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Of all the sims that you made from BNHA, which one is your favorite?

Kirishima, definitely. I’m in love, Jesus. I mean, just look at him! He’s almost identical, I just wanted to do this same “magic” with the other boys, I’m a disaster and I’m not very patient with male sims. Kiri took a long time to leave CAS but at least it came out as a true work of fucking art. It was really worth it.

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Spin the Bottle: Kirishima x Reader

You span the bottle then took your seat, hoping fate would be kind to you. There were definitely worse ways to spend lockdown than kissing one of your attractive classmates. Truth be told, you had a particular classmate in mind but weren’t willing to hold your breath when the odds were 20-to-1.

“Who are you hoping to get?” Uraraka whispered to you, watching as the bottle slowed down.

“Like you don’t already know.” You said with a smile, trying to look absolutely anywhere but at Kirishima so that it wasn’t obvious. Kirishima was, in your eyes at least, the perfect parts sunshine, gentleman, brawler and handsome. Uraraka giggled, shoving you playfully in the shoulder. She knew about your crush after sneaking up on you in the common room once while you were years-deep into stalking his Instagram. You had both agreed he looked cute with black hair and then promised never to speak of the incident again.

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Kirishima’s Family :

  • Kirishima has two mums
  • And many sisters
  • This is why the girls talk to him about everything. 
  • He understands periods and all that stuff
  • It has gotten him entry to many girls nights
  • He isn’t a girl, but he is one of the gorls.
  • “Yeah, I know what girls like.” Energy whenever he gives dating advice.
  • Kirishima’s mums makes him bring in Denki cookies every morning
  • Kirishima’s mums absolutely adore Denki after having him spend the night
  • They have him over constantly.
  • Denki is officially a Kirishima now. 
  • Also they have a dog that they brought Eijirou when he was younger. He named it red after Crimson Red Riot. 
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  • Kaminari has ADHD, it was Aizawa that sent him to see a professional when he first noticed that the boy could have them.
  • When Kaminari came back to him, upset with the results. He made him speak to Mic. 
  • Kaminari felt comfortable talking to Mic about this stuff, seeing as Mic understood.
  • At first Kaminari felt stupid and weird. Like he just didn’t fit in. 
  • But would the Bakusquad allow that? No sir, not at all.
  • Aizawa was glad he had all of the Bakusquad sat near each other in times like this.
  • Ojirou had no issue lending his tail as a fidget toy when nobody remembered Denki’s ‘fidget box’
  • Inside of the box had a large arrange of toys for him, fidget spinners and fidget cubes, stress balls and a pot of paperclips.
  • They found that letting Denki make a chain of paperclips really helps him focus. 
  • The teachers was much more lenient with him and his impulsiveness. He made sure all teachers had a fidget toy in their classroom at all times. 
  • Aizawa let Denki wear earphones during tests, letting him listen to calming music. He understood from Mic that it is really hard to focus. 
  • The Bakusquad keep a close eye on him when they go out because Kaminari has a tendency to see something and just walk off.
  • Whenever they get visitors, they grow to hate Kaminari. They tell him about how rude he is. He cant exactly control his impulsiveness
  • Sensai is quick to jump too his defence while apologising to the visitor.
  • His class is very supportive. 
  • There was this one time Kendo didn’t have a chance to drag Monoma way before he crossed the line.  
  • He made a comment about how Kaminari will never be able to handle being a hero because he is too stupid and his brain doesnt function the same.
  • It hurt Kaminaris self-esteem a whole load. And it got the entire Bakusquad put on house arrest for two days. 
  • It would of been a week if Aizawa wasn’t mad at Monoma. 

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Arcade {Kamijirou}

{slight bakukami}

TW : Abusive Relationship, College AU, Jirou is a dickhead only for this fic I love kamijirou I promise.

It was no secret that Kaminari and Jirou were a happy couple! Their dynamic was one that everybody envied. They could only imagine what they were like alone, they probably had so much fun together! Right? Yeah, because Kaminari was to pussy to ever do anything to Jirou. And women are unable to be the abusers in relationships, so all the bruises were because of Kaminari’s foolishness. He caused them all because he was soo frail and weak, he couldn’t even stand up to a woman. How weak of him, how pathetic. He needs to shut up and take this like a man. Not a weak gay twink! He hated himself for hit, so did Jirou. Jirou hated that it meant she had to worry twice as much about his loyalty. Well she thought it did.

“You are such a whore aren’t you Kaminari?! You would suck anyones dick if they asked you!?” Jirou spat at him, the saliva landing on his foot. “Get on your fucking knees, you feel how your stomach folds?! You fucking fat pig. You better not of ate anything today.” Jirou was almost positive that all their friends had left the house. “You are going to stay in the fucking bedroom while I go out with Momo. You are not to leave the bedroom or make any noise. You got that?!” A harsh slap connected with his cheeks. “We are going out tonight, for a meal. For Todoroki’s birthday. So you better look your best and not embarrass me you hear?!” Kaminari could only nod, his face feeling numb. “Make sure all bruises are covered up. As well as any cuts. You will be happy and you will only order a salad and a water. Ok?!” Denki nodded again. “ANSWER ME!” Another slap, “Yes, sorry mistress.” He nodded slightly. And when she left he began to sob. This was how he was going to spend the rest of his life. He was stuck here, in this situation forever. He didn’t want this for himself. He knows he should get out of that situation, but where would he go? Where would he stay? He lived in an house with them all.

He knew they wouldn’t believe him anyway, he is a dude. Dude’s aren’t ever the abused ones in the relationship… right? Yeah. That’s how it works in the fucked up society they live in. This is just tough love, right? He can take it, he brought this among himself. If he wasn’t so difficult to deal with he wouldn’t be treated like an accessory for Jirou to used whenever she wants too. Thats unfair but oh well, it doesn’t matter. At all. He knew he was a waste of time, there was no point of him talking to someone about what was happening. Nobody would believe him. They would just laugh at him like they all do. No matter the amount bruises or scars that he uses as evidence, he knows deep down they would just see him as weak and pathetic. He was, he really was. He was all the horrible names she called him, he was nothing more than a weak littlebitch whose parents never did and never will love him.

He was fostered out of pity. He didn’t have a real family. All his friends were fake and hated him. He never had a chance with Bakugou, he was way out of his league. And he was nothing else except a broken old toy Jirou picked up and kept. He was too loud and annoying (By Jirou’s orders). He actually once believed that true love was violent until Sero proved that it wasn’t. Sero and Kirishima never had this problem. They loved each other. Jirou hated him, she was embarrassed of him. She just loved to cause him harm and hurt him. Emotionally and physically and Denki doesn’t know when is too much. What he didn’t realise was that Bakugou was getting suspicious. Anytime anyone raised their voice it would cause Denki to flinch slightly. If anyone raised a hand to him he would freeze up at first. But whenever someone pointed out Jirou was quick to interrupt and point out how it was just his traumatic childhood. It wasn’t, it was Jirou.

Jirou reminded him of his mother, not his foster mother, his biological mother. Always calling him a disappointment, telling him to just give up. The way her eyebrows scrunch together whnever Denki slightly talks back. The roughness of the slap which contrasts the softness of her hand. They had the same sigh whenever Denki slipped up slightly infront of his friends, the same terrifying glare. The thoughts were terrifying and had him on the verge of tears, he was all choked up. He wanted to declare this as enough, he didn’t know if he could. He hoped that Jirou would lie there one day in misery whenever she remembered what she did. The reason she was stuck drink her woes away and the reason she was abandoned. He hoped it was her and not him, he decided not to speak up. He didn’t want to risk being abandoned by his friends because he is weak. Denki wiped his eyes, he didn’t realise he was crying until he looked into the mirror. The mirror he uses to cover up the painful scars. He felt disappointed that he let it get this far, he didn’t call it off when he had the chance. She had him whipped at first, but now it has gone to far. Yet he cant leave her, he is stuck. Forver and ever. He will never be able to recover from this. Jirou hated his body, but not as much as he did. If he wanted to throw up whenever he looked in the mirror, that’s saying something. That is saying a lot about the type of person Jirou made him.

That was until he heard the shouting of Mina, and Jirou. They hadn’t left? They were gonna think he is weak. Denki was already rushing around to fit as much stuff as he could into a bag. He was prepared to be left.

“How often do you do it?! How often do you hurt him?!”

He broke down, he heard people running up the stairs. They were going to kill him, they are all gonna hate him. He was shaking, he couldn’t hear anything anymore, the blood rushing too his ear mixing with the thumping of his heart was over-whelming. His vision was blurred with tears. He could only recognize the figure who held him still. It was Kirishima. The bright red hair made it obvious. He instantly calmed down when he felt the warmth of Bakugous hands on his arms, his two best-friends got him now. He was safe. He couldn’t be hurt now right? They are here to help him! Not harm him! He couldn’t help but let out another loud sob.

“Denki…hey… listen to me. Listen to my voice. Focus on me and only me.” Bakugou spoke softly. It was strange. He was normally more aggressive and die die die. Not comforting and gentle. It shows that he knows this is what needs to happen, what is appropriate for this situation.

“I-I cant-K-Katsuki I can-” Denki choked out. He would be flipping out if Kirishima was tightly holding him. “Denki breathe. Breathe with me.” Bakugou instructed. Moving Denki’s hand to remain on his heart. Hoping his own steady heart beat would settle his raging one. The one that is causing him all these problems. “See? You are fine… she wont hurt you anymore. Sero and Mina are kicking her out right now.” Katsuki whispered soothingly. They almost had a system, it was like a pack. And you never hurt someone in the pack, especially Denki. They were all especially protective over him after what happened. He closed his eyes as he allowed Katsuki’s heartbeat and his voice slowly bring him down from his panicked state. Kirishima rocking him back and forth really helped. It brought him back down to earth. Knowing they were there and she wasn’t

“Denki… I need you to tell me what is going on and how long it has been happening.” Bakugou spoke gently. Grabbing his hands for extra reassurance. At some point the three had moved to sit on the bed. “S-She is r-really tough on m-me- a-and she h-hurts me-” Denki took in a sharp breath when he heard the door slam. “I-It was around 2 months i-into dating-” Denki was cut off by a pissed off Bakugou. “You have been dating for 8 months- You didn’t tell anyone for 6 months!?” Bakugou growled. He wasn’t angry at Denki. He was mad at Jirou, and himself. Himself for not noticing and helping. He felt like an idiot, how can he have a crush on this dude if he doesn’t know the important things? He stares at him all the time! Bakugou observed Kaminari like a hawk 24/7 and he couldn’t notice the simply odd behaviours that he was showing. He felt like a failure. A nuisance. But he couldn’t think of himself right now. He had more important things to think about. Such as Denki, he needed to help Kaminari. Not be selfish.

“I-I am s-sorry- I just thought- b-because I’m a dude- I-It wasnt abusive-” Denki cried. This broke Kirishimas soft heart. His best bro, his brother from another mother, had been abused by another person. The boy must be petrified at this rate. He must be traumatized. He wouldnt be suprised, he has gone through so much. Kirishima had so much adoration for him. He took pride into claiming he was his best-friend. “Dude, miss me with that sexist crap. You were in an abusive relationship. Period.” Kirishima frowned, pulling the electric boy closer. Tightening his grip.

“Yeah, Kaminari. You shouldn’t of had to go through that again. I hope you know I’m not mad at you. I am mad at that fucking bitch! Who exactly does she thing she is?! She can’t do shit like that.” Bakugou growled. “I will make sure that she gets what she deserves. You are safe now, Denki.” This made Kaminari feel like all the weight has been taken off of his shoulders. ‘You are safe now, denki.’ hearing Bakugou say that, the one he truly had a crush on, was like a dream come true. He knew now. That he had the Bakusquad to defend him.

Both of the boys laid either side of him. Kirishima was showering him in compliments such as 'You are so manly!’

'You are electrifying!’

'You are an amazing hero!’

and all that jazz.

While Bakugou was playing with his hair. Gently massaging his head before he began to separate his hair into braids. Kaminari was relaxed now. He was being pampered by the very two best people in the world. Once Kaminari took a nap they were planning on going to the arcade! To have fun, as a squad. And maybe even prove to Denki that he is so much more than what Jirou had implanted in his brain. Sero was going to pick out an outfit which would make him embrace his body and his scars. Mina was going to doll him up with some make-up to try bring his confidence up. And Katsuki was going to be there for him to hug/cuddle whenever he is feeling unsafe or on edge. Kirishima was there to make sure he has a good time! Because he is a good bro. The best bro.

“Come on Kaminari. Show them.your outfit for tonight!” Sero cheered. Kaminari walking out in a mesh yellow crop top and a pair of leather jeans and these big ass stompers. Now Mina was pulling him into the bathroom ready to do his make-up. She was going to make sure it was top quality. Only he best for him. He has gone through too much already. They were gonna keep his mind off of it while Jirou gets her stuff and moves out. They couldnt careless where she goes. They make enough money to live happily and pay her portion of the rent. They didn’t need her. And if they needed someone else to come move in. They would call someone and ask. They were not letting her near Denki, they would get a restraining order if they need to. They all loved and cared for Denki they were not about ot let some bitch change that!

When he came out it revealed the job Mina did, the amazing job she did. The red lipstick just made him look kissable and the eyeliner was perfectly winged. This is why Mina is best-girl. “Come on! Bakubro is getting grumpy because we are taking forver!” Mina giigled but Denki frowned. “Y-Yeah- sorry.” He sighed. “No baby! Not like that!” Mina sighed grabbing his hand and pulling Denki out to the car. “Yes bro! You look amazing!” Eijirou hyped him up, he wanted Denki to feel like he was on cloud nine by the end of the night. And hyping him up was an easier way to do this. And a simple compliment always raised peoples spirits. Who wouldn’t feel better when they got a compliment from Kirishima! 

The car ride was just a hugeee karaoke. It started off by Kaminari sining Doja Cat. More specifically Tia Tamera. Then it became a carpool karaoke with the bakusquad. Even Bakugou joined in, only to keep Kaminari happy obviously. It was because he was having fun or anything. He is not soft for his friends. Not at all. And when they arrive Denki’s eyes lit up, they weren’t dull like they were ealier. They had the electric yellow colour back in them. Causing the squad to sigh in relief. “Lets go have the time of our life!” Mina yelled. Instantly scanning her card on Air Hockey. “Come on, Denki! Winner faces Bakuhoe!” She grinned as Denki accepted her challenge. That grin only left her face when she got completely demolished by Denki. 3-9. Now the grin was on Denki’s face. “Lets go Bakubae.” He scanned the card as Bakugou stood on his side of the table. “You are on. Dunce Face.” Bakugou grunted. Once again, Denki completely demolished his opposition. this time 5-9. 

“I am the best!”

“Yeah… yeah you are.”  


I made this too prove that men can be the abused one in the relationship. If you are in a situation like Kami, speak up. It’s easier said then done, but it has to be done.

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Midoriya: Look at these guns!

Kirishima: Hey hey but look at mine!

Kaminari: Yo mine too!

Bakugou: Haha mine too!

Kirishima: That’s a real gun.

Bakugou: Only bitches bring biceps to a real gun show.

Midoriya: Kacchan no.

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