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hellogoodbye14 · 4 months ago
The beauty of Feyre?
She loves unconditionally. Truly and absolutely unconditionally.
Feyre with Rhys: Loves him with all his past, understands him and makes sure he’s loved when he drops his several masks in front of her.
Feyre with Nesta: Loves her sister, is there for her sister even knowing that her sister apparently despised her. She cares for her well-being, she defends her at every turn.
Feyre with Elain: Makes sure that Elain is happy and has the time and space to do as she loves. She knew that when Elain finally came out of her stupor and finally started being herself (baking cookies with Nuala) she had to give her time. She had to give her sister her own time and made sure that when Elain was finally ready to approach her, she would be welcoming.
Feyre with Cassian: She truly loves and adores him. She opens up to him and he opens up to her. She knows that physical touch is something he loves, so she makes sure she bumps his wing, holds on tight when he gives her bear hugs (and when she gives them back).
Feyre with Mor: loves and encourages Mor to be herself. Even when Mor fights with her mate or sister, she still shows compassion and understanding to Mor.
Feyre with Az: Understands his darkness and quietness, his very worldly thoughts (when he first flew her, when he taught her to fly, when they went to save her sister together). Listens to him, respects him. She understands his humour and shows her concern for him every time he sets out to do something dangerous.
Feyre with Amren: Shows her love for amren the only way she knows Amren will understand and accept it. Respect (and blood of course). She listens to her counsel, respects her opinion and laughs herself hoarse with Amren when they almost drown to their deaths.
Feyre is a BEAUTIFUL, beautiful character. She loves wildly and wholly and she deserves the absolute world (which rhys is obviously set on giving her)
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elithien · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
𝔗𝔥𝔢 𝔐𝔞𝔦𝔡𝔢𝔫, 𝔱𝔥𝔢 𝔐𝔬𝔱𝔥𝔢𝔯 𝔞𝔫𝔡 𝔱𝔥𝔢 ℭ𝔯𝔬𝔫𝔢
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vmiae · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
🌸 Elucien 🌸
Honestly I was listening to Paravi Das-Cloud 9 when I drew this—it’s Elains and Luciens song 🥺 Check out my tik tok for how I drew this piece! 💖This piece took me the longest to do because 1) I burned my fingers and 2) I started actually painting my pieces rather than just adding texture!
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nesta-stan · 4 months ago
I don't care that much about Gwyn and Elain fighting over Azriel
but imagine,
Gwyn and Elain fighting over Nesta
I can 1000% see Gwyn calling out Elain when she pulls her shit with Nesta.
Or Elain getting jealous because she used to be Nesta's closest/only friend.
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romaisamaria · 8 months ago
It's funny how Cassian first interaction with Nesta was with the bias that she was a bad sister for letting Feyre get into the woods.
That first dinner when Cassian said:
“Someone who let her youngest sister risk her life every day in the woods while she did nothing. Someone who let a fourteen-year-old child go out into that forest, so close to the wall.”
Friendly reminder that Nesta was 16 back then. And what was Cassian doing at 17?
Ah yes...he slept with Mor because he was jealous that Azriel changed when she showed up.
Cassian went straight to Nesta's throat with all the "you didnt do enough for your sister" bullshit.
If Nesta knew what Cassian was up to when he was her age, she should have replied during that dinner something along the lines of:
"And what were you doing at my age? Didnt you not take your friend's virginity just so you could hurt your other friend because you were jealous? Wasn't it partially your fault what happened to Mor? Or is it my actions worse than yours?
I's been 500 years, isn't it? And you're still playing third wheel in that weird toxic triangle you got going on because you're not man enough to confront your *so friends* about it. But hey...sure. Me letting my sister go into the woods is so much..sooo much worse than your actions for sure."
They all went into that dinner believing Nesta and Elain were the worst people in the world meanwhile the sisters had no idea who the fuck these faes were, what they did in their life and why they felt entitled to judge them....
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shadow-singing · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
“You are to stay away from her.”
“You can’t order me to do that.”
Art by me
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awkwardhumpback · 5 months ago
The acotar fandom is at each other’s throats on who to ship azriel with after reading A Court of Silver Flames while im just here like:
Tumblr media
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vmiae · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Some soft Elucien WIP, courtesy of @ladyvanserra for giving me ideas of what I can do for them 🥺 I’m a honest simp for Lucien ahhhh
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izzyhavilliard · 2 months ago
A friendly reminder that
•Azriel would beg on his knees for a chance to taste Elain
•Elain called his scars beautiful
•Azriel was the first person who noticed Elain was missing and the first to volunteer to get her back, before either of her sisters
•Azriel was willing to die to assure her safery
•Azriel needed Elain coming on his tongue
•Feyre is the biggest elriel shipper out there
•Elain made Azriel laugh in a way no one had ever seen him do
•Azriel gave Elain Truth-Teller, a blade he had never lent to anyone in 500 years
•Azriel got over Mor, whom he loved for 500 years (even though he had other lovers) for Elain
•Azriel was more concerned with getting the chains of Elain then the fact that he was heavily injured
•It’s canon that Azriel is in love with Elain
•It’s canon that Elain (at the very least) has a crush on Azriel, is very attracted to him and cares about him deeply
•Azriel’s shadows protect Elain
•Azriel’s shadows played wingman when he was giving his gift to Elain
•Azriel looked at the headache powder every night before bed
•Even though Azriel was in love with Mor and he didn’t think he had a chance with her he could still be around her and the IC. But with Elain he had to move to another house and stop spending time with them because it hurt too much
•Azriel and Elain had an instant connection the first time they met
•Azriel always found a reason to be around Elain
•Elain was wearing cobalt the first time they met, a color no one has worn sense
•Azriel noticed Elain’s laugh and had to see it, similar to how Rhys noticed Feyre’s laugh in acofas
•Mor, who’s power is truth, definitely knows something is going on between them
•The first time they met, Elain asked ”can you truly fly” and Azriel basically answered with poetry
•The first time they met, Elain only relaxed once she saw that Azriel was at ease, even though they didn’t even know eachother
•Azriel was nervous about getting Elain a gift in acofas
•Madja said that a mate would know what was wrong with Elain and Azriel was the one who figured it out
•Azriel never thought Elain was crazy, even though everyone else, including her sisters and her mate
•Azriel was so mad after solstice that he put rocks in his snowballs
•Cassian and Azriel had the same reaction to seeing Nesta and Elain
•Elain devoured the sight of him
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cybelleslettres · 5 months ago
Nesta : I gave you an anatomy that will allow you to have Illyrian children later.
Feyre : Omg thank you !
Nesta : Yeah your welcome. I did it for me too.
Elain : That’s so cool ! And for me ? ☺️
Nesta, a hard Gwynriel shipper :
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romaisamaria · 3 months ago
Cassian: “I see. I get a little too close and you shove me away again. Back to where it’s safe. Better to marry a viper like Eris than be with me.”
Nesta: “I am not with you, I am fucking you!”
Meanwhile outside the bedroom:
Tumblr media
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maryberry · 3 months ago
One of my favorite things about ya/na fantasy is probably that the maturity levels of a several hundred year old man is finally enough to match that of a 16-20 something year old woman and I honestly think that's the most realistic thing in these books.
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