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#elain acotar
exquisitley-obsessed · 7 hours ago
Does anyone else think that the rose-glass pendant is inherently symbolic of Elain?
Like Azriel has his blue siphons and Gwyn has her blue gemstone - it just makes sense that this pink gem belongs to Elain. It’s also a friggen rose like, c’mon!!!
I just think that if a lot of Gwynriel is based on Az giving her this necklace then it’s kind of a weak ship, like the core ‘romantic’ element between them is a necklace that was not only meant for another woman, but also, is an inherent reminder of said woman.
I just think Az isn’t going to be able to see the necklace on Gwyn and not think of Elain, like how are they supposed to build a relationship if every time they’re together, Gwyn is literally wearing a symbol of Elain around her neck.
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vanilla-art-1998 · 12 hours ago
If you'd rather completely ignore the scenes where they talk about Elain, fine. But if in addition to ignoring the scenes, you take it upon yourself to preach that Elain will not receive a book or that if she receives a book she will be 800 pages long talking about flowers, you are completely wrong and frustrated.
It is quite frustrating to see how Elain is insulted and belittled, and although she is a fictional character, they are in charge of insulting her with insults that affect real people, many Elain stan are precisely because they identify with her, they identify with a character that should of hiding all their suffering for the sake of not worrying the people around them anymore, they identify with her because they like to do hobbies similar to hers, the followers can be identified with Elain in so many things! And there you are, insulting her without knowing if your comments can affect someone behind the screen, you make fun of the reproductive capacity of a character practically declaring that she is worth less if she cannot have children, when you do not know if there are women behind the screen reading with syndromes, with müllerian agenesis, with any pathology that prevents them from giving birth to children, do you think these comments do not affect real people?
Not to mention they want Elain to be sexually abused! for Azriel to abandon her for Gwyn. They hope and wish for Elain to become a villain for Gwyn and Azriel to murder her. Are these thoughts really from a sensible person? I doubt it. I just hope that the Elain haters reconsider her words (and this also goes for the gwynriel which is where most of the elain haters take refuge).
Here I will be fully supporting the next ACOTAR protagonist and all the people who identify with her and are affected by her hateful comments.
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azrielflex · 2 days ago
Can we PUH_LEASE talk about how the shadows hide every time Elain is around but come out to mf play with Gwen. gahhhh
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izzyhavilliard · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
”But tonight, here in the dark and quiet, with no one to see...”
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mortalbrekker · 2 days ago
does anyone have any theory about Elain becoming a spy?
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At dusk Elain slipped out of the house, taking care to ensure her fighting leathers remained hidden in the basket she carried; covering them strategically with the thick tulip blossom’s she’d laid over top. Though it wasn’t likely any of the inner circle was awake yet, should she run into one she’d claim she was on the way to help out in one of the many gardens around Velaris, as she often did.
In truth, she was on her way to meet Azriel, who waited for her in an alley not far from Nesta’s apartment. It was time for her first mission.
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izzyhavilliard · 5 days ago
Elriel vs Elucien scene
Sjm chose to create two different scenes in ACOWAR, one with Elriel and one with Elucien. In theory the scenes are the same - the couple is sitting and having tea together - but it plays out entirely different.
"It was the most uncomfortable thirty minutes I could recall. (..) Pretending, while Lucien and Elain sat in stilted silence by the dim fireplace, an untouched tea service between them."
"Elain sat silently at one of the wrought-iron tables, a cup of tea before her. Azriel was sprawled on the chaise longue across the gray stones, sunning his wings and reading what looked to be a stack of reports - likely information on the Autumn Court that he planned to present to Rhys once he'd sorted through it all. Already dressed for the Hewn City - the brutal. beautiful armor so at odds with the lovely garden. And my sister sitting within it. "Why not make them mates?" I mused. "Why Lucien?"
Elucien's scene is described as very awkward. Words like "stilted silence" and "untouched tea" also highlights this point. Elain and Azriel are also silent in their scene but it's comfortable, Elain is drinking tea and Azriel is sunning his wings and reading reports, the picture of domestic. Another important note is that Feyre is present at both scenes. In Elucien's case she is describing it as "the most uncomfortable thirty minutes I could recall" but when it comes to Elriel it's the complete opposite. She even goes as far as to question why the cauldron didn't make them mates instead of Elucien. For me this is a very clear sign that Elriel is endgame.
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izzyhavilliard · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Headcanon: Elain Archeron with wings
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nesemryn · 6 days ago
So you know how we call Rhysand, riceman or in my case any object that starts with an R, people have started to call Elain, Eplain or Explain. I'm trying to stay neutral on her but you all don't make it easy😭
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izzyhavilliard · 6 days ago
”Soft steps padded from under the stair archway, and there she was. The faelights gilded Elain’s unbound hair, making her glow like the sun at dawn.”
Can we just appreciate this sentence right here? Our man is down bad and who could blame him? I don’t even know why we’re still debating who’s endgame because this is (sorry for language) romantic as hell😌
Disclaimer: This is just a joke, we won’t know who’s endgame until sjm confirms it so please don’t come after me lol💕
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izzyhavilliard · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Elain Archeron - Kingslayer
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hellogoodbye14 · 7 days ago
Cassian and Nesta host a night court event at the house of wind. Everyone is enjoying the house approved lavish food and Nesta decided to play Cassians gifted playlist for the music. Everyone was merry, everyone was relaxed. All except for one.... no the Shadowsinger sat all by himself on one of the terraces, probably berating himself for all the mistakes he made.
Elain noticed that the wind was warmer where he was sitting all by his lonesome self, It was as if the house wanted to offer him some comfort.
“You know that broody look is getting pretty old.”
He barely moved, just gave her a sideway glance and a smile which had no real heart to it.
“Theres no broody look, thats just my face”
Elain laughed.
“Where’s Lucien?”
“Cass is set on getting him mad drunk, apparently he has never seen Lucien intoxicated enough to do something stupid.”
Azriel chuckled and asked,
“Should you be out here?”
“Ah finally addressing the elephant in the room are we Azriel? Believe it or not, he is the one who suggested I come speak to you.”
“He’s a good male”
“He’s the best but thats not what I’m here to talk to you about.”
Azriel just stayed silent, waiting on her to continue.
“What almost happened with us that night, you and I both know it was for the best. We wanted each other for the wrong reasons, you because you thought you’d been robbed of what your brothers had.”
Azriel went to cut her next sentence but she held up a finger to stop him,
“And me? well I was in a bad place. I did want you, you were kind and compassionate. Everything that Grayson was not when he found out I had been turned Fae. I know it sounds horrible, but a part of me wanted revenge, to show him that I could be with a better male and forget about him the way he forgot about me. I also wanted control, I wanted what my sisters had and that is why I ignored my mate. A mate who was silently there for me , was patient with me as I worked through my trauma. A mate I hurt.”
Azriel took a deep breathe, “Elain it makes
me happy to see you both together after everything. I know its hard to believe but I’m grateful that nothing happened between us just as you are.”
Elain waved her hand,
“Oh, I already know that. We all know the real reason you’re out here brooding.”
Azriel gave her a surprised look,
“You do?”
Elain rolled her eyes,
“Not for one second do we think you’re brooding because of me and Lucien. Even a blind man could see that you’re upset because a certain badass valkyrie priestess is missing from your life.”
“I’m that obvious huh? I fucked up Elain, she found out about the necklace and she’s upset, and rightfully so. I mean if I could kick my own ass I would. Hurting her is the last thing I wanted.”
“Why did you give her that necklace Az?”
“I just didn’t want it with me?”
“Theres more to it and you know it.”
“I don’t know, I was just frustrated that night and later bumped into her while she was training. We spoke for just a few minutes but in those few minutes, everything just seemed right. I felt lighter? The next time I saw that necklace, I could picture her smile when she saw it. Suddenly it felt right for it to be with her.”
A genuine smile graced his face, “her smile does that, it makes you feel whole”
“Her smile or her?”
He stayed silent for a few seconds,
“Her. All her”
“Then get her Az. Do everything you can to let her know how much she means to you because she obviously means the world to you.”
“She does mean everything but she deserves better.”
“And who are you to decide what I deserve?”
Elain and Az both jumped at the priestesses graceful voice.
“Umm, I’ll leave you both to talk”
Elain walked out, she took one look back at the Shadowsinger and Valkyrie who still had their gazes fixated on one another. So much unsaid in those eyes.
She just closed the transparent door to the balcony when Lucien came up behind her and embraced her in his arms. His chin was resting on her head while he glanced outside to the balcony.
“Did our plan work?”
“You really are a fox. I must say, Impeccable timing husband.”
“And you my dear wife are a great actress, that jump when Gwyn appeared was very convincing”
“Thank you very much, also I never knew you were this big of a busybody.”
“Hey hey, I’m not usually into meddling in others affairs but those two desperately needed it.”
“They really did.”
“Dance with me?”
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courtelphame · 9 days ago
Elucien X Roses song
Shawn Mendes' song of roses is the one that most defines Lucien's "relationship" with Elain at the moment.
First time I do this and I'm sorry for any mistakes, my native language is not English.
It's not that I'm afraid I'm not enough for her
It's not that I can't find the words to say
But when she's with him, she seems happier
And I don't want to take that away
I don't want to explain this part, but whoever is reading it already understood.
How many times can I see your face?
How many times will you walk away?
I just have to let you know
That part doesn't even need to explain why isn't it? Fully self-explanatory
I'm not tryna start a fire with this flame
But I'm worried that your heart might feel the same
And I have to be honest with you, baby
Tell me if I'm wrong and this is crazy
But I got you this rose
And I need to know
Will you let it die or let it grow?
Die or let it grow?
That says a lot about the bond mating
This second line reminds me a lot about the mating bond that has so far not been accepted, much less rejected.
He just needs to know the answer.
But from the fifth to the last row it would be about Lucien deciding that Elain is worth it, but the fact that he does NOT know if it is worth it for her. Lucien just needs an answer to leave or love her.
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bookstaninthesoul · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
Elain Archeron Appreciation Week Day 7: Free Choice (Favorite Friendship)
Elain’s voice was colder than usual. I glanced at Nuala and Cerridwen, the latter giving me a shake of her head as if to say, Not a good day for her.
We only have a few things about this trio but we already know that it will be perfect. These three are incredible alone and when they come together, they are even more wonderful. Nuala, Elain and Cerridwen are best friends, and nobody is going to change that!
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archeronsisters · 10 days ago
The way elriel's obstacles would come from outside rather than themselves, while feysand and nessian tried so hard denying their feelings, we can see from az's pov it wasn't the case with elriel. They will have obstacles bigger than feelings, they literally can cause war if they choose each other. Azriel will deny, for the very first time, his high lord. And Elain will deny the cauldron itself.
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mysadsjmheart · 11 days ago
Archeron sisters zodiac signs, specifically their sun, moon, and rising.
This is purely based off of the energy I see from each of them. Nesta’s was a guess due to her birthday being in late spring and knowing Feyre’s birthday already. Elain’s I just pulled together with not knowing anything about her canon birthday.
Nesta: Gemini☀️ Scorpio🌙 Virgo ⬆️
Elain: Virgo☀️ Cancer🌙 LIBRA⬆️
Feyre: Sagittarius☀️ Capricorn 🌙 Cancer ⬆️
I might do another one for the bats boys...
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vmiae · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
🌸 Elucien 🌸
Honestly I was listening to Paravi Das-Cloud 9 when I drew this—it’s Elains and Luciens song 🥺 Check out my tik tok for how I drew this piece! 💖This piece took me the longest to do because 1) I burned my fingers and 2) I started actually painting my pieces rather than just adding texture!
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isaleticg · 11 days ago
I don't belong to anyone. But my heart belongs to you.
- A Court of Wings and Ruin
Tumblr media
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alwayssara · 11 days ago
Elain Archeron Week
Day 6: Moment you fell in love with Elain
Tumblr media
This + buying paints for Feyre + speech to bat boys at first meeting 🌸
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