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fireproof-heaven · a day ago
sorry i can’t come to your party, i have plans with the little gay people on my screen this friday
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nayalovesbyler2 · a day ago
time to face it yall
the duffers would make the actors retake a scene a MILLION times if the outcome is not what they wanted. like im tired of ppl calling finn a bad actor
you see mike being cold around el? that’s what they want us to see.
you see mike looking at will’s lips? that’s what they want us to see.
you see will feeling hopeful and happy while grabbing the painting? THATS WHAT THEY-
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mendessimp · 2 days ago
just how fast night changes
Tumblr media Tumblr media
i miss mike with them so much
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letmesleeep · 2 days ago
imagine how devastated will be hopper when he and joyce will finally get together and he'll find out that not one but two of his kids have fallen in love with mike wheeler
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november6th1983 · 2 days ago
Just thinking about Will’s low self esteem like when he gets back from the upside down and he tells mike the demogorgon got him and he acts like it was his fault, then he keeps quiet about everything happening to him with the mindflayer and upside down because he doesn’t want to seem like a burden. joyce has to beg the truth out of him to finally get a response and then he can’t even really talk about it, he has to draw it. he’s like 12 years old and willing to die so they can close the gate. he only really releases his anger toward his lost childhood and being “different” when he’s alone at castle byers and then doesn’t let lucas apologize but brushes it off and it makes me think about how he tells mike he “deserved it” when mike was being an asshole to him at the skating rink. like all will did was be quiet and somehow he felt like he deserved to be called a douche??? and he obviously has a crush on mike but all he does is give him advice on how he can talk to el and fix things with her when they find her like never once does he try to interfere with their relationship. all of this obviously stems from his father and I really need to know just what all lonnie said and did to him before he left (and the few visits he had with will after) that made will think so little of himself.
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sharpesjoy · 19 hours ago
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JIM HOPPER + giving head kisses to people he loves
2.09 | 4.07
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lumaxramblings · 20 hours ago
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11byers · a day ago
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#some things never change
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stevesdemobat · a day ago
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well, the landslide will bring you down
landslide - fleetwood mac
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anironnn · 2 days ago
Mike wheeler coming out be like:
Mike: Me and Will are no longer best friends.
Lucas: what did you fight?
Max: Just tell them you're dating Mike wtf-
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howardsperez · 2 days ago
"gay people didn't exist in the 80s, so it's unrealistic for stranger things to do that" as if emily dickinson, who was from the goddamn 1800s didn't write the gayest shit that I've ever seen in my life about her and sue gilbert in her poems. so if gay people can exist 2 centuries ago, they definitely would've exist 36 years ago. they didn't magically pop out of nowhere in the late 90s/early 2000s
also, being in the closet existed back then (so did internalized homophobia), so of course people in the 80s and prior didn't come out. like use your goddamn brain cells for just a second. and this is a goddamn sci-fi show with monsters from another dimension but gay people is where yall draw the line. and during PRIDE MONTH?
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byersenthusiast · 3 hours ago
mini rant
people had no problem with jonathan, steve, and hopper being in love with girls who were in relationships. so it pisses me off that the SECOND they confirm that will is in love with a boy who is in a (very rocky btw) relationship, people are treating him like a predator and saying he needs to "back off". like the hypocrisy and homophobia blows my mind.
will isn't a predator or a homewrecker. he isn't even acting on his feelings for mike. he hasn't been flirting with him or "shooting his shot." he is not doing anything to actively "steal" mike from el. if anything, he is giving mike advice on how to fix his relationship with el and he just wants mike to be his best friend again. so it just really makes me mad that people are treating him like a predator and a homewrecker but they didn't do the same with jonathan, steve, and hopper.
they are acting like will can control his feelings. that he chose to fall in love with mike. and that he is somehow dirty and gross and a predator for loving mike because mike isn't single. like?? first off, mike and him have been best friends for 10 years and mike was one of the few people who was kind to will and didn't treat him like a freak. he was one of the few people who REALLY cared about him. you cannot blame him for developing feelings for mike. and i can assure you he probably doesn't WANT to be in love with a boy at all let alone his best friend who is dating his adoptive sister. but he COULD NOT HELP IT. he just...fell in love. he shouldn't be called a predator for that
it just irks me that none of yall blamed jonathan for having feelings for nancy while she was with steve, none of yall blamed hopper for having feelings for joyce while she was with bob, none of yall blamed steve for having feelings for nancy while she was with jonathan, but you're blaming will for having feelings for mike while mike is with el. like that is some of the most hypocritical and homophobic shit i have ever seen. STOP BLAMING WILL FOR FALLING IN LOVE. STOP CALLING HIM A PREDATOR. YOU'RE HYPOCRISY AND HOMOPHOBIA IS SHOWING.
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will80sbyers · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
poor El
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mendessimp · a day ago
○ single
○ taken
● waiting for stranger things season 4 volume 2
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willbyers-stanie · a day ago
noah saying will just “wants to take care of them and make sure they're safe.” even though he’s third wheeling mike and el breaks my heart in ways no one will ever understand 
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madmaxsmayfield · 17 hours ago
if el and max dont dramatically run into each other’s arms in vol. 2 i don’t want it
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sickbromeo · 5 hours ago
imagine: it’s july 1st 2022, you go to netflix to watch the newest stranger things episodes, you really hope they let will be happy, you watch as will comes out to people, finally he gets to mike, mike tells him that’s cool but he’s straight and not gay and only likes him as a friend, will cries but he’s fine! however by the end of the season ever single queer ship except for byler becomes canon, el breaks up with mike and starts dating max, lucas and dustin start dating, steve and eddie are seem flirting at family videos, robin and nancy are holding hands, jonathan and argyle are high and cuddling, they all hang out and go on a quintuplet date, mike and will stand awkwardly to the side, mike tells will he’s like a brother to him, you are laughing hysterically and crying on the floor.
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I love Byler with my whole heart and I love lumax with my whole heart.
But at this point I just need to see an Elmax reunion
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rangerdangerstranger · 2 days ago
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made a vol. 2 bingo card. if i get a bingo i win a trip to starbucks
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So let me get this straight. Byler fans want El to come back from being traumatized and confronted with her past as a lab rat to this evil government man... only to be broken up with by her boyfriend so that he can go date her brother? That’s what ya’ll want? How bout you all just admit that you hate El and let’s go on with our day! 
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