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#eijirou kirishima
thingsoverheardatua · 9 hours ago
Ashido: Guess what came in the mail today!
Kirishima: Our Halloween costumes? Do they rule?!
Ashido: They rule. And yours is 100% wool so you won't get hypothermia like last year!
Kirishima: [in a deep voice] Tarzan nipple blue.
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squad-of-idiots · a day ago
Bakugou: can you- ...can you hold me for a minute?
Kirishima, opening his arms: bad day?
Bakugou, leaning into his chest: ...yes
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cherries4denki · 2 days ago
the Bakusquad members end up in the same classroom in their freshman year of high school
it never happens again after that
every single year teachers make sure there's no more than three of them in the same class at the same time
they are a menace to society when they are together
if there's one innocent new teacher at the school that has the five of them together everyone tells them they are really sorry about it.
the teacher was Aizawa.
of course, because he's new, he doesn't know about it because all of them have such different personalities.
first, we have jock! Kirishima, he's popular and charismatic, not the smartest but he has his boyfriend to help him study. Teachers love him because he is the pride and honor of UA.
now moving onto said boyfriend, bad boy! Bakugo, he's not really that bad, he just doesn't have an ounce of respect for authorities, he's really smart but refuses to let it show, still he is number 3 in his year. People don't often approach him because he looks like a scary little dog that will steal your kneecaps. He is hard of hearing, this tends to make teachers try to approach him and pity him, he HATES this and that's why he doesn't respect shit.
then cheerleader! Kaminari, you can't look me in the face and tell me this total himbo isn't in the cheer squad and lives for it, when teachers see him walking into the classroom they expect him to be another dumb blond, but he isn't. He doesn't do that well in English, but my boy is good as hell in maths. He's known in school because he's a total bisexual disaster.
then, of course, we have Mina, now Mina could either be in the cheer squad with Denki or be the best soccer player in school, there's no in-between, she's hella popular and everyone loves her. Teachers often let a lot of things slide when it comes to her.
then Sero, according to the teachers he's just a poor boy who got abducted into the chaotic little group, but he is the mastermind behind their shenanigans. The squad egged the principals hours after someone insulted Denki and the school did nothing? Sero was the one that figured out the direction and drove them.
the only teacher that can handle them all is Aizawa.
all teachers have asked him how he does it, he always says that they are good kids and that he doesn't have a trick.
and that is totally true, Aizawa is the only teacher Bakugo respects, and if Bakugo respects Aizawa then all of them do.
the only reason Bakugo does this is that Aizawa is the only one who has not treated him any differently because he's hoh.
Aizawa didn't even know Bakugo was hard of hearing until three weeks into the semester when Bakugo had missed class due to a routine appointment.
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purpleflrs · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Some fanboys with terrible disguises walk into a (hero merch) store and run into each other-
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yiaemiel · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
to my beloved sunshine comfort character, happy birthday Kirishima Eijirou! 
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queen-swagzilla · 9 months ago
Bakugo: okay, since we’re living in dorms now, there’s some shit y’all need to know
Iida: it’s good of you to open up, Bakugo!
Bakugo: fuck off, I don’t mean me. I mean about Deku.
Uraraka: shouldn’t he tell us himself? It’s pretty rude to expose his secrets
Bakugo: these aren’t fucking secrets. They’re safety precautions.
Kirishima: so manly that you’re concerned about him!
Bakugo: I’m not. This warning is for *you*. If you don’t listen, it’s not my problem.
1-A, nervous: ...
Bakugo: if you see him out of his room past midnight, do 👏 not 👏 approach 👏 him 👏 and call me immediately. I don’t care if I’m sleeping, wake me up and tell me where he is. Do not approach him.
Midoriya: this is a little dramatic Kacchan
Kaminari: I don’t get it. What’s the big deal?
Bakugo, grimacing: this little shit sleep-fights. It was bad enough when he didn’t use his quirk. I’m telling you for your own health. If you don’t want to spontaneously fucking die, do not interact.
Midoriya: it’s not as bad as it sounds.
Kaminari: I’m sure it’ll be fine dude
——————————One Week Later——————————
Bakugo: what did I tell you?
Kaminari: don’t approach him after midnight
Bakugo, turning to Kirishima: and what did he do?
Kirishima, sighing: approached him after midnight
Bakugo, to Midoriya: and what did YOU do?
Midoriya, tearing up: Detroit smashed him through a wall and destroyed the ground floor of the dorms
Bakugo, back to Kaminari: and where are you now
Kaminari, disturbed: in the hospital after briefly visiting god
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squad-of-idiots · 2 days ago
Bakugou: why are you damn extras always following me?!
Denki: cuz you know that baby i
Kirishima: i'm your biggest fan, i'll follow you until you love me!
Denki and Kirishima in sync: papa-paparazzi!
Bakugou: moving on-
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simpforsadbois · a month ago
Tumblr media
Basically: dry humping virgin!Kirishima & some fluff bc I'm feeling soft asf for this gentle giant rn
Warnings: size kink bc you can't tell me this man isn't HUGE, nipple play, pseudo-pussy job
Tumblr media
You're entwined together on the couch, your lips moving against his slow and a little sloppy as he holds you in his arms. You've been dating the rising Pro Hero Red Riot for a couple of months now and physically, it's never progressed further than this, but tonight you wanna push the envelope.
"Eiji," you moan quietly, running your hands down his chest to push his spine against the back of the couch, so that you can straddle his hips.
His breath catches in his throat and he has to clear the obstruction as he grabs your hips, trying to hold them still when you begin rolling them on top of his.
"Baby, I--" he looks at you apologetically and you immediately understand why, but you wanna show him that it's all right; that you don't mind.
"I know," you smile sweetly, letting your hands explore his chest, rubbing up and over his shoulders until they're crossed behind his neck. "That's not what I'm after."
You card your fingers through his hair, your eyes following the motion and you smile a little wider when he sighs, his eyes closing as he relaxes into your gentle touch, the slightest of shivers traveling down his spine.
"Come to the bedroom with me," you lean in, pressing your forehead to his, resting your hands on his broad shoulders as you whisper, "please, Ei?"
He groans quietly, feeling his resolve evaporate. He’s already in so deep with you that he’s powerless to say no. Which is both precisely why he doesn’t trust himself to crawl into your bed and why he goes and does it anyway.
You wrap your entire hand around his index finger, gently tugging him down the hall to your bedroom and he can’t help but smile, a goofy grin spreading across his face as he watches you prance down the hall.
He towers over you when you pull yourself flush up against him, angling your head back to look into his crimson eyes, alight with anxious excitement. Not many things were capable of rattling Red Riot's nerves, but he wasn't Red Riot around you.
He was just Eijirou, a man with honest intentions who was petrified of saying the wrong thing to the the prettiest girl that he'd ever seen. You could feel his heart thumping in his chest under your palm as you ran them over his chest.
"Do you trust me?" You hook your fingers into his belt loops and he gasps quietly, his hands resting on your hips.
"Yes," he nods, smiling down at you softly, his thumbs rubbing absently over your hips.
"Will you take these off?" You give his jeans a gentle tug and push your hands beneath his shirt, looking up at him through your lashes. "This too?"
He just nods again, complying without a second thought. You catch your bottom lip between your teeth, a shy smile tugging up the corners of your mouth as you step back and strip down yourself.
You hear his belt hit the floor with a thud, followed by a quiet, "Oh," as you're lifting off your shirt. When it slips over your head, you can see him drinking in the sight of you, his cheeks flushing with heat. You take the opportunity to stare at the impressive outline beneath his boxer briefs as you hook your thumbs into your jeans to tug them down, kicking them aside.
The two of you stand there for a beat longer, just admiring one another before you motion for him to join you on the bed as you take a seat. He crosses the room in two long strides, and sinks into the mattress beside you.
You crawl across the bed, curling your finger and patting the middle of the bed with a coy smile. He scoffs, chortling as he shakes his head and slides himself over, sitting up against the headboard and resting his hand on your waist.
"Promise that you trust me?" You trail your fingers over his pecs, watching them as they slide down his chest before you look into his kind eyes.
"With my life," he smiles, placing his hand over yours to lift it, pressing a kiss to your palm and your heart flutters.
"Stop being so cute," you giggle, straddling his hips, rocking your ever-so-gently as he sucks in a slow breath.
"Why should I?" Both of his hands swallow your hips as he holds them, letting you do as you please.
"Because I'm not trying to do cute right now," you grin, leaning in to kiss along his jaw, working your way to his neck as you grind yourself against him more obviously, feeling his cock stir to life underneath you.
"What are you trying to do?" He's quiet, trying to hold back the guttural groan sitting in his chest that he finally lets loose as you reach back and unclasp your bra, tossing it aside before pushing your breasts together, offering them up in front of his face.
"I just wanna make you feel good, baby," you moan, tweaking your nipples as he stares, mouth hung open in quiet awe. "We don't have to move too fast, but you've been so, so good to me," his mouth connects with your breasts and you cup the back of his head, rolling your hips on his more quickly as he sucks on your sensitive nub. "Just wanna be good to you too."
He groans in response, a relieved sigh exiting his nostrils as his hands cup your breasts, squeezing and groping as his tongue roves between them, taking turns toying with your nipples.
"Oh fuck," you moan, dropping your head back, both hands fisted into his hair to tug at it gently. He snarls quietly and the sound goes straight to your cunt, which is already sopping wet, your panties quickly becoming soaked as they glide against his rock hard length.
"C-can I try something?" He pulls off of your breast to look at you, his eyes dusted with lust and uncertainty.
"Anything," you nod eagerly and then you’re flipped onto your back, the clothed head of his massive, leaking cock pressing directly against your folds as he ruts up against it, your lips beginning to swallow up the material of your panties.
It bunches against your clit while the tip of his dick nearly slips between your folds, catching and applying a dizzying amount of pressure that has you gasping and moaning as his shaft slides through, gliding against your damp panties as he lumbers over you.
"You're so fucking pretty," he almost looks like he's in pain as he groans, pressing his forehead to yours as he thrusts his hips faster.
You grab them, guiding his hips as you angle yours up, eager for his thick girth to massage your clit as he loses himself in the feeling over your warm, wet pussy pulsing against him.
"I like you so much," he sighs and throws caution to the wind, spilling his guts to you in his vulnerable state. "Just don't wanna fuck this up. Don't wanna do this and you hate it and lose you, I just--" he slows briefly, his eyes screwing shut as he tilts his head back to mutter under his breath. "Fuck," another wanton moan leaves his lips as he resumes his thrusts, losing control of his motions and it's obvious that he's close.
You lean forward and kiss him, fast and hard, pushing him over and flat onto his back to straddle him again, bouncing slowly as you pull him up to sit and wrap your arms around his neck, pulling him into another passionate kiss.
"I really like you too," you murmur as you finally take a breath, rolling your hips on his again as you look into his eyes, the both of you panting as you hold one another. "So 'm not goin' anywhere. Promise."
"Me neither," he smiles softly, his eyes almost crossing and rolling back as you slide across his length just right and he gasps, his Adam's apple bobbing as he swallows hard and leans back on his hands.
"You like that?" You grin deviously, speeding up your motions as grip his muscular shoulder and slip your other hand into your panties, rubbing circles against your clit, building your orgasm while his cock twitches against you.
"Oh God, yes," he closes his eyes, hands scrunching up at the sheets beneath his palms. "Feels so good, I-I think I'm gonna cum."
"Cum for me, Eiji," you pant, teetering on the edge as you thrust your hips forward faster, trying to take him over with you.
"Fuck. Shit, fuck--oh," you can feel his hold body tense beneath you as he stills briefly before bucking his hips upward as a dark stain appears inside his gray boxers.
"Eij," you whine, voice pitching up as you fall apart, thoroughly drenching your panties as you ride out your high in his lap.
His arms wrap around you as he places a kiss to your temple and pulls you to his chest while he lays back, his hands gliding along your spine as he draws absent shapes against your skin while the both of you catch your breath.
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iwasbunny · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
# drabble. 758 words.
# warnings. insecurities, cunnilingus, self-praise (?), begging, slight edging, afab reader.
# contains. switch dilf kirishima.
Tumblr media
Kirishima is a nervous wreck, he has no idea why someone as gorgeous as you would be interested in a worn-out hero like him. Insecurities constantly fill his mind, leaving him unable to see that he was the perfect guy in your eyes—years of hero work had left his body well-built and lean, his muscular form just one of the many reasons why you love him.
The scars that littered his now tan skin weren’t imperfections to you, they told stories of everything he’d had to go through, all the battles and fights that he won and you made sure to let him know that every single chance you got.
It wasn’t rare to find him like this, a drooling mess underneath you, his thighs quivering as your hands expertly stroked his aching cock. The weight of him in your hands was intoxicating and your need for him was rapidly growing but you resisted, wanting this night to be all about him. A whine was forced out of his throat as your hands stopped working him again,
“Come on, baby. Remember what I told you.. I’m not letting you cum unless you keep going, Eiji.”
He shakes his head, arms thrown over his face to hide his embarrassment at your requests tonight. He was falling apart underneath you, his body burning with lust as he spoke up once again.
“P-Please, princess. I just wanna cum…” His voice was shaky, the need in it apparent but you weren’t about to give in so easily. You pressed light kisses along his inner thighs before taking one of his balls into your mouth, slobbering and making a mess all over him. The new sensation making his hips jerk and thrust up into nothing.
“Fine! I’m—I’m a good boyfriend.” You hummed in acknowledgment, starting to stroke his cock once again. Your grip loose and your pace mediocre as you wait for his next words.
“I.. make you happy.”
You pulled away and smiled, speeding up your movements and letting your nails graze down his tense abs. “Mhm, you do. You’re doing such a good job, baby boy. What else?”
“I make- you feel nice—good?” You could feel his cock throbbing in your hands, the hours that he’d been denied of his release making him more sensitive. “Of course, you do. You always make me feel amazing, baby. I love the way your cock fills me up so fucking perfectly.”
His heels dig into the mattress, hips starting to fuck your fist as he gets closer to his orgasm. The tightness in his balls needing to be relieved as loud groans fall from his lips. “I’m good enough for you, I deserve to be with you! Fuck—don’t stop, please. I’m gonna cum-”
He doesn’t get to finish his sentence as you wrap your lips around his cock, the warmth of your waiting mouth making his eyes roll back as he shoves his cock deep inside your throat and fills your mouth with his hot seed. A long drawn out moan of your name escaping him as he finally gets the release he desperately needed. You try your best to swallow all of it but there was too much, some of his cum dripping down your chin to your exposed tits.
You use your finger to scoop up some of the cum that’s dripping down your chest, popping it into your mouth with an exaggerated hum. “You taste so sweet, baby.”
A squeal is forced out of your lips as you’re suddenly on your back, Kirishima’s huge form now towering over you while he looks down at you with a heated gaze.
He flashes you a toothy grin, looping his fingers into one side of your panties before pulling it down and leaving you exposed. “So wet already, slut. You really enjoyed making daddy feel good, didn’t you? Well, don’t worry, I’ll make sure to return the favour and make you cum all over my face.”
Tumblr media
all content belongs to @iwasbunny. reblogs are appreciated.
Tumblr media
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metukika · a month ago
Tumblr media
oh you know, the two most cuddly and soft characters in the show. you know,, totally
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