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Sept 28, 2020


Grumpy cloud mug was the mood of the day.

Cute Einstein, being lazy.

My ring came in the mail; the hearts from my Misha autographs.


Better picture of the ring

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A bit of September 27th history…

1066 - William the Conqueror’s troops set sail for England

1779 - John Adams negotiates Revolutionary War peace terms with Great Britain 

1822 - French scholar Jean-Francois Champollion announces he has deciphered Egyptian hieroglyphics using the Rosetta Stone

1825 - George Stephenson’s “Locomotion No 1″ becomes the 1st steam locomotive to carry passengers on a public rail line - England (pictured)

1905 -  E=mc² is introduced in Einstein’s published paper “Does the Inertia of a Body Depend Upon its Energy Content”

1912 - W.C. Handy publishes “Memphis Blues”, considered the 1st blues song

1962 - “Silent Spring” is published about the impacts of pesticide use in the US on the environment

1964 - Findings of the Warren Commission into the assassination of President Kennedy are released, finds Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone

2015 - A “Supermoon” coincides with a lunar eclipse creating a “Blood Moon” over much of the earth (pictured below)

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Financieel Dagblad Artikelen Thierry, Forum Euro,

Thierry verkloot dit niet.  Als ik vanaf dag 1 me kenbaar had gemaakt was het ons niet gelukt, dan was ik tot bekeerling van Baudet gebombardeerd door de EU/kartel/derest/whatever. Just a sad girl who cried wolf, and wasn’t able to do anything but let a man save her. We wouldn’t have done it and I would have been lost to history…..

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23.09.20 || quarantine study challenge

old pic but here’s a pic of the cleanest my desk has been the past 2 weeks. please don’t ask about the state its in rn, its a sensitive topic for me… 

things i accomplished today:

  • finished day 2 of my required workout (it sounds like im in prison)
  • edited the vid for said workout
  • attended the nth zoom meeting/seminar of the month (i’ve lost count but i’ve also mastered the skill of sounding like ive been paying attention)

wednesday, 09/23 - unpopular book opinion?

kinda weird and only sort of related but, I don’t like bookmarks?? like any form or style of bookmarks are sometimes just annoying??? i also despise dog-earring the pages of a book like pls don’t. we read our books like savages; you open a page and hope for the best. 

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