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↞[arcane preference] with s/o wet due to rain↠
Tumblr media
▶[Jayce, Viktor, Ekko, Marcus, Silco, Vander, Singed, Jinx, Vi, Caitlyn, Mel, Sevika] with s/o wet due to rain (and a bit sad)
I know you missed me <3 I’ve almost finished the exams of this session, so I can write more! I’ve seen some authors join challenges where they write one scenario a day and I’d like to do something similar, in case you have prompt you can dm it to me!
(While I was writing it took a particular meaning, so I specify that in some points is the reader is a little sad/ melancholy)
↠No use of "y/n", gender neutral reader (no pronouns for the reader) ↠TW: fluff?, Sfw ↠Character/s: gn reader, Jayce, Viktor, Ekko, Marcus, Silco, Vander, Singed, Jinx, Vi, Caitlyn, Mel, Sevika
↠If you have any requests, ask the devil.↞
The rain doesn’t bother Jayce too much, at least when he’s the one getting soak to the bone.
But when you knock on the door of his dorm room, he casts his eyes in disbelief.
He pulls you into the room quickly, raising the temperature of the thermostat.
makes you sit and offers something warm as he goes to prepare the bath, putting clean towels and his clothes on hand.
If they’re too wide, it’s not a problem, he’ll just look away and shrug, his ears flushing. Clearly, his neurons stopped working on that view.
When you come back from the bathroom you find him busy preparing the bed by putting extra pillows and plaids.
will make you find food, no matter if it is junk food or vegetable broth arranged in that little time, the important thing is that you completely recover
"I thought if you’ve been out in the rain so long it’s because something didn’t go right and... uhm..."
obviously worried, but he won’t force you to talk about it. If you’ve actually just caught the downpour, he’ll give you a lecture about bringing always an umbrella and how health is important
If you actually have something upsetting you, he will just caress the back of your neck
will hold you close if you do not want to talk about it, so that you feel that you are not alone.
You probably don’t even have to reach him. 
Both in the courtyard of the academy soaked to the bone, hair stuck to the face.
on the one hand you are two idiots, on the other the feeling of loneliness, the smell of petrichor, the rain that seems to wash away the problems relaxes you
You go back to the dorm together, arm in arm because of the slippery ground
I can’t really tell what’s the reason, but taken by an unjustified euphoria, mixed with the fact that no one sees you, you would even sing off-key some notes of "Loverboy" to Viktor, who would barely hold a giggle.
It is said that not all evils come to harm, and showering together is proof of this.
It doesn’t have to result in something more, it’s a simple way to replicate the feeling of raindrops on the skin without getting sick.
You enjoy a bit the feeling, a bit the intimacy that is created by gently passing your fingers in each other’s hair.
After the ritual shower you are together wrapped in blankets, talking about more and less with your eyes closed: the exams, the hextech, some embarrassing scene of Jayce happened in the day, up to fall asleep in that position
lulled by the sound of the storm, muffled by the closed glass
He doesn’t love the rain, but in his defense it is both an obstacle when you move with the hoverboard, both the rain of zaun is so acidic to be almost corrosive.
The first instinct to see you come back to the firelights soaking wet would be to scold you: he is worried, he didn’t see you return to base, he had feared the worst.
Once he gets past the initial reaction, he’ll make fun of you. Look at you, you look like a drowned rat.
he would bring you a warm clothes change and approach you, rubbing the back of your head with a towel partly to remove water from your hair, partly to get a smile out of you.
a quick check to see if you got hurt, ready to medicate you in case, before getting told in detail what you were doing out there, if you saw or did something and how it went.
He would not be too apprehensive, the rain is annoying but it is the least.
But he’s empathetic enough to know if you’ve been taken aback by the sudden rain or if you needed to be alone with yourself.
"Ya know… if something goes wrong you can tell me ‘bout it, if not as a partner at least as a member of this community. We solve problems together. There is no "stupid" or "not serious" problem, if something hurts you"
He’s not one to talk too sentimental, but in these cases he prefers to put aside his character and remind you that you’re not alone
and that if you do not have an umbrella you can stand in two under the same
When you enter his office dripping wet, he looks up from the documents only to raise his brows, before looking back at the pieces of paper, waiting for an explanation.
He is not indifferent to the fact that you are shaking like a leaf, but in his gaze it’s implied a scolding: you should have repaired yourself or should not have gone out at all.
If you don’t feel like explaining yourself, Silco’d just sigh and put the documents in a desk drawer, getting up to go get a plaid hot enough to make you stop shaking.
But he doesn’t wrap you in it or give it to you directly, he walks instead to return sitting on his throne
He places the blanket in such a way that he wrap you when you go to sit on his lap, holding you. It is about respecting the spaces, if you want physical comfort you can hide in his arms, otherwise you can only take the blanket.
Plus, you can take your time.
he would turn on the gramophone, letting the low volume music fill the room.
He doesn’t talk, you already know everything you need to know. He gently runs his fingers through your wet hair until you fall asleep, wrapping you up better.
"Sometimes it’s good for us to carve out a corner of the world for ourselves, to be alone with our thoughts. But don’t overdo it, health is a precious gift." 
his lips whisper these words softly against your temple.
He does not mind the rain, the noise relaxes him, so would take advantage of it to stay for a while in intimacy tight in that position, lulled by the notes that fill the air and by the drops of water on the green window
He wouldn’t really know how to act, he wouldn’t spontaneously do anything other than ask you explicitly if everything’s okay and what he can do.
He’s a simple man: if you tell him to get the tub ready, he does. If you tell him to make a seat for you at the table, he is already in the kitchen.
he’s not stupid, he just doesn’t know what you feel do to and what you don’t, so he shows his concern in helping you the exact way you need help.
If he has already eaten, he will still sit at the table with you, perhaps peeling a fruit while you are busy eating a hot meal.
And he is going to tell you about his day, about the child, about how the Kirammans are giving him white hair.
"You know Marcus, they kinda suit you well. White hair I mean"
He looks up at you before spreading his lips in an idiot smile that never fails to put you in a good mood
"Then I’ll be working overtime for that family. Double shift tomorrow, definitely."
Maybe he doesn’t have loud reactions or exaggerations, but that normality that permeates the room when you’re alone with him makes you feel safe.
When you start eating the fruit, he stands up and disappears into the bedroom.
You are going to find extra pillows and candles, just to create a small corner for you two
The sigh that comes out of his lips is worth more than a hundred words.
He makes you sit at the counter and prepares you a hot drink, something to warm you up with before he crosses his arms.
"So? You don’t have to tell me anything?" can be a little intimidating, but you know he’s just worried. You imagine that he waited for you with anxiety, that he is worried about you and how you feel.
He knows you’re grown and independent, but he still feels responsible for everything that happens in the lanes, and you also know for sure he was ready to blame himself if anything happened to you.
In case it was just a shower, a second sigh would follow, this time to lighten the chest.
he smiles at you tired but full of love. "One day you’ll scare me to death like this"
If you want to talk instead Vander is a great listener, would remain silent and would take some time to answer you, so that he actually looks for a solution or an adequate answer and not just being polite.
very apprehensive, he is the father of four children after all. Once he’s done cleaning the inn, he’ll carry you in his room, cuddling and covering you in attention.
Being in bed together, covered, while he hugs you from behind is the closest thing you can get to heaven
He wouldn’t be too worried, but you can’t blame him, he’s used to things worse than two drops of water.
He’d look up at you, moving his gaze away from his bakers and test tubes to make sure everything is okay, making room for you next to him.
"Something wrong?" the voice is hoarse and low, almost relaxing in its uniqueness.
he puts his vest on your back to cover you as much as possible to warm you up a bit and take off with his thumb a few drops of rain caught between your eyelashes
You know he’s working and he’s busy, and that attention he gives you while his hands are extracting the drug is enough to make you smile.
From time to time he caresses your cheek, while your head rests leaning against the work surface, with the back of his hand, as if to tell you that he is not ignoring you.
You take the opportunity to close your eyes and rest a bit, trying to focus on the noise of glass and the metal that gently clinks.
"Will you tell me about it?" 
After a while he stops and looks at you, devoting all his attention to you. 
He’s not a talkative man, but he’s a man of science. And when he puts everything on the table, leaning his back against the wall to be able to look at you better you know that he is expressing how important you are.
perplexed, but amused
"awww, did you go for a walk in the rain?"
It is not a problem if you make the floor wet, but she gives you a signal to not to approach the stationary shovels that act as a bridge to avoid unpleasant accidents.
A lot of questions about why you were out, what the rain was like today, what it tasted like.
She feels enthusiastic even though her fingers are busy tightening bolts and attaching cables.
When you crouch on the sofa next to the creepy dummy, she turns to look at you, you can’t tell the expression, but she throws the device into the void, letting it explode as she approaches.
She doesn’t ask questions, she’s the first one who doesn’t know how to express what’s going on. Jinx just bends over so her face is lower than you, hands on her knees, and tilts her head as she looks into your eyes.
And she is so tender in that moment that you wish you could take a picture of it.
She takes old clothes or rags and sits on your lap, wiping your hair with a playful act, similar to what her sister did with her when they came back from a mission drenched to the bone.
You can’t help but smile as you see her concentrated expression, her incisors exposed by her lips and her tongue between her teeth
She is not good at words, her comfort is physical contact. She would remain embraced by you playing carelessly with your clothes
If it’s her standing in the rain, there’s no problem. She also enjoys the feeling of the rain on her skin as if it could wash away all the guilt she has taken.
But the moment you’re soaking wet, the situation changes.
Vi takes off her leather jacket to put it on your head while you run for shelter, and j
keeps an eye on you, ready to support you if you lose your balance because of the wet roads.
found a shelter keeps you to herself, makes you lean with the head on her shoulder and carelessly stokes your waist
from time to time she takes your hands between of hers and blows on them to warm them up, waiting for the rain to diminish before going home.
holds you closer to herself when she hears thunder or the light of lightning fills the shelter, an instinct that has not lost and probably will never lose.
Once you’re home, she’ll make you undress immediately to wash your clothes, no matter how much you try to reassure her that you’re okay or that you don’t need to, she’ll just give you a scolding look before continuing.
She’s a hundred percent quiet type to cuddle in bed while the storm is raging outside. 
If you’re afraid she holds you, falling asleep holding your hand
She is the first to come home always wet or dirty, so she probably wouldn’t even notice
but as soon as he sees the clothes sticking to your skin she frowns perplexed 
"Did you want to take a shower?"
She throws you a towel or something with which you can take the damp off you while she carries an ashtray, two glasses and a bottle of liquor on the coffee table in front of the sofa.
She comes from an environment where you cannot be weak in any way, and everything that is not about something concrete is out of her reach
Sevika sits down and makes room for you on the sofa.
If you’ve just been caught unprepared by the bad weather you drink and talk about more and less, while a hand on your thigh rubs it loosely.
But if something bothers you, she won’t force you to talk about it. Silence isn’t awkward, it’s just an intimate way of communicating.
And if the alcohol makes you want to tell her what’s wrong she will listen to you in religious silence staring at the amber liquid in the glass; she does not touch neither cigarettes nor liquor until you are finished
bonus: if you tell her that someone has wronged you, don’t worry that the rain will not stop her from getting up immediately to go and... “talk to them”.
As soon as you show up wet as a drowned rat, she call off the servants, telling them to prepare a hot bath, dinner and the bedroom.
You see her thinning her eyes and crossing her arms to her chest, looking like she’s waiting for an explanation.
It’s not as hard as it may seem, in her work she learned that you have to first assess the situation well and then act accordingly, 
for this reason she wants to understand if it was just carelessness (and turn a homicidal look that will make you burst out laughing because you know that she behaves like this because she loves you)
or if there was a problem.
You see her play imperceptibly with her ring, she knows she can always be little present and the fear of making you feel neglected or not enough consumes her, but she cannot show it or say it explicitly.
It must be said that he is not a person who accepts not receiving answers, if Mel understands that you do not want to talk about what happened she softens the tone approaching, a hand on your cheek precedes her lips, her warm breath on your skin.
She’d find a way to get you to talk, more than out of curiosity because she needs to know if it’s a problem she can solve it.
she would feel guilty anyway, because she did not notice before the fact that you were having troubles, regardless of whether the problem concerns her or not
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ekko \ expressions
ARCANE - 1.07 "The Boy Savior"
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Tumblr media
💚💜 Jinx and Ekko~
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
ARCANE (2021 — )
Oh, look who it is, the boy savior!
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Tumblr media
Ekko won the TikTok poll so take this warm up/stylistic practice! I miss drawing him!
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Tumblr media
you get injured
summary: arcane characters reacting to you getting hurt
pairing(s): jinx x reader | silco x reader | viktor x reader | ekko x reader
warnings: mention of injury + blood, cursing
Tumblr media
when coming back from a supply run, you had an incident with the firelights and had gotten injured.
you sighed as you held your side, red staining both your shirt and your hand
you mumbled curses to yourself as you pushed open the metal door as you slowly walked into jinx's hideout
jinx was humming to herself as she was reading a magazine and blasted her music.
The second that her eyes drifted over to you, her head shot up and she dropped her magazine. "Y/n!" She said as she stood up and rushed to your side. "Wha-what happened?!" She asked frantically as she laid her hands on your injured side.
"I'm okay jinx, really." You tried to reassure her but you could see the worry in her eyes as she laid her other hand on the side of you face. "I just need to get this cleaned up, okay?" You told her as she nodded quickly.
You winced as you pressed a cotton ball with alcohol on it to your side. You sat on the couch in jinx's hideout as you cleaned up your wound. Jinx sat on the floor next to you, with her forehead pressed to her knees and her arms wrapped around her legs. She felt guilty for letting you get hurt and put the blame on herself.
"jinx, honey" you moved over on the couch to sit on the sofa behind jinx. You liad your hand on her back as she kept her head in her knees. "I should've been with you." Jinx breathed out as she held her head up by her hand. "I already told you I'm fine." You said as you kneeled down next to jinx on the floor. "None of this was your fault." You reassured her as you held her cheek in your hand and wiped her cheek with your thumb. She sniffles as she smiles at you as you pressed your forehead against hers.
"Next time I'm going with you." She states as you chuckle.
Tumblr media
you winced as silco helped stich up your wounded shoulder. You sat on his lap while both of you were in his office.
"You have to be more careful next time, darling." He advised as he pressed harshly against your shoulder.
You chuckled as he looked sternly up at you, clearly not joking. "So I was bit clumsy, but I'm fine." You tried to reassure him with a stupid smile. Your mood quickly changed as he pulled tightly on the cord he was stiching on your wound and cuts the end of it. "Clumsy?" He says as he sets down the needle and thread. "What happens next time when you're clumsy? Hm?" He asks as he holds your face between his fingers gently.
He sighed as he let go of your face and pressed his head to the back of his chair as he stared at the ceiling. "Next time you're out you'll run and trip on your own knife." He closed his eyes with his head up. You chuckled as you moved your legs so that they were on either side of his legs. "Luckily enough for you, I'm not that much of an idiot." You joked as you finally saw a hint of a smile on his face as he opened his eyes to look at you.
He moved his hands from his lap and onto your thighs as he sighed. "I'll be more careful next time, I promise." You reassured him as he kept his gaze on you. "Good." He breathed out as he reached his hand behind your neck and pulled his head up to press his lips against yours.
Tumblr media
one day, you were running late for work at the academy and as you were running up a flight of stairs you had tripped and fell down a couple steps. Luckily nothing was broken but your legs were scratched up and even started bleeding a bit.
without even thinking, you had slowly walked into viktor's lab and tried to start your work.
Once viktor had saw you, he was immediately worried. "Y/n! What happened to your legs?!" He asked anxiously as he saw blood coming through your pants and he tried to quickly walk over to you. "Oh, I'm okay I just tripped." You tried to laugh it off but viktor was obviously still worried for you.
"Your legs need to be cleaned up before we do anything." He stated.
Even though you tried to protest, viktor told you to sit on the couch and roll up your pant legs and he saw multiple cuts on your legs. "All this because you didn't want to be late?" He chuckled as he prepared some medical supplies. "I guess I could've been a bit more careful." You said as he looked up at you with a smile.
You winced as he pressed alcohol to one of your cuts. "Sorry." He whispered as his eyebrows furrowed together.
He finished cleaning up your cuts by putting some bandages on your legs. "Thank you very much viktor." You smiled as you pecked him on the cheek, slowly watching his face turn red as he nervously chuckled. "Maybe next time you could walk with me, you definitely won't trip then." He said jokingly as you laughed in response.
Tumblr media
you were riding around on your hoverboard when patrolling for the firefights when you had a malfunction in your hoverboard and fell a couple stories onto concrete and ended up breaking your arm.
Ekko saw you and immediately flew down to be by your side. "Holy shit y/n, are you okay?" He asked, his mask making his voice sound deeper and more robotic. "Shit, it hurts. I-I think it's broken." You told him, feeling tears well up in your eyes from the pain. "You can't fly anymore, we're going to have to walk back to camp, it's not so far." He said as he helped you stand up. You kept your arm close to your body as Ekko had his arms around your body as he walked you bac to the hideout.
As you made your way back to the hideout, ekko had immediately called for a medic who told you that your arm was broken and they had to apply a cast.
You were sitting on a couch with ekko standing up and looking down at the firelights, both of you had taken your masks off to see each other. "The medic said I wouldn't be able to take this off for another 8 weeks or so." You explained as ekko hummed as he turned away. "I'm sorry I'll be out of the fight for so long." You said as he turned back around to face you. "You shouldn't be apologizing, you didn't mean to fall like that." He said. "I should've had that board checked anyway." Ekko said as his eyebrows furrowed closely together, almost feeling angry to himself.
"On the bright side-" You started, trying to change the subject. "- You get to sign my cast." You stood up and walked over to him, holding a marker that you had picked up from the table across from the couch. He scoffed as he looked down at your cast and back up at you. "You're not taking this seriously are you?" He rhetorically asked as you gave him a sly grin. "Well, what else am I supposed to do? Cry about it all the time?" You joke as he shakes his head with a smile.
He reluctantly grabs the marker from your fingers and takes off the cap. He holds onto your cast as he shakily writes his name onto your cast. "Could've been a bit neater." You joked as his scoffed at you. He laid his hand on your waist and pulled you close to him. "You're really looking for trouble today, aren't you?" He spoke with a sly grin. You chuckled as you looked into his eyes. "Well, you've gotta make light of the situation, right?" You smile as he leaned forward to press his lips against your own, smiling into the kiss.
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I was amazed by the animation, rhythm and emotionality of this scene.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Perhaps Ekko deliberately called Jinx not just to fight, but invited her to play the way they did in childhood. In this way, he awakened certain memories in Jinx that made her use the tactics that she used when she was little, and then her actions became predictable for him. Including this helped Ekko, finally, get ahead of her.
But he didn’t realize that if those memories were still alive in the depths of Jinx's heart, then Powder was still alive too. And maybe Ekko was ready to take revenge and finish off Jinx...
Tumblr media Tumblr media
...But he couldn't kill Powder 
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shanksr · 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
best boy
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terminalnaps · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
The boy saviour 💥
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cyan-skulls-writing · 3 months ago
I loved the morning after hc! It was so wholesome 🥲
I'll just ask for one more scenario if it's no trouble? Can you do the arcane characters when the reader smacks their ass as they pass by and says something flirty? You don't need to do this if you're not comfortable writing it!
No trouble at all! Sorry this is late, I’ve had midterms. Here they are!
Arcane Characters + Reader Smacking their Ass
implied sex but sfw
with: Viktor, Jayce, Silco, Vander, Ekko, Jinx, Vi, Caitlyn, Sevika and Mel
gender/body neutral
Viktor will never admit that he yelped, but he did, like you stepped on a cat’s tail. He is bright cherry red, up to his ears and stretching to under his collar. You know from experience he blushes down to his chest. If you’re at home he mostly just laughs and brushes it aloof, if you’re in public he will just fucking die. He will pass away.
“Hello my love, I— ah! What— ah, um. Haha, alright then.”
No matter where you are, Jayce is kinda mad. No talk he, he angy. If you’re at home, he wants more, if you’re in public, he’s worried about his reputation. He isn’t uncomfortable with it, but he does think it’s a little juvenile I guess? There are other ways to get his attention which he prefers. If you notice he’s particularly needy that day, well, that doesn’t mean anything.
“Oh hey, you— hey! Ugh, you’re so immature— I am not blushing! Cut it out!”
You can’t do this to Silco and get away with it. He will pay you back, and you won’t like it when he does (in a sexy way where you actually will). He’s super not chill about it. In private he might let it slide, but do it in public and you’re in a fucking lot of trouble. He tries to recover by rolling his eyes and coughing but it doesn’t work, he’s so pale you can see him flushing from miles off.
“You think you’re so fucking cute— just you wait. I’ll make you eat those words.”
It’s less fun to do this to Vander because he just barely reacts. He might like chuckle or make some comment to his friends if they’re around. He genuinely doesn’t mind, he thinks its cute and its mostly harmless. If you make a truly raunchy comment he may blush a little but he mostly doesn’t mind. He won’t smack your ass in return but he may pinch it; he’s a grabber not a slapper.
“No, hey, I’m— ah, see, this one keeps me in line. Hi there, darl.”
Ekko thinks this is so funny. He will laugh his ass off and then try to get you back. It’s turned into a game between you on who can say the stupidest thing/who can catch the other the most off guard. A bunch of the other Firelights are keeping score for you, it’s a thing. He likes to check in with you sometimes to make sure you’re still comfortable with it, which is when he’s most vulnerable for a strike. >:)
“Hey honey, what’s— FUCK. Gods damn it, you got me. You caught me unprepared this time, never again.”
Jinx will also laugh, and she will hit you back, without mercy. The trouble is her hands are really fucking bony so it usually ends up hurting even if she doesn’t mean it to. She usually finds it funny or likes that you’re like publicly displaying your relationship, it makes her happy. She only hates it if her dad is around, and honestly, death by Silco isn’t super high on your list of desires.
“Hiii sugar, how are ya-ah! Hehehehe, hello to you too.”
See, Vi does this to you all the time, so if you do it back she will just. Freeze. And look at you in total shock, her mouth dropped open in a disbelieving smile. It’s honestly so funny how long she just looks at you like she just won the lottery. She’s oddly proud if you do it in public, She likes you showing other people you’re together.
“Woah! Holy shit. I love you so much, cupcake, seriously.”
The moment your hand meets ass, Caitlyn is a blushing, stuttering mess. Poor thing just doesn’t even know how to react. She gets so embarrassed, even if you’re at home alone. She doesn’t dislike it’s just not something shes ever even considered before. She hates if you do it in public, though, she’s supposed to be composed, damn it!
“Hello, dear, I— oh! Oh, I— you, um—that is, you— ah— no, I, I’m alright I just, um. That was… unexpected.”
Sevika does not react, at all. She does this to you as a greeting, so if you do it back she just carries on as if you had just said hello to her. Literally she just doesn’t give a shit. If you go super hard she’ll just hit you back just as hard (if not harder, she’s beefy) and carry on. If you want to get a reaction out of her you have to do some wild shit like grab her titty.
“But I fucking told him, I said— oh, hi baby— so I said to him—“
Mel doesn’t dislike it? But she thinks its kind of immature. She raises one eyebrow and gives you that look that just pierces your soul. In private she might give you a smirk, but in public she will honest to god cluck her tongue at you, and at that point, you’re the one embarrassed. She has to deflect it on you so no one will look closely enough to see her blushing.
“Really, darling? If you need something you know you can just tell me.”
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
in another life
EDIT: pls dont talk about the jinx x ekko ship to me<3 i dont ship em so idc thank u
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theprettyarachnid · 4 months ago
domestic things the arcane characters do
a/n: im probably not going to be very active for the next couple of days so... here <3
warnings: none, its short and sweet
🕷 She wakes up first in the morning, mainly out of habit but also because she gets to wake you up
🕷 Jinx will gently roll you over on your back and rest her head on your chest while booping your nose or poking your cheeks quietly telling you to wake up
🕷 She always holds your hand wherever you two go and if she can't hold your hand, she wraps it around your waist
🕷 I can see Jinx being really good at braiding hair so if you have long hair, she will just braid it anytime she wants
🕷 I don't think I have to say this, but the pet names are endless
🕷 Literally every sentence directed towards you ends with some cheesy nickname
🕷 Vi kills off every bug that you're afraid of
🕷 and she does it with her bare hands
🕷 Anytime you two go out to eat, she insists on getting the check and doesn't let you see how much it is
🕷 It's very sweet but her facial expressions give her away every time
🕷 She leaves little notes around the house for you to find whenever she's at work
🕷 Depending on where they are in the house tells you what they might say
🕷 For example, if you're about to clean the dishes there will be a note saying it's already done
🕷 She loves cooking with you and she is definitely the best cook out of everyone on this list
🕷 If you try and 'taste test' any of the food you two are making, she swats your hand away with an adoring smile
🕷 Has every single one of your orders memorized
🕷 Every time he closes up shop, he demands a 30 minute cuddle session no matter how busy you are
🕷 In his spare time, Ekko makes you little trinkets that he thinks you'll like
🕷 He wears a specific hoodie for a few days so it can get his scent on it before he 'accidentally' leaves it for you to find
🕷 Always makes you a hot drink of your choosing in the morning
🕷 When you two are alone and have some down time, he likes to lay his head on your lap and let you play with his hair
🕷 He's out in the next five minutes
🕷 Viktor loves showering with you
🕷 His love language is acts of service so being able to wash your hair and body while just enjoying the hot water with you is literal heaven to him
🕷 When he catches you napping on the couch or in a chair, he drapes a blanket over you so you don't get cold
🕷 He regularly buys you bouquets of flowers
🕷 Whenever music is playing, Jayce quietly hums to himself before making you dance with him
🕷 I can see Jayce being a literal god when it comes to giving massages
🕷 He can't fall asleep without you
🕷 he'll never admit it but it's true
🕷 Jayce likes having you by his side either tracing shapes on his bare chest or playing with his hair
🕷 hm.. domestic and silco don't really go together AHAHHAAH
🕷 He enjoys the mornings the most because he can help you pick out your outfit while smoking a cigar
🕷 He likes zipping up the backs if needed
🕷 You probably got addicted to smoking because of him so you two share a cigar while talking about any upcoming meetings or raids he has planned
🕷 I can see him buying you jewelry based on things like your birth stone or he will simply buy it for you because it reminded him of you
🕷 This man is the definition of domestic
🕷 Early mornings are filled with quiet laughter while you two have breakfast and a cup of coffee
🕷 If one of you are particularly tired that day, the other will do whatever else needs to be done
🕷 He is the father of four children so he's not afraid to take care of you when sick
🕷 I can see Vander being a fan of naked cuddling just because of the skin on skin contact
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 EKKO |  ARCANE – 1.07 “The Boy Savior”
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Vi + hugs and physical affection (in s1)
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Arcane (2021 — )
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feat. Jinx and her pretty pink eyes (part 2/?)
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Timebomb by Mush.
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ships under the cut 
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if anyone comes looking for a scrap over jayce i will literally beat the crap out of you, do not test me, nobody comes between me and my big, dumb, dark-haired men
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Arcane + tumblr posts
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Arcane Textposts
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