alwaystiredz 17 hours ago
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Ekko my beloved 馃ゴ
my friends peer pressured told me to watch Arcane and Ekko 100% caught my attention聽 art (c) me聽
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toshkakoshka 2 days ago
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the kiss
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togetherhearted 19 hours ago
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A big thanks to everyone that came to support me! I still have a lot to learn but I'm glad you all liking my work!!
To celebrate I decided to let you choose the drabble starter 鈾
You can ask for any Arcane character you would like and also from LoL this time. I'll take it as a challenge 鈽
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Please be patient because I still have some requests on my queue ^^
And if you would like to support me I have ko-fi page linked to the bio. [There is some extra art ]
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me-and-my-hyperfixations 11 hours ago
Ekko/Jinx are my OTP. Ekko/Jinx are my BROTP.
I love them as a romantic couple.
I love them as two friends and as WLW and MLM solidarity.
I wanna see them kiss.聽
I wanna see them make evil gay schemes to break up break up Lux and Ezreal so that Jinx can date Lux and Ekko can date Ezreal. I want all four of them to date. I want Jinx and Ekko to be a throuple with Zeri.
I just really want more of these two together.
They are THE duo.
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lol-nocturne an hour ago
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I feel like half the time they're having an adventure and I have no idea where they're going lol
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insomniiyac 7 hours ago
Ekko and Jayce鈥檚 dynamic are very different from each other when they鈥檙e mad.
Jayce tends to leave the situation (flight) while Ekko tends to get aggressive (fight) which can lead to some very interesting scenes.
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Jayce: Ekko, we鈥檙e not doing this today. I鈥檓 not in the mood for your childish ass shit.
Ekko: Childish? CHILDISH!?? You鈥檙e running away, but I鈥橫 childish!?
Jayce: *turns away*
Ekko: *gets in his face* Are you ignoring me?
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fairsmaze a day ago
[WIP] Character studies/sketches of Ekko and Jinx 聽馃コ
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(That I may or may not finish lmao so sorry)
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phucnoo9 2 days ago
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B岷g ng峄峜 Ekko T峄慶 Chi岷縩 m峄沬 nh岷. C谩ch l锚n 膽峄 Ekko chu岷﹏ m岷h nh岷 v脿 b岷g ng峄峜 b峄 tr峄 Ekko T峄慶 chi岷縩 k猫m combo Ekko chu岷﹏ m岷h nh岷
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lol-nocturne 2 hours ago
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Here's just me thinking about TD ekko again with in that verse lol
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iridescentmyths 3 days ago
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Rewatched act 1 and remembered how much I love them
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whooshhhhhh 3 days ago
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Uni AU 鈴仇煉
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buttermynutter 3 days ago
Surprise | Ekko x Reader | One Shot
Summary: A jealous Ekko confronts you about your sudden friendship with Viktor; he finds out that it was for his sake all along.
Word count: 1,670
Warnings: None, just some good ol' fashioned fluff!
The bullet whizzed past your ear, so close you could feel your hair whipping with its trajectory. Before the Piltover officer could aim again, you readied your own weapon, firing a bolt of energy towards her - one of the taller enforcers you've seen, with striking blue hair.
The projectile hit her shoulder, causing her to drop her rifle and fall to the ground. You steadied your gun again, ready to properly immobilize her before someone shot past you. The familiar sound of a hoverboard was all that was left behind as the rider hit your target upright the head with his weapon, successfully knocking her out.
"Ekko! I had that under control," you quipped.
"Sure you did," he responded, not even looking your way, simply taking the stolen goods which you had been pursued for from your satchel. "Without me, this Hexcore would've been toast. You had only one charge left on your gun - you would've needed a perfect shot."
"I聽had聽it before you interrupted. She was already down, I had a still target! It would've been a flawless robbery!" you yelled back, but there was nobody there to hear. Ekko had disappeared as quickly as he had arrived. You grumbled to yourself, starting your trip back to your shelter at the edge of the city.
The two of you had been best friends since childhood, so you had naturally ran into road bumps before, but this sort of treatment was new. It was the first time that he was consistently actively avoiding confronting the situation. Ekko had been inexplicably cold towards you for the past few weeks, never staying in a room with the two of you alone for more than a few minutes. Whenever you brought it up, he'd, at best, mumble his way through an "I've just been busy" before finding another excuse to leave.
The fact that you had developed feelings that were more than friendship a good while ago didn't help. Despite the cold shoulder, you still caught him stealing glances of you or monitoring you more closely than the other fighters, this most recent chaperoning of his proving it further.
It was infuriating, but you understood that if you couldn't do anything about it, it was best not to push it, so-
"I got it! By Hex, I figured it out!"
The door had rapidly opened just as you laid you hand on it, a familiar face startling you.
"Viktor!" you hollered, still in shock. "You can't just open the door to me to my own house, I could've shot you!"
His grin didn't waver, him not speaking as he pulled you through the entrance and gestured you towards your workspace. "This better be good," you say, "I know it's rare to see you smiling but that's going to heighten my expectations even-" You gasped. "My goodness, you聽did聽get it."
The greatest creation to grace the room, maybe even the community, cut you off. You couldn't believe that something like this was sitting on your simple workbench, usually just propping up armor under repair or weapon additions. Before you could thank Viktor, the both of you suddenly became aware of treading outside the room. "We wouldn't have forgotten to close the door, would we?"聽
A cough came from behind you, the both of you whipping around, you with your gun at the ready and Viktor grabbing the closest object to wield - unfortunately, a lamp. Its cord straightening pushed a toolbox off the table, the loud crash concealing your slight groan once you saw who it was.聽
Ekko raised an eyebrow at you, but not before shooting a glare at Viktor who was already frantically picking tools off the ground. A sudden outburst incurred, him snapping, "He's聽here? First, you bring him to the Firefights meeting, and now he's in your home? We swore to fight these high class shmucks, not get all goodie-goodie with them."聽
Both you and the Piltoverian were visibly taken aback, your initial surprise mingling with anger. Who was Ekko to tell you who you couldn't and could be friends with, especially after his treatment towards you lately? Even with the indignity coursing through you, you couldn't help but notice the way the muscles bunched in his arms as he leaned cross-armed against the doorway.
You quickly shook off the feeling, gesturing towards Viktor to leave. He understood, giving a grateful nod before sidling out the door, Ekko's eyes staying trained on you.
He was still fuming, continuing with his rant before you could even open your mouth. "We've been on the same team for all this time, now all of a sudden you want to get to know someone from up there? He's the one you've been seeing for the past few weeks, hasn't he? All this time you've been missing from the hideout, you've been here with him, huh. I can't believe you, I can't believe I was going to-"聽
You throw up a hand, silencing him, saying, "You absolute blistering imbecile, how聽dare聽you say you can't believe me when you were the one that came into my house without warning just to prove a point. Yes, I've been 'goodie-goodie', as you say, with Viktor. But did you bother with finding out a reason? Especially since, if I remember correctly, I'm the one that has been trying to talk to you!"
"A reason?" he shot back. "I didn't need a reason as soon as I found out that you weren't telling me something about what you were doing! It's always been the two of us making plans, and I was worried, alright?" His voice suddenly dropped an octave, him almost muttering, "I didn't want there to be聽someone else."
The way he addressed Viktor so differently in his last statement threw you off, causing an idea to pop into mind.
"Ekko - are you jealous?"
He immediately broke eye contact, and you swore you saw a tinge of red touching his face.
"Wait, no, sorry. That was a stupid question, you've never been envious of anybody we personally know, much less just for being my friend."
The boy spoke up before you could continue, a bit of shame crawling into his voice. "Stop, I should be the one saying sorry. It's not stupid, I..."聽 He took a deep breath and stepped away from the doorway towards you, meeting your gaze again. "I was jealous. Extremely so, and I let it get in the way of us for two whole weeks. The reason I was different this time was because it felt more personal when you were becoming friends with Viktor. It's not because I hate him, it's because I-"聽
All traces of anger had left his voice, as it had from your thoughts. You lay a hand on his arm, signaling for him to continue.聽
"It's not how I feel towards him. It's how I feel towards聽you. Because I like you. No, scratch that. I love you."
You can't help yourself as you feel yourself inhale sharply, Ekko adding furtively, "And love as in聽love, not how we usually say it. You know, as friends. That's what I wanted to say just now. When I said I was going to do something, I meant telling you all this earlier. It was just bad timing with Viktor, the two of you together really scared me, especially since I was trying to scrape up the courage to say something about it to you."
To say you were taken aback was an understatement. Your mind was racing a mile a second, and you didn't doubt your face was just as red as his was just now. However, none of that stopped your heart from overflowing with happiness at the news.
"I love you too," you say in a hushed tone, Ekko's eyes widening. "I have some explaining myself. The friendship between me and Viktor was more of a collaboration. He would help me out on this, and I would share with him the potential uses for Hexcore I had found. It was meant to be a surprise for you as a congratulations on the anniversary of the Firelights founding, which is why I didn't tell you anything about it."
You step aside from your place in front of your workbench, revealing the product of two weeks of hard, consequential work.聽
The boy next to you gasped, his already wide smile lighting up further.聽
"I didn't think I could love you any more after the extent of all that pining, but evidently, I was wrong," he stated, approaching the newly finished hoverboard. Unexpectedly, he didn't even touch it, instead quickly turning towards you. "You're just the most amazing person I know, I'm so sorry for everything; I'm really an idiot. Missing out on being with you in any and every way for the past two weeks has been killing me, it was wrong of me to take out my own insecurities on you. Also, I really want to say that you looked聽so聽beautiful sniping that officer earlier-"
His words are swallowed as you press your lips to his, the arms you admire so much immediately wrapping around your waist, him pulling you towards you as he leans against the workbench to press the two of you even closer. It's better than you could've ever imagined, the hostile moments from the past simply dissipating as a new door for you and Ekko opened.聽
The blissful shard of eternity paused as you pulled back to say, "Oh, and by the way; the board is compatible with your boots, the two bond together so you don't have to worry about those hard turns you're always trying to master anymore, not to mention that it folds up unlike your last one, so it's even more portable."
He pressed a delicate finger to your lips, stating, "It's my turn to cut you off. The gift is a perfect surprise, but you're the real surprise here - and a far superior one at that."
And eternity resumed.聽
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