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highladyofink · a day ago
Me: *has wholeheartedly suspected believed that Nessian are mates since the moment they met*
SJM: *confirms in ACOSF that Nessian are mates*
“I am your mate, for fuck’s sake!” Cassian shouted, loud enough for people across the river to hear. “You are my mate!
Nesta blocked it, driving her fist into his nose. Bone crunched. Bellius howled, falling back a step.
And Nesta hissed, “Because my mate taught me well.”
He chuckled, leaning his brow against hers. Nesta closed her eyes, breathing in his scent. “You are my mate, Cassian,” she said against his lips, and kissed him softly.
“And you’re mine,” he said, kissing her in turn.
Nesta considered. Then pulled something out of her pocket. A small biscuit, swiped from a tray in the birthing room. “Then here. Food. From me to you, my mate. That’s the official ritual, isn’t it? The sharing of food from one mate to the other?”
He choked. “These are my two options? A frilly mating ceremony or a stale biscuit?”
Her face filled with such true light, it nearly stole the breath from him. “Yes.”
Me: *choking on my tears with ecstatic fangirl screaming* OHMYGODS THEY ARE MATES!!
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illyrian-lover-flower · 2 days ago
What are your top 10 and bottom 10 ACOTAR characters?
Hello sweet anon, I first wanted to thank you so much (you brightened my day with that😊) and before we start I just thought to tell you that this turned out rather long, so I summarized it at the top and put my whole reasons under the cut😄
1. Elain/ 2. Azriel/ 3. Nuala & Cerridwen/ 5. Lucien/ 6. Amren/ 7. Alis/ 8. Nesta/ 9. Cassian/ 10. Feyre
10. Morrigian/ 9. Graysen/ 8. Rhysand/ 7. Cauldron/ 6. Attor/ 5. Amarantha/ 4. Ianthe/ 3. Luciens Brothers/ 2. Beron Vanserra/ 1. -
+ 1. Elain
Ok, so I just love this female. I love how Elain is not portrayed as the type of woman who does need a weapon to get what she wants. It is true that one might take her outstanding beauty as a weapon (it sure is) but she can achieve a lot of good things by just using her words and charisma, letting peace remain, before one might do the wrong step and start a war.
Elain is in my opinion though not only charismatic, but also really … yeah silent and well behaved. She does not need to be the centre of the party or a conversation, we have learned she enjoys the company of silence too and her language or the way she is, just speaks on another level. One might say she has a stick shoved up her ass, but I don’t think that this is the case, simply bc we have seen Elain act on her own emotions as well, she just seems to prefer to hold up that mask of her human days around her family, she can use curses too and also have dirty thoughts (her reaction to Azriel on solstice (this was no shock, fear or whatever one might claim!)) god forbid!
Something I also love about her is her seer ability, I am most of the time really intrigued by the future, so seeing her look into the still foggy realms of what is to happen, is really interesting.
+ 2. Azriel
This boy just deserves all the love this world has to give! One of the reasons probably bc dark and broody males with a whole wall of mystery build around them are my typ. But no, seriously – I think Az is one of the most misunderstood characters, mostly by his family.
Bc even though he has known the greatest part of his family for 500+ years, no one seems to understand him, his feelings or his wishes (Thank you Rhysand!) as everyone just assumes Azriel is Azriel and is just ok with being where his family is( Obligated to be the fifth wheel for the rest of eternity!😭)
Something which I also think the IC mistakes is his silence. It might seem as if Azriel barely has anything to say, but I guess it is more the other way around, as we have figured out that if he talks it is always well thought with deep meanings, at times even poetic from the bottom of his heart and often used to motivate or encourage someone. I just think he picks his words so carefully bc he is afraid to give away too much of himself and that everything he might say, or every thought he harboured, could be used against him, so that he would be wounded (THANK YOU AGAIN FOR THAT RHYSAND!)
+ 3. Nuala & Cerridwen
I just love both of them, so I was not able to put one of them on a fourth place.
Anyway, Nuala and Cerridwen are two characters who are also majorly underestimated. Those two have a quiet side which makes most  of the people around them forget that they even exist, which is pretty noticeable from Feyres, Rhysands and even Nestas pov (though I am not gonna lean too wide out of the window with her since I haven’t read Acosf yet) Those two could literally plan to overthrow an High Lord and we would only know the moment it is too late,bc everyone seems to forget about their existence. Something I also love about them, is their whole character. We don’t know much about them now, but it already is noticeable that they accept people like they are, for they have no fear of Azriel, nor do they act around Elain as if she were made of glas.
+ 5. Lucien
Lucien is just an innocent bean who deserves all the love in all of Prythian! I might be an Elriel stan, but you might want to address the fact that not even one rooting for Elriel is oblivious to the shit show which took place in Luciens life. Undermined son, lover killed in front of his eyes, abused/used by his best friend and on top of that practically homeless. He knows that he can’t go back to the spring court yet, for things with Tamlin did not yet settle down, he also knows he isn’t also really home at the Night Court and god forbid if he ever thought of entering Autumn again! If it wouldn’t be for the Band of Exils (Thank god they exist) he’d be all lonely and without a roof over his head.
And this is something our sassy, witty fox does not deserve.
+ 6. Amren
Amren is just a character I identify with. She seems like as if she is only caring about her own stuff and only mind her business, while in truth she just doesn’t know how to express the love she feels for her family, as we know from her former past she did not even receive love, and just cares the most about her family.
Something I also love about her is her whole behaviour if one is to doubt her size. In my country I barely scratch the minimum of average height, so a friend of mine likes to make jokes about my size (much like Cassian about Amren), so seeing how she just shows him his place with a glare or some sharp words is just satisfaction to me.
+ 7. Alis
The kindness with which Alis treated Feyre in Acotar just sort of stuck to me and as I did not really find a character in Prythian, who was born there, who had the same kindness as her – she just stayed.
+ 8. Nesta
Nesta is a character I absolutely love, in Acotar I do admit I did not pay that much attention to her or Elain, but I just love how strong minded she is. She had been fighting for her own goal the moment she got spit out of the cauldron and she did not particularly stray from that. I also adore her for her strength – she wouldn’t even have been in the need to learn combat in order to hurt someone, as Nesta just analyses the people around her so much, so that she’ll know exactly what would feel to them like a gut stab.
The fact that Nesta is a huge bookworm and a dreamer in her own way makes her even more awesome.
+ 9. Cassian
Now you can just love this guy! He might have his ups and downs, but in the end he always worked his way out of them. Cassian just has such a big heart, that much like Nesta, he would do anything in order to protect his family and loved ones.
And while he is great to cheer one up, he might not be the brightest candle on the cake, but he would still go to the end of the world if it meant he could fight and protect those he loves. Something I also liked was that he is practically the one who started this whole thing with the females training while Rhysand just let the Illyrians do like they please.
+ 10. Feyre
As the main character we had learned a lot about her and I am happy that she is alive, has her freedom, is in love with her mate, has a child, a loving family and a really high title (*cough* High Lady). But what I think she could have done different was the way of how she treated both, Elain and Nesta, during their traumas.
Even though Nesta might not have shown her trauma that clear in the beginning, she could have still looked over the plates rim once it was almost tearing through one’s ears in a painful scream of help that Nesta was not fine. And judging someone straight out mad or considering it while you yourself have not even a real clue of how this whole Prythian thing works is just a big no-no. Elain doubted herself already enough, Feyres fear that she might have gone mad was not helping the situation.
And well Nestas story is one I can’t particularly dive into yet, but from what I have read (Acofas) she dealt with it the wrong way. It might have been that she and Nesta did not have the best relationship and she might have even wondered if she was entitled to bound with her sister on such a topic, but when Nesta pushed each of them away Feyre should have not moved away from her.
Feyre already did a lot for her, true, but Feyre knew herself how it was to have a trauma and she herself had pushed help, in the first months, away, but however I am overall just happy she got her happy ending.
- 10. Morrigian
I have criticized Morrigian already a lot, but I will just say it again.
First of, I don’t hate her. Morrigian is a character who I think has a lot to tell, as we know she kept the biggest part of herself a secret until now, but I just don’t like how she claims to trust the IC while in truth she refuses to tell them of her sexuality (the thing she seems to be afraid? of the most.)
I know the Azriel pining after her for 500+ years, was a lot of pressure on her back, but she could have also just told him she wasn’t interested or loved females (if she wouldn’t have been fine with telling Rhys). However I think she is going to be one of the more important side characters as I think her situation and everything that follows, pretty much sums up how gays/lesbians and other LGBTQ members feel now a days. And I think her journey is sort of supposed to help to overcome those struggles.
I at least hope she gets her journey.
- 9. Graysen
Graysen was an ass for breaking the engagement of like a toddler, that’s it – end of the song. If he would have told Elain he couldn’t trust her bc she lied to him – ok.
But the tune makes the music! Keep that in mind,Nolan!
- 8. Rhysand
Now Rhysand is to me a character who tip toes on a two sided blade.
I normally do like him, he is kind and caring and no doubt would die for the people he loves, but he has a very, very hard time separating work from private life. The example I’ll go with is the big bad magical solstice. He might have claimed that the kiss between Elain and Az could have invoked a blood duel, if Lucien would have notice, possibly even provoking a war between Night and Autumn (work) but his ulterior motive were Feyre and Nyx, no one blames him for that, but it is a private reason and excuse he should not use while speaking as the High Lord.
And again, when Az starts doubting the Cauldron with choosing the wrong mate for Elain, Rhys assumes it is just lust speaking from Az and commands him as the High Lord to stay away from Elain (low blow of assumption, but not my point) while he then offers to pay for the pleasure halls Azriel could possibly seek out (according to him). With what money would he have paid it, his own (private) while he was speaking as the High Lord, or the exchequer (work)?
You see my point? Anyway Rhys is a loving character, but he is just a bit troubled ruling an entire court (this huge) and having a family to take care of. Perhaps he is having it settled in a few years, but until then we will just have to wait and see.
- 7. Cauldron
I don’t really know if you can call the Cauldron a character, but I just placed it here as I hated how it had humiliated Nesta and Elain.
The bloodshed it caused was also nothing I ever want to mention again.
- 6. Attor
Now just the Rainbow and the attack on Velaris, just this, nu-uh man.
- 5. Amarantha
I hated her for killing innocent fae, enslaving High Lords or in general and setting up ‘riddles’ (games) in which the life of helpless fae was depending on a human who could barely safe herself with a bargain. Something I also kind of take personal is how she treated Jurian, I mean ok – he deserved a punishment, but like setting him in chains and having him barely at the minimum of survival would have been also fine.
- 4. Ianthe
Just the Suriel! This was when I took things personal! (I’ll add an 11 to the list above – I loved the weaver!)
- 3. Luciens Borthers
Luckily, most of those little shits got what they deserve.
I don’t grow up in a family very high in statues, so I don’t know how it is, but no matter if poor or rich – siblings should fight together instead of against each other! And most definitely not kill the female their brother loved!
- 2. Beron Vanssera
I hate him for having hesitated saving Rhys, watching how his sons treated Lucien and how he could possibly let anything as terrifying, as what had happened to Mor, happen. Also – it’s just the way how he treats his wife!
Someone really hadn’t drunken his ‘respectful juice’, for the last fucking Millenia!
- 1. /
I don’t really despise a character entirely, as I know each and every one has a bright and dark side of the coin (Still trying to find the bright side of Luciens father and brothers though)
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vanserrasvalkyrie · 2 days ago
Why I need the Elucien book to be AT LEAST 1000 pages.
1. 500 pages- For them to build a beautiful, healing relationship
2. 500 pages - For THE SMUT.
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ladyvanserra · 3 days ago
Instincts II [ Elucien ]
Part One | My darling Marci @foxboylucien​ was kind enough to draw some art to go along with the fanfiction so please check it out here! It’s our girl Elain testing Lucien’s will to live by just breathing 😌
This part definitely took on a much more humorous route so enjoy my favorite awkward idiot mates <3
Tumblr media
Jurian and Vassa watched him quietly from across the living room.
Lucien had simply walked into their manor and slid into the chair he was currently still occupying in silence, just staring at the ceiling.
It had been over an hour.
“Do you think he’s having a mental breakdown?” Jurian whispered to Vassa who shrugged.
“He did spend the night there. Do you think something happened?” she whispered back, and it was Jurian’s turn to shrug.  
Looking at each other once more, the two mortals-but-not-quite-mortals picked up their chairs and moved closer to him.
“What the hell is the matter with you?” Jurian called out and Vassa jabbed him with her elbow, shooting him a glare. 
“Lucien, did something happen?” Vassa asked more gently.
It took a moment but Lucien finally looked at his two friends, his face matching his hair and said hoarsely, “Pants.”
His two friends blinked. 
“Do you...need new ones?” Jurian asked after a moment. Vassa shot him an exasperated look but Jurian only held out his hands with a shrug.
“What’s wrong, Lucien?” Vassa asked calmly. “Are you okay?”
It took Lucien another moment before he ran a hand down his flushed face and croaked out, “No.”
“Well spit it out, we’re not getting any younger here.” Jurian said with a scoff and Vassa jabbed him again.
“For once, can you have some decorum?” Vassa snapped. “He’s clearly going through something.”
“I’m trying to annoy him into saying something! It’s been over an hour and he’s like the living dead then the only word he says is ‘pants’!” Jurian replied. “What am I supposed to think?”
“If you’d just shut your big fat mouth for two seconds he might be willing to say something —”
“You’re the one who is arguing with me instead of asking him —”
“I did ask him but you won’t give him a chance to answer, you big buffoon —”
Lucien heard them but he wasn’t really listening. The shopping trip of woe flashing through his mind. He squeezed his eyes shut then finally wheezed out, 
His friends froze.
“What about her?” Vassa asked carefully, her tone hushed in excitement.
If you’ve somehow managed to have your pants off in front of her after two years of this odd limbo, we really need to talk tactics.” Jurian said, shooting him a look. “Did she see you in all your naked glory and faint from lust?” 
A heartbeat of silence passed. 
“Jurian.” Lucien said and finally looked at his friend as Vassa bit back a smile.
“Yes?” his friend asked with a grin.
“Shut the fuck up.”
Vassa snorted as Jurian scowled. 
“Agreed.” she said, patting him on the thigh then focusing on Lucien. “What happened with Elain? Is that why you stayed there last night and all day today?”
Lucien’s eyes went back to the ceiling, seeing but not seeing. 
“So I went to see Feyre and Nyx.” he began.
“Yes, you said.” Vassa urged on, scooting closer.
“I stayed for dinner. She ignored me as usual.”
“Sounds about right.” Jurian said and Vassa smacked Jurian’s knee.
“I went up to my guest room. I was getting ready to relax and read a book.”
“As one does.” Vassa commented and Jurian rolled his eyes.
“Then I — I felt her get distressed.” Lucien says quietly, his eyes still on the ceiling. “I was in front of her room before I even realized and then heard her sobbing...I thought it was because of me.”
“If he doesn’t get to the point quicker, I’m going to punch him in the face.” Jurian mumbled to Vassa and she shoved him, sucking her teeth. 
Turning to Lucien, she gently said, “Lucien, why would she be sobbing because of you? You haven’t done anything to her.”
Lucien paused and turned to look at Vassa. “You know why I would think that.” he said then his gaze went back to the ceiling. “But it wasn’t like that. She was really upset over a book.”
Jurian opened his mouth but Vassa pinched him, jerking her chin to the now small smile on Lucien’s face. 
“A book?” she asked, coaxing him and Lucien closed his eyes, the smile widening slightly.
“Her favorite fictional character died and she was planning to murder her sister.”
Vassa blinked and Jurian shot her an exasperated look.
“We — we talked.” Lucien continued. “And then... it ended with plans for me to teach her basic self-defense.”
“Oh?” Vassa asked and shared an excited look with Jurian who was nodding along.
“But before we train,” Lucien began and his expression tightened, heat rising through his body. He swallowed then continued, “She needed to buy pants. She’s never worn pants before.”
A beat of silence passed then Jurian snorted. “Now it makes sense.”
But Vassa smiled and moved even closer to Lucien. “Did you take her to buy pants?”
“So many pants.” he whispered, almost in agony. “She tried on so many.”
And indeed, Elain had. 
The two had left the house separately, agreeing that there was no need to let anyone know they would be going out together. No need at all. It would be completely accidental if they happen to meet in the Palace of Thread and Jewels. 
Lucien had been thrilled at this notion — if only due to the fact that when he met up with Elain and found her smiling at him, he was close to dissolving into a puddle of mush. 
“So where do we start?” Elain asked him, cautious optimism radiating off her as she walked next to him. She was dressed in a lovely soft orange dress, fitted to her figure in a way that Lucien couldn’t bear to look at for too long. He wondered if she realized how tempting the matching ribbon in her hair would be to him. If he didn’t watch himself, that simple ribbon would bring him to his knees. 
“I scoped out a few stores that have a variety you can choose from.” he said with a small smile. “I wasn’t sure if you wanted them fitted or a little looser or —” Lucien waved a hand, cutting himself off as his face heated.  “I wasn’t sure what you’d like.”
Elain smiled, roses blooming on her cheeks. “I’m not sure either. I guess we’ll see when we get there.”
“I guess so.” he said and the two walked quietly. 
An internal war had broken out within his mind as they walked, both shy, both stealing glances at each other and looking away.
Should he ask her something? Should he let her ask the questions? Should he flirt? Lucien stole a glance at her again to find her watching him curiously. 
“What’s wrong?”
Elain shook her head, still watching him. “When did you have time to scope anything out?”
“I’m an early riser.” he said with a small laugh. “Besides, I’ve really enjoyed exploring the city each time I visit so I know my way around.”
Elain sighed happily as she looked around. “It is a wonderful place to be.”
“I sense a ‘but’ there.”
“’s only one place.” she said with a chuckle. “I’ve been here for two years and while I’ve enjoyed every moment...the world is so much bigger.”
Lucien nodded knowingly. “That it is. I think you would enjoy visiting the other courts if given the chance.”
“You’ve spent time in all of them, haven’t you?” she asked curiously. “As emissary?”
He was pleasantly surprised by the question and wondered exactly how she knew this. “Yes. Each court is fascinating in its own way but the ones I appreciate the most are Day and Dawn. They’re both very beautiful and very welcoming.”
“I would love to visit those courts. All of them actually! But I know Helion is a good friend to this court so I would like to start there at least.” 
“He’s a good male too.” Lucien agreed and asked his next question because it was Helion they were talking about. “I’m sure he’s flirted with you, hasn’t he? He’s one of the high lords that is very inappropriate, especially if he’s comfortable.”
“Would it make you jealous?” she teased then her face quickly fell. “Not in a bad way — I’m just kidding —”
But Lucien chuckled and waved her off.  “No one can really be jealous of Helion flirting. He flirts with everybody.”
He felt her relax at his response and watched as she looped a strand of hair between her fingers. “He hasn’t — just so you know. But he’s been very kind whenever we meet.”
“Even if he did, you don’t owe me an explanation.” he said with a shrug and Elain’s brows furrowed in interest then she nodded.
A moment of silence passed again between them, instinct drawing them closer to each other as they walked.  
Giving him a small coy smile, Elain raised a brow. “Has he flirted with you?”
And Lucien chuckled, shooting her a grin. “Why? You jealous?”
She laughed softly. “If he flirted with you and not with me, maybe. More offended really.”
Lucien laughed then shook his head. “Interestingly enough, no. He’s always been extremely polite with me so I think he has a gut feeling we wouldn’t be his type or too into it.”
Elain chuckled softly then brushing a hair from her face, she gazed up at him curiously. “You’ve also traveled outside of Prythian, right?” she asked, her gaze curious again. “What’s been your favorite place to see?”
“That’s so hard to answer.” he said with a small laugh but she smiled at him and her elbow brushed his so he continued, “The continent was very interesting because it was so different. It had a lot of sights that I’ve never seen before.” 
“I’ve always wanted to see the flowers in the continent.” she said, and Lucien had to breathe through his nose to calm himself at the slight pout of her lips. “Did you happen to notice the flowers there?”
Lucien debated how honest he was to be with her. Rubbing his neck, he gave her a sheepish smile. 
“I...I did.” he answered, going with his gut that she’d appreciate the truth. Elain tilted her head to observe him. “After Feyre told me about your love of gardening, I made it a point to pay attention. In case you ever asked.”
And that dreaded silence followed again. Lucien winced slightly then blew out a breath. He would attempt to flirt instead.
“Then you went and ignored me like I was diseased for two years.” he continued dryly, and Elain made a choking sound next to him.
“When you say it like that —”
 “ — So I went out of my way to step on any flowers that came in my path after that.” he added with a shrug and Elain gasped, stopping him with a death grip to his arm.
“You did not!”
Lucien’s lips twitched as she glared at him, but he was also keeping an eye on the hand now touching his. “I may have.”
“You did not crush flowers because of me.”
“Kicked around the dirt a little too. Might have killed a few innocent ladybugs.”
Elain paused, squinting at him in outrage then shoved him with a scoff when he started laughing. 
“You’re annoying.” she mumbled though there was no heat in the words as she flushed. 
“Thank you.” he replied, and half bowed mockingly. “I’ve been told it’s one of my best traits.”
“You should redefine the word best, flower murderer.”  
Lucien put a hand over his heart. “I take offense to that. I merely put them to rest. They are now resting in peace.”
She snorted, shooting him an amused look. “Yeah, if you consider trampling them to death resting in peace.” she said then mumbled, “Plant killer.”  
If Lucien didn’t know any better, he’d say she was flirting right back. 
So he decided to be honest again. 
“Actually…” he began and paused in front of a shop, Elain stopping with him. “I had gotten you flower seeds from the continent because I thought you would be interested.” 
Elain’s fingers fisted the sides of her dress as she swallowed, glancing down at her feet then back up at him. “You — you did?”
“Yes.” he replied and again, gave a sheepish shrug. “But you didn’t seem to particularly enjoy my other gifts and I didn’t want to make flowers a negative thing for you as well.”
Time seemed to pause between them as Lucien watched her expression shift through the different emotions she was practically shouting at him. Doubt seeped in. 
Maybe he shouldn’t have been this honest. Maybe he shouldn’t have pushed his luck. 
“I’m sorry if that made you uncomfortable —”
“I don’t mind your gifts.” she said quietly, effectively muting Lucien.
His heart went haywire. He probably needed to sit down. 
“I see.”
“I still have them all. And your jacket.” she added, twisting the fabric of her dress. She looked up at Lucien with flushed cheeks then looked down again. “I — I have them in my closet.”
Lucien swallowed, his own face heating. “Well.” he started and rubbed his neck again. “That’s nice you didn’t toss them into the river. I’m sure it would’ve confused the fishes.”
Elain huffed out a laugh, wringing her hands, and he felt her embarrassment radiating off of her. “You’ve been thoughtful.” she said quietly. “I have not.”
Lucien’s expression softened and he gently touched her elbow. “I understand why it has been the way it is.” he said quietly. “But I’m glad you kept them.”
“Me too.” she said softly and gave him a small smile that Lucien returned. 
Letting himself memorize her features in the few seconds he had before it turned creepy, he tried not to flush too terribly. Clearing his throat, he gestured with his hand to the store they were standing in front of.
“Here we are.” he declared. “I figured we can start here then go whenever else you wanted if you didn’t like the selection.”
“I’m sure I will!” she said and smiled widely as she looked into the shop window. “You’re always so well-dressed. I trust your taste.”
Lucien blanked out.
“You’ve — “he cleared his throat, cursing himself for the heat coursing through his body. “Thank you.”
She’d noticed. He’d have to be extra mindful of what he wore next.
Elain smiled at him knowingly and went ahead, stepping into the shop.
Lucien took a moment to calm himself. “Get a grip. Get a grip. Get a grip.” he mumbled. She had just complimented him. It wasn’t a big deal. They were just words.
Words he never thought he’d hear in over two years. They had graduated from full sentences to full conversations to compliments in one day. He prayed to whatever gods were listening that he survived this trip.
Taking a deep breath, Lucien followed Elain into the shop and became immediately aware of her surprise when the shop owner greeted him warmly.
“Lucien! It’s good to see you.”
“Seraphine, pleasure to see you as well.” he said with a smile then gestured to Elain. “I’m sure you know who this is, of course. Elain, this is Seraphine — Seraphine, Elain. My ma — this is Elain!”
Lucien flushed and avoided Elain’s gaze, staring directly at Seraphine whose knowing look was too knowing for his own liking.
“Yes, of course.” Seraphine said, smiling at Elain. “How can I not know our High Lady’s sister whose green thumb has blessed our city.” 
“That’s very kind of you to say.” Elain replied, her cheeks blooming. “It’s not much. I’ve been enjoying it.”
“As those who you work with enjoy it as well!” Seraphine boomed and Lucien smiled when Elain beamed under the compliment. “How can I help you both?” 
Elain looked to Lucien with a shy smile, and he gestured for her to go ahead, his smile growing. 
With a widening grin, Elain leaned against the counter and spoke in an excited hush, “I would like to buy some pants.”
Lucien bit his lip to hold back his chuckle at the childish excitement emitting from her, but Seraphine laughed. 
“I wish all my customers were this excited to buy pants.” she said, and Elain laughed. “What kind are you looking for?” 
“Well, I’ve never worn any before so...all kinds?” she replied then looked to Lucien again with a small smile. “Lucien is going to help me learn some self-defense so we can start with something to suit that.”
“Ah, comfy training pants it is then. Come with me! I can show you a few different ones and see what you like.” she said with a smile and started moving. “Shirts too, I’m assuming?”
“Yes, please.” Elain replied, following her then turned back to Lucien. “Nothing to get in the way though, right?” 
“Right. Seraphine knows which are most comfortable. You’re in good hands.” he said, his smile gentle. “I’ll be here whenever you’re done.”
Elain gave him an excited thumbs up then followed Seraphine who was very enthusiastic about providing her with options. Lucien watched with raised brows as the selection quickly went from training clothing to pants and shirts of all colors and styles. 
“Try on the training ones first.” he called out when Elain ducked into the changing room. “Then you can see the others.”
Her hand poked out from behind the curtain with another thumbs up and Lucien chuckled as Seraphine slid up next to him.
And the one word had Lucien rolling his eyes. “Not a word. To anyone.”
The shop owner laughed then patted him on the shoulder. “I’m honored you brought your mate to me for her pants expedition.” she said then winked at Lucien. “I think you’ll like the choices.”
Lucien groaned softly as Seraphine walked away with another laugh. He had successfully avoided actively thinking about Elain in pants all morning. He did not need to think about her in tight pants. Or loose pants. Or no pants as she was currently undressing in the changing room.  He squeezed his eyes shut and thumped his fist to his forehead. Of course Seraphine would make fun. Of course. Everyone who knew them would. 
“Get a grip.” he mumbled again. How many females had he seen in pants? This shouldn’t be a big deal.
But she’s your beautiful mate. And you will get the privilege of seeing her in pants for the first time before anyone else. 
“Get a grip.” he practically snarled at himself then quickly shook his head and cleared his throat. 
It would be fine.
But then the curtain shuffled and Lucien’s eyes snapped over to where Elain stood, hesitating and half hidden. 
“I feel...a little exposed.” she mumbled with an embarrassed smile and Lucien’s expression softened.
“Do you want me to look away? You can just tell me how you feel in it. Seraphine has a good eye too.”
“No!” she quickly said then flushed. “I want your opinion.”
She had no idea the cord she had struck by saying that and Lucien tried not to tremble because of it, so he gave her an encouraging smile.
“I’m sure it looks great. Let’s see it.” 
Elain stepped out, dressed in dark fitted training pants alongside a matching fitted shirt that stopped at her hips and every single part of Lucien’s mind and body short circuited.
“What do you think?” she asked with a shy smile, her hands fidgeting with the edge of the shirt. 
Lucien tried not to gape at her, his brain going faster than his mouth ever hoped to catch up. He wasn’t sure where to look exactly. Her curves that were usually delicately noticeable in dresses but were now very accentuated in the tight material? Her legs? Her chest?
The shirt hugged the swell of her breasts in a way that Lucien knew with absolute certainty, that he was being punished. That in this moment of agony, he was truly being tortured. Which was exactly what this shopping trip had turned into with this one stop: torture.
But then Elain turned slowly. 
“I like that they are fitted but don’t feel too tight.” she was saying but Lucien’s eyes had zeroed in on her plump ass that he had never seen in this light before and it was just too much for him.
This was too much. This trip was clearly a mistake. He desperately needed to sit down.
Seraphine had slid up next to Lucien silently. “You better curb that scent of yours before you scare off my customers, you hormonal nitwit.” she mumbled out of the corner of her mouth then smiled at Elain. “It looks great! What do you think, Lucien?”
Lucien swallowed as Elain turned to him with an expectant smile. “I — I — It looks great.” he wheezed out and Elain’s brows furrowed. He cleared his throat, his face flushed. “Pants suit you. As long as you’re comfortable moving around for basic training, it’ll work out perfectly.”
“Why don't you try squatting in them, Elain? Make sure you can move around comfortably. See how you feel!” Seraphine asked with a coy smile, her gaze on Lucien’s face. 
Panic coursed through Lucien at Elain’s excited “Okay!” because if there was another thing he didn’t need in this particular moment, it was her squating in those tight pants.
“I don’t think that’s —” and the sentence died in his throat as Elain did a squat then raised again, only to squat once more.
Lucien’s knees nearly buckled under him. He was a drowning man — a starving one — who had very carefully locked away his hope of a relationship with his mate for years. This was all too much for him. 
Her conversation. Her smiles. Her little laugh.
Her pants.
She had been beautiful in dresses. Absolutely breathtaking. 
But in fitted clothing? She would be his undoing. 
“It still feels good! It doesn’t make me feel like I can’t move.” she said and aimed to do it again, but Lucien held up a hand. 
“Don’t — “he croaked. “Please don’t do that again.”
Elain blinked in confusion then her expression cleared as she straightened, her own face reddening. 
“Oh.” she said quietly then giggled. “Sorry.”
Lucien shook his head, closing his eyes momentarily then opened them to give her an apologetic smile. “You have nothing to be sorry about. It’s fine.” he said hoarsely. “The important thing is that you like them. Do you?”
“I do.” she said with a smile and turned to Seraphine. “I think three sets of these in different colors should be good.”
The shop owner nodded with a grin. “I’ll get them ready for you.” she said then gestured to the changing room as she walked away. “Why don’t you try on some other outfits? Lucien should see you in the different ones we picked out.”
“Should I?” Elain asked with a coy smile, glancing at Lucien. “Are you alright with seeing other styles?”
“Gods, you know exactly what you’re doing, don’t you?” he mumbled, and Elain’s laugh had his heart swelling three sizes. 
She shrugged innocently. “I’m just trying on some clothes.” 
Lucien shook his head, laughing softly even as his face heated, his fingers unbuttoning the top of his tunic as he pulled at it to give himself some air. “We’ll see how cheeky you are when we start training and you can barely catch your breath.”
But Elain was staring at him now, her flushed cheeks giving away where her eyes had zeroed in on. Lucien smirked.
“Do you want me to try on some clothes too, Elain?”
She blinked then pursed her lips. “No.” she said quickly. “I have more to show you. Take a seat.”
“Bossy.” he muttered and his smile turned into a wicked grin when she flashed him a smirk over her shoulder, walking back to the changing room. Lucien took the time to truly admire her figure from behind before she slipped behind the curtain. Taking a deep breath, he finally slid into the waiting area chair. 
They were playing games now, it seemed. 
And once Elain stepped out in the second outfit choice, Lucien found out very quickly exactly how dirty Elain liked to play her games.
Making a noise similar to a wounded animal, Lucien sank lower in his chair as he finished recalling exactly how Elain sauntered out of the changing room in another tight pair of pants. And several more after that. With shirts that hugged her body like paint. 
A moment of silence followed.
“Do you need a moment of privacy to adjust your pants, Lucien?” Jurian asked innocently and Vassa finally burst out laughing. 
Without looking at either of them, he flipped them both off. 
“But this is so good!” Vassa said with a grin. “She’s flirting with you! She’s having fun.”
“I know.” Lucien replied, smiling tightly. “But I’m unsure of how I’m supposed to handle training with her in those fucken pants.” 
Jurian rolled his eyes at Vassa as Lucien let out another wounded animal noise.
“You wear some tight pants too.” Jurian suggested dryly and Vassa nodded eagerly with a laugh.
“With no shirt.” she added. “She won’t know what to do with you.”
Lucien chuckled and ran a hand over his face once more. “Buckle up, then. She wants to come train here — “
His friends gasped.
“Away from the Night Court?” Jurian asked with raised brows.
“You think they’ll let her?” Vassa asked, brows furrowed.
“I’d like to see anyone try to stop her.” Lucien said, his eyes flashing. “She decides where she wants to go and if that’s with me, I will not allow anyone to stop her.”
“Oof, those mate instincts really kicking in, huh?” Jurian said with a grin.
 Lucien spared him a glance then rolled his eyes. “Those mate instincts mean we will be on our best behavior.” He said then pointed threateningly at his friend. “Jurian, that specifically means you.”
“Yes.” Vassa agreed and patted his shoulder. “You need to bathe and then stay hidden. She doesn’t have to see you. Or smell you.”
“Agreed.” Lucien said immediately with a laugh and Jurian glared at them both.
“Rude.” He huffed, crossing his arms. “You’ll see. I’m going to charm her so well I’ll end up being her favorite by the end of the day.”
“Good luck with that.” Vassa said with a dry laugh. “I’m sure once she sees Lucien in his tight pants, she won’t be looking at anyone else.”
And Lucien grinned, thinking of the multiple cardiac arrests she had caused him today and the sweet, sweet agony of it all. “That, my friend, is the goal.”
It only seemed right he returned the favor. A little payback never hurt anybody.
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faithisilliterate · 3 days ago
My intention is not to be overbearing, but here’s a quick reminder to the fanbases:
1) We don’t have a confirmation as to who the next book is about. Of course, people (me included) are inclined believe that a certain character is the MC and a certain character is the LI and a certain ship is endgame, while others will believe the opposite. However, all of this is still speculation because we don’t have any confirmation from the publisher or the author herself.
2) The tagging system on tumblr is messed up. It does not matter if you use the anti tag, if a ship name is in the contents of the post or a word separated by spaces in one of the tags, it will be picked up by the system and placed in the pro/neutral tags. Same thing with character names. To avoid and conflicts, please be considerate and alter the tag/ship name. For example: e*riel, anti e*riel, e/riel... (you get the idea).
That’s all I had to say, thank you for your time.
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faithisilliterate · 3 days ago
Sassy Lucien coming back eventually, I really hope we get to see the Elucien sarcasm.
“Do you ever do anything that isn’t gardening?” “Are you jealous that the plants are touched more than you?”
“Have you seen Nesta.” “You’re the Seer, why don’t you try and See-her yourself.”
“This tea is hot, but you know what else” “What??” “Your dad.” “ELAIN.” “He’s the High Lord of the Day Court, Luci.”
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172hoursonmars · 3 days ago
It’s so crazy to me how eluciens just DROPPED off the face of earth where’d y’all go did you trade one redhead for another? Do eluciens still exist? Can we finally admit elucien as a ship was the most unhinged this fandom has ever been.
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criticofallthingsya · 3 days ago
Tmw Lucien is the only character in the ACOTAR series whose even remotely likeable, but you don't want to have the next book be about him because SJM is such a shitty author, she'd probably just make his entire character do a 180 and turn him into an abusive douchebag to Elain in the name of Elriel
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harperbrynne · 4 days ago
6 years ago this beautiful book was published, and we started on an amazing journey alongside so many great (and not so great) characters. I never would have thought I’d ever be reading Nesta Archeron’s story, yet here we are. I can’t wait to read the next spin-off and who it features!
And let’s not forget there’s an ACOTAR TV adaptation underway!!
Throwback photo to Sarah J. Maas signing a copy of ACOTAR at a Barnes & Noble in New York City in May of 2015! Photo from @bloomsburypublishing
Tumblr media
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illyrian-herondale · 4 days ago
Elain is a bitch to Lucien. And Lucien deserves better. THERE I SAID IT. The only reason you guys are supporting her is because you all are so desperate to see her suck Azriel’s cock.
But still she’s lousy mate.
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bookofmirth · 4 days ago
Omg will people please stop saying that certain pairings have or have not had romantic interactions for four books when neither of the ships in question have even known each other for four books 💀
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fandomsareneverending · 5 days ago
Elain having a vision that Gwyn and Azriel ending up mates and seeing how happy she makes him and that being why she gave the necklace back is equal parts beautiful and sad because she wants what’s best for him and maybe wants that for herself with Lucien
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romaisamaria · 5 days ago
Now that has been months since the release of A Court of Silver Flames, I can safely put out my two cents that absolutely no one asked about.
I will start with things that I really enjoyed:
Nesta’s journey into self-healing, and more into accepting herself and the past mistakes she has made. I think SJM did a great job into describing her mental health journey and I loved loved loved every single bit of it. Did I cry when she broke down in the mountains? Yes, but dont tell anyone.
Nesta and Azriel friendship. That was something that I was manifesting into the universe and I was glad to see it become canon.
Nesta’s new circle of friends. I loved how she was immediately accepted by Gwyn and Emerie, how the three of them complement each other.
Nesta’s journey into becoming a Valkyrie and how she’s planning to one day lead a female unit.
Nesta’s saving baby Nyx and Feyre. That was an emotional crazy scene and I loved it. (However, I wished we had a scene where she was holding baby Nyx).
Eris. That’s it. I just love that he had a bigger role and I’m hoping to see more of him in the future.
I loved seeing Elain stand for herself. And I’m here to see her journey. (Note aside: I loved those little crumbs we got from Elriel)
The House of Wind.
Now let’s get into things that I found lacking or absolutely unnecessary or I just simply hated. And oh boy, it might be a big list:
Cassian and Nesta’s relationship. Now, I shipped these two idiots since the moment Cassian showed up. I just vision them together (same with Elain and Azriel). I loved them in Acowar, and the bonus chapter but my god their relationship in Acosf was shit. The whole story. I hated every second of it. I’m gonna give Nesta a pass when it comes to her showing emotions because she’s a 24yrs woman who has been raised to be an Ice Queen, but Cassian!? A +500 warrior scared to ask if he can stay after sex to save his feelings? Naaaaaah that was pretty shit. And Nesta deserved more.
Dont get me wrong, I loved them training together, I loved them being protective over each other, I loved Cassian’s words in the mountains (on that punishing hike that I wont even comment)… but Cassian let me down in this book.
I was expecting a whole love speech coming out of his mouth that would make me cry for weeks. I was expecting him actually telling Nesta why he loves her, or at least a better mating revealing.
All we got was sex, sex, sex, sex, oh and did I mention sex already? It became so boring at one point that as soon as they went at it again, I just skipped the whole paragraph/chapter. (And yes, this is coming from a pretty dark romance reader).
Rhysand and the inner circle are the perfect people who can never do any wrong. I hated that we never had a conversation between Nesta and Feyre where they fixed their issues, or Nesta and Rhysand, or Nesta and Mor? Or Nesta and Elain!???
Nesta took dancing lessons with Mor for a month and yet we never had a scene between the two of them at least bonding? Or letting some shit out? I mean, the same Mor who at the beginning was “toss her to the Night Court, we dont need her here”. Couldnt we just have a scene of Mor regretting saying that? No, we just had Nesta apologising to everything and everyone for what?
Nesta’s and Amren relationship. What the fuck was that!? Nesta asking Amren for forgiveness on her knees. That rage me for days.
Nesta asking Cassian to forgive her because of how she behaved last Solstice and Cassian was like “oh no worries, I already forgave you”. Dafuq!? Excuse me sir, shouldn’t you also ask Nesta to forgive you because of what you said to her that night too!?
Nesta losing her powers. I get that she didnt want them, but considering she was in a journey to accept and love herself, I hated that she had to get rid of that part of her.
The whole “Rhysand you should be High King”. That shit better never fucking happen. That’s the weakest plot ever.
The Blood Rite was unnecessary. The stairs scenes were unnecessary.
The Illyrian rebels plotline that was so important in Acofas but somehow got all washed away in Acosf as if it was a fever dream.
We can all agree that sex was the main plot in this book and everything else was a background noise. Does anyone know anymore where the fuck is this serie going? Cause I dont. But will I still read the next books? Abso-fucking-lutely.
The fandom wars. The Nessian story was so fucking bad in Acosf… everyone needed to jump to a next ship. And who we got? Elucien? Who can’t stand to be in the same room? Elriel? Who are not allowed to be in the same room? Or Gwynriel? Who only exists because people hate Elain and they finally have someone else than Mor or Emerie to ship with Az? (And yes, I said what I said and you know is true).
Amren was a bitch in Acosf and I dont know why she keeps getting away with it. She has no powers now, someone better shut her up. Which is a shame cause I really liked her in Acowar.
Tamlin storyline. Leave the man alone. You got your happy ending, no need to rub it on his face every damn second.
Lucien and his band of exiles. Do we even know what the fuck is happening in that house they live?
In conclusion, Acosf was a 6/10. I think there were so so many opportunities to make those 800 pages memorable and all we got was sex, stairs, and more sex?
I get that the smutty scenes sell better, but not when the sex are just used as a refill. The reason why smutty scenes are so popular, is because they are the culmination of a well developed relationship. But if they’re starting as friends with benefits that turns into “ups, now we shackled together forever and I didnt even ask if that’s what you want but why dont you want it?”… you know it’s going to end up with a bad taste.
Anyway, as I said.. this is how I personally felt regarding Acosf. Everyone is entitled to their own feelings.
Tumblr media
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relatablebookworm · 5 days ago
I know Rhys and Feyre’s story was based on Hades and Persephone but hear me out:
Elain as Persephone.
I’m disregarding the whole Hades part of Persephone’s story, because who knows who Elain is going to end up with, but imagine sweet little flower princess Elain, suddenly becoming a badass, bringer of death.
Sarah J. Maas, I have spoken
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