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#eijirou kirishima x reader
touyasdoll · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You Wouldn't Know Love If It Hit You In The Face
Pairing: Eijirou Kirishima x f!reader
Word Count: 3.4k
Warnings: Kiri gets clocked with a frying pan, Bakugou seems like a dick in this at first—he is not tho, praise kink, size kink, soft sex, unprotected sex, hope you like metaphors with your smut
Summary: Kirishima is insanely nervous to ask you out, so he and Bakugou cook up a little plan to help him find his footing. Friends to lovers.
Notes: This is my contribution to @nocturnalazura's Frying Pan Collab! You can check out the other pieces here. I had so much fun writing this one. I hope you enjoy <3
Tumblr media
“Just let me help,” you tug on the handle of the frying pan, rolling your eyes when Bakugou won’t relent his grasp on it.
“Like I’m gonna let you handle the main course,” he scoffs. “How ‘bout you go chop some vegetables or something,” he says as he gives the cookware a good pull in his direction.
“You’re not the only one who knows how to cook, jackass and it’ll all get done faster if you just let me start cooking,” you mutter more insistently, giving the frying pan an earnest yank this time.
“What’s goin’ on?” Kirishima asks as he saunters into the kitchen—his own kitchen—to see what the fuss is all about.
“Katsuki is having trouble with his control issues again,” you jape, unamused eyes locking in on the blonde’s carmine irises, which narrow at you in return.
“I’m just trying to make sure that the food is edible when everyone else arrives,” he spits back, once again trying to tug the pan his way, only this time it’s enough to make your feet slide against the hardwood floor of the apartment.
You plant your feet firmly and grip the handle with both hands, though there’s barely enough room for even one of yours with Katsuki’s massive mitt wrapped around the grip. Kirishima puts his hands up and walks closer to the both of you.
“Okay, I’m sure we can work this out,” he says gently.
“Yeah,” Bakugou nods. “I can work out dinner when she leaves me the hell alone.”
“You’re an insufferable control freak sometimes, y’know that?” You huff, giving one last try at wrenching the frying pan from his hands. “Just let go of something for once in your life!”
“Let go?” He smirks, lifting one shoulder to shrug casually as he releases his hold on the pan just as you give it that one last, all-out-effort try.
The sudden lack of resistance sends the pan flying behind you at a force much more intense than you anticipated and cracks Kirishima straight across the forehead.
“Oh my God!” You drop the pan, letting it clatter to the floor as you step towards Kirishima hands outstretched to cup his face as mortification overtakes your features. Figures that you would assault the man you’ve had a crush on for who knows how long know.
“I’m fine!” He’s quick to promise, one huge hand covering where the pan struck him as he plasters his signature, worry free grin on his handsome face. “Really, I’m—uh,” he shakes his head slowly. “‘M’okay. I..I think..”
“Now that the host might be concussed,” Bakugou gripes, picking up the frying pan and utilizing it as a pointer as he gestures to the bedroom. “You go make sure he’s okay,” he softens his tone, even going so far as to pair it with a small smile. “Please. I gotta get started on dinner. Everyone else is gonna be here in less than an hour.”
With that, he turns to his task and you sigh quietly, still reeling from the massive faux pas you’ve committed as you wrap an arm around Kirishima to usher him towards his bedroom.
“I’m so, so sorry, Eij,” you shake your head, moving to stand in front of him as he takes his seat on the edge of his bed. “That was stupid. I shouldn’t’ve fought with him and now I’ve gone and hurt you. Let me take a look at it.”
You rest your hands on either side of his face, carefully angling it up, but only slightly, as the hero was nearly eye level with you, even when sitting down.
“I’m, uh, I’m okay, honestly,” he starts nervously and slowly pulls his hand away from his forehead to reveal that there wasn’t so much as a scratch on him.
No bump. No red mark. Nothing. You narrow your eyes curiously at the spot where you’re sure you accidentally walloped him and he shakes his head, peering up at you apologetically as he reaches for your hands.
His are clammy when they swallow yours, fingers that dwarf your own fidgeting with your hand in his grasp as his eyes search yours. You can practically see a jumble of words dancing on the tip of his tongue as he regards you, looking more uncertain about himself than you’ve ever seen him.
“I planned this,” he says quickly, wincing almost, like he’s expecting you to be upset when in reality, you’re just confused.
“What?” You shake your head. “What do you mean? Planned what? Me hitting you in the dome?” A laugh escapes you until he nods in confirmation, looking up at you seriously.
“Yeah. Well, Bakugou planned it,” he concedes with a tilt of his head. “But it seemed like a good plan, so I went along with it.”
“Wait, but—” you briefly close your eyes, trying to follow his train of thought. “Why though? For what purpose?”
“Oh, uh,” he looks down and awkwardly scratches the back of his neck with one hand, holding both of yours in the other. “Yeah, lemme explain.”
He gestures to the spot on the bed beside him, turning his body to face that direction as he folds one leg onto the bed. You take a seat before him, still holding on to his hand as you study his face and he nervously studies the back of your knuckles.
“Guess I should just fess up now,” he says quietly, a soft smile tugging at one corner of his lips as he peeks up at you. “I really like you,” he says plainly, genuinely.
Red irises meet yours and the both of you can feel a heat creeping up the back of your necks as you stare at one another, too nervous to keep looking and still too unwilling to tear your gaze away.
“I have for a while,” he continues, breaking his gaze to look back down at your hands as he shuffles them in his own to hold them tighter. “I’m not usually this nervous around people I’m interested in,” he shakes his head, almost like he’s thinking out loud. “But you’re..different.” He looks up at you again and that heat intensifies.
It feels like it’s coming to life between you, both of your faces warm enough to light a spark that could erupt into an all-consuming blaze if you weren’t careful. So he is careful. He’s cautious, because all this time that he’s harbored these feelings, he’s wondered if he would break whatever bridge you two were standing on when he set them free. But now it’s finally time to sink or swim.
“You mean a lot to me and I haven’t wanted to risk our friendship over my feelings, but I don’t think that I can hold them in anymore. Kats has been nagging me to man up and do something about it for weeks now,” he scoffs quietly, a chuckle erupting from the sound. “He told me that I wouldn’t know love if it hit me in the face,” he looks down at your hands again, a shy smile propping up his lips. “Hence his brilliant idea to have you whack me in the face, so I’d have a reason to be alone with you.”
“You volunteered to take a frying pan to the face as an excuse to be alone with me?” A giggle escapes your lips as you try to catch his eye. “You know that you could have just asked me to talk? No need to go and get yourself injured. I think maybe he just wanted to see you get clocked.”
“Maybe,” he nods and a warm chuckle rumbles his broad chest. “I activated my quirk at the last second, so I barely felt it,” he shrugs. “Remind me not to cross you when you have a frying pan in your hand though,” he jokes, finally stealing a glance at you.
“I’ll be sure to do that,” you laugh and shift anxiously on the bed, realizing that it’s your turn to spill your guts to him. “I, uhm..I like you too, Eiji. A lot, actually.”
“Really?” He looks genuinely surprised and you nod quickly to assure him.
“Yeah, I’ve kinda always? Liked you?” More nervous laughter bubbles up in your chest and out of your mouth.
The mouth that he just can’t stop looking at. Can’t stop his eyes from being drawn to, especially now that he knows that this bridge isn’t going to collapse. That he knows that he can safely start to close the distance that remains between you that will take you from just friends to hopefully something more. To what he’s always wanted to be with you.
“I’ve always liked you too,” he admits softly.
Kind eyes align with yours and a tender, silent moment passes between the two of you as the pair of you realize that you’ve felt the same all this time. Time that you could have spent together had one of you found the courage to fess up sooner, but it’s okay. That doesn’t matter now. That doesn’t matter at all, because you have this moment. The big secret is out and now you’re just two people who mean a great deal to one another, all alone in his bedroom.
“Can I—” he starts as he leans in and when you shake your head in reply, he looks worried.
He starts to pull back, concerned that he’s tried to do too much, too soon, but the smile on your face reassures him that he hasn’t just before your lips collide with his.
It’s nothing like what you expected. There’s no fireworks or bells or whistles going off. There’s a noticeable silence in the room, but that absence of sound is what allows you to hear the way his breath hitches when you lean in for more.
You smile wide against his lips, pulling away to look at him and shake your head once more as your arms encircle his neck.
“You don’t have to ask,” you say quietly, your gaze dropping from his eyes to his lips to catch the way he grins when he nods and leans in again to claim your mouth for his own.
From there, the silence is no more; the air is filled with perfect noise. Soft mewls and timid moans. Hands sliding up and down the heated skin of an unfamiliar body. The sound of two nervous lovers panting for breath as clothes fly and passions are wordlessly exchanged.
It seems like you’ve had your eyes closed for nearly the entire encounter when you land on your back, swallowed into the dip in the large mattress that his body had worn into the material. The sheets are cool against your skin, but you’ve broken out in a sweat from head to toe. Partially from the newness of it all, the uncertainties of how this will play out.
Will it be everything you’re both hoping it will be? Will it be a horrendous disaster? Will he change his mind? Will you?
You blink to try and dispel the unwelcome thoughts when he comes into view, his face flushed and expression soft as he leans over you in the bed. His arms serve as a cage, but you don’t feel trapped by any means. You feel safe. Guarded. Protected.
He’s staring down at you with nothing but admiration. Lust, of course, but it goes deeper than that and it’s easy to see. It washes away the nerves that remain, leaving you feeling peaceful as that silence returns.
Only this time it grants him the gift of being able to hear the way that your breathing changes when he ducks down to kiss you, deep and deliberate. It takes the tremor out of his calloused hands, allowing him the confidence to let them roam free over your silhouette, which lay bare beneath his own.
He hovers above you, studying your features like he’s searching for the answer to a question that you can practically hear inside your brain. You nod emphatically, letting your hands rest on either side of his neck as you pull him down to kiss him once more, to bring him closer. Forever closer.
You shift your hips, letting your legs spread wide enough to accommodate him as you come up for air and find his eyes again. Now you both find yourselves standing on a precipice that you won’t be able to climb back up once you descend.
He takes it slow, one thick finger parting your folds to slowly work you open. A groan falls from his lips when his digit sinks inside with little resistance. You rock your hips against him, mewling when he enters you. Moaning when his thumb begins toying with your clit.
“Eiji,” you whisper, a breathy, pleasured sound that doubles as a plea. “Want you. I want all of you,” you shake your head slightly. “We’ve done enough waiting. I can’t take any more, please.”
“No more waiting, baby,” he shakes his head, wearing the softest smile as his lips find yours and he positions himself between your legs.
The wait is over when he slowly slides the head of his impressive length inside of you, gently nudging his way in with a sigh of sweet relief. He seems to breathe out as you inhale, sucking in a sharp intake of breath as the stretch sets in.
“I know,” he says delicately, taking his time as he slowly rocks his hips, pulling them back and forth to ease his way in a little further with each pass to give you time to adjust to his size. “There you go,” he coos quietly as he watches your mouth drop open into a lewd moan when he finally sheathes all of himself inside of you with a soft grunt. “Atta girl,” he whispers, brushing his lips against yours as he languidly rolls his hips.
“Eijirou,” you sigh his name and he thinks it’s the most beautiful noise that he’s ever heard.
He thinks that you have to be the most perfect soul that he’s ever had the good fortune to behold. You’ve always had such a pretty face, but looking down at you now, all he can think of is how you’re so much more than that.
How you’re just as gorgeous on the inside as you are on the out. How you make him feel insane, in the best way possible, with just your presence. How your laugh heals wounds that he nursed for so long to no avail until he met you. How much you’ve changed him without even knowing the magic that you were bringing into his life.
It all seems like a blur now. All the time spent wishing you were his and now here you are—easy as that. This still feels like a blur. An enchanting haze of bliss crafted by the union of two souls finally laid bare, manifesting in physical euphoria.
He doesn’t have the capacity to think about the miracle of this moment any longer though. Each time he casts his hips forward he’s called closer to his end, spurred on by your angelic sounds and the heavenly feeling of how your walls clench around him.
“Eij—ahh—E-Eijirou,” you pant, chest heaving as your hands knit into his long, red locks, desperate to find purchase on something as your guided steadily towards your undoing.
The pace that he’s set picks up. His hips rut faster, harder into your sopping core and you can see in his eyes how close he is. You can feel it between your legs as he hits that one, sacred spot inside of you and the world falls out from under you, letting you freefall into unadulterated oblivion and he’s right there beside you.
You call his name over and over again, clinging to it like it’s the only word that you know, because in this moment, it is. Back bowing off the bed, two strong arms slipping beneath you to envelop you in their safety, to catch you as you fall.
He pulls you in close, kneeling as he clutches you to his chest and empties all of himself inside of you until he’s left chasing his breath with you in his lap, his face buried in the crook of your neck.
Neither one of you wants to break the silence this time. It’s not awkward or unnerving. There’s no need to fracture it. It’s comfortable and content, just the two of you holding one another in the afterglow.
Eventually, you collapse back into the mattress as one, still wrapped around one another. You’re both on your side, adrenaline pumping through your veins as you lay still. The juxtaposition makes it seem like time is standing still. Like you’re running a million miles a minute and yet never really going anywhere at all.
And that’s fine, because there’s nowhere that either of you would ever be than right here.
“This wasn’t,” he shakes his head, closing his eyes as a soft chuckle leaves his chest. “This wasn’t part of the plan, I promise.”
“I know,” you nod, echoing his gentle laughter as you card a hand through his hair to inspect his expression—one of wonder, which you also return in kind. “But I’m glad it happened anyway.”
“Me too,” he admits sheepishly, suddenly shy despite what you’d just done. “Oh,” he says quietly, sitting up and glancing at the door before he turns back to you as you rise to a sitting position in the bed. “I, uh, didn’t tell you about the rest of the plan though.”
“What do you mean?” You narrow your eyes, a curious smile dancing on your lips.
“You’ll have to see,” he leans over and kisses your forehead before he climbs out of the bed. “Let’s get cleaned up and then I’ll show you.”
He offers you his hand, boyish charm radiating from his features as he pulls you up and out of the bed. You duck into the master bathroom to put yourself back together and return to find him peeking out the door of his bedroom.
“So what’s the rest of this elaborate plan?” You tilt your head back to look up at him as you slip your hand through his.
“C’mere,” he gestures through the door as he swings it open, leading you back towards the kitchen.
When you cross through the threshold, you immediately notice that the apartment looks slightly different. The lights are dimmer, there’s soft music playing. It feels very romantic. And then you see what he must have been talking about.
You turn your head in time to see Katsuki pouring a glass of wine at a table set for two. Everything looks immaculate. There’s a five star meal that smells divine, candles that flicker, casting shadows over the red rose petals decoratively arranged along the table.
“Sorry about acting like an ass,” Bakugou offers you a knowing smile as he sets the bottle of wine on the table and steps back to remove his apron. “Promise I had a good reason.”
“Thank you,” you smile genuinely at the blonde and shake your head. “No need to apologize. This is so kind of you. Thank you, really.”
“This part was his idea,” he gestures to Kirishima, who smiles bashfully and looks away as he gives your hand a gentle squeeze. “I was more than happy to help. I’m gonna leave you guys to it. Enjoy your meal,” he nods a goodbye as he swipes his keys off the counter and heads out the door.
“This is..” you shake your head, blinking back the tears that threaten to fall over your cheeks as you take in the picturesque sight again before turning to face him. “This is easily the sweetest, most romantic thing that anyone has ever done for me. Thank you, Eijirou.”
He leans down, wrapping both arms around you as he kisses the top of your head and your fold your arms around him, listening to the thumping of his heart in his chest.
“This is just the beginning, baby.”
Tumblr media
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izuphobic · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
genre/warnings. — just fluff!
[ ft. ] — izuku, katsuki, ochaco, eijirou, & denki <3
Tumblr media
✦.˚ izuku who falls into the snow face first, gasping exasperated and embarrassed when you lift him up. the thick padding of his coat protects him enough to where he didn’t actually feel it, though his face is an entirely different story. small clumps of snow snugly hug his eyelashes, the tiny intricacies twinkling each time he blinks. he laughs sheepishly as you move in, helping him by shaking all the snow out of his hair and guiding his hands to rub his eyes. a frosty kiss is placed on your nose as a thank you, and his rosy cheeks can’t be entirely blamed on the cold.
✦.˚ katsuki who is way too competitive in a snowball fight. you’re hiding behind a wall, your snowball two seconds away from crumbling in your grip. listening intently for the sound of boots stomping on top of snow, you know he’s right around the corner. snowball in hand and ready to ambush, you’re plagued with his all-knowing mind, and he’s one step ahead. a face full of snow has you on the ground, and in seconds he’s there, victorious grin dissipating with each second you don’t move. his soft whisper of your name signals your strike however, and you hit him square in the face with snow in the exact same fashion he did you. your proud laugh keeps him there, melting just as the snow does.
✦.˚ ochaco who lets herself fall back into the snow like it’s a bed of flowers. she insists you come and make snow angels with her, pulling you down directly next to her by your arm. up and down, your arms move in sync, her bubbly laughter coaxing you into completely forgetting about the cold beneath you. when your respective creations are finished, she extends her hand and lifts you back up with ease. looking upon your angels, they appear to be holding hands, courtesy of how close you to were. you smile, and it’s lovesick and everything she adores. when she actually grasps your hand, it’s like her angel came to life.
✦.˚ eijirou who brings his all when you’re making snowmen. his mounds of pearlescent white are anything but circular, yet he still manages to stack them on top of each other, creating a questionable sculpture that’s just a bit taller than himself. he stands so proud you can’t help but giggle, and he ends up laughing with you when he steps back to truly observe his work. your scarf slips from around your neck, making its way onto the disfigured snowman, and how he throws his head back in pure joy makes it beautiful regardless.
✦.˚ denki who suggests you write messages in the snow. calculated steps illustrate crooked accolades within the slush beneath your feet, though despite their flaws and the fact that they’ll be dusted over in the morning, they’re adorable (just like him). your intertwined hands hang over your artistry, steadying each other so you don’t trip and ruin your shared “masterpiece”, as he’d say. mirth and love swirl about in both of your expressions as you gaze down, i “heart” u melded in the shapes of your footsteps. the heart in the middle is a bit wonky, so is his dorky smile and the bone-crushing hug he traps you in by your waist. wonky, but yours.
Tumblr media
thank you so much for reading !!! ily & be safe <3
Tumblr media
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corpsekiller · 14 hours ago
𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐝 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞 — 𝐞.𝐤
Tumblr media
Pairing: Eijirou Kirishima x genderneutral!reader
Warnings: Fluff, insecurities and doubt, but that’s all because my sweet boy only deserves the best
Summary: You decided to help your boyfriend dye his hair after noticing his hair has grown out, but he feels like he’s only wasting your time and needs some reassurance.
A/N: I finally sat my ass down and finished this fic, because this wip has been sitting in my drafts for weeks and I didn’t have any motivation to keep writing. Thank you @diavohoe for beta-reading this and giving me a title. I love you, bitch.
Word count: 2.322 words
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Kirishima knows you love him unconditionally when you offer to dye his hair one day. His roots have been growing out for a few weeks and the bright crimson has faded around his scalp, exposing his natural dark hair he usually hides under a thick layer of color and although it doesn’t bother him much, you still seem to dislike the stark contrast that has appeared at the center of his head and spread even further over the last month. Not even his styled spikes can hide the black dilemma of his roots now and he has to admit that his hair is in urgent need of a touch-up.
Normally, he would have some boxes of dye in his small bathroom, perhaps some in the drawers under his desk too, but last time he checked, they were all empty and discarded in the trash. Unfortunately, Mr. Aizawa ensured to double the hours of hero training ever since the last villain attack and so he didn’t have much space between combat and studying hard for upcoming exams to take a short trip to the city and get new hair dye.
To be clear, it’s not like he wasn’t aware of the pure love you feel for him before, quite the opposite actually, but Eijirou knows for a fact how awfully time consuming the task of coloring his hair can be, which is why he usually refrains from asking his friends for their assistance to spare their nerves and opts to do it on his own whenever it’s needed.
Sure, it took him a while to get the hang of it. Estimating the right amount of color to evenly spread in his hair with the naked eye and prevent any patches and overly pigmented spots is harder than it seems. Though somehow, he learned how much dye he’s supposed to use and surmounted the struggle of getting the strange sensation of pins and needles in his arms after standing in front of his bathroom mirror for endless hours to perfect his look. Now he could almost call himself an expert when it comes to dying someone’s hair.
“Hey, I’m back from the store! I’m not sure if I grabbed the right color though, can you take a look?” Your nose is reddened from the cold outside as you close the door to his room and slip out of the jacket you stole from him for the quick run outside, lazily draping his clothes over the basket of laundry sitting in one corner. You approach his spot on his bed with two or three boxes of bright red hair dye and bleach in your arms, stopping right in front of him to show the brand printed on the front of your purchase and his heart skips a beat in his chest as his face flushes in embarrassing adoration for you.
“Oh, thanks! Yeah, that’s the right one... You really don’t have to help me though, I can do it myself,” he chuckles quietly and reaches out to snatch the hair dye out of your grasp, but you admonishingly click your tongue and merely shake your head at his rash actions, quickly dodging his arms to escape to the other side of the room. He only means well, only wants to be certain he isn’t bothering you and wasting your time with something as simple as dying his hair. “I’m serious, Y/N. It’s fine if you don’t want to...Wait, what are you doing there?”
“I’m looking for that weird applicator brush you’re supposed to use,” you explain scarcely and open the vanity cabinet below his sink, clumsily balancing the boxes in one arm as you drop to your knees and slide over the cool bathroom tiles. Despite your efforts, they topple over and hit the ground a second later, earning a sigh from you. Leaning forward, you push moisturizer, hair gel, and some makeup aside to search the tool you’re certain you saw somewhere in there just yesterday. Eijirou, still sitting on his bed with his phone in one hand, can hear you rummaging through the cabinet, tries his best to not gawk at your ass as you twist your upper body and arch your back to dive deeper into the vanity.
Of course, you had to wear just a pair of shorts and one of his old shirts.
“I know you never use that thing,” you groan lowly. At this point, your back begins to hurt uncomfortably and your arms cramp, trembling under the weight of your body still leaning into the vanity cabinet, although you don’t appear to be successful with your mission. “But I don’t want to make a mess out of your room and make it look like you committed a bloody murder in here.”
He huffs out a laugh at your muffled comment. You can feel the warmth of his wide smile on your exposed neck and the image of his bright face without casting a glance over your shoulders. Then, after a moment of thinking, you suppose, your boyfriend calls out. “Have you looked behind the mirror? I might have thrown it in there if it isn’t already in the trash.”
“No, hold on,” you pant, ducking your head and getting to your feet to open the mirror cabinet as he advised. Your eyes scan the shelf hidden behind the polished glass, read the label of his musky cologne and the tube of toothpaste next to some floss. Strangely, one compartment is only filled with products for your personal needs — you recognize your deodorant and your favorite moisturizer, as well as the face serum you always apply before sleep, paired with a second toothbrush and products for your hair you don’t recall ever asking to buy for you.
“Got it?”
“Nope, I can’t... Oh, wait! I found it!” You chime happily when your gaze falls on the brush you’ve been looking for. Raising it triumphantly over your head to show your boyfriend, you nod your head and beckon him to move his ass out of bed and come closer. “Alright, get a chair and get over here. If we wait any longer, the day is going to be over and your roots still won’t be covered.”
As you wait for your boyfriend to join you in the bathroom, you prepare everything you need. Vaseline and makeup wipes to clean his forehead once you’re done with the process of coloring his hair are placed on the sink beside a bar of soap, the pair of gloves snugly fit around your hands to protect your skin and the bleach you bought is already poured into the plastic container Eijirou always uses to mix his color kits. To be sure nothing gets messed up, you placed some stained towels on the floor and purposely changed into one of his old shirts before you headed to the store in case your aim misses his head and you accidentally spill some of the product on yourself.
“Are you sure you want to do this? I don’t want to waste your time,” he admits hesitantly as he pushes his chair into the bathroom and quickly ties his hair up, wrapping another dappled towel you hand him over his broad back. As expected he changed the clothes he previously wore into a shirt that barely covers his stomach and the tan lines his hero uniform left. The sweatpants he wears are blotchy in some spots just like the material of his shirt around his shoulders; speckled with bleach and crimson dye.
It’s the very same shirt he wore when he first started changing his looks, hasn’t gotten rid of it for whatever reason. Maybe it’s a sentimental matter, the start of something new, of finding his true self and overcoming his anxieties and on the way to becoming the fearless hero he always aspired to be he didn’t only find his new favorite color — he found love, too.
“Shut up, Eiji. I’ve always wanted to dye your hair anyway,” you reply and gently push him down, running your fingers over his arms as he leans back against the chair. The fabric of his shirt tenses around his bulging muscles, close to ripping at the seams when he raises his hands to section the lower parts of his disheveled hair, oblivious to your lingering gaze on him and the way your breath hitches in your throat for a second before you finally get a hold of yourself. Drooling over your boyfriend isn’t your priority right now, you can do that after you’re done here. “I promise I’ll make sure it doesn’t get patchy, babe. Now, sit still.”
Slapping his hands away, you carefully pull some of the missing strands out of the messy bun on top of his head and comb through each sectioned part to detangle some knots before you pull the first bowl of bleach closer to you and start applying the product. Soon, the strong smell of chemicals burns in your nose and makes your eyes tear which makes it harder to focus, but you’re determined to give your best and a little stinging sensation won’t stop you now that you’re already fully committed.
Flipping each section with the end of your brush, you paint each side of the regrowth, then move on to the next strand and slowly but surely work over his whole head until every dark spot is covered. After you’re finished, you gently push his hair back to his original part line and brush through it once more, tightly wrapping some plastic foil around his hair after you smoothed everything out.
“Alright, I’m done with bleaching.”
“Thank you,” Kirishima stammers quietly. His fingers, calloused from fighting, fiddle with a loose thread of the towel, phone resting in his lap as he tries to find the right words to describe what he’s feeling before it’s too late. Honestly, it’s not a big deal. You already told him you wanted to do this and you’re about to shush him again, but something in his lowered gaze catches your attention — there’s doubt and wary glinting in his crimson irises and you wonder when those feelings surfaced while you were lightening his roots. “I’m sorry you have to waste your time with me, baby.”
A hand cups his cheek, gingerly turning his face so he’s looking up at you. Your thumb runs along his sharp jawline, caressing his warm skin and feeling the bumps and scars adorning his cheek and chin under the pad of your finger as you give him a reassuring smile. Instantly, you can watch how his pupils dilate and his lips part in anticipation when you move to lean down and press a sweet peck to the corner of his mouth, running your lips over his to deepen the loving kiss. It’s a fleeting touch, but it’s enough to bring a furious blush to his cheeks. “You don’t waste my time, Eijirou. Now let me do my job and rinse your hair, okay? You’ll look so manly when I’m done with you.”
He doesn’t reply.
There’s no need to. Although he’s always been a man of bold actions and affectionate words, unashamedly proclaiming fondness of you whenever he can, he can’t think of a fitting description to captivate how his heart feels like it’s going to explode with all the love he conceives for you. So, he only nods and gives you one of his cheesy smiles as he moves and bends over the sink to wash his hair.
It’s uncomfortable and the tension in his neck builds steadily, but he doesn’t want to move when he feels you lean over him and turn the faucet on. The warm water runs through his hair and collects the bleach in the drain while you run your fingertips through the wet strands of faded red and catch some water in your palms to rinse the spots that haven’t been washed yet.
After you ensure his roots are clean again, you tap his shoulder and pat his soaked hair with a soft towel. Everything about your treatment is soft, so gentle and tender as if you’re handling a figure made of glass, easy to break with one wrong move. It feels nice to be held so cautiously although his quirk is the opposite — hard and rough, made to be treated with brutal strength. Yet you seem to have dismissed that image of him as you wipe the beads of water from his temples and plant a kiss there instead. Reaching for the brush sitting on the sink, you detangle his hair and dry it further with another towel.
“Maybe I should dye my hair too.” You’re dunking the clean brush in the container of red dye you just mixed thoroughly, painting the color on his bleached roots and over the length of his hair to refresh the faded red. You’ve been working in comfortable silence for quite a while, occasionally snickering at a Tiktok Mina sent in the group chat or chatting about your dinner plans, giggling at a drop of spilled dye that landed on the tip of his nose when you weren’t paying attention and kicked the damp towels you used to dry his hair into a corner.
“Can I do it for you?” He asks almost immediately, sighing lowly when you run your fingertips over his head and massage his scalp with gloved hands. His shoulders slump and he turns his head to look at you, wide grin and eyes crinkling in puppy-like excitement as patiently waits for your reply. The towel around his shoulders slips and drops to the floor, right between your feet. "I want to return the favor, baby."
“Sure, you can do it... Stay still and let the color sit or I might take it back," you threaten jokingly and bend down, picking up the stained towel to drape it over his shoulders.
Tumblr media
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reemiwrites · a day ago
Tumblr media
𝙋𝙩. 𝟭- 𝙀𝙞𝙟𝙞𝙧𝙤𝙪 𝙆𝙞𝙧𝙞𝙨𝙝𝙞𝙢𝙖
Tumblr media
Im back!! And Im back to stay this time! I’ve decided the posting schedule is needed so there will be a new post here every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday! I really miss writing so I’ll find a way to ask for more space. I just don’t like writing to feel like a chore so I gave myself a little break but I’m gonna come back full force now! Also requests for this series are free of charge so please feel free to send in characters! (But please do not use baby talk in my asks, it makes me a bit uncomfy) I’m not currently accepting SaikiK requests as I’m not as interested in that anymore but I have started getting into Tokoyo Ghoul so I might start writing for that once I finish it
This is 100% sfw agere content, nsfw littles please dni, it makes me uncomfortable
Big thanks to @made-by-jade-222 for indirectly encouraging me to write this and be more open about my regression-
Tw: mentions of impure regression
Tumblr media
-He’s the best caregiver you could ever have. When you first opened up to him about your regression, he wasn’t very educated on the subject but he was 100% supportive of your regression
-He did some research on his own later, wanting to be well educated on it before talking to you about it again. He made sure you knew he was fully supportive, not wanting to make you feel embarrassed or scared, before asking you some questions he had
-He never asked to be your caregiver and you weren’t about to ask that from him but he just naturally took on the role without any prompting. He quickly picked up on your positive and negative triggers and always made sure you were in a safe space when he could tell you were starting to slip
-Knowing that it’s a coping mechanism, he’s always supportive of your regression and encourages you that it’s 100% okay to be small. He’ll never judge you and he’ll always keep you safe from anyone who might
-He’ll notice you starting to regress and ask if you’re small, encouraging you to be if you need it and assuring you that it’s okay
-If you need something, he’s already got it for you. He understands how difficult it must be to feel like a younger kid in a grown up body so he wants to make it as easy on you as possible
-He loves getting to do things with you when you’re small such as coloring with you or reading you a story. You’re just so precious to him and he really enjoys spending time with you when you’re little
-If you color him a picture, he might actually start to cry, he thinks you’re adorable. He’ll praise you for how good your coloring was, giving you a high five and a kiss on the forehead before hanging the drawing up in his dorm
-If you’ve had a hard day and he can tell you need to be small, he’ll gently coax you into it. He’ll get things for you or rock you in his arms, talking to you in the softer voice he always uses once you regress. He always knows what you need and he wants to help relieve your stress
-Ordinarily, you’d think that taking care of a regressor could be a little stressful after a bad day but not for Eijirou. If he’s had a hard day or he’s stressed out, he goes to your dorm hoping that you’re regressed. Taking care of you makes him feel better. It gives him something to feel good about. He’s not useless, he helps you, and that really relieves his insecurities
-He’s a very goofy but protective caregiver. He’ll play games with you and tickle you and even let you color on the wall (with washable marker of course) but he wouldn’t dare let you anywhere out of his sight. He doesn’t want you getting hurt or triggered in your headspace so he keeps a really close eye on you
-However, that doesn’t mean he won’t take you places when you’re small. If you wanna go to the park, he’s taking you to the park. While Eijirou’s a sweetheart, he’s pretty scary to look at if you don’t know him. Anyone giving you a dirty look as he pushed you on the swing would get a glare so terrifying it could make All Might piss himself
-He’s very hands on when you’re small, always helping you out or asking you questions. He’ll help you wash your hands, wipe off your face with a gentle baby wipe after you eat and get all messy, give you bubble baths if that’s something you’re comfortable with, and ask you questions about things and feign shock when you know the answer
-”Who’s that, baby?” “Oh my gosh! You’re right! That is me! You’re so smart, cupcake!”
-He’s great at the pure part of regression, but he’s just as good with the impure part
-He knows that regression can be a trauma response and he’s fully prepared to help you when you regress after you’re triggered or you regress out of fear
-He’ll do his best to learn all of your negative triggers and keep you as far away from them as possible. He loves when you regress but he wants it to be a time for you to relax, he doesn’t want you to feel afraid of anything
-After all, nothing would ever hurt you as long as he’s around. He’ll protect you with his life and always do his best to keep you happy
-However, if for some reason he can’t protect you and you end up triggered and regressed, he’s still ready to help you through
-He’ll immediately find you a comfort object and give it to you, working with you on your breathing until it’s stable and you’re coherent enough to respond to his questions
-He’ll ask about how small you’ve regressed to and if it’s okay for him to touch you
-If it’s okay to touch you, he’ll be quick to scoop you up into his arms and hold you tight, rocking you and promising that you’ll be okay, that nothing and nobody will ever hurt you as long as he’s around
-If it’s not, he’ll assure you that that’s alright and remind you that everyone should respect your boundaries, promising to keep you safe
-Depending on how old you feel, he’ll get you a sippy cup or bottle with water in it so you can rehydrate from crying, helping you drink it if you need
-Reemi’s caregiver rating for Eijirou Kirishima 12/10. Best caregiver ever
Tumblr media
𝙏𝙖𝙜𝙡𝙞𝙨𝙩: @oririon @uwiuwi @babyshoyo @haitanihime @courtneypaigemartin @dannyd4life @moonroyalt @midniightdemons @bleedingpeachez @adhd-introvert @may-machin @pradaandlucifer @flowergirlmae @uttermessjess @maroonmagic @bakusandwich @simpxxslutxx @x-witchbitch-x @whatsgoingoninsidemyhead-blog @fancyjellyfishcake
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tteokdoroki · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ৎ୭ synopsis. kirishima hates the way his friends talk about his step-sister— he knows that you’re hot, knows that you’re filthy, but only he gets to see the dirty sides of you and his friends will just have to sit this one out.
ৎ୭ wc. 4174.
ৎ୭ genre. mdni, 18+, smut, dark content, college!au.
ৎ୭ cw. please read ! heavy smut, characters aged up to twenties, fem + switch!reader, step brother!kirishima, humiliation!kink, slight!impact play, consensual non-consent, step-cest, overstimulation, dom-sub relationships, handjobs, forced orgasm, tummy bulges, voyeurism, unprotected sex. not proof read, beware of errors.
ৎ୭ author’s note. happy friday everyone, i hope you had a great week! welcome to my second kinktober installment! this time ‘m providing some good ol eijirou content and i love the dialogue in this, enjoy my loves!
ৎ୭ now playing. naked - doja cat.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
in the last of the september heat, bleeding into the october months— the aircon in sero’s car does nothing to combat the heavy humid air outside. kirishima wipes his brow, barely suppressing giggles as he listens along to one of bakugou’s stories from their trip to the mall, something about denki fucking up his flirting with the girl from the smoothie bar— the entire plot’s barely heard over the boys’ obnoxious laugher and the running of the engine as sero keeps them parked in the driveway to the red head’s house.
“it’s not like you’re any better kacchan,” the electric blonde cries, tired from catching heat from his friends— being the one they point at for shits and giggles. kaminari accusingly points his fingers to his explosive companion buckled in, to his right, bakugou having stopped slurping on his smoothie, straw caught between his pointed teeth.
the ashier blonde raises a brow, the other boys in the front seats going silent. “hah? whatcha talkin’ about shitstick?” bakugou growls, turning his nose up.
“you couldn’t even tell that the goth kid, yanno izuku? was practically drooling over you at the checkout in hot topic— you two have been going at it for months!” kaminari snaps back, flinching away when bakugou threatens to throw his hands around the latter’s neck. the car erupts into body-shaking laughter once more, the jeep belonging to sero, rattling from how rowdy it gets.
however it quietens down considerably when the man in question lets out a low whistle. the boys all turn their heads to get a glimpse at what the hanta had been catcalling; kirishima included. in that moment, you could have compared the four of them to dogs after water on a hot day— four sets of eyes bulging out of skulls at the sight of you walking over the driveway with your step-dad’s dog on a tight leash. in the heat of the sun blaring above, kirishima can’t help but notice how you’ve stripped down to basically nothing— breasts spilling over your tight pink tank top and shorts cut so high that your fleshy cheeks peek out of the bottom of the fabric with every step you take. your skin shines like rare diamonds and gems in the sunlight— glowing from it’s golden rays with gentle perspiration.
you’re his step-sister, a walking fucking sin, and eijirou kirishima can’t tell if that makes you angel from up above or an succubus right from down below.
“hi miss yn,” the squad of boys call in chorus, sleazy gazes darting over your form as you head up to the front door in a light jog to keep up with your kirishima’s dad’s pup. it’s a tiny thing that’s faster than it looks, barking like nobody’s business to get inside for some cool shade.
you pass the car, only turning back to wink at your step-brother’s little friends— deciding to play into their antics as you bite your glossed lip between your teeth, waving back at them while you unlock the door for the dog. “hiya boys,” you coo almost sickly sweetly, batting your eyelashes as the pack of boys stare at you with puppy love struck eyes. “been good today? looked after my eiji for me?”
“yes ma’am!” denki shouts from his seat, although he’s half out of the window—chest heaving and dick pulsing from just how fucking sweet you are. once he slips back inside, he turns to kirishima in the front seat. “god, i know i say this every time we swing round but...dude, your sister’s hot.”
the heavy emphasis on hot makes the red head groan, turning back into his seat with flushed skin and his lip between his pointed teeth. it’s not that kirishima didn’t know you were hot, god only knew how hard he tried to put up with your heavenly level of attractiveness everyday— no, it’s just that your family relationship made things complicated. you were everything a guy could want in a girl, good with parents, good grades in your senior year at college and even better career prospects, not to mention your looks crafted by the gods. you were exactly kirishima’s type, the only thing stopping him from going after you was the dinner your mother hosted one friday night— announcing her engagement to his dad.
becoming your little step-brother only meant you were off limits to kirishima. he could only watch you from afar, think about you in his dreams— whisper your name into freshly washed sheets from your mom every time he fucked his cock the memory of your breasts squished together while you leaned over the table at dinner.
it was living hell for eijirou.
“fuck…” bakugou swears hoarsely, watching the curve of your ass intently as you reach down to pick up your step-dad’s excited puppy— pulling poor eijirou from his train of thought. “yanno, if that was my sister she’d never fucking get off my cock. dunno how you haven’t fucked her yet.”
instantly, the blushing redhead turns around, eyes flaming as bright as his cheeks as he chucks a bunch of napkins from the glove compartment at his friend. “shut up, she’ll hear you,” kirishima whines through the horny hoots of his friendship group, desperately trying to shut them up. “she’s not even my real sister, she’s my step-sister! m-my dad married her mom! t-there’s a difference! so stop making it weird!” he cries out.
sero speaks next, eyes hooded and sleazy as he watches you too. “that’s even better buddy! it’d totally be less weird if you’d stuck it up her ass then…” he pauses, taking his sunglasses between his teeth as if he’s imaging bending you over and fucking you hard. “you think she’d like that man? let me put it up her juicy, fat ass? good god.” the car erupts with howling and barking noises— four horny basterds thinking of all the ways to ruin kirishima’s older step sister.
“guys!” eijirou begs, pleads whatever upper power there is that you don’t hear how his friends talk about you, shame burning beneath his skin. “shut the fuck up, that’s my step-sister! you’re being fucking weird, immature even.”
kaminari cuts in next. “ah, ah ahhh— step sister, remember? you’re not even blood related!” he leans forward to jab a finger between kirishima’s eyes. “so you can’t get mad at me for wanting to fuck yn like the dirty slut i know she is—“
hands slam down harshly on the dashboard, making all three of kirishima’s friends jump and pull their eyes away from your bouncing breasts and the soft globes of your bottom. “stop it,” he scolds, red eyes glaring at the three other pairs. “you guys are bein’ fucking disgusting. yn is my step-fucking-sister, some chick living in my house ‘cause my dad married her mom. she’s not even hot, she’s probably more annoying that she is attractive. i’ll never see her that way. so just shut up!” eijirou finishes with a curse, jumping out of the car without another word and storming into the house after you— knowing his friends would follow.
he’d rendered them silent for the time being, without a clue that you’d been listening in— which would only make poor eijirou kirishima wish you hadn’t.
Tumblr media
kirishima feels his back hit the fridge door before he sees you coming— a shocked whimper laying flat on the seam of his lips.
sero, bakugou and kaminari had long snuck upstairs, apologising to their friend by letting him pick whatever stupid game he wanted to play on the switch next. he’d only headed downstairs to grab a couple snacks for the rowdy bunch thudding around in his room when you’d cornered kirishima in the kitchen— ready to teach him a lesson.
“oh? so all of this finds me annoying, right?” your eyes are menacing, holding a darker form of lust than the redhead is usual as your smaller-than-his hands force their way down eijirou’s loose fitting basketball shorts. you grip the base of his hardening cock, squeezing it tight to make your poor step-brother choke on a moan. “i’m just your step sister, eiji? how disappointing.”
soft fingers slide up and down eijirou’s fat girth—pressing on the sensitive forked vein on his underside in a way that makes him shudder, tip already leaking an embarrassing amount for someone who’s only just been touched. “t-thats not true, i only want you, always want you—fuck, yn wait...” he whimpers, ruby gem eyes locked away as he hisses through sharp gritted teeth. but there was truth to his words, the only person he’d ever craved like this, with the insatiable burning deep in his chest— pumping diaphragm sending smoke up into his lungs— was you. ever since you’d caught kirishima jerking off to the lewd pictures he’d sneakily taken of you over the summer break— the ones he’d zoomed in and screenshot from your snap stories and instagram— you’d made it a silent rule that you were the only one allowed to see him like that.
touch him like that.
it didn’t matter who he was dating, what girl he’d brought back from college for family holidays.
eijirou kirishima would end up with his back against your sheets, your hand on his cock with the words ‘this has to stop, sis,’ moaned out into the night air.
“oh eiji, my precious little brother...almost forgot how nasty you are,” you coo all but gently, your tone is sinister and laced with feral desire. your thumb digs into your step-brother’s tip to spread his arousal over his bright and angry red tip, other hand tugging his shorts down so his dick can slap freely against his toned stomach— standing at full attention. eijirou throbs with need, cock angry and aroused and begging for more of your touch as you spit down on him— using your soft palm to coat his length in a slutty mixture of spit and pre. “y’cock’s so hard, is this really all for your big sister?”
he feels pathetic when you call him that. your little brother. made to feel small even though he towers over you— sweaty mop of dyed red hair and black roots lazily dropping to your neck as you jerk him off, the sticky of his own dick sounds rattling off kitchen counters and causing his libido to bubble brightly in his lower stomach.
“s-step-sister! you’re my step-sister,”
your eyes roll before growing hooded, pushing kirishima further up against the fridge and squeezing the base of his dick as his own arousal drips down to his heavy bores—sore with cum. “isn’t that better though? makes you a little less nasty for you letting me play with you like this baby brother,” your voice lowers, fogging up your step brother’s brain, sending crackles of pleasure across it. “you should be ashamed.”
of course he is, eyes stinging with embarrassed tears and cheeks as red as his hair— a needy sob leaves kirishima, his hips bucking into your soft palm as it brushes against the bold and blue vein throbbing on his cock. “please, please s-stop…” eijirou hiccups, chest burning with a new wave of tears. “f-fuck! you feel so fucking good.”
liking his reaction, you pull eijirou back by the thick roots of his hair and slot your lips against his. they’re a perfect fit no matter how bad this is, how wrong this is. but he’s addicted to you, gets the same high from you as anyone would an illegal drug— his body goes slack when he has you in high dosages and even the taste of you controls every waking moment of kirishima’s life and he needs you just to get by and function.
fucking you takes the edge off, fucking his step-sister is his fix even if he does jail time in eternal lust.
your tongue slides over eijirou’s, your saliva pooling into his mouth to the point where the room spins and only makes his mouth heavier, jaw weak as he moans heartily into your mouth— sucking on the pink muscle just to take back some control while your hand makes the trek down to play with his swollen balls. “why eiji? don’t you wanna cum f’me?” you whisper against his lips, they’re puffy from your kiss and connected to you by a string of spit. “or is it too embarrassing for you to admit that your friends were right? bakugou said i’d make a good fuck, kami said i was a slut. and look at you, fucking my fist like a wet dog in rut. am i good, eiji?” your words are cruel but your head is cocked up at him innocently, like you don’t know just how much yearning he has for you in his bloodstream.
“y-you’re not a slut! you’re mine—fuck,” the redhead blubbers, lips in a pout, cock aching from your sweltering touch. “i’ve only ever wanted you, that’s why i only ever let you...shit s-sis...let you touch me,” his hips jut forward into your cushiony hand, by now— soaked in all of milky precum, helping you guide your fist up and down his shaft. “but please yn… i can’t...we can’t. i need more of you,”
the low buzz of the cool fridge against kirishima’s temperate back does nothing to cover the wet squelch of his blistering tip through your closed fist, his ruby eyes fluttering shut, his breath stuttered, condensed against your skin. “you’re so fucking nasty eijirou. disgusting, even,” you mewl, sickly sweet like glacé cherries, but that doesn’t stop the shivers of ecstasy wracking his hench body. “oh little brother, you wanna fuck me so fucking badly and you don’t want your friends to know but you’re moaning so loud, maybe they can hear you. bet you want them to hear you.”
your words are like silk, slipping through his soul, soft and enticing— stuffing his ears to the point where all he can hear is you and how dirty you're being instead of the thumping of his friends upstairs— messing about in his room. kirishima wills his body to go rigid but he can’t stop his hips as they drive forward, face stained red from your tourment. he shakes his head in last minute desperation to get you to stop, even if his shaking legs gave away how turned on the redhead was but the way your thumb rubs through his slit, only making his cock drip more and tummy fill with butterflies.
he knows exactly what you’re doing, pushing at his sensitive limits. “i can't cum yet, don’t wanna cum yet, wanna be inside you,” kirishima babbles, feeling as if he had been taken above the clouds where oxygen was low and he was forced to breathe in everything that was you— crimson orbs dilated with lust as he stares down at you tugging on his cock.
“you know eiji, i really don’t care,” you drawl, mouth dropping open to follow his as he moans from deep in his chest. “filthy boys, don’t get to cum in my pussy. especially not my dirty baby step-brother, you don’t even deserve it.”
kirishima shudders, your mean words shooting straight to his dick, face lined with sweat and pleading for you to stop. “‘m not close, ‘m not please just lemme get close,”
no matter how much eijirou pleads, his body manipulated to only follow your touch, gives into your command. a broken cry catches in the ridges in his throat, suffocating him from the inside out. kirishima’s dick dribbles pathetically, a tiny stream of white seed coating the warmth of your hand, it’s barely enough to call an orgasm and the signt makes you laugh cruelly— only embarrassing your step-brother further.
“there’s barely anything there eiji, y’got such a big cock and gave me so little cum,” you tease viciously, giving his length a harsh squeeze as he sobs, letting him go only to yank down your shorts and tug your underwear to the side. the scent of your cunt, how wet you are makes the boy groan in frustration. “how pathetic little brother. think i’m gonna tell your friends how bad of a fuck you are to your step-sister. better make it up to me when you get inside me.”
the boy is barely breathing when you hike your thigh up against his hip, pushing his larger frame back forcefully. kirishima’s entire body shudders as his length brushes through your gooey folds, dousing him with your arousal as if it’s holy water and he needs to repent for committing a sin against whatever higher power there is. there’s no way you can be an angel when your wings and eyes are blackened with animalistic and malignant craving to ruin him and your touch is as hot as the hell beneath your feet— especially when he finally sinks into your plush, enticing and drenched hole, sucking him in selfishly, clinging onto him as if you’re the only one he’s allowed to be inside.
his tip, bleeding with excessive amounts of milky precum jabs against your gummy, ribbed walls— making you hiss in ecstasy, mouth forming an ‘o’ shape as kirishima’s sheer size stretches you open just as deliciously as it always does. watching the lust transform your face is almost enough to send your step-brother over the edge, he’s too sensitive and knows he won’t last long— clinging onto his sanity and holding off his orgasm just for you.
“can feel you throbbing inside me ei, at this rate you’re so close to losin’ your shit you might not even be able to make me cum,” you mock him through pouted lips, pushing yourself down on his dick until your swollen clit is pressed up against kirishima’s pelvis. you moan quietly, sound vibrating in your throat as the feeling of your clit grinding against his skin and your step-brother filling you up to the brim— makes you clench down hard. “g-god, can’t you do anything right?”
you’re breathless, grinding down on his fat dick, your viscous juices making it easier for you to slide up and down and set a satisfying pace— the skin of your joined, sweat sheen bodies slapping against each other and echoing through the kitchen. kirishima’s hands fall to your hips as he pushes through your puffy folds, revelling in how tight you hug him and speeding up the rhythm you’ve already set. crimson eyes, sparkling with a need to fuck you, drop down to where your sexes meet and the boy goes slack mouthed— never getting used to the way your pussy looks stretched on his cock.
you’re torturing him, with every slow flutter of your juicy cunt around his aching dick, every lip bite and wet kiss you press to his sore ruby lips— you both know kirishima can’t hold on anymore. the fridge behind you thumps against the wall, louder and louder the faster you snap your hips down on your little brother to make him cry— saltine tears stinging tracks down the apples of his rose tinted cheeks. weakly, eijirou finds it in him to push back on your thrusts, meeting you halfway and plugging you full of his veiny dick.
it’s a miserable attempt to make you feel as good as you do to him, choked and stuttered grips laying on the seams of his lips as kirishima’s hips canter forward, churning up your insides due to his size alone. his thick fingers slide between your parted thighs, rubbing lazy shapes and circles onto your pleasure nub while cries of your name become intertwined with the loud squelching of your sopping, blazen core. there’s pride in his chest, heart fluttering when your head tips back and you lament in bliss— each swipe at your clit sending ripples of pleasure through your body, hitting high heaven as your legs tremble.
but in the next stroke, kirishima misses your clit again, too busy latching onto the junction between your shoulder and your neck with sharp teeth to pacify himself—groaning into your salt licked skin as he works love bites into the area. “y-you’re so stupid,” you huff in exertion, working your hips in circular motions as kirishima dribbles against your ribbed walls, activating your pleasure centres. “look so stupid f’trying to make me cum ‘n you can’t even touch my clit right, f-fuck!”
your mean words shoot straight to his dick pulsing eagerly inside the warmth of your spongy walls, eijirou’s hips angled upwards to prod against your g-spot when flicking at your clit doesn’t work. they perfectly cover the way his indecent burning touch against your bouncing breasts and hardened nipples make you go insane. he smears precum against you, making your sexes wet and slippery as you slide together in a sweaty mess of limbs, fucking loudly in the kitchen while your step-brother’s friends roundhouse a few floors above.
“i-i’m—‘m sorry!” kirishima whimpers, large hands brushing your waist every time you pull away, never letting his cock leave the safety of your aching pussy— eyes fluttering shut.
your hand connects with eijirou’s tear stained cheeks, snapping his eyes wide open, pupils blown out to watch you. “are you really? put on such a big show for your friends,” you sigh, squeezing the life out of him, essence dripping down his balls while strings of it hit the floor from the force of the redhead’s cantering hips. “y’act like you’re too good to fuck me, when you’re not even worth fuckin’ to begin with. so… so fucking undeserving of such a big c-cock, ‘specially when you’ve barely got any cum in there for me—oh fuck!”
your eyes roll back in your skull when kirishima hits deep and then you’re pinning him back to the fridge, the magnets your parents own scratching his back— pain prickling under his skin in the best of ways as your nails dig into his arms. you grunt words of ‘just like that,’ ‘maybe you are good for somethin’,’ and ‘do that again,’ as you fuck yourself down on your step-brother’s cock— reaching the seventh heaven in when he jams up against your gooey pleasure spot over and over. you clamp down every time, milking him with your hole right around his fiery tip when kirishima pulls his dick back during one stroke of his hips.
his body is wracked with the shakes, a gluttoral beef bouncing between you as he takes you both to your highs, sloppily fumbling with your clit— hips stroking into you slowly and deeply, kissing your cervix. together you both tumble into your orgasms— essences gushing and spilling over you both, your arousal splashing against kirishima’s tummy as you finally cum and let go of all that you’ve been holding back.
“oh shit, ohmygod—yn please, cum f’me, please!” kirishima whines brokenly, grabbing at any skin of yours he can— your doughy thighs and soft breasts— anything, to coax you a few steps closer to cumming.
prompted by your juicy, fluttering cunt— kirishima follows suit, dribbles of his seed spilling into your core and lining your insides with hot, thick opaque spurts of white— you cream around his base, rings of your mixed arousals drenching the redhead in new shades of orgasm as he barely fills you up— shaking and shuddering from his half formed high. seed seeps down your inner thigh, when you pull out, barely giving kirishima time to come down. his head is dizzy with that post orgasmic haze and lust, mop of his soft locks collapsing against your shoulder as he continues to cum and twitch against you.
you push him back by the roots of his hair, tutting at your step brother in disappointment. “you barely gave me enough cum to breed me, eiji, i can’t believe my step-brother is this pathetic,” you spit with false sympathy, letting him go to pull your panties back on and tuck eijirou back into his shorts. “good thing i don’t need my fucktoys to actually cum.”
you don’t waste a second longer after that, peeling away from kirishima and finally freeing him from your clutches— sending him back upstairs to his group of stupid, horny friends, not giving him the time of day.
kirishima’s face burns with humiliation, the heat of it spreading right up to the tips of his ears as he heads for the staircase— forgetting the reason he even came down as he searches his scrambled sex-crazed brain for an excuse for why he’d been gone for so long.
except, he doesn’t make it back to his room— for kaminari, sero and bakugou have gathered on the stairs. their faces are pulled into knowing expressions, having heard more than a fraction of your antics with kirishima in the kitchen...only embarrassing their red headed friend even further.
“h-how much of that did you hear?” kirishima says, swallowing the shame-filled nerves in his throat thickly.
“enough,” kaminari pipes up once again, a smirk gracing his lips. “i’ve said it before and especially after that, i’ll say it again. dude, your sister’s fucking hot.”
Tumblr media
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itsruiblue · 29 days ago
Maybe I Just Wanna Be Yours | E.Kirishima
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Summary: Eijirou Kirishima has always wanted to fuck his cute little best friend. And he's really not nice enough of a person to pass up the opportunity when it eventually comes around.
Pairing: Eijirou Kirishima x fem!reader
Warnings: Swearing, smut, dub-con, slight dom!kirishima and sub!reader, mastrubation, fingering, creampie, dirty talk, daddy kink, slight perv!kirishima, peeping, some degradation, unprotected sex, characters aged up to early 20s!
Note: Not edited in the slightest. Also, the entire point of this fic’s existence was for me to practice my smut writing skills. So, uh, yeah.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
There are times where Eijirou Kirishima wishes he wasn't as nice of a person as he is. 
Times where he really, really wishes. 
Wishes that he was just a little bit of a womaniser like Kaminari. Wishes that he was just kind of a douchebag like Sero. Even wishes that he was just a straight-up huge asshole, like Bakugou. 
Anything but the nice, caring, absolute sweetheart that he is. 
Because he's sure that if he were, he'd be able to do something about you. 
You - his sweet little best friend. You - the person who's looked up to him for as long as he can remember. You - who always comes to him with your big, teary eyes and whiny voice to lie on his bed in those little shorts and complain about how you've yet to find someone who can actually make you cum. 
You - whose name is on Kirishima’s lips as he lies in bed in the dead of night, dreaming about your sweet skin as he fucks his first like an animal. 
He's always thought you'd look just so pretty stuffed full with his cock. 
Unfortunately, he's never been able to make his fantasies a reality. Because while you cycle through guys on a biweekly basis, fucking them a few times and then discarding them when they fail - and they always fail - to satisfy you, you've never once made a move on him. 
And because Kirishima is just so nice of a guy, he can't get himself to make a move on you. 
It's become a vicious cycle of sorts, one that started years ago when you were all let loose on the world after UA. And as much as he hates it, Kirishima's grown used to it. He figures if he can’t have you the way he wants - face down and ass up on his huge king-sized bed - he'll at least be happy with the bare scraps you do give him when you come prancing into his apartment after a night of bad sex, full of alcohol and ready to tell him hours-worth of stories about just why this most recent guy was such a failure. 
Kirishima thinks if he was just a little bit more shitty of a person, he'd do it then - when you're drunk and giggly and so soft he knows you wouldn't resist if he were to push you down on the bed and fuck you until your eyes crossed and all you knew was his name. 
He can never bring himself to do it, though. The little voice in the back of his mind is always too loud, telling him no, telling him that he's sick, that he shouldn't think these things about his best friend. It’s always there, whenever he thinks about you; when he's going through your Instagram and zooms in on your pictures (of your ass) when he has wet dreams about how good you'd feel around his cock, when he humps his folded pillow until he cums with a moan of your name into the silence of his bedroom. 
It's especially loud the day he drops by your apartment on his way home from work, looking for a nice relaxing evening where he can watch a movie and drink beer with his friend, and finds you touching yourself in your bedroom. 
His mind doesn't put two and two together immediately; he hears your low moan after he quietly shuts your front door and wonders briefly if you're watching a movie. 
But when he hears another as he passes through the hallway towards your bedroom, his steps falter and he comes to a staggering halt.  
Your bedroom door is slightly ajar and the lights inside are on. They cast a single beam out into the dark hallway, a strip of golden the runs up the opposite wall. Kirishima freezes before he can step into it, hiding still in the otherwise dark space. His eyes are wide and he slaps a hand over his mouth to muffle the sound of his own breathing. 
The noses are unmistakable now in the deathly silence of the hallway; soft moans, sighs, the shifting and rustling of bedsheets, and the occasional low, wet squelch. It’s obscene but has Kirishima's ears pricking nonetheless. 
For a moment there's a sick weight in his stomach and all he can think is 'oh god she's fucking someone' and 'I need to get out of here.' 
But, after he lingers for a single split second, he realises that he can only hear one voice. Your voice. And the weight dissolves once again. 
You're alone. You're all alone and you're touching yourself. 
It's not something Kirishima is supposed to see. It's a horribly private moment, a vulnerable moment on your part and he should be running in the opposite direction to banish whatever he'd stumbled into from his mind. 
But it's at that moment that Kirishima realises maybe he's not as nice of a person as he always thought himself to be. Because despite all his knowledge, despite the voice in the back of his head that's screaming as him to get the fuck out, he doesn't move. He hesitates, struggling with himself as he searches for an answer to a question he doesn't realise he's asking. 
 That hesitation is all he needs for his answer to appear. 
 Your voice is loud, louder than before, and so lewd as his name croaks from your lips. It's followed by a long moan and then a soft thud - possibly a pillow falling from your bed. 
 Kirishima is rooted to the spot now, every single muscle in his body pulled taut. His eyes are wide, jaw slack and mouth agape as suddenly, all at once, something tightens deep in the pit of his stomach. 
 Because you've just said his name. You've just said his name as you fuck yourself. And it's in a way that makes it impossible for him to ignore the connotations. 
 His dick twitches alive in his cargo pants as a rush of arousal trickles down his spine. What he's always thought turned out to be right; his name does sound amazing when it's being moaned by you. 
 It's this that gives him the courage to step forward. To align himself with the crack in your bedroom door so he can peek inside the room for the first time. He takes special care not to be seen, remaining far enough back so that even if you were to look directly at him through the gap, he'd remain swathed in darkness and unseen by your eyes. 
 He almost blows his own cover, however, when his gaze finally locks onto the scene occurring on the other side of the door and has to choke back a moan at what he sees. 
 You're spread out on your bed, head thrown back and legs throw wide. Soft light from the headboard lamps bathes your body in a glow that has your skin glistening in a way that's far too perfect. You're resting on top of the covers and though they're rumpled beneath you, they do nothing to detract from the way your body looks in the yellow light. 
 It's a mouth-watering sight and Kirishima has to press a hand to the wall behind him to stop his legs from giving out. Because he can see everything. 
You're on your back and your legs are spread wide towards him. The soft flesh of your inner thighs ripples just a little as your legs shake and your chest heaves up and down, putting your fully bare chest on display. One of your hands is kneading violently at the flesh of your breast, pinching and flicking at your own nipple as you stimulate yourself. The other is buried between your thighs, your fingers - which are oh so much smaller than his - forcing their way deep inside your pretty cunt. 
 Your hips roll frantically, jumping upwards over and over in order to push your digits deeper and deeper. Your legs are thrashing, kicking out across the rumpled duvet cover and Kirishima has to bite his tongue to muffle a groan as he watches your toes curl.
 "Ah," you moan as your back arches and your eyes scrunch closed. "Ah fuck!" 
 Kirishima's cock is completely hard now and he paws at it uncomfortably as he watches you fuck your own fingers. He can see your arousal, watches with glassy eyes as it drips between your fingers and to the bedsheets below. He watches at your muscles tense and your legs shake and your back arches, and without thinking about it, his hand begins to slip into the waistband of his pants. 
 But, he forces himself to stop when you moan his name again, suddenly scared that he'll cum right then and there if he so much as strokes his cock once. 
 Your slick fingers move up to rub circles over your swollen clit and you almost scream. "Eijirou! Oh god, oh fuck, please!" 
 He's not sure what you're pleading for since its obvious you don't know he's there but he wants to give it to you. He wants nothing more than to force the door further open and press you further into the bed to sink his throbbed cock inside your tight heat just as you reach your climax. His eyes are practically crossing as he thinks about how good your cunt would feel, how much you'd scream as he pressed bruises into your hips and ruined every other man for you. 
 But he knows he can't. 
 He slips away just as you hit your release, the sounds of your desperate cries ringing in his ears. He moves back down the hall and towards your living room, forcibly ignoring the way his cock strains at the fabric of his trousers. Because he's still your best friend and he's sure that if you ever found out he'd seen you like that, you'd throw him out of your house and tell him never to speak to you again. 
 Still, he can't force himself to leave your place completely. Instead, he flops down on the couch and picks up the first magazine that's on your coffee table, opening it to a random page. He doesn't read it but he pretends to as he listens, body alert as if he's about to take flight. The noises from your bedroom are muffled by the distance however he can still pick them up, still hear the slight rustles and sighs as you sort yourself out after your orgasm. 
 He knows your routine well enough by now - it's almost seven-thirty and you’re going to be coming through to the kitchen any second to begin making dinner. You're going to realise that he's there, inside your home. And it'll be up to him to play it off as if he doesn't know you just came with his name on your tongue. 
 And still, he doesn't move. 
 The sound of your footsteps against the wooden floor of the hallway ring out them, slightly irregular as if your legs are still a little weak. Kirishima listens intently, eyes remaining glued to the magazine – he can pinpoint the exact moment you enter the open plan living room- kitchen area, and exactly the moment you realise he’s sitting there. There’s a small, shocked gasp.
 He almost chokes at how differently you say his name now, as if it's just a word and not the prayer it was minutes ago.
He looks up to meet your eyes and his throat tightens even further, his tongue suddenly feeling heavy in his mouth. Because you're so obvious. Everything is so obvious and he's so stupid.  
Briefly, he wonders how many times this exact situation has happened before without him knowing. He wonders how many times he's unknowingly bypassed your flushed face and glassy eyes, too wrapped up in his own thoughts to put the pieces together.
"Hey, princess." 
You're completely flustered and for the first time, he can see it. He can see the way your collarbones rise and fall with your heavy breathing, the way your eyes flit nervously between him and the door of your bedroom. You're dressed now, in those little shorts again and a thin tank-top, and he watches as your hand balls into a fist against the hemp of your shirt, pulling on the fabric just slightly.
(He wonders in a strange, detached way if you’ve washed your hands yet since there were stuffed so deep inside you)
 "H-how long have you been here?" You ask and again it's so obvious. 
 Kirishima says the wrong thing without thinking about it. Because his brain is far too muddled to lie. 
 "A while." 
 "A w-while?" You repeat in a faraway voice and he realises immediately the implications of his words. He sees it too, the fear on your face, and the shock. 
 Because now you know. You know that he knows and now neither of you know what to do. 
 Kirishima suddenly wants to throw up. He’s genuinely on the verge of rising to his feet, of apologising profusely to you, and of running right out of your apartment to go hide under his bed until you, hopefully, forget. 
 But the look in your eyes stops him. 
 “So… did you hear?” 
 Kirishima blinks at you. His grip on the magazine he’s holding tightens, as does something in his lower abdomen. It’s horribly inappropriate but as you take a step closer, eyelids low and hands still balled at your sides, there’s something about you that makes his cock - still semi-hard - stir again. 
 “U-uh,” Kirishima tries his best to deflect. “Hear what? I didn’t hear anything.”
 You smirk. You smirk and it sends an ice cube sliding down the back of Kirishima’s throat because you’re not embarrassed. You look, dare he even say it… smug. 
 “You know,” you say in a low voice as you take another step forward. “That magazine is upside down.”
 Kirishima doesn’t bother to check, captured as he is by the sultry look in your eyes. He’s in shock, surprised, and terrified as you inch ever closer and his mind is spinning too fast for him to keep up. Because you’re acting like you like the idea of him having heard you. You’re acting like you wanted it. 
 Had you planned it? 
 No, that wasn’t possible - he hadn’t given you any indication that he would be dropping by. But even so…
 Kirishima stifles a gulp and rips his eyes away from your smooth legs. His cock is full hard again, straining against the dark fabric of his hero-costume pants and he hopes you haven’t noticed it. He doesn’t know what he’ll do if you’ve noticed it. 
 You do notice it and it makes you smirk in a way that pulls a soft groan from his throat before he really knows what’s going on. You’re looming over him now, the front of your thighs pressed practically against his bent knees as he stares up at you from where he’s still sitting on the couch. 
 “Eijirou?” you ask and lean down until he can actually smell you - the sweat still on your skin, the sweetness of arousal and the overall intoxicated scent that’s just so you. “Are you turned on right now?” 
 He can’t lie to you - never could. And so he doesn’t. 
 Slowly, he nods. 
 You straddle his lap before he can even blink, and the weight of you on him is so perfect it goes straight to his dick. Your arms loop around his neck as you look at him through your lashes. Your eyes are dark and lustful. 
 “Did you like it, Eiji?” you ask him then and Kirishima swears he sees stars. His hands automatically reach for your body, his fingers pressing into your hips with more force than is probably necessary. But when you roll your hips against him, pressing into the pressure, he decides he can’t let go. Not ever. 
 “Eiji?” you ask again and he realises that you’re actually expecting an answer. His tongue feels heavy in his mouth, so heavy, and he’s not quite sure what words to say until they all come in a rush, jumbling and pushing to escape his mouth before he can think. 
 “I loved it.” 
 “Yeah?” you blink up at him with those wide doe eyes that seem to sparkle even in the plain light of the living room. “You did? How much?” 
 “So much,” he groans back. His face is so close to yours now, close enough that he can count your eyelashes and make out the tiny coloured details in your eyes. Close enough that when he speaks, his lips brush against yours. “You’re so fucking hot.” 
 “Mmm?” You know exactly what you’re doing as you look at him so innocently and shift on his lap in such a way that your core grinds right up against his bulge. “I am?” 
 “So fucking hot!” he says again and his voice is shaking. His grip on you tightens even more. 
 “You really think that?” you ask, teasing him. When he nods, you almost smile. He can see the mischief and lust burning deep in your eyes. “You wanna fuck me, Eijirou?” 
 Kirishima lets out a long groan and his head drops back against the back of the couch as a rush of pure want burns through his body like acid. His hips involuntarily thrust upwards, forcing more contact between him and you, and you let out a surprised moan of your own, obviously not expecting such a show of need. 
 Kirishima blinks once, twice, and then lifts his head to look at you again. And this time it’s him that smirks, cold and dark and dangerous. It’s like a switch has flipped inside him and he’s suddenly aware of how much bigger he is than you and just how much power he holds as you sit with spread legs in his lap. 
 You seem to notice the change too and it makes your eyes widen. 
 Kirishima leans in until his mouth is right by your ear. He can’t hold back his smirk as he growls out in a low husky voice, “I am gonna fuck you so hard, you forget your own name.” 
The moan that falls from your lips is so erotic is makes even you blush. “Is that a promise?” you whisper as your fingers find the hairs at the nape of his neck. One of Kirishima’s eyebrows quirks and he gives you a warm look. 
“Do you want it to be?” 
“Of course.” You lean in until your chest is pressed against his and he can feel the swell of your breasts through your shirt. Your breath is warm against his ear as you murmur, “Please, Eiji. Fuck me better than anyone ever has.” 
And that’s all he needs to lose control completely. 
You’re flipped before you even know it and then he’s looming over you, a huge hulking figure that presses your face down into the couch. You can feel his body against your back, his broad chest and toned abdomen holding you down as the hard bulge in his trousers rubs deliciously against your ass. One of his huge hands is spread across the small of your back and Kirishima himself feels a sick rush of power as he applies just a little bit of pressure and watches the way your back arches so prettily. 
“Fuck,”  he groans low and gives an experimental rut of his cock into your ass. You whine at the feeling and squirm, trying to force yourself back onto him. “I’ve wanted this for so long.” 
“Yeah?” you pant, sounding breathless already. “Please, Eiji, don’t wait. Please fuck me!” 
This makes him laugh and he leans down to speak directly into your ear again. “You want it that bad huh?” 
When you nod, his lips curl into a cruel smirk. “Well, I’m not quite sure you deserve it, princess. You did tease me a whole lot back there.” 
You shake your head frantically as one of his hands snakes from your back up over the curve of your ass and then starts to play with the flimsy hem of your shorts. He’s teasing you so, so close to your heat, to what he just knows is throbbing between your legs, and seeing you grow so desperate, despite having just made yourself cum already, makes him snort. 
“Please, Eiji,” you keen between short breaths. “I promise, I didn’t know you were there. I didn’t mean to tease you. Please- ah!”
His hand comes down on your ass before you can finish your sentence and your whole body jolts as your words are broken by a sharp moan. Kirishima runs his hands over the flesh he’s just spanked, before repeating the action for a second time. He can’t help but smile at your yelp. 
“Stop whining, sweetheart. Otherwise, I might just have to give that pretty mouth something better to do.” 
You whine at the hard tone of his voice and roll your hips back into his again. Kirishima can’t help but reciprocate the movement and he lets out a long groan of his own as his dick runs up between your ass cheeks. “Shit, princess. So pretty for me.” 
He watches as your fingers curl against the couch cushions, searching for something to grab a hold of as you pant. “Please,” you whisper one more time, although your tone is different now; you’re begging and it goes straight to his cock. 
He’s almost feral as he wrestles with the button and zipper of his pants, suddenly all too eager to feel your skin against his dick. However, he doesn’t miss the way one of your hands slides beneath your body, going, he’s sure, to your pussy that’s no doubt leaking once again. 
He grabs your wrist with reflexes only a trained pro-hero could have. “Nuh uh, no way,” he growls out as his fingers close around your much smaller hand and he forces it hand down against the couch, using his own weight to hold you down. “You just touched yourself, princess. It’s my fucking turn.” 
He rips your shorts down with his other hand and then reaches into his own pants to help his cock spring free. It jumps eagerly from its confines, hard as a rock and so big that for a second he wonders if you’ll actually be able to take him properly. You don’t seem to share the thought through, as the only sound that escapes you is a choked moan as you stare at it with wide eyes over your shoulder. 
Kirishima uses his free hand to pump his cock, once, twice, three times as he watches you for a reaction. Precum already stains the tip and dampens his skin, the head of his dick bright pink. You bite your lip viciously as your eyes trail over it and then your hips rut back into him, desperate for the friction he’s denying you. 
Kirishima grabs your body and forces you away, giving you a dark glare. “Don’t be fucking greedy,” he snarls and you moan, turning to bury your face in the couch below you. “You’ll get my cock when you deserve it, you little slut, and not a second before. Understood?”
You nodded meekly and he chuckles. 
“Use your words, princess.” 
“Yes, daddy.” 
And that has Kirishima going feral. 
 His hips rut violently into the curve of your ass, throwing your body forward with a jerk. You moan and claw at the cushions beneath you and then almost scream again as one of his hands snakes around your waist to press flat against your lower abdomen. Kirishima chuckles darkly as he plays with the waistband of your shorts - he’s just as desperate as you are but he’s forcing it down, burying it beneath his desire to tease you as you have been with him. 
 “God, you’re so needy,” he growls in your ear as his fingers brush up against your clothed cunt. “Screaming my name as you touch yourself, huh? Bet you were thinking about how good you’d feel if I were to pound you into the mattress.”
 “Ngh,” you can only whimper brokenly. “Yes!” 
 His hand slips beneath the waistband of your shorts and he sucks in a low breath at the feeling of your soaked lace panties. “You’re so fucking dirty,” he tells you as he runs the tip of his finger back and forth, collecting your slick. He feels the shiver that rushes through your body and the way your pussy clenches around nothing as you cry into the cushion beneath you. “You want me to touch you?" 
“God yes!” you cry out and your voice is thick and wobbly. “Please touch me Eiji! Need it so bad!”
Kirishima hums and then presses his middle finger right against you, going as deep as he can with the thin fabric of your panties still in the way. “You’re dripping,” he slurs out, practically giddy at the feeling. “So fucking wet! You must be so turned on princess.” 
“Yes!” you squeal out. One of your hands slips beneath you again, only this time you grip his wrist hard in a desperate attempt to prevent him from removing his hand. Kirishima allows this as he smirks down at you, getting high off how desperate you’re acting for his cock. 
“You ready for me to be the first man to make you cum?” he grits out into your ear and takes your long, pornographic moan as a ‘yes’. With little effort, he forces his way past your panties and dips his fingers into the searing heat of your pussy for the first time. 
You both let out simultaneous groans, Kirishima’s as he marvels at the fact that you really are soaked and yours as your legs kick out and your muscles tense up completely at the feeling for your best friend stroking along your folds for the first time.
Kirishima bites his lip as he presses his long middle finger directly into you - your cunt is so fucking warm and so fucking tight and he’s already salivating at the thought of how it’s going to feel wrapped around his huge cock. Slowly he pumps his finger and listens with bated breath as you whine and your fingers tighten around his wrist. “Oh yeah?” he asks in a low voice, leaning down so his chin is resting on the curve of your shoulder. “That feels good, gorgeous?” 
“Ah, so good!” you choke back as your legs shake. “Fuck, Eiji, please!” 
He chuckles darkly. “Please what, angel? Huh?” 
“More!”  you shriek and there are actual tears beading in your eyes now as he pulls his finger in and out of you agonisingly slow. “Please - fuck - need more, Eijirou!” 
“Alright.” Kirishima smiles. “Since you asked so nicely.” He adds another finger and feels a string of sparks running up along the back of his spine at the sound you make. Desperately, you rut your hips against him, trying to force more friction from his hand. Kirishima swallows at the feeling of your arousal trickling in little rivers from your pussy and turning your thighs sticky and slick. 
“Fuck,” he groans to himself as he listens to the obscene squelching his fingers make as they thrust inside your hot cunt. “Gonna have to get you to ride my face when this is all over. Bet you taste amazing.” 
You babble something nonsensical and then sob as all the muscles in your lower abdomen begin to tense. Kirishima smirks to himself when he feels your inner walls flutter against his fingers, clamping down on him. “Ah, baby,” he coos in a voice like molten sugar. “Are you gonna cum?”
"Ah!”  you whine back and bite your lip. Kirishima lifts his thumb to press it to your clit and begins to rub, still smiling. 
“So soon? God, you’re such a slut.” 
One of your legs kicks out as your toes curl, and tears stream down your face as he continues to rub your clit at a mind-numbing pace. “God, please, Red Riot, make me cum. Please, please, please!” 
 His hips give an involuntary thrust and his cock, still painfully hard, rubs right up against you. “Cum for me, princess. Fucking cum all over my fingers and show me what a slut you are,” he snarls into your ear. 
 Your entire body trembles as you finally let go, cumming so hard against him that you’re seeing stars. Your legs shake violently and your thighs clamp around his hands. Kirishima can’t hold back his smile as he feels your cunt clench hard around his fingers, trying to squeeze the life out of them - he can’t even imagine how heavenly that would feel if it was his cock buried so deep inside you. 
 “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” you mumble over and over again as you come down from your climax. Your body goes limp against the couch cushions, your eyes sliding closed, however, Kirishima is having none of it. With his free hand, he grabs the back of your head and forces it back, only to stuff his fingers which were just buried so deep in your pussy now in your mouth. Your eyes bulge and you gag around his huge digits, tears immanently beading in your lower lash line again. Even so, he feels your tongue lave over his knuckles, greedily lapping up your own cum. It makes him smirk and he lowers his body even further over yours, his cock slotting right between your still trembling thighs. 
 “You thought we were done?” he growls out when he finally pulls his fingers from your mouth. “Not a chance in hell, princess. Not until I’ve fucked you into these cushions and pumped you so full of my cum you won’t be able to move for hours.” 
 You choke back a moan because you know as much as he does that it’s a promise. 
 Kirishima pulls back briefly to rip the top half of his hero costume off. He throws it to the ground, not looking long enough to see where it falls before he drops back over you, caging you down to the couch with a thick arm on either side of you. You remain as you are, chest pressed into the couch with your ass up, plush cheeks pressed hard into the chiselled muscles of his v-line. Kirishima’s huge hand makes its way up the back of your soft thigh, massaging the flesh gently as he goes. Then he reaches up to tug at the hemp of your small top. 
 “C’mon,” he mumbles, “Get this off for me, princess.” 
 You help him as best you can, with weak arms and tired muscles until eventually, you manage to wiggle out of the garment. There’s no bra beneath and Kirishima sucks in a long breath as he’s exposed to the sight of your bare back, arched so beautifully. Without thinking he leans down to leave a trail of kisses along the line that runs between your shoulder blades. 
 “You’re so fucking pretty, angel. So pretty, all f’me.” 
 “All f’you,”  you whisper softly in reply and it makes Kirishima smile against your warm skin.  
It doesn’t take him long to rip your shorts and then your panties off your legs - though he can’t help but pause for a second to stare down at the ruined lace of the garment, still soaking to the point that he’s sure if he were to twist the fabric, it’d drip with your arousal. He deliberates for a moment, hesitating in tossing them over his shoulder along with the rest of your clothes. Then he stuffs them deep in his pocket, making a mental note to take them out again later when he gets home. 
 He’s not sure if you notice his actions, although you do let out a long whine and wiggle against him. His cock rubs hard between your ass cheeks and Kirishima himself lets out a short groan as he watches the way his own pre-cum leaves glistening trails along your smooth skin. “Fucking hell,” he mumbles, almost to himself, as he goes to grab either side of your hips and pulls your body back towards him. “God, I can’t wait to fuck you.” 
 “Please,” you breathe back and turn your head to stare up at him pleadingly over your shoulder. “Please, Eiji, fuck me. 
 Kirishima grips the base of his cock and gives it a languid stroke. A rush shoots up his back as, after so long just waiting and watching, he’s finally stimulated. Then he leans forward to rub the head of his dick along your dripping slit, coating his own tip in the delicious smoothness of your slick. You practically shake at the feeling, crying out as he brushes across your overstimulated clit and your fingers dig divots into the fabric beneath you. 
 Kirishima himself can’t help the way his eyes roll back at the first contact between your sex and his; even now, he can feel your warmth, radiating from the place between your legs and practically begging for him to sink himself inside you. “You’re so fucking perfect, princess,” he breathes out as he rubs his dick back and forth, fathering a thorough coat of your slick. “So perfect. Can’t believe I’m finally getting to stuff you full of my cock.”
 “God, please Eiji,” you whine at his disgusting words, your own jaw falling slack. “Please just fuck me already.” 
 “M’kay,” Kirishima mumbles, appearing nonchalant, although in truth he can’t hold himself back anymore either. “Just for you, princess.” Then then he thrusts forward and fills you completely in one go.
 You scream and bury your face in the couch cushions. There’s no resistance from your body - in fact the sheer amount of juice that’s dripping from you makes it impossibly easy for Kirishima to slide balls deep in one thrust. And yet you’re still so tight, so fucking tiny around him that it has him choking on air and collapsing forward just slightly against your body. 
 “Holy shit, you’re so good!” 
 Your words have deserted you and as he pulls his hips back and then throws them forward again, delivering the first of many bruising thrusts, you can only moan brokenly. Still, Kirishima doesn’t mind - his own eyes are crossing at this point as he begins to set a rhythm, slipping and back and forth and back and forth within the heaven that is your tight, perfect cunt. 
 “Shit, I should have done this years ago!” Kirishima chokes as his fingers dig deep into your hip bones. “If I’d know you were so desperate for my cock, I’d have fucked you so hard. So fucking hard, you’d never be able to look at another guy again.” 
“Oh fuck,” you whine at the idea and your inner walls clench around him. “Ah, Eijirou.” Then your whole body jolts even more as the tip of his dick collides with that one spot inside you that has you thrashing, and Kirishima has to practically pin you to the couch to prevent you from squirming. He gives you a dark look. 
“You’re really enjoying this huh? You little slut? You enjoy being my little fucktoy, using you as I please?” 
His words make you cry, fat tears welling again to your eyes, but you can’t deny it as his cock drives even deeper, drilling into you with power you’ve never experienced before and hitting your g-spot in a way not even you yourself have been able to do so before. 
Kirishima reaches forward to wipe your tears, his huge hand engulfing your entire cheek as he coos. “Aw, it’s alright baby. You don’t need to be embarrassed.” Then his tone turns dark and his voice rumbles like thunder in your ear in a way that makes your skin shiver. “Come on, say it. Say how much you love being daddy’s little fucktoy.” 
You choke and whine, and in response he suddenly uses his outrageous pro-hero strength to pull your entire body up until you’re balancing on your knees, back held flush against his chest as he smirks down at you from over your shoulder. One of his hands slides up from where you two are connected to your chest, grabbing a handful of your boob just as you had done earlier when you’d thought you were alone in your room. “Come on,” he murmurs into your temple, his lips ghosting over your hair and the sensitive skin of your ear. “Don’t be shy. Tell me how much you love my cock, how you just wanna get railed by me every single second of the day.”
His hips give a particularly powerful thrust and seem to jolt the response from where it’s stuck deep inside your throat. “Daddy,” you whine in a tone so lewd it makes Kirishima’s heart skip a beat. “’Love your cock, love it so much. You fuck me so good - ah - please, daddy, don’t stop.” 
 Kirishima groans low into the hollow of your neck and if possible he’s suddenly reaching ever deeper inside you. One of his hands sneaks around from your hip to press flat into the skin at the base of your abdomen and then he sucks in a long breath as he feels the prod of his cock on your insides through his palm. “Fuck… can feel how deep I am, baby. God – fuck - you feel so good!” 
 “Oh fuck,” you croak as your body becomes tenser in Kirishima’s grip. “Oh shit, I can feel… God, I’m gonna cum soon!” 
 Kirishima is too - he can feel it building within him - the desperation to meet his own release, as well as the desperation to get you to yours. His thrusts become more erratic, though no less powerful, and as if to add insult to injury, he reaches down in front of you to drive his hand between your legs. Your back arches away from him and your whole body shakes; Kirishima’s sure that if he wasn’t supporting you, your legs would have given out by now. 
 “Eijirou!”  you squeal as your thighs clamp together. “M’gonna-!” 
 His rubbing at your clit is incessant, far too much and he can see you’re losing your mind as you’re forced closer and closer towards the edge of your orgasm. His breath is hot against your ear as he growls out, “Fucking cum then, slut. Cum all over my cock and prove to me that you’re mine.” 
 You cum with a scream as your entire body convulses, rocking against his hold as your orgasm washes through you. Kirishima doesn’t stop though, fucking you brutally through your high as he chases his own high. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he can hear you pleading, begging for him to stop because “s too much!” but he can’t, not with his head so clouded with desperation for his own release. The clenching of your cunt around his cock is so delicious, so fucking good, that he rushes towards his orgasm far quicker than he expected. It’s all he can to do deliver one last bruising thrust into you, that will surely have your body aching the next morning, before his dick twitches and then he cums, hard enough that he’s seeing stars. 
 You seem to feel the way he pumps you full because a long whine slip between your lips and you stop squirming. Your head falls back against his shoulder and then one of your hands slides up to join his where he’s feeling across your lower abdomen. 
 “Fuck!” Kirishima curses loudly as his cum continues to paint your insides white. “You’re so good to me, baby.” 
 You can only whine in reply as you go limp against him, and Kirishima’s grip tightens immediately around your body to prevent you from slipping away completely. Without thinking, he leans forward to bury his face in your neck as the last of his release ebbs away, along with the adrenaline and exhilaration of the night.
As his head clears, his eyes slowly begin to widen with realisation as the implications of what the two of you have just done finally start to sink in.
“Shit, Y/N, I -” But you’re too fucked out to care, far too overstimulated from three almost consecutive orgasms. It’s all you can do to gently cover his hand with yours and turn your head to kiss his temple lightly. 
“I know,” you mumble in a weak voice. “Don’t worry. Just... later.” 
Your body slowly begins to pull away from his and he realises suddenly how sweaty the both of you are. There’s a sheen that coats the skin of your back and his chest and while it’s a little uncomfortable as you slowly slide away, it fills him also with a sense of pride. 
You lower yourself gingerly back down onto the couch, settling comfortably of your stomach. Kirishima gazes down at you from a moment, admiring your fucked out form, before he shifts his hips back and pulls his now softening cock from the warmth of your cunt. You groan a little as he slides away and Kirishima finds he has to agree with you; compared to the heaven that is your insides, feeling the cool air of the living room gliding across the wet skin of his dick is downright uncomfortable.
 His cum is now starting to drip out of you, and when you make no move to get up and clean yourself off, Kirishima himself heaves his body off the couch. He tucks his dick back into his trousers again as he slips into the kitchen to grab a warm, damp cloth and a glass of water. When he returns, he thinks for a moment that you might be asleep; your eyes are closed and your breathing even as you lie soundly on the couch.
Your eyes blink open however when he kneels down beside you on the floor, placing a gentle hand between your shoulder blades. You give him a slightly hazy look, and Kirishima has to hold back an ‘aww’ at just how cute you look with the fat of your cheek, smushed into the couch cushions and your eyes half-lidded.
“Can you roll over for me, angel?” he asks you softly, his hand sliding down to guide you gently by your hip. You do as he asks, and let out a contented sigh as he carefully begins to clean you up. Kirishima makes sure to keep his touch light as his hands smooth over your body, rubbing at your tense muscles and soothing tentatively over the bruises that run along the bones of your hips. Once he’s done, he leans forward to kiss your forehead sweetly. “You did so well, princess.”
“Mm,” you mumble back and then reach out for him. Kirishima’s eyes widen a little as you grab at his arms and then before he knows it, he’s being pulled down on top of you until his chest is pressed flush against yours. You blink up at him for a second before smiling slightly and closing your eyes.
 Kirishima blinks. “Princess-“
“Stay,” you say again, a little more forcefully. Your arms come up to wrap around his neck and hold him to you as your breathing starts to even out again. “Please.”
He bites his lip as he watches you slowly drift off to sleep. Even so, he can feel a blanket of calm beginning to envelop him, weighing him down until his head drops into the crook of your neck and he too closes his eyes. He knows you’ll have a lot to talk about when the both of you wake up, and some of it might not be a conversation either of you wants to have. But right now, he’s content to simply sit in the moment, listening as the sound of your gentle breathing slowly lulls him off to sleep.
Right before he slips into conciseness, he takes a moment to thank the universe that he turned out not to be as nice of a guy as he once thought.
Tumblr media
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sunascumdoll · 4 months ago
tiktok trend event, "grabbing his dick print to show off your nails" w/ kirishima/bakugo would be hilarious LMAOO
ɢʀᴀʙʙɪɴɢ ʜɪꜱ ᴅɪᴄᴋ ᴘʀɪɴᴛ ᴛᴏ ꜱʜᴏᴡ ᴏꜰꜰ ʏᴏᴜʀ ɴᴀɪʟꜱ
ᴘᴀɪʀɪɴɢꜱ: ᴋᴇɴᴍᴀ x ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ, ᴋᴀɢᴇʏᴀᴍᴀ x ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ, ᴋɪʀɪꜱʜɪᴍᴀ x ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ, ʙᴀᴋᴜɢᴏᴜ x ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ
ᴡᴀʀɴɪɴɢꜱ: ɢʀᴀᴍᴍᴀʀ ᴍɪꜱᴛᴀᴋᴇꜱ, ꜱᴜɢɢᴇꜱᴛɪᴠᴇ ʙᴜᴛ ɴᴏ ꜱᴍᴜᴛ
a/n: i got quite a few requests for this trend (down below)!! so i picked 2 from mha and 2 from hq! but don't worry, ill fulfill the rest of everyone's request on a separate post!!
as always reblogs are appreciated ♡
ʙᴀᴄᴋ ᴛᴏ ᴛɪᴋᴛᴏᴋ ᴛʀᴇɴᴅ & ᴋɪɴᴋ ᴇᴠᴇɴᴛ
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
you cannot tell me kenma does not have the prettiest cock
and it’s so sensitive too 
the second you grab it, it’s just jumping in your hands
Tumblr media
kenma sat in his gaming chair, golden eyes trained on the computer screen in front of him. you had just gotten your nails done, long acrylics in your favorite shade of ____. you’ve already taken numerous pictures of your new set, but all the pictures seemed like they were missing something. 
you enter your room and walts over to kenma, lightly tapping on his shoulder. he pulls one side of his headset off of his ear, before grunting in response. 
“i got my nails done today! i couldn’t get a good picture and wanted to know if i could use your setup as my background?”
“yeah, go ahead, baby,” he murmurs and pauses the game, scooting his chair back a bit to give you room. 
you cheekily smile before maneuvering in front of kenma and sinking to your knees. his eyebrow arches, eyes watching you intensely only for a curse to fly past his lips. your soft hands lightly stroke the outline of his growing member through his sweatpants, before softly gripping it. you open your phone camera and start recording, capture your nails, kenma’s setup lights, and of course the twitching of his eager cock.
you giggle when you feel kenma’s dick throb in your hand, “you okay, bubs?”
kenma groans, his head slowly nodding, “mhm, your nails are really pretty baby.”
Tumblr media
pls this baby would malfunction the second your hand grabbed his dick print
face as red as a tomato and he’s watching you like a hawk
he’s trying his best to contain the twitching, but your nails wrapped so prettily around his cock is making it difficult
Tumblr media
you walk into your apartment, tossing your keys onto the side table, before walking to the living room. there sits your raven haired boyfriend scrolling through his phone. 
tobio set his phone down in his lap, his own hand reaching out to grab yours, dark blue orbs scanning over your fingers, “they look pretty, babe.”
“you think so? ‘m glad you like them!” 
tobio releases your hand and picks his phone up from his lap. you sit down next to him and open snapchat on your phone, selecting your favorite filter. once you pick out your filter, your hand glides over tobio's thigh and lands directly on his crotch. 
"taking a video if my nails," you retort. 
tobio grips his phone before peeking over the top of it, "what are you doing?" 
tobio grunts, shifting underneath your grasp. the shade of crimson paints his cheeks and burns at the tip of his ears as he watches you grope his cock with your freshly manicured nails. your nails lightly trace the outline of his cock, before pulling away. 
you hand your phone over to tobio, smilling as you play the video back for him, "is this video good?" 
he grabs your wrist, placing it back on top of his now rock hard member, "it's a little blurry, r-record it again." 
Tumblr media
wait can i say about rock cock
horse cock
that's it.
no but you'd go to grab his dick to record your nails
and he has the cheesiest smile on his face 
a sense of pride swelling in his chest bc like
you could have any background for your video 
but you chose to grip his dick
Tumblr media
eijirou sat in the parking lot, waiting for your nail appointment to end. after about ten minutes, you exit the nail salon and enter the passenger side of his car. 
eijirou grabs your hand, his thumb running over the freshly laid acrylic, "ooh, you went with ___? it's a nice color and looks really good on you, sweetheart." 
you hum happily at his compliment, "thank you, baby! can you record a video for me?", you ask before handing your phone to him. 
"sure thing!" 
eijirou grabs your phone and opens up your camera app. once you hear the familiar ding of your camera recording, you immediately place your hand on his thigh. you walk your fingers up his thigh, grabbing onto his dick and palming it through his jeans. eijirou smiles as you gently squeeze his cock, purposefully making it jump and twitch in your hand.
"oh fuck~, your hands look so pretty," eijirou moans, zooming in to focus the camera on your small hand wrapping around his clothed cock. 
Tumblr media
literally growls when you grab his dick
not like an angry growl
but like "do it again. see what happens" kind of growl
Tumblr media
"katsuki, honey, look!" you quickly skip into your bedroom, excitedly waving your nails in front of his face. 
katsuki lowers his phone, glancing at your nails before looking back at his phone, "cute." 
you pout at the lack of enthusiasm from your boyfriend. you jump on the bed, settling down beside him and pulling out your own phone. you swipe over to your camera and open it before gripping your lover's dick. 
katsuki locks his phone and sits up on his elbows, a deep growl rumbling inside his chest, "what are you doing?" 
"taking pictures of my nails, the thumb is my favorite," you shrug, your thumb resting atop of his cock head and rubbing in small circles. 
he growls once more, rough hands reaching out to grip your cheeks and pull your face closer to his, " rub it again, i dare you."
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manjiken · a month ago
-> cw: fratboy!kiribaku, aged up!kiribaku, afab!reader, mxm action, alcohol and drug use mention, spit, smut, spitroasting, minors dni
-> I can't stop thinking about school AUs so here. this is also a sort of a sneak peek to an upcoming fratboy!kiribaku thingy I'm working on.
Tumblr media
Fratboys Bakugou and Kirishima are the very defintion college boy scum. They're the virgin killers, the chubby chasers, the ones who take any unsuspecting victim they take an interest in and turn them into greedy cocksluts. You knew about their reputation, anyone that's spent more than a year would. Trying your best to ignore them is so hard when they've already chosen you as their target.
Fratboy!Kiribaku is arguably one of Yuuei University’s hottest couples, they’re top athletes, academic scholars and resident fuckboys. They don’t hide their relationship at all. In fact, they choose their conquests together. Katsuki reels them in with heated red eyes and a sharp, honey coated tongue but Eijirou makes them stay with his playful smile and boyish charm.
All you were doing was tutoring Eijirou so he could pass one course and Katsuki would tag along to make sure he took it seriously. Kiri knew he needed to pass but you were so fun to mess with. You'd do your damned hardest to ignore Kiri blatantly staring at your tits and you'd tune out Katsuki's fucking voice when it dips an octave lower to yet again ask you to warm their bed.
They’d wear you down and eventually invite you to their parties where they'd have you sit on either one of their laps while they drink and smoke with their fellow frat brothers and friends. Katsuki would drop a brightly colored powdery pill on your tongue and then tip your head back to let Eiji pour some liquor in your mouth, the bigger man licking at the droplets that spilled from the corner of your lips.
When the warmth is high on your cheeks and your body and morals gets a little looser, you welcome the fingers that start creeping up your clothes. Slightly chapped lips and sharp teeth suck dark bruises into your flushed skin as you grind on a thick thigh bigger than your head, all too needy for the friction on your aching cunt. Next thing you know, you’re being dragged to their room, away from prying, bloodshot eyes, where you end up wailing around Kiri's cock in your mouth because Kats just shoved his cock inside your wet pussy with barely any prep. They'd share messy, biting kisses with each other as they cage your body between them with kiri spitting into your mouth as you chase the taste of them both off his lips.
Every rough thrust of Kats' hips forces you to swallow more of Kiri's dick. His big hands keep your head steady as he fucks into your pliant mouth, nails digging into your scalp until he's spilling a load of hot cum down your throat. Then he's plugging your throat with the fat tip of his heavy cock, groaning as he forces you to swallow it all down, telling you he would've been really mad if you wasted it.
Katsuki's cock pounds away at your cervix like it has a score to settle. the mushroom tip of his dick batters your walls and he's grinding his teeth at the way you're squeezing him, it's like you're trying to force him out.
"relax, baby. let him in and let him fuck you, yeah. don't you wanna make us feel good?" Kiri would coo at you so sweetly as he thumbs the tears from your cheeks and Katsuki would drop a big, warm hand on your lower back, forcing you into a deeper arch.
"B-Bakugou ha-ah-rder please." You'd beg as he forces you flat on your stomach, pressing you down against the bed as he rails you, hands gripping your naked hips as his snap against your ass, reddening it with the force of his strokes. His chuckle is low in your ear, teeth nibbling on your earlobe. " 'm already balls deep inside your pretty fucking pussy, sweetheart. Might as well call me Katsuki."
Even after that day, you don’t know that you’re in too deep until you’re being woken up at 3 a.m. to ride Eiji's cock, until you’re tucked under the blond’s arm both wearing Kiri's jersey as you cheer him on at his final basketball game of the season, with the taller man fucking you into the shower tiles after a 26-15 victory over Shiketsu University.
Bakugou who makes you both snacks to eat during study break and then joins you in sucking Kiri off when he gets all the practice questions right. Eiji who koala clings in his sleep but also kisses away your overstimulated tears as he forces his cock into your waiting cunt, all while whispering not to wake Katsuki up because he has MMA club practice early the next morning.
Bakugou and Kirishima, who can be found studying for hours on end in the library as you go over linguistic structures with the latter, can also be found between the dusty shelves of the historical fiction section impaling you on their thick and leaking cocks.
Tumblr media
©manjiken 2021 all rights reserved. do not repost, copy, modify, translate, cross-post, or recommend any of my works on any other platform.
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kingkatsuki · a month ago
Sweat | Bakugou Katsuki x Kirishima Eijirou x Reader
Tumblr media
𝐬𝐰𝐞𝐚𝐭 - 𝐦𝐨𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐮𝐫𝐞 𝐞𝐱𝐮𝐝𝐞𝐝 𝐭𝐡𝐫𝐨𝐮𝐠𝐡 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐩𝐨𝐫𝐞𝐬 𝐨𝐟 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐬𝐤𝐢𝐧, 𝐭𝐲𝐩𝐢𝐜𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐲 𝐢𝐧 𝐩𝐫𝐨𝐟𝐮𝐬𝐞 𝐪𝐮𝐚𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐭𝐢𝐞𝐬 𝐚𝐬 𝐚 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝐭𝐨 𝐡𝐞𝐚𝐭, 𝐩𝐡𝐲𝐬𝐢𝐜𝐚𝐥 𝐞𝐱𝐞𝐫𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧, 𝐟𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐫, 𝐨𝐫 𝐟𝐞𝐚𝐫
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Kinktober masterlist.
This is a fic especially for Kirishima’s birthday!! 
I really enjoyed writing this one. Don’t tell me off for the lack of sweat mentioned in this, I tried!
Summary: Bakugou knows about your crush on Kirishima and after seeing his best friend depressed and lonely on his birthday he decides to help him out.
Pairing: Bakugou Katsuki x Kirishima Eijirou x f!reader.
Warnings: 18+, dubcon (no consent is given but its implied reader wants it), spitroasting, multiple orgasms, cunnilingus, creampie, cumdumping, spit, cuckholding, voyeurism, exhibitionism.
Word Count: 4.7k.
Tumblr media
Kirishima hated being single. It was harder reaching his late twenties and still being a bachelor. So ready to find love and settle down with that perfect someone, seeing all his friends in relationships and getting married had made it feel even worse for the sturdy hero. The women that came into his life only seemed interested in money or the status that came along with being with the hero Red Riot, not Kirishima Eijirou. 
“You’re so lucky though, man. Your girlfriend is so hot,” Kirishima whined into his beer as he sat hunched over the bar table, “I’m sick of spending my birthdays alone.”
“You’re not alone, shitty hair. I’m here ain’t I?” Bakugou scoffed, swigging from his bottle as he sat back against the plush seat of the booth both men currently occupied. 
“That’s not what I meant and you know it,” Kirishima groaned. 
Contemplating trying to find a random hookup on one of those dating apps so he wouldn’t have to spend the rest of the night alone while his best friend went home to a warm body to lay with. 
“Maybe I should download tinder again,” Kirishima held his phone up, the screen illuminating his face as he went to unlock it, Bakugou’s eyes immediately furrowing into a grimace.
“Remember what happened last time you tried that shit,” He rasped, “The creepy, obsessive stalker?”
“She wasn’t that bad,” Kirishima mumbled, “At least she liked me.”
“Eij— you had to get a restraining order against her. She broke into your fuckin’ house.” Bakugou scoffed, shaking his head.
“Better than being alone.” Kirishima sighed, locking his phone and leaving it face down on the bar table.
Silence filled the air for a few moments as Bakugou tilted his beer glass, staring down at the golden contents before he spoke again, “She’s got a crush on you, ya know.”
“What?” Kirishima scoffed, obviously not believing his friend. 
“She does. Admitted it to me once when we first started dating,” Bakugou chugged the rest of his glass before slamming it down on the table empty, “You said you didn’t wanna spend your birthday alone-“
“Yeah, but—“
“Then don’t,” Bakugou shrugged his coat on as he stood up from the table, making his way towards the exit of the bar. 
Kirishima sat in the booth stoic for a moment, trying to work out if his best friend was really suggesting what he thought. Liquid courage aiding his decision as he threw back the rest of his glass, his Adam’s apple bobbing as he drank the rest of his drink before leaving the glass down on the table and following Bakugou out of the bar. 
Tumblr media
“Are you sure about this?” Kirishima stumbled across the threshold into your apartment, shrugging his shoes off as he left them beside Bakugou’s as he followed his friend towards your shared bedroom. 
“Wouldn’t have said it if I wasn’t,” Bakugou shrugged, “You’re the only guy I’d trust to let do this.” 
The words had a swell of pride inside Kirishima’s chest, a boost to his ego as Bakugou had him wait outside the bedroom. Shuffling his feet in a mixture of nerves and excitement as he waited for Bakugou to give him the all clear, assuming that he was asking whether you minded and Kirishima was preparing himself for the answer to be ‘no’. Feeling guilty that Bakugou had probably woken you up from your slumber for this, praying that you wouldn’t be annoyed to find the redhead standing outside your bedroom door but hopeful that he might be allowed even a glimpse of you before he left so he would have something to fist his cock to when he got home. 
The door opened as Bakugou motioned for him to step inside the bedroom, Kirishima’s cock throbbing in his pants when he caught sight of the way you were sprawled out in front of him. Your wrists bound above your head to the headboard, a blindfold that looked suspiciously like Bakugou’s Dynamight mask covering your eyes as you rubbed your thighs together invitingly. The oversized Dynamight shirt that you’d clearly been wearing to bed covered your frame as Kirishima was just able to make out the subtlest peek of red panties beneath it. 
Kirishima swallowed thickly, as he watched Bakugou stride across the room and drop into a pink chair that sat at your vanity. 
This was really happening. 
“Baby?” Kirishima heard you murmur and even though the pet name wasn’t directed to him it had his entire body tingling with need, blood rushing straight to his cock at the needy tone to your voice as you continued rubbing your thighs together.
“You’ve been gone all night, I was waiting for you.” Your cherry lips curled into the cutest pout as you tugged at your restraints, “I missed you.”
“Fuck,” Kirishima muttered under his breath as his best friend shot him a smug grin from the other side of the room. 
“Does she know?” He mouthed wordlessly to Bakugou, his brows arched with worry. 
Bakugou simply shook his head as he leaned back in the chair, thighs spread wide as he gave Kirishima a smug grin, motioning with his head for the redhead to step towards the bed.
Fuck, Kirishima lingered in the doorframe as he thought about the implications, anything he did you would think it was Bakugou, not him. Fear began to bubble inside his chest at the prospect of being caught and you thinking badly of him, shuffling on his legs as he kept his gaze locked on your body sprawled out on the bed. The alcohol running through his system made the decision for him as his feet began to move against the soft carpet before his rational thoughts had time to take over. 
Feeling the bed dip as he slowly climbed onto the mattress beside you, watching the way your lips curled into a smirk when you felt him closer to you. A shaky hand reaching out to run along the exposed plush of your thigh, the calluses on his palms catching against the softness as he watched goosebumps begin to appear on your skin. 
A pretty sigh left your lips at the contact as you continued to rub your thighs together, arching your back in a silent request to get him to touch you elsewhere. His hands moved towards your hip as the shirt you were wearing began to ride up, slowly revealing more of your skin to his prying eyes. 
“Mmm, you smell funny.” You murmured and Kirishima swore his heart stopped with fear that he was caught already. His body stiffening as he debated whether to call this whole thing off, but here you were laid out so pretty for him and he couldn’t pull away, “You smell all sweaty.” 
Kirishima couldn’t deny he was sweating buckets, a mixture of nerves, adrenaline and alcohol in his system as he tried to calm his racing heart. Wiping his palms on his thighs as he tried to remember to breathe. 
Every single inch of you was perfect, you looked so ethereal beneath him Kirishima wasn’t even sure this wasn’t a dream. His thumb danced along the hem of the lacy red panties you wore as he pressed his free hand to the tent in his pants, trying to give himself some slight relief. 
“That feels good,” You murmured softly, “Been waiting for you all night, baby.” 
Kirishima grunted in response, not wanting to give himself away as his heart continued to hammer against his rib cage. 
“Was thinking about what you’d do to me when you got home, I was so lonely.” There was that pout again, fuck. 
You had to know what you were doing, you little minx. There was no way he’d be able to last if you kept talking to him like that, the words sounded like they were straight out of his dreams. Slowly raising your shirt higher as he was met with the underside of your breasts. The soft mounds looked so inviting as he pulled your shirt over them, pausing for a moment to cherish the view as a low groan left his lips. 
Allowing his thumb to circle your darkened areola as he watched your nipples begin to harden into peaks from his hands, mimicking the motion on the other one as you pressed yourself into his touch. 
“Play with them, please.” You whined, arching your back, “My fingers don’t feel as good as yours.”
Kirishima had to bite his bottom lip to stop the curse words spilling from his mouth, reaching out to pinch your nipples between his thumb and forefinger as he began to tweak them gently, your lips parting in a sweet whine as he began to massage the soft mounds with his large palms. Noting how your tits fit into his hands perfectly, a handful of each as you continued making those sinful noises for him. 
Kirishima chanced a glance over at Bakugou who was currently palming himself through his jeans, his lust filled gaze focused on his girlfriend on the bed with his best friend. As if trying to give Kirishima silent permission he moved to undo his fly, lifting his hips to tug his jeans down enough to free his aching cock. The head already an angry red and dripping with a thick glob of pre as he wrapped a palm around himself, biting back a hiss of pleasure. 
“Please,” You murmured, Kirishima's attention came back to you in an instant. 
Watching as you spread your legs invitingly, a silent plea for him to touch you where you needed it most. Ruby red eyes glancing at the darkened patch against the crotch as Kirishima imagined you touching yourself in these panties as you waited for your boyfriend to come home. Of course you had to be wearing his favourite colour too, on his birthday no less. Trying to ingrain the sight to memory as he settled between your thighs. Kirishima grazed his knuckles against the wetness of your panties, feeling the heat radiating from your skin as you sucked in a gasp, rocking your hips to try and get him to press down harder, to give you the relief you craved. 
“Please, I want it.” You pouted as you shuffled against your restraints, “Touch my pussy please.”
“You want it, but do you deserve it.” Bakugou spoke from across the room. 
Kirishima watched the way your nose crinkled as though trying to work out where the sound had come from when your boyfriend was above you, but he was quick to distract you with his fingers as he slipped them under the hem of your panties as he began to drag them down your thighs. 
“I deserve it,” You whined, “I was good-“
Kirishima thought you were anything but if the slick stringing from your folds was anything to go by, watching as the silvery lines broke off against your inner thighs as he pulled them down your legs. Tentatively moving his thumbs to either side of your folds to spread you open so he could get a better look at the mess between your legs, your puffy clit peeking out from between them as he looked at the creamy slick that was still dripping from your entrance. 
Fuck, you looked so tiny. 
His finger slowly slipped between your folds to drag through the mess, groaning as he felt it wry against his digit. Deliberately avoiding your clit which made your lips turn into a frown, rutting your hips to try and get him to touch you where you needed it most. The motion caused his finger to catch against your tight entrance, the tip slipping inside you as he felt your walls trying to pull him deeper. 
You were so fucking tight. There was no way Bakugou was putting his thick cock inside you every night and you were still like this. 
Leaning down as the mattress dipped, he moved to wrap his muscular arms around your thighs, keeping you spread for him as he lay on the bed. Grinding his hips against the mattress to try and give his neglected cock some relief as he pressed his nose against your sloppy folds. Inhaling deeply as he tried to remember your intoxicating scent, fuel for later when he was reminded how painfully alone he was. Not quite able to believe that he was here now with you like this, like his wildest fantasies had been brought to life. 
Pressing the softest kiss to your clit as he felt your entire body jerk, tightening his grip around your thighs. You were so sensitive and he’d barely touched you. Shooting another look over his shoulder to Bakugou across the room as the blond continued to play with his balls, lazily fisting his cock as he watched the scene with half-lidded eyes. 
Pausing for a moment as he felt the muscles in your thighs clench, trying to grip either side of his head to pull him in closer as he gave your slit a long, slow lick. 
“Fuck, baby.” You moaned loud, your restraints rutting against the headboard as Kirishima began to lap at your slick. 
Lewd noises filled the bedroom as he dipped his tongue inside your tightness, lashing it against your inner walls as he felt you begin to clench around him. His nose nudged your clit as he feasted on your cunt like a man starved. The alcohol flooding his system made his movements sloppier, but he was beyond caring as he finally got a taste of you. 
The sultry noises that left your lips at his actions made it more difficult for him to keep his cool, his neglected cock throbbing between his thighs as the gentle friction caused from his jeans and the mattress were working him towards his own release. 
“Untie me please, wanna touch you—“ You pleaded, your hands trying to reach for him even though you were still restrained. Your eyes hidden behind the blindfold but he saw the way you tried to move your head to get a sneak peek from beneath it, hoping that Bakugou had secured it enough that you wouldn’t be able to, “Fuck, feels so good.” 
Kirishima moved his mouth to your clit as he wrapped his lips around the swollen bud, sucking it gently as he felt you spasm beneath him. Thrashing against your restraints as he worked you towards your release, one of his thick digits moving to slip into your tight entrance as you let out a loud gasp in surprise. Almost as though the air had been knocked out of your lungs as Kirishima felt you clench around him. Moaning softly against your clit as he pumped it in and out of you, slowly adding another digit as he felt your walls stretch around him. Scissoring them to try and prepare you for his cock, it was no secret he was larger than Bakugou, and you already felt so tight. 
“I’m gonna cum-“ You cooed, angling your hips as the calloused pads of his digits began to drag against the spongy spot inside you, curling them to deliberately hit it as he felt you begin to clench around him, “Fuck, I’m gonna cum—“
Kirishima stopped his actions instantly, pulling back from your clit as he looked up from between your thighs. The pleasured look on your face quickly changed to disdain as you felt your climax ripped away from you. But he couldn’t let you cum, not yet. He wanted to be inside you when you did, feeling your silky walls clenching around him as he split you apart on his cock.  The whimpering sounds of annoyance that left your lips were almost enough to have him coming on the spot, trying to take a deep breath.
“You’re always so mean to me,” You pouted and Kirishima couldn’t help but laugh at the words, which sounded exactly like something Bakugou would do. Especially if the huge smug grin on the blond man’s face across the room was anything to go by, a low hiss leaving his lips as he swiped his thumb over the swollen tip of his cock to smear it along his length. 
Kirishima moved to undo his jeans, tugging his fly down as his cock was finally released from his confines. Leaving the fabric hanging around the curve of his ass as his thick jutted free. The leaking tip oozed pre as it smeared against your inner thigh, biting down onto your bottom lip as you tried to get him to do what you needed most. 
“Please, daddy. Don’t tease me-”
Daddy? Kirishima groaned low in his chest, his hips stuttering as he smeared more pre against your thigh as his cock rutted against it. Shooting Bakugou a look as he was smirking from his spot across the room. His hand around the base of his cock as he watched his best friend with his girlfriend. 
You were so cute. Of course you called Bakugou daddy, of course you did. 
Kirishima’s cock twitched at the desperate tone to your voice, the implication that you were calling him daddy, not Bakugou. That you weren’t completely unaware that he was currently on top of you instead of your boyfriend as he rut his hips forward, the head of his cock parting your folds and nudging your sloppy clit as he wrapped a hand around his girth to direct it towards your entrance. 
“Oh my god,” You mumbled as you felt him languidly drag himself along your sloppy slit, “Please, I need it—“
There was only so long that Kirishima could stand before he found himself pressing the thick head of his cock at your tight entrance, taking a deep breath as he felt your walls desperately trying to suck him in. The alcohol in his system already affected his stamina and you were making it far worse. Watching the way your lips curled into a pretty ‘o’ as he slowly began to push himself inside you. 
“S’big-” You babbled, “So big—“
Kirishima wondered if you could tell it wasn’t your boyfriend on top of you at this moment, whether you’d realised that it was him instead and just hadn’t said anything but the desperate tone to your voice showed him that this wasn’t the case. That you were just desperate for the sweet relief you knew was about to come.
“Daddy-” You whined, the sound making Kirishima’s cock throb as he focused his attention to where his cock was slowly disappearing inside your depths. Burying inch after inch inside your pliant walls as he began to rut his hips gently to try and fit more inside.
“Hurts-” Your bottom lip quivered as you tried to shimmy your hips in an attempt to subdue the ache between your thighs. 
God, you were making it so fucking hard for him not to say anything. Especially when the alcohol was already clouding his mind, his meaty hands moving to grip your hips as he angled your body against him. Quietly shushing you as his larger frame towered over you, a sheer indication of the size difference as he felt your cunt continue to clench around him as you tried to adjust to his girth. 
“You haven’t even kissed me yet, daddy.” Your thighs moved to try and wrap around his hips, trying to pull him closer to you as your hands were currently bound, fingers making grabbing motions as your lips curled into a pout. 
Without even giving it a second thought Kirishima leaned closer to you, pressing his weight against you as his lips met yours in a sloppy kiss. Your tongue eagerly swiped across his lips as you rut your hips against him, resting his forearms on either side of your head as he kissed you back with just as much vigour. 
His musky scent began to surround you, the salty scent of sweat mixed with the bar that he’d been at earlier. It felt foreign your boyfriend, a particular kind of musk that invaded your senses but still had your cunt clenching. Your eyes snapping open behind the blindfold that obscured your vision, lips pausing against his rougher ones as you began to cry out. 
“You’re not- you don’t... Katsu-?” You panicked, “Shit, Katsuki?”
Kirishima pulled back from you as though someone had poured ice cold water over him, glancing to the side to see his best friend had already stood from his chair and had let his pants drop to the floor. Shamelessly walking over to the pair of you on the bed as he reached out to pull the blindfold from your eyes as it rested on your forehead. 
“Took ya long enough to realise, Princess.” He rasped, “What gave it away?”
Your wide eyes stared up at Kirishima as your heart pounded in your chest, the realisation that it was him and not someone else made you relax, feeling the tension in your muscles alleviate as you whined up at your boyfriend. 
“You coulda told me, Katsu.” You pouted, “That wasn’t nice.”
“Thought you said I’m never nice, sweetheart.” Bakugou leaned down to pinch one of your nipples for emphasis, the action causing your cunt to clench around Kirishima’s cock as the redhead groaned gutterally. 
“You’re not,” You pouted, turning your attention to the man above you, “Hey Eiji-“
“Fuck,” He groaned at the sound of his name leaving your lips, his cock twitching inside you as he tried to hold himself back. Easier said than done when your inner walls were massaging him perfectly.
“What gave it away?” Bakugou stroked his palm against your cheek as vermilion eyes stared down at you, his cock still painfully hard as it drooped towards the floor due to its sheer weight.
“Mmm, he didn’t smell like you.” You mumbled, leaning into his touch. 
The answer making Bakugou’s lips curl into a smirk, “He’s splitting you apart with that fuckin’ thing but that’s what gave it away?“ 
You nodded your head as you felt Bakugou’s fingers stroke along your stomach, trailing down to your pelvis as he used his index and ring finger to spread your folds, looking at Kirishima’s cock buried deep inside your cunt. 
“He was gonna go home and sulk so I thought I’d invite him to play, that’s okay with you isn’t it?” Bakugou tapped his middle finger against your clit as he watched your body jolt on the bed, “He deserves to feel good on his birthday, right Princess?”
You hummed in affirmation as Bakugou motioned for Kirishima to start moving, your chest tightening as you felt him drag his hips back as the thick veins hulking along the girth of his cock brushed against your inner walls, steadying himself before snapping them forward. Filling you to the brim as another shameless moan left your lips, Bakugou moved to climb onto the bed beside you as he swiped the tip of his cock against your cheek. Smearing silvery lines of his pre against your skin as you eagerly moved your head to the side to take him into your mouth. 
“Fuck,” Kirishima groaned at the sight, watching how your jaw stretched to try and accommodate Bakugou’s cock as he imagined how much you’d struggle to take him. Continuing his pace inside you as his balls slapped against the curve of your ass with each cant of his hips. 
“Such a good cocksucker, aren’t you baby?” Bakugou groaned when your wide eyes gazed up at him, “Gonna have to show Kiri won’t we?” 
“Shit, man. She clenched so hard at that.” Kirishima hunched over you, desperately trying to stop himself from cumming early as he continued driving himself into your slick heat. 
“I bet she did, such a fuckin’ slut.” Bakugou slapped one of your breasts as he watched the fat ripple, the motion causing your moans to vibrate along his length as he rolled his hips against you, “Can’t believe you didn’t even recognise daddy’s cock, Princess.”
The familiar ache began to grow in your abdomen as you felt your climax creeping up on you, Kirishima’s fingers digging into your sides as he angled his thrusts towards the same spot over and over. 
“You close, hah?” Bakugou smirked as you whimpered around his cock, looking up at him with doe-like eyes, “You wanna cum?”
You mewled in affirmation as you felt the coil inside you dangerously close to snapping, the sound making Kirishima mutter out a slew of curses as his breath came out in harsh pants. 
“Play with her clit, Eij—“ Kirishima complied almost immediately, his thumb slipping between your labia to press against your puffy nub, rubbing sloppy circles against it as your thighs began to shake. 
“Fuck,” Kirishima grunted as he felt your walls clamping down on his cock, hips stuttering as you tried to milk him for his release. 
“Come on, my slutty girl. I know you’re close.” Bakugou tugged your nipple, “Show Eij how pretty you are when you cum.”
His words paired with the extra stimulation it took to have you toppling over the edge. Your moans were swallowed by Bakugou’s cock as you began to gag around him, feeling the tip nudge the back of your throat as you reached your peak. Your toes curling as your orgasm surged through you, squeezing Kirishima’s hips with your thighs as you came undone around his cock. 
“Look at the fuckin’ mess you’ve made, baby.” Bakugou groaned, looking between where your bodies were connected as he saw your creamy slick leaving rings around the base of Kirishima’s cock and sticking to his trimmed black pubes.
“Shit, so fucking tight.” Kirishima stuttered as he felt his own climax crash over him, giving a few more sloppy thrusts as he spilled thick ropes of cum inside your inner walls. His palm resting on your pelvis as he felt himself deep inside you. 
“You like that, Princess?” Bakugou grunted, watching tears begin to cling to your lashes as you gagged on his cock, “Ya like Kiri fillin’ that sloppy pussy?”
You hummed around his length, feeling the familiar twitch and stutter of his hips as he found his own end. 
“Gonna fill that slutty mouth with my cum.” A feral snarl leaving his lips as he gripped onto the headboard, the scent of ash and burnt caramel filling the air as he spilled his release inside your eager mouth. 
Pulling back slightly as he watched some of his cum leak from your lips and dribble down the corners of your mouth, sweat trickling down his brow as some of his blond hairs stuck to his skin. 
“Fuck, baby. You’re too good for me.” Bakugou groaned as he hunched over you, his grip on the headboard keeping him upright. 
Whining as you felt Kirishima’s fingers spreading your labia so he could see his cum dribbling out of your abused hole, unable to stop himself from pushing it back inside you as his blunt nails dragged against your inner walls. Pulling another whine from your lips as you writhed against his touch, the sturdy hero trying to ingrain everything to his memory. 
“That was—“ Kirishima trailed off as he struggled to find the right word to use to sum up his birthday, “Amazing.”
Bakugou moved to unbind your wrists as you twisted them gently to try and get the blood to flow back through them, Bakugou tenderly taking each one and kissing them gently. Kirishima bashfully looked away from the tender moment as he pulled his jeans back up, standing from the bed. 
“You’re not going home, are you?” Bakugou flopped down onto the bed beside you as he pressed a wet kiss to your forehead. 
“I should probably, it’s late-“ Kirishima stuttered, turning to look at you, “I’m so sorry, I thought you knew I thought he told you i thought-“
“Eiji- Eijirou- calm down.” You sat up on the bed, raising a hand to stroke his cheek, “it’s okay.”
“We’d talked about it a lot, I knew she wouldn’t mind.” Bakugou smirked from his position lounging on the bed. 
“But—“ Kirishima started but you were quick to cut him off. 
“Eiji, I didn’t mind.” You smiled, giving Kirishima a kiss on the cheek, “I just didn’t know it would be on your birthday.” 
Kirishima blushed as he felt a heat rise with him, leaning into your touch as he tried to savour every moment. A soft smile on your face as you slipped your hand into his larger one, “You’re gonna stay right?” 
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planetsano · 8 months ago
premature ejaculation
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
SYNOPSIS 𖦹 he cums too fast.
CHARACTERS 𖦹 bakugou, kirishima, midoriya, todoroki, denki, tamaki.
Tumblr media
BAKUGOU — doesn’t want to talk about it because his ego is a little hurt.
He hasn’t nutted that fast since his first time.
Don’t poke him at him, though. Poor baby woke up with a raging hard-on that morning and didn’t have enough time to take care of it.
It was hard as a rock, pulsating, and resting against his lower stomach oozing clear precum.
The only thing he could think about that whole day was pinning you face down, ass up, while he fucked into you.
Lord, when he finally got you into his dorm, it was over. He was so fervent and eager that he couldn’t care less about stripping naked.
He hiked up your school skirt, pulled down those panties, pulled out his cock, and got to ramming.
Don’t worry, it feels fantastic, but you can’t help but notice he’s actually moaning. no dirty talk, no groans or grunts, he’s moaning like a little bitch.
Before you could tease him and say something slick, he pulled out so fast and jerked his cock until he painted your ass white, only letting a strained groan of “jesus christ..” escape his lips.
He notices your confused yet very entertained look as you looked back at him. Biting your bottom silently saying “well what was that all about?”
all he says is, “don’t say shit to me.”
KIRISHIMA — has excellent stamina, this boy could fuck you for hours without cumming. Real manly shit.
But all that is out the fucking window one night when he has you on your knees in a cramped bathroom at a party.
Number one, you guys were taking body shots. Number two, you were bouncing your ass back on him to some Cardi. (he’s for sure watching you twerk on him while taking sips out of a red solo cup, you can’t tell me otherwise)
But number three really got him. You whispered that you wanted to suck his dick.
That’s how you ended up on your knees in the bathroom, slapping his hard dick against your tongue. He’s swears you’re giving him the best head he’s ever received.
He’s gripping the bathroom counter so hard, damn near activating his quirk.
The second he feels you take him in your throat he cums.
“H-holy shit, baby— hold on, wait-!”
It’s too much. You look so hot with your nose his buried in his pubic hair while you’re looking up at him through your fake lashes.
You’re not upset, you’re actually feeling a little confident you got him to finish so fast.
“Goddamn, babe. That’s the fastest I- What are ya doin’?”
“You should really trim this bush, Eiji.”
(side note: his carpet does NOT match the drapes)
MIDORIYA — is embarrassed, to say the least.
Listen, he had a long week. He was stressed, tired and needy. It honestly felt like he hasn’t seen you in weeks because the both of you have been so busy with school and work-study there wasn’t really any time to see each other.
It made him sad, but he was so excited when he opened up his dorm’s door to see you standing there as cute as can be in your pj’s holding your pillow.
a couple of hugs and kisses later, you end up on his bed in a heated make-out session.
You’re on top of him, lips locked on his moving in sync while you dry-humped him.
He’s moaning and squirming underneath with his big rough hands alternating between gripping at your thighs and ass.
You’re about to go feral at this point, so you lift yourself from his lips with your hands resting on his chest.
You’re looking down at your flushed boyfriend with the most intense bedroom eyes and say, “want you to make me cream, zuku.”
Midoriya literally can’t take it anymore, and he cums in his sweatpants moaning your name so pretty.
You weren’t sure if he did what you think he did but pulling down the front of his sweats and looking into his boxers, you saw the sticky white mess he made.
Honestly, he needed that. Just clean him up and let him be. Cuddle with him a bit and tell him that its okay.
TODOROKI — has no clue why he came so fast. He usually lasts around 20 minutes. So why was today so different?
Maybe it was the fact you got him really worked up in the common area without you not even realizing it.
Frustrated, sho whispers to come back to his dorm to “help him with something.”
chile, he’s fucking you in missionary, your legs hiked up from the back of your knees by his hands.
His thrusts were sloppier than usual, but it still felt good.
You noticed he looked really flushed in the face, like really lost in the feeling. His mouth was open in an ‘o’ shape, and hair covering his eyes slightly.
After a couple more thrusts, he just? Pulled out? You were confused, so you called his name softly, seeing that he was looking down and panting.
When you looked down, you saw his cock twitching, probably the most you’ve ever seen before he shot his load on your stomach, completely untouched.
He mumbles a soft and breathless 'sorry, I don’t know what came over me’ before settling himself between your legs to go down on you. You really think he was gonna nut and leave you without your own high? He’s a gentleman.
DENKI — is the king of ’did you cum?’ and like our queen, Megan said, ’you know I ain’t cum boy if you had to ask me.’
you’re not too annoyed though, it was expected. He got hard during lunchtime when he saw you lean over the lunch table to give Mina the tiniest peck on the lips.
The boys didn’t believe the girls when they said they had no problem sharing a little sugar with their close girlfriends from time to time just because you were just that comfortable with each other.
Denki was shocked but still turned on. & on top of seeing two pretty best friends kiss, he was sitting right next to you, so when you leaned over the table, your skirt rode up, exposing so much of the back of your thighs.
The curve of your ass just looked banging, and you were thigh highs too? Oh, he was hard for sure.
He tells you about his dilemma when you sit back down, and you take pity on your dear boyfriend.
The next thing you know, he’s pounding you in a quiet unisex bathroom on campus that no one really used.
He’s maybe 3 minutes in before he cums inside of you. You can only roll your eyes when he kisses your temple, promising to make it up to you later.
All you say is, “whatever, kaminari.” before pulling up your panties. he really wasted 3 minutes of your lunch for a couple of pumps. But hey, that’s your king, right?
TAMAKI — is a sensitive little thing. inside and out.
Please don’t tease him because he’s trying his best, okay?
When you guys usually have sex, he lasts a good while but still tended to cum before you.
It’s okay, though, because he continues to rut into despite how sensitive he is to allow you to finish. you end up cumming a few seconds after he does.
This particular day though, you just wanted to play with him. the entire day, you were teasing him, touching him, whispering in his ear, playing with his ears.
He was on the verge of breaking point when you saw that and decided enough was enough. It’s time to fuck.
You both ended up on his bed with your hand lazily stroking up and down his shaft.
You whispered dirty things into his ear, making him squirm and buck up into your hand.
The fun didn’t last too long though because you say whisper he really likes and he’s shooting his load in your hand, a whimpering mess.
“tama… did you like it that much..?”
He can’t even look you in the eyes he’s so embarrassed. But it’s your fault for riling him up so much, of course he’s gonna finish fast!
Just keep rubbing his dick, his refractory period is insane. He’s sensitive but you know he likes a little overstimulation.
Tumblr media
© all content belongs to rekiri 2021. do not modify or repost.
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iwasbunny · a month ago
𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖝𝖕𝖊𝖗𝖎𝖊𝖓𝖈𝖊𝖉 | day three special.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝖋𝖙. pro-hero kirishima — loss of virginity.
𝖜𝖆𝖗𝖓𝖎𝖓𝖌𝖘. size kink, premature ejaculation, unprotected sex, creampies, mentions of size kink, hints of cervix fucking.
𝖉𝖗𝖆𝖇𝖇𝖑𝖊. 596 words.
𝖆𝖚𝖙𝖍𝖔𝖗’𝖘 𝖓𝖔𝖙𝖊. ended up feeling inspired so ‘m pairing my baby’s post with some virgin kirishima, hehe.
kinktober masterlist.
Tumblr media
He didn’t think that he would ever get this far but yet here you are, his sweet little girlfriend servicing his thick cock and promising to take good care of him.
The way your hands could barely wrap around his length as his pre-cum spilled out of the slit and coated your hands was surreal, it had him gripping the sheets as he desperately tried to resist the urge to fuck your fist.
You could tell that he was holding back and you thought he’d had enough of your teasing already as you slipped into his lap, your hips straddling his while his cockhead nudged against your tight entrance. making even more of a mess as the signs of your arousal mixed with his.
The loud squelching noises made him groan as you teasingly grinded his member against your slick folds before you slowly sank down on his cock, the way your tight little hole stretched to take in every inch of his cock was making him lose his mind.
“Fuck- baby, I can’t- already-” His voice was shaky while his hands immediately flew to your hips.
The drag of his cock against your gummy walls while your slick covered more and more of him was almost too much for him to take, the stretch only served to further your need to please him.
“Ngh-“ With one quick snap of your hips he found himself letting out an embarrassingly loud groan as drool dripped down the corner of his lips. “Eiji, you fill me up so well.”
You were finally stuffed full and filled to the brim, his cock prodding against your cervix while his balls were nestled perfectly against your ass.
Your cunt felt perfect, the way you were squeezing and massaging his cock was leaving his head swimming in pleasure. It was like you were made to take him, your body making him feel better than anything ever has.
But what he didn’t expect was for you to start rolling your hips against his so quickly, the pleasure was overwhelming and building up too fast. All that left his lips was a sudden pathetic cry of your name as your walls clamp around him and greedily milk his cock.
Thick ropes of cum his spurting from his cock and filling you so much it started to leak out of your pussy and drip down your thighs. Kirishima shuddered, soft pants leaving him while his head was resting against your shoulders in embarrassment of finishing that fast.
“It’s okay, baby. You did so well.”
But your praise didn’t seem to reassure him as not even a second later you found yourself pinned underneath him while more of his seed was forced out of your cunt as he sharply rutted his hips against yours.
“You’re squeezing me so tight, baby, you wanna cum too, don’t you? I’m not leaving my girl unsatisfied. I wanna see you filled with my cum while you make a mess on my cock.”
Tumblr media
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touyasdoll · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Day 1: Double Penetration (One Hole)
Pairing: Eijirou Kirishima x f!reader x Denki Kaminari
Word count: 1.9k
Warnings: double vaginal penetration, impact play, praise kink, mild orgasm control, dacryphilia, double oral penetration, cum eating, overstimulation
Notes: Happy Kinktober, y'all! 💜
Tumblr media
It’s hot. The air in the room is thick and humid from the perspiration dripping off of each of your bodies. Your lungs are burning and you can already tell that you’re very likely to be sore just about all over tomorrow. You’re so close to being completely spent and you haven’t even gotten to the big event yet; the only reason the Stun Gun Hero himself was here with you and your boyfriend.
Denki hadn’t needed as much convincing as you had. He damn near ran over the moment Eijirou had proposed the idea to him. It’s not like you weren’t excited by the idea of both of them taking you at once, it was the practicality of it all, because your boyfriend could be described in plenty of words, but small was definitely not one of them. He wasn’t small in any sense of the word.
Quite the contrary, actually. He was massive in every sense of the word. He barely fit by himself sometimes, which he understood well, and yet he’s the one who suggested seeing if you could handle taking him and one of his buddies. It was practically all you’d heard about for the past week.
He’d lean down, whispering in your ear about how he just couldn’t wait to push you to your limits while he was bottoming out inside of you, his dick twitching inside of you at the thought of your tight cunt struggling to accommodate the extra girth. His lips would find your ear when he pulled you back against his chest at night, murmuring about how he’d just gotten off the phone with Kaminari who couldn’t seem to shut up about your upcoming arrangement.
They were both extremely eager to see just how far they could stretch you out and the moment of truth had finally come. Eijirou lays back in the bed, grabbing your hips and pulling you on top of his abdomen to face him, so that he gets to see your pretty face while Denki kneels behind you, languidly stroking his length as he watches his friend reach between your legs to slap his fat cock against your soaking pussy.
“Eiji,” you mewl, rocking your hips back to grind yourself against his hefty cock as the weight of it slapped against your folds. “Please, need it so bad. Wanna cum again.”
“Oh, you’re gonna cum again, sweetheart,” Denki chortles from behind you, grabbing a handful of your ass, kneading the flesh before cracking his palm against it. He groans, watching it jiggle, only tearing his eyes away to meet your gaze as you look back at him.
“Yeah you are, pretty girl,” Eijirou coos from beneath you, taking your chin between his thumb and forefinger to pull your attention back to him, planting a sweet kiss to your lips. “Gonna make sure you cum all over both of our cocks, I promise you that.”
“Mmare you sure you’ll both fit?” You pull your brows together, a small, innocent pout on your lips that the redhead decided long ago he could never get tired of. You just looked so sweet, so demure, but he knew that you were anything but, knew exactly how badly you wanted this.
“I know my girl can handle it,” he whispers against your lips, brushing his fingertips along the side of your face as he gives you another gentle kiss.
You lean into it, a soft hum of contentment vibrating against his mouth as he lines himself up with your hole. You briefly feel his lips quirk up into a smirk just before Denki’s hands seize your waist and pull you down, fully sinking you down onto the redhead’s cock as your quiet hum turns into a wanton moan.
“Oh, fuck,” you sigh, hanging your head as you instinctively begin rolling your hips.
“Ah, ah,” Eijirou stills them, holding your hips still while the blonde comes right up behind you, teasing his tip against the very narrow entrance that remained between your thighs.
“We’ll go nice and slow, okay, sweetheart?” Denki places a kiss to your shoulder as he starts to inch himself inside. “Tell me if it’s too much.”
You nod your understanding, curling your fingers tight around your boyfriend’s shoulder as you lean forward to lay prone on his chest. He places a kiss on your forehead, but he’s unable to tear his eyes away from the sight of another man joining him inside of your tight heat.
“Shit,” you hiss, burying your face in his shoulder, a moan echoing off of his skin as Denki pulls back a little, briefly afraid he’s hurt you until you speak up. “W-wait. Do that again, please,” you breathe, holding perfectly still until he sinks himself back inside of you. “Oh fuck yes,” you hiss again, a smile spreading across your face as the pleasure finds you.
“You like that, babygirl?” Eijirou grins up at you as you sit up again, pushing yourself back onto both of them as you arch your back and rest your hands on his broad chest.
“Yeah,” you nod, “More, oh God, please. Give me more.”
“Told ya you could take it, baby,” Eijirou’s chest rumbles with laughter as he picks his hips up, his cock sliding against Denki’s as it sinks in and out of you. “And to think you were nervous. Takin’ us both like champ, just like I knew you would.”
“Doin’ so good for us, gorgeous,” Denki places a hand on the small of your back while Eijirou fills his palms with the swell of your ass, the both of them thrusting in opposite rhythms, one pushing in, while the other pulls out. “Fuck, dude, I can feel you as much as I can her.”
“Shit,” Eijirou’s head drops back into the mattress, his eyes closing as his fingertips dip into your skin. “I know, bro, feels so fucking good though.”
“Fuck yeah, it does,” Denki grunts, stroking slower, but deeper, dragging the bulbuous head of his cock along your walls as he hunches over you, kissing across your shoulders and effectively sandwiching you between the two heroes.
“You wanna cum like this, pretty girl?” Eijirou slips his hand between your legs again, toying with your clit while his lips attach to your neck, littering it with the softest kisses as he slows his pace to match Denki’s. “Wanna cum around both our cocks at once? Bet you do.”
“Y-yes!” You keen, the stimulation to your sensitive bundle of nerves bringing you close to the edge in record time. “Wanna cum for b-Oth of you, oh fuck, Eiji. P-please, need to cum. Need to cum so bad.”
“Should we let her?” He looks over your shoulder to the blonde, who’s awfully close himself, if his blissed out expression is any indication.
He shakes his head, picking up his tempo as he leans back, “No, not yet. ‘M’close, man. Are you? Make her wait for us. It’ll be so fucking hot.”
“Fuck, you’re right,” Eijirou groans, speeding up his thrusts, keeping his attention on your clit as you fight off your orgasm. “Just hang on for another sec, babygirl. So clo--fuck. So fuckin’ close.”
“Eiji,” you whimper, tears dripping onto his shoulder as you feel yourself about to let go, the coil in your belly winding incredibly tight. “N-need it..”
“Fuck,” Denki groans, throwing his head back as he pours himself into you.
“Oh shit,” Eijirou is quick to follow, spilling his own load of warm, sticky seed into you with a low growl, his half-lidded eyes regarding you with a euphoric smile dancing on his lips as he nods at you. “Let go, baby. Go ahead and cum for us, princess.”
You obey, your body going limp against his chest as waves of ecstasy take over your every nerve, leaving you a quivering mess, twitching with every aftershock that rolls through you as they taper off their thrusts.
“So beautiful,” Eijirou murmurs, swiping away a tear as he smiles up at you, supporting your head in his hand as he leans up and kisses you slowly, swallowing the whimper you let out as Denki slips out of you, followed by a generous gush of the mixture of their essence.
“Damn,” you hear him marvel from behind you as he sits back on the bed, arms behind him as he chases his breath. “Knew I shoulda fuckin’ asked you out before he could.”
You giggle, though it does nothing to help you recover your own breath as you sit up, dismounting Eijirou to sit beside him on your knees, eyeing the milky white substance coating both of their still leaking cocks.
“C’mere,” you chew the inside of you lip, patting the space between your boyfriend’s still spread legs. “Lemme clean you up. Both of you,” you grin, getting on all fours.
“Dammit, dude, you better keep yourself in line or I swear,” Denki shakes his head, eagerly scrambling to get in position, laying with his thighs cast over his friend’s, so that their still semi-erect cocks are nearly flush up against one another.
“Fuck, baby, you’re so hot,” Eijirou breathes, sitting up on both elbows, eyes glimmering with excitement as he watches you lean over both of their lengths, using both hands to bring them together and take their tips into your mouth, sucking gently before seeing how much of them you can take as you slowly bob your head.
A garbled mess of moans and groans greet you from either side as both of their hips buck at the overstimulation. Your hands move in tandem along both of their cocks, coaxing every last drop out of them as you pull off with a lewd squelching noise, wiping the excess off your bottom lip with your thumb as Eijirou pops up and immediately cradles your face in his hands, pulling you into a passionate kiss.
“I love you so much,” he sighs, a wide smile spreading across his face as he looks into your eyes.
“I love you too,” you coo back to him, leaning in for another kiss.
“I think that’s my cue,” Denki chuckles, standing and gathering his clothes. “Same time next week?” He only half-jokes, aiming playful finger guns in your direction as you and Eijiorou laugh quietly.
“Maybe for your birthday or somethin’,” you curl up between Eijirou’s legs, leaning back against his chest as he folds his arms around you.
“Hey,” Denki shrugs as he finishes buttoning his jeans and pulls his shirt over his head. “I’ll take what I can get here, sweetheart. Thanks for lettin’ me join in.”
He heads off towards the door and Eijirou turns his head, mouthing the words, “I’ll talk to her,” as he tilts his head towards you.
Denki grins, nodding as he lifts his eyebrows and gives him a quick thumbs up as he grabs the door handle. “I’ll catch you guys later.”
“Later, man.”
“See you, Denki,” you smile after him, nuzzling into Eijirou’s neck as your tired eyes fall closed.
“I’m too tired to talk about it right now, but yes, we can do it again,” you laugh and he echoes the sound against the crown of your head as he kisses it.
“Thank you, baby. Did I mention that I love you?”
"Mm," you smile softly as you hum your acknowledgement, "You've mentioned it."
Tumblr media
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chicoree · 3 months ago
three's a crowd
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bakugou x f!Reader x Kirishima
Warnings: MINORS DNI 18+ aged up characters, impact play, spit kink, slight degradation, praise, filming, slight dubcon, creampie, face fucking, daddy kink, edging/orgasm denial, slight anal play
A/N: Written for Bakugou’s official owner @kingkatsuki . Jo, thank u for this lovely thirst post and letting me bounce off your and your follower's thoughts here. I hope y'all like this follow-up!
Thank you to @oneblonded​ @vanille--kiss​ and @lemonadencran​ for beta reading!
WC: 6.5K
Tumblr media
The mirror squeaks when you wipe your hand across it, clearing just enough of the fog to see your pleased grin. You’re glowing, still dewy from the water, still soft from the steam. The fan whirs above you as you hum, patting products into your face, massaging lotion into your limbs, and enjoying the slight ache between your legs, the still shivery sensation lingering in your joints. 
When you’re pampered and primped you wind your towel tight around yourself; give the clean, liquid silicone, 100% body-safe, Red Riot: Sturdy, Sexy, and Sinful dildo a nudge with your knee, and grin. It wobbles from side to side, barely clinging to the lip of the tub with its impressive silicone base, nestled beneath a pair of soft ‘realistic’ feeling balls the same vibrant red as Kirishima’s hair.
It's getting close to when Bakugou should be getting home, a thought that makes your grin grow a little wider as you opt to keep from getting dressed. You’re sure there are a million threatening messages from your lover on your phone, but the anticipation of what he’ll do to you when you get back is more than enough to make you drip between your legs once more. The only thing you have to worry about is his mouth and the fever-fueled lecture he’ll probably try to give you while he’s prying your legs apart, but you figure a dropped towel and a nice view will be more than enough to get him to forget what he’s saying.
The telltale sound of the key in the lock has you scampering towards the front door a little faster, your hands already working at the tight towel tuck as you angle your body as best you can. The lock clicks, the handle turns, and you give the slowly opening door your best pair of bedroom eyes.
“Welcome home, Kats—”
To his credit, ever the gentleman, Kirishima doesn’t look anywhere but your eyes when he greets you. Hair loose around his shoulders he shoots you a sunny smile, stare unwavering even when your towel slips a little low.
“Eijirou! I didn’t know you were coming over!” You scramble for the edges of your towel, pressing your legs together for a whole other reason as you try to inch backwards. “I’m so sorry, I just—uh. Well. Got out of the shower, and Katsuki never said anything about having guests.”
Your withering look is ignored, Bakugou scoffing as he looks you up and down, a familiar heat in the deep red of his eyes that has you tripping a little over your feet. “You didn’t get my messages?”
“I didn’t realize our plans had changed,” you bite out, willing your annoyance down to more manageable levels, trying to silently warn him that now of all times isn’t the time to try and eye-fuck you from across the room. There’d been no indication that you’d have a visitor today, not when he’d fucked your thighs this morning, not when he’d growled that you’d better be a good girl and wait for him tonight, not when he’d left you high and dry, ignoring your pouting and whimpering to get ready for work instead. “I’m so sorry, Eiji, just let me go get dressed—”
You’re stopped by a set of fingers pinching at the edge of your towel, Bakugou crossing the room in two seconds flat to tug at the terrycloth. He grins as he watches you scrabble to keep the towel up, as you look at him wide-eyed and confused, embarrassment tinging your features.
“You didn’t get my messages.”
The towel falls to the floor.
You curl in on yourself a little, trying to hide behind Bakugou’s broad bulk, peeking nervously around the swell of his biceps at your friend still lingering by the front door. Kirishima’s smile is still the same, warm and easy—friendly even, as if he isn’t a handful of feet away from his very naked best friend’s girlfriend. He shoots you a thumbs up, craning his head a little to get a better look, and you squeak.
“Why’re you bein’ so shy?” Bakugou’s hands grab at your shoulders to straighten you before drifting down your spine, arching your back and pushing your tits out as he shifts the two of you sideways. All you can do is cling to the front of his shirt, praying the soft grey jersey covers most of your tits, that the wide spread of his hands covers your ass. He smacks at it and you shiver, jolting against him, flushing hot at the sting. “Let him see.”
“’S not like he hasn’t seen it already.”
“He—” You peek over at Kirishima, lashes fluttering as you watch him unsubtly grab at his cock, palming the thick length of him down one thigh. “You showed him?”
“I didn’t show him shit,” Katsuki snorts, spanking you again, grabbing and lifting you onto your toes as he gropes meanly at your ass. “He’s too fuckin’ tall and you…” His mouth is hot when he bites at the edge of your ear, tongue sweeping along the shell of it as he chuckles. “You’re too much of a tease for your own damn good. Trust me, Princess. This is me bein’ nice.”
He punctuates the statement by shifting you around, wedging a thick thigh between yours, bouncing you a little on his leg to make you whimper. All you can do is hold onto him, hands grabbing at his arms, toes brushing along the floor as you whine and fight the urge to grind down. For a moment your eyes meet Kirishima’s, drifting up from the bulge in his pants to the heady look on his face. His eyes—red like Katsuki’s, warm like Katsuki’s—flick from your tits to your face, and he groans, loud and long, taking one big step closer to the two of you.
“Look at you,” he breathes, reverent, watching the slick smear along the top of Bakugou’s pants as you squirm.
“How is this nice?” You choke on your words when the rough pads of Kirishima’s fingers skim the underside of your tits, patting them to make them jiggle a little more as he hums. Gone is the trepidation of being too exposed in nothing but a towel, the fear of Kirishima finding the fire engine red dildo in the bathroom. You can’t help but stare at the outline of his cock again, at the way the fabric of his sweats pulls and puckers around the fat head pushing insistently at the fabric. 
“Figured you’d wanna fuck the real thing all night instead.” Bakugou’s mouth finds your ear again, trailing to your cheek, a low, pleased rumble escaping him when you tilt your head into the touch, when you dig your nails a little more into his muscles. “You really shoulda checked your phone. Missed out on some good shit, y’know?”
“Wha—” Your curiosity is crushed when Kirishima’s hand tickles just above the curve of your hip, dragging down to circle your belly button before sweeping just above your clit.
“Don’t be a dick, bro.” Kirishima laughs, delighted and husky when you try to catch the tip of his finger, try to get him to slide his fingers through the mess between your legs. “We’ve got plenty of time to show her.”
It’s a blur going to the bedroom, Bakugou all but carrying you there, his cock pressed tight against the swell of your ass as he bullies you down the hall. To add to the surrealistic fog in your head is the extra set of footsteps, heavy and steady behind the two of you, the lighthearted cheer in Kirishima’s voice even as he strips his clothes along the way and ignores Bakugou’s bark that he’s making a mess. It isn’t until they’re showing you your missed messages that it’s sinking in, and even then it’s less about the 30-second clip of Kirishima fisting his cock and more about the way Kirishima’s tongue is laving at your clit.
“F-fuck!” You can’t stop squirming, hips wriggling uselessly against the tight grip Kirishima has on you, your thighs pried apart by Bakugou’s hand as he sits behind you. The phone is shaking in your boyfriend’s hand, or maybe that’s just you and the amount of shivering and jolting you’re doing as Kirishima pulls you apart.
“Pay attention,” Bakugou growls, like he doesn’t have his hips rutting against you, like he isn’t letting out breathy little groans of his own. The two of you watch as on-screen, Kirishima’s hand slides down, slicking precum along the thick shaft down to the neatly trimmed thatch of black hair at the base. His hand sweeps under to cup his balls, rolling them with his fingers, abs flexing at the sensation as he sighs. “Look at that.”
His sentiment echoed in kind by the Bakugou behind the camera, both versions sounding equally wrecked, equally strained as Kirishima’s hand works its way back up to the tip, thumb sweeping along the weeping slit, hips languidly thrusting forward until his fist is at the base of his cock once more.
The clip ends, like it always does, with Bakugou walking a little closer, giving you the close-up of the veins that circle the length of Kiri’s cock, the gleam of precum that smears along the ring of his fingers. There’s the shift of Kiri’s hand, Bakugou’s hand, and then it freezes, nothing more than a smudged blur of Bakugou’s fingers a scant few inches away from Kirishima’s cock.
You whimper at the sight again, feeling the flex of Bakugou’s fingers along your thigh when you try to grind against Kirishima’s tongue a little more.
“Greedy fuckin’ brat,” Bakugou growls, playing the clip over again, ignoring the teary blink of your eyes to watch his best friend eat your pussy. “She’s got the real thing in front of her, but all she cares about is the fuckin’ video.”
“No, t-that’s not—”
The hand on your thighs shifts to your mouth, Bakugou’s fingers pressing insistently along the plane of your tongue as he gags you. 
“T-that’s not—” He smirks as he mocks you, massaging the slick pink muscle, toying with fucking his fingers in and out of your mouth, making you drool around them. “Not what, Princess? Not true? You’re a dirty fuckin’ liar. Look at this shit—”
It’s different being shown the video of you fucking yourself on the dildo. You know how it goes: you’d watched it a handful of times, dithering over if it really was the best thing to do, wondering if maybe it’d set Bakugou off in a different way. If it was too far, if it wasn’t as daring and delectable as it’d seemed in the moment. As it’d felt in the moment.
Bakugou’s hand keeps your face tilted towards the screen, keeps your teary eyes trained on the sight of you fucking yourself stupid on that bright red cock. Every lewd squelch of lube seems to echo a thousand times louder than before, every breathy pant of K-Katsuki fills the room. You watch as he tries to turn the volume up higher, as the little white bar at the side of the screen bounces in time with your hips as your miniature version keens, ‘m so full—
“Y’took it so well, Princess. Did such a good job fitting all that cock inside you,” Kirishima breathes, cheek pillowed against the inside of your thigh. He nips every once and a while at the soft skin there, blooming bruises along the tender flesh, mumbling half-hearted sorrys every time you whimper. He sucks along your clit again, groaning when your high quavering mewl melts into a sharp gasp when Bakugou palms at your tits. “Rode it like a fuckin champ, baby, sounded so sweet cumming all over it—”
He shivers and gives another firm lap to your folds, dragging his fingers along in wake of his tongue as Bakugou hisses at him to hurry the fuck up.
“I wonder if—” Kirishima answers his own question, pressing his fingers into you, still finding you soft, pliant, and stretched out. His pupils dilate as he looks up at you, his adoration cut with hunger as he pumps in and out of you. “You are. Fuck me, you’re still so fuckin’ tight—”
The stretch has you shivering as you watch him palm at his cock, watch him fuck up a little into his other hand. It looks wet, shiny, glistening with precum and an angry, flushed red. You want to taste him. You want the weight of it on your tongue, want to trace every single intricate vein along it until he’s begging to fuck your mouth. You can’t help but suckle a little more on Bakugou’s fingers, letting your eyes flutter shut when your boyfriend barks out a laugh and says, “You wanna show him, huh? Show him how fuckin’ pretty you look sucking cock?”
Kirishima’s hips jolt forward a little faster. “Dude—”
“Bet he doesn’t fit,” Bakugou muses, slapping at your tits, sneering when you cry out. “Bet he can’t even get halfway—” His fingers spread, stretching the sides of your mouth wide, letting spit and tears run down your face as your throat works desperately to swallow. “What d’you think?”
You’re making a mess, drooling all over, spit dripping down the curve of Bakugou’s palm and down his wrist and dotting your chest. That’s without considering how much you’re leaking between your legs, most of it clinging along Kiri’s tongue, the rest of it smeared along your skin and up his cheeks.
“I—uh—” Kirishima’s eyes are big, round, his eyebrows disappearing up beneath his hair as he darts his gaze from mouth to pussy then back again, looking stricken as he tries to figure out his next move. It doesn’t help that he keeps curling his fingers inside you, making you clamp your walls around him, making you whimper a little louder. It also probably doesn’t help that you’re not even resisting, just letting Bakugou spread you open from both ends for his best friend to see, like you’re used to it. Like you want him to. “Fuck, bro, I can’t decide—”
Bakugou all but cackles, reefing his hand from your mouth to smear spit along your cheeks as he squeezes them. “We can let her try.”
You slide to the floor with ease, tangling your fingers into Kirishima’s hair and tugging him eagerly towards you. It’s heaven feeling him kiss you, the difference in pressure, in technique, in attention making you shiver as you map the length of his tongue with your own. There’s an intensity to Bakugou that bleeds into everything he does; even the lazy mornings he fucks you slowly, the ones where he presses his forehead to yours and rocks into you sweetly, gently, seem to be riddled with fire. You can always feel him, on you, inside you, searing you to the bone. The drive, the intent behind his actions—everything culminates in a pressure that always threatens to tear you apart at the seams no matter how carefully he handles you, no matter how sweetly he calls your name.
Kirishima kisses like how you imagine he fucks. Diligent, thorough, a steady lap of his tongue along the roof of your mouth, the pulsing suck of his mouth on your tongue. His hands press firm along your skin, fingers kneading into muscle and working the tension from your body, leaving you pliant to his touch. Where Bakugou takes Kirishima cajoles, easing you into his touch instead of overwhelming. Easing you into touching him, letting your hands drift across the scarred plane of his chest, running over the hair that dusts his chest, that trails down his abs. Letting you clutch at his arms, feeling the unyielding, corded muscle press along your palms as Bakugou rises from the bed.
It doesn’t take long before Kirishima grows impatient, muscles twitching beneath your touch every time your hands drift a little lower before skirting back up to safer waters. You can feel him, the heat of his cock radiating through the air, the promise of him fucking you open hanging heavy between his legs. The bed squeaks again when Bakugou sits back on it, the warm, bare skin of his legs bracing on either side of your arms as he clicks his tongue.
“Stop being a fucking tease.” One big, calloused hand grabs yours and guides it to Kirishima’s cock, Bakugou’s dick brushing up against you as he leans forward. There’s no flinching, no swearing, no letting go on Bakugou’s end; he wraps his hand and yours around Kirishima’s cock with a surety that leaves your mind reeling, that has you imagining every single filthy thing that could’ve happened after the end of that video. “You feel how big he is?”
You part from Kirishima just far enough to look between you, to watch the sight before you. Yeah, you do.
“How fuckin’ hard he is?” There’s a groan caught in Bakugou’s growl, and it makes your pussy clench. “’S all for you.”
“Fuck—fuck, yeah it is.” Kirishima sounds breathless, slurred as he fucks up into your touch, as he watches the spread and curl of your fingers as they slide down to the thickest part of him, then back up towards the tip of his cock. “Can’t wait to give it to you, feel how good you—”
“Do it now.”
Your eyes snap wide open as you peer over your shoulder, as your voice catches in your throat at the open desire painted on Bakugou’s face. “Now? Now? Katsuki, I haven’t—”
“Haven’t what?”
Despite the challenge in his voice, you can’t help but give in to your nerves, to voice the concerns bubbling up inside you. “I thought I was gonna suck his cock—”
More precum dribbles over your fingers; Kirishima’s hips stutter. “Oh shit.”
Bakugou tsks, squeezing harshly at your waist. “Who said we’re doing what you want, huh?” 
“—and I haven’t—he hasn’t—you haven’t—”
“You’re still stretched out from earlier, aren’t you?” Bakugou’s forehead bumps against yours, the edge in his voice gone, the furrow of his brow growing shallower.
You can’t deny the tingle that races through you remembering just how full you’d been, about how it’d felt stretched out around all that girth. “Yeah.” You swallow again, sitting up a little taller, a little braver. “Yeah, I can take it.”
He bumps his forehead against yours again, pausing for a moment to brush a kiss across your mouth, gentle, fleeting. “If—”
“I know.” You kiss him before he can continue, cutting Kirishima’s own protest off with a deft twist of your hand. “I’ll say something.”
“Yeah, that’s what I thought.” The wicked gleam returns to Bakugou’s eye, his hand wrapping around your arm to drag you up and push you onto the bed. He lifts his phone and aims at your face, panning it down to your spread legs and wet cunt. “Brats and sluts are always ready to go.”
The benefit of silicone and solo play is that you can take your time. There’s a careful pace you can pick, the slow pump in and out of the toy into your body. When your nerves get too high you can pause; when your body winds too tight you can stop. You can remind yourself to breathe, collect your thoughts, and then fuck yourself a little more onto the cock.
Kirishima, for all his attentiveness, for all the gentle sweep of his hands along the curve of your waist, doesn’t have that same intuition you do. That, and the heat of it. You know he runs hot just like Bakugou, his skin searing yours whenever he slung an arm over your shoulders or wrapped you up in a friendly hug, but this? This is different. This holds a different kind of heat, a wet kind of heat that pulses and drools all over you as he ruts his shaft between your folds.
“You always—hah—get this wet?” Kirishima already sounds wrecked, eyes glued to your pussy and the desperate hug of it around his cock. “You’re soaked, baby. Think I could just slide right in.”
“Oi.” That’s all the warning you get before lube—cool and making you flinch—drizzles along the thick swell of Kiri’s cock, slipping down to the sheets and slicking along your puffy cunt. You watch as Kirishima shivers, as his hips stutter a little rocking up against you, the edge of the fat head catching along your clit. Bakugou clicks his tongue again, eyes narrowed, a pink flush along his cheeks as he watches. “Don’t just—cover your fuckin’ dick with it, shit for brains.”
He doesn’t give his best friend the chance to react before he’s reaching for Kirishima’s dick, flattening his palm along the top of it, petting the lube from tip to base and grinding it a little harder against your folds. You both keen, half of your involuntary babbling from the pressure between your legs, the other from the way Kirishima tosses his head back, the thick line of his throat bobbing as he swallows and ruts a little harder against you. The phone in Bakugou’s hand drifts a little closer to the sight; you wonder if it'll catch the low, pleased sound rumbling up from Bakugou’s chest.
“You’re both fuckin’ animals,” Bakugou sneers, voice cracked, eyes wild as he gives Kiri’s cock another little squeeze before lining it up with your greedy hole. “You gonna fuck her yet or what?”
“Yeah—yeah, I’m gonna.” It takes a moment for Kirishima to blink the haze from his eyes, to settle the rapid pace of his panting before he starts to press into you. It’s all for nothing; he grits his teeth, jaw clenching so tightly you’re almost afraid he’s going to strain something. His chest flexes, his grip tightens, and he surges forward a little more.
The heat—the stretch—the weight of it is too much. Maybe it's the fact that there’s a body attached to this weapon of a cock, maybe it’s the fact that Bakugou is muttering the filthiest things about how your pussy’s swallowin’ him up, about how you look so good spread out like this. Maybe it’s the fact that you swear you can feel him dripping more precum along your fluttering walls, can feel his heartbeat in the veins scattered along his shaft. It’s the desperate edge of anticipation and the thrum of nervous energy that has you wriggling up the bed, gasping as you fight to rein in your swirling thoughts.
“I—” You stare at the cock standing tall and shiny between Kiri’s legs, the lewd mixture of lube and slick stringing from the tip to your clit. “’S too big—”
“Why’re you running?” Bakugou grabs at your ankle, voice rough, amused as he drags you back across the mattress. “I thought you wanted to make a movie.”
“Wrong fuckin’ name.” That gets you another tug, has Kirishima’s cock kissing a little more keenly at your greedy hole with the movement.
Bakugou laughs at the look on Kirishima’s face, at the pout on yours. “Wrong person, Princess.”
“You can call me that.” The nonchalance Kirishima is trying for is ruined by the desperate glimmer in his eye, the soft part of his mouth as his teeth gleam sharp and dangerous. “You can call me whatever you want.”
The sight of him just as wanting, just as on edge has you relaxing a little under his touch, has you trailing your hands up the length of his arms to rest prettily along the wide set of his shoulders as he crowds you in.
“Eijirou,” you breathe, feeling a little smug at the way his eyes flutter at the breathy purr of your voice. “Be nice to me—”
“Hah?” Bakugou’s hand lands hard and swift on Kiri's ass, the crack of skin on skin making Kirishima’s hips jolt forward. “The fuck he is.”
Your stink eye is tempered by the feeling of Kiri slipping a little deeper inside you, choking the air from your lungs as your nails dig into his shoulders. Even wet, stretched, and leaking lube it still aches, the pressure of being filled to the point of too much making you go a little stupid as you squeal. Bakugou’s smirk gets a little bigger, and you scramble for what’s left of your self-control, for what little power you still hold when you’re pinned down and getting fucked open.
“Daddy—daddy, you’re so big—”
Kirishima’s pupils blow wide; his cock twitches inside you. You realize hazily that you might’ve fucked up saying what you did.
Big rough hands press your legs to your chest, squashing your tits, knocking the wind out of you, making you throw your head back in a soundless, wordless cry as Kirishima’s hips pump in then out. He drags that massive cock out of you just to bully it back in, a little deeper, a little harder every single time. 
“Fuck, ‘s tight. Still so tight and you’re taking me so…” He swallows, leaning back a little to look down, to soak in the sight of you stretched obscenely around his shaft. “So good, doing so good right now—”
“Holy shit.” The phone dips a little closer to your poor little hole, to your shaking legs and kicking feet. Bakugou swallows, giving his cock a few pumps, stretching the fabric of his boxer briefs along it as his hand tugs down. “Feels better when it’s the real thing, huh?”
It does. It does. Every single vein, every single ridge drags so sweetly against your walls, and every single roll of Kirishima’s hips hits something inside you that has you keening and gushing a little more around him. That and the feeling of being so helpless, of being held down and pressed flat into the mattress, of having the most intimate parts of you exposed to the two big, burly men before you…
“Ooh, fuck, Eiji—I c-can’t—”
“Liar,” Bakugou breathes again, bouncing you on the bed when he lands on the mattress, squishing your cheeks again and laughing at the glazed look in your eye. “Look. Look at how wet you are.”
He tilts your head and you whine, drooling at the sight before you. It should be impossible, the size of Kirishima fitting inside you, but it does. It does with ease, dragging slick and cream out with every draw back of his hips, pushing it back into you with every thrust forward. The muscles in Kirishima’s hips flex with every roll forward, the sharp cut of his abdomen rippling with every movement, veins popping as he growls and bears down on you a little more.
It's the weight behind each thrust, it’s the fact that he curves up perfectly to hit your g-spot. It’s the measured pace that hits hard and deep, slowly pushing you higher and higher as you struggle for air.
“God.” You’re all but sobbing, tears streaming down your face at the ecstasy building in your veins, the feeling of too sharp pleasure knifing from chest to cunt. “’M gonna—'s too—daddy, please.”
A thumb sweeps along the drool leaking out the corner of your mouth to slip back along your tongue. Bleary eyed and fucked out of your mind you roll your head to the side, watching Bakugou shimmy the waistband of his underwear down, cock bobbing angry and leaking in the air as he tucks the elastic below his balls.
“Open wide.” Bakugou’s eyes glimmer over the edge of his phone, the sharp curve of his smirk just visible beside his hand. Dutifully you part your lips and loll your tongue out, whining when all he does he rut against your mouth. “He fuckin’ you good? Fuckin’ you dumb?”
“Shit, she’s so tight—” Kirishima’s hand presses along your belly, thumb resting teasingly, meanly just above your clit. “Squeezing me so—feels like I’m gonna cum. F-fuck, I can’t—I can’t—”
He ruts into you and holds himself there, panting hard, moaning at the sound of your muffled squeal around the length of Bakugou’s cock.
“Such a good girl, such a good fucking girl fucking me, sucking him, and—” There’s another low groan accompanied with another desperate thrust out and in. “Could stay here forever—”
Finally, Kirishima’s fingers slip a little lower; finally, they slip and slide along the swollen button peeking from your folds. Lust races white hot through you, rolling your eyes back, lolling your tongue out a little more as your hips jerk and shake in Kiri’s hold.
Bakugou hisses, slapping the weight of his cock along your tongue, smearing your spit along your cheeks as he rocks his hips back and forth. “You gonna cum? Huh? You gonna cream all over his cock?”
“Stop touching her, Ei.”
You cry out when Kirishima listens, hand flying back to your hip, smearing your slick along your skin.
Bakugou snorts, grabbing at the thickest part of him to press the fat head of his cock into your mouth, nudging it against the inside of your cheek as you lick sloppy and needy along it. “Which one, Princess? Which daddy do you want?”
You sniffle, stuffed too full at both ends to figure out the best answer, to think past the buzzing need in your clit. Hazarding a guess, you meet eyes with Kirishima, pouting as best you can as you suckle on Bakugou’s cock. “Daddy, please.”
He groans, hips stuttering into you, hand drifting back between your thighs—
“The fuck?” Bakugou's hand pats at your clit once, twice, a little meanly, a little sharply. The sting feels good though, has you arching your back and choking a little more along the cock in your mouth as your boyfriend sneers and lowers the phone towards your face. “You forget whose pussy this is?”
He shifts back, dick popping from your mouth to lay heavy against your cheek as he waits.
“You think he’s gonna give you what you want? Look at him.” Both of you turn to the interloper in your bed, taking in the way he can’t stop fucking in and out of you, tiny little jerks of his hips that leaving you wanting and leave Kirishima groaning. “He likes seeing you like this. Likes hearing you beg.”
You flutter your lashes and pout a little more, trying to look as teary, as needy as you can. “Eiji?”
“Fuck—sweetheart, that’s not—” Kirishima’s words die in his throat when Bakugou shoves his cock back past your lips, gagging you around the thick swell of him. “Shit.”
“Trust me, Princess,” Bakugou grunts, shifting back once more, slapping his cock against your tongue when you stick it out and whine. “When he’s fucking his hand in the showers, he doesn’t give two shits if you cum or not. Probably just thinking about filling you up, seeing how much you can take, dreaming about how your filthy fuckin’ cunt looks covered in his cum—”
“Bakugou—bro, that’s—” Kirishima looks pained, looks a little ashamed, but it doesn’t stop him from pressing closer to you, the head of his cock hitting something so achingly good in you it has you squealing. “That’s not—”
“Bet she can’t take it all.” Bakugou grins, sharp, feral as he looks at the bewildered expression on his best friend’s face and the pinch of your brows. “Bet you it leaks out of her and makes a mess—”
“Fuck.” Kirishima jerks backward, cock slapping wet and messy up against his abs as he struggles for air. He’s staring, riveted at the slick, enticing apex of your thighs. “Dude—"
“What?” Bakugou grins, petting his knuckles down the curve of your cheek when he fucks your face a little harder. The phone tumbles to the bed, forgotten in favour of him thrusting into your mouth, in favour of him listening to your whimper and moan. “’S fine. She’ll clean it all up. Right, Princess?”
You nod as best you can, hollowing out your cheeks, one hand digging into the firm muscle of Bakugou’s ass to try and press him a little deeper down your throat. You can't help but whine when he pulls out, leaving you feeling empty, squirming around the sheets as you try to entice one of them to fill you again.
Bakugou chuckles, slapping at your cheek, purring at the way you gasp and melt as the pain flickers across your skin. “Now you gonna fuck her for real or what?”
The world spins as you’re flipped onto your stomach, hips held aloft by Kirishima’s powerful grip, head tugged upwards until your mouth is pressed against Bakugou’s cock.
“You ready?” It’s all the warning you get before you’re being fucked from both ends, every single ruthless rut from behind forcing you deeper onto Bakugou’s cock. It’s all you can do to stay propped up on your hands and knees, your arms wobbling with every shake of the bed. You’re jolted back and forth, slammed back onto Kirishima’s cock, pulled forward onto Bakugou’s. Rough hands grab and squeeze at your body, spanking your ass, smacking your tits, Bakugou’s thumb hooking along the inside of your cheek beside his shaft, Kirishima’s circling the tight ring of muscle sitting above your pussy.
It's almost too much, the overwhelming sensation of Kirishima hitting too deep and then not deep enough, of Bakugou’s cock nudging at the back of your throat and then slapping along your face.
“Fuck—fuck I’m gonna cum—I think I’m gonna—” Kirishima lets out a noise that sounds like it’s been punched out of him, the rapid smack smack smack of his hips against yours, of his balls against your clit making you arch. “Oh shit, your pussy’s too damn tight, pretty girl—"
“Me too—f-fuck, gonna cum. ‘M gonna cum, gonna paint this fithy fuckin’ mouth white—” Bakugou’s hand rests heavy along the back of your head, the sharp cut of his v drawing near than far as he pistons in and out of your mouth, as he growls at the feel of you sucking and licking sloppy along his cock. “You gonna swallow? Gonna take what I give you? Yeah, you are. Yeah, you are—”
Cum shoots hot along your tongue, the salty, earthy taste of it soothing some of the desperation brewing in your belly as you eagerly swallow it all, sucking every last drop from his twitching cock. Bakugou fucks lazily into your mouth a handful of times, chest heaving and glistening with sweat as he groans.
“Such a good fuckin’ girl—”
He lifts you effortlessly, pushes you back against Kirishima’s chest, panting and grinning as he watches his best friend paw at your tits. All the while Kirishima fucks up into you with a desperation that has you whining, that has your hand drifting between your thighs.
“Nice try, Princess.” Bakugou grins, clearly relishing the stricken expression on your face when he drawls, “Ei. Hands.”
Kirishima wraps a hand around one of your arms, then repeats it with the other, tugging you back, arching your back, leaving you helpless to do anything but take it.
“Sorry, sweetheart—so fuckin’—nn—fuck.” The pornographic squelch of him rutting against you gets a little louder, a little faster as he ups his pace, ups the force behind every single roll of his hips.
“Eiji—daddy, please.” You tip your head back but he’s not looking at you, his eyes narrowed, focused instead on the way Bakugou shamelessly gropes at your jiggling tits, strokes at the dripping folds between your legs, skimming the outside of Kiri’s cock and dancing over your neglected clit.
“Can’t wait to see it,” Bakugou growls, dragging his eyes slowly up the length of your body to meet yours. “Can’t wait to see you tryna keep all that fuckin’ cum in you.”
“’S not gonna happen. I know it, you know it, he knows it. You see how fuckin’ full you are, huh? Think there’s any room left inside this tight little—”
“Shit. O-oh, fuck, baby—don’t—‘s tight—” Kirishima sounds pained when he cries out, voice tight with raw desire as his hips drive into you. You couldn’t help it; the stutter of your walls was to be expected, what with the sinful drawl of Bakugou’s voice, the lewd suggestions he was breathing into your ear, the light slaps along your clit that weren’t enough to let you cum— “F-fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”
Bakugou is right. There isn’t enough room inside you. Every single rope of cum Kirishima lets out inside you is fucked out a handful of seconds later, the drip of his seed smearing sticky along the inside of your thighs as they shiver and try to clamp together. Every jolt of his hips has you lifting off the bed a little higher, the tip of his cock burying deep, hitting something so sweet and raw inside you that it makes you squeeze tighter. Makes his cum drip out a little faster.
“Look at that.” Bakugou sounds hoarse, as fucked out as you feel as he drags his fingers through the mess to slide it along your tongue, smirking at the wheezing noise Kiri makes out when he notices. “What’d you say earlier? Huh? When you were cummin’ on that fuckin’ toy?”
You shiver and clamp down a little harder, hips swaying from side to side as Kirishima lets out another pained groan, his forehead dropping to your shoulder as he shivers.
“Well?” Bakugou’s fingers massage along the flat plane of your tongue, letting you mull over it, letting you feel the ache between your thighs, the desire to cum a little more keenly. You’re breathy, when you speak, voice wavering, eyes wet, lips swollen as you whisper,
“I made a mess.”
“Yeah.” Bakugou pulls you towards him, groaning at the cum spilling from you when Kirishima’s dick slips free, sliding down your legs hot and sticky. “Yeah, you fuckin’ did.”
He lets you grab at his wrist; lets you drag it between your thighs. Lets you press his fingers to your folds, and you sigh when he strokes along your slit, petting at the slow drool of your slick and Kiri’s cum still dribbling from you. When you feel Kirishima grabbing at your tits, rolling your nipples between his fingers you keen, sinking into both sensations a little more until they both pull away, whatever silent conversation they’re holding over your shoulder making you pout as you eye the wide smiles on their faces.
Bakugou laughs, dark and deep, shifting back to splay on the bed, legs stretched out, thighs spread wide as he looks at you. Kirishima pats at your ass until you slip off the mattress to stand weak-kneed and wobbly beside the bed, pouting at the two heroes watching you with wicked grins and greedy eyes.
“What? You thought you got to cum after the shit you pulled?” Bakugou arches an eyebrow, licking at his lips, the pink of his tongue sliding obscenely along the swell of his lower lip. “Think again, Princess. You’re gonna have to work for that.”
Kirishima smiles, cheeks pink, voice eager as he tips forward a little, watching a glistening glob of cum wind its way down your leg. “Go grab the dildo. You’re gonna give us a little show.”
Tumblr media
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sukisangel · 15 days ago
HIIIIIII I heard you were lonely so I'm here to share my thirsty thoughts! Been thinking a lot recently about hybrid! Kirishima and Bakugou and if they went into a rut at the same time 🥵 just being manhandled by both (feel free to ignore if you don't like hybrids lol)
The way i’m planning to write something alkng these lines👀
Tumblr media
Dobberman!hybrid!bakugou and golden!retriever!hybrid!kirishima who got adopted by you the same time. The way you entered at the petshop just wanting a hybrid to help protect your house and keep company then finding bakugou, the perfect one for you!
Oh, but the way his buddy, who was seconds ago all playful with the other hybrid, now looked at you with those sad big puppy eyes. You just couldn’t resist. Yes. Now the both hybrid were on the back of the car, bakugou huffing from time to time at the kirishima, who was again all over his friend.
It’s been few months with them, deciding not to castrate those poor hybrids and deciding to stick to heat suppressants. However, what your puppies told you was… that those pills hurt them more than you can think. And the problem also was that you trusted them to take the pills by themselves. What a mistake. Both of them started to lie to you, throwing the pill away instead of taking them.
The effects didn’t took long to appears, their bodies glistening with sweat as the blood rushed down to their lower parts. Didn’t take long for you to notice the way they were all over you, laying their heads on your body, pawing at your thighs, stomach and chest, sometimes grinding against some part of your body whenever you were near them. Soon enough they were both sticking their nose on your clothed cunt whenever you were cooking, cleaning around the house, and yourself denying that you weren’t get wet from the way they gripped your thighs and took shameless smell of you. Days later you were pinned on the bed. Cheeks pressed against bakugou’s chest as he thrusted fast and desperately to your tight cunt while Kirishima tried to make more space beside bakugou inside the same hole. Moaning and whining, lost in maybe the third? Fourth orgasm? From just trying to take bakugou’s fat cock! It was too much for you… but the way Kirishima also felt so good… fuck!
You never regret adopting them… and also stopped buying them heat suppressants!
Tumblr media
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th0tfairy · 6 months ago
bnha boys when ur dad walks in on u having sex 😰
Bakugou: he’s still pounding into u as he holds eye contact with ur dad while u wither under the sheets. “the FUCK you looking at ?”
Shouto: asks him to step out for a minute, he’ll be done soon.
Kirishima: sticks his hand out while he’s still inside of you like, “nice to finally meet you, sir”
Deku: literal seconds from bursting into tears like “you have a DAD⁉️”
Sero: waves awkwardly as he pulls his shirt over you and covers himself with the sheets 😬
Denki: “hello future grandpa” he greets, as he puts his fist out for ur dad to bump😓
Hawks: says “yikes” before proceeding to nut on your back
Dabi: “no offense to ur mom, but now I know where u get your good looks from”
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tteokdoroki · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ʚ♡ɞ SYNOPSIS: when the stresses of upcoming college exams keeps on piling up, your boyfriend eijirou kirishima takes matters of making you feel better—into his own hands.
Tumblr media
ʚ♡ɞ PAIRING: eijirou kirishima x gn + afab!reader.
ʚ♡ɞ WC: 1.8K.
ʚ♡ɞ RATED: mature, 18+, mdni.
ʚ♡ɞ GENRE: college!au, smut.
ʚ♡ɞ CW: please read ! soft smut, ( characters aged up to twenties ),  soft dom!kirishima, fingering, breeding, light!cumplay, light!praise, unprotected sex, dumbification.
ʚ♡ɞ A/N: hello everyone!! today i bring you the good old kirishima brain rot! this is a short little piece that a lovely person commissioned and has allowed me to post!! i hope you all enjoy and have a lovely day <3
ʚ♡ɞ masterlist | requests | kofi
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
eijirou kirishima makes you feel loved, even on your darkest days. 
he’s a good boyfriend, caring for you with all four corners of his heart, always. even now, when you’re snug in his arms after a stressful day— the pressure of exams sitting like weights on your shoulders, leading to sleepless nights hitting the books for college tests that wouldn’t matter afterwards.
your stress was evident; in your sunken posture and the new bags under your eyes and once kirishima had caught wind of it— he’d forced you to take a break from the brain melting books and roped you into a cuddly movie night, letting scenes of the twilight saga flash across his laptop screen. 
kirishima knew it was your favourite. 
now, you’re nuzzling his side, beefy arms wrapped around you like a safety blanket, but the parasite of stress worms it’s way into your thoughts and eats at you like black necrosis, inking your veins with poison worries about your education. 
“you named my daughter after the lockness monster,” 
kirishima mouths the line, one he’s heard a thousand times, smiling at it, but frowns when you don’t quote the line too—his red crystal gaze drops to your face in concern. 
“what’s the matter, baby?” he squeezes you and reads you like an open book. 
you hate that he catches on so easily, “s’nothin’ ei, you’re missing the movie.” you mumble into his skin, eyes darting to the screen, hoping that it’s glare doesn’t reflect the tears building up.
“not true,” kirishima hums, attention diverted from the movie and focused on you, “you’re upset, it’s not nothin’ if you’re upset.” 
you take a deep breath before speaking, scared that his worried expression— brows creased and sharp teeth sinking into his lower lip, will make you burst. “i know you said tonight was supposed to be about relaxing,” you stumble over your words as he listens patiently. “but i’m still thinking of the work i’ll have to do tomorrow—“ 
“whatever you have to do, can wait, you need to take care of yourself, first,” kirishima can tell you’re about to lose it when he shushes you, his warm hand wiping away the few tears already escaping your galaxy eyes. “don’t do that baby, don’t cry,” he coos, when your bottom lip starts to wobble at his gentleness. your head shakes as you try to hide it, but your boyfriend isn’t having that. “baby, i know you’re upset, so tell me what you need and i’ll give it to you, okay?” 
“o-okay,” you sniffle tearily, overwhelmed by a weird mix of love and strain. “i dunno ei… ‘m just…” 
“just what?” eijirou prompts, cocking his head down at you. he doesn’t mean to do it, but the gesture makes you feel small. you shake your head again. 
“c’mon, i know you heard what i said, y’not gonna use the rest of your words?” shaking his head fondly, your boyfriend pushes you to lay back— lips stretched into soft, barely-there smile. “that’s okay, you don’t have to know angel. jus’ lemme take care of it all for you, alright?” eijirou’s mouth presses against yours before you can agree, slotting perfectly against your own as if it was made to kiss you and only you. he licks over your lips in slow and sensual strokes that make your tummy warm and tears burn against the corner of your eyes but it’s when his tongue laps at the deepest heat of your mouth that a small whine escapes you. 
amused and pulling away, kirishima nips your bottom lip— groaning at the string of saliva that connects you before you’re yanking him back down by his baby hairs for another wet kiss. “funny...” he pants into your mouth, “y’got so much energy to kiss me but none to tell me what you need,” 
you know he’s teasing, but still makes needy butterflies tickle the lining of your tummy. “need you ei, wan’ you to make me forget!” you whimper, missing his mouth moving along with yours.
“yeah? i’ll make you forget, fill your pretty head with thoughts of me?” kirishima says to himself more so than you, slipping his tongue back into your mouth as his hazy eyes flutter shut and a large hands drop to the cusp of your neck. he grips it between his rough fingers with enough pressure to make you mewl— reluctantly pulling his lips away from yours to draw dark marks against your throat with his pointed teeth, causing a veil of lust to cover the sanctuary of your brain. 
your body arches into his touch as eijirou’s hands start to explore every dip and curve belonging to you— pinching and pulling at whatever he can with his lips and teeth never too far behind. the temperature of his dorm room rises, heat prickling along your skin at the anticipation of being ravaged and the movie you have on becomes lost underneath kirishima’s hearty groans along with your stressors for the day. 
you’re so caught up in the sloppy kisses and the saliva trails eijirou works into your collar bones that you lose the path of hands to your cotton shorts as he peels them back with your underwear— moaning out for him desperately. “ei, please...need somethin’, do somethin’,” you chant, twisting underneath his weight when cool air hits your freshly exposed cunt.
kirishima grins, ear to ear as he blows warmly over your glistening slit— quirking a brow up at you. “see you’ve found your voice, baby,” the redhead makes his way back up your body with a trail of smooches along your tummy— stopping only at your chest to bite your nipples over your shirt. however, the hand remaining on your inner thigh starts to dance over your folds, middle finger turning over your soaking entrance. “gonna use my fingers today, okay? know how you get when i eat you out, don’t want you forgetting too much, now,” 
he chuckles lightly, but kirishima’s eyes darkened with lust— slipping one, then two fingers into your welcoming cunt— shuddering at the lewd squelch it gives at his intrusion. you nod, a whimper brewing on your wet lips when he pulls back from biting you to spit onto your sex, drawing his fingers in and out, calloused thumb circling your puffy clit. they curl inside you next, thick digits stretching you out and bearing down on your g-spot. your brain fizzes with arousal, sweet nectar leaks from your mound and with newfound motivation, eijirou’s pace picks up. 
it’s an obscene, yet passionate pattern. you moan or whine and eijirou speeds up his fingers until the sheets below are soaked through. “so needy for my fingers but just wait until i get you on my cock,” he tells you, golden skin shining with sweat, red hair mussed from your wandering hand as he grinds into the bed from watching you. 
you can’t help but cry for completely different reasons now, your boyfriend’s fingers making you shake with desire— hips unable to escape him as he fingers your pretty pussy to his heart's content and pins you down. “fuck, you’re so wet down here, haven’t even made you cum, is this all for me?” eijirou smiles, watching your eyes cross and your consciousness slip away.
“f’you eiji!” you squeak in response when he hits your pleasure spot after scissoring his fingers, making your cunt grip him hard. only for him, he’s the only one to get your body to act like this— hips running away from his brutal pace, toes curling from an impending release you know will take you out. 
“all for me? god, i must really make you feel good, huh?” he asks, the teasing lilt to his words dragging you by the ankle towards release. he feels your sex spasm around him, laughing breathily against your skin. “such a cutie, my baby likes gettin’ talked dirty to. just makes you wanna cum, doesn’t it?” 
you nod your head fast, feeling the coil in your tummy start to unwind. “uhuh, c-can i cum, eiji?” 
“go ahead ‘n cum f’me baby, tonight’s all about you,” kirishima whispers, never slowing down his hand as his palm grinds into your clit. your high follows not long after, crashing over you like stormy waves and drowning you in divine pleasure— flooding your brain with nothing but him. black spots paint your vision, body shaking violently while your high rolls over you, kirishima guiding you through. “need you to stay with me baby, ‘specially if you’re gonna take my cock,” 
kirishima grips your face, squishing your cheeks as you fall in and out of consciousness, spasming from the aftershocks of your orgasm. it’s not until you feel his fat cockhead prodding against your entrance that you come to, the familiar burn setting your nerve endings on fire. “‘m here, wan’ it please,” you babble, hips lifting up to coax more of his cock into your tightness. 
“there you are, angel—ah, fuck— gave me a little scare there,” eijirou simpers, eyes crossing as he sheaths himself fully inside your gummy cunt— all veins on his cock pressing against your squishy insides. neither of you will last long, not with how fresh your last orgasm was and how hard he got from watching you cum.
but the stress melts from your body as kirishima takes you, slow strokes smooshing his pelvis against your swollen nub and your cunt gushing while you wriggle beneath him. he’s never failed to make you feel like heaven, his hot red tip leaking angrily against your ribbed walls and jamming up against brand new pleasure spots with every thrust. your joined bodies grow slicker and slicker, dancing together in a passionate grind while kirishima buries his hot face in your neck— speaking whatever dirty words come to mind.
“you’re so good,” he tells you, hiking your leg up high on his waist, “does that feel good for you, angel?” he adds, panting against your salt licked skin and grinding the meat of his girth into your hole. you’re tight around eijirou when you come close to cumming a second time, tears loose in your eyelashes and choking the life out of his milky cock, dripping down his balls, sharp thrusts pushing more of his precum into your hot cunt.
“eiji, ei… ‘m so close!” you mumble, dazed from the drag of his dick along your velvet walls— seconds away from seeing stars. 
“i know,” kirishima’s skin slaps heavily against your own, cock bulging in your lower tummy. “can feel it baby, the way y’suck me in like that,” he chokes on a moan, bed rocking beneath you as he pulls you to orgasm. “so tight you’d almost think i didn’t fuck you enough.” eijirou’s words make you squeeze him once more, sending you both hurtling into your highs, i love yous are thrown into the air as you cream on his cock for the last time— hot spurts of his seed filling your sex as stress seeps out of your relaxed body.
eijirou’s still cumming in spurts after you’ve both collapsed, eyes searching your face. “feelin’ better, now?” he breathes, softly pushing his cum through your abused folds. 
you only have the energy to nod and smile.
how could you not be, when he loved you like this?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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itsruiblue · 2 months ago
The MHA Boys When You Admit You're Insecure About Your Looks
Ft. Kirishima, Bakugou, Sero, Shinsou, Todoroki
Warnings: Swearing, talks of insecurity
Note: I was feeling like shit yesterday so I wrote this. It’s not edited at all, so apologies in advance. 
Tumblr media
Eijirou Kirishima
Tumblr media
Looks at you with the saddest expression
"What do you mean baby?"
He's so heart broken because he really thinks you're so beautiful
(Because you are)
He genuinely doesn’t agree with you.
But he does respect your feelings.
So instead of telling you that you’re just wrong and being done with it, he talks to you about it.
Kirishima is very much the kind of person who acknowledges both the flaws and strengths in the people he cares about.
He won’t be put off by anything you say.
He just wants to understand how and why you feel this way. 
He’ll ask you about what exactly you don’t like about yourself and why? 
It’s a hard conversation to have but he genuinely just wants to understand so he can help.
He knows insecurities can be absolutely soul destroying and he also knows that ignoring it or telling you that you’re being stupid won’t help at all. 
So instead he does everything in his power to prove to you that the thing you’re worrying about has absolutely no affect on his opinion of you. 
He loves you; everything about you including your flaws.
And he just wants you to believe you’re worthy of his love.
Because you are. 
Tumblr media
Katsuki Bakugou 
Tumblr media
Bakugou gives zero shits about your appearance.
Hell, he gives zero shits about his own appearance. 
So when you tell him that there’s something you don’t like about yourself he just stares at you blankly.
He does not think looks matter in the slightest. 
Obviously, he can appreciate when someone looks particularly good. 
However he really does not care on a day to day basis.
He genuinely doesn’t understand why you would feel bad about looking the way you do. 
“What are you on about, dumbass?” 
You’re strong and you can get shit done - that’s all Bakugou cares about.
But he also doesn’t like seeing you upset. 
So he’ll force you to stand in front of a mirror and make you show him everything you don’t like. 
And then he’ll tell you why you’re wrong and why he likes all of those things about you. 
It’s honestly a very emotional experience and you’d probably start crying.
And then he’d get so soft with you because fucking hell, seeing you sad makes him sad.
And he’d point out every single thing he loves about you, and why.
(Surprise surprise, none of his reasons have anything to do with looks)
He’s all like “I love these legs because they’re strong as fuck and could drop-kick Mineta with maximum damage.”
He just wants to show you that is feelings run so much deeper than looks. 
He loves you because of who you are and what you can do, not how you look doing it. 
He’d probably force you to say affirmations in the mirror after that.
Tumblr media
Hanta Sero
Tumblr media
He doesn't like to talk about it
But he is also very insecure in his appearance
He knows just how awful it feels to look in the mirror and no like what you see looking back at you
So when he hears the things you say about yourself, it completely shatters his heart
The thing is, because he himself is not confident in his looks, he doesn't feel that he had any place to lecture you about your own insecurities
So instead, he just tries to reassure you.
He pulls you onto his laps and holds your face between his hands.
And he tells you over and over again that even if you hate yourself, even if you think you're the ugliest person in the world, it doesn't matter because he loves you.
You're stronger than your insecurities.
You're so strong in general.
And he doesn't want you to ever forget that.
He'd then press kisses all over your face, trying his best to make you laugh.
And when you do, he stares at you with this expression of pure adoration because shit, he loves your smile so much.
Tumblr media
Hitoshi Shinsou
Tumblr media
He just looks at you quietly.
He's obviously not the best with talking things out.
But he doesn't want to shut you out because he can see it’s really hurting you.
And so he'll sit you down some place comfortable (probably on his lap), and snuggle you into his chest.
And then he'll just say, "Tell me about it."
And so you tell him every single thing you've ever hated about yourself and why and how it makes you want to cry every single time you see it.
And he just listens, gently rubbing your back the whole time.
And then you're done, he'll hold your jaw and turn your face to look at him.
And then he asks a question that completely throws you for a loop.
"Who told you that there's something wrong with those things?"
Obviously, it's like society
But it really makes you think.
Then he'll hug you again and bury his nose in your shoulder.
And very softly, so you almost don't hear him, he'll say, "the opinion of any who's bothered by something like that isn't worth hearing. I love you, and your friends love you, without or without you flaws. I promise anyone who cares about you really doesn't give a shit about how you look."
It's blunt and it's straight forward but it's actually very soothing.
You know he wouldn't ever lie to you.
And so hearing him say that so calmly; it's very reassuring.
Tumblr media
Shoto Todoroki
Tumblr media
He may seem to be ever unfeeling and blunt.
But he actually knows a lot about dealing with insecurities.
Not just in himself but in his siblings too.
(Fuck Endeavour and his inability to be a decent human being)
The thing is, you're like his little ray of sunshine.
Out of all the shit in his life, you seem to be the one things that's absolutely perfect.
And so when he figures out you don't like things about yourself, it cuts him a lot deeper than you might expect.
Unfortunately, he's not very good at talking or offering helpful advice.
So he does the only thing he can really think of.
Swiping Endeavour's black card and taking you out for a day of distractions.
It's not a long term solution, however in that moment he just wants to prove to you that he loves you.
He'll take you to wherever you want to go.
Feed you whatever you want to eat.
Buy you anything you want, be it clothes, jewellery, toys, whatever.
And if he ever sees you getting sad or skittish; whether it's choosing not to buy some clothes because you're scared they'll look bad, even though you like them, or avoiding your reflection in shop windows, he'll just pull you in for a hug, and kiss your forehead and mumble to you how much he loves you.
He's not good at doing something to fix the issue.
But he's always there to pick up your mood when it's drops.
And honestly, at that point, it's enough.
Tumblr media
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sunascumdoll · 3 months ago
how about “letting go of their hand while driving” with Deku, Bakugou, Todoroki, and Kirishima?
ʟᴇᴛᴛɪɴɢ ɢᴏ ᴏꜰ ᴛʜᴇɪʀ ʜᴀɴᴅ ᴡʜɪʟᴇ ᴅʀɪᴠɪɴɢ
ᴘᴀɪʀɪɴɢꜱ: ᴅᴇᴋᴜ x ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ, ʙᴀᴋᴜɢᴏᴜ x ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ, ꜱʜᴏᴛᴏ x ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ, ᴋɪʀɪꜱʜɪᴍᴀ x ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ
ᴡᴀʀɴɪɴɢꜱ: ɢʀᴀᴍᴍᴇʀ ᴍɪꜱᴛᴀᴋᴇꜱ
a/n: here you go bubs! kiri's makes me sofy i love him so much.
as always reblogs are appreciated. please reblog. ♡
ʙᴀᴄᴋ ᴛᴏ ᴛɪᴋᴛᴏᴋ ᴛʀᴇɴᴅ & ᴋɪɴᴋ ᴇᴠᴇɴᴛ
Tumblr media
why would you do this to him
the second you let go
his mind is racing a mile a minute
what did i do wrong
are they upset with me
are my hands sweaty
the vein in his forehead is about to burst please hold his hand
Tumblr media
it’s izuku’s day off, and he wants nothing more than to spend the day with his significant other. he's been so busy with hero work, so he’s excited to be able to spend time with his lover. he’s happier than he could ever be, content with just being in your general area. he smiles to himself, his thumb rubbing along your knuckles as he subconsciously squeezes your hand.
you hum at his tender action before pulling your hand away. you shift your body, your back facing towards him as you look out the car window. izuku frowns, his eyes turning from the road to your silhouette.
"are they angry? is it because i've been so busy?" he thinks to himself, "i know i've been away, but i'm a pro hero! i have to help people!"
you silently laugh to yourself, turning back over and wiping away the bead of sweat that formed on the green-haired man’s head, “izuku, relax, it was just a joke!”
“oh? okay, good!” he exclaims before extending his hand out to yours,” can i hold your hand again?”
Tumblr media
congrats, this man never wants to hold your hand again
he’ll let it slide the first time
but the second time you let go of his hand??
he’s an grumpy boi
dont ask to hold it again
bc the answer is no
Tumblr media
katsuki’s hand sits flush against yours, your fingers entangling with one another. you pull your hand away and place it into your lap. he grunts, the natural scowl of his face deepening when you pull away.
“what, are my hands clammy or something?” he questions, wiping the palm of his hand onto his pants leg before extending it back out to you.
you chuckle, shaking your head as you reach back out for his hands, “no, it’s not clammy, i promise.”
the two of you sit in comfortable silence, katsuki occasionally giving your hand a gentle squeeze only to growl when you pull away once more. you can feel his intense glare burning into the side of your head. you suck your bottom lip into your mouth, biting down on it to stop yourself from laughing as you turn to look out the window.
he moves his hand away and grips the steering wheel, his knuckles turning white. curses and growls spill from his lips, his eyebrows furrowing as he mumbles to himself, “stupid, dumbass. i didn’t want to hold your hand anyway.”
you roll your eyes and chuckle before turning back towards the blonde, “ you’re such a drama queen. it was just a joke, now give me your hand!” you huff, reaching over and grabbing onto katsuki’s hand.
he quickly brushes your hand off of his, lips tightly pursed into a fine line, “hold your own hand.”
Tumblr media
i mean
dont expect much of a reaction out of him
he literally just thinks you dont wanna hold his hand at the moment
dont get me wrong, he’s a little sad
but he’s not going to make you hold it
the two of you were driving around, enjoying a night out and being in one another's presence.
“are you having a good time, love?” he questions, giving your hand a gentle squeeze.
you nod in response, turning to give him a gentle smile before slipping your hand away from his and folding your arms across your chest.
shoto’s eyebrows twitch in confusion, his heterochromatic eyes looking over at you, then back to the road, “love, are you alright?”
“yeah, why wouldn’t i be?”
shoto weakly smiles and shakes his head. his right-hand moves from the steering wheel down to his lap. he had gotten so comfortable with holding your hand, he was unsure what to do with himself once you let go. his hand rubs up and down his clothed leg, stopping just above his knee. his pale fingers drum along to a random tune in his head. you giggle as you uncross your arms and grab onto his hand once again.
“ ‘m just kidding, sho!”
“oh,” he grins joyfully and interlocks his fingers with yours again before bringing your hand to his lips and pressing kisses to each of your knuckles, “well, i’m glad you were kidding. i enjoy holding your hand”
Tumblr media
this man is clingy idc what you say
you cannot change my mind, i will not hear it
the second you let go he’s asking what’s wrong
will pull the fucking car over
Tumblr media
“babe, it was awesome! i thought that sweet old lady needed help, but guess what she did?”
“what did she do, eiji?”
“she grabbed him by his throat and slammed him into the concrete!”
“oh wow! sounds like today was fun,” you chuckle softly, releasing your hand from his and stuffing it into your pocket.
eijirou hums in confusion and reaches towards the radio, turning it down. he glances over at you numerous times before clearing his throat.
“what’s wrong, sweetheart?”
“huh? nothing is wrong.”
“nothing is wrong? then why’d you let go of my hand?” he questions, his left eyebrow quirking upwards.
“i don’t know, eiji.”
“what do you mean, you don’t know?”
‘i ju-”
you squeal as the car suddenly whips over to the side of the road and stops. before you can understand what happened, a pair of giant hands unbuckle your seatbelt and pull you over the center console. eijirou plants you firmly on his lap, calloused hands gently rubbing up and down your sides. he leans up, pressing kisses along your jawline and cheeks.
“what’s wrong, baby? did i do something?”
“no, no! i was kidding! it was a prank!” you quickly shake your head, giggling and wiggling around in his lap.
“guess your prank had a positive outcome.. kisses!” he exclaims while leaning his seat further back, pulling you down with him to smother your face in more kisses.
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rizubaby · a month ago
— summary; what their regular jobs would be and how they'd find the time to fuck you while at work.
— a/n; posted a bit later than planned, whoops. guys i love this concept so much you don't understand. most of these sounded so right in my head that i can't imagine them doing anything else other than this lmao.
— includes; i. midoriya, k. bakugou, s. todoroki, e. kirishima, t. iida, h. sero, d. kaminari, m. ojiro, r. sato, m. shoji.
— cw; 18+ MINORS DNI, aged up characters (21+), various positions, mentions of hickeys/marking, oral (f -> m + m -> f), slight exhibitionism, (semi-)public sex, slight size difference, mentions of breeding, a smidge of cum eating, lots of dirty talk lol, in like half of these they're all sweaty??? sweat kink?? don't @ me
Tumblr media
i. midoriya — flower shop worker
i can totally picture this. izuku is such a sweet baby boy, he'd be perfect for taking care of all kinds of flora and knows how to make the most beautiful bouquets. knows a lot about the specific meanings of different kinds of flowers, too. just imagine him humming to himself while taking care of his flowers, sometimes even talking to them, with that gentle smile plastered on his face. my heart.
definitely makes a special bouquet for you every week 'n brings a few loose flowers home almost every single day, just to put them in your hair or place them around the house because he knows it brightens your day. the type of guy to leave rose petals leading up to the bedroom, just because he can (and he's sappy like that).
it's not a very well paid job by any means, but he keeps doing it because he loves to make people happy with his flowers. baby boy just wants to make people smile.
it's not very hard work either, so he often has some free time on his hands. so when you drop by the shop every now and then, he'll always find a reason to take you out back bend you over the flower arranging table to manhandle you to his heart's content. doesn't care if you walk out the shop with hickeys scattered all over your pretty skin, he just wants to make sure you know how much he loves you — and that others can see it too.
“fuck, bunny, you're so soft... you don't mind if i leave some marks, right? please let me, i'll make it up to you later, i promise. i'll make you an extra large bouquet, okay?”
k. bakugou — chef
sorry but this just sounded so right in my head i had to make it a thing lmao. gordon ramsay headass.
ok but, seriously. since he's very skilled when it comes to cooking, it just made sense that he'd be a professional chef at some point. probably has his own restaurant, too.
this man is busy in the kitchen 24/7, and the pros for you is that he lets you taste his food when you drop by before opening hours, or sometimes he'll bring some delicious leftovers. being a head chef can be stressful, so when you drop by the restaurant just before opening time, katsuki won't hesitate to bend you over the nearest counter and fuck your brains out — even if he has to order his staff out for a few minutes to be able to.
and on rare occasions, you pay him a visit when business is booming and the restaurant is packed full. you know how stressful and hectic work is for him on days like that, so you know just what he needs. texting him that you came through the back door and that you're waiting for him, he'll order his staff to take over for a few minutes and slips out to meet you in the back. this man will make you drop to your knees and facefuck you until your mascara runs down your cheeks, then forcefully push you against the door to the freezer and pound you until you're seeing stars. katsuki loves it when you let him ruin you to blow off some steam and clear his head. it's one of the many reasons he's so fucking in love with you.
“oh yeah, you like that, huh? you like choking on this big fat cock? let me hear those pretty moans when you choke on me baby, fuck– i'm gonna ruin you.”
s. todoroki — CEO
businessman shoto??? yes please.
instead of owning a succesful hero agency, enji todoroki used to be the head of a large business corporation for years, until shoto inevitably had to take over the position. he doesn't like his job — hell, he probably hates it — but considering how much he earns, he can't really complain. the only positive thing about it is that he can spoil the hell out of you, something he (surprisingly) loves doing.
it's become a regular thing for you to swing by the firm, usually bringing some of his favourite food for lunch. his personal secretary knows you very well by now, so you don't have to ask twice before you can enter his office.
more often than not, shoto's busy making phonecalls to clients and other high and mighty businessmen, a necessary task he clearly dislikes. so what better way to make it more worthwhile for him than to get down on your knees and give him some good ol' head? he secretly loves it when you do that, even if it's anything but convenient for him.
shoto's a pro when it comes to keeping his voice down or staying quiet, but that doesn't make it any less fun. just seeing him struggle to keep his attention on the phone call instead of on how deliciously you're sucking him off is enough to keep going.
the way he bites his lip as he slowly rakes his fingers through your hair, gently guiding your head up and down his pretty cock is truly a sight to behold. and when he finally gets off that phone call, you know damn well you're in for some punishment for trying to distract him. he loves it though, and so do you.
e. kirishima — firefighter
firefighter kirishima!!! i may or may not have read a fic about this some time ago and it stuck with me. can't imagine him doing anything else.
eiji is a big guy. he's hella strong, so he'd have no problem carrying multiple people out of a burning building and things like that. he's a great asset to have on the team, and his boss and coworkers are very happy to have him. and he's so cute too — just imagine his adorable face covered in soot and his hair messily tucked back in a ponytail after coming back from having casually saves like a dozen people. yeah.
eijirou loves it when you visit him from time to time at the department. if he isn't busy, he'll sneak out with you to the changing rooms for a quickie. you always have so much fun, giggling and kissing your way to a spot where you won't be bothered for a while. his kisses are always salty from the sweat, his hands are rough and calloused, he looks like a mess, but who cares.
DEMANDS to eat you out first before anything else. so eager to please, but he also does it for his own enjoyment. he gets so fucking hard from eating you out, he can't control himself after. it doesn't matter what position, he just wants to feel you clench around him as soon as possible. always always always finished inside, because he likes to eat you out some more after. literal king of pussy-eating.
“damn baby, you taste so fuckin' good... i wanna cum inside you, can i? please baby, i wan' it so bad, wanna feel you cream all over my cock when i fill you up, fuck–”
t. iida — librarian
tenya likes to read, so naturally he'd feel at home surrouded by books.
he absolutely adores it when his beautiful girlfriend comes to visit him during his shift, it just melts his heart right away. it shows him that you care a lot about him and his interests. luckily for him, he could turn his hobby into his job — and he takes his job very seriously.
tenya loves talking (or rather, whispering) to you about the most recent releases of books they just got in, or the books he's been reading himself lately. gives you lots of reccomendations for books he'd want you to read, and he knows just what genres you like.
that being said, the thrill of being caught fooling around really turns him on — and the fact that you have to be quiet only adds to that excitement. he'll take you to the far back of the library, hook his arms under your legs and lift you up, pushing your cute panties to the side to slip his cock inside your needy cunt. his soft groans in your ear makes your body feel like its on fire, and the way he's thrusting into you harder and harder makes you cover your mouth with your hand and desperately try to keep your voice down.
to try and keep his own groaning to a minimum, he'll bite down on your neck and shoulders, leaving bite marks and hickeys all over you in the process. not like he could care less though. he likes to hear how much you're struggling to take him, wanting to see how far he can take it until you start losing your mind.
“ssh, keep your voice down, princess. we don't want people to hear us now, do we? although it would be really hot if someone were to find us like this. you'd like that, don't you? you naughty girl.”
h. sero — bartender
mixing drinks, chatting with customers, listening to soothing jazz music — it all fits perfectly for a guy like hanta. with standing behind the bar, he's able to pick up on a lot of local gossip too, which he certainly doesn't mind. he's surprisingly skilled in the art of mixology, too. it's no surprise that you visit him so often at the bar. this guy can make the best cocktails, hands down.
that aside, he really enjoys it when you come to the bar and order a drink or two, just to watch him work. that way, he can keep stealing glances from you and admire you while he does his job.
whenever he's on break, he signals it to you so you can meet in the bathroom. he goes in first, so you can follow a few minutes later.
because there's usually some amount of alcohol involved, he likes to take it slow and take his time to feel you up. lazily rubbing your clit through your panties and nibbling at your ear while he whispers the filthiest things to you. the sex is slow, messy, sensual. desperate.
he's got you pushed up against the bathroom stall door, panties hurriedly pushed to the side so he can slip inside with ease. your kisses taste just like his cocktails, with a hint of sweetness from your cherry lipbalm. his heavy breathing against your skin gives you goosebumps, and his pace is agonisingly slow; so much so that you're quickly to the point of begging him to fuck you harder.
the closer he gets, the faster and more irregular his pace gets. he'll speed up quickly, the sudden change in pace making your head fall back. when he cums inside, he's got his face buried in your chest, leaving hickeys everywhere. luckily you always bring some makeup in your handbag to try and conceal those hickeys afterwards, so they're not too obvious.
“heh, sorry princess, i think i went a lil' overboard this time. i just couldn't resist you. make sure to leave a few minutes after me so people won't suspect us, m'kay? i'll pour ya 'nother drink on the house to make it up to ya.”
d. kaminari — club owner
at first i was thinking of something super cliché, but then i thought of this and (to me) it fits him perfectly.
denki's a fun and outgoing guy, and he seems to me like the type that loves to go out for a night on the town, so eventually he'd start his own club — the perfect place he'd want to go to every night. and it's quickly become one of the most popular clubs in the area.
he can always be found at his club, be it mingling with the customers, having a smoke, or having drinks at the bar. he even hires sero to be his bartender and jirou to play there with her band from time to time, since they're such good friends.
whenever you visit, you always know exactly where to find him. he likes it when you act like just a regular customer, as if you're meeting for the very first time. fantasies like that really turn him on. he always looks forward to when you visit him next.
some flirtatious chatting, maybe a little dancing and a few drinks later, he'll take your hand and lead you up the stairs to his private office. it has a large one-way mirrored glass window, so you're able to oversee the entire club from up there. once inside, he'll lift you up onto his desk, lustfully making out with you as his hands sneak their way up your thighs. loves to tease you until you're all flustered 'n needy for him.
he fucking loves it when you give him a strip tease, too. he'll sit down onto his chair and watch you undress yourself for him, admiring every inch of your body like the masterpiece that you are.
fucks you slow and hard against his window, pressing your body against the cold glass and making you look down at all the unknowing customers enjoying themselves down below as he bites at your neck.
“that's it baby, moan f'me, fuck... look at all those people, so oblivious to how hard i'm fucking you up here in my office. it's a shame they can't enjoy it with us. how about we give them a little show next time, hm?”
m. ojiro — martial arts teacher
i mean, of course. who better to teach martial arts than mr. tailman himself?
he primarily teaches younger age groups, because he's actually very good with kids. he has his own dojo where he teaches, and sometimes you drop by near the end of his classes just to watch him do his thing. he acts like he doesn't notice when you come in, but you both know he always does. (the tips of his ears turn bright red whenever he knows you're staring at him). some of the kids know you very well by now, and always greet you when they get ready to leave.
seeing how good he is with children — and how sexy he looks afterwards, all sweaty, hair messed up, his karetegi a bit loose — is enough to make you want him. and he knows this.
mashi makes sure to double check if everyone has left before he throws you onto the mat, kissing you passionately as his hands roam every inch of your body, helping you lift one leg up to spread your legs apart. you make it a game too, wrestling each other playfully, trying to get the other on their back. you both know he'll overpower you with ease, but he often holds back and lets you win, just to see you straddle him. before long, clothes are scattered all over the floor and all that's audible is your heavy breathing and the sounds of skin slapping against skin.
mashirao loves looking at your ass, so he makes you bend down and gently but firmly presses your face against the floor while he fucks you, arms tied behind your back with his black belt. he loves using it to tie you up, making you surrender to him and have his way with you all he wants.
“damn baby, look at you. so pretty, all for me to use. want me to breed that pretty pussy? yeah? ass up then.”
r. sato — baker
this one just makes sense. if two plus two equals four, then rikido sato is a baker lmao. or maybe more accurately, a pastry chef. this man can probably do it all so it doesn't even matter.
i just love the idea of rikido having his own lil' bakery, baking delicious goods all day so his shop (and by extention, he himself) smells like freshly baked bread all the time. it's no surprise you gained a few pounds by dating him, this guy will show his affection and love for you by feeding you his homemade pastries and other delicious confectionaries. you know where i'm going with this.
he finds it adorable that you're willing to help out with the bakery from time to time, and to show you his appreciation, he'll reward you in the best way possible; with some good dick. rikido is PACKED y'all, holy shit. absolutely huge. and because of that, he loves seeing you practically being split open on his massive cock. you'd be lying on the kitchen floor covered in flour 'n he's got your legs hooked over his broad shoulders, folding you in half 'n pounding into you like there's no tomorrow.
rikido is such a sweet lover too, it's insane. he's so caring and loving while he can also be rough with you. it's the best of both worlds. goes absolutely feral when he sees your eyes roll back and breathless moans fall from your lips as your body starts contorting from how deep he's going.
loves to cum all over you, but loves it most of all when you swallow his seed. he cums so much too, it's insane. it's messy, filthy, but he goes absolutely crazy over it. Can you blame him for wanting to decorate his favourite lil' cupcake though?
m. shoji — construction worker
let's be honest; with those arms and the strength he posesses, shoji would be perfect to work in construction. being able to lift up a lot of heavy stuff, while also being able to watch out so accidents don't happen. gosh, just imagine him in some heavy working boots 'n his bright yellow vest that's a little too small for a big guy like him, covered in sweat and dirt from all the hard work.
he doesn't really approve of you visiting him while he's working, since he wouldn't want anything to happen to you on accident (working at construction sites can be dangerous!). but even so, his heart beats a little faster every time you do. you just look so cute, strutting towards him with a lunchbox you made just for him.
it gets him pretty riled up, not gonna lie. he gets flustered pretty easily, and even just acts of kindness and love like these is enough for him to get hard. he'll be a little embarrassed to ask you outright, but you see right through him instantly, as if he's made out of glass. You know how he gets when he wants you.
it's up to you to take initiative — take his hand and lead him to a safe spot where you can't be seen so you can do your thing in peace. he'll be reluctant at first, but the second you two are alone, he pushes you up against the nearest piece of concrete and hungrily manhandles you, the loud noises of machines drowned out by the sound of your passionate kissing and deep breathing.
shoji is always careful with you, because he's aware of his strength and how big he is compared to you — but that doesn't stop you from trying to conquer him though. he's a service dom, so he'll do anything to please you. lays down on the ground and makes you sit on his face so he can eat you out first, then lets you ride him while he thrusts up into you. he's so big, making you whine as soon as he enters you, but he shushes you and gives you non-verbal affirmations for taking him so well.
doesn't mind it if you make a mess of him or his clothes, because he's already looking pretty rough from all the hard work anyway. he'll have plenty of time to shower with you once he gets home. after a round two, of course.
Tumblr media
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kingkatsuki · a month ago
Aphrodisiacs | Kirishima Eijirou x Reader
Tumblr media
𝐀𝐩𝐡𝐫𝐨𝐝𝐢𝐬𝐢𝐚𝐜𝐬 - 𝐚 𝐟𝐨𝐨𝐝, 𝐝𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐤, 𝐨𝐫 𝐨𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐬𝐭𝐢𝐦𝐮𝐥𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐬 𝐬𝐞𝐱𝐮𝐚𝐥 𝐝𝐞𝐬𝐢𝐫𝐞.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Kinktober masterlist.
Summary: Based on this thirst post. Kirishima is so obsessed with you, even though you’re Bakugou’s girlfriend. He’d do absolutely anything to be with you, even if it means pretending to be hit with a Sex Pollen quirk-
Pairing: Kirishima Eijirou x f!reader.
Warnings: 18+, dubcon, Pervy Kirishima, fake!sex pollen, manipulation, coercion, cheating, cunnilingus, unprotected sex, creampie.
Word Count: 3.4k.
Tumblr media
A loud banging on the door broke you from your paperback, it was still hours until Bakugou was due back from his patrol and he seldom forgot his keys. Marking your page as you quietly slipped up from your position on the couch as you cautiously made your way to your front door. Hearing shouts of your name from the other side that eased your beating heart as you deciphered who it was. Opening the door to come face to face with your boyfriend's best friend.
“Eijirou- you don’t look so good.” You took in the dishevelled state of the pro, dirt and crime covered his body as his shoulder collapsed into the door, pushing it open wider as you placed a hand on his bicep to help him into your house.
His body jerking at the sudden contact as he let out a string of curses that were completely uncharacteristic for the redhead, the sound making you recoil in shock as he winced.
“‘m sorry,” He spoke through short pants, “it’s not me, it’s- quirk-“
“A quirk? Eijirou, what happened?”
“Villain- hit me, quirk- I think I’m dying.” Your eyes widened at his admission, fear coursing through your veins as you watched your boyfriends best friend quiver in the doorway.
“It’s— sex,” He grunted, “I need-“ his words came out broken as you felt your heart speed up, “I need your help.”
There was no way you could help him with this, why you? There must be a protocol set up for this kind of thing at the agency? Professionals that dealt with this on a daily basis that would be better equipped to deal with this than you.
“Bakugou’s the one that sent me here,” Kirishima continued panting, his large palm hanging onto the door frame as he hunched over, “He said you could help-,”
You hadn’t heard from your husband all afternoon, which wasn’t unusual when he was out on patrol. Some days could have him texting you throughout, others he would come home covered in all sorts of dirt and grime after playing the hero.
“Katsu didn’t messag-,” You began to speak but Kirishima cut you off.
“There was no time.” Kirishima continued. “He told me to come here, that you would help.”
“Help with what?” You looked at the pained expression on his face with worry, sweat sticking his red hair to his temples and trickling down his cheeks, “I think we should get you to hospital, Eij.”
“No!” You jumped at his reaction, his voice raised as wild eyes glanced up at you, “No hospitals.”
“But you need-“
“Please help me,” You could’ve sworn he was crying as you watched his chest heave, prominent muscles on full display in his hero costume as he moved a hand to his heart, “It hurts so bad.”
You worried your lip between your teeth, looking the man up and down. Kirishima did look in a great deal of pain, more than you’d ever seen him in before. His chest heaving as strained breaths left his lips, dishevelled long hair framing his face like a mane and making him appear wild, feral.
And he’d said that Bakugou said it would be okay, that you could help him. And you could- It would be terrible to leave him suffering like this, wouldn’t it? Especially when you could help.
“Don’t you want to help me?” He sounded so pitiful, brows furrowed as he clenched his teeth. Your heart hammering in your chest as you could only imagine the great deal of pain he was in.
You had to help him end his suffering.
“Okay.” It was the faintest whisper that left your lips but Kirishima was already on top of you in an instant, his large palms grabbing the plush at your waist as his lips crashed down onto yours in a fiery kiss that was all tongue and teeth.
Your smaller hands reached up to brace yourself against his broad shoulders, trying to match his intense pace as he melted into you. His sharp teeth catching against your bottom lip as you let out a shocked gasp, allowing him to invade your mouth with his tongue. His grip against you almost bruising as he began to rut the tent in his hero pants against your side, feeling just how hard and desperate he was for you.
“Fuck, you feel so good.” Kirishima groaned as he allowed his hands to move around to the curve of your ass, groping you as he almost lifted you from the ground, pulling the cheeks up and letting them fall as he massaged them with large palms, “So soft-”
You tried to ignore how foreign his hands felt against your body, almost rougher than Bakugou as he explored new territory. A different kind of heat as Kirishima moved his fingers between your thighs, stroking them along your leggings. Your body jolting as the sensation was so unfamiliar compared to your boyfriend.
Peppering your face with kisses as his hands moved higher, groping at your skin perilously as he navigated towards your breasts.
Kirishima’s large hand dwarfing your chest as he palmed your breast roughly, fingertips digging into the soft skin as you let out a shocked gasp, “Eijirou, slow down—“
You tried to reason but the unbreakable man was already tearing at your shirt, the rip of fabric sounding in your house as he pulled the material from your body. Exposing your plain black bra to his ruby gaze. A groan leaving his lips at the sight as he pawed at the cups, tugging the straps off your shoulders as your breasts bounced free. The bra still secure around your torso as he leaned down to capture one of your pebbling nipples between his lips. Teeth grazing your sensitive areolas as he began to palm the neglected one, soft vibrations flowing through your skin as he moaned around the stiffened peak. Spit drooling down his chin as he flicked the other nipple, rolling it between his thumb and forefinger as he began to tease and tug it.
Your hands carding through his wild hair for some semblance of reality, everything about this felt so different to intimacy with Bakugou. Another man's hands all over your body that didn’t belong to your lover, it was something so taboo.
“It hurts so bad,” Kirishima lamented, teeth grazing against your skin as you felt your body instinctively begin to heat up.
“Tell me what you need me to do,” You replied, the entire situation foreign to you. Maybe you could just stroke his cock, it would be enough to help him to climax and he would be okay.
“Touch me, please.” Kirishima whined around your breast, rutting his hips for emphasis as he caught your wrist in his large hand. Moving it towards the prominent bulge beneath his pants as he pressed your open palm against it. Rutting his hips into you with a hiss, “Need you-“
You squeezed tentatively, watching the way his eyes rolled back, the scent of his sweat overpowering your senses as you tried to wrap your hand around him through the fabric. He smelt completely different to Bakugou, almost foreign to you as he continued to plead with you to make him feel good. His hands slipping towards his pants to unzip them, tugging them down just enough to free his aching cock. The fabric bunched around the curve of his ass as his large cock flopped out. You weren’t sure whether he was as long as Bakugou, but what he lost in length he made up for with girth. The mushroomed head thick at the top of his cock as thick veins forked down his monster size. Wondering whether you’d even be able to take him inside, he was huge. The heavy weight of it indicated by the way it didn’t curve upright, instead drooping against one of his thick thighs. Pre-cum dribbling from the tip as he pushed himself back into your touch, your hand barely circling him as you gave an experimental pump.
“I-is this okay?” You asked quietly, trying to gauge his reaction as you circled your wrist at the tip, smearing his pre along the length to give more lubrication as you began to pump him slowly. A husky whine leaving his lips as he shuddered in your grasp, rutting himself into your touch as you stroked his cock.
“You’re so good, so perfect.” He continued to ramble as he pressed soft kisses against your cheek, trailing down to the pulse point on your neck as his teeth latched onto the supple skin. The action catching you off guard as you gasped in pain, moving your hand from his cock as you used both hands to try and push him away.
“Kiri- no marks, please-“ You were certain this was something Bakugou would object to, not enough that he was allowing his best friend to use you for sweet relief in his time of need, but to leave lasting evidence? That was something else.
“M’sorry, baby.” He cooed, his hands instead moving to tug your black leggings down your thighs, your panties going with them in one swift movement, “Sorry, you just feel so good.”
It felt awkward being naked in front of a man that wasn’t your boyfriend, a different set of eyes leering at your naked body as you shuffled uncomfortably in front of him. Feeling large palms push you back onto the couch as he parted your thighs, giving him the perfect view of your messy folds.
“You’re acting like you’re not enjoying this,” Kirishima murmured, kneeling onto the plush cushions beside you as he stroked the calloused pad of his thumb through your slick, parting your folds, “But look at this.”
He held his thumb up from your body as you watched the silvery string of slick snap in two as your juices glistened in the light. Kirishima immediately dipping his thumb into his mouth like a baby suckling as he tasted your essence. A groan leaving his lips at the taste as he cleaned you off him, gasping in surprise when he circled your thighs, hoisting your cunt up towards his lips and leaving just your shoulders and head pressed onto the couch.
“I gotta taste you, baby. I’ll be quick- so quick- gotta prep you-,” He slurred, not giving you a moment to object before he took a long swipe at your leaky folds. His tongue delving between them as he nuzzled your clit with his nose, dipping the tip into your hole as he crudely slurped at your slick.
He was more insistent than Bakugou, far more inexperienced with your body as he moved to take as much as he could. Unlike your boyfriend who made it his mission to find out what made you tick, the places he could touch to make you cry out for him and finding the quickest ways to make you come undone. You supposed it was the quirk that was making Kirishima act this way, the sense of urgency he held was due to the fact that he was about to explode at any moment. A fact that you held onto consistently in your mind, worried that this might not be enough. Almost like a fear deep within that something could still go wrong.
Kirishima was feasting on you like a man starved, his nose nudging your clit as he pushed his tongue inside your tight entrance. Crudely slurping at your slick as you writhed beneath him, your walls constricting around his tongue as the familiar sensation of your climax begin to brew inside you. The coil tightening within as Kirishima continued to pump his tongue in and out of you, trying desperately to get as deep inside you as he could. Rolling your hips as you ground yourself against his face, your chest heaving as you felt yourself come undone. A high-pitched keen leaving your lips as your orgasm washed over you, toes curling as your thighs clenched around his face. Trying to subdue the intense sensation of his tongue lashing inside you as he eagerly lapped up your release.
“Eijirou,” You gasped, trying to pull his head back from your slit as you felt his teeth nip at your clit, an ache forming between your thighs as you pushed him away.
“Not enough.” He continued to ramble, “I need more, I need you please.”
Kirishima wrapped his palm around the base of his cock, giving himself a quick tug before he positioned himself at your entrance. Sliding the bulging head of his cock through your folds as he nudged your clit, coating himself in your slick as he prepared himself to dip inside you. Grinding against your warmth as half-lidded eyes gazed down at you, dragging himself through your slick until his tip caught against your tight entrance.
“Wait, Eiji- we need a condom.” You tried to raise yourself on your elbows as you moved to climb out from beneath him but Kirishima caged your body in. Towering over your form as you felt the intense stretch of his cock forcing it’s way inside your tightness.
“Can’t wait, baby. Need you now-“
“Eijirou-“ You clawed at his back as you felt his thick cock stretching you out, not giving you a moment to adjust to his girth as he bullied his cock inside you, “Not so fast-“
Your mouth open in a constant whine as you tried to focus on something other than the intense ache that permeated in your core, your inner walls clenching around the intrusion as your body fought to push him back.
“Shit, Bakugou is so fucking lucky,” Kirishima groaned, feeling your tightness sucking him in deeper as he bottomed out inside you. The messy black hairs at the base of his cock tickling your clit as he revelled in the sensation of you, “So tight.”
“Eij-” You gasped as he began to move inside you, large palms circling the backs of your knees as he pushed your thighs towards your chest, red eyes watching his thick cock slipping in and out of your depths as your creamy slick left rings around the base of his cock.
“Such a good girl for me,” He groaned, biting down on his bottom lip as he barred his sharp teeth, “Takin’ my cock so well.”
There was something so primal about his movements, focused on the pleasure that each roll of his hips into your dripping core created. The sight of you folded beneath him captivating as his sharp Adonis belt dug into your thighs each time he pushed forward, drilling into you as he watched your breasts bounce from the motion.
Pain slowly began to morph into pleasure as you tried to forget the extenuating circumstances that had you here, the ache in your heart as you tried to ignore the betrayal you felt for your boyfriend, even though he had said it was okay. You were doing this for Kirishima, protecting a hero from a terrible quirk that had beguiled him. Bakugou would be proud, Kirishima would be so thankful— it was a good thing.
“Look at that sloppy pussy,” Kirishima hadn’t even seemed to notice that your thoughts were elsewhere, instead enamoured by the lewd squelch your tight walls made each time his fat cock plunged in and out of your sloppy pussy. A large palm coming down on the curve of your ass as Kirishima spanked you, groaning at the way your skin rippled against his touch as he repeated the motion.
“Does Bakugou spank you like this?” He goaded, grabbing a large handful of your ass as your skin prickled, “Bet he does, you like it when he does it huh?”
You weren’t sure how to answer as Kirishima continued his pace, nodding your head pathetically as you felt the tip of his cock bruising your cervix. The girth enough to have you feeling completely full as you felt your orgasm beginning to build inside you.
“How is it, Eij?” You gasped at a particularly hard thrust, “Are you okay?”
“So fucking good.” He groaned, “It’s like you were made for me.”
There’s no way Bakugou would’ve been happy at Kirishima's words, your thoughts flying to what your boyfriend would do if he was in the room watching. Probably tell his best friend to finish himself off while he reclaimed you as his own. But you tried to ignore it, obviously the quirk had taken over his rationale and once he met his release he would be okay.
Kirishima leaning forward to press wet, open-mouthed kisses against your neck. His weight heavy on top of you as you tried your best to reciprocate. He was going to be okay and it was all thanks to you, your hands clinging to his muscular back as he pounded into your tightness, nails digging into his skin as you tried to ignore the dull ache in your pelvis from his thrusts.
“‘m so fucking close, baby.” Kirishima groaned, burying his face in your neck as his thrusts became more sloppy, “You gonna cum with me?”
He moved his fingers down towards your clit, his thumb pressing clumsy circles against it as he worked you towards your release. Your body betraying you as you felt yourself succumbing to the pleasure, a gasp leaving your lips as you came around his cock, milking him for his release as he felt you clench around him.
“Fuck, I’m gonna cum—“
“Not inside,“ Your eyes widened in fear at the realisation,“Please, Eij. Don’t cum inside.”
“Can’t stop-“ He stammered, his balls slapping against the curve of your ass with each messy thrust, “Feels too good—“
You gasped as he changed the angle, sitting up on his forearms as ruby red eyes stared down at you while he gave your warm body a few more thrusts, each time his cock dragging along the spongy spot inside you as his eyes rolled back in pleasure. Feeling the dam inside him burst as he spilled white, hot spurts of cum inside your tight walls.
“Fuck, take it all-“ He grunted, pushing himself inside you to the hilt as he cherished the sensation of your tight walls pulsing around him. His cock throbbing inside you as he savoured every last moment of bliss, “Holy shit.”
His lips pressing soft kisses against your neck as you felt his chest continue to heave as he tried to gain his breath back. Hands skimming your sides as he pulled back to look into your eyes, suddenly feeling completely exposed in front of your boyfriends best friend.
“How’re you feeling, Eiji? Did it work?” You murmured, unsure whether the quirk had finally worn off.
“I-I think so?” He murmured, pressing his sweaty forehead against your own as he stayed buried deep inside your clenching walls, “I didn’t hurt you did I?”
“No, it’s okay. You weren’t yourself—“
“I know,” He groaned as he finally pulled out of your tight cunt, ruby eyes immediately focusing on his cum slowly trickling out of your convulsing heat.
“We better not bring this up around Bakugou, yeah?” Kirishima gave you his signature smile as he began to put his pants back on, “I wouldn’t want to make him uncomfortable, you know? It must’ve been hard for him to agree to this at all.”
Kirishima had a point, you weren’t even sure how you were supposed to bring this up with your boyfriend anyway. ‘Yes, I helped Kirishima out with the sex pollen quirk. Yes, it was okay. No, he didn’t wear a condom— it was too many awkward questions that you didn’t want to share with Bakugou, embarrassment slowly filling your body as you lay in front of Kirishima completely naked.
“Yeah, that’s fine-“ You smiled gratefully as he handed you your shirt, the way he stared at your naked chest not going unnoticed by you as you slipped the fabric over your head.
“I’ll text him and tell him what happened, don’t you worry about anything okay? I appreciate you helping me out you know-“ Kirishima gave you a signature smile as he fixed his belt buckle back into position, pulling his cell phone from his pants as he waved it towards you for emphasis.
“And remember, it’s our little secret.”
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