dunno. Not like it really comes up..."
"Please come tonight." His elbows rested on the edge of your bed, big eyes pleading with you.
"Why? So you can watch as I fall on my ass?"
"I mean, you probably will but who hasn't! I fall so much! Plus, you can be entertained by Kami singing terrible karaoke!"
You did like watching Denki's performances... "What if I just show up at the rink and not skate? I'll be happy to come and show my support!"
His eyebrows dropped. "You've gotta try it. Please, Y/N. If you hate it, I'll drop it forever."
"Fine. Only if you promise you'll read two chapters when you get home AND text me about them so you can remember what you read. Do we have a deal?"
He gave a rather indignant sigh but finally accepted your terms.
You agreed to meet at the rink around 8, giving you enough time to make a pit stop at the library before going. Eijiro made a point to remind you to wear something warm but that you could still move easily in, and thick socks. That was a very important point he was driving home.
A part of you wished Itsuka was going, wanting the comfort of your best friend around but you knew she had to check in on her brother back home as well as her grandfather. The nursing home made things easier in some ways and yet harder in so many others.
So, you grabbed something to eat, threw on a hoodie and a thicker pair of black leggings, and dug out a pair of black cotton gloves just in case, stuffing them into your bag for now, and proceeded to lock up for the evening.
The library was on the way to the ice complex. A massive ten-story tall building with an art gallery taking up two of the floors. You loved this place. Becoming very acquainted with its walls during your freshman year. The only place quiet enough for you to study.
You nodded at the woman on duty at the circulation desk. Showing you the school idea even though she knew who you were and headed right for the elevators to take you up to the sixth floor, straight to the section that contained books of philosophical fiction.
At home, on your second bookshelf from the right to be exact, you had your own copy of The Picture of Dorian Grey but, Eijiro's class was reading the version that consisted of twenty chapters rather than your book's thirteen. You scanned the shelf and were in luck, plucking the book and heading right back to the elevator.
"Are you taking English Lit over again?"
It always amazed you the way the woman at the desk remembered faces. Hundreds of people had to come through this library on a daily basis and yet she could recall names and classes with seemingly no effort at all.
"No, not exactly, a friend of mine is though and he's struggling a bit. Just wanna freshen upon it."
"What a good person you are! Your friend better consider himself a lucky man." She scanned the book, reminded you of the three you still had checked out, and bid you a good weekend.
For a fundraising event, there weren't too many people present at the ice complex, even the overall team's members seemed to be lacking. Not that the school had that big of a hockey team to begin with. Itsuka told you how it started off as a club just last year with only six members, just enough to form a team. At least now their numbers had tripled.
You could hear music pouring out of the rink as well as chatter and laughter.
You pushed open the door happy to see some familiar faces. "Hey! Y/N!" Hanta waved from the concession stand balancing a basket of nachos and a pretzel in his hand, "Ha. Thanks." taking the basket and cup of cheese from him.
"Kiri said you'd be stopping by."
"It's sort of just a way of getting him to actually do his literary homework."
The man laughed, "Yeah. He's been trying to tackle that book. Kami threw a shoe at him the other day for walking around narrating it at one in the morning."
So, he did try reading to himself. It was good to know he was at least trying to take your advice.
Someone slammed into the rink's wall making you jolt, a nervous chirp escaping you in the process before you heard the low laugh of the team captain. "Show'd up, huh, Squeaks? Go talk to Headphones and get a pair of skates. Heard you've never been on the ice, time we fix that."
You'd only had a moment to wonder why it was Katsuki telling you to get skates rather than Eijiro because as soon as you looked at the explosive captain you spotted the redhead over his shoulder, skating backward, and holding the hands of a little girl bundled in a jacket as puffy and pink as her older sisters hair. The little girl couldn't have been related to anyone other than Mina Ashido.
"Come on, I'll show ya."
Hanta led the way around the concession counter and to a small window where Kyoka was sitting, busy fiddling with buttons on a soundboard. She smiled, seeing the two of you at the window and pulling back her headphones so she could hear when you told her your size.
The fee wasn't a lot and you were happy to pay it since half was going to the team.
"Can I help ya? That's way too loose." Hanta commented on your laces.
"This is how I normally tie my shoes."
"That might be but these have to be tight to give you the support you need. Plus, you don't want them coming undone on the ice, that's just a pain in the ass."
He bent down in front of you, tugging and pulling until the top of the boot was snug and asking you if it was too tight before tying it off and moving to the next one. He held out his hands, pulling you up onto your feet. "Walkings gonna feel a little weird, so, take your time."
You took a cautious step, balancing on the thin blade. "Feels like I'm walking on a tight rope."
"It's going to for a little while but you'll get used to it." He led you around the wall of the rink, letting you get a feel for them, checking again how they felt on your feet.
"Hey!" A whirl of pink hair zipped by you, Mina, spinning around perfectly on the ice and joining you both by the wall. "Whatcha waiting for? Get her out here Hanta!"
"Whenever you're ready."
If you hate it, I'll drop it forever.
You just had to try it once, one lap. "I'm gonna fall."
"That's a part of it though, babe." Mina grinned and glided back to the rink entrance. "Everyone here has fallen." She held out her hand while you carefully placed one foot on the ice. "I'm gonna hold this hand, grab the wall with your other. Hanta will be right behind you, okay?"
Everything wobbled the moment both feet were on the ice, knees locking just to try and stay upright. "Whoa, don't do that. Keep them bent just a little." Hanta corrected, "Locking your knees is a sure-fire way to fall."
Mina pulled you along, neither foot lifting off the ice, while your heart was firmly lodged in your throat. "You're doing just fine, see!" You really weren't doing anything but her praise was still nice.
"Mina!" You almost slipped, trying to follow the voice, but Hanta caught your elbow and guided both your hands to the wall. Jiro was standing at the entrance, waving a box over her head.
"Crap," Mina muttered. "I forgot to set something up with the sound system to get the karaoke going. Hanta, can you help me real fast, you're taller."
"Wha, what about me?"
"We will be right back. Promise! Not even taking our skates off!" They were gone before you could say anything else... damn it.
You stared at the far side of the rink, you'd gone exactly halfway around. One lap. You just had to go one lap. Your fingers gripped the edge of the wall, muttering to yourself, hating how unstable you felt when your feet started to move, oh no no no...
Willing them to stop moving wasn't working. Quickly, you pulled against the wall but you were getting away from it, "Come on, stop stop, please." You muttered but your feet weren't listening.
A hand slipped behind your waist. "You really shouldn't panic. All you have to do is point your toe down into the ice. 'Surprised someone didn't tell you that."
You had no idea who the man beside you was. Tall and slender with blonde hair falling in front of blue eyes. "You really have no idea what you're doing out here, do you? Poor thing."
"I'm, well, I'm just waiting for-"
"Not a problem, I'd be happy to help you back where you'll be more comfortable."
"Back off, Monoma." Someone's warm hand was tight on your shoulder, that gruff voice at your back. "She's fine."
"Take it easy, Bakugo, I wasn't doing anything. She just looked uneasy, that's all."
"Yeah, right. Why are you even here?"
"Supporting my dear brother, though I haven't seen him around."
"Kaminari's got class 'til 8." You turned, Eijiro skidding to a stop at your side, the little girl up in his arms.
"You'd think you'd know that about your, dear brother." Katsuki spat.
Katsuki pulled you back against him, slipping slightly but you were more than safe in his grasp. "Ah, that's right. Must have slipped my mind. Well, you seem in capable hands, enjoy your evening. I'll make sure to leave a donation to your little club before I go."
"Don't want any of your damn money."
"Hehe. Eiji said a bad word! Imma tell Mina!"
The two weren't distracted by the bundle of giggles in his arms. "Kats, can you take Hana back to Mina, please?"
Hana pouted, lip sticking out while she whined, "No, wanna stay with you, Eiji, please?"
Katsuki took the little girl. "You'll have your boyfriend back in a little bit, Squirt."
"So, Denki has a brother?"
"Step." Eijiro clarified, his arm casually slipping around you making sure you didn't lose your balance. "Like, we've never really found anything wrong with the guy. He's a year older than us, has money thanks to his mother, and likes to toss it around, he's just always rubbed us the wrong way. Little comments here or there about Denki but nothing to warrant us actually getting mad at him."
"Katsuki seemed pretty mad."
"That's just his default setting though." Eijiro sighed, shaking his head, before settling on a grin, "Anyway, "m happy you came. Sorry, I couldn't help you right away."
"That's alright. You were skating with a cutie. I can't blame you for that."
"I dunno why Hana latches onto me, but she has since she was a baby. We were fifteen when she was born and Mina loved babysitting so we all got used to her being around. But, I guess being Mina's neighbor meant I was around a little more than most."
"That's actually pretty cute."
He chuckled. "You're pretty good at this, by the way."
You hadn't even realized it. Eijiro had pulled you from the wall and you'd been skating at his side this whole time. Granted, he was doing most of the work but still! "Hey, don't tense up on me now!" He spun and took your hands in his, just like he'd been skating with Hana. "I've got ya. Just try moving your feet. Push against me."
With speed, something actually felt a bit familiar to you. You hadn't rollerbladed in years but you pushed off exactly like you used to. The toe pick Monoma had mentioned snagging a bit of the ice but Eijiro kept you stable with a smile, cheering you on and into your second lap around the ice.
He watched you, then your feet, his brows slowly coming together. "What? What am I doing wrong?"
"No, nothing like that but, you sorta skate like a hockey player. See, look at Mirio over there watch how he moves compared to his boyfriend who's a figure skater." He directed you to the blonde and his blue-haired boyfriend and there was something different about them. Mirio was moving about, turning quickly, chattering around Tamaki who pivoted when needed, favoriting long turns. "I think you should try a pair of hockey skates."
"Next time, Eijiro, okay?"
It was impossible to miss the way his face lit up. "Next time? You wanna do this again?"
"Yeah, yeah, this isn't so bad, actually. Just don't leave me stranded, 'kay?"
"Not a chance."
He continued to guide you around the rink so many times you'd lost count, bracing to catch you each time you stumbled. "I think you should try going backwards."
"Eijiro, no," A devilish grin spread across his face, "No, no, you can't. I can't!"
"Oh yes, you can!"
"No! Don't do it!"
You felt his hands shift, "Hang on tight."
He whipped you around. "Move your feet just a little," He pushed you along, "Yeah! Hell yeah! You got it!"
Despite wobbly knees, you woke muscles you hadn't used in ages from when you roller skated, gliding your feet the only way you knew how and praying it worked. And it did... for about twelve seconds.
A groove in the ice made you stumble backward, letting go of Eijiro as your arms flailed, doing your best windmill impression. You didn't hit the ice though. Eijiro was too quick to let that happen. He'd grabbed your waist and spun you around again. You still fell but onto his chest instead, his back smacking against the ice.
"Shit! Kiri! I'm so-"
His laughing cut you off, did he hit his head!? "You did great!"
"Gr-great? You think I did great!? Eijiro! What the hell is wrong with you!" You barely even felt the bite of the cold ice below your bare hands as you stared down at him waiting to see dark red blood trickling from behind his head, indicating some trauma.
"'Nothing! And you did! Better than me first time I tried anyways!"
"Don't break my damn goalie, Squeaks! I need 'em!"
"Or do!" You looked up to see Denki zipping by, a mic in his hands, "A broken Kiri means I might actually get some ice time!" The blonde wore a large smile, laughing in good fun before yelling at Kyoka to drop the screen for karaoke to begin.
"Are you alright?" Eijiro made sure to ask when you scooted off of him.
When you assure him you were, he hoisted you back up on your feet, slipping up only twice before regaining your balance just as Denki began singing Sweet Caroline.
You stayed out far later than you expected. Ended up walking back to the apartments with Eijiro, Hanta, Mina, and Denki. Hugging them each good night before slipping into the quiet of your apartment.
The next morning, you woke up late. The copy of Dorian Gray from the library lay open across your chest and the voice recorder was dangerously close to the edge of your bed. A quick playback told you you'd made it halfway through chapter eight before falling asleep. Decent progress.
Itsuka wasn't home, you noticed that on your way back from the bathroom. Her bed was still made and when you checked your phone, sure enough, there was the text telling you she was crashing at Tetsu's place. Honestly, you didn't even know why she bothered renting this place with you when she was never here.
That was a lie, you did know. It was out of kindness. Because she was a good person and knew you couldn't afford the rent on your savings alone. Hell, next year you were going to have to get a job along with classes just to stay in the apartment.
You also knew it was her way of looking after you. Itsuka would never outright say it but you knew she never looked at you the same after what happened your senior year of high school, and you couldn't really blame her. In fact, you were thankful in a way. Out of everyone you tried pushing away, Itsuka was the one who refused to let you slip through the cracks. Not only that, she pulled you back on your feet too. Literally filled out your college application when you felt like you didn't even deserve to go.
Itsuka Kendo was too damn good for this world and now she was dealing with her dying grandfather and trying to support her younger brother, needing to get him through just one more year of school. You wanted to go back with her on her visits, you felt like you owed her that after all she'd done for you but just the thought of driving through your old town terrified you and thankfully, she knew that.
Still, you were going to think of some way to help her. Something you could do. You added it to your list:
Currently, you just had to cancel your "date", finish chapter eight of Dorian Grey, and then download the audio files before Eijiro's practice ended in two hours.
Canceling the date was task one. Wanting to give as much notice as possible, already feeling a little guilty for forgetting to do it yesterday, you opened the app, reading a few of the messages they'd sent while you'd been away. You'd seen a few come in while you were at the rink but were honestly having too good of a time to want to respond.
Them: Gonna be a great party. Tons of drinks to go around.
You were still underaged but that meant little to a lot of college students. Besides that, you probably should have mentioned that you wouldn't be drinking even if you legally could.
Them: Your pictures look so hot! Bet those curves look even better in person ;)
Them: This is gonna be an awesome birthday. I know the present you're gonna give me is gonna be the best.
They could have just said they wanted to fuck you and it would have been quicker.
You: I'm really sorry but something's come up and I'm not going to be making it tonight. Hope you have a great party though.
Leaving your phone tossed on your bed forgotten, you moved on to task number two: the book.
It only took you ten or so minutes to finish the chapter. The files themselves took a while to upload to your computer, giving you enough time to throw together a bit of breakfast and take a shower in the meantime. Once they were all neat and orderly, you pulled a flash drive from the clutter on your desk, wiped it, and then started the download process. It was all rather robotic at this point.
Tugging on a hoodie and jeans, you intended on cleaning up your room a bit. Making sure you and Eijiro would have plenty of room for building. First was your rug, pushing it out of the way leaving only the wooden floor below, a nice even surface. You'd rolled it up, setting it in the corner of your room when you noticed your notifications flashing.
The dating app. They'd responded right after your message and you simply missed it... and the messages didn't stop coming through.
Them: Not gonna make it? Why?
Them: You mean like at all? Aw, come on baby? Don't leave me high and dry on my birthday.
Three minutes after,
Them: At least stop by my place later and gimme my present.
Them: That fat ass will do.
You sank to the floor of your room, back pressed against your bed, reading the messages that got progressively worse.
Them: Not gonna fuckin' answer now? Sick of damn teases like you.
Them: All you guys are good for is a quick fuck anyways.
Them: C'mon! I was even nice to you! Bet that doesn't happen often! Not with the way you look!
Them: Why can't you just gimme what I want?
It's all your good for... I was nice to you... gimme what I want...
Your chest felt tight as the phrases played over and over again. It crept up on you at the worst times, from the most damn things...
Just listen. Just do what they ask. Everything will be okay if you just listen.
Just listen, just do what they ask, everything will be okay. Just listen, just do what they ask, everything would be okay...
The way your brain twisted facts and bent reality, making it into nonsense that only seemed right within your mind. Your fingers pressed into your scalp, desperate to quiet the mess.
Everything will be okay, it'll be okay, it'll be okay, she'd be okay- in your hand, your phone began to vibrate.
Through blurry eyes, you made out the bright red hair of Kirishima's caller ID photo. You made sure to clear your throat before answering, steadying your voice.
"Hey, Kiri, what's up?"
"Hey, are you home?"
"Yeah. Been here all morning."
"Well, I've been knocking on your door for the last ten minutes. Can ya come lemme in?"
Ten minutes? Shit. You hadn't heard a thing. "Yeah! Sorry, I had my headphones on."
You could only pray your eyes weren't too red as you quickly wiped away any tears that may have spilled before answering the door. "Heya!" But his bright smile faltered. "You alright?"
"Totally!" Lying had become so easy now. You barely had to think about it, "This is gonna sound dumb but I stubbed my toe on my bed. Don't laugh! It really hurt!"
"Oh... Yeah, I've done that a couple times myself. It's okay though, right, no blood?"
"No, I'll be just fine."
Eijiro let you lead him into your home, carefully watching your back because he knew you were hiding something. He'd meant to take a shower before coming over but he heard your muttering coming through your open bedroom window. It wasn't like he was listening in but he'd heard your words nonetheless, heard you repeat them over and over. He knocked, banged on your front door with his fist actually, and got no response. Just the same words over and over.
He'd tried looking in your window, just wanting to know if you were okay but your curtains and the blind kept you hidden from view, kept your whole room private which, any other time, would have been great! He didn't want to scare you by calling through the window to you, didn't know if that'd be better or worse.
That's why he pulled out his phone and called you. Thrilled that apparently, that was enough to bring you out of whatever panic you were in.
He wished you'd talk to him, tell him whatever the fuck that was about, how long you'd been in a panic, but it was clear you weren't going to. He saw you flinch though when you looked at your phone, caught a glimpse at the screen, a dating app?
The same contact kept popping up but you just ignored it. "Do you wanna get that?"
"No. It's fine. Nothing important."
Sure seemed important. Or eager? He wasn't sure but it bothered you.
And, if you weren't going to talk to him about it, he was going to do the next best thing he could think of: distract you. "So, where's that bookshelf?"
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xenonation · a day ago
Asking them 'why do you love me?'
Summery: Reaction to reader asking them 'Why do you love me?'
Includes: Midoriya + Bakugou + Uraraka + Todoroki + Kirishima + Kaminari + Mina + Jirou + Shinso
Warning: none
Tumblr media
Izuku Midoriya
He turns into a blushing mess and starts to stutter. He doesn't know what to say. He knows why he loves you but when he was asked that question, his mind glitched. If you give him enough time to recover from it, he would reply with a soft smile, 'Because you understand me better than everyone else.'
Katsuki Bakugou
He zones out for a second. Why does he love you? He doesn't know that. All he knows that you make him feel emotions he didn't know even existed. When he zones back in, he has a soft blush on his face. He mouths a small 'I don't know' and walks away before you can ask any more questions. Because your harmless question definitely caught him off guard.
Ochaco Uraraka
It takes her a minute to process the question. Suddenly she turns into a blushing mess and accidently activate her quirk. When she calms down a bit and looks at your confused face, she gets flustered again. You don't have any option other than giving up. Next time you try asking that question, she'll simply change the topic.
Shoto Todoroki
He pulls out a small notebook from his pocket. 'I knew this day would come. So I wrote down everything I like about you in this notebook.' It's neatly written with points, subpoints, side notes and doodles. He even left some pages empty to add more details if needed. He did it just like fans write about their idols.
Eijiro Kirishima
'Why do I love you?' he repeats after you with a look of confusion on his face. He gives it a thought, he'll search in every corner of his mind looking for the answer to your question. But then he realizes. 'Do I need to have a reason to love you?' he then asks, still confused. 'I love you because I love you' he says, finally making up his mind.
Denki Kaminari
'Because you have a hot-bod mama' is the first thing that comes out of his mouth. But seeing you furrow your eyebrows, he assures you that he was joking. He tells you it's not only for your body, though he sure loves it. He tries to come up with a sweet thing to say that will make you happy. But he just stands there, with a guilty expression on face. He doesn't know why he loves you, he just knows that he loves you.
Mina Ashido
'Because you are a cutie' she says, poking your cheeks. Then she pauses and look at your. Holding you by the shoulders, she looks at you, quite into your soul. If you get unnerved, she'll throw her hands in the air and say 'Definitely because you are a cutie' followed by a peck on your cheek. If you don't get unnerved, she'll stare into your soul until you get unnerved. That's her style.
Kyoka Jirou
You either get slapped on the face by a blushing Jirou or get bullied, depends on her mood. 'Who said I love you? 'Whos feeding you such misinformation?' is the first thing she says. But then, if you look closely, she has a faint blush on her cheeks. Her earphone jacks will do that little gesture too. She finally bonks your head and says 'Because you are an idiot' and leave before she gets more flustered.
Hitoshi Shinso
He zones out for a second to ponder the question. When he zones back in, he tells you in detail why he loves you. He is unnaturally calm when he tells you all that. Shinso is the calmest when he speaks his mind. Because he doesn't have to watch his words or filter his thoughts to make them presentable. Also, his response will be satisfactory.
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That one picture, but it's Bakugou grabbing Kirishima's tiddie while staring directly at the camera.
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bamsara · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
if bakusquad doesn’t go apeshit and annoy Katsuki over Izuku then what even is the point
also, group hand holding because I said so
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shadowed-dancer · 9 months ago
My favourite thing about My Hero Academia is that the conflicts range from “I need to pass this exam” to “this villain is actively trying to murder me and my friends” and yet both are treated with the EXACT same urgency which is honestly an accurate representation of high school
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weebaboobs · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
Boys Night
Aka: The boys of MHA take a bet on who can make their gf (you) cum faster
No toys
Everyone gets to watch on Zoom
Tumblr media
Minors DNI — Rating: NSFW
All characters are in their third year at U.A. and are therefore assumed to be 18+
Izuku Midoriya
Feels bad for asking you to do this and is really nervous because he’s never done something like this before
Doesn’t think he’ll be very good compared to the others
Is self conscious about his ability to finger you well so he uses his mouth instead
Likes it when you pet his hair as he eats you out
Will accidentally cum in his shorts when you climax
“A-are you sure Puppy? We don’t have to…”
“Of course we do Izu!” You cup his face in your hands, brushing your thumbs over his freckles. “Let’s show those guys how great you are”. You place a gentle kiss on his nose. “Besides, you know how much I love it when you eat me out!”
He flushes at your words and threads his fingers in yours, leaning into your palm. “Okay, but just this once.”
“F-fuck ‘zuku” you moan as he suckles your swollen clit, flicking his tongue against the tip. It’s been a few minutes already, and you’re incredibly close to cumming.
He’s got you on your back, his face between your legs. You’ve got one hand in his hair, gently tugging at the roots when he hits the right spot. Your other hand grasps at your breast, massaging it over your bra.
You weren’t planning on undressing, but pleas of “awe, c’mon Midoriya! Let us have a show!” from the boys on his laptop persuaded you otherwise.
“It’s okay Izu, I won’t show them everything” you promised as you unbuttoned your blouse, letting it hang open.
Deku’s laptop is angled so that the guys can mostly see you and watch your reactions, but his face buried in your pussy is just visible in the lower left side of the screen.
He slips his tongue inside your tight hole as he brings his thumb up to rub circles over your clit. You hear him moan, “cum for me Puppy” against your folds, just loud enough for you to hear.
You let go, placing both hands on his head and holding him down, helping him lap up your juices now spilling around his mouth, “yes Deku!”
The sound of his hero name on your lips pushes him over the edge as well, and he cums in his shorts. His ears grow red with embarrassment, and he’s eternally grateful that his lower half is off-screen.
As you come down from your climax you hear Kaminari shout, “and Midoriya sets the bar at 5 minutes, 13 seconds!”
The guys whoop and holler through the screen:
“Damn Midoriya, get some!”
“Goddamn, I didn’t know you had that in you bro!”
Bakugou, of course, is scowling. He wholeheartedly expected him to fail.
You look in the camera, “hey, Katsuki” and run your middle finger through your folds, collecting your juices before sucking them off your finger, pulling it out of your mouth with a *pop* and flipping him off.
You shut off the camera and turn to Izuku, who looks like he’s about to have a heart attack, sweat rolling down his pale face, “I CANT BELIVE YOU JUST DID THAT TO KACCHAN! HES GONNA KILL YOU!”
You laugh, pulling him into your chest, “Don’t worry Izu, I can take him.”
Shoto Todoroki
Isn’t really sure why they’re making bets on this
Struggles to figure out how to work Zoom
Sweet boy peppers your thighs and stomach with kisses the whole time
Knows you love it when he uses his quirks for temperature play !!
Ice dildo !!
Is surprised when you scream his name as you cum
Will want to cuddle afterwards
Your boyfriend walks into your room, a very focused look on his face, and asks, “Y/N, do you think I can make you cum faster than the other guys can make their girlfriends cum?”
You’re used to his dense and blunt nature, which means he often asks odd questions out of the blue, but this was new. “I’m sure you can, but why do you want to know Sho?”
“My peers are making bets on who can do it faster.”
“Well, what are they saying about you?” You move over to sit next to him on your bed, holding his hand in yours. You know he just needs to talk through things when he gets hyper-fixated like this.
“Kirishima and Midoriya are supportive. But the others keep asking me how many times you’ve screamed my name. I’m not really sure why they want to know that though, because you never yell at me.”
You laugh to yourself, loving his innocence. “Do you wanna show ‘em?” You place his hand against your crotch, showing him that you’re already wet for him.
You’re sitting on your couch with Shoto on his knees before you, still wearing your school uniform from earlier that day. With one hand you’re holding the crotch of your panties aside to give him better access, and with the other you hold Shoto’s phone since he couldn’t figure out how to set it up.
The camera’s focused on his fingers in your pussy, but you make sure to zoom out from time to time to allow the guys to see how much you’re enjoying him.
He places soft kisses along your inner thighs as he strokes a frosty finger against your clit, savoring the hiss you let escape your lips at his touch. You love when he uses his quirks on you.
“Sh-Sho, do that thing, p-please” you moan, knowing it’ll help you get off quicker.
His eyes light up as he shifts, placing his left hand on your lower stomach, and teasing your entrance with his right.
His left hand begins to heat up as he places pressure on your womb. He looks you in the eyes and mouths, “ready?” as he begins to circle his middle finger around your dripping hole.
You nod your head, biting your bottom lip in anticipation. He places a chaste kiss against your clit, offering a little more stimulation, as he inserts his finger to the knuckle.
That’s when you feel it: the cold stretch of an ice dildo he creates inside of you. You know it’s technically against the rules, but boosting Shoto’s confidence is much more important to you than some dumb bet.
You throw your head back, moaning loudly in ecstasy. You adjust the camera so they can see your fucked-out face and not the massive icicle Shoto’s thrusting in and out of your cunt.
“Whoa, what the hell’s Icy Hot doing down there?” Bakugou barks, suddenly feeling his cock strain against the crotch of his pants.
“I don’t care what it is, I wanna see Y/N’s ‘O’ face!” Kaminari chimes in, Sero chuckling with him.
The contrast of Shoto’s heat soothing your womb with the stinging chill of the dildo scraping against your walls has you right in the verge of orgasm.
It’s when he takes your swollen clit in his moth, sucking and lapping at the bud, groaning in response to your cute noises, that you come undone, shaking under his touch.
You look in the camera leans as you scream, “Shoto! Yes! Ah fuck yes Sho!” And cum around his ice cold fingers.
His head snaps up to look at you, his eyes wide and in shock. You’ve never cum that violently before. Suddenly he understands what the guys were joking about earlier.
He withdraws his finger, ice dildo now melted, and replaces it with warm digits from his other half. He knows just the right temperature to soothe your sensitive pussy, helping you come down from your high.
Kaminari clears his throat, obviously recovering himself, “Alright, sorry Midoriya but Todoroki beat you by 20 seconds!”
You pull Shoto up to your face, kissing him on the lips, “congrats love! See? I knew you could do it”.
He grabs the camera from you, holding it inches away from his face, “Goodbye everyone, thank you for your support.” You stifle a laugh as he turns off the phone, cutting off everyone’s protests.
He wraps his arms around your waist and lays the two of you on the couch. He rests his head against your chest, allowing you to play with his hair as he sighs under your touch.
Denki Kaminari
Is wayyy to excited to show you off
Talks a big game before starting
Would rapid-fire finger you from behind
Quirk use !!
Knows how to make you squirt and makes sure it gets on the camera lens !!
Won’t stop telling you he loves you afterwords
“Hot damn! Look at that tight ass you guys!” You’re on your hands and knees, ass wiggling in the air for the camera.
You didn’t need any convincing to let Denki show off how well he can make you cum. The two of you are always doing risqué shit like this.
He palms your ass with one hand, holding his phone in the other. He slaps both sides, leaving red hand prints behind.
“Get on with it already, Duracell.” Bakugou barks, growing impatient.
Denki groans, “You can’t rush this man!”
“That’s the whole point bro!” Sero teases.
“Alright alright, but look at this first. Ay Princess, let me show em that sweet cunt of yours I get to fuck every night.”
You happily grab your ass cheeks and spread them apart for the camera. Denki takes his index and middle finger, delicately spreading apart your freshly shaven folds. Your pretty pink pussy pulsates around nothing, begging to be played with.
“Fuck her good bro,” Kirishima chimes in, “like a man!”
“Watch me.” He sets the phone on a little bench just at the edge of the bed. From this angle, the guys can perfectly see your dripping pussy and abused ass, and Denki’s expert hands.
He’s got three fingers buried to the knuckle in your pussy. He grabs onto your pony tail, pulling your head back towards him for more leverage as he rapidly pumps in and out of you.
He’s moving so fast the guys can barely see what he’s doing, but whatever it is they can tell it’s working.
Your moans echo through your room as you scream his name over and over again, begging him to make you cum.
“God, yES Denki, fuck me! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” You can hear little grunts and coughs coming from his phone as the guys try to stifle how turned on they are.
“Oh fuck baby I’m gonna cum! Make me cum please!” You whine.
“Wanna squirt for me Princess? Show these guys how fucking slutty you are for me, how good I fuck you?”
“Yes -fuck- you know I love it when you make me squirt all over you!” Kaminari gives the camera a sly wink as he turns on his quirk, sending small jolts of electricity through his fingers and into your bladder, stimulating your orgasm and making you spray everywhere.
Your legs tremble as you release, soaking Denki’s hand, the sheets, and even getting some on the camera lens.
You’re fucked out, but can hear one of the guys say, “Holy shit I wish my girl did that.” You smile, knowing your boyfriend is over the moon right now.
He spins you around, pulling you into a sloppy, overly-excited kiss.
“God I fucking love you Y/N” he praises between kisses, barely pausing to take a breath.
“I love you” *bites at your lips*
“I love you” *kisses one nipple*
“I love you” *sucks on the other nipple*
“Kami, baby, I get it!” You laugh, petting his hair to try and get him to calm down.
“For fucks sake, take that mushy shit elsewhere!” Bakugou spits.
Sero quickly chimes in, “Your time was 3 minutes 37 seconds bro! Good job!” Before Bakugou ends the meeting.
“Think you can go again Princess?” He asks excitedly, “I’m dying to get in that pussy!”
Hanta Sero
Guided masturbation
Uses a mirror
Never once touches you himself
Has you call him “Sir”
Will make you moan Denki’s name when you cum just to fuck with him
“Watch and learn boys,” Sero muses, “I guarantee you’ve never made a girl cum like this.” He snickers, obviously confident in his skills.
You two are on the floor. You’re sitting fully naked between his legs, head and back propped up on his torso. His feet are pulling your ankles further apart, making sure your pussy is highly visible.
You’re sitting in front of a large mirror, with a full view of both of you. Sero has the camera facing the mirror so that the guys are looking at you in its reflection.
He lightly cascades the back of his fingers down your neck, tucking your hair behind your ear and sending chills down your spine and into your core. You crane your head to one side, resting it against his other shoulder. It’s evident how utterly in love you are with him.
“Touch yourself.” He mewls into your ear, lips just grazing against it.
You move your delicate hand to your pussy, already throbbing with anticipation. You gently stroke your fingers up and down your labia, slightly pulling back your lips to reveal the tightest cunt they’ve ever seen.
“Don’t touch your clit until I say so.”
“Yes sir” you obey. He sends goosebumps down your arms as he lightly strokes his finger tips along your skin. You can feel his cock pressing against the small of your back, and you know that giving him control over your orgasm makes him feral.
“You’re such a good girl” he praises, “fuck yourself with those pretty fingers of yours”. He presses his lips against your neck, tasting the salty sheen of sweat that now coats it.
You insert two fingers, curling them just the way you like. Your mouth hangs open as your breathing picks up pace.
“Enjoying yourself, babydoll?” He nibbles your ear, making eye contact through the mirror, “do you want more?”
“Y-yes sir, please” you breathe, sucking on your lower lip to muffle a moan.
He draws his other hand up your torso, lightly dancing his fingers across your supple skin until he reaches your neck, methodically wrapping his fingers around your throat and applying just enough pressure to make you look at him through the mirror.
“Touch your clit” he demands as he places soft kisses along your jaw line. His tongue reaches between his lips to lick up the side of your mouth, catching your upper lip along the way. He grabs your jaw to tilt your head up to his.
You drag your fingers and your slick up to your clit, now swollen and throbbing, and start drawing tight circles around it. You watch in the mirror as a trail of your juices begins to drip down your ass and pool on the floor.
Your breath hitches as you pick up the pace, and Sero captures your mouth in his to keep you quiet. His lips are soft and powerful against yours. His tongue pushes past your lips to graze against your own, the taste of him further clouding your senses.
You envelop his tongue between your lips, lightly sucking on the muscle as you bring yourself closer to orgasm.
Sero can feel you start to squirm beneath him, so he pushes your legs open even more and pulls back to whisper in your ear so only you can hear, “I want you to moan Kaminari’s name when you cum. Make him hear it. If you do, I’ll let you cum on my cock next.”
His words alone push you over the edge, falling fast towards your climax.
“Ah, f-fuck! Denki, god yes!” You moan, loud enough for all the guys to hear you cumming undone to the sound of Denki’s name.
You hear Kaminari choke and sputter through the phone, and feel Sero smile behind you, chuckling to himself. Denki was already on the edge of his seat, practically taking notes. When he heard his name come out of your mouth he just about came himself.
Sero releases his hold on your jaw and brings his hand down to your pussy, overstimulating your clit as he addresses the group, “so boys? What do ya think?”
You’re squirming beneath him, little whimpers and cry’s leaving your mouth as you desperately grab onto his wrists, willing him to let your sensitive pussy rest.
“Holy shit bro, I think that was the manliest thing I’ve ever seen!” Kirishima is in awe, already thinking about how he’s gonna try that out on you.
“Kaminari, what’s my time?” Sero sneers, anxiously waiting to hear the fluster in Denki’s voice.
“It uh,” he starts, clearing his throat, “I-it’s 2 minutes and 54 seconds” he stammers. His cheeks are bright red and his hair looks a little disheveled through the camera.
“Good job babydoll! Wanna show em how well you can suck dick next?” He offers, only half joking. But before you can reply Bakugou once again ends the meeting to Kaminari’s extreme disappointment.
“Hey,” he turns your face to look at him again, “it’s their loss!”
Keep Reading Sero’s Part
Eijiro Kirishima
Has massive fingers and likes to use them to stretch you open
Reaches so deep he can brush against your cervix
Is biting and marking you the whole time
Will pay special attention to your nipples
Makes you cum so hard you tell him you love him for the first time in front of everyone
Makes sure to fuck you properly afterwards
You two have only been dating for a few months now, but fuck the sex is so good.
When Kirishima tells you about the bet, your core tightens and you feel moisture pool between your legs at the though if having him split you open in front of all his friends.
His friends who you know ogle after you when you’re around, making you want to show off for Kiri even more. You’ll straddle his lap, facing outwards, and let the guys sneak peeks at your panties. But you swiftly remind them who you belong to as you throw an arm around his broad shoulders, placing kisses along his jaw line.
You drive him crazy with how forward you are with him in public, turning him on to kinks he didn’t even know he had. He loves you for it, but hasn’t found the right time to say it yet.
You’re straddling his thick thigh in stockings and a bralette, whimpering as you rock your hips back and fourth against his leg. Your pussy is dripping onto his skin, making the friction even more tantalizing.
The tip of his cock is peeking out from the hem of his boxer briefs, leaking pre. His hands are roaming your body, roughly grabbing at your ass and spreading your cheeks so the guys can see your cute little ass hole on display.
“Hnng Kiri baby, I wanna cum please” you beg, rubbing your fingers over the tip of his cock, making him hiss under his breath.
“Awe are you already close Pebble?” You whimper a “mhm” in response, giving him those puppy dog eyes he can’t resist.
“Okay baby I’ll let you cum now.”
He takes two of his massive fingers and sticks them in your mouth. You know what to do by now, this is your favorite game to play with him. You suckle his fingers seductively, still playing with his cock. “Cover them well baby girl, don’t wanna hurt ya” he coos under your touch.
He pulls his fingers back and brings them down to play with your tight hole, asking for entrance. He scissors your opening a few times, helping you accommodate the stretch.
After hearing your moans in response, he decides you’re ready and plunges his fingers inside, finding your sweet spot instantly. He curls his thick fingers over and over again, bringing you closer to your orgasm with each movement.
Just when he thinks you’ve had enough, he decides to try something new and goes a little deeper, finding the rough edge of your cervix and lightly flicking his finger across it.
The sensation takes you by surprise, he’s never been this deep before. You gasp loudly, cupping your hand over your mouth. He quickly pulls it away, “no no, let me hear you Pebble, let them know how it feels!”
You cry out as he continues massaging the deepest parts of you, wave after wave of pleasure coursing through your core. You try to stammer out how good it feels, but words escape you.
He knows how badly you want to cum and takes pity on you, using his other hand to rub your clit through your orgasm.
Your vision goes in and out as you cum on his fingers, pussy dripping down his hand. You’re whining and mumbling incoherently into his neck, until he hears you pant “I love you”.
“W-what?” He asks, fingers frozen within you from shock. You whine, wanting him to continue, “B-baby I love you, p-please keep going”.
“Holy fuck Y/N”, your words bring him close to his own orgasm. He wasn’t expecting you to say it first. “I-I think I love you too…”
You’re panting as you come down, “I know you do babe, we’ll talk about it later” and you bring him into a kiss.
“Damn Kirishima, what’s she do to you!?” Sero whistles. He obviously caught on to his change in demeanor.
“Sorry guys, we gotta go!” Kiri exclaims, happily hopping to his feet and grabbing the camera to shut it off. He couldn’t be more elated right now.
“Dude don’t you wanna know what your score- … aaand he’s gone.” Denki laughs, “well he beat all of us. 2 minutes 30 seconds exactly. What a man!”
Once the camera’s off he picks you up off his lap, arms crossed under your ass and spins you around to throw you on the bed.
You giggle, “Hey! Eij!” He climbs on top of you, holding your face in his.
“Y/N, I love you.”
“I know you do baby. I love you too” you pull him into a passionate kiss and can feel his raging hard on rut against you.
“Oh yeah, let’s take care of this!”
Katsuki Bakugou
Thinks he’s won before he starts
Straddles you across his lap, pussy facing outwards towards the camera
Stares into the camera lens the entire time, a smug grin on his face
Makes you call him “Daddy”
Has trained you to cum on demand
Will fuck you dumb afterwards “as a reward”
Bakugou doesn’t ask, he demands. So when he said he was gonna get you off in front of his friends tonight, you happily replied “okay daddy!”
So here you are, splayed out on his lap, legs spread so far apart they’re wrapped around the outside of his thighs. Katsuki’s laptop is propped up in front of you, giving his friends a full frontal look at your naked body, and allowing you to see all of their reactions.
Your tits are already abused, and your torso’s covered in bike marks in different stages of healing. One look at you and anyone can tell you’re Bakugou’s slut. But you don’t mind. You’d do anything for him.
“Do it again Katsuki!“ Sero’s begs, “god she’s so fucking pretty when she squeals like that.“ Denki nods his head in agreement, eyes glued to the screen. You can see the lust in their eyes, and you know Katsuki is just itching to show them what they’re missing out on.
Bakugou reaches around your hip, slapping your clit for the third time, making you whimper, a mixture of pain and pleasure coursing through your core
“D-daddy please…” you whine, knowing he loves it when you beg like this.
“Please what?” He snaps, punctuating it with another harsh slap.
“Nng, p-please make me cum for you!” you pant. You can feel moisture dripping from between your legs, which are now starting to tremble.
“Goddamn Bakugou,” Kirishima starts, “can you see how fucking wet she is you guys!?”
But what everyone can’t see, is the fat cock that’s been lodged in your ass since the meeting began, hitting a sweet spot so deep inside no one but Katsuki could ever find it.
You squirm on his lap, willing some sort of friction to bring you closer to the edge. He ruts his hips just enough to make you moan.
Bakugou spits on his hand and reaches around again to draw slow tantalizing circles on your clit. “Mm, daddy, yes” you moan, bracing yourself on his wrists.
“Should I make her cum boys?” He taunts to the camera, as if he’s challenging anyone to tell him no.
“Hell yeah man, I think she’s more than ready!” Kirishima cheers him on.
“You have permission.”
Like the good girl you are, you let your orgasm wash over you. Wave after wave of pleasure coursing through your core as he continues rubbing your clit, helping you through your climax.
“Holy shit guys!“ Denki announces, “Bakugou won with two minutes ten seconds, and he didn’t even penetrate her!“
“Damn right I fucking won, none of you extras could even compare to my skills.” You roll your eyes, he’s showing off again.
“Now watch as I fuck her stupid. It’s really something when she starts babbling my name.”
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simpforsadbois · a month ago
Tumblr media
Basically: dry humping virgin!Kirishima & some fluff bc I'm feeling soft asf for this gentle giant rn
Warnings: size kink bc you can't tell me this man isn't HUGE, nipple play, pseudo-pussy job
Tumblr media
You're entwined together on the couch, your lips moving against his slow and a little sloppy as he holds you in his arms. You've been dating the rising Pro Hero Red Riot for a couple of months now and physically, it's never progressed further than this, but tonight you wanna push the envelope.
"Eiji," you moan quietly, running your hands down his chest to push his spine against the back of the couch, so that you can straddle his hips.
His breath catches in his throat and he has to clear the obstruction as he grabs your hips, trying to hold them still when you begin rolling them on top of his.
"Baby, I--" he looks at you apologetically and you immediately understand why, but you wanna show him that it's all right; that you don't mind.
"I know," you smile sweetly, letting your hands explore his chest, rubbing up and over his shoulders until they're crossed behind his neck. "That's not what I'm after."
You card your fingers through his hair, your eyes following the motion and you smile a little wider when he sighs, his eyes closing as he relaxes into your gentle touch, the slightest of shivers traveling down his spine.
"Come to the bedroom with me," you lean in, pressing your forehead to his, resting your hands on his broad shoulders as you whisper, "please, Ei?"
He groans quietly, feeling his resolve evaporate. He’s already in so deep with you that he’s powerless to say no. Which is both precisely why he doesn’t trust himself to crawl into your bed and why he goes and does it anyway.
You wrap your entire hand around his index finger, gently tugging him down the hall to your bedroom and he can’t help but smile, a goofy grin spreading across his face as he watches you prance down the hall.
He towers over you when you pull yourself flush up against him, angling your head back to look into his crimson eyes, alight with anxious excitement. Not many things were capable of rattling Red Riot's nerves, but he wasn't Red Riot around you.
He was just Eijirou, a man with honest intentions who was petrified of saying the wrong thing to the the prettiest girl that he'd ever seen. You could feel his heart thumping in his chest under your palm as you ran them over his chest.
"Do you trust me?" You hook your fingers into his belt loops and he gasps quietly, his hands resting on your hips.
"Yes," he nods, smiling down at you softly, his thumbs rubbing absently over your hips.
"Will you take these off?" You give his jeans a gentle tug and push your hands beneath his shirt, looking up at him through your lashes. "This too?"
He just nods again, complying without a second thought. You catch your bottom lip between your teeth, a shy smile tugging up the corners of your mouth as you step back and strip down yourself.
You hear his belt hit the floor with a thud, followed by a quiet, "Oh," as you're lifting off your shirt. When it slips over your head, you can see him drinking in the sight of you, his cheeks flushing with heat. You take the opportunity to stare at the impressive outline beneath his boxer briefs as you hook your thumbs into your jeans to tug them down, kicking them aside.
The two of you stand there for a beat longer, just admiring one another before you motion for him to join you on the bed as you take a seat. He crosses the room in two long strides, and sinks into the mattress beside you.
You crawl across the bed, curling your finger and patting the middle of the bed with a coy smile. He scoffs, chortling as he shakes his head and slides himself over, sitting up against the headboard and resting his hand on your waist.
"Promise that you trust me?" You trail your fingers over his pecs, watching them as they slide down his chest before you look into his kind eyes.
"With my life," he smiles, placing his hand over yours to lift it, pressing a kiss to your palm and your heart flutters.
"Stop being so cute," you giggle, straddling his hips, rocking your ever-so-gently as he sucks in a slow breath.
"Why should I?" Both of his hands swallow your hips as he holds them, letting you do as you please.
"Because I'm not trying to do cute right now," you grin, leaning in to kiss along his jaw, working your way to his neck as you grind yourself against him more obviously, feeling his cock stir to life underneath you.
"What are you trying to do?" He's quiet, trying to hold back the guttural groan sitting in his chest that he finally lets loose as you reach back and unclasp your bra, tossing it aside before pushing your breasts together, offering them up in front of his face.
"I just wanna make you feel good, baby," you moan, tweaking your nipples as he stares, mouth hung open in quiet awe. "We don't have to move too fast, but you've been so, so good to me," his mouth connects with your breasts and you cup the back of his head, rolling your hips on his more quickly as he sucks on your sensitive nub. "Just wanna be good to you too."
He groans in response, a relieved sigh exiting his nostrils as his hands cup your breasts, squeezing and groping as his tongue roves between them, taking turns toying with your nipples.
"Oh fuck," you moan, dropping your head back, both hands fisted into his hair to tug at it gently. He snarls quietly and the sound goes straight to your cunt, which is already sopping wet, your panties quickly becoming soaked as they glide against his rock hard length.
"C-can I try something?" He pulls off of your breast to look at you, his eyes dusted with lust and uncertainty.
"Anything," you nod eagerly and then you’re flipped onto your back, the clothed head of his massive, leaking cock pressing directly against your folds as he ruts up against it, your lips beginning to swallow up the material of your panties.
It bunches against your clit while the tip of his dick nearly slips between your folds, catching and applying a dizzying amount of pressure that has you gasping and moaning as his shaft slides through, gliding against your damp panties as he lumbers over you.
"You're so fucking pretty," he almost looks like he's in pain as he groans, pressing his forehead to yours as he thrusts his hips faster.
You grab them, guiding his hips as you angle yours up, eager for his thick girth to massage your clit as he loses himself in the feeling over your warm, wet pussy pulsing against him.
"I like you so much," he sighs and throws caution to the wind, spilling his guts to you in his vulnerable state. "Just don't wanna fuck this up. Don't wanna do this and you hate it and lose you, I just--" he slows briefly, his eyes screwing shut as he tilts his head back to mutter under his breath. "Fuck," another wanton moan leaves his lips as he resumes his thrusts, losing control of his motions and it's obvious that he's close.
You lean forward and kiss him, fast and hard, pushing him over and flat onto his back to straddle him again, bouncing slowly as you pull him up to sit and wrap your arms around his neck, pulling him into another passionate kiss.
"I really like you too," you murmur as you finally take a breath, rolling your hips on his again as you look into his eyes, the both of you panting as you hold one another. "So 'm not goin' anywhere. Promise."
"Me neither," he smiles softly, his eyes almost crossing and rolling back as you slide across his length just right and he gasps, his Adam's apple bobbing as he swallows hard and leans back on his hands.
"You like that?" You grin deviously, speeding up your motions as grip his muscular shoulder and slip your other hand into your panties, rubbing circles against your clit, building your orgasm while his cock twitches against you.
"Oh God, yes," he closes his eyes, hands scrunching up at the sheets beneath his palms. "Feels so good, I-I think I'm gonna cum."
"Cum for me, Eiji," you pant, teetering on the edge as you thrust your hips forward faster, trying to take him over with you.
"Fuck. Shit, fuck--oh," you can feel his hold body tense beneath you as he stills briefly before bucking his hips upward as a dark stain appears inside his gray boxers.
"Eij," you whine, voice pitching up as you fall apart, thoroughly drenching your panties as you ride out your high in his lap.
His arms wrap around you as he places a kiss to your temple and pulls you to his chest while he lays back, his hands gliding along your spine as he draws absent shapes against your skin while the both of you catch your breath.
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