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#elain and azriel
starry-lu · 3 hours ago
Nesta: you have friends and I envy that
Feyre: you’re welcome to share my friends
Nesta: *looks at the inner circle*
Nesta: I don’t want those
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gracieart · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
some sketches for my fellow Elriels 💙
Art by me. Please no hate in the comments or tags. Just keep scrolling if this isn’t your cup of tea :)
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supesnaturally · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
So there are three sister mountains, and three Archeron sisters. Feyre = The Mountain in The Middle, Nesta = the Elain will possibly have some tie to The Prison?
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kylevalenti · 6 hours ago
“Lucien is out of the running when it comes to who Elain will end up with”
Why are we all reading different books??
The race hasn’t even begun.
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feyrearcherons · 7 hours ago
Why would SJM have written all that sexual tension between Elriel, the near kiss, Azriel being ready to beg on his knees to eat out Elain (lmao he's got it bad) if she wasn't planning to make anything happen between them?? Guys, Ms Sarah Janet wants Azriel to fuck. She wants Azriel smut. So much that she nearly included a threesome involving him in acosf that made no sense to the story and she took it out because she'd have to deal with the implications of it. She set up all the tension and conflict; Elain and Azriel are gonna get it on there is just no doubt about it, and with this new trilogy format of one couple per book, there would just never be enough time to switch love interest halfway through.
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nikethestatue · 11 hours ago
Why is Elain’s book the next book?
Because SJM wants to write it. That’s it. That’s the reason. 
She wants to write the Archeron Sister Trilogy. With each sister telling her own story and living through her own story.
She is not writing a Gwyneth Berdara story, before she writes an Elain Archeron story. 
She is not skipping Feyre’s sister for the sake of a secondary character in Nesta’s story. It will not happen.
I am going to venture a guess that Nesta has never been SJM’s favourite character to write, to delve into. Hence, the results were....scattered. She got what she wanted to give Nesta--a sense of purpose, alternative family, Cassian, a healing arc. Nevertheless, I don’t see SJM needed to write another Nesta-centric story, because of course Gwyn is associated with Nesta, and at this point, I feel that they will both remain present, but on the periphery. 
Elain, is different though. It’s the same Elain that SJM claimed would be her best friend. Elain, it seems, is someone SJM actually likes and WANTS to write. 
The same Elain whose story has been in development for years. At least 3-4 years by now, and will be 5, by the time the book rolls around. SJM is not giving up 5 years of planning, drafting, writing, just to switch it, for no reason what so ever.
Elain, who is the only one who still retains her Cauldron powers. Elain, who is a Seer. Elain, who can locate the 4th Trove. Elain, who is connected with numerous Courts--Night Court, potentially Hewn City, Spring Court, Day Court, and even the Human Lands. Elain, who is a mate to a High Lord’s son (technically, TWO High Lords), and who is the object of love and affection to one of the central characters in all the books. That character, just like Elain, is loved by the writer herself. And despite what anyone says, the bottom line is, those two characters are getting each other. Because SJM wants them to be with one another. 
Both of those characters have been intertwined throughout the narrative in various ways, and furthermore, both are still very unknown, to this day. It’s obviously done on purpose. The revelations would occur side by side. As we learn more about Azriel, or Elain, we’ll understand how they are amalgamated within the tale, and how their powers and their backstories, as well as their journeys, connect further. Because they do. Again, arguments aside, both Azriel and Elain are two sides of the same coin--light and dark, death and life, both veiled in shadows right now. 
Btw, as a side note, SJM never brings up male-to-female oral sex without that couple being endgame. Sorry, that’s just how it is. Feysand, Nessian, Elriel--they all follow the same sexual pattern. If he doesn’t want to eat you out, he is just not into you. SJM always places great emphasis on female pleasure and males being wild and hungry for that specific act. If a male is not wild and hungry for that specific act, then it’s a problem. 
Now, people LOVE to bring up Chaol. Well, look, Chaol got his own book!
Sure. But Chaol was there from the very first TOG book, even before Rowan or anyone else. Hence, Chaol, in some ways is akin to Lucien, or even Tamlin. Hence, following this pattern, Lucien will get a book first, before we move on to secondary characters. What’s more, Chaol had a specific task assigned to him, as well as his injury to cure. Chaol already had a built-in story.
Elain, of course, has a built-in story, as well as Azriel. We already know that Koschei has an unhealthy amount of interest in our beloved shadowsinger. Elain is brimming with undiscovered, unrealized powers. We already know that Rhys is primed and ready to use Elain and her power for whatever he needs. We know that she is willing and ready to delve into them, and use them for however he needs her to.
Rhysand is not sending Gwyneth on a mission. Not when she can’t even leave the Library. Not when she doesn’t report to him in any manner. Azriel is not taking Gwyneth on a mission either. These books are still Rhysand’s books--the last book will still be Night Court-centric, dealing with his last brother and his last sister-in-law, and the last (for the moment) bad guy, Koschei, and the last (for the moment) war potential.
Now, what to do if you love Gwyn Berdara?
I suspect that she will play a role in future books. Because, SJM knows that this world is a money-maker for her, and I think that she enjoys writing it. She also sees Gwyn’s popularity. I would vouch that she is setting up a new generation of characters for future books.
The Valkyrie will have to be realized and they have great potential. But, let’s face it, they are not ready. By the time the next book rolls around, Nesta is not charging forth, leading an army. Neither is Gwyn. But, they will. 
Also, since potentially, Gwyn MAY BE related to either Tamlin and/or Lucien, she will probably solidify her role in Lucien’s book. 
Nyx is too young to be of consequence right now, so SJM can’t build any stories around him. Therefore, for future books, she needs a new new crop of characters, which are new, but not too new. Maybe more priestesses? Balthazar? Other characters that will certainly be introduced. They will have further stories to tell, but not before Elain is the main character. Just like Chaol, or Lucien, within the next two book, Gwyn will a built-in story as well. 
This is not a pro- or against- anyone post. It’s about narrative logic. 
This very long post is in response to the same question that I get frequently--why is Elain’s book next? Why isn’t Gwyn’s book next? And other versions of the same inquiry. So this is the answer, as I interpret everything we know so far.
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elaineasaur · 13 hours ago
Am I the only one who gets a uncomfortable when they see elriel supremacy, elucien supremacy, or gwynriel supremacy? Idk I feel like being associated with supremacism - even if it's just relationships in books or kind of a joke - is a bit toxic and overall just not a good idea?
I'm just saying, that kind of rhetoric is rarely associated with positive groups (which this fandom is supposed to be) and it honestly just seems really cringy in this situation.
I petition that we just stick with Team Gwynriel, Team Elriel, and Team Elucien like literally every other book series and leave the supremacy stuff in the trash with the actual hate groups where it belongs.
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hellacioushag · 15 hours ago
surfalldaybaby said: I actually disagree. Elain has seen death looked it in the face w her sisters and Rhys ans mor and cassian and Azriel ans lucien Im sure she’s not ignorant to the violence that they all do. She might not support it or partake but she’s not meek. Lucien was part of the team that forced her to turn far az saved her. I don’t think violence is a romantic or plantoic deterent for her she just doesn’t choose to identify w it
i don’t see elain as meek. not wanting to be surrounded by violence is not meek. it’s knowing your limits and knowing yourself. i don’t think someone capable of shoving a dagger through the throat of someone trying to murder her sister is meek. and i also don’t think knowing that violence is not something she wants in her life is meek either. it takes a lot of strength to know your limitations and what’s best for you.
i think elain can handle a lot, but it’s canon that the inner circle (people who have known azriel for over 500 years) find his methods of torture and interrogation unsettling and disturbing. so someone like elain, who does not like violence and walked away from it after the war, i doubt would be as willing to accept that side of him. but hey, we don’t know for sure, maybe elain would be really into watching az torture people with truth teller - we don’t know cause she hasn’t been there.
that was the point of my post. elain has not witnessed azriel lose control of his temper or seen him as the cold torture master. she has only seen him as her savior and quiet companion. being the silent and kind bat boi is not all azriel is and i do not see elain being able to accept all his darkness. and it shouldn’t be her responsibility to change everything about who she is to fit into his world.
now as for lucien, you are correct he was there when she was taken, turned, and traumatized. she saw him there next to tamlin. but do you know what else she saw? she saw him fight to get to her, she saw him break away from hybern and shelter her, she saw him not being complicit to her trauma. does she blame him for being turned? we don’t know cause we haven’t gotten inside her head, but i doubt it. it seems her biggest issue is the bond and not that he was there when she was turned. but i could be wrong. she may harbor ill feelings toward him for being there with tamlin - though we don’t have her book yet so all this speculation doesn’t make it true.
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nikethestatue · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
This little Elriel fanart warmed my 💜
Happy Friday!
Via PuertoRicanBelle
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babblesbabble · 17 hours ago
If Elain was glowing after a night with Graysen, she’s going to be as blinding as an LED flashlight after one with Azriel.
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aelingalathyniusrailme · 18 hours ago
ok I just saw a post about how when azriel says “given to another” the word given is synonymous with gift and a gift is something to be valued. and i’m just thinking both words mean he’s objectifying her💀
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daisybrekker · 22 hours ago
"Elriel is so toxic"
Rowan said he wished Celaena died along with her parents
Rowan ALSO punched her in the face
Rhysand twisted the bones in Feyre's injured arm when she was already in extreme pain
Lucien was basically part of Elain's trauma
Cassian kept referring to Nesta as a bitch in their bonus chapter
Cassian also said to Nesta that everyone hates her
Aedion was horrid to Lysandra and only before her near death did he realise his issues and apologise
But yes. Elriel is the toxic couple😀
Don't get me wrong, I love most of those couples but people trying to say Elriel is toxic and ignoring all of the things mentioned above is something so funny to me.
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123moiaussi · 22 hours ago
✨A cute little solstice head canon✨
So, kids I was chatting to the @illyrian-lover-flower and we created a cute prompt that our artists and writers may be interested in seeing💖🥴
Essentially, we believe that Elain will potentially use her Seer gifts to buy solstice presents for people:
Elain: gives Nyx markers that are washable
Feyre: Thanks El, Nyx can now practice drawing with me. My little artistic boy. What a thoughtful gift.
Elain: Just a warning, Nyx is going to start drawing on the white walls and expensive furniture of the manor.
Feyre and Rhys: 👀
Elain: He’ll draw little bats on the curtains too. Good luck 🤞
Amren: opens tiny gift with a little starfish charm What is this?
Elain: A keyring. You’re going to be visiting the Summer Court a lot more😏
Varian: It was meant to be a anniversary surprise! I haven’t even gone to the locksmith 😡
Elain: gives Nesta a bookshelf
Nesta: Thanks Elain. But I’ve already got a bookshelf in the house.
Elain: You’re going to break it with Cassian soon so I got you a new one😌
Az: looks at the “World’s Best Dad” shirt Elain has gifted him Um, Lainey are you? I-
Elain: No, but we need to start trying harder. And faster.
Az: 👀😳
Just tagging a couple people I think could do these canons justice in their art form: @themissyvonne @tswaney17 @mardereads19 @kingandfireheart @rhysanoodle @sncinder @tacmc @snelbz @gracie-rosee @suelky @julesherondalex @forget-me-not-s @nikethestatue @shadow-singing @gripefroot @insulindsay @mmvalentine @livlochan @moonlightseaker @batboyazriel @confused-as-all-hell @stars-who-gaze @gripefroot
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duskandstarlight · a day ago
Can't wait for the podcast! I like Az don't get me wrong he's the best boi ever, but acosf isn't his book and it's really annoying how ppl keep talkin about everything except nessian. Like hello? Did you all even read the book. 🙄😭💔
Thank you! I adore Azriel and I really hope it’s his next book, but so many discussions of ACOSF end up fixated on that chapter and barely discuss Nessian, which made me so sad! We’re setting out to rectify that ❤️
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tog x acotar x cc shipping (going by compatibility not sexuality)
feyre x aelin-look I know. but hear me out. at first they think they should get a long but they don’t. and eventually they just are “I really don’t want to spend time with this person literally ever” but they are forced to get to know each other. find out they work really well together and fall in love
rhys x fenrys-they’re the couple that starts out as friends but are constantly flirting with each other so that you can’t tell if they are a couple or best friends. they both accidentally fall in love with each other but refuse to do anything until a mutual friend helps them out
nesta x manon- (they won’t all be gay. or maybe they will) they both need someone to match them in ferocity and wit. and well this would be the rivals to lovers match from heaven.
elain x choal-introvert meets introvert. the dancing around each other. the blushing. the softness. but the sex is not nearly as soft as their relationship
azriel x lysandra-lysandra is going to flirt the shit out of azriel. she’s going to tease and make him blush and enjoy every minute of it. eventually he’s going to semi aggressively pull her in for a kiss and she’s going to be surprised and then smirk like took you long enough
cassian x hunt- cassian would flirt and hunt would be like shut the fuck up. but then eventually hunt will flirt back to cassians delight. and the rest is history
mor x fury-every lesbian couple looks like them. light/dark mother fuckers. also definitely enemies to lovers.
gwyn x dorian-they would have the most shenanigans to every exist. like they would be cece and winston (bishop) if they were a couple. gwyn and dorian mess around. and the sex would be hot
gwyn x bryce-what I never said I couldn’t do more then one for each person. feisty golden retriever gf meets flirty bold gf
emerie x elide-idk I just have a feeling it would work
rowan x lucien-what? we know rowan has a thing for people with fire in their veins. sly fox meets broody warrior. and let’s be honest rowan definitely needs some fire dick
lorcan x hypaxia-why not🤷‍♀️
eris x fenrys- I see this going as eris would be doing his sneaky shit and eventually fenrys would make him choose. but obviously eris is going to choose him over power
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silverdreamscapes · a day ago
Grab your smelling salts and fainting couch everyone, Azriel thinks about Elain when he masturbates! Oh the horror. Are people really trying to play armchair psychiatrist by diagnosing Azriel’s attraction to Elain as a mental illness? I’ve seen this a few times and I swear some of ya’ll are over thinking this. It’s not that serious.
This is adult fantasy, emphasis on the ADULT. It’s not just romance. It’s romance and sex. The characters are going to be horny for each other and they’re going to think about sex, talk about sex, fantasize about sex, and at some point have sex. If you’re that upset about it, YA is that way ➡️
And as a general rule I’ve found that in adult romance, it’s not a good sign for a couple if they’re not attracted to each other (Gw*nriel,E*ucien). It’s usually considered a good thing when they want to fuck each other...unless that’s now considered a bad thing.
Tumblr media
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nestasilverflame · a day ago
honestly all the elriel elucien gwynriel arguments are so funny because they're pulling up quotes and shit and i can 99% guarantee that sjm did not intend any of it
she has the consistency of a first-time fanfiction writer and clearly doesn't plan anything in her books but sex
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